Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Odette Route

This Summertime Saga Odette Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes, and what to do when pregnant.

Odette Route Requirements

  • Finish Eve’s route
  • Join Grace and Odette during their massage time at least once

Summertime Saga Odette Story


  1. Meet Odette, Grace and Eve at Sugar Tats.

Full moon

Allow days to pass until it’s full moon.
  1. On a day with a full moon, wait until the night and then enter the graveyard behind the Church. Interact with the crypt door beneath the tree. Enter the crypt and talk to Odette.

Seeking clearance

  1. After the main character wakes up the next day, enter Sugar Tats to reflect with Eve on things that happened last night.
The events in the crypt can be repeated during every night on days with a full moon. Talk to Odette to determine how long it’ll roughly take until the next one.

Summertime Saga Odette Pregnancies


For more information about the feature, see Pregnancy Guide.

Sex with Odette provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, read the phone message and visit the tattoo parlor for the announcement. Odette has a chance to appear in the bathroom in the morning by the fourth and fifth weeks of pregnancy. A new message ends the fifth week and notifies she’s in labor; read it and meet her at the hospital. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Odette.

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