I Am in Heaven Walkthrough

I Am in Heaven Walkthrough

Welcome to I Am in Heaven Walkthrough, which guides you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

Episode 1 – I Am in Heaven Walkthrough

Question 1:

Answer A:

Hey honey, nice to see your beautiful face this morning!

(corruption level mother +1)

Question 2:

Answer B:

Uhh it was an accident, but I just couldn`t take my eyes of them!

(corruption level mother +1)

Question 3:

Answer B:

Be bold and grab her ass.

(only if corruption level mother > 2)

Answer A:

Lift her dress fully to reveal her ass.

(corruption level mother +1)

Question 4:

Answer A:

Panic and grab her tits!

(corruption level sister +1)

Question 5:

Answer B:

There is one thing…

(corruption level mother +1 and only if corruption level mother > 2) Question submenu:

Let me touch your nipple!

(only if corruption level mother > 4)

Choose Mom or go to Kitchen(is found: Living then kitchen)

Mother room question:

Answer B:

Wow mom, you are such a slut *he he*

(corruption level mother +1 and Special scene)

Sister kitchen question:

Answer A:


(corruption level sister +1)

Choice submenu:


(corruption level sister +1 and only if corruption level sister > 2)

Go to Your room!

Go to Sister room(yoga):

No choices!

Go to Living room watch porn choice:

Answer A:


(corruption level girlfriend +1)

Go to Sister room:

No choices!

Go to living room:

No choices!

Go to Mother room massage:




(corruption level mother +1)







(only if corruption level mother > 4)




(corruption level mother +1 and only if corruption level mother > 5 and sex level +1 )

My room girlfriend:

Answer A:

Get on your knees you little slut!!!

(corruption level girlfriend +1)

Submenu choice:


(corruption level girlfriend +1 and sex level + 1 and only if corruption level girlfriend > 2 and sex level > 1)

Go to Living room sister drunk:



(only if corruption level sister > 3)

Go to Living room hide bottle:


“Use this opportunity!”


“Lets just mumble some gibberish and pretend!”

Go to the kitchen for Mom and sister argument!

Go to Bathroom shower


“Let your sister touch your penis”

(Corruption level sister +1 and only if corruption_levels > 3)

After pc is fixed go to the kitchen


“She is too hot in this, lets not change anything!”

(Only if corruption_levelm > 1)

Opportunity to train mom in hot underware!



(corruption_level mom + 1 and only if if corruption_levelm > 4)



(only if corruption_level mom > 7)

Take yoga classes or go to the sister room to check her out!

Sister room massage:


“Just stay cool and try to tell her!”

(Corruption level sister + 1 and only if corruption level sister >4)


“Well…it’s ok I guess!



(corruption level sister +1 and only if corruption level sister > 5 and sex level > 2)

Take yoga classes and go to the living room!



(corruption level mom +1 and only if corruption level mom > 5)



(only if corruption level mom > 6)





(sex level +1 and corruption level mother +1 and only if corruption_level mom > 8 and sex_level > 2)

Special scene(Patreon only!)

Go to mothers room…

After the note go to the living room

No points to earn in the special scene! …


“This wine sure tastes good…Maybe I should continue!”

(only if corruption level mother > 3)


“Yeah, now is my chance”

(only if corruption level mother > 5 and sex level > 1)

And then you go Risk! 3x times

(only if corruption and sex level high enough)

No points to be earned for special scene!

End of 0.04 update…


0.05 update!

In order to progress further check Yard!

After that check bathroom!

Sister room!:

First password:

Choose any!(no matter)

Second password choice:


Go to Mother room:







Go to Sister (yoga new!)




Healthy lifestyle website!

Go to Bathroom:





Go to Mother room:




Well, a little mom but it`s ok!



Go to Mother room(sister):



Go to Mother room:






Mom I`m so ashamed…!

Save game when it asks you!

End of episode1!

Episode 2 – I Am in Heaven Walkthrough

You need to play Episode 1 for many choices in Episode 2

Girlfriend date:

___”Hmm, lets take her hand!”

_______”Maybe I`m professional masseuse!”

_________”Make a move!”

(also you can choose different questions just for fun and then load to this choice!)

