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Claire’s Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Claire’s Quest Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

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Introduction – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

I remember thinking, as I first read the synopsis of this game: ‘Huh…an RPG Maker fantasy porn game, where, for once, you don’t start out as a badass protagonist with an abnormal sex drive? I wonder what and how much has been written on that premise?’

This walkthrough serves as my second iteration to illustrate the answer to that question. While it began as a necessity, due to a lack of an actual quest log, the recent complete overhaul has included that along with many quality of life improvements. As such, this walkthrough’s format has become quaintly archaic, but if you enjoy reading up on every tiny detail about this game, read on. I’ll try updating it regularly, with the key word being ‘try’, but if I’ve missed anything you are free to PM me (Looners) over the patrons’ Dystopian Project discord channel and I’ll reply within the week and update this file, if necessary.


The initial work was put together through countless separate playthroughs by myself (Looners), along with the invaluable playtesting of Alariza during the initial version of it. This second revised version came out a bit before the completion of the overhaul effort and was done entirely on my own, though Architect always finds time to answer any of my questions and hweirdo’s walkthrough inspired me to improve my own in a few ways.

How to Play – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Claire’s Quest was built with the RPG Maker MV engine. If you’ve never played an RPG Maker MV game before, these are the main things to know:

● The game is played from a top-down perspective and includes story cut scenes that involve dialogue options for the player.

● You control the actions of the titular character, Claire, throughout her adventure.

● The game is relatively easy and not demanding in the way of player skill.

If you are familiar with games of this sort, the most important differences are these:

● No party to manage, as you will almost always control only the main character.

● Only four statistics exist within the game for the purpose of scene interaction.

● There are no battle sequences whatsoever in this game.

Other than that, this list covers all player controls one uses to navigate games of this sort:

● Fullscreen toggle – F4

● Restart game (sends you back to the title screen) – F5

● Movement – arrow keys or clicking the left mouse button, double-click for dash

● Select dialogue choice – Up and Down arrow keys or left mouse button

● Interact / Confirm (highlighted dialogue choice) – Enter/Space/Z/left mouse button

● Open menu / Cancel (second dialogue choice only – if there are more than two choices, the second dialogue choice is chosen) – Esc/X/right mouse

● Scroll quest log text – select + confirm the entry, and press Up or Down arrow keys

● Dash/Walk – Shift (Always Dash in Options is OFF/ON) left mouse to always dash

● Show/hide text box – H

● Show/hide minimap – M

Understanding the Walkthrough

Any time that you see an underlined text within this walkthrough, you are looking at a hyperlink to the relevant part of this document. Clicking on it will usually take you to the relevant area or quest’s respective entry, where it will be described from start to finish for the convenience of the reader. Alternatively, if used on a character, item or CG scene, the hyperlink might also take you to a place where you may find it quickly.

Each part that describes the areas of a greater world location (i.e. a part called Rathpike Areas) will serve primarily as a tour guide, to make it easy for the player to find everything of relevance, followed then by a chapter detailing all standalone quests and quests that can be found at that general location (i.e. Rathpike Quests). The only exceptions to this are the Prologue part, where more linear quests do not demand the latter, and the main questline. These will be followed by a third chapter relevant to an area, using the ‘ .X’ suffix, which lists and links to the CG scenes within the previous area (i.e. Rathpike CG scenes). Item sparkles are mentioned only if they are of notable value or quest-related.

North is Up

West is Left East is Right

South is Down

Notes are denoted with a hyphen at the start, or an uppercase red letter (‘A’) in the event of locations on a map, or a blue number (‘1’) in the event of characters on a map. In these cases an asterisk (*) denotes this character or item can appear here only if the player performs certain actions that are explained later.

Any significant player choice using the dialogue box will be denoted as such:

a) Option A

b) Option B

● Additional choices, branching off b) in this case, are denoted using a hyphen.

Dialogue results are in bold and black

Adult scenes are magenta

Important notes are red

Inventory items, be they requirements or not, are enclosed with curly braces { }

● Example: The old woman gives you 1 {Fruit} – meaning you can now find an item with that name in your inventory.

Character statistic (stat) changes or requirements are enclosed with square brackets [ ]

● Example: [Defiance ≥ 2] – meaning that Claire’s Defiance must be more than or equal to this value to achieve the following or previous result.

● Example: a) [Intrigue < 5] ‘Choice text’ – meaning that Claire’s Intrigue must be less than this value in order for this dialogue option to appear during a cutscene.

Prologue Areas – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Claire’s Home

Notable items:

● An unsent letter to father

● {‘Maid of the North’}

● 50 silvers (pouch)

The story begins as Claire is awoken by her very prim and proper mother, who insists that she get out of bed, puts on some clothes and makes her bed. Throughout this the player is provided constant tutorial messages, that walk them through the basics, and is guided by the major tutorial quest ‘Trouble in Paradise’ in the quest log. There is also a prompt that shows up when Claire walks south to talk to her mother, which gives the player the option to skip this entire tutorial segment altogether, at the cost of one variable attribute point. While interacting with all the sparkles in the house, it’s worth noting that most will not be strictly needed for the story to continue (whether set in stone or randomized) and most items can be sold for money. Only a few are strictly quest-related and cannot be sold.

After the player learns to navigate around the floor, they are advised to wash up and regain +10 EP, after which they may progress down the stairs in the southwest corner. In that area Claire’s mother awaits with breakfast, though before reaching her Claire passes a bookshelf containing the book {‘Maid of the North’}. After grabbing it, Claire must then eat her breakfast and is tasked with bringing in some firewood afterwards. At that point the player must pick their first ever dialogue choice as a response to Claire’s mother:

a) Heavy? Ha! Don’t make me laugh!

Claire’s mother is impressed by her can-do attitude – Gain [+1 Defiance].

b) It’s too heavy… C-Could you help me with it?

Claire’s mother is disappointed by her spoiled attitude – Gain [+1 Seduction].

c) We should be dousing the fireplace, not adding to it.

Claire’s mother is unimpressed by her excuses – Gain [+1 Intrigue].

d) Ooh, I like getting all hot and sweaty…

Claire’s mother is disturbed by her exhibitionist attitude – Gain [+1 Depravity].

After making their choice, the player is told about the four character statistics and how they influence Claire’s actions during the course of the game. A lot of these actions can be automatic, performed without player input, so it is highly recommended to read this and understand each statistic. This will allow players to make the sorts of choices that lead to Claire acting and reacting in a way that they would likely be most happy with.

Outside, the player can have Claire run around, retrieve the {Kindling} in the southeast corner and return to the house where it is set alight. After that’s done, Claire can wash upstairs again for +10 EP and can then retrieve the purse with 50 silvers. But as she approaches the exit of the house after doing so, she hears a cry of dismay from outside, that she must investigate in order to progress. Doing so also means Claire’s Home cannot be visited after this and completes the major tutorial quest ‘Trouble in Paradise.’

The Crossroads

Places of interest:

● West: Checkpoint

● North: Fallwater Forest

● Signpost (bottom center of the map)

Notable characters:

● Grim Refugee

● Grateful Youth*

Immediately upon arrival, a new major quest starts called ‘Seeking Sanctuary’ and Claire loses -40 EP that reflects her harrowing journey. The player can notice a path to her west, a refugee family to her east, as well as a signpost directly north, which is used for Fast Travelling, but which is currently unavailable. The only thing to do now is to approach the Grim Refugee to the east, sit down for a moment and catch up on current events.

After hearing about the grim state of the world, Claire does at least regain her +40 EP back. The new objective seems clear: Get past the Checkpoint to the west and enter the Refugee Camp, where the Grim Refugee told us that there are two ways of doing so. The direct approach of heading west and convincing the guards to let her through, or the much longer approach of heading north through Fallwater Forest. But before we try the direct approach first and enter the Checkpoint area to our west, we can also go a bit north and follow alongside the river eastwards, where there is another area to keep in mind for later.

Remote Riverside

Places of interest:

● West: The Crossroads

Notable characters:

● Unconscious Youth

Heading further east leads us to the Unconscious Youth lying down next to the riverbank.

Interacting with him without at least 1 {Fruit} in your inventory will always lead to his death. Still, if you try to interact with him, Claire notes that he’ll die without help:



Claire tries to help him – If she has 1 {Fruit} in her inventory, which can only be found at the Refugee Camp, she succeeds in doing so and you lose 1 {Fruit}. If not, then the next time you interact with him reveals that he died.



Claire leaves him alone – Next time you interact with him will reveal that he died.

If the youth dies, then interacting with his body again will prompt the player to loot his corpse. If the player picks ‘Yes’, Claire gains 30 silvers, but know that the ever-watchful spirits of the dead could trouble her later in her quest. If not, she just leaves him alone.

If Claire helped the youth survive, he will recount how he and his fiancee, Marie, were fleeing something huge in the forest and then got separated as he fell into the river. He will then ask for Claire to try and find her for him, since he is too weak to do so himself. If she refuses his quest, the Grateful Youth will give her 5 silvers as thanks and won’t appear again. If she accepts, then the quest ‘Missing Marie’ is added to the quest log.

The Youth can now be found at The Crossroads area, a bit northwest of the refugee family. If you return with {Marie’s Ring} (which can be found in the Secluded Clearing) and give it to him, he will ask as to where you found it:

a) Tell him the truth.

Grateful Youth is thankful and wants to reward Claire with 30 silvers for all her troubles – She can accept it, and thus gain 30 silvers while leaving the Youth to become sad. Or she can refuse it, in which case she gains [+1 Defiance] while inspiring the Youth to reach the Isles and work hard in Marie’s memory.

b) Lie about Marie’s fate.

Grateful Youth becomes Sad Youth, still wants to find her, but rewards you for your troubles – Gain [+1 Intrigue] as well as 15 silvers.

Either way, the quest ‘Missing Marie’ completes itself in your log. The only way to come across the Youth after this is if you inspired him, in which case you see him again in Valos!


Places of interest:

● West: Refugee Camp

● East: The Crossroads

Notable characters:

● Guardsmen

Arriving at a checkpoint right before the town of Hookton, Claire is automatically stopped by two guards, who demand a toll of 50 silvers from her before she can proceed further west into the nearby Refugee Camp:

a) Pay 50 silvers.

Claire is allowed to pass into the Refugee Camp – Lose 50 silvers.

b) Leave them.

Claire refuses to pay the toll – As she does so, the guards lower their price to 40

silvers, leaving her to decide whether to pay up or find another way past them. As choice a) leads to an area described later on, we assume the player picks b).

After this, Claire can try to walk past the guards to the west, but she is once again stopped and given three choices:

a) Pay them 40 silver.

Claire is allowed to pass into the Refugee Camp – Lose 40 silvers.

b) Turn back.

Claire refuses to pay the toll – Guard doesn’t think she can go anywhere else.

c) Insult them.

Claire calls them little more than thieves – Guard angrily cusses back at her and will from now on refuse to let her in, money be damned. Gain [+1 Defiance].

As choice a) leads to an area described later on, we assume the player did not pick it.

If b) or c) were picked, the player now has but one option left to progress; heading back east to The Crossroads and then north towards the dangerous Fallwater Forest area. A non-sparkling wooden sign can be interacted with, right after crossing the bridge, to read an ominous warning, demonstrating that some interactable objects do not sparkle.

Fallwater Forest – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Places of interest:

● North: Fallwater Heights

● South: The Crossroads

Notable characters:

● Pigmen

Notable items:

● {Bloody Note} (skeleton in southwest corner)

● 2 silvers (rocks in southeast corner)

● 4 silvers (rocks in grove around center)

● 6 silvers (rocks in northeast corner)

● {Monster Token} (rocks on cliff in northwest corner)

Before entering and during the navigation of this area, saving the game is advised.

There are two ways to enter this area. One is from The Crossroads at the southern entrance and the other is from Fallwater Heights at the northern entrance. Since there is little reason to come here from the northern direction, we will assume the first possibility.

Heading northeast along the path has us come across a skeleton, containing the {Bloody Note} with accompanying sparkles. Reading it makes it clear that, hidden somewhere in this area, there is a way past the guards and into both the Refugee Camp and the village.

Moving east we come across some sparkling rocks in a tiny grove, which contain 2 silvers, before having to go back and along the path that heads north. After that it heads back west and across a bridge, at which time it splits into two paths. The western one results in a dead end and is entirely optional, with a grove where one can find sparkles and 4 silvers, while the northern one goes on to the northern exit. Both have patrolling pigmen monsters.

If Claire gets caught (i.e. tagged) by any pigman while there is no {Knife} in her inventory,

she will be raped by the pigmen repeatedly and abducted to their den, where she gives birth to and raises their young until her mind breaks. Game Over. So if we wish to avoid that fate for her, either have Claire dash as fast as she can around them (tricky as the paths are narrow), or use their alerts to lure them a bit down the path you came from and dash past them in the wider areas. Always have enough room for Claire to maneuver in this way and do not make your only savegame in a tight spot, like the top of a cliff with one exit, or you might find it impossible to get past a pigman into safety.

Dashing quickly can get you past the northern pigman, by going straight north and then heading west, but for an extra challenge there are 6 silvers on the rocks in a narrow dead end to the east, where careful luring is likely going to be needed if Claire wants to avoid getting cornered easily. The next pigman is to your east and can be safely avoided by quickly crossing the bridge and using the wide clearing to lure him out of the narrow path that leads further west. And after a transition, there is one last pigman guarding a fairly narrow pass, where baiting him into the wider area and dashing past is the key. Alternatively, you can try to grab the sparkling {Monster Token} on the cliff, which unlocks Gallery scenes, but doing so while the pigman is alerted can corner Claire easily, since the vines are the only way up or down. It’s safer to just use a {Knife} on him, if you have one.

Claire will then have a free route via the path to the north and then west, which leads to…

Fallwater Heights

Places of interest:

● Southeast: Fallwater Forest

● West: Secluded Clearing

● Southwest: Refugee Camp

● Herbalist’s Hut

● Tree stump (on cliff in southeast corner)

Notable characters:

● Gilly

Notable items:

● [Defiance ≥ 2] {Knife} (stuck in the tree stump)

● Medicine (on Gilly)

● 5 silvers (rocks in southwest corner)

There are two ways to enter this area. One is from Fallwater Forest at the southeastern entrance and the other is from the Refugee Camp at the southwestern entrance. Both of these are separated by the waterfall and the river in the center of the area.

Assuming we came from the forest, we find ourselves at the eastern part, where heading up two flights of steps and onto the cliffs to our northeast leads us to a sparkling tree stump. Interacting with it prompts us if we want to pull out the {Knife} stuck in it, for which we need [Defiance ≥ 2]. While carrying the {Knife}, Claire can actually defend herself from a single pigman attack, where triggering that encounter will see her gain [+1 Defiance], transport her back to The Crossroads and have her permanently lose the {Knife}. Going back down and along the riverbank to our west and heading further north leads us to another set of steps. Scaling those we now have the option of going across a wooden bridge to our west or going further north up yet another set of stairs.

Choosing the latter reveals the character Gilly looking towards us from another cliff even further up to our north. A set of stairs brings us to her, where Claire takes note of a strong stench before talking to Gilly. The option will come up to buy 1 {Medicine} from her (a quest item for the Wounded Refugee), which she will sell you at the cost of 5 silvers. Or, if we don’t head up the last set of stairs, her hut is found to the northwest instead.

Herbalist’s Hut

Notable characters:

● Pigboss

● Gilly*

Places of interest:

● [Intrigue ≥ 2] Ladder: Cellar

Not much here at first glance, but with [Intrigue ≥ 2] Claire can notice some rather creaky floorboards in the western part. We can then choose to investigate or leave them alone. If we do investigate, then we start a short minor quest called ‘The Herbalist’s Secret.’ Going down the ladder, we find ourselves in a small makeshift cellar. Heading to the east of it, we stop in front of a cell, where a huge pigboss is being held captive and drugged.

Not much to do except head back up the ladder, where we are confronted by Gilly who, in the event that we haven’t talked to her yet, introduces herself. Apparently she doesn’t like us sneaking around and poking through her home, and is ready to make sure Claire goes for a very bad trip. There are three ways of responding to that:

a) (Try to talk her down)

Claire succeeds in talking Gilly out of harming her – Gilly now stays in the hut and elaborates on why she has a captive pigboss in her cellar, along with some information on how he affects the behavior of other pigmen. Gain [+1 Seduction].

b) (Knock the bottle away)

Claire succeeds, but Gilly’s other hand gets her with a ragGame Over.

c) [Defiance ≥ 3] (Lunge at her)

Claire succeeds in overpowering Gilly – After this she loots either 1 {Medicine} off her or 5 silvers, if she had already bought the {Medicine} from her before. Then Claire has a further 3 options available to her as to what she can do:

● Force feed her what she tried to throw at you.

Claire drugs Gilly with her own poison – Gilly descends into a stupor and remains passed out in her hut from now on. Gain [+1 Intrigue].

● Lock her up with the pigboss.

Claire throws her in the pigboss cell – You wind up in front of the cell where Gilly was locked up and interacting with the door leads to Claire watching Gilly get raped repeatedly by the pigboss as he awakens from his stupor.

● Release her.

Claire releases Gilly and she kicks her out of the house unharmed – The Herbalist’s Hut is closed off and interacting with its door only has us read Gilly’s hastily scribbled sign. Gain [+1 Defiance].

We find ourselves back at Fallwater Heights. From there we can head a bit back south and west across the bridge and to the other side of the waterfall. On the other side we can head south until we find another 5 silvers and past which is the Refugee Camp, or we can scale the cliffs west until we reach a path leading to the area of the Secluded Clearing.

Secluded Clearing

Places of interest:

● Bush (center sparkle) {Marie’s Ring}

Notable items:

● {Monster Token}

● {Marie’s Ring}

Here there are three bush sparkles, which only appear if we have the quest ‘Missing Marie,’ and the tree stump with a {Monster Token}. The center bush has {Marie’s Ring}, but if Claire picks it up a deafening roar emanates from the forest. Three ways to respond:

a) Play dead.

A pigboss comes into sight, but also leaves Claire alone after believing her to be dead – Apparently, they don’t like dead playthings. Claire loses -25 EP

b) Hide in the bushes.

Claire’s scent gives her away and a pigboss abducts her. She is taken back to his village, where she becomes his latest fleshlight. Game Over.

c) Hide in the trees.

Same consequences as with choice b).

Refugee Camp

Places of interest:

A) East: Checkpoint

B) Northwest: Fallwater Heights

C) Southwest (Guardsmen): Fort Amberley

D) South (Old Smuggler): Hookton Village

E) Signpost (center west of the map)

F) Customs Office

Notable characters:

1. Hapless Refugee

2. Concerned Refugee

3. Mean Refugee

4. Lecherous Refugee

5. Injured Refugee

6. Kind Refugee

7. Apple Seller

8. Horny Guardsman

9. Guardsmen (fort)

10. Old Smuggler

Notable items:

● {Fruit} from Kind Refugee next to campfire in southeast area

● 15 silvers & 6 {Fruit} (wooden chest) guarded by Mean Refugee

Immediately upon entering this area from either direction, the Fast Travel using both of the two signposts is unlocked. All signposts will also allow Fast Travel between future areas.

Now comes the tricky part of our journey, expressed with the updated ‘Seeking Sanctuary’ quest within the quest log. If we entered from the direction of Fallwater Heights, we need to head directly south and down the brown vines into the camp. Those same vines can be scaled the other way up, in case we paid the guards at the Checkpoint and entered the area from there and need to reach Fallwater Heights quickly. Either way, upon first entering this area the guards at the Checkpoint will no longer bar our entry and will assume that we belong here. If we didn’t pay the guards to get in, however, the guard near the vines will question us one time as we pass him, to which there are two answers:

a) (Tell the truth.)

Claire tells the truth, but is not believed – Gain [+1 Defiance].

b) (Make up a lie.)

Claire lies and is believed – Gain [+1 Intrigue].

We can now proceed to the two guards in front of Fort Amberley to our south, who guard its entrance. But talking to them reveals that in order to get to Hookton Village, where we might find a ship that will take us to the Isles, we first need to get a permit from Sir Gregory at the Customs office. Thus our quest ‘Seeking Sanctuary’ updates appropriately.

However, if we bother to look around a bit, we’ll find that isn’t our only option to reach the Isles. Directly east and a bit south of the entrance to the fort we’ll find the Old Smuggler, whom we can choose to listen to. If we do, he tells us of another secret route past the fort, which he is willing to lead us through, provided we pay him 50 silvers. Finding this out, the previous quest entry gets updated with a second optional route.

But whichever path we choose, since picking either of them will lead us out of this area for good, let’s see what else is there to do around here before we leave.

Going by the listed order of all notable characters, the first one is the Hapless Refugee right next to the cliff and his crying sister in the northwest part of the camp. With his sad tale, Claire can respond in one of two ways to face that hardship as well as her own:

a) It’s been hard…but I’m going to stay strong!

Sad Refugee is inspired by her words – Gain [+1 Defiance].

b) Yes…It’s been so hard…*sniff*

Sad Refugee feels sorry for her and gives her money – Gain 2 silvers as well as three additional options to conclude the talk:

● Wink mysteriously

Sad Refugee is uncertain if he did the right thing – Gain [+1 Intrigue].

● Blow him a kiss

Sad Refugee gets embarrassed – Gain [+1 Seduction].

● Lick your lips suggestively

Sad Refugee gets a raging hardon – Gain [+1 Depravity].

Next is the Worried Refugee, found north of the apple cart in the center. Talking to him starts the quest ‘Concerned Kin’, if we agree to pass along a message for him, should we decide to proceed through the Fort. If that will be the case, then it is highly advised you take this quest as it allows Claire an additional way out of the Fort .

Next is the Mean Refugee in the northern part behind a tent, blocking the wooden chest that is his stash. Talking to him is not too pleasant, and as he offers Claire some silver to strip naked in front of him, we have three options:

a) …Alright, fine!

Mean Refugee calls Claire a cheap stripper as she performs a striptease – Gain [+1 Depravity] as well as 5 silvers and lose -25 EP. If Claire has [Seduction ≥ 3], the striptease is much more professional, with two additional variant choices, either of which nets her 10 more silvers. Picking this option makes it impossible to reach the wooden chest.

b) Only 5 silvers?!

Mean Refugee ups his offer to 10 silvers and calls Claire a gold-digger as she performs a striptease – Gain [+1 Depravity] as well as 10 silvers and lose – 25 EP. After that the consequences are the same as with choice a).

c) What?! No! You disgust me!

Mean Refugee shoos Claire away and will no longer offer money for a striptease – Gain [+1 Defiance]. Talking to him after this with [Defiance ≥ 3] as well as the {Knife} in the inventory gives Claire the option to stab him with the {Knife}. This leads to Claire finding herself back at the Crossroads while losing -25 EP and the {Knife}, meaning she can potentially be captured by pigmen again. Still, this clears a path to his wooden chest, giving you access to all his spoils.

Then comes the Lecherous Refugee, who can be found in the western part of the camp in front of a tent. He makes Claire a rather indecent proposal of feeling up her breasts for 5 silvers, to which she can respond in one of two ways:

a) F-Fine, if that’s your last wish…

Lecherous Refugee gets to fondle Claire’s breasts and a bit more – Gain [+1 Depravity] and 5 silvers while losing -25 EP. This also leads to two additional options during the course of him doing ‘a bit more’:

● …S-Suck my other nipple too…

Lecherous Refugee obliges as Claire enjoys herself – Gain [+1 Seduction].

● T-That’s enough!

Lecherous Refugee backs off and the scene concludes.

b) I’m not doing it!

Lecherous Refugee thinks it’s a shame.

Next comes the Injured Refugee, who is found coughing next to the stone road a bit north of the two guards in front of Fort Amberley. Talking to him about what happened sends him into a fit, which leads to him collapsing, thus starting the ‘First Aid’ quest in our log.

If Claire has any {Medicine} in her inventory, which can only be found with Gilly back in Fallwater Heights, she can interact with him again and give it to him. Losing the {Medicine} is worth it though, as he repays her with 10 silvers and a word of advice.

Then comes the old Kindly Refugee in front of the center tent. Upon first talking to her, she will give Claire a free {Fruit} that she may use to revive the Unconscious Youth. Alternatively, Claire can also buy apples for 5 silvers each at the Apple Seller right next to the signpost in the west center of the camp, which count as {Fruit} too.

Finally, there is the Horny Guardsman, who can be found in the secluded central grove of the camp, where he’s busy receiving a blowjob from a refugee girl. She leaves in tears before finishing and if Claire talks to him, he offers her 8 silvers if she would give him a blowjob instead. If Claire has [Depravity < 2], she will outright reject the offer while stammering. Otherwise, there are three choices:

a) Agree

Horny Guardsman gets a blowjob from Claire – Gain 8 silvers and lose -25 EP. Two variants can then play out. If Claire has [Seduction < 2] then she is unsure of how to ‘blow’ up his cock and he thrusts it in her mouth. Then the options are to:

● Pull free

Claire coughs violently as the scene ends and she keeps the money.

