Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Depraved Awakening Walkthrough (Completed)

Here’s the Day-by-Day Depraved Awakening walkthrough, it helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Game Version: The Final version

Day 1 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

* Keep Going

Scene with Carli. Getting a high score will open new scenes later

* Way Better (+1 Score)

* Thought 20 > Fuck Yes (+1 Lust)

* Truth About Job (+1 Score and You can get her help later)

* Nothing Crazy (+1 Score)

* Wild (+1 Lust)

* Deep Throat (will allow the deepthroat scene)

Tips during scene

* During the scene if you push your fingers deep in her mouth you will

lose 1 score but gain 1 lust and the option for deepthroat. If your score

falls to low though she will kick you out.

* Dont go for anal you will lose 1 score to Carli.

Day 2 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Scene with Judy

* Yeah of Course (+1 Score)

* Dont know (+1 Lust) Will probably set this to 0 in the future.

Scene with Eddie and Hollis

* Accept Eddies invite for a scene in episode 5.

In order to have a full scene with Stella Hollis needs to punch you.

* You Tell me

* Respond in Kind

Scene with Stella

* You can lie or not to Stella. Lying will come back to hurt you later on though.

* After the enemies question push her (+1 Score)

* After her scene if you got punched you will gain (+1 Lust)

Voyeur Scene

* Both Follow and Sneak open up new branches.

* Staying will lead to options and Flamingos

* Following will open up more options with Carli

Follow Scene

* If you haven’t told Carli you should now (+1 Score)

* After the conversation if she knows your a detective (+1 Score)

Stripper Scene

* How can I refuse

* Holy Fuck

Home Scene

* Let her drink (+1 Score)

Day 3 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Morning Scene

* Not at all (+1 Score)

* More inviting (+1 Lust)


* Finding a new purse (+1 Score and Lust to Kira)


If you said “Finding a new purse” before you will get a small new scene here.

* I think so (+1 Score)


* Jerk Off (+1 Lust and +1 Depravity)


* Truth (+1 Score)

* Lie (+1 Lust)

Choice on drinking. If she doesnt drink you will gain +1 Score and if your score is at least 3

she will show you the outfits she got that day. If you get her drunk though you wont get any points

but will have access to scenes later that night.


If Carli Knows your job she will come here.

* That’s not casual wear (+1 Score)

If your score is 4 or higher more options open up.

* Hold Her

* Grab Ass (+1 Lust)

* After scene (+1 Score and Lust)

Home Night

If Judy is drunk no scores to be made just do what you like. Going far will increase your

depravity score.

If not drunk.

* She can piss off (+1 Lust)

* Sexy (+1 Lust)

* Pretty (+1 Score)

Day 4 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough


Morning scene at home with Judy

* It must have been a good show (+1 Lust)

* The outfit is nice (+1 score)


First scene to meet Christina

* Tell the truth (+1 Score to Christina)

* Interrupt Judy (+1 Lust to Christina 1 Score to Judy)

Once you are introduced Christina will appear in the stats box.

Outside the Mason Apartment

If Carli is helping you

* If your score is 3 or greater with her you can ask her out.

This will chain off in 0.6

This will also give you a +1 score to carli

Hollis will be here. You have a couple options.

* if you approach him you can apologize about his sister. This has no impact

* You Can be aggressive and he will hate you more.

* Letting him go will have no impact

* If you know of Awakenings via Carli or sneaking into Stella’s apartment

you can mention this to him. This will have impacts in the game down the line.

If you rush Hollis the outcomes are similiar.

Youngs Apartment

* Listen or wait it’s your choice. It can play out a bit different each time.

* When you meet mido there is a possible hidden scene. If you have a depravity

of 3 it will happen but otherwise there is only a chance of it happening.

The scene can show up while you are asking her questions.

* There are no score or lust points to be gained with Mido right now.

Wait or go to the Club

If you have Carli helping you you can relieve her from her post. But if you

went to the strip club in 0.2 you can head back for more information.

Candi the strippers score is hidden but if you were nice to her before this will work.

* Look someone could be in trouble (+1 score to Candi)

Next she will give you more information of the Club you will visit.


There is nothing you can do here but if Judy has a lust of 4 or higher she will bare it all.


You primarly have two options here. Sneak in or wait around to jump a patron of the club.

* Talking to the Homeless man gives you clues on the password needed to enter.

