Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

General guidance – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

  • It’s important to stress that in Vae Victis there are no “bad endings”. The only way to “lose” the game is to die in combat. The choices you make in the game represent your moral alignment and how you want to role play, not the “correct” path you must take to finish the game successfully.
  • RPS combat. In a nutshell, Riposte (rock) beats Slash (scissors) beats Parry (paper) beats Riposte.
  • Always start combat in Defensive mode until you get a feel of your opponent. When you do, you can switch to Normal or even Aggressive attack mode.
  • A list of all the opponents and analysis of their attacks can be found in the appendix below.
  • The map and managing a fiefdom:
  • Every time you click on the Hourglass your fiefdoms will yield 1 Gold. Additionally, based on Morale there’s a chance they will yield extra gold and/or Troops. This is how you get Gold and Troops.
  • Morale
  • Morale determines the chance of a fiefdom yielding extra Gold and/or Troops. The higher a fiefdom’s Morale stat, the higher chance of a yield every turn. For example: the Morale in Marbia is 25, you have 15% every turn to yield extra resources. If you click the Hourglass multiple times and see no increase in gold or troops, your Morale is probably low.
  • Morale automatically goes up by 0.3 points until it reaches an unmodified cap of 20
  • Temple increases the cap by +5 in the fiefdom it resides in
  • The original wench in the palace by +3 in “her” fiefdom
  • Nahir in the palace increases the cap by +3 for all fiefdoms
  • New! In the Shadow Institute, you can pay for festivals that instantly  increase Morale in a fiefdom
  • Attacking a fiefdom drops morale by 20 points on all your fiefdoms (your citizens don’t like sending their boys to die) so basically after attacking a fiefdom your economy is crippled for some time as morale slowly goes up again
  • Obedience
  • Conquering a fiefdom boosts Obedience by 10 in all of your fiefdoms (people are less likely to rebel against a successful military leader)
  • Troops in a garrison increase the Obedience roll. People are less likely to rebel when there’s a strong garrison around.
  • If you have 21 troops (or more), Obedience will not drop.
  • If you have 30 (or more) and a standing garrison it will go up.
  • From the Shadow Institute you may initiate Public Hangings or Bribe the Clergy to boost Obedience, but note the costs!
  • Forces from neighbouring fiefdoms might raid yours! They fight against your forces so you had better keep some troops in the fiefdom. 10 troops should be enough in most cases.
  • If you lose to raiders, the fiefdom remains under your control but some of the buildings will be destroyed and the fiedom’s Obedience may drop by 15 points. You will also lose gold.
  • If you repel a raid, Obedience in the fiefdom will rise by 10 points.
  • If you don’t enjoy the strategy game, use VN Mode. In Settings -> Toggle Game Settings screen you’ll find the VN Mode buttons. Clicking them will toggle VN mode on and off. While in VN mode Obedience is set to 120 in all your fiefdoms, Morale is set to 20 and all army battles are won automatically. Use it continuously if you simply don’t enjoy the challenge of running an empire or sporadically when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Managing your harem (i.e the Wenches and you)
  • Having a wench in your Council (as opposed to throwing her in the Dungeon) grants a 10 points Morale boost in her “home” fiefdom
  • Having Nahir in the Council Increases Morale in all fiefdoms under your control by 3 points
  • Having Angilia in the Council grants more gold when a fiefdom yields gold
  • Having Teniya in the Council reduces armies transfer time from 4 turns to 3.
  • Having Sumia in the Council reduce the Force Yield Obedience penalty from 6 to 4
  • Dian in the Council reduces the damage taken by troops in a garrison by 20%
  • Black Alana in the Council will increase the damage your attacking forces do by 10%. Doesn’t apply to defending from raids.

Intro and Oryeonguk – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

  • Night Ogre hunt. After you meet the family you can agree to help them and find their son taken by the Night Ogre.
  • Tip about the Night Ogres: they are very mean during the night but much weaker during the day so try to make haste.
  • Tip: if you feel you are running out of time you can go back to the family and spend the night there. The timer will reset.
  • Spoiler: The shortest route to the Night Ogre’s cave is right, down, left, left, down, down.
  • Spoiler: during the day, the Ogre is very likely to go for Riposte attacks so sticking to Parry attack will help you win easily.
  • Spoiler: during the night its attack pattern is ‘R’,’R’,’R’,’P’,’S’,’R’,’R’,’R’,’P’,’P’,’X’ where X represents a repeat of the cycle.

