BLACKSOULS Walkthrough & Guide

BLACKSOULS Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to BLACKSOULS Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

At the start, choose Warrior/Thief and grab Master Key, DO NOT SKIP prologue, the boss of prologue is easy to beat and will help so much at the start of the game.

Do not pick up any of the item(bread crumb) scattered at ground in front of Witch house and the map before the Witch house(where the bon fire were).

Talking to the Old man standing in front of monument at the Graveyard town Elixir area, will make the Pied Piper a Fogged enemy.

To get to Atlantica, take the invitation letter in Snow Castle.

1-1 ~ 1-3 (Fairy ABC)

\Talk to the talking flower in forest of abandoned, and defeat them once you had the item.\

1-4 ~ 1-6 ( LEAF )

[soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\You get her at the Holy Forest\

1-7 ~ 2-2 ( DOROTHY )

[rape x2][complete][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\You can get her at FOG 0 , has around 40 MAG, then ask to be her apprentice, then training\

\Kill Lion(warehouse above witch house) , Scarecrow(same map as the bon fire in forest of abandoned), Tin Woodman (Behemoth Ranch)\

\Report to her and done.\

2-3 ~ 2-8 ( ELMA )

[rape x2][complete][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\You can get her at FOG 4\

\First, do not kill the Pied Piper in the sewer, if not nothing will happen at FOG 4\

\At FOG 4, Elma get attacked by a Lamia, before you save her, go and kill the Pied Piper \

\After you save her, she will run to Holy Forest, talk to her and pretty much done.\

2-9 ~ 3-4 ( VICTORIA )

[rape x2][complete][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\You must save her the moment you touch the FOG at Rotten Burg\

\If you run pass the Iron King, she will be dead.\

\Defeat the Iron King and feed her 1000(5000) soul … and done.\

3-5 ~ 3-10 ( GOOSE )

[rape x2][complete][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\You can start doing this at FOG 0 ,go to Behemoth Ranch and save her with Master Key\

\She will be a banker at Holy Forest, not sure if you need to store some soul to progress, I store a 1000 soul.\

\After a random amount of FOG, she will be gone, you can find her in the Tent at Sea of Trash\

\Keep answering do not forgive and choose be by my side… and done.\

4-1 ~ 4-6 ( ELISABETH )

[rape x2][complete][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

*NOTE* Having RED HOOD talk to her will ruined this.

\She arrive Holy Forest at FOG 2 but you can only start doing her mission at FOG 6\

\The Ring is held by the fairy monster standing at the map of talking flower, bottom left,kill it\

\Once you have the ring, give it back to Elisabeth, she will back to where she was.\

\Note that if you choose 1st option as reward, you won’t get her as partner, you need to choose the 3rd option… and done.\

4-7 ~ 5-2 ( CATHERINE )

[rape x2][complete][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\She arrive at Holy Forest at FOG 3 & FOG 4, but nothing to do here yet.\

\When she gone (remember to check after every FOG.), go to the Skeleton Maze, down the cave.\

\Rescue her, next you need to defeat the Cathedral boss at the Elixir Town.\

\She will stay there after that, in order for her to join, you need to have JEANNE in your party.\

\If you got JEANNE, then done.\

5-3 ~ 5-8 ( JEANNE )

[rape x2][complete][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\Start by grabbing her Ashes at the Fort Ivern, not sure if this has FOG limit or not.\

\Then kill the Trash Kraken at the end of Sea of Trash for tentacle.\

\Finally, find the Shaman in the Skeleton Maze, ask him to revive her and…done.\

5-9 ~ 6-2 ( MIRANDA )

[rape][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\You can start anytime once you’re strong enough.\

\Have 5 Sin, and go to Tainted Bog, she will spawn at the pillar right under the entrance of Subterranean.\

\Defeat her and done.\

6-3 ~ 6-8 ( RED HOOD )

[rape x2][brought][soul feed x2][Level 99+ to Poseidon Hotel]

\You can start once you see the small ship at the top left of Holy Forest\

\Defeat the observer, and you can find her.\

\Pay 103000 soul to get her to you party, and done.\

6-9 ~ 7-1 ( ALICE )

[rape][complete x2]

\You find her at Wonderland, you need to fill up the Library.\

\THIS GONNA BE LONG\: Start from bottom row.

