The Princess and the Tower

Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Part I – Irith – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Getting started

Wake her up in the morning at 7:00

Before you leave your room, clean out your supply chest

Use the correct items in the bathroom (towel, water and the fragrance she instructed you to use. If you substitute the fragrance with the “glitter” version, you will get extra favour points and mood improvement

Go to her room on the first day and “Make Up Room” to spend time until she returns from the bath

Talk to her regarding her plan. You will receive a key to the Lower Hallway.

You can now descend and explore the dungeons (see chapter “Dungeon”)

Increasing SLU

After you return from your first dungeon crawl, Irith will take your money

Visit her in her room, she expresses regret and proposes a deal: You procure money for her, she gives you favour points and does favours

Ask her to dance for you (effective up to SLU 5)

Once Irith has SLU 5 and her mood is >= 80, you can visit her in the bathroom at 9:00

After a short fetch errand, you are with Irith in the bathroom

Chat with her, and she expresses interest to see your “thing”

After the cutscene, a handjob favour is unlocked

Do the handjob in the evening a few times, come in mouth from 2nd time

Irith refuses to swallow, so you plan to change that by visiting her while she sleeps

Gift her a wine bottle (craft it with an odd fruit and exchange crystal) that day

In the evening in your room chose “night visit” at 22:00 (you can “wait for evening”)

Watch her sleep until she opens her mouth, then chose to come into her mouth

Needs to be repeated 2 to 3 nights in a row until you get a new quest

At the next handjob favour, Irith will swallow

Repeat that for two to three nights and the “blow job” favour request is unlocked

The first time you try that, Irith refuses

You get the idea to search an erotic novel that will giver the right ideas

You find the novel when pressing “search” button in the Lower Hallway

Gift it to Irith, a cutscene plays at night and Irith will accept the blowjob request

When you try to deepthroat her, she fails, indicating she needs more practice

Gift her an odd fruit before 19:00 and visit her in her room right afterwards

You will find her practicing with the fruit

Chat with her and a cutscene plays. Irith is now able to do DTs

Practice DTs with her 2 or 3 times until she gets the achievement “deepthroat fiend”

You can now visit Irith at night for DT practice for two or three times until her SLU is 23

Increasing SUB

Early on you will see the favour “pet play”

Irith demands a proper collar and toy for that

You find the collar and toy in the course of fixing up the training room. Gift her both items

Do the pet training two or three times until Irith’s SUB is 5 and Irith has the achievement “well trained pet” (you may need to score three times 2 or more in the game)

You can now ask Irith in the morning to visit the training room

She’ll follow you and you can ask her to get into her new pet cage

After a somewhat surprising interlude, the “pet day” favour becomes available in the morning

Bring Irith to the training room in the morning, lock her up and give her some food. Release her after 20:00 and her sub will increase (up to 10)

From that point you should be able to buy a leash in the shop (prerequisites: Nyx must have been in the brothel once and Irith has seen it and nags you regarding it).

Use the leash in Irith’s room and take her for a walk to the Brothel around 19:00

Pick Irith up in the evening at 22:00 again

Irith Bonus Scenes (Unlock Optional Gallery Images)

Spanking: Visit Irith during the day when she looks out the window and chat with her. If her Sub is 5 of higher, you can slap her backside and she’ll ask you to get a riding crop to spank her properly. Buy the crop in the shop and you’ll get the spanking favour in the evening

Mirror: Visit Irith during the day when she is admiring herself in the mirror and chat with her. If her SUB/SLU is high enough she will be open to the suggestion to get nipple rings (will be followed through in the endgame)

Breast Massage: Give Irith a honey soap while she is in the bath. You can find the soap randomly in the hidden Lower Hallway barrel

Riding Lessons: Visit Irith at 15:00 in the Training Room when she should be in her cage…

Hallway Reward: If you bring more than 5000 gold from the Lower Hallway up to Irith and she has at least the BJ favour/skill and the 100.000 are not yet achieved, she will give you a reward in the hallway

