Milf’s Resort Walkthrough

Milf’s Resort Walkthrough

Welcome to Milf’s Resort Walkthrough, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Day 01 – Milf’s Resort Walkthrough

[Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

– Talk to Mom: Discuss the vacation and ask where Becky (your aunt) is.

– Exit the room: [Hall > Corridor]

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby]

*** Tina Luggage Scene ***

[Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

– Talk to Mom: The MC drops off the luggage.

– Check My Bag: Obtain Chewing Gum .

– Go to the hotel room entrance: [Hall]

– While still in the hotel room , check the bathroom.

*** Mom’s Changing Scene ***

~ You automatically exit to the 2nd floor’s Corridor. ~

[Room 22]

– Talk to Aunt: The MC drops off her luggage.

– Talk to Aunt again: She mentions yoga.

– Exit the room: [Hall > Corridor]

[Room 23]

– Check the Suitcase: Obtain Sleeping Pills .

– Exit the room.

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby]

– Talk to Tina: Ask about the yoga class. Be sure to tell her “We don’t need any instructor .

[Right Corridor > Elevator > Basement]

– Click on the Grate.

[Elevator > 1st Floor]

– Check the Cleaning Trolley: Obtain the Brush by clicking it.

– Exit via the large red down-arrow.

[Elevator > Basement]

– Combine: Brush + Chewing Gum = Brush with Gum.

– Use Brush with Gum on the Grate: Obtain Yoga Class Keys .

[Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 22]

– Talk to Aunt.

~ You automatically exit to the 2nd floor’s Corridor. ~

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit > Beach]

– Click on the Yoga building.

*** Aunt’s Yoga Class Scene ***

[Exit > Hotel > Door to Lobby]

*** Bella’s Arrival and Quest ***

– Ask Bella for information: The important details are1942(his year of birth) andFluffy’s Tag(for the dog he loved most; when ready, finish the conversation.

~ You automatically exit to the 2nd floor’s Corridor. ~

[Kitchen] (back end of the hall)

– Check Fridge: Obtain Slice of Bolognia .

[Exit > Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit]

– Combine: Sleeping Pills + Slice of Bolognia = Slice of Bolognia with Pills .

– Use Slice of Bolognia with Pills on Fluffy (dog on the right). New Info: Fluffy has Tag Number 6432 .

[Door to Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > Basement]

– Click on the Lock (on the wall).

– Click the Keypad.

*** Bella’s Reward Scene ***

~ You automatically exit to the 2nd floor’s Corridor. ~

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

– Check Drawer under the TV: Obtain TV Remote .

– Use TV Remote on the TV.

*** Mom’s Entrance Scene ***

*** A.S.S. Gang Arrival Scene ***

Day 02 – Milf’s Resort Walkthrough

– Talk to Mom: The MC gets his next quest for her.

– Head to the bathroom: [Hall > Bathroom]

– Click the Drawer: Obtain Towels .

– Go out to the balcony: [Room > Room > Balcony]

*** Lisa and Emma Entrance Scene ***

– Click on the sunglasses. Obtain the Sunglasses .

– Leave the hotel room: [Room > Hall > Corridor]

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit > Street > Shop]

– Click on the Shop doorway.

*** Maria’s Shop Robbery ***

– Obtain: Pot by clicking on it.

– Use Pot on the Shop.

*** MC Saves the Shop ***

– Obtain the Lotion (automatically).

[Exit > Street > Hotel > Door to Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

– Talk to Mom: She nowfollows the MC.

– Exit the room.

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit > Beach > Beach > Beach]

*** Lisa Needs MC to Help Emma ***

[Beach ()]

– Click on WC and Shower building: Click the Oars against the right wall: Obtain Oars.

[Beach > Beach > Beach ()]

– Use the Oars on the Boat.

*** MC Rescues Emma Scene ***

*** MC in the Hospital ***

*** Doctor Chickenchoke Offers Relief ***

~ You are automatically returned to your hotel room (Room 23). ~

– Exit the room.

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby]

– Talk to Tina: Ask her about the “TV channels”; talk to her again, and ask about “ the island”.

