Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Healslut Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.


Introduction – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

This guide is for Healslut, an erotic high-fantasy adventure dynamic visual novel by DavieZwei. Be warned that this guide is rife with spoilers but an effort has been made to hide the most serious ones.

This story takes place in the near future and contains both “in the real world” (IRL) and “in-game” scenes. You will have the choice to select either a Nerdo (male) or Nerdette (female) main IRL character but you are locked in to one particular in-game character: Sparkle.

Common Terms

  • IRL: In Real Life — the “real world” outside of the VR game
  • MC: Main Character — refers to Simon/Simone/Sparkle
  • VR: Virtual Reality — a highly immersive “game” reality
  • Route/Path: a branching pathway of the story

Act 1 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Nerdo or Nerdette

Major story situations and character interactions depend on if the main character is male or female IRL so this is a very big choice. However, neither option is “better” or “easier” than the other in terms of gameplay and this choice does not block any routes.

Blame Healer or Bad Luck

This choice currently only affects a few responses and reactions.

Agree to Terms/NDA or Read Terms/NDA First

This choice does not have any significant impact yet.

Enter Game or Hard Reset

Entering the game without resetting skips the ‘file report’ content but allows Sparkle to meet Fwawr Argarg, a red impish four-armed young “fellow human” who will then appear later in the story several times.

Resetting the game and filing the report allows Sparkle to receive one of two outfits for free from the “Looty-Booty Chest” later in the game.

Extensive Report or Short Report

✦REQUIRES Hard Reset

Choosing to file the long report will result in receiving the dark magical tabard and mask as the “Looty-Booty” reward while filing the short report will result in receiving the tiny fur undies and leather top as the reward outfit.

Refrain from Magic or Use Soothing Stroke

Only changes a couple dialogs and reactions but choosing to use the spell results in some additional (humorous) content with Wejit.

Wejit Friend or Random Gobbo

Gain a point in Wejit’s “friendship” if you declare he is a friend. These “friendship points” have significant impacts on interactions with the characters.

Beg for Coins or Offer Healing or Go Into Alleyway

Affects some character interactions later in the story. Going into the alleyway allows for some sexual scenes with Rudedood.

Handjob or Blowjob or Leave

✦REQUIRES Going into the alleyway

Gain 1 gold for a handjob (2 more if starting with a handjob then agreeing to ‘upgrade’ to a blowjob), 2 gold for a blowjob, or 3 gold if selecting “fuck this, I’m leaving” and then agreeing to the blowjob.

This gold is useful a couple scenes later when you visit a shop to purchase ‘armor’ because having at least 2 extra gold (or 1 extra gold with the “Looty-Booty” chest token) will allow you all of the options available there.

Act 2 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Sit Next to ???

Gain a “friendship” point with the person you choose to sit with. Again, these points are meaningful.

Choose Fuzzy / Magical / Tribal / Dress Outfit

Fuzzy Britches and Magical Tabard outfits require Hard Reset choice

The choice of outfit has minor impacts on reactions and dialog. In a future update this choice will have more significance.

SPOILER: There is currently no use for leftover gold.

Buy Sword & Shield or Not

Buying Wejit weaponry effectively turns him into Sir Wejit. He declares himself your protector and pledges his loyalty. This choice has major repercussions as the story progresses. If you are inclined to distance yourself from Wejit, choosing not to arm him is an effective way of doing so.

Bunk with ??? / What About Lel

Choosing who to bunk with on this first night is a critical choice.

Asking about Lel has many ramifications:

  1. Gains a friendship point with her.
  2. Sets her up as a possible romantic interest as well as a possible Panki+Lel romance.
  3. Opens the Mushroom Sidequest
  4. Does not preclude pursuing a different romantic interest (e.g. Roopah).

It is therefore advisable to ask after Lel regardless of your future plans as there are no drawbacks in doing so.

Picking Panki or Roopah will set them up as a romantic opportunity.

Picking Kayden/Leigh is the ‘neutral’ option but that choice will give you some insight into their relationship and allow you to give Leigh a handjob if you so choose.

Mushroom Sidequest: Agree to trade / Decline the deal

✦REQUIRES What About Lel

Agreeing to the trade opens up new scenes and choices in the upcoming dungeon.

SPOILER: It is advisable to take the deal for the extra content as even if you fail to get the mushroom you will not be forced to give the Tavernkeep a blowjob.

Bunking with Kayden/Leigh

This is the “neutral” option. It will give you a friendship point with each of them but does not trigger any possible romances.

Nested choice: “Can I help somehow?”

  • Attempting to relieve Leigh’s frustration will lead you into giving him a handjob (+1 HJ) and give you a friendship point with him. There are no major ramifications to this currently but there is a flag set here for future use.
  • Letting it go and getting some sleep forgoes the +1 HJ, the Leigh friendship point, and the flag being set.

Bunking with Panki

Gives you a friendship point with Panki and sets her up as a possible romantic interest.

Bunking with Roopah

Nested choice: “Knock on Roopah’s/Kayden’s door?”

  • Knocking on Roopah’s door will continue into her room.
  • Knocking on Kayden’s door will go to the Bunking with Kayden/Leigh route with a different introduction. It will remove the Roopah friendship point and instead give you a friendship point each with Kayden and Leigh.

Gives you a friendship point with Roopah and sets her up as a possible romantic interest.

This will also cause you to give Roopah both a blowjob (+1 BJ) and a titjob (+1 TJ).

Act 3 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

What would you wear?

This is a minor choice. There are no lasting consequences.

SPOILER: Your choice selects the type of outfit you will be wearing when you first meet Wendy.

Order a pizza / Go get food

Ordering a pizza has you meet Alex (from Fanucci’s Amazing Pizza) while going out will have you meet either Carlos (if you choose to get a burrito) or Amanda (if you choose to get a burger). It is possible you may meet this particular person again but there are no major consequences for your choice here.

In addition, a few minor character interactions differ based on what you decide to eat.

The SWAG shirt

“It’s not that bad…”

  • +1 AGREEABLE point. These points determine how willing Sparkle is to go along with suggestions and demands. Being agreeable will also lead to more submissive behavior.

“It’s totally ridiculous!”

  • Nothing.

Focus on minimizing spell / Cast Soothing Stroke

Casting the spell right away gives you one control point. Focusing, being distracted, and then casting gives you two control points. Focusing, being distracted, focusing again, and then casting gives you three control points.

Control points don’t exist. Got ya!

But seriously, the only difference in these choices is if you fondle yourself or not. Focusing will prevent fondling. Just like IRL.

Act 4 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Lel wears a gag or not

“She doesn’t have to wear that.”

  • +1 friendship point with Lel.
  • Lel removes gag.
  • This choice is crucial if you want to pursue the Lel romance route.

“Good, she was talking too much.”

  • Lel remains gagged.

Basically, this choice permits you to affirm your affectionate interest in Lel. This is one of the three critical choices you must make correctly if you want to romance Lel. Sexual activity and the Panki+Lel route will still be possible if you choose to leave her gagged but solo romance will be out.

In addition, this choice will influence her treatment of you if you become a looter for the group. Obviously her attitude will be less sympathetic towards you in that situation if you leave her gagged.

SPOILER: If you want the upcoming succubus encounter to end peacefully, Lel must be ungagged and you must also have agreed to the Mushroom Sidequest deal.

Send Wejit to fight / Keep Wejit for protection

As warned, failing to arm Wejit has major repercussions. In this instance, he will not stay to defend you even if you order it.

Without spoiling, keeping Wejit on defense is good for… defense.

Succubus and Hellhounds attack

This section covers all the choices during the succubus scene.

This part is a bit complicated as a lot depends on Wejit’s presence and your current standing with Lel. That said, this is a dependencies scene and not a decisions scene, meaning that the outcomes are based on prior choices and the choices made here are primarily for flavor with one notable exception: choosing to leave Lel to face the Succubus alone.

First of all, if you have satisfied the requirements to prove that you care about Lel (SPOILER: ask Kayden about her, agree to the Mushroom Sidequest deal, and tell her to ungag herself.) then the Succubus will leave peacefully.


If you stay and Wejit is defending, the two of you will work together and the Succubus will ultimately flee.

If you stay and Wejit is not defending, Lel will be injured. Any choice you make from here will ultimately cause the Succubus to leave.

If you leave to get help and Wejit is defending, then Wejit will protect Lel until the reinforcements arrive. Either choice you make from here will ultimately cause the Succubus to leave.

If you leave and Wejit is not defending, Lel and the Succubus will be gone upon your return. She has apparently been killed and eaten or dragged off for a tortuous death. This sets a “Lel is dead” flag. This will, of course, close off certain future content. SPOILER: This outcome is required to become the looter of the group early but that role can also be unlocked at a later time with Lel still in the group.

Panki has taken damage

Casting Soothing Stroke on the Skeleton Fighter will create Harmony, who is potentially a very significant character in the story.

Mushroom hunting

REQUIRES What About Lel & Agree to trade

If Lel is still in the group you can choose to go with either Kayden or Panki for some extra scenes, resulting in a friendship point with the person you choose.

If Lel is not in the group you can send Wejit by himself, although Kayden strongly disapproves of that choice.

Success gives you the Terrible Truffle you need for the deal with the Tavernkeep but also opens another possible trade for the mushroom before meeting the Tavernkeep again.

Nested choice: “Distract/Kill Caveling”

  • Wejit will be tasked to dispatch the Caveling if you choose the option to kill him.
  • Choosing to distract the Caveling will result in Sparkle performing a ‘sexy’ dance for him.
  • Either option allows the mushroom and lockbox to be retrieved.

Champ & Twig Introduction

“I like the big stupid one.”

  • +1 friendship point with Champ.

“I like the little stupid one.”

  • +1 friendship point with Twig.

“I like… someone else.”

  • If you spent the night with Panki or Roopah, you will receive a friendship point with them for this choice.
  • If you did not spend the night with Panki or Roopah, you will be given a choice to voice your affection with Lel, Kayden, or Leigh which will result in a friendship point with your choice.
  • If you choose “I like everyone… as friends” then no friendship points are distributed.

Act 5 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Jane & James introduction

“Let them in to use the restroom.”

  • Opens future Jane and James content.
  • Nested choice: “Could Jane be a model?”
    • Subsequent dialog with Jane and James is affected by this choice. Future narrative and dialog will be affected as well.

“Tell them to go elsewhere.”

  • Blocks all future Jane and James content.

Watch anime/romcom movie

Determines which ‘movie’ is displayed and determines dialog with Jane directly afterward. There are no lasting consequences.

Jane stays the night or not

“No, she can’t stay here tonight.”

  • Blocks early endings with Jane.

“Okay, she can sleep on the couch.”

  • Opens future Jane content.
  • Allows early endings with Jane.

Wendycat introduction

“Wait… Wendy?” / You look like… you!”

  • This choice currently has no consequences.

What do you want from a MEGAREAL CSA?

This choice will decide what you want from Wendy in exchange for her request. SPOILER: She wants you to ditch Wejit.

“A raise for this beta-testing.”

  • Sets your request to “raise”

“A MEGAREAL invite for Jane.”

✦REQUIRES Allowing Jane & James to use the restroom

  • Sets your request to “invite”
  • SPOILER: Required for Jane to appear in-game later.

“A weapon of some sort for defense.”

  • Sets your request to “weapon”

Lel and her guitar

“Would you play a song?”

  • If you have at least 2 friendship points with Lel, she will play a song for you.
  • If you have less than 2 friendship points, she will refuse your request.
  • The dialog will skew romantic if you have 3 or more friendship points with Lel.

“We’re leaving soon.”

  • Skips Lel’s (potential) song and dialog.

Trading with Swollwang

✦REQUIRES Mushroom obtained

“No way, no deal.”

  • Keeps the Terrible Truffle for trade with the Tavernkeep

“Okay, fine. Deal.”

  • Exchanges the Terrible Truffle for a Vial of Troll Semen
  • SPOILER: The troll semen can be traded at the docks in order to smuggle through pixie powder.

