twists of My Life Walkthrough

Twists of My Life Walkthrough

Welcome to Twists of My Life Walkthrough, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Before you start…

This game is NOT a harem type of game. You will not be able to fuck all the girls in one playthrough. This walkthrough is designed to show you how to get all the available content for each character. All decisions listed in this walkthrough are always specific to that particular character or directly impact your relationship with that character.

What does it mean? It means that if you are, for example, following Ann’s walkthrough you won’t find there decisions related to Irene and her story even though you could pursue them both.

This walkthrough will also tell you when it’s time to drop a relationship with other characters unless you want to lose the relationship with your chosen character.

If some relationship is not mentioned in your character’s guide then it’s either impossible to have that relationship together with yours or you can freely have some fun because it has no impact on your character’s story.

This walkthrough is written in a following way: Day X – Location or Character – All the (un)necessary information with the most important thing being in bold.

If you are at least slightly familiar with this game then all you need in most cases is just this:

Day Xinformation in bold

If you are new to this game and you don’t know which girl to choose, I suggest you play the first 12 days (Follow this part of the walkthrough) and if you get to the end of 12th day and you still don’t know who to choose, then I suggest you check out The Gentleman’s choice and List of available fetishes. That should help you decide.

If you like this game, please consider supporting its creator:

Useful info about the game

This game has 4 + 1 main female characters: Alanna, Ann, Helena, Helga and Irene.

Relationship with Irene will never jeopardize any other relationship of yours, which is why she is +1.

Other relationships can be mutually exclusive (e.g. Helena X Helga, Ann X Helena, etc.…)

Sex with Olivia or Jane has no consequences on any other character’s story.

Only main female characters have an ending, so if you want to reach the end of this game, you need to pick one.


Day 1 – Day 12

Nothing in these days will lock you out of any future content, so choose whatever you will feel is the best option for you.

Below is a short guide how to get the best possible start no matter which girl you choose later on. Decisions which are not mentioned here have no permanent impact on your future story.

Day 1 – Helga – “Help her get up

Helena – “Keep looking

Day 2 – Helga – “Finish her sentence

Day 5 – Ann – “Put her in her place

Day 6 – Helena – “Stick to your guns

Day 12 – Ann – “Laugh it off

Day 13 – Ann – “Kiss her

Day 13

Here you will make your first big decision, which will affect the rest of your story. Once you get to Alanna’s place you will have to make one of the two choices: „Offer her 69“ or „Blowjob“, these two choices will lock you out of some possible future relationships, so it’s not a bad idea to create a SAVE 🖫 here. Also, you might see slightly different content with other characters based on this choice.

Here you can see what relationships you will be able to pursue based on your decision with Alanna.

Offer her 69 (gentle way)

  • Ann
  • Helena
  • Helga
  • Alanna
  • Irene
  • Jane
  • Thea

Blowjob (rough way)

  • Ann
  • Helena
  • Helga
  • Alanna
  • Irene
  • Jane
  • Thea

From now on your choices will determine your relationship with other characters. By clicking below on character’s picture you will be taken to her corresponding section.

Ann – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

Day 14 – Based on your choice in the previous day (gentle/rough way) you will see slightly different content with her on this day.

You will meet Ann’s friend Thea in the afternoon. If you are on the gentle way, Agree“ with Ann’s reward in the evening. If you are on the rough way then you will be rewarded automatically.

Day 16 – Morning – When you will be making breakfast “Make a sandwich and coffee” for Ann.

Day 17 – Evening – Ann will ask you if it bothers you that she might like Natalia. „It doesn’t“ bother you if you want to see a threesome with her. „It does“ bother you if you don’t want a threesome.

Day 18 – Afternoon – You will meet Thea and you “Refuse” her offer.

Day 19 – Day 20 – You can have some fun in the morning.

Day 21 – Alanna’s place – You can “Stay” at her place little longer but you have to “Go away” when you are done with the second round. Once you get home you need to say “No” to Ann’s question. Otherwise Ann will break up with you.

This whole day is purely for those of you who decided to see as much as possible of Alanna’s content and don’t want to lose Ann in the process

Day 22 – Morning – Ann will tell you about her possible feelings for you and you will tell her „I have these feelings as well“.

If you start a relationship with Helena or Helga on this day, Ann will break up with you. Everything else with them up to this point is ok.

Day 24 – Home – When you get to your place you will hear noises coming from the bedroom. Naturally you will “Go check out“ what’s going on and you will end up in a threesome with Natalia and Ann. After that, you can decide if you are “Cool with it” or not.

