Star Knightess Aura Walkthrough

Star Knightess Aura Walkthrough

Welcome to Star Knightess Aura Walkthrough, which guides you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

(for V0.32.x)



But yeah TL;DR when choosing the difficulty at the start of the game choose Story Mode as that will be the only way most of the Guide will make any sense.

One last thing but if you still want Max Lewdness and playing on Normal check here for the list of lewd scenes in the game you particularly want to prioritize the Hermann scenes as once you see the 5th one it will no longer be difficult to see the pink scenes

So for realsis time to start

Day 1 to 3

I won’t bother with the intro since it’s pretty easy tought at least I’ll mention how to defeat the boss and normal enemies.

For the normal enemies use Bite of the Snake then Slash of the Tiger

For the boss. Power of the Horse, Step of the Rat, Bite of the Snake, Attack, Attack.

Heal with Energy of the Rabbit whenever you go below 2000 HP


As you enter the Abandoned Shrine you’ll automatically learn the Recall Spell which you can use to return to the Shrine from wherever and whenever you want so always remember to use it once you are done in a dungeon or you need to go somewhere faster, also keep a lookout for the stone murals through the game as you also can use those for fast travel

Get the 35 Gold from the Skeleton and the Clear Gem in the shiny spot which you can use from the key items to see the lewd scenes through the game again though of course you first need to unlock them

Head to Trademond to the right and talk to the Black Priestess in the Church on the top left to start the (Deliver Medicine) Quest The farm is directly to the south and to the right in the world map

To the right of the Church talk to the white haired guy to fight. Brawler Quentin: Attack

Guard Lorentz: (Guard standing bottom left corner outside center building) Guard for 10 turns until you see 2 messages then just attack

In the Boar Hut in the first building to the left fight

Mercenary Reiner: Attack 2 times, Guard then just keep attacking

Talk to the Boar Hut master to begin the (Lack of Flavor) Quest.

Go to the forest, defeat all the goblins, collect the 4 purple herbs and help the guy on the bottom right to start the (Lost Engagement Ring) Quest but don’t bother getting the ring yet.  

There are also 4 Apples in shiny spots 5 more on a corpse up from the entrance and a Bomb

In the Church Buy 5 Blessed Water but DON’T USE THEM.

(Money is a bit tight at the start so if you don’t want to risk it I would only buy 1 for now)

Complete the remaining things for (Getting Started) they are done by talking to the guard at

the entrance and in the Boar Hut and joining the guild to the right

Also funny trivia: if you use a Blessed Water you’ll be able to see a bit of an Easter Egg during the scene in the Mental World


Start the 1st Guild Quest (Spider Infestation) Go to the mine to the north of Trademond and talk to Charlotte there, and oh look she mentions that you could learn a weakness of the Spider Queen from an experienced adventurer, gee if only you talked to one recently, maybe one with a sick daughter or something “Wink Wink”

Before entering the mine get an Ether on a chest on the cliff by climbing a vine to the right.

Use the Bomb to blow the rock blocking the entrance and do the same in all future instances where you have the option. Inside go right stop at the room south to get 25G on the body.

Go all the way up and to the left then follow the first path down to get to the Queen try to avoid all other battles as they don’t give anything if you run into the group of 8 use Slash with John

For the Queen you can light the Torches if you want but you can just use Attack with everyone and Heat Up with Charlotte

This is also a good moment to remind never to forget to report the quests as sometimes they NEED to be reported in order to unlock other quests like this one for example if you report it, a new quest will appear but if you don’t report it it will never appear



In the Bookstore to the right of the Guild buy the book (Luck is Also A Skill!) and read it in the Abandoned Shrine

(The book does nothing but it will be necessary for a sidequest much later in the game)

Open the Surface Relationships Room


Go back to the Forest and go into the hidden cave on the lower right

Get the Vine on the wall and always keep on the lookout for those

Use 1 Blessed Water that might sound strange since Corruption is at 0 but just trust me on this one. Go down to SK (Star Knightess A.K.A Remove Collar) the Mutated Hydrangea, however, DON’T ATTACK IT, instead just Guard until it uses Mind Pollination 10 times as each use reduces Willpower by 10 You can also hold CTRL to speed it up it’s still pretty tedious but thankfully enough this will be the only time it will be necessary

Back in the city sell the Star Metal in the Workshop in the middle left and all future ones as well

Go to the Alchemist on the middle right and ask him for a discount for the first lewd scene. Give him the Mutated Spore and Buy 2 Vitality Potions and 2 Mana Stones, use all the Mana Stones you find or buy on Aura

Use 1 Vitality Potion. Go to the Guild, and speak to John and Paul they will tell you Charlotte is in jail, go there to help her(It’s behind the building in the center) and to watch another lewd scene

Use the other Vitality Potion and talk with the NPC with a heart bubble to the left of the building in the center, this technically doesn’t have a pink version but you still get an extra Cheating stat point and speaking of I haven’t mentioned what the other stats you get from lewd scenes are for and it’s quite simple, they will be necessary to get other lewd scenes and mental changes

That will be the last lewd scene for a while but trust me there is a very good reason why, so If you find any others don’t actually see them. Equally be sure never to use a Blessed Water

Increase Relation with Alicia by moving the lever

Day 4 to 7

Sharpen the Sword in the Workshop.This would normally end the day but that won’t happen in Story Mode

Learn Fire from Charlotte

Put Alicia in the Tutoring Relationship

This is also the first mental change that will unlock another, obviously I’m not gonna mention all the ones that do but yeah if at any point there is something that didn’t get unlocked it means you probably missed a previous mental change


Back in the Forest go up and to the right to fight. Goblin Shaman in Central Forest:

Fire, Attack. Get the semi hidden chest with 4 Bombs behind the tree

After defeating all the Goblins in the area one of the merchants in front of the building in the center will now restock 2 Apples per day instead of 1 I only mention this because it will be extremely important much later in the game

Give back the Ring to Albrecht in the Boar Hut

(You can check the ring in the Inventory to get an Ether but not only you won’t get the EXP but it will also make a quest much later in the game more difficult so it’s not even remotely worth it)

Ask Albrecht about himself to learn a special weakness of Wolves for a reward in a moment. Go to the house all the way to the right from there and give the Monstrologist the Info about the Wolves to get 100G

Complete the 2nd Guild Quest (Spider Cleanup) in the first area there is an Ether and Pyromantium and in the second area obviously don’t forget the Star Metal

Blow the wall at the top in the second area to fight. Slime: Attack 3 times, Fire, then just keep attacking. Remember to report the quest

Give the Alchemist 2 Ethers for Mana Stones and buy 6

Sharpen Sword 1 time

Enhance Equipment with the Slimy Fluid (I call it Infuse for short)

Read the Book

Open the Interests Room


Blow the rock where the Shaman was to enter the Northern Forest and defeat all the enemies outside just not the one guarding the 2nd bridge and beyond. Attack a Goblin use Fire on the other and Attack the Ogre

There are also 11 Apples in shiny spots 50G and a Mana Stone in Skeletons 3 Vine Ropes

(Be sure to get at least 2) and 100G in a chest

Goblin Shaman in Northern Forest: Fire, Attack. Get the 150G

Jump over the ogre with the transparent circle and follow the path to the right to burn a bush to open a shortcut. There are also 2 more apples

Learn Light in the Church

Remove the first Interest Book (the red one)


Learn Tailwind from Nadia in the Boar Hut. This is the first Auto Spell of the game meaning that if you activate it from the menu it will activate before the first turn of the battle obviously only activate it when you actually need it though

Start the 3rd Guild Quest (Winged Pig Thief) Get the Mana Stone and Energy Potion in the Skeletons to the sides and go down to fight. Young Avian: Guard with Aura while Charlotte uses Fire. (If you want a full bestiary which does nothing mind you, you need to take all the shiny spots before starting the battle the easiest way to do it is just save scumming)

Sharpen Sword

Read the book

Implant the Fashion Magazine

Day 8 to 11

Check the ! in the world map to fight. LowDemon Round 1: Light, Attack

Go to the Congregation (Building in the center) to begin the 4th Guild Quest

(Demonic Vaults) (Technically It’s not but you still need to report it in the guild and It Is necessary for the Rise to Intermediacy one) Then head back to where the giant hole was in the mine to the north of Trademond, the team should be there

For the enemies Aura and Paul attack one of the Scorpions, John the Mature Spider and Charlotte the normal one

In the first area go to the left and move a lever to open the door in the middle

In the second area go to the top right to fight

Spider Queen in Mine Vault: Light, Attack and Heat Up the other 2 Guard. Pick the red orb

Go to the left to fight. Minotaur In Mine Vault: Heat Up twice while the others Attack.

Sell the Gourmet Meat from the Minotaur to the cook in the Boar Hut and all future ones as well

Go all the way to the left and for the new enemies Fire on the Scorpion and the other 3 Attack the Gnomes

Slime in Mine Vault: Fire with both and Attack with the other 2. Pick the blue orb

Put the 2 Orbs to the sides to open the door where the Minotaur was

Get a Mana Stone and 50G in Skeletons and a Vitality Potion on a shelf and another Mana Stone by Moving a Lever behind a stalactite in the cave area and 3 Stasis Bombs in a chest also in the cave area

Also keep on the lookout for the pages for the (Slimy Oils) Quest one is in a wall Southwest, In the Entrance where the teleporter is, in the top right room and in the Hidden Room

Buy 3 Mana Stones

Read the Book

Remove the second Interest Book


From the Central Forest go down to enter the Southern Forest and go, down, right, down Ignore the rock on the way

Defeat the Bandits, the ones that come with Guards will Protect the Bandits but with 18 ATK they will only be able to do that once

Burn the bush in the camp to open a shortcut

Go in the house to the left and SK the Bandit Leader. Get the basket with 10 Apples they Key in the bed, the chests including a Star Metal and the Vitality Potion on one of the dead bodies, Go down the stairs where the chests are for more bandits and a chest with 2 Flash Bombs  

Blow up the wall where the 2 cobwebs are to fight. Young Spider Queen in Bandit Camp: Attack, Light, Attack  

Save the prisoner in the other house, you need to have defeat all the Bandits outside and open the shortcut to rescue him though

Report the Leader’s defeat in the Barracks 2nd floor to the right of the church to unlock the Refugee Camp to the west of Trademond. Go down 2 floors and talk to the Demon Worshipper to progress the (Impostor Refugees) Quest

In the Refugee Camp If you rescued the Prisoner he’ll give you a Formula that you can give to the Alchemist to create Stasis Bombs 

Talk to the guy with black hair to the left of the entrance

Talk to the guy training to the left to fight. Duelist Ray: Attack

Go to the Foodshed in the top left, pick up the flour bags and put them in place to open a hidden passage

For the enemies take care of the mages first then the Neophytes go all the way up and up the vine then get the Star Metal there if you run into the boss just use a Flash Bomb and run away

Back in the Northern Forest go into the cave all the way to the left then all the way up to get another Star Metal, sell all the 3 you got today in the Workshop which should be enough to get it to level 5 which will make it so the human party members will now get an extra EXP point per day

Slime Feeding 1: Learn (Summon Slime) in the tent with the symbol by giving her 1000G. Summon the Slime every day and in the Skill menu feed it 2 Living Hearts… That’s Metal as F**K, 2 Emerald Leafs, and all Inzectoid Armors. In that order, but if you don’t have one of the items skip to the next item and once you obtain the previous item go back in the list to feed that item, like for example, you shouldn’t have a Living Heart yet so feed it an Emerald Leaf tomorrow then on that same day you’ll get a Living Heart so feed that the next day.

