The Rise of Vruk Walkthrough & Guide

The Rise of Vruk Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Rise of Vruk Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Intro – The Rise of Vruk Walkthrough & Guide

I will cover the Main Path, Side Path(SP) and Death Spots(DS). I will also give some hints to secret stuff.

Times of day: Morning(M), Noon(N), Afternoon(AN), Evening(E) and Midnight(MN) Time Skip (TS)

The Day number isn’t important to ANY of the SP girls(except for Lara and the 4 days after starting Gitas) so you can do them at any time. Also the main story will “wait” if you skip days(except for the timed events of “day 11 to day 21”) so just go to the next event trigger spot on any of the following days at the right time of day.

Day 1:Sit next to the fire. DS-Walk into the fire 2 times.

Day 2:M-Follow the path north and click on the wall to find the cave. Go in to and walk to the back of the cave. Click on the box to get the Journal(key item) then click on the bed and rest to noon. N-Go outside and south from the cave untill you see a girl(Lara). Click on her(this will skip time[TS]). SP-AN-Go south to the farms. You will find a red haired girl(Vicki), click on her(TS). E-Go back to the cave and skip til morning(Sleep). DS-Try to enter Denmar(go right from cave) 2 times.

Day 3:M-Click on the bed and rest to noon. N-Go outside and talk to Lara(TS).SP-AN-Go south to the farms and talk to Vicki(TS).E-Go back to the cave and Sleep.

Day 4:SP-M-Go south to the farms and go right to the Farmhouse. Go into it and to the back the click on the sparkles next to Vicki’s mom(Mary)(TS). N-Talk to Lara(TS). AN-Go to the cave and sit at the table(TS). E-Go outside and pick the flowers. Go to the cave and sit at the table(TS).

SP-AN-Go south to the farms and talk to Vicki(TS) E-Enter the Barn and talk to Vicki(TS).This will unlock the ability to work for Vicki(20g) every AN and sexytimes in the E(will be different if you work for her or not. Hint: There is something to DO at the farm at night and at other times. Important: If you talk to Vicki instead of going to the cave you will have to skip time until the AN the next day(as the Main Path is not timed(yet) this will be fine).

Day 5:M-Go outside and click on the stars on the road. Rest til N. N-Go outside and talk to Lara then wait behind the rock. Click on Lara’s mom(Vera)(TS). AN-Click on the chair(TS).

Day 6:M-Click on Vera(TS). N-Click on the chair. Go outside and talk to Lara then go south to the Barn. Click the stars to listen to Vicki and Mary talk then head back to the cave(he will pull vines over it) then head in. Click on the chair(TS). MN-Go to the Farmhouse. Go into it and to the back the click on the sparkles. Head along the back and click on the sparkles then a third time. This will get you the knife and you flee from the farm. Go to sleep.

Day 7:M-Go outside and click on the stars on the sign. Go back inside and click on Vera(TS). N-Go outside and talk to Lara. Go back inside and rest until E then go outside and talk to Lara. Go back inside and click on Vera(TS). Go to sleep.

Day 8:M-Click on Vera(TS). 2 Extra scenes click on the throne. Leave the cave and go to Denmar(right). You now have access to Denmar(D) and the Poor district(P) You now have free time until tomorrow M. Right now there isn’t much to do until you meet the Queen. My suggestion is to Equip the dagger in the menu and go right of Denmar to the Meadow, save and try to kill as many bats as you can leaving and reentering to respawn them as needed. You will need lots of cash(at least 400g) so spend a few days getting batwings(10g when sold) and working for Vicki untill you have 50g worth for now skipping to noon each day untill you are ready to continue.

Day 9:M-Go outside and talk to Lara. Click on Vera then sit in the chair(TS). N-Go to the Entrance to Denmar(ETD) left of Denmar and talk to Lara(you will lose your dagger)(TS) Go north of Denmar to the Castle(C)and talk to Vera(TS). Go in to the Castle and talk to the Queen(TS). After meeting the Queen you can buy and sell to the shops as well as get a repeatable SP(20g) from Capt.Jack near the river at Noon(TS) E-Free time until M. You now have access to Vera’s house and can sleep in Vera’s bed at night.