This whole thing happens only if you were ok with the threesome in the first place (Day 17)

Day 27 – You will go on a date with Ann. Let’s start it in a proper way with a “blowjob”. When you will reach the cinema don’t forget to “Smack Ann’s ass”. Once you move to the bathroom, you will have a visitor, so don’t keep Ann waiting and “Agree” with her idea.

Day 28 – Ann’s father will kick you out of the apartment and you will go look for a new one.

Congratulations, you’ve reached one of the four possible endings in Ann’s route.

Alanna – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

You NEED to choose „Offer her 69“ on Day 13 if you want to have a relationship with her.

Day 16 – College hall – When you meet Alanna before class start „Ask her about us“.

Day 18 – On your way to college – Vlad will interrupt your conversation with Helena and you need to decide what to do. Your relationship with Alanna will continue no matter what you choose, but choosing to fight Vlad will give you one hot scene later on.

Day 19 – Classroom – If you chose not to fight Vlad on Day 18, you need to „Ask for a meeting“ when leaving the class.

Day 21 – This day will go very differently based on your choice during Day 18.

If you fought Vlad, you will have a meeting with Jane and Alanna. Choose to „Agree“ with Alanna’s proposal and go break into the dean’s office. Once you have what you need „Stay for a while“ and you will see a hot scene with Alanna.

After that you will go back to Alanna’s place. That’s also where you start if you didn’t fight Vlad. Enjoy her scenes and once you end up in bed „Stay“ with her and enjoy the second round. After that you just „Stay the night“.

Day 22 –After class- Go home to Ann. She will break up with you. Do not go to Alanna’s place.

Day 25 – Alanna’s office – You will meet Alanna in her office and she will give you a very tempting offer. “Fuck it, I want her”.

Day 26 – You will go to Alanna’s place again, start with „Cunnilingus“.

Day 27 – When you get back home „Go to Alanna“. As a true gentleman you will start with “Cunnilingus” and later on you can “Suggest anal”.

This is completely optional if you don’t want to see anal just pick anything else once you get to Alanna’s place.

Day 28 – Morning – After Jane’s visit you can „Stay“ at Alanna’s or go for a „Drive“ .

If you want to see footjob scene you better “Stay”. Otherwise go for a “Drive”. You will end up in a club. After few drinks Jane will go dancing with you where she will try to seduce you. You can “Stop it” now or you can laterRefuse” her outside. Alanna will take you to some dark alley and you will just “Go with the flow”.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the only possible ending in Alanna’s route.

Helena – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

Day 15 – College hall – You will meet Helena in the hall after class, she will be upset about the rumour concerning you and Alanna, just “Calm her down”.

Day 18 – On your way to college – Helena will walk with you and during your conversation „Ask her about her relationships“. Once Vlad interrupts you and begins arguing with you „Hit him“.

Day 19 – College hall – Once you talk to Helena you will tell her you thought about what she said to you and you came to a conclusion that “It’s not your fault”.

Day 20 – Party – Depending on whether or not you talked to Helena earlier this day you will either have an option to choose who to talk to at the party or you will automatically talk to Helena.

Day 21 – Alanna & Jane – Pick the option to “Agree” with Alanna’s proposal. No other choice matters for Helena’s story.

Day 22 – College hall – At the party Helena told you that you need to think things through, so talk to her and “Begin a relationship with her” . You will go on a date and it will end in her room. She will ask you not to peek when she is changing, so what will you do? Of course, you will “Not peek”.

Day 23 – Ann will break up with you if you haven’t broken up with her already.

Day 25 – Alanna – If you are on the gentle way and you decided to go for Alanna together with Helena, then “It is too risky” to fuck her today so don’t do it. If you are on the rough way then you don’t even have this option.

Day 27 – Massage parlour – When Helena will be just lying there “Come to her”.

Day 28 – Full day of fun with Helena

Congratulations, you’ve reached one of the two possible endings in Helena’s route.

Helga – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

You NEED to choose „Gentle way“ on Day 13 if you want to have a relationship with her.

Day 14 – Ann – You need to break up with her in the evening by “refusing” her reward.

Day 17 – College – You need to „Lie to her“ and then „Ask her on a date“ . Decide that you want to meet with her „Today“. Once you meet her during your date „Don’t rush things“ and you will be fine.

Day 18 – College – During your argument with Vlad “Keep silent”. You will meet Helga after class and she will make a joke about you and Alanna, just „Laugh it off“ and you’re fine.

Day 19 – College- Talk to Helga during a break and „Ask her on a date“.

Day 21 – You will go on a date with Helga.

Day 22 – College – Talk to Helga and Start a relationship with her

In the afternoon Helga will visit you and you will have some fun.

In case you did not break up with Ann on Day 14 you NEED to do so in the morning.

If you spend the night at Alanna’s then Ann will break up with you automatically in the evening

Day 27 – You will finally have sex with Helga.

