MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  • better click all bookshelf for part of spell, shelf and pod to find item
  • this game $ is useless, start better use item for hp recover
  • if killed coin mob and drop ゴールドコイン (gold coin), talk to smile in home can roll item, but after roll item will auto save so better keep another save for load…
  • click home left bookshelf can down H point to 0
  • location name or item name possible not same as english version, because i never try it

Start – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. hidden item in hidden item in 1st town.jpg
  2. talk to ppl in town then has event in entrance
  3. outside up lvl and wait to night, town lower left house bathing for HP recover (if sleep at home will change to morning, bathing not)
  4. bathing at night then tomorrow talk to woman in lower left house
  5. bathing at night again
  6. next day can go right house 2F get エッチなほん (H book), ふうぞくマニュアル2 (prostitution manual 2, better dont use this), and ビキニアーマー (bikini armor)
  7. south to theif cave, if feel hard can go 2nd town buy weapon (has hidden item holy water in shelf can sell for $)
  8. B1 help husband

2nd town – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. upper church’ left room talk to man (man kick out from 1st town)
  2. next day go church again has event
  3. night, church underground event
  4. pass west tunnel to 3rd mine town

3rd mine town and thief key – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. town upper right has gold ball hidden item in 3rd town.jpg can loot any times…
  2. north mine get つるはし (pickaxe) pickaxe.jpg
  3. use pickaxe for broken wall broken wall.jpg
  4. back to tunnel between 2 town, north use pickaxe to key maker tower
  5. roof talk to key maker (1st choice x 2) get とうぞくのかぎ (theif key) for door need thief key.jpg door
  6. 2nd town, open church door talk to boy (upper right has hidden item), then lower right building talk to his mother, then upper right talk to her again can get ふうぞくマニュアル1 (prostitution manual 1, better dont use this)
  7. 1st town get cow bikini cow bikini.jpg and well get やみのラップ (darkness lap, change time to night)

Road to 5th castle town and help princess

  1. 2nd town south to placard then east to teleport temple, teleport to inn and teleport temple
  2. north to ruin town (can skip atm, or only click inn’s bookshelf for part of magic scroll)
  3. SE to 5th castle town, castle talk to king
  4. town upper left talk to girl (princess), and she get caught
  5. if get bad status can go town right hospital cure (1 hscene), pregnant need go there too (can birth human and 4 type monster)
  6. north to 2nd theif cave, there 2 type mob has battle rape attack, better collect 4 type hscene
  7. deep vs boss (GoR) then help princess
  8. back to castle town then castle talk to king
  9. castle 1F, upper left near stair talk to soldier, fight to him and win, if change 1st clothes talk to him has CG
  10. NE pass barrier then NW to 6th viillage

6th viillage – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. at night, talk to aged in well has hscene (this aged has 2 hscene, H point low or high has different, if get higher first cant get lower one)
  2. if get かたみのブローチ from aged (2nd hscene), then back to 5th castle town lower right house talk to man can get ダイヤモンド (diamond)

If H point up to 200 (battle rape by mob +5, use H book +50), can use seduce (invite) for hscene :

1st town :

  • aged in church
  • boy running in middle (can get えいゆうのたね [hero’s seed], max can add all status 5!)
  • boy near well
  • At nigth, man near middle

2nd town : boy near middle

3rd town : man in NE underground

inn and teleport temple : 2 soldier

5th castle town : manin item shop lower

6th village : farmer near town entrance (can get hero’s seed)

7th Church town – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. NE to 7th church town
  2. church outside upper left talk to girl
  3. church west side talk to sister in left
  4. church middle talk to 4 guys who around girl has hscene
  5. move out town, bad status will remove, back talk to 4 guys again will caught to jail
  6. jail lower left click ground has hidden stair
  7. talk to man in south underground
  8. NW to tunnel, in tunnel, if talk to npc in tunnel npc in tunnel.jpg , has fight (GoR), if seduce him has hscene (after hscene get 2nd choice for item)
  9. move out tunnel, SW to 8th brothel town

8th Brothel town and magic key – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. human enemy outside has battle rape
  2. upper right stage, talk to all ppl who watching dance
  3. near upper stair, talk to brothel owner (1st choice, after Hscene get 50k, need keep $ for later)
  4. at night, near lower left house has event
  5. at night, upper left help sister (GoR)
  6. 2 day later arena open, talk to 2 theif in arena upper
  7. talk to left counter for arena fight (all 1st choice), 3rd fight has GoR
  8. win 3 fight in arena can get おうごん (gold), sold it and go east shop buy 100k item
  9. port to key maker tower (4th choice), talk to aged (1st choice) can get まほうのカギ (magic key) for magic door.jpg door

door for magic key – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  • inn and teleport temple’s well
  • 5th town SE house 2F
  • 7th church town NW hidden stair hidden stair in church town.jpg (talk to 4 guys will caught to jail again

