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The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

The Mother Nature Walkthrough Part 1 – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

MN means – “Mother Nature quest events.”

CW means – “events affecting the Clan Wars quest.”

MN – Step 1: We leave our chambers and pick up our axes (hopefully, now nobody will ask me “how to find axes?”).

MN – Step 2: Upon leaving the chamber, we discover several elves.

“The hanged elf maiden” will ask us to save her. We can also try to take her off the wall (it’s fun, but unsuccessful).

MN – Step 3: In the adjacent chamber, another elf is tied to the table.

MN – Step 4: The door will be locked, and a cultist will be taunting us from above. We need a key. We continue to explore the dungeon. After killing the green half-orc, we try to talk to the prisoner, but she is unable to answer us after her encounter with the orc.

We destroy the spore blocking the exit with our axes.

MN – Step 5: We kill another half-orc and a succuby and find the key on the table. Now we can free the guy who was tied to the table.

MN – Step 6: We can open the door now, but it won’t help us. Therefore, we exit the Dungeon and move to the Hall of Torture. We meet Anorien. He is insane, so he is useless to us.

MN – Step 7: Glycia is chained on the lower level.

MN – Step 8: Kill the spore that is blocking us from talking to her.

MN – Step 9: We free Glycia and return to Anorien’s cell. He rewards us with a bottle of Anorien’s **seed, and the elves teleport themselves, asking us to save the remaining **prisoners.

MN – Step 10: We return to the dungeon and give the bottle to one of the elves. The elves successfully escape the Dungeon, leaving us behind as usual. All we know is that they should be searched for in the Forest of Oblivion.


It’s not necessary for us to open the cell with the elf and cultist. Turning him into she-elf carries a narrative element.

It’s not necessary for us to talk to the suspended elf on the wall.

If we simply free Glycia and Anorien, they will give us a bottle of elf sperm which can be used for salvation.

We can’t destroy the spore with our bare hands.

Further progress affects entry into the Clan War quest.

CW – 1: We find Noria’s tavern.

CW – 2: Relaxing in the hot springs while waiting for the orc invasion.

CW – 3: While we were sleeping, our axes were stolen. The orc invasion caught us off guard and unarmed.

CW – 4: Heroically escape through the garbage hole

CW – 5: We can either search for our axes or try to fight the orcs with our bare hands. Inside, Shorka is waiting for us.

CW – 6: If we are able to defeat her in arm wrestling, she will become our friend. She will tell us her story and maybe we’ll become more than just friends. Shorka agrees to leave the Tavern if we help her find the elf Myyru.

In any case, our goals align and we head to the Arena.

MN – Step 11: The blacksmith may be able to return our axes to us. We have a few options. We can pay him, satisfy him in some other way, or show our strenght prowess by killing the orc champion in the arena.

MN – Step 12: Helena can teach us how to dance and make money from it.

MN – Step 13: The Arena Champion is always welcoming. We are searching for Myyra, and it seems he knows something about her. But he’s not eager to share the information.

“The champion is too far from us and we need to find a way to reach him. This can be done in two ways: by issuing a challenge and defeating the Orc champion, or by performing a seductive dance for him.”

MN – Step 14: Having reached the champion, strangle the bastard.

Underneath his mask was the elf Myyra. She cannot enter the Forest of Oblivion until the blood moon rises. If you summon the bloody moon, Myyra can escape to the forest.

She will continue to play the role of the champion jerk so that the orcs do not find her.


If we strangled the champion after invoking the Blood Moon event, Myyra will escape into the forest, and Shorka will leave the Tavern. (This affects the Mother Nature quest)

If Shorka has not invaded the Tavern yet, then she will not bother us anymore.

If the champion tricked us with the Reward, or we know that Myyra is there, we can return to the Tavern and tell Shorka about it. (This affects the Mother Nature quest)

CW – 7

We return to Shorka and tell her about Myyra or Champion (the result will be the same).

The orcs are leaving the tavern.

Shorka leaves her banner outside. If it’s unfurled, it means she can come in and take a hot bath.

CW -8

Shorka exposes Myyra and puts her in a cage.

To open the cage we need the key. We can get it in several ways.

If the blood moon has not yet risen, Myyra will refuse to run away.