Lost in the woods? Worry not.


Oryeonguk and Blazeer

  • As of version 0.1.x you can’t beat Oryeonguk without infiltrating them first. Parley with Angilia, build a Shadow Institute and Infiltrate.
  • In Blazeer, go to see your agent in the inn.
  • Galbert dialog paths.
  • Provoke him for a dual
  • If you kill him Lilan will still sew you the uniform but no sex
  • If you subdue him you take him home as if he’s drunk
  • Get him drunk
  • Take him home
  • Get him to apologize to his wife. Lilan will consult with you whether to take him back
  • If you advise her to take him back you’ll get the uniform and a text about a charm (not implemented yet) and a warm feeling that you have done the right thing.
  • You can also advise her to continue the plan as normal
  • In the Forest of Faith you are supposed to kidnap an acolyte in order to interrogate her for the nightly Passages.
  • Tip  – get a pen and paper and make a layout of the forest, it’s a rather small forest. Note where there are no acolytes, lone acolytes and two acolytes.
  • Tip – Write down a path with no leading to a lone acolyte. Walking on this path you can go in, kidnap a lone acolyte and smuggle her out safely. If you run into two acolytes while carrying a kidnapped one they will scream bloody murder and the game will end.
  • Tip – you can scare a pair of acolytes by dropping your breeches. They will be gone and you can carry your kidnapped acolyte without a fear of having them notice you. However: they will call the guard, leaving you only a few turns to get in, get the girl and get out.
  • For the extremely lazy: a layout of the forest.


  • Blazeer – Temple of the First Light. Visit each of the yellow locations and break a vial of witchfyre (it’s written “fyre” hence it’s magical). If you run out of time and you did not break any vial, run back to the exit, leave the temple, wait a day and try again. If you did break a vial, it’s better to load a save: those witchfyre vials are limited, in fact there are only 3 in the entire world!


  • After you burn down their temple, your forces will attack at double strength for 20 turns. Their numbers will stay the same but (behind the scenes) they will attack at double strength.
  • Remember: necrophilia is not supported in the game so if you did not use Subdue with your fight against Angilia there’s not much you can do with her corpse. Use subdue attacks only.
  • After you beat her, you’ll find her in your Citadel, initially in the holding cells. From there you can move her to the Dungeon for some hardcore dominance or move her to the Palace.
  • In order to seduce Angilia you’ll have to rebuild Oryeonguk. Ask her to tell you about herself (“Tell me about yourself”) and she’ll tell you the shortest non-rapey route to her pants. If only life was so easy.

The Scene Guide (0.1.X) – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Ziruan, an oasis in Marbia (introduced in 0.2)

The goal in the Marbia miniquest is to get a hold of the gold of Fahda, the rich moneylender and de-facto ruler of the oasis. In order to do so (and reach the showdown scene with Fahda) three conditions must be met.

  1. Secure beasts of burden.
  2. Assist Madj in creating a sleeping potion
  3. Finish Alam’s story, Domia or both.

Beasts of burden – Gamdoo the Gamali driver hates lady Fahda and will assist you but he will not leave the oasis without his sister Arzu who went missing in the caves north of the oasis. The caves will be available to visit after you talk to him in the Stables.

Arzu can be found in the north-east part of the caves (top right) being relentlessly fucked by a group of goblins. When you see them you have two options:

  1. Attack the goblins
  2. Watch the action.

If you attack the goblins you’ll have to kill three of them one after the other. The goblins are pretty weak and one Aggressive or two Normal attack will kill them. They are not especially bright either and will choose Slash 66% of the time, the next will choose Riposte 66% of the time and the last will choose Parry 66% of the time. After they are killed you have two options, whether to convince Arzu to come with you or grab her. If you grab her there’s another goblin lurking on the way to the entrance, he will choose Slash 66% of the time.

If you don’t attack the goblins you’ll see a goblin gang bang unfolds, after which you can persuade Arzu to come with you peacefully.

Sleeping potion – Madj the orc will help you by making a sleeping potion for lady Fahda but you’ll need to learn what she drinks first, and that will only happen on the second night you are invited for dinner on her roof. Once you know what she drinks head back to the coffee house and tell that to Madj. He will instruct you to collect three Skyflowers for him. 2 can be found in the goblin caves and the third grows right outside Fahda’s mansion. Collect all three and bring them to Madj the orc in the coffee house.


