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Legend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Legend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide, which covers every aspect of the game. All the content can be unlocked.

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Section 1: Basic stuff – Legend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Everything can be controlled on the number pad. You can also use arrows and any Enter key.

Enter or C: Search/ Talk/ Confirm. Basically all usable actions.

0 or X: Cancel/ Back

A: Running when Item obtained. Hitting the A key twice has been fixed. It took 2 games, but it has at least been fixed in my game. If it doesn’t activate after you get the ability to run you may have to hit it twice.

Alt+Enter: Makes the game full screen

Titles: Titles are earned from many things – killing enemies, searching stuff, mining etc. After obtaining titles, they give you the ability to unlock rewards. Please do these or spend more time trying to find/ do things then actually just

completing titles.

Rewards: You get the option to get rewards by getting titles. They include things such as picking higher tier locks, showing where golden beetles lie, search spots highlighted, or even which people give you quests! To buy the abilities you need to kill Golden Beetleblades and get golden tokens


__Search all desks, small tables, furniture with glass doors, and wardrobes without glass doors. Dressers and bookshelves don’t seem to have anything. Sometimes people will get mad at you for stealing their stuff. As of now there really isn’t anything negative (yet) by them getting angry. Searching everything known to man nets you good titles to unlock higher tier locks.

__Some quest and quest givers can only be accepted or completed at night. Same goes for places where items can be looted.

__Choices have an effect on how much the person likes you. You can piss them off or you can make them like you more. Some scenes and/or events can only be triggered by a bad or good choice. If I don’t write a choice down it has no ill effects, as of yet.

__What you pick in scenes changes them obviously. ALTHOUGH, it doesn’t unlock all the variations in the art gallery. Multiple playthroughs are required to see all variations..

__Some things are locked. A lock pick can be obtained to open them. Important one time hard to find items will have pictures to show where. Most the time. First time items found will have a description next to them. If I list the same item twice it means it came from two separate looting points. This is a perfectionist thing. Example would be 2 sets of Beldorian Ale x1. Means you get one ale from two separate spots.

__There are safes in the game that require a 4 digit number code to open. Safes contain Illustrations. Safes have a mini- game with them. They are sound driven. For those that can’t hear or those that don’t want sex sounds playing, the numbers for safes are going to be listed

__If you run into a blue crystal, talk to it, it will activate. This is for teleporting, saving and to reach a neat little place for later. Some will activate as white crystals and will say if you use them it will break. Saving at crystals ONLY hasn’t been implemented yet. Let’s hope that Gabe won’t add it since Gabe can’t add decent content in 5 months of getting paid.

__Devil’s Dice is a highest rolled wins game to get money. It is a great way to earn cash throughout a fair portion of the game. It requires Common Dice to play. 2 dice are rolled though you get no choice if they will roll high, low, or tied. You roll and if your number is higher than theirs you win. All people you play have a limited cash supply.

__Prediction for trading cards is a High, Low game, just like Devil’s Dice. You must have at least Common Dice to play. You BET a card that they want though. If you don’t have a card they want they won’t play you. Good news is if you lose the card just goes back to where you found it. PHEW! Some cards can be bought.

__When you hit cancel on the world map you bring up a camp screen. This is where you can check all your books and have conversations with your party members. These can unlock scenes, mini quests and other things.

__Fighting enemies a lot will get you get the Vanquisher title. It will spawn a LEGENDARY monster somewhere in the world. So for every new entry you get of a monster, fight until you get the title of that monster. Unless stated otherwise.

__Getting the Vanquisher title means kill that many mobs of them. Not individual enemies. So 30 flies means 30 battles

against flies.

__Replacing posters in the game will help with Gabrielle’s, and later Bal’Rana, reputation in towns for a mini-game. Tavern Wench Challenge.

__When you get costumes you can change them at the camp site. Main Character can do it from his dresser in Castle Warrengard.

__Normal monsters will be labeled in black. Story bosses and rare will be labeled in Dark Green. Legendary and Ultimate will be marked with Danger Red.

__Golden Beetleblade locations will be shown and what mob to kill. You have to have a semi decent AGI of 189 to hit AND kill them before they run.

__To get area names to appear on the map you will need to buy an area map from the large towns. So far there are only three area maps to buy. Area maps don’t show secret areas so you still have to find them.

__Lewd boxes were added to the game. You get lewd boxes by completing titles. They offer photo shoot pictures. You get WAYYYY more lewd boxes from starting a game from scratch versus loading up any save past, well the start of the game. Seems my mode of cheesing the system has been removed.

__You can play Strip or Die versus people in Castle Warrengard. This will unlock small portraits after 3 wins, large portraits at 6 wins and if they are combat allies, nude outfit at 10 wins. There is an item you can unlock that massively helps with this. I will post in the walkthrough WHEN to play people that will go away for awhile and most likely come back at a later date..

__Keyboard typing for names DOESN’T exist. X for delete and ENTER for accept. Ancient RPGMAKER stuff…

__There is voice acting. Only for the first hour or less. Don’t expect any after that. Gabe rather get photo shoots done

instead of doing the game… Annoyed since this game has been in progress since 2013… .Starfield anyone? __Other mechanics have been added but I don’t really care about them. Will be updated later.

Section 2: BUGS

__Bal’Ranas attack Curved Blade is supposed to do ICE based damage but doesn’t. Verified-3.07- Still

__Going into the Marshes of Despair kills all map music outside of the World Map. Unconfirmed. Just thought Marshes had no music. Further testing required.

__Speaking to Ra’tiki in the inn in Colussia without Mhu,tiki still brings up her text. I wasn’t paying attention since it was playthough 100 but it makes all “unique” characters have their heart box present for the rest of the game even though there isn’t supposed to be a heart. It will just be a blank square. This includes your own main character. Maybe simple fix. Do a check if Mhu’Tiki is in the party or not.

__Seems Heart box and blank square is just there from the start of the game now. Check previous bug. Verified 3.07

__If you use Order: Submit by your MC on a character in battle and it seems to increase their AGI by over 100. Using a

Sewing Kit fixes the AGI boost. No idea if the is done on purpose or not, or if it can cause issues in the future. It most likely is supposed to lower AGI by 100 not increase it. Verified 3.07

__Homestead is under Explorer twice in the Encyclopedia. Verified 3.07

__When in the Encyclopedia and under thief title. If you go straight down and right to Charity Balancer then move to Jadeite Nemesis the bar will stay on Charity Balancer but actually select Jadeite Nemesis. To unbug this hit left and it will actually select Charity Balancer and reset the visual bar. Otherwise it will produce another visual bar. THIS IS STILL AN ISSUE. Still an issue as 3.05… STILL!!!!

__If following this walkthrough. When you port to Port Ronod, Caimbridge, Arlon and Kahr to do the Obedience quest breast messaging does exposing tits and not massage. Exposing tits does the massage instead. Depending on WHO you speak to you have to pick lvl 1 to do lvl 2 visually. THIS IS STILL AN ISSUE- Still as 3.05… Love 5 year old issues

__During Blackgard Stronghold event after reassembling with your party. Beatrix is still found in the Wardens’ office hanging out.

__If you go to the teleportation room while in Skalhalm while it is raining it will be raining in the Teleportation room.

Funny but a bug.

__Gold Dice – Illumi are found in two spots. Fierra Falls as part of Treasure Map 6 and a chest in Smugglers Route.

__Gold Dice – Beatrix are found in two spots. Kahr as a reward for Cleaning up The Streets Quest and a chest in Bellfrost Woods.

Section 3: Characters (CHR)

Section is all playable characters in-game. This will include description, starting level, skills, stats, general uses, equipment uses.

Devon/ Main Character

Description: He is your main character. You can select your species you play. He is the balanced character in the game. Though overall higher total stats then all other character he doesn’t become explosive in any one area. He has both healing and physical attacks with elements. Only weak attacks hit all enemies. Gets another at lvl 40


Weapon: Dual Blades

Arm: Gauntlets

Head: Helm

Body: Plate

Starting Lvl: 1

HP: 741 MP: 534

STR: 67 DEX: 54

AGI: 64 INT: 57

Lvl. 99 XP: 3,355,202

HP: 7467 MP: 5500

STR: 635 DEX: 564

AGI: 672 INT: 535


1Sacred Cross100Crusader’s special move, more effective against undead creaturesDefault Skill
2X Blades50Crusader’s special move, deals low damage to all enemies 
5Heal80Restores a little HP to one ally 
10Whirlwind Strike150Crusader’s special move, deals wind damage 
16Greater Heal160Restores a lot of HP to one ally 
24Judgement Cut200Crusader’s special move, has a chance to cause one enemy to attack its allies 
32Revive220Revives one fallen ally 
40Reaver Blades150Crusader’s special move, deals damage to all enemies 
50Final Stance300Crusader’s special move, deals big damage 


Description: Your first recruited character. She really isn’t that great. She lacks in basic combat but has okay status healing skills and good reaction time. She may not hit hard but she will hit. She also shines in a many Legendary enemy battles and can make them a piece of cake. She has the Avian trait, which makes her better against flying enemies. She can seduce enemies which lowers their hit rate/ DEF. Her weakness stat wise is basically everything outside of Dex and Agi. Even Magic based users will have more HP than her. She is more useful than she was pre EP. 04, but she can still fall behind. She will basically be your item user and status curer. Except the most common status effects of poison and blindness. Which are 50% of the game right now. Due to her buffs she received she is a valid character to use. So you don’t have to dump her anymore once you get your 6th character. She’s actually viable


Weapon: Bow

Arm: Bracelet

Head: Circlet

Body: Mail

Starting Lvl: 4

HP: 739 MP: 805

STR: 55 DEX: 96

AGI: 98 INT: 55

Lvl. 99 XP: 3,355,202

HP: 5382 MP: 6436

STR: 443 DEX: 780

AGI: 764 INT: 462


1Alluring Dance60Dancer’s special move, has a chance to lower DEF/Hit Rate of one enemyDefault Skill
5Focused Shot100Dancer’s special move, more effective against avian creatures 
10Encouragement50Nurture one ally back from all negative states except Poison/Blindness 
16Sealing Arrow150Dancer’s special move, has a chance to prevent magic use of one enemy 
24Erotic Striptease160Dancer’s special move, has a chance to lower DEF/Hit Rate of all enemies 
32Unleashed Shock200Dancer’s special move, has a chance to prevent movement of one enemy 
40Team Cheering100Nurture all allies back from all negative states except Poison/Blindness 
50Thousand Stingers300Dancer’s ultimate move, deals heavy damage 

Kythe/ Kythie Legend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Description: This is your 3rd recruited character. Kythe will be a mainstay in your party for basically most of the game outside of a few select battles. High Strength, Dex, Agi, Int and MP. His lowest stat is HP but it is still higher than Farah by a large margin. His equipment is his largest downfall. Since he only equips 1 main type of armor he can be severely lacking behind other party members in terms of DEF and MDEF which can turn an easy battle into a dead party member as he can get nuked. The best thing is his spells. Might and Power which make people with it just dunk on the enemies. Awesome for physical attackers. Since most your party will be physical attackers it can make an attack from 2000 damage to over 5000 per hit. Only character with Wind based spell which are important for MANY legendary enemies.


Weapon: Claws

Arm: Collar

Starting Lvl: 6

HP: 914 MP: 1141

STR: 114 DEX: 112

AGI: 112 INT: 112

Lvl. 99 XP: 3,355,202

HP: 6333 MP: 7827

STR: 782

DEX: 772

AGI: 772

INT: 775


1Gust80Deals wind damage to one enemyDefault Skill
2Barrier110Raise PDEF of one allyDefault Skill
4Might80Restores a little HP to one allyDefault Skill
8Remedy60Cures all states to one ally 
10Break80Has a chance to lower PDEF of one enemy 
12Hurricane160Deals high wind damage to one enemy 
14Protect170Greatly raises PDEF of one ally 
16Power180Greatly raises ATK of one ally 
18Destroy120Has a chance to greatly lower PDEF of one enemy 
22Grand Remedy120Cures all states to all allies 
26Grand Barrier210Raises PDEF of all allies 
30Grand Might280Raises ATK of all allies 
34Grand Break180Has a chance to lower PDEF of all enemies 
38Cyclone320Deals high wind damage to all enemies 
42Grand Protect330Greatly raises PDEF of all allies 
46Grand Power340Greatly raises ATK of all allies 
50Grand Destroy320Has a chance to greatly lower PDEF of all enemies 

GabrielleLegend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Description: Gabrielle is your 4th recruited party member. Going by her stats she seems worse than Farah in a lot of ways. She also has useless skills. She is a “thief” type character but she sucks at it. It is her character trait and there is no way to increase her ability to steal money. So two useless skills there. Where she shines is her damage output skills that cover many areas. Fire, Ice AND Undead damaging skills! She is the only character that has ICE ability and you can get Ice based weapons early on. Only one with Fire for a long portion of the game and the only other character, outside your main, that has holy/ undead attack. So what is bad about her? Basically magic suck ass, low MP and is slow. Since she doesn’t have PURE magic attacks it isn’t that bad. Since her element based attacks are both physical and magical. Least I believe so otherwise she would be 100% useless. If you aren’t leveling up she will basically go last everytime unless you have Bal’Rana in tow.


Weapon: Flintlock

Arm: Bracelet

Head: Circlet

Body: Mail

Starting Lvl: 8

HP: 1163 MP: 950

STR: 110 DEX: 88

AGI: 92 INT: 57

Lvl. 99

XP: 3,355,202

HP: 7153

MP: 5604

STR: 638

DEX: 543

AGI: 549


INT: 389

1Six Shooter50Outlaw’s special move, deals low damage to all enemiesDefault Skill
5Holy Round100Outlaw’s special move, more effective against UndeadDefault Skill
10Stealing Grope50Has a 30% chance of stealing 50G from a enemy 
16Frostbite Shot150Outlaw’s special move, inflicts Ice damage 
24Bullet Barrage150Outlaw’s special move, deals damage to all enemies 
32Inferno Shot200Outlaw’s special move, inflicts Fire damage 
40Thieving Fondle100Has a 20% chance of stealing 500G from a enemy 
50Chain Reaction150Outlaw’s ultimate move, deal heavy damage 

Ra’TikiLegend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Description: Your 5th recruited character. Generally by the time you get her she will be so under leveled compared to your party that Farah looks strong compared to her. If you somehow recruited her and you party is lvl 10 I am impressed. If you check her stats below you will notice that she is better than Farah in every way besides DEX and AGI. Bad when a magic based character has higher STR and HP than a physical character. She is your first full blown Magic user. She has healing and resurrection. Her spells are THUNDER and EARTH based. She can also poison. Which for some Legendaries can really help. Silence can also make one Legendary from hard to a complete joke! She also can increase your parties MDEF which can help bad MDEF characters like Kythe and Farah. She will also be the first character that uses a different armor set. It is like Kythe that uses monster drops for making her decent equipment. Lucky, town bought stuff is always better than what you can make.


Weapon: Wand

Arm: Gloves

Head: Cowl

Body: Cloak

Starting Lvl: 10

HP: 1186 MP: 1438

STR: 101 DEX: 117

AGI: 130 INT: 142

Lvl. 99

XP: 3,355,202

HP: 6106

MP: 7842

STR: 577

DEX: 654

AGI: 714

INT: 782


1Rock80Deals earth damage to one enemyDefault Skill
2Resist100Raises MDEF of one allyDefault Skill
8Healing180Restores a little HP to all alliesDefault Skill
10Silence40Has a chance to prevent magic use of one enemyDefault Skill
12Tremor160Deals high earth damage to one enemy 
14Immunity160Greatly raises MDEF of one ally 
16Thunder160Deals high thunder damage to one enemy 
18Poison30Has a chance to cause Poison state to one enemy 
22Greater Healing320Restores a lot of HP to all allies 
26Grand Resist260Raises MDEF of all allies 
30Grand Silence140Has a chance to prevent magic use of all enemies 
34Resurrection460Revives all fallen allies 
38Earthquake320Deals high earth damage to all enemies 
42Grand Immunity320Greatly raises MDEF of all allies 
46Electrocute320Deals high thunder damage to all enemies 
50Grand Poison120Has a chance to cause Poison state to all enemies 

Mhu’TikiLegend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Description: This will be your 6th recruited character. Another magic user. She still has more HP and STR than Farah. Like Ra’Tiki she comes with standard spells. Healing, Resurrection, and MDEF boosting spells. She doesn’t get Poison but instead gets blindness. Lowers the enemies hit chance. Which is good against hard hitting enemies that can be blinded. Offhand I can’t say if it is that many. Confuse which makes enemies attack each other. Not really useful sadly. She is the only one with WATER based attacks. It is good against a few Legendaries. Also EARTH based spells.


Weapon: Grimoire

Arm: Gloves

Head: Cowel

Body: Cloak

Starting Lvl: 20

HP: 1680 MP: 2118

STR: 148 DEX: 184

AGI: 194 INT: 215

Lvl. 99

XP: 3,355,202

HP: 6145

MP: 7724

STR: 546

DEX: 689

AGI: 700

INT: 788


1Rock80Deals earth damage to one enemyDefault Skill
2Resist100Raises MDEF of one allyDefault Skill
4Splash80Deals water damage to one enemyDefault Skill
8Healing180Restores a little HP to all alliesDefault Skill
10Confuse45Has a chance to cause one enemy to attack its alliesDefault Skill
12Tremor160Deals high earth damage to one enemyDefault Skill
14Immunity160Greatly raises MDEF of one allyDefault Skill
16Flood160Deals high water damage to one enemyDefault Skill
18Blindness30Has a chance to lower DEX of one enemyDefault Skill
22Greater Healing320Restores a lot of HP to all allies 
26Grand Resist260Raises MDEF of all allies 
30Grand Confuse150Has a chance to cause all enemies to attack each other 
34Resurrection460Revives all fallen allies 
38Earthquake320Deals high earth damage to all enemies 
42Grand Immunity320Greatly raises MDEF of all allies 
46Tsunami320Deals high water damage to all enemies 
50Grand Blindness120Has a chance to lower DEX of all enemies 

Mercenary/ BeatrixLegend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Description: She has the second highest HP and 3rd highest STR out of your characters. Average DEX which doesn’t affect much. She and Gabrielle fight for the slowest character but at least she has higher INT than Gabriele. She has basic crusader abilities like your Main Character. Pure physical based character. She has healing but with her sad INT it is rather lacking. Potions do more. She can revive but with her low MP it is better to buy items. She gets to hit all enemies and a stronger version at lvl 40. The good thing is she can weaken, which lowers STR. Feeble, which lower INT and is the only one with an attack against Aquatic enemies. She is basically your tank. Sadly in a game like this it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Not like she has the ability to make enemies focus her which would make a night and day difference. She can equip heavy armor which is good but since she only has one element based attack she lags behind other characters, even Farah. Sadly with RPGmaker based games tanks are pretty pointless.


Weapon: Mace

Arm: Gauntlet

Head: Helm

Body: Plate

Starting Lvl: 28

HP: 2657 MP: 1555

STR: 261 DEX: 226

AGI: 189 INT: 163

Lvl. 99

XP: 3,355,202

HP: 7757

MP: 4585

STR: 743

DEX: 638

AGI: 551

INT: 468


1Disabling Swing100Maidenr’s special move, Has chance to cause WeakenDefault Skill
2Bludgeon Chain50Maiden’s special move, deals low damage to all enemiesDefault Skill
5Heal80Restores a little HP to one allyDefault Skill
10Concussion Force150Maiden’s special move, Has a chance to cause FeebleDefault Skill
16Greater Heal160Restores a lot of HP to one allyDefault Skill
24Essence of Illythium200Maiden’s special move, more effective against aquatic creaturesDefault Skill
32Revive220Revives one fallen ally 
40Bludgeon Grace150Crusader’s special move, Deals damage to all enemies 
50Skyhorn’s Rage300Maiden’s special move, deals big damage 

Bal’RanaLegend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Description: Highest HP, DEX in the game and second highest STR. Average MP. Second lowest INT in the game and is the slowest. So some pretty hard hitting downsides. Being slow means you can’t depend on her hitting that boss before it wipes your party. She has the same stealing ability as Gabbriele. AKA bad. Good news about her is she is the only other character that has a FIRE attack. HOLY/ UNDEAD attack as well which is awesome! So 3 characters with undead attack ability! She has an attack that is supposed to be ICE based but it isn’t at all. “STILL BUGGED AFTER ALMOST A YEAR!!!!” All in all she is better than Beatrix. The Fire, UNDEAD and ICE, when it is fixed just makes her more useful . You will end up swapping Beatrix for her for basically everything outside of an Aquatic Legendary or two.


Weapon: Cutless

Arm: Bracelet

Head: Circlet

Body: Mail

Starting Lvl: 34

HP: 3175 MP: 2340

STR: 311 DEX: 310

AGI: 207 INT: 178

Lvl. 99

XP: 3,355,202

HP: 7912

MP: 5894

STR: 772

AGI: 515

DEX: 781

INT: 435


1Dynamite Blast50Pirate’s special move, deals low damage to all enemiesDefault Skill
5Undead Aim100Pirate’s special move,, more effective against UndeadDefault Skill
10Chance of Cards100Has a 20% chance of stealing 500GDefault Skill
16Curved Blade150Pirate’s special move, inflicts Ice damageDefault Skill
24Cannon Hellfire150Pirate’s special move, deals damage to all enemiesDefault Skill
32Flame Bullet200Pirate’s special move, inflicts Fire damageDefault Skill
40Kiss of Misfortune160Pirate’s special move, has a chance to lower DEF/ Hit rate of all enemies 
50Crossed & Boned300Pirate’s special move, deals heavy damage 

Section 4: WalkthroughLegend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Chapter 1: Introduction

Getting started


Collussia Quests

Back to the Castle

World/ Port Ronod

Western Lighthouse/ Grand Bridge/ Imperial Manor/Homestead/Colussia

Rivulet Hills/ Caimridge


Chapter 2: Betrayed

Darkthorn Keep

Colussia/Port Ronod/Caimridge


Windy Canyon

Nillia Woods/ Hollow Gorge

Grassland Road

Side Stuff

Chapter 3: Neifu and New Blood?

Brightstone and Hub

Colussia/ Port Ronod/ Caimridge

Rivulet Hills/ Windy Canyon/ Nillia Woods

Lake Fairlight

Crimson Forest

Mayor Wilheed/ Royal Cottage

Chapter 4: Clean Up

Summer Cove/ Fellhorn Ruins

Port Ronod/ Colussia/ Rivulet Hills/ Lake Fairlight

Western Lighthouse/ Nillia Woods/ Hollow Gorge

Grassland Road/ Royal Cottage/ Summer Cover/ River Checkpoint

Chapter 5: Who Will Rule All The Farmers?

High Lord Gathering

Off To The Boonies

Arlon Farmlands


Side Stuff 2

Fierra Falls/ Castle Warrengard

Chapter 6: On The Road To Kahr

Tidbits On The Way

Heading To Kahr



Kahr Temple

Chapter 7: Taking The Offensive

Warrengard/ Iron Spire

Illusian Forest

Things to do before We Move On

Chapter 8: Road To The Second Spire!

Southern Meadow


Off To The Second Spire, Just Not Yet!

Iron Spire #2/ Praeceps Ilse

Blackgard Stronghold

Rescuing Farah and Beyond

Castle Warrengard and Extras

Chapter 9: Assaulting The Crown


Darkthorn Keep

Colussia Again

Castle Warrengard

Clean UP

Chapter 10: Save Farah And The Home Of The Ice Queen


Frozen Continent

Bad Ending 3




3.16 and 3.17

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 1

The only differences, so far, between the types is the illustrations during SCENES only. Beastman Modes you play as a Beastman… So obvious is obvious.

Start your new game, pick your type and what your MC will look like. Pick a name or pick puss n’ boots

Selecting a name is its own issue. X deletes… . ENTER select a character. You then can select you own name. I always go with SIMP since for some odd reason you never bang Gabbie!!!! Everyone else does! Wish you could just type. It is a PC game!!!

*Note: Make at least two Renegade choices before you turn in your first batch of Dimensional Shards. Which is 15. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!*

Getting Started



__Handkerchief- Quest Item

__Lewd Box


___Victorious Prayer- Only if scene is taken



After the intro talk to people if you want. Get information. You know IMMERSION! Head up any flight of stairs, raid desks and get the Handkerchief. Raiding desks is important. They help with titles and rewards. Very soon you won’t be able to come back here so make sure you raid the desks here.

Talk to the person in White. First choice doesn’t matter. First time players take 3cb. If you want all the scenes.

Choice 1: 1000K

Choice 2: Armor: At blacksmith No gold

Choice 2a: Promotion: Nothing

Choice 2b: Something personal: SCENE

Choice 3: Renegade +1

Choice 3a: Free armor at the town blacksmith

Choice 3b: Promotion: Nothing

Choice 3c: Something more personal: SCENE *I suggest taking the scene. Monsters drop money anyway. Also you can get loads from a game we will play soon. * During the scene you will get another choice

Choice 1: Cums on her tits and ends scene

Choice 2: Surprise BJ: SCENE CHANGE. Laquadia-1 Laquadia has been added to journal.

Victorious Prayer title added. If scene was taken. Lewd Box x1.




__Basic Mineral x2 – used for Forging weapons and armor

__Beldorian Ale x1 – Restores 10% of TOTAL HP to one ally

__Beldorian Ale x1

__Boots of Rushing– Lets you run around outside. Hit A 1-3 times for it to work

__Citrine Earring x1- Sell for monies. Lock pick required

__Costume Fabric – Farah- used for making outfits for Farah. Behind locked house NW side

__Cute Ribbon x1- Gift item

__Elixir x1- Restores full HP/SP

__Erotic Novel x1- Gift item

__Grey Mouse x1- Basement of the Pub

__Illustration 02 – Next to the church

__Illustration 49 – Ruby Chest 2x coins. Bathhouse inside castle.

__Illustration 63- From safe 2

__Illustration 112- From safe 1 next to armor shop

__Illustration 134- In a dark house next to Laquadia Fan quest. Envelope

__Lewd Box x2

__Lock pick Set– Able to open lvl. 1 locks

__Northern Region Map- Shows names of common location on the world map

__Pickaxe- To mine ore… DUH

__Quest Log- See what quests are open/closed

__Rabbit Pelt x2- Used for forging weapons and armor

__Ring of Strength x1

__Roses x1

__Ruby Coin x1– Opens RED CHESTS. These contain Illustrations

__Ruby coin x1– Same place as fabric

__Sandstone x3- Used for forging weapons and armor

__Seed of Life x1- Increases Max HP by 50

__Seed of Mana x1- Increases max SP by 25

__Seed of Strength x1- Increase Strength by 1

__Sexy Underwear– Quest Item

__Small Spirit Potion x1 – Restores little SP to one ally

__Snare Trap- To Capture animals in town/wild

__Treasure Shovel- Dig up treasures from treasure maps


__Beatrix No. 03- Found in locked desk

__Beatrix No. 08

__Beatrix No. 09

__Laquadia No. 1- Locked desk in castle


__Enraged Sailor- Unique. Only can ever fight them here, once


__Curious Looter

__Lock Apprentice



__Black Dame


__Duchess Lynevere



__What Goes Around

__Laquadia’s Fan

As the tip suggested, search everything! You will find Beldorian Ale x1 in one of the desks. Talk to solider next to dog for journal entry.

Helsike, vad du skräms.. ! Which basically means you scared the shit out of me or you startled me. Least from my bad remberance of when I was in Europe. Whatever you decide.

Beatrix Added to journal. I love her BTW!

She will get mad if you search her room. Exit the room go straight west and talk to the man there. Crayden Added to journal.

Search every desk and wardrobe. Leave the room and go up to the right passage. One desk is locked. We will come back to this later. A LOT later. Go across hall and search everything again in this room to find a locked wardrobe. Exit this room and head south and south again. The guards will stop you. Main Character will give a hint. Keep in mind for scene in a tad 🙂

So head up then west. You will see a painting on the wall. We don’t have the art razor to cut this out yet and even if we did we still can’t get it. You will be coming back here a lot later to get it.

So head west again into the soldiers barracks. Search desks here for Beldorian Ale x1, Small Spirit Potion x1 and another locked desk! There are booths you can visit. Glory hole booths. Just vocal things. Get a girlfriend that is normal. Go into the bottom left booth and you will hear what I mean. Head back out the south then east. Search everything for Cute Ribbon x1, Basic Mineral x2, Ruby Coin x1 and a Seed of Mana x1.

You now have free time. I suggest you take it to do fun things in town. I hope you can manage to find the exit to this place. If not, I fear for you. Once leaving here you will enter,


On the outside you will meet a new character. Dhalmir. He gives you 450k to repay his gambling debt. He gives you

some info about the Dream Blight disease. Also about another Crusader named Van.

*Side quest Tutorial* Read it. Learn it, love it, live it!

First things first. Let’s get the lock pick and the ability to run like Sonic! It automatically starts the Introduction side quest.

So head south and south again. Head East, when you can and East again. Talk to the man on the bench for,

Quest: “Introduction”

Location: Colussia – Near the park in Eastern region

Description: Meet a man near the park benches who has information on the infamous Black Dame. Head West 2 screens enter the pub! Building with tables in front. Go downstairs talk to only person in the basement. Note the red chest for later. You can’t catch the mouse yet.

Reward: Lock pick set Black Dame added to journal. Head up the stairs and go to the mirror there. Enter 3482 and 7688 to get some equipment and a much needed 5000K. Head out of the pub and go west. Talk to the silver haired woman outside the building. It doesn’t seem to matter for the second of third choice. So pick either 2/3, expensive right now but it’s worth it. This will unlock a scene we are going to see sooner or later. Go left and talk to the woman on the ground.

Quest: “What Goes Around”

Location: Colussia – Collapsed maid in Western District

Description: Find the man with red hair the collapsed maid told you about. West of the Item Shop. That is East, North, and then west. Speak with him, then go back to the maid and find a few men surrounding her. You get a choice.

Choice 1: Save Her. Heroic and a fight with unique enemies. Fight IS pretty hard if you didn’t buy armor. Use skills.

Choice 2: Teaching her a lesson. Renegade

Reward: No Reward

I would say fight since they are unique enemies.

Go south and into the Inn. Talk to the man with the mortarboard on. That is the guy with the square cap. This is the

Traveling Scholar!

Traveling scholar: 100K. Worth it!

Q1: Beldorian Empire

Q2: Colussia

Q3: The Jadeite Order

Q4: Darkthorn Keep

Q5: 52

GRATS you can run outside. Pressing A 1-3 times will turn it on. DOESN’T work indoors, caves etc. Go raid the desks here for a Seed of Life x1.

After that we are going to do the next mission. Head east three times. Then through the gates. West house. Raid the desks first before talking to the man there for a Seed of Strength x1

Quest: Laquadia’s Fan

Location: Colussia – Inside a building in the eastern district with two guards outside. East as far as you go and SE part between a fence area. This place was “hard” to find for me. I was just being dumb…

Description: Gather two pieces of Laquadia’s clothing; 1st part is in her room within the castle (Lock pick lvl. 1 needed) and the 2nd part is in the Cathedral desks on the top floor which you should already have.

Reward: Ring of Strength

Before we run off to the castle, we are going to raid the entire town. The items you can get here are listed for both town and the castle. Since this town is so large I won’t be giving directions to every little thing here. One thing you are going to

do is buy Common Dice from the Item shop so we can get cards and make monies.

You should basically be broke but worry not!

SAFE 1: 4624 SAFE 2: 5535

REWARD: Illustration 112


REWARD: Illustration 63

Ruby Coin and costume Fabric Farah

If you haven’t gotten the Curious Looter title you didn’t raid desks etc. During your travels raiding everything you can run into Duchess Lynevere in her house, she has a unique sprite. Duchess Lynevere added to journal. So off to the Castle we go to unlock some desks.


Locked Desk lvl. 1

Reward: Laquadia No. 01

After getting the trading card head East and East again. South to the bath house. Go south to the door and you are given a choice

Red Chest: 2 ruby coins

Reward: Illustration 49

*This chest is missable until way later in the game. I wouldn’t recommend continuing if you didn’t grab this. *

After that, head on north to your room and search the desk Beatrix got mad at you for. Erotic Novel x1.

Go to Laquadia’s room

QUEST ITEM: Sexy Underwear.

At this point you should have gotten the Lock Apprentice title. Leave the castle and turn in your quest for a Ring of Strength. Leave the building and head straight north into the market. A newly added gift shop is there. Purchase Roses.

Go to the Inn again and speak to a man there to gamble your cards to win his. Beatrix Card No. 8, and 9. Go to the pub. Talk to the man at the counter and play him at a game of Devil’s Dice. Play until you cleaned him out. You should have 5920K or 10920K, if you entered the code earlier. This walkthrough is based on if you DIDN’T enter it. It isn’t as much as you could get before but we can get certain items we do need. Go to the item shop and buy Quest Log, Northern Region Map, Snare Trap, Treasure Shovel and a Pickaxe. This will help so we don’t bounce around too much later. Go to the basement in the pub and capture a Grey Mouse x1.

Head south, south, south out of the city. If you haven’t talked to the crystal please do so!

There is a reason we are doing a lot of running around now VS later in the game. It gives you items and collections you can’t get until later in the game. If you don’t want to do it, don’t.

Welcome to the World!

Read the tutorial.

Before heading where we are supposed to go, head northwest to a port town called

Port Ronod


__Illustration 58

__Illustration 113

__Costume Fabric – Gabrielle

__Crystal Fragment– Allows for teleportation with Blue stones

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Rabbit Pelt x3

__Revival Potion x1- Revives a dead ally

__Ring of Agility- increases agility by 15



__Animal hunter

__Peeping Tom


__Beatrix No. 04



Quest: “Catch-A-Lie”

Location: Port Ronod – Man in the corner near the entrance to the town

Description: Deliver a message to the owner of the inn in Brightstone.

Right when you walk in talk to the man on the left. After accepting the quest, go north and activate the crystal. Then go into the building next to it. There is a safe on the first floor.

SAFE 1: 6869

Reward: Illustration 113

After cracking that safe. Please talk to people. Leave the building. Go straight east! Not down the stairs. The gap between the building and down. You get Illustration 58. Head back then down the stairs. Go east. In the first door there is a painting we can’t get. There is Rabbit Pelt x3 in here.

Leave and go into the next building. Talk to the only person there

Quest: “Animal Hunter”

Location: Port Ronod – Rightmost building behind the church

Description: Catch 3 – 5 Wood Squirrels. (Unlock the reward “Animal Whistle” to help with this quest) After this leave the room. If you go into the door below you can chose to donate to the church.

Head west then west again. In the northern building you will run into a locked wardrobe lvl. 2. We will keep this in mind for later. Leave the building

Go west Talk to the green-haired woman for a quest.

Quest: “Peeping Tom”

Location: Port Ronod – Woman in front of inn during the day

Description: Locate the man straight west of here two screens who is peeping into a window at night and chat him up.

Reward: Ring of Agility

This is a night/day type of quest. So before we sleep we will do other things. Accept it and move on.

Get Revival Potion x1. From the inn, leave head west. You can play a Devil’s Dice at the pub for more money. After cleaning him out you should have 6620K. Save beforehand of course. Go west to the stone looking sign building. This is a material shop. There is a man there that will sell you Beatrix Card No. 04 for 1500K. Buy it of course.

Head out and south to the first door you see on your west. It should be locked. You can unlock it. Leave it since nothing is here for now.

Search desks in the other door. Leave here go north then west to the next screen. Head south at the first docking area and on the boat. Head down the stairs and to the back to find.

Costume Fabric Gabrielle

The guy here can be played a game of prediction, but we don’t have a card he wants. So that will wait until later. Head to the inn and sleep until night time. Just walk into a bed and you will get the option. Leave the Inn and head west.

Do the second part of the Peeping Tom quest by talking to the man staring in the window. After he leaves, go to the docks area. Down the second pier and into the boat we go. Our homie the Traveling Scholar will be there. Pay the 250K to play him.

Q1: Masquerade

Q2: Paladins

Q3: Broncallo

Q4: Northern Fields

Q5: Yellow

Reward: Crystal Fragment.

With the Crystal fragment in hand we can teleport if you activated the Crystals. An interesting quest that has some scenes attached to it. Go the Crystal and pick transport. Go north for a scene. She gives you a Dimensional Shard x1. With this you will be able to see them located on other maps. Illumi is also a pointer. I call them that considering they point you where you need to go. So if you are ever stuck she can help you.

Choice 1: Illumi +1.

Choice 2: Illumi -1

Illumi added to the Journal.

Head back south then to the Port Ronod crystal. Go back to the Inn and sleep until morning. Talk to the green haired lady to get Ring of Agility x1, thus ending Peeping Tom quest. I recommend equipping it over the ring of strength considering going first in combat is better than hitting harder.

Head west a screen and south. You will see a black swirling orb. Search it for Dimensional Shard x1. Since we can pick up Dimensional Shards now so we are going to places that you can’t come back to until much later in the game. You can find a woman with blue hair next to the water right below the Inn. The Traveling Seamstress will sell an item called Sewing Kit. This item repairs outfits, what you wear in battle, to normal condition. So leave town and head straight south to



__Illustration 08

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Lewd Box

__Ruby coin x1

__Seed of Agility- Increases Agility by 1


__Western Lighthouse Cleared

NE corner. If you can’t find it. Sorry. You are blind as shit. You will find Illustration 08 on the ground. Also raid the only desk for a Seed of Agility x1 and the chest for a Ruby Coin x1. On the second floor is a Dimensional Shard x1. You should get Western Lighthouse Cleared! Leave here. Follow the road south to the bridge. Walk into it



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Lewd Box


__Grand Bridge Cleared

You can talk to Beatrix she is on the first screen next to her puppy. Go far west. Right before you leave there is a Dimensional Shard x1. After picking this up you should get Grand Bridge Cleared! Exit to the west.



__Dimensional Shard x1

As soon as you enter go straight east to here. Search it. This SCENE is so missable it hurts!

After that awesomeness, go to the north east area for a Dimensional Shard x1. Go through the Grand Bridge again then head to the north of Colussia.



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 192

__Beatrix No. 02




__Homestead Cleared

This is your home. Go inside the shed to get a little backstory on your character. Search the desk for Beatrix Card No. 02. South of the next building, on the pier, is Illustration 192. The left side of the house has a Dimensional Shard. Enter house and meet your mother Cecily.

Your first choice doesn’t matter. Least you find out why your MC is poor as hell.

Give her the roses as well. She will ask question but none matter until she asks you about a girlfriend. Choice 1/2: Nothing

Choice 3: Cecily +1

You can talk to her again and get a choice

Choice 1: Cecily +1

Choice 2: Cecily +1

Choice 3: NOTHING

Search the desk to get Homestead Cleared title. It is your home after all. Head back to



__Art Gallery

__Map Folder

__Dimensional Shard x1



Go north one screen until you reach a pond. On the west side there is an opening between fences to the south. Grab the Dimensional Shard x1. Go north one more screen and into the item shop. Sell the citrine earring we got earlier to put us over the 5000K mark so we can buy the rest of the key items. Purchase the Art Gallery and the Map Folder. You should have 20K left. Ouch! Mama going to have to wait for more money! You could sell a lewd box for 2500K but I don’t know if by the end of the game in general if the lewd boxes will cover all the unlockables. So, up to you. I am going ahead with you haven’t sold one.

Head north into the castle and report back to Crayden. You meet an interesting character named Masquerade. She gets added to the journal. You also get Masquerade +1. Leave town and head back to Homestead. You will get a comment on splitting up with Crayden. Head into the house to get a short scene with bandits and Mom. Leave and go to

Rivulet Hills


__Dimensional Shard x1

__250 K

__Bronze Ore x2

__Golden Token x5- used for unlocking skills and stuff 🙂 Important!!

__Iron Ore x2

__Iron Ore x3

__Illustration 130

__Lewd Box x4

__Ruby Coin x1

__Small Health Potion x2

__Wood Squirrel x1

__Wood Squirrel x1


__Werewuffie: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Contoad: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Golden Beetleblade


__Werewuffie Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Contoad Slayer/ Vanquisher

Journal Entries



__Golden Beetleblade

Crayden will join your party. He is much stronger then you so you should use that to your advantage. Kill all enemies until you get the Vanquisher Title from doing so. Don’t leave this map until you do. Considering you have Crayden it will make it A LOT easier. To kill quickly just go back and forth between screens until you get the titles. Do this between screens that have both enemies to make the process quicker.

Go up past the first screen. Go immediately right and enter the cave. Here are your Contoads. There is Iron Ore x2 here. This cave and enemies outside is a place to get the vanquisher titles. Frogs inside and dogs outside.

After getting the titles or not head north up the ramp then west across a bridge. Head into the cave. There is a Bronze Ore x2 and a small bag on the ground with Illustration 130.

Pick up the Iron Ore x3 and a Dimensional Shard X1. Head out the cave and get 250k from the chest. You will notice a squirrel there.

Wood Squirrel x1

Head through the cave go east then north past another ramp. Go east first at the T intersection to the next screen. In Between the trees there right when you walk in is a chest with a Ruby Coin X1. There is another Wood Squirrel here to the East a tad.

Go west and keep going west across the bridge to the chest with Health Potion X2. Exit the area to the north.

I recommend going back in over and over to the picture to get Beetle blade tokens. You have to leave to the world map not the screen. Since we have Crayden and he is max level they won’t be able to run away, if you had Crayden attack them. I will say get 5 now or you will have to wait a long time to be able to hit them. They are fast and run away from battle. This will take time. Like 15 minutes or 2 hours. It is all up to chance. I assure you they do spawn!

