Caliross, the Shapeshifter's Legacy

Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Welcome to Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough, which covers every aspect of the game. Including every lady’s scene unlocked, and every quest completed.


Arrow keys = character movement

SHIFT = run (if “always dash” is picked from the system menu, then this will make you walk)

CTRL = Hide/unhide dialogue box.

Enter/Z = select/interact (and jump, where possible).

Esc/X = cancel selection/open and close main menu.

Q = open questlog, navigate certain menus pages (like the gallery) to the left.

W = open magic menu, speed up dialogue (during conversations), navigate certain menus pages (like the gallery) to the right.

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Quest guide – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

A Tale from The Past

Available from the beginning.

This is the main storyline quest. It can’t be completed yet.

Join the Mage Guild

Available from the beginning.

The quest is completed when you meet the following requirements:

  1. Buy ‘Dispel’ from the Spell Shop,
  2. Pay 1000G to the Mage Guild Master.
  3. This gives you access to some of the guild’s facilities. The most important is probably the underground library, where you can research a few topics, which is necessary for the main quest if you don’t accept Alpharius’s help (this will change in the future, however, when more libraries are added), and it’s generally useful in a few events/quests.

Join the Adventurer Guild

Available from the beginning.

The quest is completed when you meet the following requirements:

  1. Defeat the Slime on the Second Floor of the Adventurer Guild,
  2. Pay 500G to the Adventurer Guild Master.

Both guilds have separate reputations which can grow as you complete certain quests or events. Your rank in the individual guilds raises whenever you hit a certain reputation threshold. Ranking up unlocks certain quests, but doesn’t really have major effects outside of that.

Catcher Dragoon

From Kira in the Bazaar in Tarkas’s commercial district.

  1. The second time you talk to Kira you can ask her for a job.
  • She’ll offer you to catch a Dragoon (small Dragon-thing).
  • If you have the Titty Lover trait, you can’t refuse her if your WIL is 60 or less.
  1. Optional: Research the word “Dragoon” in the Mage Guild’s Private Library. You will learn Dragoons are weaker at night and that they are weak to ice.
  2. The dragoon you need to capture is found in the oasis near Rahib.
  3. During the day, the Dragoon will be hidden behind a small tower.
  4. At night, the Dragoon will be inside the basement of an abandoned house.
  • The Dragoon has 200 less HP at night. Its offensive/defensive stats are a bit lower and it can’t use its Dragoon’s Roar (which does damage + lowers your magical defense for 4 turns).
  1. To capture it, you lower the Dragoon’s life (don’t kill it, but its health must be 25% or lower) and use the Magic Lamp.
  2. Physical and Wind attacks will do little damage (it reduces wind damage by 70%).

Completing this quest unlocks further quests with Kira after Chapter 1.

The Apprentice

From Charles in front of the Mage Guild.

  1. Charles will ask you to help him retrieve a book, which he assumes was taken by Eloise, his rival at the magic academy (he will gladly point out how big her chest is, in case you are interested). If you don’t refuse to help him, the quest proper will start.
  2. Go to the Firefly Inn on the world map (south-east from Tarkas, past the countryside area) and ask the Innkeeper about Eloise. You’ll learn she isn’t in at the moment (she goes out early, and comes back late), but that she is staying here.
  3. Now that you know, you can take a room and plan to raid where she is staying at night.
  4. You can get into Eloise room by:
  5. Seducing the Innkeeper (with 60 INH or less). You’ll get a sex scene, and the keys afterward.
  6. Getting the ladder in the Shack. Once you take it, you can climb in through the window.
  7. Stealing the keys inside the inn. ‘Push’ the barrel out of the way first, then, enter the inn using ‘Mouse Form’. You’ll be on the other side of the counter, and you can reach the keys now. You can enter the room at your leisure now.
  8. Once inside Eloise’s room, use ‘Detect Magic’ to find the book. Eloise shows up:
  9. Accept Eloise offer to get her reward (Mage Staff – Sells for 400G).
  10. Refuse to get rewarded by Charles (200G and two Magic Waters).

Note that having the Titty Lover trait makes refusing impossible.

Heigh Ho!

From Janet in the gear shop, ask about materials.

  1. Go to the Cave (check the quest log if you don’t remember where it is).
  2. On the first floor, you can find wisps (they are harmless at this stage) and scattered here and there you can find small mana crystals (12 in total, found in 4 “patches”).
  3. You will find the Big Crystals in the Underground Floor (you can get there by finding the exit in the north-eastern corner of the first floor.
  4. One of them is hidden and can only be revealed by using the ‘Push’ on the weird wall. The others are easily visible if you explore the cave. There are also 3 small mana crystals to be found if you search (1 patch).

  1. On your way back, you are attacked by wisps, the outcomes are:
  2. Avoid the fight: Lose half of your Small Crystals (if you have any).
  3. Fight: Earns you 300G if you win. The wisps are weak to physical attacks, but since they are so numerous (they will attack in a group of 6) AoE magic is very effective. They can also steal your mana, however, so it’s better to deal with them very quickly. AoE items are probably the most effective, but also a waste on this fight.

Ghosts ‘n Harlots

Unlocked by a random event during fast travel in daytime.

  1. While travelling through Tarkas, you witness a courier dropping a box and you touch it, breaking it with a light tap. As the cutscene of you leaving plays, you’ll see something (a ghost) come out of the box and follow you.
  2. After sleeping a couple of times, you discover you’re possessed by an exhibitionist ghost. At this point, you are on a time limit, and you have 7 days to investigate how to exorcise the ghost, otherwise you’ll be stuck with her.
  3. Go to Santhora’s Temple and ask the High Priestess for help.
  4. Go to the Bazaar and talk to the Courier.
  5. You can make him talk by bribing him (150G or more).
  6. Seduce him (need 70 INH or less).
  7. Use his fears (need 90 INT or more)
  8. You’ll get a cutscene where, in the end, you get a box from Lyra, a lady in Solina, and a descendant of a family of exorcists (they were the ones who originally put Catherine, the ghost, inside the box).
  9. Next time you sleep in your house with the box, you can complete the quest the way you choose.
    1. Keeping Catherine gives you the option for some scenes at night
  10. If you don’t exorcise Catherine, you’ll be forced to go out at night with her, you’ll also get some extra exhibitionist scenes here and there, and gain the exhibitionist trait.


If you have the Zanti Brand, talk to Tim and tell him you are busy.

  1. In the afternoon, go to the house South of the Zanti Farm.
  2. Talk to Jenny until she asks you for a cookie.
  3. Go downstairs and examine the cookie jar.
  4. Use ‘Hands of Fire’ on the chandelier next to it, take the cookies (button mashing).
  5. Give the cookie to Jenny.

Haunted Woods

From the ledger in the Adventurer Guild, chapter 1 only. Earns you +1 adventurers guild reputation if completed successfully.

  1. Go to the forest
  2. The Slime Girl is in the Northern part of the Forest. You can follow her trail using ‘Detect Magic’.
  3. Use ‘Detect Magic’ near her hiding spot (a lonely tree) so you can interact with her (she’ll jump off the tree if you interact with it after finding her with the spell).
  4. Win the battle to complete the quest. You’ll get your 500 G when you go back to the guild manager.
  5. Losing the fight results in -2 INH and -2 WIL and passes time.

If you talk to the Slime Girl after you lose, you can:

  1. Fight her again.
  2. Refuse to attack her.
  3. This fails the quest but gives you a Slime Ring (Accessory, +2 DEF).

A few more notes:

  1. If you are a cowgirl, you’ll trigger a scene. You have been programmed to not attack her, as it is part of the Zanti family’s plans.
  2. The quest is secretly a feud between the Zanti family and the League of Merchants. Completing the quest favors the League, while ignoring it or failing it helps the Zanti family.
  3. Failing/ignoring the quest also makes the slimes proliferate after the first chapter, and they’ll be here and there in the forest, with the Slime girl ruling them.

Merchant Escort

From the Ledger in the Adventurer Guild, Chapter 1 only. Earns you +1 adventurers guild reputation if you take it, no matter what happens during the quest (so long as you go through with it).

  1. Talk to the Merchant near the Notice Board in the Residential District.
  2. Once you are captured (resisting or following peacefully has no impact).
  3. There are three ways to complete the quest:
  4. You can talk to the Merchant and choose to wait.
  5. This gives no positive or negative results.
  6. You can escape by:
  7. Using ‘Push’ on the cracked wall
  8. Using ‘Mouse Form’ in front of the bars.
  9. Once you are out, go north. Walk (running won’t do) past the outcasts to go north.
    • Note that the side room contains a chest with 50G.
  10. Interact with the northern wall to escape. This gives an extra 100G.
  11. If you are caught during your escape, you will obtain Marintas’s Charm, a key item.
    • The charm makes it impossible to avoid some events.
    • Unlocks alternative paths (e.g. it can lead you to become Sonya’s pet)
    • Effectively putting your inhibitions in a downward spiral.
  12. Whatever happens in the hideout, you arrive in Rahib and the merchant pays you 200G.
  13. If you escape successfully, you get another 100G.

Alchemical Thirst

From Eric in the Basement of the Mage Guild (requires membership). Chapter 1 only. The quest gives no reputation, since alchemy isn’t well-respected at the guild.

  1. Optional parts: Researching in the Mage Guild’s Private Library.
  2. Research “Healing Potions”.
  3. Research “Kerdan” (custom word).
  4. Go fetch the herbs in the shop. You can get the best herbs by:
  5. Confronting the Shopkeeper and telling him Eric knows him (need 40 WIL or more).
  6. Examining the herbs (need 70 INT or more).
  7. Come back to Eric and complete the minigame.
  8. Solution: Use ‘Hands of Fire’ on one potion at a time to keep them at Yellow.

First Dig

From Alpharius.

Talk to Alpharius in the Mage Guild and ask him to see the Temple. See Temple 1.

Under The Moonlight

From Elaine (blue robes, silver long hair) in the Library of the Mage Guild if you have joined. Gives +1 mage guild reputation for completing the quest (+2 if you take back 4 flowers).

  1. Go to the forest near Tarkas at night, during a Full Moon.
  2. There are four Moon-Drop flowers (large, single pink flowers, which only appear at night with a full moon) scattered around the various screens. They should be easy to spot (although exploring the area will be a bit bothersome, as it is quite large).
  3. Collecting 2 is enough to complete the quest, and earn the Lighting Storm spellbook. Bringing back 3 will earn you an extra magic water, and collecting 4 will give an health amulet fragment and the extra reputation mentioned above.
  4. Two wolves attack you when you go past the log into a dead-end to get the flower (you’ll recognize which screen it is, because you’ll hear howling when you enter it).
    • Losing the fight gets you to leave the forest early and gives a scene with a new NPC (this will start the werewolf path). You get to keep the flowers you already picked up, but it’s recommended you get all the flowers before this, since you won’t be able to get back to the forest right away.

What If God Was One of Us?

Agree to help the Priestess Vera in the Temple in Rahib.

  1. Go to the Pagoda, North-East of Rahib, and ask to meet Rosa.
  2. You have three ways to complete the quest:
  3. Use ‘Dispel’ on Rosa
  4. Sneak into the Temple at Night after talking to Rosa
  • You need ‘Push’ and ‘Mouse Form’ to open an already cracked wall at Night,
  • Then inspect her bathroom until you find a clue on Rosa’s true nature.
  1. Asking her questions until she Charms you and going back to Vera.
  2. The reward you get from this quest is a Ganod Charm.
  3. You get an extra Health Amulet Fragment if Rosa didn’t charm you.

Spilled Milk

From a Farmer near the Zanti farm.

  1. Speak to the quest giver when you are ready.
  • Time will skip to night and you will meet Belthazar.
  1. You can complete the quest in the following ways:
  2. Use your assets (need 65 INH or less.)
  3. Reason with him:
  • First: “You never saw any monster here so far, right?”
  • Second: “You have no proof of wrongdoing!”
  • Third: “You didn’t check the address, did you?”.

Noblesse Oblige – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Adventurer’s Guild, once you completed the Merchant Escort quest, chapter 1 only. +2 to adventurers guild reputation if you complete the quest successfully.

In this quest, you will have to please the greatest number of people.

(While avoiding being too slutty, which ruins Kairos’s reputation.)

The list below is one of the possible combinations to succeed, but there should be more possible.

The exact list of people and the actions to take are:

  1. Kairos: go along with his perverted actions
  2. Pendleton: Follow steps A through D, then talk to Pendleton.
  3. Pick up a Fish dish from Maids at the Food Table.
  4. Give the Fish dish to the Tiger, then pick the letter. *
  5. Listen to the conversation between Young Noble and Maid.
  6. Noble Trio: Tease them when you pass them a second time.
  7. Go to Butler and ask for a cocktail.
  8. Drunk Noble: Accept his request.
  9. Couple: After Pendleton, choose ‘Run away’ (staying causes less merit with the Lord.)
  10. Gar: Accept his request
  11. Gaston Zanti (only if you are a cowgirl and bear the Zanti’s tattoo):
  12. Give Zanti’s letter to the Middle Noble of the North-West Group.
  • (Not quest related, increases the Zanti’s Power and your Reputation with them by 1.)

*-Letter behind the Tiger is a VIP pass for the Queen of Hearts.

The Truth Is Out There

At the end of the First Temple.

  1. Talk to Alpharius about the two needles.
  2. Accept his help or search the subject at the underground library in the mage guild.
  • (Getting his help here will have an impact later in the game, so choose wisely).
  1. The location is a small mountain to the south-east, very close to Golden Leaf (the mountain also has a small lake right next to it, to the west). Go there.
  2. Follow the trail/road to the north, until you get near the peak. There should be a sign nearby, with a hint left by Shapeshifters to let you know you are on the right path.
  3. Climb the mountain peak. While it might look complicated, there is actually only one road ahead. When you get close to the highest point you can reach, you should be able to see a rectangular hole in the mountain (which obviously doesn’t look natural) and a few animal footprints near it. To climb up there, you must use the roots/vines on the wall (you can tell because the border looks “open” right above the roots).
  4. With ‘Mouse Form’ you can enter the hole. There is a small maze (the exit is to the north-east). You might want to take note of where the map allows you to run a full circle, because you’ll need it later on.
  5. Near the exit, you’ll find that a cat is there! Run away from it, reach one of the areas where you can run a full circle so you can free the path to the nort-east exit while it chases you.
    • If you get caught, you’ll escape automatically to the south, and you’ll have to try again from there.
  6. Keep going north, and you’ll eventually find the temple.

See Temple 2.

The Prodigal Son

Chapter 2 only, go to either guild. Gives you +2 guild reputation with BOTH guilds, as long as you are a member.

  1. Go to the Barracks and talk to the Valet to learn more.
  2. Ask the sculptor (his shop is near the entrance of Tarkas) what he discussed with the Missing Noble.
  3. Ask Bartender at the inn if he talked to the Missing Noble, inquire about the other person he met.
  4. Ask the NE Stripper in the Second Floor of the Queen of Hearts about the Missing Noble.
  5. Go back to your house, the Dinner Table should have some papers on it with your notes on the case. The correct choices are ‘…Went to see the artist.’, ‘…Go to the inn to kill time.’ and ‘…Left with the mysterious person.’. Note that you can’t fail this part, so don’t worry if you guessed wrong before, just try again.
  6. Go to Solina and ask about the Bald Man at the Docks.
  7. Try the front door of the Bald Man’s warehouse, then the back alley, then go to the crate.
  8. Inside, take the elevator and continue until a dead end.
  9. Use ‘Detect Magic’ and find the path to the Missing Noble.
  10. Defeat Tristan. Once you escape, you’ll earn 2000 G and the opportunity to become a noble (see “Noble Goals”).

No Sacred Cows – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Chapter 2 or later, from Kira if you have completed Catcher Dragoon.

You can’t refuse with the Titty Lover trait.

If you are under Zanti’s influence

  1. Go report to Tim.
  2. Then go see Kira.
  3. You gain 600G.

If you are not under Zanti’s influence

You will need to investigate the Zanti farm, each clue is worth 2 points except for two of them.

  1. To get one reward (1000G/merchant pass), you need 5 points when you report to Kira.
  2. To get both rewards (or 2000G if you already have a merchant pass), you need 8 points.

The clues you can collect are:

  1. Talk to the manager, “investigate the farm” then “Do you like it here?” (only worth 1 point.)
  2. Ask any generic worker about the security (only worth 1 point.)
  3. Examine the ledger:
  4. Talk to the manager, choose “investigate the farm” and seduce him (need 65 INH or less.) OR
  5. Use ‘Push’ on the bottle near the manager. You also need to find an empty ledger to substitute the real one during the confusion (it can be found in the north-east corner of the building). Either way, you get the ledger, which is worth 2 points.
  6. Bring the ledger to the guardhouse in Tarkas and lie to Dani. (+2 points)
    1. If you don’t lie, you’ll get a scene with Dani, as she brainwashes you into helping the Zanti family, instead, and you’ll fail the quest.
  7. Work at the farm / sneak in the farm at night by taking a window and taking a food sample. (+2 points)
  8. (If you sneak in, you can leave by taking a rope on the ground, combining it with the shining hook, then use your new key item on your landing point.)
  9. Examine the crate and use ‘Lightning’ on the machine, but don’t take the stairs. (+2 points)

Doing these stops the investigation, making you report to Kira without any clues.

  1. Ask the question “Have you seen something suspicious?” five times.
  • (Asking multiple questions will draw attention to you, causing the farm to act)
  1. Tell Dani the truth.
  2. Take the secret stairs.

Note that failing and being discovered puts you on the cowgirl path (it also skips some of the early stages, plus you get -10 willpower and -5 intelligence), so don’t do it unless you are fine with that.

Climb, Check, Come Back

Chapter 2 or later. From an Old Man in the Mage Guild (he appears only after chapter 1, sitting at the large table in the middle seat, right side). +1 mage guild reputation.

  1. Talk to the old mage at the guild and accept the quest (even if you refuse, you should be able to go back to him and change your mind whenever you want), then go to the mountain near your hometown and cast ‘Detect Magic’ near the stone circle.
  2. Nothing special in the area except for 2 Mana Crystals hidden on a wall behind a tree (in the central area of the map, with the gray stone “pillar”).
  3. Using ‘Detect Magic’ around the map will also reveal some magical aura residues (there are 5 of them).
  4. Find enough (3 or more) of those for an extra bonus at the end of the quest (300 G).
  5. When you are about to leave the mountain, you hear a scream.
  6. Investigate the hole in the south-east and enter it.
  7. You arrive in a small cave with an Orc inside (and 2 Mana Crystals on a rock).
  8. When you confront the Orc, your options to deal with him are:
  9. Defeat him
  10. Ask for a trade and propose an antidote
  • You must have examined the barrel with poison mushrooms to get the option, failing (if you don’t have the antidote) leads to a fight.
  1. Trick him with a false promise (you need 80 INT for this.)
  2. Fighting and winning will allow you to come back later and take some gold.

7) If you deal with the orc, you’ll free Nadia, the girl he had taken (and which you heard screaming). You’ll accompany her to Rahib, and there you’ll meet her older sister, Tania. She falls in love with you pretty much immediately, and you can visit her later on (she is in Celeste’s palace, the building you meet right after crossing the bridge near Rahib’s entrance). You get a somewhat sexy scene with her (her path isn’t really in the game currently, however). She is the shy type, so you get to be the one leading, this time, flirting with her.

If you are beaten by the orc, you’ll get some sex scenes, but currently that’s all (more is planned).

Tree Sap Trap – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Chapter 3 or later. From a man wearing blue clothes and a cape inside the Mage Guild (he will walk back and forth near the entrance, should be easy to spot). Need to be rank 2 or higher for him to appear. +1 or +2 mage guild reputation (see the first step for more info on the extra point).

  1. Talk to the mage walking back and forth inside the guild. If your intelligence is 70 or higher, you can pressure him to reveal a bit more, and get +1 guild reputation.
  2. Go to the “hidden” path near the entrance of the Second Temple
  • you need ‘Fish Form’ for that, to traverse the river, near a 3-tile wide, tall waterfall.
  1. There is a secret near the start. If you interact with the edge of the cliff (you should see a bush lined up directly below you), Erica will wonder if she can jump down. Doing so will allow you to get 3 hi-potions.
  2. Follow the path, and use ‘Push’ on the rock blocking the tree trunk, causing the trunk to fall and form a path for you.
  3. Enter the cave. There is another secret inside. Near the north-west corner, you should be able to notice a crack in the wall. Erica will comment on it if you interact with it. Using push will open a hole, and inside you’ll find 3 mana crystals.
  4. Burn the vines and exit the cave.
  5. Use ‘Push’ on the bee nest to scare off the bear.
  6. Continue to the next area, and examine the huge tree in the middle (there should be a shining spot on the tree). A dryad will appear.
  7. Accept the dryad’s request or use the INT only option in the conversation with her (you need 80 or more intelligence for a third option in the dialogue to appear, so you can avoid combat).
  • If you accept the request (or rather, if you ask “what kind of favour?”), you must fight a relatively easy enemy.
  • If you keep refusing her and being antagonistic, she’ll turn you into a nymph (the stage before a full transformation into a dryad), and then give you the choice to be turned back or not. Getting turned back into a regular shapeshifter also means going into the fight.
  • Becoming a dryad opens up some sexy content and a playable (but not too long) ending as a dryad (the quickest solution for the mini-game at the end is to pick “affect his calmness” then “affect his confusion”). After you complete this segment, you are automatically brought back to the meeting with the dryad.
  1. Go back to the guild to get your reward (500 G). If you have 75 or less inhibitions, you can also flirt with the guy, for an extra 300 G. You also get +1 to your slut reputation, however.

Familiar Frenzy

You need enough fame with the Mage Guild (2 or higher mage guild reputation) and you must have completed “The Apprentice”. Mage guild reputation +1 upon completion.

  1. The night guardian for the academy will appear in the mage guild (he should stand out, since he’ll be in front of the manager’s desk). Speak to him and accept the quest.
  2. Speak to the guardian again, this time in front of the academy (you can find it in the noble district) at night to begin the search. The quest can start only at night.
  3. Go to the male dormitory (third floor, east-side) to obtain a description of the familiar from one of the students (it’s a turtle). In the dormitory, you can meet a few familiar faces (Charles and Eloise) from “The Apprentice” quest.
  4. Go to the first floor and examine the desk in the last room on the right (Kendar’s office, although at this point you might not know him yet). The familiar is just chilling on the desk, and will run away when you interact with it.
  5. Go to the corridor and use ‘Dispel’ on the plant which wasn’t there before (the one near the south end of the hallway. Surprise! The familiar was using an illusion as a disguise. Once you find it, the familiar will run away again.
  • You can also find which plant it is by using ‘Detect Magic.’
  1. Go to the second floor and enter the middle room on the left. The room is marked as “laboratory”, although a small cutscene will play as soon as you walk in, before you can read that.
  • Catch the familiar there before its last escape. It will poke its head out from underneath the desks, teleporting randomly between them. Just catch it when its head is out.
  1. Go to the last room on the right (always on the second floor) and use the crank to put the ladder under the moving box (the familiar got stuck inside the box, trying to run away from you).
  2. Climb the ladder and finish the quest.

Lost in the Woods

From chapter 3 onward in the Adventurer’s Guild. +1 to your guild reputation.

  1. From the guild’s “quest ledger” pick “missing adventurer”. If you do take the quest, you’ll be brought immediately to Highrock, the town in the mountains. That’s the last known location of Aria, the missing adventurer. You get a cutscene with the guard at the town’s entrance and then you are let loose.
  2. As soon you walk a bit further to the right, however, you get another cutscene. A couple is going at it in the open, but nobody seems to care. Something is up in the village! From this point on, you can ask questions to Ronald (the guard). For now, however, you can only ask about the couple, and he’ll dodge the question.
  3. Find the tavern and speak to the Bartender (or rather, the affectionately named “wench” behind the counter) and to Leonard in the building next door. You’ll learn that someone matching the description of the adventurer was seen around at some point, and that someone had to be restrained in the barracks the other day (the cult of Santhora is pretty big around here, and during her festival the sexual activities get a bit wild).
  4. Ask all possible questions to Ronald. He’ll get pretty defensive and refuse to tell you anything more. He was acting extremely suspicious, however.
  5. Use ‘Hands of Fire’ on the haystack to create a diversion and then enter the tower/barracks.
  6. You can find a Health Amulet Fragment at the top of the Tower (hidden behind one of the banners). Since you can’t go back to Highrock right away, you should take it now that you have the chance.
  7. The quest is complete once you open Aria’s room. She is detained on the second floor.
  • The key to Aria’s room is in the basement.

8) Learn the truth and leave Ronald and Aria to their love in the mountains. Bring the chest Aria was supposed to deliver back to the guild. The manager will give you 500 G as your reward.

Noble Goals

Starts automatically when you complete The Prodigal Son.

To complete this quest and become a noble, you need to get at least five votes (and you must complete the quest the Emperor gives you, Family Matters, otherwise he won’t approve of you).

The eight votes you can get are obtained this way:

  1. Tiberius: You need to have successfully escaped during the Merchant Escort quest. His vote is determined at the start of the quest, so there is no other way to get his attention.
  2. Nimedes: Complete the Alchemical Thirst quest. Same as General Tiberius, you can’t get this vote afterward.
  3. Emperor Titus: Complete the quest he gives you, Family Matters. This one is MANDATORY, otherwise the quest will fail.
  4. Fredrik: He is at a chess table in the lookout (south-east exit in the entrance). Play the move H3-H4.
  5. De Larek: There are two ways to get his vote:
  6. Talk to De Larek first to hear his request, then to Duke Kito about him and finally go ask Lily (Lady Rayne’s handmaiden) about the dance (you can choose between a basic training or a more in-depth one, which uses up a time slot, but makes the dancing mini-game easier). Come back to De Larek and dance for him.
  7. When you get inside the Queen of Hearts VIP area, you can talk with a masked De Larek in there. If you then recognize him at the castle, you can blackmail him.
  8. Kairos: Talk to him about his “deal”.
  9. If you want to refuse, you need at least 65 WIL.
  10. If you want to agree, you also need INH lower than 70.
  11. Valentine: Show her the ‘Ritual Spell’ or the ‘Pocket Dimension Spell’.
  12. Rayne: Go to the Florist in Tarkas and ask her for the purple/blue combination.

