Snow Daze· The Music of Winter

Snow Daze : The Music of Winter Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Snow Daze : The Music of Winter Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Day 1Snow Daze : The Music of Winter Walkthrough & Guide

Take it slow.

Kira Encounter

What do you do for a living? (Kira +1)

You don’t need to perform. Not when you’re at home. (Kira +1)

You need to learn to relax.

That’s okay. You don’t have to say anything you’re not comfortable with. (Kira +1)

Hey – we’re siblings. We can totally trust each other. Don’t you trust me?

Is it naughty?

I like silly. (Kira +1)

You should show me you panties. (Kira +2)

(Kira final score 6)

Sarah Encounter

Why do you go on so many dates?

Isn’t there enough company at home for you? (Sarah +1)

Wouldn’t it be fun to act like a dog sometimes? (Sarah +1)

Puppies are so free, aren’t they? (Sarah +1)

Wouldn’t it be fun to act like a dog sometimes? (Sarah +2)

Dogs don’t wear clothes. How about we take your clothes off?

Would doggie like a bone?

Go to the kitchen and grab some meat. (Sarah +2)

(Sarah final score 7)

Jane Encounter

(Joking) Do you want to watch me in the shower? (Jane +2)

So what time are you going to be showering in the morning?

We used to be close. What happened? (Jane +1)

You know what’d be cool? If we started having showers together in the morning.

Let’s go and have a shower right now.

Are you even wearing anything feminine right now? (Jane +1)

(Jane final score 4)

Noelle Encounter

It’s okay Mom, I talked to Jane. Everything is fine. (Noelle +1)

I think YOU should apologize. (Noelle +3)

Is that all you wanted to talk to me about?

I’m a teenage boy. I have needs.

I guess if I watched you in the shower, I wouldn’t have to peek at them any more.

(Noelle final score 4)

Day 2Snow Daze : The Music of Winter Walkthrough & Guide

Jane Encounter

Whatever’s making you nervous, it’s okay.

Why are you so nervous today?

You look like a sexy housewife!

You look really feminine doing that. (Jane +2)

Split the work. (Jane +1)

(Jane final score 7)

Kira Encounter

You seem happier today. (Kira +1)

I don’t remember you having any boyfriends. (Kira +1)

Do you even want to be wanted?

You should do what you want.

(Kira final score 8)

Sarah Encounter

Yesterday I told you to pretend to be a puppy when you were alone. Did you? (Sarah +1)

Did you enjoy pretending to be a puppy? (Sarah +2)

You should focus on making others happy. (Sarah +1)

(Sarah final score 11)

Noelle Encounter

Can it wait? I have something I need to do, pretty urgently… (Noelle +1)

No, I’m pretty sure you wanted to discuss your urges.

Do you? Because I promise, it’s worse than you’re imagining. (Noelle +1)

I’m so horny, all the time. I was actually about to jerk off before you came in. (Noelle +1)

It’s not my fault. After all the skin being shown around the house… (Noelle +1)

I’m just…I’m just a raging ball of hormones, about to pop. I need to jerk off, or I don’t even know what I’m going to do.

Let’s go to the bathroom and do what we did yesterday.

And that’s not all! (Noelle +4)

(Noelle final score 12)

Day 3Snow Daze : The Music of Winter Walkthrough & Guide

Jane Encounter

It’s natural for a girl to be desired by men. (Jane +1)

It feels good to show off. (Jane +1)

Girls are worth less than guys. (Jane +2) (Kira +1)

(Jane final score 11)

Sarah Encounter

Have you been a bad puppy? (Sarah +1)

So teasing me like that is very naughty, isn’t it? (Sarah +4) (Kira +1)

(Sarah final score 16)

Noelle Encounter

Mom, I want you to suck me off.

Mom, I’m so unsatisfied.

The best way of helping would be to tell my sisters to help out.

Your plan isn’t working, Mom. (Noelle +2) (Kira +1)

(Noelle final score 14)

Kira Encounter

Think about what I’m going through. (Kira +2)

What if I asked you to obey my every sexual command?

Why don’t you give me a chance? (Kira +2)

I’ll prove it to you.

(Kira final score 15)

Day 4Snow Daze : The Music of Winter Walkthrough & Guide

Noelle Encounter

You look sexy in that dress. (Noelle +1)

It felt good to obey me and make everyone look sexy, didn’t it? (Noelle +1)

I’m not asking them to do anything you wouldn’t do.

They’re a tool to turn me on. (Noelle +1)

You’re helping me because of how guilty you feel, aren’t you? (Noelle +1)

Guilt is bad. We should all feel good. (Noelle +1)

(Noelle final score 19)

Jane Encounter

Be Cool. (Jane +1)

(Try Subliminals) What if I got off to them knowing? I have needs. (Jane +1)

Everyone looked feminine today. (Jane +3)

Imagine they feel what you feel. (Jane +1)

I’ve gotten off everywhere I wanted. (Noelle +3)

(Jane final score 17)

Noelle & Jane Encounter

We’re all Family. There’s no judging here. (Noelle +1) (Jane +1)

Tell everyone what you enjoy. (Jane +1)

Femininity is your way of enjoying submission. (Noelle +1) (Jane +2)

(Noelle final score 24)(Jane final score 21)

Kira Encounter

(Try Subliminals) It feels good to be slutty. (Kira +2)

Doesn’t everyone look great? (Kira +1)

Incest is hot. (Kira +1)

Lesbian incest is super taboo. (Kira +2)

(Kira final score 21)

Sarah Encounter

What’s so wrong with them knowing? (Sarah +1)

What if someone else in the family was a pervert too? (Sarah +1)

Maybe they need a puppy. (Sarah +1)

(Sarah final score 19)

Kira & Sarah Encounter

Puppies need guidance and discipline. (Kira +1) (Sarah +1)

Animals are true to their desires. (Kira +1) (Sarah +1)

You’re a bitch in heat. (Kira +2) (Sarah +1)

(Kira final score 25) (Sarah final score 22)

Noelle Encounter

Ass or Pussy

(Noelle final score 24)

Jane Encounter

Ass or Pussy

(Jane final score 21)

Sarah Encounter

Ass or Pussy

(Sarah final score 22)

Kira Encounter

Ass or Pussy

(Kira final score 25)

Day 5 – Snow Daze : The Music of Winter Walkthrough & Guide

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