● Keep holding it

Claire manages it, to the delight of the Guardsman – Gain [+1 Seduction]. But if Claire has [Seduction ≥ 2], then a different scene and options show:

● Spit it out!

The scene ends as Claire keeps the money.

● Swallow!

Claire swallows the guard’s cum and has two options – First option of opening your mouth to show it’s empty gains [+1 Depravity] while the second option of kissing the tip of his cock results in gaining [+1 Seduction].



Claire firmly says ‘no.’

c) Ask for more money.

The guard now offers her 10 silvers – If at this point Claire refuses, then the guard will get angry and will want nothing to do with her. If she agrees, then she gains 10 silvers and loses -25 EP. Otherwise, same results as with option a).

With that, all that now remains is which route we pick to progress towards the Isles, either through Fort Amberley or by trusting the Old Smuggler. Undertaking either one of these two makes all previously mentioned areas, including this one, inaccessible to us. In the case of the Old Smuggler, we need only talk to him again and agree to pay 50 silvers, if we have them, and he transports us into Hookton while awarding Claire [+1 Intrigue]. In the case of the Fort, though, we need to proceed to the Customs Office in the west center part of the camp and speak with Captain Gregory about the necessary {Permit}.

Customs Office

Walking over to his desk at the northwestern part of the interior, we note the order in which he prioritizes only part of a refugee family to receive the necessary permits. Afterwards, we may approach to gain a {Permit} as well, free of charge. If Claire talked to the guards at the Checkpoint at any time before this, she will mention their toll at this point, leading Gregory to angrily tell one of his underlings to make them stop doing so with women and children. But alas, if Claire did pay their toll she won’t get her money back. She can, however, head to the southeastern part of the Refugee Camp to find the Grim Refugee and his family having moved in due to this and he will gratefully give her 3 silvers as thanks.

Then we are free to exit the Customs Office and proceed south and into the fort, where merely talking to the guards there is considered the point of no return.

Fort Amberley

Notable characters:

● Guardsman

● Beth

● Torturer

Immediately upon entering we find the doors sealed behind Claire, as she has no choice but to talk to the Guardsman at the desk, who offers her a drink that is most definitely not water. After passing out, Claire is relieved of her {Knife}, if she had one on her, and carted off to a cell full of sobbing women and children. Once there our ‘Seeking Sanctuary’ main quest finally concludes and the quest ‘Imprisoned!’ begins.

Talking to the various prisoners makes for an unpleasant picture and interacting and looking out through our cell’s gate yields no results. Only speaking to Beth, who is in the northwest corner of the cell next to her collapsed mother, can advance us onward. Talking to her also immediately concludes the ‘Concerned Kin‘ quest, if we picked it up previously.

If, after talking to her and asking her whatever questions we like, we decide to look out through our cell’s gate again, a guard will walk up and take us to ‘The Room,’ where a rather sadistic Torturer will do his best to make Claire cooperate with his examination of her body. To this she can respond in one of two ways:

a) Go and die, you animal!

Wrong. Answer. Or at least so the Torturer says, as he manhandles Claire into restraints and proceeds to whip her bare buttocks – Soon enough she passes out and is carted off back to her cell. Gain [+1 Defiance].

b) Y-Yes I’ll be good…

The Torturer only examines Claire, ascertaining that she is both a virgin and submissive – Talking to Beth again after this leads to some time passing as she comforts Claire, before she is taken to The Room yet again. But before the Torturer can resume, he is interrupted and both Claire and Beth are taken away by their captors onto a pirate ship that will take them both to the Isles as slaves.

Pirate Ship

If we look around the cabin, and try to interact with the exact part of the western wall between Claire as well as Beth on the other side, we find a hole there through which they proceed to talk. But soon enough a group of pirates interrupts them, as they have come to ‘sample the merchandise’, namely by throatfucking Claire as they would prefer not to break her hymen. To this she can respond in one of two ways:

a) Bite down before he can go any deeper

The pirate is most displeased and after his friend frees his cock from Claire’s mouth, he proceeds to rape Claire vaginally, taking her virginity, with his fellows running a savage train on her afterwards – When they are done, they toss her overboard and she drifts in the sea onto foreign shores.

b) Open mouth submissively…

The Pirate is pleased, until Beth in the neighboring cabin causes a ruckus and he leaves to focus on her instead – And so instead of Claire, Beth is the

one that is subjected to the vicious rapes. With Claire’s virginity intact, her buyer still considers her eligible, and so she is sent to Lawrence’s dungeon.

But assuming that the player picked option a) during their first visit to ‘The Room’ back at Fort Amberley, one of two things can happen. If the Prologue quest ‘Concerned Kin‘ had not been completed upto that point, then Beth simply doesn’t feel enough resolve or trust towards Claire, despite seeing her refuse to give up. All the events described above happen, same as if the player had picked option b).

If that Prologue quest was completed, however, then after picking option a) both Claire and Beth are resolved to escape Fort Amberley using a drain located in ‘The Room,’ the next time the Torturer summons either of them. They fashion a shiv from their spoons and after Beth’s mother Edna dies the next day, they are resolved to get out of the Fort.

Soon enough Claire is summoned by the Torturer, which prompts her to hold him hostage using the shiv when his back is turned to her momentarily. Ordering him to summon Beth into the room, Claire then makes her escape while Beth follows after killing the Torturer with her own shiv, so as to prevent him from telling the guards as to how they escaped.

Both of them lose 150 HP and all their EP during this ordeal.

Flooded Cave

Assuming we dropped in from Fort Amberley, we start at the northwestern part of the cave. Going along the path south will lead us to a dead end, while going east is necessary to progress. That leads us to turning south along the eastern path until it splits up, allowing us to go further east and thus arrive at…

Slime Cave

Notable characters:

● Slimes

Notable items:

● 50 silvers + {Monster Token} (wooden chest)

● 3 x {Slime Extract} (on the three slimes)

There we find three slime monsters patrolling between us and the wooden chest with the {Monster Token} and 50 silvers stashed in it. Getting past the slimes to the chest by luring them westwards and then dashing is very hard, since it is located in a very tight area. Instead it helps if Claire has [Defiance ≥ 3] since then she can simply stomp the slimes one by one as she walks over to the chest, also getting 1 {Slime Extract} for each one of them. Having [Defiance < 3] and getting caught by a slime results in Claire being bound into a slimy prison in which she is raped repeatedly. Game Over. Having [Defiance < 3] and getting caught by a slime while Beth is in the party results in both of them being bound together into a slimy prison in which they are raped repeatedly. Game Over.

There is also a blocked exit in the northern part of this cave section, accessible by a rope ladder, through which Claire currently can’t escape. Still, once we arrive at the Village Inn from the other side, we will be able to use it to gain quick access to this Slime Cave.

Going back to the Flooded Cave and proceeding down the path south will lead us straight into Hookton Village. It is at that point that Beth thanks Claire and says her goodbyes, as she now has to go back to tell her family and warn others of what’s happening at the Fort. The quest ‘Imprisoned!’ ends, with a new one called ‘Destination: The Isles’ beginning.

Hookton Village

Places of interest:

A) The Hilltop Inn

B) Village Store

C) Cave entrance: Slimy Cave

D) Shrine

E) Village Stables

F) Baker’s House

G) Pile of kindling

Notable characters:

1. Defiant Refugee

2. Pretty Refugee

3. Suspicious Man

4. Indignant Refugee

5. Bakerwoman

6. Skipper

7. Shady Sailor

There are two ways of entering this area. Either we agreed to pay the Old Smuggler in the Refugee Camp, in which case we start with him in the northern part of the area, or we managed to escape Fort Amberley through the Flooded Cave, in which case we start in the western part near the cave entrance, which is located right below the Inn.

If the former is true, then the quest ‘Seeking Sanctuary’ will be done, thus starting the relevant main quest for this area called ‘Destination: The Isles.’

But this will be easier said than done. The most obvious choice seems to be the Skipper located on the easternmost pier in the southern corner of the map. Talking to him, we find out exactly why passage to the Isles is such a problem, but if we inquire further about any other skippers in Hookton we also find out about someone else who might agree to take Claire to the Isles, who is currently located inside the pub, a.k.a. the The Hilltop Inn.

But before doing that we can also head over to the neighboring pier and talk to the Shady Sailor, who is standing on it. Now that he’s overheard Claire and the Skipper talking, he offers to smuggle her onto his ship that is headed for the Isles for 100 silvers, adding a second option to the ‘Destination: The Isles’ quest.

Before we proceed, of notable importance is the location of the shrine, the likes of which can also be found throughout the Isles later on. When Claire interacts with them, she may offer up a certain amount of silver and in exchange receive some form of blessing that temporarily alters her attributes, until she takes a certain amount of steps. This is useful in case we want to make sure Claire reacts in a certain way during a nearby scene, as it temporarily modifies one of the four attributes towards achieving that end. Note that any trainers (which we will encounter later on) disregard these temporary attributes.

Now we can see about the other option by proceeding to The Hilltop Inn. It can be found in the western part of the Hookton Village area.

The Hilltop Inn

Places of interest:

● Southeast entrance: Hookton Village

● Northwest entrance (beneath the table in the northwest room): Slime Cave

● Inventory Stash in the southwest room

● Women’s restroom

Notable characters:

● Innkeeper

● Bartender

● Groping Peasant

● Drunk Peasant

● Peeping Tom

● Captain Grey

Notable items:

● {Flint} northern stash sparkle near Captain Grey

● {Beer} on the Drunk Peasant

Upon entering the Inn we need to head northwest until we can see a man with an eyepatch, guarded by two pirates at his side. East of him, however, there sits a rather bold peasant, who will grope Claire’s ass if she goes past him from east to west. To this action

she can respond in one of two ways:

a) Seize his arm!

Peasant backs off and doesn’t try it again – Gain [+1 Defiance].

b) Let him continue…

[Depravity < 3] Peasant starts to finger her under her panties, and Claire returns the favor by stroking his cock lightly – Gain [+1 Depravity] as well as 10 silvers.

[Depravity ≥ 3] Peasant keeps going until he fingers her vaginally, and Claire returns the favor by stroking his cock until they both discreetly climax – Gain [+1 Depravity] as well as 20 silvers.

Afterwards we can proceed to Captain Grey, directly to our west. Initially it would appear he’s willing to give Claire free passage to the Isles, but upon exchanging names, and by an odd coincidence, it turns out that he once knew, or rather loathed, Claire’s father and still owes him a debt. In light of this, his new price for taking Claire to the Isles, now safely as he would also emphasize, is 200 silver, as his debt to Claire’s father cuts both ways. Concluding the conversation with him, thus, adds a second option to the main quest.

Bottom line is that Claire will need money to get to the Isles, one way or another. So let’s look around Hookton to see what things we can do to get it, starting with the Inn.

At this point we can also pick up the nearby {Flint} to our north, which will be needed later for a quest given to us by the Indignant Refugee. We can also interact with and move the table in the northwest room, thereby revealing the northwest entrance into the Slime Cave, but Claire will lose -5 EP to do so. Finally, there’s an inventory stash, a green and golden chest, located in the southwest room, which Claire can use to store and retrieve her items.

The Innkeeper can be found opposite the southeast exit through which we came in. Talking to her has her offer us a bed to rest in for the night, costing Claire 5 silvers as well as -100 HP while restoring all her EP to maximum and placing her in the southwest room. The Bartender can be talked to as well, though he’s currently not hiring any help and is only willing to sell us some {Beer}, {Cheese} or {Bread}.

The Drunk Peasant, on the other hand, will offer us a {Beer} for free on our first talk and drinking it gives us a low chance of getting drunk. If it doesn’t happen the first time, we can always buy more from the Bartender. Either way, when Claire is under any special effect, such as being drunk, her status portrait and effect (visible by pressing the ‘J’ key) will reflect it, and as the description notes this can lead to new events. Do note though, that if Claire takes 100 steps while drunk, the effect will wear off. In this particular area, Claire feels as if she should go to the women’s restroom, first door to the east of the main entrance, to relieve herself.

Doing so with [Intrigue < 2] only leads to a short sequence in which not much interesting happens. However, with [Intrigue ≥ 2] Claire notices the Peeping Tom spying on her through a hole in the wall.

With [Depravity < 2] Claire immediately runs out and confronts him about it. He pleads that she not tell the Innkeeper about this and Claire has two ways of responding:

a) Demand restitution

Peeping Tom pays Claire to keep quiet – Gain [+1 Intrigue] as well as 30 silvers.

b) Tell on him

Peeping Tom is banned from the Inn and Claire can now rest at the Inn for free – Gain [+1 Defiance].

With Claire’s [Depravity ≥ 2], however, after spotting the Peeping Tom she instead has the idea to ‘perform’ for him. Choosing that option gives her [+1 Depravity] as well as leads to Claire masturbating in the stall to the delight of the Peeping Tom. Then there is the option to stop before it goes too far, or to gesture for the peeper to come inside. Choosing the latter then gives her [+1 Seduction] and has Claire give the Peeping Tom a blowjob, with the option of him cumming over her or down her throat.

After this the Peeping Tom gives Claire 30 silvers, while proposing to whore her out in this restroom with 30 silvers per head, while he takes 5 for himself. Thus the Job ‘Village Whore’ gets unlocked in the log. From now on, Claire can enter the women’s restroom and, at the cost of -25 EP, she can give one blowjob to a customer that repeats the scene, while earning another 30 silvers. This is repeatable, meaning she can do this as many times as she wants to, though there is another variant that happens at [Seduction ≥ 4], which has the customer tip Claire an extra 5 silvers for 35 in total.

This concludes the things that the player can do at the Inn. We can leave via the southeast entrance back to Hookton Village, to see about all the other things Claire can do here.

Taking stock of the notable characters, in the order they were listed below the area map, we should first go to the southeast corner of the area, where we can find ourselves at another refugee camp. If we happen to have the ‘Concerned Kin‘ quest, and we never found Beth or Edna, it will complete. Otherwise, upon entry the greeter will talk to Claire and give her some {Bread} to make her feel more welcome. Claire may also rest at a nearby sparkling tent free of charge, though it still costs her 100 HP while only restoring +50 EP, since it is not as comfy as the beds at the Inn.

Going to the southwestern tent of the camp, we can approach and talk to the young Defiant Refugee first, finding him during a rant about the locals here. Claire can either:

a) Agree with him

Defiant Refugee feels emboldened – Gain [+1 Defiance].

b) Scorn his statement

Defiant Refugee calls Claire a lickspittle – Gain [+1 Depravity].

A bit to the east of him, though, there is the Pretty Refugee. Talking to her reveals that her family has run out of money and Claire can offer advice as to how she could contribute:

a) Persuade her to steal to make ends meet

Pretty Refugee feels like she can do it – Gain [+1 Intrigue].

b) Persuade her to use her looks to beg

Pretty Refugee feels that’s a bit degrading, but she’ll do it – Gain [+1 Depravity].

c) [Peeping Tom received blowjob] Persuade her to whore herself at the inn

Pretty Refugee feels she has to do anything to get money fast – Gain [+2 Depravity]. Claire can now also go to the men’s room at the Inn and peep on the Pretty Refugee there in her new line of work, who will give her 30 silvers once.

After this we can exit the camp to our north and find the Suspicious Man on the eastern cliffs. Talking to him once has him pickpocket Claire for 1 silver (should Claire have one), but talking to him again without [Intrigue ≥ 2] will not be very productive. Only when that condition is met will Claire be properly rewarded by having the Suspicious Man pickpocket her for 9 more silvers, though if she doesn’t have that many he will quote it as his tuition fee. He will also teach her how to lockpick chests using a {Lockpick}, allowing her to steal great prizes, if she so wishes, as well as suggest looking for local pawn shops where she can, both, buy more {Lockpicks} as well as sell off any of her stolen items.

We can proceed immediately to the one here, though it officially styles itself as the Village Store, by going back westwards along the path and across the bridge, right after which we find the Indignant Refugee next to the entrance to the Village Store.

Talking to him reveals that he pawned off his mother’s necklace once, when he desperately needed money, but now that he has more money the store owner wants to sell it back to him for a marked up price. Asking him anything past that makes little difference, as a new minor quest adds itself to the log called ‘Robbing Robbers’.

We can enter the Village Store ourselves via the door right next to him.

Village Store

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) South entrance: Hookton Village

● (1st floor) North stairway: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Southwest stairway: 1st floor

Notable characters:

● Hamley

● Bodyguard

Notable items:

● {Refugee’s Necklace} marked by the northeastern sparkle on the 2nd floor

● 40 silvers (wooden chest) end of the hallway, next to the bed on the 2nd floor

Upon entering we can talk to Hamley, from whom we can buy {Lockpicks} as well as {Camping Kits}, or we can sell him all manner of junk that has been piling up in our inventory, though he doesn’t appreciate it much. If we first spoke to the Indignant Refugee outside the store, we can also ask if he’s selling anything interesting. Sure enough, he will mention the necklace, which he will sell us for 50 silvers.

We can, of course, pay him, lose 50 silvers and complete the quest in that way by returning to the Indignant Refugee. He will be most grateful and give us {Bread} in return, while Claire will also gain [+1 Defiance].

Alternatively, we can try to walk upstairs via the north stairway to the 2nd floor, where the necklace is being kept, but so long as the Bodyguard is in the room that will only result in him warning and intimidating Claire to never try that again while he’s there. So, obviously, we need to get both him and Hamley out of there somehow.

Going back outside, we need to take note of the sparkling Pile of kindling next to the Village Store, a bit to the west. Interacting with it, while having both the {Flint} we obtained from the Inn as well as [Intrigue ≥ 3], will allow us to set the store ablaze, granting Claire [+1 Intrigue], losing -25 EP and seeing both Hamley and his Bodyguard quickly evacuating the premises to try and put out the fire. While they are busy doing that, Claire can go back

inside the Village Store and loot it for all its worth, finding the {Refugee’s Necklace} lying on the eastern table on the 2nd floor. It’s also worth looting the wooden chest at the end of the winding hallway next to the bed, as it is unlocked and has 40 silvers. Once we leave the store after this, we won’t be able to return to the 2nd floor.

Then we need only go back outside and deliver the necklace to the Indignant Refugee for the same rewards as mentioned before. Returning back inside the store, we find Hamley in much more dire straits now, though we can still buy and sell from him, while his Bodyguard has been…well…fired.

There are two more places worthy of note left for us to check out, before we depart. One can be found if we head to the northeast corner of the general Hookton Village area, where we find the entrance to the Village Stables.

Village Stables

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southwestern entrance: Hookton Village

● (1st floor) Northeastern stairway: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Southeastern stairway: 1st floor

Notable characters:

● Horse Breeder

Notable items:

● {Breeding Papers I} on the Horse Breeder

● 100 silvers (locked wooden chest) in the northwestern part of the 2nd floor

Entering the Village Stables, we can proceed north down the hall, until we can head west to approach the Horse Breeder and see him supervise…something…going on with a young girl and a horse. With [Depravity < 5] Claire doesn’t even remotely feel like sticking around to see it, but with [Depravity ≥ 5] she may approach and witness a refugee girl perform less than satisfactorily with the Horse Breeder’s stallion. She tearfully runs away.

Claire is then offered to take up the job instead, being offered 50 silvers for it. If she accepts, it will cost her -30 EP while gaining her [+2 Depravity], leading to Claire jacking off the stallion so as to collect his seed for the breeder in a bucket. If she has [Seduction < 5], then the session is a pretty short one and she only earns the stated amount. But with [Seduction ≥ 5] she manages to do a good job, pleasing the Horse Breeder and prompting him to pay her 70 silvers instead. He also awards her the special {Breeding Papers I} that she might find useful later on in her quest, notably when dealing with other horse breeders.

The other thing worth of note can be found by heading a bit back and up the stairs to the east onto the 2nd floor. There you can find a locked wooden chest containing 100 silvers in the northwest corner of the floor in the bedroom. It can only be opened if we managed to learn lockpicking from the Suspicious Man earlier. If so, then the silver can be ours, as long as Claire also has [Intrigue ≥ 3] and at least 10 EP + 1 {Lockpick} to make an attempt.

Going back outside into Hookton Village via the way we came in, there is just one more person of interest for us to talk to before we resume our main quest to reach the Isles. In the southern part of the area, next to the bridge, there is the Bakerwoman, with whom we can interact by clicking on the bucket in front of her. Doing so allows us to help her out with a bucket of water that she’s retrieving from the well. This leads us to her house, which

was previously guarded by her son, Leon the Baker’s Boy, but is now accessible to us.

After Claire receives {Bread}, as thanks for her help, she notes that she’s here alone and with no family. To this the Bakerwoman proposes that Claire can come to this house whenever she wants to do chores and also to babysit her son Leon for steady pay. Each time Claire does so, she’ll earn 25 silvers while losing -30 EP, but at least it won’t be in any way degrading work. Thus do we unlock the ‘Housekeeper’ job quest in our log.

Baker’s House

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Hookton Village

Notable characters:

● Bakerwoman

● Baker’s Boy

If Claire has at least 30 EP, she can simply talk to the Bakerwoman and begin her chores. These involve washing up, changing the woman’s bed sheets and changing the boy’s bed sheets in that order, each costing her -10 EP to complete. After this she can talk to Leon, where interacting with him, as opposed to just waiting for the Bakerwoman to return, progresses her relationship with him. Until all this is done, she also can’t leave.

The first time she finishes her chores she will have the option to progress the relationship by talking to the boy, the second time by playing with him. The third time, however, while changing his linens she finds out he has made a {Boy’s Drawing}. It is a crude, but lovingly drawn, picture of Claire. If you bring up his drawing at that point, he becomes rather flustered and runs off. Doing the chores again after that will see him do his own bed linens, saving Claire 10 EP and asking if they can talk. After his confession, the Bakerwoman will soon return and invite you over for dinner the next time you talk to her.

Should Claire take her up on that offer, she gains +100 HP and has a lengthy conversation with the family, where she gives her name as Charlotte. After this, the job still requires 30 EP to start, but is always done at a reduced cost of -20 EP, since Leon will, from now on, insist on doing his own bed linens. More importantly, though, Charlotte will from this point on make her own way to Valos with her son and is found at the local Inn on Valos.

If Claire has [Intrigue < 3] during him insisting on this, she never quite figures out why that is and continues to play with the boy normally. But if she has [Intrigue ≥ 3] the reason is quite obvious, and she can either let the matter be (though she will keep catching him), or she can confront him about it with two choices as to how to conclude this:

a) Seduce him.

Claire gives Leon a handjob. With [Seduction3] this includes teasing him while he sucks on her breasts – Gain [+1 Depravity] and [+1 Seduction] once, though this comes before the scene and counts for which scene variant you get. Also, from this point forward not only does doing the chores net Claire the silver as a reward for only 20 EP, but also repeats this scene at the end.

b) Scold him!

Claire tells him that she understands it and won’t tell his mother, but that Leon shouldn’t keep doing this since it’s inappropriate – Gain [+1 Defiance]. Also, from now on doing the chores will still see Claire need only 20 EP, but the relationship with the boy becomes damaged as Claire would rather not encourage

his fantasies, automatically choosing not to play with him at the end.

After we have gathered either 100 silvers or 200 silvers doing any of the previously described activities, we may at any time proceed to leave the Prologue behind us by taking either the option presented to us by the Shady Sailor, or the one presented to us by Captain Grey, as noted in our quest log. Undertaking either one of these two courses of action will progress the game and make all previously mentioned areas, including this one, inaccessible to us.

If we choose the first option, then Claire loses 100 silvers and is stowed in one of the large boxes that is to be shipped to the Isles. After a few days at sea, with no food and hardly any water, which costs all of her Hunger points as well, she finally seems to arrive at her destination in a warehouse. There, the Shady Sailor and a couple of thugs have a disagreement about his debt to them, until the sailor tries to sell Claire out to them as part of that repayment. It is not enough to save him, however, as they beat him to death and start looking at the crates to try and find Claire.

If [Intrigue < 5] is true, then she tries to make a run for it and is caught by the thugs, who demand that Claire pays them with an IOU contract of 1000 silvers in a certain amount of time. Claire can accept this and is allowed to proceed into Rathpike with a horrible debt hanging over her, not to mention being unable to leave the city until she pays up. Alternatively, she can choose to spit in the thugs’ faces, gaining [+2 Defiance], but paying a most severe price for it too, as they beat her up and throw her into The Meat Pit.

On the other hand, with [Intrigue ≥ 5] Claire has another option, which is to just wait out the thugs, until they give up the search and conclude the Shady Sailor was lying. After which, she can leave the warehouse, entering Rathpike as a free woman.

But if we choose to go with Captain Grey instead, then he takes the 200 silvers without much ceremony and escorts her safely to his pirate ship. True to his word, he then delivers her unharmed as a passenger that shares his cabin to either Rathpike or Valos, whichever we want, and is even willing to provide some basic information about both.

Claire’s Questline – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

This is a unique entry and will be the main questline, under which lie all of Claire’s quests that pertain to her initial exile, her family and how to deal with the monsters that took away her home. Naturally, all of the aforementioned quests fall under this category, but also any and all quests that fit this description and which may be found on the Isles.