After all that. You should be anywhere from lvl 5-9 with the beetle blade grind. Exit out of here. If you head east to the mountains Crayden will be mad at you. So head west to,



__Illustration 27- Between buildings on second screen

__Illustration 59- Ruby Chest. 3x coins

__Antidote x2- Town hall upstairs

__Costume Fabric – Gabrielle- Basement town hall

__Dimensional Shard x1- Basement town hall

__Grey Mouse x1- Basement town hall

__Ruby Coin x1- Shed first screen

__Ruby Coin x1- Shed 2nd screen

__Seed of Dexterity- Desk First house

Activate the blue crystal after the little chat. Explore the houses. First house has a Seed of Dexterity x1. Shed has a Ruby Coin x1.

Next screen between two houses up north is an envelope with Illustration 27. Shed to the right has Ruby Coin x1.

Town Hall has an Antidote x2 upstairs and downstairs is a Dimensional Shard x1, Costume Fabric Gabrielle, Grey Mouse x1 and a chest that takes 3x ruby coins for Illustration 59

Leave the house and you will be prompted with a choice.

Choice 1- Heroic

Choice 2-Renegade

Oh no! WE lost our OP monster! SHAME!!! Before we continue the story. Head to Colussia via the blue crystal.



__Art Razor- To cut out paintings around the world!

__Illustration 62



When you get there read the Tutorial. Head into the building straight East of you. Pay the 50k and talk to the exotic dancer right when you walk in. You get a choice

Choice 1: Nothing

Choice 2: Renegade +1

Farah added to journal.

Go to the inn and use the Encyclopedia. Since we got some golden tokens earlier we are going to unlock art razor. Go under rewards and select Art Razor. Unlock it. Head back to where you had to do the Laquadia quest. That would be east three screens. Go south between the gates and enter the left building. Cut out the painting for Illustration 62 on the back wall.


Run into Laquadia

Choice 1: nothing

Choice 2: Laquadia -1

You still can’t get the painting here. Head to the royal bath again to run in Beatrix

Choice 1: Nothing

Choice 2: Beatrix +1

Choice 3: Beatrix +1

Choice 3a: Nothing

Choice 3b: Makes her angry

Go see the Emperor. After that fun, welcome to the amazing vacation spot for the whole family!

Chapter 2: Betrayed



__Masquerade No. 03

__Illustration 05

__Barrier Herb x2

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Lewd Box 3x

__Ruby Coin x1

__Ruby Coin x1

__Small Spirit Potion x1

__Sun Blades x1- Light based weapon for Devon

__Utility Hook- For opening Manhole Covers


__Slimebag- Kills 12 MOBS here. Reason for later





__Chronology Protector

__Prison Breakout-Story based. Can’t be missed

__Slimebag Slayer

__Treasure Newbie

Darkthorn keep is a onetime visit for a long time. So what you miss here you have to wait a long time.

Now that you have read the nice boldly bold writing. Search tables in the corners of each room for Masquerade No. 03 and a Ruby Coin x1 then head east to the next room. Talk to the old man to the far east. Either choice. It matters not. Laquadia visits you.

Choice 1: Heroic +1

Choice 2: Renegade +1. Laquadia -1 Scene

I would pick choice 2 unless you are playing this game for a different reason.

This is your last chance to raid the desks. SO DO IT IF YOU HAVEN’T. Talk to the old man in the cell east of you. You will

receive the key item Utility Hook. Go to the far west and talk to the new guy there. Go south to the manhole cover. Head down.

There are traps here and they kind of hurt. So expect some environmental damage.

Get the chest right there, derp, for all your stuff back. Make sure you kill at least 12 Slimebags here. Go left for a Dimensional Shard x1. This will get you the Chronology Protector title. There is a chest with a Ruby Coin x1. Back east then north up the stairs. Red chest for Illustration 05. Head back south then east. There is a gate south that requires lock pick Lvl. 2. That means you have to get it at a later time. So go east then south. Chest has a Small Spirit Potion x1. Head east for a chest with Barrier Herb x2. Head back west then north.

When you reach two switches have them both point west/left. Get the chest for Sun Blades. This is it. If you leave here you can’t come back for awhile. So make sure you killed 11 Slimebags at least! You should have received the Treasure Newbie title in here. When you leave you will get the Prison Breakout title as well.

You meet a strange woman

Choice 1/2: Gabrielle +1

Choice 3: Gabrielle -1

Gabrielle added to journal



__Bolt Mail x1- Resistant to Thunder damage. Women only

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 121


__Nightfall Raid


__Master Hen’Tai

Head towards the armor shop. Straight below the house next to it is an open area between fences. Open the grate for a Dimensional Shard x1. Open the gate for the chest with Bolt Mail x1. Head to the house to the east of it and you will notice a barrel slamming into the wall over and over. Go talk to it to receive Illustration 121.

Master Hen’Tai added to the journal.

Head north to the church area. Talk to this woman in the picture to accept

Quest: Nightfall Raid

Description: Steal mirror from the Material shop in Port Ronod at night. Bring it back to her.

Reward: Ruby Coin x3



__Illustration 10

__Illustration 85

__Hand Mirror- Quest Item

__Gold Dice – Farah- Helps with prediction games containing Farah cards… Maybe..

On the east side of town, the second to last building up top has a painting. Cut her out for Illustration 10. Head to the Inn and sleep until nightfall. Go to the material shop, at night, pick the lock. Get the chest in there for Hand Mirror. Head right next to the pub there and down the sewer grate.

Another little puzzle. From left to right, Combo is 3-1-2-4. Do it in numerical order and not press far left button 3 times. Grab the chest for Gold Dice Farah! Head straight south and enter the first door on the left. Strike the barrel for

Illustration 85. Teleport to Caimridge



__Illustration 23

__Gold Dice – Gabrielle- Helps games of prediction with Gabrielle cards

__Lewd Box x1

__Necklace of Clarity- Makes unsearched things glow. Ex- Desks, Wardrobes etc.


__Sleep Deprivation


__Quiz Solver

Go into the first house and talk to the lady there to get a quest. Since it is night we can do all of it right now.

Quest: Sleep Deprivation

Description: Talk to the man chopping down wood at night, then go back to the woman in the house. Then talk to the man again and back to the woman.

Reward: Gold Dice Gabrielle

Go to the next screen. Enter the shed to see the magic barrel again. Strike it to receive Illustration 23. Now head to the

town hall. Time for another Traveling Scholar quiz! 300K is the price

Q1: Slimebag

Q2: The Fellhorn Juggernaut

Q3: Golden Token

Q4: Seven

Q5: Windy Canyon

Necklace of Clarity obtained! You should also get the Quiz Solver title. Teleport back to



__Illustration 72



__Gold Dice – Laquadia- Makes prediction easier for Laquadia cards?

__Lewd Box x2

__Might Herb x2- Temporarily raises ATK of all allies. Battle item.

__Ruby Coin x1

__Ruby Coin x3

__Sun Plate x1- Male only. Resistant to light damage.

__Wolf Pelt x2


__Laquadia No. 03


__Club Bouncer



__Slimebag Vanquisher

__Making History


__Punching Slimebag

Turn in the quest to complete Night raid. Ruby Coin x3 gained. Hurray! Head straight into the Heavenly Fate. Pay the 50K and head on in.

Choice 1: Nothing good…

Choice 2: Scene

Both choices lead to second choice

Choice 1: Heroic

Choice 2: Renegade Go west into sewer grate. Check the desk. Head north then east. Don’t bother fighting enemies at all yet. Just keep following the path to a chest with 400K. Go east to the next screen and up a ladder for Illustration 72. Keep going east until another chest with Might Herb x2. Head north then east. Before talking to anyone use the latter and the bottom of the area. Head to the armor shop.

Choice 1: Farah +1 Choice 2/3: Nothing Equip her with the bolt mail and buy her some other armor. Head back down into the sewers. Grab the chest for a Ruby Coin x1. Search the desks for Wolf Pelt x2. There is a pub like place there. Right before it though are two guards. Take to the man in the room to get the quest

Quest: Punching Slimebag

Description: Kill all mobs of Slimebags in the sewers.

Reward: (For killing all Slimebags) Gold Dice Laquadia and 2000K Before we run off and start murdering everything in sight let get some stuff out of the pub. You can buy Laquadia No. 03 for 1200k. Buy it of course. If you can’t afford wait till the quest is complete. You may recognize someone there if you played LoQO 2. Head west. KILL EVERY SLIMEBAG YOU SEE. The game will say when they have all been killed. Ignore the first north. Take the other way north. Follow the path around. You will get to ladders. At the top get the Sun Plate from the chest. Keep following the path. Ignore the south and keep going. Ignore the next north. When you go across a bridge, head east. At the next branch head north kill the Slimebag then go east across the bridge. Kill the Slimebag north there then take the south

east exit. When you get to the bridge go north and kill the last enemy there.

After killing them all it will tell you. You should also get Slimebag Vanquisher title if you did what I said earlier. Head back to the owner to get your reward. Gold Dice Laquadia and 2000K. We will not be getting the Ruby Chest in the pub. Trust me, it will make for much less backtracking later on. So leave town!

Choice 1: Scene Farah +1.

Choice 1a. Nothing

Choice 1b. Farah +1

Choice 1c. Scene Finish

Choice 1d. SCENE change

2: No scene 🙁

Get Making History title

Head Northwest to,



__Laquadia No. 02


__Beldorian Knight- Unique ish..


__Obedience- It is an unmarked quest for titties and titles




You will get a safe tutorial but since we have opened many, it doesn’t matter much.

Head West to the dock area. Head down into the first boat you can and play the sailor in prediction for Laquadia Card No. 02. Go back up the stairs and you will see a hooded figure on a boat. Go talk to him.

Farsyne added to journal.

Go sleep at the inn until nightfall. Head straight east to the church building steal their donation and leave. Soon as you

walk out you will start the “Obedience” unmarked quest. Head west. Go to the far boat you can get on. Kythe added journal.

It isn’t a bug, but stealing the donation here doesn’t count for the Donation Thief title. Same with the Flasher title. It is so you can see them on different game modes. Same for much later titles.

Head to the second boat, after your scripted battle, camp. Talk to Farah. Pick the first choice for a Farah +1. Sleep until sunrise. Leave camp, head east to the road the leads into a canyon. Welcome to




__Barrier Herb x2

__Bolt Bow x1- Has lightning based damage

__Bronze x3

__Bronze x4

__Bronze x4

__Ceremonial Gauntlet x1

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 04

__Illustration 13- Ruby chest. 3x coins

__Illustration 25

__Illustration 42

__Iron x2

__Iron x2

__Iron x3

__Iron x3

__Lewd Box x5

__Ruby Coin x1

__Wolf Pelt x3

__Grey Mouse x1

__Wood Squirrel x1

__Wood Squirrel x1


__Beldorian Knight

__Dilizard- Kill 30 MOBS of them


__Golden Beetleblade

__Pharaoh Handblast


__Blessing quest- Unmarked quest to find altars around the world




__Art Sampler

__Dilizard Slayer/Vanquisher

__Novice Miner

__Windy Canyon Clear

Golden Beetleblade

Just keep going east. After the bridge fight you get two choices.

Whatever you pick out of these choices affects a scene later. So choose wisely.

Head into the cave go to the altar and inspect it. After the boxes of dialogue you will start the unmarked quest “Blessing” and get Illustration 04. Art Sampler should have been earned. When going to altars it drops your HP to 1 so remember to heal afterwards. Grab the chest there for a Bolt Bow. Exit and head east.

Ignore north for now and head a tad east. Grab the Wood Squirrel.

Then head back a tad go north across the bridge. Go into the house and capture the Grey Mouse there. Grab Illustration 42 off the ground. To the north of the house is another Wood Squirrel. One more then we can complete a quest.

Head a tad west and find another Dimensional Shard x1. Go into the cave right there and mine for Iron x2. There is a chest with Illustration 13. Head south then east into the cave.

Ignore first south spot since dead end. Head down the stairs then west. Get Iron x3 and 420k from the chest. Before heading back up the stairs get Bronze x4. Take the south path.

Get Bronze x4. Down the stairs for Bronze x3, a chest with Barrier Herb x2. Head east a tad then south. Go west at the T for a Ceremonial Gauntlet x1. East for Iron x2. Go back whence we came up the stairs, west, north then east.

Ignore the first south. There should be a shadow creature down there. This is the Legendary Pharaoh Handblast. We are too weak to kill it now so avoid it! Instead head east gather the Iron x3. You should get the Novice Miner title. Head south for a chest with Wolf Pelt x3. Exit the cave to the north east.

You should hear gun shots and be prompted with text. If you didn’t it is because you didn’t come here during the day. You get two choices.

Choice 1: Heroic- Potential SCENE

Choice 2: Renegade- NO Potential SCENE

Before heading out go east a tad and up the ramp. Under a tree to the left is a chest with a Ruby Coin x1. You should get the Windy Canyon Cleared title.

If you ignore it and continue on there will be some added text at the next location. If you do this you will miss out on a scene and getting a party member sooner.

So now the fun part of heading all the way back to the beginning where the house was. When you get there you will be given another choice.

Choice 1: A fight.

Choice 2: SCENE

I, of course, recommend the scene unless it isn’t your first playthrough. Gabrielle joins your party! Finally a party of 4! Believe it or not we can kill our first legendary. It will be a little tough but it is VERY doable. Just fight everything on the way there. Go here and touch the shadow.


REWARD: Illustration 25

This will be an uphill battle at this point in the game. Still though. He casts Force on you. I don’t know what this does. If he does have Farah use Encouragement on them. Just don’t be dumb and you will be fine. Have MC use Whirlwind Strike on him over and over for about 600-900 a hit. Farah will be on healing duty via items. Kythe will be using Might on MC and Gabrielle then barrier on people. Gabrielle will be attacking/ healing. If you bought gear for your guys his attacks should take around 500. DO NOT let your HP get below 600. Your reward is Illustration 25.

Head out through the east exit.

Head east to the tower so we can get it on our map

Iron Spire added

Setup camp and talk to Gabrielle. You will be given a choice

Choice 1: Gabrielle +1

Choice 2: Gabrielle -1

Exit camp and head south. Go into the building you see there. Welcome to



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 17

__Illustration 108

__Lewd Box x1

__Seed of Life x1


__Farah No. 01


__Highland Inn Clear

*If you got Gabrielle in Windy Canyon.*

Right when you walk in, activate the blue crystal. You see the hooded figure north of the crystal. You will see the barrel bouncing around. Strike it for Illustration 108. Before resting at the inn we are going to look around. Dimensional Shard x1 in the North West part of the area. Illustration 17 in the stable. Head inside the Inn.

Before talking to the old man buy Farah Card No. 01 from the purple head guy for 1800K. Raid desks for a Seed of Life

x1 and the Highland Inn Cleared title. Talk to the old man at the counter. Both rooms cost 200K total You get a scene.

You get a choice during it. During Windy Canyon if you chose the either option

Choice 1: Farah +1

Choice 2: Farah -1

* If you didn’t get Gabrielle in Windy Canyon.*

Everything is basically the same until you go inside the Inn.

Gabrielle isn’t there obviously to say anything. This is where things become different. You don’t rent both rooms and instead just rent one. So it is 100K cheaper. After you leave the Inn she comes up to you and she joins your party.

Although you miss 2 SCENES, the dialog is pretty funny when she talks to you. I would recommend doing this on a New Game + of course.

Either way. Exit the inn head west to

Nillia Woods



__Dimensional Shad x1

__Ice Flintlock x1- Weapon with Ice based attack. Gabrielle only

__Intelligence Crystal x2

__Lewd Box x3

__Might Herb x3

__Ruby Coin x1

__Forest Rabbit x1

__Forest Rabbit x1


__Masquerade No. 02


__Mischief- Kill 30 MOBS of these


__Golden Beetleblade




__Mischief Slayer/Vanquisher

__Nillia Woods Clear


Wild Rabbit x2

Golden Beetleblade

Head west straight into the next screen. Go straight into the woods west and there is a chest with a Ruby Coin x1. Frogs here are just Contoads so don’t even bother. South is a rabbit we can’t catch yet. Head west into next screen.

Straight north is a rabbit we can catch

Forest Rabbit x1. West is a chest with 500k in it. Go back to the road and follow it west to a log. Head up it to a chest with Ice Flintlock x1. Go west to the next screen.

The North West corner has a chest with Might Herb x3. Take the north path and keep heading up. In the tent is Masquerade Card No. 02. To the west of the tent is a Dimensional Shard x1. Head way back south two screens then head west.

To the mid north is a chest with Intelligence Crystal x2. There is another rabbit to the west we can’t catch yet. Noted for future. Take the path south. In the south west corner is a rabbit we can catch.

Wild Rabbit x1. On the south east side of the area there are logs that lead to a chest with a Ceremonial Collar x1. After grabbing this you should get the Nillia Woods Cleared title.

So head north and find/take the west exit. Head north into



__Illustration 16- Ruby Chest. 2x coins

__Silver Ore x4

__Steel x3

__Steel x3


__Waste Gourger- We will come back later for it

Head straight west and enter the cave. Mine Silver Ore x4 and Steel x3. Exit the cave ignoring the only enemy there. Go north into a cave. Get the Steel x3 there and a chest with Illustration 16.

Leave here and go south to

Grassland Road



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 123

__Illustration 196

__Lewd Box x6

__Revival Potion x2

__Ruby Coin x1

__Silver x3

__Steel x3

__Steel x4

__Wood Squirrel x1


__Firewolf- Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Wild Stinger- Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Golden Beetleblade


__Blessing Unmarked quest


__Animal Tracker

__Grassland Road Clear

__Firewolf Slayer/Vanquisher

__Wild Stinger slayer/Vanquisher

Head south. In the next area, the North West part has a chest with Revival Potion x2. Straight south of there is Wood Squirrel x1. This should also net you the Animal Tracker title. We finally have 5 for the quest!

Keep heading south east to a chest with 700k in it. Go up the ramp and go North West to a Dimensional Shard x1. Go into the cave to the east. Mine Steel x3 and leave. Head to the west exit.

Follow the path over the little bridge then take the shore route east to a chest with a Ruby Coin x1. Head into the cave. Hit the altar up for Illustration 123 and another step into the Blessing unmarked quest. Go in the other cave for Silver x3 and Steel x4. You should get Grassland Road Cleared title. In the NE corner of the cave is a bag with Illustration 196. Leave the cave head east then keep going south to the exit.

Side Stuff

Setup camp



__Animal Whistle- Lvl. 2 capture

__Golden Detector- Only if you have 4 golden tokens or more. Otherwise get later. Tells you when golden Beetleblade appear on the map.

Go into you Encyclopedia and unlock Animal Whistle. If you managed to capture 5 golden tokens from Beetleblades earlier unlock Golden Detector as well. Leave and head West to



__Illustration 31

Right when you walk in go to the pier in the lake. Grab Illustration 31. Leave. Head west to the town



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Gold x2

__Illustration 19

__Illustration 86

__Illustration 122

__Jewel of Magnification- You can zoom in on pictures you have collected in Art Gallery

__Lewd Box x3

__Seed of Strength x1


__Beatrix No. 05

__Laquadia No. 04

__Laquadia No. 05

__Laquadia No. 06

__Masquerade No. 09




__Donation Thief

__Pervert Seeker

__Whitehaven Clear

Straight north to get a Dimensional Shard x1. You will see the Traveling Seamtress there at the bottom of the stairs. If you have been in the distressed state where you clothes and stuff are all messed up you can buy sewing kits from her. Pricey though. Head up the stairs into the first building you see and strike the barrel. You get Illustration 19 and the Pervert Seeker title. If you speak to Farah in the pub she will mention how the moon has a tail now. Remember to search desks now. In the Inn there is a Seed of Strength x1 and our Traveling Scholar. Pay him the 350k.

Question 1: River Checkpoint

Question 2: Green

Question 3: Kin’Aurea

Question 4: Vargonia

Question 5: A beach

You get the Jewel of Magnification for your trouble. You can also talk to your party members in town now and invite them out for fun if you have seduced them before. Only at night. In the house straight west of you is a Beatrix Card No.

05 in a desk. Also a safe!

SAFE 1: 8350

Reward: Illustration 122

Go to the building straight south for Gold x2 and a man who will play prediction with you only during the day. You will get Laquadia Card No. 4, 5, 6. You need at least Laquadia No. 01 to play him. Straight south west next to a sailor on the ground is Illustration 86. Search inside the boat there and you should get the Whitehaven Cleared title. Talk to the sailor in the boat and you can buy Masquerade Card No. 09 for 2200K. Of course pick it up. If you are having a hard time with cash you can always sell a lewd box or two.

Head to the Inn, or camp and sleep until night.

Raid the donation plate in the church and leave town while at night. You should get the Donation Thief title. Go onto the boat and talk to the north sailor for the Obedience quest. Leave town and head south to the



__Ceremonial Circlet

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 18

__Illustration 77

__Illustration 104

__Illustration 153

__Illustration 167

__Lewd Box x1

__Seed of Life x1

__Wolf Pelt x2


__Gabrielle No. 04


__Obedience unmarked quest


__Gentleman’s Club Clear

__Frame Stealer

Go into the stable and strike the barrel for Illustration 77 and the chest for a Ceremonial Circlet. Head into the club and take the painting for Illustration 18. Check the desks for Seed of Life x1 and Wolf Pelt x2. Talk to the patrons if you please. A Man will sell you Gabrielle Card No. 04 for 1600K. A man will ask for some Farah service for the Obedience unmarked quest for 240K.

Go upstairs and cut the paintings out for Illustration 153 and Illustration 167. You should get the Frame Stealer title. Talk to a man who is Senior Date El’Rape. Doesn’t seem to matter what choice you pick. Talk to him again and agree. You will get a SCENE. You will earn 1500K for your trouble. If you didn’t have enough for the card you should now.

Leave the building and head to the one in the back. Grab the Dimensional Shard and get the Gentleman’s Club Cleared title. Pick up Illustration 104 from the ground. The green haired lady will let you practice for a fee. 500k to see Farahs boobs again. Leave the place.

Camp out.



__Torsion Wrench- Lvl. 2 unlock

Unlock Torsion Wrench in the Encyclopedia. Sleep until morning. Head east to the big town. Welcome to

Chapter 3: Neifu and New Blood?



__Lewd Box x1


__A Road Closer

Right when you walk in you get a choice. It doesn’t really matter what you pick. You get A Road Closer title free of charge! Go up and immediately active the blue crystal and teleport.



__Lewd Box x1


__Doing Business

Don’t do this until you have at least made 2 RENEGADE choices if you want a chance at another SCENE. So if you got the Laquadia scenes earlier you are fine. Report to Illumi. We could have done this earlier but I decided to wait until it was convenient. If you don’t remember where Illumi is just go north in the teleport room.

Choice 1: 2000K

Choice 2: Gold Plate

Choice 3: Ask for something personal. SCENE

Choice 3a: Illumi +1

Choice 3b: Illumi -1

Choice 3ba: Finishes scene

Choice 3bb: Change in SCENE. Recommended. You must have made 2 RENEGADE choices to get this option.

You get another choice during choice 3bb.

Choice 1: She seems scared when she talks to you from now on

Choice 2: She calls you master when she speaks to you Earned title Doing Business. If you want scenes unlocked you have to pick the second choices. Otherwise be nice and get a scene in another playthrough. I recommend picking the second choices of course. Teleport to




__Costume Fabric – Farah

__Lewd Box x1

__Sapphire Ring


__Port Ronod Clear

Turn in the Squirrel quest to the guy in the far north east building. Doesn’t really seem worth capturing the other 2 just for 1000k… You will get 1000k and Costume Fabric Farah. Head west two screens and enter the house next to the Inn. Second floor is a wardrobe we can unlock now for a Sapphire Ring. You should get the Port Ronod Cleared title. Go back to Brightstone



__Coin Purse- Gift item

__Costume Fabric – Farah

__Costume Fabric – Gabrielle

__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 15

__Illustration 29

__Illustration 43

__Illustration 68


__Lewd Box x1

__Luxury Bedroll

__Ring of Resonance- Makes mobs with golden Beetleblade to glow gold

__Rock Wand x1- Earth Based weapon for Mages

__Southern Region Map

__Seed of Intelligence x1

__Treasure Map 03

__Wolf Pelt x3


__Beatrix No. 01

__Gabrielle No. 03

__Masquerade No. 01

__Masquerade No. 04

__Masquerade No. 05



__Classic Thief


__Next to the Jadeite order temple



__Heroic Savoir

__Obedience unmarked quest

__Tavern Wench Unmarked quest- Doesn’t Count


__Safe Cracker

Go right into the Inn and get Gabrielle Card No. 03, Seed of Intelligence x1 from desks. Talk to the Inn keeper to

complete Catch-A-Lie for Treasure Map 03. Speak to the Traveling Scholar. Pay him the 400K.

Question 1: Rabbit Pelt

Question 2: Hollow Gorge

Question 3: Six

Question 4: Kahr

Question 5: The High Lord Gathering You will get the Ring of Resonance. A very nice item that makes hunting Beetleblade much easier! Go into the first house west and there is a safe

CODE: 0825

REWARD: Illustration 68

Safe Cracker title should be given. Go west to the next screen. Talk to the women outside of the house there. Go in. Coin Purse can be found in here. Talk to the boy and go to the other window for a SCENE. Leave the house and go into the one south west of it. There is a gap in the fence. Grab Illustration 43 from it. Talk to the man at the end of the street for another step in the Obedience quest. You get 360K from it.

Start heading to the east side of town and right past the inn is a path down you can take to get a Dimensional Shard x1. North on the next screen is a merchant that sell a Lantern, Luxury Bedroll and Southern Region Map. I would buy at least the lantern if not all three.

In the item shop is a man that will sell you Masquerade Card No. 05 for 2000K. There is also an outfit shop here. For making outfits for people if you have at least 3 pieces per. We don’t have enough right now. Right above the item shop there is a sewer grate.

REWARD: Rock Wand

Head straight west. Talk to the Pale as hell woman there. Thought it was a ghost at first. LOL

QUEST: Chasing Pussy

Description: Find the woman’s lost pussy. It is behind the Inn

Reward: Costume Fabric Farah!

Before we run off and do the quest. Go into the church and talk to the nun in there. You can play Prediction for Masquerade Card No. 01, 04. After winning, head into the southern house for Wolf Pelt x3. Strike the barrel for Illustration 15. Go behind the Inn and talk to the cat. Then head back to the ghostly women at the shrine. Costume Fabric Farah is the reward. Now that we have 3 pieces of costume supplies lets go make an outfit for Farah. Pay the 1500K. Bellydancer costume unlocked.

Head northeast to the next screen. Talk to man in silver armor to get

QUEST: Heroic Savior

Description: Clear out the Werewuffie den in Rivulet hills.

Reward: Treasure Map 04 We will get to this in a few. First head into the house right above him. Check desks for Beldorian Ale x2 and Citrine Earring x1. There is also Costume Fabric Gabrielle


Leave here and before entering the pub at the end there. Talk to the purple haired guy to buy Beatrix Card No. 01 for 1800K. Enter the pub. Pick the first choice SCENE. You get 200K. At 10k per cup. DAMN! You get another choice

Choice 1: Gabrielle +1

Choice 2: Gabrielle -1

You get another set of choices. They don’t affect anything. Then another set of choices.

Choice 1: Talk to the Mayor

Choice 2: Go to the Crimson Forest

I of course picked choice 2. This also starts the Tavern Wench unmarked quest. You can play Devil’s Dice with a man at the bar if you are hurting for cash. Since we can make an outfit for Gabrielle, we are going to. Go to the outfit maker and pay the 1500K. Classic Thief costume added.

*As noted way earlier the first tavern wench challenge doesn’t count towards the titles*

Before we continue on with the story we are going to knock out some stuff first. Mainly Gabrielle and Farah side quests. Along with Heroic Savior.

Sleep at the Inn or camp until nightfall. Go raid the shrine for 750K and go into the house right next to the shrine. Replace the Poster. Take the painting for Illustration 29. Check the desks and wardrobes if you didn’t do it earlier. Leave town and head over to



__Building west of the pub


__Tavern Wench

After trekking here go to the building west of the pub. Replace the Poster there. Go to the pub and play the Tavern Wench unmarked quest. Head back to Brightstone and teleport to



__Lewd Box x2

__Silver Candlestick x1


__Gabrielle No. 05

__Gabrielle No. 06


__Outside the Inn

__Inside the Inn

__Inside the Pub

__Southern building of the Blacksmith

__West of the Item shop by an old man

__In the sewer where you first entered with Farah


__Tavern Wench unmarked quest x2

__Obedience unmarked quest x3


__Cum Swallower

__Shy Flasher

Head straight for the pub and replace the Poster there. Talk to the barkeep to play the Tavern Wench unmarked quest. Head to the Cathedral to the right side near the lamp post. Farah’s Obedience unmarked quest. There are 5 other posters here. Head south until you can’t anymore then west. Replace the Poster there. Two down!

Go west and on the Inn is another Poster. Replace it. Poster inside the Inn as well. 2 to go. Head east one screen and north then west from the item shop. Replace the Poster here. Go south between the fence and west. Talk to the man there for the Obedience unmarked quest. Head down into the sewer. There is a Poster that can be replaced.

Leave back up the ladder and enter the house in the far North West in this area. There is a desk there we can unlock for a Silver Candlestick.

Head east and off to the right of the item shop is a house you can enter. Play the maid. You can win Gabrielle Card No. 05, 06 from her. You won’t be able to get in her safe for some time. Head to the bar area down in the sewers. There is another guy for the Obedience unmarked quest down there in a room with just barrels.

Head to the tavern and do the Tavern Wench unmarked quest. You should get the Cum Swallower and you should have received Shy Flasher title. Now we teleport



__On building in the fish market

__On building east of the teleport crystal


__Tavern Wench Challenge

__Obedience quest

Head strait east. Replace the Poster. Head to the fish market area. That is 3 screens west and down past the bridge. Replace the Poster as on the building to the west. Head over to the docks and enter the last boat. Inside there will be a sailor that will help with Obedience unmarked quest. Head over to the pub and do the Tavern Wench unmarked quest.

Teleport to



__Farah No. 02

__Farah No. 03


__Obedience unmarked quest

Go west to the last screen and see a farmer standing there day/night. Obedience unmarked quest. Head into the town hall and up the stairs. Play the old man there in a game of Prediction for Farah Card No. 02 and No. 03.

Now let’s head out setup camp and sleep until daytime. Leave camp and head into



__Bronze x3

__Costume Fabric – Ra’Tiki

__Golden Token x3 or not

__Illustration 12- Mountain Grinder

__Illustration 44

__Illustration 105- Wuffie Cave. Ruby Chest. 2x coins

__Iron x2

__Iron x3

__Lewd Box x1

__Treasure Map 04

__Wood Squirrel x1


__Mountain Grinder


__Gabrielle No. 01


__Heroic Savior


__Rivulet Hills Clear

Yes you read correctly. We are going to farm 3 Golden Beetleblades. It is an annoying task but you should be fast enough now to hit them. If they are running away before you are able to hit them, wait until a tad later. We are going to be gaining some levels soon anyway. I will post the picture again where the mob is that they appear in. You should see them glowing gold now anyway.

In the same area NW of bettleblade spawn. There is a Wood Squirrel we couldn’t catch earlier we can now.

After getting that head north and take the east path. We are going to fight another legendary. Make sure Gabrielle has the Ice Flintlock equipped.


REWARD: Illustration 12

This guy is weak to ice. So I hope you have the Ice Flintlock on Gabrielle. If you are a decent level you should have Frostbite Shot. So you will get a pretty big damage boost. If you are keeping gear updated he hits around 400. Have Kythe cast Might on Gabrielle to boost her damage even more. Then MC then Farah. Kythe is basically pure support this fight. Farah is on healing duty as well if needed. Otherwise attack. MC does his strongest attack. Your reward for winning is Illustration 12.

Talk to the man on the bridge. Raid Illustration 44 and Costume Fabric Ra’Tiki from the tents. Go into the cave. Get Iron x3 and kill everything. After the bridge head East to get Bronze x3. Go North now. Grab the Iron x2. Grab the ruby chest for Illustration 105. Search the desk for Gabrielle Card No. 01. You should get Rivulet Hills Cleared.

Now the fun part. Walking her ass out of there. Just kidding! You don’t need to wait for her just leave the cave. You get Treasure Map 04 for your trouble. Exit Rivulet Hills to the south. Go to Windy Canyon.



__Ring of Earth x2

__Golden Token x1

Head to this screen and stand where the picture is. This is Treasure Map #3. Search here for

Ring of Earth x2.

If you were lucky enough to get the Golden Beetleblade to appear.

I will say get 1 Golden Token for later use but from here on out since it tells you there is one and you can find them I will just post where they are with a purty picture. I will however tell you to get certain skills so it is up to you to farm. Exit windy canyon to the east.

Head into Nillia Woods



__Ruby Coin x4

__Forest Rabbit x1

__Forest Rabbit x1

Go west to the second screen head south west to a spot around here

Forest Rabbit x1. After getting that. Head west another three screens. Golden Beetleblade is here.

Head west a little more to this area

Capture another Forest Rabbit x1. From there head south east around to the bottom of the pond there.

Follow the path to the dig spot. Ruby Coin x4 found. Woot for coins! Exit this place to the east. Head to Highland Inn. Teleport to Colussia

Stock up on lots of healing potions and antidotes! I can’t stress this enough!

Leave, camp, sleep till night and head to



__Ceremonial Mail x1

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Gold x3

__Gold x4

__Ice Mail x1

__Illustration 03- Inside tent in the abandoned camp

__Illustration 89- Cave. Bag on ground between Gold x3 and x4

__Illustration 129- Altar Quest

__Lewd Box x3

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Mana x1

__Steel x3

__Radiant Butterfly

__Radiant Butterfly

__Radiant Butterfly

__Radiant Butterfly


__Broncallo: Don’t bother killing 30 MOBS yet

__Venom Hornet: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Golden Beetleblade


__Blessing unmarked


__Altar Worshiper

__Venom Hornet Slayer/ Vanquisher



__Venom Hornet

Right when you walk in

Radiant Butterfly. Broncallo’s have stupidly high HP, 28k worth, for livestock and are weak to fire. If you can take ONE these down you will be ready for the bosses. I mean with that many HP it will take time. Besides the 250 XP they drop 2800K. Come back later if enemies are too hard. First head west and south little ways down is a bridge that heads into the water to a chest with Steel x3 and a Radiant Butterfly.

Go south. Grab the Ice Mail x1 and Seed of Mana x1 from the tents. Leave and go north then take the east way from the entrance.

As soon as you enter the screen take the path south for a Dimensional Shard x1. Just follow the path east for another Radiant Butterfly.

Head South to the next screen. Raid the tents for Illustration 03.

Go to north east to the next cave for Gold x3, bag on the ground for Illustration 89, Gold x4 and Ceremonial Mail x1. Leave the cave head straight south and grab another Radiant Butterfly.

Head east into the cave for the Blessing quest to receive Illustration 129, along with the Altar Worshiper title. Leave the cave and head south for a Ruby Coin x1.

Leave and camp. Talk to Farah and socialize. Pick the first option for Farah +1. Sleep until sunrise.

Head to Brightstone. Get whatever you can made, or buy, out of gold in terms of armor. Get as much as you can. Steel equipment is weaker then gold. Leave town and head to the woods north of it.


__Beam Blades: Weapon for MC. Light infused

__ Emerald Gem x1

__Ceremonial Plate x1

__Costume Fabric – Ra’Tiki

__Illustration 64

__Illustration 66-Wolheim Howler

__Illustration 75

__Lewd Box x4

__Reflex Herb x2: Increases EVA stat in battle only

__Ruby Coin x1

__Silver x3

__Steel x3

__Steel x3

__Steel x4

__Treasure Map 01

__Tribal Crayons: Gift Item

__Wolf Pelt x3

__Shadow Hare x1

__Shadow Hare x1


__Nectarfluster: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Sylvan Fungus: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Golden Beetleblade

__Giantus Golem: Story Boss. 29k HP and is rather tough

__Wolheim Howler: Requires 30 Firewolf kills


__Nectarfluster Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Sylvan Fungus Slayer/ Vanquisher



__Sylvan Fungus



Shadow Hare: Requires more than trap and animal whistle

Shadow Hare: Requires more than trap and animal whistle

Weak Wall: Noted for when we can access it

Well new enemies so you know the routine. Head east a screen. Nectarflusters are really tiny especially if you are

playing this in windowed mode. Right at the fork in the road go south a tad and get Shadow Hare x1.

In the north east corner is a chest with Wolf Pelt x3. Head north to the next screen. West of the road is a chest with Tribal Crayons x1. There are caves to the east and west. Enter the west cave for Steel x3 and a chest with Reflex Herb x2.

East is another hare but we can’t capture it yet. Head into the eastern cave for Steel x4, Silver x3 and a chest with Beam Blades. I will say fight the legendary monster here since we can kill a cow.


REWARD: Illustration 66

Just go full tilt and you shouldn’t have issues. It does around 300 damage to one person. At 50% HP or less it casts Rage which can be a bad thing for you. MC should use Whirlwind slash always. Farah attacks unless simple healing is needed. Kythe buff your MC with Might/ POWER and Gabrielle use frostbite shot. Illustration 66 is rewarded after killing it. Yes

you can stack power and might which makes physical attacks 175% stronger.

Ignore going north and head back south to the fork then east. If you follow the road north there is another Shadow Hare we can’t capture. Towards the south east is a chest that contains Ruby Coin x1. Exit to the east when ready.

Heal up and save. Boss battle coming! Equip those earth rings on your MC and Kythe. Equip the Power ring on Gabrielle. Agility on Farah.


REWARD: Emerald Gem x1

Now you know why I wanted you to kill a cow. This guy can be pretty hard. It has a tad more HP then the cow. He hits for around 400 on one. Tremor takes around 600-800 off 1. Smasher takes around 600 off 1. With the level boosts from Lake Fairlight we should be okay. Use a barrier herb if you have too. Not too many because you may need them for a later fight. MC use Whirlwind Strike, Farah use Sealing Shot/ item heal, have Kythe cast Power/ Might on MC to make him hit hard then power on Gabrielle use frostbite shot.

Ra’Tiki added to Journal.

So after that, head east. You can’t go north yet but east is a cave. Inside are Steel x3 and a chest with Treasure Map 01. Don’t go into the stone building yet. South is a bridge to a chest with Ceremonial Plate x1. In the tents is Illustration 64 and Costume Fabric Ra’Tiki.

Head into the stone building and strike the barrel on the first floor for Illustration 75. Head upstairs for some story. Head down stairs and get a choice.

Choice 1/2: Possible SCENE later

Choice 3: No Possible SCENE????

There is a Dimensional Shard x1 to the far north as well as a Weak Wall that we can’t access yet. There is also a Shadow Hare x1 here. This one we can capture

So hike all the way out and setup camp.



__Monster Lure: Makes Golden Beetleblades appear more often

Speak to Ra’Tiki

Choice 1: Nothing

Choice 1a/b: Ra’Tiki +1

Choice 2: Ra’Tiki -1

Unlock the reward Monster Lure in your Encyclopedia. She joins at the meager level of 10! OUCH! She is, so far, the best offensive caster you have. So getting her up to scratch isn’t such a bad idea! Though, I will recommend doing that later. Also since we have Ra’Tiki we can get cards for her, though we will do all that after some story. So head back to



__Illustration 101

__Lewd Box x2

__Ruby Coin x1

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Dexterity x1





__Brightstone Clear

Just take the North East exit and keep heading north. Enter the house with the two Beldorian guards in front of it. Raid

his desks of course before talking to him for Ruby Coin x1. Talk to the mayor.

Willheed added to journal.

After this, head to the place with the gold guards standing outside. You get a choice.

Choice 1: Mother Farah +1.

Choice 2: Nothing

An automatic SCENE occurs.

Mama Farah added to journal.

Check the desks for Seed of Dexterity x1. Grab the painting for Illustration 101. In Farah’s room search her desk for Ruby Coin x1. This should net you the Brightstone Cleared title. Talk to Farah.

Both choices lead to the same

Choice 1: Mother Farah +1

Choice 2: Mother Farah -1

You get another choice but it just changes dialog.

Make sure everyone is decked out in gold gear. It is better than steel. If you decide to bring Ra’Tiki make sure she is in full Wolf Gear. Also a Wolf collar for Kythe. Leave town then west back to



__Lewd Box x2

__Emerald Gem x1




__Gabrielle No. 02


__Observant Looter- Possible

__Royal Cottage Clear

__The Lost Cause

*SAVE BEFORE ENTERING THE BUILDING.* You can be stuck here forever without a way to beat her besides cheating your way out of it. So if she wipes the floor with you do some level grinding at Fairlight. Whoever you decided to leave out to level Ra’Tiki will be about the same level. If you didn’t take Farah she has LESS HP and SP then Ra’Tiki at the same level. Though she can Seduce her.

Go upstairs and raid the desks for Gabrielle Card No. 02 and get the Royal Cottage Cleared titles. You can get the

Observant Looter title here if you have been following along. Move to the sleeping man. The choices do not matter


REWARD: Emerald Gem x1

She is pretty tough. Able to hit all your characters at once. Lightly armor characters like Ra’Tiki, Kythe and Farah will take around 600-700 damage. She can also poison you. Her base attack is rather weak at around 200-400. Good news is if you have Farah you can seduce her. MC Whirlwind Strike, Ra’Tiki use a might Herb, Kythe POWER MC, Gabrielle Frostbite Shot and Farah use Alluring dance.

After defeating her you get an Emerald Gem x1. Along with The Lost Cause title.

Chapter 4: Clean upLegend of Queen Opala Origins Walkthrough & Guide

Chapter 4 will consist of A LOT of side stuff before we move on to the next section of the game. So hope you are ready to jump around everywhere!

