REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

RJ297816 リメインズリバース REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  • 薄紫の水晶 for teleport, but need 1/4 of total $ (if get skill can down to 1/20 of total $, next skill can free)
  • this game max of level is 60
  • walkthrough order by monster level, can go other place get item first as you like
  • if has choice, better all get 1st one
  • The Eight Elders need high level and equip for it
  • start castle has hidden road


  • , inside click memory is flag? BTW can get other useful skill first

Start 希望の小径 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. mushroom in left can buy item, maid (later is mushroom) for make food if get item from monster
  2. north exit will talk to magic girl and she join
  3. north meet cat monster girl, click ground has hidden road, underground get skill item ピュアマテリアル then talk to her will join
  4. if back to castle, now can pass right door, click bookshelf can get skill (if lower left 2 is change to $ and level up, better ignore them)
  5. if go north has big tree, behind it has box
  6. go east lady knight will join, click crystal, 1st choice for teleport, 2nd for rest, 3rd can change member
  7. if back to castle, 2F upper right room talk to lady knight can go inside, use item from monster can exchange equip
  8. east to T road, go east to tower 監視塔ナ・ギレー, area before tower has hidden road before tower.jpg

Tower 監視塔ナ・ギレー – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. upper right stair to 2F first, then 3F click switch can open door in 1F, can click crystal now
  2. 2F west area has hidden road for equip tower 2F.jpg
  3. 3F west area click switch
  4. The Eight Elders in 4F west area
  5. 1F middle stair, up to 4F can get skill item
  6. another stair down to 1F, lower right middle of cross has hidden road
  7. north has flame mansion 千年陽炎, upper right click crystal
  8. back to castle, get skill then go 2F (if got 2 skill), lower right room talk to maid
  9. 2F click bed for 3H then 1F sleep 2 times for part two H

Cave of Dragon skeleton 竜の骸 and Sewer :

  1. port to 希望の小径, go west T road then go north
  2. before pass river, left has hidden road
  3. NE to cave of dragon skeleton 竜の骸, B1 lower right click different color wall has hidden road
  4. keep north to crystal, then north to sewer
  5. down can get skill item and has hidden road sewer.jpg
  6. north room vs boss, click black ground get item

Flame mansion 千年陽炎 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. if boss room click switch make it down, move back can go to cave 覗き穴, then SW to flame mansion 千年陽炎
  2. talk to man can buy item and 500$ can buy ブロトの魔印 for black statue
  3. move to west is 1F east corridor, upper wall has hidden road, 2F west corridor has this type hidden road too
  4. pass 1F west corridor to west room has hidden road flame mansion west.jpg , then upper right click window that near goddess statue has hidden road too
  5. 1F NE, pass corridor, right has hidden road flame mansion NE.jpg
  6. break 4 black statue then 2F east corridor click white statue will vs boss, after boss can make 3 member party, then east room click 3 bookshelf can get key for red door
  7. castle outside lower right red door, inside click upper has hidden room for skill item, 2F is H-scene room
  8. if get 6 skill, 2F click bed for 3H, then 1F sleep 3 times for part two H
  9. click crystal get 2nd choice for rest has H
  10. port to 竜の骸, north to sewer has red door for weapon
  11. castle talk to maid has H
  12. mushroom has new item sale

Cave 覗き穴 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. flame mansion 千年陽炎, 1F east pass corridor then underground to cave 覗き穴 again
  2. now go SE, to cow area has hidden road cow area.jpg
  3. from here better go east road (north road is same but nothing)
  4. go up 2 area has hidden road cave.jpg
  5. deep has crystal, south has fairy town
  6. crystal go NW, push rock then click the place that has rock before has hidden road, then go next area has skill item
  7. town click middle statue then lower can go to hidden room
  8. if later can make food : 丸ごとアップルパイ, fairy town upper house click box 2 times can get skill item

Silve Area シルベ空間 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. port to tower 監視塔ナ・ギレー, upper right stair go up, pass red door
  2. click another crystal will port to silve area シルベ空間
  3. 1st white mirror can back to tower, white mirror upper left has hidden road
  4. this area has skill item and The Eight Elders, if lower square is different to other, click it has box
  5. cross area, middle click crystal

