Milky Quest II

Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Basic guide – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

First of all, some basic information. Most enemies will react to what you are currently doing, usually based on the defense value of your move but also sometimes the speed or attack. Some have a set pattern. I’m also running under the assumption that you aren’t leveling any skills so you may be able to beat a boss before I tell you. Feel free to save and try.

Start of game – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Just walk left since it’s the only way you can go. You will meet Undine. She’s a scripted loss here.

After you wake up, Grab the shiny on the table to get the Fuck skill, leave the room, and go into the other room on the same floor. Inspect the bed here for Purple Pubic Hair x 3

Go downstairs and leave the house. There will be another girl out here. Fight her and win, you just spam Fuck. The witch girl will interrupt after you win and then tells you to go into the south forest and defeat a Floweria to prove you aren’t an idiot. Game starts properly from here. From now on pick up all mushrooms you can see and reach, they will be important later. You might see some in a blocked off area behind logs or ridges. You can get those later on once you reach the mushroom forest.

Southern forest part 1 – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

First go inside the house and try to enter the door with the plus (+) sign above it. The witch tells you that you can use it to releive yourself (restore hp). Now go back outside and head north from the house and find the chest on the next screen for an Explorer Charm that boosts drop rate/count. Equip it, it’ll be your only charm for a while. Get the nearby mushrooms (you can’t go past the gate right now).

Go back to the house and this time go south. In this area I recommend avoiding the bee girls as they will poison you and then run before you can defeat them, wasting a lot of hp. Speaking of hp, if you need a heal then go back to the witch’s house and go in the door with a plus sign next to it.

Follow the path southeast until you come to a fork. To the north is a lake where Undine resides but she is much too strong for you right now so head south. Loop around the southwest path here to a chest guarded by a Badaria. Beat her so you can get the chest with the Endure skill in it. Now head east until you come to another split in the path. To the south is a flower field guarded by Honey Guardian who is also too strong for you right now so take the upper path. Follow the path until you see a pink haired girl named Floweria guarding a chest. Defeat her for the quest we have. She always uses Quick Thrust after aroma so endure that and sometimes she will use a big attack that drops her own defense. Get the skill Quick Thrust in the chest afterwards and then go back to the witch’s house for a cutscene.

Southern forest part 2

Now you have the witch following you. You can sell monster drops to her in the pause menu for money to buy potions. Potions are useless in combat as they take too long to use and heal too little so only use them outside combat. They’re also kind of expensive considering there is free healing close by usually. I recommend saving your money for charms. When selling monster drops, make sure to keep at least 3 of any drop, 5 of fairy drops, for crafting later. Feel free to sell boss drops as soon as you get them.

Head south again. Follow the path to the first fork again and this time go north and east to what looks like some circles on a bridge. Inspect them and the witch will remove them for you. A little further, you’ll find an open area. To the south is a tree girl. She can’t attack you but she spams healing so she is impossible to defeat at the moment. Head east to the next screen.

Follow the path (note the flower field here) and you will get a cutscene that introduces the fap huts; these restore your health to full. Keep going until you come to another open area with a flower field surrounded by water. Go to the west of this area where you will find a building. Head inside and open the chest for some Mon Pills and a short scene. The witch tells you to use the pills you just got to capture a fairy while she studies how to make more pills but let’s hold off on that for now. Go outside and this time head east and then north from the open area. Follow the path and you’ll come to yet another flower field, this time full of bee girls. Grab the Throat Stab skill from the chest and go through to gate to unlock it.

From here, I recommend saving and then saving again on a new slot to avoid a bug. Capture any fairy from the surrounding area. It’s easier to capture if their health is low (<33%). After you’ve caught one, go back and talk to the witch. She’ll start selling pills now and begin following you again. Now continue capturing fairies, the goal is to get one of each. There’s Badaria, Floweraria, Fairy, Fiaria. Once you have one of each, head north and heal up at the fap hut, then walk across the field of flowers at the start of the area. You should run into Elf here, your first boss. She has high defense so make use of Throat Stab to deal with her. Don’t even bother trying to capture her yet, you’ll need better pills for that.

IF YOU DIDN’T RUN INTO ELF HERE, YOU RAN INTO THE INFAMOUS ELF BUG. Double check if its actually bugged by walking across the field. Does the game take control away from you and force you to walk straight across? If not, it’s bugged. Go back to the save I told you to prepare before and try again or find an updated version of the game where this bug is fixed. Otherwise, try capturing more types of fairies. Anyway, after defeating Elf, return to the witch’s house. You can use the pause menu to do so quickly.

Western cliffs – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Now that you have returned to the witch’s house, talk to the witch and pick the bottom option (want to travel further. This will cause time to pass. Leave the house and head west. The witch will open the gate for you.