Part II – Nyx – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Getting started

Once you have paid the full guild debt (“pay guild” button in Lower Hallway), a raven will appear the next morning

You will be instructed regarding arrival of your assistant Nyx through the portal

Using Code SuExSu (green/purple/green) with the already activated portal at 18:00 will bring Nyx over

Nyx will be in your room from 7:00 to 18:00 (if not on a mission) to wait for instructions

You can send Nyx to attend to Irith in the morning and also to explore the dungeons (she will get more loot as she levels up and also if she wears a magical plug while exploring)

Increasing SUB

Before sending Nyx to attend to Irith, go to the bathroom at 7:00 and switch the fragrance labels

After sending Nyx to attend to Irith, Irith will come and complain about her bath having been done wrongly

You can then decide to punish Nyx for two incidents and raise her SUB to 2 in total

In case Nyx has the achievement “shameless”(see SUB path) you can also pull down her bottoms for the punishment

Once you have the magical plugs (Fortune and Jeweller’s) from Gwynn, you will find out Nyx will only wear them if her SUB is 4+

You can repeat the punishment process above two more times after buying a steel plug at the shop and use the steel plug on her to raise her SUB to 4

She can now wear the magical plugs for exploring

Increasing SLU

After discovering the tavern portal, talk to Nyx in the evening

She will refuse to work there as a wench, as she doesn’t want to be groped by drunken customers

From next evening, you can chose to do groping training with her

She accepts work at the Tavern when you ask her next, but wants a wench dress

Buy the wench dress at the shop and send her to the tavern for work

After two or three evenings, she will come back and complain, that the tavern keeper wants her to work on “no bottoms day”

You can then train her three times in the evening in that regard

After the third training and serving Irith wine, Nyx gets the achievement “shameless”

She can now be sent to the tavern with the no bottoms dress, which you get automatically

She also agrees to naked exploring from this point onwards

If you have discovered the brothel, talk to the Madame about training

Madame asks for three gold bars (craft from from stacked iron / silver bars or buy at the shop for a hefty price)

Bring Nyx to the brothel once after you paid Madame

After the visit, she is outraged and tells you she doesn’t want to go there

After one or two nights normal tavern no bottoms work, she comes back and explains, that the tavern keeper has offered her work a dancing girl

Buy Nyx a dancing girl outfit in the shop and you can send her to dance at the tavern

After four evenings, she will get the achievement “naked acrobat”

The next time you send her to the tavern, she will come back and explain that she has been approached to “service” customers, which she is willing to accept for the payment

Nyx asks for a whore dress, which you can get at the shop for her

You can now send her to the brothel 2 two or three times until she tells you her training is fished and she gets the achievement “working girl”

Now you can “test” her three sex skills in the evening

She will only accept anal sex, if she has the achievement “plugged explorer”, which she gets after exploring the dungeon 5 times with a plug

Once the sex training is finished, Nyx is ready for the final mission in the keep and the crystal plug quest

After you have sent Illiana her crystal plug and talked to her about it wait for two days until a cutscene plays and Gwynn visits you

Gift Nyx the second crystal plug, she will refuse

Chat to her again in the evening, she will refuse again

Go to Irith and ask for help.

If Irith has experience with plugs (belt combination two / short reprieve done) she will loffer to help. She will take the crystal pug from you to train with Nyx

Talk to Nyx again in the evening and send her to Irith

Repeat for two more nights and Nyx returns with her crystal plug and is ready for the final infiltration mission

After you get informed by Gwynn, that Nyx can now go on infiltration quests, send Nyx to the Keep

You need a castle Map for that, talk with Gwynn to get it, give it to Nyx and send her on the infiltration mission

Repeat that 3 evenings and Gwynn will tell you Illiana can be captured now if you prepare a magical cage

Bring Gwynn the ingredients she wants and once the cage is ready send Nyx for the capture mission