Fahda’s Mansion can only be accessed after you have visited the Traders Post and learned what a good trading route consists of. A route consists of wares to purchase, location to buy them at and location to sell them at. If you can’t memorise, remember that each buy/sale towns starts with a unique letter so you don’t need to remember the full name, only the first letter of the town.

If you manage to impress Fahda with your knowledge as a trader you’ll be invited to her mansion to have dinner with her, Alam her daughter and Domia the captain of the guard. In order to reach the end of the quest you must meet with any of the aforementioned for three nights, have a potion ready and Gamdoo will to help with the caravan.

Alam’s flow is very straightforward with minimal changes between the flow, sex wise. You can either choose a more gallant approach and seduce her, appealing to her adventurous heart or you can belittle and grind her self esteem until she submits. The choice is mostly a moral one, which option appeals to you more.

Domia’s flows, on the other hand, are somewhat more complex. The more gallant flow would be to appeal to her warrior side and convince her to leave the boring oasis and join your army. If you choose this flow eventually you’ll have to dominate her in mock combat. Domia is tough but she will always attack: Riposte – Riposte – Slash – Slash – Parry – Parry. Beat her and you’ll have a nice sex scene on the roof and her flow is completed.

Important note about this flow: when you finally raid Fahda’s vault, Domia will object if you wish to take the initial amount of gold you intended. If you take the full amount you will:

  1. Not be able to recruit Domia to your army
  2. Not be able to offer Fahda a position as a governor later

Domia’s other flow is focused on feeding her grudge against lady Fahda and Alam until she is ready to help you rob them and run off. Note that you will not be able to fulfill her 3d night unless you already have the potion and Gamdoo’s help. Once you do, Domia wants to go and ravish Alam. You may join her (for a long two on one ravish scene), tell her to go without you or prevent her in ravishing Alam. The choices are moral here, although on the first option (join her) has a sex scene.

Important notes about this flow:

  1. If you rape Alam with her, you will not be able to revisit Fahda later and offer her the position of governor of Marbia (introduced in update 0.4).
  2. If you choose this flow (fan her grudge) she will leave and pursue her own fate you will not be able to recruit her.

Once you reach the 3rd evening with either Alam or Domia (or both), have the potion and Gamdoo’s help you’ll meet with Fahda for the final scene in the mansion.

When you reach Fahda’s final scene you can make one of two important decisions: Confess and ask for a loan or proceed with the original plan of drugging her.

Revealing your true identity is a more gallant choice. Lady Fahda will agree to lend you 90 gold but you will have to repay the loan by paying back 1 gold in the next 50 turns. If you agree you essentially end the miniquest but before that you’ll have to decide who you would like to take with you, Alam or Domia.

Proceeding with the original plan of drugging lady Fahda is a bastardly choice, of course. If you do that you’ll have the option to ravish the unconscious Fahda or not. Important: if you rape her, you will not be able to revisit her later and offer her the position of governor of Marbia (introduced in update 0.4). Once you’re done you’ll be taken automatically to the Vault end game.

If you didn’t finish the Domia flow, Alam will wait for you at the vault and the miniquest will essentially end with no further decisions to make. Otherwise (even if you finished Alam’s flow) Domia will wait for you at the vault.

If you pursued Domia’s “grudge” flow, the quest will essentially end. However, if you opted for the warrior route, Domia will not allow you to rob lady Fahda completely and forbid you from taking more than 40 gold. You can either agree and the miniquest will end with you being 40 gold richer or fight her (Riposte – Riposte – Slash – Slash – Parry – Parry). Killing her will end the miniquest with being 90 gold richer but if you opt to subdue her, you can ravish her after you beat her. Either way you’ll end the miniquest with 90 gold. Important: if you kill Domia, you will not be able to revisit Fahda later and offer her the position of governor of Marbia (introduced in update 0.4).

How to take both Alam and Domia with you:

  • Alam: any flow
  • Domia: Warrior flow and agree to take only 40 gold
  • Fahda: don’t confess. If you do, you’ll have to choose between Alam and Domia.

