The Wish Walkthrough

The Wish Walkthrough

Welcome to The Wish Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

PROLOGUE – The Wish Walkthrough

Once you’ve entered your name and listened to Mrs Hunter, you need to explore the whole house. At this point outside is not available and you will be told that. There is also a locked room within the house. Trying to access it will inform you of this and start a new quest FIND KEY TO STUDY. You’ll need to wait to complete this task.

Before exploring the house, check out the cupboard in your bedroom. You’ll find a gym kit which you will need. Also, head to the other bedroom and you will, for some reason, want to take the bikini out of the chest of drawers (or leave it and a later scene is a little less risqué) . Downstairs, in the lounge, the table yields the $50 that Mrs Hunter talked about. The cupboard to the right reveals a pack of playing cards. Get both. There’s a secret in the bookcases: find the USB stick . Head to the dining room. Play the piano for a pleasant musical interlude. The cabinet to the left of the dining table surrenders a bottle of vodka. You will need that. But not yet. Not yet. Might as well get it now, though. Likewise, the cupboard at the back of the kitchen will result in possession of a bucket. It’s a red herring but you can get it anyway. Equipped with all there is to be equipped and, having checked out the comments on all the other clickable areas, head to the attic. The meat of the prologue is in the attic study. This is Mrs Hunter’s study and the computer yields two secrets. First, she keeps a journal. This will result in two new quests. 1. Find out the password. 2. Get software that will hack the software.

The second secret is a load of risqué pictures of a younger Mrs Hunter and her husband on her wedding day. Get those pictures. Complete the first task and head to the bathroom on the 1st floor.

Watch the resulting scene and…

DAY 1 – The Wish Walkthrough

You are given two new quests: GET WIFI PASSWORD and MATRICULATE ONLINE. Head to the kitchen. Click on the counter and get $5. DO THIS DAILY! (do you see how I’ve emphasized this?) Speak to Mrs Hunter and give her a hug, she looks like she needs it. Get the wifi password from her and head back to your bedroom. Click on your laptop and then on the wifi icon, this will connect you to the internet. If you’re playing the“gameplay version”, the password is th3Hun73RzW1F1 type it in and connect to the internet, otherwise it’ll connect automatically. Then click on the chrome icon and the MATRICULATE ONLINE button. This completes that task. Click the chrome icon again and, as long as you have $90, you can buy password hacking software. Once that is purchased, head back to the attic study and Mrs Hunter’s computer. Clicking on the journal icon loads and hacks Mrs Hunter’s journal which you can now read. Read it and head to the lounge.

Talk to Mrs Hunter. The best answers are:






Avoid being obviously rude. Head to the bathroom on the 2nd floor. Stay but leave before the timer runs out. You’ll notice that is now night, trying to access Mrs Hunter’s bedroom you’ll see it is locked and gain a new quest FIND KEY TO MASTER BEDROOM. Now go to bed. That’s the end of the day.

DAY 2 – The Wish Walkthrough

A new day, a new quest: SPEAK TO MRS HUNTER. Head back to the kitchen. Click on the counter for your daily $5. Then, speak to Mrs Hunter or Joanna as she insists you call her. She’ll ask you to help her in the garden. Agree and she’ll head off to her bedroom to get changed. This is your new quest. SEE MRS HUNTER GET CHANGED When she heads off to her bedroom, follow her. Stay until she is dressed, facing you and looking left. Stay after that and its game over. Leave before that and its quest failed! Leave at the right place and you’ll be back in the kitchen and ready to help. Once Mrs Hunter has told you she is ready, head towards the front yard.

Take your shirt off. You’re an attractive man, make her fancy you. When she gives you the quest GET MASSAGE CREAM, head towards the bathroom and check the cabinet. Massage Mrs Hunter then head to the bathroom. Once you’ve showered and exposed yourself, watch the scenes that follow. LET HER IN. Seriously, why wouldn’t you? Enjoy the following scenes.

DAY 3 – The Wish Walkthrough

Another new day and a similar quest EXPLORE HOUSE & FIND MRS HUNTER. Once again head to the kitchen. Click on the counter, get a note and your daily $5. You’ll have some left-over quests, many of which you will be about to complete. You’ll also get another one unless you have already tried to get into the garage: FIND WAY INTO GARAGE. Head to the garden. Click the bushes and find a spade. Head to the garage. It’s locked. Click on the window and use the spade. You’ll gain entry. Ignore the car and the workbench for now, the toolbox is where it’s at. The first, third and bottom drawers is also where it’s at. Head to the now unlocked study on the 2nd floor. The cabinet to the left reveals another magazine, you can’t access the computer just yet but it will start another quest UPDATE HACKING SOFTWARE. More importantly, the desk drawer yields a key to Mrs Hunter’s bedroom and solves that quest.