You can see where all the Items are on the link on day 2. However don’t worry if you miss some as it’s not that big of a deal in Story Mode

Increase Relation with Alicia with the lever


Back in the Northern Forest get the 2 chests where the blue ogre is

In the Central Forest open the path to the Eastern Forest south of where the Shaman was.

Go down then all the way to the right from where Aura is, then again to the right from where the X are, get the 80G on the Skeleton if you want to fully complete the Bestiary, enter a battle use a Flash Bomb and run away. SK the Whiteoak

Go a little up and get the 2 hidden in plain sight Emerald Leafs and now that the enemies are gone get the 55G on another Skeleton and go down into the hidden cave to fight

Fire Slime: Light, Attack, Fire, Attack, Fire

Learn Open Domain in the Church

Put Alicia in the Evening Chat Relationship. NOT EVENING OUTING

Day 11

Go all the way to the end of the Mine Vault and at the end fight

LowDemon Round 2: Turn 1: Light, Heat Up, Attack

Turn 2: Attack, Heat Up

Turn 3: Attack and Slash with John

Learn Rampage from Reiner in the Boar Hut

Open the Happiness Room

Day 12 to 20

Go up from where you SK’ed Whiteoak to get the Patentia Rune (Charged) if you use this in battle you’ll get a 25% boost to MATK for 10 turns however keep in mind you can only use it every 21 days so be ABSOLUTELY SURE you know what you’re doing before using it otherwise you might screw yourself over if you ever need it

Continue going up to the top right, get the 120G on a skeleton and at the end wait until the demon teleports around to enter the Domain

Avoid all the enemies by walking on the poison swamp get the Ether at the top then at the end to the south get a Maleficum in the poison swamp. Go up to SK the Low Demon

After the battle this should also be the first time you see a new type of shiny spot (Mana Field) which will increase your MP so feel free to Harvest them whenever you want

Read the Luck is Also A Skill! book

Activate the Socializing Generator

Day 13

Infuse a Slimy Fluid and a Maleficum

Buy a rope from one of the merchants to the right of the Congregation

Use a Nasty Oil Coating from the Slimy Oils Quest

Back in the Southern Forest go to the right to fight

Whitefang: Attack. Get 2 50G in Skeletons, a Mana Stone behind the tree to the right a Bomb and there are 2 Vine Ropes and 5 Apples in the area if you haven’t collected them

In the Northern Forest take care of the remaining Ogres by just attacking

Ogre Commander in Northern Forest: Fire on the Goblin, attack the Commander then Light, attack, Slime attacks the normal Ogre. Report his defeat in the Barracks to get 500G

On the first cave to the left fight. Spider Queen in Northern Forest: Light, Attack. Get the 2 Ethers in the skeleton

Go into the cave all the way to the left and on the second floor go through the other exit to fight. Mothercrow In Northern Forest: Guard until the use Lunge then just Attack. Again If you want a full Bestiary you need to take all their Gold before the battle

4 more Apples and a vine rope. Use a rope to create the shortcut in the cliff, it isn’t actually useful but it will save you some time for a Quest much later in the game

Explore the rest of the cave, get a Vitality Potion on a Skeleton and fight

Jellyfish: Attack, Fire, Attack

Read the book

Increase Relation with Alicia with the lever

Day 14

Back in the Refugee Camp go into the Foodshed and all the way to the left SK the Alchemist Worshipper. He drops a Sweet Memorie

Open the door all the way to the right, go to the right to open a shortcut and go report to Julian in the Barracks. Explore the rest of the cave and get a Bomb+ in a Skeleton

Read the book

Open the Appearance Room

Day 15

Finish the book. As I said before you get nothing from it but it will be necessary for a sidequest much later in the game

Put Alicia in the Going Home Relationship

Day 16 to 19

Learn Thunderbolt from the Spell Shop above the Guild

Smash Aura’s glasses in the Appearance Room

Increase Happiness Capacity with the machine in the middle

Learn Pierce from Paul

Activate the Popularity Generator

Unbraid Aura’s hair in the 2nd cubicle up in the Appearance Room

Day 20

And so if you have been following the guide a lewd scene should immediately happen at the start of the day, the reason why it happens is because the day started with 0 Willpower due to the passive effect of (Womb of Lust) and the amount of Corruption you have thanks to all the SK’ing we have been doing, you can see the effect in the passive skills sub menu, If not just skip a few days without doing anything if you really want to see it but it’s really nothing special

Implant the Shoes Interest

Day 21 to 28

Buy 2 Blessed Waters in the church

Venom Scorpio in Refugee Camp: Defeat the normal ones then Light, Pierce

Minotaur In Refugee Camp: Light, Rampage

Use a Sweet Memorie and a Vitality Potion and in the Refugee Camp go through the cave to the roof of Robert’s house and go in the hole

Watch the first Maid scene in Arwin’s mansion to the right of the Barracks. This is the first scene that slightly changes if you have made a specific mental change, in this case if you removed the second Interest book and after a few days you learned (But It’s so Cute!) which you should have, it will add a few extra lines of dialogue. It’s purely flavor text though

Remove the first Study Book (the blue one)


Summon the Slime to feed it then unsummon it

Check the ! in the world map to fight. Demonic Knight Robert: Aura Attacks the Guard, Ray the Wind Mage and the other 2 the Water Mage, afterwards Guard with everyone while Aura uses Light, Pierce if he Windsup, Guard with everyone then just use Pierce with Aura and Reiner

Check the Shoes Shelf all the way to the right in the Appearance Room

Day 23

Return to where you fought the Bandit Leader in the Southern Forest and to the left enter the Bandit Passage. Defeat the Forest Bandits then the Guard

Complete all the things for (Impostor Refugees) and as this is a major thing people get stuck on Liliana is in the Barracks basement

Return to Desmond then use a Vitality Potion and watch the second Maid scene and get another Sweet Memorie in the study on the potion shelf

Reduce Relationship with Rose with the lever

Day 24

Return to Desmond to begin a 3 day cooldown to progress the story

Learn Offensive Stance from Ray in the Refugee Camp

Reduce Relationship with Rose with the lever

Day 25

Learn Defensive Stance from Jacob in his farm south of Trademond

Check the clothes pile in the Appearance Room in the first cubicle down

Day 26

Offensive Stance for the rest of the day

Go back to the Bandit Passage to the left of the Workshop and go all the way to the end to fight. Darry and Barry: Thunderbolt, Attack Barry while the Slime attacks Darry then just keep Attacking

Go to the right to fight. Twin Slimes: Fire on the Blue Slime then Attack the Fire Slime, Guard until it uses Rampage then just keep Attacking

Remember to deactivate Offensive Stance after battles where it’s used unless I say otherwise

Buy and read the (How to get Faster Fast) book then sell it

Activate the Estrangement Happiness Drain

Day 27 and 28

Offensive Stance for the rest of the day. From the Teleporter in the Eastern Forest go up and on the 2nd left fight. Poisoncloud Gnome: Fire, Attack the leader

Fight the 2 groups of Mutated Hydrangeas in the entrance and at the end obviously you could use these to make seeing pink lewd scenes easier but it won’t be necessary anymore.

Just Attack. The one near the entrance has a semi hidden Emerald Leaf and for the one at the end use Auto Tailwind

Return to Desmond and then go talk to the team in the guild

Use a Sweet Memorie then talk to the NPC from all the way back on day 3 with a heart bubble to the left of the Congregation, pay attention to where his house is and his name for that matter

Uninstall Funmaker in the computer in the Interest Room

Buy a rope in one of the stalls in front of the Congregation and go back to Hermann’s mansion, kinky… Wait! No!

Implant the Fashion Magazine 2

Current Stats

Aura: HP: 124, MP: 46, ATK: 22, DEF: 22, MATK: 10, MDEF: 27, AGI: 19, LUK: 11

Slime: HP: 118, MP: 0, ATK: 14, DEF: 9, MATK: 0, MDEF: 12, AGI: 7, LUK: 6

Day 29: Corrupt Merchants Arc Finale

Don’t summon the Slime today. Offensive Stance for the entire day

At the party, speak to everyone then return to the entrance to progress. Jump over the battle and go down to move the lever  

There is a semi hidden Chest with 200G in the room to the right

Now that you have the team and can back attack the enemies Aura Attacks the Guard and John and Paul the Mages get the crate with 10 Apples and go in the hole in the wall to fight Venom Scorpio: Light, Heat Up, Attack the normal scorpions then Pierce

Get the Pyro and Emerald Leaf.

Continue by using the key on the door there is a hidden treasure with 3 Bombs

and obviously don’t forget the Sweet Memorie

Slime Summoner: Attack and Fire

In the next room talk to one of the “Dead Merchants” and give him a Vitality Potion this will not only give you a reward later but this is also for a new Corruption stat you’ll get on day 44

There is also a semi hidden Energy Potion

In the Money Domain when you go up you’ll be given the choice of Removing the Collar to get a weaker permanent debuff so be sure to do it since not only it will let you become stupidly overpowered later on if you want but it will also make it way easier to follow the guide since the stronger version of the debuff will become quite problematic later on

Talk to the NPCs Aura saved from Mammon’s curse to pay their debt and get the treasure with 10000 Perika(P) on the lower right Arwin favorite number is 0001

On the Derby on the top right pay the debt of the 2 Cheapest competitors then bet on the last you’ll win and she will be freed

On the middle left where Desmond is go into the hole to the left for the enemies use Heat Up once and just Attack, the enemies can’t hurt you unless you leave them alive for awhile but you should be able to defeat them before that, you don’t even need to back attack them, just take care of the Egg first as he can lower your Attack get the 7000(P) from the chests.