The scene checklist (0.1.X):

 Dorla (River, non consensual)

 Dorla (Night, non consensual)

 Odi (non consensual)

 Dorla (Night, consensual)


 Gelbart (gay, optional)

 Angilia (Post combat ravishment)

 Angilia (Dungeon)

 Angilia (Palace)

Scene Guide (0.2.X) – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Waioo, a city in Tinpingia (introduced in 0.3)

Shortly after your meeting with your elfkin contact, you are assaulted by constables. You leave them in a bloody mess but the elfkin is taken. Your goal in this miniquest is to set her free.

In the first night and second morning there are no puzzles or challenges but you will have to decide how you want to act towards Mirina and Alax. Paying 1 gold for their expenses does nothing except (hopefully) make you feel good.

In the second morning you will go with Alax to survey the caves. You have to find the entrance to the Fort and the docks, however a band of thieves won’t let you get to the docks until you get rid of a bunch of goblins in the Blue Caves. The condition for ending the day is finding the fort (25 in the map below) and finding the brigands (19). You start in square 13.

Return home and progress your story with Mirina and/or her son.


On the third morning it’s time to get your hands dirty. Via square 20 you enter another section in the caves and find the goblins (square 6). The Thicc Azz Thieves wanted you to kill the goblins but Zybs the goblin will beg to differ and explain that the brigands are not a very pleasant bunch.

If you kill the goblins, you can head back to the brigands and get your reward: a route to the docks. Oh, and some elfkin pussy. You see: the brigands are pious Wakabians and will not fuck you willingly. However, you can side with the gobbos and together overcome the brigands. If you choose to keep all the pussy to yourself the goblins will half-ass the fight, forcing you to fight harder. You can choose to keep only the leader to yourself and let the greenskins have their way with the other brigands, resulting in an easier fight. Either way, you found the way to the docks.


Now you have to watch three posts in the jail yard and find the exact time all guards are gone. It’s very easy: just hit the hourglass and note the guards are off. Do this for all three locations and you’ll find a single time slot when all of the guards are in a briefing. Note that time. In the example below, the time slot is 10.




After you visit all three observation locations (chapel, tree and old tower) and finish the goblins/brigands quest, you can return to Mirina’s house for the final night.

Showdown. Head towards the caves and go to the entrance to the fort (square 25). You will have to enter at the exact time using the hourglass (10 in the examples above) and make your way to the cells. A little violence later you will have to choose: go find Gaal’s hound (and watch a bestiality scene later) or leave the doggo and “comfort” Gaal yourself later.

When you’re back in the caves (25) make your way towards the docks (north of location 21). After you spend some time waiting for Izmy, she arrives, telling you the docks are filled with constables and that you have to find your way to a secret cove where a sloop is waiting for you. The entrance to the cove is at location 12. Go there and watch the steamy end of your adventure.

The scene checklist (0.2.X):

 Arzu gang banged in the goblin cave

 Alam in the crypt (Seduction/Submission are very similar scenes)

 Domia on the roof: Warrior flow

 Ravish Alam together with Domia: Domia grudge flow

 Fahda (Ravishment) if you decide to drug her

 Domia (Ravishment) at the vault if you chose warrior flow and fight her over the gold

 Alam (brief) if you decide to take a loan instead of robbing Fahda and choose to take Alam with you

 Nahir (post combat ravishment)

 Nahir (dungeon)

 Nahir (palace)

Scene Guide (0.3.X) – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Naniri, capital of Hawatia (introduced in 0.4)

In this quest you’ll need to sway the Hawatian elections towards a result favorable to you. It consists of three flows, but you only need to finish two of them. This quest is composed of three days, where every day you may perform one act of the following flows. The game will not allow you to end the day if you didn’t make progress in at least two flows.

  1. Lord Buka. You must start this quest but you don’t have to finish it. There are no decisions to make other than whether you want to be a complete bastard towards his sweet daughter or treat her kindly. Winning this quest grants you one vote.
  2. The Red Arena: This is a straightforward combat flow. Every day you’ll have to fight a different opponent. Beating all three will grant you one vote. The fighters’ statistics are in the appendix below.
  3. Lord Zuma’s murderer. Three people know pieces of the puzzle of his murder. You must help all three (or punch them in the nose) in order to recover the information you need.
  4. Yuki the maid: may be started on the first or second day. Find her in the Fountains, go to the North Forest and locate the orc slaver’s camp.

When you first visit it you’ll realize there are too many orcs about. Go see Yuki to see if she has an idea, then go to the camp again. Yuki will tell where the body is buried. Memorize or write it down.

