SurVive ! (+18) Guide

Welcome to SurVive ! (+18) Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Objective – SurVive ! (+18) Guide

You have to completed all 12 operations/missions within 45 days to beat the game. There are three characters you have to manage, Isabel, Leona and Alexandria. Isabel is available from the beginning of the game. Rest of the characters can be found during exploration.(You must have first-aid kit for Leona and a cure for Alex to recruit them your team.)

Schedule Book

You can assign tasks to a character by clicking their portrait on the board. It open a schedule book. Select any of tasks from below.


There are six stats you have to manage.

*Health – Can be refilled by resting(+15) or using first-aid kit(Maxed). Health is reduced when your character is hurt during exploration or operations. Sometimes health is reduced overtime if your character is naked or infected(Click on icon above the player to cure if you have a cure-shot).

*Hunger – Can be refilled with food(+75).

*Thirst – Can be refilled with water(+75).

*Sanity – Can be improved by performing activities.

*Horniness – Can be improved by performing some activities.

*Cloths – Can be improved using fabric(+1).(If your character is naked her health is reduced by 2 after each turn.)

Note:- Once their critical stats, ie, health, hunger and water has reached and stayed zero for some time, your character will be dead and can’t be controlled for the rest of the game. Your character can survive 2 days if hurt, 3 days without water and 7 days without food.


*Explore:- Send character outside to search for supplies, allies or to unlock missions.

*Activities:-You can perform various activities to improve your characters sanity or sex motive.

*Mission:-You have to complete all 12 missions to beat the game. Some mission are available after triggering some event during exploration. Mission consumes more energy than usual task. Some mission need your character to have certain items in their inventory. It can added or removed by clicking on the icon of the items.(Some missions have two possible scenarios, so items required for that mission may vary each time.)

*Rest:-Resting adds +15 HP to your character.


Show log of a task performed by your character. You need to read the log as you may understand which Item is required for the mission.


You can exchange or make new items in catalog menu.(Some items are found during exploration only.)


The computer possess data of your character and photos you purchased from in-game website.

Photos are available for purchase only after certain events are triggered. You will get a notification once a photo is available for purchase. You need credits to purchase photos.(Credits can be earned by playing ‘Butt Impact’ game.)

Once the photos are purchase they can be view in ‘My Drive’. You can set those as you background of your in-game computer.

Butt Impact game:-

Do not let other objects pass through. If you missed 5 time, you are out.

Use “W” and “D” to move up and down. Press “K” to fire projectiles.

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