Should he stay or should he go now?

This is a very big choice because it will determine your ‘companion’ through the rest of the story. A great many interactions and future options are affected by this choice. In addition, some party members may consider you leaving Wejit as a ‘dick move’ even if you are doing it entirely for altruistic reasons.

“Roopah’s right, someone else will probably step up.”

  • Retains Wejit as your companion.

“Wejit should stay to keep helping these people.”

  • Ooyum takes Wejit’s place as your companion.

SPOILER: You do not have to ditch Wejit to get whatever Wendy offers in exchange. There will be an opportunity later in the game to accept another (much more obscure) deal for what you want.

An encounter in the desert

If you healed the skeleton earlier, you will meet the ‘person’ you magically created, Harmony. Otherwise you will meet Rudedood again.


“Let Roopah put the creature down.”

  • Prevents all future Harmony content.

“Take the creature back to town.”

  • Adds Harmony as a possible romantic interest.
  • Opens up many future choices/routes unique to Harmony.


This choice has consequences in future interactions with Kayden.

“<Target> Rudedood <Spell> Soothing Stroke”

  • Heals Rudedood.
  • Upsets Roopah.

“Refuse to heal him.”

  • Leaves Rudedood to die.

Free to decide?

“Yes, Roopah can make decisions for me.”

  • Gains a friendship point with Roopah.
  • Roopah will make some choices for you going forward.
  • Some options will be closed-off and some future situations will be unavoidable.

“No, I will make all my own decisions.”

  • You will continue to make your own decisions.

Transformation initiation

This is a critical choice as it will determine your basic body type for the upcoming transformation. However, you can change your basic body type in the game options menu whenever you like.

There is a point of contention here because a lot of people consider ‘futa’ as a feminine person with both sets of genitalia. However in this game it means a female with male genitalia and no female genitalia.

“Allow the change to become more like Elisabeth.”

“Allow the change to become Sparkle IRL.”

  • The two choices are the same only but worded differently depending on if you started as a nerdo or nerdette.
  • This selects the ‘girl’ body (i.e. Sparkle classic) as your future body type.

“Attenuate the change to become a rather girly boi.”

  • This selects the ‘twink’ body as your future body type.

“Allow the change and compensate to have a cock.”

“Allow the change and compensate to keep my cock.”

  • Again, these two choices are the same but only worded differently for nerdo/nerdette.
  • This selects the ‘futa’ body as your future body type.

“This is crazy! I don’t want any of those options!”

  • This sets a flag for denying the change as true but does not currently have consequences.
  • You will be required to choose one of the previous options after voicing your objections.

Act 6 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Conversation with (a drunken) Kayden

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to talk to you.”

  • Only available before picking any other option.
  • Skips the main conversation with Kayden.
  • Blocks paths to get Leigh or Lel back in the group.

“Why did you kick Lel out of the group?”

“Why did you treat Lel so badly?”

  • The wording of this question depends on if Lel is alive. Kayden’s response is primarily the same for both questions.

“We need to get Lel back.”

  • ✦REQUIRES that you have asked about kicking out Lel / treating Lel badly before this option appears.
  • Nested choice: “How do you want to handle her?”
    • Deciding to take responsibility makes you ‘in charge’ of Lel when she rejoins the group.
    • Deciding to share duties means you will become a loot-puppy.
    • Deciding to not be accountable blocks the path to get Lel back into the group.

“I heard about Leigh breaking up with you.”

  • Opens the route to get Leigh back into the group.

“Why did you attack Rudedood earlier?”

✦REQUIRES that you met Rudedood in the desert earlier.

  • Kayden does not actually answer the question regardless.

“Remember that skeleton I brought back to life…?”

✦REQUIRES that you met Harmony in the desert earlier.

  • If Harmony is alive, Kayden will agree to let her join the group. If dead, Kayden will confusingly congratulate you on your ‘good job.’

“That’s all I wanted to talk about.”

  • Only available after picking any option.
  • This will conclude the main conversation with Kayden.
  • If you did not mention Leigh, the path to get him back into the group will be blocked.
  • If you did not ask about Lel, tell Kayden the group should get her back, and then agree to either be responsible for her or share her duties, the path to get her back into the group will be blocked.

Is Kayden trying to be a good leader?

“Yes, I do know you’re trying very hard, Kayden.”

“Yes, I think you’re trying. But you’re failing.”

“No, I don’t think you’re trying very hard at all.”

“No, you’re not any kind of leader. You’re just a bully.”

  • Basically, this is a scale of your opinion of Kayden’s leadership, with the feedback being great, decent, poor, and terrible respectively.
  • Your response determines many interactions with Kayden later in the story. Kayden will obviously resent you if you tell him he isn’t trying very hard or that he is just a bully.

Returning to the Tavernkeep

✦REQUIRES Agree to trade

If you still have the mushroom, you will give the Terrible Truffle to the Tavernkeep but learn that Kayden has already given him one for your deal.

If you do not have the mushroom (you didn’t get it or traded it away):

Nested choice: “Blowies for the Tavernkeep”

  • Blowing the Tavernkeep results in +1 HJ (because you do not get the chance to get your mouth on it before he finishes).
  • Refusing to blow him results in him admitting that Kayden had earlier given him a Terrible Truffle for your deal and so the deal was actually already successfully completed.

The following events will depend on who you spent the first night with. It is recommended to avoid directly sleeping with your love interest and pick “I need some time to think.” if you wish to talk to others in the team first. You can always pick the existing love interest to spend the night with after you get all of your conversation and quickies out of the way. Please read the Second Night Decision to determine what actions will lead to ending the night.

If you stayed with Panki on the first night, you have will have a conversation with her and she will present you with two options:

  • Choose “Yes, of course I will!” to continue the relationship path with Panki and spend the night with her
  • Choose “I need some time to think.” to pick another path for the night

If you stayed with Roopah on the first night, you have will have a conversation with her with some different text depending on how you spoke to Kayden and she will present you with different options depending on whether she is making choices for you:

  • Choose “Yes!” to continue the conversation
    • If Roopah is making your decisions, you will spend the night with her and get a sex scene. You will get the choice to have her cum inside you or not. If she cums inside you, it will affect later text/choices as you will get Pregnant.
    • If Roopah is not making your decisions, you have the choice of “Okay.” to continue with the sex scene. Otherwise, choose “I need time to think.” to pick another path for the night
  • Choose “Well, no…” to continue the conversation with different text
    • Choose “Okay.” to continue with the sex scene. You will get the choice to have her cum inside you or not. SPOILER: if she cums inside you, it will affect later text/choices as you will get pregnant.
    • Otherwise, choose “ “I need time to think.” to pick another path for the night.

Second Night Decision : If you don’t choose to stay with Panki/Roopah or didn’t engage in relationships on the first night, you will be presented with the following options:

  • “Look around for Wejit.” / “Look around for Ooyum.”
    • This depends on who you chose to take on the team.
    • You will be given the choice to give a Footjob to Wejit or leave. Spoiler: This WILL NOT end the night and you will be given the choice to see others
    • Ooyum will have lesbian sex with you if you choose it. Spoiler: This WILL NOT end the night and you will be given the choice to see others
  • “Look around for Harmony.”
    • There is no sex scene for her, just some conversation.
  • “Leave to visit Twig.”
    • When you go to visit Twig, you get the choice to talk to Wejit/Ooyum first and complete their scenes.
    • You can have a scene with them depending on your choices.
  • “Leave to visit Champ.”
    • When you go to visit Champ, you get the choice to talk to Wejit/Ooyum first and complete their scenes.
    • You can have a sex scene with them depending on your choices.
  • “Go to Kayden’s room.”
    • “Err… sex?” leads to a blowjob scene with Kayden with differing flavor text depending on your sexual experience. You can also choose between vaginal and anal sex. Anal sex also gives a choice of wearing a buttplug.
    • “Friendship.” leads to getting kicked out of the room and let’s you choose someone else.
  • “Go to Roopah’s room.”
    • You can choose to go Roopah’s room to begin/continue a relationship with her. There are a variety of options depending on your previous choices but sleeping with her WILL end the night
    • You will get the choice to have her cum inside you or not. SPOILER: If she cums inside you, it will affect later text/choices as you will get pregnant.
  • “Go to Panki’s room.”
    • You can go to her room to begin/continue a relationship with her. There are a variety of options depending on your previous choices but sleeping with her WILL end the night

Act 7 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

A New You?

You will wake up and be presented with your new form (female, futa, trap). Either way, you will try to log out of the game and be stopped. Depending on who you spent the night with, you will have a conversation with them where they comment on your appearance.

  • Changing into a twink will affect your relationship with Panki.
  • Changing into a futa will affect your relationship with Roopah.
  • Additionally, if you previously chose to share duties with Lel, you will be given a loot puppy outfit to wear.

Tavern Morning

  • You will receive comments on your new look if you changed.
  • Twig and Champ will join the party regardless of your actions the previous night. The dialogue will also change depending on whether you convinced Kayden to get Leigh and/or Lel back.

Class Training

You will split from the party to go to your class trainer for some “training.”

  • You can choose to help the nun or not
    • SPOILER: No impact on this choice at the moment
  • NOTE : The uses of the spells throughout the game are listed under it in spoiler tags under the “Uses -” section. These will have major spoilers. This is also a work in progress.
  • You will meet the class trainer and be able to choose the following Major Skills:
    • “Tantalizing Tickle: invoke orgasms with a touch.”
        • Uses – SPOILER: In Act 8, you can get information on the Bandit from Vermonica.
    • “Suppress Suffering: bolster defense and halt pain.”
        • Uses – SPOILER: In Act 9, you can use the spell to smuggle pixie powder that will allow you to get fresh fish for the upcoming team meal.
    • “Fairy Form: become a dodgy magic-boosted fairy.”
        • Uses – SPOILER: In Act 9, you can use this to easily smuggle pixie powder that will allow you to get fresh fish for the upcoming team meal.
  • You will also get to choose some minor skills:
    • “Mending Misery: injury radiates healing.”
        • Uses – SPOILER: In Act 8, you get an extra scene to heal the team after fighting the bandits.
        • Uses – SPOILER: In Act 10, on the free use path, the landlady will spank you to set this off. This results in extra flavor text.
        • Uses – SPOILER: In Act 13, this will allow you to save Roopah, Gaggie, and Hamhead (instead of only two of them) if Roopah attacks the others.
    • “Naked Knowledge: speak to animals.”
      • This skill does not have an ‘active’ downside so it is the best choice if you want to avoid the negatives of the other two passives and keep the most agency for the MC.
      • Uses – SPOILER: Allows you to speak to the bartender at Underwell Inn during Act 8
    • “Assured Absolution: guiltless sluttery.”

Some of these skills will have various applications throughout the story and will be listed when they are encountered (TODO: add spoilers to this section to show the choices they influence if people want more information early).

Get Leigh Back (Optional)

If you convince Kayden to get Leigh back, the group will go to his parent’s mansion to try and persuade Leigh to return.

“Why don’t we wait until he leaves the house?” will lead back to the only option that moves the conversation forward

“Why not just try to get him to talk to you?” will have Kayden respond and give you a prompt for choices.

  • “Do you think he would talk to me?”
    • This leads to the following option showing up in the list of choices:
    • “I think I should try to talk to him.” Pick this option to continue the quest. Picking this option will make a new option show up in the choices: “I know the risks. I will try to talk to him.”
      • Note: If Roopah is making your decisions, she will immediately negate your choice to talk to Leigh, effectively ending the quest to get Leigh back
    • “I know the risks. I will try to talk to him.” This choice will allow to talk to Leigh
  • “What if Panki or Roopah tried to talk to him?”
    • Just conversation
  • “Why don’t we wait until he leaves the house?”
    • Same as the response detailed above (only shows up if you didn’t pick it early)
  • “What about sending Twig or Champ?”
    • Just conversation
  • “I think we’ve run out of options…”
    • This will end the quest and you will leave without Leigh

Assuming you didn’t end the quest, you will go to the front door to talk to Leigh and convince him to join. Remember, the GOAL to get Leigh back is to not UPSET him and CONVINCE him to come back. Each time you convince/upset him, you will accrue points that will end the conversation. If you accrue enough convince points, the conversation will end and he will rejoin, but if you accrue enough upset points, he will end the conversation and leave. Tread carefully with your responses.