While the prologue’s main quests will certainly be placed under this main questline, this one will be the very first one that Claire automatically receives upon arriving either at Valos or Rathpike. To complete it, she must first make her way to Outer Valos and find Karland there, and then proceed to Farmer’s Country where she needs to talk to Bertrand, the leader of the refugees there.

In Pursuit Of Truth

After getting Karland to open up at his house in Valos, this will be the first book-collecting quest he will task Claire with, in his effort to describe the current events that have driven her from her home. It requires us to find the book titled {A Classification of Evil}, which can easily be found and bought from the Librarian at the Library of Valos for 100 silvers, or perhaps obtained somewhere else. Either way, once we return to Karland with this book in

our inventory, he will thank us and also pay us 100 silvers that we might’ve spent to buy this book in the first place.

A Priceless Book

The second book on our list, called {Land of Fear}, will be a bit trickier to get, as it requires us to negotiate with the Fairfelt family. If we’ve never dealt with the Fairfelts before, then we need to knock on the door of Fairfelt Manor, which will lead us to a terse exchange with the guardsman. If we have 500 silvers, we can simply pay that much and get the book that way, but if we don’t feel like lining the pockets of corrupt guardsmen, and Claire has [Intrigue ≥ 6], we can convince him to let us talk to Lawrence, the master of the house.

After initially seeming rather creepy, he will ultimately fetch the book along with some wine. He asks no money in exchange for it, only to have dinner with a pretty lady such as Claire, who seems amicable to the proposition. Then he toasts to the deal, at which point Claire drinks the wine and he doesn’t, thus revealing that the drink was spiked and that Claire will have to resolve the Sibling Affection quest, if she is to eventually get her book.

If we’ve resolved that particular quest with Lawrence coming out on top, however, then we will either have to pay the 500 silvers or Claire will need to have [Intrigue ≥ 11] to convince Lawrence to just hand over the book at the door. But if we happened to resolve that particular quest with Esther coming out on top, then we need only walk inside and retrieve it from Lawrence’s study, where talking to Esther tells us she’s okay with it.

In any case, once we have {Land of Fear} in our inventory, we need only return to Karland with it, who will offer us his thanks as well as a {Ruby} that can either reimburse us the 500 silvers we paid for the book, or come in very handy in a certain quest on this island.

Forbidden Knowledge

This will turn out to be the most daunting book-collecting quest yet, as it will take us to Rathpike to find the trail of Lassan Favreau and his work! Karland suggests that we stop by the Old Bailey Inn first and talk to the Innkeeper, since she might have a better idea of his last whereabouts. Sure enough she does, and points us to The Badlands as the place where he was last seen headed.

Talking to the Gypsy Elder there, we receive {Lassan’s Thesis (Part #1)} and find out that he left with the elder’s granddaughter Aiyana towards the Cave of Penance. Before heading out there, Claire can also read Aiyana’s diary in her lab nearby, or simply leave to find her and Favreau. Upon entering the cave, Claire finds a simple puzzle in the northern part, which can be solved only by reading the deductions from the book {Aiyana’s Translations}, that can be found in the nearby sparkling crate. Once we’ve done so, Claire only needs to press the buttons in the order of snake, skull and spider to open up a dark drop into the unknown part of the cave. Claire cannot leave after this point, until she finds and brings back Aiyana. Do not, under any circumstances, enter down this drop if Claire’s EP is 0. This would guarantee a Game Over, as she can’t dash.

This leads us to the ancient Spider Temple part of the cave, where we quickly come across an abandoned camp, a sparkling alchemical cauldron and an ominous inscription on the northern pillar. Afterwards, Claire has to go through the winding path until she reaches {Lassan’s Thesis (Part #2)} sparkling in an abandoned backpack. Reading it tells the dread tale of how monsterkind came to be on the Isles as opposed to the Continent, and going a bit north of its location has a sneaky Nachali spook Claire!

Then we come to a fork, where we need to head west, following the trail of campfires. Afterwards, going north and westwards still leads us to some sparkling refuse, that hide

{Salvage}, while further west from it is a collapsed walk bridge, for which Claire still needs some kind of hammer to repair it, leading us to having to go south instead. After a bit of a long and winding path, we come across another sparkling backpack with some {Slime Extract}, a {Bezoar} and an {Empty Phial}, and to its northeast we find a corpse.

Confirming it to be Lassan himself, Claire also finds on his body a {Hammer} with which to repair the walk bridge, a {Ruby} that was given to the man by the Library of Valos and {Lassan’s Thesis (Part #3)}, which details his final, bloody moments. After that, Claire needs to remember this spot for later, head back up north to repair the walk bridge and head across. This has her eventually come to Nachali’s Lair, where she finds Aiyana wrapped up and on the brink of unconsciousness, as she tells Claire of a plan through which she may yet defeat Nachali. After she falls asleep, Claire must then exit the lair.

But upon doing so, Nachali will reveal herself and begin to chase her, where immediately dashing back down through the corridors is vital to avoid being caught! Should Claire not be fast enough, then she will be sedated by a poisonous bite, wrapped up in silk and then thoroughly ravished by Nachali, where under normal circumstances she will simply be overwhelmed. Should she have [Depravity 15], however, Claire will transform into a drider demon herself and will help Nachali breed Aiyana and many others to help monsterkind return in force on Rathpike. Game Over.

If instead Claire managed to dash quickly enough through the corridors, Nachali will likely be left behind at some point, allowing us to backtrack to Lassan’s corpse, interact with it to draw out {Necrotic Blood} and then go all the way back to the alchemical cauldron at the start to brew a {Black-Blood Potion}. Then Claire must return close to where she left Nachali behind and use the potion in the inventory screen, choosing ‘yes’ afterwards. The poison drains -25 HP for every few steps Claire takes, where she dies if hunger reaches 0. Game Over. If she does get caught now, Nachali is poisoned by Claire’s blood and turned into a thick cloud of dust. Then we ingest the Bezoar to cure Claire and finally head back to Aiyana to gain [+2 Defiance].

All that remains now is to return to Valos and deliver {Lassan’s Thesis} to the eagerly awaiting Karland, who will find all of this as reason enough to confront the Head Librarian back at the Library of Valos.

Let Them Eat Fruit!

This quest may be started at any time by talking to Bertrand, who can be found in the northeast corner of the Refugee Camp in Farmer’s Country. Talking to him paints a grim picture of what happened on the mainland, as well as the current status of the Continental Refugees. Sensing Claire is a capable enough woman, he will ask her to seek an audience with Lady Vane, who has the final say over these lands.

After entering the mansion, the Manservant at the entrance shows Claire to the waiting room, but doubts her audience will be received. However, upon his return it seems Claire had managed to catch Lady Vane in ‘one of her happier moods’ and she will receive her.

What this means exactly is revealed by going up to the 2nd floor study, namely the eastern room there, where Lady Vane’s introduction involves Claire being served a {Slice of Pie} as drink by the Maid, if she chooses to talk to her, and being forced to address Lady Vane’s plant in her stead while she pretends to be said plant.

Ultimately though, Claire can make as many mistakes as she likes during the conversations, as Lady Vane is not the violent sort of insane person and is, in fact, quite forgiving of any mistakes made during ‘playtime.’ After addressing the plant Claire needs

to guess correctly that Lady Vane had autumn leaves for dessert, something that is only possible if Claire has spoken to the Chef first downstairs in the 1st floor northeast kitchen.

After the correct guess, Lady Vane will bid Claire follow her into the kitchen from the 2nd floor and will pose Claire a riddle, where any straight answer will suffice, especially ‘The lumberjack.’ Then in the room northwest on the 2nd floor Claire will need to bring Lady Vane one {Fruit} and one {Knife} for her ritual sacrifice of an apple. If we don’t have them, we can buy the first from a vendor at Portside and the second in the slums.

When that is finally done, she will say that the apples have lost her favor and that the refugees can pick her apple orchards. Thus the quest is solved. In the end, and in a moment of lucidity, Lady Vane will also thank Claire for playing with her.

Returning to Bertrand has him confirm that an emissary just came and gave them permission to tend to the orchards for as long as they need to, finishing the quest while awarding Claire with [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue].

Curse Of Chemont

This leads straight into the next quest, where Bertrand tasks Claire to present Lady Therese of House Leyton with a proposal to provide the refugees with housing in Chemont and in exchange they would act as a labor force that replaced the workers, who had recently been massacred at her Tannery. Arriving at her estate, she is willing to hear her out, due to Lady Vane having mentioned Claire’s ‘rare insight’ by default or, if Claire finished that particular quest, due to her having dealt with the wolves here and explains that the killer of the massacre remains at large and that her husband Louis Leyton is also missing. So Claire’s first task is to examine his study, and determine where he may have gone.

After examining the evidence there, Claire will be awarded [+1 Intrigue] for her deductive reasoning skills and will have to proceed outside and south inside the Tannery, where she finds a piece of cloth that belonged to Louis and a bent key. Returning with them to Lady Therese leads to her calling on the Rangers, to investigate White Hart Grove located behind the mansion, and awards another [+1 Intrigue] to Claire. Yet something still doesn’t feel right, as she must next investigate the broken window from the inside and then from the outside, only to realize something disturbing and be awarded one final [+1 Intrigue] point. She rushes inside, only to find out that the Rangers have already departed while she was thinking outside and is bid by Lady Therese to spend the night and await their return.

During that night she will hear screams outside along with unnatural howling, waking up the next morning with barely any rest and finding Lady Therese much the same. The Rangers haven’t returned and Claire decides to go into White Hart Grove herself.

There she finds what little remains of the Rangers before venturing forth. In the northeast corner she sees a mostly naked Louis Leyton burying some more of their remnants, and as Claire approaches him he yells out in a wild manner that he was the killer all along and flees into the woods. Then Claire must investigate the carcass of a White Hart in the northwest corner, Louis’ diary inside his cabin, and finally speak to a newly-appeared forest nymph in a small grove in the western part. The initial conversation does not go well at all, but with a gift of {Wildflowers} (gotten from a vendor on the east part of Valos Outer City) Claire may inquire from her as to what has happened.

The nymph explains everything that led to this moment, but refuses to tell Claire how to help Louis. To persuade her, she will have to have at least 11 points in either of the 4

stats and then attempt the corresponding line of persuasion with the forest nymph. Finally, she will relent and explain exactly what Claire must do and how dangerous it will actually be, with two possible ways for her to apply the Wolfsbane to Louis that are decided after she has made all the necessary preparations in and around the cabin and awaited nightfall:

a) (Light the scented fires)

Claire must light the three fires around the cabin with the ointment and not get caught by the werewolf. Her best bet for doing this is to hide in the taller grass areas, while not running. This will not work if the werewolf has spotted her and is chasing her. Should he catch her, he will swiftly behead her. GAME OVER.

b) (Pour the ointment over yourself)

Deciding to play it safe (relatively speaking), Claire slathers the ointment all over her and allows herself to be caught and rutted by the werewolf. With [Depravity < 15] this will be a painful and horrible experience that results in [-1 Defiance] and [+1 Depravity], but if her [Depravity 15] then not only will she tame the monstrous beast, but will lose [-2 Defiance] while gaining [+1 Depravity] and [+1 Seduction]!

Whichever way she accomplished this final task, Louis transforms back into human form and is led safely back to Therese. After some rest, Claire can also go back into White Hart Grove at that point and talk to the forest nymph at the site of the Ranger attack for [+1 Intrigue]! Then she just needs to talk to Louis and finally Bertrand to complete the quest.

A Mother’s Pain – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Placeholder for the quest that restores the mind of Claire’s mom.

Rathpike Areas – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

West Rathpike – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Places of interest:

A) East: East Rathpike

B) Eastern underground entrance: Undercity (West)

C) Western underground entrance: The Meat Pit

D) West: The Wash

E) Signpost (next to the western entrance)

F) Brothel

G) The Rusty Shield

H) Hovel

I) Mercenary HQ

J) Old Bailey Inn

K) Grand Abbey of the Isles (shrine location)

L) Warehouse

M) Weaponsmith

N) Armorsmith

Notable items:

● {Amethyst} in the refuse in southwest corner

● {Lockbox} guarded by the Fence

● {Herb Pouch} on the Soft-Spoken Gypsy, given to Claire as part of a quest

● {Antidote} brewed by the Soft-Spoken Gypsy as part of a quest

Notable characters:

1. Skipper

2. Customs Officer

3. Fence

4. Soft-Spoken Gypsy

5. Chad

6. Thieves

7. Seductress

8. Savord*

Welcome to the City of Blades. Whether you arrived here a free woman or as an indebted one, this will be the very first outside area you get to see.

The closest notable character on the docks is the Skipper, who stands on the western pier and to whom Claire may talk about booking passage to another island at the cost of -20 silvers. Next is the affluent-looking Customs Officer, who is closest to him next to a crate to the northwest, and even further west of him is a sparkling bit of refuse, where it costs us -50 EP to dig up an {Amethyst}, but awards Claire [+1 Defiance]. The closest building to you will be the Warehouse to the north and a bit to its southeast is the Fence, who is guarding a red and gold {Lockbox} and being eyed by the red-haired Chad, who will offer Claire an opportunity, should she have [Intrigue ≥ 5]. Alternatively, if we’ve already done that quest, the Fence is replaced by Savord. Last is the quest-critical Soft-Spoken Gypsy, a bit to the north of Chad, along with two more vendors to her east and north.

Going up the winding path next to the river and turning west, we will first pass the Weaponsmith and then the Armorsmith, in that order, but there’s not much to do at either of those places or with those characters if you just got off the boat. Two notable characters with whom you can do something, though, can be found if you head further southwest and find two thieves trying to have a secret conversation. Approaching them with [Intrigue < 4] results in them noticing Claire and making her leave, but doing so with [Intrigue ≥ 4] has her overhear their discussion, makes them leave, starts a quest and awards [+1 Intrigue].

Going east and then north from there will lead us to a dead end with The Rusty Shield pub. Alternatively, instead of going east we can just keep going north to find the Signpost and the path west to The Wash, though we may have to pay a toll of 10 silver every time we go down that path. Before we exit the city, however, we can either walk through the steel gated underground entrance nearby, to enter The Meat Pit, or instead go north up the steps to find yourself in front of the Brothel in the northwest corner, where Claire may find employment. Going northeast past the whores and across the bridge takes us past the Hovel, where we may have to go to complete a quest, while just a bit further eastwards is the Mercenary HQ. Down its steps and to our west we find the underground entrance to enter Undercity (West) and to our east is the path towards East Rathpike.

Going southwest from that spot and staying by the river leads us to the Seductress, who can teach Claire something. Four responses to her exist:

a) ‘Can’t get customers…’

Seductress gives Claire some tips on seduction – Gain [+1 Seduction].

b) ‘Can’t satisfy them…’

Seductress gives Claire some tips on sex itself – Gain [+1 Depravity].

c) ‘I am *not* a whore!’

Seductress calls Claire uppity-tighty about it all – Gain [+1 Defiance].

d) Ignore her.

No reply, but Claire can talk to her again for the same lines later.

Finally, if Claire heads southeast of that spot, she will find the Old Bailey Inn along the eastern waterfront and on the very end of that path lies the Grand Abbey of the Isles, inside of which we can find a shrine as well as the legendary tale of Claire Sigurdsdottir.

Mercenary HQ

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southern entrance: West Rathpike

● (1st floor) Southwestern stairway: Prison cells

● (1st floor) Southeastern stairway: Armory

● (Prison cells) Northeastern stairway: Mercenary HQ

● (Armory) Northwestern stairway: Mercenary HQ

Notable characters:

● Lion

● Clerk

● Bartender

● Quartermaster

● Gallis*

● Various prisoners in cells*

Coming to this place will mostly be needed if you are doing the Mercenary Questline or if Claire wants to train her Defiance. It is also possible to talk to the Clerk at the entrance and hire an escort to either Dargan Town or Narfu, each for a price of 25 silvers. (to unlock the latter, you must start Sally’s quest first and then find Narfu on foot)

Also one can find Gallis here, but only after you’ve encountered him for the first time in The Wash. The Bartender may be talked to in the northeastern corner of the main floor and the Quartermaster may also be talked to in the Armoury, who will only sell discounted and interesting supplies if Claire had managed to finish the first Mercenary quest. Finally, your actions in Rathpike may result in the imprisonment of different people by Zeon. Claire can visit them at any time downstairs in the cells, after they become such.


Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southern entrance: West Rathpike

● (1st floor) Northern staircase: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Southwest staircase: 1st floor

Notable characters:

● Madame Mox

Usually the reason to come here is if Claire is to start working as a prostitute. To do so, one has to ascend the stairs up to the 2nd floor and head for her office at the far southeastern end. There you may apply for the position, where she explains that it would have to begin by working the streets first. Here Claire has three possible responses:

a) ‘With pleasure!’

Madame Mox approves of Claire’s enthusiasm. Her approval is raised by 1.

b) ‘If there’s no other choice…’

Madame Mox notes Claire’s reluctance and her approval is not raised.

c) ‘No! I’ve changed my mind!’

Madame Mox notes that Claire would do best to leave her dignity behind.

Should we pick either a) or b), then the Street Whore job is unlocked in the quest log and Claire is led outside the brothel to a sparkling spot in an alley. There she may begin work, which always costs her -25 EP and earns her 10 silvers per customer. This will either be a very rough and uncomfortable blowjob of a mercenary, if she has [Depravity < 4], that raises Madame Mox’s approval by 1, or it’s a somewhat more enthusiastic blowjob, if she has [Depravity ≥ 4], that raises approval by 2.

So long as her total approval of Claire is below 5, Madame Mox will insist that she continue being a Street Whore. But once it has reached or exceeded 5, Claire can talk to her to gain [+1 Depravity] and proceed to the job of being a full-fledged Prostitute. This one has her walk to the easternmost bedroom on the 2nd floor and requires -50 EP per session. If Claire’s [Seduction < 5] while doing this, she will earn 50 silvers while the result will be a fairly painful and rough penetration scene with a customer, or she can earn 60 silvers each time, if her [Seduction ≥ 5], and get a more willing rough penetration scene. It is also at this time that Madame Mox becomes a trainer for the Seduction skill, where the price she charges increases with said skill so long as [Seduction < 20].

The Rusty Shield

Places of interest:

● Southwestern entrance: Rathpike West

● Foul-smelling box (inside the northeastern steel barred room)

● Chest (inside the northeastern steel barred room)

Notable items:

● 50 silver & {Rusted Key} & {Mysterious Note} (chest in northeast part)

● {Cleaner’s Key} (on the Flustered Waitress)

Notable characters:

● Bartender

● Flustered Waitress

● *Thugs

Four things can happen here worth mentioning. If you’ve previously overheard the two thieves on the streets of Rathpike West, there’s a foul-smelling box and a heavy locked chest in the northeast corner, inside a suspicious room with steel bars, whose contents hint at how to progress that quest. The second thing is the Flustered Waitress, that gives information for a Thief quest, as well as her {Cleaner’s Key} for the Seaside Cottage. The third potentially has two Thugs show up at the bar, who await Claire’s payment of 1000 silvers until they allow her to leave the city, if she’s ever gotten herself indebted to them.

And the last thing happens if Claire gets drunk again, only this time she is beset by the Strange Man in the center of the pub, as she leaves late at night. The result of that encounter can be that she successfully fights him off and robs him of his money instead (gain 40 silvers and [+1 Defiance]), but that only happens with Claire having [Defiance ≥

5]. Alternatively, if she has [Defiance < 5], then the rapist succeeds, Claire’s EP is reduced to 0 due to the rape and she loses [-1 Defiance].

Old Bailey Inn

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southeastern entrance: West Rathpike

● (1st floor) Northwestern stairway: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Southwestern stairway: 1st floor

● (2nd floor) Inventory Stash in the northwest room

Notable characters:

● Innkeeper

● Thorfinn & Thorkeld

● Unpleasant Man

There are three things of note here. The first is, obviously, talking to the Innkeeper, who can either sell you food or lend a room to rest in for 10 silvers per night. She is also hiring someone for housekeeping work on the 2nd floor, so Claire can earn fair wages for fair work (30 silvers for -30 EP in total at the start) by doing the Cleaning Lady repeatable job.

It involves activating the sparkles of each bed in every room on the 2nd floor for a cost of – 5 EP each. Most folks will let Claire tidy their rooms, but in the 5th room from the stairway a rather Unpleasant Man, who otherwise doesn’t let you in his room, will begrudgingly allow Claire to work while leering at her ass. With [Seduction < 6] no other options present themselves and she must simply suffer his leering, but with [Seduction ≥ 6] Claire has the option to lift up her skirts a bit during her work, making him catch his breath.

Repeating this advances the encounter, to the point where he’s no longer intimidated by Claire. Finally, the third time she performs housekeeping there is a choice for her to do nothing or lift up her skirts again and then ‘accidentally’ brush her ass against his loins.

Doing the latter will have him lose his cool, call her a tease and throw her onto the bed while furiously fondling her. To this Claire can respond in one of two ways:

a) [Depravity < 6] Let him have his way… [Depravity ≥ 6] Give in~…<3 The Unpleasant Man gets to have anal sex with Claire – Claire loses -50 EP. This has two variations that are a bit more important this time. If Claire has [Depravity < 6] then the experience isn’t all that pleasant for her and she is paid 50 silvers by the man. After the scene is done, Claire gets paid for her work one last time, but can no longer work for the Inn, as they don’t hire ‘working girls’ and they aren’t that kind of establishment. On top of that the cost of lodging for the night has gone up to 15 silvers, since they expect to have to clean up after Claire more and the Unpleasant Man won’t want to do anything more with you.

On the other hand, if Claire has [Depravity ≥ 6] then she finds enough enjoyment in the sex that the Unpleasant Man gives her 75 silvers, though she still loses the job at the Inn and has to pay 15 silvers per night as well. However, she now also has the option to regularly ‘service’ him for 75 silvers and at a cost of -50 EP, as this becomes her new repeatable job that replaces that of the Inn. Claire is also awarded [+1 Depravity] the first time that she services him in this way.

b) Scream for help!

Claire yells out for help and the Unpleasant Man is dragged off her by the other customers and beaten – You don’t get to see him again, but Claire does

gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue].

And the third and last thing of note are Thorfinn & Thorkeld, the two brothers of Nordheim sitting in the middle of the 1st floor, where talking to them and asking them what they are doing here will add a new quest in your log and begin the Shieldmaiden Questline.


Places of interest:

● South entrance: West Rathpike

● West passage: western storage room

● East passage: eastern storage room

Notable items:

● {Large Topaz} on the Foreman’s desk, guarded by him

Notable characters:

● Foreman

● Foreman’s Daughter

● Workers

Usually inaccessible, the vast majority of interactions can happen here only if you are doing the second Thief quest. In that case, the sparkles at the Foreman’s desk can only be accessed if you should manage to get him to leave his post.

This place becomes closed off after the second Thief quest is finished.


Places of interest:

● South entrance: West Rathpike

Notable characters:

● Dyrios

Talking to Dyrios, you can also get a bit more info about him and his motivations during the second Thief quest. It closes down for good after that quest is finished.


Places of interest:

● South entrance: West Rathpike

Notable characters:

● Rylar

The main point of coming here is during the second Thief quest, to talk to Rylar about how he may be helped. It closes down for good after that quest is finished.


Places of interest:

● South entrance: West Rathpike

See the end of the first Mercenary quest for everything relevant here. You will not be able to come back here afterwards.

Grand Abbey of the Isles

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: West Rathpike

● Shrine

Other than reading the sparkles in the eastern part, to learn the tale of Claire Sigurdsdottir, one can also find a shrine at which her stats may be temporarily altered for 20 silvers.

East Rathpike

Places of interest:

A) West: West Rathpike

B) North: North Rathpike

C) Eastern underground entrance: Undercity (East)

D) Signpost (next to the western entrance)

E) Derelict Estate

F) Clinic

Notable characters:

1. Helpful Citizen

2. Shady Merchant

This part of town is Thieves’ territory. You can visit the local Clinic just north of the entrance to West Rathpike or you can talk to the elderly Helpful Citizen, just past the Signpost if entering from that direction, to learn more background about this side of town and the whole city in general. A bit further on is the Derelict Estate with its black roof, but unless you have been given the initial Thief quest from Chad, you have little to do there.

Going past it even further east, you can also find the Shady Merchant in the southeastern corner and buy some of his shady wares, or you can go to the northeastern corner directly north of him to enter Undercity (East) through the steel gate. Finally, going further west to the northwestern part will lead you to the northern path that leads to North Rathpike.