Illiana is captured and locked in a cell in The Tower (accessible via the trapdoor on the left side of the Lower Hallway)

Talk to illiana once and go to sleep

Conquer the now accessible fields to the Keep

Say farewell to Irith and go to sleep

An end scene will play

Congratulations, you have achieved Ending One

Part III – Gwynn – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Getting started

Once you have conquered 15 fields on the portal board, Gwynn appears to you in the mirror the next morning

She offers to help you with the belt & Illiana, if she can come over and study the portal

As a sign of cooperation, she offers you the first belt combination if you tell her the inscription on the belt

Go to Irith during the day, use a lock pick in her room and check the inscription on the belt (XLIV-XCIX). Irith will only allow that, if you have paid the 100k to her

Contact Gwynn in the mirror and she tells you the crystal combination one (VaVaExSc or BBPO) for the belt

Gwynn asks you to bring her over through the portal (code SuScEx or GOP at 19:00)

Increasing SLU

Ask Gwynn to research the first plug and she refuses, calling it reprehensible

You get the idea to bring her together with Irith

Talk to Irith, she agrees to train Gwynn as her maid

Talk to Gwynn again

That evening she will visit Irith for Maid training and you’ll see a cutscene (SLU +1)

Talk to Irith and Gwynn again the next day and she’ll visit Irith again at night and you get the second cutscene (SLU +1)

The next day when you enter the Portal Room Gwynn does her “final test” and is now ready to research the plugs

Gift the plugs to Nyx after research and have her use them for exploring to get better loot

Increasing SUB

After the Evil Irith quest is done (see MC section) you will receive the spider back from Irith

Visit the Institute and use the spider to gain access (see the end of this document for the riddle)

Ask to enroll Gwynn at the institute

Talk to Gwynn, she will refuse

Hide the spider in her room for three nights until you auto-pick it up again

Ask Gwynn again and she agrees to go

She will ask for a training outfit

Go to the institute, access dungeons and get the outfit from the chest

Give it to Gwynn

You can send her now to the Institute

After the third lesson Gwynn will return and the game will lead into Ending Two. Congratulations!

If you do not want the Ending Two, do not send Gwynn a third time and rather complete the Goblin King quest (see MC section)


Have Gwynn research the portal magic Attack and Defense and ask her for Conduit Magic

She will research the latter only, if you are at war with Illiana (attack a blue square once, lose and then counter her attacks every day)

Once Conduit Magic is researched, Gwynn tells you she needs to talk to the other girls

Do not send Nyx or Irith away in the evening and enter the Lower Hallway after 18:00

The girls call you up into the Attic and tell you they have a new plan

The next day in the Portal Room Gwynn explains her plan and asks you to bring the ingredients for two crystal plugs (2x Su, 1 x Golden Nails, 1x Scroll of Rapture)

You will find the scroll in the Insanitarium (The Archives Dungeon)

Go down the lower Archives level, open the chest and uncover the trapdoor to The Insanitarium

To defeat the 5 Hypnotists use Spectral Bombs (ca. 10). The layout and path is attached below as screenshot

Give Gwynn the Crystals, Nails and Scroll and she will research the crystal plugs and hand them over to you

Continued in Illiana and Nyx section regarding crystal plugs

Spider Amulet: If you go down the Insanitarium a second time, you will find a spider amulet. Take it, you will need it for the optional endings later

Part IV – Illiana – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Getting started

On your second night in the Tower you will have a dream

The next morning you get the idea to find out more about the mirror

Research in the Arcane Room

You will find out, that with a crystal of scrying you can activate the mirror

The crystal cannot be found at this stage, it needs to be crafted with the chest (purple crystal and purple glitter). You can find the purple glitter or make it with a purple crystal and green glitter

Increasing SUB

Activate the mirror and talk to Illiana

You will get the task to find the key to the Portal room

First however, you need to find the key to the Lower Dungeon

Search in the Lower Hallway and you’ll get the Key to the Lower Dungeon

Report back to Illiana. She will reveal the recipe for a spectral bomb to you, which you need)