At the end below the sign that tells you how the Blackjack minigame works, move the hidden lever to the right to win the Blackjack Mini Game there are no consequences for cheating.

Play against all 4 Blackjack Shadows to get 8000(P) and pay the debt of the NPC there

Intermediate Adventurers on the top left: Invest: ATK with John then just Attack, start with the Blue Haired Adventurer if you get low on HP heal with Invest: Health

Once again pay the debt of the 2 NPCs there

Use a Sweet Memories and talk to the Blonde Merchant with the blue haired girl in the lower right for a Lewd Scene

THEN buy 5 Emerald Teas in the bottom right on one of the stalls and then talk to the Maid to down from where Desmond is for another

You must buy the stuff AFTER the first scene otherwise it won’t work

Be absolutely sure you remember that’s how the curse we got from Mammon

(Eyes Of Greed) work as from here on out we will be using it a lot, you also can see what the effect actually is on the skills menu

That also should have been the last Abductee for completing (The Price Of Freedom) Quest If you didn’t be sure to check everywhere again as most of them will give you rewards after the festival is over

After the scenes don’t bother using the Emerald Teas

Buy the VIP Pass on one of the stalls, in the last one exchange 8000G for 16000P go up from the center after the next scene, heal with Invest Health and It’s time for the

Corrupt Merchants Arc Final Boss

Phase 1 to 3: Arwin and Mammon

Activate Offensive Stance and Auto Tailwind before the battle

Turn 1: Attack Mammon with all 3, Charlotte Heat Up twice

Turn 2: Use Fire with Aura on the Slime, Paul Attacks and John Protect

Turn 3: Attack Mammon with Aura, Arwin with John and Paul and Fire on the Silme  

Turn 4: Attack and Fire on Arwin

And now you have to defeat them 2 more times but it’s not really that bad, also if you lose simply load the Auto Save and it will put you from the last battle you lost so you don’t even need to do it all in a row

Phase 4: Suddenly Poke**n

First off use Invest Purification 5 times, use 8 Blessed Waters, heal with Invest Health and deactivate Offensive Stance

I’m really not sure how to explain this but basically you pick somebody decide if you want to fight for 2 to 5 Rounds then he decides and it continues until you defeat the 3 enemies. Also, which one is chosen is random, however on his turn you can see who is gonna fight.

Charlotte against anyone and just Fire away for 3 rounds. Charlotte for Ubers

Final Phase: Demon General of Greed: Mammon’s True Form

Use Invest: Purification twice. Step Of The Rat, Power Of The Horse, Light, Attack.

Implant the Shopping Interest

Day 30 to 35

Checkpoint 1

Keep a save here and never overwrite it as things prior to this shouldn’t change anymore… Maybe, you never know with this game

Don’t Summon the Slime until after the next 3 bosses, also hope you have been feeding it as you’ll need it at level 3 by day 32 for a lewd scene you still should have time if you feed it 2 Living Hearts. In the Congregation, talk to one of the merchants there to get 500G if you completed the first arc in 29 days or less, anymore and he’ll give you 200G until day 50 when after he won’t give you anything. Also if you saved the Merchant during the previous day he will also be there but again nothing will happen with him until day 49

To the Right of the Congregation and up the stairs If you rescued the abductees where the Adventurers where they will teach you each a skill for free you could learn in the first Arc including a new one called (Assassinate) also keep in mind if you learn (Slash) from them Instead of John he won’t get a boost to his defense

In the Refugee Camp if you managed to complete the first arc in 39 days or less the rescued maid will give you a Vitality Potion and if by some miracle you manage to do it in 19 days or less she’ll give 2

The bluehaired girl from the Derby in the right side next to a tree will give you 3 Emerald Teas

And finally, a blue haired guy in the house to the left of her will give you 200G

Go to the Yellow castle thingy to the south of Trademond to enter Nephlune you can only enter it after completing the first arc though

To the left of the entrance there is a hidden chest with 100G w00t

Go to the Bar at the top right of the city and talk to the girl there to fight

Star Knighte… Uh, I mean, Knightess Fleura: Offensive Stance, Attack

Talk to the guy in the top left to fight. Trickster Ralph: Same

Back outside, go down and talk to the old man to the right to fight. Old Man Olaf: Attack 2 times activate Defensive Stance continue Attacking until he transforms then Guard for 10 turns until he transforms again, deactivate Defensive Stance and finish him off

Go in the tower at the top right and immediately head down and to the right to light up a torch if you don’t you’ll get a corruption point for each Phantom in a battle which isn’t that big of an issue on story mode but still, so always be sure to lure the enemies where the screen is brighter even if you can’t back attack them

Go almost all the way down, check all the corpses and skeletons for items on the way and on the first left light up a Torch behind one of the pillars and fight. Lamia: Offensive Stance Attack, Light, Rampage, Slime Attacks the Phantoms then the Lamia

Back outside go in the tower to the left to get a Mana Stone on a Skeleton

In the first building to the right in Nephlune start the 5th Guild Quest (Blue Sugar Menace) Go to the Mansion in the top left, go speak to Liliana in the 2nd house to the right, then go to the Church in Trademond and outside you should see a Thug all the way to the left, If he isn’t, the reason for it is because he only appears every 5th day so on day 5, 10, 15, and so on.

For the battle, Offensive Stance, Attack the Earth Mage then the Magic Fighter and finally the Thug. Give the Formula to the White Priestesses in the center of Nephlune

Go downstairs in Liliana´s House. Talk to the first Worshippers to the right 4 times and give him everything he asks for to get 15 Trust and 2 Sweet Memories

Talk to Anna to work in the bar

Remove the second Study Book

Day 31

Go in the opening where the Lamia was to enter Nephlune’s Vault. Continue luring the enemies towards the torches and explore the cave. Ignore the red haired girl to the right

Get the Formula Beta and a Pyroplating all the way to the left and 4 Energy Potions+ all the way down and to the right

Buy the (Encyclopedia Alchemica Volume 1) in the Bookshop in Nephlune

Remember that now that we have the (Eyes of Greed) Curse now we can reduce Willpower through buying stuff so If I randomly say to buy stuff before a lewd scene that would be why

Sharpen Sword, Infuse a Jelly Jam

Give the Alchemist 1 Ether for Mana Stones and buy 4, 1 Bomb+ and 1 Apple in one of the stands in front of the Congregation

In the Underground Bar in Nephlune talk to the Worshipper with a heart bubble

Implant the Celebrities Interest

Day 32

Use a Sweet Memorie. Ask Anna about the Uniform

Sharpen Sword. Inuse 1 Pyroplating, 1 Avian Feather and 2 Goblin Teeths

Buy 8 Mana Stones, 1 Bomb+ and 1 Apple

Talk to the Slime Summoner in the Refugee Camp with your Slime Summoned

Install Heel Universe Online in the Computer

Day 33 and 34

Work in the Bar

Install InstatwatBook™ in the Computer

Offensive Stance for the entire day

In the bar go all the way down to enter the Underground City and activate the teleporter

up and on the first house to the left talk to the Demonologist to start the

Demon Worshipper 101 Quest

Begin the test and write (Case sensitive)

1: Slaughter

2: Acolyte


4: Invidia

5: Richard

Leave and teleport back again but don’t disguise as Mary to turn the worshippers into enemies, go up and on the battle blocking the bridge. Slime attacks the Neophytes while Aura attacks a Magistrate then thunderbolt attack the other, go take care of the 2 enemies below that you can back attack

Fight the enemy blocking the ladder up on the eastern part. Attack the Magistrate while the Slime takes care of the mages go up to fight. Slime Worshipper: Attack

To the left of there is a Formula that you want to give to the White Priestess in the center of the upper city

Use a Sweet Memorie. Buy 2 Lascivious Drugs from the Drug Dealer in the bottom right

Talk to a Worshipper in the bar

Remove the Indecency Happiness Drain Generator below the machine in the middle

Day 35

In the Guild in Trademond complete the 6th Quest (Darkness In the Woods) whe already beat the boss earlier

Use the Lascivious Drug. Start the 7th one (Sick Workers) Talk to Edwin in the Congregation to unlock Riverflow southwest of Trademond. Get the water samples from the buckets from the well and river then go to the Alchemist to unlock the forest inside Riverflow to the left of the village. Use Auto Tailwind when the pink fog starts appearing. Get the 150G Behind a tree the Blessed Water the Ether in a Skeleton and 5 Apples

Against the Hydrangeas defeat 1 then attack the other but don’t kill it instead just Guard until it summons more pink fog then just keep using Fire. After the battle a lewd scene will immediately follow but only if you won while the fog was active

Sharpen Sword. Infuse 3 Slimy Fluids

Use a Sweet Memorie. Talk to the guy with a heart bubble in the Barracks Basement and get the stuff on the black tent in the world map this scene unlocked, particularly the Slimy Fluid

Sharpen Sword. Infuse 1 Slimy Fluid

Ask Anna about the Uniform

Buy a Lascivious Drug and in the western part in the only house with a door talk to the Magistrate

Buy 12 Mana Stones

Check the bridge with the ! in the world map if it doesn’t appear for whatever reason talk to the White Priestess in Trademond

Go down into the red castle to enter the last major city of the game Verdeaux keep in mind you’ll enter from a different point depending if you enter from the top or the bottom

From the entrance from the top go down into the workshop next to the guy in red and from the guy buy the Orb of Light Artifact

In Trademond from the entrance talk to the guard to the left and up the stairs

Buy 16 Mana Stones

Go all around the perimeter to the bottom right for another Guard

Use 1 Vitality Potion. Ask John to teach you a Martial

Activate the Ugliness Generator where the Indecency one was

Day 36 to 42

Go talk to Edwin and ask him about the contract to begin the (Papertrail) Quest 

When trying to enter Rosemond mansion speak to Albrecht in the Boar Hut

Get the white form on the 2nd floor on the bookshelf and give it to the guy in the desk on the right on the 1st floor to get the blue form give it to one of the guys on the 2nd floor to get the green form give it to the other guy in the 1st floor to get the red form and finally give it to the other guy on the 2nd floor to get the form key for the chest to the right…