There’s two new girls here, Schwarze and Schwester Katze. Schwarze cat has quick thrust and will use heavy smash if you have too much defense. She also has a counter move. Enemy counters do piercing damage equal to the defense of their move. Schwester Katze will counter high defense with a piercing attack. Piercing attacks ignore all defense, including negative defense. Go on the offense when you see these. She also has a fairly weak attack that hits twice.

Head south and grab the chest for 10 monster pills. Loop around the area, picking up all the mushrooms, and make your way northwest. Walk through the gate to unlock the shortcut then head west. Go down the ladder to get the Calm Down skill, which is also a good option when the opponent uses a piercing move. Keep going west until you get a short scene. You’ll be introduced to the charm shop here. If you have the materials, go ahead and craft the +30% exp one if you want to. Otherwise let’s move on. Head west to the next screen.

The hut here is a healing hut so heal if you need to and continue west. When you try to go in the valley here, the witch warns you its a trap and splits from you. Head up and open the chest for the Counter skill and a chain battle with 4 girls, 2 each of Schwarze Katze and Schwester Katze. Make use of Calm Down to keep your health up. Counter is good for attacks like heavy smash that have high defense and attack but it can’t be used to counter pierce skills so don’t try it. After you beat the 4 of them, the boss gives you the option to fight her now or later. Choose the top option to fight her later, we’ll come back for her later. Go back to the hut to heal then head south into the dark forest.

The dark fairies here can use a piercing move that drains health. It’s best to avoid them for now and proceed through the forest, opening the shortcut gate on the way. You’ll eventually come to a cave with slimes (which are actually impossible to capture so don’t try). Grab the chest that is along the north wall for the Enduring Stance skill. Go back through the forest to the heal hut near the cat ambush. Challenge the cat boss. Use Enduring Stance + Counter to counter her spam. You’ll win before you run out of hp. You get the paw key for your efforts. Return back to the slime cave and go through the gate you couldn’t before. Continue to the end of the cave.

Mushroom forest – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

You come out in the same screen where you got the charm at the beginning of the game. Open the nearby gate and then head along the top of the screen to the east to enter the mushroom forest. There’s two new girls here, Mashuu and the Pure Shroom girl. Mashuu uses smash and heavy smash so counter with Quick Thrust and Endure or Enduring Stance + Endure. Pure Shroom girl will a piercing attack

Head east then loop northwest to a chest with the skill Fingering in it. Now head back and go south and then east this time until you see the local heal hut. Go north from here to find a giant mushroom. Talk to it and it will give you some mushroom sap. You can get more by fighting mushroom girls of any type. The witch decides to stay here to study some more. You can give this giant mushroom the mushrooms you have been collecting for new skills, namely Endure A Bit, Endure a Lot, and Throat Stab+. After you get the last skill, you can fight the mushroom (it turns into a girl) but save that for later.

For now, since the witch isn’t following you, go south and inspect the log here. Use a sap when prompted to break it (and get 3 mushrooms). You’ll come out in the southern forest. Drop the ladder here then go south a little. You’ll see a log blocking the path to a bunch of mushrooms; use sap here to get them. Fight the nearby tree girl. Use Fingering to beat her. Open the chest behind her for Heavy Thrust skill.

You can also fight the Honey Guardian now if you want. If you forgot, she is all the way at the south of this area. She starts by poisoning you so be careful of using low delay moves, then alternates between heavy smash and Grind which is a piercing move. After you beat her, go back north into the mushroom forest.

Head east to another log; break it and go south. Now you are near where you picked up Throat Stab. Drop the ladder here and walk down to where the flower field surrounded by water is. Use a sap on the nearby log blocking the path to a bunch of mushrooms and pick them up. Then head to the southwest to fight another tree girl, this time guarding a bunch of mushrooms. With this, you should have enough mushrooms to get the first two skills from the big mushroom. Make sure you learn them by using the item you got.

Now make your way to the witch’s house, you can get there quickly by exiting the mushroom forest at the southwest exit. Go into the witch’s room and pick up the hair on her bed (purple pubic hair x 2). Go back to the big mushroom and buy a few of second item she has. You can use this on the fairies to turn them into mushroom fairies. These will poison you and use heavy smash. Once you’ve beaten one, return to the witch and talk to her. She informs you she can make better pills now and you both return home. Here she gives you 5 free samples of the new pill and some time passes.

Vampire church part 1 – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Leave the house and head west. Return to the dark forest. This time, on the west side there is a log blocking the path, use mushroom sap on it. This opens a new area with night mushroom girls and Rais. Night mushrooms use smash and, after a couple turns, will switch to giga smash. Once they use giga smash, they will use blacklash which just reduces their defense so take advantage to heal and do damage there. Rais will counter high defense with a pierce move and they can also debuff your defense a little. Head east, grab the mushrooms behind the log if you want, and open the shortcut gate. Now that you can fight night mushrooms, gather the materials needed to craft the +hp charm. You need two drops from mushroom fairies and 3 drops from each of the mushroom girl types then go make the charm. Afterwards, go south from the shortcut gate and follow the path out of the forest.

