Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

DAY 1 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Nun – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Go to the church, the path to it is by taking the top right route. Enter into the church and talk to the Nun by the locked door, then exit the church and go to the garden above it, there will be a key located by a statue. Go back to the church and talk to the Nun again, you will need a lock-pick now. Go to the main map area and head for the docks at the south part, there will be a man standing still on one of the piers, card battle him for a lock pick. Get the pick and then head back to the church and unlock the door, get the scene.

Nurse – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Go to the hospital, the path to it is by taking the bottom right route, enter the building and head towards the right side of it to trigger the encounter with the nurse, after the scene talk to receptionist, then go back to the main area and enter the cave located at the bottom of the map (see picture).

Enter the area and defeat the old man blocking the way, there are three people here you can farm for cards they vary in difficulty (easy, normal, hard), go to the right side this area where the chest is and talk to the man in the corner, beat him and then get beat up, go to the hospital and talk with the desk lady again and then go see the nurse, get the nurse scene.

DAY 2 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide


Wake up in the middle of the night and try to enter the mothers room, go down and get the key from the room below the kitchen, go back to her room and get the scene.


Wake up go to school and take your seat, during the break head upstairs and talk to the girl beside the two students in front of the washroom, beat her and then beat the other two in a card battle, enter the washroom and get the scene.


Go back home after school and get a shopping list from the mother, go to the store and buy the items, battle the guy beside the store for a hint on where to get champagne, then go to the church and go up to the altar and get the champagne, go home and trigger a scene before you get cock blocked by the faggot “friend”.


Go to the teachers house, its the first house you see when you take the upper right route to get to the church, she’s not there, but talk to the guy in her backyard and beat him in cards, he’ll tell you to find her son. Go to the school and in front of the entrance there should be two people talking, beat the bully in cards and the son will drop a key before running away. Take the key and go back to the Teachers house and change the grades on the table, exit and run into the teacher and get the scene.


Go home and find out that the dog has escaped, go to the police station, to get there you have to go right of the church area, talk to the guy at the front desk and then try to enter the room, some asshat you beat won’t let you go until you beat his asshat ass again, beat the asshole and then enter the room and talk to the policewoman. Go home talk to the mom and then go to sleep.

DAY 3 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Teacher – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Go to school and during the break talk to the schoolgirl in the hallway, after the lesson use the ring on you teacher at the behest of your cockblock douche buddy, get the scene. Go home after and talk to the mom and get the internet bill from the house, then head to the bank, it’s located in the same area as the police station.

Cop – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

After paying the bill go to the police station and talk to the the police woman in the room, after she leaves look around for a password for the computer (it’s “Femdom”, case sensitive, also press esc if you make a mistake), turn off cameras then get the scene when she comes back.

Shop Assistant – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

There is a new card shop located by the food store, beat the man blocking the door in a card battle to get in, once inside go past the desk and continue right to get to the room with the assistant, talk to her and then head to your home to your room to get a screwdriver, go back to the store and play the mini-game or not and talk to her. When she run away and locks the door, try to open it and check the room for stuff to help, then go back to the store area and talk to the girl in the top left, beat her in cards for her hair clip and then pick the lock and talk to the Assistant to get the scene.

Mom – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Go home and go to your room and get on the computer, go to internet and order lingerie for the mother, then go outside and talk to the courier and get the clothes, go back in and talk to the mother and use the ring on her, then go to sleep, the mother will come in and then the scene will start.

DAY 4 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Twins – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Wake up go to school, during the break go outside and try to talk to the girls on the left, after being rebuffed go talk to the dude walking in the garden directly below them, beat him in cards and then he will split them up, talk to the one standing alone and use the ring and then get the scene.

Sister – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Go back to class and talk to the asshole friend, go to the washroom and interact with the mirror, then go to the museum, the route is the top left in the main area. Go back to the secret area you got the ring from and get all the scraps and assemble them on the table using the optional mini-game or skipping it. Go back home and get the scene with the sister.

(Don’t forget that you can sprint by using shift, it’ll be a lot faster)

Helping your dad at his work. Go with him at his office, pick up all the documents (the lock pick needed for one document can be found in the bathroom at the bottom right of the map)

When you’re finished to your aunt’s house, speak with your cousin, win his card back to the redhead boy in the park. Go back to your aunt’s house, get changed and then go to the back yard and speak to her


Go to sleep,

DAY 5 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

when you wake up you beat your dad at cards and go to your mom


Go to school, the schoolgirl want to play cards with you again. Go upstairs, beat the janitor to make him take a break. The door is locked, go talk to eric in the classroom, and go check the girl lockers to find a hairclip. Beat the girl on the roof


Talk to the headmistress. The teacher’s class is upstairs. Beat all the students at armwrestling then go back to the headmistress.


Go back to the girl. Go back to class. Go at your house, speak with your sister. Then you have the choice to go at Eric’s house first or at the shop.

I chose to go to Eric’s house first. Beat him at cards, go to the bathroom. Tell him that you don’t want to use the ring on his mother. Then go to the hospital. Pick up the patient cards on a room at the bottom left of the hospital. And the other one outside at the right of the hospital building.