Or you know, you can just go to the chest directly; it doesn’t change anything if you do

There are also a bunch of other forms but they don’t do anything besides adding a funny scene at the end

Back in Riverflow talk to the Artist in the house with the blue door this will be necessary for a lewd scene later on

Ask the White Priestess in the church about learning magic and learn Bless Item

From here on out always Bless Items at the end of the day unless you need to learn a Spell or something, also, DON’T BLESS BOMBS OR EMERALD TEAS as otherwise you won’t be able to use them to break rocks anymore or learn an extremely useful skill later on. Do feel free to Bless Vitality Potions and Flash Bombs though

I do recommend starting with the Energy Potions+ since you will need them coming up

Reduce Relationship with Rose with the lever

Remove the Last Interest Book

Day 38 to 42

Learn Slash from John (This will be your best friend for the rest of the game)

Activate the Socializing 2 circle with the Generator

Buy the (A Guide to Focusing Your Mind) and (Offensive Stance 2) books in Nephlune and read the first 2 times

Implant the Cheerleading Interest

In the Going Home Relationship click on Rose to swap her for Alicia

Use a Lascivious Drug. Invest 2000G with Edwin

Talk to the Artist in Riverflow

Use a Sweet Memorie


Talk to the Magistrate in the Underground City

Start the 8th Guild Quest (Save the Crops) 

Talk to the girl in the bottom right in Riveflow, go to the Alchemist and then go to the Formula Peddler in the house all the way down and to the left, then return to the Alchemist, if you don’t have an Emerald Leaf you can buy one in one of the stalls to the right in Nephlune and now you have to wait a day. HOWEVER DON’T COMPLETE THE LAST STEP YET AS YOU WON’T GET ANY REWARD UNTIL DAY 49

You should have enough quests completed for (Rise to Intermediacy) so ask the Guild Clerk about the rankup which will make it so you skip the next day

In the Workshop in Riverflow in the bottom left give the guy 3 Pyros for a Pyroplating

Buy the Sweet Memories Drug+ Formula from the Formula Peddler. Sell the Formula to the Drug Dealer. Also be sure not to buy all of them otherwise you’ll get locked out of 2 lewd scenes later

Buy 1 Bomb+

In the Refugee Camp go in the house to the right of Ray to learn (Seductive Stance) also as you can see this is the first lewd scene that requires a certain amount of points of one of the secondary stats in this case Exhibisonism

In the Interest Room on the lower part rewrite Aura’s Club Application

Next to the Computer smash the Science Beakers

Day 43 Chapter 1 Finale

Use 5 Blessed Waters and be sure not to use anymore until day 62

Alright so here we are, time to finally finish Chapter 1 once and for all!! So what you want to do is! Read the (A Guide to Focusing Your Mind) book… That… Tthat’s it… Hey, I said this was the end of Chapter 1, I never said it would be climactic

Finish Chapter 1 by talking with Rose

Which unlocks the Vice stat which like the stats you have been getting from Lewd Scenes are necessary to unlock certain scenes down the line plus extra points for NG+ Also this is just a guess but this will also probably be necessary for the Evil Ending These options will be in Purple. Also just like the secondary lewd stats like Cheating, Exhibitionsim, Breasts, Mouth and stuff like that the Vice stat also has secondary stats wich will unlock Quests and mental changes and stuff like that in the future you can see them in the Compendium Moral page

Day 44 to 64 The Fortress from the Depths of Hell Arc

After becoming an Intermediary Adventurer upon entering Trademond a scene will happen so go to the second floor of the Congregation and talk to Sardine to start the (Fortress of Wrath) Quest 

Slime Feeding 2: Feed 2 Living Heart, all the Scorpion Claws and all the Inzectoid Armors

Head to the gray fortress to the west… And oh boy this place is gonna be complicated.

As the game explained there is a counter here based of your MDEF that will decrease every time you take a step or a turn passes in battle once it reaches zero Aura will be cursed permanently with the Curse: (Arms Of Wrath) which makes it so every time you hit an enemy your Willpower will be reduced by 1 which might sound useful but it’s not and it will only make the rest of the game infinitely more difficult so you definitely want to avoid it at all cost

But now as for how I’m gonna talk about this place, umm, I don’t know? I mean obviously I can’t say every movement you should do so the best I can probably do is mention checkpoints you should reach every time you come here. Also this should be obvious but be ABSOLUTELY SURE you use the Recall spell to exit the area each time as that will be the only way you’d be able to get out without getting the curse. Also be absolutely sure never to activate Offensive Stance inside the Fortress otherwise your MDEF will become extremely low

1 Pot: Slash, Attack the Cursed Soldier and Slime attacks the Magic Fighter

1 Eye: Slash, Attack the Soldier, Slime Attacks the Fighter

2 Cursed Soldiers: Slash 2 times

2 Mages: Slash

2 Dogs: Slash

Go up this cliff follow the path to the top to get a rope then go down to the cave. Inside, fight.

2 Venom Scorpions: Slash and attack the pot with the Slime, Attack a Scorpion then the Egg Continue going up and fight

Medium Slime: Fire, Attack, Guard 2 times then just keep attacking until it divides into 2, don’t attack with your Slime until the boss becomes a Thunder Slime

Get the items to the right and to the left and blow this wall to open a path

outside fight. Mothercrow: Slash then continue Guarding until the crows uses Lunge to become vulnerable

Get the rope on the wall and continue going to the left and use 3 Ropes to create shortcuts and explore as much as you can outside

Infuse 3 Slimy Fluids and 1 Avian Feather

In the Underground City In the second house up learn Shadowcloak

This is the first Enchantment Spell which just like the Auto Spells and Stances, you can activate from the menu, always be sure to deactivate them at the end of a day they are used

Open the Instincts Room

Day 45

Activate Shadowcloack for the next 4 days

Use the shortcuts to go inside the Fortress and now that you have Shadowcloak you can just annihilate everything with Slash

In the first room you can get some bombs on the crates with black stuff on them

Downstairs and to the left ask Mira for help, give her a Blessed Energy Potion+ we got back on day 31 (You can also get more on the right side) then go back outside, go to the Domain above (just walk into the tower) and step on the red circle to prevent the curse, then go all the way down to get a Maleficum in the poison swamp

Read the Offensive Stance 2 book

With one of the machines in the middle of the room Improve Aura’s posture

Day 46

Get another barrier from Mira and now go all the way to the right and down to the basement there are also more Bombs in the crates with black stuff, 3 Vitality Potions on a semi hidden chest and 3 Energy Potions+ on a chest right below the entrance to the room

Blow the door to the left to enter the domain but don’t bother with the other since we will find the key later, get a Maleficum in the poison swamp in the middle

Back in the Underground City Slash the living crud out of everyone, however, DON’T KILL THE DRUG DEALER. In the leader’s house in the top left from the chair to the right you should be able to sneak behind him as long as you have Shadowcloak activated, go in the room behind him to complete the Hand of the King Quest and get the 2 chests

If you rescued the 2 girls in the bottom left you can talk to them in the Refugee Camp to get the Reading Proficiency book which would increase the speed at which you can read books but if you already removed all the books in the Interest Room it won’t do anything so just sell it

Back in the Nephlune Vault (And for a reminder don’t help the red haired girl to the right) go to the left and on the first path up, fight. Sahaking: Rampage

Continue going to the left and on the third path up, fight. 2 Jellyfish: Slash

Go down to fight. Poisoncloud Gnome: Slash, Attack. All these battle might have looked mindless but trust me it’s just as easy in Normal Mode, Shadowcloak is just that OP

Read the book

Implant the Shoes 2 Interest

Day 47

Next you only want to do the parts in brackets if you want a full Bestiary you don’t get anything for that so it’s just really for completion sake

Use a Nasty Oil Coating

(Return to the Fortress and blocking the main entrance fight the Chimera and guard until it changes the element of his attacks then just Attack, a way to tell he changed his element is paying attention to the color of his eyes)

Then return to the domain outside and go up to fight

Aamon the Demon of Life and Reproduction: (Guard until it changes into his 4 different elements then Attack, again pay attention to his eyes to tell when he changes his element)

If you don’t care about the bestiary just use Rampage

(Return to Mira for another Barrier and go up the stairs to the left and follow the path to the 3rd Floor, just Attack the boss)

Go to the Domain in the basement and at the end fight

Kerberos the Guardian Hound of The Underworld: Attack, Slash, Attack

Read the book

Open the Values Room

Day 48

Use an Emerald Tea. Buy and use an Anti Magic Coating (Get another barrier)

Go to the 3rd floor (Ignore all the items as whe are on a pretty strict time limit today) and at the end fight

Draknor Fortress Commander: Slash, Attack the Dog then the Adventurer while the Slime attacks the Fire Mage (If the Commander doesn’t use Protect in the first turn it’s still possible to win but it definitely will be way more complicated)

(In the 4th floor fight the boss guarding the entrance to the final floor. Attack, and the Slime attacks a Medium Tentacle then use Light and wait until the Medium Tentacle transforms)

In the Domain there are 2 Ethers in the top and bottom left and a Maleficum in the bottom right

Head to the top right and approach the boss from above to back attack it and fight 

Moloch the Demon of Fertility and Sacrifice A.K.A the mythical tentacle monster from an H Game without a lewd scene: Offensive Stance. Attack then Slash 2 times with Aura and Light, Slash afterwards and Attack a Medium Tentacle then a chest monster with the Slime

Read the Book

Start the Incubation of the Selflessness Orb. And, uhh, I’ve seen some people being confused about thinking that you need 2 Vice in order to do it but that isn’t the case.

IT INCREASES YOUR VICE BY 2… F’ing seriously?!  Cough, Sorry

Day 49 to 54           

In the Congregation in Nephlune (first building to the left) Invest 1000G with the blonde Merchant. This is also the first scene that will give you an Infamy point which will be the first Vice secondary stat that will be necessary for a Quest later in the game and keep in mind you can repeat this every 10 days if by some reason you miss some of the others like for example

Talk to the rescued Merchant from Day 29 in the Congregation In Trademond to get 1000G and another Infamy point

Complete the Save the Crops Quest. Keep in mind that if you pick the 50% option you won’t be able to learn Assassinate from the Granny in the house, however if you rescued one of the Adventurers from the Festival of Greed you can learn it from him so as long as you did that there is no reason not to pick the 50% option especially since that choice gives 2 Infamy rather than just 1

After you start the Incubation of the Selflessness orb you’ll learn the

[Theft 1 ability] which allows you to steal a basket of 10 Apples from Jacob’s farm south of Trademond, 2 crates of 10 Apples from the Refugee Camp Foodshed, 2 Crates of 10 Apples in Riverflow and 6 Ropes in the ground from the Mine north of Trademond.