Experienced Escort

Chapter 2 or later. You must have completed Merchant Escort, first. +1 adventurers guild reputation once finished.

After you first consult the quest list at the Adventurer’s Guild in Chapter 2 (or later), the manager will let you know there is someone that specifically requested you for a quest.

  1. Go to the Inn in Tarkas and talk to the merchant during the day (he’ll be near the desk). You’ll immediately start the quest when you talk to him, opening with a cutscene as you journey along the road, and ending with a break at the Firefly inn.
  2. During the break, you can decide to:
  3. Drink with him, giving you the choice to then have sex: (Results in a small HP/MP penalty later in game). You also get the usual temporary effects from drinking (reduced inhibitions, willpower and intelligence until time passes). Having sex also increases your slut reputation by 1 (the guy has a big mouth, after all).
  4. Don’t drink with him, to cut things short.
  5. If your intelligence is 59 or higher, you can rebuke his offer asking him why he needed you if the road isn’t dangerous.
  6. Once your break is over, someone steals the cart. Use ‘Detect Magic’ outside the Firefly Inn to find the thief’s traces.
  7. Once you get to their lair, you have several ways to deal with the bandits there:
  8. Fight everyone there.
  9. Use ‘Push’ on the lookout, so he’ll fall off without warning the other guards.
  10. Use ‘Fish Form’ to sneak past the lookout (you can also push the lookout from behind him, if you sneak past then climb on his cliff).
  11. Listen to the two guards talking to learn about the Boss’s Weakness.
  12. Fight the two guards if you want to get some extra items (1 antidote and 2 potions from the chest).
  13. Fight the boss OR
    • Use his weakness. Cast ‘Lightning’ on the tomb to scare him and complete the quest.
  14. The quest gives you 400 G (plus anything you got fighting the bandits).

Family Matters

Sub-quest of Noble Goals.

  1. Go to the indicated house in Rahib (south of the slave market). Try the front door, and you’ll see it’s locked.
  2. Go behind the house and walk to the wall between the two flowers to get a remark about the open window on the tower right above you. Use ‘Push’ on the rope to make it fall and allow you to climb to the window (checking the door or getting the remark are not necessary for this).
  3. The room you arrive to is empty. Go downstairs.
  4. There is a chest with a Hi-potion in the bedroom. There is also a hint for the puzzle you need to solve (on the desk, there should be a shining spot). Input the combination E – W – E into the compass in the wall (north-east corner, near the entrance door). Solving the puzzle opens a secret passage in the kitchen/living room area.
  5. Climb the stairs and you’ll find a gruesome scene. Check the body, and you’ll get to see the last moments thanks to a magical tool recording the situation. You’ll automatically be moved back to the castle, to report what happened to the Emperor, and you’ll get his vote. Time will also pass, so if it becomes night, you’ll be moved from the castle back to your house in Tarkas.

Turning A New Leaf – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Chapter 3 or later, when you’ve become a Countess.

Talk to Keiko about what can be done to improve Golden Leaf. There are multiple objectives.

Clearing up the Mine

  1. Talk to Norman in the Pub then go to the Mine.
  2. It is in the same Mountain as the Second Temple, very close to the Town.
  3. There are two ways to get there:
  4. Enter the mountain from going straight west, you’ll appear right in front of it.
  • (The Miner told you about a shortcut through the woods).
  1. Enter it by climbing the Mountain as usual but going East after the Bridge.
  • (You can see a trail going east, right before climbing a set of stairs).
  1. Defeat the Boss at the end of the Mine to finish. (+2 Golden Leaf Prosperity)
Captured if:
  1. You are defeated in the mine.
  2. You watch the first woman you see for too long (choosing “yes” three times).

You get a Game Over if you answer yes to the question “is this how your story ended?”, after seeing the sexy scene with the tentacle monsters (which happens every time you are captured). If you answer no, you’ll get teleported back near the entrance of the “dangerous” section of the mine, and you can try again.

Avoiding fights:
  1. The first fights can be avoided by using ‘Push’ on the cart (the cart will kill the monsters on the track).
  2. The second set of fights can be avoided by using ‘Fish Form’.
Items to find:
  1. There is a Golden Ring in a Pond in the first area of the mine (use ‘Fish Form’ to reach it). One of the miners lost it, and if you bring it back to him, he’ll thank you and confess he doesn’t really like being a miner. You can hire him later on to be the lighthouse guardian, if you repair the building, or as your handyman in the mansion (he allows you to change a few flower decorations, if you do).
  2. In the second area, you can get another item using ‘Mouse Form’ in the spot shown below (1 health amulet fragment). Using ‘Short-Range Teleport’ nearby to get past the chasm will earn you 500 G, instead. The column to use the teleport spell should be easily visible if you explore the eastern passage, with a sign reading “Danger! Unstable ravine. Keep clear!”.

Investigating the captain

  1. Talk to the Guard near the town entrance after you complete Cleaning up the Mine.
  2. Go to the Guardhouse (the building with the gray roof in the map with the windmill) and inspect the stove in the Private Quarters.
  3. Report your findings to the guard who gave you the quest and then talk to the Fisherman in the Port area.
  4. Inspect the locked crate (near the bottom pier, with three stacked barrels north of it), to solve the quest and get rid of the corrupt captain.

Finding a new captain for Golden Leaf

There are currently two options available: The guard who gave you the quest or Ariel (if you progressed far enough with her).

Fixing the Mill

  1. Pay 1000G to the Miller. (+1 Golden Leaf Prosperity).
  2. Optional: Ask the Blacksmith first and pay 500G extra (+2 Golden Leaf Prosperity). You’ll need to clear the mines first, before you can talk to the blacksmith in the pub, and get her back to work. She is in the pub only at night if you cleared the mines (she has short blue hair and sits at the counter).

Fixing the Lighthouse

  1. Pay 6000G to the (retired) captain living in his house at the docks. (+1 Golden Leaf Prosperity). You can currently hire one of two persons to man the lighthouse
    • Check this section above for more details OR
    • Talk to the captain again, to be introduced to a sailor.
  2. Repair the Town for 5000G. (+1 to Golden Leaf Prosperity)
  • (Makes the town look nicer and improves the opinion of the people living in Golden Leaf).

The priest’s request

Once Golden Leaf reaches enough prosperity (4 or higher), go talk to the priest.

  1. Talk to the Priest in Olima’s temple in the morning, (will take all day).
  2. Solve some easy Puzzles to get two new Charms, as well as +5 to intelligence and willpower.
    1. The puzzles involve balancing the weight of 4 orbs using a scale. You know the blue one weights 8, while the red orbs are 1,4 and 5. You just need to identify the red orbs by comparing them on the scale first, and then place them so that both sides weigh 9 (you must use ALL the spheres). If you don’t want to mess with measuring the orbs, at the start they are placed from top to bottom in this order: 4,1,5.
    2. The two charms are the reverse of each other: One raises your magical attack by 8 and lowers your magical defense by 8, while the other does the opposite.

The Missing Link – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

You get the quest in the Second Temple.

  1. Talk to Alpharius about the Crater.
  2. Accept his help.
  3. Decline his help.
    • You need to buy a Map in the Bazaar and Examine it.
    • Then find the Desert, then the small Lake and finally the Temple Location to continue.

  1. Go to the Third Temple, read the message and inspect your surroundings.
  2. The spot you must find is here.
  3. There is an item near the waterfall to pick (at the west side of the map, past the river).

  1. Temple 3 is behind the waterfall.

Blood Ties

Automatic at the beginning of Chapter 3.

  1. Talk to Alpharius about Gaart’s intel.
  2. Go to the Magic Academy and ask for Kendar.
  • You can get the authorization to meet him in multiple ways.
  1. You have a dialogue choice open at 90 INT or more.
  • You can meet him with this choice.
  1. Be famous enough within a guild (reach rank 2 in either guild). Make sure you mention the appropriate guild, if you don’t have the same rank in both of them.
  2. Get the transformation from the third temple.
  • Go to the bath house at night and talk to Lanessa.
  • Propose a bath and use ‘Hand of Fire’ on her.
  • At your house, begin the ritual in the bedroom’s circle to impersonate Lanessa.
  1. You can alternatively transform into Baldur, if you are close to his ideal girl.
  • Ask about his tastes around the Mage Guild after you try to seduce him once.
  • With a score of 5 or more, you successfully seduce him.
  • He likes:
  1. Big Butts (+1 if it’s bubbly or +2 if it’s huge)
  2. Nose Piercings (+1)
  3. High WIL (+1 if your will is above 70, +2 if above 90)
  4. Low INT (+1 at below 60, +2 at below 40).
  5. Speak to Kendar.
  6. Report to Alpharius about what you learned and to your parents (they live in Crysta, a small town near Rahib) about what you learned. You can’t access your hometown before this point in the main story.

A Lidless Eye – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Chapter 3. Requires a rank up in at least one of the guilds. If you complete the quest successfully (and not for any of the “extra” factions involved) you’ll get +2 guild reputation with the guild you are a part of. If you are a member of both guilds, you have to pick which one gets the reward, and get a -1 with the excluded party.

Quest Intro

  1. Near the area of the guilds, a cutscene should trigger, giving you details about the quest.
  2. Cowgirl Path: A Zanti’s agent will come to contact you and force you to accept.
  3. Vampire Path: A woman will approach you instead and force you to accept.
  4. Farm Investigation: Kira will ask you to steal the Eye for the League of Merchants.
  • To say no to her:
  • you’ll need WIL above 40.
  • +20 if you have the Titty Lover trait.
  • +10 if are in a relationship with her.
  1. If none of the above, you can decide if you want to join the quest or not, by talking to the Imperial delegate at the Imperial Office (they are across the street, to the left).
  • The quest is only available for today, so you must join before sundown.
  • On the same token, the guilds will stay closed for the day.
  • Your guild membership(‘s) play a minor role in the quest.
  1. If you join the quest, you’ll be transported to an area which is usually restricted.
  • You’ll be able to visit after the quest, however, even if you didn’t take part in it. On the world map, it’s a tent near the north-west corner of the continent.
  1. You’ll get another short cutscene, and then left to your own devices to figure things out.
  2. Go to the ruin and enter it one of two ways;
  3. Go to the big tent to talk to the head scholar.
  • And get some hint for a Puzzle later in the Final Room of the Ruin.
  1. Go straight into the ruins.
  • Missing the hint for the Puzzle later in the Final Room of the Ruin.
  1. If 1 a), 1 b) or 1 c) are true, your contact shows up in the entrance for a small conversation.

Inside the Ruins

First Floor
  1. The First Floor has only one obligatory puzzle.
  2. There is a gap in the floor near the top left-corner of the maze.
  3. Using the ‘Push’ on the button is enough to make a bridge appear and let you continue.

The Optional Puzzles are:

  1. Puzzle 01: Step on the boulder, then run back before it runs you over.
  2. You’ll find 500 G in the chest.
  3. Puzzle 02: Open the chest near the bottom-right corner of the map.
  4. This triggers a trap and locks you in the room.
  • Quest Intro 1 a), 1 b), or 1 c): Your ally will help you out of it.
  • Quest Intro 1 d): Investigate the pile of skulls two times to find a hidden button.
  1. You’ll find 150 G in the chest.
  2. Puzzle 03: flip levers in order to give enough power to a door to open it.
  3. Solution: Up, down, up, down, up, to get the intended result.
  4. Two outcomes:
  • If you talked to Samantha; she’ll appear with a novice guy from Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Mage Guild Member: You’ll have to help two Adventurers and split the reward.
    • In exchange, you get to touch Samantha’s bosom, however (^_^).
  1. The chest nets you 600G if you did it alone, or 200G if you helped Samantha.
  • You could skip this puzzle, coming back after the quest for the whole reward.
  1. Puzzle 04: Pull chains (Cutscene with two adventurers when you first approach it).
  2. Solution: Left, right, right, left, left, right, left (you find 3 potions).
  • You could skip this puzzle, coming back after the quest for the reward.
Lower Floor

Entering this floor will trap you there until you’ve finished the quest.

  1. Puzzle 01: To the left from start: Light the torch with ‘Hand of Fire.’
  2. Touch the Shining Object that becomes visible in the Pool, disables a trap on the left.
  3. Walking past the first puzzle while allied:
  4. Vampire/Zanti Family: The contact will be here, helping you skip a later puzzle.
  5. Puzzle 02: To the right from start: Pulling chains.
  6. This one does have a hint (you need to transform into a mouse to see it).
  7. Solution: left, center, left, left, right. This Disables another trap further to the left.
    • Allies from 2 a) will allow you to skip this Puzzle (see 5).
  8. Puzzle 03: Go back to the left: Enter the room with the curtain.
  9. Pull the curtain open, and then use the ‘Push’ on the column.
  • This will also move the “twin” column in a room to the right.
  1. If you solved Puzzle 03, you should see a lever now.
  2. Pulling it will raise another bridge.
  3. If you didn’t solve Puzzle 03:
  • With allies: Use ‘Push’ on the column, then ask your ally for help.
  • This breaks the mechanism and reveals the lever without doing Puzzle 02 and 03.
  1. Once you traverse the bridge, Baldur will give a little speech.
  2. To open the last door, do the following:
  3. There is a hidden ladder behind the statue to the right.
  • (You should be able to see a trail of liquid on the floor).
  1. Downstairs you’ll find a lever to pull, which will fill up the statue’s basin with oil.
  2. Going back up and lighting the oil on fire will open the last door.
  3. Different things happen here, depending on a few possibilities:
  4. Working for Kira: Your ally will pretend to use you as a human shield to get the Eye.
  5. If you don’t work for Kira: The guy will take someone else as a real hostage.
  6. To deal with him: Use ‘Hand of Fire’ on the Eye right as he is about to grab it.
  • You learn this during the talk in Quest Intro 4 a).
  1. This triggers a cutscene, where Baldur pins down the criminal… But oops!
  2. Now two more people are fighting, accusing each other of trying to steal the eye.
  3. You then get the choice to stop one of the two or wait to see what happens.
  • In a faction: your choice will be forced to benefit the chosen faction.
  • Not in a faction: The best option is to wait*, then you’ll tackle the fleeing guy.
  • * (Unless you want to benefit one of the groups.)
  1. After the quest is done, you’ll receive your reward.
  2. If you are a member of both guilds, you’ll have to decide which one gets the benefit.
  • (which helps your reputation with one, and slightly harms the other)
  1. If you supported one of the factions and they got the eye, you’ll get a small scene afterward, praising your success (and some “celebratory cuddling”).
  2. If you are a cowgirl and fail, you get a punishment scene.

Buried In The Snow

Available from chapter 4.

  1. You need a carriage to access the last temple. The three solutions are:
  2. Talk to Alpharius and get his help.
  3. Talk to Alpharius and refuse his help.
  • After that, talk to Tarkas’s carriage driver and go to Solina’s port area.
  • You will find a carriage driver willing to transport you.
  1. If you are a noble, talk to Keiko and buy a carriage (can be done in chapter 3).
  2. You can then ask the emperor to get the authorization to enter the ruins.
  3. The combination of answers:
  4. “interested in history” > “great discovery” > “expand knowledge” will do the trick.
  5. If you want, you can sneak into the Ruins without authorization, you need to do the following.
  6. Once in front of the Ruins go to the small snow bridge in the East.
  7. Use ‘Mouse Form’ to sneak in. Go north.
  8. You have two solutions to access the Temple:
  • Enter the East Building and exit through the window.
  • Use ‘Push’ on the east barrel.

See the Temple section for what remains.

Catch A Bunny

Given by Sonya if you’ve progressed her path far enough WITHOUT the Outcasts’ pendant.

  1. You need to convince a girl showing up in the stripper area to give up on her pursuit for her husband, as she is disrupting Sonya’s business.
  • (Husband is hiding in the slot machine area and can give a few hints about his wife)
  1. When talking to her, the valid options are:
  2. Did you try asking around? > Isn’t she your best bet?
  3. Why would he come here? > Maybe he felt neglected.
  • Other lines will make her angry and picking a wrong line twice will lead to failure.

Wolves in Sheep’s clothing

From Beatrix, after you have met Bjorg.

1) Check the house with a purple roof in Solina.

2) Interrogate the man in front of the shop.

3) Interrogate Lucas until you learn the keys’ location

4) Sleep with Lucas (only available if you are a bimbo) or sneak behind his house to get the keys (through the window).

5) Enter the target house and take the book on the coffee table (next to the leather couch).

6) Go to the bookshelf in the bedroom and put the books in the order 5-2-1-3-4.

7) Take the secret passage and read the diary.

8) Report back to Beatrix.

9) At the end you’ll be asked whether or not the “new girl” should be kept around, but right now there is no special content, regardless of the choice.

Does A Barrel Roll?

Chapter 4 or later, from the distillery boss in Tarkas’s residential district.

Enter the northern outpost (you need a merchant pass for that). There, you’ll see a conversation between Kira and the outpost’s captain and Kira will make you an offer. This scene only happens if you have completed the quest “No Sacred Cows” successfully for Kira. Her absence doesn’t change the path, but the cutscenes are different.

If you are not Beatrix’s pet

1) Talk to the captain at night and ask him to see the merchant.

2) Go to the jailhouse and interrogate the merchant. To make him talk, you must either flash him or have enough willpower (71 or higher) to press him.

3) Go outside and use Dispel on the list of expired passes mentioned by the captain. The list is posted on the bulletin board outside (the area should be shining).

4) Talk to the captain again and ask him to see the cart.

5) Enter the cart and use Push Spell on the barrels to create a path going to the back of the cart. You will discover the secret stash.

6) Go report to the captain and ask him to free the cargo. Tell him its owner really needs them.

7) Return to the distillery during the day and speak to the boss to get your reward. Having accepted Kira’s offer gives 1000 more gold and some potions.

If you are Beatrix’s pet and refuse Kira’s offer

1) Talk to the captain at night and ask him to see the merchant. You will get a request from Miriam when you go outside.

2) Go to the jailhouse and interrogate the merchant. To make him talk, you must either flash him or have enough WIL to press him.

3) Go outside and use Dispel on the list of expired passes mentioned by the captain. The list is posted on the bulletin board outside (the area should be shining).

4) Talk to the captain again and ask him to see the cart.

5) Enter the cart and destroy the mana crystals.

6) Use Push Spell on the barrels to create a path going to the back of the cart. You will discover the secret stash and fulfill Miriam’s request.

7) Go report to the captain and ask him to free the cargo.

8) Return to the distillery during the day and speak to the boss to get your reward.

Note that there is an alternative way of getting inside the cart without convincing the captain. After you talked to the captain at night, you can sneak past the guard by jumping the fence from the back (there should be a shining spot to clue you in). You’ll still need to talk to the captain again, eventually, but the alternative can be interesting nevertheless.

The Devil Is In The Details

Chapter 5. Automatic.

1) Go talk to Kendar. You will receive a resonance detector.

2) Go to Tarisa near the far northwest of the worldmap (the coastal town).

3) Use the detector in front of the wooden door in the west of the town (second door to the west from the well in the town’s square). Try to enter. It’s locked.

4) Enter the house south of the locked door and exit by the ladder on the roof.

5) Jump from the roof of the house you exited to the nearest roof.

6) From the new roof, climb the vine and jump on the balcony, then climb the ladder and finally jump on the house you are trying to enter.

7) You can now enter the researched location. If you are not ready, you can use the rope to leave and come back later.

8) If you relied at least two times on Alpharius’s help, you’ll get captured as you enter the place (his actions attracted too much attention, and they learned about your travels). Go directly to step 14

9) Use Push Spell on the locked door and take the note on the bed to get a hint for an upcoming puzzle.

10) Descend the stairs and examine the shining spot to get a key

11) Come back to the previous floor and open the small chest to get three disks.

12) Go to the gargoyle statue downstairs and examine it. Place the sun disc in the first slot, the moon disc in the second slot, and the book disc in the third slot. A new set of stairs will appear.

13) Go down the stairs. Use Detect Magic to determine the tiles to avoid (or else you’ll be teleported back at the beginning of the corridor).

14) Only if you were captured during step 8: ——————- Use mouse form to escape the cage. There is a bookshelf in the room to the right of your current location, with an interactive spot on it. It will give you hints on how to produce acid (required to free yourself of the handcuffs). The solution is mixing “s. juice”, “korett” and “solidus”. Note that you can replenish your mana now (there is a room in the south-west corner of this floor with a jar). You should also equip a weapon, if possible.

15) Go down the stairs. You will see exorcists in front of a caged demon. Before stepping in you can take the charm in the locked chest (the passcode is 4516). If you were not captured, you can also use Push Spell on the vase near the exorcists to skip a fight.

16) You will enter two consecutive fights (or only one, see 15). The first one will be against three enemies. You’ll get inflicted with silence in the beginning of this fight and the enemies will buff their magic defense if you have silence protection. Taking the enemies one by one from the squishiest to the one with the most HP is a good way to win the fight. The second fight can’t be skipped and puts you against a hard hitting enemy. The dark charm works pretty well here. A well offensively geared Erica can also win the fight quickly (high magic attack with Lightning and Zana is a good winning combination).

17) Talk to Lenara. The quest stops here for now.

Quest For Glory – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Must have finished the “A Lidless Eye” quest and be at least rank 3 (Copper Cross) in the adventurers guild. +3 adventurers guild reputation, once both parts of the quest are over.

To start the quest, you’ll have to talk to a member of the adventurers guild (the guy wearing the gray armor suit). He should have an exclamation mark over his head. You might get some extra/different dialogues if you interacted with him and “bikini chainmail” before, but basically they offer you a series of jobs, starting with retrieving a map to a stolen item. The map is hidden in Zanark (but you’ll go there automatically with the group, once you agree and then tell them you are ready to go).

1) You start outside a ruined mansion. A wall to the east near the ground floor is full of cracks, and casting push on it will open up a passage (if you need mana, talk to Kevin, he will replenish it). You can also find a health amulet fragment near the top-right corner of the map.

2) Talk to Samantha to play as her. You can now jump two tiles wide gaps. Use this skill to enter the hall. There should be a cupboard, and inside it a key. Go back to the protagonist, so you can play as her again.

3) Samantha got you a key. This should unlock the only door in the mansion, but there is a problem: the key is bent out of shape! Talk to Kevin. Among the many jobs he did in the past, he was also an apprentice smith, and can fix it.

4) Use the fixed key to open the door (if you want to, you can also use this opportunity to grab 200 G from the chest near the top left of the map, this needs no key). The fireplace looks a little too clean… Inspect it once, then try to enter it, this will start a puzzle.

5) You must point the lantern (which Kevin wisely provided) to inspect the inside of the fireplace. Just interact with the brick marked with an “X”, after you center the light on it, to trigger the final scene for the quest.

6) You should get a warning that this series of quests ends here for now, and a choice to either stay there and keep exploring, or go back to Tarkas.

Part two:

  1. After a night of sleep, going back to the guild should have Kevin showing an exclamation mark over his head, like before. He has figured out the map, and can now lead you to the place where the stolen item should be hidden. He has found some more information on the map, and he’ll talk about it here, as well as give you some notes you can access from your inventory (in the “Key items” tab).
  2. Just ask him whenever you want, and you’ll be brought to the new map (an abandoned fort). Once you get there, you’ll get a cutscene, learn that some innocent vagrants have made their home there, then you’ll be free to explore the area.
    • You can find a hole in the wall if you inspect the passage between the two towers to the north-east. You can pass through as a mouse, and find a heart amulet fragment on the other side.
  3. One of the main objectives is to find a certain symbol around the fort. There are 2, and each of them is hidden inside one of the two towers still standing of the fort. You can check again what the symbol looks like in Kevin’s notes whenever you want.
  4. Enter the east tower (the only one you can access right now). Climb to the second floor, and enter the small room in there. You should see the symbol on the wall, right above a mousehole. Trying to interact with the hole (or trying to transform into a mouse) will reveal that a snake is living in there! You’ll have to find a way to evict the tenant, if you want to take a look.
  5. If you want, you can go to the top of the tower where Samantha is, to learn how much she hates snakes, otherwise you should go speak with Kevin (he is staying where the vagrants are). Among his weird skills and tools, he has some magical bells to charm snakes, he just needs to remember the right sequence.
    • He gives you a hint “It’s a tune made up of 5 notes. It uses all 4 bells and the repeating bell isn’t used twice in a row. It goes something like…” And then makes you listen to the sequence he remembers.
    • Left, Up, Left, Down, Right is the right sequence. You can always cancel the event and try another time, but you’ll have to get back to Kevin to try again.
    • You’ll find a cog inside, what could it be used for?
  6. Time to visit the other tower. Go talk to Samantha, and ask her to explore the area (you will play as her). If you remember from the first part of the quest, she can jump two tiles gaps. Jump on the other tower, then make your way down to the first floor. You can first interact with the telescope if you want, but you’ll just learn more about Samantha (and how low her observation skills are).
  7. In the first floor, you can pull the lever (so you’ll open the tower for Erica), and you can inspect the cell. The floor has caved in, but you can still make your way on the other side, thanks to Sam’s agility. That’s where you’ll find the second symbol (you can only inspect it with Samantha first). It seems like the floor is hollow where the symbol is, but she is too weak to lift the tile. Time to go back to Erica (but you can also go talk to Kevin, to get some humorous dialogues with him, if you want).
  8. Erica is waiting where Samantha first was. If you checked the symbol, Samantha will report on it, and Erica will be able to use “Push” on the tile. A passage will open, and a small cutscene will play to get Samantha to retrieve what’s in there. It’s another cog! If you interacted with the telescope as Erica, you’ll know that it’s a missing part of the telescope, otherwise, you’ll guess with a bit more uncertainty.
  9. Make your way up the tower, and interact with the telescope until you are asked if you want to put the cog back in the telescope. Reply yes to both requests (you’ll be asked separately for each cog). Now you can use the telescope.
  10. Check the notes again, to remind yourself of the coordinates listed there (165° H, 35° V). You’ll have a message on screen to remind you of where you are pointing the telescope, so just move it until you find the same coordinates. You found the starting point from where to count your steps! it’s in a ruined building in the south-west of the courtyard.
  11. Go there (you’ll have to burn a dry plant to enter the crumbling building), then check Kevin’s notes once again.
    • “6 north, 6 east, 8 north, 7 west, 3 south” are the steps you must take from the right place. This treasure hunt works like a checkpoint system, so make sure you follow the steps in the right order.
    • Once you have reached the point (it should be right next to the tree without leaves, south-west from it), interact with the spot, and Erica will call the other two to dig out the treasure.
  12. One last thing gets in the way. Apparently the thief had an accomplice and he wants what they stole (he’ll take one of the vagrants hostage). Have Kevin try to talk to him (his scary looks will intimidate the bandit into taking a step back) then use your push spell on the boulder right to the north of the bandit, to put an end to this mess.
  13. You’ll automatically go back to the guild, for the final wrap up. No material reward, but a +3 to your reputation in the guild.