In the Lower Dungeon enter the trapdoor on the top and you’ll get to the Lower Treasure Room. Defeat the spectral slime with a spectral bomb

Get the portal room key

Report back to illiana

Open the portal room

You can now open the portal, but before the guild is paid off and Nyx is there you shouldn’t really do it for efficiency reasons

To activate the portal, use VaExSu / BPG crystals. Irith will appear and be massively annoyed. Pay her off later to raise her mood again

Continue to talk to Illiana and let her pose for you until her SUB is 5 and you’ll get the idea to send her a toy

Buy the toy in the shop (you need an ebony wood for that, craft with 10x cedar)

To send the toy via the shop “the zone must have intersected” that is you must have attacked the blue zone in the portal at least once (you will lose, but trigger illiana’s counterattacks). Do this only, once you are well prepared

Once Illiana has the toy, chat to her and make her use it (SUB 2x +1)

This marks the end of the mirror dialogue, now you need to continue with Gwynn’s and Nyx’ infiltration quest to capture Illiana

Part V – MC (Evil Irith and Goblin King Quest) – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Common Path

After bidding farewell to Irith (can be done after the Keep portal field is conquered), give her the Spider Amulet as present NOTE: The Amulet can be found in the Insanitarium (5 Hypnotist Level) chest, if you go there for a second time

Go to bed

Two weeks pass (cutscene info) and you are about to leave the Tower, when Gwynn appears and asks for your help. Irith’s behavior as Queen has become increasingly eccentric and Gwynn wants to cure her. She correctly assumes, the spider amulet of Irith is the root cause

Gwynn asks you to collect 3 kinds of ingredients for a special potion, enchanted milk, 5 gold nails and 5 spectral crystals The spectral crystals can be crafted using blue glitter and a crystal of exchange The milk needs to be gained from a demonologist, which Illiana was in her youth It has to be gathered via a milking contraption, which is a device goblins in Mistveil Burrows use

Building The Contraption:

You remember the Goblin girl from the brothel, which was from that tribe and decide to

ask her (ask Madame for staff services)

Neetha (the Goblin Girl) agrees to help you if you pay off her debt at the Madame (5 bars of gold)

After you paid the Madame, revisit Neetha and she will give you the map to Mistveil Burrows, which Gwynn will mark as a portal on your map

Go to the Burrows and approach the captive in the center

Study the contraption (you get a contraption plan) and then free the captive

An alarm sounds and goblins swarm into the burrows. If you remembered to mine the two lower entrances with a few bombs escape is easy

Repeat three times

Save before you free the captive!

Once you have all three plans, you can build the contraption.

Use a contraption plan in the training room and you will build a milking contraption

Now you need to milk Illiana

The Enchanted Milk:

Talk to Illiana for her cooperation

Illiana insists on an improved cell, which you can do within three days using ebony wood or silver nails in her cell

Give the ingredients to Gwynn, and a cutscene plays that night with Gwynn freeing Irith

from her curse and the amulet

Gwynn returns the spider amulet to you

Gwynn Demonologist Path (Ending Two)

Once Irith is cured, go to the Institute again

This time, you will observe two girls appearing and entering the Institute

Approach the pedestal and place the spider in there

Regarding the riddle, count the spiders and add seven, but eliminate the first digit (1->8, 9->(1)6 etc…)

Ask for Gwynn to be enrolled

Ask Gwynn, she refuses

Hide the spider in her bedroom and wait for three nights

Talk to Gwynn again, and she agrees to her demonology training if you bring her a trainee collar

Go to the Institute, ask the Guardian to enter the dungeon and get the training collar

Send Gwynn three times to the Institute for lessons

When she returns from the third time, a cutscene with Nyx will play and the game will move to ending two

NOTE: You can follow the ending two path until the second Institute lesson and still achieve the Goblin king ending