  • “I don’t want Leigh back in the group.”
    • will end the quest and you will leave without Leigh
  • “And now you’re working with slavers?”
    • Continues the conversation with new choices
    • “I’m done trying to reason you.”
      • will show up in all of the following choices and can be used to end the quest and leave without Leigh
    • “There’s nothing respectable about slavery.” -> “Better to die free than live in chains.” This leads to a bigger chain of questions.
      • “You’re nothing now but a piece of shit slaver.”
        • Will UPSET Leigh. Also blocks off “There are better ways to help these people.”
        • Returns you to the original choices minus blocked off entries
      • “There are better ways to help these people.”
        • Does NOT UPSET Leigh. Will block off “You’re nothing now but a piece of shit slaver.”
        • Returns you to the original choices minus blocked off entries
      • “What if you had to sell yourself into slavery?”
        • “Kayden says you’ll have the opportunity to try it out.” will UPSET Leigh
        • “You don’t understand because of your upbringing.” will CONVINCE Leigh
      • “Your parents must have forced you into this.”
        • “Are those your words or what your parents think?” will CONVINCE Leigh
        • “I won’t argue against Kayden being an asshole…” will UPSET Leigh
        • “Maybe you need someone like Kayden.” will UPSET Leigh
      • “Deep down you know this isn’t right.”
        • “Something is wrong with your moral scale, then!” will UPSET Leigh
        • “I can’t believe you’re going to do this to people.” will UPSET Leigh
        • “What about your studies in magic?” will CONVINCE Leigh

If you choose to end the discussion or cannot convince Leigh to stay, you will get a choice to tell Leigh about what Kayden told you.

  • “Tell him that Kayden was the assassin.” will tell Leigh the truth
  • “I won’t risk it. I’ll keep my mouth shut.” will not tell Leigh the truth

Once you convince Leigh to join, you will get an option to rescue Lel if you had convinced Kayden earlier.

Get Lel Back (Optional)

You will be prompted with some flavor text about the team including a discussion of whether Panki is evil or not. At the moment, this decision does not impact the story.

You will be knocked out and wake up to a discussion with the Succubus (met during the first foray into the dungeon) and a mysterious demon. After some additional conversation with the Succubus, which reveals Sparkle’s standing and personal opinions of the members of the group, Lel will rescue you from the prison pit. SPOILER: Prior to the rescue, you will be shown that Wendy’s catlike avatar has been killed.

If you have built enough of a relationship with Lel (3 or more relationship points) then she will directly initiate some oral sexytimes with you. Otherwise, you will have the choice of allowing her to ‘relieve’ you as a reward for coming back for her. ❤ Accepting her offer is crucial if you are interested in the Panki+Lel ‘girlfriends’ route as rejecting her advances here will block out that route entirely.

At this point Lel will offer three choices on how to proceed:

Nested choice: “Where are we headed now, anyway?”

  • Meet up with Kayden and the group.
    • You directly head Kayden and the group -> this is the straightforward path without any real flavor.
  • Try to help Wejit’s friends escape.
    • There aren’t really any choices here to make but many of the decisions you made earlier in the story will change the flavor of what has gone here. Questions like who you left behind, what you did in the mushroom quest, and what spells you picked will be referenced in the outcome.
  • Get the blessed greatsword for Panki.
    • You will need to get past the imps guarding the door by figuring out the password.
    • SPOILER: It is the number of letters in the spelling of the number, i.e. ten has three characters while five has four characters.
      • Yes, I’ve figured it out.” will send you to the door to guess. The door-guard imp shouts “thirteen” which means the answer is “Eight!” because math is fun 🙂
      • No, it makes no sense.” will allow you to get a number of hints to help out with figuring out the password. Eventually you will have to choose to guess or leave.
      • No. Let’s give up on this.” will mean that you fail the quest to get the sword.
    • When you answer the password correctly, you are let in and, lo-and-behold, given the greatsword as a reward!
    • SPOILER: Personally, at this moment, I would recommend getting the greatsword as it would theoretically have a tangible change to story, especially for those pursuing relations with Panki. The Wejit’s friends path is good for lore but doesn’t change anything else.

If you get the greatsword for Panki, Kayden will ask if getting the sword was more Lel’s doing or Sparkle’s doing. Conceding that Lel was more instrumental in getting the sword nets you +1 agreeable point while saying that you were primarily responsible for being able to get the sword avoids this agreeable point.

Regardless of which path you choose, you will eventually meet back up with Kayden and the group and you will get to make another decision. This will depend on whether you have chosen to take up loot puppy duties/share them with Lel or if she remains the only loot puppy. There are a few decisions to make on the loot puppy route and flavor questions so I won’t list them here.

Non-Loot Puppy questions:

  • “Yes, Lel can help with fighting as well.” Lel will be allowed to join the group and fight.
  • “No, she needs to concentrate on looting.” Lel will not be allowed to fight

The Show Goes On

With the optional quests done, you will talk to Kayden where you will review the outcome of some of the quests taken today, like retrieving Leigh and/or Lel. There is some major variance here in choices but the most question here will be related to those who are on the Loot Puppy/Sharing Lel Duties route. You will get to make the choice on becoming “free use”. This is a very important decision that will drastically change the course of your playthrough so make this choice carefully especially if you are sensitive to certain types of sexual interactions. SPOILER: Free use will essentially mean that you must engage in sexual acts with members of the group when they desire it.

  • No, I’m not going to do any sex duties.” Kayden will give you more reasoning for the “free use” option and explain how it helps the group. You will get a second chance to choose your answer as follows.
    • No! I said I’m not going to do any sex duties.” Will not make you free use.
    • Yes. Fine. Now that you’ve explained it, I get it.” Means you will accept free use duties for the group
  • Yes. Whatever. I guess… if they’re part of the job.” Means you accept free use duties for the group

And with this, we close out Act 7.

Act 8 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

The group will start by attacking a group of bandits for a quest. The important note of this scene is whether you Lel fight or not in the previous Act.

  • If you let Lel fight : One bandit will get away.
  • If you don’t let Lel Fight : All bandits will get killed.

After the fight is over, the team will regroup. SPOILER: If you have the “Mending Misery” skill, you will get an additional scene where you heal the group a bit.

✦REQUIRES Let Lel Fight You will have an opportunity to influence Lel on whether she should admit that one bandit got away.

Nested choice: Should Lel tell Kayden about the surviving bandit?

  • Nod to her to suggest that she tell Kayden.
      • Lel will inform Kayden about the bandit getting away, which will obviously not be taken very well.
  • Shake my head. There’s no need for him to know.”
      • Kayden will not be informed.

Back to Town

If you are in a relationship with Roopah, she will break up with you. Remember persistence is key if you want a true relationship with Roopah but there is nothing you can do for now.

Kayden will leave the group to talk to the mayor about the reward and sell the loot that was collected. You will now have the opportunity to speak with various members of the team.

  • “Speak with Harmony.”
    • You cannot form a relationship with her but you will get the sense that she is interested in you. The text will change depending on your relationship status with others in the group.
  • “Chat with Champ.”
  • “Chat with Twig.”
  • “Chat with Wejit” / “Chat with Ooyum.”
    • This is required to meet Tonii.
    • Tonii is the youngest prince of a kingdom in foreign lands. Although he (clearly) has a vagoo, he presents as male.
    • In the discussion with Tonii:
      • The first choice results in different replies but does not have any consequences (yet).
      • The second choice is important because choosing to avoid Tonii will prevent Sparkle from meeting him again.
  • Speak with Roopah.
    • Roopah will immediately suggest a quickie. NOTE: The following choices will redefine your relationship with her so consider carefully. If you are not on good terms with her but have slept with her, the choice text will be a bit different but you can choose to join her for a quickie. If you are futa or have never slept with her before, regardless of anything in the past, she will not want to talk to you yet.
      • Not interested, Roopah.” You will reject and continue the conversation. No quickie sex, regardless of the next choices, though.
        • Agree to the ‘half-open’ relationship.” Roopah will be allowed to sleep around while you remain faithful to her. It’s kinda like a relationship, I guess?
          • Yes, Roopah can make decisions for me.” The same choice as a few acts ago where Roopah will make decisions for you.
          • No, I will make all my own decisions.” You maintain your autonomy.
        • “I’m not interested in that arrangement.” You will still remain “broken up” for the time being
      • Fine. Let’s go do it.” You will jump immediately to the quickie scene.
  • “Speak with Panki.”
    • If you let Lel fight, you will be forced to go through her conversation path before talking to Panki. Otherwise, you will be able to speak to her about relationship issues (if you are a trap), tell her about cheating on her (if you did), or flirt with her (cuz it’s fun).
  • “Speak with Lel.”
    • If Lel does not fight, then you will have a quick conversation with her.
    • ✦REQUIRES Let Lel Fight Lel wants to go after the bandit that got away and she is asking for your help.
      • Okay, I will help you.
      • No, we can’t do this.
        • You end the conversation with her after talking her down from going after the bandit.
  • I’ll just wait here.
    • You will skip all of the other conversations and move the plot forward. Unless you let Lel fight, in which you will be forced to go through her conversation path above.

Find the Bandit in Underwell Inn (Optional)

Together with Panki, Lel, and potentially Harmony, you go to the sewers and meet Vermonica for some dialogue. In the end, you get the name of three people that match the description of the bandit: Tracker, Dunjo, and Barthmarther. Now it’s time to explore and figure out who did it.

  • “Talk to Vermonica.” She wants to know why you are looking for the bandit and will be able to tell if you are lying.
    • “We want to get rid of him.” She will say you are being truthful but tell you nothing because she’s not a rat.
    • “He’s my long-lost brother.” She will say you are lying and tell you nothing.
    • “He hurt someone I really care about.”
      • If you have been building up relationship points with Lel, she will say you are telling the truth. She decides to help and says that the person we are looking for is not “itchy.”
      • If you haven’t been close to Lel, she will say you are lying and tell you nothing.
    • If you have the spell, Tantalizing Tickle, you will be able to give her an orgasm and she will repay you by telling you that the bandit you are looking for is not “itchy.”
    • SPOILER: When you talk to the bandits, you will see that Dunjo is itching himself while Tracker and Barthmarther are not. Using the info from the barkeep, it is clear that Tracker is the bandit we are looking for.
  • “Talk to the Barkeep.” You will not be able to understand him.
    • If you have the spell Naked knowledge you will strip down to speak with him and gather information that SPOILER: Tracker and Dunjo were out on a raid today (so it narrows down your options).
    • If you don’t have the spell but Harmony is in the group, she will be able to speak to him. Essentially, he will give information but wants to have sex with Harmony. You will get to make the choice on what happens.
      • “Tell Harmony to go with him.”
      • “Refuse the Barkeep’s request.” You will leave without getting the information.
      • “Ask Harmony her opinion.” Harmony claims she wants to remain celibate until you answer whether you like her or not.
        • “I do not feel that way about Harmony.” She will accept and again ask you if she should do it or not.
        • “What if I said it was okay if she went?” She will accept and again ask you if she should do it or not.
        • I don’t care. We need this information.” She will go with the barkeep.
        • “Refuse the Barkeep’s request.” You will leave without getting the information. You will tell off the barkeep.
      • If you make Harmony go with the barkeep, you will learn that SPOILER: Tracker is the bandit you are looking for. But Harmony will feel used.
    • If you have neither the Naked Knowledge spell nor Harmony in the group, you will have to “Walk Away.” without learning anything.
  • “Talk to the first bandit.” You will get background on the bandit, Tracker, but nothing more.
    • Opens up “Lure out Tracker, the first bandit.”
  • “Talk to the second bandit.” You will get background on the bandit, Dunjo, but nothing more.
    • Opens up “Lure out Dunjo, the second bandit.”
  • Talk to the third bandit.” You will get background on the bandit, Barthmarther but nothing more.
    • Opens up “Lure out Barthmarther, the third bandit.”
  • This is impossible. We should just leave.” You will leave after being unable to determine who the bandit is.