Guild Dues

You must be at least rank 3 (Journeyman) in the mage guild. +1 to mage guild reputation upon completion.

Talk to the mage guild manager anytime after your promotion, to get the quest offered to you (you can ignore it, but the quest is automatically added to your quest log after you speak to him). He wants you to go to Zanark, and find Lecarde, a member of the guild, to convince him to come back.

Zanark is south of Tarkas (the town with the large tree right to the west of it). You can find Lecarde inside the giant tree/library during the day (follow the main road to the north, once you enter Zanark).

1) Lecarde is on the second floor, near a giant book (he should be the only one in the room). He doesn’t want to come back until he finishes his research on magical squirrels. The locals didn’t take kindly to him probing the local fauna (the squirrels are kind of a symbol), so guess who’s going to help him?

2) You must find and interact with 5 white squirrels around the map:

  • One is right outside of the giant tree, hiding behind the tree branches to the north-east.
  • Another one is also in the same screen, this time to the north-west. You’ll need to cast a fire spell on the dried up bush blocking your way, to reach this squirrel.
  • If you go back to town and go immediately east (behind the inn and past it), you’ll eventually find a squirrel chilling near the back of a house.
  • Follow the small path toward the west, you’ll find an abandoned mansion. The west wall surrounding the mansion is cracked, and you can turn into a mouse to pass through. A squirrel is waiting for you in the area.
  • Finally, go back to town, and enter the large building near the town’s exit (the one with the clock on the front). The squirrel is on the roof, but the guy working in the office doesn’t like you climbing the clock tower. Just wait for him to look away, and make your way upstairs. Once there, you must flip the west-most lever, to lower the ladder, so you can climb and catch the last squirrel. You can mess around with the other levers, they won’t lock you out of the quest, no matter what you do.
  • Go back to Lecarde, and he’ll agree to come back. Other than some reputation boost with the guild and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, you don’t get much of a reward (this quest will be necessary to open up the mage guild main quest in the future, however).

Mellow Marshes

You must have reached chapter 4 and be a noble.

A new NPC appears near the throne room at court. If you speak to him, you’ll find out he is the Secretary of Commerce, Vash. He wants Duke Kito to reclaim the marshes in his territory, and has decided to enlist you for help, since you are close to the duke. If you accept, you’ll be moved to the dining room, where the duke and his son are eating (you’ll need to convince both, if you want the project to go through).

1) Talk to the Duke, he’ll invite you to eat with them. You can then sit next to him.

2) You finally broach the topic with the Duke but he doesn’t budge (he doesn’t like the secretary and how underhanded he is at times).

3) Go talk to the secretary, instead (he is waiting outside the dining room). Ask him about “Anything that could help with the Duke?” to get steered in the right direction. Apparently, he likes his wine a lot, but he is also very peculiar about it.

4)You can ask the maid to fetch some wine, but since you don’t know which one the duke would like, you should first try to learn more by asking his son, then you can ask the maid to fetch the right wine, and please the duke with your choice.

5) Sitting again and talking with the duke will get you somewhere now (he’ll also explain his reasons to refuse the secretary), but he has a favour to ask of you, if you really want him to help. You should find a long lost memento of his family, a ring which his grand-aunt lost in a secret passage near the harem, an area he can’t enter.

6)You’ll be moved to the area near the harem instantly. Use detect magic, if you want some help with finding the secret passage (it’s hidden behind the portrait to the right of the harem’s entrance). Note: You can visit this area when the quest isn’t active, but you won’t be able to notice the secret passage unless you do this part first.

7)You can now enter the secret passage, but it’s very dark in there! Thankfully, there are a few torches you can light up on the wall. If you light the right-most torch. you’ll illuminate the area where the ring is. The floor will start to sparkle, and you can finally pick it up. Doing so will take you back to the duke, who’ll give you some more background story to how this ring got there, and then he leaves, satisfied with you. Now it’s time to move to Ray, his son.

8) Sit next to Ray (but save first, if you want to see both branches). At the start, you get the opportunity to convince him honestly, with logic (the choices are “Help the entire group” and “Make them benefit”). If you fail, or decide this isn’t worth the trouble, you can only seduce him.

9) Seducing him is a guaranteed success. You can try as much as you want, and even if you try all options, he’ll eventually give in (for a quick run, the right choices are “Subtle flirting” “Start rubbing his leg with yours” and “Time to use your hand, seduce him!”). When you pick the last correct choice, the quest will be over, and you’ll get your 3000 G from the secretary in the following cutscene.

Note: If at any point (except when you are in the harem area) you want to give up, you can just say so to the secretary, and he’ll (begrudgingly) let you fail the quest.

Party Hard – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

As a noble, you must have fixed the mansion completely, repaired the town and taken one of the deals to expand the city (it’s not necessary for the expansion to be completed).

If you talk to Keiko, the requisites listed above are met and there are no outstanding reports or scenes with her (which might supersede this in importance), she’ll mention organizing a party for your “debut” as a noble.

1) Talking to Keiko now gives you some extra dialogue options to take care of what you need for the party.

  • You must hire a cook, maids and a handyman (Hiring a cook and a handyman costs 5000 G upfront and 100 G daily for each, while the maids cost 10000 G upfront and 200 G daily. If you don’t make enough money daily from taxes, you cannot hire them). If you went with the Zanti for the city expansion, you don’t have to worry about the maids. Also, you can get a miner to be your handyman to bypass the hiring expense, just like with the Zanti maids. Check this section for a few more details on the miner.
  • If you removed the captain after finding out he is corrupt, you must select a new captain before you can proceed (check Turning A New Leaf, under the investigating the captain/finding a new captain sections).
  • If both of the above points are dealt with, you can pay 20000 G to fund the party.

2) Talking to Keiko about the party again will set things in motion, but there are a couple more choices for you to make.

  • Whether to hire more security or not. It costs 1000 G and affects an event at the start of the party (more on that below).
  • Whether you want to invite nobles only, or if you want to invite some merchants, instead (if you don’t invite the nobles, you get one less chance to impress them and improve their opinion of you, but you’ll increase Golden Leaf’s prosperity by 1 point, increasing the money you make through taxes).

3) Finally, the party can start. The scene moves to when the first guests arrive. You go out to check the “umbrella spell” (to keep your guests from getting wet in the rain) and you take the opportunity to talk with the captain about how things are going. Talking to the captain is what triggers the next part.

4) Depending on who your captain is, the following can happen:

  • The original captain will go investigate a disturbance and leave you completely undefended, as 3 thieves come for a “hit and run” style attempt at stealing what they can and run away, you’ll have to fight all 3 of them.
  • If the guard near the entrance has been promoted, he’ll send just a scout to check the disturbance, and you’ll have to fight 2 thieves as the guards keep busy the third one
  • If you got Ariel, she’ll handle all the thieves by herself easily, and you’ll get a somewhat humorous exchange with her.
  • If you have to fight and lose, this actually fails the party and the quest.
  • You can avoid this event altogether by hiring the extra guards (the thieves will decide against attempting such a tactic with some many guards around).

5) Once the scene above is finished, you’ll automatically go back inside. There is a lot for you to do, and you must greet the guests properly, after all. Make sure to remember the name of the first noble you are introduced to, as that will come up later.

6) After the scene, the dinner starts. As the host, it’s customary for you to go around the various tables and talk to the guests, to check how the party is going and to get to know them a bit more. You’ll see 3 persons with exclamation balloons over their heads, those (plus a 4th one that will get the balloon after you talked to the first 3) are mandatory to progress the party. At this point, you are free to go around the mansion, and there are a few things you can/must do.

  • Starting from the top left: The Kairos family (father and son) can show up or not, depending if you were “friendly” with him when you were trying to convince him to vote for you. He’ll extend a sexy invitation to his mansion again (this is the second one, after the one you get by mail), if you talk to him.
  • His son will talk to you as well, and react differently based on how things went at his uncle’s party (you can meet him during the Nobless Oblige quest). There might be an extra set of choices here to determine what you did at said party, if you are using an old save.
  • You can meet again Ray Kito here (this time around, you can also meet his mother for the first time). If you completed the quest Mellow Marshes before this event, and you solved it by flirting with him, you can decide if you want to encourage him further.
  • The last table at the top sees a few returning faces (Lady Rayne, Valentine and Nimedes). There is also a new noblewoman sitting here. She apparently lost track of his husband (more on this later).
  • The table right above the musicians has count Clifford (the first mandatory person to talk to). He’ll ask you whether you prefer life as a noble, or as a commoner. This doesn’t affect anything within the party, but will be used later on for future meetings with the count. By the way, if you talked to him when you went outside, you might notice her daughter isn’t here with him.
  • The other person at the table is duke Kleist (he also gets mentioned during the greetings). He’ll be the 4th person you must talk to, in order to finish this section. We’ll come back to him later.
  • The last person at the table is count Xavier. If you interact with him, you’ll find him busy talking with count Clifford, at first. You’ll learn about how things are going really well in his territory, with bountiful harvests. (this isn’t mandatory, but offers a useful hint)
  • Finally we move on to the bottom left table. Here you’ll have to talk with count… Count who? You aren’t sure you remember his name (if you took note of it before, you’ll know he is count Nocher). Remembering his name earns you 1 point toward the success of the party.
  • The Marquis at the table is busy gossiping with the Baroness. Interacting with him will make you listen to them talking about a feud going on between baroness Stuart (which isn’t here at the party) and count Xavier (who you met before). You learn that she comes from a family of healers, that they are having a famine and that she is trying to expand her territory at the expenses of the count. That’s quite a lot! (this isn’t mandatory, but will be important later)
  • Final table. If you invited the merchants, you get the +1 to Golden Leaf’s prosperity (the patriarch is one of the mandatory people to talk to). Being business minded people, you also get slightly different dialogues from some of them if Golden Leaf has ties with the Zanti family or the League of Merchants.
  • If you invited nobles only, instead, you get a rather enthusiastic Count, who likes (read: he is obsessed) with riddles. He is the mandatory person to talk to if you want to progress, so you’ll have to interact with him. If you brush him off and refuse to answer the riddle, you offend him and get a -1 to the party score. If you give the wrong answer, you get a lecture (but no negative points) and if you reply with the correct answer (a map) you get an extra point. The other guys at the table aren’t really important, but you can talk to them, if you like.
  • If you talked to the three mandatory persons, you can talk with duke Kleist at any time, but you need one last piece of information if you want to impress him, and there is something else to see for you, so let’s go exploring!
  • If you go to the dining room, you’ll see some of the nobles’ servants are accommodated here. Talking to the elf in the center, will reveal that count Xavier’s father is sick, and that he is stubbornly refusing to seek healers from outside the county. Maybe his son could change his mind… (this isn’t mandatory, but will be important later)
  • The last bit of content can be found if you go to the second floor, and check your relaxation room. You’ll find the missing husband and daughter are having an affair. You can spy on them, if you so desire (unless your inhibitions are really high, in which case you’ll leave automatically). They’ll go back downstairs, after this encounter.
  • Time to impress duke Kleist. He is worried about the territorial dispute between count Xavier and baroness Stuart. Armed with your gossip powers (which unlock the correct answers), you can navigate this easily. The sequence is: “Can’t they find an agreement?” “They should enter a trade deal” “The count should offer food” “The baroness should offer her magic”. If you lack the required knowledge, you won’t be able to justify the right answers, even if you pick them, and won’t be able to succeed. If you did everything right, however, you’ll get a whopping 2 points for your invisible score.
  • We are nearing the end. It’s time to open the dances, and you’ll have to go first, as the host. If you have 3 or more points, you’ll notice several people trying to work up the courage to ask you the first dance, a but less if you are at 2, and basically nobody if you are below that.
  • Don’t be discouraged, however, Ray Kito and Kairos Junior might still be there for you, if you seduced them before (in fact, if both are, they’ll get into a small fight).
  • Regardless of what happened above, Nimedes will ask you for the first dance, and he is important enough to put to rest any problems about your choice of partner. You should be familiar with the dancing mini-game by now. If you do flawlessly, you get +2, if you do well you get +1, while below that you just won’t get any points.
  • Nimedes will share with you his insight at the end, more than 5 points means you did well, more than 3 that you did alright, and below that means you didn’t do very well at all. This score will play out in a few events in the future, to set the initial reactions for noble-related events.
  • The party and the quest are finally finished. You get back 10000 G in gifts from the guests, and you’ll get some other tangible stuff when you unwrap all the gifts (in future updates).

Extra notes if you are a cowgirl during the party:

  1. You’ll get a few cutscenes (starting from when Keiko talks to you about the party for the first time) which involve the “cow maid” Angelica. She’ll be your liaison between you and the Zanti family, since you decide to inform them of this opportunity.
  2. You’ll be tasked to add a spying device to marquis Gordon’s magical staff.
  3. The staff will be located near the entrance. The one you are looking for is the second one from the left.
  4. To solve the puzzle, you must follow these steps:
  • Use detect magic. The stone the furthest to the left doesn’t react. That’s your target.
  • Use the magical knife on that stone
  • Place the magical eye
  • Use hand of fire to re-attach the string.
  1. Job well done! But someone saw you. He is one of the many guards/bodyguards around. Thankfully he isn’t one of Gordon’s guards, but he still knows that’s his staff. To deal with him you can:
  • Bullshit your way through this. Pick “Yes. I hear…” and “Curiousity got the better of me. Sorry.”
  • Bribe him for 1000 G. He will suddenly realize his mistake and let it go.
  • If your inhibitions are 40 or below, you can seduce the guard. He gets a boner, and you get +1 to your invisible slut reputation score (it will be important for the harem/queen path, and a few other events).
  • If you fail to convince him or flat out deny what you did, you’ll get a -2 to your party score (but this mini-quest will still be a success).

Don’t Bully the Bulls

You must have reached chapter 4 and taken care of the tentacle monsters in the mines (currently only possible as a noble).

Norman, the gold mine foreman, will appear in front of the mansion, if you get close, a cutscene starts, informing you of a minotaur sighting. You’ll have to find their village, and figure out if they are a threat or if they can be reasoned with.

  1. You must go near the peak of the mountain (you have been here before). Instead of climbing up, you should check the east, a new path should be open there. Note that I added a “fast travel” for the fish TF (if you see bubbles in the water, you can enter a small “warp zone”). One of the exits takes you to a small pond right in the area.
  2. Entering this area, you’ll see a big boulder (but you can’t do anything with it). Continue east (and remember that you can jump 1 tile gaps).
  3. After crossing the cliff, you can go north. This will trigger a short quick time event (don’t worry, you can retry it as many times as you like). Dodge the falling rocks, and then you’ll be able to move forward (you can also inspect a small, purple liquid on the ground, for added context that will become clearer later on in the quest).
  4. Continue north and find a small pond, enter it as a fish and touch the bubbling water to be teleported to a similar pond to the west.
  5. Exit the pond, and climb down the vines. There is a small entrance you can explore if you turn into a mouse.
  6. After the short cutscene, you exit on the other side. Proceeding west will finally lead you to meet a minotaur. This will trigger another cutscene, and you’ll be escorted to the village (the minotaur also removes the giant boulder, so you don’t have to waste as much time in the future to get back, if you want). If you are a cowgirl, you can trigger a bad end here, by going along with the minotaur’s words.
  7. You can now snoop around the village, if you so desire. Talking to the Chief will trigger the next stage of the quest. Apparently, they are busy fighting some giant worms that dig extensive nests in the ground. They might be the cause of some tremors the foreman mentioned before, so it would be beneficial for both to have them gone. The minotaurs have a plan, but they need you to retrieve the chief’s war-axe from the monster’s nest (the tunnels are too small for them).
  8. Talk to Talado (the first minotaur you met), and he’ll be able to take you to the nest from now on.
  9. The nest is a sneaking section. The worms (Tremites) are pretty much blind, so you can walk past them, but if you are running or if you walk on noisy terrain while near them, they’ll be alerted. If that happens, run away and retry (there isn’t really a big punishment for failure, other than wasting some of your time).
  10. The area is dark, so it will be perhaps a bit slow to navigate, but you can find 6 mana crystals (in 2 batches), a gold nugget (200 G) and the war-axe (which is required to complete the quest). Once you go back to the entrance with the axe and leave, you can’t go back here (they’ll collapse the tunnels), so make sure you got everything before that.
  11. Completing the quest will net you a minotaur shield (good against magic) and 1000 G.
  12. You are also invited to join their party, to celebrate dealing with the Tremites. You can refuse now, and the option will always be available if you talk to the chief again afterward. During the party, you’ll get the option to get intimate with the chief (also, you’ll get different dialogues during the party if you are a cowgirl).

There might be a follow-up event in the future, but for now this is it!

Mage Hunter

Mage guild quest. You must have completed “Guild Dues”, to get this quest. +1 mage guild reputation upon completion.

  1. After completing Guild Dues, go back to the mage guild. The Manager should have a balloon floating over his head, indicating he has something to tell you. Once you talk to him, you get the new quest (as well as a reward for completing the previous one).
  2. You must convince another mage to come back to the guild in Tarkas. The manager knows he moved to Rahib, but he doesn’t know where he lives. Seems like this member used to spend a lot of time downstairs, however, so he suggests you start asking questions to the mages there.
  3. You can talk to all the NPCs here, to get some more info, but the only important one is the fire mage in the training room, who lets you know that he flies the same flags as the Magic Academy (he used to be a teacher there). If you want to, you can go check the flags in the noble district, but it’s not necessary.
  4. You’ll find the house flying the banners if you go to Rahib and keep going straight west until the end of the road, then go south. The house you are looking for should be easy to identify (it has a carpet in the front to signal the entrance, and the flags on top).
  5. Once you enter (remember you can’t go there at night), you’ll find that the house is very silent. Just go south to find signs of life.
  6. Someone is sitting behind a closed door. You go to knock… But no sounds come out. Looks like they are using magic crystals to dampen the sounds (they are similar to the ones used in the guild’s library). You can try to use Dispel on them, but you’ll just learn that they must be powered remotely.
  7. Casting Detect Magic will show magical energy travel toward the crystals. Following their path backward will and casting Detect Magic again will reveal the source.
  8. Casting Dispel on the source successfully de-activates the crystals.
  9. You can finally knock on the door. You finally find your guy (Carlos) who isn’t too happy to hear the Archmagus didn’t come personally to ask him. He is a good enough sport to offer you a chance to convince him, if you give him 3 good reasons as to why he should.
  10. Some interactive spots appear in the house at this point (they are sparkly). You must learn a bit more to make a good case, so you go about being nosey, and get a few hints, before you can finally try to convince him.
  11. If you interacted with all 4 spots, you can try to convince Carlos. The right choices are: “You miss Tarkas.” >> “The guild could fund your research.” >> “You love the fire mage in Tarkas.”
  12. He will depart, completing the quest. You’ll have to wait for the next one to get your reward, however!

Cloak and Dagger – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Mage guild quest. You must have completed “Mage Hunter”, to get this quest.

  1. After completing Mage Hunter, go back to the mage guild. The Archmagus is there, and he has your reward (2 Mana Burns, which restore 25% of your MP for 5 turns, but are also poisonous). He also has a new quest for you.
  2. The new quest would have you infiltrate a noble’s mansion during a party, to investigate whether or not a stolen item is in their possession. You can actually refuse the quest, although that closes the mage guild main quest forever.
  3. You are given a few details during the conversation: the location (the villa is located to the north of Tarkas, past the lake), some details about the noble family (The Armazis), and the time (the party will happen the day AFTER you get the quest, in the afternoon). You can fail the quest if you don’t go there at the right time, so be careful.
  4. Before accepting, you can ask to know more, and the Archmagus will provide some background/lore. Nothing too important for the game.
  5. If you accept, however, he also gives you his notes on the matter. Those ARE important, as if you don’t read them, you won’t learn that Baldur is part of the Armazi family. This piece of knowledge opens up the choice to transform into Baldur (assuming you also have gone through the steps detailed in “Blood Ties” to unlock his transformation). To transform into him for this quest, you’ll have to visit the magic circle in your room in Tarkas the afternoon of the party.
  6. Assuming you make it to the villa the day of the party, you’ll now have to gain access to the building. There is a guard check at the front, however, so you can’t just stroll inside. There are 3 ways to enter:
  7. If you talk to the people outside, you can learn that one of them has lost their invitation, and that they are afraid it fell in the water when they were checking the fishes in the river from the bridge. Find a place far away enough from any guests or guards, and you can turn into a fish and enter the river. You can swim UNDER one of the bridges to find a small area, with the invite in there. From there, simply walk up to the guards, you’ll have no problems entering.
  8. There is an old tower near the mansion. You can enter it by turning into a mouse (there is a crack in the wall). As you make your way up the tower, keep note of what’s hanging on the various floors (banners on the first floor, swords on the second, shields on the third). When you reach the top floor, you’ll find a puzzle to solve.
  9. The hint reads: “First is the shield to protect. Second is the sword to repel the invader. Behind both stands the family crest they defend.”
  10. You can enter a number, if you know the solution. The number is 321 (shield-sword-banner and their respective floors). This unlocks a secret passage that leads from the first floor of the tower to the pantry of the mansion.
  11. If you transformed into Baldur, you can simply stroll through the main gate. The family head is your uncle, and you are a known, welcome face in here. You get some different dialogues from a few people, if you are interested in those, but you don’t have much to do outside, for now.
  12. You are finally inside. Things are just getting started, however. Note that even if you entered from the secret passage, you can now walk past the guards at the entrance (the assumption there is that they wouldn’t be suspicious of someone coming from INSIDE the mansion, and the protagonist also comments on it).
  13. If you are playing as Baldur, a new complication arises. His uncle, the Duke, LOVES Baldur, and he can’t wait to bore you to death with his stories. He’ll start listing off anecdotes. Pay attention to what he is saying! He’ll notice you are distracted, and quiz you about one of them at random later on. If you fail, he’ll force you to drink some more, and the whole thing restarts. If you fail twice, you’ll fail the quest (Baldur is very weak to alcohol).
  14. The first floor is similar for all playthroughs. As Baldur, you get some slightly different dialogues, and you can also get a sex scene with a girl who looks pretty close to his ideal woman (makes you wonder just what does and doesn’t get transferred with a transformation, I guess), but the rest is fairly similar.
  15. You can go around and get some gossip from various workers around the mansion. A series of encounters in particular is important, as it allows you to learn the location of a key you can use on the second floor. The series of encounter are: maids in the south-east area of the mansion, then butlers to the north, and finally north-west to the kitchen, between chefs. You’ll learn that this key got lost outside the mansion, among the crates near the small dock located at the back of the villa. You’ll have to go out and circle around the place, if you want to get it. That will make things easier later on, if you go for it.
  16. If you AREN’T playing as Baldur, and you are a noble, there might be a familiar face waiting for you in the central room of the first floor. It’s Count Nocher, one of the guests at your party (assuming you held your party before this quest). If you offended him by not remembering his name, he’ll be still upset about it. If you still can’t remember it and butcher his name, he’ll get really mad, and cause you troubles. You get one last chance to make amends. If you ask to apologize and say you are sorry for the slight, the count will lecture you, but otherwise let his grudge go. If you mess it up, he’ll basically force you to avoid the central room from there on out. This makes gathering the gossip harder (although not impossible).
  17. Final things to note on the first floor:
  18. After you hear the maids and butlers gossip for the first time, they’ll move in different areas of the mansion. Their conversation still hold some useful tidbits and hints, if you are patient enough to hear them out;
  19. In the east hallway, near the Duchess and a noble, there is a painting hanging on the wall (you should notice it shining). If you examine it you get the following description: ‘A painting of a sunrise. The label reads: “‘Knowledge’ by E. Livingson, 748.”‘ This is especially important if you don’t go for the “gossip route”, so take note of it.
  20. The second floor! We are getting closer to the end. There are guards patrolling the central corridor. If you aren’t playing as Baldur, going through the corridor is going to be tricky. You don’t get a game-over, but the guards will escort you out of the patrolled area, if they see you. You can easily go around them using the stairs from the first floor, but the area in the middle does hold some interesting stuff, so you’ll have to go there, eventually. Here are the area of interests and what’s there to do to get to your goal:
  21. South-Eastern corner: the guards’ quarters. A guard is asleep here (don’t worry, you can’t wake him up). There are two pieces here: another painting (this time it’s “‘Power’ by E. Livingson, 673.”) and a note from the captain, who lets out that the safe is in the master bedroom. This one isn’t essential (the quest is completable without reading this), but it certainly helps if this is your first time.
  22. North-Eastern corner: it’s a bedroom (the family’s son, who isn’t at the party). In here, you can find a statue. If you have been messing around at the mage guild, you should already know it. It represents Ivaska, a famous dragon knight (who also happens to be the Armazi family’s ancestor). On the first floor, you can learn from the maids how the Lady doesn’t let anyone clean those statues. There are also more hints, but basically you need to give this statue a nice big jolt of energy, with lightning (aim for the head/spear). Nothing happens yet, but don’t worry, there is another statue on the opposite side of the mansion.
  23. Bathroom. This one is to the west of the bedroom we just visited. You’ll have to sneak past the guard to get there. The only way is to enter the corridor when he isn’t looking, hiding in the guest room to the south, which also has a nice “‘Power’ by E. Livingson, 594.” hanging from the wall (wait, something doesn’t add up with these paintings…), then go north as the guard turns around once more, and enter the bathroom. You’ll find a note with the safe combination in there (the safe is random every quest, so it’s recommended to take this every time).
  24. There is a room next to the guest room, but it has nothing in it, so don’t waste your time and go downstairs and then climb back up the other side, unless you are Baldur.
  25. If you go through the central corridor from the west, there is only one room left you can enter, another guest room. This one has a painting as well (“‘Knowledge’ by E. Livingson, 282.”). I hope you are keeping note of these, it might come in handy!
  26. South-western corner, the library. On the wall there is a plaque reading “knowledge is power” with a hidden combination lock under it. If you add up the dates of the various paintings we examined, you’ll get “2297”, which lets you discover another secret passage, this time from the library to the wardrobe of the master bedroom.
  27. North-west, the wardrobe. You can enter this place through the secret passage listed above, or if you got the infamous “gossip key”. There is another statue here we need to zap, which will finally make the safe appear in the master bedroom! We are also right next to it, how convenient!
  28. The master bedroom. There is a cute little dog in here, who won’t give you any troubles… Except if you are Baldur. The poor thing might just be confused by your shapeshifter’s powers. You’ll need a short trip down in the kitchen (you can’t enter the place, unless you are Baldur). Find the dog’s bowl, collect a few treats, and go back up. This dog isn’t suspicious enough to not make friends over food, so everything is fine now.
  29. The safe is a piece of cake, since you have the combination. Open it, and you’ll find out… That it was all for nothing. The Armazi family is innocent. Time to make your exit, now that you know everything is alright.
  30. For now, this is it. The quest is finished, but you’ll have to wait until another update for the finale to unveil.

