Laura : Lustful Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

Laura : Lustful Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Laura : Lustful Secrets Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Characters – Laura : Lustful Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

Laura: She is the main character, Laura lived in the countryside

until her father and mother decided to move to the city. Her father went to work in the metalworking industry while her mother got a job at Albert’s grocery store. A few months later his parents divorced, no one knows why, everyone said they were the perfect couple. After that Laura went to college where she met Kisha her best friend and roommate,Her parents decided to reconcile but Laura’s father made a condition that they return to

the countryside, but Laura decides to stay in town. To pay the bills she gets a job as a secretary in an accounting office where she meets her future husband Samuel.

Samuel: When Samuel was 16, he waltzed into the living room and proudly announced to his mother that one day he was going to be a president. Five years later he was broke unemployed and without a penny in his pocket. In college he was known as Samuel “the loser” because failed everything that he did. Afraid of becoming a beggar Samuel begs a friend to help him, and this friend recommends Samuel to an accounting office where she meets his future wife Laura.

James: James is the son of Laura and Samuel, he is a good guy who has a secret crush on his childhood friend Zoe. She is a beautiful and popular girl and James is afraid to confess his feelings for her, for this reason he lives frustrated and to relieve his tension he masturbates many times a day.

Emma: Emma is the daughter of Laura and Samuel, she is a cute and shy girl who is trying desperate to join in a group of popular girls in the college. She is inexperienced and innocent, a dangerous combination for a girl, but Emma will try everything to be popular.

Jacob: Mr. Jacob is Samuel’s boss, he is a arrogant and bad guy. He is very rich and thinks the money can buy anything he wants. Something went wrong in his company, he still doesn’t know what. He believes that his employees are working poorly, Samuel your accountant agrees with him . He asks to his old friend David from Europe to help him fix this problem.

David: The Playboy David lives traveling the world like a Bon Vivant. He is fashionable, and he knows how to wow a girl. After a call from his old friend Jacob he decides to help his friend but for this he will have to stay with an unknown family.

Jack: He’s Smith’s neighbor, Jack lost his mother recently. Jack suffered a lot of bullying as a teenager. During college he desperately tried to get a girlfriend but no girl liked him, they say he was ugly and fat. Jack has a fixed idea of revenge and he needs to find a way to fuck them all, his fat cock is throbbing.

Joe: He owns the bar in town, the place is a pigsty and Joe

treats his customers very badly. Samuel goes to Joe’s often and has a habit of drinking heavily and gambling poker. Joe takes advantage of the customer’s drunkenness for easy money!

Albert: Grocery owner, Albert is an old pervert who loves married women. He is known for groping married women who frequent the grocery store.

Kisha: Laura’s best friend and clothing store owner. Kisha is a successful businesswoman and lives her life intensely. During college she was Laura’s roommate. She hates Samuel because according to her Samuel ruined her bestie future.

Laura : Lustful Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

1. As Samuel take a look around the city and go to Joe’s for a drink.

2. As Laura go to the kitchen and click on the circle and clean your house.

3. Go outside and talk to Jack.

4. Go to the grocery store and walk towards the shelves.

5. Go to Joe’s and talk to Joe about the alley.

6. Go back home and tacke a shower.

7. After shower and change her clothes go outside and talk to Jack.

8. After help Jack in the garden go bakc inside your house, go to the bathroom and change your clothes.

9. Go to Kisha’s clothing store.

10. As Samuel come home and go into master bedroom.

11. As Laura go to the kitchen and click on the circle and clean your house.

12. Go to Joe’s

13. Talk to David in front of office’s building.

14. Go to Kisha’s clothing store.

15. Go home and sleep

16. Change your cloths in the bathroom

17. Go to livingroom and click on the circle…

18. Change your cloths in the bathroom

19. Go to Joe’s bar

20. Go to the grocery store

21. Puzzle seek and destroy

Click on the ball

Click on the middle juice bucket

Push the boxes until the opening in the fence in front of the dog is closed

22. Go home.

23. Go to living room

24. Go to Laura’s room and click on the circle.

25. Go to Gym

26. Go to Albert’s Grocery store

27. Talk with Jack in front of his house

28. Change your cloths in Laura’s room

29. Got to Joe’s Bar

30. Return to your home with Samuel and go to the couple’s room

30. Go to Bathroom

31. To proceed with the story you need to see the map event “Beach” take a look at the Map Events section.

32. After beach Laura and Emma return to home

33. Go with mom to the grocery store

34. After talking to Jack go inside the grocery store

35. Go back home and read the letter in the fridge after that talk with Ellen in the livingroom

36. Go to Joe’s bar with Ellen

37. As Samuel go to Joe’s Bar.

38. As Laura again investigate the alley.

39. Go back home

40. Go to the post service (the same build where Samuel work)

41. Go home and then go to the kitchen and drink your “protein”

(if you choose to Give it to Emma you will activate Emma’s Cum addiction.)

42. Go to the Gym ( if you choose to Stay with Kisha you will enable lesbian content.)

43. Talk with David in front of the office build.

(if you choose Eat it you will increase Laura’s Cum addiction.)

44. A strange guy is following you, and try to escape from him

45. To proceed with the story you need to see the map event “Red rose with thorns” take a look at the Map Events section.

46. Go to living room, Emma and Zoe will appear

47. As Emma take Zoe to the bus stop ( in front of the alley next to Joe’s bar)

48. As James go to the Marcus’ House (In the new direction)

49. Catch Samuel and David talking in the kitchen. (you need to see the map event “Peter’s Secrets” take a look at the Map Events section.)

50. Find Samuel in the alley

51. Meet Jess in front of office building

52. Go to Joe’s Bar with Jess

53. Go to Kisha’s clothing store

54. Go back to the Alley

55. Go to the House in Beach

56. Go back Home and turn on the lights

57. Talk to people at your birthday party

58. Find Samuel in the Joe’s Bar

MAP EVENTS – Laura : Lustful Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

1. Jack fights the black bird

2. Mom and Dad

3. Emma’s bathing suit

4. James’ love letters

5. James’ cell phone

6. A perfect day at the beach

A. Talk to James in his room

B.Talk to Emma in her room

C. Go to beach

7. Injured hands

8. Love Letter

9. Red rose with thorns

10. Peter’s Secrets


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