In the end, the true answer is SPOILER: Tracker.

Regardless of who you pick, you will lure him and the group will finish him off. Afterward you will head back to talk with Kayden to close out the Act.

Act 9 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

* Note – This is a short act in the walkthrough but there is a lot of variance in text depending on the choices you make and what you have done up to this point. *

You will be sent to get some fish for dinner by Kayden and you will get to choose who you take:

  • Lel (see bottom of this section)
  • Harmony
  • Wejit/Ooyum

After you make your choice, you will head down to the docks and find a couple selling fish.

  • “Buy four good fish instead of eight.”
      • Kayden will be somewhat disappointed but happy you thought of the team.
  • “Buy the gutted and salted ‘not-so-fresh’ fish.”
      • Kayden will be somewhat disappointed (preferred fresh fish) but happy that you thought of the team.
  • “Buy the ‘maybe a little bottom-feeder’ fish.”
      • Kayden will be pissed and you won’t get dinner because you didn’t think about the team.
  • “Agree to vouch for the Pixie Powder as a Fairy.”
      • ✦REQUIRES Fairy Form spell
      • You will be able to smuggle the powder to get the proper amount of fish.
      • There are a lot of fun differences in the dialog with the customs official depending on who and how many people you have hooked up with.
  • “Agree to smuggle the Pixie Powder through security.”
    • ✦REQUIRES Suppress Suffering spell You will be able to use the authorization stamp to properly smuggle the powder.
        • If you brought Harmony along, you will promise to give her a naked dance in the future.
    • If you don’t have the spell or choose not to use it, you will be given some other choices:
      • “Offer the two gold.” The bribe is not enough and you will fail (forced to pick from the original list of fish)
      • “A vial of Troll semen?” ✦REQUIRES Swollwang’s spunk If you gave Swollwang the mushroom earlier in the story, you can trade the spunk he gave you in return to be allowed to smuggle the powder.
      • “Ask what she would like.” You fail.
      • “Nope. No bribe.” Somehow this succeeds! You will return and get the fish you were promised.

A Tryst with Tentacles

If with Lel and you fail to smuggle the fish, Sparkle will be taken to the dungeon. She will be temporarily transformed into a Thirdling. The choices of what to scrap and keep are not important but when the tentacles arrive, choosing “curious” will result in tentacle sexytimes.

Act 10 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

You will start the Act back at the tavern and be confronted by Roopah. Essentially, it looks like Roopah wants a blowie during dinner and you are just the right person for the job. Now there is a lot of variance here depending on your relationship and free use status. Here are some important points to consider.

  • If you have chosen to be free use but have any sort of relationship with Roopah she will demand that you change your mind about providing free use duties.
      • You will later have a choice to forgo free use or not.
  • If you are not in any sort of relationship with Roopah but you have allowed her to make your decisions, she will decide that you are free use for the group.
  • Roopah has decided to pursue futa Sparkle now as well.
  • She will also put some new rules on the table for the relationship path, especially to avoid hooking up with people in the group so be aware of this.
  • Afterward, Kayden will potentially give you a bit of backstory on her as well that may change your opinion of her.

Game Devs and a Larger Conflict

If you are a loot puppy, Lel will come and give you a potion to test out. Otherwise, you will be “interrupted” while talking to Kayden. In both cases, you will wake up in another place, seemingly outside the main game world.

Gab will introduce herself SPOILER: and tell you that Wendy is actually okay. She is apparently a friend of Wendy’s and explains a bit about the backend processes. She asks you if you would want to give up your life in the game as Sparkle and go back to the real world.

  • “Yes, I would return to IRL permanently.”
    • Gab is disappointed as she thought you would be a good ally for the cause.
  • “No, I wouldn’t want to lose Sparkle forever.”
    • Gab is happy because she believes you could be a good ally for the cause.

Essentially, the developers of the game have split into factions. One side, her side, wants to protect the world and its real inhabitants. The other side, the Tyrants, want to rule over the lands of this world and are actively dividing it up. Unfortunately they have the support of management, as well. She wants you to help her side fight against them and claims that she will help you.

  • “I don’t think I trust you.” Gab is disappointed.
  • “Fine, but what do I do?” Gab is happy.

Regardless, she asks you to not do anything stupid and be safe by keeping a low profile. She will also bring up your deal with Wendy to leave Wejit behind and what you chose to get in reward. You won’t get anything in the short term in terms of weapons or money, but she will give the invite for Jane if you chose that. If you didn’t get rid of Wejit, you will “owe” her, though. SPOILER: If Lel is “dead” in your game, Gab will also tell you that Lel is back in the game and will be joining the group at the tavern. Before you can get too much further, you will be pulled out of that space and return to the game world.

Getting Ready for Dinner (Free Use)

Before dinner, Panki will take over and handle your training. Your first task is to relieve Champ! When you have finished with him, you will join Panki in the main dining room for further training. She will tell you to serve drinks to some random patrons and allow them to do as they please.

  • “Let them have some squeezes.” They will start to squeeze and touch you.
    • “Try to ignore the fondling.” They will get more frisky with you
    • “Slap their hands away.” You end the fondling.
  • “Re-ask about getting them drinks.” No fondling

If you did well (at least tried a bit to ignore the fondling), you will be tasked with serving a second table. Otherwise, Panki will be disappointed if you don’t allow them to do what they want and give you the following choice

  • “Okay, Panki. I’ll try harder.”
    • You stay on the Free Use path and serve the second table.
  • “I don’t want to do this, Panki.”
    • If you don’t want to be free use anymore this will get you off of that path. You will go directly to Act 11.

At the second table, you will meet two drunks.

  • “Let the drunk cop a feel.”
    • You will get fondled.
  • “Refuse to be manhandled.”
    • No fondling.

If you refuse again, Panki will again be disappointed but there is no choice to get off of the Free Use path, so on to table 3. At the third table, you will meet the landlady of another bar and one of her waitresses. Long story short, she wants to finger your bum for 20 gold pieces.

  • “For twenty gold? Of course I will!”
    • You will get fingered and paid. Panki will make you give it away though.
  • “I don’t like it but… anything goes.”
    • You will get fingered and paid. Panki will make you give it away though.
  • “No way. I’m not agreeing to that.”
    • You will get shooed away from the table.

✦REQUIRES Mending Misery spell The landlady will spank you and you’ll get some extra flavor text.

Panki doesn’t mind either option here as she will like the fact you followed orders if you get fingered or that you didn’t go along with the landlady’s plan to trick her waitress. Overall, if you didn’t allow any of the tables to use you, then you will be removed from the free use path. Otherwise, you will stay on it.

As you finally get ready for dinner, Roopah will require a blowjob under the table. Since you are “free use”, you will acquiesce and help her out. With this, the Act finishes.

Getting Ready for Dinner (Not Free Use)

You will go to dinner and depending on your relationship choices, you will get the following scene

  • If you are in a relationship with Panki, she will tell you how she looks forward to spending some more together tonight
    • If you have also been forming a relationship with Lel, Panki will bring up the idea of a threesome!
  • You will have a conversation with Twig and Champ or Kayden if you stayed with either of them on night 2.
  • If you are in a relationship/broken up with Roopah, Kayden will ask you to resolve your problems with her and give you some backstory.
  • Let’s head to Act 11 and finally get to dinner.

Act 11 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

If you convinced Leigh to join back into the group earlier in the game, he will threaten/plead with you to help him get Kayden back (depending on how he likes you/your relationship with Kayden). He will blackmail you with slavery if you don’t help. If Wejit is still in the party, you will have the choice to tell him about the blackmail (SPOILER: This will result in Leigh going ‘missing’).

For those on the Free Use path, after this you will jump immediately to the introduction of Sergeant Orlando.

If you are in a relationship with Panki, you will eat with her. If you are in a threesome relationship with Panki and Lel, Lel will join you two for dinner.

For those on the Roopah relationship path, Roopah will want a blowjob under the table during dinner and you can respond with the following:

  • “But I want to be more than that!” You will pressure her for a real relationship and she will get pissed. No blowjob scene.
  • “Fine. Whatever. If that’s what we are…” You will give Roopah a blowjob.

You will eat and speak with Twig, Champ, or Kayden if you stayed with any of them on night 2.

Sergeant Orlando and the Bar Scuffle

Sergeant Orlando Commando will barge in, under the orders of Viceroy Vicidious (SPOILER: He is game developer from the real world), to take Panki. The group will fight back and Kayden jumps in first only to get swatted away after some sort of glitch in the game. In the end (and to avoid spoiling the rest) the team escapes from the tavern carrying the heavily injured Kayden. Everyone retreats to the docks to book passage away from the city.

Getting on the Boat

Sparkle and the crew meet up with Pez and her husband, Fisch (who you bought fish from earlier) and they agree to smuggle you out. The girls will get sent down to the lower decks while Roopah and Wejit/Ooyum are sent to a different area since Fisch is a massive horndog and racist. Regardless of the team’s annoyance, they board the ship and head out.

Act 12 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Pez leads the Sparkle and the girls down to the cabin they will be staying in and informs them that the ship is heading towards Freebooty Bay. Kayden is resting and appears to be stable, as well. She also apologizes for her husband’s racism towards Roopah and Wejit/Ooyum.

  • “It’s disgusting and unacceptable behavior!”
  • “Well, his ‘disposition’ is offensive.”
  • “I don’t understand why, though?”

These responses impact the tone of the conversation as Pez relays Fisch’s history with Orcs and that his hatred is more focused on Roopah, as opposed to the goblins. With all of this said, Pez takes her leave.

SPOILER: If you guessed that Lel is the real gamer in the group, Sparkle will confront Lel about it. Lel is non-commital and for the moment the two agree to discuss it later.

The girls get ready for bed and if Sparkle had promised to dance for Harmony in Act 9, she will do it now. Sparkle will give a show to the girls in the room with different dance moves depending on Sparkle’s form.

Boats and Buttstuff with Roopah

If Sparkle is in a relationship with Roopah or spent the second night with her, then Roopah will interrupt and demand sex. If you are free use, you will obviously go along with the demand. Otherwise, you will be presented with the following choices:

  • “Nope, not interested. Go back to your room!”
    • Sparkle will deny Roopah’s advances.
      • “No! Now go away!”
        • This refusal will cause Roopah to get mad and leave.
      • “Well…”
        • Sparkle will go out to have anal sex with Roopah.
  • “I said I wanted more than just sex.”
    • If Sparkle has pressured Roopah for a relationship before (specifically in Act 11), this option will push the relationship further. In the end, Sparkle and Roopah will have anal sex but Sparkle will also get into a relationship with Roopah’s wang. Progress is progress, right?
  • “Fine… but it better be good wine!”
    • Sparkle will join Roopah for some anal sex.

Fun in the Cabin

If Sparkle isn’t in a relationship with Roopah or you reject her advances, Sparkle will have an opportunity to enjoy the company of the Panki, Lel, or both.

  • If the relationship with Panki has remained exclusive (no interest in Lel), Sparkle with sleep with Panki
  • If Sparkle has pursued relationships with Panki and Lel and they have already discussed the thoughts of a threesome, Sparkle shares the bed with both Panki and Lel and they have a threesome.
  • If Sparkle has not romanced anyone and is not on looter duty, she will sleep with Panki platonically.
    • If Sparkle is being managed by Lel, she will sleep on the floor with Lel.
      • Sleeping with Lel results in a some playful masturbation but does not result in sex.
    • If Sparkle is responsible for Lel, she will have the choice to sleep platonically with Panki or sleep on the floor with Lel
      • Sleeping with Lel is non-sexual
    • If Lel and Harmony are not present, Sparkle with sleep with Panki platonically.