Go to pc and select blog!

Now that you have money(hopefully you should get $300 more) learn massage beginner! Don’t spend the rest of the money, save it for later

Go to kitchen

Kitchen scene:

___Kiss her

_____Spank her

_________Give sister $50

Go to Bathroom

Girlfriend massage:

___”Hell yeah!”

_______”Well, I only stare at someone special!”


____________”Maybe loosen her up first!”


_______________Spank x3 until “*Slap!!!* Ahh, you are not my daddy!” then skip!


______________________Deep not Deepest


Café aunt scene:

_____________”Fuck it! Lets deal with this prick like a man!”

“Huh! Sorry, I couldn`t help myself…”:



______Call gf using phone

________Check pc blog(more money!)

___________Check yard

Sister tease

_______Check yard – storage room!

__________Pick up trash then vacuum

__________”Hell yeah I should look!”

Go to kitchen!

_________Check yard – storage room!

___________Pick up ladder!

_______________Risk! X3 times

Call aunt

Go to yard- back room- store

_____Buy Expensive wine

________Check pc blog

Sister website

_____”Lets stay still!”

Girlfriend living room date

_____”Just hold her close for now!”:

Check yard – back door – store

_______”The romantic one!”

Check yard – back door – aunt place

Risk and go check out aunt!



____________Tell her she looks smoking hot!

________________Pretend and take a closer look!



_____________________Maybe not spoil it for her!(Lie)

________________________Give her a kiss!

_________________________GF phone call

Go to bathroom

Go to sister room

Invite Lisa!


Go to living room

_______Yell them to stop!


_____________Help her!


________________Lets try and use her!

___________________Cum either way!

Go to PC

Choose at least 2 pictures before FAP!

Go to Yard, backyard, sauna

_____Risk and take her bra also!

___________Let her do this!

_______________Actually that is what I was afraid of!

___________________If thats what you want to do!


After talking to sister go to Pc-Blog (more money)

Go to living room:

_______”Ask her about the breasts!” Grab the ladders(my room/yard/storage room) ______________”Let me do the work!” or “Fuck it! Lets go with her idea!” (not important) ________________”Just watching you closely. Making sure you don`t miss a step” __________________”Give her the kiss of her life!” (if you have enough points) _______________Risk

Go to pc to buy presents

Use phone(upper right corner) :

Go to moms room

“Lisa, you`re gorgeous dress fits you perfectly!”

… That

“Risk it some more!” (if enough points)

__________________”Yes mom, I`m ashamed to admit it. ..”(if enough points)

Go to sister room!

___________”Well you see, mom is wearing this dress for New Years Eve!” (not important)

Go to living room

“I photograph girls in their *natural* poses!”

Risk!(if enough points)

(mom special scene)(if enough points)

Optional -“Tell her she looks good without makeup!”

“Do the dishes!”

_______Either of 3

___________”Ask mom to help you!”

Go to moms room!


Go to PC Blog!

Go to Yard, Back, Map, Store

“Wow girl, thats the hottest ass I`ve ever seen!”:

“Show her the present but be honest about your girlfriend!”(becomes girlfriend)

Grab her ass!

You can choose between hand job and blow job. You can cum on her face or in her mouth. In order to unlock all traits – force bj and cum inside her mouth!( you don`t have to, there will be more

chances to unlock her traits in the future!)

Check you PC Blog

Go to Yard, Back, Map, Aunt



“Uhmm, are you forgetting something aunty?”


“Take moms hand!”

Go to the PC Blog… You should get $1000

Go to the yard, outside, store—

Buy 3 gifts! – $60

Go outside your room

“Kiss her passionately!”

“Grab my girlfriends ass!”

Go to sisters room!

“Give her gift -1 gift!”

“Well sis, I wanted to offer you some money but…”

“$200” (you can also give her $100 but 🙂 🙂 🙂


“Just let her do it!”


Go to the bathroom

“Give her gift -1 gift!”

“(Lets play her game!)”

“Shame on you…Dadddy`s little slut!”

“Tease her first!”