\Knight in Armor – Fort Ivern ,

King’s New Clothes – Rotten Burg,

Hansel and Gretel – Witch house,

Three Little Pigs – The wolf between Behemoth Ranch and Jacob’s Mine.\

\Musicians of Bremen- Behemoth Ranch,

Pied Piper of Elixir- Sewer,

Dog of Elixir- Cathedral,

Singing Bone- Skeleton Maze\

\Adventures of Sinbad- Top of Poseidon Hotel after killed(?) all Demonic Princess,

Peter Pan- Blocking the path after pulling the switch on Gothel’s Tower,

Ugly Duckling – Fort Ivern’s Dungeon,

Jack and Beanstalk- forest of abandoned, at the place where you put down tree as shortcut, after FOG 2-3 \

\King with Donkey Ears- Throne in Snow Castle after killed(?) all Demonic Princess,

Middle 5- Five Demonic Princess, just kill them to get,

Alladin and Wonderful Lamp- Helsa Desert, from start point, go slightly down, then all the way left to find Bon fire, then from Bon fire, head southwest to see the pyramid, it’s in front of that pyramid.\

\Iron Hans- Top of the Skeleton Maze after killed(?) all Demonic Princess,

Beauty and Beast- Lost Empire.

Tortoise and Hare- 1st, talk to Adaman in forest of abandoned, 2nd, talk to Mi`raj in Fort Ivern’s Dungeon, 3rd, talk to Adaman in Jacob’s Mine, 4th, talk to Mi`raj at the left side of Elixir Town’s Cathedral, then go all the way to Secret Garden, kill them both, open the treasure chest, and the book will be at where they die,

Pinocchio- Poseidon Hotel,

North Wind and Sun- Bodyguard of Cinderella\

7-2 ~ 7-3 ( LA BELLE )

[rape x2]

\Lost Empire, rape her after you beat her.\



\Tainted Bog, let her drain your level to 1.\

\Get special ring, 50% chance to apply multiple ailment but -100 LUK, cannot carry over new game.\



\Atlantica, let she eat one of your level 99+ companion, LEAF won’t died if chosed, but will still lose 99 level\

\Get special ring, 50% hp and mp regeneration, cannot carry over new game.\

7-6 ( RAPUNZEL )


\Gothel’s Tower, find the desert rose.\

\At the start of Helse Desert, go left you will see a cactus, place yourself right below the cactus and straight walk down until you see a patch of green grass with tons of cactus, desert rose is there.\

\Get special ring, 90% evasion and +1 action but -100 SPD , cannot carry over new game.\

7-7 ( SNOW WHITE )


\Snow castle, kill other 3 princess.\

\Get special ring, Half damage taken and 30% element resistance but -100 DEF, MDEF , cannot carry over new game.\

7-8 ~ 7-9 ( CINDERELLA )


\Lost Empire, finish Izu’s quest line\

\1st- save Izu in Fort Ivern, unknown FOG limit, 2nd- save Izu in Graveyard Town Elixir, unknown FOG limit, then after killing(?) all 4 demonic Princess, meet Izu at Holy Forest, lastly you will see him before fighting Cinderella,talk to him.\

\After that go to reminiscence room and change to Izu.\

\Talk to Cinderella, covenant.\

\Get special ring, I forget what it does. , cannot carry over new game.\

\For 7-9, lose to Cinderella\

8-0 (ENDING C)

\Fill the Library, a small Library will open up, kill Goose,Elisabeth,Red Hood,Elma,Jeanne,Catherine and Alice\

\You can kill them using Poseidon Hotel.\

9-1 ~ 9-3 (HANSEL & GRETEL)

If you picked up any bread crumb, load the game.

\First don’t pick up the bread in front of Witch’s house and before the Witch’s house(where the bon fire were), they will not be monster if you do that\

\talk to them, then handover 1 candy, if you don’t do this, they will become monster next FOG regardless of bread.\

\talk to the guy name Wilt standing outside, buy 1 Match from Elma in Rotten Burg.\

\handover the Match to Wilt, and fight a boss\

\after that you can choose to do Hansel, Gretel or both.\

9-4 ~ 9-6 (MARIANNA)

\Rotten Burg, top right, Prostitution\

\10000 souls for 9-4 , and other 2 is rape.\

\At FOG 4, she will become Vampire if Pied Piper is alive.\

9-7 ~ 9-8 (BAPHOMET)

\Subterranean Land K’n-Yan\

\Has 0 sin, and do all her request\

\1- Kill Pinocchio at Poseidon Hotel,

2- Kill Clock-what his name? at Empty Beach,

3- Kill the Demon at the end of the Forest of Sabbath,

4- Kill the PrayerMaster at Holy Forest.\

*I don’t remember if she ask to kill Lilith in Old Rotten Burg.*

10 – Play in water, when they reach certain level, go to the south of Holy Forest.

11– After you defeat Cinderella, you can choose this.

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