Only steal enough items to get to 8 Vice as anymore will just increase your Corruption for no reason

Read and finish the (Art of Light) book from the Underground City

And now it’s time for 2 of the most useful but slightly annoying mental changes using the machine at the top you can install a Sensitive and Fetish changes that will make it so on scenes where those stats get increased they will reduce Willpower by a whopping 30 points plus increase their respective stats by 1 more point whenever you get them which will especially be extremely important for the Fetish one, so as you can imagine in order to keep following this guide you’ll have to pick the ones I do, and mind you they don’t actually have any other effect like adding extra lines of dialogue or anything so you don’t have to worry about that so without further ado

Install the Breast Sensitivity and Lewd Knowledge Fetish with the machine at the top of the Instinct Room

Increase Happiness Capacity

Activate the Popularity 2 Circle

In the Instinct Room flip the lever where the pink haired girl is

Implant the Selfishness Orb

Day 55

Infuse 2 Maleficums

Without summoning your Slime talk to the Slime Summoner in the Refugee Camp to learn Morph Fire by giving her 1000G

Flip the Veronica lever

Day 56 and 57

After you fully corrupt the Selfishness Orb wait a day and you have 10 Vice

(AND BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING Implanting the Selfishness Orb also Increased Vice by 2, sigh, let’s hope I won’t need to make more obvious comments like this in the future… Oh who am I kidding I’ll probably need to) You’ll learn the [Theft 2 ability]

Using Shadowcloak you can steal 1500G from the chest in the room on the left in the Congregation

In the Mansion above the Alchemist, on the 2nd floor you can force open the Chest for 800G

Give the Alchemist an Emerald Leaf for AntiMagic Coatings and buy 6

Learn Coating Proficiency from Desmond in the guild by giving him 5 AntiMagics

Change Aura’s hair color in the 3rd cubicle up in the Appearance Room

Perm Aura’s hair in the 2nd cubicle

58 and 59

Learn Water Skin from the Adventurer to the right of the Congregation

Remove the Cobweb in the 3rd cubicle down

Begin the Incubation of the Temperance Orb

Day 60

In the underground City in the 2nd house up learn Horror

Open the Key Memories Room

Day 61

Talk to the Worshipper with a music note in the bar in Nephlune to learn Defensive Stance 2

Change the Childhood Memory of Alicia (left mirror)

Day 62

And once again if you have been following the guide a “lewd scene” should happen at the start of the day due to Womb Of Lust. Again if it doesn’t happen just skip a day or 2 without doing anything. Or not since it’s ridiculously short

In the Appearance Room change Aura’s favorite color to pink with the letter in the middle end of the room

Day 63

Go to the Drug Dealer and ask him for a free drug for a lewd scene, if the option appears gray that means not enough days have passed since the last used drug, you can check that in the  passive skills sub menu. After the scene ask for a Sweet Memorie

Use a Lascivious Drug

Ask the Formula Peddler in Trademond for a discount for a lewd scene and a free formula, you want to get the (Web Bomb) one

Get the free Web Bomb from the Alchemist. Talk to the Artist in Riverflow

In the Mansion In the top left of Nephlune go up the stairs then stealth your way to the top left to steal the chest if you don’t have 35 ATK It’s way more complicated as you need to steal 2 keys from the desks 1 is on the first floor that you need to enter from the sewers from the Underground City. The one on the second floor is easy though

Start the 9th Guild Quest (What Is With Birds And Stealing) Go to the cabin thingy in the mountain to the Northwest of Trademond, after talking to the old man, destroy the rock to the right and go up to fight

Empowered Avian: Use a Web Bomb with Desmond and Light, Rampage.

As usual if you want a full bestiary you need to take all the shiny spots before the battle

If you have Thefth 2 you can steal the Artifact to permanently Increase the MP of not only Aura but the entire team by 30 points. Don’t forget to report this quest in particular

In the Congregation in Nephlune give the blonde Merchant 1000G again

Infuse 2 Jelly Jams

Buy 3 Blessed Waters

Learn Rock Armor from the Hermit

If you have 5 Infamy upon returning to the Guild in Trademond a guard will be waiting for you wich will begin a Quest but ignore it for now

Talk to Hermann in his mansion above the Alchemist

In the second cubicle down shorten the skirt size

Day 64

The Fortress from the Depths of Hell Arc final boss

Head to the final floor and prepare for the most difficult battle in the game so far if you don’t know what you’re doing

Defensive Stance, Rock Armor, Morph Fire with the Slime

Demon General Of Wrath: Sathanas True Form

Immediately use Water Skin, Guard for 3 turns then use a Blessed Flash Bomb with the Slime then just keep Guarding for 7 or 8 turns until he transforms, once he does deactivate Defensive Stance and use Light, Rampage. Keep in mind Sathanas will be impossible without SK if you didn’t manage to get here before day 100

Now that Sathanas is gone now you can explore anything you might have missed in the Fortress

In the 4th floor there is 201G slightly hidden and a chest with a Gourmet Meat in the room below.

In the world map check the castle to the left of the Fortress to get the Caritas Rune and report in the Guild. Refuse Desmond’s offer for now

Use a Lascivious Drug. Buy 3 Blessed Waters.

In the Workshop in Riverflow give the guy 6 Pyros for Pyroplatings

Talk to the sailor all the way down to buy a Scorpion Claw

Infuse 1 Avian Feather and 3 Pyroplatings

Ask the Formula Peddler for a discount for another lewd scene and another free formula you want to get the (Energy Potion+ one)  

Learn Stone Mind from the Hermit

Buy 1 Web Bomb

Talk to Hermann in his mansion

In the first cubicle change to flashy clothes

Day 65 to 72

Checkpoint 2

Keep a save here and never overwrite it as things prior to this shouldn’t change anymore… Maybe, you never know with this game

Slime Feeding 3: Feed a Maleficum, 2 Living Hearts, all the Scorpion Claws and all Inzectoid Armors. If you haven’t been feeding the Slime for whatever reason be sure to start doing it as you’ll need it at level 7 by day 85 and then probably even higher for a lewd scene that will be added later

Begin the 1st Intermediary Quest (What Lurks Within The Mountains)

Go to the mountain to the right of the hermit and through the entire area activate Offensive Stance, Auto Tailwind and Shadowcloak

For the enemies most are simple the only special one is the Hobgoblin which can survive 2 Attacks that would kill it but it’s still not an issue with Slash and the other 2 Attacking

Explore first to the right to get the Bomb Proficiency 2 Book on a corpse then go up and in the way get a Mana Stone in a Skeleton, fight. Avian and Mothercrow: Slash Protect and Guard, then Light, use a Web Bomb and Attack

As usual if you want a full bestiary you need to take all the shiny spots before the battle

Ignore the rope point, continue going to the right and in the middle of the open area fight

Ogre King: Slash, Attack the Commander then Light, Attack

To the right go down, climb the vine and follow the path to get an Ether Plating. And at the end fight. Goblin King: Slash, Attack  

And in here are 4 Mana Stones

Star knightess Aura2

To the right and up go into the cave to fight. Minotaur and Venom Scorpio: Slash

Get 2 Vitality Potions in the Skeleton. Go to the left and all the way down through the hidden passage to fight. Mature Spider Queen: Attack, then Guard until she summons Eggs and Slash them

Explore the rest of the cave and all the way to the left fight. Medium Earth Slime: Attack

Go to the Domain where the Ogre King was, go down to get a Maleficum in the top right an Ether and in the top left get behind the boss to fight. (Don’t worry about healing as you’ll defeat the boss before she can hit you)

Lilim the Daughter of the Queen of Succubus: Morph Fire with the Slime and activate Stone Mind before the battle. Light with Aura and Fire with the Slime. Morph the Slime back

Up and to the left get a Living Heart now that the cursed circle no longer works and in here get 3 Blessed Waters

Finish the A Guide To Focusing Your Mind book

Implant the Hedonism Orb

Day 66 to 72

Finish the Offensive Stance 2 book

Open the Knowledge Room


Ask the White Priestess to teach you Light 2, this won’t end the day

Buy and read the book (Channeling Your Erotic Thoughts Into Magic) in Trademond

Pump out the Science Orb

Smash it



Work in the bar



Learn Tenacity from Julian in the Barracks



Ask the Drug Dealer for a free drug and once again ask for a Sweet Memorie

Use a Lascvisius Drug. Learn the last spell from the Hermit

Talk to a Worshipper in the bar


Day 73: The Cult of Demon Worshippers Arc Finale

Current Stats:

ATK: 52, DEF: 32, MATK: 39, MDEF: 84, AGI: 49, LUK 17: HP: 374, MP: 232

Slime: ATK: 34, DEF: 36, MATK: 16, MDEF: 36, AGI: 23, LUK: 18, HP: 332, MP: 30

In the Underground City go to the top left, go through the door to enter the leader’s home and at the end fight. Demon Worshipper Cult Leader: James: Stone Mind, Offensive Stance. Thunderbolt, Attack, then just Attack the Phantoms if he summoned them

Go to the village next to the volcano and speak to Elaine in the church

Buy and read the book (How to Distract with your Female Charm) in Trademond

(If James summoned Phantoms you shouldn’t need to do anything to see the pink version since they would have used a move that reduces Willpower otherwise just Sharpen Sword)

In the Instinct Room flip the Patricia Lever

Day 74 to 79: The Eternal Repeat Arc

If you don’t have 8 Energy Potions give the Alchemist 1 Ether to buy them and bless as many as you can without going below 100MP

In Mountainreach give the Alchemist on the first house to the right 2 Pyros for normal Bombs but only buy 3 though do be sure she has 10 on stock, all of the Flash Bombs, all the Emerald Teas and ESPECIALLY DON’T FORGET TO BUY THE FORMULA. Why? Oh no reason, after all you will most definitely will still be able to buy it after the arc is complete, yep, absolutely. If you don’t have any Pyros you can buy them in Nephlune