* You can sneak in or hit wait 2 times. (This will most likely be changed in later episodes to make

it harder to find someone to jump if you did not take the sneak route on day 2)

* The password is “yes means no” Feel free to check the others and just hit back though.

You can either sneak in. Which will take you directly to a scene with Stella or you

can act as a patron after you have jumped another. Sneaking in will be covered in the next section.

Awakenings Club

Important. Make sure Stella never drops below 0 on your score.

There are a lot of ways to play this out but generally don’t lie to her again if you did on day 2.

If you are nice (Dep 1;)

Damsel Route after being nice

* If you take the nice route and Stella does not know your are a Private Eye Make sure you are honest with her.

Lying again will cost you 2 points to stellas score.

* If you were honest with her on day 2 (Score +1)

* If your score and lust are both 1 or greater you can initiate an anal scene.

Rough Route after being nice

* She realizes you are there to help (Score +1)

If you were mean to her you can do any of the rough actions but no score is earned. (Make sure its not negative)

If you snuck in you will find her and she realizes whats going on (Score +1)


There is not much for you to do here but if Stella doesnt like you. You will die.


This scene plays out differently depending if Carli is helping or not.

* Offer Whiskey instead of Rum (Score +1)

Day 5 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Office in the morning (only if you have not yet had help from Carli)

Tell Stella its fine

Automatically get +1 Score with Carli for helping her friend.


Tell Judy the truth and you get +1 Score to her.


When Your asked what you want/

* Truth gives +1 score to mido

* Justice gives +1 Lust

If you peek you will gain +1 to depravity

Should you stop Patrick or not is up to you but this is a significant part.

The story will be different based on this decision much like the Sneak into stella or follow.

* Helping Mido will get you a +2 Score but you won’t be able to follow Patrick.

* If you let it continue you will gain +1 depravity and will be able to follow patrick.

Office in the afternoon

A significant part in the game in a future update can be unlocked here but choices from before will really matter. I’ll put the steps at the bottom of this section.

If you tell Stella the truth you will lose 2 score.

If you bend the truth there are 2 possible outcomes.

* if you snuck into Awakenings you get +1 lust and +1 score

* if you went through the front door you will get +1 score

When offered to grab a feel you need your score and lust to be 4 and 2, it’s very bad if you don’t.

If you do not Carli will lose her shit. Your score and lust will reset to 0 each and the date option will be removed. Otherwise you will get a fun little scene.

Now to open up a path for Carli+Stella

* You need a score of 6 and a lust of 2 to begin this.

* First tell her the truth. She will be pissed but not pissed enough to punish you to hard.

* Since your score will now be 4 and lust is 2 you can still grab a feel. This will unlock it.

* In 0.6 I will change this slightly where you have to say “Not sure” on who’s you like more.

Club with Eddie

When Eddie asks about it getting to dangerous pick whichever but it will impact the game in the future.

Have Lynn tell you the story.

Club with Christina and Judy

Depending on your score and lust there will be some different dialogue options here. This happens througout the game but there is a good amount of it here.

If you where with Eddie you will bump into Christina.

* Tell Christina you like her stockings.

When Judy asks for tequila if your lust with her is 5 or higher choose “Sure” to drink. If it’s not 5 say no.

When dancing if Judy has a lust higher than 4 she will kiss you.

If you told judy not to drink and your score is not 5 or higher this version will end shortly.

Christina’s Apartment

Say it must be expensive (Unlocks Daddy path which features a spanking and grinding scene and different dialogue throughout)

If you got here and didn’t have judy drink and her lust is 6 or higher you have a chance at a special scene and unlock her hidden talent.

If you go through with Christina you will get +1 to depravity

Day 6 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Christina’s in the morning (If you went home you will start at the office after christinas)

If you had sex with christina the previous night

* The club (+1 score)

* Fucking You (+1 lust)

* Being your Daddy (+1 score and lust. Only if you ask about how she pays for the apartment then making her daddies girl)

* Judy (+1 Score)

If you have a lust of 2 or higher with christina a bonus scene to pick an outfit.

Pick whichever you like.

Christina at the kitchen

* Truth +1 lust with christina

* Never +1 score with judy

* Yep +1 lust with judy

The Youngs

If you stopped patrick last time you will automatically be watching the youngs from afar.

Otherwise you have some more choices here.

You can go rescue mido or watch from next door. These have large impacts on the game. To further with Mido you need to rescue her.