Derelict Estate & Thieves’ Hideout

Places of interest:

● (Derelict Estate) South entrance: East Rathpike

● (Derelict Estate) Northern ladder: Thieves’ Hideout

● (Thieves’ Hideout) Northern ladder: Derelict Estate

Notable items:

● {Lockpick} (on the Skilled Thief)

Notable characters:

● Pliny

● Chad

● Skilled Thief

● Natalie*

Access to this area is pretty much dependent on starting the Thief Questline. For 50 silvers Claire can also learn lockpicking from the Skilled Thief in the southeastern part of the Hideout, if she hasn’t done so before in Hookton, which will also award her a {Lockpick}. But for the most part, this is the place where you will go to debrief after you’ve finished any Thief quest, and also to lay low so as to avoid any retaliation.

Also worth noting is that Natalie may appear in the western part of the basement, if Claire had mentioned her enslavement in The Meat Pit before the end of the third Thief quest.


Places of interest:

● South entrance: West Rathpike

Inactive as of this patch, Claire will likely only have business visiting here in the event that she becomes sick or pregnant while on Rathpike.

North Rathpike

Places of interest:

A) South: East Rathpike

B) Southwestern underground entrance: Undercity (North)

C) Signpost (north of the southern entrance)

D) Old Red’s Casino

E) Sally’s Eatery

F) Outpost

Notable items:

● 100 OR 200 silvers & {Silver Jewellry} OR {Gold Jewellry} (treasure chest)

This area has several reasons to visit, from the only accessible entry point to Undercity (North), where one starts the Runaways quest, to Sally’s Eatery, through which you may finally unlock access to Narfu Village. Going directly west from the entrance leads you to the Undercity entrance, while going directly north will lead you to the Signpost instead. Going past it, even further north, one comes across Old Red’s Casino.

Alternatively, one can proceed further eastwards to the private docks area, where in the northeastern corner one can find Sally’s Eatery. At the far eastern part of the map you have the red brick house, which one will frequently visit while doing the Shieldmaiden Questline. Finally, in a secluded southeastern corner one can find a treasure chest that requires [Intrigue ≥ 10] and the use of one {Lockpick} to access its generous contents.

Old Red’s Casino

Places of interest:

● South entrance: North Rathpike

● West passage: Old Red’s Throne

● East passage: Hotel

Notable characters:

● Bartender

● Elated Gambler

● Croupiers

The main reason to come here at the moment is for the schadenfreude of watching gambler tears as they drink their woes away in the southern section. One notable exception, though, is the southeasternmost Elated Gambler, who actually had a good run at cards. Talking to him will have him share his good fortune with Claire, giving her 100 silvers for free. Directly to the north of the main entrance is the Bartender, selling some fancy alcohol, and to the northeast of him one can talk to one of the Croupiers to play Big or Small at the cost of 50 silvers per round and a chance to win 100 each round.

The eastern passage leads us to its hotel section, though at 1000 silver for each night Claire really doesn’t think it’s a good idea. The western passage, however, leads us to Old Red’s Throne, which one may only visit while doing the Shieldmaiden Questline.

Sally’s Eatery

Places of interest:

● South entrance: North Rathpike

Notable characters:

● Sally

Coming here is usually done either to start Sally’s quest and gain access to Narfu Village, for the really filling food, or just to say hello to the blue-haired Sally after her quest is done.


Places of interest:

● South entrance: North Rathpike

Notable characters:

● Thorfinn

● Thorkeld

● Bjorn

● Aslaug

This place only becomes accessible during A Red Proposal and is mainly used during the course of the Shieldmaiden Questline.


The Meat Pit

Places of interest:

● South entrance: West Rathpike

● Northeast entrance: Undercity (West)

● North passage: The Stage

● Southwest stairs: Whore’s End

Notable characters:

● Natalie

● Zayana

● Sarah

● Emma

● Salim

● Dreadflies

If approaching from the outside, not much to do here. But if you’ve managed to rescue the girls in one of two ways, you will mercifully no longer see them being used in the racks.

Going down the stairs to the southwest leads to a claustrophobic pit of scum called Whore’s End, and the thug standing nearby warns Claire of going down there, since it is full of monstrous Dreadflies, who would be more than happy to tear up Claire’s clothes and overwhelm her with their monstrous eggs, until she is forced to hatch them in said dark pit until the day she dies. Game Over.

Undercity (West)

Places of interest:

A) West passage: The Meat Pit

B) Southeast entrance: West Rathpike

C) East passage: Undercity (East)

D) Northeast passage: Passageway leading to The Rusty Shield

E) [Intrigue ≥ 9] Northwest passage: Passageway leading to The Meat Pit

Notable items:

● {Lockpick} next to corpse of a dead thief in the passageway to The Rusty Shield

Notable characters:

1. Mercenary (in the passageway leading to The Rusty Shield)

Other than the endless abuse of the locals, there are two things to keep an eye out for here. The first is a secret passage to The Meat Pit, that is vital to starting a certain quest, and which will only appear once you are on the second Thieves quest. Do note, though, that if you move on and finish the third Thieves quest without fully exploring it, the sparkles disappear forever, with dire consequences for the Meat Pit’s inhabitants.

And the other is the northeastern passage, which leads to the barred off part of The Rusty Shield . But it only becomes accessible after overhearing the two thieves on the streets of West Rathpike, after which the old man moves out of the way and Claire can access it. Further details about that section can be found with the relevant quest, though before entering and while in that area, saving your game is strongly advised.

Undercity (East)

Places of interest:

A) Southwest passage: Undercity (West)

B) South staircase: East Rathpike

C) North passage: Undercity (North)

Trying to reach or come out of the southwestern passage in this area guarantees bumping into two thugs, who happen to be pulling the exact same con from one of the possible escapes from Hookton, only with different wording. They might not appear, though, if we already saved Natalie and the girls beforehand or if we already encountered them before).

The difference this time is that Claire might actually have [Defiance ≥ 11], in which case she shows them what a broken arm really feels like and gets another [+1 Defiance] as a reward. On the other hand, having [Defiance < 11] leads her to a choice of either accepting the IOU, incurring a loss of [-1 Defiance] as well as restricting her movement to within the city until she pays up, and spitting in their faces to gain [+2 Defiance] that sees her get beaten up and thrown into The Meat Pit.

Alternatively, we can talk to a different set of thugs guarding the pass to the north, if the Runaways quest is active, in order to actually progress it and have them leave.

Undercity (North)

Places of interest:

● Northeast staircase: North Rathpike

● Southwest passage: Undercity (East)

The main point of coming here is to start and conclude the runaways’ quest.

The Wash

Places of interest:

A) Southeast: West Rathpike

B) Northeast: The Badlands

C) West: Rumbling Pass

D) Signpost (next to the eastern entrance)

E) Statue and tomb of Serganos (center north part of the area)

F) Seaside Cottage

Notable characters:

1. Zayana*

2. Gallis*

A crossroads between the various corners of Rathpike, The Wash usually sees Claire pay a toll of 10 silvers by the guards if entered from Rathpike City. It is usually used for travel or as good ground for crabbers to work their trade. Past the Signpost near the entrance to West Rathpike, you can go south and find the Seaside Cottage to the west, though it will

be off limits until the relevant Thief quest makes it accessible, after the completion of which Zayana might also be found standing in its fenced area.

Going back north and to the center of the area, you can find the Statue of Serganos with his tomb right behind it. The western approach to the Rumbling Pass is usually blocked off by a sign and a couple of mercenaries, but speaking to one of them gives the player the hint of heading to Sally’s Eatery in North Rathpike and taking up her quest, which will finally have Claire encounter Gallis there, talking to whom starts the Mercenary Questline, and also allows her to proceed further west into the Rumbling Pass. Finally, the northeastern approach leads to The Badlands.

Seaside Cottage

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) South entrance: The Wash

● (1st floor) Northeast entrance: The Wash (fenced off area)

● (1st floor) Northwest staircase: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Southwest staircase: 1st floor

● (2nd floor) West window: The Wash

● (1st floor) Hidden southwest ladder (revealed after reading the journal on the table northwest 2nd floor and the letter on the table 1st floor): Hidden Basement

● (Hidden Basement) Northeast ladder: 1st floor

Notable items:

● 100 silvers, {Large Amethyst} & {Backdoor Key} (locked chest) northwest 2nd floor.

● {Fat Jack’s Key}*

Notable characters:

● Aster (prisoner in Hidden Basement *later found on 1st floor)

● Fat Jack*

● Natalie*

● Sarah*

● Emma*

This area only becomes accessible as part of the third Thief quest. It can only remain such if Claire has managed to activate the quest New Beginnings after completing the former. Most of the sparkles are mainly there for flavor during Claire looking for evidence, but on the 2nd floor there exists a big prize if Claire knows lockpicking and has at least [Intrigue ≥ 5] and one {Lockpick} to spare. {Fat Jack’s Key} also becomes available only after Fat Jack himself returns, you just have to get it off him somehow.

Finally, it should be noted that if you’ve rescued Natalie, in one of two ways, then this place will remain accessible as she, Emma, Sarah, Aster and Zayana in the courtyard take up residence, so that you may come and visit them.

Rumbling Pass

Places of interest:

A) Northeast: The Wash

B) Southwest: Narfu Village

C) Southeastern cliffside

Notable items:

● {Iron Ring} (found on the skeleton in northwest corner)

● 3 x {Monster Token} (found on large sparkling skulls in the area)

Notable characters:

1. Rockbeasts

Before entering and while navigating this area, saving your game is advised.

A dangerous area that costs -10 EP to enter and contains multiple prowling rockbeast monsters. Still, as long as Claire has either {Monster Repellents} or at least 100 EP to

lose, she can outrun the slow creatures. Failing either of those two conditions leads to Claire getting caught by one, whereupon it proceeds to savagely mate with Claire anally, dragging her to its lair to endlessly bear its eggs. Game Over. One travels through here to and from Narfu Village, but it also contains the {Iron Ring} for a Mercenary quest.

Far more optionally, the area contains three [Monster Tokens} for Claire’s collection. If one makes a U-turn from the eastern entrance down south and goes a bit further south, the strange sparkling southeastern cliffside’s purpose cannot be fathomed at the moment. But heading to its southwest one comes across the first token on a big sparkling skull. Past it, to the west, is the passage that leads to Narfu Village.

However, one may instead swing north from here and come across the second {Monster Token} on a skeleton in the center of the map and north of that one finds yet another sparkling skull that contains the third and last {Monster Token}. Finally, heading even further north in the northwest corner we find the {Iron Ring} and the bloody remains of its unfortunate mercenary.

Narfu Village – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Places of interest:

A) East: Rumbling Pass

B) Southwest: Lonely Cove

C) Mercenary Outpost

D) The Salty Slattern

E) Abandoned House

Notable items:

● 3x {Grilled Fish} (on Fisher Joe)

Notable characters:

1. Sweaty Fisherman

2. Fisher Joe

Upon arriving here, the first person of note is the Sweaty Fisherman, in the northeastern part of the town. Talking to him reveals he’s nervous about confessing to his girl and Claire has one of several ways to respond to him:

a) Encourage him.

Claire boosts his confidence and he confesses to her – Gain [+1 Defiance] .

b) Dissuade him.

Claire doubts his resolve and he gives up on his girl – Gain [+1 Intrigue].

c) Seduce him.

Claire seduces him instead and he abandons his girl for a potential shot at Claire in the future – Gain [+1 Seduction].

You can also visit the local Mercenary Outpost, though your options there will be limited unless you are one yourself, and also Fisher Joe, whom you talk to in order to figure out the next step of Sally’s quest and who may, should you succeed in resolving that step, award you with 3x {Grilled Fish} for your troubles.

Mercenary Outpost

Places of interest:

● South entrance: Narfu Village

Notable items:

● {The Lost Glory} on Belisaros’ desk, after you talk to him once and re-enter

Notable characters:

● Clerk

● Bartender

● Quartermaster

● Belisaros

Access to most of this place can only be attained if Claire finishes the first Mercenary quest. After which, should [Defiance ≥ 10], Claire can correct the mercenary that once barred her passage into most of the outpost on the correct usage of a phrase and gain [+1 Defiance]. The Bartender and Quartermaster may be interacted with too and Belisaros as well, who specifies what Claire needs to do to finish the second Mercenary quest.

The Salty Slattern

Places of interest:

● Southeastern entrance: Narfu Village

● Northwestern entrance: Private Den

● Inventory Stash in the southwest room

Notable items:

● {Kraken Egg} on Trevor

Notable characters:

● Bartender

● Rowdy Fisherman

● Trevor

● Thug

There’s a bit more to this place than meets the eye at first. For example, reading the {Crumpled Letter} found in the Lonely Cove will allow you to confront Trevor, the shaken person drinking alone in the center room of the main floor. He will recount his tale of what happened to awaken the kraken and give you a {Kraken Egg} as well, which you may use to peacefully resolve both Sally’s quest and the second Mercenary quest. There is also a stash in the southwest room and on top of that, if we are on the right quest, we can also find a Thug who seems to be guarding a den of some kind and will not move from his post.

Abandoned House

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) South entrance: Narfu Village

● (1st floor) Northeast stairway: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Northeast stairway: 1st floor

Notable characters:

● Beth*

● Enslaved Refugee*

Only accessible if you are doing a particular quest. Not much in here, other than possibly Beth or a random Enslaved Refugee on the 2nd floor as well as the pirate standing guard, who may have been the one to have once assaulted either Claire or Beth on a ship.

Lonely Cove (exterior)

Places of interest:

● East: Narfu Village

● Northwest entrance: Lonely Cove

Mainly a place to transition into or away from the cove itself.

Lonely Cove (interior)

Places of interest:

● Southwestern entrance: Lonely Cove (exterior)

● Switch (northwest)

Notable items:

● {Timer} + {Blasting Instructions} (wooden chest) in center of the maze

● {Monster Token} skeleton, northeastern corner of the maze

● {Crumpled Letter} skeleton, northeastern corner opposite the kraken

● {Diamond} (on the kraken)

Notable characters:

● Kraken

In this area it is easy to do the quick and violent thing. If we are here to solve the kraken problem, we can just proceed to its northwestern corner, interact with and pull the switch

there and thus succeed at our task! But doing so also results in a Game Over. So instead, Claire should first look around and find a {Timer} along with {Blasting Instructions} in a chest within the central part of the lair, reading which makes it clear that she should first attach the {Timer} to the switch and only then pull it, if she wants to collapse the cave on top of the kraken and avoid blowing herself up as well.

There is also a non-violent way, that involves finding the sparkling {Crumpled Letter} near the kraken, after passing by the sparkling {Monster Token} first, and reading it should see your quest log update with an optional task to find the mentioned Trevor within Narfu’s Salty Slattern pub. Before doing so we can approach the sleeping kraken nearby, but we would be wise not to try stealing its gems, unless we want it to catch Claire in the act with its tentacles, laying its eggs in her body and using her as a host with which its brood may grow to terrorize the seas. Game Over.

If instead we simply went to the Salty Slattern, we can find Trevor drinking alone in the center room. Talking to him tells us his tale and illuminates the reason for why the kraken is raging in the first place, ending with him giving the {Kraken Egg} to Claire. She may then run back to the kraken and approach it safely, as it will merely take the egg in gratitude, award her a {Diamond} in thanks as well as [+1 Intrigue] and collapse the cave.

Either way, this resolves both the second Mercenary quest as well as Sally’s quest.

Corsair’s Coast

Places of interest:

● Narfu Mercenary Station

● Entrance to the Lesser Hinterlands

● The Lookout

Notable characters:

● Dreadflies (up north at The Lookout)

Before entering and during the navigation of this area, saving the game is advised.

The only way to access this area is by getting to the third Mercenaries quest. Its main purpose is to serve as a place through which Claire completes that quest, and also eventually one through which she will be able to access the forbidding Hinterlands. To the north of here we can reach The Lookout, which is swarming with dreadflies, but other than that fact and the lighthouse itself, that are covered during the quest, there isn’t much else.

Lesser Hinterlands

Places of interest:

● Passage to Corsair’s Coast

● Gravesite

● Goblin Cave

Notable characters:

● Older couple

The only way to access this area is by getting to the fourth Mercenaries quest. Currently, all the notable things about this area are covered under that quest.

The Badlands

Places of interest:

A) Southwest: The Wash

B) North: Dargan Mining Town

C) Southeast: Ruins of Eudekos

D) Cave entrance: Ancient Tunnels (northeast corner, past Dargan Mining Town)

E) Signpost (next to the southwest approach)

F) Gypsy camp (directly east of the Signpost)

G) Aiyana’s Lab

H) Dead Mercenaries

Notable items:

● {Leather Guard} (on the Cautious Gypsy)

● {Monster Repellent} (on the Helpful Gypsy)

● {Manticore Tail} several of them, on the manticores or at the Dead Mercenaries

● {Tigerlily} several of them, scattered next to ponds and greenery, usually also guarded by manticores – they require a {Herb Pouch} to be picked up one by one

Notable characters:

1. Gypsy Gatekeeper

2. Cautious Gypsy

3. Helpful Gypsy

4. Curious Gypsy

5. Gypsy Elder

6. Manticores

Before entering and while navigating this area, saving your game is advised.

This area is mainly used to transition to or from Dargan Mining Town or the Ruins of Eudekos and costs -10 EP to enter. It’s worth talking to all the gypsies that guard the pass north, though, as the Cautious Gypsy will give you a free {Leather Guard} and will sell additional ones after that as well. This item is a shield that allows Claire to escape a manticore attack and also gain its {Manticore Tail} in the process, provided she also has

the skill to properly use it with [Defiance ≥ 9] and wouldn’t prefer to get them from the dead mercs. But be warned that after the attack Claire will also lose 1 {Leather Guard}, and if it’s the last one, and she’s out of {Monster Repellent}, then the next manticore will

paralyze Claire with its venom, rape and abduct her as an immobile breeder. Game Over.

Heading further east from said Cautious Gypsy you can also find the Gypsy camp, where the southern guard of its entrance happens to be the Helpful Gypsy that will give Claire a free {Monster Repellent}. You can find the Gypsy Elder further in the central northern part, where she sells her wares and helps guide Claire during a certain quest, and southeast of her there is the Curious Gypsy, to whose observation Claire can reply with either:

a) ‘So… I should take it off~?’

Curious Gypsy gets embarassed and stutters – Gain [+1 Seduction] .

b) ‘Mind your own business!’

Curious Gypsy apologizes – Gain [+1 Defiance] .



Claire leaves and can talk to him again later.

Finally, in the easternmost part of the Gypsy camp one can find Aiyana’s Lab, where experiments of the most unimaginable sort might regularly take place, with Claire’s help.

Otherwise, the main thing about the area is that you talk to the Gypsy Gatekeeper on the main path north to let you through and proceed down that path towards either Dargan Mining Town towards the northeast. Along the way one can find {Tigerlillies}, that are needed for a certain quest and are guarded by manticores near sources of water and vegetation. They can only be picked up and carried one at a time, if you’ve been equipped with a {Herb Pouch} before and so long as it is empty.

Aiyana’s Lab

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: The Badlands

Notable characters:

● Aiyana*

One can find Aiyana’s journal here and read her thoughts, during a quest that leads us to making use of this place. Other than that, and once she has returned as a result of said quest, this place is where both her and Claire can conduct their Alchemy experiments.

Cave of Penance

Places of interest:

● (the top) Southern entrance: The Badlands

● (the tunnel to the Spider Temple)

Refer to the quest above as to what to do here.

The Spider Temple

Places of interest:

● (the top) Southern entrance: The Badlands

● (the tunnels)

Notable items:

● Various quest-related items

● 2 x {Monster Token}

● 100 OR 200 silvers & {Spirits} OR {Gold Ring} (treasure chest)

Notable characters:

● Aiyana

● Nachali*

Refer to the quest above as to what to do here, though on top of that it is worth noting that heading north at the first fork will lead us to the first {Monster Token} at the end of a bone pit, while heading east right after that fork will lead us to the generous treasure chest, for which Claire will need to know lockpicking, have a {Lockpick} as well as have [Intrigue ≥ 10]. Afterwards, the second {Monster Token} can be found right after rebuilding the collapsed walkway, sparkling in a skull at the northwestern corner of the map. Aiyana herself can be found in a small subsection of the Temple, called Nachali’s Lair.

Dargan Mining Town

Places of interest:

A) South: The Badlands

B) North: Greydeep Mines (exterior)

C) East: Forsaken Mines

D) Mercenary Station

E) Brownstone Inn

F) Blacksteel Forge

G) Abandoned Home

This town has a winding path that runs through it. The first place you will pass will be the Mercenary Station north of it, right before you make the first U-turn. It then heads east, passing the Brownstone Inn along the way. Going even further east would then take us to the Forsaken Mines, while the eastern stairway leads to the Blacksteel Forge, its entry initially blocked by a couple of mercenaries, and ends with the Abandoned Home on the north cliffside. Deciding to avoid all of that and taking the central path north would take us instead to the northern pass that leads to the exterior of the Greydeep Mines, where access to a certain Sealed Shaft can also be found.

Brownstone Inn

Places of interest:

● Southeast entrance: Dargan Mining Town

● Inventory Stash in the center northwest room

Notable characters:

● Tibor

● Wistful Man

The only notable persons here are Tibor and the eavesdropping Wistful Man, if you are doing the first Shieldmaiden quest. Alternatively if you want to buy some food, alcohol or rest for the night, then Tibor is your man and if you want to retrieve or stash your items, one can also do so here.

Blacksteel Forge

Places of interest:

● South entrance: Dargan Mining Town

Notable items:

● {High-Purity Blacksteel} (on the Forgemaster)

Notable characters:

● Forgemaster

Accessible only after completing the final stage of the first Shieldmaiden Quest, this is the place to go to if you need to get some extremely rare {High-Purity Blacksteel} for people who might want it, like the Valosian Greengold Acquisition Agency.

Mercenary Station

Places of interest:

● South entrance: Dargan Mining Town

Notable characters:

● Clerk

● Bartender

● Quartermaster

● Basileus

Originally Basileus is the one that is stationed here, and will bar Claire’s way to everything but the Clerk, though if we’ve completed the first Shieldmaiden quest, he disappears and so long as we have also finished the first Mercenary quest we are allowed access to the Bartender and Quartermaster for mercenary gear.

Abandoned Home

Places of interest:

● South entrance: Dargan Mining Town

● Northwest entrance: Greydeep Mines (interior)

Notable characters:

● Tibor*

The only things of note here are revealed if you listened to Tibor and came here during the Shieldmaiden Questline. The sparkle at the northwest corner of the house can be

activated and this moves the bed, allowing Claire to enter a Forgotten Mineshaft, that further leads her to a rope, up which Claire can climb to enter the interior of the Greydeep Mines. This passage will be sealed off for good, however, after completing the first Shieldmaiden quest.

Greydeep Mines (exterior)

Places of interest:

● South: Dargan Mining Town

Notable characters:

● Wistful Citizen*

Not much to do here, except if you listened to the Wistful Citizen and show up here during the Shieldmaiden Questline. He can be found in front of the mine entrance. Additionally, Claire may escape via this place from the Sealed Mine sub-area, if she gets enslaved.

Greydeep Mines (interior)

Places of interest:

● Northeast entrance: Forgotten Mineshaft leading to Abandoned Home

● West entrance: Overseer’s office

Notable characters:

● Bjorn

● Depressed Slaves

Your first time here will be entering through the northeast entrance and encountering Bjorn. Talking to him only leads you to rouse the Depressed Slaves and make them become Hopeful Slaves as you head westwards to the Overseer’s office where Yorn, the overseer, resides, the southeast entrance being closed off until you manage this also.

Forsaken Mines

Places of interest:

● Southwest entrance: Dargan Town

● Pink blooms (directly north up the steps)

Notable items:

● {Shovel} (northwestern corner, empty spot right of the cart)

● {Monster Token} (sparkling skull, northeastern corner)

Notable characters:

● Distressed Girl

Since the Distressed Girl blocks further entry to the majority of the area, refer to the quest A Perilous Bouquet as to everything there is to do here.

Rathpike Quests – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Escaping the Meat Pit

Upon arrival in one of two ways, you are greeted by Natalie and then Salim, who give you a decent summary of your routine here. The moment Claire exits the common living area, she starts work and Salim will not let Claire rest until her EP reaches 0.

To get there, she needs to either service customers through the gloryhole for -25 EP each time she does so or service them through the assrack for -50 EP every time she does that. However, on the first day after her arrival she can’t quite summon up the will to suffer through the repugnant and unwashed cocks that are thrust into her, thus losing customers due to them not cumming. Salim is not amused by this, and begins to feed Claire less, having her HP wind up as 150 instead of 200 during that first night. If this continues, then Claire dies of starvation at the end of the fourth day. Game Over.

The key here is to win over all the girls by talking to them at the end of each day, when they’re not working. Talking to Natalie just once will win her over, while also promising her to tell her people she’s here. Talking to Emma twice will do the same and after that also provide you with additional queries, through which you can learn vital information about Zayana and Sarah.

Then, when you talk to each of those two individually, there should be a special conversation option on the second attempt. With Zayana it’s ‘Tell me about Ankharad’ and that will lead to learning her technique. Doing so will result in [+2 Seduction] for Claire and unlocks the ability to service customers through the assrack willingly and satisfy them. Whereas with Sarah, talking to her on the second attempt should reveal the line ‘Tell me about your sister’ and that leads to her teaching Claire her technique. Doing so will result in [+2 Depravity] for Claire and unlocks the ability to service customers through the gloryhole willingly and satisfy them.