Day 10:M-Talk to Vera. Click on the chair to have breakfast(+50g)(TS). N-Go to the shop at the bottem left of Denmar(Gita’s shop) and sell her your batwings then click on the bottem left mannequin to buy the nightie(100g if you don’t have enough(150g dress+lockpicks)) kill more bats and work for Capt Jack/Vicki but do not talk to Lara at N until you are ready) Leave and go to the building in the middle of town(the Blacksmith) and buy a Lockpick(50g). Go to ETD and talk to Lara. Head up to the road to Denmar. (DS-Go to the cave.) Click on the stars next to the sign(TS). AN-Talk to Vera near the bridge. Skip time to E by either eating at the Pub(gives full HP -10g), working for Vicki or any other way. E-Go to Vera’s house and give her the nightie. Go to Gita’s shop. Head upstairs and talk to Gita she will give you a SP(TS). MN-Sleep. Extra-Check on the girls upstairs at MN and maybe some other houses with lockpicks(save first). . SP-N-Capt Jack ask you to get 5 wood from the Meadow(TS). Once you give him 75 wood over 15 days he will ask you to meet him in the Pub at E.

Day 11:SP-M-For Gita’s SP you will need to spike her tea each M for 3 of 4 days after her E event(or it will fail and lock you out of H-content) and you will also need 300g to buy the sword on the table at the Blacksmiths to kill the Dick Dragons and get access to Alchemy(if you fail or not). Go to the front of Gita’s shop(DO NOT have breakfast first) SAVE Click on her door and do the Lockpicking mini game. It has 3 steps. Bounce with mouse, hit left click when it gets to the top. Then hit space/enter to slide the bar. Takes a bit of practice but with save scumming and practice you will get it. Spike her tea(1st of 3 times). Head back to Vera’s. Lara’s SP begins here and for the next few M you have to talk to Vera first before breakfast(to get “protein shakes”) and then train with Lara in the ETD in the AN(when you are able to later) for a total of 5 times split between the two or you will be locked out of future H-content with her(you NEED to do all of the morning ones). Sit at the table(TS). N-Free time until M. If you haven’t got the sword/g for it grind some bats and work for for Capt Jack/Vicki. AN-Look around town for some new faces. Also you can now use the clock in Vera’s house to skip time. Also the girls are in their rooms at times throughout the day. Also check out the Pub’s special drink. Also Denmarians bathe but few have an access you can find at the right time ;). Sleep(or go out at MN and see what mischief you can find).

Day 12:SP-M-Spike Gita’s tea(2 of 3). Head back to Vera’s and talk to her(SP Lara) then sit at the table(TS). N-Go to the door. Free time use it to grind. If you have/get the sword you can go fight the Dick Dragon to try and get their cum. Save before you fight them as they are hard and have a random chance to drop the cum(may take MANY attempts). You need 1 cum for Gita and 1 cum and 3 of each Bat and Dick Dragon wings for Alchemy. Sleep.

Day 13:SP-M-Spike Gita’s tea(3 of 3). Head back to Vera’s and talk to her(SP Lara) then sit at the table(TS). N-Vruk will want to head outside.Free day until E.Grind for cum. E-Go to the Pub for Vera’s event. Straight after it go to the ETD and talk to Vera. Sleep.

Day 14:M-Vera reveals her baby bump(you get different scenes if you sleep with her). Sit at the table(TS). N-Go upstairs and talk to Lara. AN-Go to Gita’s shop to give her the cum and get access to Alchemy in Vera’s basement. Go to ETD and talk to Lara(SP the start of training)(TS). Go to Vera’s basement(stairs going down on the right) and click on the table on the left. Here is where you do Alchemy. First click on a slot then the “item” tab then click on the item you want to add using the arrow keys to adjust the amount when hovering over the item in the slot. Then click “brew” to make(hint: Sleeping powder is not the FIRST thing Vruk learns to make). Make sleeping powder by adding 1 DD cum and 3 of each wing(USE in moderation). Sleep.

