Dominant Witches

Dominant Witches Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Dominant Witches Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to complete all the routes and endings.

Whore ending

you must have enough sub-points* by day 29 and not submit to Camilla

Zoe’s ending

you must avoid whore ending and choose her side in her argument with Yuki

• if you have 10+ her sub-points you will be her‘pup’and get a giantess scene

• if you have less than 10 points you will be her assistant and get a blowjob scene

Salma’s ending

you must avoid whore ending and refuse Zoe’s offer on day 30

• if futa content is activated you will be her bitch, otherwise, you will be her assistant

• if you agreed to permanent transformation and futa is locked you get a lesbian scene(rubbing)

• if you refused permanent transformation and futa is locked you’ll fuck Salma (doggy)

• if futa is unlocked you will get a dick-licking scene (regardless of whether you are a man or a woman)

Yuki’s ending

just accept her side in her argument with Zoe

Catrine’s ending

don’t pick up the amulet in ruins, then bring her Leah on day 26 (Leah’s sub points must be less than 16)

Leah’s ending

you must avoid all other endings by day 31 if you have less than 6 points you can dominate and harshly fuck her otherwise you’ll be her‘bitchboy’and toilet also, if you have less than 15 points you can avoid her ending

Camilla’s ending

you must find an amulet in ruins that will save you from Catrine, and then submit to Camilla (when you meet cultists), you also have to avoid Yuki’s ending


her ending is the most complicating and depends of your choices, it will start even you already got other endings, but:

• If you got vampire ending she won’t be able to contact you anymore

• If you are fox:

if you brought her Catrine succubus will be just disappointed that you become a fox

◦ if you didn’t bring her anyone she’ll demand to do it, but Yuki will break your connection and tell her to f**k off

• If you got Camilla ending, succubus will be scared of you

• If you have other endings:

If you brought her Catrine, she’ll tell you to meet her in Sikeira

If you didn’t bring her anyone, she’ll demand to do it. You can chose Zoe or Salma or just agree for being her slave(bad ending).

No matter who you bring to her, you will start her ending. Succubus will offer you to become an incubus

However, if you brought her Catrine you can refuse and just went back to the


Succubus’bad ending

just give up when she captures you

Freedom ending

Is not really the ending, but you can just avoid all the endings, and don’t let anyone control you, pick up an amulet, don’t earn Camilla’s points, run from Succubus(or make a deal with her then bring her Catrine and then refuse her offer to become an incubus), don’t choose Yuki’s side in the argument

*60 sub-points if all optional fetishes are locked

65 sub-points if some fetishes are locked

70 sub-points if everything is unlocked

Dominant Witches Walkthrough & Guide

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