A Captive Audience

Progress through Eliza’s path for long enough (go to sleep in the mansion after her 7th scene) and own a carriage to start the quest.

  1. Eliza will be waiting in your mansion’s entrance (the scene will play out automatically as soon as you enter the map). Another Nari (Iris) is trying to seduce a noble (Yvonne), but there are some problems, so Eliza and you are being temporarily recruited to help.
  2. You’ll be automatically transferred to the royal castle, where you’ll be introduced to Iris and to the general plan. Yvonne is currently in the hallway, talking with a nobleman, and you need to isolate her first.
  3. Whether you interact with the nobleman or Yvonne, you’ll eavesdrop on their conversation. Interact with them 3 times, to listen all you have to. You’ll learn they are talking about a specific artist (although Yvonne would prefer to learn about his technique, rather than his history), and that one of the several paintings he made is at the end of this very hallway. He’ll also start to describe the painting to Yvonne (at this point, the dialogue will repeat over and over).
  4. Go check the painting (end of the hallway, to the west). You’ll notice that the nobleman is wrong about several details of the painting. Now you can go back and school him!
    • Interrupt him, then pick “There are two horses.” >>> “There is light on a hill in the distance.”
    • He’ll be embarrassed, realizing his mistake, and will decide to go find the painting he was referring to, leaving Yvonne alone.
  5. Time to go back to Eliza, and prepare the next step of the plan. You’ll have her accompany you, and have her presence work its magic on Yvonne, while you keep her distracted.
    • Let her talk the first time, change topic the second time, talk about it yourself the third time, and change topic for the last time. You should have successfully kept her there for long enough.
    • If you bore her too much, she’ll excuse herself, and you’ll fail the quest.
  6. If you reached this point, you can sit back and relax. Yvonne will be escorted by you and Eliza to Iris, and she won’t run away when she starts explaining that it’s all a misunderstanding. You get to guard the door (and touch yourself) as the two Naris give Yvonne a few tips on species relationships. Knock yourself out, and then you’ll be brought back to your mansion in Golden Leaf.

Gears of War

After completing “Cloak and Dagger”, return to the mage guild to talk to the Archmagus.

  1. First, you’ll receive your reward for completing the previous quest (+2 mage guild reputation), and then you’ll be invited by the Archmagus to his tower, so he can reveal to you what’s the secret research he has been involved with.
  2. You can agree whenever you want, and he’ll teleport you both immediately to his lab. A cutscene will play immediately upon arrival, and he explains his serious worries about Gears becoming dangerous weapons in the future, and how he’d like to create a permanent enchantment to render them useless, before such a thing happens.
  3. You can ask him a few questions to further learn about his position, but you must at least ask him why he is doing this and why he is telling you. No matter what your position on the matter is, you’ll learn he isn’t just a crazy person, at least, and isn’t planning to use force to achieve his goal. Plus, things are still at the research stage and will take decades to become a reality, if it’s possible.
  4. Your opinion does matter, however, as he wants to hear it and enlist your help in case you are willing. If you don’t want to help, you get a chance at debating the issue with him, and perhaps convince him that he is wrong with his plan.
    1. Before replying to him, you can go back to your business around the world, the Archmagus is a patient man. You can take this opportunity to have a few conversations around the guild (people with special dialogues should have a question mark over their heads). You can learn a bit more about the Archmagus and the research, to better prepare yourself.
    2. You should save before attempting the debate, if you want to try it yourself, as you have only one shot at convincing him.
    3. The correct sequence to navigate the debate victoriously is “Gears will become more useful” >>> “This affects regular people regardless” >>> “Anything can be justified this way” >>> “Create defenses against military uses of Gears”.
  5. Alternatively, you can agree with his plan and offer your help.
    1. He’ll give you a little challenge, to see if you are up to it, and lets you operate the “anti gear” array.
    2. First, read the notes near the array (they should be shining at this point, sitting on the small table at the south-west corner of the pillars), then you must interact with the pillar in the south-east corner (this should also be shining).
    3. Reading the notes should have given you a hint as to how to proceed during the puzzle. There are actually 2 sections to this: In the first one, you must press the correct combination of buttons, to send energy without “overlapping” to all the 5 crystals to the right. The right combination (from top to bottom) is 1-2-5.
    4. The second part of the puzzle wants you to place certain symbols on a magic circle. Whenever you press the confirm button (Enter is the default), you get the option to place 1 of 3 symbols. Below is how the magic circle should look at the end.

  1. No matter which path you picked, if you complete the quest successfully, you’ll get an item as a reward. The item “Phantom Prison” unlocks a mini-challenge area to earn a new summon. Sadly for you, you don’t get any reputation for this quest (seeing how it remains a private conversation between you and the Archmagus).
  2. When you decide to use the Phantom Prison, you’ll be teleported in a new area (exiting will take you back where you were when you used the item). There are 3 challenges to overcome to earn yourself a new summon:
    1. In the first room, you’ll see a set of 3×3 tiles on the left and on the right (the ones on the right are surrounded by levers). On the north end of the room, there is a stone door. Interacting with it will give you a clue: “Nothing can stand the passing of time. As the sun rises and falls, even mighty mountains crumble into dust.”
    2. You might notice that the tiles on the left have the sun tiles placed in the bottom left, center and top right, signalling the rise, so the objective is to place the sun tiles in a specular position (so top left, center, bottom right).
    3. One of the many solutions is to pull the right lever in the top row, then the middle one in the left column, and finally the left lever in the top row. The door to the north will open, and you will be able to move forward.
    4. The second puzzle is simple. The hint is found on a column right in front of the entrance: “The past is but a shadow. If you want to retrace its steps, you’ll need the light of knowledge to see it.”. You should also be able to notice a shadow moving around, repeating the same steps over and over.
    5. The shadow is only visible when it’s hit by the lights, but thankfully there are 3 levers you can use to illuminate various parts of the room. Simply check the shadow’s path carefully, and then follow it to the only correct exit of the room (if you don’t take the exact same path, you won’t be able to use the exit, even if it’s the right one).
    6. The last room features 3 bright doors, and 4 braziers (sitting at each side of the doors). The first two braziers are lit. On the wall, you’ll find the usual hint: “From the ashes of times, a new world will be born. Let the embers of such a fire guide you, follow their light.”
    7. This is kind of a trick hint. The solution is quite simple, once you divine it out: just light all the braziers. A magic circle will appear on the floor. Interacting with it will grant you the opportunity to meet Sarafan, your new summon! You’ll be teleported back to where you were, once you acquire him. He is non-elemental, and should provide some good firepower for you guys.

No Town for Old Men

After successfully completing “Spilled Milk”, visit the shop in Tarisa (it’s open only during daytime).

  1. Entering the shop will trigger a cutscene. Someone who sounds suspiciously familiar is causing havok near the docks, to the northern part of town.
  2. Check the place during the day to find out who’s behind the disturbance. Obviously it’s (the great) Belthazar, on another one of his adventures.
  3. He won’t calm down until he checks out if the smuggling ring he worries about operates in town, so it’s time to ask some questions to the townsfolk and see what you can find.
  4. There are 3 people you must talk to: the fisherman near the docks (he has a stand right next to the road), the shop owner, and a guy who lives in the house with the rooftop stairs to the south-west.
  5. Once you have gathered no evidence whatsoever of a smuggling ring, Belthazar is about to give up when a chilling scream is heard. You rush to the place (a supposedly abandoned house), and chase after the reinvigorated Belthazar.
  6. Entering the house, you’ll find two goblins in a struggle with a third one (a female, and the source of the scream). Belthazar will once more show how useful he is, by knocking himself out, after being surprised by the revelation and tripping over a rug.
  7. You have two ways to handle the situation. You can fight the goblins (just getting close will trigger the combat) or you can avoid the fight by using a spell.
    1. The fight is against two goblins, and should be easy. Still, this is the only way to fail the quest, so try to be on your toes, or at least save before the fight. If you fail, the goblin girl will be taken away. The combat will earn you an extra 200 G, and the goblins will run away.
    2. You can use the “Push” spell to have the chandelier drop on the unsuspecting goblins. You can’t use the spell directly on the lever in the north-west corner (the spell can’t manipulate things so precisely), but there is a conveniently placed painting above it you can knock over to push down the lever. The goblins will run away, terrified.
  8. The female goblin will thank you profusely (and rightfully bullies Belthazar when he tries to get some recognition for his “contribution”) as a result of your rescue. She will also stay in town to “study humans” (she likes the culture) and wouldn’t mind getting in the sack with you if you are so inclined. Belthazar escapes before you can properly lecture him, so you’ll have to wait until next time to scold him.

The Weak Link

You must talk to the Emperor in Chapter 3 or later AND you must talk to Gaspar in the slums (the order doesn’t matter, but you must talk to both).

  1. Talking to the Emperor you learn that he is concerned with a smuggling ring in Caliross, specifically one that seems to be moving large quantities of mana crystals. He asks you to keep an eye open in case you hear anything about it.
  2. If you walk in the slums at night (assuming you meet the prerequisites), you’ll see a cutscene involving Gaspar and an unknown man, which will start the quest proper.
  3. You learn that they have moved the mana crystals elsewhere, and that Gaspar’s group was somehow involved.
  4. Rather than confront the man or follow him, you decide that it’s better to target Gaspar, as he seems much easier to handle. You can either be forceful or try to leverage Gaspar’s weakness toward dominant women (if you do that, you’ll have a sex scene with Gaspar when the quest nears its end).
  5. No matter the approach you pick, Gaspar caves in and takes you to the warehouse that used to store the mana crystals. Here, you must find some evidence to bring back to the Emperor. Inspecting the area, you’ll notice a message on the wall (mentioning some keys being lost, and the fact that they open the office and the file cabinet) and a couple of closed doors. One leads to the supervisor’s office, the other is a metal door without any obvious way to open it, which mentions requiring the supervisor’s authorization to open the door.
  6. First, you must open the metal door separating the area you are in from the eastern section. There are two possible ways to do this:
    1. Inspect the plant near the south-west corner. It seems a bit out of place, and the protagonist comments on it as well. Inspecting it a second time gives you the option to move it, and doing so will reveal a mouse hole. Just use your powers to enter the office this way, and pull the lever to open the metal door. The office’s door can be unlocked from this side, so you don’t have to walk back through the mouse hole to leave.
    2. You can use Detect Magic, and notice a spark of magic travelling from the lever in the office to the door (indicating that the door is magically locked). There is another, bigger spark on the path between the lever and the door (if you inspect the wall after using Detect Magic, Erica will assume there is some sort of damage to the magic circuit). Using your lightning spell on the spot will open the door, bypassing the need to enter the office for now.
  7. You can finally enter the eastern area. There are 3 things you must do here. First, you’ll notice another message on the wall (near a non-functional lever). Apparently, the conveyor belt is broken, and the message explains you must shut down all the valves to unlock the maintenance passage. There are 3 valves in total, and should all be easy to find (one is hidden by the conveyor belt, but the tubes should make it easy to locate anyway). This will allow you to walk past the crates on the conveyor belt. For all your efforts, you’ll get… An empty envelope! Still, this is an important clue.
  8. The next step is finding the lost keys mentioned in the notice on the wall. There is a small table to the east of the conveyor belt platform, the keys are underneath it. Now you can open the office (if you didn’t do it already), and most importantly, the cabinet inside. But first, we need to take care of one last thing.
  9. You need to try and find where the hidden stashes of mana crystals were. Once again, we can use Detect Magic to solve this. Go to the south-east corner, where the barrels are, and cast Detect Magic. You should see 5 spots come to life. If you find all the spots, you’ll get a short fade-to-black cutscene, and the protagonist will gather some of the dust from the crystals.
  10. Finally, go to the office, and open the file cabinet. You’ll find seemingly regular documents, but it seems like an address is repeated quite often in the shipment notes. You’ll take one with you, ending your job in the warehouse.
  11. You meet with Gaspar once again, before leaving the place. If you did use seduction rather than fear, you now get to dominate Gaspar, otherwise, you separate normally.
  12. Now, you can return to the Emperor, to conclude the quest. For your troubles, you’ll earn 1000G, and you’ll improve your relationship with the Emperor by 1 point.

Trial By Fire

Chapter 4 or later. From the ledger in the Adventurers Guild. Earns you +1 or +2 adventurers guild reputation (depending on whether or not you find the hidden monster).

  1. The quest involves clearing a dormant volcano from monsters which seem to spawn inside periodically (the guild manager will tell you about it when you look at the quest in the ledger). After accepting the quest, you’ll have to travel to said volcano (on the overworld map, the entrance is on the western side of the continent, east-south-east from Rahib, the volcano is big, and should be easily visible). All the monsters in the quest are fire-related, so knowing Ice Shot is recommended before trying (ice spells do the most damage, followed by water spells).
  2. The first map contains a small cabin, the observation station you are supposed to report to before venturing inside the volcano. You’ll need to talk to the man inside, otherwise you won’t be able to progress deeper where the monsters are. You can also ask him questions, if you want more info on the situation.
  3. The first map also contains a couple of secrets:
    1. To the east of the cabin (right next to a sign) there is a dried bush on the wall. Burning it will reveal a passage behind it, leading to a health amulet fragment.
    2. Near the north-east corner of the map, there is a hole with vines (partially covered by the terrain) you can climb down from, leading into a small cavern with a mana crystal on the floor and another stuck inside the wall (use the push spell to free it).
  4. Now you can enter the first level of the volcano. Progress along the edge toward the north. There is a small gap you can jump to move to the west. Here, you’ll see that the stairs are unusable, and you’ll need to find another way down. There is a hole in the wall, you can enter by transforming into a mouse.
  5. The hole is infested by giant spiders! You’ll have to avoid them all as you make your way south to the exit (if a spider catches you, you won’t die, but you’ll have to restart from the beginning). The section is pretty simple, however the easiest path is probably to go south until you are about to reach the first spider that way, turn east to take the middle path, then go east again at the spiderweb (the two spiders guarding the narrow path below will always catch if you don’t go east) then continue straight south through the 3 spiderwebs (as long as you keep moving, you should easily avoid the last spider which comes down from the ceiling and chases you). On the other side, you’ll find a rope ladder on the floor, allowing you to skip this section from now on.
  6. Keep proceeding further down the center, until you find the entrance to the next room. If you didn’t talk to the guy in the observation station, you can’t enter, as the heat is too much to bear without the item he provides. Inside, you’ll find a series of monsters to kill (3 fire slimes encounters, a fire imp and minor fire spirits). The monsters should be fairly easy to find, as this area isn’t huge. There is also a golden nugget near the south-east corner you can sell for money (bugged in versions prior to 0.988a).
  7. If you kill all the enemies here, you can finish the quest already, and get your +1 reputation, but there is a hidden room you can get to for the extra reputation and rewards. The northern wall is different from the others (you can see the red spots dotting the surface), and one area in particular (marked by a recess in the wall you can also examine, and by certain markings on the floor hinting at a previous lava spill) can be opened up by the Push spell, revealing a passage further down below. If you break the wall, you can’t complete the quest anymore until you deal with what’s next, so stay away from it if you just want the quick solution.
  8. If you break the wall and go downstairs, you’ll find a big Fire Ogre “chilling” in the room, with lava pouring everywhere. The room contains only the Ogre, and you can approach him whenever you want for the final fight.
  9. Whenever you are done fighting, you’ll have to go back to the observation station, to return the item you borrowed, and report you have completed the quest. You’ll earn 800 G and +1 reputation in the guild if you didn’t discover and kill the Ogre, while if you did you’ll get an additional +1 guild reputation, 1 Hi-Potion, 1 Magic Water and 1 Stimulant.

What The Eye Doesn’t See

Chapter 2 or later. From the ledger in the Adventurers Guild. Earns you +1 adventurers guild reputation on completion.

  1. After you pick up the quest from the ledger, the manager will give you a few more details (although even he doesn’t know much). He vouches for the woman, however. If you accept, your next stop is the inn in Solina.
  2. In the foyer (during the day), you’ll have to find an elf girl with green hair and light blue clothes (she is sitting alone at one of the tables with an exclamation mark balloon over her head, so it should be easy to find her).
  3. She’ll tell you that she got involved in a rather sexy recording with two men using a magical eye, and she’d like you to delete it in any way possible, since they are planning on making copies for sale. If you have the bimbo trait, you’ll have different reactions throughout the quest, and this will unlock an extra choice on how to solve the quest (see below).
  4. Now, it’s time to visit the guys. They are staying in the house across the road from the jail (it’s the house in the south-east corner of the map where the inn is). They aren’t willing to let go of something that they think will earn them a profit, but perhaps if another girl were to show up…
    1. If you have the bimbo trait, you can volunteer. You get involved into a full day of hot sex, and walk out of there very satisfied (but you forget the eye in the heat of the moment). Simply visit again the next day, to get another sex scene, and finally confirming they deleted the recording. You get +1 to your slut reputation for letting your recording circulate.
    2. If you refuse (or cannot) “work” as a model, then your alternative is to sneakily delete the recording yourself. Inspecting the back of the house, you’ll find a ladder. Climb it, then examine the small window looking into the small shack attached to the house.
    3. Inside, you can peek at the magical eye, but sadly it’s out of reach! Anyway, a mini-game of sorts start, and you can examine and/or interact with various items in order to clear a path for you to push the eye closer to the window so you can retrieve it.
      1. Examine the eye sitting on the pillow first.
      2. Use push on the open crate to close it.
      3. Now push the eye (since you closed the crate, it can now move near to where you are).
      4. Examine the box of fishing rods and other tools. You can now fish out the pillow with the eye, and complete your mission.
  5. All that is left is go back to Eleanor, inform her of your success, and collect your reward (500 G). Both solutions earn you the same amount of money and guild rep.

Here Comes A New Challenger

Chapter 2 or later. From the librarian in the mage guild. Earns you +1 mage guild reputation on completion.

  1. Visit the library downstairs in the mage guild, and talk to the girl manning the desk (she should have an exclamation mark balloon over her head).
  2. She explains that she and the fire mage next door were tasked with preparing a possible test for newcomers, and now they are looking for people to try out their challenge room.
  3. If you agree to help, she’ll set up a teleportation ring on the floor of the library, so you can easily come and go whenever you want.
  4. The room contains 3 tests. They also contain 3 identical (and completely unhelpful) hints for each puzzle.
    1. The first one to the left involves pushing two black spheres to the other end of a corridor, but there is an implicit rule. If you check the floor in front of the test area, you can see a set of tiles repeating in a pattern. You can only push the spheres according to that pattern, otherwise the puzzle resets.
    2. One possible solution is: Left Sphere up, then Right Sphere up twice and one left, Left Sphere up twice, Right sphere up once, Left Sphere right once. Now both spheres can be pushed up one final time (doesn’t matter in what order) to solve the puzzle.
    3. On the right of the room, there is a puzzle with levers. Pulling them makes nothing happen, though, as you first need to use your lightning spell on the mana engine to get it started (the engine is next to the levers, to the right).
    4. Next, you can use the levers, and you must create a path from the engine to the column at the end without breaks in the circuit. Pulling the levers rotates parts of the tiles right above them, forming a path.
    5. The solution from the starting position is: pull the left lever twice, pull the central lever once, pull the right lever thrice.
    6. The final puzzle is to the back of the room. A series of fireplaces are lined up in the wall, and at the center there seems to be a chimney coming from the floor. Once again, there are tiles on the floor as well, providing a hint on what to do. The objective is to light the correct fireplaces so that the “scores” for the left and right chimney are equal 5 (which is the number of tiles in front of the chimney). The number of tiles in front of the fireplaces indicates what their score is.
    7. From the left, light the first, third, fourth and fifth fireplaces.
  5. Once you are finished with all the puzzles, you should get a confirmation from Erica herself. Now, as soon as you teleport back to the library, a cutscene will play out to wrap things up. You’ll earn 400 G and +1 to your mage rep.

Grave Robbery – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Chapter 4 or later. The quest“A Lidless Eye” must be failed, or finished for either the League of Merchants or the vampires. You must also be in a relationship with Beatrix and gotten her pendant, as well as having met the other vampires and heard them discuss the fate of the Eye.

  1. You’ll get a summoning in the middle of the night. Apparently, the vampires can’t figure out a way to use the Eye of Erial in the way they want: shield them from the sun and allow them to walk freely during the day.
  2. They know a vampire who has been researching this topic for a long while, however he has been missing for quite a while, and his last hideout is a crypt guarded by holy guards, which gets sealed at night. They want you to infiltrate the place, find the secret entrance, and find his research.
  3. The crypt then becomes accessible on the world map (south-east from Zanark, right next to the city, in fact). It’s locked at night, but you can enter during the day. Your goal is to hide yourself and wait for nighttime to sneak deeper into the chambers.
  4. Wouldn’t you know it, there is a nice alcove on the west side which could work as a hiding spot. Sadly, there are too many people around, and some have line of sight with the alcove. Maybe we should talk to them, and see if we can find a way to lure them away!
  5. Talk to the woman south-south-east from the alcove. Apparently she visits semi-regularly, bringing flowers to the tombs of some distant relatives. She mentions that another tomb is in the eastern wing, and she already brought flowers there.
  6. Go to the eastern side. You’ll easily identify the tomb she was speaking of. Interact with, in order to move the flowers on the floor, and then go back to the lady to let her know someone tossed her flowers away.
  7. She’ll be rightfully mad, and go on the other side to fix this, leaving you free to hide in the alcove.
  8. Now it’s nighttime, no visitors, but the guards are still around, and some of them will patrol the area. Before making your way north, however, it would do you good to check out the other alcove in the eastern wing. The guard there is now gone, but he left his keys behind. These will come in handy later, so pick them up.
  9. Now go north, making sure to avoid interacting with the guards or standing in their line of sight under a light. You must make your way to the north-east, and open the locked door with the keys you found.
  10. The tomb you are looking for is in this room, specifically it’s the one in the lower-right corner. Interacting with it will unveil stairs to the secret room.
  11. Sadly, the doors to the vampire’s lair are locked. First, you’ll need to push one of the 4 statues, to restore their symmetry. Then, you’ll need to offer a few drops of blood using the dagger which has appeared now that the statues are in their place (the dagger itself was mentioned by Beatrix before).
  12. You are still not done yet! Nobody has visited in so long, that roots have grown around the doors, preventing them from opening. Nothing that some fire can’t fix.
  13. FINALLY you can enter the room. To your surprise, the vampire owner is very much still alive! He offers you the bare minimum of hospitality, and hears your request. He agrees to go meet the other vampires, but lets you know he doesn’t think they’ll get what they want.
  14. Whatever the case, you go back to Beatrix right away, having completed your mission. She is happy to hear the news, which makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.
  15. For your reward, you’ll have to wait until Beatrix calls you to her after a night of sleep. Meeting her at the pub will trigger the last scene for her path, and you also get a pair of “Shadow Gloves”, giving you a 30% resistance to dark spells, and access to the “Blackhole” spell.

Nowhere To Run – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

This quest becomes available after you complete “Quest For Glory”. Earns you +3 adventurers guild reputation on completion.