Day 15:This is a free day you will need 250g for later(SP Lara) so grind if you don’t have it. N-SP Elsie(cart girl)-Click on her at her stand. Break into her house(left above the Blacksmith) if you have sleeping powder and click on her drink.SP Lara-Go to ETD and talk to Lara. E-SP Elsie-Go back to her house and click on the sparkles. SP Gita.This event will happen 5 days after you start her SP and will tell you if you have failed or not. Go to Gita’s shop to talk to her. You can now talk to her in the E downstairs for a repeatable H-scene(TS). MN-Break into her house and click on her(you should also try this without the sleeping powder). Sleep.

Day 16:This is a free day.SP Lara-Go to ETD and talk to Lara.

Day 17:This is a free day.

Day 18:This is a free day.

Day 19:M-Click on the chair to have breakfast(TS). N-Go to the basement and talk to Vera. AN-Talk to Vera in the kitchen. Free day.


Day 20:M-The birth of Liz. MAKE A NEW SAVE (DS-Leave the house twice.) Click on the stars in the kitchen. Sit at the table(TS). N-Go to Dick Dragon Forest(DDF) east of the Meadow(TS to E). E-Go to Vera’s house for event with Vera then travel with Vera to ETD then leave west and head north to the North Forest on the World Map(feel free to explore the map a bit). Once in the forest head south and click on the foot prints. Then head east and click the flowers with the stars. Then head north east and click on the stars in front of rocks then head west and click on the foot prints(there is some treasure here if you want to try to find it). Sleep.

Day 21:M-Click on the chair to have breakfast(TS). N-Head upstairs and talk to Lara(she will reply negatively if you skipped her SP). AN-SP Tish-Go south of Denmar to the Poor district and go behind the house on the right across the bridge and click on the girl. (DS-Talk to the oldman in front of the barrel. MN Raid his barrel 2 times. Also walk into the fire in the E). Talk to Vera in the Meadow then head to a cave in the north east of DDF(this is a good time to harvest DD’s as you will need 550g* for the next few purchases but beware there is a boss fight).In the cave click on pots and boxes for stuff and in the north west fight the DD boss. Depending on your level defend/buff with Vruk(his level 4 ability will protect from poison and his level 5 will heal) and attack with Vera. After the fight click on Shannon then exit the cave. DON’T SKIP THIS At home talk to Vera then click on the box in front of Shannon. MN-In Denmar go to the top left and click on the bush. Sleep.

Day 22:M-Head to the basement and click on the box in front of Shannon. Click on the chair to have breakfast(TS). N-Head upstairs and talk to Lara(Vruk will want to come back in the evening). AN-Go to Sera’s house(behind the blacksmith’s on the right)(TS). E-Lara SP-This event is different depending on if you have done the “pro” Lara SP or not. Sleep.

Day23:M-Head to the basement and click on the box in front of Shannon. Click on the chair to have breakfast(TS). N-Pro Lara SP- Go to Gita’s shop and click on the top right mannequin to buy Lara’s new cloathes(250g). AN-Talk to Vera next to the door inside. SP Sera-You can talk to her then go to the kitchen an make a “protein shake” to give to her(End of her content for this build) SP Tish-Return to behind her house and talk to her(TS). E-Pro Lara SP-Go to Lara’s room and give her the cloathes. Free day.

Day24:M-Head to the basement and click on the box in front of Shannon(TS). N-Talk to Vera then go down the stairs on the left to Liz’s bedroom(LB) and talk to Liz. Head to Gita’s for some shopping, you need 50g for Liz’s teddy(on the counter) and 250g for Shannon’s cloathes(top left mannequin) WAIT 1 DAY before giving Shannon her cloathes for a special breakfast scene or you can just give it to her today in her room at AN. AN- SP Tish-Talk to her behind her house(must have sleeping powder[4-5]). Liz SP-Go to LB and give her the teddy(he’s the BESTEST). Liz has a few scenes aroud the house at different times of day. MN-Break into Tish’s house. Keep talking to her in the AN and breaking in at MN for the next 3 days when Vruk will say he should wait. Wait 3 more days then go back and talk to her in AN. Go back for 2 more times.