  1. Abustan the farmer: may be started on the first or second day. Find him in the farms north of town. He’s a cocky little bastard and he’ll ask you to hunt some boars for him. Either go to the North Forest or simply beat the information out of him. He’ll tell you how Lady Zuma killed her husband. Memorize or write it down.
  2. Taamul the butler can be found in the location below, but he’s a tricky bastard, you’ll only be able to find him after you’ve dealt with Yuki the maid and Abustan the farmer.He’ll tell you why Lady Zuma killed her husband. Memorize or write it down.
  3. Once you have all the details regarding the murder, return to the market and talk to Takau. If one of the details is wrong, he’ll tell you the story doesn’t sound right, revisit Yuki, Abustan and/or Taamul to check your facts. When you have all the right pieces of information, it’s time for a showdown with Lady Zuma.

When you have at least 2 votes secured, click the hourglass icon and the quest will end, leaving Hawatia weaker by 20 troops for 20 turns, after which the bonus is lost.

The scene checklist (0.3.X):

 Mirina seduction

 Mirina abuse

 Alax seduction (gay)

 Alax abuse (gay)

 Darny the elfkin

 Goblin gangbang

 Karder doesn’t share cunt

 Gaal and Karder

 Gaal’s best friend (bestiality)

 Gaal and Izmy on the boat (incest)

 Teniya (post combat ravishment)

 Teniya (dungeon (actually balcony))

 Teniya (palace (actually garden))

 Teniya (dungeon pregnant)

 Teniya (garden pregnant)

 Alam seduction in the palace

 Alam abuse in the palace

 Domia in the palace

 Nahir (dungeon pregnant)

 Nahir (palace pregnant)

 Angilia (dungeon pregnant)

 Angilia (palace pregnant)

Scene Guide (0.4.X) – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Version 0.5 – Wenches stories

This update is different from the previous ones as it focuses on the stories of the four ruling Wenches you have conquered. Other than Teniya’s, they are all very straight forward, the only thing you need to know is how to trigger them.

Angilia act 2 conditions:

-Gave birth (20 turns after “she’s pregnant” notification)

-Played the Oryeonguk/Blazeer quest (can Skip ‘n Win)

Nahir act 2 conditions:

-Nahir is pregnant (20 turns after being impregnated but did not give birth yet, 40 turns after impregnation)

-You control Marbia

Teniya act 2 conditions:

-Gave Birth (20 turns after “she’s pregnant” notification)

Sumia act 2 conditions:

-Gave Birth (20 turns after “she’s pregnant” notification)

-You control Hawatia

-Played the Hawatia/Naniri quest (can Skip ‘n Win)

Once an act 2 condition is met, you’ll see a red compass on the top left section of the world map. Click it. The acts play little differently if the Wench starts them in the Dungeon or the Palace, except Sumia’s act which starts completely differently.

Teniya’s act contains an abandoned jail with levers and corresponding gates. Switching a level changes the condition of all gates of the same color (brass/iron). The only “trick” is after you visit room 8, you will not be able to visit room 11 until you pull the room 5 lever again, which opens the gate between 9 and 11. The rest are easy enough.



The scene checklist (0.4.X):

 Zuri seduction

 Zuri domination 1

 Zuri domination 2


 Maya (molestation, no penetration)

 Maya (caressing, no penetration)

 Jenna at the arena

 Grysaki (goblin girl) at the arena

 Gleeful (she orc) at the arena

 Lady Zuma seduction

 Lady Zuma domination

 Queen Sumia ravishment

 Queen Sumia seduction

 Queen Sumia domination

 Queen Sumia pregnant seduction

 Queen Sumia pregnant domination

Scene Guide (0.5.X) – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Kiwanwai, capital of Limtinia (introduced in 0.6)

In this adventure, there are no mazes and it is mostly straightforward. Two points to note:

  • When teaching Zhilli to fight, you must attack her per the lesson you’re instructing, i.e. the Chicken icon won’t save you. Since she always parries, you’ll always have to Slash: Defensive/Slash, Normal/Slash, Aggressive/Slash and Subdue/Slash
  • The book quest is divided into two days
  • On day 1 you’ll have to find the book The 676 Trials and Triumphs of Gojira in one of the stores. Find the book in one of the store but the seller who has asks for Elfkin Architecture – essays by Fornard which needs to be found in one of the other stores. The seller who has Elfkin Architecture – essays by Fornard will give it to you… if you find him a trilogy, but that will wait for the next day.