  1. To start the quest, simply enter the adventurers guild after at least 1 day has passed since you finished “Quest For Glory”. A cutscene should trigger immediately (note that you CAN’T refuse the quest, so avoid the guild, if you want to delay it).
  2. Lanessa will greet you, explain how she wanted to work with you, Kevin and Samantha, and how she stumbled upon just the right quest, capturing a bandit who has been eluding his pursuers for a long time.
  3. After the cutscene, you’ll be transported to the entrance of the bandits’ hideout. Lanessa gives you some more details about how your target operates (he is generally cautious, and willing to use traps of all kinds), and then asks for one of you to act as a scout.
  4. Samantha is picked, and you’ll play as her in the next section. The objective is to climb the cliffs surrounding the hideout, and looking around from 3 spots Lanessa pointed out (they’ll be shining, so it should be easy to find them).
    1. Go East, then south, following the cliff. You’ll find a small body of water. Samantha can jump gaps that wide, but a barrel is in the way. Interact with it to get a short QTE (just tap the action key repeatedly to move it out of the way). Then jump past the water, the first observation point is just a few steps to the south.
    2. Keep going south. If you try to follow the cliff normally, you’ll end up finding a gap that is too wide even for Samantha to jump, once you start going west. Instead, you need to go to the south-east corner, and climb down the vines, before going west. You’ll eventually find a path back up the cliff, the next spot is a few steps to the east.
    3. For the final spot, you must go west, then north. You’ll come up to another cliff. There is no obvious path, but Samantha will let you know that she thinks she can climb up this one. There is in fact a path you can climb (marked by a slightly different tile with rocks jutting out). Interact with the only one you can reach from the ground, and then move Samantha on the path to the top (if you take a wrong step, she’ll fall down, and you’ll have to restart). Once you are on top, go further north, and then east, to find the last spot.
      • Once you have checked the three spots, this section is automatically over, but you also get an optional sexy scene, if you let Samantha peep on the bandit boss and his busty redhead mage. Nothing changes about the gameplay, whether you do this or not.
  5. Samantha reports what she has seen (no guards outside, some strange magic orbs are floating around, and the boss is on the top floor of the central building). Lanessa identifies the orbs as magical tools to detect magic signatures. Since she is too powerful and is afraid she’d trigger them even at a distance, she asks Erica to step up for this one.
  6. There are 3 orbs you have to destroy, and they should all be easy to find. You must destroy them with ‘Push’ from a distance (if you step too close, Erica will warn you and automatically take a step back). One orb is on the rooftop of the house to the west, one is further south and east, on top of a small wooden tower and the last one is right next to the largest building in the middle (on its west side). Once you are finished, report back to Lanessa.
      • Note: If you are low on MP, you can go talk to Kevin. Like in the previous quest, he can replenish your mana reserves, no problems.
  7. As Lanessa puts it, now it’s her time to shine! She does a preliminary sweep of the area, since she is the strongest of the group, and is effectively in no danger, even if she were to get caught. The central tower is locked, and she’d like to keep the surprise on the boss, so she suggests looking for a way to unlock the gate. There are a couple of bandits in the nearby house, which she would like to take care of, but they are too close to each other, and she would like to split them, to make it easier to take them down. Seeing how Kevin and Samantha aren’t good at improvising, The group will split in two, with Erica and Lanessa tackling the guards, while Samantha and Kevin take a second look through the shack (Lanessa made sure there were no enemies, but she didn’t scavenge it for useful items).
  8. Once again, Erica has to come up with a distraction. Use “Hand of Fire” on the cauldron, and this should do the trick (you get a hint when you first spy on the bandits about this). As soon as the two split, Lanessa sneaks in, and takes them out without much of a problem. Now, you can search the house. Make sure to search the guys Lanessa knocked out, to find a mysterious note, which reads: “Don’t interrupt us unless there is an emergency. 1485tc”, and on the table, you’ll find a puzzle box. What could possibly be inside…?
  9. Meanwhile, you are back to controlling Samantha, as Kevin takes charge of making sure everything useful is pilfered from the shack. To advance you must interact with the following items in the shack: The pile of scrolls and the rope on the table, as well as the barrel blocking a chest in the corner.
  10. Kevin will chastise you on the importance of ropes (forcing you to take it), praise you for locating the scrolls, and help you move the barrel out of the way (this one isn’t empty like the one you moved before, so you need his help).
  11. The chest is locked, but Kevin has come prepared (as always) and given the events from the last quest, he also brought lockpicking tools this time. You’ll play as him trying to open the chest (you can give up at any time, and then you can either talk to Kevin again or interact with the chest, if you want to try again). The correct sequence to open the lock is: UP, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN. Inside, you’ll find a weird item, but you can’t identify yet. Talk to Kevin again, and he’ll declare the shack ransacked for good. Time to reunite the party!
  12. The weird item found by Kevin and Samantha seems to be the missing piece of the puzzlebox, now you should be able to open it. Interact with it again, to mount the missing piece. It will highlight 6 tiles (thanks to a set of glasses), and now you can rotate each row of tiles. You must make sure that all the numbers and letters mentioned in the note (1485tc) fall under one of the glasses. There are two possible solutions, but essentially, just make sure the tiles are arranged as such:
  13. 4BA1
  14. AC1B
  15. HV8K
  16. 859T (or 9T85)
  17. And you’ll get the puzzlebox open. Wouldn’t you know it, the key to the main building is hidden inside!
  18. Lanessa says you must be ready, since there is no going back after this. If you want to, you can explore around a bit more as either Erica or Samantha. With Erica, you can go find the pile of scrolls Samantha and Kevin found in the shack (you’ll find one magic scroll of courage you can use in the final confrontation, if you do so). If you switch to Samantha, you can find a small metal sphere to show Kevin if you search the small wooden tower outside (again, to gain something extra to use in the final confrontation), while you can get another sexy scene if you check the bedstand (Erica will realize it’s full of dildos, so she won’t look deeper into it), and interact with the statuine there.
  19. Whenever you are finished, you can talk to Lanessa (as Erica) to advance the quest. You’ll rush to the top floor of the main building, and confront Mustafà. The bad guys severely underestimate Lanessa, but they barely manage to hold on to a stalemate while the fire of the trap she accidentally triggered causes a wall of fire to separate you from Lanessa and the bandits. Afraid they might just manage to escape if things keep going, your group decides to intervene and help Lanessa, even if they are not as strong. At this point, there are multiple ways to achieve a victory:
    1. Cast “Detect Magic” with Erica, Cast “Hand of Fire” on the fires (from the traps), then switch to Kevin, use the rope on the barrel, and finally have Samantha jump on the mage.
    2. Alternatively, if you have the scroll of courage, you can use that after lowering the flame only once (either by using “Hand of Fire” or by using the rope on the barrel, instead of both) and you don’t even need to cast “Detect Magic” to find the remaining hidden traps.
    3. If you have the metal spheres (which Kevin identified as slingshot ammo, if you brought them to him), you can instead distract the mage by throwing the slingshot ammo at her as Kevin and using “Hand of Fire” on her as Erica (doesn’t matter the order, but you must do both).
    4. This quest actually can’t be failed, so if you want to explore the various things you can do, feel free to do so (you should get at least a few funny remarks from the party, depending on what you are trying to do).
  20. This completes the quest. For your efforts, you’ll earn 5000 G and +3 to your adventurers guild reputation. Lanessa also tells you to get ready, because once she is free, she wants to celebrate your success with a proper party.

A Day In Court

This quest becomes available after you successfully complete “Party Hard”.

  1. To start the quest, Talk to Keiko after the party. She’ll mention that as the local countess, one of your duties is also to act as a judge for minor crimes and disputes in Golden Leaf. Talk to her again, and a new option should appear in her dialogue “Set things up for judge duty”, which you can pick whenever you want to continue on with the quest.
  2. You’ll be moved to the local temple (arranged to work as a court) and Keiko will be there to assist you through the procedure. Talk to her if you want a reminder of the rules, or if you want to start the hearing for a new case.
  3. The first case is a dispute between local farmers. One is accusing the other of trespassing on their property. After you hear the testimony, you can ask Keiko about any laws pertaining to the case, any evidence the guards found. This will change based on who’s your captain, with Ariel being the best one (check the quest “Turning A New Leaf” to learn about how to pick the captain).
  4. No matter what the guards found, you can still solve this mystery successfully, but you get better hints from the more reliable captains.
    1. You can decide to pronounce a verdict right away, but this would be the wrong way to solve this case. You should instead pick “There is something off here.” to think more about the matter and ask questions to the witnesses. The right choices to pick are:
    2. “He saw the intruder’s back first.” > “He was leaving without stealing anything.” > “He said the light of the barn was out.” > “But you stay away from Spencer’s farm.”
    3. If you pick a wrong choice twice, you let it go, and you can’t solve the mystery anymore (but your previous mistakes are reset after you pick “He was leaving without stealing anything.” effectively giving you a “free” wrong question per witness).
    4. If you picked the right line of questioning, one of the farmer confesses that he and the daughter of the other farmer are in love, and that’s why he was sneaking onto his property.
    5. Resolving this part successfully will improve the opinion of the townsfolk toward you.
  5. The second case is about deciding whether or not one of the citizens (Skylar) is operating as a prostitute illegally, and if she is damaging the “public decorum”.
    1. This is the first person that will ask to have a private hearing with you first, claiming that she has some sensitive topics to discuss.
    2. She will tell you that she does sleep around, but doesn’t do it for money (although she does accept gifts). She kind of admits to being more or less a nymphomaniac, and even comes unto you. You can accept and let her eat you out, or refuse her firmly.
    3. No matter what you choose, you’ll go back to court, she will give her testimony, and once again, you can ask more questions to Keiko and pronounce your decision.
    4. Technically, there isn’t really a right or wrong decision (things are ambiguous enough), but depending on what you have done with Skylar before, there will be various outcomes.
      1. If you pick “She is guilty. Fine her.” Skylar won’t take it kindly. On top of that, if you accepted to have sex with her, she’ll admit to it on the spot, giving you a +3 to your slut reputation.
      2. If you pick “She isn’t guilty. Admonish her.” You’ll give her a sermon about morality. Of course, if you slept with her, it will fall on deaf ears, but honestly she isn’t very receptive even if you kept your honesty intact.
      3. If you pick “She is innocent.” Skylar is overjoyed. If you also slept with her, you’ll remember how she mentioned visiting you afterward.
  6. The third and final case involves a dispute concerning the property of a piece of land in Golden Leaf. Both parties have seemingly authentic documents, and now that there is a significant financial value, you have the right as the local countess to adjudicate this matter. There are many interests around this land, however, and if the League of Merchants or the Zanti family have invested in the town, they might voice their desires (as well as Eliza, if you are under her thumb).
    1. The Zanti family only moves if you are a cowgirl as well, and you’ll get a visit from one of the cow/maids living with you in the mansion. You get your directions and a bit of “cow play” if this happens.
    2. The League of Merchants might send Kira or a letter, depending on whether she is involved with you or not. If Kira shows up, she doesn’t push too hard for their side to be picked, but if you are in a relationship, she’ll also give you a massage.
    3. If Eliza is in charge, her path takes priority over the other two. She fucks both your mind and body, and she tells you what option she prefers, and so which one you’ll pick.
    4. Regardless, you can finally do your job in court, hear the arguments, question Keiko for more, and then make your decision. Eliza will force you to pick the new document while the Zanti family will force you to pick the old one. The League of Merchant doesn’t really force you, but they prefer the new one. Then, you can decide if the party you didn’t recognize as the owners should be compensated. You should pick a 15% or 25% of the profits as compensation for the other party, as those are the closest to fair.
    5. Keiko will mention the compensation when she gives you her “review” at the end. She will discuss a bunch of things, celebrate with you if she is also a cowgirl and you helped the Zanti family (same deal if you are both under Eliza’s influence), will underline the general effects of your actions and if they impressed the townsfolk or not. Generally speaking, this quest should affect some elements for Golden Leaf’s final quest (Not in the game yet as of version 0.998).

Rendez-vous With Fate

This quest becomes available after you reach chapter 5 and have successfully completed “The Weak Link”.

  1. The quest can be started by talking to the emperor (if other conversations are queued up, just talk to him again until he brings up the topic). He’ll mention the need to investigate for a second time a warehouse in Rahib and also to talk to the director of the Central Bank in Tarkas (the dialogue also briefly acknowledges your relationship with the Emperor, if you are his favourite).
  2. The first step is to go to Tarkas to investigate the warehouse. At the docks, you should find a gray building with a flat roof (you can even climb the roof with a ladder for a potion, if you haven’t picked it up before. The emperor gave you the key, so you can enter.
  3. The room is dark, so you should first turn on the lights: go east in the small, empty office. You should have a switch on the wall.
  4. Now it’s time to explore the rest: there is a hidden crate containing 400 G (check the platform in the north-west corner, behind a wooden pole). A handful of items on this floor are interactive, but none of the descriptions are really useful. Instead move toward the north-east corner: of the wooden beams jutting out from the wall, one is different from the others. Not only it has some rope tied around it, but (if you turned on the lights previously) you should be able to see something right below it. The beam is actually a lever, and you can move it by using “Push” on it to reveal a secret passage.
  5. Going through the secret passage reveals another floor underground. This place has been picked clean as well like the floor above, but there is something to be found here. On the table you can find a box of matches (a hint) and in the south-east corner, you should be able to see something on the floor below one of the green baskets. Interacting with the basket allows you to move it out of the way, to reveal a magic circle. There is also another subtle hint with the floor being darkened in the same way near the stove and this corner, but essentially you must cast “Hand Of Fire” on the magic circle to activate it. You’ll get a mysterious buff, concluding your search of the warehouse. Time to go to Tarkas.
  6. Enter the bank during the day (it’s a building in the same general area as the Bazaar). The director’s office is to the east. He’ll explain why he is being a bit uncooperative, and enlists your help with an unrelated matter in exchange for his help. You have to find a magic item he lost upstairs. Talk to the guards to be allowed on the second floor.
  7. Use detect magic in the room in the north-east corner. One of the cabinets should give you a reaction. You can then either turn into a mouse or use “Push” on the cabinet, to collect the magic ring.
  8. Go back to the director, so that he can reveal a new area in the overworld map. The new place is found to the north (and slightly to the east) of Tarkas, on a mountain (there should be a cabin visible on the mountain now). You’ll get a cutscene, and unveil a secret passage thanks to the “buff” you got from the magic circle in Rahib. You’ll see some suspicious people, and determine that you have to follow them now, or else you might lose track of them completely. Climb inside the closest cart, then interact with the open box at the end, to trigger another cutscene, and get transported to the hideout of the bad guys.
  9. You are now inside a cave. If you inspect an opening in the wall to the north, you can learn that you are probably near the sea. More guards are unloading items, and the only exit you have is to the west. If you have to, you can replenish your mana here (you should be able to find a mana pool in the second room). If you keep going west, you’ll find more guards blocking your way, so instead of traversing the bridge, you should use “Push” on the caved-in passage right before it, to clear the debris and allow you to enter the third room. Entering will give you a small historical tidbit from Erica. There are several points of interest inside:
    1. On the wall, you can see a painting. Take note of the totems and the directions they are looking toward, as well as the colored spheres.
    2. There is a blue crystal (you can pick a piece of it by interacting with it).
    3. There is a totem like the ones you can see in the painting (this also is a bit of a hint: the totem looks in the same direction as the one in the painting, while also pointing you toward the associated crystals, like all the other totems).
    4. There is a pool of water, with bubbling on the surface. You can swim in it as a fish, and the bubbling is the entrance to a series of underwater shortcuts (I call them shortcuts, but they are the only way to reach certain areas).
  10. Jump in the water pool, and exit through the first passage you meet going west (the exits are marked by sparkles). You’ll find yourself in the fifth room. Transform back into your regular form, and you should see another crystal and its related totem in a different room (make sure to pick up the crystal). A door prevents you from leaving this area, if you go north-west. Instead, notice an opening in the fifth room, and transform into a mouse to exit from a similar opening in the fourth room. You can pick a key and dispel herbs (on the table) and a full-potion (from the chest) as well as examine a bizarre, reddish mana crystal on the table.
  11. Get back to the fifth room, but before advancing, re-enter the water passage and leave from the final exit to the west. You’ll find another totem and a yellow crystal in a different map. Collect the crystal, head back and finally unlock the door to advance.
  12. You are now in the same area as the yellow crystal, but you can access the rest of the cave. Pass on the bridge to trigger a cutscene. Apparently our enemies are having some troubles as well. They blabber too much, allowing you to learn that something important to their plan is happening up ahead. After the cutscene ends, you can once again replenish your mana with another mana pool, if you want (recommended), and if you check the south-west area, you can find the last crystal to collect and the last “hint totem”. Finally, you can go north.
  13. You’ll find the same area shown in the picture (although some time has passed, and there are a few changes). There is a new door (locked) in the north-west corner, but we don’t need that, since we know there is a different passage to enter the next room, thanks to the painting. Each totem here can be rotated. Arrange them so that they look (from left to right): DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP. Since you should have all the crystals already, you should be able to place them in the four platforms lined up with the wall. Whenever a totem is facing the right direction, and the corresponding crystal is placed down, the crystal will turn into a floating sphere, letting you know you are doing well. Once everything is arranged like in the picture, a passage will open, letting you inside the final chamber. The game gives you the option, so you might want to save, just in case.
  14. Entering the room starts a cutscene. You might recognize the woman from meeting her in Rahib pretty early on in the game, or you might realize she is the same woman who chased you when rescuing Kito, but regardless, she is nuts, and will not spend too many words before attacking you, after she notices your intrusion. The fight is relatively easy, if you know what you are doing. The “secret objective” is to make sure you constantly kill her marionettes. These are tough, but if your summon spams AOE every turn, you should be able to hit them whenever they respawn, and kill the turn after, preventing her getting buffed (if she gets buffed she can use a super move, which can cripple your party pretty easily). You can also gain a bit of an edge by using items which defend against the lightning element, since she uses that.
  15. If you defeat her… Well, you don’t properly defeat her, but you gain enough time for the cavalry to arrive, and thwart their plans. You get rescued, learn more about the rather elaborate plans these dangerous people had, and you get 30000 G as a reward (Note: something else might get added to the future, as I feel the money alone isn’t enough).

Cow Corraling

This quest becomes available after you reach chapter 5 and have successfully completed “Party Hard” While being a cowgirl and having Zanti maids at the mansion.

  1. Talk to Angelica (the blonde maid on the second floor of the mansion). Your Zanti masters have a job for you. You are to prepare a noble girl (Elenoir) to be converted into a cow. She is on vacation in Solina, so that’s where you and Angelica will go after she explains your mission. The dialogue transitions directly into a cutscene in Solina, where you’ll see your target, her maid and her friend. If you are part of the harem, the friend is actually Sariandi, otherwise it’s a more “generic” NPC.
  2. After listening in, Angelica gives you the first orders: find a location that would give her enough privacy with the girl, so she can be hypnotized, while also being a place she could be lured to without raising her suspicions. Several shining spots appear in Solina, and interacting with them will explain Erica’s thoughts about the area. You want to go to the inn, interact with the spot there. You’ll find renting a room to be a great idea and will then report back to Angelica automatically.
  3. Now Angelica tells you’ll have to separate the noble girl from her group, and she’ll pretend to be a maid. You saw the trio go to the beach early, so that’s where you’ll find them to start your approach. Talking to any of them will trigger another cutscene. The quest slightly changes depending on whether Sariandi is there or not.
    1. With Sariandi
    2. Some of the dialogue during the cutscene will reference your status with her and your relationship with the emperor (there are several variations possible, but they don’t affect the gameplay). If you talk to her afterward, Angelica will then notice that Sariandi seems to be quite enjoying her drink, and she believes she can spike it, if you distract the group for a while.
    3. There is an ice statue on the beach, which should work just fine for this purpose. Use both “Push” and “Hand of Fire” on the statue, and our protagonist will realize how to weaken the statue first and then break it apart, providing a window of opportunity for Angelica and putting Sariandi out of commission.
    4. Without Sariandi
    5. The friend seems to be looking for a partner. Talking to her will provide you with a very detailed description of her ideal guy. Time to go playing match-maker! Someone that fits her description perfectly can be found in the Harbor Master office at the docks. Wouldn’t you know it, they are actually soulmates, and they immediately disappear together, removing one obstacle.
  4. Now there is only the maid as an obstacle. She is stubborn, but you can leverage her loyalty against her. In the first dialogue, pick “Help me pick a gift for Elenoir.” then “Angelica will attend to her.”. This will convince her to part with her lady for a while (Note that you can pick the wrong choice once, but more than that will fail the quest). Your maid will GLADLY keep her company while you are shopping. Angelica eventually shows up with Elenoir (while you keep her maid busy), having finished her job. As a reward, you get a scene with Angelica.

One More Song

This quest becomes available after you reach chapter 5 and you must have talked to the mermaid in the second temple.

  1. Outside your Tarkas house, during the day, a new NPC should appear (he should also have an exclamation mark balloon). He is giving away free tickets for a new show at the theater.
  2. After you receive the ticket, you can visit the theater at night whenever you want. Talking to the lady at the desk, you can get seated to watch the play. Something seems off, however: given your past experiences, you recognize the singer’s voice as coming from a mermaid. Curious, you decide to investigate (this is where you get the first questlog’s entry).
  3. Go back to the theater during the day. The actors are rehearsing the play. They won’t allow you to look backstage, but one of them asks you to fetch their dancer for them, since she hasn’t showed up in a while. She lives in the apartment building next to your house, on the top floor (first door to the right). You agree to go, hoping to perhaps get some help to check the backstage.
  4. She is apparently too sick to go, and isn’t very helpful on her own, but perhaps you don’t need her, you just need to LOOK like her. She has used handkerchiefs in her wastebin, and since you can use any fluid from a person to transform into them…
  5. Pick the handkerchief, and go to the magic circle in your house, to transform into her. You’ll be transported to the theater automatically. You learn that something clearly isn’t right with the actors, and then you are let loose on the stage. Speaking to them isn’t required, but you can get a feel for the company and the person you transformed into, if you do so.
  6. Finally you can go backstage, downstairs. As you move further inside, you will get a cutscene, and learn that the mermaid is being kept prisoner by the director. There is only one thing a meddlesome protagonist would do, and that’s free the damsel in distress! You can’t attack him directly (you are afraid of what he might do to the mermaid), but you can push a prop (a fake rock), sitting near the south-west corner of the room, knocking him out and saving the girl (using the “Push” spell won’t work, but should give you the hint you need to manually push it anyway). Pushing the rock is a quick-time event, and requires you to mash your “confirm key” of choice to fill up the bar. Afterward, you can also let her “reward” you, if you want.

The Journey’s End

Can only be started after completing “The Devil Is In The Details”, by using the large magic circle in the basement (version 0.998 or later). This immediately starts chapter 6 together with the quest.

  1. The quest opens with a cutscene as you re-appear in the demon realm. You’ll see a building in the distance, and head toward it. Once you get there, you’ll realize just how big it is… And that the entrance is too high for you to reach. Thankfully, there is a pipe coming out of the wall, which is much more approachable. Transform into a mouse, to enter it.
  2. You’ll reach what seems to be an abandoned lab of some sorts. You can read some notes about what the demons were doing, if you want. Once you are ready, you’ll have find a way out of the lab. The exit was walled off, but you should be able to see some cracks on the western wall, as well as some light on the floor. Use your “Push” spell, to open the way.
  3. The corridor has two directions you can explore, but the southern passage is completely closed off, and you can’t go through. Go north-west, instead. Once again, you’ll find that there is only one way forward: the door to the west is locked, so you can only climb the ladder. Once you reach the next screen, you’ll get a cutscene warning you of how much the structure shakes. You must climb up when things are calm, otherwise you’ll slip downward (no damage, but you’ll lose progress).
  4. When you climb up, you’ll get a small cutscene, with a CG to show what the city looks like. Sadly, you don’t get to explore that area, instead you’ll have to go south. Your way south is blocked, but there is a room to the east, with a de-activated golem inside. Some crates block your way, but thankfully in the room you’ll find some instructions on how to activate the golem (north-west corner of the room). Check the table on the eastern wall, to find a bunch of potions, which you’ll need to use to power up the “control chair”. Go to the panel to the north-east, and you’ll be asked to put the right vial in each slot, each marked with an element. To figure out which vial corresponds to each element, you can get hints by checking the potions in your key items. Anyway, the correct sequence is: Fire > Blue potion; Water > Green potion; Earth > Yellow potion; Air > Red potion. You can now use the control chair, and clear the way with the golem (there is also a lever to open the previously closed passage in the corridor, making it easier to backtrack, if you want to). Continue south.
  5. The corridor splits in two. The western way is closed (but you can admire a large Hanatora’s statue), while to the east you can proceed forward. If you want to, you can turn into a mouse to enter the area locked behind bars. If you do, you’ll get a hint for the upcoming puzzle, on one of the walls. In the eastern tower, you’ll find the familiar pillars used for short-range teleportation. Go to the inner, u-shaped room, then teleport to the top-left room, and interact with the panel on the wall. Go back to the u-shaped room, and repeat for the top-right room. A brief cutscene will show a teleportation circle activating. Go back to the u-shaped room one last time, then teleport toward the central room, where the teleportation ring is.
  6. You got deeper into the castle, but… Surprise! The guards are expecting you, and you are captured. Lenara escorts you to Hanatora herself, and you’ll get to ask her some questions about their plans for you and your uncle. From this point on, chapter 6 forks in 2 different paths, depending on whether or not you found all the secret Hanatora statues in the last 3 temples (one each).

Statues’ path

  1. Hanatora feels her influence over you is strong, and uses it to “tame” you. It seems to work at first, and Lenara escorts you to a room, so you can rest while they decide what to do with you in more detail. You do eventually shake off the mind control, however, and you can decide what to do.
    1. If you interact with Hanatora’s small statue in the room, you can re-activate the mind control, and get a bad ending.
    2. If you use detect magic in the room, you can find a response on the floor. Investigating the spot reveals a deleted teleportation circle. You can restore it by finding the differences between one you drew as reference (on the left) and the one on the floor (on the right), interacting with the spots on the floor that are “off”. Use the circle to teleport in an empty room next door, and finally escape in the corridor.
    3. You can try to exit the door, but a demon is guarding it, and won’t let you leave just like that. You can however seduce him, bang him in the room, and then freely go in the corridor. This option can lead to a bad end, however, if you try to seduce another demon later on.
  2. There are guards blocking various paths, but you still have some freedom. Check the room to the south, where the demon maids are. You can overhear how one of them threw inside a vase a guard’s pass for entering the prison. This lets you know where to find one, which you’ll need in the next room. Go west, and start looking around for the pass (there are golems around here, but like before, they are perfectly harmless). The pass is in the vase in the south-east room, if you can’t find it. Now you can go all the way west, until a golem blocks your way. If you have the pass, however, you can progress with no interruptions.
  3. You’ll find yourself in an area with various rooms. There isn’t much to do here now, except entering the southern room to pull a lever and opening the door leading deeper into the dungeon, you can however take a look, as you’ll have some puzzles to solve on the way back, so familiarizing yourself with the place can’t hurt.
  4. Finally, you are in the area where your uncle is kept. Once again, there is a guard at the door. There are two ways of dealing with her:
    1. If you try to get too close, Erica will stop and tell you she doesn’t want to get spotted. She also recognizes the guard as one of the demons which escorted you before, and gets the idea that she would be receptive to some seduction. You can indeed do just that, but remember that if you flirted with the other demon before, this leads to a bad end.
    2. You can also turn into a mouse to sneak inside the southern room. Inside, you can find a note (necessary for Erica to understand what she is messing with) and a small chest with some useful items inside. Specifically, there is a sleep scroll you can use to neutralize the guard, but you need to decipher it first. Basically, you need to figure out which of the 8 magic symbols you know are used to make the overlapping symbol in the center. If we number the symbols as 1 through 5 in the first column, and 6 through 10 in the second column, the ones you need to select are 1,3 and 7. Now you can use the spell scroll on the guard, as long as you are in the same room. If you don’t solve the puzzle when you open the chest, you’ll have to use the scroll from the inventory (key items). As long as the puzzle isn’t solved, using the scroll will take you to the puzzle screen.
  5. Reunited! With the guard gone, you can finally rescue your uncle. You get a short cutscene (you can also ask him a few questions about what happened to him) and then off you go. As you walk back, however, you see Lenara chastising the guards for being lax and leaving the door open *cough*, before ordering closed. She didn’t notice you, but now you are locked on the wrong side! Thankfully, a marvelous piece of mediocre demon architecture comes to your rescue. Go to the small room to the north, and you should see a crate. If you look closely, you should barely be able to see something on the wall behind it. Use the Push spell, to reveal a grate. You and your uncle can turn into mice and sneak in there. Once you do so, it should be easy to make your way to the east, and exit the prison. After this point, the two paths reunite, so skip the next section to check out the final part.