So leave the Royal Cottage and take the path that leads into the trees. If you went to the correct spot you will wind up at the

Summer Cove


__Illustration 33- Barrel. Must have Ra’Tiki with you

__Illustration 56- Ruby chest. 4x coins

__Lewd Box x1

__Dimensional Shard x1


__Beatrix No. 06

__Beatrix No. 07


__Summer Cove Clear

__Local Tourist

You should get the Local Tourist title when walking in. We could have entered hear earlier but we would have Ra’Tiki with us which changes some things. Actually there are many variations here. None of them with Moo Moo though strangely enough. Straight west is a Dimensional Shard x1 on the ground. You should get the Summer Cove Cleared title. Right behind Ra’Tiki is a barrel. Slash it for Illustration 33. There is a red chest in the second hut for Illustration 56. You can play the man on the SW side for Beatrix Card No. 06, 07. Requires Beatrix No. 03 at least. You will see Masquerade standing there. Talk to her.

Masquerade +1

Least she is easy to get her to like you. You get a unmarked quest from her to find the lost Baron’s Ring. She says to go to the Gentlemen’s Club. So leave, set up camp and sleep till night. Enter the club.

Go upstairs in the main building and talk to the grey haired man at the table.

Choice 1: Does nothing

Choice 2: Pay for his waitress

Choice 3: Threaten him I would just threaten him or pay his waitress. Your choice. He tells you to go to Fellhorn Ruins. Head to Brightstone and teleport to Caimridge. Camp out and sleep until daytime. Exit then enter the ruins to the east.



__Cursed Ring

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Grey Mouse x1

__Illustration 07

__Illustration 81

__Lewd Box x6

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Dexterity x1

__Treasure Map 05

__Wind Claws


__Bone Wanderer: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Dark Bat: Kills 30 MOBS of these

__Golden Beetleblade

__Rainway Demon


__Bone Wanderer

__Dark Bat


__Bone Wanderer Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Dark Bat Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Observant Looter- Possible

Enemies will still be tough and more so with Ra’Tiki at a low lvl. So take your time. First building you come across has a downstairs. Grab the chest with the Wind Claws in them. Head north to the next screen.

In the east building is a Dimensional Shard x1. To the north west of the before the bridge there is a building hiding a chest with a Ruby Coin x1. Across the bridge in the western building, head down the stairs.

Capture the Grey Mouse x1 and grab a Seed of Dexterity x1 from the desk. Head back up the steps

On the east side there is a chest holding Broncallo Pelt x2. You could have received the Observant Looter title already but most likely about here. The building to the north has steps that lead to Illustration 07, a locked gate, and a chest with the Cursed Ring.

Head north and in front of the door is the Rainway Demon, but it will be hard with Ra’Tiki. You can still take it down though. We killed a cow after all!


REWARD: Illustration 81

It is weak to wind which is good for us because MC will use Whirlwind Strike, Kythe will Might/ Power MC then cast Hurricane on him. Gabrielle will frostbite shot of course and Ra’Tiki will Thunder him. If Farah along instead of Ra’Tiki or Gabrielle have her use Focus shot/ heals. Do not use water or earth on him. Ice is not water. It uses Water based attacks and mutes your peoples. If it hits Ra’Tiki it does about 900 to her. Flood will do about 1700! OUCH! Your reward is Illustration 81. Ra’Tiki should be leveled a tad by now. She gained 10 lvls with me. Still should be way below others.

After fighting him head up to the NW part to find a chest with Treasure Map 05. Go ahead and leave here. Go to Caimridge and teleport to Port Ronod.



__Ra’Tiki No. 01

Go to the end of the peer during daytime and talk to the guy at the end. Buy Ra’Tiki Card No. 01 for 2200K. With this in hand we can get more of her cards 🙂

Teleport to



__Illustration 37

__Lewd Box x1


__Ra’Tiki No. 04

__Ra’Tiki No. 05

__Ra’Tiki No. 06


__Resurrected Baron


__Legendary Knight

Have Gabrielle in your party. Go to the nobleman’s house we did the Laquadia quest for. From the crystal it is north, east, east then down in-between the gates. Left house. Talk to the guard right when you walk in. Ra’Tiki Card No. 04, 05, and 06 are the rewards. Head into the sewers via pub basement access. We are still not grabbing that chest yet. Work your way all the way north.

Equip Beam blades on your MC .


REWARD: Illustration 37

Okay this guy can be a joke if you did the preparation of having the Beam Blades on MC and having Gabrielle in the party. This dude is UNDEAD and weak to LIGHT. Since MC and Gabrielle have attacks that are strong against undead we are going to hurt this dude. He casts dark spells and fear on you. Nothing TOO bad. Just have your MC use Sacred Cross, have Kythe use MIGHT/ POWER on your MC and Gabrielle use Holy Round. Shouldn’t take more than a few turns. He died in less than 3 rounds for me so other then what I posted I can’t help you.

You should get the Legendary Knight title. You may be tempted to get the red chest in the basement of the pub but still wait. Now leave and go to



__Gold Dice – Masquerade

Go up to the second screen to here

Dig here to get Golden Dice Masquerade. Leave here to the south and head to



__Lewd Box x2


__Ra’Tiki No. 07

__Ra’Tiki No. 08


__Broncallo Slayer/ Vanquisher

Head to the South West camp and in a tent is a man that will gamble Ra’Tiki Card No. 07 and 08. Now for the arduous task of getting Broncallo Slayer/ Vanquisher. Equip your earth rings on you MC and Gabrielle/ Farah since they are going to be you main attackers. Might/ Power you MC and have him use their strongest attack. Good Luck! After all that my toons were lvl 28 and Ra’Tiki was 23. We can fight a legendary here but we will hold off until later. Exit this place.



__Illustration 67


__Sir Troublemaker

Honestly this guy is kind of a joke. I recommend having Farah instead of Gabrielle with you. Make sure she has the Thunder Bow equipped.


REWARD: Illustration 67

He has high PDEF and MDEF so you won’t be doing loads of damage. He will call for allies. I would just ignore them and just aim for him. Just rape him with Ra’Tiki electric type spell and have Kythe MIGHT/ POWER Farah and have her just attack. With all that on her she should be doing over 2k damage to it with normal attacks. He will put people to sleep so having Farah is a big plus. I don’t know if killing the Mischiefs forces him to call more of them. He didn’t live long enough for me to find out.

Head to Port Ronod and port to Highland Inn



__Illustration 65


__Demonicon Eye

Head west 3 screens then straight north. You should see a legendary enemy.


REWARD: Illustration 65

I guess it may have High Evasion stat but I don’t know. The worst thing it can do is confuse you. Since you have Beam blades equipped and Gabrielle on you team just use your light attacks and have Kythe MIGHT/ Power MC and POWER Gabrielle. I doubt it will live more than two or three turns.

After this, head out of here via west exit. I would take Ra’Tiki out of the party for Farah. Go to



__Illustration 69


__Waste Gourger

So enter the cave west from the entrance. Enter battle with


REWARD: Illustration 69

Since we can’t exploit its’ weakness we have to just duke it out. This thing seems to just attack. It can also cast Resist. This boosts its bad MDEF 25%. It has higher than normal PDEF but low MDEF. Ra’Tiki was doing over 2k a hit with thunder. MIGHT/ POWER MC and put a POWER on Gabrielle. It died in around 3 rounds with me so I can’t give a better strat for lower levels.

Leave here and go south to



__Illustration 26


__Queen Stinger

Head south a screen in then to the south east corner of the area. Up the ramp, then into the cave to the north east.


REWARD: Illustration 26

Equip the wind claws on Kythe. This thing is fast and nimble. It calls allies so wail into the first round. Ignore called allies of course. It heals itself for a decent amount at 50% or less and can greatly increase its attack power. First round cast grand barrier with Kythe to mitigate some damage. Then keep casting Hurricane. MC use Whirlwind Strike. Don’t cast earth based spells on a flying creature. DUH! Just do what you want with other toons.

Leave here to the south and head to



__Illustration 52


__Necrophant x2


REWARD: Illustration 52

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one but yes… It is two of them. They hit hard and have a good amount of HP. They can also cast RAGE for even more damage and defense, though it lowers their Mdef! It is Ra’Tiki time to shine! Smash them with Tremor and have Kythe cast Grand Barrier a few times so they don’t curb stomp you too easily. Might/ power and Kythe can actually DESTROY them to lower their PDEF. MC with a MIGHT/ POWER and a DESTROYED on he can do

around 4-5k in damage. You can use a Reflex Herb if you feel the need. It basically makes it so they can’t hit you. If you still can’t win. Bring Farah and Seduce them. I think this lowers their hit by 50%. You are rewarded with Illustration 52 for your trouble. Leave here and go back to


Go give the Cursed Ring to Masquerade and enjoy the SCENE. After which leave and head to the



__Illustration 46


__Toad Ninjutsu

He is right when you walk in… You can’t miss him


REWARD: Illustration 46

This guy can heal himself at 50% and give himself physical protection. Just do the usual. MIGHT/ POWER the MC and cast Thunder with Ra’Tiki. If you are feeling cheeky you can always seduce him and wreck him faster. He will go down rather quickly. He lasted only 3 turns for me.

Leave here and back to Brightstone

Chapter 5: Who will rule all the farmers?



__Metal Sensor


__Osira added

Go see Mayor Willheed and deliver the bad news.

Before heading to the bar go visit Mama Farah and get a choice

Choice 1: Mama Farah +1.

Choice 2: Mama Farah -1

Head to the pub now. Choice doesn’t matter. You see the guy that has been following us around and someone new or someone we know well if you played the other games. She knows Illumi or is Illumi. The plot soup thickens!

Osira added to the journal.

Go back to Mama Farah. SCENE. After the scene you get some choices.

First choice doesn’t matter.

Second question

Choice 1: Mama Farah +1

Choice 2: Nothing!

Answers for the third question do not matter. Although some are the replies are funny. After that lengthy set of scenes head on out. Go back to the Mayors house. Head to the Inn really quick and unlock the Metal Sensor in you Encyclopedia. Leave here and head to



__Diplomatic Contract

__Ribbon of Speech: Lets you talk to animals. Temporary 🙁

Head to the peer and on the boat is Mayor Willheed. He will give you the Diplomatic Contract. Talk to the captain and choose to leave. This seems like a perfect time to give gifts to people but gifting isn’t enabled yet . Don’t go downstairs yet. Talk to Ra’Tiki then Farah. You can make a choice. These may affect a scene later?

Choice 1: We’ll give us some time?

Choice 2: We’ll invite Kythe as well?

As of yet I don’t know if they change anything. I am listing them here though for the future. Since it has been so long. I doubt it actually will affect anything.

Then talk to Gabrielle. You learn something neat! You get the Ribbon of Speech. Talk to Kythe. Learn some cool things. I picked from the choices that we could share Gabrielle. Lol.

Whatever you try to do you can’t keep it. LOST RIBBON OF SPEECH 🙁 Damn you Gabrielle. Let me keep it! Head downstairs. Then head upstairs. Once we arrive in Port Ronod to the Grand Bridge. If you missed the dimensional shard here earlier this is the time to grab it. Move on out of it and enter



__Illustration 92

__Illustration 99

__Lewd Box x2 potential 3

__Elixir x3






__Breeding Lesson

__Imperial Manor cleared

__Observant Looter- If not received earlier

Everything is missable until you start a new game. So grab it now. As soon as you enter go to the stable on the right side of the screen. We couldn’t enter there earlier do to the scene that took place. Grab Illustration 99 off the ground there. If you missed the dimensional shard grab it now before entering the building. It is on the north east side of the area.

Layla added to the journal.

Search the desks before leaving this area for Elixir x3. Go up and you get a SCENE.

You get a choice

Choice 1: Heroic Path

Choice 2: Renegade Path

Opala added to journal

Try to go up the stairs. Choice doesn’t matter. Talk to Layla before going out the door. Leave here. Leave the camp and talk to Gabrielle. You will have a conversation about the ribbon. First and for Gabrielle +1 or second for -1. Head back to the Imperial Manor.

Head to the west side of the building. Go upstairs grab the painting for Illustration 92 and check the desks for Imperial Manor Cleared title. Head into the bedchamber.

Choice 1: SCENE

Choice 2: Funny dialog but no scene :/

Choice during the scene.

Choice 1: Finishes


I would pick the second option for another Scene.

Mhu’Tiki added to journal and Breeding Lesson title if you took the second scene.

Head down stairs and get a choice

Choice 1: Nothing

Choice 2: Mhu’Tiki +1

Go to the North West room and exit the window. We can’t come back here so if you haven’t gotten everything you are SOL.

Instead of going left run straight at the guards. You get an ENDING SCENE for doing this. I highly suggest doing this considering it is a SCENE. You get a second chance. Select it and now go west.

Go to the grand bridge. “Vad skall detta föreställa” Basically what is this or what is happening.

After all that you get a choice. Doesn’t matter which. Choice one seems to be the better answer though. Respectfully anyway. “Kom till min sida, Tharg” Come to my side, Tharg. You get another choice

Choice 1: Beatrix +1

Choice 2: Beatrix -1

Since she is your home girl tell her the truth. You should have received the Observant Looter title by now. If not you missed a decent amount of loot spots. Head to



__Illustration 135

__Lewd Box x1


__Spoils of War- Very Missable if you are nice

Head 2 screens north then east between the fences. Enter the building. We can finally get to the safe! We still can’t open the wardrobe though…

CODE: 1944

REWARD: Illustration 135. Go to the pub there and you will see Beatrix standing at the bar. Talk to her. “Jag är en vinter kvinna! Enkrigare, en moder!” I am a woman of winter! A warrior, a mother… I love you Beatrix! Choice doesn’t matter. The second choice does matter though

Choice 1: Heroic Path “Ja, det kanske är dags att dra sig tillbaka.” Yes, maybe it’s time to retreat. “Du är en sann gentleman” You are a true gentleman.

Choice 2: Renegade path If you are doing Heroic path pick choice one so you can get the scene and Heroic points. You will get another set of choices. The right thing would be to take her home…. NAHHH

Choice 1: Take her home. Little short event after doing the right thing..

Choice 2: SCENE. “Se så, var en duktig pojke” See, be a good boy.

Choice 2a: If you do her. Spoils of War title

Choice 2b: If you pick Kythe to do her you get a neat visual after.

“I forgot you were so great!”

I would advise you do her for the Spoils of War title. Let Kythe do her on another playthrough.

Off To The Boonies


__Doubtful Match

Teleport to Brightstone, leave town then head to Gentlemen’s Club and talk to Senior Date El’Rape. The choice affects

the dialog. Agree either way. You get a SCENE. You get 3000K for your troubles. Leave and setup camp

Talk to Mhu’Tiki

Choice 1: Mhu’Tiki +1

Choice 2: Mhu’Tiki -1

Talk to here again and you get another choice

Choice 1: Mhu’Tiki +1

Choice 2: Mhu’Tiki -1

Doing this gives you a side quest to get a Lewd Latcher for Ra’Tiki. Rest until daytime. Leave camp and go to Whitehaven.

Go to the pier to the far west and talk to the guy fishing. Head into the building with the sailor standing next to the door.

Talk to the man with the blue bandana on and purchase one for 8500K. You can haggle to make it cost 4000K.

Leave town and setup camp. Speak to Mhu’Tiki for a choice. The choice just affects Dialog. You get a SCENE.

During the scene you get a choice

Choice 1: Finishes scene with Ra’Tiki

Choice 2: Finishes scene with Mhu’Tiki.

The two choices have different sets of scenes. You can only get one each playthrough. So if you want a complete scene

index you have to play through twice on each edition.

Camp again and speak to Ra’Tiki twice to get a Ra’Tiki +1 and a SCENE

First choices doesn’t matter

Choice 2a: Finishes scene

Choice 2b: SCENE change. Recommend on first playthrough

You receive the Doubtful Match title and a lewd box.

Head east to


Head to Mama Farahs place. Just a quick chat is all. Head to Mayor Willheed’s place and speak with him. After the fun

head out of here to run into Black Dame. Go back to see Mama Farah for a SCENE. Leave town and straight south to



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Lewd Box x1


__Black Dame Card No. 01


__River Checkpoint Clear

Right when you see the two guards walking south talk to the civilian off to the left. He sells Black Dame Card No.1 for 2500K. After that head south and right before you leave to the left is a Dimensional Shard x1.

River Checkpoint Cleared title obtained.

Arlon Farmlands

The first big city you see is Arlon. It is where we are supposed to go. Yet we want to explore!

Right there is a path to a bridge. Welcome to




__Ceremonial Glove

__Gold x2

__Gold x2

__Gold x3

__Gold x3

__Illustration 28

__Illustration 30- Ruby Chest. 2 coins

__Lewd Box x6

__Mithril x2

__Mithril x3

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x4

__Rock Cloak x1- Resists Earth Based attacks

__Ruby Coin x1


__Fishmouth: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Albino Finmouth: Kill 30 MOBS of these

__Golden Beetleblade



__Albino Fishmouth


__Fishmouth Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Albino Finmouth Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Advanced Miner

__Treasure Seeker

Head north into the tent for Illustration 28.

Head into the cave then head east. The chest has Ruby Coin x1. Mine the node for Mithril x3. Head down the stairs. Mine the Gold x3. Open the ruby chest for Illustration 30. Head back up the stairs.

Go on the west side and keep heading west. Mine for Gold x2. Go down at the cross section then down the stairs.

Take right path for a chest with a Ceremonial Glove x1. North and east is Mithril x4. West is Mithril x2. You should get the Advanced Miner title as well. If you are having a hard time finding the Albino Finmouth it does blend in with the background. There is one in this area though.

Head north to the next screen. Take the west path to a chest with 780K. North of there is a node for Gold x2. Take the east path to get Gold x3. Head up the stairs. Go south then east to a node for Mithril x4. Go north around to a chest with a Rock Cloak x1. If you head upstairs we will find a weak wall for later. So keep it in mind.

That is all there is here for us. You should get the Treasure Seeker title here. Leave via east exit over the bridge. To the north is a tower. Enter if for



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Full Health Potion x3

__Gold x2

__Gold x3

__Lewd Box

__Reflex Herb x2


__Green Goblin

__Golden Beetleblade


__Green Goblin Slayer


__Green Goblin

There is no need to get the Vanquisher title from the green goblins here. We will soon be fighting them in spades. Just kill the ones as you go.

Head in a little bit and go up the west ramp. South west of there is a chest with Full Health Potion x3. Following the path to near the building go west until you find a cave. Mine the Gold x2, Gold x3 and the chest for Reflex Herb’s x2. Leave the cave and to the south east corner is a Dimensional Shard x1. We are done here.

Straight south is



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Costume Fabric- Farah x1

__Illustration 06

__Illustration 09

__Illustration 50


__Chronology Defender

On the far south east part of the area is a purty envelope for Illustration 50. On the right side of the building north of there is a Dimensional Shard x1. You should get the Chronology Defender title. Inside the building is Costume Fabric- Farah x1

Upstairs and cut out Illustration 09. The desk requires the lvl 3 lock pick set to open. Downstairs is a safe SAFE: 2073

REWARD: Illustration 06

Leave this place before Gabrielle starts having flashbacks! Head south and follow the road around to the east and north


It will boot you out. East is



__Mama Farah No. 03

Talk to the guy near the paladin to buy Mama Farah Card No. 03 for 3200K. Leave and go south a cunt hair to



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 47

__Illustration 60

__Lewd Box x2

__Silver Candlestick x1

__Ruby Coin x1

__Costume Fabric – Farah


__Mhu’Tiki No. 02

__Gabrielle No. 07

__Gabrielle No. 08

__Masquerade No. 07


__Four Seasons Inn Clear

Go to the left to find a Dimensional Shard x1. Head south and to the head right. Talk to the guy there to buy a Mhu’Tiki Card 02 for 3500K.

The Stable next to him houses an envelope for Illustration 47. In the south east building, Inn, you can play a guard at prediction for Betting Gabrielle No. 04 or No. 05. And winning Gabrielle No. 7, 8.

Northwest building in a desk contains Masquerade No. 7. Straight south is a desk that requires lock pick. Contains a Silver Candlestick. Next building contains Ruby Coin x1 in a desk and Costume Fabric Farah!

After searching everything. Four Season Inn Cleared title is earned.

Go out and setup camp then sleep until nightfall. Head back into the inn unlock the door.

SAFE: 1192

REWARD: Illustration 60

Leave setup camp, sleep until sunrise. To the south is



__Costume Fabric – Gabrielle

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 103

__Lewd Box x2

__Wolf Pelt x3


__Sunny-Sue Ellen


__Fatman Locater

__Uncle Dad’s Farm Clear

Place has an interesting name to it. Talk to the girl standing next to the door.

Sunny-Sue Ellen has been added to the journal.

East past the building and up above the pig pen is a Dimensional Shard x1. Far East the follow the path north contains Costume Fabric Gabrielle. In the barn is Rancid Horace. You get some dialog. Inside the house is Master Hen’Tai wondering around in his barrel. Strike it to get Illustration 103. Fatman Locater title for your trouble as well. Search the desks of course for Wolf Pelt x3. Uncle Dad’s Farm Cleared title. Leave.

Head west then south to



__Seed of Mana X x1

__Tremor Wand- Earth based weapon. Stronger then Rock wand


__Osira No. 4

Talk to the man outside of the building for Osira Card No. 4. He sells it for 2900k. Inside the building are Seed of Mana X x1 and a chest with a Tremor Wand. Leave then head to the building north to



__Chrono Shard – For forging Dream Keys.

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 53

__Lewd Box x2

__Ruby Coin x1


__Lost Spirit: Kill 30 MOBS of these


__Lost Spirit


__Forgotten Cemetery Cleared

__Lost Spirit Slayer/ Vanquisher

North east part of the area is a chest with a Ruby Coin x1. Inside the fenced area of the building up northwest is a Dimensional Shard x1. Inside the building is an envelope containing Illustration 53. Head downstairs and there is a chest with a Chrono Shard You should get the Forgotten Cemetery Cleared title.

Now follow the path all the way back around past Arlon and south to



__Illustration 106- Ruby Chest. 2x coins

__Ariba’d Loco x3


__Beatrix No. 10


__Skymaiden Collector

To the bottom right area is a ruby chest that contains Illustration 106. To the west is a cave. You can’t get in unless you have 40 trading cards. Assuming you have been following the guide you should have 43 cards. We can get in.

MyGeek: The Summoning

To play any of the 3 champions you need to have at least 8 cards of that type. So if you want Beatrix card No. 10 you need to have at least 8 of hers anyway.

Grab the chest for Ariba’d Loco x3. Go talk to the guy in the turban. Chose to play against the Beatrix champ and collect Beatrix Card No. 10. It won’t popup, but you get the Skymaiden Collector title. It also unlocks a Beatrix Animation! Leave here. Head into the forest right to the east is in the glade and it is conveniently called…



__Dimensional Shard x1

__Forest Rabit

__Lewd Box

__Ruby Coin x1


__Immemorial Glade Clear

Right when you walk in head up then follow the area east. There is a Dimensional Shard x1 sitting right next to a tree. In the south east corner past the shard is a chest that contains a Ruby Coin x1. Immemorial Glad Cleared title achieved. Straight west of the crystal is a Forest Rabbit.

There is a nice looking crystal there… Don’t use the crystal just yet.

Leave here and go northwest to the Illusion Forest to get in in the logs. Just leave as there is nothing to do here. Go into



__Agility Crystal x4

__Costume Fabric – Ra’Tiki

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 22

__Illustration 36

__Illustration 39- Ruby Chest. 3 coins

__Illustration 114- House right of the crystal. Strike the barrel

__Illustration 182

__Lewd Box x4

__Mithril x3

__Nal’Tara Wine x1

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Life x1

__Small Health Potion X x1

__Amulet of Assistance- Makes quest givers glow!

__DYNAMITE!!- With this stuff you can destroy weak walls.


__Black Dame No. 02

__Black Dame No. 03

__Black Dame No. 04

__Laquadia No. 07


__East screen next to man past the fence. Can’t miss it.


__ Obedience unmarked quest

__Tavern Wench Challenge

__Pop Quiz Wizard


__Arlon Cleared

__Canvas Robber

__Coin Tosser

__Trouble in Paradise

__Quiz Challenger

Well you get the title Trouble in Paradise right when you enter. Activate a crystal for the first time in a long time. In the Pub in the back room is a Ruby coin chest with Illustration 39. You should be getting the Coin Tosser title. Up the stairs and in the right house check desk for Laquadia Card No. 7. Strike the barrel for Illustration 114. To the far left house is Costume Fabric Ra’Tiki and a Ruby Coin x1.

Head straight up past the house and enter the cave. Mine the Mithril x3. We can’t get the chest in the water yet. In the basement of the item shop there is a safe.

SAFE: 6545

REWARD: Illustration 22

In the northwest house let’s cut out Illustration 36. You should get the Canvas Robber title. Desk here has Nal’Tara Wine. Building next to it contains Seed of Life. Also our friendly Scholar. Quiz time. Cost 500K.

Question 1: Tel Ravida

Question 2: Steel Demoness

Question 3: Prediction

Question 4: Three

Question 5: Nal’Quenias

You win the Amulet of Assistance as well as the Quiz Challenger title. After getting all that stuff, there is a path that leads east below the item shop. Take it to another part of town.

Speak to Ra’Tiki. The north east next to the shrine is a Dimensional Shard x1. Replace the poster next to the man in the fenced area. The house next to him contains Small Health Potion X x1.

Crate move, enter cave… Chest has Agility Crystal x4. You should get the Arlon Cleared title.

Well we can actually talk to villagers now! The farmer, after leaving the cave, next to the east building for the Obedience quest. Talk to the old man near the crystal for a Quest

QUEST: Pop Quiz Wizard

Description: Beat the wizard in Fierra Falls at a quiz game on a bridge.

REWARD: Ring of Intelligence

Back in the pub, in the back room, you can play the old man in a game of Prediction. You need Black Dame No. 01. You win Black Dame Card No. 2, 3, 4. Make sure and buy dynamite from the item store. You should be kind of rolling in cash right now so I recommend just buying 14 for now. That is 28000K worth. That will cover you the rest of the game

Sleep in the cave until night time. Go into the shrine and steal their monies and pick up Illustration 182 on the ground. You should get the Art Enthusiast title. Go to the pub and do the Tavern Wench Challenge. You can buy Vintage Booze here. Head to the teleport room

You should, by now, have received the Observant Looter and Treasure Seeker title. Since missing a drawer and chest here and there is easy to do, I will just put it here. If you don’t have them you missed A LOT of searchable areas.

Teleport Hub


Go and speak to Illumi. Since we have picked up a total of 30 shards we can get a little something extra. She gives you a choice.

Choice 1: 4000k

Choice 2: Mithril Plate

Choice3: SCENE

As usual ask for something personal to get a SCENE. Having her call you master from earlier doesn’t affect any dialog during this scene. Leave. Sleep until daytime.



__Lewd Box

__Seed of Agility x1

__Treasure Map 06


__Mhu’Tiki No. 01


__Stone Remover

Go north to the second screen past the first turn and up past the second where an old man is standing through the fence. Down into the sewers we go. Go west to here.

Blow them up and go in for Treasure Map 06, Mhu’Tiki Card No. 01 and Seed of Agility x1. You should also get the Stone Remover Title. Not bad 🙂

Leave town camp and unlock Rock Charges. Improved Roll if you have the tokens. You obtain +2 more materials from ore deposits now. Head to

*All mining values will now reflect the +2 from rock charges. So if you didn’t get it, -2 from the values listed. If you couldn’t unlock rock charges now wait till later.*



__Gold x5

__Illustration 51- Thorn of Fairlight

__Illustration 98- Ruby Chest. 2 coins

__Lewd Box


__Thorn of Fairlight


__Lake Fairlight Cleared

Go to the far east screen. NW part of the screen is a weak wall. Destroy it and mine the Gold x5, Lake Fairlight Cleared title and the Ruby Chest with Illustration 98. Leave the cave and enter the closest cave to you. To the top right of the cave is a legendary


REWARD: Illustration 51

This guy is a thorn in your side and can mess up your party if you let things get out of hand. Poison is easy to deal with but he can paralyze and slow your entire party. That can be an issue. So have Farah with you and at least Kythe. You can silence it with Farah’s Sealing Arrow. It will basically make it a punching bag. Otherwise hit it hard and fast. DON’T drag this fight out. Illustration 51 is your reward.

We could have fought this guy way earlier, but I decided to wait until we had charges and enough coins to make the trip worth it.



__Lewd Box



Go to the clothing shop and get an outfit for Ra’Tiki for 1500k. This will net you the Outfitter title. Leave and head north to Leave town and go north to



__Gold Dice – Ra’Tiki

__Silver x5

__Silver x7

__Thunder Bow x1

Head east 1 screen and north 1 screen to this spot

Dig up the Thunder Bow. Head all the way back to the Neifu settlement. Instead of going into the settlement, go north instead.

Head into the cave for Silver x7, Silver x5 and the chest for Gold Dice Ra’Tiki. So leave here and head back Arlon then to Immemorial Glade. Use the crystal there now. Exit the area and welcome to Detroit! There isn’t a map for naming places here. Head north to Stonehenge



__Illustration 79

__Illustration 91

__Lewd Box

__Crystalized Catalyst- Used for making dream keys

__Crystalized Catalyst

__Frostbite Mail


__Hollow Man: Kill 30 MOBS


__Hollow Man


__Hollow Man Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Wall Demolisher

Head up and activate the blue crystal! New edition. Go to where the cave was in Arlon and now there is a weak wall here. You should receive the Wall Demolisher title. Go inside the cave and get the Ruby Chest for Illustration 79. Top left of the map is a chest with Frostbite Mail. Head to the east part of town. In the house on the southern part is Illustration 91. Interestingly enough there is a powerful seal on the shrine. Maybe more later? In the cave north there is a chest with a Crystalized Catalyst.

Head to the newly activated crystal and teleport. A brand new area! Least to me! You can talk to the ghouls in here to get some story. No idea when this area was added. It is a replica of the normal teleport area as it seems to be exploding.

Frozen in time. Like this world. If you go to where Illumis room there is a chest with another Crystalized Catalyst Leave and head north to


There is a legendary enemy here but we are too weak to kill it. So just leave and go back to the other world by using the crystal again in the Immemorial Glade. Leave this place and head to



__Antidote X x1

__Barrier Herb x3

__ Emerald Gem x1

__Ceremonial Helm x1

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Frostbite Flintlock: Gun with stronger ICE based attack

__Gold Dice – Illumi

__Hurricane Claws: Stronger Wind based attack

__Illustration 34- Ruby Chest. 2 coins. If you travelled back

__Illustration 109

__Illustration 125- Shrine Quest

__Lewd Box x3

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x5

__Mithril x6

__Platinum x5

__Platinum x5

__Platinum x5

__Platinum x6

__Platinum x6

__Ruby Coin x1

__Ruby coin x1

__Tiger Pelt x3

__Treasure Map 02

__Wood Squirrel- Up the ramp from south entrance

__Wood Squirrel- Right before bridge Pop Quiz Wizard


__Ironard Bandit: Kill 30 MOBS

__Giga Plump-Kill one. Come back later.

__Green Goblin Kill 30 MOBS

__Golden Beetleblade

__Tordose Shell

__BOSS: Spiriwood


__Fiery Falls Cleared

__Green Goblin Vanquisher

__Ironard Bandit Slayer/ Vanquisher



__Pop Quiz Wizard




__Ironard Bandit

__Tordose Shell

We are here to find the secret pathway. So let’s find it. Right from the entrance head right. Go up the stairs into the cave. There are some people in here. Mine the Mithril x4. Go up to the altar for Illustration 125 and get the chest for a Ceremonial Helm x1. Mine the Platinum x5 and get out of here.

Go up the ramp from the entrance to capture a Wood Squirrel.

Go NW to a cave. Mine Platinum x6 off to the right. Follow the path. Mine Mithril x4. Exit the cave north grab the chest for Treasure Map 02. Go back through the cave and head east. Follow the path up the ramp and west to the spot on the picture. You get Gold Dice Illumi You should get the Swashbuckler title.

Go North to the next screen. Grab the chest for Tiger Pelt x3. Go left at the T section until you can go south. You should see another Wood Squirrel

You will run into a guy on the bridge.

Question 1: WHAT… Is your name?

Question 2: WHAT… Is your quest?

Question 3: WHAT… is the size difference between High Priestess Laquadia and Farah’s breasts?

Continue on to a chest. Ruby Coin x1. Don’t bother going north unless you are killing your 30 enemies. Otherwise head west and you should see another Wood Squirrel. So grab that sucker

Go up and right and behind some trees is a cave that has a chest with Hurricane Claws. Head down the stairs for a Dimensional Shard x1. Go west in to cave. Mine the Mithril x4. Exit the cave. Head east until you see a nice shadow enemy


REWARD: Illustration 109

This thing is pretty tough. It has unsurprisingly high defense. It hits with all water based attacks. Singular and the entire party. So be prepared for a long battle. You can’t seduce him with Farah which is a shame. Turtle loving and all that. Just have Ra’Tiki caste Lightning based spells/ cast MDEF spells on your party.

Head down the stairs. Blow up the wall area that looks way off. This doesn’t count towards the title. Enter the cave.

Follow the path to a chest off to the right bridge. Antidote X x1. Take the left bridge and get the Mithril x5. Go into the next section. Ignore the north bridge and head east. Mine the node for Platinum x5. Now take the north bridge, mine the Platinum x6. . Ignore the Giga Plump. After going north take the right path to a chest. Barrier Herb x3. Go left and mine the Mithril x4. Head north to the next section.

Take the first path north to a chest with a Frostbite Flintlock. Continue along the path to a Platinum x5. Go east to nodes of Mithril x6 and Mithril x4. Follow the path to a chest containing a Ruby Coin x1. The Giga Plump is a really hard enemy. Just go all out and you will eventually take it down. Think of it as a cow with more defense and hits harder. You should get the Fierra Falls Cleared title!

You could head all the way back to the Ruby Chest we couldn’t open. Open it for Illustration 34. I recommend just waiting until after the assault but I thought I should put it here. It is up to you.

Now go back to the split where we went right. Go up instead. Save if you wish. I recommend you do so. Also equip earth rings on your low MDEF toons. AKA Kythe.


Weak against wind, fire and thunder. Almost had a band name there. It absorbs earth and water attacks so those are a no no. It can cast earth based spells that attack single/ party. So if you brought Kythe you are in luck! Honestly if you have been fighting the Giga Plumps here this guy won’t be too much trouble. Otherwise Shore up and cast might/ defense spells and beat the hell out of it!

After the battle you get 750 XP per person, 2200K and an Emerald Gem x1. Head north 2 screens and enter



__Ironard Bandit

__Steel Demoness

__Baron Ironard


__Lewd Box

__Prison Keychain x1

__Seed of Dexterity x1


__Mama Farah No. 01

__Mama Farah No. 02


__Beast Trainer



__Steel Demoness

Keep going north. Ignore the north east part in here. Fight the guard for the Prison Keychain. You have a choice. Choice 1: Mhu’Tiki +1

Choice 2: Mhu’Tiki -1

Your choice of course. Don’t forget to raid the desks for a Seed of Dexterity x1. Head upstairs. Ignore going north. Least I couldn’t find anything. Head west.

*On a side note. Interesting enough if you leave through the south door and make your way back to Arlon . All the villagers are back and Mhu’Tiki is chilling there with some dialog. Some of the villagers have unique dialog during this small window of time. She is in the eastern cave. So you can leave if you want to see all that. On the way out though there is a butt load of enemies that actively chase you.*

Head up through the door to get into a scripted battle. You are given a choice. If you need to heal and all that pick lets rest first. To get out, just run straight south. You will have to avoid a as load of enemies on the way out though. If you are ready pick time to meet the Baron and go straight into another boss fight


REWARD: Emerald Gem x1

She hits hard. She attacks with only physical attacks. Single and party. It will most likely wreck lower defense toons like Ra’Tiki. A single attack called bone shatterer causes massive damage to a single person. You found barrier herbs so I recommend using them. She has a high 46k HP pool and pretty high defense. Just hit her harder then she hits you. 800 XP and 200K monies, Emerald Gem as well.

Well after that you get into it with the Baron… Yeah I don’t know how much HP. Maybe around 500 tops. It has to be that low because he died in 1 hit… Poor little fella. He does taunt over and over again! 50 XP….. 2500K though! As well as an Emerald Gem.

Ironard added to the journal. After all the chattering.

Mhu’Tiki is a playable party member now! She comes at lvl 20. So if you have been doing as the walkthough states she will be lower level than some. This is new as of EP. 03

At this point in the game you can start buying places to support your castle. Check (PRT) for the properties. They will all be in their own area near the bottom of the guide. I do recommend you do all weapons/ armor upgrades before buying places in towns. We will buy one place. So we will wait until we get to Kahr..

Talk to the farmer sitting at the table. You can play him at prediction for Mama Farah Card No. 01, 02.

*If you haven’t been opening up Lewd Boxes you should have 99 of them. I recommend open a good amount of them. Save some to sell if need be. Lewd boxes sell for 2500K and Emerald Gems sell for 750K. So after unlocking all of the galleries for boxes it will give you gems. Save some boxes for future updates. Otherwise you may not be able to unlock the entire gallery. Assuming there will be more. No is hidden. Hit down and you can stop opening boxes*

Activate the crystal. Go down to the jail cells and talk to the farmer. You get some choices

Choice 1: Heroic +1

Choice 2: Renegade +1 SCENE

Choice 3: Renegade +1 SCENE Maybe changes event further in the game?? No idea!

You get choices during the scene

Choice 1: SCENE change. Finish on her chest

Choice 2: Anal. You get the option to cum in her or on her. Remember what you picked for future playthroughs. After the scene you get another set of choice

Choice 1: Renegade +1

Choice 2: Lets both of them go

Steel Demoness added to journal. Taking the scene nets you the Beast Trainer title. I picked sample first, tit fuck, then kept them in jail. If you want all scenes you need to tit fuck her. Speak to the farmer again. They will move her to the other cell. You can “Tame” her if you wish if you kept them prisoner.


Exit to the south. If you didn’t roam all the way back through Fierra Falls, do so now to unlock the chest for Illustration 34. Entering from the north. That is one screen south and one screen west into the far western cave. Chest is on the west side in the cave. Leave the map via north.

Head east to



__Illustration 90- Shrine Quest

__Illustration 127

__Bear Pelt x4

__Shadow Hare- Straight south of entrance


__Tordose Barrier



When you first enter go south and capture the Shadow Hare running up and down.

Head east past the cave to find a chest that holds Bear Pelt x4. Enter the cave now and pray at the altar for the Blessing Quest. You receive Illustration 90. Go east to the next screen. There is a legendary

ENEMY: Tordose Barrier HP: 38000 Strength: EARTH Weakness: WATER

REWARD: Illustration 127

XP: 2200 CASH: 2000K

It has a pretty good amount of health. Very high PDEF. It can cast Tremor on a single target and earthquake on the party

for a good amount of damage. It absorbs earth spells. You can break it to lower PDEF. If you have Mhu’Tiki she can cast flood on it. Just play it smart and it shouldn’t take too long.

That is all you can do here for now. Leave. Go to the castle and port to



__Lewd Box

__Lovelorn’s Confession

__Ring of Intelligence


__Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 01


__Pop Quiz Wizard complete

__Farmer’s Daughter



Return back to Arlon and turn in your quest to the old man near the crystal. Your reward is a Ring of Intelligence x1 and Unemployed title. Go west past the pub and down the stairs. There should be a man with the farmers hat there requesting your help! Accept his quest for

QUEST: Farmer’s Daughter

REWARD: Bear Pelt x9

Head up to the middle building at top and you can buy a Sunny-Sue Ellen Card No. 01 from a guy for 3200K. You can speak to all the villagers for thanks. Head back out to



__Illustration 70

__Lewd Box


__Psycho Warrior


__Legendary Crusader

He is north of the east entrance.


REWARD: Illustration 70

I don’t know. I guess I am so overpowered from killing cows this guy wasn’t much of a problem. I can’t even formulate a strategy since he died so fast. He can do a multiple hit attack on the party and rage himself. So I would say try to break him with Kythe. You should receive the Legendary Crusader title for your trouble.

Leave the map and run all the way to UNLCE DAD’S FARM. Go speak to Sunny-Sue by the building and give her the letter. Also, enter the building and BUY THIS PLACE. It costs 8000K but it will stop it from interfering when we buy everything else. Go back to Arlon



__Bear Pelt x9

Turn in the quest and receive Bear Pelt x9. Hit up the teleport crystal



__Ceremonial Claw

__Lewd Box


Go here since we got Treasure Map 02 from Fierra Fields

REWARD: Ceremonial Claw x1

Teleport back to Brightstone and head towards Mayor Willheed’s to receive some depressing sights. If you go to try and see Mama Farah and Queen Opala they are gone and replaced with some soldiers. You can talk to them for information about what happened to them.

Head to Arlon now and head east and south to the Smuggler’s Route. West of Uncle Dad’s Farm.

Heading to Kahr




__Dimensional Shard x1

__Dispel Leaf X x2

__Gold Dice – Illumi

__Lewd Box x2

__Illustration 110

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x4

__Mithril x5

__Mithril x5

__Platinum x6

__Ruby Coin x1

__Tiger Pelt x3

__Grey Mouse- Inside building in south entrance


__Golden Beetleblade


__Queen Hornet




__Scorbane Slayer

__Smuggler’s Route Clear

Don’t bother going for the vanquisher title yet here. You will be able to fight more while working on another title. Just kill the ones on the way.