Once all of the festivities are done and Sparkle finally gets to sleep, we transition over to Act 13.

Act 13 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

After a good night’s rest, Sparkle wakes up to find her clothes missing and a note explaining that the clothes are washed and drying on the deck.

  • “Drape myself in the blanket.”
    • Sparkle will wear a blanket and head out of the cabin.
  • “Streak on deck to get clothes.”
    • Sparkle stays naked and heads out of the cabin.

Sparkle will meet Wejit/Ooyum and learns that Fisch has gone missing and is presumed to be murdered. To avoid any misunderstandings, Sparkle goes to talk to Pez and figure out what happened.

Murder… on a Boat?

Right off the bat, Pez believes that Fisch was murdered by somebody on the team rather than her own crew. But Pez will actively discourage any investigation into Fisch’s death when Sparkle brings it up.

If Leigh is in the group and you did not tell Wejit about the blackmail, he will request/demand Sparkle heal Kayden more. If Wejit was told about the blackmail, then Panki will inform you that Leigh has also gone missing.

Regardless, Panki wants you to investigate the missing case/s.

  • “Yes, I will investigate this mystery.”
    • You start investigating what has happened on the ship.
    • Continue reading for the walkthrough when choosing to investigate.
  • “No, it’s better not to rile everyone up.”
    • You will not investigate.
    • Go to the No Investigation section to continue this route.

If you choose to investigate, there will be a some choices on how to proceed:

  • “Question the crew.”
    • Sparkle and Wejit/Ooyum decide to question Roopah since she is the prime suspect. Sparkle will get the opportunity to get a blanket to cover herself if she is naked. Roopah will be happy that Fisch is dead but will be pissed that Sparkle suspected her. You will get a choice in how to respond.
    • “Of course I believe Roopah!”
      • This gives you one more point with Roopah.
    • “She’s probably telling the truth…”
      • Roopah is generally happy but no change in status.
    • “I still have my doubts.”
      • You will lose a relationship point with Roopah.
  • “Look for clues.”
    • Sparkle and Wejit/Ooyum decide to investigate the ship. Sparkle will get the opportunity to get a blanket to cover herself if she is naked.
    • They first visit Pez and Fisch’s room and find empty wine bottles
    • Next, they find scuff marks on the deck that lead below decks
    • Below decks, it looks like the barrel was holding mead and was leaking. Other barrels are full but there is a pry bar in the room.

If you pick “Look for clues” first, it will send you back to question Roopah and the crew before you can end the investigation. The reverse is true if you start by questioning the crew; you will have to look for clues afterward. After questioning Roopah, Sparkle and Wejit/Ooyum will go to investigate other crew members.

They will start with Gaggie and Hamhead who are on deck. They have orders not to answer questions but recommend listening in to their conversation while fishing. Each time you finish the game, you will get a clue (and you can play it 4 times).

*Note: the fishing game is about matching the set of breasts cards you see. There are four sets of three breast cards. Click three of the same set in a row and they will disappear. Finish them all and the game ends*

The clues are SPOILER:

  • Pez and Fisch don’t drink alcohol or fish.
  • It is tradition that the crew throw out a barrel when a member of the crew dies. Captain Pez told them about this tradition and requested they throw the barrel out.
  • A captain (Pez or Fisch) had hit Gaggie.
  • Pez and Fisch hadn’t had sex in a few days and they usually did twice a day.
  • It appears that Pez may have been the culprit.

Investigation Complete

*NOTE: The header is added to give space for those looking to avoid spoilers. The rest of the section will spoil the results without spoiler tags.*

Once the investigation is complete, Sparkle will confront Pez about the fact that she may have murdered Fisch. Sparkle will try to fill in the story about what happened:

  • “…you got drunk again, upsetting Fisch. Afterward…”
  • “…Fisch got drunk, probably unwillingly. Afterward…”
    • This is the true statement
  • “…you and Fisch got drunk together. Afterward…”
  • “…he trashed your room in anger and stormed out. Then…”
  • “…the two of you fought about his disrespectful lechery. Then…”
  • “…you convinced him to go below decks for more alcohol. Then…”
    • This is the true statement
  • “…you stuffed him in a barrel and had it thrown off the ship!”
    • This is the true statement
  • “…he stormed out, slipped on the deck, and fell into the ocean!”
  • “…he hit Gaggie, angering Hamhead, who threw him overboard!”

Regardless of your guesses, Pez will admit her guilt.

  • “She needs to confess.”
    • Sparkle wants Pez to confess but Pez says they will kill her (and her unborn child) as punishment.
    • If Wejit is on the team, Pez will immediately jump overboard killing herself and the baby. Gaggie is made captain, afterward.
    • If Ooyum is on the team, she will be able to transfer the pregnancy to someone else through magic and Sparkle is the perfect choice. This is only available if Sparkle is still a girl.
      • “Yes, I’ll take the baby.”
        • If you let Roopah cum inside Sparkle’s pussy, Sparkle will be unable to take the baby (looks like she is cooking up a child of her own).
        • Ooyum transfers the baby to Sparkle and Pez kills herself. Gaggie is made Captain as well.
        • Don’t pick this choice if you want the game to continue.
        • SPOILER:
        • Gab confronts Sparkle and removes her from the game since the pregnancy is too “odd” and draws the attention of the Tyrants. The baby will be kept safe and given to a safe family.
        • You are sent back to the real world where the endings will play out
        • These endings are subject to change.
      • “No, I can’t do that.”
        • Sparkle refuses to bear the child so Gaggie is chosen and Pez kills herself. Gaggie is made Captain as well.
        • This route plays out into the Lel on the Ship section so go there for the rest.
  • “We need to cover it up.” Rather than condemn Pez to death, Sparkle decides to cover up the murder somehow.
    • “You make up another story.”
      • Twig… mermaids… boobs. Twig comes up with an ‘interesting’ story to deflect blame and the team goes along with it.
      • If Wejit is present and if Sparkle gave him a footjob earlier, she will have the opportunity to do this again.
        • She will give Wejit a footjob/blowjob with surprising results.
      • This leads to the Lel on the Ship header
    • “We’ll deflect suspicion to Roopah.”
      • Wejit/Ooyum will not be happy but Sparkle believes that the crew would not rise to the level of attacking Roopah.
      • Roopah is naturally pissed by and claims that if she is confronted she will say that Sparkle is her bondservant. Before any other information is given, the crew confronts Roopah and Sparkle.
        • “Yes?”
          • Sparkle claims to be Roopah’s bondservant
          • Sparkle is blindfolded and taken away. Her hair is cut off and sold, though Roopah protects her from any real damage.
          • Sparkle also gets “milked” as punishment. But it appears after that punishment that the debt has been paid.
          • This closes out Act 13
        • “No?”
          • Sparkle denies being Roopah’s bondservant
          • If Roopah makes Sparkle’s decisions, then the answer is reversed to yes.
          • Roopah will not go down without a fight
          • “Fine! Yes, I am her bondservant.”

To avoid the fight, Sparkle takes responsibility and follows the path above.

This closes out Act 13

          • “Look, I’m not her bondservant…”

A fight breaks out and in the skirmish, Gaggie and Hamhead are killed while Roopah and Sparkle are shot. It appears that Sparkle dies but she wakes up with red hair

✦REQUIRES Mending Misery spell Everyone gets up unscathed and confused.

✦REQUIRES Soothing Stroke spell Otherwise, Sparkle will have to choose to heal two of three: Roopah, Gaggie, or Hamhead.

This closes out Act 13.

    • “I’ll say that I did it.”
      • Don’t pick this choice if you want the game to continue.
      • SPOILER:
      • Sparkle is thrown overboard and dies in game.
      • You are sent back to the real world where the endings will play out
      • These endings are subject to change.

No Investigation

Sparkle will have the opportunity to give Wejit a footjob/blowjob with surprising results (if she had previously given him a footjob).

There will be another choice to get clothing if Sparkle is naked and Wejit is present:

  • “Go get the blanket.”
    • Sparkle will wear the blanket
  • “Panki did say it was fine…”
    • ✦REQUIRES Loot Puppy
    • Sparkle stays naked
  • “Try it and see…?”
    • Sparkle stays naked

Afterward, Sparkle and Wejit/Ooyum will go fishing. They will meet with Gaggie and Hamhead who are on deck. To go fishing, you will play a matching game.

*Note: the fishing game is about matching the set of breasts cards you see. There are four sets of three breast cards. Click three of the same set in a row and they will disappear. Finish them all and the game ends.*

This route continues in the Lel on the Ship section, when you finish fishing.

Lel on the Ship

If Lel was “dead”, she returns to the ship at this point looking worse for wear. She won’t talk too much about what happened at the moment, but claims she will talk later. Sparkle informs Panki about this and she is happy to see Lel come back. When Panki heads out, Sparkle will have the opportunity to give Wejit a footjob/blowjob with surprising results (if she had previously given him a footjob). This will close out Act 13.

If Lel has always been alive, she will be rocking some new pirate gear, including a new sword. Getting it required some “interesting” work, but Lel would like Sparkle to get one as well. All it required was getting a “pit-fucked” (armpit fucked)…

  • “Okay, I’ll get the sword.”
    • If Sparkle is a loot puppy, Lel will make this decision for her.
    • This leads to a fun back and forth with the following choices
      • “Okay, I’ll take the sword.”
        • Sparkle gets the sword without the pit-fuck
      • “No, I still want the deal!”
        • Sparkle wants a square deal. A sword for a pit-fuck
  • “Nope, not doing that.”
    • Sparkle doesn’t get a sword

After the sword exchange, Sparkle will have the opportunity to give Wejit a footjob/blowjob with surprising results (if she had previously given him a footjob). This will close out Act 13.

Act 14 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

This act begins with Sparkle entering the ship galley with either Panki or Lel depending on prior decisions during the investigation.

Galley with Panki

Sparkle and Panki will have a discussion about the recent events aboard the ship. The topics of the conversation depend on how the investigation was handled as well as if the MC is in any sort of relationship with Panki or Panki+Lel.

Galley with Lel

After Lel embarasses Sparkle with a question to the crew present about if they all want to fuck her, the sailor Roar will approach the two of you.

If you are in a relationship with Panki or Roopah’s wang then Lel will subsequently leave to go chat up Roar.

If you are on the Panki+Lel route then Lel will affirm her allegiance to the relationship and sit with Sparkle for a meal.

If you are not in one of the previously mentioned relationships then a decision will need to be made as to who (if anyone) goes to chat up Roar.

Nested choice: Who chats up Roar?

  • “That’s fine. Go ahead.”
    • Lel goes to talk to Roar.
  • “I want to go talk to him.”
    • Sparkle goes to talk to Roar.
  • “Let’s both go talk to him.”
    • Both Sparkle and Lel approach Roar.
    • NOTE: Lel very much likes this idea.
  • “I thought we were hanging out?” ✦REQUIRES 4+ relationship points with Lel
    • Neither Lel nor Sparkle will approach Roar.
    • This choice is crucial if you want to pursue the Lel romance route.

Before Sparkle can enjoy a meal, the ship goes on alert due to an approaching vessel. Everyone is called up on deck to prepare for boarding.

Ship Ahoy!

Sparkle hurries up to the deck to find Kayden waiting topside. Depending on previous choices, there may be a discussion regarding Leigh’s whereabouts before Kayden speaks to Panki’s handling of the investigation and aftermath.

Panki for President?

Kayden accuses Sparkle of trying to set up Panki to take command of the group.

“I am not! He’s paranoid.”

  • Affirms that Sparkle thinks Kayden is still the best choice of leader for the group.
  • Kayden accepts that his accusation is unfounded.
  • Kayden will expect Sparkle’s support when he demotes Panki.