Congratulations, you have achieved Ending Two

Goblin King Path (Ending Three)

When you conquer the last portal field, you will find a Goblin Crown

Chat with Gwynn (only available after you cured Irith, see common path above) and she will tell you about its secret: If you have the Goblin Scepter and the Crown you can make yourself King and none can resist you

The scepter is found in the burrows throne room

You decide to do it and enter the burrows, only to be turned back by guards which now bar the entrance

Gwynn agrees to craft an invisibility potion for you if you bring her the right ingredients (see quest-log)

Take the potion and enter the burrows. Access to the throne room is the entrance at the top

Sneak in, place spectral bombs unseen and the walk up to the chest in the top right


Open the chest, you turn visible and all the Goblin elite guards come for you

Walk over to the other chest and get the scepter and get out

Back in the Tower, take the scepter and the crown and go through to the Keep (button in

Throne room)

Irith will intercept you and demand that you (a) free her from her belt and (b) give her the nipple rings she always wanted

Talk to Gwynn and she will free Irith from her belt if you bring her the Scroll of Wisdom from

the Dungeon level three in the tower (Gwynn has the key). Riddle answers are in the appendix

Get gold nails, assemble the nipple rings in the training room and give them to Irith

You can now go to the Keep and make yourself King

Once in the Keep you can sleep in the Royal bedroom and summon your servant with the horn hanging on the wall

Call the girls in the evening and have fun with them or watch

You can also take Irith for milking to the Tower, if she is in the bedroom when you take Gwynn or Illiana for milking

Unlock all the harem scenes and make Irith a milk maid (3-4 times milking) to the see the Ending 3 end screen

Congratulations, you have achieved ending Three

General Tips

The mirror will fulfill one wish per day. Amount depends on your level. The magic words are [change, power, focus, havoc, fortune, value]

There is a hidden barrel in the bottom right corner of the Lower Hallway. It will give one random item per day

Portal Game – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Attacks are rolled with max 3 vs 3 combatants. You need at least 4 on your origin field to attack with 3 (one always remains behind)

Do not attack, with less than three (= 4 on your field) or your odds go south!

If you always go 3 vs 3, your odds are about 80/100

If you occupy a portal (Keep, Brothel, Shop, Institute) click on it once and you can access / use it from now on from outside (options appear in Portal Room menu)

The Archives Portal can only be entered from the inside (chose Enter Portal, will end board game)

The blue area is not conquerable on the board, but you must attack it once (and then send the toy to Illiana through the shop) to kick off Illiana’s counterattacks

You can cut off units on the field (red ! mark). Those can no longer be reinforced at night

Illiana only attacks when she has the higher numbers, so array your front forces properly and use defense zone

You can use space to skip illiana’s animation

You can mash space for continuous fight to the death if there are tons of crystals on the attack field

Use action scrolls and research attack magic to get additional moves

Crafting – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

Recipes can be researched depending on your level

All recipes can be accidentally found even at lower level

Blue gems increase payout, purple gems, green gems and orange gems convert

Some items can be upgraded. Stack multiples of 10 without gem and convert (woods, metals, nails, scroll fragments)

Console Cheats – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

(Non-game breaking)

irith.fp += 100 / adds 100 favour points

irith.attr[“MOD“] = 100 / raises mood to 100 += 1000 / adds 1000 to stash“ITMBomb“) / adds bomb to inventory

Other item codes: ITMOddFruit, ITMWine, ITMSpectralBomb, ITMWoodEbony, ITMNailGold, ITMNailSilver, ITMBarGold


Institute Riddle: Add 7 to the number of symbols shown, ignore decimal digit. Examples: 2 -> 2+7 = 9 or 5 -> 5+7 = 2 or 3 -> 3+7 = 0

Hall Of Wisdom: sunlight, fire, ice, fish, coal, steps

Dungeon Solutions

Dungeon Solutions – The Princess and the Tower Walkthrough & Guide

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