So talk to the man guarding the path. After a little convo he will let you pass. Enter the cave. Grab the Mithril x4 then east for a chest with Dispel Leaf X x2. Follow the path south to the next screen.

Grab the Platinum x6 and Mithril x5. West is a chest with a Ruby Coin x1 and south of that is Mithril x5 Follow the path south to the next screen.

Take the first south you come across then take the cave exit out. Follow the narrow path to the right for a chest with Gold Dice Illumi. Head back and take the other path south. Before exiting go east to mine Mithril x4.

Before exiting south go east up the ramp. You can find 450K in the shack. There is also a Grey Mouse. Outside there is a chest west with Tiger Pelt x3. North of that through a narrow path is a Dimensional Shard x1. Smuggler’s Route Cleared title is given. There is a juicy shadow enemy. You should be able to win. If not just read who to bring in battle breakdown.


REWARD: Illustration 110

This thing is nimble. Weak to wind and IMMUNE to earth. It calls allies usually on the first or second turn. Which can be a nightmare. Six of them to boot! All Venom Hornets! So if you had a hard time with them earlier you are in a world of hurt. Once you get it down under 50% it heals itself for a good amount. So if you have Kythe with you, you can hurt her real good. Get her as close to 50% as possible Power/ might MC and have him use Whirlwind Strike for around 5-10k damage and have Kythe then cast hurricane. Even if you “kill” her before she called allies, she will anyway. Just be smart and you will do fine.

Exit this place from the south.

Enter the first place that you see and welcome to



__ Ceremonial Cowl x1

__Diamond x3

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Illustration 14

__Illustration 48

__Illustration 83

__Lewd Box x6

__Mithril x4

__Platinum x5

__Revival Potion X x1

__Ruby Coin x1

__Treasure Map 08

__Grey Mouse


__Fire Demoness


__Goblin Overlord

__Golden Beetleblade


__Fire Demoness


__Area Explorer- Possible earlier.

__Fire Demoness Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Paradisus Clear

__Pilgrimage Monk

__Scorbane Vanquisher

Straight north past the sign above the pond is a chest with Revival Potion X x1. Southeast of the building is a Dimensional Shard x1. Inside the building on the ground is an envelope with Illustration 14. There is also a Grey Mouse off to the left. Head through the door and follow the path west inside the cave. Grab the chest for Treasure Map 08. Mine the Mithril x4 and Platinum x5. Interact with the altar to get Illustration 83 along with the Pilgrimage Monk title. Remember to heal your MC. Go back through the building.

Head west a screen. There is a shadow enemy. Whatever you do don’t have Light based weapons equipped! Attack it if you dare. Equip sun plate on MC at least. I would leave Gabrielle home for this fight. Since both Ra’Tiki and Farah can silence.


REWARD: Illustration 48

He has lots of HP. He casts blessing and divinity that are light based damage. He can also poison the entire party which always sucks. He can also silence the entire party. Good news is that he can be silenced which stops his spells. He is weak to dark spells. Can’t exploit that at all!

In the northeast part is a chest with Diamond x3. There is a weak wall to west of the chest.

Blow it up. Inside the cave are chests with Ruby Coin x1 and a Ceremonial Cowl x1. Paridisus Oasis Cleared title should be earned. After all that fun leave.


Head back to



__Illustration 131- Ruby Chest. 2 coins

Head up the ramp to the shack and get the ruby chest for Illustration 131. Leave.

Head west to and into the Desert Checkpoint



__Dimensional Shard

__Lewd Box


__Desert Checkpoint Clear

On the North West side of the area is a Dimensional Shard x1 laying on the ground. You should get the Desert Checkpoint Cleared title. Leave to the west to an area that looks like a circle of sand before Kahr to reach



__Ceremonial Cloak x1

__Costume Fabric – Mhu’Tiki

__Dimensional Shard

__Full Revival Potion x2

__Illustration 76

__Illustration 187

__Lewd Box

__Ruby Coin x1


__Pit of Ror’Ga Clear

When we enter here go east, down the ramp and follow the east way to a chest with Full Revival Potion x2. Keep following the path around and down another ramp. Go south to another chest with Ruby Coin x1. Go back up towards the ramp and head east instead of up the ramp. Down the next ramp. At the bottom there is a Dimensional Shard. Head into the building then down the stairs. Grab Costume Fabric Mhu’Tiki and Ceremonial Cloak from the chest. You should get the Pit of Ror’Ga Cleared title. Next to the chest is an envelope with Illustration 187. Exit the building. Leave the building and there is a cave straight north. Inspecting the altar you receive Illustration 76. That is all we can do here so leave. Head straight north following the path to..



__Costume Fabric – Farah

__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 156

__Lewd Box x2

__Mirror of Memories- Unlocks past memories??

__Platinum x4

__Platinum x5

__Rage Herb x2

__Ruby Coin x1


__Key of Dreams


__Beldorian SighTseer

__Hermit’s Retreat Cleared

You should have received Beldorian Sightseer title entering here.

Right when you start walking towards the cave you should notice a chest for Rage her x2. Go straight into the cave ahead of you and farm Platiunum x4 and Platinum x5. On the way grab Illustration 156. Check the desks for Ruby Coin x1. Speak to the man there and you find he is looking for his daughter. A blacksmith Behelda. He on the other hand is called “Dream Weaver Helmir.” Says his hammer was stolen. Leave the cave.

Quest: Key of Dreams

Description: Find his hammer by bombing the wall on the same map. Return it to him.

Reward: Mirror of Memories

Go west and up a tad notice a wall that can be bombed


Go into the cave and find Costume Fabric Farah and a Worn Hammer. Leave the cave and follow it west to a Dimensional Shard and you should get Hermit’s Retreat Cleared title. Another Lewd box. Head back to Dream Weaver Helmir and return his hammer. When doing so what he brings up about his daughter makes me think of Masquerade and you get another bouncy tutorial about how the mirror will hang in your quarters later in the story.. He is also a unique blacksmith in the game. He can craft keys for certain chests to unlock ihdden memories of characters if you bring him the materials. He will be able to unlock more keys as the story progresses. So we shall wait and see. Leave the map.

Head west to



__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 184

__Lewd Box


__Boarder Checkpoint Cleared

Right past the guards to the north is a Dimensional Shard. Picking this up get you the Boarder Checkpoint Cleared title. To the south next to the wall is an envelope with Illustration 184. Leave.

Camp. Make sure your party has Ra’Tiki, Mhu’Tiki/ Kythe and Farah. Especially Farah. Unlock Steam Drill. Now go and enter



__Citrine Earring x1

__Costume Fabric – Ra’Tiki

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Glorious Pick- lvl. 3 unlocking ability!

__Gold Dice – Beatrix

__Golden Bowl

__Grey Mouse- Building next to blue crystal

__Grey Mouse- Building with Illustration 21 next to beds. Left side. Can’t see!

__Illustration 01

__Illustration 21

__Illustration 45

__Illustration 74

__Illustration 88

__Illustration 95

__Illustration 128

__Leather Leash

__Lewd Box x

__Monocle of Indency- makes NPC’s that will trading cards easier to spot.

__Ruby Coin x1

__Ruby Coin x1

__Ruby Coin x1

__Savage Whiskey x2

__Seed of Strength X x1

__Slave Collar

__Steam Drill- Lvl 3 Treasure digging

__Wolf Pelt x4


__Layla No. 01

__Masquerade No. 06

__Ra’Tiki No.02

__Ra’Tiki No. 03

__Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 02

__Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 03

__Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 04


__On a wall on the outside of a building on the west side of town

__On a wall on the east side of town. SE building


__Kahr Thief

__Void Chaos


__Cleaning The Streets


__Rainbow Stones

__Tavern Wench Challenge




__ A Temple in Sand

__Sperm Drinker

__Strongbox Raider

You get A Temple in Sand title right when walking in. Activate the blue crystal. In the building right next to the crystal is Illustration 88. Capture the Grey Mouse running on the left side. Right next to the blue crystal is a knight there for the quest

Quest: Cleaning the Streets

Description: Be bait in alley ways at night for thieves and only attack those at threaten you with violence.

REWARD: Gold Dice Beatrix To the west of the inn up a narrow path you can find Layla Card No. 01. The east narrow path doesn’t have anything but it still counts as looting! Head north into the next screen and upgrade your armor and weapons as you please. Mithril forged stuff is weaker then platinum, stuff you can buy. Straight west of the armor shop is a house with a fence with a goat in it for a Seed of Strength X x1. House west has nothing but an empty desk. Outside the house with the empty desk, past the beastman, is an envelope that contains Illustration 95. In the material shop there is a beastman that will play you for Sunny-Sue Ellen Card No. 02, 03, 04. Head to the west area and go north between the buildings to get Savage Whiskey x2. There is a Grey Mouse next to the bottom of the left bed. You can’t see it. Can’t get the painting though. You can play prediction beast man in the top right corner. He is rather hard to see. You must have at least Ra’Tiki No. 04 and he wagers Ra’Tiki Card No. 02, 03. The item store sells full HP, SP, Revive, and Elixir’s. They are pretty pricey but if you can afford it get some. Buy the Slave Collar though. Mainly for the upcoming Legendary we are going to be fighting. House next the item shop has Ruby Coin x1 and Wolf Pelt x4. Head north up the street for a POSTER that needs to be changed. The house next to it contains a safe.

SAFE: 9116

REWARD: Illustration 01

You should get the Strongbox Raider title for your trouble. Head north to the next screen. The first house west has Costume Fabric Ra’Tiki.

The house west of it has a Citrine Earring x1 in a locked desk. You can’t take the painting while the guard is there. Head north up the road and talk to the red haired woman for a quest

QUEST: Rainbow Stones

DESCRIPTION: Find colored jewels around Harmonia Sands. Blue, Red, and one green

REWARD: Treasure Map 07 West, at the temple, there is a Dimensional Shard x1 sitting there on the ground. Now head back to the center of town. That is where the Pub is. Head east this time. The first building is the public Sauna. Head into it and the NW room has a barrel to strike for Illustration 74. Head south east to find a building with another POSTER on it. Speak to the Val’Toras there for the Obedience quest. To the northeast is Mayor Rickstedt’s house. Before we go in and say hi. Equip their strongest armor aka Platinum and silk gear. Make sure Ra’Tiki has the ring of Intelligence equipped. Weapon doesn’t matter for it Head into the Inn. You will see our old friend the Traveling Scholar. Pay him the 750K to do his questions.

Q1: Zweibelle

Q2: Beldorian Huntress

Q3: Fire Demoness

Q4: 38

Q5: A bordello… Officially You receive the Monocle of Indecency. Makes it able to see who has trading cards to “earn.” I have been officially playing this game for too long. I knew her age off the top of my head. Rest until night time. Open up the encyclopedia, unlock the Glorious Pick and Steam Drill. Head up the alley NE of the blue crystal and run into a thief. Fight. We will track these all down. Head into the pub and play the Tavern Wench Challenge. Sperm Drinker title is rewarded. You can also buy Ariba’d Loco from the bartender. You can play Devil’s Dice here too. South of the material shop is another thief to fight. Go west and in between the building again to snatch Illustration 21 from the wall. Between the item shop and the home is another thief to fight. Next to the poster you changed is a guy that will sell you Masquerade Card No. 06 for 3800K.

Go north one screen and into the far west building and snatch Illustration 45 from the wall. Head up to the temple and head west again into the shrine. Snag the temples funds.

Head all the way east, past the pub and head straight south of the sauna then to the building you were not allowed to enter. If you want to engage the enemy I warned you. You were needed to bring magic players. Farah is KEY to this battle.


REWARD: Illustration 128

This guy can wreck your world or be a piece of cake. If you read above you can’t damage him via Physical attacks. Period! The reason I had you bring Farah is because of her Sealing Arrow ability. It won’t physically damage it but it is almost guaranteed to work, like 90% chance to silence it. Make sure you do this ON every 3rd turn or he will nuke you with dark magic that hits the entire party. If you keep him silenced he doesn’t do anything besides get beat up. He may attack you but it does like 100 damage.

Afterwards you can grab a Ruby Coin x1. Leave and to the left is the last thief. You can go into the mayor’s house and snag a Golden Bowl from a locked desk. Don’t talk to him yet. Head back to the knight by the blue crystal and turn in your quest. Sleep until day. If you have the Slave Collar you can unlock the Leather Leash if you have enough tokens. We are going to some side quests before continuing on with the story. Use the teleport crystal and teleport to Caimridge.


Leave and head into Fellhorn Ruins. We could have done this earlier, but without the glorious lockpick it defeats the purpose.



__Costume Fabric – Farah!

__Ominous Potion

__Overflowing Pitcher

__Grey Mouse


__Osira No. 01

__Osira No. 02


__Wildlife Catcher



Head all the way north to the top screen and enter the first door you run straight into. The left lizardman will play you in prediction. Requires Osira No. 4 and you win Osira Card No. 01, 02. Left cell has a Grey Mouse. This should net you the Wildlife Catcher title. Right in there is Costume Fabric- Farah. Leave the room and enter the door north of here.

You meet Vhazar from the scene earlier. After some talking, Osira will give you the Ominous Potion. If you agree she gives you the Overflowing Pitcher.

If you don’t agree to help, it just puts it off until later or you decide to never do it. So agree

Vhazar added to the Journal.

Leave here and head to Caimridge and teleport to



__Illustration 93

__Diamond Pitcher

__Garnet Necklace

Before heading to the castle, visit Duchess Lynevere’s place. It is east of the item shop, with the two guards outside. Open the Wardrobe for a Garnet Necklace.

Head to the castle and go to the door. You will be prompted. Drink the potion. Head all the way up and cut out the painting you couldn’t earlier for Illustration 93. Before going into Laquadia’s room enter the Emperors room and open the desk we couldn’t get to earlier. If you didn’t unlock the Glorious Pick you are screwed. Diamond Pitcher received. If you didn’t raid all the desks and such in the beginning of the game this is your last chance to do it. Head into Laquadia’s chambers and just read along. You get some choices.

Choice 1/2: Leads to another choice

Choice 1/2 a/b: Makes her drink it.

Choice 1/2 c: makes her drink another cup

Choice 1/2 d: You just leave.

Choice 3: She doesn’t drink it and you fail your mission in a sense.

Even if you pick choice 3 and head back to Osira it just changes the dialog a tad. He doesn’t reveal that she didn’t drink it. I recommend you get her to drink it of course for some sweet revenge. Leave here and report back to Osira.


You get some very nice backstory on Crayden and Laquadia. A lot of information actually. Talk to her again and get some choices

Choice 1: Leads to another choice

Choice 1a: Osira -1

Choice 1b: Osira +1

Choice 2: Leads to another choice

Choice 2a: Nothing!

Choice 2b: Osira +1

If you picked the +1 options on either you get another batch of choices. They don’t seem to affect much that I can find as of yet. I picked choice 1 and 1b. For the second batch I picked the second choice. It is up to you of course.

So leave here and head back to Arlon. If you don’t have about 10 revive potions I recommend buying cheap ones. Leave and camp. Speak to Gabrielle and you will get choices.

First batch of choices don’t matter.

2A) Gabrielle +1

2B) Gabrielle -1.

Leave camp and head to



__Beam Plate

__Golden Bowl

__Illustration 24


__Mhu’tiki No. 03

__Mhu’Tiki No. 04

__Mhu’Tiki No. 05


__Rock Worm


__Prestige Ranch Cleared

Right when you walk in just head up. You will see him there.


REWARD: Illustration 24

Every 3 rounds it instant kills someone. No matter what. It has rather high PDEF. That is the only gimmick with this. Every 3 rounds someone dies. Revive, Rinse and repeat. You will take him down. Slowly but you will.

After defeating him head into the building and upstairs. We can finally unlock the desk for a Golden Bowl and the Prestige Ranch Cleared title. Talk to the guard sitting at the table to play him for Mhu’Tiki card No. 03. 04, 05. Head back out to

Go backl to Arlon and port to Kahr. Leave town and head to



__Colored Stone

Enter and go to the NE side by the tower. You will see a green stone on the ground. Grab it for a Colored Stone. Leave and go to



__Colored Stone

Go to the NE build and head through the back door. Near the cave entrance you will see a red stone on the ground. Colored Stone obtained. One more to go. Leave and head into the smuggler’s route.



__Colored Stone

Right when you enter head east and up the ramp. You should see it right there. Grab the Colored Stone. Head back to KAHR


__Treasure Map 07

Go all the way to the temple area to turn in this quest. She is the red head standing next to the 2 guards. You are rewarded with Treasure Map 07. You don’t have to get this right now but I am doing so because we can. Before we run off and continue the story. Head over to smuggler’s route



__Ruby Coin x4

After completing the quest for stones we received treasure map 07. Head over to where you fought the legendary to here. Dig it up.

REWARD: Ruby Coin x4

After all that head back to Kahr

Kahr Temple

Enter the NE house on the east side of town. Talk to the fat man at the table. Leave for more talkies. You get a choice. Choice 1: Farah +1

Choice 2: Gabrielle +1

Bring who you want. I brought Gab case Farah will already bang you. Go ahead and head to the temple. When walking

up you get some conversation with the local riff raff.

Zweibelle added to the journal.

If you haven’t bought the lantern then go buy it.

Enter the temple.



__Chrono Shard

__Illustration 117- Ruby Chest. 3 coins

I couldn’t resist using the name. Head right upstairs and pool is a chest with a Chrono Shard. You can try to talk to Duchess Lynevere, but she won’t give you the time of day. Speak to Zwebelle and ask her what you will.

Head down stairs and on the left side, open the chest for Illustration 117. Talk to people if you want and head into the only path there. If you don’t have the lantern you are screwed big time. Even if you leave to speak to Duchess Lynevere she is gone.

Even with it you only see like 5 feet. So this place is a maze and of course you can only see a few feet. Follow picture below for quick out.

Enter said door and enjoy the conversation. Head north. Well the farther you go the more you want to turn back. I recommend saving. You find Megasautru. After some conversation, you get some choices. Doesn’t matter what you

pick. You get shot up with Heroin and wake up in a



__Costume Fabric – Mhu’Tiki

__Reflex Herb x3

__Ruby Coin x1


__Mana Golem- Don’t fight


__Mana Golem

After some more conversation you get some choices. First one doesn’t matter. Second one does though. Choice 1: Zweibelle +1. SCENE.

Choice 2: Zweibelle -1. Nothing

She opens the curtain to see Mama Farah getting screwed by a Gai’Deld! For 3 days apparently. I find it amazing that the hero understands so much German, and the amount of ze’s… She wants your seed for the experiment. We learn that she did something to Francesca and in “good health.” You are her “first class subject” it seems. Why is it in everything, Germans are evil scientist? Choice during the scene don’t matter.

After that you will be woken up by the masked mercenary. Grab your gear, talk to her and leave the room.

Mana Golems have like 32k HP. Little intense if you ask me. If you fight them with who you have. GL. Since it is only the 2 of you I wouldn’t fight any of them. If you do, they cast earth based spells so equipping earth rings is vital to fight them. We will come back later to fight them.

Go up north into the room. After some conversation, Mama Farah +1. Head south and in the middle room. Search the cabinets/ desks in the back for a Ruby Coin x1 and Reflex Herb x3. Head east to the next room for a Costume Fabric Mhu’Tiki. There is nothing in either northern rooms.

Head south and try to open the gate. After some conversation search the filing cabinets for nothing but it helps. When you exit to the south you will come to place we haven’t been in a long time. Welcome back to Hollow Gorge! You still can’t interact with the ghosts though.

Leave the area via the south. Our next destination is back to Castle Warrengard. If you go to Summer Cove you will get some new dialog and some choices. So head though Grassland Road to Brightstone. Teleport to Castle Warrengard.

Chapter 7 : Taking the Offensive


Head up to regroup with your people. If you went in with Gabrielle or Farah, Farah runs up and slaps you pissed as hell. Depending on who you did go in with she will say something different. After some conversation you are given some choices

Choice 1: Black Dame +1

Choice 2/3: Nothing

After some more Conversation you have your next goal. Iron Spire. Before heading out though talk to Mama Farah and get some choices. They don’t seem to affect anything right now. They both get you Mama Farah +1

At this point in the game you could start upgrading your castle. To do so you will need properties and such check section (PRT) for a list of all properties and (WRN) for castle upgrades and what they take.

You can of course can now or have been doing it. I just won’t be addressing it right now. It is a good thing. You will know soon enough. Before I say to do all that upgrading, let’s head to the Iron Spire.

Make sure to fill your party back up. Otherwise you will be by yourself. Make sure you at least have Farah and Gabrielle in your party.

Head to the crystal and teleport to Highland Inn then leave. Head NE to




__Illustration 57

__Illustration 132

__Lewd Box

__Nal’Tara Wine x2

__Ruby Coin x1


__Beldorian Knight


__Imperial Archknight



__Iron Spire Cleared

As soon as we enter you get a warning. This is another PNR. Point of No Return. Also this is a ONE TIME ONLY place.

So if you are ready select let’s go and you will get into a fight with Beldorian Knights and their Magihounds. Gabrielle can kill everything with her Bullet Barrage skill. Even more enemies come. I think these are the same guys from Port Ronod from way earlier Just more of them. You then get into a fight with a



Here we go, an actually enemy. He is just a stronger knight. He doesn’t do anything to crazy. He didn’t do anything to me besides attack. He doesn’t even drop anything. All the enemies here are one fight and gone. So farming potions here isn’t a thing.

So after beating them, head inside. Grab the chest for 2000K. Grab the painting in the back there for Illustration 132. Head upstairs. Raid the desks for Ruby Coin x1 the head up the next set of stairs. Grab the envelope on the floor for Illustration 57. Head up the stairs and read the conversation.

Raid the desks for Nal’Tara Wine x2. This should net you the Iron Spire Cleared title. Head all the way down to the first floor. Go into the new opened path and see a nice save crystal. Use it and continue south.

You run into a familiar face. After some conversation you get into a fight with them all. The minions are not much of an issue.


REWARD: Emerald Gem x1

He can cast Grand Blindness on your entire party making you always miss. Electrocute is a high damage thunder spell

that hits in the entire party as well. Most his spells are thunder based. He has pretty good MDEF so spells won’t do much against him. You can seduce him easily. This makes him weaker to physical damage. So just rip into him with physical attacks. He should go down rather quickly as long as you are not blinded. You get some choices. Pick what you will. You automatically head to

Castle Warrengard


__Lewd Box


__Turning the Tide



You earn the Turning the Tide title and Kythie journal entries.

Talk to Black Dame to advance the story. She wants us to go save Queen Opala from Illusian Forest. Go speak to Mama Farah again for a Mama Farah +1. So if you had Kythe in your party bring one of the spell casters with you. It matters not really. Once your party is setup teleport to Arlon. Leave and head west to

Illusian Forest



__Ceremonial Wand

__Dimensional Shard

__Full Elixir x3

__Granite x4

__Illustration 20

__Illustration 35

__Refined Ember- For making Dream Keys

__Seed of Mana X x1

__Ruby Coin x1





__Egyptian Talent

__Illusian Forest Cleared

__Oniquine Slayer/ vanquisher

__Shadowood Slayer/ Vanquisher

When you enter just go west for a scene. After that enter the woods. Head north then follow the path west to the next screen. North of the turn there is a chest with 1500K in it. Exit south then head west. You will get a scene. Head a tad SE here to find a ruby chest with Illustration 20. Head north to the next screen and west to the next screen. Right there is a chest with Granite x4. Head west and west again. South and open the chest for a Refined Ember. at the tombstone looking thing.

Head back north then east then south. Right at the intersection to the west is a chest with Full Elixir x3. Head south twice and west then north. Before entering the church on the left side of it is a Dimensional Shard on the ground. Once you enter the church you are treated to some Dream Blight scenes. After a few scenes you get to move. Talk to your mother and you get some choices. I believe you have to pick the second one for the scene coming up.

After that you get a SCENE. You should be able to get a altered scene if you have enough Heart from your mother. I couldn’t get it to trigger this playthrough. Must have missed something earlier or it is bugged perhaps. After the scene you should get the Eqyptian Talent title.

Grand the envelope for Illustration 35 and the two chests for Ruby Coin x1 and Seed of Mana X x1. Leave the church. Exit then south. East twice and at the corner grab the chest for Cermonial Wand x1. Go north twice then east. South, East and grab the chest for Full Spirit Potion x3. You should receive the Illusian Forest Cleared title. South, East, North, North then East out of here.

Head to Arlon and teleport back to Castle Warrengard. Go up to Black Dame to continue the story You get a choice

Choice 1: Black Dame +1

Choice 2: Black Dame -1

On the way out you talk to your group. You get some choices. As far as I know, since I haven’t played through EP 03 dozens of times, the choices don’t change anything. I went with teach Kythie everything.

Kythie is now playable.

Head to where she was and socialize with here and get choices

Choice 1: Kythie +1

Choice 2: Kythie -1


We are going to finish up all the content we left behind before we move on, story wise, to “EP 03.”

Put Kythie in your party just cause. We need a fair share of Krowns to buy all the property. 152,075K We are going to take care of that now. Go through the basement to



__Lewd Box x2


__Giga Plump


__Giga Plump Slayer/ Vanquisher

So spend forever here getting those titles. Giga Plumps give 2400K. So times 29 is 69600K. Almost half way there! HOLLOW GORGE


__Lewd Box x2 or 3


__Mana Golem


__Mana Golem Slayer/ Vanquisher

Enter the labs and get your titles.

Mana Golems give 2500K. So times 30 is 75000K. So just doing the vanquisher titles on those two monsters nets you 144600k. Not bad. You should have enough now to buy basically all properties. You can also sell all your collectables, Citrine Rings etc. With just that you should have plenty to buy every property. If not you are maybe 2 mana golem battles away from it.

Buy at least 30 properties. If you don’t buy 4 of the most expensive properties the price comes down 54000k! Although after fighting all those Giga Plumps and Mana Golems you should have enough to get all the upgrades that you currently can get. If not Sell Lewd Boxes. Not all of them but 25 should put you way over the top.

For purchasing all things go toSection 9.


__Dream Key: The Scent

__Hunting Gloves- Animal Capture lvl 3

__Outfit for Farah. Says it takes 4 pieces but only takes 3

__Illustration 94. Ruby Chest. 3x coins


__Deed Acquirer

__Property Magnate

There are 34 properties you can buy right now.

While in Brightstone get a new outfit for Farah if you didn’t do so earlier.

Remember a long time ago when I told you NOT to grab the chest from the Colussia Pub basement? Yeah you can get it when buying stuff in Colussia. Illustration 94. While grabbing all the properties you will get Deed Acquirer and Property Magnate. After getting those two titles unlock Hunting Gloves from your encyclopedia.

After buying the properties. Teleport to Kahr, leave and head back to hermit’s Retreat. Go talk to the blacksmith and have him craft Dream Key: The Scent. Head back to Castle Warrengard.



__Illustration 41

__Illustration 96

__Illustration 40

__Granite x3

__Seed of Life x1

__Vintage Booze x2


__Layla No. 03

__Layla No. 04

__Naz’Raala No. 01


__Corrus Spawn

If you want to maximize the items do it in sections. The reason for this is because if you take rubble away from a spot the search items come back. Below is the extra like 3 items you get. Otherwise do as much as you can. First things first we need workers. Head up to Black Dame and recruit 9 workers.

I will give a quick order. The rubble above, west of the save crystal and to the east in the next area. Walk out to the world map and back in.

*Raiding these desks here doesn’t help the Looter Title*

Head up into the door and find Illustration 96 on the ground. Leave the room. Go to the west area and search the desks

for Naz’Raala Card No. 01 and Vintage Booze x2.

Head down the stairs on the left. The desks and such contain Seed of Life x1 and Granite x3. After that, talk to the guy down there and have him clear it out. Head up both sets of stairs and pick up Illustration 40. You can find a guy at the table and play him at Prediction for Layla Card No. 03, 04. You need Layla No. 01 to play.

Leave the castle from the door and setup camp Make sure you have Farah, Gabrielle and Ra’Tiki in your party. Equip the Frostbite Flintlock on Gabrielle and put the ring of strength. Also put the Ring of Agility on Farah.

When you use the teleport crystal and come back it makes the items in the prison cells will be back. So head west and

downstairs to raid the desks again for Seed of Life x1 and Granite x3 again. Head east go up and fight the


REWARD: Illustration 41

This guy can be pretty hard! He has many fire based spells for single and party. Good news is he is weak to ICE AND PARALYZE! If you did what I said have Farah use Unleashed Shock on him to paralyze him. Ra’Tiki use Grand resist and Gabrielle use her Ice Shot. Farah must use it every 3rd turn. If you do it he won’t even be able to attack. Period.

After all that we are going to head to the east. Search the desks again, if you did the first time while raiding here, for another Seed of Dexterity x1. Last but not least head out the front door and talk to the guy to clear the rubble. Leave come back and talk to the two people there and have them do their work. That is all we can do. If you did all the upgrading 3 people will be standing off to the left of the crystal.

Teleport to Brightstone and leave for the Crimson Forest. Reason for this now is because I will forget later



__Shadow Hare- Screen with the 2 caves. Below small water area

__Shadow Hare- Third screen east. Follow the road a tad on the left side near a tree

Head east to the second screen then up north to the next screen. Go around the trees then below the water

You should get the Wildlife Catcher title. After that head south then east to the next screen. Up the pathway a little bit

you will see another Hare to capture.

So leave this place and teleport to Arlon. Leave then walk to the Tower of Descent.



__Illustration 118


__ Prototype


This is where you have to put your big boy pants on. Head into the cave there and enter a rather tough battle! If you can’t beat this enemy just come back another time.


REWARD: Illustration 118

The guy hits hard with both physical and magic. Can hit the entire party with both as well. You can exploit some of his weaknesses. You can still destroy him though. I wouldn’t bet the fight on it though. Just have Kythe Might/ Power MC and power Gabrielle as usual. No real strat here just fight it out until you win.

After all that stuff we are going to fight an Ultima Monster. Camp. Have Ra’tiki, if good enough level and Gabrielle. Head to Serenity Bridge. Make sure it is daytime.



__Lewd Box

__Treasure Map 09






__Planting Seeds

__Serenity Bridge Clear

Head all the way through the cave system to the weak wall and blow it up . WE could have done this as soon as you get the dynamite, but it is pretty strong and would wipe the floor with you. To get there go into the cave, down the stairs and head left and down to another set of stairs. Head north then NE up the stairs and up the next. Blow the wall up. After entering grab the chest for Treasure Map 09. You should get the Serenity Bridge Cleared title.

Start walking towards the pond. You see someone new. If you are playing as a beastman you get a different dialog. Neat! You get a choice.

Choice 1: Ends the game. Wish some scene was attached to it though. Would have made it a possible choice. Choice 2: Battle!!

This is it! The biggest baddest enemy so far.


REWARD: Emerald Gem x1 That isn’t a typo. 120,000 HP! And she has no status weaknesses. Luckly she is weak fire and thunder. So least we have that on our side. Use your Herbs to your hearts content! She is a bad plant. Have Gabrielle use Inferno Shot and Ra’Tiki use Thunder. She casts flood and tsunami. She can seduce a person. She can also poison the entire party. 2000 XP and 10000K with an Emerald Gem are your rewards. After all that pain Roseus is added to the journal. You can talk to her afterwards and get 3 choices

Choice 1: You come to feed her SCENE (Nets you the Planting Seeds title.)

Choice 2: You inquire if she can be moved

Choice 3: She is hungry. You leave

Go ahead and leave here for now head to the Immemorial Glade. Teleport, leave and head to

Ruined Tower


__Illustration 163

__Lewd Box x1


__Gurdian of the Dead

Just follow the path and he should be sitting right there waiting for you towards the base of the tower


Strat: This guy is begging for a beat down. We should have 2 characters that have attacks he is weak again. MC with Sacred Cross, Gabrielle with Holy Round. The only issue is that he will keep summoning Hollow Man. Up to 6. So just ignore the Hollow man and go to town on the guardian. He will summon 6 at 50%. If the minimal damage the Hollow Men starts to stack up take them out with a summon

Reward: Illustration 163

Leave, teleport back and go to



__Illustration 115


__Giganto Brutus

So go all the way inside the building and head down the stairs at the top. Attack the shadow



So we can seduce him. That makes him 50% more likely to miss with his physicals. He does physical attacks that can hit the entire party. Around 50% HP he will cast rage on himself. He can also fear the entire party. Have Farah seduce him with Alluring Dance. When he rages his MDEF will drop a lot.

After that, leave

Chapter 8: Road To The Second Spire

Head to Uncle Dads Farm.

Head into the NE shack and have a conversation you get a choice

Choice 1: Black Dame +1

Choice 2: Black Dame -1

You learn that Dames name starts with Syl. Her and Sue are really close friends it seems. You automatically jump down the hole




__Complex Weapon x3

__Crystalized Catalyst

__Dimensional Shard

__Forest Rabbit

__Forest Rabbit

__Forest Rabbit

__Forest Rabbit

__Illustration 61- Envelope right when you drop down

__Illustration 73- Ruby Chest. 3 coins

__Lewd Box x5

__Platinum x4

__Platinum x5

__Reflex Herb x2

__Ruby Coin

__Seed of Life X x1



__Earth Demoness

__Golden Beetleblade- Second screen from entrance. Next to a log


__Mr. Fuzzyfurl


__Cockalot Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Earth Demoness Slayer/ Vanquisher

Right when you jump down there is an envelope with Illustration 61. Just keep following the tunnel. You will run into an old friend. After some conversation she will initiate battle



Here is an odd battle. She is the same fight as before, but hits harder and has more HP. She has a new move called Trickster’s Prank which hits one person. The bear. IDK it just sat there. He gets angry? Fireshot hurt the hell out of it. Outside of that it is a pretty straight forward battle. She can still poison and confuse you. 4000 xp reward.

You get a choice

Choice 1: Heroic +1

Choice 2: Renegade +1

Head back inside the cave for Platinum x5. Go west to the next area up the stairs, follow the path to a Platinum x4.

There is a place to the west where you can jump over eventually. Head back out of the cave. Search the tents for Seed of Life X x1 a future quest giver?? and a ruby chest for Illustration 73. A tad east is a Forest Rabbit

Straight north is a chest with 1500K. Head East a screen Go right a little and below to get another Forest Rabbit

Take the North exit. In the northwest corner is a chest with Complex Weapon x3. Head straight east and you will see a

Forest Rabbit.

Snatch it up. This map is basically one big circle stuff hidden in the trees. Head East to the next map. Straight below you is another Forest Rabbit.

East in the woods is a chest with Reflex Herb x2. Head south to the next screen. Search the area marked by the picture

for a Crystalized Catalyst.

Go East. In the north part of this area is a chest with a Ruby Coin x1 and in the south east corner is a Dimensional Shard laying on the ground. The Earth Demoness like to hang around the edges of the areas. After you get your vanquisher titles leave the area to the entire map to the north. Just follow the path. To get out from the shard, West two screens and just go North until you are out.

Southern Meadow

Welcome to our new area of the world map to explore! It will be a very large area to explore once it is complete. About the size of Northern AND Southern plains. Straight West



__Ruby Coin x1


__Valley Checkpoint Cleared

Grab the chest behind the Paladin for a Ruby Coin x1 and the Valley Checkpoint Cleared title. Leave and head east then enter the building to the north



__Illustration 80

You can talk to some of the people outside to find out you can’t get into this place without a special invitation and that it

was built in tribute to Laquadia. So go west into the stable and smash the barrel for Illustration 80. Then leave You can go south east between the mountains and see a ship stuck on the shore.



__Costume Fabrice – Kythie

__Illustration 107

__Illustration 161



Nothing to special just yet, but if you go into the ship you can talk to the captain. Under the deck of the ship at the north end is an envelope for Illustration 161. South end is Costume Fabric Kythie. If you played the previous games you heard of her or met her. The infamous Pirate Queen herself Bal’Rana. Bal’Rana gets added to the journal. Leave and re- enter over and over until you see Bal’Rana sunbathing on the beach. It is a 8% chance. It may take a few tries. That makes the guy in front of the cave move out of the way. Head in and grab the chest for Illustration 107. There isn’t anything else here to do sadly.

Leave and camp. Talk to Gabrielle. You get some details on a quest? You get a choice.

Choice 1: Gabrielle +1

Choice 2: Gabrielle -1 and no mission.

Before we run off to Whithaven. Leave camp and go north to the large city.



__Costume Fabric – Gabrielle

__Costume Fabric – Mhu’Tiki

__Costume Fabric – Mhu’Tiki

__Crystalline Lens- Stops Lens Flare for the camera.

__Dimensional Shard

__Eastern Region Map

__Feather of Awakening- Gives second chance after defeat.

__Garnet Necklace x1

__Granite x4

__Illustration 11- Next to armor shop in alley

__Illustration 78- House far left of the church. Night only. Safe. 9200

__Illustration 119- Clothing/ Material Store. Night Only.

__Illustration 133- House left of the Inn. Strike barrel behind door

__Illustration 136- Mayor’s house behind a locked door. Painting

__Illustration 149- House right of the Inn. Painting

__Illustration 164- Ruby Chest. 2x coins. SE section of town above the stairs that lead to the docks. __Illustration 188- Safe

__Illustration 193- Behind weak wall in a house on eastern dock

__Laquadia No. 08

__Laquadia No. 09

__Lewd Boxes

__Music Box Camera- Takes pictures?

__Nal’Tara Wine x2

__Opala No. 03

__Rage Herb x3

__Ruby Coin x1

__Ruby Coin x1- House left of the inn. In a desk

__Sapphire Ring x1

__Seed of Life x1

__Sun Equalizer- Color Pictures with the Camera


__Black Dame No. 05

__Black Dame No. 06

__Kythie No. 04

__ Farah No. 04

__ Farah No. 05

__ Farah No. 06

__Zweibelle No. 01


__Front of the Inn. Only at night

__Front of the costume and material shop

__Far east docks. Right next to a ship


__Beauty Treatment

__Girl Who Cried Ass

__Obedience- Old man in blue next the the armor shop

__Obedience- Sailor next to the ship at the east dock

__Tavern Wench Challenge- Bar on eastern Docks. Night only



__Charity Balancer

__Lock Handler

__Painting Marauder

__Red Fascinator

When you walk in you are greeted by a welcome man. You learn the slave trade market is a very alive thing here in Odidania. Depending on what you picked for Mhu’Tiki to teach Kythie she will respond differently. Maybe?? You need to visit the mayor and Gabrielle wants to get a ghost exorcised. You all agree to meet back up at the mayor’s house.

*If you find yourself low on cash, like 50,000K, I wouldn’t buy gear just yet. Maybe weapon or two for those you don’t have platinum gear . The reason is because of the property. Around 25,000K for property is required. You can also get some diamond ore to make gear.*

Odidania is a very large city that doesn’t have a circular layout like Colussia or a T layout like Kahr or Brightstone . It can be pretty easy, for a 2d game, to get a tad lost.

So head north and activate the crystal! First new one in a while. Head west and enter the first house to the south you see. You can get Nal’Tara Wine x2 from the chest. We can’t get to the desk/ wardrobe yet. The man in the kitchen will play prediction for Black Dame No. 05, 06. You must have Black Dame No. 01 or 02. Leave and enter the house on the left for a safe that you can’t open until night. Search spots though. Also a senile old man. Leave the house and take the path north and enter the inn.

Talk to our man the Traveling Scholar for 1000K.

Q1: Clank Giant

Q2: Duchess Lynevere

Q3: Val’Torres

Q4: The Ravaged Booty

Q5: Southern Meadow

Reward: Music Box Camera

If you have 3 Golden Tokens purchase the Sun Equalizer and Crystalline Lens. Before we start buying properties here lets buy the stuff we actually really need. Make sure to buy 1 Feather of Awakening from the item shop for later . Search the desks for Granite x4 talk to the man in the turbin to buy Kythie No. 04 for 4000k. Buy the Eastern Region Map from the item shop.

Head west. In the first house is a barrel behind a door for Illustration 133. Search the desks for Ruby Coin x1 and a Seed of Life. Leave the house. To the west a tad is a quest man standing in front of the house.

Quest: Girl Who Cried Ass

Description: Stop a gang of thieves robbing his house at night. Head into the house directly above at night

Reward: Costume Fabric – Mhu’Tiki

Go around and into the next house. Go to the safe

SAFE: 7713

REWARD: Illustration 188

Head North. On the left side of the tower, up the stairs, is a Dimensional Shard. Go back to the Inn and head east a tad. First house has Illustration 149 and Costume Fabric Gabrielle! You should get the Painting Marauder title.

Head East to the next screen and straight north. Talk to the man in the blue for the Obedience quest. The house North of that for some searching. Leave and swap the POSTER out then head down to the armor shop. Upgrade to diamond if you can afford it. Stuff is getting very expensive. Leave armor shop and enter the alley next to it for Illustration 11. Head North to the next screen.

Enter the house right there to your left. Search the desks and play the guard at prediction. Farah No. 04, 05, 06. Requires Farah 01. Leave and you will see another quest giver.

Quest: Beauty Treatment

Description: Get a material from Northern Creek. NIGHT QUEST. Find it past all the Clank Giants through the caves

Reward: Diamond x10 North is where we need to go so we are ignoring that for now. Even if you try to go to the house you are not allowed in to see him. Head South then East immediately. Head down and into the first building for Zweibelle Card No. 01. In the next house has a Rage Herb x3 and a locked wardrobe for a Garnet Necklace x1. You get the Lock Handler title for your trouble. The ruby chest contains Illustration 164. You should get the Red Fascinator title as well. Head south You will see a guy selling a Opala No. 03 for 6000K. So pick that up. Follow the path and after the scene head into the house directly below you for a Ruby Coin x1. Blow the weak wall and get Illustration 193 and a chest with 6800k. Leave the house and replace the POSTER on the right then talk to the sailor in the blue bandana for the Obedience quest. Straight south of is another quest.