After this you should work in The Meat Pit for one more day, to practice and add the two different ways of servicing customers to the gallery. Be mindful, though, that from this point forward every night you spend here will deduct [-1 Defiance], due to the submissive nature of this work. Now you can take the northwest entrance onto The Stage and talk to the thug there about going up on it. This will lead to Claire being gangbanged from both sides by all the scum of Rathpike for 24 hours, until she is a complete mess.

One of two results is now possible. With EP < 100 she will literally choke on dicks to death. Game Over. If she had rested with EP ≥ 100, however, then she will actually endure for 24 hours and that leads to Lecter’s appearance and congratulating her as the first woman to have survived this experience. According to their own rules, this grants her freedom and Salim has her freshened up so that she finds herself in West Rathpike. Still, he is all but certain that, with her newfound skills, Claire will no doubt make her way to the nearby brothels soon enough to earn a living. In fact, it would be smart to talk to the guard at The Stage part of the Meat Pit after this point, because he had bet on Claire surviving her ordeal and will share his spoils with her, giving her 100 silvers for free!

Silent Cargo – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

This quest begins by overhearing the two thieves in West Rathpike, for which Claire needs at least [Intrigue ≥ 4]. After their conversation she can go straight to Undercity (West) and note that the northeast passage has now opened up. You may want to save your game at this point. Going through it, she comes across two mercenaries having cut down one of the thieves, with one of them leaving and the other standing guard.

She can get past him in one of several ways. With a [Defiance ≥ 7] she can just break the padlock on the gate, alerting the guard though he will assume it’s just rats, and then sneak past him. Alternatively, with [Intrigue ≥ 2] and by using up a {Lockpick}, one of which happens to be lying a bit south of the thief corpse in the area, she can pick the lock if she’s knows how to do so, moving past him a lot more quietly.

One can also just walk past the thief corpse and in the mercenary’s line of sight too, prompting him to try and stop her. If Claire has [Defiance ≥ 10] she will automatically punt him into the bilgewater, where the weight of his armor drowns him. Otherwise she is given the choice to run for it, which results in him running her through her back with his sword. Game Over. She can also simply surrender to him, where afterwards Claire can:

a) Talk your way out

Mercenary degrades Claire with his piss and a blowjob, if her [Seduction < 5] or lets her go with [Seduction 5] – Refer to point b) in case of the former, but with the latter Claire will get punted back to Underground (West) safely, her waterworks display being quite convincing. However, should she get caught by the guard again, he will no longer believe her lies and try to kill her. Game Over. Worth noting is that he can still be defeated at that point if Claire’s [Defiance ≥ 10].

b) Put yourself at his mercy

Mercenary degrades Claire with his piss and a blowjob – With Claire’s [Depravity < 6], the degradation only results in [- 1 Defiance], but with [Depravity ≥ 6] she additionally starts to enjoy it and also gains [+1 Depravity]. If on top of the previous Claire has [Seduction ≥ 6], then she will actually put some effort into pleasing him and gain [+2 Depravity] instead. Either way, the mercenary abandons his post afterwards to take a breather.

Once you are past him you go up the stairs and find yourself in the steel barred room of The Rusty Shield, where you can open the smelly box to find the corpse of a used and abused woman inside. Opening the chest gives you 50 silvers, as well as the {Rusted Key} and a {Mysterious Note} that sheds a bit more light as to where you have to go next to resolve this quest. You can now exit via the steel-barred door and out the pub, going past the second mercenary, where Claire gets [+1 Defiance] by picking the first option, [+1 Intrigue] with the second, [+1 Seduction] with the third and [+1 Depravity] with the last.

The black-roofed house in Narfu is the one in the center of the village and can only be accessed with the key. Once you are inside, you may explore the area safely, noting the pirates to the west. But the key is to head to the northeastern stairway and onto the 2nd floor, where a pirate that’s about to doze off stands in Claire’s way. She may recognize him, if he ever tried to or did rape Claire. Getting past him requires a {Knife}, so that she can at this point kill him for some sweet revenge and also for [+2 Defiance].

Then we move on westward to find the large barred area with slave girls. Activating the sparkling gate will then result in either Beth, if we did not rescue her before, or an Enslaved Refugee talking to Claire, which will conclude this quest by setting all the slaves free and allowing them to make their way to Valos, while Claire leaves the house of her own accord and refuses to enter it again, as the pirates will likely be on the lookout from now on.

Runaways – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

This quest begins when you run into the Runaway Whore and her lover in Undercity (North), accessible only via North Rathpike. There you are familiarized with Lecter’s ruthless employee retention programme and asked to help avert this horrible fate in any way possible. The key here is to immediately head southwest and talk to the thugs guarding the pass on the other side of Undercity (East) about the runaways. This leads to them bragging smugly about a poison called ‘Whoresbane,’ supposedly the one that is currently ailing the Runaway Whore.

Now that we’ve identified the poison, all that remains is to find someone that can concoct

an antidote. This would be the Soft-Spoken Gypsy back in West Rathpike, who asks you to brave The Badlands and find her a {Tigerlily} using a special {Herb Pouch} that she outfits you with, if you don’t already have one from Valos. Your best bet would be to try picking the ones next to the entrance to Dargan Town, as the ones directly north of the gate have two manticores guarding them within pretty tight surroundings. Alternatively, using a {Leather Guard} as part of getting a {Manticore Tail} for another quest is even easier, as it despawns the manticore in question, but Claire does need [Defiance ≥ 9] for that to be an option.

Either way, once you’ve retrieved one {Tigerlily} delivering it to the Soft-Spoken Gypsy will have her give you the {Antidote} and also unlock the repeatable tigerlily Herbalist Job, where you may deliver more of them to her for a reward of 50 silvers each. After this you need only return back to the Runaway Whore and her lover, where Claire has but one more choice to make as to the matter of the reward she should receive:

a) Accept the reward

Claire receives the reward and the Runaway Whore and her lover depart – gain 80 silvers and [+1 Defiance].

b) Politely decline

Claire refuses the reward and the Runaway Whore and her lover think of her as a truly good person before departing – gain [+2 Defiance].

Something’s Fishy…

This one starts by visiting Sally’s Eatery in North Rathpike, where asking her if she has any work will lead to her wanting to find out why the latest fish shipments from Narfu have been delayed and will unlock that part of the island for exploration.

Navigating all the way to Narfu and talking to Fisher Joe there will reveal that the source of the disturbance is a kraken, which has recently begun terrorizing both the village and any fishermen who would dare try to brave the local waters. Needless to say, Claire now has to deal with the kraken, which however is only permitted if Claire has joined the Mercenaries and is doing their second quest involving the beast.

Once that is done, and we’ve talked to Fisher Joe on the way out, Claire will note that returning to Sally to inform her of her success would also make sense. If one does so, Sally praises her for being a tough girl, to which Claire can respond in one of four ways:

a) It was nothing, just another day’s work!

Sally admires Claire’s spirit so much that she invites Claire for dinner sometime – Gain 50 silvers and [+1 Defiance].

b) Was much harder than I expected… could use a bigger reward.

Sally figures Claire’s right – Gain 90 silvers and [+1 Intrigue].

c) Do you…like tough girls?

Sally gets a bit embarrassed and shyly invites Claire for dinner sometime – Gain 50 silvers and [+1 Seduction].

d) If anything, I quite enjoy slimy tentacles…

Sally is grossed out, but figures Claire had fun – Gain 50 silvers and [+1 Depravity].

Any option will conclude the quest, but only options a) and c) will unlock a private dinner

scene between Sally and Claire. To start it, Claire merely needs to talk to Sally about it once again and then proceed to her seat at the table once it is ready. This dinner always restores her HP fully and proceeds normally enough, if Claire has [Seduction < 7].and [Defiance < 7], or it can lead to different conversations for both [Seduction ≥ 7], and for [Defiance ≥ 9]. These different conversations turn into their own slight variants of a most romantic event between the two of them.

In case this event transpired, talking to Sally again after that has her become a romance partner, allowing Claire to talk to her about resting at her house and regain all her HP and EP anytime she wants to and for free. She also permanently gains +10 HP and EP.

Hole In The Ground

This one can only start if Claire has [Intrigue ≥ 9]. If so, she can notice a sparkling hidden entrance in the northwestern corner of Undercity (West) that leads to a short passage ending with a dark hole. Interacting and calling out to it, has Claire speak with Natalie, a thief who was caught and sold into enslaved prostitution along with three other girls. The conversation ends with Claire promising to tell Pliny of the Thieves of their plight to effect a rescue, if she should ever get to talk to him.

Do note, however, that if Claire first proceeds past the third Thief quest before doing either this or an escape quest, then the hidden passage will disappear and it will become impossible to ever get Natalie and the girls out, as they are left to their cruel fates.

New Beginnings

Currently inactive, this quest can only start if you’ve rescued the girls from the Meat Pit, as noted above.

A Perilous Bouquet

This quest can be started by heading into the Forsaken Mine area via Dargan Mining Town. Talking to the strange, blue-eyed Distressed Girl gives us the quest as a supposedly simple one – picking the flowers directly to the north of us. Before we do that, though, we might want to pick up the {Monster Token} sparkling in the northeast corner of the map, as well as find a {Shovel} that is hidden in an empty spot next to a wagon in the northwest.

Now, if Claire does decide to do as she’s told without at least [Defiance ≥ 8], then as she moves in to pick the pretty flowers they are revealed to be attached to underground sandworms, who triple-team Claire and pump her full of a strange blue substance that compels her to wander off and get lost in the desert. Game Over. On the other hand, with that amount of Defiance, Claire manages to fend them off successfully and gains a {Sandworm Bloom} from the one she had killed.

Deciding to then return to check up on the Distressed Girl, we find her to be gone. Following her sparkling tracks in the ground is a little tricky through the sandstorm, but they end up at the overgrown tunnel passage on the eastern side of the map. Activating the last sparkles nearby and entering it, we find it leads us to a Waterlogged Cave, exploring which first reveals a group of cowardly Sandworms that flee at the sight of us after trying to dam some flooding water. Going further down the winding path we come across a sparkle, which seems like a dam that could be sabotaged with the previously picked up {Shovel} and either [Defiance ≥ 14] or [Intrigue ≥ 14].

Either way, it’s advisable to do one of these two things since not doing so while proceeding further to the final sparkle reveals the Omega Worm and the women that

serve him. Eventually the Omega will notice Claire and psionically subdue and chemically drug her into submission as it lays its eggs and transforms her into a perpetually pregnant broodmother for his sandworm offspring. Game Over.

But if the dam was sabotaged, that gives Claire an advantage since with the slowly flooding water the Omega Worm has to choose between shoring up that dam or stopping Claire psionically from running away. Thus, after a short debate where the Omega Worm explains why he is doing all this, Claire has a choice to make on how to conclude this:

a) (Demand the Omega Leaves)

The Omega Worm is left behind by the fleeing Sandworms as it dies, releasing all of its women thralls who escape the cave and return to Dargan Mining Town with Claire – Gain [+2 Defiance], [+1 Intrigue] and [- 1 Depravity].

b) (… Let the Omega stay)

The Omega Worm is allowed to continue to exist and does not attempt to psionically control Claire anymore in gratitude – Claire may ask it a number of questions from here on out, where asking “How did you end up here?” will award her [+2 Depravity] and [-2 Seduction] the first time she asks that question, as the Omega Worm’s arguments seem quite convincing. Also, with [Depravity ≥ 14] she may offer to (Breed!) in exchange for a {Sandworm Bloom}, [+1 Depravity], [-2 Defiance], -90 EP and +5 max EP per session, though if she should ever attempt this with her [Defiance < 14] she will lose all her willpower and become a willing worm-slut, who wants to breed with the Omega Worm forever. Game Over.

Thief Questline


The questline for the notorious Thieves of Rathpike begins with Claire having [Intrigue ≥ 5] and speaking to Chad in West Rathpike. He will propose a scheme to Claire, in which she is merely to steal the lockbox of a nearby Fence while Chad distracts him with an offer he can’t refuse. Interacting with the red lockbox nearby has Claire gain one {Lockbox}, with which she is to proceed to the Derelict Estate in East Rathpike.

Once there, the thieves don’t recognize her, but Chad appears at that point as well and vouches to let Claire inside the Thieves’ Hideout below. Once inside, he will inform his leader, Pliny, of what has just transpired, after which Claire is free to talk to him. Turning out to be somewhat of an ideologue, Claire may answer his query in one of four ways, the first answer awarding [+1 Intrigue], the second [+1 Depravity], the third [+1 Defiance], and the last one [+1 Seduction]. Ultimately, Pliny wants to believe that Claire is a good enough fit for the Thieves and allows her to join up.

The nearby Savord will also be sent by Pliny to take the place of the Fence that Chad and Claire had just stolen from, and talking to Chad has us receive 100 silvers and discuss joining the Thieves. Also, from this point onward and for a limited time, if she had been enslaved at The Meat Pit prior to this or started the quest Hole In The Ground, Claire may also automatically talk to Pliny whenever going past Chad and inform him of Natalie being enslaved there, which will provoke quite a reaction from him and have him send a team to rescue both her and the rest of the girls there, after which Claire may talk to Natalie in the hideout whenever she likes, to conclude any of her quests and ask her questions.

Good Smith, Bad Smith

Talking to Chad now will give Claire the option to want to officially join the Thieves, which will start this one as her initiation quest. After a lengthy briefing, one can go back to West

Rathpike and talk to Dyrios at the Weaponsmith building about it, but he remains quite willing to keep profiting off the misfortunes of the poor and at Rylar’s expense. So after that comes the time to talk to Rylar at the Armorsmith building. After a lot of shouting on his part, Claire can eventually ask him as to who controls the shipments.

Once she asks that, she at last has a reason to enter the Warehouse. There are three ways to complete Claire’s mission. Be warned, though, that after doing so access to the Armorsmith, Weaponsmith and Warehouse buildings will be restricted for good.

The first one can be achieved if Claire has [Intrigue ≥ 6] and [Defiance ≥ 6]. In that case, you need only go to the western part of the warehouse and interact with the sparkle at the western end of that room, where at the cost of -25 EP Claire should be able to move the sandbags. Alternatively, with [Defiance < 6] and a {Knife} she can also cut the sandbags, but at the cost of losing her {Knife}.

She can then return to the Foreman and alert him of the problem she herself caused, which sees him abandon his desk. At this point Claire can rob him of the {Large Topaz} stashed in a chest nearby, that she can sell to Savord, as well as alter the documents on the desk after reading through the Foreman’s letters to complete her mission.

The second way can be undertaken if Claire has [Seduction ≥ 5]. In that case she need only attempt to flirt with the Foreman, which will lead to one of two options:

a) Climb into his lap!

Claire gives him a handjob, while he in turn nuzzles at her breasts. The ensuing mess convinces him to leave and wash up – gain [+1 Depravity].

b) Send him away…

Claire has the Foreman meet her somewhere more private – gain [+1 Intrigue]. Either way, this allows her access to both the documents and the {Large Topaz}.

The third one can be achieved if Claire first talks to the workers and then encourages the Foreman’s Daughter to ‘hang out’ with them. This awards Claire [+1 Seduction] and has the workers move to the eastern part of the warehouse. At this point Claire can go back to the Foreman and tell him about what his daughter is doing, or alternatively she can also seduce him for an extra stat point as outlined previously, if she is capable of such.

All that remains is to return to Chad to report and debrief, after which you will also automatically lay low at the Thieves’ Hideout for a few days and recover all your HP and EP. During that time Dyrios is imprisoned by Zeon in his dungeon while the Warehouse, Weaponsmith and Armorsmith buildings in West Rathpike all become inaccessible. Rylar also moves to Valos, making the northeast Smithy in Valos Outer City accessible now.

Insuring Justice

The next quest can be started by talking to Chad once again. He will brief you on his suspicions about Fat Jack and will advise you to talk to a woman, who once worked at his place and can now be found at the Rusty Shield.

Going to the Rusty Shield and finding the Flustered Waitress there, she will elaborate a bit on her suspicions and give you her {Cleaner’s Key} to the Seaside Cottage, which can be found in the southern peninsula of The Wash. You can enter it easily enough with the key, but if you have [Defiance ≥ 3] you can also enter via the vines that lead to the 2nd floor window. This may be preferable, since doing so also opens the window on that floor, which is otherwise locked from the inside and which might prove important later on.

Once inside there are many flavor sparkles to look through, as well as a chest to lockpick if Claire can do so, but the two sparkles needed to progress are the letter on the table on the first floor and the blue book on the table in the northwest corner of the second floor. Collecting that evidence and reading through it will unveil a third sparkle, which is activated by moving to the southwestern most tile in front of the lamp on the first floor. This will reveal the passage to the Hidden Basement, down which Claire can now go.

It is advisable to save the game at this point. Exploring the basement, Claire eventually finds the boy, Aster, in his cell. Talking to him leaves you with no option but to climb back up into the house, which triggers Fat Jack’s return to his home together with two thugs. At this point Claire has three general options on how to try and resolve her mission:

a) Remain in plain sight

Claire confronts Fat Jack and the thugs as he enters his home – A bold move, which has three further options on how Claire can play it out:

● If she chooses to ‘Intimidate them’ and happens to have [Defiance ≥ 10], then she can actually intimidate Jack into giving up {Fat Jack’s Key}, needed to free Aster from his cell, and sends him and his thugs running. Claire can then go back down into the basement and free Aster from his cell for [+1 Defiance], assuming that she opened one of the two escape routes before: either the window from the outside or the back door using the {Backdoor Key} found in the locked chest. If, on the other hand, she has [Defiance < 10], one of the thugs calls her bluff and Fat Jack orders her killed. Game Over.

● If she chooses to ‘Go for a bluff’ with [Intrigue ≥ 7], they are convinced of her being there for innocent reasons, though that only lasts for a moment until they find the basement to be open and the place is now off-limits to her until the end of the mission. Should she make this attempt while having [Intrigue < 7], then Fat Jack doesn’t believe it and has her killed by one of the thugs.

Game Over.

● {Cleaner’s Key} If she chooses to ‘Pretend to be a cleaner’, she manages to talk her way out of it and escape the house, although she fails to free Aster herself as the place is now off-limits to her until the end of the mission.

b) Go hide upstairs

Claire hides upstairs while a thug blocks the stairway – If you’ve entered the house from the window, then making your way towards it will be tricky, as the thug is patrolling right inbetween, and you won’t free Aster from his prison yourself. If you haven’t, however, then the window is locked from the inside to prevent Aster from possibly escaping and Claire has little choice but to try and get past the thug to the 1st floor. If he catches her (or if the one on the 1st floor does too, for that matter), then she can either resist, which leads to a Game Over with [Defiance < 9], or has her kick him in the balls and temporarily escape with [Defiance ≥ 10]. If she decides not to resist, it always results in [- 1 Defiance] and leads to him roughly raping and choking her from behind in the event of [Depravity < 9] or to her actually egging him on as they indulge in their insane lusts in the event of [Depravity ≥ 9], which also awards Claire [+1 Seduction]. In either case, he then kicks her out of the house safely.

c) Go hide downstairs

Claire hides downstairs in the basement while Fat Jack guards the exit – A bit of a risky plan if Claire has [Defiance < 5], since if Fat Jack catches her he will

choke her to death to keep his dirty secret quiet. Game Over. But if Claire has [Defiance ≥ 5] she can simply walk up to Fat Jack, punch his lights out for [+1 Defiance], retrieve {Fat Jack’s Key} from his pocket and free Aster for another [+1 Defiance]. Though same as before, without one of the two escape routes being open, Aster can’t make the attempt. Alternatively, Claire can also sneak behind Fat Jack and pickpocket his key if she has [Intrigue ≥ 6], but will fail and be subject to the above Defiance check with [Intrigue < 6].

However you managed to conclude this quest and escape the Seaside Cottage, the only thing left to do is to return to Chad in order to report and debrief, where he will note that he’ll make sure to rescue Aster in case you haven’t. Once again, Claire will rest at the hideout in order to fully recover her HP and EP, while during this time Fat Jack will also be caught by the authorities and imprisoned by Zeon in his dungeon for his deplorable acts.

The Seaside Cottage will also become inaccessible, unless you’ve managed to rescue Natalie before in one of two ways, in which case Natalie, Emma, Sarah, Zayana and Aster will be housed there by the Thieves, hoping to elude Lecter’s scrutiny. If after this you go there to visit them, they will all have quite a bit to say to Claire.

In Cahoots

This quest starts by talking to Chad again. He will tell Claire that Pliny wants to talk to her alone at the Tomb of Serganos in The Wash. After a brief history of the man, Pliny will as Claire why she thinks they call their group ‘the Thieves’, to which she can answer in one of four ways. The first answer awards her [+1 Defiance], the second [+1 Intrigue], the third [+1 Depravity], and the last one [+1 Seduction]. He will then proceed with a detailed history of Rathpike, how its corruption had started and how the Thieves fight it as well as their main antagonist, Lecter, to try and improve the lives of those living on this island. In conclusion, he will detail Claire’s next task towards that end – to travel to Narfu and investigate a meeting between Lecter’s slavers and pirates, to find out what they’re up to.

Arriving in Narfu, Claire can find a thief blocking the way to the Salty Slattern Inn, where he notes in his report that while the slavers were seen arriving with a caravan, the pirates were not. A black sailed ship did appear, but never docked, leading the thief to suspect they have a hidden landing site that likely leads via a secret path to the back of the inn, since pirate guards have been seen guarding a room inside. He also notes the black roofed house as an aside, just in case you haven’t completed that quest yet.

After this, Claire can enter the inn and note the thug guarding the entrance to the backroom, with a burly sailor nearby. With [Seduction ≥ 6] she can make him wait for her outside and leave his post, or she can just lie to get the burly sailor to attack the thug. Upon entering the backroom, we overhear the two thugs assign their patrol routes nearby and note that we can hide in piles of hay while they pass, though if they do catch her they will only kick her out of the room, thus allowing her to try again.

If she has [Intrigue ≥ 9], Claire can simply walk a bit north to a crack in the wall and listen in on the conversation in the nearby room through there. Failing that, she may attempt to get past the eastern guard using several piles of hay as hiding places, or she can head northwest and try to squeeze through a crack in the wall there for a faster route. Be warned, though, that with [Defiance < 9] she will get stuck, leading to the two thugs discovering and blowbanging her immobilized form, where with [Depravity < 9] Claire will lose all her EP and suffer [-1 Defiance] and [+1 Depravity], while [Depravity 9] results in her losing only -50 EP and actually enjoying the ordeal, awarding her [+2 Depravity] and [-2 Defiance]. It will, at least, get the guards to abandon their patrol routes however, giving her a clear path to listen in on the doorway.

As she does so and eavesdrops on the scheming pirates and slavers, she realizes she has to search the meeting room. Not much is revealed by the sparkles, except for a hidden opening that leads to Bootleggers’ Tunnel underneath where a {Large Sapphire} can be found stashed in a red chest in the northeast. The exit to the southeast, however, leads us to Bootleggers’ Cove just in time to see Captain Grey’s ship depart, while his garbled journal awaits our retrieval in the western part. Bringing this back to the Thieves’ HQ thus concludes the quest.

Mercenary Questline

The Iron Trade

The questline for the tough Mercenaries of Rathpike actually begins with Something’s Fishy, which makes a certain Mercenary captain named Gallis appear on the road in The Wash that leads to the Rumbling Pass. With [Defiance < 5] he won’t think much of Claire’s odds of success in regards to the quest, but with [Defiance ≥ 5] he will give her some {Bandages} and ask of Claire to try and find a missing mercenary in the Rumbling Pass and, should he be dead, recover his {Iron Ring} instead.

This leads to Claire venturing forth into the Rumbling Pass, where she has to keep heading west until she finds the remains of the mercenary in question in the northwest corner. She needs to recover his {Iron Ring} and then deliver it to Gallis back at the Mercenary HQ in West Rathpike, receiving a reward of 50 silvers and [+1 Defiance].

In addition to this, Gallis will also ask Claire to deliver a {Condolence Letter} on his behalf to the mercenary’s widow, who can be found in West Rathpike’s Hovel, which is now unlocked. Inside you can find the Mercenary’s Widow and her two children, and upon delivery of the letter Claire has one of three ways in which to react to the widow’s sorrow:

a) (Console her)

Grieving widow is reassured – Gain [+1 Seduction] lose [- 1 Defiance] .

b) (Scold her)

Grieving widow finds strength to go on – Gain [+1 Defiance] lose [- 1 Intrigue].

c) (Say nothing)

Grieving widow’s hysterics make Claire awkwardly leave – Lose [- 1 Intrigue].