Broken Town 雷の幻影 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. from crystal go to west mirror, click it to broken town 雷の幻影
  2. move out house, south to next area, upper left different color ground has hidden road
  3. next south area, nearby lower right well (right of well) has hidden road
  4. go west, lower right has hidden road broken town H3.jpg
  5. go south has crystal, house talk to man
  6. if back to north then go north area, upper has skill item, lower left has hidden road broken town H4.jpg
  7. crystal area right graveyard has hidden road graveyard.jpg , if pass it to cave is high level monster area, now ignore there, but cave outside, upper left has equip
  8. back to castle talk to maid has H, then sleep for part two H
  9. port to シルベ空間, north to magic school, 2F west room click lower left stone for can see golem trap (left for magic trap)

Desert area 熱砂の掟 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. port to シルベ空間 east to desert area 熱砂の掟
  2. desert area has 3 hidden treasure desert treasure.jpg (nearby oasis, upper left has 5 cactus as same as cross, from middle go south 41 west 8, or north 15 west 50, or south 26 east 68 has hidden treasure)
  3. right has oasis, with cat girl and lady knight go there has CG
  4. east to broken village has crystal, upper right grass has hidden road
  5. broken village north has The Eight Elders, if get 1st choice can get item first, don’t catch by boss
  6. desert go north to underground castle, before go down, left has hidden road

  1. can get weapon and key for magic school, lower has hidden road school key.jpg , outside school upper right has hidden road too
  2. go to underground castle, near king chair can get item 聖らかなる炎 for skip week monster fight
  3. next area left room has hidden road underground castle.jpg
  4. next area has hidden road


  1. move out castle, roof has skill item
  2. south to town あの日駆け抜けた路地, go left has crystal
  3. back to castle, if got 10 skill, go to 2F has 3H, then 1F sleep for part two H
  4. (if no maybe need later) click crystal get 2nd choice for rest has H

Magic School – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. port to シルベ空間, north to magic school
  2. right room that near entrance, talk to girl 2 time can buy equip, if step 5 trap to left (trap can make member down), click bookshelf has hidden road


  1. , inside can get skill item, also can vs boss
  2. SW classroom, no chair one click lower wall has hidden road
  3. back to castle, mushroom has new equip sale

Town あの日駆け抜けた路地 and Temple イシュラ霊廟

  1. port to あの日駆け抜けた路地, right magic shop has back door, enter from back door, near middle has hidden road
  2. south to next area, upper right house to underground has hidden road
  3. lower left to church, left down stair, can find skill item and click switch
  4. in church underground has hidden road

  1. back to crystal area, lower left to sewer, north has hidden road 2nd sewer.jpg
  2. pass sewer to next area, lower right small tomb has treasure box
  3. go north, has 3 barrier need enter みず, カルカム and セラ
  4. this area right house has hidden road, has bug so ignore it
  5. north to temple イシュラ霊廟, has crystal
  6. go up vs The Eight Elders, after boss can party change to 4 member
  7. north to temple, can get skill item and click crystal can get key for green door
  8. moveout temple, graveyard talk to girl
  9. castle under desert has equip need key
  10. desert north hidden road

  1. has green door, this area has skill item, has one monster don’t move because it’s back has hidden road
  2. drop down has crystal (アカデマイア) and The Eight Elders (very hard), if defeat it then castle outside talk to maid can get sword
  3. if total get 15 skill, castle 2F has 3H, then 1F sleep for part two H
  4. click crystal get 2nd choice for rest has H
  5. castle 2F left 2 room talk to 2 heroine has H, then 1F sleep for part two H

Mine 英雄の揺り籠

  1. castle 3F go down to mine 英雄の揺り籠 (don’t port out until go to crystal)
  2. 3rd area upper right has hidden road
  3. white cross ground has hidden road, can get skill item
  4. next area lower right has hidden road, NW has crystal and click stele