Quest: Wet ‘n Dry

Description: Deliver shipment of Beer Kegs to the tavern in Kahr, The Golden Goat.

Reward: 5000K Inside the pub in the storage room is Costume Fabric Mhu’Tiki. There is also a guy you can play prediction with for Laquadia No. 08 and Laquadia No. 09. Go to the inn and sleep until night fall. Head outside and replace the POSTER and go south into the house and search the desk/ wardrobe for a Sapphire Ring x1. Leave the house and steal the donations to the right for the Charity Balancer title. Go to the west house and open the safe.

SAFE: 9200

REWARD: Illustration 78

Go West. The house that has the first safe was/ is loaded with thieves. You get Costume Fabric Mhu’Tiki.

Head back to the inn and start heading east. First house is locked so pick it for nothing inside. Go to the Clothing/ Material/ Clothing shop, pick the lock and take the painting for Illustration 119. Head East and back to the bar for the Tavern Wench Challenge. Gabrielle is maxed out on popularity for the challenge. So that is good news!

Head back to the inn and sleep until day time. Make you way east again. This time stopping by the Clothing store and make a costume for Mhu’Tiki since we have 3 parts.

If you want or have been buying the properties in Odidania you will need 24,300K. That is less than a few pieces of

upgraded gear. Go toSection 9for the list of properties.

Exit and take the northern exit and head towards the mayors house. Enter the mayor’s house and unlock the door. Raid the desks and such for a Seed of Intelligence x1 and the painting Illustration 136.

Head upstairs and get into a conversation with the mayor. After all the heavy disposition you are taken to Osira and Luquadia having a conversation. An automatic SCENE occurs. Enjoy.

Off To The Second Spire, Just Not Yet!

Anyway. Go to the teleport crystal. Go to Kahr. Head to the pub and speak to the bartender. You will receive 5000K. Teleport.

We are going to take care of Gabrielle next. So teleport to Brightstone and head to Whithaven. Enemies here have 1800 HP and you will be fighting them alone. That means Slayer and Vanquisher titles. If you don’t think you can manage. Buy as many HP potions and Spirit potions you think you need. I don’t even know if you can come back here.

Go to the boat and speak with Gabrielle. You will set sail and arrive at,

The Drowning Castle




__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 186

__Lewd Box x2

__Ruby Coin x1

__Unsealing Sphere


__Vengeful Butler


__Rewarded Patience

__Vengeful Butler Slayer/ Vanquisher

Once you enter go up to the door. You will get a choice. First one gets you Gabrielle +1 and second does nothing. Go inside and Gabrielle is missing. So we are off to find her. North door needs a key. Take the east door for a chest with Ruby Coin x1. Leave and take the west door. To the left of the stairs is a Dimensional Shard. Head up the stairs and the next. Left side on the balcony is a envelope with Illustration 186. Head down the stairs. Grab the chests with 780K and Unsealing Sphere.

Just head right to a chest with 1650K. Continue on and down the stairs. Head back up the stairs. You will get into a fight. Continue back to the entrance. Stick with the enemy on the second floor in front of the stairs. It only spawn 1 enemy. Use the sphere on the door on the North side of the room. Go into the next room.

Run into Gabrielle and she will ask you for some help opening the chests. None of the other chests open. If you open the cracked on you will get some pretty deep backstory on what Gabrielle has been doing since before LoQO 2. The reason she did all what she did. Nicely done. You run into a Spirit Maiden who gets obsessed with the MC. You bolt the hell out of there.

Head to the Four Seasons Inn. It is East of Arlon. Go meet her in the lobby? You will get some banter and end up roleplaying. It is rather cute. You get a SCENE. You get choices during the scene

Choice 1: Changes Scene

Choice 2: Finshes scene

Choice 3: Slightly alters scene

Choice 3a: Changes SCENE

Choice 3b: Finishes

You are rewarded the Rewarded Patience title. Gabrielle scene doesn’t go into the gallery.

BACK to Odidinia. Leave town. Head West to the spot on the map.

Isolated Shack


__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 97

__Lewd Box

__Masquerade No. 08


__Isolated Shack Cleared

Head straight north and pick up the Dimensional Shard from the ground then head into the Isolated Shack and search the desks and the floor for Illustration 97 and Masquerade Card No. 08. You should get Isolated Shack Cleared title. Speak to Mr. Fuzzywurl to be interrupted and then leave. Camp out, refill your party and sleep until night. Have Gabrielle on your team. North is the

Northern Creek


__Diamond x3

__Diamond x3

__Diamond x5

__Full Elixir X x1

__Illustration 54- Northern Creek. Altar Quest.

__Illustration 126- Envelope in the cave next to bed

__Illustration 150- Behind weak wall. Ruby Chest 3x coins

__Illustration 176

__Lew Box x2

__Platinum x4

__Platinum x4

__Rejuvenating Powder- Quest Item

__Ruby Coin x1


__Clank Giant

__Devil Root

__Golden Beetleblade


__Clank Giant Slayer/ Vanquisher

Walk west into the cave and grab the chest for a Full Elixir X x1. follow the path to a Platinum x4. When you can go east do so for a Diamond x3 and a little more for Illustration 126. Head back and exit to the north. Go north over the log and into the cave. Illustration 54 from the alter.

Leave, over the log and head to the SW area. Follow the path and get the chest for a Ruby Coin x1. Continue on until you get to a weak wall. You should see the glowing rocks right near it. Grab them for Rejuvenating Powder.

Head in for Platinum x4, Diamond x3, Diamond x5 and the chest for Illustration 150.

After all that head back to the starting area. Go over the bridge and follow the river west to a Dimensional Shard for the Northern Creek Cleared title as well. On the right side of this area. East of the bend in the road is a legendary. Equip Earth Rings on your Low MDEF characters.


Strat: This enemy is earth/ plant based. So water doesn’t do shit to it. It is weak to fire which is why we brought Gabrielle with us since she is the one with fire based attacks. It attacks with earth based spells so I hope you listened about the rings on low MDEF characters. Ra’Tiki will also do good damage with Thunder.

Reward: Illustration 176 Leave this area. Head to Odidania and turn in the rejuvenating powder to the butler and receive Diamond x10. You should have 99 lewd boxes again. Either open enough until you have 80+ Emerald gems or sell about 25 of them. Or both!

Leave here and head south and west of The Ravaged Booty to the “Praeceps Isle.”



__Advanced Mineral x4

__Barrier Herb x3

__Ceremonial Bow

__Dimensional Shard

__Full Revival Potion x2

__Illustration 84

__Illustration 172

__Platinum x4

__Platinum x5

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Life X x1


__Beldorian Arch Knight

__Beldorian Knight

__Magi Hound


__Praeceps Isle Cleared

This is a onetime only area. So make sure you search everything.

When you get here everyone is “Incapacitated.” Follow the path to the third screen, head up two ramps and on the right side there is a chest for a Ceremonial Bow. Head straight west to another screen. We are doing this since enemies actively chase you in a little bit.

In the North is a chest where you can find a Ruby Coin x1. In the Northwest of the map is a cave for the quest Blessing for Illustration 172. Head straight south into another cave for Platinum x4, Platinum x5 and a chest with Full Revival Potion x2. Exit south for a Dimensional Shard. Head all the way back through the cave and back to the main road.Head north to the next screen and into the tower.

You can search the second floor for Barrier Herb x3 and Advanced Mineral x4. Head up to the next floor and find Illustration 84. Next floor up to get some conversation. On this floor is a Seed of Life X x1. Praeceps Isle Cleared title should have been gained. Go downstairs to the basement and fight another Imperial Archknight.

Leave and head south and meet an old friend.

“ditt ondsinta djväul’s väsen” Basically means you evil devil.

“Tharg, undvik att bli upptäckt tillsbo möts igen! Följ Devon och se till att de klarar sig oskadda!”

“Tharg , avoid being captured until we meet again. Follow Devon and make sure they are okay!”

Enemies actively chase you here. Head straight into the Southwest cave. Once you exit the cave you meet someone we only heard about. You get a choice.

Choice 1: Heroic

Choice 2: Renegade




__Costume Fabric – Kythie

__Illustration 168

__Lewd Box x1

__Nal’Tara Wine x3

__Refined Ember

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Dexterity x1

__Steel x5

__Wolf Pelt x6


__Zweibelle No. 02




__Caught in a Trap

After getting captured, you get some dialog. A guard says something about Starberry Cake? It was supposed to be something Gabrielle came up with for the code name of the rebels? I never read this conversation, so I must have missed it somewhere. Van gets added to the journal and Caught in a Trap title as well/

Check the crates and Masquerade shows up. During your conversation with her you will be given a choice Choice 1: Masquerade +1

Choice 2: Nothing

Head back to the crate and down the hole we go. Head left, since nothing right, and walk around. On the southern wall

are gaps. Walk into the gaps to find your party members to see what they are up too. Eventually you will find one that gives a SCENE.

During the scene you learn some interesting things about Francesca. Poor girl. You also learn that the warden may know something about where she is. Just keep following the path as there are no chests. You can’t operate the switch. Ignore the stairs as you can’t swim and up the ladder. Grab the Costume Fabric Kythie. Get the 3 chests in the center room for Wolf Pelt x6, 2500K, and Your Equipment and Steel x5.

*You can’t fight anyone in the disguise as it is too tight. *

Ignore the other sewer grate as there is nothing there. Talk to the guards to learn of what has been going on if you are interested. Head upstairs and search the desks for Zweibelle No. 02. Back down On the eastern side is Mhu’Tiki,

Gabrielle, And Bal’Rana. If you talk to Bal’Rana you get 3 choices

Choice 1: You agree to help her escape later. Possible scene later?

Choice 2: Nothing

Choice 3: Another set

Choice 3A: She will join your fight. Bal’Rana +1

Choice 3B: Completely hates you. Bal’Rana -1

Choice 3C: Another set

Choice 3CA: Spend one night with her later. Maybe..

Choice 3CB: Bal’Rana -1

Left side of the prison is Kythie. Talk to her and she will tell you about the keys. Talk to all the knights until you are on your way to the east cells. Masquerade is there in the center area. Talk to her to open up an option soon. Head to the east side of the cells and start talking to Knights until you find the correct one. If you are on window mode it could be difficult to tell which knight has a black uniform. Full Screen players shouldn’t have an issue. You get a choice

Choice 1: Get Prison Keys B

Choice 2: Talk to Masquerade

Choice 3: Do nothing

I suggest taking choice 2 although choice 1 has good dialog. If you went with choice 2 head back to the center room and talk to Masquerade. She will agree to help. Masquerade +1. Head back to the knight as ask for Masquerade for help again and she will distract the guard and you get the keys. Either choice you pick the place gets attacked.

Go let Beatrix out and you split up for now. Search desks for Nal’Tara Wine x3. Release your party members and Bal’Rana as well. If you asked her to join your party she does so now. Once you release Mhu’Tiki you are treated to

another SCENE. You get a choice

Choice 1: Finishes scene

Choice 2: Changes SCENE.

I recommend choice 2 during you first time. During the scene you bring up an option to setup a glory hole booth in Castle Warrengard.

On the way to release Kythie search the other cells for Ruby Coin x1 and a Seed of Dexterity x1. In the bottom left cell is

an envelope containing Illustration 168. You can talk to Beatrix again in the southern part of the middle room. Once all your people are released head back to the sewers to meet up with your party. Depending on your choices with Bal’Rana, she will be there or not. Your party comments on your choice. Beatrix will join your party! Talk to those you want in your party. Bal’Rana joins at lvl 34. Head east to the switch you tried to open earlier.

After some talkies you get some choices. They all lead to the same answer. You find out the machine hasn’t been used in 100 years by Zweibelle of the Wüldur. You get into a battle. These aren’t simple slimebags. They have around 4700 HP and fire doesn’t really seem to hurt them. They are weak to ICE though.

Once you leave you find out you were moved to a place called Blackgard Stronghold. The plan now is to get Farah back and meet outside of Blackthorn Keep. There are enemies wandering about if you want to kill some guys. Otherwise head West to the next screen. There is a chest kind of hidden amongst the other crates. Grab it for Refined Ember. West. Leave via south.

“Nästa gång vi är ensamma så ska du få en ordentlig present som jag vet att du kommer at uppskatta!” Next time we are alone, I have a treat that I know you will like. Basically.


So on the world map we aren’t far from where we were. Head west on the road and you are treated to a little scene. You will learn Van sucks at his job and Farah was taken by Harpies! So after the scene camp. Fill your party up if need be. Speak with Kythie and she will talk about a gift Ra’Tiki gave her. She can’t find it. She says it is Odidania. We will take care of this in a little bit. Speak with Bal’Rana You get choices. 1st for Bal’Rana +1 and 2nd for Bal’Rana -1.

Head straight west into



__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 124

__Small Health Potion X x4


__Grandmaster’s Hut Cleared

Right when you walk left and grab the Dimensional Shard just sitting there on the ground. You can speak to the old man but he won’t do anything for you until you finish your pilgrimage. Head into the hut and pick up off the floor a envelope for Illustration 124. Open the chest for Small Health Potion X x4. You should also receive the Grandmaster’s Hut Cleared title. Open the blue chest for a possible memory. You get to control Kythie. You can check doors etc if you want. Go to the shed straight East. You get a SCENE. Leave the place. On the road take the Northern road at the T intersection until you reach.



__Bear Pelt x4

__Cape of Levitation- Able to go across certain gaps

__Costume Fabric – Bal’rana

__Diamond x6

__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 71

__Illustration 143

__Illustration 152

__Illustration 204

__Lewd Box x3

__Ruby Coin x1

__Silver x6

__Silver x6

__Silver x7

__Steel x5

__Steel x5

__Steel x7


__Ra’Tiki No. 09



__Mercenary Chief

__Young Harpy



__Young Harpy


__Obedience- Miner in SE area of town. Doesn’t appear until it is freed


__Right above entrance when you walk in. Above a mine cart


__The Hazy Cloud: 4000K


__Skalhalm Cleared

__Young Harpy Slayer/ Vanquisher

Upon entering this depressing place you learn everyone is afraid to go outside. Before heading to the tavern search the houses for Bear Pelt x4, Costume Fabric Bal’Rana and Illustration 152 respectively. Activate the crystal. Don’t forget to steal the donations in the church! You can also replace a POSTER a little west of the crystal.

Head into the tavern for a choice.

Choice 1: Heroic

Choice 2: Renegade

Before you leave make sure you buy the tavern if you can afford it. Only 4000K. There is also our man the Traveling

Scholar for 1200K

Q1: Oniquine

Q2: 43

Q3: League of Perverts

Q4: Three

Q5: Five Realms of Zul’Taara

Reward: Cape of Levitation

The cape allows you to jump certain gaps throughout the world.

Leave the pub and head up into the NE cave and get the Ruby Chest for Illustration 71. Head out and the other mine shaft and mine Steel x7, Steel x5 and Silver x6. Up the rope ladder and exit the cave.

*Don’t forget to get your slayer/vanquisher title because the enemies disappear. Your choice earlier doesn’t affect


At the split head west and into the cave. Follow it around and out to a chest with Ruby Coin x1. Head back and go east in the house. On the floor there is Illustration 143. Keep following it east. You will be in another cave and mine for Silver x7, Silver x6 and Steel x5. Follow the path West and at the split take the North path to a bag on the ground for Illustration 204. Continue to a node for Diamond x6. Head back and exit to the north.

Grab the Dimensional Shard on the west side. You should get Skalhalm Cleared title as well. Head up the rope latter. After some conversation you will learn a few things about the miners of the town.

Paellicia has been added in the journal.

On your way out you will run into some guys from the Guild of Heroes. They will engage you in combat. These guys are kind of a joke. So wreck their world and move on. If you have Bal’Rana a fanboy will get her autograph. Go back to the tavern for some more convo. You get a choice.

Choice 1: You forgive the people of the town.

Choice 2: Send his ass to prison.

I sent him to prison. Head straight north and you can buy Ra’Tiki No. 09 for 3400K. So buy it. Talk to the miner in the SE part of town for the Obedience sidequest. Head back into the Pub for a little competition. Go back out and change the poster again to Bal’Rana. Gabrielle, I believe, is already maxed out.

There is still some more stuff to do though. Head out on the world map and enter camp. Sleep till night. SCENE. You get the Bird With A View title. Sleep till night again. Put Farah in your party. Head back into town. Head to the tavern and do the challenge with both characters. Bal’Rana is starting from the beginning and Gabrielle is of course top of her game. Leave town and setup camp. Sleep until daytime. Make sure you have a Feather of Awakening and Farah in the party. These can be bought at item shops for 6000k. South is




__Advanced Mineral x3

Ceremonial Flintlock


__Diamond x5

__Diamond x6

__Dimensional Rift

__Elixer X x1

__Gold Dice – Black Dame

__Grey Mouse

__Illustration 148

__Illustration 155

__Ruby Coin x1

__Tremor Cloak

__Vile Mouse


__Murk Maiden

__Seis Pesadillas


__ Art Collector

__Marshes of Despair Cleared

__Murk Maiden Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Seis Pesadillas Slayer/ Vanquisher

Unequip all your armor and lose to the first enemy. You will get a game over ENDING SCENE. Use the feather to continue playing. Remember to re-equip your gear! Seis Pesadilas are pretty tough enemies. If you are having a rough time with them leave them alone and come back later.

In the Southeast part of this area over a small bridge is a chest with Elixer X x1. Take the other bridge and south exit. There seems to be monsters facing off against each other here. You can’t get down as of yet. To the South East over a bridge is a chest with Advanced Mineral x3.

Head south to the next map. To the South West is a wooden bridge. More West than South. Cross if for a Dimensional Shard. The west house has an envelope on the ground containing Illustration 148. The East house has a chest that contains 3000K. Head down the stairs in the middle house. Leads to a cave with Diamond x5, Diamond x6 and a chest with a Ceremonial Flintlock. Exit the basement and in the South East corner is a chest with a Ruby Coin x1 and then head back North. We will leave the Legendary for later. Take the West exit

In the first building head down the stairs. There is a Grey mouse you can catch right when you walk in. There is a Tremor Cloak in the chest and a bomb wall in between the crates for a Vile Mouse and a chest for Illustration 155. You should get the Art Collector title as well.

Leave the basement. In the South West area of the map is a chest with Gold Dice Black Dame and the Marshes of Despair Cleared title.

Leave here and follow the road east to the



__Citrine Earring

__Costume Fabric – Ra’Tiki

__Dimensional Shard

__Illustration 151

__Illustration 169

__Illustration 180

__Ring of Dexterity x1

__Ruby Coin x1


__Gabrielle No. 10

__Laquadia No. 10


__Forgotten King


__A Waste of Time


__East Lighthouse Cleared

__Priestess Collector

Go into the cave that you see when you come in. You need at least 60 Trading Cards. You can win the Laquadia No. 10 and Gabrielle No. 10. This also unlocks Laquadia’s Animation and Priestess Collector title respectively. You also get the titles. Exit the cave and to the Southwest is a bomb wall. Go up to the altar and receive Illustration 151. Remember to search the desk. Leave the cave and to the South East of the area you will see a Dimensional Shard. Right above that you will see a guy. Talk to him for a quest

Quest: A Waste of Time

Description: Laugh at the world. Talk to him again right after and select the third choice.

Reward: Ring of Dexterity Head into the lighthouse in the NE and fin Costume Fabric Ra’Tiki. Search the glowing spots for a Citrine Earring, Ruby Coin x1 and the East Lighthouse Cleared title. Head up to the top floor and find Illustration 169 on the floor. Equip your strongest Light weapon on your MC. To the right of the lighthouse is a Legendary. You can defeat him. If not, leave and get some magic users.


Strat: This guy can be pretty tanky and can cause a fair amount of pain with his rage ability. He is weak to Light but not Undead. So Gabrielle’s Holy Round doesn’t get a boost. He is also very slow. If you bring a magic user that is the time to beat him up since rage lowers DEF and MDEF. Otherwise just beat on him like normal. He will go down with time. Nothing special otherwise. Just a lot of HP. You can Seduce him too.

Reward: Illustration 180

Leave here and go south through Northern Creek to Odidania.



__Fluffy Toy

__Imperial Passport


__Jizz Addiction

Head back to the mayor’s house. On the way you will see what looks like a squirrel on the ground. Pick it up for the Fluffy Toy. Talk to the guard at the door in front of the Mayors house for an Imperial Passport! With the Imperial Passport you can just walk through checkpoints now! Better late then never. Sleep at the Inn until night.

Change all POSTERS in town to Bal’Rana to help her reputation. That would be in front of the INN, North of the Armor Shop and East of the pub. Take up the Tavern Wench Challenge again. You should get the Jizz Addiction title.

Teleport back to

Castle Warrengard


__Illustration 198


__League Invitation


__Magihound Teacher



You will notice it received a huge upgrade during our travels! Some of the search spots have spawned again. So if you want a few more items go get them. You will get some conversation about the Dream Blight hitting the workers.

Head straight into the door by the crystal. Talk to the redheaded woman there and have her clear the vines. Head to where the blacksmith is for some talking. Behelda added to the journal. Behelda will be there only if you spoke to the Dream Maker instead of a generic blacksmith. Go into the west wing and north. Talk to the guy there and he will turn it into your private quarters. Leave to the front door and check your mailbox. Tells you to meet them at Uncle Dad’s Farm at night.

Quest: Sharing is Caring

Description: Meet someone on the road outside of Uncle Dad’s Farm at night.

Reward: It unlocks more quests Not yet. Head to the world map and come and camp. Talk to Kythie and give her toy back. You will get choices. Choice 1/2/3: Kythie +1 What you pick changes dialog. So pick 1 or 2. Head to the courtyard and upgrade it if you want or can afford it. With your private quarters done you can find Bal’Rana in there, if you recruited her.

You can play a game called Strippin’ o’ Die. To play you need to score 12 points. Every 3 points removes a piece of clothing. You get a tutorial. The game has been made a lot easier since it is a PURE gamble. Improved Roll helps dramatically! With Improved Roll I never lost a game. You can challenge other people in your party/ friends. If they are allies such as Black Dame you can unlock Portraits for them. 3 wins for small Portrait. 6 wins for large portrait. For Party members 10 wins for their Naked Costume. Naked costumes don’t count towards collection achievement. For the love of God DON’T do everyone at once. You will go insane. Do them sparingly.

Search the cabinet next to you bed and you can FINALLY change your costume. On the east side of the room there is a mirror. This is the Hall of Memories. Read the tutorial. It will take over 99 gems in total to open them all . Hence, why saving Lewd Boxes is important. These DO unlock alt scenes in your Art Gallery of the ones you already opened. You have to view them first and select the different options.

On the east side of the second floor and talk to the Man and woman on the other end, You can’t right now cause you need 100 workers. There are booths now and they are glory hole booths. If you head down into the cells while taming the Steel Demoness, if the villagers are arrested, they will watch.




Head up to the conference room to meet up with a familiar face! You get a good exposition dump. You also see that Osira still has a pretty good fear of Sabastilion. You decide to have a change of plans and meet up with your team to go protect Colussia. When you leave the room you get some more talkies.

Head back up and talk to Black Dame. Hire 3 more workers. Head up to the second floor and speak to the redheaded woman and the man on each other ends of the hall to have them clear their areas. Leave the castle via the front door to the world map and back in. Head all the way up the right set of stairs and under the left window is Illustration 198 on the ground

Head to your private quarters and sleep/ nap. You will get a SCENE.

During the scene you get a choice.

Choice 1: Finishes and ends the scene.


Of course I picked choice 2 for a scene change. You get another set of choices.

Choice 1: Kythie +1

Choice 2: Kythie +1

Choice 3: Kythie -1

After this you should receive the Magihound Teacher title.

We are going to take care of an annoying part of the game. Strippin’ o’ Die with Black Dame. Since we will not see her for a while. So beat her 6 times. I played Opala and Mama Farah as well. Not required. Just got them out of the way if they leave. If you want to get 10 portraits to unlock the next part that is your choice. I did it. You can unlock Mining Gear a tad early. Is it worth the hour to do it? Nope. I had to make sure the mechanics worked and nothing was broken. I didn’t unlock the gear yet.

Now that we have access to the courtyard AND loft, we are going to get summon in a second. You read that correctly. Summons. Head north of the crystal and into the courtyard. Have her make it pretty.

Head to Arlon and make sure it is daytime. Head to

Serenity Bridge

Head ALL the way back to Roseus. Talk to her and tell her that you have a place for her to live. Leave here, go to Arlon and teleport to



__Emerald Gem



Leave town and setup your team if need be. I recommend Farah due to her Avain attack buff, Gabrielle for her Fire attack skill and Bal’Rana due to her Fire attack skill. Sadly there isn’t any Wind resist gear we have. Use herbs if need be.

Head back to where Paellicia is and you can fight her for the second Ultima enemy.


REWARD: Emerald Gem

She can cast Air based spells against a single or the entire party. She is quite fast and nimble. If you have been keeping up this entire time with the monster slaying and all that you should be strong enough to beat her. Just hit her with Gabrielle Fire shot and Flame Bullet from Bal’Rana. Focus Shot from Farah if you brought her. She can seduce you to make it so you can’t hit.

After combat she will then go to your castle. So head back to town and teleport to

Castle Warrengard




Head to the courtyard and talk to Roseus and Devon will learn to summon her. Go into the top left building in the courtyard and have the guy clear out the room. Head straight south into the other building and have her clear it out.

Head up the stairs on the left side of the castle to the top floor and talk to Paellicia to get her summon. You could turn in your dimensional shards for no reward so I will just wait. Sleep in your bed until nighttime.

Teleport to Arlon. Do the Tavern Wench Challenge. Leave town. Head towards Uncle Dads Farm. You will get a event that happens right outside of the farm. This unlocks a bunch of quests that have to do with the C.A.M.E.R.A. Go back to Arlon and teleport to



__Quartz x8


__Snap: Paellicea

So head to the east house from where you port in from and speak to the man.

Quest: Snap: Paellicia

Description: Wants a picture of the Matriarch from your camera.

Reward: Quartz x8 Teleport back to your castle. Head outside and check your mailbox. You will get several letters. One at the Dream Maker and the other at the Four Season Inn. Go up to where Roseus is and into the Northwest cabin. You will take a picture of Mhu’Tiki. Afterwards you will get a Photo Studio Tutorial. It isn’t anything too special as of right now. Head up to Paellicia and speak to her. You can move the camera left and right. You can take more than one picture. It unlocks her for the photo studio.

Head back to Skalkhalm and turn the pictures to the quest giver. Leave out of town south and head to the

Grandmaster’s Hut


__Way of Grope Fu

__Way of Grope Fu 2


__Problem Solver

I am not putting a picture like all other side quests since he is the only person and the map is the size of a grapefruit.

Speak to the grandmaster and he will say something is different about you. Speak to him again and he will ask you to bring him 80 different illustrations. Speak to him again since you should have at least 80 illustrations. You complete the quest and learn Order: Surrender. It seems while fighting certain enemies and you surrender you can maybe get something out of it? Speak to him again and you will start the second quest. Find the Fatman 14 times. Speak to him again to complete this part. You will learn Order: Submit! This makes one of your allies enter the distressed state. You will also get the Problem Solver title.

This is about all you can do here for now. Leave here, head to Skalkhalm and teleport to Kahr. Leave town and head to



__Snap: Behelda

Go speak to the hermit blacksmith. He will give you the quest

QUEST: Snap: Behelda

Description: Take a picture of his granddaughter. She is located in your castle as you blacksmith. It will lead into another quest as well. Do her quest during this one, take picture and head back to the hermit.

Reward: Crystalized Catalyst

Before leaving have him craft Dream Key: Unbearable. Leave here and go back to Kahr. Sleep until night and do the Tavern Wench Challenge. Sleep until Day and go back CASTLE WARRENGARD ITEM

__Forge Key


__Chest o’ Goodies

Head straight north of the crystal and talk to Behelda. She is more than willing to take some pictures with you if you complete her quest.

QUEST: Chest o’ Goodies

Description: Go get her stuff from Odidania. Located in tower in the NW of town. Use the key to grab her stuff and bring it back to her. Simple enough.

Reward: Picture

Going to sound weird, but teleport to ARLON. Leave and head to

Four Season’s Inn


__Mining Gear


__Snap: Lynevere

Go into the winter lodge. It is the bottom right of the four lodges. Speak to Cardinal and get the quest

QUEST: Snap: Lynevere

Description: Head to the Duchess’s Mansion and take some pictures of the Duchess Lynevere. You have to do this at night. Head to the rear of the mansion via NW and take the picture. Return it for your reward.

Reward: 8000K Accept the quest. Leave here and hit the Valley Checkpoint. Head through to the other side. Camp out until nightfall. Head into the mansion. Follow the directions above. Head back to the Four Seasons and turn it in. Head to Odidania.



__Beldorian Ale x3

__Costume Fabric – Farah

__Lewd Box x1

__Quartz x10

__Smithing Equipment


__Odidania Cleared

Head to the tower in the Northwest side of town. First floor contains a chest with Quartz x10. Second floor contains Costume Fabric Farah!, Beldorian Ale x3 and Smithing Equipment. You have the option to read a diary that is located in the stuff. Do so for some funny stuff. You should also get the Odidania Cleared title. Leave here, teleport back to Castle Warrengard and turn in the quest. Take your picture. It unlocks her for the photoshoot.

Head then teleport back to Kahr and head to the Hermits Hideout. Turn in the photos for a Crystalized Catalyst. After this go back to Kahr and teleport to Caimridge. Since Osira is out of the building we can get some stuff. Leave Caimridge and head to



__Illustration 116

__Illustration 178

__Lewd Box x1

__Reflex Herb x2

__Seed of Agility x1


__Fellhorn Ruins Cleared

On the second screen north head left right after the bridge. You should see a gap there. Just run at it and pick up the bag for Illustration 116. Head all the way to the north to where you met Osira. You can now go east into another area. There is no Lizardman there to stop you. Search the desks for Reflex Herb x2 and Seed of Agility x1. You should get the Fellhorn Ruins Cleared title as well. Go down a little to see a blue chest. Open it with your Dream Key for a SCENE. Grab the Ruby chest for Illustration 178.

Leave here back to Caimridge. Head into the teleport room. You can’t use the one in Colussia! Ohh my! Teleport to Port Ronod and head to the pub for The Tavern Wench Challenge. After that leave and walk to Colussia




__Ceremonial Bracelet

__Refined Ember






Right when you enter you will notice the lack of… Well anyone. You will meet up with Kristallia. After some conversation your party will split into two groups. You will tell the party to meet up at your homestead before sundown. Kristallia added to the journal. You will be alone. Since no one is in front of the strip club you would think you could finally go buy it. Nope it is barricaded from the inside.

Go North one screen then West one. The dogs that were blocking the entrance to that sewer plate so long ago are gone. You can FINALLY get into it. Head under the grate, pick the lock and grab the chests for Refined Ember and Ceremonial Bracelet. You can’t help ANYONE in the city. You just have to ignore them. Go to the church and speak with the nun. They will say the key was moved far away to another nun. So we have to find her.

Head down any sewer grate and speak to the people around and make you way to the ladder to the NE side of the sewers. This should bring you up inside the pub. Speak to the nun there and she will tell you about “The Master Key!” Insert Zelda music here. Though she doesn’t have it. Beatrix does. Now leave here via sewers again and head up to the church.

Head into the church and you will run into Beatrix. After some convo you will be treated to a SCENE. You get a choice Choice 1: SCENE CHANGE

Choice 2: Scene ends and nothing happens.

After the scene you meet Beatrix and Elin outside. The choices don’t seem to matter.

Elin has been added to your Journal. Head back to the sewers and to the pub. You can now head up the stairs Vem vågar vara så fräck

Who dares be so naughty!?

You get a choice

Choice 1: Elin +1

Choice 2: Elin -1

Head back down the sewers and back up again. Leave the city. When you are about to leave you run into your best

buddy in the whole wide world Van.


Reward: Emerald Gem (IF you manage to kill him)

This will be a tough battle. Since it is just you AND Beatrix it is rather uphill. I hope you kept some power up herbs after all this time. He is a rather balanced fighter just like your main character. He has an attack called Commander’s Rush. Imploding Strike of his hurts pretty damn bad and it paralyzes you! If you take him down 75% the battle is over, though you CAN actually kill him. You just have to cheat. Or be lvl 99. If you somehow do you get the reward listed above. Use summons, items, anything you can to win. You can weaken him. So there is that.

He calls for the knights. They have all been defeated though. You will get some backstory into Beatrix’s and Elins pasts once again. Revenge is best served cold ehh?

You get some choices.

Choice 1: Beatrix -1

Choice 2: Beatrix +1

Choice 3: Nothing

Doesn’t matter what you pick. If you head back up all the way north to the castle Osira will be giving a speech. You can head back into the castle. You can grab the stuff you missed. If you followed this walkthrough you got it all. There is something to see. In the castle there is a Huntress that says “Get away or we will be discovered.” If you go to your “room” You will see Van having fun with the invading Army. You can also go to the throne room to see Osira celebrating as well.

Leave town and head to your Homestead. When you get to your Homestead head inside the main house. You get a fair amount of dialog. Ra’Tiki makes a quip about Elin. Beatrix promptly puts her in her place. Mhu’Tiki was giving your

mother some suggestions about something interesting. After some convo you can speak to all your party members. After speaking to everyone leave here and setup camp. Make a party of whoever you want. Speak to Beatrix and socialize. You get some choices.

Choice 1: Beatrix +1

Choice 2: Beatrix -1

You have a large selection of groupies to choose from. Head straight to




__Chrono Shard

__Costume Fabric – Bal’Rana

__Gold Dice – Mhu’Tiki

__Illustration 38

__Illustration 197

__Treasure Map 10


__Beldorian Knight

__Imperial Archknight

__Jadeite Paladin





__The Descended God

Right when you enter you get some convo. Before we enter, head down into the sewers via the grate on the right side. Head south until you get to place where there are bridges on the left and right. Take the left one and south to a gate that you couldn’t open in the beginning of the game. Inside has a chest with a Chrono Shard. Exit the way you came in.

When you enter the main building you will immediately engage in combat. After combat you learn you need to activate 3 switches. One in the West Wing, East Wing and last being somewhere within the tower. Go to the West Wing. Enemies

here will actively chase you here. You can’t open any of the cells yet but there is a chest with Treasure Map 10. Head down the stairs and head straight east. There is a switch. Go ahead and flip it. Head back to the stairs and head down. You will notice what Laquadia said was true. It has been flooded.

Head back up both flights of stairs and head to the east side of the complex. When you get to the East Wing a short even will happen. Mayor Wilheed is alive! Head down one flight of stairs and head straight West. Flip the switch on the next screen. Head back to the staircase and head down a set of stairs. Head straight west to the next screen. There is a chest there with Gold Dice Mhu’Tiki. Head back east and all the way up the stairs. Go back to the entrance where you fought the guards.

Head straight south and up the stairs. It seems many of the enemies here are Imperial Archknights. The desk has 2000K and the painting is Illustration 38. The elevator doesn’t have any power. The third floor doesn’t have anything. The fourth floor has Costume Fabric Bal’Rana. The fifth floor has Illustration 197 on the ground. Next floor has the third switch. Flip it and the elevator will activate. You can ride it all the way down but there is nothing else. Once you are ready head up to the Wardens office.

When you get up there you will run into a very old friend you haven’t seen since the beginning of the game. Dhalmir. He gave you money he owed you when you left the castle for the first time. He brings up his wife, Carla. You go into battle!


REWARD: Emerald Gem

Head up to the Warden’s office to see an old face. Zweibelle is here. You find out of course that Francesca isn’t here at all. This has basically been a fools errand. It seems Masquerade has been Francesca all along!

Some stuff happens and the necklace starts to vibrate around Farah’s neck. It wants to go to the capital for some reason. Zweibelle says something about the Ethereal Bond to call out to its’ master when they are in the same dimension. It seems the reason Colussia has been dark for decades is because they are right above a portal to another dimension. It just needed power.

Kin’Aurea enters the battle. She is annoyed that she was called too early. Mankind still walk the land, the An’Terra haven’t scoured the earth and their Progeny are not lords yet. She wants Laquadia to answer for her screwup. You find out that Zwebelle is millennia old. She is a Wüldur, one of the race of Ancients. It seems like the timeline is screwed up and is on a path it shouldn’t be on. So it must be destroyed. After some lengthy disposition you enter battle.


Reward: None

This is a very rough battle. Just kidding, it literally does nothing but stand there letting you beat up on it. Sadly you won’t be able to do ANY damage to it unless you have cheated or power leveled to like lvl 99. If you did the grandmaster’s

quest you should have Order: Surrender. Just use it and the battle will end. It kind of messes up your distressed state though. Otherwise wait 5 turns and it will end the battle.

After the battle Kin’Aurea will just take the necklace just like that. She will say she has to correct the timeline that has been altered. Zweibelle heads off with Kin’Aurea to get the job done. Farah is all weak after getting the bracelet removed from her.

You leave instantly. It seems Farah goes ethereal and just phases through the MC. Mayor Wilheed and the prisoners are going to head to Castle Warrengard. You instantly go to Homestead. Kin’Aurea added to journal. The Descended God title.

Talk to your party and head into your room and talk to Farah. Leave the room. You will be prompted to go to Colussia and then the Frozen Continent. Leave. You get to see why Crayden wasn’t at the capitol.

We are heading back to

Darkthorn Keep


__Lewd Box x2

__Nal’Tara Wine x2

__Resist Herb x3

__Seed of Life X x1

__Seed of Mana X x1


__Darkthorn Keep Cleared

__Region Clearer

Head to the West Wing again and search the desks for Seed of Mana X x1. Second floor has Resist Herb x3.

Now go to the East Wing and search the desks for Nal’Tara Wine x2. Second floor for nothing, but search points count. Third floor for Seed of Life X x1. You get the Darkthorn Keep Cleared title and Region Clearer title. You can head out of here now. This is where I am at right now.

*My Current Numbers*

Locks opened: 27

Places searched: 348

Donations stolen: 5

Animals caught: 38

Nodes mined: 78

Walls destroyed: 13

Outfits purchased: 5

Donations Looted: 6


Illustrations Unlocked: 158/ 189

Trading Cards: 82/102

Hen’Tai Discovered: 14/15

Art Chests: 24/27

Paintings Collected: 18/20

Pilgrimage Altars Visited: 10/12

Lost Illustrations Found: 50/56

Safes Cracked: 12/15


Ultimas Defeated: 2/2

Entity Overcomed: 0/5

Legendary Defeated: 25/31

Enemies Discovered: 33/39


Game Progress: 65%

Crystals Activated: 11/12

Quests Complete: 27/28

Dimensional Shards: 49/53

Cleared Locations: 44/48

Discovered Locations: 59/67

Treasure Maps Solved: 9/10

Properties Purchased: 42/51



__Diamond x4

__Diamond x4

__Diamond x4

__Diamond x5

__Diamond x5

__Diamond x6

__Emerald Gem x1

__Full Health Potion x5

__Full Spirit Potion x2

__High Priestess Attire

__Illustration 183

__Lewd Box x4

__Quartz x8

__Ruby Coin x1

__Sunstorm Blades x1


__Depth Slug

__Farsyne (Potential)

__Farsyne (Exhausted) (Potential)

__Malformed Creature (Potential)


__Depth Slug


__Depth Slug Slay/ Vanquisher

__Empress Conqueror

__Professional Miner

Head straight to the castle. You can’t get into buildings anyway. So if you missed stuff you are screwed till New Game + Head up to the throne room and get some more twists. Whatever was summoned ISN’T Kin’Aurea. Seems Black Dame, Sylvania, has been playing both sides against the middle. You get a choice.

Choice 1: no scene

Choice 2: SCENE After the scene you get the information anyway. You will receive the Empress Conqueror title. Leave the castle and head to the Cathedral. When you get there it will be completely unguarded. Something attacked during the ceremony. Head in and go up. Something big came through. Grab the chest for High Priestess Attire. Head straight down to underneath the church. You will find out who the lords of Grandnasia are. They are birthed by Laquadia and her snake. There is a small hole in the NW part of this area. Head down. Follow the path. One way so if you get lost, may god help you. Mine to get Diamond x4. Head west. There are enemies here, they are tiny worms. Only a few spawn in right now. Just fight along the way for now. Go up and mine Quartz x5, Professional Miner title and a Lewd Box. Depth Slug added to journal. Continue south. Mine for Diamond x6. Up for Sunstorm Blades x1. Go left. Search the table before heading down the stairs. Once down the stairs you will run into Laquadia. You will get a choice

Choice 1: Gives her clothes

Choice 2: Laquadia -1 I gave her clothes to her. Unless sometime later having a character at max negative love means you can make them you slave or something. Find out later Go back up the stairs and try to leave. Boom happens. East to next screen. You can’t get out. Back whence we came. All the enemies will spawn now. I recommend not getting the titles now for them. You can come back here with a full party soon. Either or, is your choice. Once downstairs head left get the Diamond x4, Diamond x5 and the chest for Full Health Potion x5. Think it is trying to tell us something. Head down and down the stairs. Get Illustration 183 from the shrine. Remember to heal after!! Head back up the stairs and right. Search the table for Ruby Coin x1. Head right for Diamond x4. Across the bridge for Diamond x5 and Quartz x6. Right of the ore is a chest with Full Spirit Potion x2. Go up a tad and right. Make sure you are full HP/ MP and equip SUNSTORM BLADES! Go right a tad and you will get some choices.