Day25: Free Day AN-Give Shannon her cloathes, you can now choose to sleep with Shannon at night.

Day26:M-THIS Breakfast scene(happens the day after you give Shannon her new cloathes) has many different variants depending on 3 or 4 different factors(if Lara is here and if she has her new cloathes or not and some others) and if done “right” you will get a gift from the family. N-Talk to Vera. You can now train with her just outside the house at AN. Free day. AN Vera SP- Train outside(TS).

Day27: Free day. AN Vera SP- Train outside(TS).

Day28: Free day. AN Vera SP- Train outside(TS)(there are only 3 scenes for now).

Day29: M-Pro Lara SP(or 7 days after you talk to Lara about her ordeal)-You will hear Lara cry out before breakfast, go to her room and talk to her. Go have breakfast. N-After breakfast Vruk will hear Shannon cry out, go up to her room and talk to her.

Pro Lara SP(5 days after her “bump” event)-You will hear Lara cry out after breakfast, go to her room and talk to her.

Day30:At Breakfast you will get a quest to buy armour for Shannon/Lara. N-go and talk to the blacksmith and check the armour stands. They will cost 400g each except for Liz’s which will cost 600g. You will also need 100g/200g for buying Liz’s new cloaths after you give Shannon her armour. I suggest grinding Dickdragons as you can now sell their cum for 50g as well as their wings for 20g. AN-Go and put Shannon’s armour in her closet upstars. Pro-Lara If you have bought Lara’s armour go and talk to her in her room(TS)End of Pro-Lara for this build. E-Go and talk to Shannon in her room, say NO to if she owes you(DS- Say YES).

Day31: M-The “stars” should be below the chair. Click to have Brealfast(TS). N-Go and see Liz in her room. Go to Gita’s and click on the bottem right mannequin to buy Liz’s cloaths for 100g(200g if on the No-Lara path). Go to the Meadow for a scene with Shannon. Go to LB and click the stars. MN-Head to the castle SAVE. There are many Death spots here so be wary of any guards as they WILL insta kill you. Go up and right staying as close to the pillar as possible. Cross the little bridge and click on the vines. Head up and click on the cracked wall. Click on the ground below and along the fenceline(about 2 left of the tower) to hop it. Head in through the doors. Once inside click on the stars and head down stairs. Before going into the Library i suggest a sneaky look around the castle but DON’T go back up stairs(minor glitch here). After that go into the Library and just clicl on each set of stars as they pop up until you can leave. Make sure to leave the same way as you entered in.

Day32: SAVE N-Go to LB and give her the armour(or go grind to get it first[at lvl 5 you learn a good skill to do this])(TS). With Liz in your party head east to the Meadow then south throught the forest passage and click on the logs at the end. Welcome to The Quad. Have a good look around town and click on ALL the doors(and crates and stuff). Then head to a big house on the lower left of the town. SAVE Before heading in and make sure you are level 5, at full health and have a sword equipped. Head inside. DS-on the right and left of the door are 2 holes, click on the right one. Click on the sparkles and get ready for one hell of a fight. Gryx is tough and you need good RNG to beat him. He has a neat losing scene so try to get beat at least once. Otherwise keep trying until you beat him. If you get stuck load to before you give Liz her armour and build LOTS of bombs and heal when blinded. Click on Liz for your reward 😉

Day33:M-Head back home but SAVE before you enter as this is the END of build for now.

That’s The Rise of Vruk Walkthrough & Guide

I have missed a few bits of content, some more death spots and hidden scenes. explore on your free days. Note Witches tower is not implemented yet so ignore all bugs there.

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