MN – Step 15: To call Blood Moon – Find the witch and offer her your help.

We need to find volunteer to collect some cum for the ritual

Go to the Brothel and get job

Find volunteer

Collect your “mana”

Perform the spell

Now Myyra can escape

MN – Step 16: Go through the portal leading to the Forest of Oblivion. If done correctly, the elven sanctuary will be open. Myyra will be meditating. Talk to Glycia.

The forest is infected

Myyra will be meditating.

The elven sanctuary is open. Talk to Glycia.

Help Anorien to share his cum with other Elves in any way you like.

If Shorka knows where Myyra is, she will follow to the forest and kill Anorien.

If Shorka did not expose Myyra, then Anorien will fall into a lethargic sleep.

This will affect the true ending of the game.

After performing the ritual, we will summon the Mind Flayer. Congratulations! We are one step closer to the end of the world!

If we fall for the elves’ trick and the barbarian gives herself to him, she will let the Mind Flayer into her world and it will devour all that exists.

Bad ending

Servant of Gods – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1. Start new game

Notice: don’t use fast travel if you didn’t reach this location before. This feature here is for the testing reasons and may break your game progress. I will change it in the next updates.

2.Use torch (hidden lever) or lock yourself into stocks to open door of your cell

3. Meet GOF at the end of this location

4.Go thought Hall of Torture to escape from Dungeons.

5. Find Devenant city in the Stormwind Valley

6. Find Hugh and ask him about Mines (if you try to enter it will be closed)

6.1 Also, Hugh can talk with you only at night.

7. He will ask you to kill the troll or you can threat him to get the key.

8. When you have the key, go to the Mine.

9. In the Mines find Torus.

10. He will attack you. You can’t harm him with your axes. Let him crush columns.

11. After defeating Torus he will ask you to find Witch to help him get back his fertility. Also, he ask you to bring him sacrifices in N’akhzeran location.

12. Use ladder to reach N’akhzeran

13. Bring 3 sacrifices to Torus and complete ritual.

14.It opens portal to Torus dimension and regain part of his power (His form changes).

15. In the Torus dimension find your evil twin

16. While her helmet is closed, you can’t harm her. To block her attacks, use <space>

17. Kill her to get her armor.

18. Get back to Torus and ask him about your new armor. He will tell you that he needs 4 mothers to fully restore his power.

19. Now you can use it on defeated enemies (cultists and succubus’s) to save their lives and make them follow Torus.

20. You need find 4 Mothers and bring them to Initiation room.

21. Don’t forget about Witch. Find her in Devenant.

22. She sleeps during the day. You can talk to her at night.

23. Ask her about your memory lapses

24.She will tell you story about your past.

25. Now we need to find dragon egg to restore fertility of Torus. Go to the Mines and find dragon lair.

26. Get the dragon egg.

27. You have difficult choice. You can use dragon egg on torus for your pleasure or go to the Hell and save Burgilda. To get hell, bring 3 sacrifices to Bee’h in N’akhzeran and finish ritual.

28. Welcome to Hell.

29. Hell is chaotic location. To navigate use light beacon in the sky .

30. Ask Bee’h about Burgild.

31. Give him dragon egg to release Burgild

32. Burgilda and Torus are together. Ask her to help you with ritual.

33. Close all 4 walls in initiation room and finish ritual.

34. Torus rejects your ritual and ask about significant sacrifice.

35. Sacrifice yourself.

The world is on fire.

Politics are dirty business – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1. Start new game

Notice: don’t use fast travel if you didn’t reach this location before. This feature here is for the testing reasons and may break your game progress. I will change it in the next updates.

