Inner Growth Walkthrough

Inner Growth Walkthrough

Welcome to Inner Growth Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Version 1 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

1. Your Choice

Lying In Bed

2. A) Don’t worry your pretty little head about…[Dark+1]

B) I will tell her the truth.[Light+1]

Prota Opening Eyes

3. A) Wake up.[Light+1] [Favor+1]

B) Let him finish.[Favor+1] [Filthy+1]

C) Cut him down.[Dark+1] [Favor-1] [KilledServant]

Throne Room

4. A) Kneel.[Favor+1]

B) Mother… I didn’t mean for it to happen, but…[Light+1]

C) I smeared your errand boy on the wall.[Dark+1]

Note: Will only appear if you [KilledServant]. Alley

5. A) Pee in the corner.[Filthy+1] [PeedCorner]

B) Vault over the fence.

6. A) Ehm thanks, I guess? You should really give…[Light+1]

B) Oh no you didn’t.[Dark+1] {Go to #9}

7. A) I want you both.[Filthy+1]

B) You.

C) Jessy.

8. Your Choice


9. A) Sure, why not?[Light+1]

B) I won’t need to eat worthless human food.[Dark+1]

10. Choose All in Order.


11. A) Do nothing.[Light- 1]

B) Yeet him away.[Light+1]

Note: Will only appear if [Light] >=3.

C) Hit him hard.[Dark+1]

Note: Will only appear if [Dark].

Version 2 – Inner Growth Walkthrough


12. A) Wait for Selene’s friend.[Light+1]

B) Convince Selene to kill some time.[Dark+1]

13. Your Choice

Note: #14 is only for those who obtained [Filthy] >2.

14. A) Piss on her. (literally)

B) Don’t pee on her.

15. A) I tag along.[TagAlong]

B) Pick me up later. I am going to explore the …

The Octagon

16. A) Take her out gently.[Light+1]

B) Show her how annoying you can be.[Dark+1]

17. A) Win without hurting her.[Light+1]

B) Win.[Dark+1]

18. A) Maker Envy envy you.[Dark+1]

Note: Will only appear if you obtained [Dark] >5. B) Keep calm and enjoy yourself.[Light+1]

Note: Will only appear if you obtained [Light] >5.

C) Get it over with.

Version 3 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

Jail Cell

19. A) Cum inside her.[Dark+1]

B) Don’t give her the satisfaction.[Light+1]

20. A) Break cuffs.{Go to #21}

Note: A will only appear if you obtained [Dark] OR [Light] >7.

B) Play the waiting game. {Go to #31}

Note: Ifyou were able to choose option A. If [Light] >7 {Go to Light Path}

If [Dark] >7 {Go to Dark Path}

Light Path

21. Click on stick in toilet

22. Click on cup on sink.

23. Click on plate under bed.

24. Click on stick/Combine with Plate

25. Click on Stick Plate/Combine with Cup.

26. Click on speaker.

27. Use your crap on the guard.[Light+1]

28. A) Jerk off.[Filthy+1] [JerkOff]

B) Do not.

Note: You will obtain [PrisonBreak].

Dark Path

29. Can you get naked for me?

30. Seduce the guard.[Dark+1]

Note: You will obtain [PrisonBreak].


Note: #31 is only for those who obtained [Favor] =2.

31. A) I accept the deal.

B) Go fuck yourself.

[Favor+1] [AcceptDeal]

[Favor- 1] [FuckU]

Note: If you did not obtain #31 you will obtain [NoFavor] by default.


Note: #32 is only for those who obtained [AcceptDeal].

32. Your choice.

Note: If you did NOT accept the deal you will obtain [SeleneRescue].

Version 4 – Inner Growth Walkthrough


33. A) Risk it.[Dark+1]

B) Do ask she says.[Light+1] {Go to #35}

34. A) Accept the yellow punishment.[Filthy+1]

B) Just cuddle her.

Underground Entrance

35. A) Knock him out.[Light+1]

B) Make use of your new toy.[Dark+1]


36. A) Lethal approach.[Dark+1]

Note: A will only appear if obtained [AcceptDeal] OR [Dark] >9.

B) Non-lethal approach. [Light+1]

Note: B will only appear if obtained [AcceptDeal] OR [Light] >9.

  1. Run.

37. A) Leave her.[Dark+1]

B) Save her.[Light+1]

Alice Parking Garage

38. Have some fun with Alice. (Your Choice)

{Go to Next Page}

Stone Puzzle

Note: I will refer to the stones from Top to Bottom, the Top stone being Stone 1.