“No, but now that you mention it…”

  • Casts doubt on whether Sparkle thinks Kayden is still the best choice of leader for the group.
  • Kayden believes his accusation has some truth to it.
  • Kayden explains what he believes are Panki’s mistakes and attempts to get Sparkle to side with him.

“Yes, she’s a better leader!”

  • Leaves no doubt that Sparkle thinks Kayden is no longer the best choice of leader for the group.
  • Kayden believes his accusation was correct.
  • Kayden explains what he believes are Panki’s mistakes and attempts to get Sparkle to side with him.

What’s There to Wear?

You have a choice of either searching the captain’s quarters or the storage below decks for something to wear.

  • Searching below decks will clothe you in the Soiled Rags outfit.
  • Searching in the captain’s quarters will clothe you in Ruby (Pez) Dress outfit.

Meeting Kaptun Kunt

Pez (or Gaggie Spitz if Pez is dead) will introduce you to the slaver ship captain, Kaptun Kunt. You will be tasked with making a deal behind Kaptun Kunt’s back in order to satisfy the requirements of parlay without the slavers demanding a trade for someone from the ship.

Upon boarding the slaver ship, you will meet Holeboy and Biggie Claire and then be given a few choices on how to proceed:

  • “Use the Naked Knowledge spell.”
    • ✦REQUIRES Naked Knowledge passive
    • Allows you to understand Holeboy to effect a trade and successfully complete your task.
  • “Get Harmony’s help.”
    • ✦REQUIRES Harmony exists
    • Allows you to take notice of Harmony’s new earring and gain a friendship/romance point with her.
    • Harmony will barter a trade for either Holeboy or Biggie Claire at your choice of which one.
  • “Transform into a Fairy.”
    • ✦REQUIRES Fairy Form spell
    • Will cause Holeboy to attempt to capture you, forcing you to fly away to escape.
    • Nested choice: Who do you get to help?
      • Kayden:
        • +1 friendship/relationship point.
        • Kayden will divulge that he appreciates you coming to him for help.
      • Panki:
        • +1 friendship/relationship point.
        • Panki will storm onto the slaver ship and force a trade for Biggie Claire.
      • Lel:
        • +1 friendship/relationship point.
        • Lel will tell you to go to Kayden because she cannot help with this problem.
      • Harmony:
        • +1 friendship/relationship point.
        • Harmony has experience with slavers so she will make a deal for Biggie Claire.
      • SPOILER: The most ‘effective’ option is to approach Lel who will then direct you to Kayden, rewarding you with +1 relationship point with each of them.
  • “I don’t have any good options…”
    • “Gives up” on finding a solution (which may be your only choice depending on spell selections and if Harmony exists).
    • Gab will intervene and explain what you need to say to Holeboy in order to trade two barrels of ale in exchange for Biggie Claire.

Pez or Gaggie (with Kaptun Kunt in tow) will find Sparkle and ask if the deal is done. When the trade is revealed to Kaptun Kunt, she laughs it off as a bad deal on your end and then returns to her ship. Neither Pez nor Gaggie will be happy with the trade but will accept it as a necessity and thank you for getting it done.

A Wild Jane Appears

✦REQUIRES allowing Jane & James to use the restroom

✦REQUIRES requesting a MEGAREAL invite for Jane

Jane, in her MEGAREAL alter-ego of Skylark, flies down to the deck of the ship as a dragonette and transforms into her elfin Druid form. After a brief discussion, you must decide on whether Jane/Skylark should use her two impressive healing spells or conceal the fact that she has them.

  • “She should use her heal spells, too.”
    • Skylark accepts your decision and the group will likely benefit from her healing spells.
  • “She shouldn’t tell anyone about her heals.”
    • Skylark will refrain from using her healing spells (as she’s quite happy to just transform into animals).

The Demon’s Demotion

Panki will approach Sparkle with Kayden following soon after. You will have to choose between supporting Kayden’s decision to demote Panki or condemning it.

  • “No, I didn’t agree to this!”
    • Kayden will be disappointed that you didn’t support him after he spoke to you about the demotion.
  • “It’s for the best — to protect Panki.”
    • Panki does not comment on your decision to side with Kayden.

Either way, Panki accepts the demotion and Twig takes the place of Kayden’s lieutenant in the group.

If you are free use then Kayden will give Panki a chest of attire taken from the slaver ship and he will tell her to make an outfit appropriate to your free use station from whatever’s inside.

Preparing for Dinner

If you are not free use:

If you are in a relationship with Panki/Panki+Lel, then Panki will invite you to have a quick nap with her before dinner. Afterward, you will awaken to some oral sexytimes.

If you are not in a relationship with Panki/Panki+Lel, you will go off to see if Twig can fetch your previous outfit from the mast netting.

Regardless of the above, Sparkle will discover that Gab & Wendy have provided a chest full of clothing with most previous available outfits and a new outfit (Orange Cape, Gloves, & Leggings) inside it for your selection. The choice of what to wear to dinner is primarily a personal preference.

If you are a looter, wearing your looter gear does convey your commitment to that role to the rest of the team. In addition, the option to go to dinner naked is available on this route.

If you are free use:

Panki will create four ‘outfits’ from the available gear in the slaver chest. You will try on each collar outfit and then decide which of the four you will wear to dinner. The See No Evil collar outfit has some flavor text (on account of the blindfold) but this choice is primarily a personal preference.

Act 15 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Free Use Dinner

Just before dinner, you will head out with Panki and meet Kayden. The discussion will be tense and Panki will push back against Kayden’s attitude. After he walks away, the two of you will meet up with Harmony who is dressed up for the occasion.

  • “Compliment Harmony.”
    • This will give you a relationship point with Harmony
  • “Smile and nod.”
    • No relationship point with Harmony.

As the dinner begins, Panki tells the group that you are ready to be used.

  • “I’ll do what I have to…”
    • This will give you a negative point in “being into it”.
  • “I’m eager to relieve my group’s stress and frustrations.”
    • No change in “being into it”
  • “Please use me!”
    • A positive point into “being into it”.

Kayden opens up your services to the group and it’s Champ who steps up. After he is done, Kayden will step up for a speech.

Non-Free Use Dinner

When you arrive at the dinner, you will have a conversation with Kayden. If you had invited Jane to the group, Kayden will question if she is worth the hassle.

    • ✦REQUIRES Told Jane to Use Heal Spells You will tell Kayden that she is also a healer. He is surprised that you admitted that but won’t kick you out of the group, though he thinks you are a burden.
    • ✦REQUIRES Told Jane NOT to Use Heal Spells Kayden will still not see much use with her being on the team but will not claim that Sparkle is useless.

Panki will join the conversation, making the discussion tense. Additionally, Panki will push back against Kayden’s attitude. After he walks away, the two of you will meet up with Harmony who is dressed up for the occasion.

  • “Compliment Harmony.”
    • This will give you a relationship point with Harmony. She will invite you to eat dinner with her. Depending on your relationship status, your responses will vary.
  • “Smile and nod.”
    • No relationship point with Harmony.

At this point, you will have an option of who to sit with. All options will give you a friendship/romance point with the person you sit with:

  • “Visit Wejit”
    • You can ask Wejit about what happened to Leigh and he will admit that he killed him and threw him overboard.
      • ✦REQUIRES Told Wejit about Blackmail
    • He doesn’t have much else to say and tells you to talk to the others. This sends you back to the choice of picking who to sit with.
  • “Visit Ooyum”
    • She doesn’t have much to say and tells you to talk to others. This sends you back to the choice of picking who to sit with.
  • “Visit Leigh”
    • This is not a pleasant conversation. He doesn’t have any real interest in talking to you. This sends you back to the choice of picking who to sit with.
  • Sit by Panki and Lel”
    • If you have a group relationship with them both, they flirt with you and give you a hint about some fun to come later tonight.
    • If Jane has joined the group, they speak about wanting to get to know her tonight and that they might have to hold off on the fun, for now.
    • This conversation will end with Kayden’s Speech
  • “Sit by Panki”
    • Panki will discuss her growing distrust in Kayden and how she feels that he is becoming obsessed with fighting evil in the world. She believes he is starting to believe that the group has evil people in it.
    • This conversation will end with Kayden’s Speech
  • “Sit by Roopah”
    • If you are in a relationship with Roopah’s cock, Sparkle will criticize Roopah for always belittling her. Once again, there is a lot of insulting back and forth but it does seem that Roopah is starting to want to talk more.
    • Otherwise, you will have a fun bit of repartee with her.
    • This conversation will end with Kayden’s Speech
  • “Sit by Lel”
    • If you are in a relationship with Lel, she will be extra flirty to start out.
    • In the end, she waxes poetic about humanity and how she feels people interact with one another.
    • This conversation will end with Kayden’s Speech
  • “Sit by Harmony”
    • Harmony speaks about that fact that a personality is emerging within her.
    • If you made her sleep with the barkeep in Underwell Inn, her view of you will change and it will impact her view of morality.
    • She states her desire to form a relationship with you, regardless of any past statements you have made.
    • If you are in a relationship, you will outright reject her.
      • Except if you are in a relationship with Panki. Panki will have expressed her acceptance of you keeping Harmony as a mistress.
    • Otherwise, you can choose the following responses:
      • “Yes, we could be more than friends.”
        • You will start up a relationship with Harmony.
      • “No. I’ve said that’s not how I feel about you.”
        • She asks to eat together as friends.
      • “No. I don’t feel that way about you.”
        • Available if you haven’t rejected her before.
        • She asks to eat together as friends.
    • This conversation will end with Kayden’s Speech
  • Sit by Champ & Twig”
    • If you slept with either of them on the second night, they will flirt a bit with you.
    • Otherwise, you’ll get to amuse yourself with a tongue-twister.
    • This conversation will end with Kayden’s Speech
  • “Sit by Kayden”
    • This is a very interesting conversation from the overall story perspective. SPOILER: He knows about the people in the real world and that you are one of them.
    • If you are a trap, you will have the opportunity to express interest in hooking up with him later in the night.
    • If Leigh is the group, you can tell him that Leigh wants him back and he will agree to go talk to him.
    • In the end, he will get up and give his Speech.

Kayden’s Speech

Kayden starts by promoting Twig to his lieutenant and demoting Panki to “damage control”/training Lel and Sparkle. If you are free use, he will also thank you for your hard work. In terms of next steps, he states that you will be heading to Humblehooch after docking at Freebooty Bay. Humblehooch has been dealing with some raiders so the group will take them out… for a fair price. He opens up the forum for questions:

  • “When will we get to Freebooty bay?
    • He says that the ship will arrive at the bay by tomorrow evening.
  • “I meant to tell you that Jane has heal spells.”
    • Only available if you didn’t Kayden earlier that Jane can heal.
    • Kayden questions how you forgot to say that before.
  • “Are we ever going back to Kulton again?”
    • No, too much danger.
    • The following question will be available after asking this:
      • “So we’re just abandoning Kulton to the viscount?”
        • Kayden will explain the folly of trying to fight him right now.
  • “Have we found anything out about Leigh?”
    • Only available if Leigh went missing on the boat.
    • His response is, “No, nothing you and I don’t already know, Sparkle.” -> this could mean a lot of things.
  • “I don’t have any more questions.”
    • Ends the questions

Post-Dinner Activities

Once Kayden finishes his speech, you will return to the person you sat down to eat dinner with for some further discussion.

The following options are defined by who you sat with:

  • Dinner with Kayden
    • If you are a Trap, you can choose to leave with him and spend the night together (including a bit of fun).
    • Otherwise, you get a chance to sit with others or go to you cabin alone (look at those sections for more information)
      • If you sit with Panki, you get to meet Skylark, if she was invited to the game
  • Dinner with Panki or Panki + Lel
    • You will adjourn to the cabin for a bath and some sexy time with only Panki or Panki + Lel depending on your relationship status.
    • If Skylark is in the game and you have spoken about the harem, she will be invited as well
  • Dinner with Harmony
    • Your dialogue will change a bit if you are pursuing a relationship with her, but you won’t get to hook up tonight, regardless.
  • Dinner with Twig + Champ
    • Some fun dialogue and you will adjourn to your cabin.
  • Dinner with Roopah
    • If you are in a relationship with Roopah’s cock, you head back to the cabin with her
      • If you are futa, you can choose to top Roopah for the night!
      • If you are not futa (or if you are futa and let Roopah lead), Roopah uses you for a rough blowjob.
      • You can also choose this if coming from the Kayden branch
    • If you are not in a relationship with her, she will leave after some angry words and you’ll head back to the cabin alone.
  • Dinner with Lel
    • She helps Kayden to bed and you go to the cabin to wait for her.
    • This leads to an interesting night of domination!