Give the Formula to the White Priestess in Nephlune

And now before learning Open Domain 2 from Elaine be absolutely sure you’re prepared as once you learn it, every day from now on you’ll lose 3MP at the end of each day and if 10 days pass you’ll be permanently cursed with (Legs of Sloth) which isn’t as bad as Arms of Wrath but it will still make things infinitely more difficult in the long run

Add the Hoop Earrings in the mannequin in the Appearance Room

Don’t summon the Slime today. Use Open Domain on the kid in front of the church, destroy the 2 balls of darkness and get an Ether and a Maleficum, don’t bother with the blue domain and once you’re done in any of these areas use Recall. For the enemies just use Slash

In the house on the lower left enter the woman… that sounds wrong and once again destroy the ball of darkness and a Maleficum

In the house above enter the old man

Up and up the ladder another one

Use 6 Blessed Energy Potions not the+ ones though. Up the other ladder If you gave the Alchemist the 2 Pyros and she had at least 10 bombs a guy should be there, enter the blue domain, in this area you’ll encounter Belpeghor but don’t fight him as if you do the day will immediately end but do enter the battle and use a Flash Bomb for the Bestiary, get 2 more Maleficums at the top

2 More Energy Potions and enter the Alchemist

The house above

Enter the Inn and in Charles get another Maleficum

Talk to the Merchants in the 2nd floor for a reward tomorrow

The Eternal Repeat Arc… Only boss, yyeah pretty short arc

Use the Caritas Rune in the Key Items to fully heal, activate Shadowcloak, Offensive Stance and summon the Slime

Finally enter Sophie and it is time to fight

Demon General Of Sloth: Belphegor’s True Form and Luciela’s Memory

If you didn’t destroy all the balls of darkness you will be forced to use SK JUST to destroy the Barrier around Belphegor meaning you won’t be able to cheese the battle that way, if you did you can just SK them for an easy fight of course, also just like with Sathanas if you didn’t manage to get here before day 100 the battle will be Impossible without SK, also, also, if you let a few days pass for the effect of Legs of Sloth to progress Luciela will also be impossible without SK… Also

Turn 1: Attack Luciela and the normal enemy

Turn 2: Light on Luciela

continue Light, Attacking Belphegor and attacking the normal enemies with the Slime

Implant the Shopping 2 Interest

Day 76 and 77

If you managed to defeat Belphegor before day 80 a Merchant in the Boar Hut will give you 500G

Return to Mountainreach to harvest the Mana Field

Learn Radiance from Elaine in the Church in Trademond

Start the Incubation of the Diligence Orb

Add bangles in the Mannequin


In the Guild in Nephlune start the 2nd Intermediary Quest (The Lord of Phantoms)

Return to the Nephlune’s Vault and for a reminder don’t help the red haired girl to the right

Put the 2 orbs from the area and enter the Domain, activate Radiance as all the enemies in here will increase your Corruption if you don’t, go to the top right to get a Maleficum then all the way to the top left for 2 Ethers, to the right go down the rope point to fight

Phantom Lord: Offensive Stance, Attack

For defeating him you’ll get the Humanitas Rune which will increase both your Defences by 25% every 21 days

Also if you actually got this before defeating James back on day 73 you could have given it to him then after defeating him you would have gotten a corrupted version that increases all the stats of Aura by 25% at the cost of all the HP of the Slime for the day

Use 2 Blessed Waters

In the Spell Shop in Nephlune learn Lighting Sword

Implant the Advanced Makeup Orb in the Knowledge Room

In the Instincts Room with the machine in the top left install the Vulgar Language

Day 80: The day everyone has been looking forward to

You’ll automatically go to the Drug Dealer for the 1st sex scene of the game. As usual ask for a Sweet Memorie

Talk to Hermann in his mansion above the Alchemist for another. This scene is slightly different if you see this one first which you can by talking to him the previous day

Also if you’re playing on Normal or heck even on Easy though that’s a bit more obvious, from this point onwards it becomes way easier to see the pink scenes as thanks to the massive discount you get from the shops you can now buy ropes for 35 Gold and you can sell them back to him for 25 Gold so you can just buy as many ropes as necessary to reduce Willpower to 0 then just resell them and you will just lose 10 Gold for each

In the Appearance Room In the 3rd cubicle down add Nail Polish

Day 81 to 86

Checkpoint 3

Keep a save here and never overwrite it as things prior to this shouldn’t change anymore… Maybe, you never know with this game

Talk to the Slime summoner in the Guild in Nephlune to learn Morph: Wind by giving him 1500G

In the TV in the Interests Room change the channel


Lighting Sword, Morph Wind and activate Air Bubble with the Slime, keep in mind it needs to be at level 7 for it to learn it

Go all the way to the end of the Eastern Forest to enter the Central Lake. This area is way more complex to navigate than any other area until now so the directions might be a bit more difficult this time around also try to back attack or ignore as many enemies as you can as the Piranhas here will always attack first if you don’t, as for the enemies just use slash against most of them but if they come with a Undine or Mermaid attack them first

Also just like Draknor Fortress this area has a counter that if it reaches 0 you’ll get a negative effect but thankfully enough it’s nowhere near as bad, nor it’s permanent, still you want to optimize your movement as best as you can

Go up and in the first intersection go to the right all the way down right up to fight

Kappa round 1: Attack, Slash

Back at the entrance go all the way up and to the right and in one of the skeletons get a Giant Bone

Kraken Round 1: Auto Stone Mind, Light, Slash

Go up to the right and down until there is a path to the right into the Underwater Vault go all the way up to fight

Mutated Rafflesia: Offensive Stance Attack the Undine and the Rafflesia with the Slime then Attack the Mermaid then the Rafflesia. There is a Skeleton with 3 Acid Bombs there

Go back to where the Kraken was to enter the Underwater Depths. Activate Radiance for this area and to the right fight the Evolved Sahuagin for the bestiary, use Light on the Water Spirit then Slash, go down and to the left there is a hidden Emerald Leaf in a little alcove to the left

Back in Verdeaux to the south of Mountain Reach from the entrance from the top go to the left into the Magic Academy and accept the special study

Activate the Estrangement 2 Happiness Drain circle

Day 83

Learn Fire 2 in the 2nd floor of the Academy

Implant the Delinquency Orb

Day 84

Back in the Nephlune’s Vault go to the left and up into the underwater area. Go all the way up taking the right paths in the middle left area there is a chest with 400G, at the end fight

Kraken round 2: Offensive Stance. Attack a Crab then the Kraken

Get the Drug Formula and give it to the White Priestess in Nephlune and with that you should have given her enough Formulas to open a Church where you’ll be able to learn 2 extremely useful skills

Back in the depths in the Central Lake go down, burn the bushes, get the orb and the items and fight. Evolved Saha Kraken: Radiance, Auto Stone Mind, Offensive Stance. Light the Kraken and Attack the Sahaking

Go down and to the right there is an extremely well hidden Mana Stone here

Continue going to the right to fight. Hydra: This boss is actually difficult so be sure you save before the battle. Radiance, Stone Mind, Offensive Stance, Auto Storm with the Slime.

Light, Attack the Hydra while the Slime uses Storm every turn. Go up to get 2 Star Metals

Continue going to the right and up to fight

Underwater Lamia? That’s random: Radiance, Stone Mind Offensive Stance, Auto Storm.

Use Storm with the Slime, Light on a Jellyfish then attack the other and the Lamia

Go up and unless you have enough MP for Lighting Sword just ignore the boss, burn the bush and activate the teleporter

Sell Star Metals in the Workshop in Trademond until you get the message that Human party members will gain and extra EXP point per day and after that don’t sell any more star metals there for the rest of the game

From the entrance from the bottom of Verdeaux go to the right into the Knight’s Keep and talk to one of the Soldiers there to start the (Duelists of Verdeaux) Quest. Then to the south of the magic academy talk to the guy in red to fight. Item Duelist Clement: Use 2 Bombs+

In the building below talk to the blonde guy sitting to the left to fight

Thunder Duelist Rene: Offensive Stance Attack

In the workshop above give the girl 1 Star Metal and buy the Magic Enhancer Artifacts from the guy

In the Guild in Nephlune start the John Rising Quest and teach him Defensive Stance

Rewrite the left memory of Alicia in the Key Memories Room

Day 85 and 86

Lighting Sword, Offensive Stance

Teleport to the Underwater Vault and back where we left last time fight. Kappa Round 2: Attack the Mermaid and Slash.

Return to the depths and go to the left for a chest with a Blessed Water

From the teleporter go to the left for a skeleton with a Nasty Oil Coating and to the right on the room with a forced battle there is the Formula Gamma an Emerald Plating and 700G explore the rest of the area and above the teleporter fight.

Siren: Unfortunately this battle is way to random to give a consistent strategy though this at least gives me the chance to talk about the most useful use for the Flash Bombs if you enter a battle use a flash bomb to run away and while the enemy is stunned you back attack it it will allow you to ambush bosses that would normally be impossible to back attack which if you do with this battle you can just Attack the Siren and Slash

DON’T use the Rainbow Scale you got from the boss until at least day 114

Morph Phys with the Slime, Offensive Stance, Shadowcloak

Open the door with the 2 orbs of the area, get the Castitas rune and go up to enter the Far Eastern Caves For the enemies just use Slash. Collect the shiny spot to the left to start the Journey of a Hero Quest

then go to the right and blow the first 2 rocks to the right and go all the way to the end to fight Mature Spider Queen: Attack

Go back and blow 2 white rocks, go down and to the left to collect another page and from there go down to go into a hidden passage with another page and 2 Ethers. Go down, blow the black rock all the way to the right and the 2 white ones below to fight. 2 Medium Slimes: Stone Mind. Slash and Attack the Thunder Slime with your Slime, use Fire on the Earth Slime and Attack the Thunder Slime with the Slime then finish the small ones with Slash

Go all the way to the right and up to fight. Behemot: Stone Mind, Fire

Get the last page to get the Chronicle Recording Crystal for some lore and you can sell it for 2500G not that you need it. Go to the right to exit get an Emerald Leaf and with that whe are completely done with the Forest of Runes dungeons

Learn Heat Up from Charlotte

Pump the Humanities Orb


Day 87 to 109

Be sure you’re playing version 0.32.2 as otherwise things will go different in some of the following days 