39. Click “Solve” . (Top Right of Screen)

40. Click Stone 2 (Second from the top)

41. Click Stone 5 (Bottom Stone)

42. Click Stone 3 (Middle Stone)

43. Click Stone 4 (Bottom Stone)

44. Click Stone 1 (Only one Left)

Note: If you choose to do this wrong you will obtain [AcceptDeal], you will in the “Incorrect Scene.

If correct & [Dark] > [Light] you will obtain the “Dark Scene”, else you will obtain the “Light Scene” .

45. Yes.

Version 5 – Inner Growth Walkthrough


Note: If [Dark] > [Light], then [Dark+1], else [Light+1].

46. A) Beg Selene for a relief.

B) Ask Catha to help you out.

47. A) Hit up Alice [HitUpAlice]

B) Ask Shira

Note: B will only appear if obtained [AcceptDeal].

C) Look for the prostitute, you’ve met a few …

Note: C will only appear if did NOT obtain [TagAlong].

D) Jack off.[Jackoff1]

E) Maybe Jessy or Jenny.

Deva & Envy

48. A) Take a piss before bathing.[Filthy+1]

Note: A will only appear if did obtained [Filthy] >=4.

B) Just bathe.

Lounge Party

49. Click on Bartender. (Gloria)

50. Nice. (Your Choice)

51. Click on girl in red dress. (Selene)

52. Click on man on lounger. (Rick)

53. Click on girl on far right. (Guard Brianna)

54. Click on door behind bar tender.


55. Click on woman next to Brianna. (Mara)

Version 6 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

Note: If [Dark] > [Light], then [Dark+1], else [Light+1].


56. A) Ok, let’s do it. {Go to Do It}

B) You know, I would really like to piss on you. {Go to Piss}

Note: Will only appear if [Filthy] >=5.

C) No, thanks. {Go to Deny}

Do It

57. A) Do it.

B) Deny her request.

{Go to Restroom}

Go Piss

58. A) It’s a deal![Favor- 1] [Filthy+1]

B) That sounds suspicious, I’m out.[Favor+1]

{Go to Restroom}


No Choices.[Favor+1]


59. A) Stay with Deva.

Yes, they are! (Your Choice)

B) Look what Celine and Catha are up to.


60. A) Go check on Gloria.

Let Gloria hump you.

Do something or someone else instead.

B) Check out the Ebony beauty at the pool.

Play with her dick.

Just warn her.

C) Have a drink.

Smash is face.[Dark+1]

Smash his face a bit gentler.[Light+1]

Clear Area

61. A) Give her Catha.

B) Kill Vanth

Note: Will only appear if [Dark] >=17.

C) Save Selene.[KillVanth]

Note: Will only appear if [Light] >=17.

Version 7 – Inner Growth Walkthrough


62. Choose All in Order. (If you meet the requirements and choose use toilet [Filthy+1])

Meet Karma

63. All your choices. No points.

Version 8 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

Question Game

64. Yes.

Saving here is recommended Your answers will decide who strips.

65. The top answer is always the correct answer. (Your Choice at the end but you can’t have


Heading Back

66. A) Steal it.[Dark+1]

B) Ask for a ride.[Light+1]

Note: Will only appear if [Light] >=3.

C) Let your boobs handle this one.[Filthy+1]

Note: If [Dark] <=9 you will automatically choose B on #67.

67. A) Give Gloria what she wants.[Dark+1]

B) Keep an eye on her.


68. A) Use brute strength and launch Kimberly…

B) Try and grab her, she won’t be able… [Light+1]

Note: Will only appear if [Light] >=5.

C) Trick her. [Dark+1]

Note: Will only appear if [Dark] >=5.

Version 9 – Inner Growth Walkthrough


69. A) Let her down easy. [Light+1] [V9LetHerDown]

B) Make her submit once again. [Dark+1]

70. A) Be cautious. [Light+1]

B) Be bold. [Dark+1]

Note: If [Dark]> [Light], then [Dark+1], else [Light+1]


71. Go for a wank. (This does nothing, but you can pick it anyway if you want.)

72. Talk to Selene.

73. Talk to Karma.

74. Talk to Envy.

75. A) I promise. [Light+3]

B) (Lie) I promise. [Dark+3]

Note: Saving here is recommended.