Go back inside


Get out by the window (strengh mini game)

Then go to the clothing shop. Check out everything then go outside and talk to the guard in the parking lot (beat him in cards) go inside and go check the door that’s in front of you when you walk in take some picks and go back in the parking lot and pick the window.

DAY 6 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

You get your ring taken by the girl who faked obeying you. Then you go after her to the shop that she was in and break the glass (strength mini game). Look everywhere, you’ll find nothing. Then you need to break into her car (strength mini game) you’ll find money. Then you just need to leave the store and the police woman will stop you and she’ll eventually help you but you need to fix the window. You can play a mini game or skip it. Go home.

Speak with your sister. Go to the clothing store (school>clothing store to the far left) go inside it and talk to the twins. Hide in the middle dressing room. The twin will talk to you and play you cards ( you have to beat her). Go outside.

Go back to your sister. Check who rang the door bell. You’ll go to the ring thiefs house and go left to the garages (strength mini game), once you’re in the garage use the right window sneak through the yard then sneak through the house up to the 2nd floor and try opening her door at the end of the hallway (locked) look for a pick (in the right room from the entrace that’s without a guard). Talk to her and you’ll play her cards. (SCENE) She’ll take you home.

Go and meet the twins in the park. Card the guy standing in the way. Talk with Twins (SCENE)

Go back to your sister in the house. Speak with the guy next to the stairs, then speak with the guy with the top hat. Once he tells you to go talk to his son you’ll play 3 card matches (in 2 of them you can lose cards so be careful) after winning all 3 you get the special ticket. Talk to your sister once you’re up stairs (SCENE).

Talk to your sister. Talk to your mom. Talk to your dad twice, then go to the garage and break something from the car (strength mini game). Then go back in and take a hammer from the cupboard and go back in the garage again and break something else on the car (strength mini game). Then talk to dad again and then mom after you talk to the dad. (SCENE)

Sleep. Go to your mom. (SCENE)

DAY 7 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Go downstairs and after your sis kisses your cheek talk to the mom. Talk to the dad in the garage. Go to where your dad has sent you (school area>clothes area>all the way to the left in the area after the clothes area) go inside the car service then talk to the first person twice then to the other two next to her. They’ll give you some tasks to complete (they’re easy and they’re done all inside the car service) after you do the tasks talk to the two mechanics that gave you those tasks and then talk to the girl that you first talked to when you came in and you’ll play her cards. (HINT: all her cards are left A top 1 right 3 and bottom 2) After you beat her go back to your dad. Go back in the house and talk to your mom (SCENE).

Go to your slave. The door will be locked try opening it until you get a strength mini game. Once you’re inside go to the right and break that door too (strength mini game).

After you go out check on your friend Eric. After you talk to him go back home and talk to your sister after you’re done go in your parents bedroom and take a paperclip from your moms bed desk and go back to Eric. After you enter talk to him and you’ll play him cards (you can lose a card be careful). After beating him go talk to his mom then back to him. After all of that is done go back home and talk to your mom in the bathroom.

After you’re done with your mom go outside and there should be a marker next to the sewer, go to it. After going on it go to the church. Talk to the two guys in the top right corner, they’ll ask for beer go home and get a beer from the fridge then talk to your mom and go to the store and then back to the church, talk to the two guys at the same spot from before and play them in cards then talk to the nun (SCENE) after you’re done with her go back inside and there will be two more scenes with her.

Go home and talk to your sis, take her to the cinema (school area>clothes area> cinema area) go inside and buy two tickets in the top left corner and go inside the cinema, the entrance is to the far right up the stairs. After that go to the screeing room and “watch” the movie (SCENE).

Then leave and go to your slaves shop, she’ll take you to a forrest and there is a cave up the stairs and then just keep going up, move the trunk (strength mini game) and go inside the cave, start moving through the passages untill you see a statue of some robbed guy and after that keep moving through the passages until you run into a log just like before the entrance of the cave, you find the ring and go back home, talk to your sis (SCENE).

DAY 8 – Milf’s Control Walkthrough & Guide

Go downstairs, talk to the dad, then talk to the mom then talk to the sister, after you’re done go to school and go to class. The teacher is on the roof you’ll need to do the strength mini game for the door to the roof. Talk to the tacher. (SCENE) then go back to class.

After the class finishes you meet up with your sister in front of the school and you go to the park, then the schoolgirl interrupts you two and you use the ring and then you two go home. You can go do stuff with your sis or go to the aunts house. If you choose the sister there will be a SCENE and if you go to aunts house you’ll have to take your cousin Ryan to the card store next to your slaves shop. Go inside the card shop and you’ll have to card battle the salesman and after that your cousin. After you finish that he tells you that your mom is in the aunts house (SCENE).

Head home and your slave will be in front of your house she’ll tell you to go to the city hall (east beyond the church and the police station once you’re in the area where the party was just go straight ahead the same road). Once you hyponotize the 4 chairman you gotta look for them.

After that go home and talk to your mom. (If you use the ring you get the Milf Control Ending (you do stuff with both your sister and mom) if you don’t do anything then you get the Sister Ending (you do stuff with your sister only))

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