“Regular” path

  1. For resisting the temptation of becoming Hanatora’s thrall, you earn an harsher treatment, but an (hopefully) shorter path. The demoness Zarilla will escort you directly to the prison where your uncle is, and will leave you there after making some not-so-veiled threats. You can talk with your uncle a bit, and then work on your escape. Thankfully, he laid some groundwork for you, which you can exploit. The chains you are tied to are weakened, and you can break free after a short QTE (mash enter, but avoid doing it so fast as to attract the guard with your noises).
  2. After you are unchained, it’s time to sneak into the nearby room, there should be a shining spot to guide you to where your uncle is directing you. Interacting with it gives you the option to transform into a mouse, and get past the wall. Now that you are on the other side, you’ll need to come up with a plan to handle the guard. There are various interactive spots around this area, and you can interact with those to learn more about what you have at your disposal. Checking the table tells you about blades, poisons, a towel and a bowl of water. Examining the bucket reveals that it contains an oily substance, and going south will reveal a spot in an empty cell. In the previous room, there is also a yellow shining spot, interacting with this will prompt you with putting together your plan. The correct choices are as follow:
    1. “…In the torture chamber.” (for where to cause the distraction)
    2. “…The bowl of water.” or “…The oily substance.” (for what to use as a distraction)
    3. “…In the empty cell.” (for your hiding place)
    4. “…The paralytic venom.” (for what to attack the guard with)
  3. With your plan ready, it’s time to put it in action. Move to the cell (as far as you can still see the bow or the bucket), then use either Hand of Fire on the oily substance or Push on the bown, depending on what you picked for the plan. A short cutscene of the guard being drawn in by the noise will play, and you subdue her this way.
  4. Reunited! It’s time to leave with your uncle. Sadly, when you go to the other side, Zarilla is relaxing in a room which looks directly on your escape route (when you walk too close to her, you’ll get a small cutscene warning you, as well as giving you some of her thoughts), you’ll need to distract her! During the cutscene, you should have noticed that she has a light turned on. If you were to use detect magic, you could see it’s being powered by a mana engine in the room to the south (this step isn’t required, it’s just there to give you a visual hint as to where to go). Your uncle explains to you how you could possibly sabotage the engine, causing a distraction in the process. The puzzle is rather simple: Just guide your “mana energy” through the channel, while avoiding the energy from the engine, and then hit the core to shut it down. If done correctly, a cutscene will play of a Zarilla angry at maintenance, while you and your uncle sneak past her.

Final Encounter

  1. There isn’t much more left before the end. A cutscene plays of you and your uncle running, but being stopped, and then threatened, by Hanatora. With no hope to fight normally, you transform into a dragon, and try to make your way through this. Hanatora is powerful, but she isn’t really trying to kill you, and in your dragon form you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Hanatora will only use her powerful magic after a turn of charging, so make sure to use your defensive magic “Dark Shield” to negate most of the damage. Use your breath attacks whenever you can, as they do the most damage. If she uses “Inversion”, she is much more likely to use physical attacks, (including her multi-hit “Rampage” skill). You have a counter for this as well (“Dragon Cuirass”), so use that. Also when she uses Inversion her defenses weaken, so physical attacks work a bit better. Heal as needed, guard if your defensive skills are on cooldown, and you should be able to deal enough damage for Hanatora to… Calm down?!
  2. If you dealt enough damage, a new cutscene will start. It’s obvious that you just can’t win in a fair fight, but as Hanatora mumbles to herself, your uncle has an idea (although he has to hope you are aware enough after the transformation). Thankfully, you are: rather than attacking Hanatora, he tells you to break the window, and jumps on top of you to fly away (you should have heard before this that Hanatora currently cannot leave the castle, in order to feed through the city enough of her energy to keep it running). Enjoy her despair as you escape, and the ending starts rolling. Congratulations, you beat the game!

You can continue playing after the ending, but you can’t go back to the demon realm. There are a few minor differences in the world, such as your uncle staying in your hometown, Alpharius being happy that your uncle is back, but being able to continue is mostly there if you have something unfinished or if you want to see some of the repeatable scenes.

Shapeshifter Temples – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Temple 1 – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Floor 1

  1. Examining one of the statues and the message on the wall (past the first set of doors) gives journal entries.
Puzzle 01: Interacting with the panel, you get a grid of numbers 1 through 9.

A solution: 1-9-5-7-3.

Puzzle 02 (optional): Boulder moving.
  1. Use ‘Push’ on the boulder near the broken bridge to place it on the red button
  2. walk on the other red button. This activates a ladder on Floor 2 with some loot.
Puzzle 03 (optional):

Walk while avoiding the spikes, then pull the lever (to stop the spikes and make it easier to go back). There is a potion inside the small chest past the spikes.

Puzzle 04: You have three levers; 1 2 3.

A solution: Pull the levers in this order: 1-3-2-1-3.

With ‘Mouse Form’ go through the mouse hole in the wall to get the chest (Ritual Gemstone). The mouse hole is in the northern area of the floor, to the west of the chasm. You’ll get this transformation at the end of the temple, so just keep going for now.

Floor 2

On this floor, you’ll have to jump on moving platforms, and sometimes decide the direction if a fork is available. The platforms won’t move when you aren’t on them, so it doesn’t require dexterity, just perception and patience.

Puzzle 01: first platform
  1. Walk on the first platform to activate it and move to the first stop.
    • You can get uncle’s rose thorn (a better weapon compared to your starting one) by jumping at the SECOND stop of the platform (press up when the platform stops the first time, instead of pressing left and taking the second platform). You’ll be able to jump on solid ground by pressing left when the platform stops a second time. There should be a shining spot you can interact with, to retrieve the weapon (and a short message from your uncle).
  2. Once you get to the second platform, you can walk on it to continue on. It will stop near a small area you can land on. If you solved the “boulder puzzle” on the first floor, you’ll find a ladder going to a secret room. The small chest there contains 200 G, and some vague info about another shapeshifter (signed “A.S.”).
  3. Get back on the second platform, to reach yet another stop (you should land here by moving right). This area doesn’t have anything on it, but you can move around to take a look, and see a suspicious chest standing on a small landing, seemingly impossible to reach. Check the next puzzle for more on that.
  4. Get on the third and last platform. Go left on the first stop, then go down on the second stop, to reach your destination.
  5. Continue on the only path, and you’ll find a set of small platforms separated by small gaps. You can jump on the platforms (by pressing ENTER or Z) and make your way through. Note that you can only jump 1 tile gaps. See the puzzle below if you need a hint on how to reach chest you saw before.
Puzzle 02 (optional):
  1. Use ‘Detect Magic’ (see the screenshot below for a good spot) to reveal a secret path that will allow you to jump to the solitary chest you saw before and get the Weird Key.

The rest of the floor is mostly empty. You can get a hint about the chest you found before if you interact with the broken sign on the wall, and you can unlock a teleportation circle next to the stairs for the next floor (you can also replenish your mana here, if you interact with the mana pool).

Floor 3

Puzzle 01: Fire!
  1. Light the torches with hands of fire, then kill the Ifrit with the ‘Fire’ spell. There is a hint for both actions on the wall “sometimes we need to fight fire with fire” is written twice there. Defeating the Ifrit will allow you to get a key, which opens the door further to the south.
Puzzle 02 (optional): Getting to the chest.
  1. Take the wood shield from the wood statue.
  2. Take the brass shield from the brass statue with the wood shield
  3. Then put the brass shield on the door leading to the chest. It contains 1 health amulet fragment.

You can meet a Dryad on this floor, once you open the door to the south. She isn’t a real Dryad, actually, just a creation to help Shapeshifters control their libido and serve as a test of sorts (as you’ll learn if you talk to her). If your inhibitions are 90 or lower, you can have fun with her. If you know the “pocket dimension” spell, you can actually invite her to live with you (you’ll need to prepare a place for her with said spell, afterward).

Floor 4

  1. With Weird Key from Floor 2, walk on tile in front of Erica to get a Chest on Floor 3 (you’ll fall down to the floor below, into a room you can’t normally access). Inside the chest, you’ll find the Magi’s crown. It’s a cursed item (taking the head slot), which raises intelligence by 5, and reduces willpower by 10, on top of its regular combat stats. If you put it on, the only way to remove it is visiting the priest in the “pantheon temple” in Tarkas, and pay him 200 G.

Puzzle 01: There are three levers to pull.

Solution: Teleporters

North path to the teleporter – NE – W – Pull Lever & Teleporter– S – Pull Lever & Teleporter N – Pull Lever & Teleporter – S (red teleporter to exit).

  1. Once you solve the puzzle, go to the altar to get Mouse Form.
  2. Next to the altar, there is a message giving you the quest for the Second Temple.
  3. You can also find a little memento to take back with you (a shapeshifter pendant). It’s just a decoration you can put in your trophy room (if you create one with the pocket dimension spell).
  4. Remember to go back to the first floor to get access to the large chest, now that you can reach it by turning into a mouse.

Temple 2

Floor 1

Puzzle 01:
  1. Go to the right until you find a column with a message on it.
  2. Choose the first button, it will make a platform appear to the north, which you can jump on to cross the water.
  3. Before crossing over, there is a similar column to the left, but it’s just a bit of “atmospheric” writing, and there are no consequences if you ignore it.
Puzzle 02 (optional):
  1. Displace the out-of-place column with ‘Push’ to form a square. The columns are to the north-west of the crossing point, and the one in the south-eash corner is misaligned.
  2. This opens a trapdoor with a rope.
  3. You can find a Drop Charm (good against water magic), 3 mana crystals and you can interact with a secret Hanatora statue, for some mind-control goodness (this will have an impact in the final chapter of the game).
Puzzle 03:
  1. Pull the two levers of this floor. They are to the south-east and south-west, you should have no troubles finding them. Pulling them both will make the water disappear, allowing you to roam freely around, and also to reach the stairs to the floor below.

On this floor, you can find a couple of hints written on walls or columns. One mentions “twins” and refers to the two levers from the previous puzzle. The other hint is for puzzle 1 of the third floor, and should give away which spells to use on certain statues, if you pay attention.

Floor 2

Puzzle 01:
  1. There is an invisible, walkable path on water. The hint is given by the floor and the path drawn on it leading directly to the water.

Puzzle 02 (optional 01): Torch Lighting.
  1. To light or put out a torch, use ‘Hands of Fire’ on it.
  2. Light the torches like in the picture below to open the door to the left and get the Temple Key.
  • Opens the Treasure Room of this floor, where you can find 1 hi-potion, 300 G and a health amulet fragment.

Puzzle 02 (Optional 02): Torch Lighting.
  1. Light the torches as shown in the picture below to make a circle appear.
  2. This gives you a new summon (Zana) after a fight with her.

Puzzle 03:
  1. You must spin the various circles to form the image below. Doing so makes a platform appear, allowing you to cross the last water obstacle.
  2. On the other side, you’ll find a teleport ring you can activate to fast travel in the temple, mana pools to replenish your mana, and a shapeshifter’s medal, which you can take back to your trophy room (if you created one with the pocket dimension spell).

Floor 3

Following the path will take you near a room with a mermaid in it. The Scene with the Mermaid makes time pass and gives -2 WIL and -2 INH. You need 70 willpower to resist (your inhibitions also need to be below 95 or you’ll just be too shy and run away without being able to talk to her). You can talk to her only after you get the scene with her, however.

Like the dryad in the previous temple, she also isn’t a “real” mermaid, but a creation to tempt young shapeshifters. You can learn a bit more about the shapeshifters from her, and you can create a room for her with the pocket dimension spell to take her back home with you (again, like the dryad).

Puzzle 01 (optional):
  1. Use ‘Lightning’ on the upper statue holding a sword, then ‘Hands of Hire’ on the lower statue holding a spear.
  2. This will open a door, and allow you to loot the chest inside. It contains a life fruit, which you can use on any of your summons to have them learn a healing spell of sorts (the spells all differ, depending on which summon gets it).
Puzzle 02:
  1. Solution: Use ‘Push’ on the bells. From left to right; 1-3-2-4. Then, pull the lever.
  2. After you gain ‘Fish Form’ at the end of this temple, you can come back here and pull it again to swim in the water and access a secret room.
  • With the Ritual Gemstone from the large chest in the first temple, you can gain the ‘Ritual Spell’ in this secret room.

Floor 4

Puzzle 1: Spikes
  1. Pull the levers in the following order from left to right: 3-2-1-4-1-2-3
Puzzle 2: Drinking from Fountains.
  1. Drinking from the right fountain will open the last door. The door itself has a riddle written on it, giving you a hint on which fountain to drink from (“the gift of bones”).
  2. If you drink from the wrong fountain, you’ll have to fight various types of slimes. Losing doesn’t give you a game over, but if you any money on you, the slimes will steal 20 G. Winning against all of the slimes will make a chest appear, containing a Health Amulet.
  3. Drink from the fountain of bone whenever you want to enter the last room.
  4. After the last puzzle, read the destroyed message. (Hint and Start of Temple 3 search.)
  5. Interact with the altar to get ‘Fish Form.’
  6. Go back to Floor 3 to check out the secret passage mentioned during the second puzzle there.

Temple 3

You can access the lower floors by being pushed by the wind. Depending on where you are pushed, you can access different levels. At the start, you can either cross the bridge normally or fall down and climb back up the stairs (you’ll reach the other side no matter what). See “Basement 1” for more details in case you fell down or when you eventually visit that floor. Anyway, to progress in the temple, you’ll have to climb to the second floor, and fall from the bridge there (the wind always knocks you down on that part). You’ll fall all the way down to B3.

Basement 1

The giant chest is here. It can be opened with the Temple Key from Basement 2. The chest contains a ‘mirror shield’. It gives you a debuff, but also a 50% chance to reflect magic.

Puzzle 01 (optional): use lightning on the right magical engine on the wall (it’s the one to the right). This will open a path on the floor below (but you can’t access the floor below, unless you fell down to B3 and made your way back up).
Puzzle 02 (optional): pull the two levers while avoiding the tornadoes. This will open the room with the large chest.

Basement 2

  1. You can find the Temple Key on this floor. You need to solve puzzle 01 on B1 first, otherwise the path is closed.
  2. You can also access a Secret Room by using ‘Detect Magic’ on the bridge (you should be able to see the normally invisible path leading to it.
  3. In this room, you get a chest (it contains 8 mana crystals and 2 Magic Water) and a scene with a secret Hanatora statue (if you interact with it). Like the previous statue, you’ll get a brainwashing scene, and if you find all 3 statues, it will affect parts of the final chapter of the game.

Basement 3

There is a book on this floor which gives you the ‘Short-range Teleport’ spell. You’ll find it on a pedestal at the center of the room. The spell is required to complete the temple, as it allows you to teleport to the various magical anchors around the temple (as long as you and the anchor are on a straight line).

Puzzle 01: Ignite the Strawmen with ‘Hand of Fire.’ Remember that you can hold down shift to “dash” even when you cast spells, so it should be easy to move fast enough between the four of them and light them all on fire at the same time.
Puzzle 02: Solution is: blue – yellow – red – green. This opens the path to B2.

Floor 1

Back to the starting floor. You can interact with the angel on this floor, if you haven’t already. Like the other “dungeon girls”, she gives some dialogue/lore and the option to get dirty with her. You need 90 INH or less for the sex scene.

Puzzle 01 (optional):
  1. Use ‘Short-range Teleport’ to pull the lever (the target for the spell is to the left of the bridge). This opens up the locked room in the south-east, which gives you some bits of lore. From the platform, you just need to keep using the spell to move from platform to platform until you are back to the main floor.

Floor 2

You get the location of the last temple and a special transformation at the end of the floor. You also get to meet Alec, another shapeshifter. He is the guy who left a note signed “A.S.” in the secret room of the first temple, if you remember that. He is very interested in having babies… And so are you, thanks to your instincts being quite taken by the presence of another shapeshifter. He wants to do some sexy stuff with you, and if you have 65 or less willpower, you can’t refuse. Regardless, he leaves before anything happens, suddenly remembering his duties. He’ll show up in your house in Tarkas after you complete the 4th temple, to continue this conversation where he left off…

Puzzle 01 (optional): Opening chests.
  1. Open in following order:
  2. Red Chest from the side.
  3. Green Chest from behind.
  4. Blue Chest from the front. Inside, you’ll find a holy crystal, an item which gives you a new skill upon use. If you don’t open the chests in the right order, you’ll take damage from traps.
Puzzle 02 (the chests are optional): ‘Short-range Teleport’ time.
  1. Follow the paths shown in the pictures:

  1. Go back to the lever and pull it.
  2. Now go to the following spot:

  1. Teleport to the second chest.
  2. Go back by using the Teleporter behind the Anchor Pillar.
  3. Both chests hold 500 G each.

Temple 4

Floor 1

  1. The temple opens with a partially collapsed floor. Use ‘Short-range Teleport’, then interact with the Mouse hole (it’s a few steps to the right of your destination for the teleport).
  2. On the other side, you are blocked by barriers to the left and right until you read the tablet to proceed. To the right, there is just the familiar teleport ring to move around the temples (once you unlock them). To the left, there is a now useless hint for a trial (which likely got destroyed when the temple got damaged), so you can go downstairs right away.

Floor B1

1) The next room forks into three sections:

  1. One accessible as a mouse to the left.
  2. One accessible as a fish to the right.
  3. One closed section you need to open by clearing the other two.
Mouse Puzzles:
  1. Once you turn into a mouse and enter the area to the west, there will be a mouse hole on the northern wall (it might be hard to see, so pay close attention). Go through the hole to get into a small room with a button on each corner.

Puzzle 01 (optional):

  1. Walk on all buttons to obtain the ‘Firestorm’ spell. Then go back to the previous area and continue toward the center.

2) Take the teleporter to go into a maze. It’s not a big maze, so you should be able to make your way out easily. The exit is to the north-west corner, and there are no secrets in here (so no need to search every nook and cranny).

Puzzle 02:

  1. Once outside the maze, use ‘Hand of Fire’ on the Fifth statue to open the door (the hint on the wall is there to make you question the only statue which is different from the others when examined).

Puzzle 03 (optional):

  1. Use ‘Hand of Fire’ on the third vase to obtain a Charm (it makes healing spells more effective by 25%).
  2. Exit using the magic circle.

Puzzle 04:

  1. You’ll find yourself in a small room. There are 4 statues with a shapeshifter partially turned into various animals (which you must identify by the descriptions). The hint on the wall explains what’s the hierarchy among the animals (the cat is below everyone, then the wolf, then the snake, then the eagle). Interact with the statues in this order (from left to right): third statue, second statue, fourth statue, first statue, to clear the section. You can then leave through the magic portal (you can also safely exit before finishing the puzzle, as there is a newly created magic portal in the main room, so you can skip the mouse path).
Fish Puzzles:

Puzzle 01: Go to the lever (the passage to the right, the north passage is currently blocked by a road). Avoid the water columns (or you’ll be pushed back and will have to avoid them again from the beginning), then pull the lever, opening the north waterway.

There is also a chest in this area, to the right, containing 400 G (it’s out in the open, so it’s really easy to find).

Puzzle 02 (optional): A waterfall (the west-most one, you can notice the water bubbles in a different way compared to the other two) hides a room containing a ring (it reduces regular physical damage by 20%). Go back to the previous room, and exit with the magic portal to the south.

Puzzle 03: Another small room, this time with a small table at the center. interact with the table to take a closer look at the puzzle (interact with the stone tablet on the wall first, if you want a hint). Set the color of the 3 crystals to blue – yellow – green (blue and yellow together) to clear the section. Like with the mouse path, there is now a magical shortcut to this room, so you don’t have to turn into a fish if you want to visit this place again.

Last section:

The doors opened to allow entrance to a new area to the north. You’ll find another puzzle involving statues which you need to solve for the short teleport target to activate (Erica will comment about this one perhaps needing to be activated, so you get a hint when the spell fails). There is also a hint on the wall about the statues.

Puzzle 01: Statue Turning.

  1. Turn the Woman facing west.
  2. Turn the Man facing North.
  3. Finally, turn them facing each other.
  4. Before the stairs, use ‘Detect Magic’ to reveal a hidden room containing the Temple Key and 5 mana crystals. The room also contains the third (and last) secret Hanatora statue. Interact with it if you want to get Erica even more brainwashed, just remember this will have some effect in the final chapter (don’t worry, it’s not a bad end ^_^).
  5. Grab the key and exit the room, pull the lever to open the bridge to go to Puzzle 02.

Puzzle 02 (optional): Lever Pulling.

Solution: 3 – 1. This opens the path to the big Blue Chest by aligning the movable platforms so that you can jump your way across (you can jump 1-tile wide gaps). This chest is opened with the temple key, and contains an elite helmet (it’s just a solid helmet overall, but it has no special effects).

Floor B2

  1. Currently, all doors are locked, so just move toward the center and Interact with the central pillar of stone.
  2. Interacting with it will open a door to the north-west and one to the north-east. You’ll need to retrieve two medallions in these rooms and insert them into the pillar to open the central door.
Wind medallion:

Go through the windy corridor, avoiding the wind by using the safe spots in the corridor. Move fast, or the wind will blow you back to the beginning of this “obstacle course”.

Water medallion:

The north-east room has a (pseudo) Succubus in it. Again, like the previous dungeon girls, expect lore and some sweet loving, if you are up for it (your inhibitions must be 90 or lower, though). She is also part of the test to get the second medallion. In the Succubus’s room use ‘Detect Magic,’ then answer the succubus’s enigma (you’ll have to ask about the test to hear about it).

  • The right answer only appears if you used ‘Detect Magic.’ Feel free to pick the wrong answers first, though, there are no real penalties for guessing incorrectly.
  1. Put the medallions in the pillar, and walk in the newly opened room. Read the last pieces of lore to clear the temple, and learn the truth about the Shapeshifters’ origin. The story isn’t over yet, though!

Events, Jobs and Points of Interests – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Tarkas – residential district


The job pays 75G, and after the first time, you get offered 100G if you take special care of Edith, their singer. See the H-scenes list for more details.

Brooding Dragon inn

Maid Job:

Payment (increases the more you work there, regardless of how often you do):
  1. 01st to 05th – 50G.
  2. 06th to 10th – 60G.
  3. 11th onward – 70G.
Maid Shifts can give following events:
  1. Your shift passes uneventfully.
  2. An Old Man ogles you, tipping you 10G. In the second scene, if you have a “bubbly” or “huge” butt, you realize your bottom brushes against him holding the ladder. If you have less than 75 inhibitions (or if you have the exhibitionist trait) you get the option to be naughty and brush your butt against his face. You get another 20G on top of your usual tip, and a short scene.
  3. If had sex with Drunken Sailor, you meet him in his room, and he makes advances on you.
  4. If you agree, you get a scene and repeatable -2 INH loss.
  5. If you have Marintas’s Charm, you can’t refuse (another repeatable -2 INH).
  6. You witness a couple having loud sex in their room.
  7. The first time this happens, your only effective options are peeking or ignoring.
    • If you peek, you can either leave them be or keep looking.
    • In the second case, if you have 95 INH or less you get -4 INH and start the couple’s event chain.
  8. The second event in their chain yields -5 INH if you choose to masturbate while you peep on them (-3 if you just peep).
  9. If you masturbate, you unlock the next scene. If you decide to continue being a perv, you get discovered. The couple is very open-minded about it, and even invites you to join next time. If you agree, they kick you out for now, and finish their business, but the events will continue, if you refuse, you’ll avoid their room from here on out.
  10. You get a sex scene on this one. Your involvement doesn’t include a cock for you, sadly. You get to please them a lot, however. The final choice doesn’t change future outcomes, you just get a slightly different ending to this scene.
  11. Enjoy another threesome with the couple, if you got this far. Still no cock for Erica, though.
  12. They decided to hire a Santhora’s priest to ensure the pregnancy and love. If you don’t explain yourself clearly to the Priestess, you get blessed as well, and you get a bad(?) end where you become a permanent love triangle, and you join the wife in pumping out more babies (you go back to the choice afterward, if you don’t want to end the game here). If you explain they are a couple, they’ll have sex normally, and you and the priestess get to enjoy the show.
Getting drunk:
  1. Nothing significant happens (66% chance).
  2. While drunk, you meet with a pretty tattooed lady (33% chance). She “talks” you into getting a new tattoo (or changing the existing one, if you already have a pelvic tattoo).
Other events:
  1. You can get a few sex scene with the drunken sailor. There is a group of three sailors in the south-east corner, the guy in the middle is your man.
    • He’ll get frisky as soon as you walk by him.
    • If you are stuck with Marintas’s charm, you’ll get hypnotized and be unable to refuse him.
    • The sex scenes (which unlock after the third time he grabs you) are different depending on whether you have the charm or not. This also unlocks the scene you can get as a maid (mentioned above).
  2. Working two times at the inn leads to the appearance of a scammer in the inn (guy in purple near the stairs).
  3. Talking to him gives you three options:
  • Getting scammed (-50G).
  • Declining the offer (need 65 WIL).
  • Trying to use detect magic to figure out if he is lying or not (+75G, need 65 INT).
  1. You can meet a Fashion Designer named Lara from your fourth time working at the inn (blonde near the entrance).
  2. Talking to her leads to an event (you can choose to model some of her clothes).
  3. This leads to another event the day after, where her secretary (Carl) shows up.
  • (+200G and possibility to work for Lara).

This one eventually leads to an alternative way of earning the VIP pass for the Queen of Hearts, if you work with her enough times and reach chapter 2 without getting the pass elsewhere. Check her entry here for more details.