8th brothel town hscene and other – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  • pub, talk to man who sit near entrance (1st choice x 2)
  • seduce blue armor man who near pub (can get hero seed)
  • at night upper stair to brothel, talk to owner choice 4 prostitution job (lower right or lower left room for H), then use prostitution manual 1 and 2, choice 1st and 2nd prostitution job again, after 2 hscene can get dancer clothes in upper right small room
  • at night, lower right house talk to man from 1st town, then at night down to brothel has event (now better dont go lower right house again for avoid prostitution ending)

True mirror tower > vs false priest

  1. back to 7th church town, NE to inn, then NW to true mirror tower
  2. 1F upper right to small tower, 3F near corpse use せいすい (holy water) has fight
  3. 4F drop down from mirror tower 4F.jpg
  4. up stair then drop down from upper left to get しんじつのかがみ (true mirror)
  5. 7th church town, use mirror to priest will vs boss (GoR)
  6. use item シャナクのしょ that drop from boss

Hscene and other – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  • church town Seduce man in Inn 2F
  • church town, at night, Seduce the man still wake up in church east side small room
  • 6th village, at night, lower right house open door get item (has hero seed)

10th town > monster castle > 9th dock and castle town get ship :

  1. from 6th village go east to teleport temple, get left one then west to 10th town
  2. talk to all ppl in town then sleep in inn will caught to monster castle
  3. jail talk to all ppl will has fight (GoR)
  4. if after GoR move out from hole then port out, back to 10th town sleep again, in jail use skill シャナク (last one) to cure bad status, near door vs emeny
  5. up to 3F vs boss (GoR)
  6. back to 10th town, get item on farm (red vegetables)
  7. man in underground can seduce (has hero seed)
  8. from 6th village go east to teleport temple, get right one, then NE to 9th dock and castle town
  9. talk to king can get ship

other event after get ship

  • 2nd town SW well get world map
  • gold ball king castle, give king gold ball to get reward (if get ふうぞくマニュアル4 [ prostitution manual 4] use it)

Water gate town > jail key

  1. 9th east to 11th water gate town
  2. north to cave of source, deep talk to aged then vs boss
  3. aged in left house for open water gate and get water in water gate town.jpg , if water used can get again
  4. use ship, NW to cave for jail key jail key.jpg get key さいごのかぎ jail key for door for jail key.jpg door

door for jail key

  • 5th castle and jail
  • church town hidden room
  • 9th castle x 2
  • 10th town underground (has hero seed)
  • monster castle north stair to jail and NW stair to locked room (if get ふうぞくマニュアル3 [prostitution manual 3]use it)
  • gold ball king castle

Hscene and Other

  • after used prostitution manual 3 and 4, go brothel choice 3rd and 4th prostitution, then can go upper room get hero’s seed and clothes and use pickaxe to wall (now prostitution is click room’s note brothel.jpg )

Ghost ship > Forest’s church > world tree > ruin town > exposure

  1. gold ball king castle north to ghost ship
  2. use pickaxe can move down, deep click bookshelf get item (1st choice)
  3. from 8th brothel town go north to teleport temple, get right one to forest area
  4. NW to forest’s church, talk to sister
  5. if dont get ちょうしんすい (super god water), go water gate town get water again talk to sister again (last choice)
  6. night talk to sister in right side then click bookshelf in left room, get item ろしゅつのすすめ げかん (exposure advice, 2nd volume) and use it
  7. east world tree use super god water
  8. move inside tree, deep vs boss (GoR)
  9. ruin town, upper right house talk to soul and click near corpse get かいじんのほうじゅ (precious stone of sea god)
  10. armor shop use pickaxe. upper has boss (GoR, if hard can buy forest’s church weapon [6.8k], weapon effect work), then click NW corpse get ろしゅつのすすめ じょうかん(exposure advice, 1st volume), use it then can nude, but nude talk to some npc cant start event
  11. well open box has boss for equip, if hard can skip

Hscene and other

  • 1st town, nude talk to man in red cap few times, then at night go underground talk to him has H, tomorrow night talk to him at home has H
  • 1st town, talk to woman in lower right house, give her 10k (1st choice x 2)
  • 5th castle town, nude seduce to soldier in weapon shop, then at night, nude seduce him in upper of item shop has H
  • 7th church town, church east jail area lower right wall use pickaxe, then use spell fire ball spell to torch for open road get item
  • Inn near mirror tower, well use spell fire ball open road get item
  • 8th brothel town, Arena has new fight (GoR)
  • From 8th brothel town, go north to teleport temple, get left one then go east to Hot spring, nude move inside to hidden road hot spring.jpg get hero’s helm