After Claire ponders upon her newfound perspective of the Mercenaries, she can go back to the Mercenary HQ and find Gallis there, speaking to Lion in the northern part of it. After a lengthy conversation, where Claire’s knowledge of Zeon is entirely optional, an initiation proposal will be put forth before her, if Claire wishes to officially join the Mercenaries, since Gallis has now vouched for her. Either way, Gallis will depart at the end of the talk, leaving for his new posting at Dargan Mining Town, while Claire will have the task of retrieving one {Manticore Tail} to prove her worth to Lion.

Getting one such tail safely can be done in one of two ways. The first is with a {Leather Guard}, which you may get for free if you talk to the Cautious Gypsy in The Badlands. He will also explain how it functions, but while Claire understands that, it is another thing entirely to have the hefty [Defiance ≥ 9] to properly use it. If she does not have both, then, absent of Claire carrying at least one {Monster Repellent}, any Manticore encounter results in a Game Over. Also note that, after defeating one Manticore in this fashion and retrieving its {Manticore Tail}, you will lose one {Leather Guard} and that the next beast will get you, if you do not have another shield or any {Monster Repellents} in your inventory.

And the other way is much easier, as it involves going to the area in The Badlands, where one can find the dead mercenaries, with a {Manticore Tail} lying right next to either of them.

All that remains is to return back to Lion at the Mercenary HQ and Claire is formally inducted into the Mercenaries, with her own {Iron Ring} being awarded to her as well as access to all mercenary quartermaster gear that she can use and all the drinks that mercenary bartenders can dish out at discounted prices. And on top of all that, Claire may now also speak to Gallis, who is found at the HQ’s bar, to level up her Defiance for money, as long as [Defiance < 20] is true. Finally, the Clerk found in each mercenary outpost will allow her to fast travel to any of the other Rathpike outposts for free.

Prove Your Steel

Talking to Lion again after that will reveal the first posting that Claire will get as an official mercenary. She is to report to the mercenary outpost in Narfu Village, which is now fully accessible, and find its commander Belisaros inside. Finding the badly scarred man during a heated meeting in his office, and thinking little of Claire, he mentions that he expected something a lot more serious to deal with the kraken nearby. Claire can counter this by saying that she is not a joke for [+1 Defiance], stutter a bit for no gain or remain silent for [+1 Intrigue], but either way he will remain unimpressed and bid her to run around and patrol anyway before becoming irate that he has to outfit her with gear as well.

Obviously Claire will need to convince him quite resoundingly, that she has what it takes to be a mercenary. And as it so happens that involves dealing with the kraken and making sure it is no longer a problem for Narfu. Talking to Fisher Joe once, and then again to confirm that we are a mercenary tasked with dealing with the beast, permits Claire to approach its lair, where we get to decide how to handle this.

Whichever way we chose to solve this quest, Claire can then go back to Fisher Joe where she can take the credit for a reward of 3 {Grilled Fish}, give the Mercenaries the credit for [+1 Defiance] or stay humble for [+1 Intrigue]. This will also resolve Sally’s quest and allow us to return to her to complete it fully.

Returning to Belisaros has him award Claire 200 silver in thanks, as well as order the quartermaster to present a well-deserved {Mercenary Outfit}, specifically designed for her and capable of absorbing at least one blow from most types of monsters she might encounter during her service to the Mercenaries! Upon reporting back to Belisaros Claire will also rest and have all her hunger and energy restored.

Lights Out

Talking to our grumpy Narfu commander after Claire’s rest has him ask her why she thinks the mercenaries are even stationed out here in the first place, to which she may respond in one of four ways:

a) “To show these hicks who’s boss!”

Belisaros is disappointed by her and most mercs’ belief – Gain [+1 Depravity].

b) “To collect taxes, and fund public projects.”

Belisaros finds her take interesting, but not quite it – Gain [+1 Intrigue].

c) “To protect and defend!”

Belisaros wholeheartedly approves of Claire’s answer – Gain [+1 Defiance].

d) “To win public support…?”

Belisaros corrects Claire, but approves of her intent – Gain [+1 Seduction].

Either way, he will continue to elaborate on the answer himself and tie that into her next mission for the Mercenaries, that she will have to undertake on her own. Claire is to act as a runner that collects an {Outpost Report} from each outpost north of here and must thus proceed north into Corsair’s Coast, which is now no longer blocked by two mercenaries.

She can find them right outside the entrance, talking about the vicious dreadflies that Claire may encounter during her mission, and how buying {Thorned Cowls} from the Quartermaster back inside might be a good idea to ward them off and even collect a certain monster part we could use for alchemy as well. Afterwards, she is free to head north and talk to the first mercenary for her quest, who is standing right next to the one that’s guarding the pass to The Hinterlands. He will quickly hand over his report, leaving Claire to proceed further up the coast and across the bridge towards the second outpost.

Right before arriving there, she will come across another mercenary barring her way, who will wonder if she’s here about the legendary Slayer and the goblins. Right after mentioning them, a scene will unfold where one of the little monsters will be cornered by the other mercs and killed on the spot fairly easily, right before Claire receives the second report. He will then describe to her what goblins are in the most basic terms and bid her to go further up north to The Lookout, where she may find the third and final report.

Upon arrival Claire finds the site filled with dreadflies and must find a way past them and into the outpost itself, which will not be easy. Unless you are really good at baiting and dashing past all 4 of them, Claire will likely not be able to pull this off without at least one encounter. It is recommended to use either {Thorned Cowls}, {Monster Repellents} or the one hit on the {Mercenary Outfit} itself to lure all 4 of the dreadflies into the southeast corner and trigger an encounter there. This will reset Claire back to the southwest corner, while the dreadflies will remain in the southeast, thereby giving you a chance to sprint past them and into the Overrun Outpost before they return. Should Claire run out of any of the aforementioned options to ward off the dreadflies, they will overwhelm her and fill her full of eggs before dragging her to their lair to lay their brood. Game Over.

Once she manages to get past them and get inside, Claire investigates the site of a massacre. Apparently, goblins tunneled into the outpost and killed every last mercenary in the outpost, even the one who tried and failed to light the beacon fire to signal that they’re under attack. In the northeast corner she can find the very final {Outpost Report}, but before she makes her way back outside she encounters the Slayer, examining the initial goblin corpse! Identifying themselves as part of the Mercenaries, the Slayer will then escort her back to Belisaros and report what the two of them have seen.

After Claire vouches for the hard-to-believe story, of goblins managing to overwhelm a Mercenary outpost, plans will be drawn up to mount an expedition into the Hinterlands to find out the cause, where Belisaros insists that Slayer take someone alongside them as to be held properly accountable. Thus, Claire is volunteered, since a duo would be better than a whole team in this case, leading her to rest up before they depart.

…It’s Goblins

Since talking to the Slayer doesn’t give us a word in response, Belisaros will once again be the one to update us on how to proceed. He tells us that the reports which Claire brought back during the last mission observed strange ships off the coast, sailing towards the rivers that flow into Rathpike’s interior – the Hinterlands area. After a brief history of

why that area has been mostly abandoned by now, which is tied to the history of Zeon’s mercenaries, he will send Claire and Slayer to investigate it, reminding Slayer to return immediately for reinforcements in case they find anything more than goblins.

Afterwards we need to go back up to Corsair’s Coast, where we find Slayer awaiting Claire next to the entrance to the Lesser Hinterlands, which becomes accessible when she joins the party. Slayer guides Claire down the stony path to a hut with an older couple who seem familiar with the armor-clad mercenary and extend their welcomes to Claire. They do, however, report that a nearby sparkling gravesite has been disturbed, prompting Slayer and Claire to go outside and investigate it. Soon enough they discover that the human skull of the buried skeleton has been taken by goblins and it is now time to hunt them down.

Heading initially south of the gravesite, the forested path loops back into a cave that leads to another entrance, where investigating the sparkling bone totem and knocking it over draws out a goblin guard, as both Slayer and Claire hide in the nearby tall grass! Claire now learns how to kill a Goblin safely from behind using a {Knife} and also how to hide its corpse from any other patrols by using a {Body Bag}, prompted by Slayer to follow her into the Goblin Cave after that’s done. Inside Slayer gives her some more information about goblins and must now leave Claire to secure a nearby ambush tunnel, telling the player to make their way to the end of the Goblin Cave and meet Slayer there while killing or avoiding the goblin patrols in-between, giving us another {Knife} and {Body Bag} for at least one more safe kill.

Navigating the Goblin Cave without getting caught is all about taking the indirect right path, as opposed to the direct left path that has 2 goblin guards guarding a tight area. If we go right, then in the northeast corner some sparkles give us a {Monster Token} before we see a goblin facing away from us a bit to the west. While it is tempting to use the knife on him, the real pro strat is to dash past him into the northwest corner – if we did this right, then he and his alerted buddies will soon lose track of us (especially if we then hide in the high grass). Then we either use the knife and body bag on the last guard in the western part of the cave, or we bump into him from the high grass, thereby not triggering his alert, and at the cost of her armor getting damaged Claire can punt that goblin instead while gaining [+1 Defiance] if [Defiance < 10] is true and gets away with it.

If we’ve entered the west entrance without getting caught by the goblins, Claire will immediately gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue] in acknowledgment of her skill. If at any point before, however, we wound up getting mobbed by the goblins, the Slayer will in this one case rush to our rescue and escort us to this point, but without the attribute rewards.

Looking around the Goblin Cave-Haven Claire is instructed to collect some {Goblin Dung} for future use, while finding a group of dead goblins that were killed by other goblins. With Slayer finding this a bad and inexplicable thing, she then douses more of the nest in oil and burns the nearby hidden goblin younglings before departing together with Claire. Upon our return to Belisaros, so as to report our findings, we now have three final options with which to conclude this quest:

a) “The incidents happened too close together. It’s suspicious” – [+1 Intrigue].

b) “Even if Slayer is wrong, thin goblin numbers gud.” – [+1 Defiance] & [+1 Depravity].

c) “Can’t we all just…get along?” – [+1 Seduction].

Shieldmaiden Questline

By Blood and Sweat Both!

To begin the questline of the legendary Shieldmaidens, Claire must speak with the two brothers from Nordheim, Thorfinn & Thorkeld, who can be found at the Old Bailey Inn in the northwest corner. This leads to Claire asking as to what they are doing here and them being happy to explain their search for their father, Bjorn, which leads us to deduce that the Customs Officer in West Rathpike seems like the best person to talk to next as to find out what exactly happened to him and his crew.

Claire can get the necessary information out of him by asking as to what happened to the crew, but if she has [Seduction ≥ 5] she can also seduce him and gain additional intriguing facts about all of this, also gaining [+1 Intrigue] in the process. In any case, everything points towards Dargan Mining Town, leading her to travel there.

Upon arrival the whole place looks rather messed up, but going into the Brownstone Inn and talking to Tibor behind the counter twice will get us on the right track, where the second time you get the option to say you’re looking for someone. This advances the quest and after a brief relocation has Tibor ask Claire if this is really worth pursuing, to which she can respond in a couple of ways:

a) (Reply bravely) – Gain [+1 Defiance]

b) (Reply mysteriously) – Gain [+1 Intrigue]

Either way, Tibor will be sufficiently impressed and will bid Claire to meet him at the Abandoned House that can be found in the northern part of Dargan Mining Town. However, note the absence of the Wistful Man at that point and sure enough, immediately upon exiting the pub, he will stop and ask her not to trust Tibor and meet him instead in front of the mines. Doing so leads Claire into a trap, where Claire will be dual- penetrated by the awaiting mercenaries and imprisoned in the nearby Sealed Mine.

And if [Defiance < 11], then Claire’s will is broken on the spot as she resigns herself to

being the mercenaries’ pregnant cum dump, enslaved until the end of her days.

Game Over.

Should that not be the case, however, and Claire’s [Defiance ≥ 11], then she actually has a chance to escape still. This involves looking around her prison and finding something with which she can make a shiv to her direct west, using up the energy she can get from resting on the stool in the center to do so in the process. To replenish her HP, however, she must eat the gruel to her direct east and then rest as many times as necessary. Each time she has to attract attention for more food and be raped by the mercenaries, it costs her [-1 Defiance]. If at any point of this they bring her down to [Defiance < 9], Claire’s will breaks and the aforementioned scene ensues. Game Over. Eventually, however, when the shiv is ready, Claire needs only attract the mercenaries’ attention one more time, at which point Claire gets dual-penetrated yet again, but in this version she concludes it by killing both men and thus carving her bloody path to freedom.

If, on the other hand, we trusted Tibor at the start of all this, then this can all be avoided. But supposing we did not, then immediately upon entering the Abandoned Home we will tell him, why it took us this long to meet him. He will then explain everything that’s been happening in the town, and conclude with the fact that somewhere in this place is likely an entrance into the mine shafts of the current Greydeep Mines. Sure enough, it may be found under the sparkling bed in the northwest corner.

This leads her down a long passage right into the interior of the Greydeep Mines, where interacting with the boards separating her and some fair-haired slaves will result in trying to get their attention. This has them tear down the boards and Claire finally gets to meet Bjorn, who momentarily joins her party. After a short introduction a plan is formed to retrieve some weapons from the area to the east and then use them to attack Yorn, the evil overseer of this mine that can be found to the west. But before a revolt can happen, Claire and Bjorn must rouse all the depressed slaves to their west by talking to them, to increase the odds of the slave revolt’s success. If Claire had been enslaved by the mercenaries, she can also find the head of the Wistful Man on a pike at the southern entrance.

Approaching the mercenaries guarding the overseer, Yorn, sees Bjorn and his Nordling compatriots triumph and also sees Yorn make his escape using a trap door and some smoke. Not being able to chase him, Claire and Bjorn instead lead the revolt that results in a resounding success while also making the Greydeep Mines and the Forgotten Passage permanently inaccessible. Gain [+2 Defiance] and [+2 Intrigue]!

The consequences are also quite extensive beyond that. Basileos, the former commander of the local outpost, was supposed to have been hanged for slavery by Zeon, but also managed to escape. Tibor is posted as the new overseer instead of Yorn and both the Mercenary Outpost as well as the Town Forge are now also fully accessible, where Claire can get some extremely rare {High-Purity Blacksteel} and sell it later for a lot of silver.

Finally, Claire may return to the Old Bailey Inn at Rathpike City West and find Bjorn next to his quarrelsome spawn, Thorfinn & Thorkeld. Together, they found out that their ship had been bought by Old Red while in the impound yard, so now it’s up to Bjorn and Claire to pay her a visit and see about getting it back from her.

A Red Proposal

To start this, Claire must simply go to North Rathpike and meet Bjorn in front of the Casino. After entering the establishment, we find him demanding to see the cakewoman at the western end of the place. Both of them are then led to meet Old Red, where after a lengthy conversation of some mistrust Bjorn agrees that he and his kin get their longship back free of charge and will work to retrieve a series of artefacts from the Shatterstone Isles, south of Rathpike. Part of the deal also has Old Red provide them with all necessary supplies to be delivered to an establishment near her own private docks, from which they may organize their expeditions. It is there that Claire must head to next.

Immediately upon entering Claire finds Thorfinn and Thorkeld celebrating with the newly- provided supplies, though soon after Bjorn enters as well with news that they have all been gone for too long from their homeland and that his wife has sent the final solution to retrieve them all back.

That final solution then bursts through the doors next, knocking Bjorn aside, and her name is Aslaug! As his daughter, she was sent to drag both him and her inept brothers back to Nordheim, no matter what, to defend the family’s homesteads in the local Clanmeets. Only now, with Bjorn securing a grand and rich adventure for them that will net them far greater riches than that, Aslaug now insists on staying and hoarding a good amount of the plunder. In the end she settles on 60-40, with Claire ostensibly to be her ‘bathing bitch’, which is soon remedied to a ‘shieldmaiden’ . And thus the quest concludes with Claire needing to don one of the Nordling’s older armors, with her having a [Defiance ≥ 10] resulting in her actually surprising Aslaug with her confident response to her bullying.

A The Alchemist

This major business can only be started after completing a specific Main Quest. Having completed that, Claire can visit Aiyana’s Lab in the Badlands at any time and begin to work on a very lucrative and dangerous path. Talking to her, or also reading her updated sparkling journal, reveals that most of the tribe now believes Aiyana to be a jinx and so she needs Claire to source the monster parts, in order to discern their properties through experimentation. Of these only {Slime Extract} has already been identified.

Also worth noting is that once we exit her lab for the first time, we will meet her cousin Thalia, who will be willing to hunt down whatever monster reagent we have already successfully retrieved and experimented on beforehand. The cost of these reagents is insubstantial compared to the profit we can get from the finished alchemical products!

A. 1 Manticore Tail

Interacting with one of the open jars in the room reveals this to be the first ingredient that Claire must obtain to progress and it can be found, quite handily, in the Badlands. Once she has retrieved one of them, she must interact with the empty jar, at which point Aiyana asks if she’s ready to experiment with it, provided that she has at least [Depravity ≥ 9].

This can go one of two ways. If Claire has [Intrigue ≥ 10], then after the tail gets dropped into the cauldron she will be quick-witted enough to grab some cloth, tossing one of them to Aiyana, with which they avoid the worst of the paralytic fumes, seeing Claire gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue]. But if [Intrigue < 10], then both girls will be paralyzed by the fumes, standing still until a group of Gypsy boys find them, annoyed at what they see them playing a game and deciding to join in by gangbanging their paralyzed bodies. This will result in Claire losing [-2 Defiance] and gaining [+2 Depravity].

Either way, Aiyana and Claire discover how to create fairly expensive {Lubricant} by performing alchemy on a {Manticore Tail} and a {Slime Extract}, should Claire have one of each in her inventory.

A.2 Dreadfly Stinger

Another open jar in the room will demand this as the ingredient and it can be gotten either within Corsair’s Coast or in The Meat Pit’s abyss called ‘Whore’s End’, though the latter can only be obtained with at least one {Thorned Cowl} in our inventory as Claire does not wear her Mercenary Armor there. Once we’ve retrieved it, she need only interact with the appropriate empty jar, thus beginning the experiment so long as Claire has [Depravity ≥ 6].

This time if Claire has [Defiance ≥ 6] she will have the option to try and contain the inevitable gaseous release from the stinger, which prevents both her and Aiyana from feeling the worst of the aphrodisiac effects and sees Claire gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue]. But if [Defiance < 6] then Claire will not even have the option to prevent that from happening and results in Claire and Aiyana engaging in an intense lesbian sexual marathon that lasts for hours, so as to sate their lusts! When they both awaken the next day Claire winds up gaining [+1 Intrigue] as well as [+1 Seduction] if she kisses Aiyana on the cheek at the end or [+1 Depravity] if she spanks her ass instead. They also learn how to create an {Aphrodisiac} by combining a {Dreadfly Stinger} with a {Slime Extract} while performing alchemy.

Valos Areas – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Port of Valos

Places of interest:

● North: Portside

● Signpost (next to the northern entrance)

Notable items:

● {Salted Fish} (on the Wistful Citizen)

Notable characters:

● Skipper

● Wistful Citizen

● Forgetful Sailor

Welcome to the City of Plenty. Unless you’ve been enslaved and/or sold off to a certain noble house here, this will be the first area that you will find yourself in. Not much to do upon your arrival here, other than talking to the Skipper on the southeastern dock, if you want to book passage to a different island at the cost of -20 silvers, hear the tale of the Wistful Citizen at the southwest corner of the port for a free {Salted Fish} or talk to the Forgetful Sailor on the uppermost western dock for his quest.


Places of interest:

A) North: Valos Outer City

B) Southwest: Port of Valos

C) Signpost (south of the northern entrance)

D) Greengolds’ Acquisition Agency

Notable characters:

1. All sorts of merchants

2. Clingy Plutocrat*

The main thing to do here is to shop, as something like a quarter of all the NPCs here are vendors of one form or another, though none of them happens to be a fence that will buy things off Claire. For that you need to enter the building east of the path that leads further north to Valos Outer City, the one whose sign reads as the Greengolds Acquisition Agency.

Also, if you’ve provoked his ire before, you can find the Clingy Plutocrat waiting for his mercenaries to return at the secluded waterfront right next to the Acquisition Agency.

Greengolds’ Acquisition Agency

Places of interest:

● South entrance: Portside

Notable characters:

● Clerk

The Clerk at the entrance is all that’s important in this place. Talking to him reveals that he will buy things off you as a fence, but also that he is on the lookout for very rare items to be brought to him. Specifically, he is on the lookout for {High-Purity Blacksteel} and he will pay handsomely if Claire can get him some. The only way to obtain it is to finish the Shieldmaiden starting quest and obtain them from Dargan Mining Town’s forge. Claire is then promptly rewarded for their delivery with 1,000 silvers by the Clerk.

Valos Outer City

Places of interest:

A) South: Portside

B) West: Valos Inner City

C) East: Farmer’s Country

D) Signpost (to the right of the eastern bridge)

E) Fairfelt Manor

F) Hotel Bellevue

G) Le Restaurant Saveur

H) The Cup and Trotter

I) Library of Valos

J) Rylar’s New Smithy

K) Karland’s Home

L) Mysterious Tree

Notable characters:

1. Flower Girl OR Grateful Vendor

This part of Valos serves as a sort of center between all the other parts. If one approaches from the south, having just arrived from Portside, they first come across the Hotel Bellevue right to their north, where Claire can find a room. Directly to their west will be a Restaurant with high-quality food and poor-quality employee retention, and if they should go north by either avenue they will find the Fairfelt Manor in the center north part, only

accessible if you’ve ever been, or are on the path to becoming, Lawrence’s slave. To the west of the manor is the path towards Valos Inner City and right before the edge of the area and in the northwest corner is the pub, The Cup and Trotter.

Going a bit back to the northeast of it, you will find the Library of Valos in the northern part of the map. Then going further eastwards and across the bridge, you usually come across a Flower Girl selling {Wildflowers}, as well as a Signpost for the area. Going north from there, you can find the Smithy, which will either be guarded by a dog and inaccessible or inhabited by Rylar, if you managed to finish the second Thief quest by this time in Rathpike. Going directly south from the Flower Girl leads you to Karland’s Home, then there’s the Mysterious Tree, requiring [Intrigue ≥ 7] to determine that it’s hollow, and finally going east on the main road leads to Farmer’s Country. But right before that point you may encounter a Grateful Vendor, who always replaces the aforementioned Flower Girl. He thanks you profusely and gives you 100 silvers and some {Wildflowers} in gratitude, in case you previously helped him out as much as you could.

Finally, there is a 20% chance that, upon entering this area, rain will start to pour down and the streets will clear themselves of guards and people. Not having any permanent residence here, Claire will run under the Flower Girl’s tent, which will however not prove up to the task of holding off the rain. She must then make her way to the Hotel Bellevue’s entrance, in order to wait out the rain there, where if she takes 50 steps to get there she will become sickl and must seek either the care of the local clinic or consume some {Medicine} to remove the effect that will otherwise slowly drain her EP to zero.

Also, beware the newly spawned Paupers that patrol the streets! If any of them catch Claire, while she has [Defiance < 10], they will proceed to gangrape her, costing her all her energy as well as [-2 Defiance], though with [Depravity10] she will actually enjoy it, losing [-1 Defiance] and gaining [+1 Depravity] the first time. If her [Defiance ≥ 10], she will instead Falcon Punch the first Pauper that she runs into, making the rest scatter and giving her a one-time reward of [+1 Defiance]. After any one of these three things happen, the rains will stop.

Fairfelt Manor

Places of interest:

● (main floor) Southern entrance: Valos Outer City

● (main floor) Eastern staircase: servants’ quarters

● (main floor) Western staircase: cellar

● (main floor) Northern ladder: Lawrence’s dungeon

● (Lawrence’s dungeon) Northern ladder: main floor

Notable items:

● {Lawrence’s Key}

● {Indenture of Servitude} (locked chest) in southwest room, unlocked with above

● {Land of Fear} (on bookshelf southwest room, if Karland’s second quest is active)

Notable characters:

● Lawrence

● Esther

This area is accessible only if you’ve ever stumbled upon, or are on the path to resolving, a Plutocrat quest, so looking up that quest, as well as Karland’s second quest, is advised. The place is quite big, but fairly straightforward to navigate.

Hotel Bellevue

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southern entrance: Valos Outer City

● (1st floor) Northeastern entrance: small room, then Valos Outer City

● (1st floor) Northwestern stairway: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Southwestern stairway: 1st floor

● (2nd floor) Inventory Stash in the northeast room

Notable items:

● 5x {Lockpick} hidden in the northwestern sparkle of the small room

Notable characters:

● Hotelier

● Bartender

A much pricier establishment than the one found in Rathpike, considering it costs 30 silvers for each night spent, this will still be your mainstay for regaining EP if Claire has no better option. The Bartender also serves drinks of all sorts, with the Valosian {Fine Wine} going for only 20 silvers and the Hotel Kitchens room can eventually house a certain mother and son, if we’ve sufficiently worked for them before and advanced their questline.