Talk to the Headmaster of the Academy for another session


Day 88

The day will automatically start with a new scene with the Drug Dealer and you know the drill by now, so from here on out I won’t mention anymore what to ask for

Teach John Light


Day 89 and 90

Learn Heat Up 2 in the Academy

In the Instincts room with one of the machines in the middle, change Aura’s expression to Bi**h mode. And boy will she start acting like a Bi**h after the next few scenes

You could actually have done this mental change way earlier if you prefer this face but I think it only really starts being fitting from this point onwards


Day 91

Talk to Desmond about the Warehouse to start the (A Just Reward) Quest buy a

Anti Magic Coating from the Alchemist if you don’t have one give it to him and steal all the items, if you get caught you won’t get a 2nd chance


Day 92

At this point you can return to see the last scene in the Academy but DON’T since if you do you’ll get a massive debuff plus you might not be able to see some scenes later in the game including a scene with John coming up. You’ll lose 200G per day but not like that’s a big deal

Teach John Heat Up

Remove the Injustice Happiness Drain Circle

Day 93 and 94

Learn Water Skin 2 in the Academy

Begin the incubation of the Kindness Orb

In the Interes Room lower part change to being competitive about Appearance

Day 95 and 96

Use a Sweet Memorie to prevent seeing the scene with the Drug Dealer tomorrow

Learn Stone Mind 2

Remove the Ugliness 2 Happiness Drain

Activate the Popularity 3 circle

Day 97

If your Willpower is 0 at the start of the day a new sex scene should automatically start with John

Ask John about the Rare Material then go to the Underground bar in Nephlune talk to Anna about the Celebration and just walk around until your Willpower reaches 0 for a lewd scene

In the Appearance Room 3rd cubicle up change Aura’s hair color to blonde

Day 98 to 100 w00t

Go meet John in the top left of the Northern Forest to fight

Garuda: Shadowcloack, Offensive Stance.


Infuse 2 Maleficums

Learn Mana Control 1 and 2 in the Spell Shop in Trademond and 3 in Nephlune

Implant the Lewd Knowledge Orb in the Knowledge Room

Implant the Assertiveness Orb

Implant the Celebrities 2 interest

Day 101 to 104

If your Willpower is 0 at the start of the day the day will automatically start with a new scene with John again

Buy and read the 2 lewd books in Nephlune

Begin the Incubation of the Character Orb

In the Instincts Room with the machine in the top right trade 3 MDEF for Lewd Knowledge

From the south entrance of Verdeaux go in the bookstore to the left and buy the 2 books you can actually read

With the computer in the Interest Room Install the Model Dream Job

Change the right memory of George

Day 105 to 107

Go all the way to the left into the Brothel talk to the proprietress and pick whatever you want tough I recommend starting with the Soap service you’ll see why in a bit

Change the left memory of Rose

Talk to the girl in the bookstore

Once again trade 3 MDEF for Lewd Knowledge

Buy the Master Class Techniques to Make Males Cum book. With this sex scenes will no longer end the day

Implant the Appearance Orb


Buy and use a Sweet Memorie. Learn Splash in the Academy

Start the Incubation of the Hardworking Orb

In the Happiness Room with the Generator all the way to the left remove the first Self Acknowledgement Circle

Pump out the Novels Knowledge Orb


In the Instincts Room with one of the machines in the middle Install Perverted Fulfillment

Day 113 and 114

Have sex with Hermann

Buy 2 Ropes a bunch of Apples and 5 Bombs+ from giving Pyros to the Alchemist

Water Skin through the entire area, Offensive Stance, Nasty Oil Coating not the+ one

Never bother summoning the Slime in this area

Back in Mountain Reach go all the way to the back to enter Mount Firestorm and surprise surprise another dungeon where you need to optimize your movement, not gonna lie these are getting kinda old. For the enemies use Splash or Stone Mind, Splash if the battle starts in the lava

Go all the way to the left for a Pyro then up the stairs and to the right for another all the way to the left for another and go up to fight. Cockactrice: Stone Mind, Splash. Go up for a Pyro, use the rope point to the left to get another Pyro and teleport out

Re enter and this time go up, get a Mana Stone to the left in a skeleton then return to the right and go all the way up, get a pyro in the lava go up the stairs get the pyro to the right then go back up and to the left, go down and down the stairs and down to fight

Great Salamander: Stone Mind, Splash

Continue all the way to the left and down for another Pyro then return up the stairs and go over the jump point go down the stairs then go up for another Pyro, go back up the stairs and go down for a Vitality Potion in a skeleton

Go up and to the left for the new enemy Attack it then Slash go all the way to the left for a Pyro and go in the cave

Go all the way up for a Pyro then to the left, go over the jump point, go up, and fight

2 Great Salamanders: Stone Mind, Splash

Get the Blessed Water in the skeleton then down and to the right for another Pyro and an Acid Bomb in a skeleton. All the way to the left blow a wall for another Pyro then go back up. Continue until you get to the jump point, take the first, go down, lure the boss out of the lava and fight. HiAethon: Attack. Bye Aethon

Go back up and to the right and before getting the last Pyro continue to the right use a Rope go out of the cave to remember where it is and go back for the Pyro after

Buy the Efficient Bomb Creation Formula from the Formula Peddler in Trademond

Give the Alchemist a Pyro for Bombs+ and buy all of them 1 Energy Potion+ if you don’t have any  and enough Apples to get to 99 and bless them and 5 Ropes

In Nephlune in the first building up and to the left enter the church that should have unlocked on day 84 and learn Peaceful Mind if you don’t have enough Emerald Teas give the Alchemist Emerald Leafs

Implant the Influential Orb

Day 114

Current Stats:

Aura: ATK: 79, DEF: 53, MATK: 120, MDEF: 128, AGI: 68, LUK 30: HP: 609, MP: 244

Slime: ATK: 35, DEF: 37, MATK: 22, MDEF: 37, AGI: 24, LUK: 19, HP: 419, MP: 30

Go back to where the Aethon was and this next room, yeah I’m not gonna even try to explain this one with how huge it is so I’ll just mention that there are 6 Pyros the Hyperreactive formula in a skeleton that you want to give to the priestess in Nephlune, 4 Blessed Lumerian Bread and some gold in skeletons

As for the new enemy use Splash, Slash or Stone Mind, Splash if you want to take it a bit safer

In the top left fight. Phoenix: Stone Mind, Light, Splash

And what you thought we were done? How adorable, go into the cave behind where the Phoenix was to thankfully enter the last area of this literal hell hole

To the left there is a Pyro and a skeleton with 2 Acid Bombs and another with a Poison Coating then go to the top right then to the left to finally get to the last boss of this nightmare of a dungeon

Dragon Firestorm: Radiance. Light

And for defeating him you get!!! 1 Star Metal and 14000G… wee. Let let’s never talk about this place again

V. 0.32.X

Buy all the Apples after you probably used all of them up and 5 Ropes

Talk to the ship captain in the top right in Nephlune to start The Disbanded Crew Quest

Talk to the Nephlune Lord to reduce the fine to 5000 if you completed the Blue Sugar Menace Quest

In the bar talk to the sailor to play a minigame where you need to find the cheater in order to do it continuously bet 50G until the blue haired guy in the bottom left starts, bet 500 and accuse him. Alternatively you can just pay the 5000

Talk to the sailor in the 2nd floor in the building below then talk to the magistrate in one of the houses in the western part of the Underground City

Buy a Sweet Memorie and give it to the sailor in one of the houses with a green roof Alternatively you can teach his wife a lewd skill for a short but funny scene

You can also steal a chest with 750G in the 2nd floor but don’t bother

Pay the captain 5000G

Learn Mana Control 4 in Nephlune

Check the Shoes Shelf in the Apparence Room

Day 115: The Freezing City of Insatiable Hunger and Envious Desires Arc

Don’t summon the Slime

Use the Full Service option in the Brothel

Talk to the captain to head to Winterfall. For the enemies Shadowcloak, Slash. Also use an Acid Bomb on the Idealized Woman 1 and 2 for extra entries in the bestiary

Also obviously don’t consume the Cursed Gourmet Meats otherwise you’ll be permanently cursed with the Stomach of Gluttony Curse

As you arrive, get 2 Corpses with items then go up the stairs and explore the outer part, at the end go down the stairs and go into the first house, get a Blessed Water in a slightly hidden corpse then go down the stairs to get 3 Blessed Emerald Teas and a Blessed Lighting Jam Coating and 5 Blessed Bombs+ to the right and left of where the black lines are

Back outside go all the way to the right and into the hole in the roof

From the center explore the northern part and in one of the houses, don’t help the cursed women as you’ll be curse with the Tongue of Envy

Back outside to the right fight. Demonic Mage of Gluttony: Slash, Light, Splash

At the entrance of the city fight. Demonic Knightess of Envy: Slash, Attack. Take care of the remaining enemies and in the entrance go to the right to get an Emerald Leaf

Then go all the way to the top right into a cave

In the cave go down the first rope point and after the jump point there is a hidden Mana Stone in a Skeleton to the right. If you go down and check the soup you can poison all the human enemies in the area but it’s not even remotely worth it.

Go all the way to the left from the entrance to get a Star Metal and go down the second rope point to fight Poison Cloud Gnome: Slash twice

Go all the way down to fight. Medium Slime: Guard, Fire, Slash

And that’s actually it for now, there is 1 more quest but it’s not a good idea to do it for right now.