[Left Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor]

– Use the Fire Alarm (on the left wall).

– Hide from Bella: [Kitchen] (back end of the hall)

[Bella’s Office > Office > Shelf]

– Click on the Laptop (bottom shelf): Obtain Bella’s Laptop .

– Go to Bella’s desk: [Office > Table]

– Use Bella’s Laptop on the Table.

*** Bella’s Secret Photos ***

[Exit > Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit]

*** MC Learns Lisa Was Kidnaped ***

[Beach > Beach > Lighthouse]

– Click on the Handbag (to the right side of the lighthouse’s door). Obtain: Handbag.

[Beach > Beach Parking > Hotel > Street > Shop]

– Click on the Shop.

– Talk to Maria: Obtain Crowbar.

[Exit > Street > Hotel > Beach > Beach > Lighthouse]

– Use the Crowbar on the Door.

– Click on Lisa: The MC needs to find something else to free her.

[Exit > Beach > Beach Parking > Hotel > Door to Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > Basement]

– Click on the Shelf.

– Click the tool on the top shelf: Obtain the Bolt Cutter.

[Exit > Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit > Street]

– Click on Potting Shed (left side by Fluffy the dog).

– Click on the Door: Take the Saw (top shelf, right side) and Pitchfork (against wall, left side).

– Combine: Saw + Pitchfork = Pitchfork Handle .

– Combine: Saw + Pitchfork Handle = Sawn Pitchfork Handle .

– Combine: [Original] Bolt Cutter + Sawn Pitchfork Handle = [Better] Bolt Cutter.

[Exit > Street > Hotel > Beach > Beach > Lighthouse]

– Click on the Door.

– Use Bolt Cutter on Lisa.

*** Emma Rewards MC for Rescuing Lisa ***

[End of Build 3]

[Street > Hotel > Door to Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

*** Evening Conversation with Mom ***

*** Sleeping Scene ***

Day 03 – Milf’s Resort Walkthrough

*** Morning Conversation with Mom ***

~ You automatically exit to the 2nd floor’s Corridor. ~

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Pool]

– Click on the Aunt (lounger, right side).

*** Topless Aunt Covers up Quickly ***

– Run through the conversation with Aunt Becky: She will ask for a yoga partner.


– Talk with Tina: The MC learns Emma was assigned her own villa with Lisa.

[Exit > Street > Bella’s Villa] (the villa is the fence in the top center)

– Click the Sunbed where Emma is: She agrees to be Aunt Becky’s partner for yoga, but also asks the MC to make her a cocktail.

[Kitchen] (right side, across from Emma)

– Open the Cupboard and click the bottle. Obtain: Bottle of Vodka .

– Click on group of Glasses. Obtain: A Glass (obviously).

– Open the Fridge (left side). Obtain: Lemonade and a Lemon by clicking on them.

– Go to the living room: [Exit]

– Obtain: the Knife by clicking on it.

– Combine: Knife + Lemon = Lemon Slice.

– Make the Cocktail (½ Glass Vodka + ½ Glass Lemonade + a Lemon Drop).


– Combine: Vodka + Glass = Vodka in Glass .

– Combine: Lemonade + Vodka in Glass = Vodka with Lemonade .

– Combine: Lemon Slice + Vodka with Lemonade = Cocktail.

– Return to Emma: [Exit > Sunbed]

– Click the Sunbed where Emma is again.

*** Emma’s Story of Yoga at College ***

New Info: Ylang-Ylang Aroma Candles are an aphrodisiac.

[Exit (the villa) > Hot Tub > Hot Tub]

*** Bella is Trying to Seduce Lisa ***

– Obtain the Lighter (automatically).

~ You are also automatically moved back, to the tiles and grass approaching the hottub ~

[Street > Shop]

– Talk to Maria: After a peek up her skirt, the MC agrees to help her with bad wires.

– Click Circuit Box (bottom right corner).


– Click the Bench.

– Click the Toolbox (beneath the Bench). Obtain: Pliers .

– Look at the Statue, Hat, and Picture if you want. To stop examining the Picture, go to the bottom right and click when you see Exit.