After all of the excitement or just staying alone for the night, we move into Act 16.

Act 16 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

You will wake up and get a chance to pick what outfit you wear (including going naked). If you are a looter, you will automatically wear the looter outfit.

Meeting Crystal and Twig’s Backstory

After changing, you meet Crystal, a game developer. She gives you a new power called “Mindfuck” and she tells you to test it out on Twig. This kicks off a long flashback for Twig, going into backstory and how she came to be where she is. There are some choices to make within the backstory, but there is no impact at the moment. Once the spell has ended and you return to the present, Twig thanks you for helping to remember and heads off.

After Mindfucking (eck) Twig, Wejit or Ooyum greets you and informs you that the ship will reach shore in an hour or two. Kayden approaches and tells you that you need to get a new outfit from Panki that is suitable to fit it with the inhabitants of the region. Panki will give you clothes but may forget an important piece (underwear for girl Sparkle and a top for futa Sparkle – trap Sparkle gets a complete outfit). You have a choice to request the forgotten item from Panki or just let it go. Either choice is valid and does not affect future content (yet).

You’ll bump into Leigh and have a choice of whether to compliment him on his outfit or not. Regardless of your choice, Leigh continues to be an asshole.

Next you bump into Harmony and if you sat with her at the previous dinner she will request that the two of you share dinner (more intimately) tonight. She will consider it a “date” even if you do not.

Now Lel will approach. She advises you on the local “yokel” vernacular but there are no choices here.

If Sparkle (with or without Lel) approached Roar, he will come by to greet Sparkle and tell her that he has been invited to join the group on the journey inland.

The act ends with the group taking a rowboat to the shore.

Act 17 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Upon reaching the shore, Kayden asks you to remain at the docks while the rest of the group goes into town to prepare for the journey north to Humblehooch. Shortly after, you are approached by two guards who demand that you pay a docking fee (but of course you have no money) and one of the guards, Kursven, puts you in custody and takes you to the mayor/sheriff.

If you have Assured Absolution, Kursven will stop mid-trip to the mayor’s office and (in a roundabout way) ask to sit on your face. If you accept then you’ll get your face grinded (+1 cunnilingus). If not then the two of you proceed to the mayor’s office.

The meeting with the Harddick (the mayor/sheriff) is straightforward:

  • “That’s me… compuctious.
    • This is ostensibly agreeing with the mayor that you are guilty but remorseful (because he’s not terribly bright and does not understand the “Goblin trait” of sarcasm).
    • This choice will make Harddick feel slightly more lenient.
  • “Shouldn’t there be a trial?”
    • Harddick says this is the trial.
  • “I’m not guilty!”
    • Both Harddick and Kursven do not appreciate your plea of innocence considering the irrefutable evidence of guilt (you got to the town shore somehow, therefore you should have paid the docking fee).

Next Harddick will offer a “trade” of sorts: you help figure out what is delaying the silver shipments from the mine outside the town and the town will show consideration pertaining to your crime.

  • “Could they just be taking a break?”
    • Harddick thinks this is a reasonable assumption but wants you to convince them that their break has ended and they need to continue the silver shipments.
  • “What if they don’t want to work?”
    • Harddick also believes this is possible but wants you to convince them to continue working.
  • “Maybe they were killed by Goblins.”
    • This choice will disturb Harddick (it’s obvious he suspects you may be correct).

Now Sparkle must decide whether to accept the deal with Harddick.

  • If the deal to check on the miners is accepted, proceed to Goblin Camp
  • If the deal is refused, Sparkle will have to submit to public service — which is either cleaning outhouses or becoming ‘free use’ for the town for a few hours. Proceed to Kayden Confrontation

Goblin Camp

Sparkle will meet Wendy (in a new cat form) on the way to the Goblin camp. She will reveal more about the Tyrants and uncover a new mystery. Sparkle can ask Wendy to accompany her to the miner’s camp, which will result in some more dialog (and a friendship point with Wendy).

The miners at the camp are a strange lot. Sparkle discusses her plight (needing hard evidence of why the silver is not being shipped) with Minercuz, who ultimately comes up with the plan of Sparkle going to the Goblin camp to recruit some new miners from the work-boys and work-girls there that have since been freed from their obligations.

Depending on previous choices, a companion or companions will show up at the miner camp:

  • If Harmony exists, she will appear to help Sparkle.
  • If Sparkle chose to talk to Roar, he will appear. If Sparkle chose to talk to Roar with Lel, both Roar and Lel will appear.
  • If none of the above is true, Champ will appear.

The trip to the Goblin camp is uneventful but Sparkle and companion(s) are confronted by two Goblins, Warwart and Thronda.

  • Both Harmony and Lel speak Waterwords, so either of them will be able to explain to the Goblins why Sparkle has come to the camp.
  • If Sparkle has the “Naked Knowledge” passive, she can strip down to understand the Goblins (who eventually work out why she has come to the camp).
  • Otherwise, upon the mention of “work-girls and work-boys” the Goblins will understand Sparkle’s intentions.

Next the group meets Antig Agony, a former work-girl who is now ostensibly in charge of managing the work-people. A discussion with her leads to discovery of a problem: there are three identical former work-boys who volunteer to become miners — but one is a false brother: a shapeshifter!

If Sparkle can determine which is the false brother, Antig and the true brothers will go to the miner’s camp to take over mining. Sparkle also has the option to accept all three brothers and Antig will stay at the Goblin camp.

If you choose to figure out the puzzle of the three brothers, Sparkle will have three questions before the Goblins return (all riled up from their orgy during the Mercy Hour).

One brother always tells the truth (a Friar), one brother always lies (an Acolyte), and the third (a Shapeshifter) tells the truth or lies as he pleases. So how to find which is the Shapeshifter?

(If Harmony has accompanied Sparkle to the Goblin camp, she will have figured out the puzzle for herself. Sparkle can ask her directly for the solution. In addition, if Sparkle picks the wrong brother, she will voice her objection and let Sparkle know her reasoning.)

The questions Sparkle may ask the brothers are:

  • “Which one of you is the Acolyte?”
    • This question is pointless.
  • “Which one of you is the Friar?”
    • This question is pointless.
  • “Which one of you is the Shapeshifter?”
    • This is an important question.
    • The Friar will always say he is not the Shapeshifter.
    • The Acolyte will always say he is the Shapeshifter.
    • The Shapeshifter will either say he is or is not.
    • Depending on the one answer that does not match the others, you will know which brother is either the Friar (if the other two say they are the Shapeshifter) or the Acolyte (if the other two say they are not the Shapeshifter) by deductive logic.
  • “Each of you, who is your brother?”
    • This is an important question.
    • If you determined who the Friar was in the above question, you will know he is telling the truth about Brother Patrick being his brother. Therefore Brother Pink is the Shapeshifter.
    • If you determined who the Acolyte was in the above question, you will know he is lying about Brother Pink being his brother. Therefore Brother Pink is the Shapeshifter.
  • “Wait, what about my {i}Mindfuck{/i} spell?”
    • This would cause a feedback loop if used on the Shapeshifter, so it is out as an option.

Upon selecting which brother is the Shapeshifter, Antig will have that brother taken away. She says she will depart for the miner’s camp the next morning with the two brothers to take over the operation there for the town.

Sparkle and her companion(s) will descend the mountain to make camp.

Kayden Confrontation

After either cleaning outhouses or servicing the town, Kayden will find Sparkle and confront her about leaving the docks where he asked her to stay. He continually dismisses Sparkle’s reasoning until eventually Sparkle snaps and attempts to confront him about his behavior.

If Sparkle has high agreeableness then she won’t have the fortitude to properly confront him and will be told off. This will result in Kayden ordering a wardrobe revision (that will happen after the group reaches Humblehooch).

  • If Sparkle has high exhibitionism (over 2) then she will be presented with the choice of wearing nothing at all.
  • If Sparkle is free use then she is given the option of wearing one of the collar outfits.
  • If Sparkle is a looter, Kayden will tell her to wear her looter gear.
  • If none of the above is true, Kayden tells Sparkle to have Panki give her “something that wouldn’t sell for much.”

If Sparkle has low agreeableness then she will successfully win the argument with Kayden. Sparkle demands that he stop verbally abusing her or she will leave which will undoubtedly break up the whole group. Kayden is cross but agrees to her demands.

Sparkle Gets Auctioned

Upon returning to the mayor’s office, Sparkle is surprised to find out that despite either helping with the miners or performing public service, the mayor intends to auction her to recoup the docking fee that the group did not pay.

There are several possible outcomes to the auction including:

  • Kayden tackling Harddick and knocking him out
  • Kayden getting shot but still tackling Harddick and punching him out
  • Sparkle successfully knocking Harddick from the stage (if futa)
  • Sparkle failing to knock Harddick from the stage (if not futa)
  • Sparkle turning into a Fairy which catches Harddick off-guard
  • Kursven chipping in to help the group pay for Sparkle’s release (if she sat on Sparkle’s face)
    • This results in the group owning Sparkle
  • Lel buying Sparkle from the auction
    • This results in Lel owning Sparkle
    • NOTE: Thanking Lel if she paid out for Sparkle at the auction will add a friendship point.
    • If in a relationship with Lel or Panki+Lel, there are three choices:
      • Lel forgives the debt and Sparkle is a free person again
      • Sparkle promises to pay back Lel and Sparkle is free again
      • Sparkle agrees to be owned by Lel (“it’s only fair”)
    • If Sparkle persuaded Kayden to get Lel back in the group, then Lel will be “nice” about owning Sparkle
    • If Roopah is making Sparkle’s decisions, then Lel will say that Roopah needs to pay her back before she returns Roopah’s “toy”
    • If Lel was left for dead or Sparkle had Leigh try to sell her, then Lel will retain ownership of Sparkle as a slave (and be “rude” about it)
    • If none of the above is true but Sparkle has more than 4 friendship points with Lel, then Lel will retain ownership but will be “nice” about it
    • If none of the above is true and Sparkle has less than 5 friendship points with Lel, then Lel will retain ownership but will be “fair” about it

Wagon Ride

Sparkle will sit up front with Wejit or Ooyum and the two of them will have some banter based on a lot of Sparkle’s previous choices. The conversation winds down and Sparkle decides to take a nap after such a long and trying morning.

Another Visit with Gab

Gab teleports Sparkle to another collapsing reality to have a discussion and to give Sparkle an important task. After answering a few of Sparkle’s questions, Gab will tell Sparkle that she must convince Sandeep Bhatt (the creator of the Healslut class) to finish the code for the class so that Sparkle can be strong enough to help her friends (and possibly the whole world).

Meeting Sandeep Bhatt

Sparkle will be teleported to the offices where Sandeep works on MEGAREAL. She will arrive in a business-like (but rather cheeky) office outfit complete with an updo and a pair of glasses. Regardless of Sparkle’s body type, this variation will be “classic girl” Sparkle.

Depending on Sparkle’s choices and attitude throughout the game, many options will be available to convince Sandeep to complete the Healslut code.

First the inspection phase. Sparkle can inspect 3 things before Sandeep wakes up. If she inspects a 4th thing, Sandeep will wake up angry that she was messing about around his desk.