Choose where to cum!(I suggest creampie! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Save when it tells you

Episode 3 – I Am in Heaven Walkthrough

Your room mom

“I’m speechless! You look stunning!” +1 level

“I have to! I want her so much!” +1 level

Choose whatever you want

“Vapor pen!” +1 level

“Fuck it! Why not!?” get high ©

“Grab her ass!” +1 level

Living room kitchen

“Of course! And it was great!” +1 level

“Risk it! Rub against her ass!” +1 level

“But God, you look so sexy in that dress…:whistle:” +1 level “One more pic?:inlove:” +1 level

Pc blog

Go either sis room or yard back door aunt on map

Aunt place

“I can’t resist! Just a little touch!” +1 level

“Wait! Aunty, I have the money” mandatory! ($500 lost © )

“Dive into her massive boobs!” +1 level

“Make out!”

“Grab her butt hard!”

“Your breast, aunty…I’m crazy about them!” “Go all in! Remove her upper clothes

“Squeeze them!”

“Use tongue!”

Door sister room

“Let them admire! Nobody knows my identity anyway!” +1 level mandatory!

“Shut her mouth with your cock!” +1 level

“Gag her”

“Play with her tits first!”:

“Its crazy, but I want to fuck her!”

“Spank her”

“Spank her”

“Play with her pussy a little!”

“Maybe index finger first!?”

“Put thumb in!”

“Fuck her!”


“Try not to cum and continue fucking her!”

The end of v0.01!

Next version – v0.02 December 2019!

Go to Door

Expect an sms and answer phone – “Call Lisa!”

Go to Sister

Go to Bathroom

Go to My room/ Yard/ Back Door/ Sauna

“I wouldn’t peak, would I”

“ An offer you can’t refuse”

“Kiss it”

Giver her massage’

“Risk it go for her breast”

“Massage her boobs”

“ You mean to repay me in…”

“ Force her 2x”

“Try to have sex with her”

“ Risk it!”

“ © “

Yard/ Back door/ Aunt

“Give her candy”

“Closer look”

“Just gently put your hand.”

“Aunty, please continue”

(Therapy session)

“Stop her”

(Your room)

“ You’re so beautiful”

“Use opportunity”

“Suck moms nipples”

“Hang up”

“Are you stupid, make.”

“Both garb ass then breasts!!!”

“Slowly take of her panties”

“Arouse her some more.”

“Make love with her”

“Try to make her cum”

“Lets tease her a little!”

“No! Its a test…She wants to see my reaction!”

Sniff or don’t © whatever you like

Go straight to bathroom!

“Risk it! See if the door is open!”

“Play it safe and be flirty!”

“I want to help you!”

“Start with soaping her breasts!”

“Use sponge to get her aroused!”

“Play with her pussy using sponge!”

“Tease her some more!”

“She said hard, but lets make her want it some more!”

“Slow down! Don’t cum yet!”

“Lift her on you cock!”

“Give it all you have and try not to cum”(good luck © ) Cum wherever you want! ©

Go to PC – blog

Exit room through door!

Go straight to living room!

“Pretend it bothers you and let her rub against your cock!”

“Take of her skirt!”

Punish her!

Go to door, living room, kitchen

Grab her ass in front of sis!

Go to door, living room, kitchen

Be confident and flirty!

She’s lying! Feel her pussy!

Lick her clit!

Penetrate her pussy with your tongue!

Go to door, living room

Offer Lisa a massage!

And miss seeing your beautiful, pink underwear?

I need money but – take photo?

Massage legs!

Massage back!

Massage butt!

Ask to remove panties!

Insert one finger in her pussy!

Insert two fingers in her pussy!

Insert thumb in her butthole!

Make her squirt!

1 choice only(you shouldn’t get message “not enough points”)

Next version – Soon! (don’t forget to support me on Patreon! Also, send me a comment, suggestions etc using mail or contact form on my website!)

Go to aunt! Use yard/ backdoor/ map – aunt or you will be transferred automatically based on previous choices

I love you aunty…Give her special kiss!

Its natural…use your hand to feel her luscious body!

You know what? That booty needs a proper show! Let me see you twerk! Offer her $20 just to see her shake her butt!