This outdoor area has a new girl called Dia Dia. She appears when you walk too close to the stone graves. If you try to attack her, she will defend. If you defend, she will use heavy smash. Make your way to the north and drop the ladder for a shortcut. Now enter the graveyard in front of the building. The Cross shaped graves here spawn Titty Dia Dias instead of regular Dia Dias. She uses titfuck which is a high damage, high defense, high delay move, so use Throat Stab to do damage. Titty Dia Dia is the last enemy needed for another charm. This one requires 3 drops each from Dia Dia, Titty Dia Dia, and the tree girls. Go ahead and make it. If you need money, there is a good spot to farm money coming up soon.

On the left side of the church is a chest with pills in it. Go south out of the graveyard and open the shortcut gate then go in the nearby building. Inside is a candle girl. She uses a pierce move but if you try to heal she will try to counter with a 3x 9 damage attack. Pick up one of the candles and head back into the dark forest. Drag the candle through the shortcut gate and little further north where you see a tile on the ground. Place it there. Remember this spot because we will be back later.

Now head back out of the forest and return to the candle building. Pick up the remaining candle. This time head north into the church. There are 3 new girls in this area. First is Dark Rais, she has a quick weak piercing attack that drains, a 2x 13 attack, and a much stronger regular attack. Then is Familiar, she responds to low defense with a 2x 16 attack and to high defense with a piercing drain attack. Last is Mimic who focuses on countering (the actual counter move, not reading your attacks) and she will also respond to you trying to heal. She’s easy to beat by using your own counter and her hair sells for a lot so this a good place to farm for money if you need it. Inside, go up the stairs and go east. Inspect the small candle and replace it. Go back down the stairs and head east until you reach the kitchen/dining room. Pick up the shiny on the table for a key and open the chest for some super pills. Go one screen west and open the door. This chest is the mimic. There’s nothing else in here so leave

This is a good time to farm up some new charms since you have access to most enemies and a good money farming spot with the mimic. Familiar, Schwarze cat, and Schwetzer cat as well as the leader cat give you the Speedy charm while Honey Guardian, Rais, and Dark Rais give you the Aggressive charm. You can also get a Looter charm with Mimic, Candlehead, Dia Dia, and Titty Dia Dia drops although I don’t think it’s very useful when you already have the explorer charm. Once you have your charms head back to the church.

Inside the church, head all the way west this time. The top right door has a chest with some super pills in it. In the top left door, you will get a scene. The witch wants to study here again and seperates from you.

Interlude – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Now that the witch isn’t following you again, head back to her house and get more of her hair. You should have 7 now. Leave the house and go south. Head to the lake where I warned you about Undine previously, we’re fighting her now. She has many attacks. She will debuff your defense, absorb your hp, has heavy smash, and has a fast attack to take advantage of big openings. Use Quick Thrust as your offense to avoid giving her those openings. Once you beat her, you can make a new charm that regenerates 2 hp every 10 delay. Grab that, heal up, and then head to the dark forest.

Return to where you placed the candle and dark elf should be there now. Make sure you have all your charms equipped before fighting her. If you want to equip the Explorer charm for the extra drop, replace mushroom charm with it. Dark elf is a stronger night mushroom. Instead of smash, she uses heavy smash and her giga smash is much stronger, enough to one shot you if you don’t use Enduring Stance + Endure a Lot. Just defend against her heavy smashes and then take advantage of the opening before and after giga smashes to deal damage. Once you beat her, you can make the upgraded exp charm. Now head back the giant mushroom.

You should have enough mushrooms to get the last skill from it, Throat Stab+. After you get it, talk to it again to fight it. She uses poison of course. Additionally, she will use a 2x 20 attack with high defense or a piercing attack depending on what you are doing. Use Endure and other mid delay moves to avoid the high poison damage and go for quick Thrusts when she goes for poison. After beating her, you can get the upgraded hp charm. Now return to the church.

Vampire church part 2

You may want to save here before continuing here as you are about to get into a boss fight. Head back to the kitchen in the east where a scene will occur where you get captured and moved to a new area. Walk up to the coffin here for a boss fight with a vampire. She counters Throat Stab and Throat Stab+ by going invincible so don’t ever use those moves in this fight (you might want to do it once just to see the unique animation and get a laugh out of it). Besides this, she has a piercing move, a health drain move, and a quick attack. Just respond accordingly to what she does and you’ll win easily. Afterwards, you can make the upgraded Aggressive charm. Go talk to the witch back at the top left room on the west side of the church. She’ll rejoin you and give you the final tier of pills and some time passes. With the final tier of pills, you can now capture bosses (Elf, Dark elf, Undine, Leader cat, Giant mushroom, and Vampire so far). You can fight them again where you first fought them. Elf will be in the flower field surrounded by water.