Rescuing her either by choosing the option or having had hit patrick before will get you a +1 to lust and score with Mido

After at the hotel telling her that “I’ll see what i can do” will increase Mido’s score by 1

Meet with Eddie

This scene can play out differently depending on past events. If you snuck into stella’s there is an extra scene that I wont spoil here. It’s not a fun scene though.

If you didn’t meet with Eddie the other night he will give you the low down on no evidence being found at port lane.

He will also help you with Patrick

Judy at Home

For this scene to play out you need at least a score of 4 with Judy.

* Explore First +1 dep

* Kiss Her +1 Score

Dinner Scene

* Ask about her day

* Good +1 score

* Poor Guy +1 lust

* If you tell her about the case and rescued Mido you will get +1 to score with her and she will help you.

* If Carli’s lust is 3 or higher there is a small little footsie scene here.

* You must have a score of 4 with carli to go home with her.

* For this version you can decide to not go home with carli. This will be removed in 0.7. It is to allow you guys to see

the club scene which can happen if you do not go out with carli.

Carli Scene

Just have fun.

Club Scene

Having a high depravity will open up a more rough route.

* I need this +1 Dep

* Anal requires a depravity score of 4.

* Treat Her like a slut +1 to depravity.

* Fuck fucking requires a depravity of 5. Don’t confuse this with the deepthroating.

* Having a depravity of 6 and 7 will have things speed up more and more dialogue.

Depravity has always been used in the game but typically for dialogue on what the MC will say. It’s typically earned by

doing very wrong things. It will have positive and negative impacts in the game.

Depravity Point Locations:

* (Day3) Fondling Judy while drunk for example gets you 2 points.

* (Day3) Masturbate with Stella watching from the window for 1 point

* (Day5) Peeking on Mido at her home gets +1 point

* (Day5) Letting patrick go with Mido when your inside the apartment +1 Point

* (Day5) Sex with Christina next to Judy +1 point

* (Day6) Explore Judy before kissing her at home +1 point

* (Day6) Just accepting the gift +1, Treat her like a slut +1 Point

Day 7 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Morning At Home or Office

Morning Scene. Can start 3 ways.

1. You slept with Carli but are not getting getting along with Judy.

* You start in the office.

2. You visited Kira and came home but are not getting along with Judy.

* You start on the couch at home.

3. You did either or and are getting along with Judy. Goodness prevails.

You have to have a score of 4 with judy for this scene to progress.

* Beautiful +1 Score

* Sexy +1 Lust

* When she asks you what you should call her you can response with “Daddy”

This will boost you to a lust of 5 if you do not have it already. Otherwise

pick any name you want.

* having a lust of 5 will let this scene progress slightly more.


* Can I see (+1 lust with Stella ONLY if Carli’s score is 4 or higher)

If Stella has a lust of 2 or higher she will try to seduce you.

* Oh you naughty woman (+1 Dep starts scene)

* What about Carli OR Stop this will move to a second request by stella.

* I cant resist (starts scene no dep change)

* No (1 dep, skips scene)

Patricks Apartment

* Do what you like here. But COME ON. DO IT! you know you want to 🙂

Cabin Outside

This scen can go in two ways. If you did not resuce mido she will be in the basement.

If you did rescue her. She will be upstairs but ONLY if you did not wait two times while outside.

* If you wait two times while outside when you find her you will lose 2 score towards her.

Cabin After

* Slightly different start of this scene if you found her upstairs or in the basement.


* Main scene will only happen if you rescued mido in 0.6 and have a score of 3 or higher.

* note if you have a high depravatiy 5 or higher and do not have a score of 4 or higher this scene

can end badly. Make sure you have a score of at least 4. Having a 2 in lust helps as well.

* also there are 2 scenes here for 4 or lower dep and 2 scenes for 5 or higher dep. If you get

“Get on the floor” you have a high dep. This will appear after you have chosen in the menu below.

* She can call you whatever you like.

* Make her yours (+1 Lust)

* Comfort her (+1 Score can still let scene happen)

* telling her to submit If your score and lust are not 4 and 2 being a bit rough will end

the scene badly. Choose blowjob instead to avoid.

* depending on your depravity to end this scene you need to get a blowjob for high dep or

a footjob for low dep.

Day 8 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough


* Depending on Mido’s state there are 2 possible introductions to this scene.

* Being stern with judy will cost 1 score.


* If you had sex with carli after dinner and Mido is in good spirits she will ask you about carli.

* You have a few choices here that matter later. If you say you like her very much Mido will do one last final

thing to help you out. She will ensure a threesome with Carli and Stella. BUT this will be the end of Mido’s path.

