Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Ms. Okita Route

This Summertime Saga Ms. Okita Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes.

Ms. Okita Route Requirements

  • Charisma up to 7
  • Intelligence up to 8
  • The master key from Mrs. Smith’s office

Summertime Saga Ms. Okita Route Story


  1. Enter the science classroom. Ms. Tori Okita shows how tactless she is.

Office Break‐In

  1. Next day, return to the classroom. The science teacher instructs you to get the keycode to her office. Wait for the afternoon and sneak inside Mrs. Smith’s office. Take the note inside the desk so you can type the code 6219 on Ms. Okita’s office door. Konterina is a cute robot that wants to be your friend. Pick up the blueprints, the lab coat and the safety glasses and give them to Ms. Okita. Enjoy the strip.

Okitatron Oculars (aka the Undressing Glasses)

  1. Talk to Ms. Okita. She’s looking for specific lenses for her invention. Who at school wears glasses? Speak to Judith: she invites you to the park in the afternoon. Do it. Then go to school left hallway and find Judith’s locker (requires the master key). It’s the one with “cow” written on it. Get the glasses and report to Ms. Okita. Complete the glasses (requires 5 in intelligence). The X‐ray mode reveals a lot more than it should do! Follow the teacher in her office for a penis inspection…

Okitatron Belt (aka the Vibrating Panties)

  1. Go to the science classroom and talk to Ms. Okita. Today you are working on a new device; the okitatron belt needs a faptic engine. Meet June in the computer lab who explains you could find the engine in a controller. Return to the science classroom and ask Erik about the Master Blaster. Go to the treehouse behind his house, and climb up to the cabin. Bingo the controller is here! Bring it back to June, then the faptic engine back to the teacher. Assemble the belt (requires 8 in intelligence), and go to Ms. Okita’s office for a demonstration. Feel the micro‐vibrations, a lot of micro‐vibrations!
Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. Enter the science classroom. Ms. Okita just has time to hand you the belt remote before being interrupted by Principal Smith. What if you press the button now?

Okitatron Serum (aka the Mind Wipe Serum)

  1. Back in the classroom, Ms. Okita is ready for another experiment, this time to get rid of the principal. You need five ingredients: toad, mushroom, luminescent flower, stock, and Mrs. Smith’s DNA. Most of them can be found in the forest, so wait for the evening and go there; the mushroom is in the clearing, the toad near the cave entrance, the flower inside the cave.
  2. Next day, go shop at Consum-R, in the mall, talk to the clerk and buy chicken stock. Only one ingredient to go! Wait for the afternoon and head to Principal Smith’s office. Annie is keeping her door, so you need to convince the hallway monitor (requires 7 in charisma). Enter, look inside the trash and get the used tissue. Report back to the science teacher, then wait until evening and meet her in her office. One handjob later, it’s your turn to work. Create two serums according to Ms Okita’s instructions: blue has flower, Principal Smith’s DNA and chicken stock; pink has toad, mushroom and your semen.
  3. Next day, you still have to find a way to make the headteacher drinks the serum. Go to the teacher’s lounge in the morning and pour it inside the coffeemaker. End your task with another dialogue with Ms. Okita. The effect doesn’t take long and you already can hear Principal Smith cackling.

Augmented Reality

Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. Enter the science classroom. Wait for the evening and go to Ms. Okita’s office to see the result of your work. The teacher makes you test her latest invention. Virtual sex has never been so real!
You get the achievement Science experiments.

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