Dandy Boy Adventures Walkthrough

Dandy Boy Adventures Walkthrough

Welcome to Dandy Boy Adventures Walkthrough, which helps you through all of the quests, unlock all of the scenes.

QUESTS – Dandy Boy Adventures Walkthrough

“Quality time”

– Amy asked you to get some beer . Do this by completing “Five finger discount”. Then go back and talk to Amy during morning.

“Fetcher’s Quest”

– Amy asked you to buy her the new Bon Java -cassette. You can buy it from the Mart . After this return to Amy and talk to her during morning.

“King of Kong”

– Amy asked you to look for Sunny at the arcade . Go to the arcade during either morning or afternoon and talk to Sunny . Then return to Amy during morning.


– Amy and Sunny are having a slumber party . Go see Amy in the evening in her room.

“Mary Jane”

-Trev said that there’s a guy who lives at the beach house called Monroe who could sell you some weed. Go to the beach and enter the house. Talk to the guy there and he asks you to pick up a package from the warehouses up north. Go to the town and enter the left warehouse. Get the package without being caught. Return the package to Monroe. Monroe will now give you some weed to take to Skye. Go talk to Skye in the morning in her house. It’s located above Alex’s house just across the street.

“Shady Business”

– A shady pervert at the parking lot asked you to bring him worn women’s panties . Go to Tess’s house and enter her room . You’ll find a pair of panties lying on the floor . Pick up the panties and take them to the pervert.


-This quest can only be started and cannot be completed in 0.3 !!!

“Bones’ Tales”

-A talking skull asked you to give him a ride to the hospital. Go and enter the hospital.

“Blue balls”

– You need to take a cold shower to get that image of Mom doing yoga out of your head! Go take a shower upstairs.

“Greasy tales”

– You need to find lube to grease up Alyssa . Get the lube from completing “Shady Business” and return to Alyssa.

“Chicken run”

– “Aunt Mary’s chickens have ran away! Pick them up one by one and throw them into the den.


– Go talk to Alyssa upstairs in her room. She’ll tell you that Skyler is at the barn outside . Go talk to Skyler next . After that return to Aunt Mary.

“Pitching a tent”

– You’ll need to get yourself a new tent for the camping trip . You can buy one at Mart. Go back to school and talk to Trev.


– You need to find a movie to watch with Tess on your date. Go ask Dex in the school hallway . After he gives you the vhs tape, go to Tess’s house in the afternoon and talk to Tess.

“Men at work”

– Melissa said that there might be job openings at the local warehouse . Go north from the town and enter the warehouse in the middle . Talk to the guy at the counter and return to Melissa (in the morning).

* There’s a lot of hidden loot that you can dig out with a shovel. Look for those muddy piles in the ground . Go to the cave near the “campsite” and dig up the “ancient chest” that’s buried up in the ledge.

* There’s a hidden room somewhere in the game. Good luck finding it!



OLD QUESTS – Dandy Boy Adventures Walkthrough

“Blue haired devil”

– After completing the quest “Tattletale” when you go to school (morning or afternoon) You’ll hear teachers talking about changing the test . After this you can find Traci by the lockers at the right wing hallway at school . She ask’s you to steal the test answers from the teacher’s desk at the first classroom . If you go there at the morning she will spot you so you have to wait until afternoon (one easy way is to attend class). After you have the test answers, return to Traci. She now agrees to meet you later at your basement. Talk to her there in the evening!

“All Hallows’ Eve”

– At Day 3 Dex & Trev will come to your house to tell you about this upcoming Halloween party at school. They’ll ask you to get yourself some liquor from Red and a halloween costume. Go see Red at the ShopSmart. Talk to him. Now buy the halloween costume from the Mart. After this go back to your basement (Afternoon) to meet with Dex and Trev. Talk to them. This will take you to the Halloween party at school’s gymnasium. Talk to all the girls there (optional)! After this, go pour the vodka into the punch bowl. Go talk to the girls again to see new events happen! Talk to Dex & Trev when you’re done.

“Getting tipsy”

– After completing the quest “Got Milk?” you can run in to Melissa drinking wine at the basement (Night) . Talk to her and she asks you to get more wine from the fridge . Go to the kitchen and get the wine from the fridge . Go back to the basement and talk to Mom . This will trigger a flashback scene. After that scene talk to Melissa again!


– After seeing Melissa bent over while baking cookies Alex got an idea to get a camera and take a snapshot of Melissa while showering. Go purchase the camera at the Mart. After this go to your house and in the bathroom. Alex will now take a picture.

“Celebrity city”–Patrons Only!!!–

– Go to the beach in the afternoon . You’ll see a large crowd of people around Zabrina . Go talk to her . She will imply that you could meet later at the beach . Leave and come back in the evening to look for Zabrina. You can find her at the red changing booth.