  • Inspecting the desk reveals that Sandeep has a lot of overdue tasks. His desk is cluttered with energy drinks and bottles of antacid. Oddly, there is a conspicuous cinnamon stick in a pencil cup. In addition, Sandeep’s arm is obscuring a document which looks like it has information about a MEGAREAL expansion.
    • If Sparkle attempts to get the paper from beneath Sandeep’s arm, he will immediately wake up angry.
  • Checking the monitors reveals that Sandeep browses pictures of naked women on this computer.
  • Checking the monitors again causes Sparkle to find a picture of Jane (the apartment neighbor) and leads to discovering (some nude) pictures of Jane modeling.
  • Browsing his filing cabinet does not reveal anything useful.
  • Searching the trash reveals that Sandeep eats here in the office frequently and apparently enjoys instant noodles as well.
  • Choosing to wake him up will catch Sandeep off-guard. He will be rude but not angry about Sparkle snooping in his things.

If Sparkle woke Sandeep up purposefully:

  • “How about you stop being a jerk!”
  • “Hold on, please. I only came here to talk.”
  • “No use talking to him. I’ll shortcut this with a blowjob!”
    • Available if Sparkle has given at least one blowjob before
    • Sets Sandeep’s attitude to “stunned” and leads to a quick blowie from Sparkle to gain his cooperation
    • Sparkle agrees to give Sandeep another blowjob (and possibly let him fondle her breasts) when he finishes the Healslut code in order to keep him motivated
    • Ends the scene with Sandeep

If Sparkle woke Sandeep up accidentally:

  • “Deflect! He was sleeping!”
  • “Ask about the expansion.”
    • Available if Sparkle inspected Sandeep’s desk
    • Makes Sandeep defensive and sets his attitude to hostile
    • Go to Dealing with Sandeep
  • “So… he likes noodles?”
    • Available if Sparkle searched the trash
    • Makes Sandeep docile but still suspicious
    • Go to Dealing with Sandeep
  • “Get naked…?”
    • Available if Sparkle’s exhibitionism is greater than 3
    • Sets Sandeep’s attitude to “stunned” and makes him docile
    • Sandeep will ask if he can take photos of Sparkle
      • “Sure, why not?”
        • Plays a scene of Sparkle posing for pictures
        • Allows Sparkle to choose what she thinks is her best “feature” (and receive an odd response)
        • Note that this means that Sandeep now has several naked pictures of Sparkle
        • Go to Dealing with Sandeep
      • “Sorry, no pics.”

Dealing with Sandeep

Several choices are available here:

  • “First, why are you being so rude to me?”
    • This causes an argument between Sparkle and Sandeep
    • Sandeep’s attitude is set to angry
  • “Ask about the Healslut class.”
    • Sandeep explains why he created the class: 1) he likes sexy women, 2) he saw it on the Internet, and 3) he wants people to like him by liking something he has created
  • “Ask him to finish the Healslut code.”
    • Available after asking about the Healslut class
    • Sandeep demands to know why it is important to Sparkle.
      • “Because {i}I’m{/i} a Healslut.”
        • The same route as “Tell him the whole truth” below
      • “The fate of the world depends on it!”
        • This is a last-ditch effort to get him to agree to work on the Healslut code without revealing any other information. Surprisingly, it works!
  • “Tell him the whole truth.”
    • Reveals Sparkle as a Healslut, which will have repercussions
    • If Sparkle made Sandeep angry (waking him up accidentally and not talking about noodles, calling him a jerk, or asking why he is being so rude) then Sandeep will demand that Sparkle get naked as ‘proof’ that she plays a Healslut. See the above “Get naked…?” choice for the rest of this route.
  • “Offer to get him a coffee.”
    • If Sparkle gets Sandeep a cinnamon spice coffee (from noticing the cinnamon stick on his desk), this will put Sandeep in a slightly better mood and will allow Sparkle to avoid getting naked if she is revealed as a Healslut and she does not have any exhibitionism points (otherwise she’s fine with (or even happy about) getting naked).

If Sparkle is revealed as a Healslut during any of the discussion with Sandeep, Sandeep will put a condition on his help: he wants to meet Sparkle in the game after the class code is finished. Sparkle has to agree to this in order to secure his help.

If Sparkle allowed Sandeep to take nudie pics of her, Sandeep will confess that he has been inspired by her wanton nudity and will rewrite the code to empower the Healslut class when the player is nude (outside of jewelry and perhaps sandals). However Sparkle chooses to react to this, she ends up telling him she likes the idea to ensure he remains cooperative. In addition, if Sparkle says “Sounds good to me!” then she gains an exhibitionism point.

Act 18 – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Sparkle wakes up in the back of the wagon with Champ. After a brief conversation with him, the group arrives at Humblehooch. If Sparkle has been purchased by Lel or the group, her clothing will be missing and she will have to go into town nude.

Now Arriving in Humblehooch

If Sparkle is the “milked” variation of any body type, Lel will offer a potion to restore Sparkle to her “classic” variation. This can be met with distrust in order for Lel to offer an alternative potion that she received from an alchemist. Sparkle must drink one of these potions (thus ending the option for the “milked” variation for now).

If Sparkle is not the “milked” variation of any body type, Lel will offer a potion that she received from an alchemist.

If Sparkle takes Lel’s potion, she returns to the “classic” variation.

Note: Sparkle has the option to not drink the alchemist’s potion and therefore retain her current variation as long as she is not currently the “milked” variation.

If Sparkle takes the alchemist’s potion, she will become a new variation of her body type:

  • Girl becomes Girl Bimbo
  • Futa becomes Futa Hulk
  • Twink becomes Twink Femboy

An Important Note on “Bimbo” Sparkle

The “bimbo” option is more than simply a different variation. Bimbo Sparkle will be even more bubbleheaded than before and will generally be lost in anything more than a simple conversation. Besides being bubbleheaded, she is also very bubbly, which means she wants to be happy all the time and wants to make sure everyone else is happy, too. She does not get annoyed and she forgives any insults or offenses quickly. Being a bimbo will, of course, limit Sparkle’s autonomy and sometimes choices will be made for her.

If either Lel or the group owns Sparkle, then Go Get Registered

If Sparkle has become a bimbo, then go to Bimbo Sparkle

If Sparkle is now a Twink Femboy, go to Femboy Sparkle

If Sparkle is now a Futa Hulk, go to Hulk Sparkle

Otherwise, proceed to Checking on the Group

Femboy Sparkle

Lel will hurry off after Sparkle’s transformation. When Sparkle meets Roopah, there is an opportunity to undress for her (if wearing any clothes). If Sparkle undresses, Roopah will steal her clothes and she will have to go to Panki to get a pair of shorts.

If Wejit is Sparkle’s companion and Sparkle has previously “rewarded” him, she has the option of taking him to a back alley to “reward” him again.

*Currently ends here*

Hulk Sparkle

Sparkle’s clothes are destroyed during the transformation. Lel will hurry off. Sparkle has to go to Panki to get something to wear.

If Wejit is Sparkle’s companion and Sparkle has previously “rewarded” him, she has the option of taking him to a back alley to “reward” him again.

*Currently ends here*

Bimbo Sparkle

Lel will hurry off to make an antidote potion just in case she needs it (because others in the group may object to what Lel has done to Sparkle). Sparkle then wanders around looking for members of her group and runs into Roopah (if Roopah isn’t dead).

If Roopah is alive, she will discern that Sparkle has been bimbofied. She brings Sparkle to Lel to demand that Lel fix her but Lel cannot give Sparkle another potion yet because it might cause adverse effects. Roopah takes Sparkle window-shopping while waiting for Kayden and then explains to Kayden what happened. There is an opportunity to “reward” Wejit in a back alley.

*Currently ends here*

Go Get Registered

Lel takes Sparkle to the office and meets Butterslap Checkmaid, an official in charge of servant registration.

If Bimbo, Sparkle will be happy to sign the servitude contract because it makes Lel happy.

If not Bimbo, there is a choice to sign the servitude contract or refuse to sign it. Signing it right away keeps Lel in good spirits. Refusing to sign has several results depending on Lel’s attitude:

  • If Sparkle is with Lel or Panki+Lel then Lel will pay to have the contract canceled and Sparkle is a free person again.
  • If Lel promised to treat Sparkle “nice” she will now treat Sparkle “fair
  • If Lel promised to treat Sparkle “fair” she will now treat Sparkle “rude
  • If Lel was treating Sparkle “rude” then she will now treat Sparkle “mean

Butterslap requests a cleaning if Lel wants Sparkle to be given a Grade A instead of a Grade B.

If Lel is treating Sparkle “rude” or “mean” then Sparkle will have no choice but to clean up Butterslap with her mouth.

If Sparkle is in a relationship with Lel or Panki+Lel or Lel is treating Sparkle “nice” or “fair” then Sparkle will have the option to avoid having to clean up Butterslap with her mouth.

*Currently ends here*

Checking on the Group

*Currently ends here*

*NOTE: This is the end of the current version of the game*

Romantic and Sexual Interests – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

There are many possible romantic routes in Healslut and even more one-off or friends-with-benefits sexual encounters. All romance paths will allow for casual sex, ‘free use’, or harem possibilities if the right choices are made.


Kayden’s romance route is a bit convoluted. He will begin a casual affair with Sparkle in any form but will only continue that affair beyond the first two nights with “twink” Sparkle.

Panki Alighieri

Panki has a full sentimental romantic route throughout the story. She can also be paired with Lel as Sparkle’s double-girlfriends. Skylark can be added to the ‘harem’ of Panki+Lel later as well.

Panki Romance Route:

  • Spend the first night with Panki.
  • Spend the second night with Panki.
  • You are now on the Panki romance route.

Roopah Gratsha

Roopah has a romance path but with quite a few complications. Persistence is essential when pursuing Roopah romantically. Basically, always push for “more” with Roopah.

Lel Elle Le’Ley – Healslut Walkthrough & Guide

Lel has a romantic path but it is more difficult to achieve than either casual sex or including her as a third in a relationship with Panki, Roopah, or Harmony as the ‘main’ romantic interest.

Lel Romance Route:

  • Ask about Lel when Kayden presents options for who to bunk with on the first night.
  • Agree to get the Terrible Truffle from the dungeon in exchange for some linens for Lel to sleep upon.
  • Stay with Kayden or Panki the first night, which are non-committal choices (though you may personally fall in love with Panki here).
  • Do not leave her gagged. Tell Lel she can remove her gag when you see her in the first dungeon foray.
  • Do not leave Lel by herself when confronted by the Succubus (even if Wejit is with her as well).
  • Ask Kayden about kicking Lel out of the group and either accept responsibility for her -OR- agree to share her looting duties. One of these pledges is required to get her to return.
  • Agree to get the sword and be “sword buddies” with Lel (how you procure the sword does not matter).
  • When given the opportunity to decide who should approach Roar, tell Lel “I thought we were hanging out?”
  • You are now on the Lel romance route insomuch that Lel has realized you are pursuing her directly and that she is agreeable to being directly pursued by you.


Harmony is a possible romantic interest. She is compatible with Lel as the third in a romantic triple. She is also compatible with being the third in a relationship with Panki (+/-Lel and +/- Skylark) or eventually Roopah.

Twig Sprig

Twig does not have a romantic route but she is unique in that any sexual antics with her are tolerated by everyone except Roopah.

Champ Ordello

Champ does not have a romantic route but is a frequent sexual option and is often involved in ‘free use’ activities.


Wejit does not have a romantic route (or does he?) but Sparkle has the opportunity to sexually relieve/reward Wejit at various points in the story.

Ooyum Yummee

Ooyum does not have a romantic route but is occasionally available for sexual encounters.

Jane Lukas

Jane has several full sentimental romantic routes, both IRL and in-game. In-game, as Skylark, Jane can be included as a third in a relationship with Panki or a fourth in a relationship with Panki+Lel. The options for this are very straightforward. Jane/Skylark can also be pursued in a solo relationship (in a future update).

James Lukas



Rudedood is a one-off sexual encounter near the beginning of the story. You may meet him again later as well but it is a non-sexual story encounter.

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