  1. You can take a seat to order some food.
  • If you can’t pay, you will have to work off the debt (this passes some time). You can get frisky with the bartender if you have 75 or less inhibitions, to get a short scene and shorten the time spent repaying the debt.

Bath house (day and night)

Taking a bath at night is free (during the day it costs 5G).

Visiting Women’s Side:

Stepping in front of the hole:

  1. You hear something from the hole.
  2. You can report the hole to the Manager.
  3. The manager won’t fix the hole even if you report it at night (the guy left the hole on purpose). You can get it fixed if you report it to the old lady during the day. If you are an exhibitionist or if you keep walking in front of the hole, you’ll decide to keep it there, so you can’t report it anymore after that.
  4. If you walk in front of the hole (after leaving the bath and re-entering) you get more interactions. Do you get a thrill from possibly being seen? If yes, you lose 2 inhibitions.
  • After the second time, you won’t be asked anymore. After the third time, you can’t report the hole anymore.
  1. You lose 2 INH Each time you re-visit the hole and get a scene/event.
  2. Once you have INH 75 (or less) and/or if you have the exhibitionist trait you can choose to put on a show (gives another -2 INH on top of just visiting the hole).
  • You can ‘Put on a show’ during the Morning and Afternoon, too, and it’s repeatable once per day.
Visiting Men’s Side (only available at night):
  1. First Night:
  2. Starting from INH 55 (or less,) you can enter the Men’s Side.
  3. Walking up to the bath results in a long scene, yielding -4 INH. The scene is repeatable.
  • Each time after this will yield -4 INH as well.

Your house

  1. There are two secrets in your house, by using ‘Detect Magic’ you can find:
  2. The spell book for ‘Cocoon’ in the Bookshelf on the First Floor.
  3. A Pocket Dimension in the Mirror by your bed.
    1. Interacting with the mirror after using ‘Detect Magic’ near it allows you to enter a different dimension.
    2. Inside, you’ll find a closed room and a button you can press near the north-west corner.
    3. Use the push spell on the button so you can press it while still being close enough to the door that will open (the door closes automatically, so you must be near it to make it in time). Inside the room you’ll find a book you can study when at home to learn the spell.
  4. There are also a handful of interactions: Comments if you visit the guest room, the walk-in wardrobe, the pantry. You also get more if you interact with some of the shelves in the kitchen, and you get an easter egg if you play the piano (it’s the theme from Max Payne, the same one Max can play if he interacts with a piano in his own game).


  1. You can check here if you are pregnant or not. Pregnancies only become possible if you pray for them first at the temple, and human pregnancies need you to confirm them here, if you want to see them through (they are Schrödinger’s pregnancies, for your convenience). You get a prompt to go to the hospital if you might be pregnant, so it’s up to you if you want to go or not.
  2. If you visit the hospital at night, you can meet with a special doctor. She is a vampire, and unless you are already involved with Beatrix (the other vampire of the game you can “befriend”), she will examine you, and find out that you need a little bloodletting.
    • You can go back every night for some more fun with her, after the first scene.

Tarkas – commercial district

Outdoor area

  1. You can find a series of bulletin boards near the district entrance. All sorts of info can be found here through the newspaper posted here (it updates as you progress through the chapters), ads for jobs and more.


  1. You can work there (pays 50G, and 10G more each time you work 3 consecutive days).
  2. The wage cap depends on your interactions with Clark. He is an overly “masculine” guy, especially what’s under the belt. Your first time at the job he gets a bit touchy, you get the choice to try and keep things professional, or go along with the flow. The first choice doesn’t lock you in, but it does speed things up a little if you want to get it on with Clark.
  3. If you keep things professional, showing up consistently can earn you 80 G per day.
  4. Working enough time here will trigger a scene, and you get the choice to express your interest in Clark. If you want to keep things as they are, you should still get the option to ask him to hook up from here on out (when you talk to him before working there).
  5. Hooking up with him adds a random sexy event, before the random working scene. If you get close enough to Clark, you’ll get different observations from the protagonist even during the “normal” scenes, as she gets excited or jealous because of Clark.

Check the H-Scenes list for more details.

Janet’s shop

Janet runs a gears shop (although she is kind of clumsy and oblivious, causing her business to struggle).

  1. You can get the Heigh Ho! quest from her. Just talk to her after the intro scene and inquire about gear materials.
  2. After you finish the quest, you can buy a new gear from her, and sell her your mana crystals for 40 G each.
  3. Selling at least 10 Mana Crystals (total, not necessarily all at once) to Janet gives a scene earning you a Special Headgear. Selling at least 20 will earn you a new weapon.
  4. The special headgear comes with a sexy scene, as Janet temporarily short-circuits your brain, turning you into a super bimbo (including blonde hair), and it takes her a while to bring you back and get you fixed.
  5. After defeating Tristan (see The Prodigal Son quest), you can give her his weapon to examine/experiment on, although for now this doesn’t lead anywhere.

Imperial Office

After Chapter 1

  1. Buying a Merchant Pass for 2500G allows you to enter the military outpost (north of the central mountain range of the map):
  2. You can try to get hired for a secretary job as well.
  3. Pays 80G.
  4. Not working once in 5 days gives a “punishment.”
  5. After working and pleasing Geralt enough, you can get a raise to 120G.
    • High butt size accelerates this process (if you have it during the job interview)
    • Big breasts do it as well, to a lesser extent
    • You can either become the office slut, or his personal slut, basically.
    • You can refuse, and keep your “regular” job

Santhora’s temple

You can pray to change your pregnancy options here.


  1. You can take time to train under her supervision once a day (100 G) to increase your HP by 2.
  2. You can become romantically involved with her if you choose so.
  • In this case, you can visit Carla in her apartment at night.
  • Visiting Carla and having fun with her will eventually unlock the Publicity Job.
  • You need a Bikini for this work, and the pay is a coupon to train for free (can’t both train and advertise the same day, however).
  • The advertisement job takes a quick turn for the lewd, if you stick with it (involving the men you lure in).
  1. After training 10 times with Carla, training will cost 50G and give 2 WIL instead of 2HP.

Herbalist: You can buy drugs there.

  • He sells temporary boosters to intelligence and willpower, although the after-effect causes a net loss.

Old man (at night): He replaces the herbalist and sells items you can’t find anywhere else.

Ursula (at night): She can modify your curves for 100G.

Seeress (at night): She can give some cryptic tips for 10G.

Golden Cup (night)

  1. Talking to the ‘Mysterious Woman’ at the NE corner leads to Vampire Pet path.
    1. This Path is incompatible with Zanti’s Cowgirl path.
    2. Keep visiting her every night, until she tells you she’ll drop by your house whenever she can (you can advance only one scene per night).
    3. There are 7 visits/dreams you can get with Beatrix (assuming you sleep in Tarkas). The seventh one should earn you a token from her (a pendant).
    4. Once you have the pendant, if you talk to Beatrix at the pub, she’ll take you with her to introduce you to a few other vampires.
    5. After this, you can get a quest from Beatrix, to track down someone who’s being too curious about vampires (Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing).
    6. You can get another scene if you have finished the quest A Lidless Eye and either the vampires or the League of Merchants got the Eye. You’ll visit the other vampires and discuss the aftermath of the quest.
  2. Taking a shift earns you 75G, and results into one of the following possibilities (under player’s control):
  3. If you pick “Let the other waitress handle them.” nothing happens.
  4. If you pick “The old men offering drinks to everyone.”, patrons offer you a drink. Accepting gives a 25G Tip and -1 INH. There are random follow-up to getting drunk with the customers.
    • People start taking advantage of it, grabbing your ass, pulling on their lap, that sort of thing;
    • A handsome guy flirts with you and succeeds, and you make out with him in the bathroom. Many other patrons do the same, and you spend most of your time in the bathroom rather than working;
    • You keep making mistakes and flash the customers multiple times, not realizing when your skirt is flipped.
  5. If you pick “The guy staring at the girls’ chests.”, a patron wants to drink from your cleavage (if you have C-cup or Higher):
  • Accept (you need 90 INH or less) to get a 10G Tip.
  • Every time after the first one gives a 20G tip and -2 INH. This second scene repeats every time.
  1. If you pick “The rowdy bunch at the loudest table.”, you’ll serve a group and they flirt with you.
    • You can flirt back if you have 75 or less inhibitions (you also get -1 INH if you do);
    • If you keep things professional, the scene ends quicker and no lewds for you. One of them gets their hands on you if you flirt. The scene changes slightly if you have a big butt, big breasts, or neither. You get a 50 G tip;
    • When you come back, they offer you an even bigger tip (70 G) and another guy sneaks his hand under your skirt, touching your pussy and asshole through your panties.
    • If you thank them, you get the tip and -2 INH, and the guy keeps working your holes as he pleases for a while (you don’t get to climax, however). Otherwise, you remove his hand and the scene ends sooner.
  2. Getting drunk in the Golden Cup can lead to:
  3. Nothing (50% chance)
  4. A Guard Blackmails you into a Maid Job during the next few days (25% chance). This can lead into a series of scenes, involving the guards trying to drug you to make you more pliable.
    1. The first time you show up at their “club”, you are tasked to clean the dishes. After a while, the guy will try to get a blowjob while you are confused by the drugs. If you have 40 willpower or less, you can’t refuse.
    2. You can try to skip going to the club, but the guards will show up at your house, and threaten you with some jail time (although if you do resist, it will turn out theirs is a partially empty threat, and you get away with just a 800 G fine). This can happen whenever you stay away for 2 days up to the d. scene, although it becomes harder/impossible to refuse if you are addicted to the drug. After the d. scene, you have more freedom, and can successfully get “cleaned up” by staying away.
    3. The second time they ask you to clean a room. You can just avoid the incense burner, if you don’t want to get any “unwanted attention” at first, but at the end you still need to pass a willpower check. If you caved in during the first scene and/or if you kept walking near the incense burner, the willpower check will grow more difficult (it starts at 40 like the first scene, and 10 get added to the target willpower for each time you walked near/interacted with the incense burner and if you caved in). The sex scene involves you riding one of the guards sitting at the couch.
    4. The third time can be your final day of work, if you kept your wits about you. If you have caved during both of the previous scenes, you have no choice. If you caved in once, you get the choice to either accept the incense they are offering, or tell them to go to hell. If you resisted both times, you flat out refuse to get involved with them any longer. If you remain as their maid, the captain will take you from behind, in front of a mirror to “celebrate”.
    5. When you show up, you get some more exposure to the drug, a quick lesson on what girls like you are good for, and the keys to the club, so you can come in whenever you want (but you are still limited to 1 scene per day).
    6. At this point, if you want to avoid them, you’ll have to keep your distance for long enough to get rid of the effect of the drug (you need 7 days from the last time you got involved with them). If you get clean, you’ll never step inside the club afterward.
    7. If you want to keep visiting, instead, you can pick whoever you want to get involved with among the guards sitting around the club. If you sleep with all 3 guards at least once, you can get gang-banged by the guards (if you talk to the captain). After that, you can get the final scene, which has an optional bad end (again, by talking with the captain).
  5. Scene with a Married Man (-2 INH) (25% chance)
  • He will ask to make out with you the first time. To refuse him, you need more than 65 willpower (which, considering you are drunk, is a steep requirement).
  • The second time, you can have sex with him (rejecting him this time needs more than 50 willpower).
  • From here on out, he’ll leave a message outside your house to let you know when you can show up at his house for some more sweet loving. This last scene is repeatable.

Note that the odds change as you see new scenes, since they are “removed” from the pool.

Queen of Hearts (night)

Note: All described interactions with Sonya assume you are not wearing ‘Marintas Charm.’

  • Wearing ‘Marinta’s Charm’ gives another path if you talk to Sonya.

For more info, check Sonya in the H-scenes list.

After meeting Sonya and talking to her three times, you get to work as a Bunny-girl.
  • You need 90 INH or less to accept this job.
Working as a Bunny-girl pays 100G and gives -1 INT, and leads to:
  1. Nothing (50% chance).
  2. An acolyte asks you to dance for him, accepting gets you -1 INH (50% chance).
  3. A pervert proposes you 40G if you accept his demand.
Looking at Sonya’s pendant (95 INH or less)
  1. Each time gives you -2 WIL and -2 INT.
  2. Looking multiple times gives you the ‘Titty Lover’ Trait and a Stripper Job.
  • Stripper Job randomly pays 100G-120G. You get 1 of 3 random scenes each time you work, affected by your bimbo trait, exhibitionist trait, titty lover trait, relationship with Sonya and so on.
Upper Floor:
  1. To access the Upper Floor, you either need to be a Stripper or have 90 INH or less.
VIP Area:
  1. The VIP area can be freely accessed with a VIP Pass and 80 INH or less. (see Noblesse Oblige for how to get the pass, or work as a model and reach chapter 2).
Wearing ‘Marinta’s Charm’ while talking to Sonya turns you into her pet:
  • She will force Transformations on you each time you talk to her.
  1. Increase the size of your boobs and ass.
  2. Force you to wear piercings.
  3. She will give you a tattoo.

For more info, check Sonya in the H-scenes list.

Wearing ‘Marinta’s Charm’ unlocks a sex scene with one of the customers:
    1. On the first floor, you can see a bald guy sitting at one of the tables alone (south-west corner).
    2. Talking to him will trigger the scene automatically, as long as you have the charm.
    3. The scene can’t be repeated.

Tarkas – noble district

Magic academy

  1. Mostly used for quests at the moment, although there might be the possibility to enroll in the future.

Tailor shop

  1. After the events listed here, you can show up for work at Lara’s shop for 200 G per session (only once per day).
  2. The first scene will just involve you modeling some enchanted lingerie.
  3. The second scene you’ll have to model the same lingerie for the buyer, which also has you experience the enchantment he has in store for his wife (something kinky for their sex life, as it sends your libido, sensitive and pleasure into overdrive).
  4. You pose with another model, and she flirts with you. You can go with the flow and enjoy some sapphic adventures along the way.

Tarkas – slums

Tattoo artist (day and night)

  1. You can get some Tattoos and Piercings there. (Nose Piercing can help during Blood Ties)
  2. You can enter the basement from the outside using ‘Mouse Form’ in front of the hole. You can find 2 potions in a chest, and if you light the torch on the wall, you can also find a health amulet fragment.

Brothel (day and night)

  1. Talking to Deselle requires 90 INH or less.
  2. Working requires 70 INH or less (pays 150G and gives -4 INH).
    • working at the brothel can get you pregnant, if you have the option activated;
    • During your shift, you get 1 out of 3 random scene groups. Each group has 1 intro scene the first time, and a repeatable one afterward;
    • 1 series of scenes involves a bimbo trying to get back at her “hubby”. She will be the one to rock your world, despite the one paying. You get different dialogues if you are a bimbo yourself and/or if you have the “titty lover” trait;
    • Another one involves a girl (Elizabeth/Lizzie) wanting to experiment with magic and mana during sex with some rather impressive results;
    • Another series involves a guy being infatuated with a slave, and you roleplaying as one (collar and all).
  3. You can hire one of the girls for 50 G. You can choose from 3 different ones: a sub, a domme and an “expert”. They all have 1 scene the first time you hire them, and 1 repeatable scene for following visits.

Temple (night)

  1. You can go in the temple whenever you want, but at night, you get a unique encounter:
    • You can see cultists chanting some weird spells (there is also a naked girl). If you have 40 or less willpower, you can’t opt to run away, and must see the scene.
    • If you stay, you realize the chant isn’t coming from these people, as their mouths aren’t moving. Whatever the case, the chant starts affecting you, and you think it’s a good idea to start masturbating.
    • An half-woman, half-spider creature appears. She takes the girl with her, after revealing some cryptic knowledge about demons and her own nature. You remain glued on the spot until you finally climax.
  2. If you visit the temple the next day, and you stayed for the entire scene, you’ll get a vision with more mind-control goodness. Afterward, the protagonist will want to learn more about the spider lady.
  3. You must go to an advanced library (currently, only the royal library is in the game) to learn more. Once you research the topic, you can go back to the temple and prepare a ritual to visit your silky mistress..
  4. You are teleported to her mansion, and the only way to leave (or stay) is to talk to her, so let’s find a way into her throne room.
  5. If you go to the left, you’ll find one of the girls who serve the spider lady (and a “cute” giant spider pet). Talking to her reveals what you must do to open the throne room, but she doesn’t have a key (she mentions one of the other girls has it). You NEED to talk to her about this, otherwise you won’t know how to open the door. You can interact with a chalice on the table, to get a sexy vision with you and the spider lady (this is necessary if you want to see the “bad end”).
  6. Go all the way to the right to find two more girls. One is going to be a little unhappy about the newcomer (you), but the other will eventually give you the key if you pick the right topic. You can get another sexy vision if you interact with one of the books on the bookshelf (once again, necessary for the “bad end”).
  7. Now you can finally open the throne room (interact with the blue sphere next to the door, in the starting room). You are treated to a cutscene, and then you can make your final choice. If you saw the visions mentioned before, you can ask to stay (and get the bad end), otherwise you’ll be teleported back into the temple with no clear memory of what happened.

House near the temple (day)

  1. If you have Marintas’s charm, talking to the rude guy here leads to 2 sex scenes (the second one is repeatable).

Spider’s nest (day and night)

  1. Talk to Gaspar in the slums first.
  2. You can then find him again in the Spider’s Nest.
  3. He’ll lead you to the secret Gambling Den.
  • Note that being a Noble bars access to the Den.
Gambling den:
  1. The Blackjack Game needs 85 INH or less to be played. You also can’t sit at the table if you are a werewolf, as your instincts warn you against it.
  2. The third time you lose, you need more than 80 INH to keep your Modesty intact.
  3. If you touch yourself, play again and bet no money, you can earn 2000G per win.
  4. Losing three times gets you enslaved.
  • You can return to the regular game if you finish the current content on the Merchant’s slave path.
  • If you completed Noblesse Oblige, you can be bought by Lady Pendleton, instead (ponygirl path).
  1. You will lose 20 WIL/INT/INH.
Merchant’s Slave:

You’ll be in a closed instance, away from the regular game.

The better your performance and answers, the more you progress your mind control.

  1. Depending how you answered the Merchant during travel, you can earn points toward submission or defiance.
  2. When you reach his mansion, you get a brief intro and then go to sleep for the day.
  3. As you are about to fall asleep, you’ll notice a disturbing light:
    1. Sleep = -2 WIL, +2 submission.
    2. Turn = -1 WIL, +1 submission.

Your performance on jobs decides what outcome you get.

  1. The better you do each job, the more pleased he’ll be (and the more submissive you become).
  2. On the flipside, the worse you do each job, the less pleased he’ll be (increasing your defiance).
  3. If you continue to displease him, he’ll forcefully mind control you with a monster.
  • The better you do each job, the more mind controlled you’ll become.
  1. All of this is in preparation for a Slave vs Slave competition.

Grape Feeding:

Depending on your progress, you can’t refuse.

You can refuse to sit on his lap.

You can refuse to mouth-feed him grapes.

East Display Room Cleaning:

Depending on your progress, you can’t study the items.

  1. Studying the items will make Master punish you.
    1. Obey: Brought to the other girls, seeing their pain from your lack of performance.
    2. Not a dog: A forced edging scene.

West Display Room Cleaning: Cleaning Paintings.

Depending on your progress, you can’t do the first ‘Stop Here’ or the second.

‘Clean It Better’ on 2: Master pleased with progress.

‘Clean It Better’ on 1 or none: Master very displeased.

Slave Competition:

If you use more than one mod, you’ll trigger the bad end.

  1. Stage 01:
    1. 1st and 3rd will yield best results for pleasing the audience.
    2. 2nd one will stump you.
  2. Stage 02:
    1. 2nd and 3rd will yield best results for pleasing the audience.
    2. 1st will have the audience look down on you.
  3. Stage 03:
    1. 2nd and 3rd will yield best results for pleasing the audience.
    2. 1st one gives a weak performance.

Winning continues the path. Losing will eventually introduce a bad end (not in the game yet).

Converting Coral:

You are tasked with bending a new slave to your master’s will. Pick the 2nd choice, then the 3rd and finally the 1st (you can only pick one choice per day).

1st is what will eventually work (some versions of the game had a bug where you’d get the successful text before she was ready, so you still had to use the sequence listed above), once Coral is converted, allow you to continue the game or get your bad end here as a slave.

Continuing the game resets stats back to before you entered the Slave Path.

You will be teleported to your house’s entrance hallway.

Fast travel – Maps around Tarkas.

The maps around Tarkas lets you quickly move between districts.

Events during the day: Only once per event.
  1. Meet a pickpocketer. You can decide to run after her or give up.
    • Failing to stop her makes you lose money.
    • Arresting her gives you 200G.
    • If you have chased her, she tries to seduce you, you can have sex with her and lose the money, or resist. If you don’t have any money, she can also steal a consumable item, instead. Having sex with her also lowers your inhibitions by 1 (unless they are 20 or lower).
    • The ‘Titty Lover’ trait makes resisting impossible, forcing you to have sex with her.
  2. Meeting Ariel, a local guard with a love for cute things.
  • Helping her leads to some scenes later (after your first encounter, she appears in the barracks, where you can go visit her).

For more info, check Ariel in the H-scenes list.

  1. Free a Ghost (or rather, get stuck with it first, getting her to haunt you, and then you can decide what to do with her).
  • For more details, see the quest Ghosts ‘n Harlots.
Events during night:
  1. Meeting a drunkard. He bumps into you, and then very elegantly offers you to have sex in one of the alleys.
    • If you are an exhibitionist or have 40 inhibitions (50 from version 0.9993) or less, you can agree to have sex with him.
    • If you have more inhibitions you’ll react differently based on how high it is, but you’ll always refuse.
    • If you agree to have sex, you lose 1 inhibitions if it’s higher than 20.
    • After the first time, you can meet him again for a repeatable scene. Your inhibitions aren’t checked anymore (so if you were drunk, you don’t need to keep your inhibitions low afterward).
    • In both scenes, you’ll be fucked from behind, bent over a crate.
  2. Meeting the Outcast who stuck you with Marintas’s charm (only available if you have the charm).
    • He’ll get a blowjob from you. Since you have the charm, you have no choice, and won’t remember it happening afterward.
    • You lose 1 willpower and intelligence if they are above 49.

Other secrets

Residential District:
  1. Locked apartment in Residential District.
  2. Use ‘Mouse Form’ in front of the locked door to get inside and grab some items.
  3. Using ‘Detect Magic’ lets you find a hidden Pendant in a bush (in the square near your house).
Commercial District:
  1. Behind the pub, you can interact with one of the vases, to find a secret mini-scene with a lonely tentacle monster.
  2. If you use detect magic behind the building right to the east of the pub, you’ll find a secret. You’ll need ‘Dispel’ to reveal a trapdoor. Inside, you can get a health amulet fragment, learn about the altar in the corner (if you have 70 or more intelligence), collect an incomplete music sheet (no uses currently) and interact with the painting and the organ (those are completely unimportant).
  3. Inside the mages guild (if you are a member) you can go downstairs, and use your thunder spell on the statue in the office to the east. This will reveal a secret chest (it contains a charm which reduces thunder damage and silence chance by 50%, as well as raise your defense by 4).

Tarkas Countryside

Zanti Farm Barn:
  1. Feeding/cleaning Job: You get 100G, -2 INH, -5 WIL, -4 INT.
  2. Starts the Cowgirl Path if your WIL is 85 or less.


Located to the east of Tarkas (the red and blue tent). The area contains various mini-games which can earn you tickets you can exchange for prizes. The areas of interest are:

  1. Strength test game (costs 20 G to partecipate). It should be easy to find, with the pole rising in the middle of the clearing and the bunny girl near it. You need to time your button press to when the bar reaches the highest point (you’ll know if you hit the highest point because the bell will ring). The higher the bar, the better. Your points are on a scale from 1 to 100 (although the game just tells you the final reward, and not the specific score you get). The scoring/tickets exchange is as follows:
    • 100/100 earns you 15 tickets;
    • at least 80/100 earns you 8 tickets;
    • at least 50/100 earns you 5 tickets;
    • less than that earns you the consolation prize (2 tickets).
  2. Target shooting game (30 G to play). It takes place inside a tent near the south-western corner (a path leads there). The tent has blue, yellow, white and red as colors.
  3. You’ll have to time your throws with the balls in order to hit a moving target (the target moves back and forth from left to right). You get 7 balls to throw.
    • Hitting all targets gets you 15 tickets;
    • 8 tickets for 5 or more hits;
    • 3 tickets for 2 or more hits;
    • Any less than that, and you earn no tickets.
  4. Memory game (20 G). In a tent to the east, right past the ticket booth (the tent is mostly red, with yellow and red stripes on top). Talk to the green-haired bunny girl inside. It’s a simple game of matching card pairs, but you don’t see the uncovered cards at the start (the game uses only 8 cards, after all). The scoring is based on the number of mistakes you make:
    • 15 tickets for 0 mistakes;
    • 8 tickets for 1 mistakes;
    • 5 tickets for 2 mistakes;
    • 0 tickets for 3 mistakes (game gets interrupted).
  5. Crazy Crystals game (basically Simon Says, 20 G). The same tent as the memory game, but you must talk to the brunette. The scoring (again) is based on the number of mistakes you make:
    • 15 tickets for 0 mistakes;
    • 8 tickets for 1 mistakes;
    • 5 tickets for 2 mistakes;
    • 0 tickets for 3 mistakes (game gets interrupted).
  6. You can also find a pack of 50 tickets if you explore the circus (they are near the north-eash corner, on a crate next to a wagon).
  7. The ticket booth where you can exchange your tickets for prizes is near the central path (slightly to the east). It should be very easy to find. You can get the following prizes:
    • Teddy bear (20 tickets). You can only have one at any given time, and right now it has no uses (but it’s cuddly).
    • Potion (30 tickets). Heals 100 HP.
    • Hi-Potion (70 tickets). Heals 250 HP.
    • Magic Water (100 tickets). Restores 20 MP.
    • Health Amulet (150 tickets). You can only get it once, increasing your Max HP by 20.
  8. Hypnotist. He stays in the tent further to the east (the path leads you there, if you follow it).
    • He can grant you any of the traits available elsewhere in the game (bimbo, titty lover, exhibitionist, masochist) for 100 G. Note that he gives them to you in sneaky ways, so the choices are hidden behind more benign options to “help” you with your anxieties (for example, if you are afraid of pain, he’ll turn you into a masochist). You get a short (hopefully sexy) hypno scene for each choice. You can’t get choices for traits you already have.
    • He can also raise your intelligence and willpower by 5 (this also costs 100 G). This has a cap, however, and after 5 uses (in TOTAL between both stat raises), you won’t be able to benefit from this.
    • The first time you use his services, you don’t have to pay the 100 G fee, no matter what you pick.
    • After the first time, he also offers you an extra option to take hypnosis lesson from him. You can learn how to help others…! By unwittingly self-hypnotizing if you try. There are 3 lessons, and the third one offers you the option to pay with your body (the hypnotist planted the idea in your head before). Currently, you can only use your newfound “skills” on yourself by trying to help two boys at the circus (near the south-west tent) but random hijinxs with you trying to help more people are planned.
  9. You currently cannot access the main tent.

