Domina Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Domina Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

1) Boot up the game.
2) Complete the Dekarous questionnaire which pretty much doesn’t impact anything past the first three Dominas.
3) Enter Katrina’s realm (First door on the right)
4) Talk to Katrina and do her fetch quest in her catacombs. Don’t worry, zombies are not interactable.
5) Challenge Katrina in a fight.
6) Fucking die.
7) Get out of the cell and go get her potion.
8) Fucking die again.
9) Go farm in the catacombs for maybe 30 minutes to an hour.
10) Beat up Katrina.
11) Nom Nom her seal.
12) Become her slave and end her game or don’t and progress with the game. (This option is available to pretty much every Domina)
13) Go to Madelaine’s realm.
14) Go through her maze. You can unlock relatively early decent equipment there
15) Scream in the void (Optional)
16) Face Madelaine again and beat her.
17) Om nom nom her seal.
18) Narcissa’s realm is next.
19) Before you go there, just go get Soul Link and Shadowbound from the Grim Reaper, it will help greatly.
20) Face Narcissa. In the process, you might end up drinking her piss, eating her shit and getting farted on. Such is life.
21) Beat Narcissa.
22) Chase Narcissa.
23) Beat Narcissa again.
24) Omnomnom her seal (You glutton you)
25) Mary’s realm is next.
26) Do her stuff.
27) Fucking die.
28) Fucking die again.
29) Fucking die again.
30) Fucking die again.
31) Notice a pattern? Yes? Good. Because go die.
32) Diediest death.
33) Oh look! Death!
34) Eventually after a while, the MC figures out that life is pointless, he’s dumb and he can’t even slit his wrists right to end this vicious circle of life and death. Go talk to Grim Reaper.
35) Try to pray or some shit.
36) Die.
37) Die.
38) Mary knows you’re dumb.
39) Oh shit! An angel appears and it’s the goddess that gave you useless spells! Now they’re buffed and they’re still useless, but who cares?
39.1) Note: Most of these things can be broken because Deka is bad at scripting unwinnable fights. They’re all very winnable.
40) Die, btw.
41) Go see the angel again.
42) Go back to Mary and finally beat her.
43) Rosita is next. You lost an angel goddess thing, but who cares?
44) Either confront Rosita or do her quests for extra scenes.
45) Go fetch her memory crystal that is way way North.
46) Return to her. Don’t give her back the crystal as a big “lawl”.
46.1) Optional: Have your game entirely softlocked if you have stress at 100. Smile    :)
47) Francizka is next.
49) Die inside IRL
50) This realm is a crawl.
51) Probably nobody is reading this thing anymore, so I’ll roll my thumbs around and whistle.
52) …
53) zzz…
54) Huh!? Cool! You did it. See? You only had to have Shadowbound and Vengeance to beat her up with her instakill hammer! Yay!
55) Twins next.
56) So the Twins normally always self-heal on the first few fights. But Deka is really bad at scripting fights. Once you’re held in facesitting position, don’t struggle. Just keep attacking. They’ll take damage, you won’t and the Twins won’t be able to heal. Easy win.
57) Raa is next!
58) … Raa is next?
59) … Raa… is… next…
60) FUCK!
61) Meet Raa, go get her tablets, pray for the RPG Maker gods that the game doesn’t break because Deka is just straight up terrible at making a game on RPGMaker!
62) Congratulations! Despite you trying your hardest, your game broke and you can’t go any further.
63) Do the hula on the tomb of your free time you mercilessly murdered to play this.

Edit to include Hora:

64) Go to Hora’s realm
65) Go beat up some zambies. Alternatively, go see step 65.1
65.1) Congratulations! You’re softlocked now because Raa’s realm is complete dogshit! Reload save file or start again before Raa and start over while you now have suicidal tendencies.
66) Once you got 10 petals, go meet Hora.
67) Fight and lose.
68) Go free Llavanya in Mary’s realm.
69 [nice]) You now walk at the pace of a slug. Here’s now 99% of your time playing the game from now on.
70) Just get a noose ready, because Llavanya stopping you to tell you the same exact 10 flavor texts every 6 steps.
71) Go beat every previous Dominas.
72) Oh right, you’re super slow. So I’ll say it more slowly: “Goooooooooo beeeeeeeaaaaat eeeeeeveeeeeryyyyyyyy preeeeeeviooouuuus Dooooomiiiiinaaaaas”
73) Return to Hora once it’s done or kill yourself IRL. I’m not your dad. Just remember to disable your auto-renewal on Deka’s patreon if you chose any of these options.
74) Don’t join her. Shit hits the fan. The game will now look like what you’d expect from a normal Dekarous game. So everything is still normal.
75) Pain
76) This drags on for a while.
77) Who designed this shi– Oh right.
78) Meet the Reaper.
79) Congratulations! Deka retconned you were the Reaper all along and you were just a dickhead to yourself and even helped out Rosita by feeding her poor innocents. This is totally not a last minute decision by Deka and was totally planned all along!
80) Don’t step into the red light. Break the loop. Nothing makes sense anymore as if it made any to begin with. Now wait 11 months to suck off Deka and forget how bad his work is and play the game again in 12 months when the bugfix patch fixes absolutely nothing. Rinse and repeat.

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