On day 2 choose any of the stores and start looking for books from the trilogy. When you find one, take it. When you have all three, return to the seller with Elfkin Architecture – essays by Fornard (you don’t have to remember, they will) who will give you the book. Find the seller who has The 676 Trials and Triumphs of Gojira (again, you don’t have to remember who) and the quest is complete, you may now blackmail Tana’Dur into revealing the location of the Grey Book.

The scene checklist (0.5.X):

 Goblin grrrls

 Hello, Eviette 2

 Angilia’s story

 Attic threesome

 Breeding (on) Horses

 Fireflowers (Manar and King Forry)

 Good morning! (King Forry and Sokia)

 Nahir and Karder

 Ancient mysteries (Teniya and Karder by the fountain)

 Cartjob (Teniya blowjob in the cart)

 Cake by the Lake (sex by the lake)

 Sumia Act 2 Palace

 Sumia Act 2 Dungeon

 Between the Rocks (Karder and Sumiya)

 Sumia and Zuri (Threesome)

Scene Guide (0.6.X) – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

Shek, capital of Waikokipia (introduced in 0.7)

There are two subplots in Shek.

  1. Ulhild the winemaker is straightforward. Just go with the choices presented. The way you handle Tryv doesn’t affect the quest as long as you finish the encounter.
  2. Olgrid the smuggler. In order to make her see reason, you need to do two things:
  3. Prove to Halfan that you can become his buyer. Go to the market and for each of the six types of wares buy the cheapest. The prices are randomly generated at the beginning of the game. When you’re sure you have the lowest suggestions, go back to him. Tip! If you fail once, you’ll see the prices you paid when you next visit the traders, making your life easier.
  4. Find Olgrid’s stash and burn it. In the image below, the stash is in box 20.


The scene checklist (0.6.X):

 Sofia seduction

 Sofia dominance

 Zhilli seduction

 Zhilli dominance

 Orc Girl

 Tana’Dur seduction

 Tana’Dur dominance

 Dian and Antiop ravishment

 Dian and Antiop seduction

 Dian and Antiop dominance

 Dian and Antiop pregnant seduction

 Dian and Antiop pregnant dominance

Scene Guide (0.7.X) – Vae Victis: Khan Conquer Ravish Breed Walkthrough & Guide

That’s all for 0.7. Don’t forget to visit my Subscribestar or Patreon so I can focus on improving the game.

Appendix 1 – RPS combat stats

  • Ogre (during the day): 80% of Riposting
  • Ogre (during the night): trouble. His attack patterns is ‘R’,’R’,’R’,’P’,’S’,’R’,’R’,’R’,’P’,’P’
  • Gelbart: 70% of Slashing
  • Forest of Faith Guards: 33% for R, P or S. Just get out of the forest on time.
  • Angilia: Her attack patterns is ‘R’,’R’,’R’,’P’,’P’,’S’
  • Nahir: Her attack patterns is ‘S’,’R’,’R’,’S’,’R’,’R’
  • Teniya: Her attack patterns is ‘S’,’R’,’R’,’P’,’R’,’R’
  • Domia: Her attack patterns is ‘R’,’R’,’S’,’S’,’P’,’P’
  • Goblins: 68% of Slashing
  • Waioo Jail guard: ‘R’,’P’,’P’,’S’,’P’,’P’
  • Two Thicc Azz Thieves: ‘P’,’P’,’P’,’S’,’S’
  • Three Thicc Azz Thieves: ‘P’,’P’,’P’,’S’,’S’,’R’
  • Boar: 90% of parrying
  • Thunder Bros: 80% Riposte
  • Agmur: ‘P’,’P’,’R’,’P’,’P’,’S’
  • Jenna: ‘P’,’S’
  • Grysaki: ‘R’,’S’,’S’,’S’,’R’,’S’
  • Gleeful: ‘R’,’S’,’P’,’P’,’R’,’S’
  • Karlon: ‘S’,’P’,’S’,’P’,’P’,’S’
  • Zhilli: ‘P’
  • Orc Girl (working for Tana’Dur): ‘P’,’R’,’R’,’R’,’S’ (See what I did here?)
  • Tana’Dur: ‘P’,’R’,’R’,’R’,’S’,’P’

The scene checklist (0.7.X):

 Tryv Orced (gay, optional)

 Tryv “Saved” (gay, optional)

 Ulhild – Dominance

 Ulhild – Seduction

 Olgrid – Dominance

 Olgrid – Seduction

 Ilga The Ram

 Arna’s unfortunate encounter

 Black Alana – post combat Ravishment

 Black Alana – dungeon

 Black Alana – dungeon pregnant

 Black Alana – garden

 Black Alana – garden pregnant

The Scene Guide (0.8.X)

Kaipo, a Town in Daoyuen (introduced in 0.8) – Spoilers ahead!