* If you choose just yes you will have an option later to visit Mido or Carli but won’t ensure anything.

* You can also tell her that you are not that interested in carli

* You can accept Mido an continue her path but close off some future scenes with Carli

* You can reject Mido leaving your paths with Carli open but not ensuring a threesome. This will also end Mido’s current path.

* Depending on your relationship with Carli there are two alternate scenes at the end of part.


* The choices here are not of much consequence in this update but do dictate some future dialogue in this version but telling her the truth both times will increase her score in the next update.

Spa Upstairs

* If Christina has a score of 2 and a lust of 2 you can have a small extra scene here.

* If you refuse the scene by speaking up you will lose 1 point of dep.

Rengent Building

* Go to the front and talk with the guard.

* Mentioning the death could make things a bit easier in the future when you come back.

* Mentioning his gun may make things a bit harder in the future. This is not completely a bad thing.

* Searching around back you can go inside the back loading bay.

* Searching around you can cut the wires to the door. This will make things easier in the future. Again

it may be fun to get into a bit of trouble.


* If you mentioned awakenings to hollis or you let him go without berating him he will show up.

* Select anything you want here most are for flavor and information. But there is one important item to take note of.

If you select “Sex with sister” this will piss Hollis off and he will leave. This has important consequences later.

Spa again and bar

* Your score with christina here does not matter. Things will escalate to goodness regardless but there are a few options. If you had sex with her before and had the option to pick spicy or sweet this will come into play at the

bar and after if you go down that path.

* If you went to the bar with Eddie you will meet Lynn here again though with an upgrade.

* Picking Yes to leave will start a scene between Christina and Lynn. This will result in Christina running off with you following. This will lead to an HScene and you will learn a few things about Christina.

* Picking No will let the scene continue forward.

* Saying “Sure I guess” will let the scene continue forward to something really fun.

* Saying “That’s an understatement” will result in the two bickering with Christina running off with you following. This will lead to an HScene and you will learn a few things about Christina.

* You can elect again to leave while Lynn goes to get drinks or stay. Your Choice. This will lead to an Hscene but you will not learn much about christina.

* If you elect to leave at any time you will get a +1 score with christina here.

Lynns Apartment

* You can decide who you like more.

* Cant decide no change

* Christina you get +1 Score and +1 Lust

* Lynn. She may decide to not say anything about you.

* There are two options in this sex scene for a dep greater than or equal to 7 and two other options for lower than 7.

Spa at Night

* If you choose spicy back at Christina’s you will get an introduction scene and a few events for the that.

* If you choose sweet back at Christina’s you will get an introduction scene and a few events for that choise as well.

Otherwise for both scenes enjoy.

Chapter 9 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough


* talk with Judy. Different scores and if you lied to her about the situation will result in different dialogue.

* Talk with Eddie

* Ask the questions how you like but you can push him if you ask about the neighbours before Portland

* Talk with Christina

* If her score is 3 or higher she may divulge more information to you.

* if you push her she will reveal it but will suffer a 1 score. But it will garner you with more information about the situation and may pay off later.


* You will be interrupted by certain individual.

* Talk with him and there could possibly be an option here (for now we will leave that a secret. I will update this later after people figure it out.)

* Let the rest of the scene play out.

After the Chase in the subway

* depending on your previous choices from the last few updates this may be automatically chosen for you.

* If you picked Mido while at the part you will go see her.

* If you told Mido you really liked Carli you will go to Carli.

* If have a good relationship with Mido and didn’t make a choice at the park you can choose where to go.

* If you did not sleep with Mido at the end of chapter 7 you will go see Carli.


* If she submitted to you in chapter 7 she will be ready to again.

* If you did not make her submit she will be more loving.

* If you have a score of 4 and a lust of 2 AND a dep score of 7 you can do a more rough approach.

* If you get the slave route you can switch to the more loving route which will lower your dep by 1.

* Play the scenes out however you wish.

Mido Regent

* Go in through the back or front.

* If you did not rig the door you will not be able to get in and will have to go through the front.

Mido Regent Upstairs

* If you went in through the front there are 2 possible ways this can play out. The security can be here or not.

* If you lowered the security by 2 the Guard will be “busy”.


* when asked about the couch the first two answers don’t have any impact. But if you slept with Carli in episode 6 you have an extra option of the couch being special.

* Use that and you can tell her how you feel. +2 Carli score.