76. Your Choice.

Version 10 – Inner Growth Walkthrough


77. Teleport mini game. (Not hard no variables)

Note: Upon success, if [Light] >= [Dark], [Light+1] else [Dark+1]

78. A) Get closer to Brianna. [V10BriannaFun]

B) Wait.

79. Teleporting stones will be based on [Light] & [Dark]. (No variables associated.

80. Training stone mini-game, just keep trying til you get it. It’s not that hard, and would be way too many pictures.

81. More training stones, again not that hard, and no variables again.

82. A) Yes. [V10WantedKarmatoLeave]

B) No.

Version 11 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

83. Your Choices. (Doesn’t Matter)

84. Cum inside (Your Choice)

Note: If [Light] >= [Dark], then [V11LetMaraGo].

Note: #85 is only for those who obtained [Dark] >= [Light].

85. A) Let her go. [V11LetMaraGo]

B) Keep her here. [V11KeptMara]

86. A) I will help you. [Favor+1] [V11HelpedAtia]

B) I won’t help you. [Favor- 1] [V11DeniedAtia]

I will help you. [V11HelpedAtia]

(Lie) I’ll help you. [V11LiedToAtia]

Note: #87 is only for those who obtained [V10BriannaFun].

87. Your Choice.

88. A) Offer her some help.

B) Leave her be.


Version 11.5 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

89. A) Join them. [V115JoinedAliceandEmber]

B) Leave.

90. A) I could go for another round, or two… [V115AnotherRound]

B) Phew, I’m spent.

Version 1.2 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

Note: #91 is only for those who did NOT obtain [V11LiedToAtia].

91. A) Tell her what she needs to know, without [V12DontMentionCatha]

B) Tell her what she needs to know. [V12TellHerAll]

Note: #92 is only for those who obtained [V11LiedToAtia] & [Light] =<21.

92. Travel back in time. (This will take you back to #86)

Note: If [V11LiedToAtia] & [Light] >=22, then [V12DefyingQueenSucessful].

Version 1.3 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

Note: If [Light] >= [Dark], then [V13RickLives] else [V13RickDies]

93. A) Mmmhhmm, sure. [V13AskBriannaToJoin]

B) Not right now, I’m close. [V13Don’tAskBriannaToJoin]

94. A) Thanks but not thanks… [V13Stayed]

B) (Lie) Alright have fun… [V13Lied]

Note: #95 is only for those who did NOT obtain [KillVanth].

95. A) Show her who’s boss. [V13ShowHer]

B) Let it slide. [V13LetItSlide]

Version 1.4 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

96. Mini Game. (Enjoy, it’s easy enough)

97. Check on Catha.

98. Check on Deva.

99. A) Cum inside. [V14CameInDeva]

B) One second thought.

100. Check on Envy.

101. A) Interrupt [V14InterrupedEnvy]

B) See where this is going.

102. Check on Selene.

103. Check on Vanth.

Note: Will only appear if you (Saved Selene or made Catha Submit)

104. A) Some help would be nice.[Dark+1] [V14AskedForHelp]

B) Nah, maybe later.[Light+1]

105. A) Then bend over![V14BentNamaahOver]

B) I wanna ride Onique.[V14RideOnique]

C) The one girl with…[Dark+1] [Filthy+1] [V14FunWithEve]

Version 1.5 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

106. A) Help her. [Light+1] [V15Helped]

B) Don’t help her. [Dark+1] [V15DidNotHelp]

107. A) No, this feels kinda weird. [V15DeniedVea]

B) Yes, please! [V15HadFunWithVea]

Version 1.6 – Inner Growth Walkthrough

108. A) Give her what she wants.

A will only appear if [Light] >=24

B) Rip her to shreds.

B will only appear if [Dark] >=24

C) Try to lift the curse.




Note: #109 is only for those who obtained [KillVanth].

109. A) Ignore Atia’s plea [V16IgnoredAtia]

Your choice (outcome is random, it’s a mini game, if you lose you try again)

B) Walk away.[V16Walkedaway]

Fuck Brianna[V16Fucked Brianna]

Go to bed.[V16Wenttobed]




Version 1.65 -1.7

110. A)Piss on the[V165MadeSelenaPiss]

A will only appear if [Filthy]  >-6


111. A)I want you to get me off.[V165Selena]

B) Uhhh,Iwant …[V165Brianna]

112. A) Visit Catha[V17VisistedCatha]

B)Checkupon Selene.[V17CheckedUpOnSelene]

C)Hangoutwith Deva.[V17HungOutWithDeva]



113. A)Choose Naamah.[V17ChoseNaamah]



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