“Skull Halloween”

– Go to the Cemetery (North West from town) at night and talk to the grave digger. This will start a mini game where you need to light up all the skulls before the timer runs out! Complete this and return to the grave digger. You’ll get rewarded with a “Silver key” that unlocks one of the crypts! (the last one, North West of the cemetery)

“Twilight bone” –DX Only!!!–

– After completing the quest “Skull Halloween”, go to the last crypt North West of the cemetery . Inside you’ll meet a mysterious creature that want’s you to collect 50 pieces of candy for it . Go back to the cemetery and gather all the candy! (Remember to check behind things!) After collecting all 50, return to the creature.

“Got Milk”

– After seeing Amy dressing up in her room, go talk to Mom. After this head to the “ShopSmart” and buy some Milk . Go back home and give the milk to Mom.

“School’s out… NOT!”

– When leaving the house the for the first time Mom reminds you to go to school. Do that and return to her.

“Saturday night fever”

– When you talk to Dex and Trev at school for the first time they tell you they are planning a party and need some beer . Complete quest -“Five finger discount” and return to them.

“Five finger discount”

– Once approaching the two guys by the coolers at “ShopSmart” they run off with couple of sixpacks .

The shopkeeper asks you to find them for him . A blonde guy at the park left side of Beagleaton tells you that he saw them going into a cave near “ShopSmart” .

Go talk to the shoplifters at the cave and they will offer you 6 beers for your silence . (At this point in Alpha 0.01 this is the only way to complete “Saturday night fever” since you can’t buy beer yet!) .

Go back to “ShopSmart” and talk to the shopkeeper.

“Swimming club”

– When you talk to Erika at school she’ll tell you that you can meet her at the pool in the afternoon. Do that!


-When you go to the library in the afternoon you can go and talk to Asuka . She’s looking for a history book . Ask the librarian at the counter about it and she tells you that a orange haired student has borrowed it already .

Go to the playground behind “ShopSmart” and talk to the student . He want to trade you the book for a magazine . Go to the hidden cave left of “ShopSmart” and exit the other cave door .

Right from the second cave enterance you will find the magazine .

Give it to the orange haired student and you’ll receive the book. Go give the book to Asuka. (If you give it to her straight away you’ll receive a small reward!)


– After talking to Traci at the school hallway go in the computer classroom . After some events Traci tells you to meet Her at the girls restrooms . Go there and talk to her . (When answering her question “I’m not done yet!” you’ll get to see her panties!)

After this head out and you’ll meet Red and his goons . They’ll kick your ass and the Teacher sends you to see the nurse . (This will launch quest “Bad touch”!)

“Bad Touch”

– Go to the hospital and talk to the nurse at the counter. She’ll tell you that the nurse is waiting you in the room “104”. Go there and talk to Jackie. She asks you to take a seat. Do that and the event starts.

“Pool party”

– When you talk to Tess the first time at school hallway she asks you to come to Red’s pool party . Go to Red’s house at night . Talk to Tess and an event starts . After this Tess runs off to the front yard of her house. Go talk to her.

“Sand in my toes”

– After completing “Pool party” go see Tess at the school hallway . She asks you to meet her at the beach in the afternoon . Go there (afternoon) and find the red changing booth where she is.

“Nightly shenanigans”

– After you have seen the event with Mom and Skye changing go to the kitchen in the evening . Talk to Amy and she tells you Mom is having some company. Go see Mom in her room.

* In Tuesday morning (and also other mornings after that if not activated) you’ll see Amy and Sunny watching tv in the living room .

Talk to them . Next go to Amy’s room in the evening and talk to the girls . After this go to your room and sleep . (This will launch the gaming event with Sunny)

* After playing video games with Sunny (See 0.01 Walkthrough for more info!), go and talk to Amy in her room (morning) . Choose “Talk” and then “About Sunny” . This will make Alex and Amy agree to team up seducing Sunny . Amy asks you to come back in the evening . Do that and talk to Sunny & Amy to trigger the “Truth or dare” event!

* In the afternoon you can see Melissa doing yoga in the living room!

* You can get a job as a paper boy at the “Daily Beagle”. Just talk to Carl Campbell inside . You can start the job by activating the bike outside of the building . (Pro tip! Complete the whole street quickly without crashing to earn more cash!)

* You can find Lori in her “Bad princess” outfit at the halloween party (see quest “All Hallows’ Eve”) . (10+$ only) Talk yo her after you’ve spiked the punch and you’ll get a special event with her!

* At school yard go and see the right small window behind the bushes. (You’ll see mrs. Burnett taking a shower)

* After completing “Got Milk?” and “School’s out… NOT!” go home and talk to Mom and Skye . Talk them twice and after that the next time you go to Mom’s room you’ll see them changing clothes.

* Before attending Red’s party go see him at his front yard washing his car in the afternoon.

* Once you have acquired the nudie magazine you can take a look at it from the item menu.

* You can play “Monster Castle” -game on Alex’s computer. You can also browse the files on it and also on Amys computer . (In her room!)

* Once per day there’s a chance to see Traci/Asuka dressing at the girls locker rooms. This will also launch a small event with Erika.

* Once per day there’s a chance to see Mom or Amy take a shower at your house.

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