* Stella will meet you after a bit. When you are alone you can accept her or reject her but you need a lust score of 3 for this to happen.

If you reject her you will lose 1 dep point. This can also have an impact later in the game.

Carli Loft

* Then finally you need a score of 5 with Carli for a scene with her.

* If you have a lust of 4 with her there will be an extra option.

* Play as you wish.

* If you told her far back in chapter 5 about comparing breasts. Or told Mido you really cared for Carli this scene is expanded.

Carli Regent

See the Mido Regent above.

Chapter 10 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

* The beginning of this chapter there are not that many choices since it is dictated by your previous choices.

Mido Path

* When getting to Carlis you can let her do the talking +1 score with carli

Carli Path

* You can elect to tell Carli about judy

* If you do and you have a score of 4 or higher with judy you can tell Carli positive things about Judy.

* If you have a whooping score of 10 with carli and a lust score of 5 with judy. Carli will mention something to you that may peek your interest.

* Allow the next few scenes to play out. IM SORRY! Find it in your hearts to forgive me!

Carli After

* Apolgize for +1 score to Carli


* If you pressed her you will barge in.

* Apologize for +1 score

* If you did not apologize and you have a lust score with christina of 2 you have three options

* Forgive +2 score and 2 dep but no scene. You may need a decent score with her later.

* Go with Christina for a small little scene

* Punish her for a different scene

* If you did not press her before let the scene play out.

* if christinas score is 4 or higher

* Forgive +2 score and 2 dep and same as above

* Go with christina for a small little scene

* if lust is 3 or higher you can punish her for another little scene.

Judy Scene

* Time to corrupt Judy a little.

* There is a hidden corruption score for judy which ties in with her lust. So the better lust the more corruption works.

* She will be more willing to do and say things with a higher corruption. Many dialogue entries will change based on this as well.

* If judy’s score is 4 or higher she will knock on your door.

* Say Wait for her to come back.

* You can agree her lingerie is stunning which gets you +1 score. If you have 6 in this stat by this point you dont need it.

* Say its sexy then tell her to turn around will increase her corruption.

* After this you are presenting with choices for face, breasts, and pussy. Do all of them.

* For each if your lust is 6 or higher use the top menu choice.

* If your score is 5 or higher use the bottom menu choice.

* When done select move on. If her lust and corruption are high enough she will stay other wise she will get scared and run off.

* If Judy’s score is 5 or higher she will tell you to make love to her.

* You can say you love her or not. Choice is up to you.

* If judys lust and corruption are high enough you can do a sixty nine position.

* when sitting on your lap say “who cares”

* If judy says “I’ve been bad, playername, I talk to much.” You have chosen wisely and will get a nice bonus scene.

* Otherwise all other options are up to you past this point.

Eric Scene

* His wife wanders around the house when you get there.

* Go to the back first. Then the Kitchen. Then the bedroom. This has no effect further along but it’s fun to watch.

* This scene can play out in 2 completely different ways.

* If your dep is greater than 9 it will rough. You have no choice. (no dep change)

* If your dep is less than 5 you will give her the best fucking she ever had. (no dep change)

* If your dep is between 9 and 5 you can choose.

* chosing the rough route you will gain 1 dep

* chosing the best fuck route you will lose 1 dep

* during the rough scene there is an option to stop. If you do not on the second warning you will get +2 dep.

* Also on the rough scene doing the first option first will lead to a funny little bit later.

* Play the rest of the scene how you like.

Chapter 11 Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Diner Scene

* The waitress will ask you who you are interested in. You will be able to choose between who if your score is high enough.

This will dictate how the next part plays out but can still be changed by choice later. You can choose Mido but later change it.

* If your score if 4 or higher with Christina you can choose to select that you trust her.

The Vic

* If your score with Carli is 7 or under and you selected her from the diner you will get a scene on a roof top after speaking with Mido.

* If your score with Carli is higher than 7 you will have the option of joining her in the shower.

* If you choose Mido Carli will still be at the room. You can talk with her and if you have a score of 8 or higher you can negate your Mido choice and go with Carli if you so wish. Otherwise you can ask Carli where Mido is and join her at the pool.

There are 3 scenes here but you can only get one.


* You can check up on both girls. You then have the option to approach them if your score is high enough. (Chris 2 or higher) (Judy 5 or higher)

* With Christina having a lust of 2 or higher will open up other options.

* With Judy after you wake her up if your score is over 4 but your lust is under 6 select “After Earlier”

* If your lust is 6 or higher select “Let’s have fun”.