Hill 蒼天の神の座 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. port to 覗き穴, south to fairy town, lower left click big bird to hill 蒼天の神の座 or port to 雷の幻影, from graveyard pass cave to there
  2. right has key key in hill.jpg
  3. east to broken town, has key church can open box get item
  4. some place can climb up hill road.jpg , this area has 2 hidden road hill 2.jpg
  5. next area has hidden road that under bridge, has skill item
  6. hill top has crystal (bug cant port back to here) and The Eight Elders
  7. if defeat The Eight Elders in hill, castle 2F upper left room talk to lady knight has H

Maze Forest 狂イ森 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. port to mine 英雄の揺り籠, go to SW area
  2. if go to place has 5 torch, click it as same as lower right 5 barrel, then step left stone can open door
  3. move out mine, destroy barrier can go to maze forest 狂イ森
  4. from cross road go east > east > west to tent area has skill item, inside tent talk to girl has fight, after fight talk to her few times can get item, for mushroom has new item sale
  5. from cross road go east > NW > west, lower left of bridge has hidden road, inside lower right near shining plate has another hidden road > next cross road go south > next cross road go east
  6. in 2nd 5 way area (red arrow one)


  1. , go south then west to ruins, has The Eight Elders, back of stele has treasure, near board has hidden road

  1. in 2nd 5 way area (yellow arrow one), SW > north to crystal 狂イ森・汚れた産道
  2. long bridge upper has hidden road maze forest2.jpg
  3. deep click stele
  4. if defeat The Eight Elders (chicken boss) in desert area (熱砂の掟), castle outside, lower talk to it 2 times, then go to desert area again, to where has chicken boss before, upper right cliff has hidden item

  1. . Then castle 2F, kitchen talk to maid few times has CG, then left room talk to magic girl has H

Darkness area どこでもない場所 and hidden dungeon リビンリー最期の地

  1. move out castle for north exit, left click stele to darkness area どこでもない場所
  2. go north has crystal
  3. if defeated 4 The Eight Elders, crystal lower to hidden area, click 4 barrier can go hidden dungeon
  4. west room, upper left 2nd coffin has hidden road
  5. near stair talk to fairy can get item, if port to cave 覗き穴, south to fairy town, upper house talk to fairy, then click empty box (if not empty need make 丸ごとアップルパイ to fairy) can get item for change Protagonist’s name, then talk to fairy again can get weapon
  6. next area need defeated 2 more The Eight Elders, this area has skill item
  7. deep has crystal and The Eight Elders

Ending – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  1. port to darkness area どこでもない場所, north to tree, tree to castle will vs boss
  2. castle 2F, king chair upper left 2nd wall has hidden road for skill item


  1. 3F has crystal (世界の果ての果て・空中庭園前), right can get key for tower, left has hidden road castle 3F.jpg
  2. castle outside to tower, 2F can get jail key
  3. castle 1F SW to underground, jail get 2F key
  4. 2F left room get 1F key
  5. 1F upper right go library, upper bookshelf has hidden road
  6. 1F go dining room upper has crystal 世界の果ての果て・大食堂, go north area
  7. if go right go up can get skill item
  8. if now back to castle, outside talk to maid can get equip, then talk to maid has H, then sleep has part two H
  9. castle north to 2F, left kitchen has hidden road (cross right)
  10. 3F upper right room has hidden road to 4F, switch for underground 3F stair.jpg
  11. 3F barrier enter オルセクタ
  12. port to 世界の果ての果て・空中庭園前, middle room to pink unknow to final area
  13. 4th area has hidden road

  1. 5th area has skill item, upper right between 2 crystal has hidden road
  2. final area has crystal, north has final fight (3 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1), need TP for 3rd fight and 1st round better all defence, 4th must lose, 5th fight get win to ending

Version 1.5 – REMAINS REBIRTH Walkthrough & Guide

  • need all maid H in old version? castle 2F corridor talk to maid has H, then sleep has 2nd part H
  • castle 2F kitchen, after kitchen CG, talk to maid can get item 着替えセット for change maid’s clothes
  • if defeated The Eight Elders who in リビンリー最期の地, go there again can get item ドリームブルーム for find hidden road

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