Head to the hallway and speak to Mrs Hunter. Thou Shalt go to the mall and help Mrs Hunter. Suggest she try on some other dresses to get extra lust points. The following are the right responses:

• OK


• OK


• OK

• OK


Once you’ve been taken to town for lunch, pursue the thief. Tackle them and fight them. Win that easy QTE (gameplay version) or just let the game take over. Feel sorry for her and let her go. Doing anything else will result in a terminal game over.

Check the purse. Take the cash and the lighter. Return to Mrs Hunter and listen to the dialogue, get your reward and head back to the house.

Have a beer. You deserve it.

Having chosen a movie, head to the kitchen and FIND SOME WINE (it’s in the fridge). Get the white wine and go back to watch the movie.

Once the movie is over, you’ll suggest playing cards. Either SAVE NOW or let the game take over.

If you’re playing cards you need to win to enjoy the rest of the game.

DAY 4 – The Wish Walkthrough

You begin the day with a strange sense of déjà vu. Forget about it.

Head to Mrs Hunter’s study (she’s now called Joanna – don’t worry about it) and read her journal because you’re a nosy prick. Now, to the kitchen.

On the kitchen is a letter, it’s pretty important. It contains a copy of your ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE! DUN DUN DUHHHH!!!!! Your mom is called Joanna Costa. Curious. New quest: HEAD


Easily done. Get the car keys, the cash and now you will see that the grayed out compass in the top left corner of the screen is not grayed out anymore. Click it. Click on the mortar board symbol and head to John Merrick Memorial College. Enjoy the screenshot from Cities Skylines and enter the college.

There’s an ugly fat chick who looks a bit like a younger version of someone else. She’s going to give you a tour of the university. She’s also a bit of a self-righteous bitch. This is also your first interaction with Taylor (the chick with the tats).

Once the induction is done, you are summoned to the dean’s office. Uh-oh… So, you had best GO TO


Turns out you can’t just barge in. Check it’s ok with the dean’s assistant and head on in.

Phew, it’s ok, you’re not in trouble. In fact you’re a bit of a golden boy. As long as you perform like a monkey. You meet Taylor again. What a bitch!

Outside she’ll pick a fight. Ignore her for now and check out the cabinet.

Now head to the gym. Speak to the girl at the front desk and head either to the locker room or to the weights room. I’d go weights and then locker, but it doesn’t matter.

In the weights room, speak to Taylor. Accept her challenge. You’ll head to the gym and wrestle. You have no input into whether you win or not except on the last bout. In the last bout, let the Wookie win.

Tell her the truth, you don’t know her well enough to sugar coat and the truth will set you (or at least your cock) free.


Now head to the locker room. From the locker room you can now access the swimming pool. Have a swim and then you need a shower.

You aren’t the only one who wants a shower. The girl from the reception desk also wants one (she has a name you know? It’s Rosie). She’s a bit of a flirt and, well…once again, enjoy.

Head home. You’ll get a text message. Take a look at the new addition to your magazine collection, otherwise head to Mrs Hunter’s bedroom.


Mrs Hunter looks quite nice in her nightgown. Talk to her and you’ll ask her about the text message you got. You’ll then head to the hot tub.

There you’ll enjoy a relaxing soak before you are joined by Mrs Hunter.

You’ll then adjourn to the lounge for a wrestling demonstration that’s a little bit more than that and a final, important revelation.

After that life changing information. Comfort her and here endeth the episode.

DAY 5 – The Wish Walkthrough

You wake up. Go investigate. Something weird is going on in the kitchen.

The day begins properly to the sound of noises and arguments. You should INVESTIGATE what is going on, but don’t stay too long!

Once the argument is over, back to the kitchen and speak to Joanna (make sure you get your $5 first). You might want to indicate to her that you have accepted the news from the previous night so choose the most affectionate term. Give her a hug again.

There’s something happening in the sunroom (finally). It’s Cindy. But you can’t talk to her just yet, go find Mr Hunter in his study. Talk to him. He asks you to FIND MR HUNTER’S SECRETARY. That’s Cindy so now you know where to go.