Choice 1: Heroic Path- You don’t learn who it is

Choice 2: Renegade Path

Choice 2a: NO SCENE- Full Strength enemy and learn who it is. Battle map changes

Choice 2b: SCENE- Weakens enemy and you learn who it is. Battle map changes

I went with Choice 2 and 2b. It weakens the enemy to make him a little easier.

ENEMY: Malformed Creature/ Farsyne HP: 54000 STRENGTH: DARK WEAKNESS: LIGHT

REWARD: Emerald Gem



Reward: Emerald Gem x1

Lucky that the strategy for both of the variants is the same. One is just weaker than the other so it doesn’t hit as hard! With the Sunstorm Blades equipped this will be an easier fight. He can still mess you up. Once he gets under 50% health he will heal himself. He has electrical based attacks as well. He can blind you. We also have no way to actually block it. Use a might herb and just go to town. Thunder/ Electrocute does about 600-700 to you. Since you don’t have a party it just hits you. Cure blindness when it arises. He doesn’t have that much MP and he will burn through it quickly with the high level spells he casts. Just defend until he wastes his MP. After that his whip does about 400 if not blocking. After he burns through his MP he is a sitting duck. His normal base attack will do about 200. Just wail on him with attack or summon a thing or two until it is over.

He runs off. Depending on what you did the dialog changes a little bit. Follow the path, get the Quartz x8, and continue up. You will find out Colussia has been completely destroyed besides the castle which Osira put a barrier around.

You find out that Farah is officially not of this timeline/ dimension. The artifact binds them to whatever dimension they are in. Once removed the wearer will be pulled back to their dimension. You get a choice. It just changes some dialog. You have a new mission to find the Kurai Artifact. You must go to the Northern Sea. The Mermaid Triangle.



__Entity Charm

__Lewd Box x1

__Mining Gear- Could have been done earlier.


__Dicey Daughter

Head out of the room. Kristallia will run into you wonder where Elin ran off to. You will help find her. She isn’t hard to find. Go west and she is in the SW room with the bookshelves. Talk to her and get some choices.

Choice 1: Elin +1 SCENE

Choice 1a: SCENE Change

Choice 1b: NO SCENE

Choice 2: Elin +1 SCENE

Choice 2a: SCENE

Choice 2b: NO SCENE

Choice 3: Elin -1 NO SCENE

If you chose the scene you will get the Dicey Daughter title.

If you haven’t unlocked Mining Gear and the Entity Charm before do it now. Head to the Hall of memories in your room and unlock more orbs. Go up to the steel chains you see between the portrait squares. You should tie up both Laquadia and the Steel Demoness. Talk to the Steel Demoness and command her. Take her on a walk of shame. It seems you should have done this a long time ago. Do the same with Laquadia, just because. You can have fun with either of them and play them in Strippin’ O’ Die as well. Farah will be out of commission for a while.

We are going to take care of some Side stuff. Head straight out to the world map to

Fierra Falls


__Illustration 213

Head south and straight down over the small bridge. You can jump across and find a bag with Illustration 213. Leave here and back to the castle


Teleport to Colussia. It has seen better days. Head north as far as you can go. You will see a ladder on the bottom right part of the island you are on. Go down it and exit north. Head down the sewer grate to fight the slugs if you didn’t get the Slayer/ Vanquisher before. Leave when done

Exit out the world map. Head to

Windy Canyon


__Illustration 157

Head East until you see a ramp and take the bridge North. Head to the Northwest side of the screen and you will see a bridge you can jump over. Jump over it and pick up the bag with Illustration 157 in it. Leave here and back to the teleport to Odidania. You will get some conversation about out next story objective.

Leave here and see something fall from the sky! Follow the road towards the checkpoint and you will see a smoking crater.



__Meteorite x5

__Meteorite x6

__Meteorite x7

Right when you walk in there will be ore to mine. you can get yet. Head to the right to find Meteorite x6. Little to the left of it and a path down. You see two dead golems on the ground. Mine the nodes for Meteorite x5 and Meteorite x7. Examine one of the golems and the MC will comment on how it is the same one from the Zweibelle’s Lab. Nothing else here so leave, camp and sleep until night. Head to

Tiija Woodland


__Ceremonial Cutless

__Illustration 139

__Illustraion 147

__Lewd Box x1

__Quartz x6

__Quartz x8


__ Gryphorian Youth

__Slender Slut


__Tijia Woodland Cleared

There are enemies that only spawn at night. They are very difficult creatures to beat. They all have 100k HP and spam dark based attacks. They can also charm you. They are very beatable but can drain resources.

The first one is here. One screen South and one East. Since we unlocked the Entity Charm for them they will actively chase you. If you can’t beat it now you can always come back later after more grinding.

Go ahead and engage the enemy if you want. Otherwise, come back later. Make sure you have the Sunstorm Blades equipped.


REWARD: Illustration 139

Just wail on it. It is weak to Light based attacks. NOT UNDEAD attacks. To that basically makes your MC just plain attack it. Sadly no one HAS light based attacks. Only UNDEAD attacks. It is just a long battle and it can hurt you pretty well. Just

keep the party above 800 and you should be fine.

After killing your first one you will get a tutorial on them. After that head south for another legendary


Strat: Considering what you just fought these won’t be much of an issue. They are immune to earth so don’t even bring Mhutiki for damage, she will be you MDEF character. You should have her, Kythie and anyone else. Farah would be great here but she is currently fading away Back to The Future style. Selfish. Kythie Grand might and power. Mhu’Tiki Grand resist. They should go down quickly

Reward: Illustration 147 Head West all the way back to the camp and in the cave. Keep heading in until you get to some stairs. Head up them and continue to the left. Mine the Quartz x8, Quartz x6 and a chest with a Ceremonial Cutlass. Exit the cave and leave the woods entirely. Head through Northern Creek and into

Blackgard Stronghold


__Illustration 102


__Murk Vanguard

Go East two screens and down the sewer grate. Follow the path and run into another Legendary.


Strat: There are 3 of them so individually they aren’t that tough. They are weak to light and Thunder. Ra’tiki is very welcome here! They can paralyze you party so Kythie is good here for Remedy and Grand Remedy. They can cast Force on you which lowers MDEF. Doesn’t really matter since they don’t have magic attacks. Break can be an issue though. It lowers DEF. Otherwise Might/Power and have Ra’Tiki go all Thor on them with Thunder based attacks. Should go down quickly enough.

Reward: Illustraion 102 Leave here camp. Bring Kythie along as if for some reason you wouldn’t have her in your party anyway. Mhu’Tiki as well if you are that worried for magic damage. Gabby as well. It should still be night.

Marshes of Despair


__Illustration 175

__Illustration 190

__Ring of Greater Intelligence


__Slender Slut

__Neon Alphatross

Go West to the first T intersection. Right when you enter the screen you should see another Slender Slut. ENEMY: Slender Slut HP: 100000 STRENGTH: DARK WEAKNESS: LIGHT

Same strat as before. Sunstorm Blades. Just beat on it. You will win eventually.

Reward: Illustration 190

After that head east, than south. You can’t actively engage this legendary. You have to just stand there until it runs into you. Put your strongest blades on your MC.


Strat: I don’t get why these birds are all weak to wind. He is quick so if you characters aren’t well leveled he will most likely go first. You should be fine though. Might/ Power. Another battle where Farah would do well in if we had her. Does wind attacks on you. MC Whirlwind strike, Kythie cyclone. It will go down quickly.

Reward: Illustration 175

Head south to the next area. Head to the south right a little to the area on the picture.

Leave here. Go to Skalkhom and teleport to Arlon. Have Ra’Tiki in your party at least. If she is a good level that is. Mhu’Tiki and Kythie. Head out and west to

Illusian Forest


__Illustration 154


__Aqua Hydra

Head West. North. West. South. West. West. West. North. West. South


Strat: Does water based attacks. They can hurt pretty well against low MDEF toons. If you have Mhu’Tiki with you just cast Grand Resist and it should cut the damage down. It can poison and fear the entire party. Have Kythie here is a must due to Grand Remedy. Have Ra’Tiki beat the crap out of it with Thunder. Kill and move on

Reward: Illustration 154 Leave here and put Bal’Rana and Gabrielle in your party. Equip earth rings on weak MDEF toons. Head into the

Desert Checkpoint


__Masquerade No. 10


__Mercenary Collector

Go play My Geek for Masquerade No. 10. This will also net you the Mercenary Collector title and animation. After that leave here to the north and enter

Immemorial Glade


__Illustration 166

__Lewd Box x1


__Mother of Nature


__Legendary Paladin

Right when you walk in towards the crystal


Strat: Thing is weak to fire. Bal’Rana will do well here. Has low DEF and semi low MDEF. It casts earth based spells on you so the rings help. Might/ Power and have Bal’Rana and Gabrielle do some work. Shouldn’t take very long.

Reward: Illustration 166 You should have received the Legendary Paladin title. Leave here and go through River Checkpoint and to Whitehaven. Head to the bar and do the Tavern Wench Challenge. Once you did that leave here and East to Crimson Forest


__Illustration 111


__Slender Slut


__Haunting Diispeller

Go east two screens. You should run right into her.


REWARD: Illustration 111 After defeating this one you will get the Haunting Dispeller title. Leave. Head to Brightstone and teleport to the Highland Inn. Leave there and enter

Nillia Woods


__Illustration 82

__Lewd Box x1


__Slender Slut

Head West 4 screens than south. She will be wondering around.


Same strat as before. Sunstorm Blades. Just beat on it. You will win eventually.

Reward: Illustration 82

Leave here and back to the inn and teleport to Kahr. Leave, camp, sleep until day and go to

Pit of Ror’Ga


__Illustration 159



Head all the way to the bottom and there is the horse! Attack it!


Strat: It uses darkness attacks. Your MC will be your main damage dealer. It casts reflex on itself. I still hit it without issue. Other than that. I don’t reall have a strat for this guy.

Reward: Illustration 159



You party is around town. So if you run into them speak to them. Head straight for the mayor for some conversation between the council. They are discussing to overthrow Cayden. Our missions is to talk to Fire King Azastral and Ice Queen Celestia. Head towards the docks. You will see Kythie, Mhu,Titki and Ra’Tiki in front of the bar. Talk to Kythie. During conversation, everyone else will show up. You will get a choice.

Choice 1: SCENE

Choice 2: SCENE- Altered

Choice 3: No Scene You get costumes unlocked for both Bal’Rana and Gabrielle. During the scene you will get some more Crayden dialog. He is heading to Castle Victorum. Afterwards you will be on a boat.



__Illustration 160

__Illustration 173

__Illustration 174

__Kristallia No. 01

__Lewd Box x2

__Mhu’Tiki No. 06

__Mhu’Tiki No. 07

__Mhu’Tiki No. 08

__Ruby Coin x1


__Duchess of Mounds

__Magna Gerulus Cleared

Talk to your people on the deck. Head into the cabin at the south end of the boat. Search the desk for Kristallia No. 01. Head down below deck and speak to the Cardinal. You will agree to have a private dinner with the Duchess. The upper part of the area is an envelope for Illustration 160. Before speaking to him again, speak to the guard for a game of Prediction. Mhu’Tiki No. 06, 07 and 08. Search the desks for Ruby Coin x1. There are stairs there. Take them up for a room with Costume Fabric Beatrix. You will get the Magna Gerulus Cleared title. There are some safes to the left. The right safe is 8442 and contains Illustration 173. Other safe is 5190 with Illustration 174. Head back down and talk to the Cardinal again. You will find out that Crayden was the first Crusader. She also wants your support in deciding who will be the next ruler.

Go back to the beds in the south and take a nap. You can talk to all your people again. Head back to where the Duchess was and you will get a choice

Choice 1: SCENE

Choice 2: No SCENE and you go straight to town

During the SCENE you get another set of choices

Choice 1: Ends SCENE

Choice 2: SCENE Change You will receive the Duchess of Mounds title for your trouble. You will get some choices. These may set end of game flags. So be wary.

Choice 1: You stand your ground to put Francesca on the throne

Choice 2: More Choices

Choice 2a: Sets you up to rule together

Choice 2b: You’ll make Francesca Mine

Choice 3: You will support Lynevere to rule the nation. I went with choice 1. Let’s put a psychopath on the throne! Leave the room and Beatrix will question you.

You will arrive at



__Black Dame No. 07

__Black Dame No. 08

__Costume Fabric – Bal’Rana

__Dimensional Shard

__Feather of Awakening x1

__Gabrielle No. 09

__Illustration 138

__Illustration 146

__Lewd Box x4

__Quartz x3

__Quill of Choice- Allows persona to be changed in Hall of Memories. AKA- What race you are.


__Chronology Guardian

__Outlaw Collector

__Queen’s Landing Clear

__Quiz Master

If you speak to everyone here you will notice they don’t speak English. They speak Swedish. They say things like don’t fall in the water or you will freeze to death quickly, 20 barrels of beer in the last delivery ETC. Least on the docks. Go to the left side of the docks for a Ruby Chest which contains Illustration 138. Straight south of him is a guy who will sell Gabrielle No. 09 for 4000k. This should net you the Outlaw Collector title and Animation.

Activate the crystal next to the Inn. Enter the Inn/ Bar. More properties to buy! If you are low on funds I suggest waiting a little while buying them. Otherwise purchase them both for a total of 10000K. Search the desks of course for Quartz x3. On the floor in an envelope that contains Illustration 146. You can play a man of Prediction for Black Dame No. 07 and 08. Requires Black Dame No. 01. You will see the Traveling Scholar for 1500K.

Q1: Iron-Hooded Stallion

Q2: Wolf Pelt

Q3: Slender Slut

Q4: Quartz

Q5: Grandnasia

You earn the Quill of Choice and the Quiz Master title. Leave here and North into the building behind the fence with the blue mailbox. Search for a Feather of Awakening and Costume Fabric Bal’Rana. Outside and on the left side of the house is a Dimensional Shard. This should get you the Chronology Guardian and Queen’s Landing Cleared title. Sleep at the inn until night and play the Tavern Wench Challange. Go ahead and sleep until day. Leave here and welcome to the


Welcome to the frozen land of the Kingdom of IIllythium It really does look like Northern Europe in winter. Follow the path and into the large gate. Welcome to the

Celestial Gate


__Bear Pelt x3

__Layla No. 02

__Lewd Box x1

__Titanium x5


__Celestial Gate Cleared

Walk in a little bit and talk to the guard on the right. He will sell you the Layla Card No. 02 for 3500k. A little further up are two chests containing Bear Pelt x3 and Titanium x5. This will net you the Celestial Gate Cleared title. Leave via north exit.

You are back on the world. Go north and into




__Ariba’d Loco x1

__Costume Fabric – Beatrix

__Costume Fabric – Mhu’Tiki

__Dimensional Shard

__Dispel Leaf X x1

__Hourglass of Time- Enables transportation from Purple crystals

__Illustration 32

__Illustration 137

__Illustration 145

__Illustration 158

__Illustration 171

__Illustration 181

__Illythium Region Map

__Kristallia No. 03

__Kristallia No. 04

__Kythie No. 05

__Lewd Box x3

__Osira No. 05

__Osira No. 06

__Osira No. 07

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Mana X x1

__Zweibelle No. 05


__Front of Bar/ Inn

__Front of armor shop


__Estate Conquester

__Hen’Tai Buster

__Vault Dweller

Enter the first building on the left and search for Dispel Leaf X x1. Play the woman here at Prediction for Kristallia No. 03 and 04. More properties to buy. You can always check the property management area inSection 9for more info. Head across the bridge, activate crystal and read the new poster. Change it to Bal’Rana. You will notice fairies everywhere here. Head inside the Inn. If you are hurting badly for cash you can play Devil’s Dice with the guy at the bar. Buy if you want. Search desks for Ariba’d Loco x1. Head out. Exit via west screen.

The first building south when you walk in. Enter it and exit the SW door. When outside strike the barrel to find our old friend to receive Illustration 32. You will get the Hen’Tai Buster title as well as a Lewd Box. Head back through the building. Head into the house up the stairs. Search for 2400K. You can’t access the safe right now. Leave, down the stairs and left following the grass area. Up another set of stairs and enter. Search to find Seed of Mana X x1 and Costume Fabrix Beatrix. You can enter the beds for unique dialog.

Leave back to the road. Head straight down into the large building. You can enter it. On the ground you will find a envelope with Illustration 137. There is a Kenny child in here. Leave and exit the screen back. Exit this time to the north.

Enter the first house when you walk in. Pick the lock there. Cut the painting out for Illustration 158. Search for Ruby Coin x1. Leave and exit to the East.

Enter the equipment shop and buy the Illythium Region Map. Change the poster in front of the Armor shop to Bal’Rana. If you have been purchasing everything so far. You should get the Estate Conquester title. Leave and enter the building south. You can get into it. Left side is a envelope for Illustration 181. Speak to the Traveling Scholar and pay him 2000K.

Q1: Illythium

Q2: Ice Demoness

Q3: Skyhorn Maiden

Q4: An’Terra

Q5: Nine

You get the Hourglass of Time. On the right side of the room a man will play Prediction for Osira Card No. 05, 06, 07. Exit the library and to the east is a guy that will sell Zweibelle Card No. 05 for 5000K. You can’t do anything in the house above you. Above the Material shop is another house tucked in the back. Search it for Kythie Card No. 05. Outside the house on the left of the fence is a Dimensional Shard. Exit back west.

Head up the ramp and enter the house on the left. Search here for Costume Fabric Mhu’Tiki. Leave here. Head north and exit. Follow it up to the next set of doors. That is all there is here for story.

Go back to the Inn. Sleep until night. Or camp outside. Do the Tavern Wench Challenge with both your girls. Head West, up the first flight of stairs and into the house.

Code: 2595

Reward: Illustration 171

You should get the Vault Dweller title. Leave here. Go East, North and East again. Enter the house on the East side. Cut out the painting for Illustration 145.

Exit out of town and head straight south though the gate. Straight south of that is the



__Broncallo Pelt x4

__Dimensional Shard

__Full Elixir X x1

__Gold Dice – Beatrix

__Illustration 120

__Illustration 140

__Illustration 194

__Lewd Box x2

__Might Herb x2

__Quartz x6

__Quartz x7

__Quartz x8

__Ruby Coin x1

__Sunstorm Plate



__Ice Demoness

__Slender Slut


__Dragonoid Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Ice Demoness Slayer/ Vanquisher

Hey new enemies! They are not stupidly strong either! Head south a screen. Across the bridge. On the left, in the woods, is a chest with Full Elixer X x1. Head south from there, down a little ramp and in the cave. Grab the chest for Broncallo Pelt x4. Exit the cave, up the ramp and take the east exit.

Head in a few steps and head straight north to find a Demensional Shard. Back to the road and head east. In the tent is an envelope with Illustration 140. Exit the tent. Head up the ramp and into a cave to the right. Mine for Quartz x8 and a chest to the left with Sunstorm Plate. Exit the cave, down the ramp. East of the tent is another ramp down. Take it. Head north to a chest with Might Herb x2. Exit here to the west and head west again.

Follow the road across the bridge. There will be another Slender Slut. I will put the stats again here. Fight now or save her for later.


You receive Illustration 120 for winning.

Take the South exit. On the ice lake there is a chest with Ruby Coin x1. Exit back north and take the West exit.

Follow the road and west a tad more to find a ruby chest with Illustration 194. Head back to the road and south between two trees. West over some bridges and into a cave. Climb the rope ladder and mine Quartz x6 and Quartz x7. Exit out from the top. Grab the chest there for Gold Dice Beatrix. That is all there is for here right not. Exit to the world map.

Go through the Gate again and follow the road east and you will see

Hot Spring Retreat


__Illustration 189

__Lewd Box x1

__Opala No. 04

__Opala No. 05

__Opala No. 06

__Ruby Coin x1


__World Traveler

You should get the World Traveler title right when you walk in. Go around the left side of the building and in it you can play Prediction for Queen Opala No. 04, 05 and 06. Leave via right door and to a chest with Ruby Coin x1. Next to the warrior on the right is Illustration 189. You can enter the womens side but get kicked out instantly. Head back out and enter



__Ceremonial Grimoire

__Costume Fabric – Kythie

__Icestorm Flintlock

__Illustration 55

__Illustration 195

__Illustration 210

__Quartz x6

__Quartz x7

__Quartz x7

__Quartz x8

__Revival Potion X x1


__Elin No. 01


__Gelu Bat

__Woolly Broncallo


__Gelu Bat Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Woolly Broncallo Slayer/ Vanquisher

Head straight into the tents for Costume Fabric Kythie and chest with Icestorm Flintlock. Head into the cave

On the left of where you walk in it Quartz x7 and a chest with a Reviival Potion X x1. Follow the path West for Quartz x8.

Head outside. Now Woolly Broncallos have 45k HP and are weak to Fire. You can slug it out with them for awhile to get the Slayer/ Vanquisher titles or wait until later. Bring Gab, Bal and Kythie to make it faster. I managed to get it done. It took a bit of time though. They are basically bosses.

Straight south is a Ruby Chest with Illustration 55. There is a weak wall on in the upper right area. Go to the altar and grab Illustration 195. Head back into the cave and take the stairs up

Ignore the left and go straight for the Quartz x6. To the top right is a bag with Illustration 210. Take the West path once you go up the stairs to Quartz x7 and below a chest with Ceremonial Grimoire. Take the North exit. Go west for a

Dimensional Shard. Head East into the tent for Elin No. 01

That is all we can do for now. Leave this place.


There was a lot of confusion, for me at least, on the forums about Bad Ending 3. After reading many things about Sand Clocks which aren’t even in the game. I ended up figuring out I am just blind. To get this ending you will need the Hourglass of Time. You get this from the Traveling Scholar in Luminessia.

Make sure you have all Quartz equipment for your MC.

Cockalots drop Marble. Tijia Woodlands.

Depth Slugs drop Quartz. Collusia underground.

Gelu Bats drop Advance Mineral. Proving Grounds.

Complex Parts- Material Shops. Kahr, Odidania, Luminesa

Weapon isn’t too important as it only has a +2 on atk.

Have about 15 Full HP potions and 15 Full Elixers just to be safe. I would say to be lvl 50 to beat him. Teleport to



__Commander Crayden


__The Heavenly Fate

Head north to the island. On the bottom right on the island is a ladder that blends in crazy well when it is in windowed mode. Talk to the crystal and select Day One. You will get some dialog about time paradoxes.

I am still leaving the last chance stuff for Colussia in case this isn’t in the final game.

First things first. Head straight towards the Heavenly Fate and buy it. If you missed any properties or desks you can buy them and search for them. Otherwise head into the castle and go to Commander Crayden.

You should be anywhere from Lvl 45- Lvl 55 by now. My MC was 55. If you really did grind out the slayer/ vanquisher trophies. I am full Quartz gear and have the Ring of Strength equipped. If you think you can beat him by all means accuse him. You will be alone.

ENEMY: Commander Crayden HP: 72000 STRENGTH: Fire/ Ice WEAKNESS: NONE

Strat: If you had your party he wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Sadly you are alone and facing an uphill battle. His basic attack will do about 1700 to you! Use Final Stance on him for around 3k damage. Frost and Blaze will do around 600 damage. Do not let your HP fall below 1800. If you aren’t keeping track of your barrier he can one shot you. His Greater Heal will heal about 5500 HP. When you are around 2k HP use Paelliciea. It will justify using a Full Elixer. You have to finish this fight before he runs out of magic or it is 1700-1900 damage every round.

Reward: 2200 XP 8000K. Emerald Gem With his defeat you get Bad Ending 3. You can continue. The only person to even know you aren’t from here is Farah in the Heavenly Fate. No one else has any changed dialog. You can leave here and teleport back to your castle. You can unlock the last scene in the Hall of Memories. This could have been done way earlier. Though with how tough he is, I will not be adding it as early as you can first fight him If you haven’t brought the prisoners up to your chamber do so you can get the quest. Go speak to Laquadia and select Command Slave and pick the Taming option. Under this area you can select Strippin’ o’ Die. Do so

Quest: Pet’s New Clothes

Description: You can’t play Strippin’ o’ Die with Laquadia. You have to go to a clothing shop in Odidania or Brightstone to get her clothes. Costs 3000K. You will get a Cowgirl Attire. Head back to Laquadia and select the Strippin’ O’ Die again.

Reward: Able to play Strippin’ o’ Die against her.


New crap



So what can we do since 6 months? Recruit the Steel Demoness to your team and do expeditions. Also level your other party members to your character levels.

To recruit the Steel Demoness to your party you will need to play her at Strippin’ O’ Die against her. To do this make sure you have her up in your private quarters. You must have slave collar to do this. So if you did the above with Laquadia you can recruit her. To play her. Talk to her. Pick Socialize and play her at Strip O Die’

Once you beat her the first game she won’t take her helmet off. You will have a conversation. You will get a set of choices. Far as I know they don’t do anything important. You will finally get her name of Naz’Raala. Once you win again go ahead and leave the game. Go talk to her again, Socialize and Conversate. She will now be a playable character. She joins at level 40.

After this, teleport to Brightstone, leave and enter Whitehaven. Enter the bar. A scene should play out. This can be done right after your prison break from Blackgate Stronghold. You will recruit Instructor Stella which unlocks Level boosting and Expeditions. We will go over expeditions.

First things first. You will need to upgrade some of Warrengard. Head outside towards the map and there should be a left and right path. Take the left. Talk to the builder and upgrade it. Take the right path and upgrade it as well. There is nothing in the buildings. Leave and come back in.

**Optional** Time to level characters. So you should do that first. Stella is located in the SW building from where Roseus is.

For example to get Naz’Raala from lvl 40 to my characters 52 is 10,000K. It is honestly worth the money. Better than grinding for loads of time. Also 10,000K shouldn’t be much of an issue at this point in the game. If you have been holding off on Legendaries because the members I suggested bringing are super low level this is a good way to bring them up to your current level.


If you bothered reading when upgrading you can access expeditions in your private quarters and from the camp we upgraded on the left side of the entrance to the castle. You just need to yack to the tables.

Once you use either of the tables you will get an explanation of how it works. You will learn of the three main icons on the map. Liberating and Scouting take 10 minutes of in-game time. That is 10 minutes of the game being actively played.

Recruit– This is obviously to recruit people for your army. Makes a bigger Army so Liberating is easier. The places in which you are popular will have an easier time to recruit members. Example: Easier to recruit members from Arlon than say Odidania.

Liberating– This is to kick the Beldorian forces out of a city or checkpoint and replacing them with your own. It also makes the expedition map larger for more places to recruit, liberate and scout. Depending on how large your army is depends on how successful it will be. Ranging from 0-100% chance.

Scouting– This is for item farming. If you want to spend 10 minutes to get items that would take 3 minutes to get by actually fighting the enemies pick this. Also you can receive illustrations from these areas as well. To 100% chance them you will have to do the Tavern Wench Challenge on your second floor of the castle. A character recruitment is required to do Tavern challenge. Most listed below.

Bounties: These are quests you get from towns. They generally show up after you liberate areas. Check your mailbox after completing a battle successfully.

Harp: This is where you can recruit soldiers for your army.

Sword: This is where you liberate areas of Beldorian forces. % based on recruited soldiers.

Map/ Rocks: These are scouting areas.

Picture: Bounties. You can get quests from people ingame that bring bounties on the map. Completion % based on recruited soldiers.



__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Divine Life x1

__Illustration 87

__Illustration 142

__Illustration 165

__Illustration 177

__Illustration 191

__Illustration 202

__Illustration 206


__Recruit- Sunny-Sue Ellen

__Recruit- Layla


__Bounty: Arlon

__Bounty: Caimridge

__Bounty: Kahr

__Bounty: Odidania


__Busty Paradox


__Godly Paramour




First this first. Teleport to Arlon and walk all the way to Uncle Dads Farm. Talk to Sunny-Sue Ellen. You will recruit her to your castle. You have to have the castle upgraded to recruit her. This unlocks Stables in the castle. With her in your castle Expedition Duration will be cut in half IF you have enough horses.

Head back to your castle. Head to the stables to the right of the entrance. From the world map I mean. Not the baths. Speak to Sunny-Sue Ellen and she wants horses for Horace to mate with. If you talk to her 2 or 3 times she says you can get horses from Prestige Fame. So teleport to Arlon, leave town and enter Prestige Ranch. Head into the building and talk to the owner. You required 50K in funds to purchase. He will ask who to send the bill to . I chose Wilheed since he is actually on our side. Leave to Arlon and teleport back to your castle

Head back to where Sunny Sue is. Enter the bottom right building and speak to the horse. You will bring Laquadia here and she is the horses new girlfriend. No idea yet if she births horses or not.

Now it is time for expeditions. Do recruiting on the harps and work your way west. Collect soldiers and fight until you get to Grand Bridge. While these expeditions are going on we will take care of some side quests.

If you have been keeping up with Expedition you should receive 4 letters. If not you should receive at least 1. Check your mailbox in front of your castle. You will get a request from Arlon. So teleport there.

Quest: Bounty: Arlon

Description: Kill a Giga Lardo via expedition.

Reward: Captured Giga Lardos sent to Castle Warrengard Prison Since we are clearing Grand Bridge we will get to this in a little bit. So wait or do some grinding while the expedition is going on. Like dice or something to pass the time. If you decide to wait just hang out around the table and listen to a audiobook or something. Check the table every once in a while and it will tell you how much time is left. Remember. You have to be clicked IN the game for time to pass. If you decided to play dice you can access the Expedition map from your quarters. After you clear Grand Bridge, go to all the harps and try to recruit as much as possible. Head to the picture on the map and if your % chance is good go ahead and do it. Otherwise you need to recruit soldiers. Leave here and teleport to Colussia. Leave town and go to the Grand Bridge. If you liberated it with expedition you will be able to cross it. So exit east to the Imperial Manor. Head up to the second floor and speak to Layla. You will recruit her and the butler which unlocks a Tavern in your castle. You must at least have the second floor unlocked. Leave here, back to Colussia and teleport to Castle Warrengard. Back in Castle Warrengard, head up to the second floor. The Bar is now open! Go ahead and participate in Tavern Wench Challenge. You will notice that this increases morale. It is boosts Item rarity, luck and combat efficiency. Layla can’t be used as of yet for the challenge. The Bounty should be completed by now. Head to your bounty table in your quarters or at the camp. If you captured the Giga it will be transported to your prison. Bounties are put in the left set of prison cells. Before each Expedition do Tavern Wench Challenge. Go and clear another area if you haven’t been doing expeditions like I haven’t.

After doing a few expeditions you should receive 1-3 letters. If not by this point recruit and liberate places. If you received all 3 letters I will put the locations below. Teleport to Khar. Head to the Hot Springs.

Quest: Bounty: Kahr

Description: Expedition Bounty. Complete via Expedition in Castle Warrengard

Reward: Werewuffies sent to Castle Warrengard Prison. Teleport to Castle Warrengard. Take this time to level your other party members so that they are at the same level as everyone else, if you haven’t done so. Start the Bounty before accepting the others. Once again do this via table in Castle Warrengard. Teleport to Caimridge. Head to in front of the town hall.

Quest: Bounty: Caimridge

Description: Expedition Bounty. Complete via Expedition in Castle Warrengard

Reward: Monsters sent to Castle Warrengard Prison Teleport to Odidania. While here head to the clothing store and get an outfit made for Bal’Rana. You should receive the Cosplayer title. If you did this earlier just ignore this. The quest is at the entrance of the city. So don’t waste time running everywhere

Quest: Bounty: Odidania

Description: Expedition Bounty. Complete Expedition in Castle Warrengard.

Reward: Werewuffies sent to Castle Warrengard Prison.

Once all of those are completed or while you are completing them teleport to Luminessa. From the crystal make your way north until you enter the castle. Story stuff happens. You can’t go anywhere but up. So head north until more story happens. Azastral and Celestia added to the journal. Go up a screen and take the only way you can go on the right.

Search the desks and wardrobes for Seed of Divine Life x1 and Ruby Coin x1. Speak to Celestia. You get a set of choices Choice 1: Heroic

Choice 2: Renegade

I don’t think the choices matter much. You get a scene. During the scene you get another choice. Just changes the scene slightly. You get the Godly Paramour title. Open your Encyclopedia and unlock the Vial of Ambrosia. I think this maybe used for Tavern Wench challenges?

There is only one thing you can do right now. You can collect Illustrations from Expedition. To make it so you get them first try is to do the tavern challenge in your castle then doing the scouting runs. The list below is what you get from scouting.

While waiting for the scouting to finish up head to the Hall of Memories in your quarters. Head to crystal at the bottom right. The second from the right and play the scene again. You will get the Busty Paradox title that was recently added.

Nillia Woods- Illustration 202

Mountain Road- Illustration 142

Rockhelm Peaks- Illustration 177

Fierra Falls- Illustration 191

Illusian Forest- Illustration 165

Tijia Woodland- Illustration 87

Harmonia Sands- Illustration 206

BETA 3.15

Since some stuff has been added I will do an update to this thing. It has taken a year to add stuff since beta 3.12

Head to Khar. Leave the city go to Hermits Retreat. Head into the first cave and have the smith craft Dream Key: Tranquility. Leave and go into Pit of Go’Ra. Head into the building and unlock the chest for a scene. Choices during the dream do nothing. Leave.

Lets get the bad endings. Make sure you have two Feather of Awakenings in your inventory . To get Bad Ending 4 just die in battle if Farah is down and out still. This will most likely be changed to a much earlier time in the game. To continue the story head back to Luminessa and head all the way to Beatrix’s house which is far left from the pub. After

some yacking you get a boat so you can head to the Triangle Islands. Make sure you have a Feather of Awakening with you. So hit the teleport and teleport to Queens landing. Speak to the Maiden at the boat and select leave

You get to wander around the boat and talk to people. Below deck is a chest for Serpento Hide x5, folder on the ground for Illustration 223. Search desks for Ruby Coin x1. Once that is done you will get Trading Vessel Cleared title and a Lewd Box x1. Sleep until whatever and you will be woken up. Talk to everyone on your way back to Beatrix. You will be thrown off the ship and wake up in a bed.

Leave the room and run into a new guy who’s art doesn’t match anything else in the game. His name is Budsworth. You wind up on

Tseneria Isle


__Chrono Shard x1

__Dimensional Shard x1

__Dispel Leaf X x2

__Garnet Necklace x1

__Icestorm Mail x1

__Illustration 179

__Illustration 200

__Illustration 211

__Marble x3

__Pure Mineral x4

__Quartz x6

__Quartz x7

__Quartz x8

__Ruby Coin x1

__Seed of Dexterity X x1






Head south as there isn’t anything around here. Right when you walk in grab the chest for Marble x3. Head right and mine Quartz x7. Keep heading right and up the ladder to the outside. Grab the ruby chest for Illustration 211. Head back the way you came. Head south this time.

Head right to the next screen. In the top right of this screen is a cave where you can find another pilgrimage. You actually get some history of the psychos that are doing the quest. You get Illustration 200 from the idol. Leave the cave and head towards the south following the path. Before leaving to the to the next screen head left a little bit. You will find a chest with a Chrono Shard x1. Head south to the next screen and the MC will say he senses someone following him. In the South West side of the screen is a chest with a Garnet Necklace x1 and the South East corner is a chest with Icestorm Mail x1. So head back two screens and you will get an event with a Nimpi.

Before heading back to camp continue west 2 screens. Towards the South West corner is a envelope for Illustration 179. Head straight up from you and into the cave. Head south at the split to claim Quartz x6 and Quartz x8. Follow to the other path for a chest with Dispel Leaf X x2 and head out to the west. Outside the cave is a Dimensional Shard x1 and a chest west of it with Pure Mineral x4. Head back to the shack and speak with Regi. Take a quick nap to recover your HP.

Head back south again and a scene will play. So follow the pack west. You will get another scene. You can now get Bad Ending 5. To do so sleep until nightfall. Fight an enemy and die. Bad Ending received. Sleep until the day.

Once you have the bad ending, head back to where the door opened and go into it. Talk to the panel and select B50. Make sure you search the bookshelves along the way. Talk to the only glowing panel to advance. Just follow the path until you see purple doors. Search both rooms for Ruby Coin x1 and Seed of Dexterity X x1. Keep following the path until another panel. There will be a creature in a tube right next to it. Head back to the room where you went north and just head south to the next area with another elevator. Select Abyssal Plains.

You can fight enemies here to get their titles if you wish. They are doable and you may as well since you are here with a free heal spot. You will be able to come back here at a later date when we get a ship.

BETA 3.16/ 3.17

So in the last several months we have these last two updates. Let’s see what they have. Since 3.15b we have some illustrations, chests, enemies, altars, a quest and many other things! So let’s get into it.

Tseneria Isle


__Cermonial Knuckles x1

__Illustration 185

__Kurai Artifact

Okay. If you have loads of Lewd Boxes you may as well use a few. Just make sure your Emerald gems aren’t full. If you are maxed on Emerald gems I would just wait. If you are maxed on Lewd boxes use about 20-40 of them. It depends on how much you have been using them and how many gems you have. Room for growth. Your choice.

Enemies are now here during the day. You CAN refight the Nompis again to regain their slayer and vanquisher titles. Before heading down the elevator. There are a newly added chest and illustration.

There is a hidden stash here we can’t get. We don’t have the map for it. Head back to where you found the creature in the tube. It is on B50. Near where the elevator to the Abyss was. The room above the creature you will find a chest for Cermonial Knuckles x1. After grabbing it make your way back to the elevator and select Abyss Plain. When you are heading there the is a bag in the same room as the elevator for Illustration 185. It is very easy to miss

Head forward and you will find The Kurai Artifact. Zweibelle says hi. How you MC doesn’t know how Zoom works is funny, I guess. You will learn that your mother knows more than she lets on. I will translate this stuff when the actual episode releases. You receive the Kurai Artifact. Head back to the shack.

Once you enter the shack you will get some yacking. You will bring up that the place was controlling the weather. I guess I must have missed something.

Leave the shack and head through the caves south. Keep heading west a few screens and through a cave and you will get a scene. 10 months and this is all for story? Right… .

After this, this is the end of the current story. Least we are off the island and can actually explore. So let’s do some cleanup.

So we have some places to see!

Castle Warrengard







__Castle Clothing Shop

__Castle Equipment Shop

__Castle Material Shop

__Castle Potion Shop

Teleport to Castle Warrengard. Head up to the throne area and speak to Adult Farah. Converse with her. Choice 1: Adult Farah +1

Choice 2: Adult Farah -1

Speak to her again and get another set of choices

Choice 1: Mama Farah +1 and allows her to be in Tavern Wench Challenge in the castle.

Choice 2: Mama Farah -1

If you check your shop areas, where your blacksmith is, you will notice that you SHOULD have many new shops! Once you enter a section of a shop they will explain what they offer. You will get journal entries for Arvado, Which sells crafting materials. Mandalena, local clothing vendor. Lysis, the general item vendor and Musif, the key item vendor. I will assume she is the newest of the unlocks from a new game since she has introduction items in her inventory.

Take the crystal, in the main hall, to Brightstone. Leave Brightstone and end the Crimson Forest. If you don’t remember it is north of Brightstone. Make sure you are still alone in your party.



__Costume Fabric – Mhu’Tiki

__Emerald Gem

__Illustration 218

__Full Elixer x2

__Lewd Box




__Crimson Forest Clear

We are back here again. Go east 1 screen and north 2 screens and you will get some text. I will update this in the future for when you can do this for the first time. How do they even know what a Crusader is since they only want Neifus. After that you can explore.

There isn’t anything to look at or find. Just head straight up. Before heading up, go up the stairs. Grab the roll for Costume Fabric Mhu’Tiki. Go search the desks for Full Elixir x2. You should get the Crimson Forest Cleared title.

Head down stairs and head up a tad and you will see the envelope on the right side of the water. Grab it for Illustration 218. Talk to the chief. We get a Ara Ara. You will challenge her to a fight for the tiny area VS your castle… Gin added to the journal. You will have to fight her. If you can’t do it now you can come back later. She is rather strong for a single target. I will assume you are about 55 with the best gear you can get now. Sadly it should still be Quartz. Which we have had for some time.

If you DID bring the rats, you have to leave ALL the way to the world map and excuse them from your party. This is done to give you a chance to come back later to fight her later. She is just below Crayden solo in terms of strength. Details added later.


Strat: She hits with a thunder based attack. That we have no defense against. Deceptive hit is going to be your downfall. Makes you hit yourself for actual damage. Do not use summons. They are kind of useless. Final Stance, if you have it, does WAY more damage than any summon you have. Final stance does from 3-6K damage. She doesn’t seem to be able to hurt you at this point in the game. Relentless assault did like 200 damage to me. Just wreck her.

Reward: Emerald Gem

This was an easy fight. Obviously supposed to be done at a much earlier part of the game. After the battle you get to hear some truths about what happened. You learn something profound about Mhu’Tiki. You get a choice.

Choice 1: Heroic

Choice 2: Renegade

After some yacking you get another choice.

Choice 1: You let her go. Gin +1

Choice 2: you put her in prison

I chose letting her go. She isn’t a bad character so, I am sure she will join at a later date.

So what to do now. So leave the forest head back to Brightstone and make some new clothes.