In this quest Karder will turn Naruz-The-Wind’s chieftains against her by gaining their trust and then informing them of the Wakabian threat, a threat the queen uses for her own personal gains.

Important 1: if you have queen Nahir, Barlin will suggest that you bring her along with you on your quest. The conditions for this are:

  1. Nahir is in your custody (palace or dungeon).
  2. Has given birth at least once.
  3. Not currently pregnant or recovering from birth giving.

Important 2: there’s an interlude to be played 2 turns after you control your 7th fiefdom so once you conquer Daoyuen don’t save and finish just yet.

Important 3: the goal of the quest in Daoyuen is weakening the fiefdom. This bonus is time limited so get your army ready before starting the quest.

Once you reach Kaipo and meet with Oggha-Red-Wheel you’ll be introduced to two chieftains, both of whom need some help before agreeing to listen to your plight.

  1. Garg-The-Moonlit wants you to kidnap a concubine of a rival chieftain… just to piss him off, to be honest. Travel to Kissed-By-Scorpion’s harem (Zugren’hut) and realise you’ll need two things in order to get in.
  2. Find a breach in the palisade. There are five palisade sections. Check each one and click the skulls in the palisade. One of them (randomly selected at the beginning of the game) will open. Now you know where to sneak in from.

Southwest palisade


Northwest palisade


North palisade


Northeast palisade


Southeast palisade


  1. Find a healer’s costume so you can… play doctor with the concubines. Go to Oggha-Red-Wheel who will send you to the Apothecary. She has a costume and will give it to you in exchange for rare herbs which can be found in the Crags. In the map below, the location of the flowers is highlighted in orange. Return to the apothecary and she’ll give you the costume. Now travel to the Zugren’hut again, dressed as a doctor. Out of five huts, two are empty, two contain other girls you can interact with and your prize: Marny. Deal with her and leave, then wait for the night and return.
  2. Stampede suspects some foul play by the human girls who tend to her rhinos. Go talk to them and then wait for night. KushitKushit will come to your tent to apologise. Travel to the Crags to location 6 in the map below and find their contact.


The scene checklist (0.8.X):

Nitzel (fingering)

Seegna (fingering)

Marny at her hut (fingering)

Marny seduction

Marny dominance

Perry and Kushikushit lesbian

Perry and Kushikushit dominance

Perry and Kushikushit seduction

Nahir seduction (if she started in the palace)

Nahir dominance (if she started in the dungeon)

Jada interlude

Naruz-The-Wind ravishment

Naruz-The-Wind Dungeon

Naruz-The-Wind Dungeon pregnant

Naruz-The-Wind seduction

Naruz-The-Wind seduction pregnant

The Scene Guide (0.9.X)

Version 0.9 does not add a new fiefdom or a ruling Wench. Instead, it adds new “Act 2”s, followup stories with the girls you met and love. How to trigger them?

  • General note: if you have chosen not to have sex with a girl (“Gentleman” option) you will not have Act 2 with her, that’s because I’m assuming you didn’t like her in the first place. Additionally, if you have chosen seduction or dominance in your first interactions with a girl, in their Act 2 the same attitude applies.
  • Lilan the Seamstress: 50 turns after you complete the Oryenguk quest.
  • Alam: Obviously must be in the palace. 30 turns after you have impregnated her, you’ll get a scene with her “bigger version”.
  • Thicc Azz Thieves: 50 turns after you complete the Tinpingia quest.
  • Black Alana and Ilga the Ram: once Black Alana’s belly shows (20 turns after impregnation)
  • Jada: once you control more than seven fiefdoms

The scene checklist (0.9.X):

Lilan and Edva

Alam (small breasts)

Alam (large breasts)

Thicc Azz Thieves (dominance)

Thicc Azz Thieves (seduction)

Ilga and Black Alana (dominance)

Ilga and Black Alana (seduction)

Marny (dominance)

Marny (seduction)

Jada (dominance)

Jada (seduction)

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