Day 28 – You will meet Helga’s mom.

Congratulations, you’ve reached one of the two possible endings in Helga’s route.

Irene – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

She is a secretery in the firm where you have your internship.

Day 18 – College – You need to “Hit Vlad” when you will meet him.

When you get your intership you need to „Intervene“ when the boss will be harassing Irene and later you have to „Ask“ her about it.

Day 21 – Alanna & Jane – Pick the option to “Agree” with Alanna’s proposal. No other choice matters for Irene’s story.

Day 23 – Irene – „Stick to your guns“ when Irene is not sure about letting you help her and „Offer her job“once she tells you about her plan to find a better job.

When you get to Irene’s home „Do not stop her“ when she will try to kiss you goodbye.

If you are on the rough way, you will have a special option during her sex scene. You can „Move into her bedroom“, however choosing this option will ultimately lead to the end of relationship with Irene.

Day 25Sex scene with Irene.

There is a slight variation to the ending of this scene based on whether you’re on the gentle/rough path.

Following scene is only available if you are in a relationship with Alanna. Please follow Allana’s guide to make sure you can get this scene.

Day 28 – Alanna & Jane – Go for a „Drive“ and you will end up in a club. When you will be dancing with Jane choose „Let it pass“ and when you meet her outside pick „Agree“. Alanna will be angry at you for failing her test and she will take a cab home. Jane will call Irene and she will take you home. During your ride home „Suggest a relationship“ to Irene.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the only possible ending in Irene’s route.

Jane – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

You will first see her on Day 16 when the Dean will be questioning you regarding the rumour of you sleeping with Alanna. She has just one sex scene in the game.

In order to see Jane’s content you just have to follow these simple steps

Day 18 – CollegeYou need to “Hit Vlad” when you will meet him.

Day 21 – Alanna & Jane – Pick the option to “Agree” with Alanna’s proposal.

If you are on the gentle way then you need to pick “We should go” when Alanna asks you in the Dean’s office. You also need to “Leave” with Jane when you get back to Alanna’s place.

If you are on the rough way then you can just skip forward to the next decision.

Jane will offer you ride back to your place, when she asks if you really want to go home, you need to answer „ You got any other ideas? “.

Natalia – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

This character has her scenes connected to another character (Ann). In order to see Natalia’s scenes you need to be in relationship with Ann. Please follow Ann’s guide to make sure you can see Natalia’s content.

Here you will see decisions connected specifically to Natalia and her content.

Day 17 – Ann – You need to choose „It doesn’t“ when Ann asks you if it bothers you that she is interested in Natalia.

Day 24 – Home – You need to pick „Go check out“ the noises coming from your bedroom. You will have a threesome with Natalia and Ann. After that you need to pick “Cool with it” and you will have regular sex with Ann & Natalia.

Day 25 – Another FFM threesome

Thea – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

You NEED to choose „Rough way“ on Day 13 if you want to see her content.

This character will first appear on Day 14. You will very soon understand that her relationship with Ann is not exactly the best, if you wish to know more about what happened between them, please check out our comic.

Below you will find the necessary decisions in order to see Thea’s content.

Day 18 – Thea – When you meet her on the street you need to “Agree” with her proposal.

Day 20 -21 – You can visit Thea and fuck her.

Day 22 – Andrew – You can “Introduce him to Thea” which will lead to a threesome on Day 24.

Make sure you visit Thea on this day to ask her how she feels about your idea.

Day 24 – If you promised to introduce Andrew to Thea then you will see a MMF threesome

Olivia – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

You NEED to choose „Rough way“ on Day 13 if you want to see all her content.

Olivia is your classmate and she has two sex scenes in the game. First scene (at the party) is available even on the gentle way but you can’t get the second one like that.

Day 20 – During break time– Go straight back to class and do not talk to Helena on this day. All your previous choices don’t matter as long as you don’t talk to Helena during break time.

Day 21 – Alanna & Jane – Pick the option to “Agree” with Alanna’s proposal. No other choice matters.

Day 22 Ann – When she will tell you how she feels about you respond with „I don’t feel this way .

Day 27 – Ann – She will break up with you and you will go out to clear you head. You will meet Olivia in the park. After talking to her „Invite her to your place“ and you will get her second scene.

Secret scene – Twists of My Life Walkthrough

Day 19 – Day 21 – You need to go running in the morning at least once during these days. Once you are in the park, run „One more laptwice and the two girls sitting there will talk to you.

Day 22 – During break time – Don’t talk to anyone and go straight back to class. After lectures you will have a chance to go to your internship and earn some money. Once you are done with that you can go into a bar and you will meet the girls from the park. „Go with them“ and after talking to them „Agree“ with their offer.

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