Afterwards teleport to Colussia. Go to the throne room and speak to Vhazar. You get some story and the ability to access the tunnels in Caimridge. So teleport to



__Diamond x8

__Intelligence Crystal x4

__Lewd Box

__ Revival Potion X


__Caimridge Clear

Head to the town hall. East part of the town. Head down into the basement. Examine the fireplace. Through the tunnel is a chest with Intelligence Crystal x4, a node for Diamond x8 and another chest with Revival Potion X. This should also net you the Caimridge Cleared title. Finally! Leave to the north

Slithering Chasm


__Boltstorm Mail

__Diamond x6

__Diamond x7

__Diamond x8

__Dimensional Shard

__Full Health Potion X x3

__Illustration 220

__Illustration 245

__Lewd Box x5

__Ruby Coin

__Sapphire Ring


__Lizard Sage

__Lizard Scout


__Lizard Sage Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Lizard Scout Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Slithering Chasm Clear

Follow the path and you will run into a new enemies. Get the slayer/ vanquisher titles while you are here. At the intersection take the right bridge. Up for a chest with a Ruby Coin x1. Go back and take the north path. Ignore the bridge north for now and take the west path. To the SW part is a bridge gap you can jump. There is a brown bag with Illustration 220. Jump back over and head into the cave to the north. Inside you will find Diamond x8, Diamond x7 and Diamond x6. Head out and back east a screan.

Head over the bridge and into the house for a chest with Illustration 245. Head out and into the cave to the right for a Sapphire Ring. Exit the cave and take the NW exit here to a chest with Boltstorm Mail. Exit and take the other north exit. Across the bridge and left is a chest with Full Health Potion X x3. Up the ramp and above the lake on the west is a Dimensional Shard. This should nab you the Slithering Chasm Cleared title as well. Exit north.

This area is called Eboncrown.

Head straight into the town called



__Citrine Earring

__Costume Fabric – Bal’Rana

__Dimensional Shard

__Farah No. 07

__Farah No. 08

__Farah No. 09

__Mhu’Tiki No. 09

__Illustration 207

__Illustration 238

__Lewd Box x1

__Meteorite x3

__Refined Ember

__Seed of Man X

__Silver x7

__Steel x6

__Steel x8

__Steel x9

__Vintage Booze x3


__Bergville Cleared

__Dedicated Looter

Talk to people if you wish. Head into the first building you see. On the left you will see a prediction player. You can win Farah Card No. 07, Farah Card No. 08 and Farah Card No. 09. Don’t forget to search the desks. Head down in the basement. Once you are there strike the barrel for Illustration 207. Head up stairs to find a chest with Meteorite x3, Costume Fabrix Bal’Rana, Seed of Mana X, Citrine Earring, Vintage Booze x3 and the Dedicated Looter title respectively.

Head out of the building. NE of the building is a Dimensional Shard. Head west to and enter the NW building. Search the desks for Mhu’Tiki Card No. 09. Left and to the left of the building is an envelope with Illustration 238. SW building is locked. Pick it. Head inside for a safe. Code: 3485. You get Illustration 100. Exit and head into the cave on the left or right of the latter north.

Mine for Steel x6, Steel x8 and Silver x7. Exit and up the rope ladder. Mine for Steel x9. Head through the cave and you will get a quest

Quest: If Words could Kill

Description: Mage has taken a vow of silence to maintain immortality. You have to leave the cave and come back in until he dies.

Reward: None After doing that quest. Grab the chest for Refined Ember. You should get the Bergville Cleared title. That is all there is to do here. Leave town and head east top the dome shaped place called

Accursed Temple


__Hilts of Legend?? Doesn’t appear in inventory. Flag Item most likely

__Illustration 162

__Illustration 217

__Illustration 256

__Lewd Box x6

__Ruby Coin

__Ruby Coin

__Snake Hide x5


__Greed Devourer

__Sin Head/ Devourer


__Accursed Temple Clear

__Cave Destroyer

__Sin Head/ Devourer Slayer/ Vanquisher

__Treasure Hoarder

Just walk to the far east for a chest with Snake Hide x5. West of the building is a cave entrance to blow up. Cave Destroyer title will be received. Get Illustration 162 from the altar. Head out and into the temple. Go right as soon as you enter and follow it to a envelope with Illustration 256. Head down the stairs. Go towards the SW part and flip the switch. Grab the chest for Ruby Coin x1. Head to the room above and flip that switch as well. Keep following NW and

after you go up some stairs take the right path to another. Take the left path from here to another switch and a chest with a very strong enemy

ENEMY: Greed Devourer HP: 120000 STRENGTH: All Status WEAKNESS: Fire

Strat: It has 120k HP and average stats. Weak to Fire. It will just lower your stats and just attack. Keep you HP up and you should be fine.

Reward: Illustration 217

Head back down to the stairs and follow the path to the top left this time Ignore the first area where you can go down. Follow it right instead to a next area where you can go down. Take it. Flip the switch and continue until you can take a left path. Up the stairs and to the right. Grab the chest for a Ruby Coin x1. Leave the room and head back to the east wall. Follow south all the way to the bottom right corner of the room. Follow it left and take the first path up you find. Grab the chest for another Ruby Coin x1.

Head back whence you came and take the second path left. Up the stairs to your left and up again. You should be at a big gold chest. This contains Hilts of Legend an Accursed Temple Cleared title. You will see the map of the temple on a door with the switches we need to get to open the chest. No idea what the item even does. Most likely to help with crafting top grade equipment? Who knows.

After all that there is really only 1 thing we can get. The last trading card from this update. You have to walk through the Chasm again and teleport from Caimridge. Teleport to Khar and head to the

Desert Checkpoint


__Farah No. 10


__Farah Animation

Go to the cave in the NW part of the area. Challenge the Farah Set and get Farah Card No. 10. You also unlock the Farah Animation in the bonus section of your gallery.

That is it

Section 5: ITEMS (ITM)

Section 5.1 Consumables (CONTS)

Small Health Potion- Restores 500 HP

Large Health Potion- Restores 2000 HP

Full Health Potion- Restores All HP

Small Health Potion X- Restores 500 HP/ Party

Large Health Potion X- Restores 2000 HP/ Party

Full Health Potion X- Restores All HP/ Party

Small Spirit Potion- Restores 500 SP

Large Spirit Potion- Restores 2000 SP

Full Spirit Potion- Restores all SP

Small Spirit Potion X- Restores 500 SP/ Party

Large Spirit Potion X- Restores 2000 SP/ Party

Full Spirit Potion X- Restores All SP/ Party

Elixir- Restores 2000 HP/ SP

Full Elixir- Restores All HP/ SP

Elixir X- Restores 2000 HP/SP /Party

Full Elixir X- Restores ALL hp/ SP/ Party

Revival Potion- Revives dead person at 50% max HP

Full Revival Potion- Revives dead person with full HP

Revival Potion X- Revives party at 50% max HP

Full Revival Potion X- Revives party with full HP

Antidote- Heals Poison

Antidote X- Heals poison Party

Dispel Leaf- Heals all status

Dispel leaf X- heals all status Party

Might Herb- Battle only. Boosts ATK party

Barrier Herb- Battle only. Raises PDEF party

Resist Herb- Battle only. Raises MDEF party

Reflex Herb- Battle only. Raises EVA party

Rage Herb- Battle only. Raises ATK/PDEF to all but lowers MDEF

Beldorian Ale- Restores 10% HP

Vintage Booze- Restores 10% of SP

Savage Whiskey- Restores 25% of HP

Ariba’d Loco- Restores 25% SP

Nal’Tara Wine- Restores 25% HP/SP

Seed of Life- Increase Max HP by 50

Seed of Life X- Increase Max HP by 100

Seed of Mana- Increase Max SP by 25

Seed of Mana X- Increase Max SP by 50

Seed of Strength- Increase STR by 1

Seed of Strength X- Increase STR by 5

Seed of Dexterity- Increase DEX by 1

Seed of Dexterity X- Increase DEX by 5

Seed of Agility- increase AGI by 1

Seed of Agility X- Increase AGI by 5

Seed of Intelligence- Increase INT by 1

Seed of Intelligence X- Increase INT by 5

Lewd Box- Unlocks photoshoot pictures and can give emerald gems

Feather of Awakening- A 1up. If you lose a battle you can use this to give another chance.

Golden Detector- Turns notification of Beetleblades ON/OFF

Orb of Restoration- Resets game for New Game +


Section 5.2 WEAPONS (WPN)


Twin Blades

Practise Blades- weapon that can’t be equipped or broken down.

Bronze Blades- 116 ATK. Starter weapon.

Silver Blades- 128 ATK

Gold Blades- 142 ATK

Platinum Blades- 156 ATK

Diamond Blade- 192 ATK

Iron Blades- 124 ATK

Steel Blades- 132 ATK

Mithril Blades- 148 ATK

Titanium Blades- 172 ATK

Quartz Blades- 194 ATK

Sun Blades- 124 ATK. Light Based.

Beam Blades- 148 ATK. Light Based.

Sunstorm Blades- 194 ATK. Light Based


Bronze Bow- 114 ATK

Silver Bow- 126 ATK

Gold Bow- 140 ATK

Platinum Bow- 154 ATK

Diamond Bow- 190 ATK

Iron Bow- 122 ATK

Steel Bow- 134 ATK

Mithril Bow- 148 ATK

Titanium Bow- 172 ATK

Quartz Bow- 194 ATK

Bolt Bow- 122 ATK. THUNDER based.

Thunder Bow- 148 ATK. THUNDER based.


Bronze Claws- 112 ATK 115 MDEF

Silver Claws- 124 ATK 136 MDEF

Gold Claws- 138 ATK 174 MDEF

Platinum Claws- 152 ATK 228 MDEF

Diamond Claws- 188 ATK

Iron Claws- 120 ATK 128 MDEF

Steel Claws- 130 ATK 152 MDEF

Mithril Claws- 146 ATK 196 MDEF

Titanium Claws- 170 ATK 265 MDEF

Wind Claws- 120 ATK 132 MDEF. WIND based

Hurricane Claws- 146 ATK 202 MDEF. WIND based


Bronze Flintlock- 114

Silver Flintlock- 126 ATK

Gold Flintlock- 140 ATK

Platinum Flintlock- 154 ATK

Diamond Flintlock- 190 ATK

Iron Flintlock- 122 ATK. Base weapon

Steel Flintlock- 134 ATK

Mithril Flintlock- 148 ATK

Titanium Flintlock- 172 ATK

Quartz Flintlock- 194 ATK

Ice Flintlock- 122 ATK. ICE based.

Frostbite Flintlock- 148 ATK. ICE based

Icestorm Flintlock-


Silver Wand- 118 ATK +4 INT. Starter Weapon

Gold Wand- 132 ATK +8 INT

Platinum Wand- 146 ATK +16 INT

Diamond Wand- 182 ATK +32 INT

Iron Wand- 114 ATK. Why bother

Steel Wand- 124 ATK +4 INT. Why bother

Mithril Wand- 140 ATK +8 INT

Titanium Wand- 162 ATK +16 INT

Quartz Wand- 190 ATK +32 INT

Rock Wand- 114 ATK. EARTH based.

Tremor Wand- 140 ATK +8 INT. EARTH based

Rockstorm Wand- 190 ATK +32 INT. EARTH based


Platinum Mace- 158 ATK

Diamond Mace- 194 ATK

Quartz Mace- 196 ATK


Platinum Grimoire- 146 ATK +16 INT

Diamond Grimoire- 182 ATK +32 INT

Quartz Grimoire- 190 ATK +32 INT


Diamond Cutlesse- 190 ATK

Quartz Cutless- 194 ATK


Section 5.3 Armor (AMR)


Section 5.3.1 Sub Arms


Bronze Gauntlet- 24 PDEF 18 MDEF

Silver Gauntlet- 40 PDEF 34 MDEF

Gold Gauntlet- 54 PDEF 50 MDEF

Platinum Gauntlet- 80 PDEF 80 MDEF

Diamond Gauntlet- 110 PDEF 93 MDEF

Iron Gauntlet- 34 PDEF 31 MDEF

Steel Gauntlet- 42 PDEF 40 MDEF

Mithril Gauntlet- 70 PDEF 66 MDEF

Quartz Gauntlet- 120 PDEF 95 MDEF


Bronze Bracelet- 20 PDEF 22 MDEF

Silver Bracelet- 36 PDEF 38 MDEF

Gold Bracelet- 50 PDEF 54 MDEF

Platinum Bracelet- 80 PDEF 80 MDEF

Diamond Bracelet- 93 PDEF 110 MDEF

Iron Bracelet- 31 PDEF 34 MDEF

Steel Bracelet- 40 PDEF 42 MDEF

Mithril Bracelet- 64 PDEF 72 MDEF

Titanium Bracelet- 88 PDEF 102 MDEF

Quartz Bracelet- 93 PDEF 122 MDEF


Cotton Collar- 103 PDEF

Wool Collar- 140 PDEF

Silk Collar- 193 PDEF

Leather Collar- 257 PDEF

Rabbit Collar- 114 PDEF

Wolf Collar- 154 PDEF

Tiger Collar- 220 PDEF

Bear Collar- 285 PDEF

Broncallo Collar- 302 PDEF

Snake Collar- 349 PDEF


Cotton Gloves- 16 PDEF 20 MDEF

Wool Gloves- 26 PDEF 31 MDEF

Silk Gloves- 45 PDEF 55 MDEF

Leather Gloves- 65 PDEF 68 MDEF

Rabbit Gloves- 18 PDEF 24 MDEF

Wolf Gloves- 30 PDEF 35 MDEF

Tiger Gloves- 50 PDEF 60 MDEF

Bear Gloves- 70 PDEF 74 MDEF

Broncallo Gloves- 86 PDEF 94 MDEF

Snake Gloves- 89 PDEF 109 MDEF

Section 5.3.2 Head gear


Bronze Helm- 43 PDEF 37 MDEF

Silver Helm-60 PDEF 54 MDEF

Gold Helm- 80 PDEF 72 MDEF

Platinum Helm- 100 PDEF 85 MDEF

Diamond Helm- 120 PDEF 100 MDEF

Iron Helm- 56 PDEF 48 MDEF

Steel Helm- 72 PDEF 63 MDEF

Mithril Helm 93 PDEF 81 MDEF

Titanium Helm- 110 PDEF 90 MDEF

Quartz Helm- 130 PDEF 110 MDEF


Bronze Circlet- 37 PDEF 43 MDEF

Silver Circlet- 54 PDEF 60 MDEF

Gold Circlet- 72 PDEF 80 MDEF

Platinum Circlet- 85 PDEF 100 MDEF

Diamond Circlet- 100 PDEF 120 MDEF

Iron Circlet- 48 PDEF 56 MDEF

Steel Circlet- 63 PDEF 72 MDEF

Mithril Circlet- 81 PDEF 83 MDEF

Titanium Circlet- 90 PDEF 110 MDEF

Quartz Circlet- 110 PDEF 130 MDEF


Cotton Cowl- 32 PDEF 35 MDEF

Wool Cowl- 42 PDEF 44 MDEF

Silk Cowl- 58 PDEF 62 MDEF

Leather Cowl- 72 PDEF 82 MDEF

Rabbit Cowl- 36 PDEF 40 MDEF

Wolf Cowl- 47 PDEF 52 MDEF

Tiger Cowl- 61 PDEF 68 MDEF

Bear Cowl- 79 PDEF 87 MDEF

Broncallo Cowl- 90 PDEF 105 MDEF

Snake Cowl- 100 PDEF 112 MDEF

Section 5.3.3 Body


Bronze Plate- 68 PDEF 61 MDEF

Silver Plate- 90 PDEF 86 MDEF

Gold Plate- 120 PDEF 116 MDEF

Platinum Plate- 150 PDEF 146 MDEF

Diamond Plate- 165 PDEF 166 MDEF

Iron Plate- 76 PDEF 70 MDEF

Steel Plate- 110 PDEF 104 MDEF

Mithril Plate- 142 PDEF 132 MDEF

Titanium Plate- 160 PDEF 160 MDEF

Quartz Plate- 170 PDEF 170 MDEF

Sun Plate- 76 PDEFF 70 MDEF. RESIST LIGHT based damage

Beam Plate- 142 PDEF 132 MDEF. RESIST LIGHT based damage


Bronze Mail- 59 PDEF 66 MDEF

Silver Mail- 84 PDEF 88 MDEF

Gold Mail- 112 PDEF 116 MDEF

Platinum Mail- 141 PDEF 145 MDEF

Diamond Mail- 160 PDEF 165 MDEF

Iron Mail 68 PDEF 76 MDEF

Steel Mail- 102 PDEF 108 MDEF

Mithril Mail- 130 PDEF 140 MDEF

Titanium Mail- 150 PDEF 155 MDEF

Quartz Mail- 165 PDEF 170 MDEF

Thunder Mail- 130 PDEF 140 MDEF. RESIST THUNDER based damage

Boltstorm Mail- 165 PDEF 170 PDEF. RESIST THUNDER based damage


Cotton Cloak- 55 PDEF 60 MDEF

Wool Cloak- 72 PDEF 78 MDEF

Silk Cloak- 90 PDEF 99 MDEF

Leather Cloak- 120 PDEF 128 MDEF

Rabbit Cloak- 60 PDEF 64 MDEF

Wolf Cloak- 77 PDEF 82 MDEF

Tiger Cloak- 109 PDEF 115 MDEF

Bear Cloak- 136 PDEF 144 MDEF

Broncallo Cloak- 150 PDEF 155 MDEF

Snake Cloak- 160 PDEF 165 MDEF

Tremor Cloak- 109 PDEF 115 MDEF. RESIST EARTH based damage


Section 5.4 Accessory (ACS)


Ring of Strength- +15 STR

Ring of Greater Strength- +25 STR

Ring of Divine Strength- +50 STR

Ring of Dexterity- +15 DEX

Ring of Greater Dexterity- +25 DEX

Ring of Divine Dexterity- +50 DEX

Ring of Agility- +15 AGI

Ring of Greater Agility- +25 AGI

Ring of Divine Agility- +50 AGI

Ring of Intelligence- +15 INT

Ring of Greater Intelligence- +25 INT

Ring of Divine Intelligence- +50 INT

Ring of Earth- Resist EARTH damage


Section 5.5 Miscellaneous (MSC)



Forest Rabbit- Only spawns during the daytime

Shadow Hare- Spawns in darkened Woods

Woods Squirrel- Spawns in bright outside areas with trees

Dark Squirrel- ??

Grey Mouse- Usually in basements

Vile Mouse- Rare mice. In “dark”” evil areas.

Radiant Butterfly- Lake Fairlight. Only spawns during the nighttime

Craft Item

Bronze- Used for creating weapons and armor

Silver- Used for creating weapons and armor

Gold- Used for creating weapons and armor

Platinum- Used for creating weapons and armor

Iron- Used for creating weapons and armor

Steel- Used for creating weapons and armor

Mithril- Used for creating weapons and armor

Rabbit Pelt- Used for creating armor

Wolf Pelt- Used for creating armor

Tiger Pelt- Used for creating armor

Bear Pelt- Used for creating armor

Broncallo Pelt- Used for creating armor

Sandstone- Used for creating weapons and armor

Granite- Used for creating weapons and armor

Fire Ore- Used for Fire based Weapons and Armor

Water Ore- Used for Water based Weapons and Armor

Wind Ore- Used for Wind based Weapons and Armor

Dark Ore- Used for Darkness based Weapons and Armor

Simple Material- Used for creating simple Weapons and Armor

Advanced Material- Used for creating advanced Weapons and Armor

Simple Weapon- Used to make simple Weapons

Simple Sub Arms- Used to make simple arm pieces



Cute Ribbon-

Coin Purse-

Tribal Crayons-

Erotic Novel-

Golden Choker-

Invaluable Mask-

Historical Bandana-


Citrine Earring- 250K

Silver Candlestick-375K

Sapphire Ring- 500K

Golden Bowl- 750K

Garnet Necklace- 1000K

Diamond Pitcher- 2000K Colussia Castle. Emperor’s room. Lvl. 3 lock pick only during Osira quest

Emerald Gem- 1000K or used for unlocking skits in Castle Warrengard in the mirror room.


Section 5.6 Key Item (KYS)


Golden Detector- Lets you know if Golden Beetleblades appear on maps

Common Dice- Used for playing Devil’s Dice and Prediction

Gold Dice – Laquadia- Quest Punching Slimebags.

Gold Dice – Farah- Puzzle, needs utility hook, Solution is 3-1-2-4

Gold Dice – Masquerade- Treasure Map 01. Rivulet hills

Gold Dice – Illumi- From Treasure Map 06

Gold Dice – Gabrielle- Sleep Deprivation quest. Caimridge

Gold Dice – Ra’Tiki- Behind bomb wall north of Neifu camp. In a chest

Gold Dice – Beatrix- Quest Cleaning up The Streets. Kahr

Gold Dice – Black Dame- Chest in basement. Marshes of Despair

Overflowing Pitcher- Quest item from Osira

Snare Trap- Used to capture Animals

Animal Whistle- Makes capturing Lvl. 2

Hunting Gloves- Makes capturing Lvl. 3

Treasure Shovel- Used for Digging up treasures

Pickaxe- Used for mining ore nodes

Rock Charges- Adds +2 to mined materials

Mining Gear- Adds +3 to mined materials

Lock pick Set- Colussia. Black Dame. Enables Lvl. 1 lock picking

Torsion Wrench- Enables Lvl. 2 lock picking

Glorious Pick- Enables Lvl. 3 lock picking

Art Razor- Enables Lvl. 1 Painting stealing

Utility Hook- Enables access to sewer grates

Lantern- Lights up caverns a little bit

Luxury Bedroll- Restores HP/SP when sleeping in a camp site

Ruby Coin- Found everywhere. Used for unlocking Red Chests

Golden Token- Dropped by Golden Beetleblade. Used to unlock Rewards

Dimensional Shard- Turn in to Illumi for rewards

Deed Contract- From buying property

Crystal Fragment- Allows transport via Blue Crystals

Necklace of Clarity- Makes searchable spots glow

Ring of Resonance- Makes Golden Beetleblade mobs glow gold if present

Amulet of Assistance- Makes quest givers have a MAP ICON above their bodies

Monster Lure- Makes Golden Beetleblades spawn more often

Boots of Rushing- Enables sprinting in outside areas. Press A to use

Ribbon of Speech- Talk to animals. Only get temporary

Bandana of the Unseen- Makes traps visable

Gloves of Finesse- Makes Card holders easier to spot

Jewel of Magnification- Enables zooming on pictures and scenes

Mysterious Jewelry- Start the game with it

Club Ticket- Bought at the Heavenly Fate in Colussia

Handkerchief- Quest Item. Found in the Church

Sexy Underwear- Quest Item. Found in Laquadia’s room

Hand Mirror- Quest Item. Found during Night Raid quest

Cursed Ring- Quest Item. Found in Fellhorn Ruins

Boyfriends Note- Quest Item. From quest giver in Port Ronod

Diplomatic Contract- Quest Item. Papers to represent Brightstone at the High Lord Gathering

Prison Keychain- Unlock prison cells at Castle Warrengard

Ominous Potion- Quest Item. Given to you by Osira

Northern Region Map- Makes location names visible around Colussia

Southern Region Map- Makes location names visible around Brightstone and Arlon areas

Eastern Region Map- Makes location names visible east of the Valley Checkpoint


Section 5.7: Illustrations (ILS)


Illustration 01- Kahr. In a safe. Code 9116

Illustration 02- Colussia. West side of Church exterior

Illustration 03- Lake Fairlight. Southwest camp with actual people. Inside tent

Illustration 04- Windy Canyon. From alter in a cave from Bless quest

Illustration 05- Darkthorn Keep. 2 Ruby Coins. North side after entering.

Illustration 06- Prestige Ranch. Safe. Code 2073

Illustration 07- Fellhorn Ruins. Second area in a basement. Sitting on the floor.

Illustration 08- Western Lighthouse. On the ground outside.

Illustration 09- Prestige Ranch. Cut out Painting upstairs. Art razor required.

Illustration 10- Port Ronod. Cut painting in a house. East side. Art Razor required.

Illustration 11- Odidania. Up alley next to the armor shop.

Illustration 12- Rivulet Hills. Defeat legendary near mercenary camp.

Illustration 13- Windy Canyon. Cave near the only house. 3 Ruby Coins.

Illustration 14- Paradise Oasis. Inside building on the east side.

Illustration 15- Brightstone. In a house on the west side of town on the ground.

Illustration 16- Hallow Gorge. Far north cave. 2 Ruby Coins.

Illustration 17- Highland Inn. In the stable. Day time only.

Illustration 18- Gentleman’s Club. Cut painting out first building. Nighttime only.

Illustration 19- Whitehaven. First building. Strike Barrel.

Illustration 20- Illusian Forest. Ruby Chest 1x coin

Illustration 21- Kahr. West area. Between small opening. Cut out painting. Night time only.

Illustration 22- Arlon. Safe in basement of item shop. Code 6545.

Illustration 23- Caimridge. 2nd screen west. Small shack. Strike Barrel.

Illustration 24- Prestige Ranch. Defeat Legendary north of entrance.

Illustration 25- Windy Canyon. Defeat legendary in caves.

Illustration 26- Grassland Road. Defeat Legendary in caves on 2nd screen.

Illustration 27- Caimridge. On the ground between buildings on the second screen.

Illustration 28- Serenity Bridge. Straight north inside a tent.

Illustration 29- Brightstone. House next to Temple. Cut out painting. Night time only.

Illustration 30- Serenity Bridge. In cave east side down stairs. 2 Ruby Coins.

Illustration 31- Royal Cottage. On boat dock west of house on the ground.

Illustration 32- Luminessa. Enter hot springs. Strike barrel in the top of the actual spring.

Illustration 33- Summer Cove. Strike Barrel on SW side. Ra’Tiki must be in party.

Illustration 34- Fierra Falls. In a cave. Far NW side. 2 Ruby Coins required.

Illustration 35- Illusian Forest. Floor in the church.

Illustration 36- Arlon. Cut out painting in NW house. Art Razor Required.

Illustration 37- Colussia. Defeat Legendary. North part of the sewer.

Illustration 38- Darkthorn Keep. During assault. 2nd floor up towards the Wardens office.

Illustration 39- Arlon. Chest in the back room of the pub. 3 Ruby Coins required.

Illustration 40- Castle Warrengard. After clearing east stairs rubble. On the floor.

Illustration 41- Castle Warrengard. Defeat Legendary in the Aquaduct.

Illustration 42- Windy Canyon. Inside the house.

Illustration 43- Brightstone. Building south of Armor shop. On the ground.

Illustration 44- Rivulet Hills. In mercenary camp inside tent. Heroic Savior quest to enter

Illustration 45- Kahr. NW area near temple. Cut painting out. Night time only. Art razor required.

Illustration 46- River Checkpoint. Defeat legendary.

Illustration 47- Four Seasons Inn. Inside stable on the ground.

Illustration 48- Paradise Oasis. Defeat Legendary. West screen

Illustration 49- Colussia. Castle. Royal bath area. 2 Rub Coins required

Illustration 50- Prestige Ranch. SE area of area on the ground

Illustration 51- Lake Fairlight. Defeat legendary.

Illustration 52- Royal Cottage. Defeat legendary.

Illustration 53- Forgotten Cemetery. Inside building on the ground.

Illustration 54- Northern Creek. Altar.

Illustration 55- Proving Grounds. Ruby Chest 1x coin. Enter cave and take west exit. All the way south Illustration 56- Summer cove. Inside changing room. 4 Ruby Coins required.

Illustration 57- Iron Spire. On the 2nd floor in the NE corner.

Illustration 58- Port Ronod. Upper path right of the mayor’s house on the ground.

Illustration 59- Caimridge. Basement of town hall. 3 Ruby Coins required.

Illustration 60- Four Season Inn. Safe. Code 1192. Nighttime only.

Illustration 61- Tijia Forest. Found right after you drop in from Uncle Dad’s Farm

Illustration 62- Colussia. Painting inside house. South of east part. Art Razor required.

Illustration 63- Colussia. Safe 2. Code 5535.

Illustration 64- Crimson Forest. In a tent in the Neifu Settlement.

Illustration 65- Nillia Woods. Defeat Legendary..

Illustration 66- Crimson Forest. NE cave area before Howling Moon Guards. Defeat Legendary.

Illustration 67- Western Lighthouse. Defeat Legendary.

Illustration 68- Brightstone. House next to Inn. Safe. Code 0825.

Illustration 69- Hollow Gorge. Defeat Legendary in cave west of first walking in.

Illustration 70- Serenity Bridge. Defeat Legendary. North of east exit.

Illustration 71- Skalhalm. East cave in town. Ruby Chest. 2 coins

Illustration 72- Colussia. Sewer. Up short ladder in southern most area.

Illustration 73- Tijia Woods. In tent. Ruby Chest. 3 coins

Illustration 74- Kahr. NW room in the Sauna.

Illustration 75- Crimson Woods. Slash Barrel in main building of Neifu Settlement.

Illustration 76- Pit of Gor’rah. Behind the building in the bottom of the pit.

Illustration 77- Gentleman’s Club. Barn. Slash Barrel.

Illustration 78- Odidania. Safe: 9200 In house far left of church. Only at night.

Illustration 79- Ruins of the past. Cave. Requires Dynamite. 2 Ruby Coins required.

Illustration 80- Duchess’s Mansion. Stable. Strike the barrel

Illustration 81- Fellhorn Ruins. Defeat Legendary. Far north area in front of door.

Illustration 82- Nillia Woods. Slender Slut

Illustration 83- Paradise Oasis. Cave behind east building.

Illustration 84- Second Spire. Second floor. On the ground NW side.

Illustration 85- Port Ronod. Locked door at fish market. Strike the Barrel.

Illustration 86- Whitehaven. SW area near the pier. Next to baskets of fish.

Illustration 87- Expedition. Scouting Tijia Woodland

Illustration 88- Kahr. Building right next to blue crystal.

Illustration 89- Lake Fairlight. Cave in between gold x3 and gold x4. Bag on the ground

Illustration 90- Island of mist. Inside cave from the altar..

Illustration 91- Ruins of the Past. East screen in SE destroyed building.

Illustration 92- Imperial Manor. Cut out painting 2nd floor. Art Razor required.

Illustration 93- Colussia. Need to do sidequest for Osira after High Lord Gathering.

Illustration 94- Colussia. Chest in the basement of the Pub. 3 Ruby Coins required.

Illustration 95- Kahr. Straight west of the armor shop past beastman between buildings.

Illustration 96- Castle Warrengard. After clearing path right above save crystal. On the ground.

Illustration 97- Isolated Shack. In the shack. On the floor

Illustration 98- Lake Fairlight. Cave in the east most screens. Ruby Coins 2

Illustration 99- Imperial Manor. In stable on the ground. During High Lord Gathering only.

Illustration 100- Bergville. Safe. 3845. SW building in town.

Illustration 101- Brightstone. Cut painting in Mama Farah’s house. Art Razor required..

Illustration 102- Blackgard Stronghold. Murk Vanguard. In the sewers

Illustration 103- Uncle Dad’s Farm. Slash barrel inside their home.

Illustration 104- Gentlemen’s Club. On ground north building. Night time only.

Illustration 105- Rivulet Hills. Werewulfie den. During Heroic Savior quest. 2 Ruby Coins.

Illustration 106- Desert Checkpoint. Ruby Coin x2.

Illustration 107- The Ravaged Booty. Random chance they move 8%. Inside Cave. Ruby Coin x1

Illustration 108- Highland Inn. Strike barrel in front of the inn.

Illustration 109- Fierra Falls. Defeat legendary. Far East side of area.

Illustration 110- Smugglers Route. Defeat Legendary. Near south entrance.

Illustration 111- Crimson Forest. Slender Slut. 3rd screen east. Night only

Illustration 112- Colussia. Safe 1. Code 4624

Illustration 113- Port Ronod. Safe 1. Code 6869.

Illustration 114- Arlon. House right of crystal. Strike barrel. Comes up as 113

Illustration 115- Forgotten Cemetery. Defeat Legendary. Basement north building

Illustration 116- Fellhorn Ruins. Bag. Cape of Levitation needed. 2nd screen left side after bridge

Illustration 117- Kahr Temple. Ruby Coin x3

Illustration 118- Tower of Decent. In cave. Defeat Legendary M1-A Prototype

Illustration 119- Odidania. Material/Clothing shop. Night only.

Illustration 120-Bellfrost Forest. Slender slut. West side of the map right past wooden bridge.

Illustration 121- Colussia. Slash a barrel in one of the houses

Illustration 122- Whitehaven. Safe 1. Code 8350.

Illustration 123- Grassland Road. From alter on west screen. Follow bank to chest and cave.

Illustration 124- Grandmaster’s Hut. In his building right on the floor.

Illustration 125- Fierra Falls. In cave straight east of entrance. Use the altar.

Illustration 126- Northern Creek. Inside cave near the beds on the ground. Hard to see.

Illustration 127- Island of Mist. Defeat Tordose Barrier.

Illustration 128- Kahr. Defeat Legendary. House below Sauna. Night Only.

Illustration 129- Lake Fairlight. NE cave of the far east area.

Illustration 130- Rivulet Hills. West cave. Back on the ground.

Illustration 131- Smuggler’s Route. Shack at the south exit. 2 Ruby Coins Required.

Illustration 132- Iron Spire. First floor during assualt

Illustration 133- Odidania. House west of the inn in small room. Strike barrel

Illustration 134- Colussia. House next to Laquadia’s Fan quest. Dark house.

Illustration 135- Colussia. Safe 3. Code 1944. Only after the Lord High Gathering.

Illustration 136- Odidania. Painting. Behind locked door in the mayor’s house

Illustration 137- Luminessa. Envelope. West side of town in library. On the ground past the kids next to table. Illustration 138- Queen’s Landing. Ruby Chest 2 coins. On the docks, west side

Illustration 139- Tijia Woodland. Slender Slut

Illustration 140- Bellfrost Woods. Envelope, tent. Go south a screen than east. Inside tent. Can’t miss it. Illustration 141-

Illustration 142- Expedition. Scout Mountain Road

Illustration 143- Skalhalm. Envelope. Go through the cave system and enter the house on the right. On the floor. Illustration 144-

Illustration 145- Luminessa. Portrait, night only. Far east building where the material and item shop are. Illustration 146- Queen’s Landin. Inn/ Bar. Envelope on the floor.

Illustration 147- Tijia Woodland. Defeat legendary Gryphorian Youth

Illustration 148- Marshes of Despair. Far south screen on the ground in the west “house”

Illustration 149- Odidania. Painting. Inside first house east of the Inn.

Illustration 150- Northern Creek. Behind weak wall. Ruby chest 3x coins

Illustration 151- East Lighthouse. In the cave you see when entering. Blessing Sidequest

Illustration 152- Skalhalm. House right next to crystal. Envelope on the floor

Illustration 153- Gentlemans Club. Cut out painting on the second floor

Illustration 154- Illusian Forest. Aqua Hydra. Next to the large grave in the NW part of the map Illustration 155- Marshes of Despair. West area in a basement. Ruby Chest 2x coins behind bomb wall

Illustration 156- Hermits Retreat. IN the main cave of the area… You have to avoid it to miss it. Illustration 157- Windy Canyon. Bag. NW corner of Wuffie house. Need Cape of Levitation Illustration 158- Luminessa. Portrait cutout. Second screen north. Only house. Behind ?? locked door.

Illustration 159- Pit of Ror’Ga. Defeat Dragonallion. Bottom of the pit. Can’t miss it

Illustration 160- Magna Garulus. Envelope. Below deck North side

Illustration 161- Ravanged Booty. Envelope. Under the deck of the ship on the ground

Illustration 162-

Illustration 163- Ruined Tower. Legendary right at the base of the tower.

Illustration 164-Odidania: Ruby chest 2x coins. SE part of town near the stairs the lead to the docks. Illustration 165- Expedition. Scout Illusian Forest

Illustration 166- Immemorial Glade. Mother of Nature. Right when you walk in.

Illustration 167- Gentlemans Club. Cut out painting on second floor.

Illustration 168- Blackgard Stronghold. Envelope in the South West cell

Illustration 169- East Lighthouse. Top floor of the lighthouse.

Illustration 170-

Illustration 171- Luminessa. Safe 2595. Night time only. House on west side up first set of stairs

Illustration 172- Praeceps Isle. Far west area in cave. Altar Quest.

Illustration 173- Magna Garulus. Safe. Below deck and upstairs. Right safe. Code 8442

Illustration 174- Magna Garulus. Safe. Below deck and upstairs. Left safe. Code 5190

Illustration 175- Marshes of Despair. Neon Alphatross 2nd screen down on a bridge. Let it run into you

Illustration 176- Northern Creek. Defeat Legendary Devil Root. First screen north side

Illustration 177- Expedition. Scout Rockhelm Peaks.

Illustration 178- Fellhorn ruins. Ruby Chest. During the assault on Colussia. Go east from Osiras’ throne Illustration 179-

Illustration 180- East Lighthouse. Defeat Forgotten King

Illustration 181- Luminessa. Envelope. Library south of Equipment/ Armor/ Material shops. On the ground west side. Illustration 182- Arlon. Envelope in the church

Illustration 183- Shrine. Colussia. Basement if the Church. During Episode 3

Illustration 184- Border Checkpoint. Again wall southern part

Illustration 185-

Illustration 186- The Drowning Castle. Gabrielles quest. Envelope 2nd floor on balcony right side.

Illustration 187- Pit of Gor’ra. In the building at the base of the pit.

Illustration 188-Odidania. Safe 1. Code 7713.

Illustration 189- Hot Spring Retreat. Envelope on southern wooden planks.

Illustration 190- Marshes of Despair. Slender slut. West at first T intersection. Must be night

Illustration 191- Expedition. Scout Fierra Falls

Illustration 192- Homestead: On pier south of the house.

Illustration 193- Odidania. House on the dock right below two sailors. Behind a weak wall. Illustration 194- Bellfrost Woods. Ruby Chest. 2x coins. West side of the woods past road that ends.

Illustration 195- Proving Grounds. Altar. Behind weak wall. Enter cave and take west exit. NE side of area Illustration 196- Grassland Road. In the far West cave. NE part in small bag.

Illustration 197- Darthorn Keep. During assault. 5th floor in the tower. In the NW corner.

Illustration 198- Castle Warrengard. 3rd floor on the east side of the castle. Must be built up

Illustration 199-

Illustration 200-

Illustration 201-

Illustration 202- Expedition. Scout Nillia Woods

Illustration 203-

Illustration 204- Skalkhalm. Bag. Cave where Diamond node is. Just north of it

Illustration 205-

Illustration 206- Expedition. Scout Harmonia Sands

Illustration 207-

Illustration 208-

Illustration 209-

Illustration 210- Proving Grounds. Bag. Enter Cave. Take north stairs. On NE side in a cove

Illustration 211- Tseneria isle. Ruby chest. From the first cave all the way right until outside. Plain sight. Illustration 212-

Illustration 213- Fierra Falls. Bag. Need Cape of levitation. Right next to where the Pop Quiz Wizard was.

Illustration 214-

Illustration 215-

Illustration 216-

Illustration 217- Accurased Temple. Trap chest. NW chest in the basement.

Illustration 218- Crimson Forest. Inside Howlling chiefs hut. Right side of water.

Illustration 219-

Illustration 220- Slithering Chasm. Bag on ground. Requires jumping ability. 1 screen north 1 west. SW area. Illustration 221-

Illustration 222-

Illustration 223- Trading Vessel. On the ground below deck on the left side corner.

Illustration 224-

Illustration 225

Illustration 226

Illustration 227

Illustration 228

Illustration 229

Illustration 230

Illustration 231

Illustration 232

Illustration 233

Illustration 234

Illustration 235

Illustration 236

Illustration 237

Illustration 238- Bergville. Envelope. NW side of town. Left of building.

Illustration 239

Illustration 240

Illustration 241

Illustration 242

Illustration 243

Illustration 244

Illustration 245- Slithering Chasm. Ruby Chest. 2 coins. Inside house two screens north of the entrance.


SECTION 5.8: Trading Cards (TDC)



Masquerade No. 01- Brightstone. Prediction against Nun. Requires No. 2 or 5

Masquerade No. 02- Nillia Woods. Tent overlooking Darkthorn Keep

Masquerade No. 03- Darkthorn Keep. Desk in the jail cells

Masquerade No. 04- Brightstone. Prediction against Nun. Requires No. 2 or 5

Masquerade No. 05- Brightstone. Material shop. Bought for 2000K from a man inside

Masquerade No. 06- Kahr. Night time only. West screen next to poster. 3800K.

Masquerade No. 07- Four Seasons Inn. In a desk in the NW building

Masquerade No. 08- Isolated Shack. west of Odidania. Inside desk

Masquerade No. 09- Whitehaven. Inside boat. Buy for 2500K

Masquerade No. 10- Desert Checkpoint. Prediction. Must have at least 8 of her cards.


Gabrielle No. 01- Rivulet Hills. In desk next to the girl during Heroic Savoir

Gabrielle No. 02- Royal Cottage. Cabinet on the second floor

Gabrielle No. 03- Brightstone. Table inside the Inn

Gabrielle No. 04- Gentlemen’s Club. Buy from man in first building. 1600K. Night time only

Gabrielle No. 05- Colussia. Maid in Duchess Lynevere’s Manor. Requires No. 3 or 4

Gabrielle No. 06- Colussia. Maid in Duchess Lynevere’s Manor. Requires No. 3 or 4

Gabrielle No. 07- Four Seasons Inn. Prediction inside the Inn. Requires No. 4 or 5

Gabrielle No. 08- Four Seasons Inn. Prediction inside the Inn. Requires No. 4 or 5

Gabrielle No. 09- Queen’s Landing. Man on the pier for 4000K

Gabrielle No. 10- Eastern Lighthouse. Prediction. Cave right when you walk in. Requires all 9 cards.