Forest Temple – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Path to the Temple:
  1. In the forest near Tarkas, go to the north, past the first screen. To the SE of the second screen, there is a passage to a small temple.
  • The Temple can only be accessed during a Full Moon with the Ritual Spell.’
  1. Get the Ritual Gemstone for that.
Inside the Temple:
  1. Progress inside the temple needs Star Tablets (unique items which can be found around the map, indicated by shining spots).
  • Three of them are taken through puzzles. One is found going right as you enter the temple (it’s a dead end, so after picking the tablet you’ll have to go back). The other tablet is stuck in a web on the floor (the web is found on a long hole in the floor, should be easy to find as it’s on the way further inside the temple).
Puzzle 1: Pulling a Lever.
  • Reach the lever by avoiding the line of sight of the statues, otherwise you’ll be teleported at the start of the puzzle. Navigating the small column maze should be easy.
  • Once the lever is pulled, you can take the visible tablet, as the statues won’t teleport you anymore.
Puzzle 2: Follow the smoke from the braziers!
  • In a room to the north-east, you’ll notice a brazier. The smoke billows through a wall, to indicate a secret passage. (there is also a chest with 500 G in this room)
  • Go through the wall to take a tablet.
  1. Once you have the five tablets, you can open the door to a mana pool and a fight.
  2. Winning the fight yields the ‘Hestar’ Summon (fire element).

Solina – Caliross the Shapeshifter’s Legacy Walkthrough

Bikini shop

  1. The only store in town is separated in two areas. The first is a regular shop, ran by two sisters. The area in the back is run by a creepy dude. You can buy a Bikini here.
  2. You need it for Carla’s Publicity Job.
  3. If you have the Bimbo trait, you can get a “special” slingshot bikini, if you come back to the shop after purchasing the regular one (wearing the new bikini at the beach unlocks bimbo-only scenes and events).
  4. If you go again after getting the slingshot bikini, the owner will have figured out your peculiar weakness, and lures you in with an even more outrageous bikini. You don’t get to buy it, but you get a sex scene with the owner.

Port area

  1. There is also a shop there. You can’t buy anything, but you get a sex scene if you linger around long enough.
  2. Not leaving quickly also gets you a request by Nelson, the owner. You must deliver 3 letters, one to the bikini shop, and then one to the bathhouse and the slums in Tarkas. All the buildings have mailboxes outside.
  3. If you complete the request, you’ll get another scene when you go back to Nelson.
  4. From here on out, you can visit whenever you want for a repeating scene.


  1. You need a Bikini to be able to do any activities there. While wearing it, you can interact with a towel, to get the option of swimming or working on your tan.
  • Swimming has 4 possible outcomes (2 random forks for whether you are topless or not):
  1. If you are topless, there are no incidents. You get slightly more text if you are also an exhibitionist, and everyone enjoys the show.
  2. Your top comes lose. You can either hide your breasts and retrieve it or (if your inhibitions are 70 or below) you can confidently stride out of the waters to retrieve it (-1 INH).
  3. Again, no particular issues if you are topless (and again, you get more inner dialogues if you are an exhibitionist). This time, you float around on the surface, and show off your breasts successfully for plenty of men. This raises your slut reputation by 1.
  4. While swimming, you meet a sexy man. You can flirt with him (inhibitions must be 80 or less) or not, but the event is purely cosmetic, at the moment.
  • Tanning has 3 random outcomes. Also note that the protagonist will comment about how she hardly ever gets tanned, so don’t expect this to be a thing in-game.
  1. A couple of beauties visits you while you are minding your own business. One of them is on a dare, and will show you a LOT of skin. The Titty Lover trait grants a few variations, and the exhibitionist trait also affects the scene a little bit.
  2. The “nothing happens” scene. If you are topless, you get people checking you out (and if you are an exhibitionist, you enjoy it greatly).
  3. You get invited by a group of guys playing beach volley. If you have large enough breasts, the guy asking will get distracted by thoughts of “volleyballs”. Going topless flusters him even more (and you get -1 INH). You can decide whether to join in or not. If you join, being topless also gives slighly different dialogues.
  • You can also talk with people around the beach. If you are going topless, several of them have alternative dialogues.
  • One of them in particular (long hair, south-west from the changing booths) can be teased by you. There are various choices along the way (which also depend on whether you were topless or not). Teasing him requires inhibitions to be equal or lower to 75. 75 is also the magic number to take off any part of your bikini. Letting him touch you requires 70 or lower. If you tease him too much, he’ll run away on some “urgent business”, and won’t come back until the next day.
  1. If you have the slingshot bikini (see the bikini shop entry for more details), wearing it gives access to completely different scenes. These are NOT random, and will simply trigger one after the other if you pick the “have some fun playing around the beach” option from your towel. The current scenes are:
  • You attract plenty of people, and eventually a crowd surrounds you. They start getting frisky, and you enjoy it up until a guard shows up to interrupt the fun.
  • More catcalls until you find a hunk who invites you to drink something with him. You get drunk… And then you get cock-drunk.
  • Regular stroll along the beach, nothing specific happens.
  • You also get some different reactions if you wear this bikini and talk to people around the beach, but not as many as going topless, currently.


Port area

There is a crate (Potion) in the Port zone. You need to climb a ladder in the north-west corner, and walk on the roof of the gray warehouse.

Celeste’s palace

  1. The Female Guard will give you some background about the Owner of the Palace.
  2. If you completed Climb, Check, Come Back you’ll find Tania there.
  • You can get a few scenes with her.

Slave market

  1. You can buy Lea or Jin there.
  2. They can both cook or prepare a special bath for you.
  • Jin can get you 100G a day.
  • Lea can get you +2 WIL and +2 INT a day.
  • Both have some repeating sex scenes if you want to get intimate with them at night, and both have a series of scenes. Lea’s side is more romantic, and Jin’s currently focus on reversing your master-servant roles.

Check The H-Scenes list for more details.

Red dune (night)

  1. You can work as a Dancer there.
  2. Pays 0G, 40G, 60G or 70G
  • Pay depends on how you perform in the Minigame.


  1. You can find 3 Stimulants in the extreme south-east.
  2. Using ‘Fish Form,’ you’ll also find a Health Amulet Fragment in the middle of the lake.

Temple of Spellbinding

Found North-East from Rahib (the pagoda visible in the world map).

  1. There is a hidden cave, which contains some secrets.
  • One way to enter it is to go to the temple at night. During the day, there is a monk chilling outside. Behind him is a crack in the wall (a small mound right above it marks the spot, if you can’t see the crack). You can enlarge the crack using push, and if the monk isn’t there (he goes to sleep at night), you can enter by turning into a mouse.
  • Another secret entrance to the cave is found behind the large Stone Tablet in the main hall.
  1. You can find some Mana Crystals and a very well-hidden Dragon.
  2. Use ‘Detect Magic’ near the Stairs then use ‘Dispel’ on the Suspicious Rock.
  • The Dragon offers you some potentially Game Breaking powers.
  • He can revert some of the paths (currently the cowgirl path, Eliza’s path and Catherine the ghost). He can also reset your “slut reputation”.
  • He can reset your “slut reputation” (hidden stat which currently doesn’t affect a lot, but will play a role in the harem/queen path and will likely trigger some extra random events and “negative attention” scenes).
  • Only a limited number of times. If you use his powers 3 times, the dragon gets freed. If you didn’t befriend him by talking to him enough times, he’ll also turn you into a dragon for a bad end.

Path to the Second Temple

  1. Access a Chest with 100G by swimming in the lake on the first screen using ‘Fish Form’. Since you get the fish form at the temple, you can’t get this the first time you pass through the area.
  2. The various bodies of water are connected by an underwater tunnel, a shortcut you can access as a fish.
  3. 3 quests are connected to this mountain and the surrounding areas (specific info about them is left in the quest list above). Currently, 2 out of 3 are related to being a noble. In general, I don’t recommend searching the area before getting a quest, as you’ll have to come back more times if you do.

Golden Leaf

  1. You can find a Health Amulet Fragment behind the Mill.
  2. If you aren’t a noble yet, you can get tricked by two guards at the bridge to show them your panties (assuming you have less than 85 INH or that you are an exhibitionist). If you are an exhibitionist, you also get some different dialogues and thoughts during the event.
  3. If you repaired the mill, reached at least chapter 4 and at least 1 prosperity, a female NPC (dressed in white) will offer you a rice cake as a reward (restores 20 MP outside of battle).


  1. The locked Strongbox in the Vault is protected by the code 237.
  2. You get a Visitor (a Futanari) after your first Night in the Mansion. For more info, check Eliza in the H-scenes list.
  3. You can talk to Keiko about the many tasks to do. Check the quest “Turning a New Leaf” for more details, as well as the notes below.
  4. The Chest in your Room gives a certain daily amount of money.
  • Amount depends on Golden Leaf’s Prosperity, and some choices you make as a noble.
The different repairs inside the manor respectively give you:
  1. Access to the Attic, where you can find a Diary (gives a clue about the code and some info about the previous count and his family).
  2. Access to the Wine Cellar.
  • Where you can find a bottle related to the clue you found in the attic
  1. A Ballroom on the first floor
  2. An Extension of the Second Floor, where you can find a Sofa giving you 2 WIL a day.
  • If you pass some time and a personal library where you can do your research.
  1. Tax Rates:
  2. A low Tax Rate starts your daily income at 50G per day.
  • But gives +1 Golden Leaf Prosperity.
  1. A high Tax Rate starts your daily income at 300G per day.
  • But gives -1 Golden Leaf Prosperity.
  1. From there, you get a flat 300 G increase if you solve the mine infestation.
  2. “Prosperity points” grant you +50G for each you have gained (+70G once you complete the town’s expansion, if you side with the local merchants).
Town expansion:
  1. Once you reach chapter 4, Keiko has some information for you about how some groups would like to invest in Golden Leaf. The 3 groups are the League of Merchants, the Zanti family and an independent group of local merchants and business owners.
    1. If you are a cowgirl, you’ll be forced to side with the Zanti family (you even get a scene for this).
    2. If you are under Eliza’s thumb, she’ll want you to side with the League, instead. If both are true, a resolution will be forced in favour of the Zanti family, and Eliza will be captured and turned into a cowgirl.
    3. Kira also wants you to vote for the League. Assuming neither of the two situations above this are true, she can force you to vote for the League, if you have started a relationship with her. To not be forced to go along with her, your willpower must be higher than 60 (+ your relationship progress with her multiplied by 3) At the lowest, if you are in a relationship with her you’ll need 66 willpower, but that rapidly increases as you get more scenes with Kira
    4. If you aren’t tied by any of the above, you can make your choice freely.
  2. To trigger the choice, you must speak to Keiko again (unless you are a cowgirl, in which case they just order you to ignore the other offers, and move right along with their plans).
  3. If you trigger the choice, you’ll get the representatives of the various factions to show up to make their case.
    1. The first to appear is the League envoy. He’ll explain they will bring a lot of traffic to Golden Leaf, if you give them low taxes and make sure the lighthouse is operational (it’s good enough for them if it isn’t manned).
      • Kira shows up instead of a generic League envoy if you have worked for her enough (investigating the Zanti farm successfully is the minimal requirement). Some extra dialogues and events happen if you are in a relationship with her (the offer is pretty much the same, though).
    2. If you didn’t investigate the farm thoroughly, you will meet the Zanti family representative next (if you DID investigate, you won’t meet them, as you are too wary of them). They want to expand in the area, so they want some extra terrain for themselves. They offer to gift you two maids, however.
    3. The local merchants’ leader, Ark, will offer you to invest some money of your own in the expansion, instead, so that you can reap greater benefits for the community (as long as the community is doing well, of course).
    4. Afterward, you can make your decision. The breakdown for the choices and their consequences is as follows:
      • League of Merchants: + 300 G each day (money and the expansion won’t appear until you have fully repaired the lighthouse, if you didn’t do it already). You get a gift of a bottled dragoon as a decoration for your mansion when you visit their new shop. This increases the league power by 1.
      • Zanti Family: + 200 G each day and free maids (hiring maids for the party would cost you 200 G daily + a 1000 G flat fee). You get access to some unique consumables at their store (but nothing too impressive). This increases the Zanti family power by 1.
      • Local Merchants: 100 G daily + 20 G per prosperity point. Of course, nobody influences the town as a result of this choice and neither the Zanti or the League grow in power.
    5. The new area isn’t quite developed yet, so outside of the unique store for each faction (choice dependant), you don’t get much to see or do here (more is planned, however).

The mansion repairs are a necessary requirement to the Party Hard quest. Also, check Turning A New Leaf for more details about the options Keiko has for you when it comes to improving the town.


  1. You can talk to Karen (the local blacksmith) at night once the mine is reopened. She will reopen her activity once the mine is operational and you let her know. This is mentioned in a note attached to her shop/house door, since she closed up in protest against the previous count (who wasn’t doing anything to handle the problem). She is currently the only one who can help with improving the mill, so if you want to do that, you need to take care of the mine and then talk to her at the pub, before you can bring this up at her shop.
  2. If you reached at least chapter 4, you repaired the city and Golden Leaf’s prosperity is at least 1, a new NPC will show up (orange hair and blue cape). He’ll thank you for the repairs, saying they save him a lot of troubles repairing his cart. He’ll give you 2 potions as a reward.
  3. Norman, the mine foreman, is here (only at night, after you repair the mine). You must talk to him for Turning A New Leaf (clearing the mines) and for Don’t Bully The Bulls (starting the quest), but otherwise he doesn’t do much for now.
  4. You can get drunk at the pub.
    1. Currently there is a 66% chance of nothing happening.
    2. There are two different scenes which can happen for the remaining 33% of the time. The one you get depends on whether you are already a noble or not:
      • If you are a noble, you are taunted into dancing on the tables. It’s more funny and awkward than sexy.
      • If you aren’t a noble, you can meet Karen (before knowing who she is). You hit it off, and fondle each other’s chest, but you are too drunk to remember any of it the day after. You do get 50G from the appreciative customers as tips, however.

Military Outpost

Situated north of the mountain range, it’s the only land passage when Cornelius Pass is closed (chapters 2 and 3), although you can pay a fee to be transported by ships, if you so desire (this also consumes a time slot, however).

  1. You can find a health amulet fragment in a vase (north between the two buildings near the north wall, then west).
  2. If you go to the second floor of the barracks (the large building at the center of the outpost), you can find a piece of paper on the floor. It reads “493”.
  3. This code is used in a seemingly unused building (the one near the vase and the tree stump), which looks like a smithy from the inside. You can use the push spell on the barrel near the corner, to reveal a trapdoor. It’s locked with a combination lock (the combination is 493, of course). This opens up the passage to the succubus brothel, where you can get a few scenes with the girls working there.


South-south-west of Tarkas, near the snowy region. Houses a huge, magical tree-library.

  1. If you check the upper floor/clock tower of the post office (you need to wait until the person near the stairs isn’t looking directly at them) you can find a potion in a crate.
  2. The house next to the post office is Alec’s house (only really relevant after you meet him in your house in Tarkas, after completing the 4th temple, as it isn’t open to you before). You can meet Alec’s Master here, and learn a few more things about the shapeshifters.
  3. If you go to the abandoned mansion (north-west from the city entrance, a small path leading west) you can find a health amulet fragment. Enter the mansion walls, then check the north-east corner (there should be a pile of rubble with the fragment).

Royal castle

Only accessible if you are a noble AND you bought a carriage (your driver can then take you there), or during the quest to become a noble (Noble Goals). This section will try to compile points of interest, paths and miscellaneous things that aren’t part of any quests.


  1. Talking to the Emperor in chapter 3 will increase your relationship with him by 1.
  2. Talking to him in chapter 4 or later will run a “check” on the state of Golden Leaf (check “Turning A New Leaf” for details on how to increase Golden Leaf’s prosperity).
    1. A prosperity lower or equal to -2 will lower your relationship by 1.
    2. A prosperity equal or lower to 2 will cause no changes.
    3. A prosperity lower or equal to 4 will increase your relationship by 1.
    4. Anything higher than that will increase your relationship by 2.
  3. After the previous conversation is finished, you can ask him officially for permission to visit the Feywald ruins (assuming you haven’t already found another way to get there and explored the ruins). To gain his approval, you must score 2 or more in total when replying to his questions (having a positive relationship with the Emperor lowers the requirement by 1, otherwise it’s increased by 1). Check the quest “Buried In The Snow” for the right answers (even with a negative relationship, you can gain permission if you pick all the correct replies).
  4. Talking to the Emperor also unlocks the quest “The Weak Link”. Completing the quest increases your relationship with him by 1.

Note that if more conversations are available at once, you might have to talk to the emperor multiple times in order to see them all.

Harem path:

  1. From the throne room, if you go east in the hallway right in front of it, you can go talk to Cynthia, a Santhora’s priestess (and her girlfriend, the court wizard). Talking to them during the quest Noble Goals will reveal some of this early on, but once you go talk to Cynthia after chapter 2, she will mention her plan to let you join the royal harem. She will also mention how your (slut) reputation can negatively affect your chances at becoming the Empress. Anyway, she will push to have you join the harem IF you agree to receive Santhora’s blessing, to make sure you fall in love with the emperor.
  2. If you accept, you are treated to a cutscene with the emperor, to confirm your new role.
  3. In the same area, you can talk to Lady Rayne, and she can share some random gossip when you ask her.
  4. If you go all the way back to the throne room, and keep going west, you’ll reach the harem area. If you haven’t joined the harem, however, there won’t be much to do.
    1. If you are a member, you should make sure to talk to female guard outside the harem, and to all the girls inside, that way you’ll unlock brunches with the emperor and other ladies (you’ll have to talk to the guard outside to go to one, and they are limited to one per day).
    2. During the brunch, you will usually get some opportunities to interact with the emperor, and your words can either increase your relationship or your “flirt” score (you need 5 or more to the relationship score and 3 or more to the flirt score, if you want to be picked as his favourite later on).
    3. During the first brunch, however, no choices are available, and you just get introduced to the environment, so to speak. You can go around and talk to the other persons in the room before seating yourself, if you want to learn something more about them.
    4. After the first brunch, you unlock the possibility of taking a bath together with the other girls (in some older versions, this is bugged and unlocks before the brunch, it doesn’t break the progression, however). This is necessary to then have access to the next brunch. For the bath, you must speak to the maid.
      1. Having a bath with the girls unlocks the option to spend the night in the harem. If you do, you can have some “fun” together with Ajna, who will be conjuring a strap-on so that you two can enjoy the time you spend together.
    5. The first brunch also unlocks new dialogue options with the emperor (Erica should mention wanting to talk to him after the brunch, to steer you in the right direction).
    6. These dialogues allow you to flirt with the emperor (once after the first brunch, and once after the second) increasing your flirt score by 1 each time. You can also ask him about his opinion of the harem in general.
    7. Unlocking these dialogues also adds an encounter with the emperor, near the harem (walking toward it should trigger the scene). Again, you can flirt with him to increase your flirt score by 1.
    8. The second brunch offers you two different paths. Sariandi wants to keep sitting next to the emperor. If you have the titty lover trait, you get a funnier reaction from Erica. An extra observation happens with your willpower at 40 or below, but no matter what, you can refuse her.
      1. If you let her, you can’t interact with him, losing precious opportunities to improve your relationship with him. Instead, you can get frisky with Anja, another girl in the harem, if you want (getting this scene will be necessary for future content with her).
      2. Also, if you talk to Sariandi after leaving her the spot next to the emperor, you can have a daydream of her and the emperor having sex, with you being her sub (as always, if more conversations are queued, you might need to talk to her multiple times to get this scene).
      3. If you stand your ground, she gives in, and you can sit next to the emperor. When prompted about your thoughts on him, you can either say that he is reliable to increase your relationship by 1 or mention he is handsome, to increase your flirt by 1.
    9. The third and final brunch is again split in the two branches, depending on your previous choice.
      1. Ajna seems distracted today, so if you aren’t sitting next to the emperor, you’ll just have a nice conversation with Amelia, instead.
      2. If you are sitting next to the emperor, you can either flirt with him or learn more about him (again, increasing your flirt score or your relationship score by 1, depending on your choice).
    10. From the day after the third brunch, whenever you visit the harem you’ll trigger a cutscene. Sariandi is tired of waiting, and wants the emperor to at least try to find her lover among you. If you meet the requirements (5 or more relationship and 3 or more flirt), you’ll be picked as his favourite, and you can date the emperor, otherwise Sariandi will be picked.

This should be all for the path currently (with a total of 4 dates you can get by talking to the emperor).

Royal library:

One of the two “advanced libraries” in the game. There are a few ways to gain access to it, but they are all tied to the Emperor (and thus, being a noble is prerequisite):

  1. Join his harem (see above);
  2. Have a relationship score of 5 or higher with the Emperor;
  3. Complete the quest “The Weak Link”;

Advanced libraries are still in development, so what’s available there will expand over time (suggestions welcome).

Zanti family/Cowgirl path

Once you get milked, you can’t go down the Vampire Path, as the two are exclusive.

  1. Working at the farm lowers your willpower at first (-5 each time).
  2. Once you hit the 85 or lower, working there causes the first scene to trigger.
  3. You get brainwashed and you start being secretly milked when you work there.
  4. You can try to put up some resistance, but it doesn’t really take you anywhere.
  • They just drug you, giving a nice -10 WIL, -10 INT, -5 INH in one single shot.
  1. Milking scenes will regularly get -4 WIL, -4 INT, -2 INH and increase your Breast Cup.
  2. After the third time you go there, your brainwashing progresses.
  • (you get a warning in the form of a dream, so keep an eye out for it).
  1. You’ll start automatically going to the farm every morning.
  2. You get a random scene out of 3 every time you go to the farm.
  • You’ll keep losing stats (-3 WIL, -3 INT, -2 INH) each time.
  1. Your Cowgirl Personality is fully implanted after the 3rd visit, and with INT 30 or less (Changed to 60 in versions 0.9992 onward).
  2. You get branded the next time you visit, and you’ll need to make a choice.
  • Two are Bad Ends, one allows you to play as a Secret Agent for the Zanti Family.
  1. You’ll then get some items, and access to some quests:
  2. Some Cowgirl Equipment.
  3. A way to remotely milk yourself.
  4. You’ll also side with the Zanti Family automatically whenever it benefits them.

Werewolf path

You start this path if you lose against the wolves you can meet during the “Under The Moonlight” quest.

After losing against the wolves and leaving the forest, you’ll get a series of cutscenes, culminating in you having a fever dream about being a wolf. Waking up will introduce you to Jiro, the Alpha wolf of your pack. From there, the cutscene will move on to introduce the other werewolves to you.

An alternative way to start the werewolf path exists as well. If you aren’t a werewolf yet, visiting Solina’s beach at night will allow you to meet the lifeguard. He’ll invite you to a “wild” party. If you go there, you can learn about a new drug called “Red Moon” from the guests. The game drops some heavy hints at its true nature, and offers you a chance to try it out. If you do, you’ll get your lycanthropy without having to get bitten.

At this point, you can interact with the others, and try to climb the “ranks” in the pack, or just be a sub and leave the hierarchy as is (or even just ignore the group.). To climb the ranks, you have to overcome some sort of challenge set by the other werewolf.

Currently, you can interact with Shira, Kyle,Vanessa and Lucas to climb the ranks and/or get sexy scenes, While the two alphas are only there to give you a chance to be a sub, at the moment. Cassidy can’t be challenged, ending your rank climbing there for now.

Vanessa’s puzzlebox:

  • The objective is to turn all the buttons which can change color to gray (the gems at the bottom track which ones are of the right color by lighting up).
  • The colors cycle like this: cyan>>>red>>>gray>>>cyan
  • You have to solve it in 4 moves or less, otherwise the puzzle resets.
  • The green buttons don’t change color, they serve to change the color of the buttons in a row/column).
  • The easiest way is to press the green button at the bottom left (it will change the entire row from red to gray) and then press the individual buttons that still aren’t gray one by one, until every last one of them is of the correct color (see image below if the explanation isn’t clear).

Traits Guide

You can always gain any trait from the hypnotist at the circus, so this is just a guide to gain the traits “normally” during the game.

  1. Titty Lover trait:

Just get involved with Sonya, the owner of the Queen of Hearts. Both of her paths will eventually see her hypnotize you to be obsessed with big chests (if you have Marintas’s charm, the very first scene will earn you the trait, while you’ll have to wait the 4th scene without the charm). For more details, you should check her paths in the H-scenes list.

  1. Exhibitionist trait:

There are a couple of ways to gain this trait throughout the game:

  • If you fail to get rid of the ghost haunting you in the quest “Ghosts ‘n Harlots”
  • If you get involved with Carla, and help her with advertising her gym, you can start teasing the men coming to see you, and earn the trait after the 4th scene (check her entry in the H-scenes list for a few more details).
  1. Masochist trait:

To get this trait, you must reach 12 points in an invisible score which tracks your “masochism”. Currently, you can only increase this in two ways:

  • You get 1 point if you work as secretary at the Imperial offices, and go absent for too long, earning yourself a punishment. You must get spanked and reply “yes” when asked if you liked it.
  • You get 3 points whenever you agree to be a “pain slut” for one of the guests in the VIP area of the Queen of Hearts.
  1. Bimbo trait:

You can only get this trait from Sonya at the Queen of Hearts, if you DON’T have Marintas’s charm. You’ll get the trait after the 6th scene. For more details, you should check her paths in the H-scenes list.

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