Of course though there are also a bunch of new real world scenes including the first sparks of the NTR content

Ignore this, or don’t

In the shop below the Workshop in Verdeaux, talk to the blue haired guy at the bottom and debate the Luck Theory to start the Luck Turnbau… Uh, I mean (Luck is Also A Skill) Quest Yeah, remember that book from the start of the game? Finally it is time to see what it was for

For the first argument object that it doesn’t help with Critical Hits

2: You need to have read the book from the start of the game

3: Object. Choose Monster Material and write Avian or Siren whatever you actually have the material for (Avian Feather) (Rainbow Scales) if you don’t you’re kinda screwed

4: Just let him continue

5: Again you need to have read the book

6: Let him continue

7: Needs the book

Alternatively you can sell some items for him to get some gold, 2 Infamy points and increase Roland’s popularity but I obviously don’t know which will be better in the long run

Back on day 63 upon entering the guild in Trademond a Quest should have unlocked so go speak to Rosemond in his mansion in the top right to start the (Homewrecking) Quest which also happens to be the first true NTR related thing in the game 

This Quest is a bit unique in that it actually has 2 ways to complete it either by a Lewd Path or a Vice Path the end result will be the same on both but the way you get to that is obviously different and while I will be showing both paths you want to be absolutely sure to continue the game through the vice path as that will increase your vice by 3 while the lewd path won’t give you any lewdness, so if you want to see the lewd path save the game at the start of the Quest complete it then reload and do the Vice path

Vice Path: Choose the 2nd option

Speak to the guild clerk

Speak to Nadia and Albrecht in the Boar Hut

Return to Rosemond

Speak to the purple merchant in the Congregation

Speak to Nadia again

Go back to Rosemond

Speak to Albrecht

Finally return to the mansion to see how everyone is doing

Lewd Path: Choose the 1st option

Give him a Sweet Memorie

Talk to Albrecht in the Boar Hut

Speak to Nadia then Albrecht

Speak to Nadia then Albrecht in the 2nd floor of the mansion

Finally return to the mansion to see how Nadia is doing and the guild for Albrecht

Happiness Room

Values Room

Knowledge Room

George Memory

George Lever

George Nickname

George compatibility

Alicia Memory

Evening Outing

Socializing 3

Rose Memory

Astaroth the Crowned Prince of Jinnestan

Eligoss the Winged Rider


Items Per Area

This is a list of each unique item for each area… Yeah, you don’t say me. However keep in mind that even though you might be able to get all the items in 1 go you SHOULDN’T you will pretty much have to use your own deduction on when to get the items for example if there is an item behind a wall that needs a bomb and you don’t have one, don’t actually buy one as unless I mention otherwise, eventually you’ll return to the area when it will be more efficient to get the item. Also keep in mind only very basic information will be here if you need more specific directions for the obscure items you’ll find that in the main guide.

Abbreviations for items

If a boss drops an item I’ll say B.

If it’s a Harvestable item H.

If it’s a Chest C.

If it’s on a Corpse or Skeleton S.

Central Forest of Runes.

4 Apples, which appear on the map as sparkles.

H: 1 Star Metal

H: 1 Ether

H: 1 Rope Vine

B: 1 Mutated Spore

B: 1 Goblin Teeth

Northern Mine.

H: 2 Pyromantiums

H: 1 Star Metal

H: 1 Ether

B: 1 Inzectoid Armor

B: 1 Slimy Fluid

Northern Forest of Runes.

17 Apples, which appear on the map as sparkles

S: 2 Ethers

C: 1 Living Heart

H: 3 Vine Ropes

H: 2 Pyros

H: 2 Ethers

H: 1 Emerald Leaf

H: 1 Star Metal

B: 1 Inzectoid Armor

B: 1 Living Heart

B: 1 Jelly Jam

B: 1 Ogre Bone

B: 1 Goblin Teeth

Southern Forest of Runes.

5 Apples, which appear on the map as sparkles. Basket with 10 Apples

C: 1 Star Metal

H: 2 Vine Ropes

H: 1 Pyro

B: 1 Gourmet Meat

B: 1 Inzectoid Armors

Mine Vault

B: 1 Inzectoid Armor

B: 1 Slimy Fluid

B: 1 Gourmet Meat

H: 6 Ethers

Refugee Camp.

C: 3 Mutated Spores

H: 1 Pyro

H: 1 Star Metal

H: 1 Ether

B: 1 Gourmet Meat

B: 1 Scorpion Claw

B: 1 Sweet Memorie

Riverflow Forest

5 Apples, which appear on the map as sparkles.

S: 1 Ether

B: 2 Mutated Spores

Jacob’s Farm Forest

B: 1 Avian Feather

Eastern Forest of Runes

8 Apples, which appear on the map as sparkles

H: 2 Ethers

H: 3 Emerald Leafs

H: 1 Pyro

H: 1 Star Metal

H: 1 Maleficum

B: 4 Mutated Spores

B: 1 Ancient Wood

B: 1 Slimy Fluid

Bandit Passage

H: 1 Ether

B: 2 Slimy Fluids

Arwin’s Manor

Basket with 10 Apples

C: 1 Sweet Memorie

H: 1 Emerald Leaf

H: 1 Pyro

B: 1 Scorpion Claw

B: 1 Ether

Nephlune’s Underground

2 Ropes on the ground

C: Pyro Plating

S: Formula Beta

S: The Art of Fire Book

H: 4 Ethers

H: 2 Emeralds Leafs

H: 1 Star Metal

B: 2 Gourmet Meats

B: 2 Jelly Jams

B: 1 Mutated Spore

B: 1 Ether

Nephlune’s Underground City

The Art of Thunderbolt and Light in a bookshelf

C: 3 Mutated Spores

C: 1 Living Heart

C: 1 Ancient Wood

Draknor Fortress

Tenacity 2,The Art of Assasination and Mana And a Healthy Diet to Promote Its Production Books

C: 1 Scorpion Claw

C: 2 Pyros

C: 1 Gourmet Meat

H: 5 Ethers

H: 1 Pyro

H: 3 Maleficums

H: 1 Star Metal

B: 2 Scorpion Claw

B: 3 Slimy Fluids

B: 1 Living Heart

Northern Mountain Range

C: Acid Bomb Formula

S: Bomb Profiecency 2 Book

H: 2 Ethers

H: 1 Pyro

H: 1 Emerald Leaf

H: 1 Maleficum

H: 1 Star Metal

B: 2 Ogre Bones

B: 1 Living Heart

B: 1 Avian Feather

B: 1 Scorpion Claw

B: 1 Gourmet Meat

B: 2 Inzectoid Armors

B: 3 Slimy Fluids

B: 3 Goblin Teeths


H: 5 Ethers

H: 6 Maleficums

Lewd Scenes

So I said before that you have to see all scenes in order but that’s not quite how it works… How does it work then you ask? Umm, yeah I wish I could explain it myself the best I can do is put in brackets which scenes you must NOT watch the Pink Version of the scene but obviously still watch the scene just without reducing willpower to 0.

Show Panties to the Alchemist: Ask the Alchemist for a Discount.

Guard Ass Grope: After the (Spider Infestation) Quest don’t talk to Charlotte in the Boar Hut and the next day go back to the Guild to talk to John and Paul.

[Hermann’s Date 1]: Talk to an NPC with a heart bubble around the middle of Trademond.

[Hermann’s Date 2]: Talk to Hermann during the (Festival of Greed) Quest.

[Hermann’s Date 3 and 4]: Talk to him in his Mansion after unlocking the Vice stat.

Sex with Hermann 1 and 2: After 9 days talk to him in his Mansion and after this point It will no longer be difficult to see the pink scenes as thanks to the massive discount you get from the shops you can now buy Ropes from one of the stalls in front of the Congregation for 25 Gold and you can sell them back to him for… 25 Gold… I think you can see where I’m going with this, you can just buy 99 Ropes to reduce Willpower to 0 then just resell them and you won’t lose even 1 gold piece

Kissing John: During the (Sick Workers) Quest don’t blow away the Pink Fog when fighting the Hydrangeas

John Breast Grope: Ask John to teach you a Martial.

[John Blowjob]: During the second part of the John Rising Quest in the bar in Nephlune talk to anna and in the Celebration wait until your Willpower reaches 0

Lewd Dance For Formula Peddler: Part of the (Save the Crops) Quest in Riverflow.

Fingered By Doll Aura: After the Lewd Dance for the formula peddler wait 5 days and ask him for a discount.

Blowjob with Doll Aura: Talk to the Formula Peddler 1 Day after the Fingered By Doll Aura Scene.

Demon Worshipper Handjob: After Defeating the Bandit Leader or the Ogre Commander. Report their defeat in the Barracks in Trademond and then go down to the Prison.

[Listening on Liliana]: After completing the (Stolen Food) Quest go to the roof of Robert house in the Refugee Camp

[Maid Job 1]: After starting the (Demonic Vaults) Quest Go to one of the Mansions in Northern Trademond and talk to Arwin.

[Maid Job 2]: Last thing for the (Impostor Refugees) Quest.

[Asking for Ass Grope by Slave Owner]: During the festival of Greed Quest in the Money Domain Talk to a blonde merchant on the lower right and try to pay the debt.

[Feeding Slave Owner Mouth to Mouth]: In the Money Domain talk to a Maid in the middle left area.

[Customer Service 1]: In Nephlune, work at the underground Bar once then talk to the  Worshipers with a hearth above him.

[Customer Service 2]: After upgrading the clothes once, work at the bar and talk to a Worshipper again.

Customer Service 3: Ditto

[Slime Bonding]: In the Refugee Camp Talk to the Summoner with your Slime

[Modeling Job 1]: This is not a lewd scene but you still have to see it anyways.

After completing the (Sick workers) Quest, wait a day and talk to the pink haired NPC in the house with the blue door.

[Modeling Job 2]: Talk to her the next Day.

[Modeling Job 3]: Ditto.

[Learning Seductive Stance 1]: In the Refugee Camp talk to an NPC in one of the houses on the left.

[How To Distract With Your Female Charm Book]: Buy in Trademond.

[How To Channel Erotic Thoughts Into Magic book]: Buy in Trademond.

[Skillbook: Flashing Crotch Kick]: Buy in Nephlune.

[The Art Of Seduction book]: Buy in Nephlune.

Fingered By Hermit: After the What Is With Birds and Stealing Guild Quest Learn a Spell from the Hermit.

Titjob for Hermit: Next day learn another Spell.

Ass being Eaten Out By Hermit: Ditto.

Giving Toll Bandit Blowjob for Passage: Talk to the White Priestess in the Church in Trademond then check the ! in the world map.

[Masturbating At Shrine 1 and 2]: Do nothing, seriously, just keep on skipping days and eventually it will happen automatically after 20 days.

Giving Blowjob for Drugs 1 and 2: After getting 20 Trust in the bar in Nephlune go through the exit to the south, talk to the Drug Dealer in the bottom right, use a Drug, wait until you have the Whitradwal passive ability and ask him for a free drug.

[Bunny Suit Loving Magistrate 1 and 2]: After getting 60 Trust and upgrading to the bunny costume go to the left area of the underground city and in one of the houses talk to a worshipper.

Sex with the Drug Dealer 1 and 2: After the Giving Blowjob for Drugs scenes it will happen after 9 days as long as you don’t use a drug on those 9 days.

Sex with John 1 and 2: After installing the Masturabtion is not Enough mental change wait 20 days without doing anything


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