Farah No. 01- Highland Inn. Buy from a guy for 1800K

Farah No. 02- Caimridge. Prediction on 2nd floor. Requires No. 1

Farah No. 03- Caimridge. Prediction on 2nd floor. Requires No. 1

Farah No. 04- Odidinia. Guard. Prediction. House one screen below the mayor’s house

Farah No. 05- Odidinia. Guard. Prediction. House one screen below the mayor’s house

Farah No. 06- Odidinia. Guard. Prediction. House one screen below the mayor’s house

Farah No. 07-

Farah No. 08- Bergville. Prediction. In main building. Requires No. 1 card

Farah No. 09- Bergville. Prediction. In main building. Requires No. 1 card

Farah No. 10- Bergville. Prediction. In main building. Requires No. 1 card


Beatrix No. 01- Brightstone. Purple haired guy outside pub for 1500K

Beatrix No. 02- Homestead. In a desk in your room.

Beatrix No. 03- Colussia. Inside building west of Twin Trades. Requires Lock pick

Beatrix No. 04- Port Ronod. Purchase from guy in the material store. 1500K

Beatrix No. 05- Whitehaven. From table inside house west of the Inn

Beatrix No. 06- Summer Cove. Man SW side of beach. Requires at least Beatrix No. 03

Beatrix No. 07- Summer Cove. Man SW side of beach. Requires at least Beatrix No. 03

Beatrix No. 08- Colussia. Prediction inside the Inn. Requires No. 3 or 4

Beatrix No. 09- Colussia. Prediction inside the Inn. Requires No. 3 or 4

Beatrix No. 10- Desert Checkpoint. My geek. Requires at least 8 Beatrix cards to play.


Ra’Tiki No. 01- Port Ronod. Purchase at the end of the pier. Ra’Tiki must be recruited

Ra’Tiki No. 02- Kahr. Prediction. Must have at least No. 04.

Ra’Tiki No. 03- Kahr. Prediction. Must have at least No. 04

Ra’Tiki No. 04- Colussia. Prediction. Guard in Laquadia’s Fans House. Requires No. 1

Ra’Tiki No. 05- Colussia. Prediction. Guard in Laquadia’s Fans House. Requires No. 1

Ra’Tiki No. 06- Colussia. Prediction. Guard in Laquadia’s Fans House. Requires No. 1

Ra’Tiki No. 07- Lake Fairlight. Prediction. Guy in one of the tents. Requires No. 4 or 5 or 6

Ra’Tiki No. 08- Lake Fairlight. Prediction. Guy in one of the tents. Requires No. 4 or 5 or 6

Ra’Tiki No. 09- Skalkhalm. Purchase from card vendor for 3400K straight left of the crystal.

Ra’Tiki No. 10-


Laquadia No. 01- Colussia Castle. Locked desk in the barracks. Requires lock pick

Laquadia No. 02- Port Ronod. Prediction. You need Laquadia No. 5 or Masquerade No. 5

Laquadia No. 03- Colussia Sewer. Buy from guy inside the pub. 1200K

Laquadia No. 04- Whitehaven. Prediction. Inside Fish storage. Daytime only.

Laquadia No. 05- Whitehaven. Prediction. Inside Fish Storage. Daytime only.

Laquadia No. 06- Whitehaven. Prediction. Inside Fish Storage. Daytime only.

Laquadia No. 07- Arlon. Inside desk in the right house as you enter town.

Laquadia No. 08- Odidania. Pub. Prediction. Requires No. 01

Laquadia No. 09- Odidania. Pub. Prediction. Requires No. 01

Laquadia No. 10- Eastern Lighthouse. Prediction. Cave when you first walk in. Need all 9 cards


Queen Opala No. 01-

Queen Opala No. 02-

Queen Opala No. 03- Odidania- 6000K. Guy between stairs on the way to the docks.

Queen Opala No. 04- Hot Spring Retreat. Prediction. Requires No. 03. Left building.

Queen Opala No. 05- Hot Spring Retreat. Prediction. Requires No. 03. Left building.

Queen Opala No. 06- Hot Spring Retreat. Prediction. Requires No. 03. Left building.

Queen Opala No. 07-

Queen Opala No. 08-

Queen Opala No. 09-

Queen Opala No. 10-

Mama Farah

Mama Farah No. 01- Castle Warrengard. Prediction. Farm before top room. Requires Card No. 03

Mama Farah No. 02- Castle Warrengard. Prediction. Farm before top room. Requires Card No. 03

Mama Farah No. 03- Valley Checkpoint. Buy from man for 3200K

Mama Farah No. 04-

Mama Farah No. 05-

Mama Farah No. 06-

Mama Farah No. 07-

Mama Farah No. 08-

Mama Farah No. 09-

Mama Farah No. 10-


Osira No. 01- Fellhorn Ruins. Far north screen. After High Lord Gathering. Lizardman. Requires Osira No. 04 Osira No. 02- Fellhorn Ruins. Far north screen. After High Lord Gathering. Lizardman. Requires Osira No. 04 Osira No. 03-

Osira No. 04- Smuggler’s Route. Buy from man outside of building for 2900K

Osira No. 05- Luminessa. Prediction. Library south of Armor shop. Requires Osira No. 01

Osira No. 06- Luminessa. Prediction. Library south of Armor shop. Requires Osira No. 01

Osira No. 07- Luminessa. Prediction. Library south of Armor shop. Requires Osira No. 01

Osira No. 08-

Osira No. 09-

Osira No. 10-


Osira No. 01- Colussia Sewer. Behind weak walls.

Osira No. 02- Four Seasons Inn. Buy from guy in front of the stable. 3500K

Osira No. 03- Prestige Ranch. Prediction. Guard upstairs. Requires No. 1 or 2

Osira No. 04- Prestige Ranch. Prediction. Guard upstairs. Requires No. 1 or 2

Osira No. 05- Prestige Ranch. Prediction. Guard upstairs. Requires No. 1 or 2

Osira No. 06- Boat- Story Event to the Northern Kingdom. Requires Mhu’Tiki No 01

Osira No. 07- Boat- Story Event to the Northern Kingdom. Requires Mhu’Tiki No 01

Osira No. 08- Boat- Story Event to the Northern Kingdom. Requires Mhu’Tiki No 01

Osira No. 09-

Osira No. 10-


Zweibelle No. 01- Odidania. House near docks on the east. Search a desk.

Zweibelle No. 02- Blackgard Stronghold. Up the stairs in the middle of the fortress. In a desk.

Zweibelle No. 03-

Zweibelle No. 04-

Zweibelle No. 05- Luminessa. 5000K. East of material store. Guy will sell it there.

Zweibelle No. 06-

Zweibelle No.07-

Zweibelle No. 08-

Zweibelle No. 09-

Zweibelle No. 10-

Black Dame

Black Dame No. 01- River Checkpoint. Buy from guy on bridge. After High lord Gathering. 2500K

Black Dame No. 02- Arlon. Inside Pub back room. Prediction. Requires No. 1

Black Dame No. 03- Arlon. Inside Pub back room. Prediction. Requires No. 1

Black Dame No. 04- Arlon. Inside Pub back room. Prediction. Requires No. 1

Black Dame No. 05- Odidania. Inside house on second screen. Prediction. Requires No. 01

Black Dame No. 06- Odidania. Inside house on second screen. Prediction. Requires No. 01

Black Dame No. 07- Queens Landing. Prediction. In the Inn. Requires No. 01

Black Dame No. 08- Queens Landing. Prediction. In the Inn. Requires No. 01

Black Dame No. 09-

Black Dame No. 10-

Sunny-Sue Ellen

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 01- Arlon. Bought for 3200 in building with the quiz guy

Sunny-Sue Ellen No.02- Kahr. Gamble card 1 against Beastman in the material shop

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 03- Kahr. Gamble card 1 against Beastman in the material shop

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 04- Kahr. Gamble card 1 against Beastman in the material shop

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 05-

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 06-

Sunny-Sue Ellen No.07-

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 08-

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 09-

Sunny-Sue Ellen No. 10-


Naz’Raala No. 01- Castle Warrengard. Desk. After clearing west rubble in main room

Naz’Raala No.02-

Naz’Raala No. 03-

Naz’Raala No. 04-

Naz’Raala No. 05-

Naz’Raala No. 06-

Naz’Raala No.07-

Naz’Raala No. 08-

Naz’Raala No. 09-

Naz’Raala No. 10-


Layla No. 01- Kahr. West of Inn up narrow path to a house.

Layla No. 02- Celestial Gate. 3500K. Up first flight of stairs. Man sells it

Layla No. 03- Castle Warrengard. Prediction. Man at table after clearing east stair rubble. Requires Layla No. 01 Layla No. 04- Castle Warrengard. Prediction. Man at table after clearing east stair rubble. Requires Layla No. 01

Layla No. 05-

Layla No. 06-

Layla No. 07-

Layla No. 08-

Layla No. 09-

Layla No. 10-


Elin No. 01- Proving Grounds. Tent.Past first sections of caves.

Elin No. 02-

Elin No. 03-

Elin No. 04-

Elin No. 05-

Elin No. 06-

Elin No. 07-

Elin No. 08-

Elin No. 09-

Elin No. 10-


Kristallia No. 01- Boat south cabin in desk- Story event. Can get on the way to the Northern Kingdom. Kristallia No. 02-

Kristallia No. 03- Luminessa. Prediction. First house on the left. Requires Kristallia No. 01

Kristallia No. 04- Luminessa. Prediction. First house on the left. Requires Kristallia No. 01

Kristallia No. 05-

Kristallia No. 06-

Kristallia No. 07-

Kristallia No. 08-

Kristallia No. 09-

Kristallia No. 10-



Illumi No. 01-

Illumi No. 02-

Illumi No. 03-

Illumi No. 04-

Illumi No. 05-

Illumi No. 06-

Illumi No. 07-

Illumi No. 08-

Illumi No. 09-

Illumi No. 10-


Kythie No. 01-

Kythie No. 02-

Kythie No. 03-

Kythie No. 04- Odidnia. Inn. Buy for 4000K from turban wearing man

Kythie No. 05- Luminessa. Desk. House above Material store.

Kythie No. 06-

Kythie No. 07-

Kythie No. 08-

Kythie No. 09-

Kythie No. 10-

Section 6: Monsters (MONR)




Albino Finmouth

Region: Serenity Bridge

HP: 1340 SP: 760 Exp: 64 Gold: 98

Class: Aquatic

Spell: Splash, Flood

Weakness: Thunder

Resist: Water

Status Resist: Seduce, Confuse, Blindness

Drop: Water Ore (40%)

Bone Wanderer

Region: Fellhorn Ruins

HP: 2100 SP: 1120 Exp: 94 Gold: 184

Class: Undead

Spell: None

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Poison, Seduce

Drop: Steel (40%)


Region: Lake Fairlight

HP: 28000 SP: 2400 Exp: 250 Gold: 2800

Class: Beast

Spell: Rock, Tremor, Might

Weakness: Fire

Resist: None

Status Resist: Fear, Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Paralyze, Weakness, Blindness, Slow, Feeble, Break, Destroy, Force, Crush, Poison (Immune)

Drop: Broncallo Pelt (40%)

Clank Giant

Region: Northern Creek

HP: 3860 SP: 1650 Exp: 182 Krown: 210

Class: Monster

Spell: None

Weakness: Thunder Seduce, Confuse, Blindess, Slow

Resist: Water (Immune)

Status Resist: Fear, Silence, Paralyze, Weaken, Feeble (Immune)

Drop: Pure Mineral (40%)


Region: Tijia Woods

HP: 3390 SP: 1340 Exp: 174 Krown: 148

Class: Avian

Spell: Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse

Weakness: None besides Avian

Resist: None

Status Resist: All

Drop: Marble 40%


Region: Rivulet Hills/Nillia Woods

HP: 380 SP: 280 Exp: 5 Gold: 40

Class: Aquatic

Spell: None

Weakness: Thunder

Resist: Water

Status Resist: Seduce

Drop: Sandstone (40%)

Dark Bat

Region: Fellhorn Ruins

HP: 1750 SP: 920 Exp: 80 Gold: 114

Class: Undead

Spell: Void

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Seduce, Blindness (Immune)

Drop: Dark Ore (40%)

Depth Slug

Region: Colussia

HP: 880 SP: 420 XP: 28 Gold: 52

Class: Aquatic

Spell: None

Weakness: Fire, Thunder

Resist: Water

Status Resist: None

Drop: Quartz (40%)


Region: Windy Canyon

HP: 720 SP: 480 Exp: 16 Gold: 52

Class: Reptile

Spell: None

Weakness: Ice

Resist: None

Status Resist: Seduce

Drop: Basic Mineral (40%)


Region: Bellfrost Woods

HP: 4250 SP: 2280 Exp: 196 Gold: 356

Class: Reptile

Spell: none

Weakness: Fire

Resist: Ice

Status Resist: Seduce

Drop: Quartz (40%)

Earth Demoness

Region: Tijia Woods

HP: 2890 SP: 1500 Exp: 152 Krown: 192

Class: Demon

Spell: Rock, Tremor, Earthquake

Weakness: Fire, Silence, fear, blindness

Resist: Immune to Water

Status Resist: Immune Seduce, Poison, Confuse, Paralyze, Weaken and Slow

Drop: Earth Ore 40%

Fire Demoness

Region: Paradise Oasis

HP: 2180 SP: 1240 Exp: 90 Gold: 164

Class: Demon

Spell: Fire, Blaze, Inferno

Weakness: Water

Resist: Fire (Absorb)

Status Resist: Immune to Confuse, Paralyze, Weaken, Slow

Drop: Fire Ore (40%)


Region: Grassland Road

HP: 892 SP: 575 Exp: 32 Gold: 68

Class: Beast

Spell: Fire

Weakness: Water

Resist: Fire

Status Resist: None

Drop: Wolf Pelt (40%)


Region: Serenity Bridge

HP: 1260 SP: 680 Exp: 58 Gold: 94

Class: Aquatic

Spell: Splash

Weakness: Thunder

Resist: Water

Status Resist: Seduce, Confuse, Blindness

Drop: Advanced Mineral (40%)

Gelu Bat

Region: Proving Grounds

HP: 3820 SP: 2210 Exp: 188 Gold: 372

Class: Avian

Spell: Frost, Confuse

Weakness: Fire, Light, Avian

Resist: Ice

Status ResistL Seduce, Confuse, Blindness

Drop: Pure Mineral (40%)

Giga Plump

Region: Fierra Falls- In east cave

HP: 36000 SP: 3200 Exp: 220 Gold: 2400

Class: Monster

Spell: None

Weakness: Light, Earth

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune to Poison, Fear

Drop: Diamond (40%)

Green Goblin

Region: Tower of Descent/Fierra Falls

HP: 1310 SP: 720 Exp: Gold:

Class: Monster

Spell: None

Weakness: Earth, Light

Resist: None

Status Resist: Poison, Fear, Blindnness, Slow

Drop: Tiger Pelt (40%)

Hollow Man

Region: Ruins of the Past

HP: 1438 SP: 680 Exp: 78 Gold: 112

Class: Undead

Spell: None

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison, Fear, Blindnness

Drop: Gold (40%)

Ice Demoness

Regiond: Bellfrost Woods

HP: 4620 SP: 2780 Exp: 214 Gold: 372

Class: Demon

Spell: Ice, Frost, Avalanche

Weakness: Fire

Resist: Ice

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison, Confuse, Paralyze, Weaken, Slow

Drop: Ice Ore (40%)

Ironard Bandit

Region: Fierra Falls

HP: 1380 SP: 750 Exp: 70 Gold: 105

Class: Human

Spell: None

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Poison

Drop: Large Health Potion (40%)

Lost Spirit

Region: Forgotten Cemetery

HP: 1120 SP: 980 Exp: 74 Gold: 98

Class: Undead

Spell: Fear, Paralyze

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison, Fear, Paralyze

Drop: Fear Stone

Mana Golem

Region: Hollow Gorge

HP: 36000 SP: 3000 Exp: 230 Gold: 2500

Class: Ancient

Spell: Sweeping arm, Tremor, Earthquake

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune to Poison, Sleep

Drop: Platinum (40%)


Region: Nillia Woods

HP: 850 SP: 520 Exp: 22 Gold: 62

Class: Demon

Spell: Void, Silence

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: None

Drop: Silver (40%)

Murk Maiden

Region: Marshes of Despair

HP: 3320 SP: 1880 Exp: 172 Gold: 212

Class: Reptile

Spell: Silence, Healing

Weakness: Thunder

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison, Silence, Confuse, Weaken, Slow

Drop: Silence Stone (40%)


Region: Crimson Forest

HP: 964 SP: 592 Exp: 38 Gold: 74

Class: Avian

Spell: Gust

Weakness: Fire

Resist: None

Status Resist: Seduce, Silence (Immune)

Drop: Wind Ore (40%)


Region: Illusian Forest

HP: 2620 SP: 1380 Exp: 156 Gold: 182

Class: Demon

Spell: Darkness, Eclipse

Weakness: Light, Demon

Resist: Dark (Immune)

Status Resist: Fear, Silence, Confuse, Paralyze, Blindness

Drop: Pure Mineral (40%)


Region: Smuggler’s Route/ Paradise Pasis

HP: 1890 SP: 980 Exp: 82 Gold: 112

Class: Beast

Spell: Paralyze, Grand Paralyze

Weakness: Water, Earth

Resist: Fire

Status Resist: Immune to Seduce, Poison, Paralyze

Drop: Mithril (40%)

Seis Pesadillas

Region: Marshes of Despair

HP: 34000 SP: 2800 Exp: 286 Gold: 3200

Class: Reptile

Spell: Grand Poison, Grand Fear

Weakness: Thunder, Reptile

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Poison, Fear, Paralyze, Weaken, Feeble

Drop: Snake Hide (40%)


Region: Illusian Forest

HP: 3680 SP: 1250 Exp: 168 Gold: 198

Class: Nature

Spell: Tremor

Weakness: Fire, Thunder, Nature

Resist: Earth, Water (Immune)

Status Resist: Poison, Fear, Confuse, Paralyze, Weaken, Feeble

Drop: Titanium (40%)


Region: Darkthorn Keep/Colussia (Sewers)

HP: 640 SP: 380 Exp: 12 Gold: 48

Class: Monster

Spell: Reflex

Weakness: Ice

Resist: Fire

Status Resist: Poison (Immune)

Drop: Iron (40%)

Sylvan Fungus

Region: Crimson Forest

HP: 1010 SP: 610 Exp: 44 Gold: 80

Class: Nature

Spell: Sleep, Feeble

Weakness: Fire

Resist: Water

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison (Immune)

Drop: Granite (40%)

Vengeful Butler

Region: Drowned Castl

HP: 1860 SP: 720 Exp: 148 Gold: 190

Class: Undead

Spell: None

Weakness: Light, Undead

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Seduce, Fear, Poison, Sleep, Paralyze, Blindness

Drop: Gold (40%)

Venom Hornet

Region: Lake Fairlight

HP: 6400 SP: 1340 Exp: 72 Gold: 230

Class: Avian

Spell: Poison

Weakness: Wind

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison (Immune)

Drop: Poison Stone (40%)


Region: Rivulet Hills/Windy Canyon

HP: 520 MP: 320 Exp: 7 Gold: 32

Class: Beast

Spell: None

Weakness: Fire

Resist: None

Status Resist: None

Drop: Rabbit Pelt (40%)

Wild Stinger

Region: Grassland Road

HP: 874 MP: 560 Exp: 30 Gold: 72

Class: Avian

Spell: Paralyze

Weakness: Wind

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison (Immune)

Drop: Paralyze Stone (40%)

Woolly Broncallo

Region: Proving Grounds

HP: 45000 SP: 3600 XP: 435 Gold: 4200

Class: Beast

Spell: Rock, Tremor, Earthquake, Power

Weakness: Fire

Resist: None

Status Resist: Poison

Drop: Broncallo Pelt (40%)

Young Harpy

Region: Sklhalm

HP: 3240 MP: 1850 Exp: 164 Gold: 198

Class: Avian

Spell: Gust, Hurricane, Confuse

Resist: None

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison, Confuse, Weaken, Slow

Drop: Confuse stone (40%)


Section 6.2 Rare Monster (RRE)


Golden Beetleblade

HP: 1800 MP: 200 Exp: 0 Gold: 500

Class: Ancient

Spells: None

Weakness: Fire

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Immune to all negative statuses.

Drop: Golden Token (100%)


Crimson Forest

Fellhorn Ruins

Fierra Falls

Grassland Road

Lake Fairlight

Nillia Woods

Northern Creek

Paradise Oasis

Rivulet Hills

Serenity Bridge

Smuggler’s Route

Tijia Woodland

Windy Canyon


Section 6.3 EVENTS (EVT)


Baron Ironard

Region: Castle Warrengard- Story Boss

HP: 400 SP: 2600 Exp: 50 Gold: 2500

Class: Human

Spells: Taunt

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune to Poison Fear

Drop: Emerald Gem (100%)

Beldorian Knight

Region: Port Ronod/Windy Canyon/ Iron Spire

HP: 680 SP: 450 Exp: 18 Gold: 64

Class: Human

Spells: None

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: None

Drop: Small Health Potion (40%)

Club Bouncer

Region: Colussia – Heavenly Fate Club

HP: 550 SP: 325 Exp: 7 Gold: 42

Class: Human

Spells: None

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: None

Drop: Small Spirit Potion (40%)

Commander Crayden

Region: Colussia

HP: 72000 SP: 4800 XP: 2200 Gold: 8000

Class: Human

Spells: Greater Heal, Blaze, Frost, Protect

Weakness: None

Resist: Fire, Ice

Status Resist: All

Drop: Emerald Gem

Enraged Sailor

Region: Colussia – Quest: “What Goes Around”

HP: 380 SP: 280 Exp: 5 Gold: 40

Class: Human

Spells: None

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: None

Drop: Small Health Potion (40%)


Region: Colussia- Story Boss

HP: 54000 SP: 4350 XP: 1400 Gold: 6500

Class: Monster

Spells: Heal, Thunder, Electrocute, Blindness, Grand Blindness, Tentacle lash

Weakness: Light, Monster

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Poison, Fear, Confuse, Sleep, Paralyze, Blindness

Drop: Emeral Gem

Farsyne [Exhausted]

Region: Colussia- Story Boss

HP: 38000 SP: 2200 XP: 800 Gold: 4500

Class: Monster

Spells: Heal, Thunder, Electrocute, Blindness, Grand Blindness, Tentacle lash

Weakness: Light, Monster

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Poison, Fear, Confuse, Sleep, Paralyze, Blindness

Drop: Emeral Gem

Giantus Golem

Region: Crimson Forest- Story Boss

HP: 30000 SP: 2400 Exp: 400 Gold: 1200

Class: Ancient

Spells: Tremor, Earthquake

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Poison (Immune,) Sleep (Immune)

Drop: Emerald Gem (100%)

Imperial Archknight

Region: Iron Spire- Story Boss

HP: 36000 SP: 3000 Exp: 215 Gold: 2350

Class: Human

Spell: Might, Barrier, Heal

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: NONE!!

Drop: Full Health Potion (40%)


Region: Iron Spire- Story Battle

HP: 1680 SP: 1860 Exp: 920 Gold: 158

Class: Human

Spell: Gust, Hurricane, Cyclone, Grand Break

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: None

Drop: Large Spirit Potion (40%)


Region: Royal Cottage- Story Boss

HP: 35000 SP: 2600 Exp: 550 Gold: 1800

Class: Human

Spells: Poisoning Piruett, Carousel of Chaos

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Poison (Immune) Fear (Immune)

Drop: Emerald Gem (100%)

Masquerade 2

Region: Tijia Woods

HP: 46000 SP: 4000 Exp: 950 Krown: 3500

Class: Human

Spells: Poisoning Piruett, Carousel of Chaos, Trickster’s Prank

Weakness: Seduce, Weaken

Resist: None

Status Resist: Poison and Fear Immune

Drop: Emerald Gem (100%)


Region: Skalhalm

HP: 1680 SP 980 Exp: 168 Krown: 196

Class: Human

Spells: None

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: None

Drop: Large Health Potion (40%)

Mercenary Chief

Region: Skalhalm

HP: 3860 SP: 1650 Exp: 182 Krown: 210

Class: Human

Spells: None

Weakness: Seduce, Silence, Confuse

Resist: None

Status Resist: None

Drop: Full Health Potion (40%)


Region: Fierra Falls- Story Boss

HP: 40000 SP: 2800 Exp: 750 Gold 2200

Class: Nature

Spells: Tremor, Earthquake, Rock, Sweeping Arm

Weakness: Fire, Thunder, Wind

Resist: Water (Absorb) Earth (Absorb)

Status Resist: Immune to Poison, Silence, Sleep and Paralyze

Drop: Emerald Gem (100%)

Steel Demoness

Region: Castle Warrengard- Story Boss

HP: 46000 SP: 3200 Exp: 800 Gold: 200

Class: Human

Spells: Bone Shatterer, Bull Rush

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune to all status

Drop: Emerald Gem (100%)


Section 6.4 LEGENDARY (LGD)


Aqua Hydra (Seis Pesdillas x30)

Region: Illusian Forest

HP: 76000 SP: 4200 Exp: 900 Gold: 6000

Class: Reptile?

Spells: Grand Poison, Grand Fear, Flood, Tsunami

Weakness: Thunder, Reptile

Resist: Water, Dark

Status Resist: All but Blindness, Feeble

Reward: Illustration 154

Corrus Spawn (Fire Demoness x30)

Region: Castle Warrengard- After clearing prison rubble

HP: 42000 SP: 3200 Exp: 600 Gold: 2800

Class: Demon

Spells: Blaze, Inferno, Crush, Grand Crush

Weakness: Water, Ice

Resist: Earth, Fire (Absorb)

Status Resist: Immune to all but Paralyze, Slow and Feeble

Reward: Illustration 41

Demonicon Eye (Dark Bat x30)

Region: Nillia Woods (NE corner of screen that has north fork in road)

HP: 9200 SP: 1640 Exp: 200 Gold: 650

Class: Demon

Spells: Void, Darkness, Confuse

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark (Immune)

Status Resist: Immune to Confuse.

Reward: Illustration 65

Devil Root (Shadowood x30)

Region: Northern Creek

HP: 56000 SP: 4200 Exp: 700 Gold: 4000

Class: Nature?

Spells: Tremor, Earthquake, Grand Force

Weakness: Fire, Thunder, Nature?

Strength: Water, Earth

Status Resist:

Reward: Illustration 176

Dragonallion (Oniquine x30)

Region: Pit of Ro’Ga

HP: 62000 SP: 4800 Exp: 800 Gold: 4500

Class: Demon?

Spells: Darkness, Eclispe, Reflex

Weakness: Light

Strength: Dark

Status Resist:

Reward: Illustration 159

Forgotten King (Clank Giant x30)

Region: East Lighthouse

HP: 68000 SP: 4600 Exp: 800 Gold: 4500

Class: Demon?

Spells: Rage, Protect

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Poison, Fear, Silence. Weaken, Paralyze

Reward: Illustration 180

Giganto Brutus (Giga Plump x30)

Region: Lost Cemetery- Basement in north building.

HP: 52000 SP: 3400 Exp: 780 Gold 3700

Class: Monster

Spells: Rage, Mowing Strike, Fear, Grand Fear

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune toall but Seduce, Poison, Confuse, Blindness and Slow

Reward: Illustration 115

Goblin Overlord (Green Goblin x30)

Region: Paradise Oasis

HP: 42000 SP:3600 Exp: 650 Gold: 3200

Class: Reptile

Spells: Silence, Grand Silence, Prayer, Blessing, Divinity, Poison, Grand Poison

Weaknesses: Dark

Resist: Light (Immune)

Resist: Immune to all but Silence, Weaken, Feeble.

Reward: Illustration 48

Gryphorian Youth (Harpy x30)

Region: Tiija Woodland

HP: 38000 SP: 4000 Exp: 350 Gold: 2000

Class: Avian

Spell: Gust, Hurricane, Cyclone

Weakness: Wind, Avian

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Fear, Poison

Reward: Illustration 147

Guardian of the Dead (Hollow Man x30)

Region: Ruined Tower

HP: 48000 SP: 3600 Exp: 650 Gold: 3200

Class: Undead

Weakness: Fire, Light, Undead

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: All but Silence, Weaken, Feeble

Reward: Illustration 163

Greed Devourer (Chest Trap)

Region: Accursed Temple

HP: 120000 SP: 3420 Exp: 2500 Gold: 10000

Class: Monster

Weakness: Fire

Resist: None

Status Resist: All

Reward: Illustration 163

M1-A Prototype (Mana Golem x30)

Region: Tower of Descent. NW cave

HP: 50000 SP: 3800 Exp: 750 Gold: 3500

Class: Ancient

Spell: Sweeping Arm, Void, Darkness, Eclipse

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune to Poison, Fear, Silence, Sleep, Paralyze and Feeble

Reward: Illustration 118

Mother of Nature (Earth Demoness x30)

Region: Immemorial Glade

HP: 58000 SP: 5400 Exp: 800 Gold: 4500

Class: Nature

Spells: Tremor, Earthquake, Greater Heal, Greater Healing

Weakness: Fire, Nature?

Resist: Water, Earth

Status Resist: Seduce, Poison, Weaken

Reward: Illustration 166

Mountain Grinder (Dilizard x30)

Region: Rivulet Hills (Near Guild of Heroes Outpost)

HP: 8600 SP: 1520 Exp: 175 Gold: 500

Class: Reptile

Spells: Rock, Earthquake

Weakness: Ice

Resist: Earth (Immune)

Status Resist: Seduce

Reward: Illustration 12

Murk Vanguard (Murk Maiden x30)

Region: Blackgard Stronghold

HP: 28000 SP: 2200 Exp: 200 Gold: 1200

Class: Reptile?

Spells: Paralyze, Break, Force

Weakness: Thunder, Light, Reptile?

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: Weaken, Poison, Feeble

Reward: Illustration 102

Neon Alphatross (Cockalot x30)

Region: Marshes of Despair

HP: 54000 SP: 4000 Exp: 700 Krown: 4000

Class: Avian

Spells: Hurricane, Cyclone

Weakness: Avian, Wind

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Fear, Sleep, Paralyze, Skiw

Reward: Illustration 175

Necropants (Broncallo x30)

Region: Royal Cottage

HP: 32000 SP: 2800 Exp: 250 Gold: 800

Class: Beast

Spells: Break, Rage

Weakness: Earth

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune to Seduce and Poison

Reward: Illustration 52

Pharaoh Handblast (Werewuffie x30)

Region: Windy Canyon (Large Cave near Exit)

HP: 7800 SP: 1480 Exp: 150 Gold: 400

Class: Beast

Spells: Fire, Force

Weakness: Water

Resist: Fire (Immune)

Status Resist: Seduce

Reward: Illustration 25

Psycho Warrior (Ironard Bandit x30)

Region: Serenity Bridge (Eastern Exit/ Entrance)

HP: 28000 SP: 2600 Exp: 450 Gold: 1400

Class: Human

Spells: Bringing the Pain, Break, Rage

Weakness: None

Resist: None

Status Resist: Immune to Poison, Fear and Silennce

Reward: Illustration 70

Queen Hornet (Venom Hornet x30)

Region: Smugglers Route (northern part close to southern exit)

HP: 20000 SP: 2300 Exp: 350 Gold: 900

Class: Acian

Spell: Greater Heal, Power

Weakness: Wind

Resist: Earth

Statis Resist: Poison (Immune)

Reward: Illustration 110

Queen Stinger (Wild Stinger x30)

Region: Grassland Road (Eastern Cave)

HP: 20000 SP: 2300 Exp: 350 Gold: 900

Class: Avian

Spells: Greater Heal, Power

Weakness: Wind

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Immune to Poison

Reward: Illustration 26

Rainway Demon (Nectarfluster x30)

Region: Fellhorn Ruins (near the Fortress)

HP: 24000 SP: 2500 Exp: 400 Gold: 1000

Class: Demon

Spells: Flood, Tsunami, Silence

Weakness: Wind

Resist: Earth, Water (Immune)

Status Resist: Immune to Poison and Silence.

Reward: Illustration 81

Resurrected Baron (Bone Wanderer x30)

Region: Colussia Sewers (North)

HP: 17500 SP: 2100 Exp: 290 Gold: 800

Class: Undead

Spells: Darkness, Eclipse, Fear

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark (Immune)

Status Resist: Immune to Seduce, Poison andFear.

Reward: Illustration 37

Rock Worm (Scorbane x30)

Region: Prestige Ranch- North of Exit

HP: 40000 SP: 1000 Exp: 600 Gold: 2600

Class: Aquatic

Spell: Death’s Swallow

Weakness: Water

Resist: Earth (Immune)

Status Resist: Immune to Seduce, Silence, Paralyze and Feeble

Reward: Illustration 24

Sir Troublemaker (Mischief x30)

Region: Western Lighthouse

HP: 10000 SP: 1820 Exp: 225 Gold: 700

Class: Demon

Spells: Grand Weaken, Grand Sleep

Weakness: Thunder

Resist: Water

Status Resist: Immune to Poison, Sleep and Weaken.

Reward: Illustration 67

Slender Slut (Night Time Only)

Region: Multiple

HP: 100000 SP: 3800 Exp: 1600 Gold: 8000

Class: Demon

Spells: Seductive Kiss, Void, Darkness, Eclipse

Weakness: Light

Resist: Dark

Status Resist: All

Reward: Illustration 139, 175, 111, 82

Thorn of Fairlight (Sylvan Fungus x30)

Region: Lake Fairlight (Eastern Cave)

HP: 20000 SP: 2300 Exp: 350 Gold: 900

Class: Nature

Spells: Poison, Grand Slow, Grand Paralyze

Weakness: Fire

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Immune to Poison, Paralyze, and Slow.

Reward: Illustration 51

Toad Ninjutsu (Contoad x30)

Region: River Checkpoint

HP: 17500 SP: 2100 Exp: 290 Gold: 800

Class: Aquatic

Spells: Barrier, Heal

Weakness: Thunder

Resist: Water

Status Resist: Immune to Poison

Reward: Illustration 46

Tordose Shell (Fishmouth x30)

Region: Fierra Falls

HP: 38000 SP: 2800 Exp: 550 Gold: 2000

Class: Aquatic

Spells: Flood, Tsunami

Weakness: Thunder

Resist: Water (Absorb)

Status Resist: Immune to Seduce, Silence, Paralyze and Feeble

Reward: Illustration 109

Tordose Barrier (Albino Finmouth x30)

Region: Island of Mist

HP: 38000 SP: 2800 Exp: 550 Gold: 2000

Class: Aquatic

Spells: Tremor, Earthquake

Weakness: Water

Resist: Absorbs Earth

Status Resist: Immune to Seduce, Silence, Paralyze and Feeble

Reward: Illustration 127

Void Chaos (Lost Spirit x30)

Region: Kahr- House south of Sauna. Night only

HP: 32000 SP: 4800 Exp: 700 Gold: 3400

Class: Demon

Spells: Void, Darkness, Eclipse, Fear, Grand Fear

Weakness: Light

Resist: Immune to physical and Dark

Status Resist: Immune to all but Silence, Paralyze and Feeble

Reward: Illustration 128

Waste Gourger (Slimebag x30)

Region: Hollow Gorge (Southern Cave)

HP: 15000 SP: 1960 Exp: 270 Gold: 800

Class: Monster

Spells: Resist

Weakness: Fire

Resist: Earth

Status Resist: Immune to Poison

Reward: Illustration 69

Wolheim Howler (Firewolf x30)

Region: Crimson Forest (Cave near Howling Moon lands)

HP: 12500 SP: 1960 Exp: 240 Gold: 750

Class: Beast

Spells: Rage

Weakness: Fire

Resist: Water

Status Resist: None

Reward: Illustration 66

Section 6.5 ULTIMATES


Region: Skalhalm

HP: 120000 MP: 3800 Exp: 2000 Gold: 10000

Class: Avian

Spell: Hurricane, Cyclone, Seductive Kiss

Weakness: Fire, Ice, Avian

Resist: Earth, Wind

Status Resist: None

Reward: Emerald Gem


Region: Serenity Bridge. Behind weak wall. After events in Kahr

HP: 120000 SP: 3800 Exp: 2000 Gold: 10000

Class: Nature

Spell: Flood, Tsunami, Seductive Kiss, Pheromones Aroma

Weakness: Fire, Thunder

Resist: Earth. Water (Immune)

Status Resist: Immune to everything

Reward: Nothing. You lose. Good Day Sir

Section 9: Property Management (PRT)

They will be arranged by the order they appear in the explorer title page. Item Stores, Bars, Inns material shops can be bought for supplies. Just about everything in the game that can take money from you. These are important for upgrading you castle. So I you want a badass home fort you should pick these up when you can.

Yes the numbers are correct. 213,500K Save the huge properties until last of course. Take note you only need a max of 80 workers. So 800 food


__Equipment Store: 2000K Tools x200 Stone x100

__Arlon’s Drunkard: 4000K Food x100 Beverage x100


__Clothing Store: 2000K: Tools x400 Cloth x400

__Marketplace: 2500k: Tools x200 Stone x100

__Material Store: 2000: Stone x200 Clay x200 Wood x100

__Potion Store: 2000K: Glass x200 Clay x100

__Shining Forge: 3500K: Iron x200 Steel x200

__Soft Sunrise: 4000K: Cloth x100 Water x100

__Sword n’ Shield Tavern: 5000K: Food x100 Beverage x100


__Bordello: 2500K: Beverage x100

__Enchanted Armory: 2500K: Iron x200 Steel x200

__Heart of Happiness: 1000K: Food x100 Cloth x100

__Rising Tide: 3500K: Food x100 Beverage x100

__Steaming Tab: 4000K: Food x100 Beverage x100

__The Heavenly Fate: 5000K: beverage x100- Can only be bought in the past. Day-one. Look at bad ending 3

__Twin Trade’s Equipment: 1000K: Tools x200 Stone x100

__Twin Trade’s Potions: 1000K: Glass x200 Clay x100

__Weary Traveler: 3000K Cloth x100 Water x100

Four Season Inn

__Inn: 12000K: Cloth x100 Water x100

Gentlemen’s Club

__Club: 20000K: Beverage x100

HighLand Inn

__Inn: 12000K: Cloth x100 Water x100


__Diamond Dust: 4500K: Iron x200 Steel x200

__Equipment Store: 2000K: Tools x200 Stone x100

__Golden Goat: 7500K: Food x100 Beverage x100

__Journey’s End Sauna: 6000K: Clay x100 Food x200

__Material Store: 2000K: Stone x200 Clay x200 Wood x100

__Potion Store: 2000K: Glass x200 Clay x100

__Transcended Rose: 5000K: Cloth x100 Water x100


__Azastral’s Flame: 4500K: Iron x200 Steel x200

__Celestia’s Bosom: 6500K: Cloth x100 Water x100

__Celestia’s Embrace: 6500K: Food x100 Beverage x100

__Luminessa Equipment Store: 2000K: Tools x200 Stone x100

__Luminessa Material Store: 2000K: Stone x200 Clay x200 Wood x100

__Luminessa Potion Store: 2000K: Glass x200 Clay x100


__Mythic Widomaker: 7500K: Food x100 Beverage x100

__Odidania Clothing Store: 2000K: Tools x400 Cloth x400

__Odidania Equipment Store: 2000K: Tools x200 Stone x100

__Odidania Material Store: 2000K: Stone x200 Clay x200 Woods x100

__Odidania Potion Store: 2000K: Glass x200 Clay x100

__Samson’s Blade: 3500K: Iron x200 Steel x200

__The Azured Sheet: 5000K: Cloth x100 Water x100

Port Ronod

__Cotton Seaside: 3000K: Cloth x100 Water x100

__Midnight Fox: 4000K: Food x100 Beverage x100

__Yo’Bro Material Store: 1500K: Stone x200 Clay x200 Wood x100

Prestige Ranch

__Ranch: 14000K: Hay x400 Wood x200 Water x100

Uncle Dad’s Farm

__Farm: 8000K: Hay x400 Wood x200 Water x100

Queen’s Landing

__Winter Wolf Lodge: 5000K: Cloth x100 Water x100

__Winter Wolf Tavern: 5000K: Food x100 Beverage x100


The Hazy Cloud: 4000K: Food x100 Beverage x100


__Western Wave Inn: 4000K: Cloth x100 Water x100

__Western Wave Tavern: 4000K: Food x100 Beverage x100

Section 10: Castle Warrengard (WRN)

After completing story events at Kahr you can start upgrading your castle. To do so you need materials you get from buying trade routes from properties. Each upgrade expands your castle at the cost of said materials. It also requires manpower which requires food and beverage. To get more manpower you talk to Black Dame in the throne room area to hire more workers. Hired workers come in base 10. Means each worker you hire is actually 10 of them. They cost 1000k per batch and take 100 food and beverage. Unlike other resources once you hire workers they are there forever.

To get the actual work to get done just go to the teleport room and teleport back. This counts as “Time Passed.”

Every time you expand a new area it counts as a fresh zone. So if there were places to search before upgrading you lose the items. The reverse is also possible. If you search the desks before it is upgraded the desks become searchable again.


Part 1

Main Hall

__Rubble right above save crystal: Tools x200, Clay x200, Manpower x40

__Rubble left of save crystal: Tools x100, Clay x100, Manpower x10

East Sleeping Quarters

__Rubble near stairs: Tools x300, Clay x200, Manpower x60

Prison Areas

__Rubble near exit: Tools x200, Clay x100, Manpower x40


Walls: Stone x600, Glass x200, Manpower x60

Road: Tools x200, Stone x400, Manpower x80

Moat: Clay x400, Wood x200, Manpower x80

Part 2: Get passed Blackgard Stronghold for a upgrade

__Courtyard unblocking: Tools x100, Iron x200, Manpower x40

__Courtyard: Water x400, Hay x600, Manpower x80

__Private Quarters: Steel x400, Cloth x400, Manpower x60

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