Talk to her. She gives you a choice. At the moment it doesn’t matter what you do. I’d accept if I were you. She gives you the quest to FIND INCRIMINATING PHOTO but you need a way to access his computer. Back to Mr Hunter’s study. Open the drawer underneath the monitor and you’ll find $20, just the amount you need (or should need) to buy the update to your hacking software. Go buy that. Now you can access Matthew Hunter’s PC. Do it. Download the photo and complete that quest. The house is now eerily quiet. You had better ATTEND FIRST DAY AT COLLEGE.

It’s back to Merrick you go. You have a class to attend. Attend it. But before you do, go and check on what the dean and her secretary are up to. Go on, I’ll wait. In class, find a spot to sit (it should be obvious) and sit and listen. Some stuff happens and you are given a new quest: RESEARCH ISHTAR.

When you are back in control, where’s the best place to do research? Why, the library. But before going there, you go to the Atrium and speak to Rebecca. Accept her invitation to HAVE COFFEE WITH REBECCA. Now go to the library and speak to the librarian. You can now go through to the back. Amongst the bookstacks, click the middle bookstack and complete your research.

Back in the foyer, tell Rebecca you are ready and now you can go downtown. Click on the compass and the new icon. Go to the café and have coffee with Rebecca. Tell her you found the lecture boring. You might as well agree to a second date. That part of the game isn’t written yet. You have a new quest: ATTEND FIRST TRAINING SESSION.

Go to the college gym and to the weights room. Once you are done, you get a new quest: MEET FRIENDS.

Go home. Everything is pretty much automatic from here on in. Enjoy and remember, friends tell friends things.

DAY 6 – The Wish Walkthrough

What a dream! Get up, check out Mrs Hunter’s journal, if you want. Go to the kitchen. Get the money from the counter and speak to your friends. Don’t go to the beach in the morning. You have class and you are very conscientious!

Check on Mrs Hunter in her bedroom, she says she’s fine. You don’t believe her but there’s nothing you can do about it…yet.

Go to college. Make sure you attend class before you attend training. You cannot do it the other way around. So, head to the classroom. Click on the desk and listen to your professor. Now go to the gym. Click on Taylor and eavesdrop.

Go to the gymnasium for training. Listen to Taylor, speak to Rebecca (if you agreed to a second date with her).

Go downtown and go to the café . Speak to your friends. Agree that you should invite Mrs Hunter to the beach. You need to find her (she’s at home in her bedroom).

Click on her to watch a scene. Click on her again to speak to her (love that dress it really suits her eyes!)

Go to the hallway to wait for her. Now you can go to the beach (town map – beach). Watch the scene unfold. Stop Sandy. Seriously, you can’t be fucking Mrs Hunter’s“friends”in front of her. She doesn’t like it and you’ll get a“game over”later if you do this. So don’t do this.

The rest of the day unfolds and you enter the house (any room, it doesn’t matter). Mrs Hunter embraces the naked lifestyle and gives you another magazine and then goes to bed. You could go to bed, but why do that? Go to the spare room in the attic and enjoy.

DAY 7 – The Wish Walkthrough

Get up and go to the kitchen and get the money. Now head to the hallway and say goodbye to your friends.

Mrs Hunter is in the bathroom and you have nothing else to do in the house except check out her closet. You can do this at any point during this day but only this day.

Now go to college, attend class, attend training (swimming today).

What to do? Nothing else to do (Mrs Hunter is still in that bathroom) so go to Sandy’s. She propositions you. You can accept this time. Now you can explore her house. Do so. Once you find the basement (enter via the garage) click on the monitor. Now click on the desk and now click on the photos.

That’s your evidence.

Go home. Mrs Hunter is in the kitchen. Talk to her. As long as you have attended classes and have both sets of photos you’ll get a good ending.

Now it’s Friday evening. You need to go out.

Head downtown. Click on the club. If you invited Rebecca, speak to her, otherwise go in the club. Dance and enjoy yourself. If you invited Rebecca, speak to her again outside and kiss her. Sorry, guys, she’s not that kind of girl – maybe in a later update.

Go home. This is your last chance to check Mrs Hunter’s closet.

Go to bed.

DAY 8 – The Wish Walkthrough

What a way to start a morning!

Get up, go to kitchen and get money. Go to Mrs Hunter’s bedroom. Watch scene. Go to Mrs Hunter’s bedroom again.

Click on waiter. Listen to all the exposition.

Go to Mrs Hunter’s bedroom again.

Enjoy the finale. If you keep playing there are some extra repeatable scenes.

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