Le Restaurant Saveur

Places of interest:

● Southwestern entrance: Valos Outer City

Notable characters:

● Bartender

● Maitre D

● Chef

A very swanky place where the Bartender serves only wine, the Maitre D has to deal with a nightmarish employee churn and the Chef gets to live out his dream while his assistants get to ruin it. Or will Claire be different than all those other donkeys? To find out, she need only approach the Maitre D in the northeastern corner of the place, witness the latest departure from the employee roster and then speak to the Chef who is hard at work, if she’d like to take up the Kitchen Hand job that now unlocks itself in her quest log.

The first time she talks to him he berates her, issuing a warning that if she messes up he will spank her dainty ass. Talking to him a second time reveals the option to be his assistant, accepting which leads her to activate the nearby sparkling stove to begin work.

The Chef’s orders have to then be performed in exactly the way that he recounts them to Claire and, needless to say, messing them up couldn’t be easier. If she does so in even the slightest way, then the Chef will promptly call her a cunt multiple times while bending Claire over his knee and spanking her bare ass, where with [Depravity4] she will secretly enjoy it. On top of this it will cost Claire -50 EP to endure this, but the Maitre D will also give her 50 silvers to make up for the ordeal.

If, however, Claire actually wants to not get hurt and achieve the unprecedented, one must fulfill the Chef’s orders in exactly this order. Do note that you need to activate the stove for each round, so you can easily save in-between:

1st round

Olive Oil, Onions, Pork Belly, Salt & Pepper

2nd round

Salt & Pepper, Lemon Juice, Breading, Olive Oil, Butter

3rd round

Breading, Chicken, Lardons, Garlic, Wine, Herbs

Should Claire succeed in all three rounds, she will still lose -50 EP due to the stressful work, but the Chef will now actually admit that he was wrong about her, pays her 65 silvers and will allow her to handle a part of the kitchen if she comes by again to work. Should she choose to do so, the player doesn’t have to do any more rounds of orders and Claire merely receives the same reward and EP costs as previously mentioned, as this has now become a repeatable job she can do automatically.

The Cup and Trotter

Places of interest:

● (main floor) Southwestern entrance: Valos Outer City

● (main floor) Southwestern staircase: basement

● (basement) Northern staircase: main floor

Notable items:

● (main floor) {Emerald} need [Intrigue ≥ 10] to spot it (behind the cracked wall of the middle bathroom stall, northwest corner of the main floor)

● (basement) 3 x {Slime Extract} (on the Slimes)

● (basement) {Sailor’s Charm} (crate) in the center

● (basement) {Monster Token} (bag) in the southeast corner

Notable characters:

● Bartender

● Slimes

● Clingy Plutocrat

● Charlotte*

Worthy of note is that the basement has a couple of valuable things, including the {Sailor’s Charm} for the respective quest in a sparkling crate, with a {Monster Token} in a bag at the end of it. However, as always, should Claire get caught by one of the slimes while having [Defiance < 3] she will be bound into a slimy prison in which she is raped repeatedly. Game Over. On the other hand, with [Defiance ≥ 3] she can stomp them for their {Slime Extracts}. In the bathroom stalls in the northwest corner of the main floor one can also find the Clingy Plutocrat, who is harassing a Troubled Waitress. It is also there, in the center one, that Claire can find an invaluable {Emerald}, if she has [Intrigue ≥ 10], which may come in handy during a certain quest found on this Isle. Also very important, if we’ve encountered and progressed her job sufficiently before, Charlotte can be found here as a waitress, whose encounter starts her own family quest.

Other than that, this place is another one where Claire may get a job, specifically the Barmaid one that pops up in her quest log, if she speaks to the Bartender about it and has at least 40 EP. After she dresses up in the northern storeroom, she can also speak to one of the waitresses in the room, who gives her a hint as to how to get the best tips possible. And while that might get her the most money, there might be hidden costs associated with it, as noted by the other waitress.

There are 5 different tables which she can wait on, of which the easternmost ones with the young and older couple are safe and also result in no tip. The other three, however, have

guys for whom sexual harassment is a meaningless term. Claire can either rebuff their moves or encourage them, where only the latter will award her tips (5 from the young man, 10 from the older man in the center and 15 from the old pervert). It is possible to wait on the same table multiple times, but after 5 such table activations she runs out of drinks.

After reporting back to the Bartender, Claire will gain 20 silvers and lose -40 EP, only needing to go back to the storeroom to change her clothes. If she collected no more than 20 silvers in tips, then nothing happens at this point. But if she exceeded that amount, the drunken bar patrons get a dangerous idea. They ambush Claire in the storeroom in an attempt to gangrape her, where with [Depravity < 9] it is a bad experience all round as she loses [-1 Defiance] and all her EP every time it happens. If her [Depravity9], however, she will actually begin to enjoy it and lose [-2 Defiance] the first time. In this latter version, the bar patrons will be so happy with her, that they will tip her 50 silvers at the end, though from this point on they will always gangbang her in the storeroom at the end of every shift that Claire takes as a Barmaid, regardless of her number of tips.

Should Claire have [Defiance ≥ 9], on the other hand, she will automatically fight off her attackers, gain [+1 Defiance] and they won’t harass her again. Though she’ll also become wary of encouraging this again, and will now refuse to serve any of the tipping patrons.

Library of Valos

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) South entrance: Valos Outer City

● (1st floor) Northwestern staircase: 2nd floor

● (1st floor) Northeastern staircase: cellar

● (cellar) Northeastern staircase: 1st floor

● (2nd floor) Western staircase: 1st floor

Notable characters:

● Librarian

● Beneficient Librarian

Other than being forever taunted by the sparkles of books that are denied to you by the ever-watchful librarians, or by the mysterious chest in the cellar, there are a few Valos quests that might see you come here. A part of Sibling Affection, where you need only talk to the Librarian at the desk at the entrance, for example.

If you really want to read, though, you can still buy many different books from the Librarian at the front desk (one of which is, in fact, necessary for Karland’s first quest), though his prices are quite high for what amounts to abridged versions. One may also find the Beneficient Librarian in the northwest corner of the second floor, who is all too happy to act as a trainer for Claire’s Intrigue skill, with the price increasing with the stat and only being able to be trained so long as [Intrigue < 20].

Rylar’s New Smithy

Places of interest:

● Southeastern entrance: Valos Outer City

Notable items:

● One type of item (carried by the dog)

Notable characters:

● Rylar

● Dog

Accessible only if you finished the second Thief quest, this place sees you reunited with the booming Rylar, who explains how his move to this place came about after your actions on Rathpike. He will also ask you to help name the dog that he adopted upon arriving here, which is a bit more of an important decision than it might seem. Interacting with the dog after naming him will see him bring Claire a certain type of item:



Claire will be gifted a {Knife} by Wolf.

b) ‘Humper’

Claire will be gifted an {Aphrodisiac} by Humper.



Claire will be gifted a {Lockpick} by Shadow.

d) ‘Fluffy’

Claire will be gifted {Spirits} by Fluffy.

Karland’s Home

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Valos Outer City

Notable items:

● {A History of Humanity} (on a bookshelf west of the entrance)

Notable characters:

● Karland

You can just talk to Karland and thus make him feel a bit awkward, or you can pick up his latest book {A History of Humanity} off the shelf to the west and read it at least once. Doing so will give Claire a topic to discuss with him, and thus start one of the main questlines.

Valos Inner City

Places of interest:

A) East: Valos Outer City

B) North: Gaelan’s Landing

C) Southeast (Ferryman): Cornucopia Island

D) Signpost (in front of the eastern entrance to Valos Outer City)

E) Bath House

F) The Garrison

G) Brabannois Club

H) Noirwood Manor

I) Abbey of Valos

J) Pierre Dinard Clinic

K) Lighthouse

Notable items:

● {Fine Wine} on the old Citizen

Notable characters:

1. Odo, of House Windworth, Commander of the Guard

2. Nosy Plutocrat

3. Citizen

4. Ferryman

5. Beggarwoman

Entering from Valos Outer City to the east and heading northwest, the first place we can find, past the Signpost that is, happens to be the Bath House. Further north one can find the approach to Gaelan’s Landing, although at the moment its entrance is guarded by the mighty Odo, of House Windworth, Commander of the Guard and is off limits to Claire. To the east of him, though, we find the Brabannois Club, where Claire might find employment if she’s seductive and perverted enough.

Directly south of Gaelan’s Landing, on the other hand, we find the Garrison in the center of the map. West of that, we encounter the Nosy Plutocrat, who can give us some info on each of The Five Families. To the north of him is the glorious mansion of the Windworths, where the guards turn us back, and to the south of him is a somewhat hidden entrance to Noirwood Manor, that is currently inaccessible.

Finally, if we take the road south there is an old Citizen at the end of the western waterfront, who will give us his {Fine Wine} if we only agree with him . The Abbey is located along the southwestern waterfront and the Hospital is located directly east after we enter the general area. We can also proceed further south down a longer path that then turns east to reach the Ferryman, who can take us to Cornucopia Island for 10 silvers, unless Claire is a Sister of Fertility in which case the ride is free. There’s also a somewhat odd Beggarwoman next to the Lighthouse.

Bath House

Places of interest:

● (main floor) Southwestern entrance: Valos Inner City

● (main floor) Northeastern entrance: High Sister Rose’s quarters

Notable characters:

● High Sister Rose

A place of convalescence, it costs 10 silvers to enter it, unless Claire is a Sister of Fertility in which case it is free. Of main note is speaking to High Sister Rose on the center left platform, who is one of the starting points for the Temple Questline, unless we’ve already spoken to High Sister Lily in Farmer’s Country or High Sister Peony on Cornucopia Island, in which case Rose won’t be here. Assuming that is not the case, talking to her has her offer Claire a massage, which will always restore her EP fully and may be a regular one, if Claire has [Depravity < 4], or a more dirty one if she has [Depravity ≥ 4]. Rose concludes with an offer to join her in her quarters to the northeast, which we are then allowed to enter.

There we can find her in the southwestern part, where she will bid us to sit on a chair near her private bath in the northeastern corner. If Claire does so, however, it magically paralyzes her on the spot as Rose appears and also speaks a form of incantation that will prevent Claire from revealing what she will see next.

Namely, the High Sister revealing her giant futa cock to be one of the bestowments of her station and asking Claire if she wants to do this the easy way or the hard way. If Claire has [Depravity < 7], her reaction will be to resist and call Rose a freak, which will award her [+1 Defiance] but still won’t stop Rose’s magics from making Claire choke down on her huge futa cock. If Claire has [Depravity ≥ 7], though, her reaction is an awed one, as she gains [+1 Depravity] and will willingly submit to giving Rose a hefty blowjob indeed.

In either event, Claire’s EP will be restored again as she will pass out and be carried off to one of the rooms of the Hotel Bellevue in Valos Outer City, her room paid for as stated by the maid that wakes her up. Also now in her inventory is {Rose’s Note}, which bids her to return to the Bath House for another special kind of event.

Should Claire do so, entering the bath house now becomes free of charge due to her familiarity with Rose. Arriving back at her quarters, there is but a single dress waiting for Claire to don in the northwestern corner of the room, as per the note’s instructions. When she does so Rose appears, being magically concealed up until now, and Claire’s reaction depends on her initial one to Rose. If she resisted, she’ll do so again, but unfortunately neither of her two choices are enough to overcome Rose’s magic and she winds up gaining [+1 Depravity] after being impaled on Rose’s futa cock through forced pleasure. If, on the other hand, she had initially submitted to Rose, then she will do so again, gaining [+2 Depravity] as well as gladly impaling herself on Rose’s futa cock.

The end of this encounter will also begin the first quest of the Sisters of Fertility Questline.

The Garrison

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Valos Inner City

This location has little to do at the moment, though the guard arguing with his sister is part of a quest that may see us return here later. Still, if individuals are imprisoned by Valosian authorities, we can find them milling about in their jail cells here, much as with Rathpike.

Brabannois Club

Places of interest:

● (Lobby) Southern entrance: Valos Inner City

● (Lobby) Northern staircase: Silver Floor

● (Silver Floor) Southwestern staircase: Lobby

Notable characters:

● Concierge

● Bartender

Unless we have [Seduction ≥ 10], we won’t find much here. But if we do, then talking to the Concierge sees Claire start the Life Is A Cabaret quest, inviting her to the Silver Floor.

Abbey of Valos

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: West Rathpike

● Shrine

● Claire’s baby girl*

Other than reading the sparkles in the eastern part, to learn the tale of Claire Sigurdsdottir, one can also find a shrine at which her stats may be temporarily altered for 50 silvers. But in the event that Claire had her child sheltered by the Abbey, she can also

visit her in the northwestern room.

Pierre Dinard Clinic

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Valos Inner City

● Southeastern staircase: Basement

Notable characters:

● Genevieve

● Nurse (at the front desk)

This place is one where Claire can do several things. She can go receive free treatment, if she happens to have gotten the ‘sick’ status effect for any reason, she can purchase {Medicine} from the front desk Nurse for 50 silvers each, which cures sickness immediately or she could even be interred here in the event that she finds herself pregnant.

Other than that, though, this location will be mainly explored through the minor quest The Good Doctor.

Cornucopia Island

Places of interest:

● East (Ferryman): Valos Inner City

● Temple of Fertility

Notable characters:

● Temple Sister

● High Sister Peony

The mysterious island has Claire immediately come upon the Temple Sister, in front of whom are several praying citizens. Right behind her to the south is another shrine to Phantasm, where for -50 silvers we can receive his temporary blessings. Proceeding onward along the stone path to the northwest, you will come upon the Temple of Fertility, where you are normally forbidden entry by the sisters. But, if you haven’t spoken to either High Sister Rose or High Sister Lily before now, you can find High Sister Peony to the northeast of the entrance. Bear in mind that, as with the other two sisters excluding the others, if you do speak to her it will make Rose and Lily disappear from their respective locations and she will be your only way to start the initial Temple quest.

Talking to Peony leads to her wanting to play a game of hide and seek, where she can quite easily be found in a secluded grove of the southwestern corner of the area. When Claire catches her, she can respond in one of three ways, where picking anything other than ‘I don’t like you though’ will start the Sisters of Fertility Questline and have the sisters at the temple allow Claire passage inside.

But if Claire does pick ‘I don’t like you though,’ she will have effectively locked herself out of the whole questline. Peony runs away blowing raspberries at Claire and disappears. With Rose and Lily also gone, there’s no way to enter the temple.

Temple of Fertility

Places of interest:

● South entrance: Cornucopia Island

● North stairway: High Sisters’ council chamber and ceremonial chamber

● Eastern entrance: Temple Gardens

● Crystal Chalice

Notable characters:

● High Sister Lily

● High Sister Peony

● High Sister Rose

Most, if not all, activities here revolve around the Temple Questline.

Temple Gardens

Places of interest:

● South entrance: Temple of Fertility

Notable characters:

● Gloom Shrooms

Most, if not all, activities here revolve around the Temple Questline.

Valos City Slums

Places of interest:

A. South Entrance: Valos Outer City

B. Mansion Doree

C. Northern Rope: Urchin Hideout

Notable items:

● 5x {Lockpicks} need [Intrigue ≥ 5] to spot (planks in center of the map)

Notable characters:

1. Urchins

2. Shady Merchant

3. Landlord

4. Desperate Pauper*

Probably the most unpleasant part of the city, the slums are the place one goes if they wish to start the Urchin or Showgirls questlines, which always show up with the Complete edition of the game or only with the Black or Gold editions respectively. Worth noting, though, is that if the Urchin Questline is started, there will be a Desperate Pauper just waiting for us to walk through the unavoidable pass to the Urchin Hideout and Mansion Doree. Upon doing so, he will always bump into Claire and steal -50 silvers – the price of doing business in this part of town with a heavy purse. The only way to avoid this is to not have at least 50 silvers in our purse, in which case he won’t do anything.

Mansion Doree (Complete & Gold versions of the game only)

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) South Entrance: Valos City Slums

● Central Staircase: Use to go up to 2nd floor or down to 1st floor

● (2nd floor) Inventory Stash at the end of the hall to the north

● (2nd floor) Bed at the end of the hall to the north

Notable characters:

● Chloe

● Majorlaine

● Bailey

● Farrow

● Travers

The place is mainly used only to interact with everyone involved in the Showgirls Questline, but it also serves as an excellent place to rest, stash and retrieve our items, in the event that we’ve purchased it.

Urchins Hideout (Complete & Black versions of the game only)

Places of interest:

● (upper floor) Northwest Entrance: Valos City Slums

● (upper floor) Southeast Entrance: lower floor

● (lower floor) West Entrance: upper floor

● (lower floor) The Gauntlet

● (lower floor) The Bitchpen

Notable characters:

● Henri-Adelin (lower floor, northwest corner)

● Olivier (upper floor, southeast corner)

This place is mainly involved with the Urchin Questline.

Farmer’s Country

Places of interest:

A) West: Valos Outer City

B) Northwest: Wine Country

C) Southwest: The Brugginwood (Graveyard approach)

D) Southeast: The Brugginwood (Ranger’s Lodge approach)

E) Signpost (in front of the Refugee Camp)

F) Vane Mansion

G) Ranger’s Lodge

H) The Wayside Inn

I) Refugee Camp

J) Emily’s Home

K) Rundown Hut

Notable items:

● {Knife} + 25 OR 50 silvers (in the tree trunk northwest of the Graveyard approach)

Notable characters:

1. High Sister Lily

2. Bertrand

3. Mudstained Ranger

4. Beth*

Entering from the western road to Valos Outer City usually sees Claire pay a toll of 10 silvers by the guards. Upon entry, there are two minor paths that split off the main road. One to the north, which leads to Wine Country, and one to the south, which leads to the Rundown Hut. But should one proceed directly to the east along the road, the first place they come across is Vane Mansion, which is initially inaccessible.

The path then turns south and gets narrower, allowing Claire to get ambushed under a certain condition, before emerging next to the Wayside Inn, where it splits off either directly east or south. Going east, one can head a bit north and find the Signpost, as well as arriving at the Refugee Camp. There one can find Bertrand at its docks, who may be spoken to and begin a part of Claire’s main questline . Also in the northwestern part of the Refugee Camp is Beth, if you’ve managed to meet her at any point before now, otherwise she will be missing and presumed dead. Alternatively, one can head south and arrive at the Mudstained Ranger, where to the east you have the Ranger’s Lodge while to the southwest there is the Brugginwood.

If one takes the southern path at the Wayside Inn, however, they can keep going directly south and find High Sister Lily next to the pond and a shrine, where we can spend -50 silvers for a temporary blessing from Phantasm. Lily may also start Claire off on the Temple Questline, unless she has already spoken to High Sister Rose in the Bath House or High Sister Peony on Cornucopia Island, in which case Lily won’t be there. When talking to her, one should carefully select answers that aren’t agreeing with her, or just saying ‘No, you’d upset the balance of nature’ at first or at least ‘A refugee from the Continent’ the second time, to make sure to get invited by her into the Sisters’ fold. If not, she departs without inviting Claire and you’ll have to go to Peony or Rose instead to start the questline.

Finally, a bit to the southwest of her is the main entrance to the Brugginwood. Worth noting is the sparkling tree trunk behind the field northwest of here, where Claire can find a {Knife} and 25 or 50 silvers inside safely with a set of {Bandages} or risk getting sick.

Vane Mansion

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southern entrance: Farmer’s Country

● (1st floor) Central stairway: 2nd floor

● (2nd floor) Southern stairway: 1st floor

Notable characters:

● Manservant

● Cook

● Maid

● Vanessa Vane

The only reason you will be allowed in here is if you are doing a certain personal quest.

Ranger’s Lodge

Places of interest:

● (main floor) Southern entrance: Farmer’s Country

● (main floor) Northwestern ladder: basement

● (basement) Northern ladder: main floor

Notable items:

● {Herb Pouch} (on Talin)

● 3x {Ranger Bomb} (on Talin)

● {Pig-Girl Outfit} (chest) in the basement*

● {Cat-Girl Outfit} (chest) in the basement*

● {Wolf-Girl Outfit} (chest) in the basement*

● {Bear-Girl Outfit} (chest) in the basement*

Notable characters:

● Talin

● Roxanne

● Dorian

Pretty much the main reasons to come here involve the Rangers Questline.

The Wayside Inn

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Farmer’s Country

● Inventory Stash in the northwest room

Notable characters:

● Innkeeper

● High Sister Lily*

● Emily*

Not much to do here if Claire is not doing a specific quest or another, each of which makes two additional characters appear here for the duration. One can also talk to the Innkeeper about lodging for the night for the price of 10 silvers or eat food cooked by his wife.

Emily’s Home

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Farmer’s Country

Notable characters:

● Emily

● Emily’s husband

Not much to do here if Claire is not doing a specific quest, that sees her being allowed to enter Emily’s home by her husband, purely to check up on her pregnancy of course.

Wine Country

Places of interest:

● Southwest: Farmer’s Country

● Northeast: The Rock

● Northwest: Shipwreck Shore

● West: Verdant Vineyard

● Signpost (in front of the southwest passage to Farmer’s Country)

● The Winery

Notable items:

● {Amethyst} on the Generous Citizen

Notable characters:

● Generous Citizen

Not much here, other than to pass through from Shipwreck Shore or to the Rock. Alternatively, the Verdant Vineyard path opens up only for one or another quest. One can talk to the Generous Citizen in the northwestern part of the area to get a free {Amethyst}.

The Winery

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Wine Country

Claire may get nursed back to health here, if she arrived aboard a certain pirate ship.

Shipwreck Shore

Places of interest:

● South: Wine Country

Currently, the main reason as to why Claire could find herself here is if she was cast overboard from a certain pirate ship. In that case, she has to slowly and miserably make her way south, until she finally has a stroke of luck and stumbles across the Generous Citizen, who is on the shore that day to go crabbing. He swiftly takes her to his winery and brings her up to speed as to where she is and what happened.

The other reason, however, could involve the fourth quest of The Sisters Questline.

The Rock

Places of interest:

● Northwest: Wine Country

● Forgotten Cave

Notable characters:

● Gypsy Elder

● Traumatized Gypsy

Upon walking into the Gypsy camp here, Claire finds its leadership to be in the midst of an argument. Walking up to the Gypsy Elder and talking to him after that will start the minor quest The Call of the Deep, though be warned that it is not for the faint of heart. Otherwise, there isn’t much to do here that is not related to this quest.

The Brugginwood

Before entering and while navigating this area, saving your game is advised.

The Brugginwood

Places of interest:

● Northwest: Farmer’s Country (Graveyard approach)

● Northeast: Farmer’s Country (Ranger’s Lodge approach)

● East: Sinister Glade

● South: Neck of the Woods

● West: Chemont Town

● Graveyard

● Gravekeeper’s Abode

Notable items:

● 3 x 10 silvers (each of the three graves)

● {Bramble Rose} (many of them in the center, only lootable with a {Herb Pouch})

Notable characters:

● Gravekeeper

● Ghosts

● Boars

● Skeletal Wraith*

● Confused Citizen*

Worth noting here is the Graveyard and the nearby Gravekeeper’s Abode, right as you enter from the northwest approach. This place will either have patrolling butterflies, if Claire has respected the dead up to this point, or it will have patrolling ghosts in the event that she robbed the dead or desecrated their graves. If a ghost should catch Claire, it will possess her body and force her to strip naked and masturbate herself, after which she will be dumped back to the edge of Farmer’s Country with no HP or EP left.

The graveyard has three sparkling graves, each of which contain 10 silvers. However, should Claire rob even one grave the butterflies will immediately turn into ghosts, which could then very well trap Claire in the graveyard. The only way to get rid of the ghosts is for Claire to make amends, which is done by going inside the nearby Gravekeeper’s Abode and speaking to the Gravekeeper in front of the piano.

He will note that the spirits can be quelled only with an offering of 100 silvers as well as a {Raw Steak}. Should Claire bring those things to him, the silvers are taken while the steak is ripped apart by some unseen force in mid-air, after which the Gravekeeper will proclaim Claire’s debt to have been paid. Walking outside now reveals that the ghosts have gone away, but disrespecting the dead again in any way will have them come back.

A bit to the southeast of this place is also a pond around which Claire can collect a {Bramble Rose}, if she has a {Herb Pouch} for it and one at a time, though she’d do well to mind the wild boars that patrol nearby. The moment that she picks up one such rose, the boars will charge at her. If one does catch her, Claire can either:

a) (Escape!)

Try to escape the boar – If she happens to have a {Ranger Bomb} in her inventory, she will automatically throw one and thus lose it while making the boar in question ‘disappear’ from the area. Failing that, the boar tackles her, finds the {Bramble Rose} in her inventory and eats it, leaving Claire alone afterwards.

b) [{Pig-Girl Outfit} in inventory] (Breed!)

Try to take on the boar’s lower ‘head’ – If she has [Depravity < 10] then during the scene she’ll start feeling humiliated, but it will be too late to stop the boar from finishing up then, Claire will lose all her EP and automatically make her way to the southwest entrance to The Brugginwood in Farmer’s Country. On the other hand, with [Depravity ≥ 10], she’ll start to enjoy the degradation. In either case, she retains the {Bramble Rose} but loses -75 EP.