Aunty, I’ll give you $50 to play with your butt!

Be rough!

Rub her pussy! (Only option)

Show her how much you love her breast!

Risk it! Pull out your cock!

Go to bathroom!

Go to your room!

Make love

Lick her clit!

Insert tongue in her pussy!

Finger her pussy!

Toss her salad!

Make her cum!

Tongue in her ass! (Most points!)

Let her ride you or Missionary! Repeat x1 both(important, most points) Cum!

Missionary until you cum! (Gives you Cum options!) Cum outside! or Cum inside! 😀

Next version – Soon! (don’t forget to support me on Patreon! Also, send me a comment, suggestions etc using mail or contact form on my website!)

Wake up!

Spend more time with you every morning!

Either option

Go to PC – Blog

Go to Yard

“Yes, I’ll deal with her!”

Therapist session

Either option, NO POINTS WITH dr.Domina

Stay with crazy doctor!

Either option

“Trick her and slide your cock inside her!” must for sex scene

Go to door, Sis room

Thats enough! Teach her a lesson! Spank her!

“Spank her hard!”

“This is a chance! Fuck her!”

Either option but best is: “Fuck her in the ass!” 😉

Choose whatever you want ©

Next version – Soon! (don’t forget to support me on Patreon! Also, send me a comment, suggestions etc using mail or contact form on my website!)

Go to Yard, Back door, Aunt place

Tell something nasty instead!

Pull hard

Go to PC

Call GF using phone icon(top right)

We could fool around!

Take her top off!

You know what…lets do it! Its so hot!

Risk it! Grab Lisa and let her suck your cock!


Go to Aunt

Remove her clothes!

Remove her panties. Check how wet she is!

Rub her clit!

Finger her!

You need to suck my cock!

Cum either way( I suggest inside 😀 )


Pull out a chair!

Check her out!

Grope her!

Go to Yard, Back door, Aunt place

Give her sexy response!

Not even this! Grab her tits!

Don’t miss the opportunity. Go in the shower with Aunt

I want to fuck you so hard in the shower…

Rub her pussy!

– Stick a finger in her pussy! –

– Let her taste her pussy juices! –

– Stick a finger in her ass! –

– Let her taste her ass juices! –

– Continue! –

– Deeper! –

– Fuck from behind –

– Fuck from behind! Faster! –

– Ram her! –

– Cum! –

– Cum inside! –

Go to Door, Mom’s room

Go to Yard, Back door, Store

Carefully open door and take a peak!

Surprise Lisa and try to fuck her!

Spank her!

Finger her!

Finger her ass!

Finger her ass and pussy at the same time!

Finger her ass and pussy at the same time! (Note: she will squirt! 😀 ) Let her suck your cock!

Let her suck your cock! (Note: that’s 2 times)

– Smack her tits! –

– Gag her! –

– Make her lick your balls! –

– Fuck her! –

– Continue fucking her! –

– Fuck her in the ass! – 😀

Go to Door, Sis room

Teach her a lesson. Go inside booth!

Kiss or Grab

Risk spanking her!(Loud)

Turn her around! Grab her tits!

Be gentle or rough! 😀

Change position!

Cum inside! It’s safe! :O

You should get text from mom.

Go to her room!


“Fuck it! It`s so hot, who cares?”

Risk it! Let sister suck your balls!

Give it to her! Fuck her and tell her to lick Fuck her brains out!

Fill her up!

your sisters pussy also

Go to door!

Mom should receive a phone call from crazy dr. Domina

“Go and confront your nemesis. Go see dr. Domina!” (optional!)

“Mess with her a little. Show her that you`re not hard!”

“Try to divert your thoughts. Try not to get harder!”

“Force her to suck your cock!”

Choose to cum – wherever

You should receive an sms from aunt (if you chose aunt route also)

Go see her through Yard, backdoor!

“Help her with chair!”

“My girlfriend!”

Choose your dress(either)

“Risk it! Go into booth!”

“Grope her!”

“Let her suck your cock!”

“Go slow!”

“Go faster!”

You can repeat

“Fuck her!”

Go slow or fast( need both)

“Cum inside her! Risk it!”

Go go door!

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