[Backyard > Shop > Street > Hotel > Door to Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > Basement]

– Click the Shelf. Obtain: Duct Tape by clicking on it.

[Exit > Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit > Street > Shop]

You should now be back at Maria’s shop; click on Maria.

– Fix the wires. Solution:

– Use Knife on Wires.

– Use Pliers on Wires.

– Use Duct Tape on Wires.

– Exit the Wires screen and click on the Circuit Box.

*** Maria’s Thanks the MC ***

– Enter the Shop. Obtain: Candle .

– Exit the Shop. Obtain: the Ladder by clicking on it.

[Street > Hotel > Beach > Behind the Building]

– Use the Ladder on the Wall (on the right side).

– Click Ladder to climb to the roof.

– Use the Candle on the Ventilation.

– Use Bella’s Lighter on the Candle.

*** Emma and Aunt Lust Scene ***


*** Dr. Kelly Chickenchoke and Ruonda Conversation ***


*** Mom Discusses the Broken Bridge with the MC ***

– Click the Scaffolding.

*** Mom Explains that the Scaffolding Collapsed ***

– Obtain: the Shovel (bottom left), Planks (center left), and Box (bottom right) by clicking on each of them.

– Use the Box on the large Stone (on the right side).

– Click on the Box.

– Use the Shovel on the hanging Liana. Obtain: Liana.


– Use the Liana on the Cave entrance.

– Use the Planks on the Bridge.

[Bridge or Beach] (clicking either gives the same result)

– Clean the Beach by clicking the various items littering the ground.

– Use the Shovel on the Sand.

*** Mom and MC Relax; Mom Gives MC a Handjob ***

~ You are automatically moved to the beach near the lighthouse. ~

[End of Build 4.1]

[Beach Parking > Hotel > Door to Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

– MC will leave the bag in the room (automatically).

[Hall > Corridor > Elevator > 1st Floor > Reception > Exit > Street]

*** Officer Jada Confronts the MC ***

Solution: (in case you’ve forgotten)

• “knife

• “pot and crow bar

*** Emma Naked Bathing Scene ***

*** Officer Jada Conversation with Ingrid ***

[Bottom Left Room]

– Click on the group of Pillows on the right side . Obtain Necklace Clasp .

– Click on the Magazine to see Officer Jada and Ingrid posing on the cover.

[Exit > Bottom Right Room]

– Click the Rest Area, then click the Photo on the table.

[Exit > Exit > Cleaning Cab]

– Click on the Cross. Obtain: Broken Necklace .

– Combine: Necklace Clasp + Broken Necklace = Broken Necklace with Clasp .

– Combine: Pliers + Broken Necklace with Clasp = Fixed Necklace.

– Exit inventory and return to outside.

– Click on Ingrid at the pool again.

*** MC Puts Necklace on Ingrid Scene ***

[Street > Street]

*** Officer Jada in Trouble Event ***


• Say “I amjust passing by”.

• Click on them again.

• Choose the “Distract him” option.

• Click on Fluffy (the dog).

• Give Fluffy the “Attack” command.

[Shop > Backyard]

– Take a seat.

– Click through the different dialogue options; if you want to see them all, click “Nice bench” last.

– Click on her legs, and then click on her chest.

*** End-of-Date with Maria Scene ***

[Shop > Street > Hotel > Door to Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

*** MC Beach Dream ***

*** Mom Helps the MC Event ***

Solution: Pick whatever you wish; you can always replay the event to see other options.

Day 04 – Milf’s Resort Walkthrough

– Mom mentions a problem: “Ask what happened”.

[Hall > Corridor > Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby]

*** Tina Explains the Hotel has no Hot Water ***

[Left Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Kitchen]

*** Ingrid and Leo Make Bella Horny ***

– Use the Pliers (in your inventory) on the Coffee Maker. Obtain Wire .

– Click on the top row of Drawers, all the way to the left. Obtain a Fork and turner.

– Combine: Wire + Fork and turner = Defibrillator.

– Use Defibrillator on Leo.

*** Leo Panics Clip ***

– Click on the Pants. Obtain Leo’s pills .