Meet werewolves at night in the Valley

2.Find Witch near bridge. Hit werewolf to start dialogue

3. She invites you to her Hut

4. Ask how you can help her to get rid of werewolves

5. Go to brothel and find volunteer

6. Collect some cum for spell

7. Kill volunteer with wrong spell. Witch ask you to get proper book. The proper book is stolen by Hugh

8. Go to Hugh hut.

9. Find the way to get access to his cabinet. (seduce him or loot his home while he at work)

11. Find new volunteer.

12. You can’t just kill somebody in this city with no problem. Go to jail or give a bribe.

13. Use new spell book

14. Congratulations! You’ve just healed everyone from the curse!

15. Tell Hugh that you did it!

16. Hugh is filthy bastard. He accuses us of putting a curse on the city! Burn the witch!

17.It’s time to get rid of him. You can’t just kill him. So we need support of the city! Convince owners of the bank, brothel and Inn to support you

18. Ask banker to support you. He asks you to collect a debt for him

19. It’s up to you. You can find different ways

20. Go to brothel. He asks you to rescue his prostitutes.

21. Work as prostitute and leave your job. Customers are to rude.

22. Find the key in the gloryhole booth.

23. Open secret door

24. Release prostitutes

25. Drain Torus

26. Ask brothel owner to support you

27. Work as Inn waitress

28. Find drunk customer in the WC

29. Finish your work. If you didn’t have sex at work, you’ll meet Jerry.

30. Tell Witch about bad beer

31. Blackmail bartender

32. Now we can blame mayor

33. Everyone support you

34. Now you can go to Hugh hut and kill him

35. If you don’t have Mine key, find it in the Hugh’s bedroom

36. Talk to witch again. Ask her why Hugh turned into clay puppet

37. Go to Hell

38. Find Hugh soul. You have many questions, but he doesn’t want to talk

39. Find Bee’h and connect your souls.

40. Torture Hugh.

41. Get back to mortal world and tell Witch the story of Hugh. While we was in Hell, Orcs invade the city. We need to make Golem to protect Devenant. (Try to sleep at home, visit brothel, bank, Inn, City hall)

42. We need to get some lava clay to sculpt Golem. Find dragon in the Mines and ask her to give you lava clay.

43. Defeat Whodra in her game.


44. Get back to Sienna.

45. Go home and sculpt Golem. If you don’t have devenant papers, just use fast travel to get this place. I’ve just found this logic problem. Will fix it soon.

46. We have Golem! So we can get rid of orcs or allow them to visit Devenant.

47. Let’s test it!

48. Unfortunately, he understands your orders in perverted way

49. Talk to Witch about your stupid golem

50. Witch inclines us to move Golem under her control. But Before we need MindStone to make Golem a bit smarter. Go to N’akhzeran and talk to cultists

51. Cultist sends you to Letel dimension. Now you have tattoo of pathfinder

52. It shows you hidden paths

53.Follow footprints to find secret room

54. Open the secret room and get Mindstone.

55. Get back to N’akhzeran and ask cultists why gods are so cruel. It activates new quest line (will be added in future)

56. Tell witch that you have stone

57. Now you can transfer rights to Sienna

58. But it leads you to Bad Ending

59. To avoid this, you need to make other choice. At step 29 you meet Jerry. Go to his hut and have some dinner

60. He asks you to help him find his tools. Get them in the mines

61. If you did this and you’re already sculpted golem, your dinner leads to pleasant ending

62. Ask Jerry advice next time.

63. Now you can give Golem free will.

Letel-dimension How to find 5 pages? – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1. Go to 1st floor and find logs.

You need an Axe to chop them.

2. You can find the Axe in the blacksmith room.

3. Go back to logs

4. You worked hard. It’s time to have some rest. Go to 2nd floor and find bedroom.

This location contains some “trials”. You can pass them or not. :ah: :feelsgoodman:

5. When you wake up, get your first page

6. Find the switch in this room. It locks your door and opens next room

7. Use trap door to escape from the bedroom.

8. Someone made delicious food for you. Enjoy your meal and get the 2nd page

9.It’s time to visit library. But blacksmith room is blocked by flesh wall

You can’t just walk past

10. Get back to gallery room (opened by switch on the second floor)

11. Get the keys

12. Go to the basement. (It opens after chopping logs.)

13. Find the cage with page, sex chair and switch.

14.Pheromones of tentacles are extra flammable.

15. Get one more page.

16. Read the book in the library room

17. The last one page you can find under demon’s feet.

18. When you collect all 5 pages, go to the room with mirror and get the portal book.

19. Now you can leave this place

Your reflection is changing according to results of trials. If you fail everything, you can have some fun with it.