* You need to be careful here because its possible Judy will get mad at you. If you play with her ass make sure you have a good lust but you also need a decent judycorrput score as well. If its high enough she won’t get mad at you.

* If you choose anal ensure you have a lust of 6 or higher. If not the scene will end. It won’t affect the relationship but it will prevent the scene from continuing.


* If you have a score of 5 or more with Judy you get a few extra scenes here.

* Now if you have a good amount of corruption and Christina has a lust of 2 or higher you will get a nice small threesome scene.

* After this its all action and will play out based on choices up to the very end where a few more choices can show up.

The fight

* I’ll go through this quickly and avoid spoilers but the fight scene plays out very differently based on choices you have made with Hollis. If he doesn’t hate you it will go one way. If he hates you and you slept with Lynn and didn’t say you liked her more it will play out another way.

The Canal

* Kill her or not.

* If you haven’t declared yourself with any girl you will have options here otherwise if you told one you loved them you will go a certain path. If you told two that you will have the option to choose here.

* Telling Carli you love her will lead you to go back to the Vic

* Telling Judy you love her will lead you to the press

* Just having sex with Mido back at the vic in this update is enough to send you down the path back towards the vic.

* If you did none of those things you will be given options. The Vic if you had sex with Carli. The Press if your score with Judy is high enough. Or the Hospital.

Final Chapter Depraved Awakening Walkthrough

Hospital Path (Christina or Depraved Routes)

* If your dep score is 8 or greater Kira will pay you a visit.

* Can accept her first offer without consequence.

* After you have your fun she will confirm if you wish to join her. You can dismiss her or go with it to go on the depraved route.

* If you dismiss her you have a chance at an end with Christina.

* For Christina she obviously can not be dead and has to have a score of at least 3

* Tell her how you truly feel to lock your path with Christina

* Forgive her and you can still take the Carli or Mido routes later at the funeral.

Depraved Route

* After meeting with kira you will then get a scene with an old friend.

* After the credits roll and you have let the dragon live and your dep score is 10 or higher you will get a small bonus scene.

Christina Route

* After telling Christina how you feel you will go to the funeral scene.

* Let the scenes play out.

* If you have a judy lust and score of 5 or higher you will get a webcam scene with Judy.

* Let the rest of the scene with Carli play out.

* You will meet Christina at the book store and get a bit of a show.

* Go talk with Mido then later go back to Christina’s for dinner.

* If Judy has a high enough corruption score along with a decent lust you can ask her to stick around for a big duo scene. If you managed to do anal with Judy in the last chapter this option will be available.

* After you will get a big scene with Christina.

Vic Path (Carli or Mido)

* When you encounter Eddie be mean to him.

* When Hollis shows up be mean to him or even better mention his sister if that option is available. That is only there if you went with Eddie way back in chater 5 to the club.

* Doing this will ensure Hollis will side with you.

* If you do not do this it is possible that Eddie will shoot you leading to the dark end.

* Let the rest of the scenes play out.

* If you have a judy lust and score of 5 or higher you will get a webcam scene with Judy.

* If on the Carli Route you will get a scene with her.

* Go to the book store and if you have a lust with christina of 3 or higher she will invite you for some fun out back. Go ahead no penalty here.

* If on the carli route you will go say goodbye to Mido

* Go to dinner.

* If your lust with Christina is 3 or higher during dinner you can cheat with her. Note. Doing so on the Carli path will block a bonus scene at the end.

* Go back to your office.

* If you are on the Mido route you will get her scene after you hit the light switch.

* If on the carli path there is a chance for a BIG bonus scene.

* You need the following. A score with carli of 9 or higher. A judy lust of 6 or higher and a christina lust of 3 or higher. Christina also needs to be alive and you can not have cheated with her on Carli. This one is a big one 🙂

To the Press (Judy Path)

* Be agressive to Matlock.

* Be mean to Eddie or mention Hollis’s sister. You can only do that if you went for drinks with Eddie back in Chapter 5.

* Let the scenes play out. You will get a nice webcam scene with Judy after.

* Meet Christina at the bookstore. If her lust is 3 or higher you can go out back with her.

* Say goodbye to Mido.

* Have dinner. If just has a high corruption and lust you can get a duo scene by staying a bit longer when Christina asks you.

If you got the anal scene with Judy in the last chapter this will be availble.

* Go back home for an even bigger scene with Judy.

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