Murmur Walkthrough

Murmur Walkthrough

Welcome to Murmur Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Prologue – Murmur Walkthrough

1. Choose one:

A) I should help her.[Karma+2]

B) I’m calling the cops.[Karma+1]

C) I don’t want to get in trouble.

2. Choose one:

A) I do.[ShiniLove+1]

B) Who are you.

Chapter 1 PT1 – Murmur Walkthrough

3. Choose one:

A) No, I don’t want her to suspect anything.[HelenLove+1]

B) Yes, she seems trustworthy.

4. Choose one:

A) Hold her hand.[SophieLove+1]

B) Hold her hand and hug her.

5. Choose one:

A) I feel like an asshole already. I should …

B) I want to see more. This is what I came…[LizLove-1] [TimeTravel]

6. Choose one:

A) Tell her.[LizAmnesia]

B) Don’t tell her.

7. Choose one:

A) I want to make her feel better.

B) That would be too arrogant of me.[YuiLove+1]

Chapter 1 PT2 – Murmur Walkthrough

8. Choose one:

A) Say nothing

B) You look gorgeous today Miss Helen![HelenLove+1]

C) I liked your blouse yesterday.[HelenCorr+1]

9. Choose one:

A) You don’t have to I’m fine.

B) Of course, I want your hug.[HelenLove+1]

C) How about a kiss instead?[HelenCorr+1]

Note: C will only show it [HelenLove] >=2.

10. Choose one:

A) Finish the massage.[HelenLove+1]

B) Maybe I can go a little further than that. [HelenCorr+1] [HelenBoobMassage]

Note: C will only show it [HelenLove] >=2.

11. Choose one:

A) We’ve been doing this all morning.

B) I did most of the work.[SophieLove- 1] [YuiLove-1]

C) I was just helping.[SophieLove+1] [YuiLove+1]

12. Choose one:

A) I completely agree.[YuiLove+1]

B) You are a sweetheart too Sophie.[SophieLove+1]

C) You are both sweethearts.[SophieLove+1] [YuiLove+1]

13. Choose one:

A) …impressive![Ch1P2Scc+1]

B) …Nice!

14. Choose one:

A) Did you make it yourself?

B) You never look a mess in any dress.[Ch1P2Scc+1]

15. Guilty Gear.[Ch1P2Q1]

16. Marie Rose.[Ch1P2Q2]

17. Choose one:

A) It’s very nice and you’re a great poser![Ch1P2Sgp] [SophieLove+1]

B) I like your outfits; I can’t wait to see…[Ch1P2Scc+1]

18. Lilith from Darkstalkers.[Ch1P2Q3]

19. Choose one:

A) Your beautiful, stop teasing me and let’s…

B) I’d be happy if you pose for me.

Note: If [Ch1P2Scc] =3, then [SophieCorr+1].

20. Marie Rose.[Ch1P2Q4]

Chapter 1 PT3 – Murmur Walkthrough

21. Choose one:

A) …you are beautiful.

B) …I love you. [ShiniLove+1]

Note: If you obtained [LizAmnesia], then you will obtain [LizLove+1].

22. Choose one:

A) Cum on her.[LizCorr+1] [Ch1P3LizMornShowerCum]

B) Try to hold it.[LizLove+1]

23. Choose one:

A) Comfort her.[LizLove+1]

B) Let her be.

Note: If [Corr] total with all girls is =0, then [ShiniLove- 1]

If [Corr] <=3, but >0 [Ch1P3ShiniFootjob]

If [Corr] >4 {Yes} {Go to #24} {No} {Go to #25}

24. Cum inside. (Your Choice) [ShiniLove+1] [Ch1P3ShiniBlow]

25. Choose one:

A) I can handle it, don’t worry.

B) Thank you for taking care of me. [HelenLove+1]

26. Choose one:

A) It’s nothing really.

B) I think I love you. [LizLove+1] [Ch1P3LizLoveConfess] Note: B will only show if [LizLove] >=2.

C) I don’t want this morning’s situation to… [LizCorr+1] [Ch1P3LizLoveConfessLewd] Note: C will only show if [LizLove] >=2 OR [LizCorr]=1.

27. Choose one:

A) Will you go out with me?[ShiniLove+1] [Ch1P3ShiniDate]

B) I’ll think about it.

28. Choose one:

A) Wake her up with a kiss.[HelenCorr+1] [Ch1P3HelenKiss]

Note: A will only show if [HelenLove] >=2 OR [HelenCorr]>=1.

B) Wake her up tenderly.[HelenLove+1]

Note: B will only show if [HelenLove] >=2.

C) Just wake her up.

29. Choose one:

A) It’s pretty sexy.[LizCorr+1] [Ch1P3LizTanComp]

Note: A will only show if [LizLove] >=2 OR [LizCorr]>=1.

B) This type of tan suits her nicely. [LizLove+1] [Ch1P3LizTanComp]

Note: B will only show if [LizLove] >=2.

C) Regular runner’s tan, nothing unusual.[LizLove-1]

30. Choose one:

A) Comfort her.[YuiLove+1]

B) Change the subject.

31. Choose one:

A) Just wait for her to wake up.[Ch1P3YuiBadEnd] {Go to End Chapter}

B) Look around the apartment to get to… Note: B will only show if [YuiLove] >=2.

32. Choose one:

A) Compliment her outfit.[YuiLove+1]

B) Distract her with something.

33. Choose one:

A) Give her a towel.

B) Help her wipe her face.

Note: B will only show if [YuiLove] >=3.

C) Lick it off her face.

Note: C will only show if [YuiLove] >=3.