The Path of The Revenge – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

Start new game

1. You wake up in the cell

2. Go through Dungeon and meet Goddess. She will try to seduce you. You have to be strong.

3. In the Hall of Torture kill damned Cultist. She will use magic wall to block the corridor.

4.Find proper spell to destroy wall. Now we know that Letel Oma knows a lot about magic. We need her help to fight against Goddess.

5. You can seduce Orc executor before. He will fall a sleep and you don’t need to fight against him

6. It is time to escape from this cold place, but exit is blocked with spell

7. Find Goddess and get the spell when she escapes.

8. Now you can escape from the Dungeon and warm up in Noria’s tavern.

9.Explore the Tavern and ask customer about Letel. Booze is good motivation to make him talk

10.Be careful with alcohol and books…well…she’s a big girl:SexMoji:

11. Find the way to the Mines. You can use secret door in Devenant to shorten the way. Talk to Dragon about fast travel bones

12. Defeat Torus and climb up to N’akhzeran

13.Ask Cultists about Letel

14. Explore her dimension letel-dimension

15. We cant find her here. The last hope to get some help against GoF is Bee’h. Ascend to the Hell

16. Bee’h tells you that Goddes of the flesh and Letel Oma are the same person. You still want to avenge. She hides in this dimension.

17. Pass through pink fog

18. Defeat your enemy!

19. In case you didn’t wear your Living armor, your victory leads to Bad Ending. You will stay in Hell forever

20. If you win using flesh suit. You can lock Goddess in Hell and escape using dragon wings.

The Slayer of Gods – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1. After defeating Goddess of Flesh, came back to mortal world. Barbarian is depressed and feels emptiness. Talk to cultist about your mental problems.

2. After conversation with cultist, she decides that her new life path is destruction of all gods. You need good plan to bring your ideas into live. Talk to Witch.

The plan is simple. Avoid any kind of intervention of gods. Destroy temples and kill all cultists.

3. The only god who can interfere you is Torus. To take his attention away from you, set Burgild free.

4. Visit Whodra and bring her wings pack (you ripped them off when defeated Goddess of The Flesh)

5. Her goblins destroy N’akhzeran

6. If you need to visit divine dimensions, you can ask Whodra to open portal for you

7. To get support from Shorca you need to complete and politics-are-dirty-business quests. When you realize that Elves are evil you need to warn everyone about them. Go back to Arena and talk to Helen.

8. You thought that Shorca is dead, but she’s alive and locked in the Cell.

9. You can’t set her free, because you need elves cum for it. But last elves man is dead. This cage might be opened by ‘unborn’ person only. Ask Golem to help you

10. Mr.Clay opens the cage with no problem. Don’t forget to celebrate it

11. Follow to Arena and ask Shorca to help you with cultists.

12. You need to prove Shorca’s status.

13.When you enter next time, orcs will use cultist as breeding material

This quest is unfinished yet

How to get The Phallus of Power, pass Purgatory and become Succubus? – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1) After the witch explains to Barbarian the nature of her memory lapses and tells the story of Burgilda (who became a succubus), the game mechanics of death updates.

2) After losing to the monster, you will be able to press “R” to go through Purgatory and be reborn.

3) In the Purgatory, check skeleton’s note. It’s important

4) Check the pose of statue with gold dick.

5)You’re cow or warrior trial – the right answer depends of the part of the face covered in the step 4.

6) It’s simple. Follow right order of the colors.

7) The last trial. Choose any portal and listen the Voice. Your final choice is depends of step 3. For example: If the note said “trust the voice” – follow his advice.


How to get The Phallus of Power? – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1) If you failed trial with crystal (step 6). You become succubus.

2) Welcome back to mortal world.

3) You need to find the way to talk to Witch. She hates demons, so you need to seduce her while she sleeps.

4) She sends you to Hell.

5) Find The Phallus of Power

6) RUN!

7) DON’T FOLLOW ARROWS. It’s Hell, you can’t trust anything here.

8) Use The Phallus of Power to restore your humanity

Ghost of the alchemist – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1) Buy citizenship in the City Hall of Devenant

If Hugh is already dead, search his body at his home to get spare key

2) Go to your new Home

3) Whats can be better than having you own bed

4) But there is so cold!

5) Let’s find the source of cold air . Check terrible picture.