Library – Milky Quest 2 Walkthrough & Guide

To proceed from here, you need to have beaten or captured every type of girl so far. After doing so go to the witch’s house, a scene occurs on the first floor and time passes. Go downstairs for a short scene then go to the witch’s room to get Purple Pubic Hair x3 (10 total now) then go into the building next to her house. Go downstairs twice to a room with a bed and book on the floor. Pick up the shiny on the bed for 3 more hair. Now go back to the charm shop and make the Witch charm, make sure you craft the one that needs 13 hair and not 6. This charm doubles the effects of your other equipped charms. If you somehow don’t have 13 hair, you can still buy the 6 hair one then upgrade it for a lot of money. For the area ahead, I recommend seeker (or Speedy if you don’t care about drops which you probably shouldn’t at this point), Witch, Water Spirit, Vampire, Protective. Go back to the basement where the book and bed were and inspect to the book to be teleported to a new area.

There are several new girls here, 4 of which are books and one fairy. The first one is Beginner Grimoire. She uses high damage but low defense attacks. Next is Intermediate Grimoire. She is inside the piles of paper you see sometimes similar to Dia Dias. She will use counter, heavy smash, or defend depending on what you are doing. Next is Long Grimoire, she appears further in. She uses a 4x 15 damage attack or a 35 damage attack. The last book is Dark Grimoire, she’s near the end of the area. She is similar to Long Grimoire but replaces the 35 damage attack with a piercing one. The last enemy is Chandine. She has a high damage, mid defense, fast attack.

Head a screen west and then make your way north, opening shortcut gates on the way. Through the northeast exit, you’ll find the witch. Talk to her then head east. Go south through the gate then southwest. Talk to the boy here for a scene. He wants you to learn how to lockpick. Go back and talk to the witch and she will tell you to look in the east library. Go back to the gate and this time go east and loop around. Open the chest for Multi-Fingering and then double back a little ways, fight the intermediate grimoire in front of the bookshelf to the right of the table. Afterwards, inspect the shelves until you find the book you need. Now that you can pick locks there is a room just north of the entrance of this library where you can find a book inside a cell. When you go in, a butt pops out. You can use that to heal instead of going all the way back to the witch’s house. Head back to the boy for another scene.

Now he needs you to repair some wirecutters. You can grab them from the nearby shiny and show them to him. However they are rusty so head back to the witch. She tells you there is some rust removal solution in the top right room. Go in and inspect the shiny in the top right. Afterwards, a bunch of shinies pop up so pick up the ones you can and go back to the witch. She tells you about the alchemy book you need which is in the top left room so go in there now. The paper on the wall in front of you tells you where to find the book here. Once you have it, return to the top right room. Interact with the top left sparkle and craft the items.

Return to the boy in the prison for a short scene (If you are on an older version of the game for some reason this is a point of no return so make a new save prior, you won’t be able to return to the witch’s house and thus can’t get new charms). Rescuing him gives you the Enduring Stance S skill.

If you’re up for a hard fight, then start a fight with that butt then use the chain cutters on it. It will be replaced by the sealed spellbook enemy. She is similar to the night mushroom and dark elf boss. However, she only uses gigasmash once so you can only take advantage of that opening once. It’s also a counter. She can also heal herself once when she gets low hp. Focus on defending with Stoic Mind S and Counters to wear her down.

After beating her(or not, she doesn’t give anything special), go to the room where the witch was. To the south is a door. Walk up to it for the boy to unlock it for you (and another point of no return on older versions, past here there are no enemies to fight so do any grind you want beforehand). Outside you find a chest with 20x potions in it. Heal up. Follow the path (there may be a doorway here, ignore it as it will crash your game) to run into the final boss. Good luck with her.

She has a very fast attack to punish openings so try not to have more than 5 or 6 delay left on your move after she acts, a 6x 68 damage attack, can drain, has giga smash and heavy smash, puts a poison on you that lasts essentially forever, she can heal, and can buff her own attack. If you’re still level 1 in all skills, now is the time to level some as I don’t think she can be beaten with level 1 skills. I recommend Fuck, Calm Down, Endure and one of Quick Thrust, Fingering, or Multi-Fingering. charms: witch, Speedy, water, mushroom, vampire. If you need to level skills, I recommend capturing the vampire and then repeatedly fighting her in the basement. Once you beat the final boss, the game ends and you get returned to the witch’s house.

In post game, you still can’t fuck the witch in her house unfortunately. She will just tell you to go to the basement. You can go down to the basement where the warp book is to find the final boss, slime, and the butt book who act like they are captured now. The boy is also here if you want to see the scenes he was in again.

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