Temple in bottom of sea – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. From 9th town, use ship go south has mob (GoR)
  2. SW to temple in bottom of sea
  3. click upper for event will pop whirlpool, and outside whirlpool will stop
  4. inside whirlpool for equip, can skip or later
  5. in area has horse statue, click it then follow horse tail direction move or road between 2 pillar
  6. next 2 floor use fire ball to 5 torch, then box will pop, inside has hero’s item
  7. deep has boss (GoR), then talk to soul can get weapon

Elf town > bazaar – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. from 9th town, SEE to elf town, upper left talk to elf queen
  2. near town middle, 3 thief catch elf, then report to queen
  3. from 3th mine town NW to bazaar
  4. upper right 1st door, talk to man near door and pay 2k can open
  5. talk to man near 2nd door, get 3rd choice for hscene
  6. go up talk to all ppl, then seduce upper right guard can go down
  7. talk to sister (if get diamond [see 6th village] has choice, get 1st one), then can use pickaxe to wall get item
  8. lower right has jack shop (blue armor), pay 1.2k, 5.3k and 10k buy item, then can use item get from wall to exchange adult toy
  9. to forest’s church, at night, town right talk to sister (1st choice) give her adult toy can get SM book
  10. 9th town NE to library, click all bookshelf, if get SM book can go left bookshelf get memo
  11. to key maker tower (teleport is 4th choice), 1F click key maker tower 1F hidden stair.jpg for hidden stair then B1 click key maker tower B1 hidden stair.jpg for hidden stair, lower get item for later make hero’s sword
  12. 10th town west to ice temple get いかづちのつえ (thunder stick)
  13. port to hot spring, by ship go NE, near rock use thunder stick can go inside get equip
  14. to map SE rich man house, talk to rich

Yamato – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. from 11th water gate town, by ship go NW to teleport temple, after teleport go west to Yamato
  2. house in upper of inn, man in there can seduce
  3. town middle has island, man in graveyard lower can seduce (can get hero seed)
  4. at night, can go upper right jail, talk to woman there
  5. town north to cave, deep vs boss (GoR)
  6. in boss area has rare monster quest mob.jpg , wait 10 round has hscene then can kill it (need hscene for quest)
  7. Yamato, go up talk to woman near bookshelf has hscene, after hscene can get item for quest
  8. talk to village head (1st choice), when move out room she attack heroine (GoR)
  9. navel cave go deep get item
  10. talk to rich in his house, give him item (Yamato hscene item and navel cave item)
  11. 2F get elf then back to elf town, take her to upper house
  12. elf town NW house
  13. 1st town, pub 2F click pot get かわきのいし (dry stone)

Evil castle boss – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. maze forest south use thunder stick to rock, then use dry stone near water
  2. maze forest only has 2 item, all is gold ball, if use bug in 3rd town can ignore
  3. in forest go NW can move out, then can go evil king castle
  4. use magic fire ball to 2 tourch
  5. push 2 statues to upper left and upper right for open door
  6. top floor vs boss (GoR)

Underground world and ending – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

Normal or NTR ending :

  1. From 2nd town, SE has new hole can go underground world
  2. NW to underground town, entrance vs monster
  3. if want hero’s sword first can go NE, dont pass bridge to well, click corpse then after event click table
  4. underground town weapon shop use pickaxe to wall has fight and get item (after boss nothing)
  5. go up VS boss (GoR)
  6. men if left of weapon shop can seduce
  7. well has pot, if get gold coin can random item
  8. underground jail lower right talk to theif leader can get item
  9. elf town underground use spell open door get hero’s equip, for 2 action in 1 round
  10. from 9th dock and castle town NE to sky tower, top get item
  11. 8th brothel town’s arena has new fight (GoR)
  12. from underground town go north, pass bridge to final castle
  13. back of king chair has hidden road
  14. step 4 switch for door then use teleport
  15. click 2 switch on wall, if go down to jail for item, to another teleport
  16. vs evil king, has 2 fight, if get all hscene in start town to NTR ending (has hscene)

Prostitution ending :

  1. 8th brothel town, at night lower right underground house talk to man, 1 day 1 hscene, total 3
  2. talk to brothel owner (1st choice)
  3. tomorrow go lower right house but no one there
  4. brothel entrance talk to owner
  5. has jail in back of brothel (has hero’s seed)
  6. if now go final castle VS boss again can get prostitution ending

Extra – MATURE QUEST Walkthrough & Guide

  1. theif dungeon deep has hidden dungeon hidden dungeon.jpg (need birth 3 or more monster baby)
  2. deep vs boss (GoR), if win can get item for all hscene CG item on

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