6) It activates hidden mechanism

7) Congratulations! You found the secret door and the source of draft. But the door is locked.

8) Go to Banker and bargain for the key in most natural way.

9) Now you can use secret door to descend into the dungeon

10) Follow instructions or…

…he will meet you

11) Check bottles in the first room.

This dungeon contains 3 rooms in cycled corridor. The hint on the wall helps you to navigate

12) Drink potion in the 2nd room

13) It moves you to alternative dungeon

14) You can find Ghost in the first room.

15) Find the table to activate mechanism in 3rd room

16) Choice the proper bottle to wake up. (1st one)

17) Now you can talk to the Ghost and get more about his story

18)Talk to Witch. She tells you that she hates Alchemist for some reasons

19) Go home and take relaxing bath. Have some nap

20) Talk to Ghost. He tells you that he lost his journal which may help to set his spirit in peace. You don’t know where

21) Go to Noria Tavern. Ask her about Doug

22) Open his box

23) You have his Journal. But reading magic symbols is not your strong side. Talk to witch

24)Pour the potion into your bath

Voila! Doug the Alchemist is resurrected!

And he wants his journal

My congratulations. He is sadist. Submit to him. This quest will be expanded in the future updates.

How to meet Grumbler and find his secret lair – The Last Barbarian Walkthrough & Guide

1. In the Devenant. Go to the Inn

2. Ask owner to give you job

3. Finish your shift as waitress. You’ll meet Jerry

4. You’re invited to have a date with him.

5. Jerry ask you to find his student who stole his tools. Go to the Mines. There is secret hatch to the Mines near Warehouse

6. Find that dead loser in the Mines.

7. Bring tools back to Jerry. We have new problem, Jerry is full of debts. Bank grabed his materials and he can’t finish his work.

8.Go to the bank and get materials back.

9. He finish his work.

10. But now you have to cope with debt collectors.

11.Get back to the bank. Banker ask you for favor. He needs personal goblin. Then you’ll be able to get rid of debt collectors

12. Go to Dragon’s lair in the mines. (You need to meet witch and Torus before you’re able to pass through this crack)

13. Ask her to have your own goblin

14. Bring Goblin to Banker.

15. He is not so happy to being living abacus for Banker. Tel him that you want to set him free.

16. He tells you about his hidden place in the old Warehouse

17. You can find here his own potion lab. Find the proper potion and get back to Goblin and give him potion

18. He asks you to help him to clean warehouse.

19. This is a hidden Lab! Now you’re his helper. You need to prepare potions to get Goblin back to business

20. You can practice before start your shift and prepare all potions you need

21. Grind herbs

22. Select potion base

23. Brew it using proper temperature

24. Collect your potion

25. Give the potion to Goblin to get more about it’s effect. You can check all recipes in the book.

26. If you need to dispose of the potion – use a cauldron.

27. Fulfill client’s requests

28. Giving potions to your clients makes different events. Check morning newspaper

29. Use bed when you want to finish your shift.

30. The business goes well. It’s time to expand your client base. Give potions to different NPCs to have them as your clients.

31. Give Impotent Potion to Noria

32. Purpose your services to Brothel owner

33. Show healing potion sample to doctor (Arena location)

34. And let Pub owner (Devenant) test your Witch Beer.

35. Now, your client base is big enough. Goblin asks you to bring his cum extractor. Witch stole it, so you need a special approach to get this.

36. Go to Dorkharu Den. Find Erenlius and give him Sleeping Potion. He will glad you with new potion basis.

37. Goblin tells you that you can make two new potions with it. Hypno and Strong Healing potions

38. Prepare and give Hypno Potion to Witch

39. She will bring cum extractor back to Goblin

40. Now you can ask your clients to be volunteers. Don’t forget to give them Hypno potion before it.

For now, it works for Tramp and Orcs

The quest line is under development. Keep in mind: this walkthrough doesn’t show all sex events in this quest line.

. After collecting all clients (steps 31, 32, 33, 34), you’ll get additional client – Vampire. Give him a Strong Healing potion to cure his curse. He tells you about Satyrs

Go to the Forest of Oblivion

Drink the Impotent potion which makes you resistant to Satyr’s magic.

Follow him to find secret cave

Meet new friends

Ask satyrs to volunteer

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