– Use Leo’s Pills on Leo.

*** Leo Recovers, Prepares to Turn on Hot Water ***

[Corridor > Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor]

*** Mom Shower Scene ***

– Click on your hotel room door. *** Aunt Invites You and Your Mom to the Café ***

– Go to the bathroom. *** You Ask Mom about Moaning ***

[Room > Corridor > Room 22]

*** Uncomfortable Conversation: Dr. Kelly Chickenchoke, then Mom and Aunt ***

[Beach ()]

– Click on Ruonda and choose all options.

[Beach () > Beach ()]

*** Lisa is Distraught ***

– Choose all dialogue options.

[Beach > Beach Parking > Hotel > Street > Bella’s Villa]

*** Alex Captures the MC ***

– Click on the glass Door.

– Click on the Site Table. ( Optional : Click on Emma’s suitcase.)

– Obtain: Hairpin (right side) by clicking on it.

– Click the Towel to move it to the side. Obtain: Magazine by clicking on it.

– Return to the [Bedroom].

– Click on the Magazine in your inventory. Obtain: Magazine page .

– Use the Magazine page on the glass Door.

– Use the Hairpin on the glass Door. Obtain: Key.

– Click on Lisa’s bag (slightly sticking out from under the bed) to drag it out.

– Click on Lisa’s bag again. Obtain: Lisa’s clothes .

– Use the Key on the Left Door (i.e., not the glass door).

RECOMMENDED: Save the game here; the following mini-game can be challenging.

*** MC Traps Alex Mini-Game ***

About the Game: This mini-game has four major factors: the MC, Alex (the NPC), the Key (in your inventory), and various Doors (locked and unlocked). At any given door, you may either:

1. “Knock”: Make noise to get Alex’ attention.

2. “Enter”: Go into the next room; only works if the door is unlocked.

3. “Lock”/“Unlock”: Switch a door’s status from locked to unlocked (or the reverse).

Warning: At least twice, the player will be required to take a series of actions decently quickly. This walkthrough will warn you when this is about to happen, giving you the full sequence. I would suggest memorizing the sequence, visualizing yourself completing all steps in the sequence. For instance, you might wish to practice a few times in the air with your finger to help you “feel” executing the sequence.

Each room will be referred to by a number. Following is the layout, so you know what number each room has. Doors will have the number of both rooms it affects: Door 1/4 means the door connecting Room 1 with Room 4. Proceed once you are ready.

1 2 3
4 5


• Use the Key on Door 1/2.

• Click the same Door and choose “Enter”. You should now be in Room 2.

• Click on Door 2/5.


1. Choose “Knock”.

2. Click once (to get rid of the MC’s dialogue) .

3. Click on Door 1/2 (the first door you came through) .

4. Choose “Enter”.

5. Use the Key on Door 1/2. The MC will start locking the Door.

6. Click once (to finish locking the door) .

Note: Alex now jumps between Room 2 and Room 3 (the bathroom). It’s safest if you avoid using Door 1/2 again; if you unlock Door 1/2, you risk Alex entering Room 1 and killing you.

• Use the Key on Door 1/4 (so the bottom door instead) .

• Click on Door 1/4 and choose “Enter”. You should now be in Room 4.

• Use Door 4/5 and choose “Enter”. You should now be in Room 5.


1. Click on Door 2/5 but do not choose anything yet ! Alex should return to Room 2.

2. Right after Alex moves back to Room 3, choose “Enter”.

Note: Alex says something each time he moves to a new room. Because clicking is used to get rid of dialogue as well as making a choice (like “Enter”), you may need to click a few times in a row quickly to get the game to move the MC when trying to choose “Enter”.

3. Use the Key on Door 2/3.

4. Click once (to finish locking the door) .

If done right, Alex will be locked in the bathroom (Room 3) and unable to escape.