34. Choose one:

A) Romantic.

➢ I will.

Note: Will only show if [YuiLove] >=3.

➢ I need time to think.

B) Naughty.

Chapter 1 PT4 – Murmur Walkthrough

35. Choose one:

A) Tell the truth.

B) Lie [SophieLove-2] [Karma- 1] [Ch4P4SophLied]

36. Choose one:

A) I like how it looks on you.

Note: Will only show if [SophieLove] >=3.

➢ Right in my heart.

➢ Maybe.[SophieLove-2] [Ch4P4SophReject]

B) I’m not a fan of these things.[SophieLove-2] [Ch4P4SophReject]

37. Choose one:

A) Just go to sleep.[LizLove-2] [Ch4P4EarlySleep]

B) Wake her up.

Note: Will only show if [LizLove] >=3 OR [LizCorr] >=2.

If NOT [Ch1P3LizLoveConfess] OR [Ch1P3LizLoveConfessLewd], then


Note: #38 is only for those who did NOT obtain [Ch4P4EarlySleep].

38. Choose one:

A) Support her romantically.[LizLove+1] [Ch4P4LizRomance]

B) Support her lewdly.[LizCorr+1] [Ch4P4LizLewd]

Note: Will only show if [LizLove] >=4 OR [LizCorr] >=2.

39. Choose one:

[HelenCorr+1] [ChP4HelenTalk]

40. Choose one:

A) You just work too much.

Note: Will Sub-Choices will only appear if [ChP4HelenTalk]

➢ Comfort her with a kiss.

➢ Indulge in the lewd mood.

B) You can count on me Helen.

[HelenLove+1] [ChP4HelenKiss]

[HelenCorr+1] [ChP4HelenHj]


41. Choose one:

A) I like her I will choose to be with her. Note: A will only appear if [HelenLove] >=3

B) I just can’t be with her and it’s better if… [HelenLove-2] [ChP4HelenReject]

Important: You will get a second chance with a girl of your choosing around the end of the chapter if you rejected “3” of them. If that is the case and you choose “Helen”, come back here. It will be like this for all the girls, however only Helen’s content is currently in the game. You will know how many girls you rejected previously by their name reject variables example: [Ch4P4SophReject]. Sorry so long but it had to be explained. It’s complicated. Hope you read it.

Note: If you rejected all girls then you will get “Bad Ending” game over.

Note: #42 Is only for those who did NOT obtain [ChP4HelenReject] OR if you obtain

[ChP4SophieRechose] on “Second Chance” later” .

42. Choose one:

A) Hug her.[HelenLove+1] [Ch1P4HelenLove]

B) Compliment her.[HelenCorr+1] [ChP4HelenLewd]

Note: #43 is only for those who rejected 3 of the 4 girls (This is the choice I referred to.)

43. Choose one:

A) I will choose one more girl so our agreement remains in force.

B) I want to live a normal life. (Not available in this version).

Note: The girls name for second chance will only appear if you rejected them.

44. Choose one:

A) Sophie. [ChP4SophieRechose] Note: If [SophieLove] <3 then [SophieLove] =3.

B) Liz.[ChP4LizRechose]

Note: If [LizLove] <4 then [LizLove] =4 If [LizLove] >=7 then [LizLove] =6 If [LizCorr] >=4 then [LizCorr] =3

C) Helen.[ChP4HelenRechose]

Note: If [HelenLove] <3 then [HelenLove] =3

If [HelenLove] >=9 then [HelenLove] =6

If [HelenCorr] >=4 then [HelenCorr] =3

D) Yui. [ChP4YuiRechose]

Note: If [YuiLove] <2 then [YuiLove] =2

If [HelenCorr] >=2 then [HelenCorr] =0

Chapter 2 PT1 – Murmur Walkthrough

45. Your choice.

46. Hug all together.[LizLove+1] [KateLove+1]

47. Take a look. (Your Choice)

48. A) Try to calm her down.[LizLove+1] [Ch2P1LizeLove]

B) Undress.[LizCorr+1] [Ch2P1LizeLewd]

Note: If [LizLove] >=7 or [LizCorr] >=3

49. A) Look away.

B) Don’t look away.[KateCorr+1]

50. A) I want her to feel better.[KateLove+1] [Ch2P1KateLove]

B) I want her.[KateCorr+1] [Ch2P1KateLewd]

Note: If [KateLove] >=4 or [KateCorr] >=1

51. A) You are so pretty, my little kitty.[SophieLove+1]

B) Are kittens supposed to …[SophieCorr+1]

52. A) Give in to her.[SophieLove+1]

B) Compete to the end.[SophieCorr+1] [Ch2P1SophieCompete]

53. A) To keep being charming as she is.[SophieLove+1] [Ch2P1SophieLove]

B) To show me her playful side.[SophieCorr+1] [Ch2P1SophieLewd]

Note: If [SophieLove] >=8 or [SophieCorr] >=3

54. A) For him to disappear.[Karma+1] [DadsGone]

B) For him to atone before her.[Karma+1]

55. A) Please continue.

B) Please stop.[ShiniCare+1]

Note: If [ShiniLove] >=2

Note: If [ShiniCare] =1 & You have 0 corruption points with anyone, then [Ch2P1ShiniLove], else [Ch2P1ShiniLewd].

56. A) I didn’t mean that.[KateLove+1]

B) I could’ve been naked, you know.[KateCorr+1]

57. A) Can you cover me while I’m here?[KateLove+1]

B) I will need your help here.[KateCorr+1] [Ch2P1KateStay]

Note: If [KateLove] >=7 or [KateCorr] >=4

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