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Alice Awakening Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Alice Awakening Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.


You have 4 (actual) stats: Courage, Tenderness, Accuracy, Lust. These actually affects nightime events properly, and,

Courage and Lust: These unlock the zones where you can touch Alice, also unlocks the option to masturbate. I’ll tell you later which zones unlocks and when, but, each 10 to 15 points (it seems) unlocks a zone up to 80 I think. Least important.

Tenderness: As it says in the game this increases the points you get for touching Alice. Second most important. Also it says that it increases other things, I believe this changes the amount of points you get for relationships, I think I started getting 1 or 2 points now I get up to 5 points with the chef bonus, then again when I noticed it my tenderness was already 120+ so see this as a side note for possible future strats.

Accuracy: This is probably the only stat that actually explains itself completely in-game, so nothing to say. Most important.

Then the black sheep of the group, Action Points: After every 5 points invested in this stat you get 1 point to play with Alice. nothing out of this world, specially because you don’t get too much content from touching, still meaningful. Third most important.

Now with the actual grinding “guide”:


Items actually matter the first 10-20 days, kinda, the only things that you are going to be looking for are: Soda cans, Chips, Choco Sticks, E-Drinks (E-Girls bathwater ;p), Pelmeni and Spinach. If you read their descriptions you probably already know where we are going.


Because the game is VERY randomized you can’t expect certain things to happen on the days that you want, so we are going to do things in order to only increase stats, whatever comes in between is only welcomed.

Btw you only have 3 actions per day.

-First go to the Storage room (Upper Left of the map), click the first option to “Look for old junk” (dialogues are kinda funny at first read. Have fun reading them first, for the luls), you will get the “Collector” status, increases the chances of finding items for the rest of that day. Consumes 1 action.

-Second, go to the Kitchen, if you are lucky you won’t have any events, actually it’s pretty common to not have any, click the second option to look for items, choose whatever box you want but always pick the same box there’s no point in wasting time choosing which one to grab. I’ll tell you what to do with each item later, remember that we’re looking for the items I pointed up before. Consumes 1 action.

-Third, repeat second. Consumes last action. The guy will automaticlly “go to sleep” because it’s late, then it will ask you if you want to “visit” Alice, always say yes, we are grinding here, try to not waste time. Visiting her will open the nightime event.


-The firsts days are literally pointless to do anything else, I had my best luck with items and events in the kitchen, so never farmed anywhere else. To go to other places (to look for the other events/sexy/ecchi scenes) is just a luxury for when you have finished grinding.

-There are 3 possible events if you find Alice in a room:

*The stats events: Here you will be presented with 3 options. Apparently the first one is always meant to increase the relationship stat of Alice (you can see her stats in nightime events), the second one trades relationship points for lust points (not worth it) and the last one is just bad, will just reduce your relation points which is the hardest stat to increase.

*The ecchi/sexy event (safe): Just a scene where you get to see Alice’s body in very… nice positions, ends with you just going away. No stats are changed.

*The ecchi/sexy event (unsafe): Same as the above you just unlock a dialogue where you are caught looking at her and she just gets “mad” at you, doesn’t change stats but seems to make the mood warm/aroused more often in nightime events, didn’t look if it changed her lust in anyway. These scenes have the most potential for her stats to change (this is a note for the developer).

-If you find her the event will take 1 action for the day, just adapt and keep searching for items. If at your first action of the day, say, the first thing you are going to do is get the Chef status and she appears just search for items for the next 2 actions, it’s the only valuable thing to do.

-I’ll repeat this later but try to save a set amount of points for upgrades.


These are fairly simple. You have action points, you select a zone to put your hand on that zone then click again to spend AP in order to get upgrade points, easy.

-I don’t remember with how many AP you start, I believe it’s 3, but, do know that depending on where you touch, and the mood set (warm and aroused are the best to go a little over the top with your touching), the counter for Alice to wake up will go up faster.

-You have 4 places where you can touch first time, the top of her head, her cheeks, over her chest and below her neck, and her stomach (actually I’m not sure if I unlocked any of these after leveling courage/lust). I decided that the best to touch on first days are the cheeks and over her chest, with the zone over her chest giving you the most points (I believe, not sure). Do touch her till you no longer have AP and finish. Side note: You can change the “camera” position to look at her legs, the first leg you can touch is the left one Idk if it’s possible to touch it before increasing courage/lust, if you can then you most likely burst the counter of Alice, so don’t do it until you have around 10 accuracy.

These are the zones that unlocked for me in the order that I noticed after leveling courage and lust (upgraded them at the same time):

-Her mouth (Finger-in-mouth. Don’t touch it, bugged and is annoying, also is one of the riskiest zones).

-Her right leg.

-Both legs.

-Left breast.

-Both breasts.

-Her cat.

-Her clit.

How I think stats should be upgraded:

First, just put all your points on tenderness at the start, once it is lvl5, or more whatever, here:

-Increase accuracy always.

-Increase tenderness whenever you can have it to be 5 points lower than accuracy. Example: 5 AP, 5 courage, 10 tenderness, 15 accuracy and 5 lust. Though maybe at first 10 levels you may want them closer, at a 7 and 7 for example.

-Increase AP when you feel like it.

-Increase courage/lust whenever you feel your accuracy is strong enough to help with more “daring” touching.

Last but not least, the items:

So you have items for these 3 things:

-Farm items, an item that increases the chances of items dropping, yeah, pretty ironic.

-Farm points, these increase the points you get for touching. Personally never used them.

-Lower the price of upgrades.

So the way you use them is, choose a day to do one of those things, and do it.

*For farming items: Same as always, go to the storage room, get your “Collector” status, then eat the items that increase item drops and start searching. Yes, you can, and most likely will, encounter Alice and she can take either your action for the day or the item that you got, deal with it.

*For farming points: Just go to the WC and use it before the day ends, you will get the “Relieved” status, and eat the items that give you points in the night events. What you can do these days in the meantime is up to you, but as always, I recommend searching items without any buffs. Probably the safest.

*To make upgrades cheaper: This is specially worth when you have a lot of points saved, so SAVE points, go to the Living room and watch the TV, you will get the “Lazy guy” status, and eat the items to lower the upgrades prices. Upgrade and do whatever you want, again, the recommended is to search for items.

Done. I would say that for day 30, with enough luck, you should have everything above 70, so pretty much done. Days will pass fast it’s just tedious to do the same thing over, and over again for 30 days in a row (probably 45 mins). Yet, this is for people that aren’t THAT familiar with these type of games and got interested in this one, and those that have problems grinding.

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