[Room 5 > Room 4 > Leave villa]

*** Officer Jada Arrival Scene ***

[Hotel > Beach > Beach > Beach]

*** Lisa Agrees to Embarrass Camera Guy ***

[Beach ()]

– Click on Some Dude

*** Lisa and Ruonda Make Camera Guy Leave ***

[Beach ()]

– Click on the Cafe

*** MC Swims with Drunk Aunt ***

*** Aunt Handjob and Thighjob/Grinding Scene ***

*** Mom Rejects Camera Guy Scene ***

[End of Build 5.2.1]

[Beach () > Beach Parking > Hotel]

*** Dr. Chickenchoke Describes Break-in to Officer Jada ***

– Click on Clinic doors (on the right)

– Cleaning the Clinic office involves three object types:

• Large Items: Clicking on objects like the Doc’s Desk and the Waiting Area will turn them upright for use.

• Computer: Reassemble this by adding each part — Mouse, Keyboard, Desktop (in the bottom right) — to your inventory. After the last is added, you obtain: Assembled Desktop PC.

• Small Items: Other items go on top of the Large Items:

◦ Obtain: Endoscope by clicking on it.

◦ Obtain: Magazines by clicking on them.

◦ Use the Endoscope on the Doc’s Desk.

◦ Use the Assembled Desktop PC on the Doc’s Desk also.

◦ Use the Magazines on the Coffee Table.

*** Arousing Kelly Mini-Game ***

Unlike the previous mini-game, this one is actually very easy. Five boxes in the upper left represent how turned on Kelly is. Your goal is to get at least three of five boxes filled, but the following answers will get you all five boxes filled.


• “Tell her the truth” > “Lingerie(+1 Horniness)

• “Yes, I could see everything(+1 Horniness)

• “It was hard as a rock(+1 Horniness)

• “She saw my boner(+1 Horniness)

• “Shejerked me off(+1 Horniness)

*** Kelly “Getting Sample” Scene ***

Solution: Pick whatever you wish; you can always replay the event to see other options.

[Exit > Hotel > Street]

– Click on Officer Jada

*** Officer Jada Dismisses the MC ***

[Hotel > Front Door > Pool]

– Click on Ingrid

*** Fingering Ingrid Scene ***

[Hotel > Left Corridor > Room 9]

*** Bella Rides the MC ***

Solution: Pick whatever you wish; you can always replay the scene. Click her ass (“Pull out” prompt) to end the sex. Click “End Scene” to move on.

– Click the Desk.

– Obtain: Ashtray by clicking on it.

– Click the Laptop. New Info: Porn is enabled for your room now.

[Room > Sofa]

– Click the Phone (thin rectangle) between the first two bottom cushions of the Couch. Obtain: Bella’s Phone .


– Use the Ashtray on Bella.

*** Bella Agrees to Talk to the Police Chief ***

[Leave the Room > Lobby > Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

*** Mom Explains Conversation with Aunt ***

– Click on the Bed, then click on the TV Remote.

*** Arousing Mom Mini-Game ***

This is the same game as with Dr. Chickenchoke earlier. Some channels you choose to watch will increase mom’s horniness, while others will do nothing or even decrease her horniness. These five channels will fill all five of her horniness boxes.


• Passion TV (+1 Horniness)

• Sensual Night (+1 Horniness)

• Milflixxx (+1 Horniness)

• Ero Zone (+1 Horniness)

• Inc TV (+1 Horniness: despite her protests, she likes it)

Note: The last channel used to be called “IncestTV” but was changed (presumably a Patreon thing).

*** Mutual Masturbation and Grinding with Mom ***

[End of Build 5.4]

Click “End Scene” to finish. After a couple of lines, the MC will ask “who has sweet cheeks now”. Pause here ! Right after the line of dialogue, there will be a timed event. You can either turn your cheek or kiss your mom on the lips.

– Choose to “Turn the cheek”: the MC’s mom will keep thinking about her experience with the MC. (Kissing her lips surprises her, and the MC doesn’t linger in her thoughts.)

*** MC’s Dream ***

*** Escape from the Bathroom ***

The next scene begins as a dream where the MC is in school, trapped in the bathroom.

– Click the closest stall door on the right four times .

– Obtain: Broken door by clicking on it (i.e., the stall door now on the floor).

– Obtain: Dustpan by clicking on it (in the bottom right).

– Click on the open toilet stall (where the broken door was), and examine the green wad in the top left.

– Use the Dustpan on the green wad to obtain: Gum and nail .

– Exit the stall (arrow at the bottom of the screen) and go to the Sinks on the left.

– Click on the Sink Plug first, then click on the Faucet to fill the sink with warm water.

– Use the Gum and nail on the warm water; they will separate.

– Obtain: Nail by clicking on it, and then leave the Sink (exit arrow at bottom).

– Open the last two (farthest back) stall doors.

– Use the Broken door on the stall doors (that you just opened).

– Use the Nail on one of the screws (any of them should work).

*** Teacher-Mom’s Lesson ***

Watch a brief cutscene, where you’ll be required to answer questions. She will say the name of a body part in Latin; hover over the correct body part to proceed; you need to see “Point at” and then click.


1. Foot (either one)

2. Hip : Follow the top of her closest leg until you get to a slight point (where it climbs and then starts to descend again). Hover above that, and then click.

3. Knee (you can only point to one of them)

Things progress with her undressing. It is the same mechanic to proceed, but without needing to know vocabulary.


1. Find the clasp of her bra and click when you see “Unhook her bra”.

2. Go to her breasts; click when the text “Study carefully ” shows.

3. Choose almost anywhere on her and click when you see “Continue”.

4. Locate her shoe; when “Take off shoe” is shown, click.

There is a footjob, followed by vaginal sex. The choice just determines the positions.

Solution: Pick whatever you wish; you can always replay the scene if you want.

• “Act Rough”: For the footjob, she lies sideways on the desk, the MC standing to the side. The vaginal sex is with her sitting on the desk and the MC in front of her, thrusting forward.

• “Do nothing”: The footjob is with her sitting on the desk, feet forward while the MC sits in the chair. She then straddles the MC, facing him, for the vaginal sex.

Day 05 – Milf’s Resort Walkthrough

When finished, the MC wakes to find a note from his mom, saying she’s shopping. So, the MC is off to find Jada.

[Hall > Corridor > Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Exit > Street]

The general direction you should have traveled (once outside) is towards Maria’s store again.

– Click on Officer Jada

*** Conversation with Officer Jada ***

New Info: Jada says that one of the criminals mentioned the cave from earlier.

[Hotel > Beach > Beach > Beach > Beach > Beach () > Waterfall]

*** Knife-vs-Rock Mini-Game ***

This should be a relatively easy mini-game, as long as you keep your fingers on the keys you’ll need. Use arrow keys ( ) when prompted on the screen. Note: You must use arrow keys; W A S D will not work.

The SEQUENCE is always as follows.


*** Sex Scene with Officer Jada ***

[End of Build 6.1]

You are returned to the Beach screen just before the waterfall.

[Beach () > Beach () > Beach Parking > Hotel > Clinic]

*** Jada and the MC talk with Dr. Chickenchoke ***

[Hotel > Door]

*** Very brief conversation with Tina ***

[Right Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Room 23]

– Check the Bag: Obtain Dirty Clothes .

*** Mom Checks Her Body Out ***

[Hall > Corridor > Elevator > Basement]

– Examine the Box on the floor (left of the shelves).

– Obtain the Washing Powder by clicking on it.

– Use Dirty Clothes on the Washing Machine.

– Use Washing Powder on the Washing Machine.

[Elevator > 1st Floor > Lobby > Left Corridor > Elevator > 2nd Floor > Kitchen]

*** Ingrid has a Mouse Problem ***

– On the counter beside Ingrid, obtain: Box Holder by clicking on it.

– Click on the Fridge to Ingrid’s right. Obtain: Cheese .

– Exit the Ingrid screen: [Kitchen] (bottom right corner)

– Click on the Drawers. Obtain: Fork.

– Combine: Box Holder + Fork = Mousetrap.

– Return to the Ingrid via [Kitchen] (bottom left corner).

– Click the Table, and then “Look under the table ”.

– Use Mousetrap on the Mouse Hole, and then use the Cheese on the Mousetrap.

– Click on the Shoelace.

*** Tina Catches Ingrid Showing Her Gratitude ***

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