Other than that, the woods are quite vast and require a lot of walking. To the northeast we can arrive right outside the Ranger’s Lodge back in Farmer’s Country. Taking the narrower, winding path eastwards would have us arrive in the Sinister Glade, but it isn’t implemented as of this patch. Going directly south will lead us to the Neck of the Woods and heading a bit south and then west will have us arrive at Chemont Town.

Ancient Backwoods

Places of interest:

● South: Thick of the Woods

● The Tower of Perdition

Not much to do here at the moment.

Deep of the Woods

Places of interest:

● Northwest: Thick of the Woods

● Northeast: Poacher Hideout

Notable characters:

● Mountain Lions

Beware the lions here, since they are as fast as Claire when dashing and the terrain is very tricky to navigate through, so it’s harder to dash past and outrun them. The only path

here, at the moment, leads northeast to the Poacher Hideout.

Poacher Hideout

Places of interest:

● South: Deep of the Woods

● Hideout

Notable characters:

● Talin*

● Wary Poacher*

● Bored Poacher*

The only reason to come here is to complete the relevant Ranger quest.

Lake in the Woods

Places of interest:

● North: Deep of the Woods

Notable characters:

● Talin*

The only reason to come here is to complete the relevant Ranger quest.

Chemont Town

Places of interest:

A) East: The Brugginwood

B) Signpost (in front of the Ranger Outpost)

C) Ranger Outpost

D) Dilapidated House

E) Kennels

F) Stables

G) Bullpen

H) Adelaide Inn

I) Ranch

J) Leyton Manor

K) Beth’s Family Home

Notable characters:

1. Watchdog

2. Isobelle

3. Anxious Brother

4. Saddler

5. Bertrand*

This rural town specialises in both leatherworking as well as ranching of all kinds of domesticated animals. As such, though, it also attracts attention from the wild animals in the area, hence the Watchdog that one can pet at the eastern entrance (and who may meet an unfortunate end if we happen to be doing a certain quest) and the necessary Ranger Outpost directly to the north a bit past him, in front of which one can also find the Signpost. Right nearby is where we can find the local Kennels, where Claire can find employment, while the path itself head further west into the Leytons’ estate and their Tannery, the latter of which is closed off by default due to a recent mass murder.

Provided that we solved that particular quest, however, the western side becomes a lot more lively with refugees milling about their newfound homes and Bertrand welcoming Claire on the bridge. Also, if we rescued Beth in one of two ways, she and her family can also be found in their southwestern home.

Not going west and across the bridge, though, Claire can instead head south, seeing Isobelle and her black stallion Thunder standing about east of the path. Further south the path splits, where to the west we find the Stables, a place for a more depraved Claire to find gainful employment, and to the east we can find the Anxious Brother standing in front of the dilapidated house, who has a quest for us to find his little brother inside.

Going further south across a bridge, we find the Bullpen in the far southeastern corner, although most of its events cannot happen until she’s thoroughly explored all employment options at the Stables. To the northeast of it is also a smaller Milk Shed, that may be of significance if we’re doing one of two quests. Finally, in the southwestern part there is first the Adelaide Inn, if we want some good food or pay to rest up, and finally the Ranch, that Claire can purchase if she has completed both of the aforementioned lines of work and if she can present 10,000 silvers to the Saddler sitting to the north of it.

Ranger Outpost

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Chemont Town

Not much to do here that isn’t related to a specific Ranger quest.

Dilapidated House

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Chemont Town

Not much to do here that isn’t related to the quest A Grudge From Beyond. Worth noting, though, is that Claire requires at least 100 EP to enter, due to its haunted nature.


Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Chemont Town

Notable characters:

● Kennelmaster

Coming here is usually done for the repeatable Dog Walker job from the Kennelmaster. Speaking to him once, he asks you if you like animals at first, though your response doesn’t really matter since even if you say you hate them, you can speak to him again and say you’ve changed your mind. He will then tell you about the job of walking his unruly dogs so that he has more time, which costs Claire -50 EP every time she does so.

Assuming she accepts the job, there are two options on how to go about it:

a) …takes them on a long walk.

Claire takes a longer and unfamiliar (to the dogs) route – Eventually, however, they are forced into a tighter area, where the dogs become unruly. If Claire has [Defiance ≥ 9], she successfully makes the dogs behave and then returns back to the Kennelmaster. If she has [Defiance < 9], however, the dogs will subdue her and make her their bitch, including pissing on her to mark their ownership at the end, where Claire will be more willing with [Depravity ≥ 9] and less so with [Depravity < 9]. Either way, the dogs are properly tired out as is Claire, with her losing -50 EP and gaining 60 silvers as the Kennelmaster is most satisfied.

b) …takes them on a short walk.

Claire takes a shorter and familiar (to the dogs) route – Not much happens, as the dogs are used to this one and Claire loses -50 EP while gaining +50 silver.


Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Chemont Town

Notable characters:

● Horse Breeder (directly north of the entrance)

● Old Timer (far north of the entrance)

Coming here is usually worth it if you’ve picked up a {Breeder’s Certificate} from the mainland before, or if Claire simply has a lot of Depravity. In either one of those cases, you can talk to the Horse Breeder and so long as Claire has either {Breeder’s Certificate I} or [Depravity ≥ 7], she unlocks the Breeding Bitch repeatable job in her quest log. Talking to the Old Timer further up north leads us to spend -50 EP for each session that can result in a standard, and somewhat lacking, blowjob scene of the horse, if her [Depravity < 9], that awards her 65 silvers. It can also result in a most impressive blowjob of a stallion, either if her [Depravity ≥ 9] or if she holds a {Breeder’s Certificate I}, that awards her 75 silvers, [+1 Depravity], a {Breeder’s Certificate I} during the first time, if she doesn’t have one already, and more work.

That work being letting the stallion mount her, so that his dripping seed may be collected directly from Claire’s lady parts. A task that always costs her -100 EP per

session, but which can only happen if Claire has [Depravity ≥ 16], otherwise the stallion will encounter too much resistance and cum all over her, making it harder to collect his seed. In this case she will be awarded only 110 silvers for her troubles, but if she has the necessary Depravity she will receive 165 silvers for every session, along with [+2 Depravity] and a {Breeder’s Certificate II} during the first time, which unlock additional employment opportunities later at the Bullpen.

It is also at this time, as we exit, that we’ll encounter Isobelle blocking our exit right outside the stables, and where we may plant the first seed of depravity in her innocent mind:

a) It’s no Problem~…

Isobelle is led by Claire to a depraved possibility [+1 Seduction].

b) Did you like what you saw~?

Isobelle is confronted about a depraved possibility [+2 Seduction].

c) I’d prefer you didn’t spy on me!

Isobelle apologizes and returns to her spot, the image of Claire still in her mind.


Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Chemont Town

Notable characters:

● Cattleman

● Evie

Upon approaching the two characters here, we find them in the middle of an argument about their star bull, Brutus. After that is done, we can speak to the Cattleman, who will offer us a chance to perform a blowjob on the bull, the success of which hinges on whether or not Claire has [Depravity ≥ 20]. If not, then she only gets 10 silvers for having the courage to try it, but if successful then it costs her the stated prerequisite of -75 EP, she is awarded 95 silvers and a chance to ride the bull.

This is not possible, however, unless Claire has upped her maximum EP in one of several ways up to this point. If she has done so, then Claire will first get prepared by a lotion fisting by Evie and will then have her body pounded raw by a bull. This final feat will see her lose -125 EP, but earn as many as 175 silvers each time and gain [+3 Depravity] and the extremely sticky {Breeder’s Certificate III} on the first time, allowing her to purchase the Ranch, which can be found directly west of the bullpen.

Adelaide Inn

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southern entrance: Chemont Town

● (2nd floor) Inventory Stash in the northwest room

Notable characters:

● Gunther

● Mira

Another regular Inn, though this one with named characters that are a tribute to another game. Mira’s food is of particular note, since it is very cheap and filling.

Claire’s Ranch

Places of interest:

● (1st floor) Southern entrance: Chemont Town

● (1st and 2nd floor) Staircase that goes between them

● (2nd floor) Inventory Stash in the north room

● (2nd floor) Bed in which we can rest for free in the north room

See this section for all the details of what one can do in this place.

Leyton Manor

Places of interest:

● Southern entrance: Chemont Town

● Northwestern entrance: White Hart Grove

Notable characters:

● Lady Therese

This place is mostly concerned with a main quest.

White Hart Grove

Places of interest:

● Southeast: Leyton Manor

● Louis’ Cabin (center of the map)

● White Hart corpse (northwest corner of the map)

Notable items:

● 25 silvers (stump before the path to Leyton Manor)

● 25 silvers (stump northwest of Louis’ Cabin)

● {Monster Token} (stump southwest of Louis’ Cabin)

Notable characters:

● Louis Leyton

● Forest Nymph

This place is mostly concerned with a main quest.

Beth’s Family Home

Places of interest:

● Souther entrance: Chemont Town

● Northwestern entrance: Chemont Town

Notable items:

● {Gold Necklace} on Beth’s Grandmother

Notable characters:

● Beth

● Beth’s Father

● Beth’s Brother

● Beth’s Grandmother

● Gale

This place becomes accessible only with two preconditions. The first is that we rescued Beth in one of two different ways and the second is that we completed the main quest

Curse of Chemont. At that point we can enter the house and talk to Beth’s family, finding Beth talking to her grandma and, upon talking to her, having a luncheon that restores all HP and EP. Afterwards we can find her via the back entrance on the home’s northwest side and with Claire’s ranch can get a scene. Also very importantly, if we talk to her grandma she will give us her very valuable {Gold Necklace} as thanks for all our hard work.

Neck of the Woods

Places of interest:

● Northwest: The Brugginwood

● Southeast: Thick of the Woods

● Lumberjacks’ Cottage

● Site of Battle*

Notable characters:

● Mountain Lion*

● Wolves

● Head Lumberjack

● Wounded Lumberjack

To enter this place Claire will usually have to spend -10 EP. Immediately upon entry, one can see the Lumberjacks’ Cottage that exists in the western corner of this area. Proceeding further east, however, becomes risky by the time you reach the Site of Battle between the wolves and the Mountain Lion, marked by several skeletons and also a sparkle if you are doing the relevant Ranger quest.

Getting caught here by either the Wolves that prowl the eastern side of the area, if you are not on that quest, or the Mountain Lion, if you are, without at least one {Ranger Bomb} or either a {Cat-Girl Outfit} or a {Wolf-Girl Outfit} respectively, will result in Claire getting her neck wrung. Game Over. With the {Wolf-Girl Outfit} that is obtained during a Ranger quest, though, Claire can have a single wolf savagely mate with her. If she has a {Ranger Bomb} in her inventory, she can also escape back to the safety of the Lumberjacks’ Cottage, though either of the two outfits does make her automatically present herself to them. Past the animals down the path lie the Thick of the Woods.

Thick of the Woods

Places of interest:

● Northwest: Neck of the Woods

● Northeast: Ancient Backwoods

● Southeast: Deep of the Woods

● Bear Cave

Notable characters:

● Talin*

● Bubba the Bear*

A small sub-area called the Bear Cave can be found here, if looking westwards after heading directly south at the beginning, where one needs to go for the relevant Ranger quest to find Talin. After completing said quest, Bubba the Bear can also be found here for headpats or more. Other than that, the only exit here is to the southeast that leads to the Deep of the Woods.

Valos Quests – Claire’s Quest Walkthrough

Lost & Found

A relatively simple quest one can get when speaking to the Forgetful Sailor at the southwestern docks of the Port of Valos. He will mention a charm that he lost while at the local pub, so it’s up to Claire to search that place in order to find the charm.

Obviously it has to be located in its basement, where one of the waitresses will warn Claire of the slimes that inhabit it before entry. This quest is very tricky to time the dashes in the tight spaces, if Claire doesn’t have [Defiance ≥ 3], whereas with it she can simply stomp the slimes that are in her way and retreive the {Sailor’s Charm} from the center of the pub’s basement (the {Monster Token} in the wooden chest is also nice to get, but is located far at the end in the southeastern corner). Then all that remains is returning it to the Forgetful Sailor, who will reward Claire with 30 silvers and a {Salted Fish}.

Problems of Privilege

This one is unmarked, but begins if you talk to the Clingy Plutocrat, who’s harassing a Troubled Waitress in The Cup and Trotter of Valos Outer City. Should Claire intervene on her behalf, there are three choices in how she may do so:

a) Hey! Leave her alone, asshole!

Clingy Plutocrat is aggravated and leaves – The waitress is thankful, but Claire may run into trouble later if she ventures into Farmer’s Country. Gain [+1 Defiance].

b) [Seduction ≥ 6] If you’re looking for company, I’m *way* better…

Clingy Plutocrat is happy to have a willing bitch instead of an unwilling one – The waitress is thankful as he leaves her alone while The Clingy Plutocrat awaits Claire in the northwestern stall. Gain [+1 Seduction].

c) You sure you want to cause a fuss in public?

Clingy Plutocrat looks around and is convinced not to embarrass himself – After the Plutocrat leaves for good, the waitress is thankful. Gain [+1 Intrigue].

Assuming the player picked b), if they decide to interact with him, he will assume the position for receiving Claire’s attentions, which Claire can respond to in these ways:

a) Leave him be

b) [50 EP] Offer sexual favor

Claire gives him an unwilling titfuck, if she has [Depravity < 9], or she gives him a very willing titfuck, if she has [Depravity 9] – Gain 50 silvers.

c) [Defiance ≥ 2] + [{Knife}] Rob him at knifepoint

Claire takes advantage of his state, robs him and then knocks him out – This sees her gain 50 silvers, after which she calls for the staff to drag him out. Still, this will

cause problems and also see her gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue] as well.

If Claire robbed him in this way, or stood up to him during the initial encounter by picking a), she will be ambushed when going down the narrow main road pass south of Vane Mansion in Farmer’s Country. Two thugs will jump her there and, if her [Defiance < 10], Claire will not survive the encounter as they manage to kill her. Game Over.

Should Claire have [Defiance ≥ 10], however, she will survive it by making one of the mercs kill the other by accident and snapping the neck of the other afterwards. Before doing so, however, she will interrogate the second one and learn that the plutocrat, whom Claire stood up to or robbed earlier, had sent them and should be awaiting their return at Portside. If Claire goes over there, she can catch him utterly unawares and has one of three choices in how to deal with him and conclude this unlisted quest:

a) Kill him

Claire mercilessly drowns the plutocrat in the nearby water – Gain [+2 Defiance].

b) Beat him up

Claire ruthlessly tortures the plutocrat with near drowning, before telling him never to mess with her again – Gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue].

c) Threaten him

Claire threatens to do something very nasty to his man parts if he ever messes with her again – Gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Depravity].

Life Is A Cabaret

With [Seduction ≥ 10], the Concierge at the Brabannois Club sees Claire as fitting the profile of a high-end waitress and invites her up to the Silver Floor. There he will warn her upfront of the degradation she will have to endure, but will stress that the rewards are very worth it. If Claire accepts the job after that, and happens to have at least 100 EP, he will bid her go to the sparkling changing room north of him, where she can don a risque bunny girl outfit. After that Claire is to report to the Bartender, who will give her a moment and then give her a bottle of {Fancy Booze} to serve at one of the tables in the club.

Upon doing so, she loses -25 EP while one of the Plutocrats reaches to feel up her ass, to which Claire can respond in one of two ways:

a) Protest against it

Claire resists and is immediately ushered out of the room by the Concierge – She needs to start the whole thing from the beginning again, if she wants to get paid.

b) Accept without complaint…

Claire gets a solid ass groping by the Plutocrat and is bid to leave.

The moment she returns to the Bartender, however, he says that she’ll need to deliver the next order topless, which she does at a cost of -25 EP and is yet again beset by a Plutocrat that wants to feel up her breasts. To this Claire can respond in one of two ways:

a) Try to move away!

Claire spills the drink while getting lightly groped and is immediately ushered out of the room by the Concierge – She needs to start the whole thing from the beginning again, if she wants to get paid.

b) Stay put…

Claire gets a solid breast groping by the Plutocrat and is bid to leave.

As she returns to the Bartender this time, he notes she’ll have to wear a little extra. However, this turns out to be a fluffy bunny tail that is stuck up her ass, one she has to endure as she delivers the next order for -25 EP as yet another Plutocrat decides to work that tail in and out of her ass. In the event of [Depravity < 10], the scene will end as she drops the bottle in pain and shock and is ushered out by the Concierge while forfeiting all payment and having to start all over again.

But if her [Depravity ≥ 10], she will return to the Bartender for her last order while wishing the next request would just be her stripping nude. But alas, now she must also endure a pair of clamps on her nipples on top of everything previously mentioned.

As she moves to pour the drink on the last order, one more Plutocrat moves in and pulls on one of the clamps as she’s pouring. In the event of [Depravity < 12], the scene will end as she drops the bottle in pain and shock and is ushered out by the Concierge while forfeiting all payment and having to start all over again. But if her [Depravity ≥ 12], then

she endures the pain with some anticipation, which leads to another Plutocrat fingering her pussy until she climaxes without spilling a drop of drink. After being tended to, the Concierge admires her performance and pays her 200 silvers as well as allows her to attend to the most exclusive clientele, thereby unlocking the next quest ‘Welcome To The Show’ in our log and allowing us to proceed up to the next level.

A Grudge From Beyond

Upon talking to the Anxious Brother in Chemont Town, we find out that his brother Aidan went inside the Dilapidated House and was heard screaming shortly after. The older brother tried entering, but the door would no longer budge, yet when Claire tries it, it lets her enter without a problem, as if a spirit haunting the house wants her to do so.

Coming inside requires her to have at least 100 EP and is eerie enough, but eventually as Claire makes her way through the house she comes across a possessed Aidan. At that point there are two options in how to confront the spirit within him:

a) (Run away!)

Claire manages to run back to the entrance unharmed and take stock of what she just saw – Also, very importantly, the clock in front of her begins to sparkle.

b) (Confront the spirit!)

The spirit hates Claire’s accusatory tone, and shows her what true evil is by using the possesed boy to rape her, even if with [Depravity9] she secretly enjoys it – Claire also loses all of her EP, but when she regains at least 100 EP and returns to the house the clock one sees right after the entrance will still sparkle.

Either way, Claire now needs at least [Intrigue ≥ 9] to put two and two together, as to what’s wrong with the clock and how it relates to the spirit. Once she does so, she needs to go back outside and talk to every senior citizen, that otherwise doesn’t have anything better to do. One of them can be found next to the northern bridge, the second west of the trail that winds down south and the last a bit east of the southeastern bridge.

Talking to all of them gives us a much clearer picture of who the person, to whom the spirit belongs, was all those years ago. And armed with that knowledge we must now seek out the Gravekeeper in The Brugginwood, who can exhume the spirit’s body, that was dumped together with other criminals, and give him a proper burial for 100 silvers. Should Claire pay that fee, the job is done and she can return to the Dilapidated House for one

final talk with the spirit, which departs thereafter and frees the boy Aidan from possession.

Now Claire only has to return outside to his brother and explain exactly what happened, which has him award her 25 silvers, as Claire gains [+2 Intrigue] for her deductive skills.

The Good Doctor

The quest begins when we speak to Genevieve about volunteering as a nurse at the Pierre Donard Clinic in Valos Inner City. Claire is quickly outfitted with her own nurse outfit and instructed in the usage of {Bandages} and {Medicine}, after which she is told to disinfect and prepare a box full of bandages in the sparkling northeastern room of the clinic. Doing this will cost her -20 EP and picking and carrying the box back to Genevive costs -5 more.

Next, she is tasked to take a pot of medicine back to the same room she came from and distribute it into several flasks, costing her another -5 EP. Once she is done, she loses -20 more EP for the work she’s done and another -5 EP to carry the flasks back to Genevieve. While this concludes her tasks here, she will remark that she still needs to deliver this box of medicine to the local Garrison, which Claire offers to deliver herself on the way out. As a reward for her good work, we also get {Medicine} as well as 2x {Bandages}.

Proceeding to the Garrison building, we approach the arguing brother and sister in the western room to drop off our load and finally learn their names as Lieutenant Albe Revillier when we drop the box off and his sister Jillian, when we try to leave the Garrison. The latter stops us and asks us to look into her missing parents, since her mother Olympe was last seen at the very clinic that we work for. So the next task is to return there and try to find out what happened to her and her husband Martin.

Doing so and volunteering for work again requires that we have at least 50 EP to spend. If we do so, we are treated to a lengthy sequence of Claire assisting Genevieve all day long with the patients that she is treating, at the end of which she will feel slightly dizzy, leaving Claire to finish up for her while she goes downstairs. The initial patient also drops off a {Box of Supplies} as thanks, which Claire then needs to deliver down to the basement.

Taking the stairs in the southeast corner, and dropping off the box, Claire feels it as a good time to look around and perhaps also wish Genevieve good night. Immediately she comes across some sadistic experimental notes and rounding a corner encounters a terrifying creature. Slightly further down she will recover a ring from a bloody table that belonged to Jillian’s father. If we proceed further down the hallways, we can read two additional disturbing notes, but going only a couple steps more all the way to Genevieve will lead to Claire getting subdued by the chimera called ‘Darling’ before being impregnated by it and being forced to satisfy Genevieve, resulting in her becoming yet another victim of hers as she bears the thing’s children. Game Over.

So rather than that, Claire would do much better to head further east and north into Genevieve’s room to read her journal, that details the sad history of this past year that led to her getting to this point. Just as he finishes reading, she will be ambushed by Genevieve and Darling as well, but this time she will express her genuine sympathy for what she had gone through and what led her to this, which will lead Genevieve to release Claire and give her the option of going back to Jillian and turning her in or to let her continue her madness.

Heading back to Jillian with the father’s ring and choosing to turn her in leads to her brother Albe calling the guards. After a few hours, and much nausea by most involved, they return with Genevieve laughing madly while Olympe seems forever doomed to non-

responsive insanity after the endless breeding by the now-slain Darling and the still conscious remains of Martin are, unwittingly, ordered to be burned by his own son. Claire is also awarded 500 silvers for her service by Jillian as well as [+2 Intrigue] and [+1 Defiance].

Alternatively, we can also speak with Genevieve again in the basement and with [Depravity ≥ 15] propose a more radical alternative – that the rest of the Revilliers are punished along with the parents. This leads to the two of them scheming a simple plan for Claire to lure Jillian in to drink some of Genevieve’s spiked tea under the pretense of having found her mother safe and sound there, while the good doctor does the same with Albe who happens to have a crush on her. For this deception Claire gets [+2 Depravity] and [+1 Intrigue] as her just reward, as well as a couple more scenes involving the breaking and then breeding of Jillian while Claire and Genevieve pleasure each other while watching. These are part of an unlocked placeholder Breeding Game quest, that will only be possible to complete in future patches.

The Call of the Deep

This one begins in The Rock and covers most of the things one can do there. After Talking to the Gypsy Elder, we learn that there’s been a disturbing spat of disappearances as of late, with his best hunters that were sent to find the missing persons found drowned without a struggle. Claire needs to proceed south down the path, that is now opened up for us, until she comes across the Traumatized Gypsy, that paints a much more disturbing picture of why this is happening, involving a smashed stone tabled that he had found.

Since whatever this terrifying thing is seems to kill men on sight, but not women, Claire suggests going to investigate and trying to recover the tablet on her own. If she keeps going south down the path, she arrives before two pillars in front of a cave entrance, with the depictions on each being of some importance later on.

Then she can enter the cave, and after eventually making her way to the top, she can see the sparkling broken tablet in the eastern corner. But if she tries to go over to it without at least [Defiance ≥ 20], then she will witness a terrifying sight of the otherworldly monster that has enslaved all the missing gypsy girls into its vile orgy, which Claire will then find herself joining in, raped both in mind and body to the point of not remembering herself anymore. On the other hand, if she does have at least that amount of Defiance, she loses one point of [-1 Defiance], but manages to resist and can now safely grab the tablet and escape the cave. An alternate route also has her see the possibility of squeezing through a dark sparkling passageway, if she has a {Lube} item or [Intrigue ≥ 15], and actually being able to squeeze through with only [Defiance ≥ 9], while also not suffering the defiance point loss, since she can also enter the tunnel from the other side.

After this she can (and will eventually have to, when completing the quest) also take two consecutive steps towards the eldritch horror and lose [-1 Defiance] more for each step. Should she take a third step, however, she will get too close and the eldritch horror will focus all its lust onto fucking her into submission in a less ‘willing’ scene.

Once outside the cave with the {Broken Stone Tablet} in our inventory, we need to go back to the Traumatized Gypsy so he can put it back together. Doing so, however, costs him his life! If Claire doesn’t want his sacrifice to be in vain, she needs to remember the two depictions on the pillars and which two gemstones they represent: The green one an emerald and the red one a ruby, both of which can also be bought from one of the vendors in Portside for hefty sums. After she has either gem in her inventory, she needs to only select the newly reforged {Empty Stone Tablet} from her inventory and put in one of those two gems, as attempting to do so with any other will not work. And after she has

done so, she needs to return to the cave and present the tablet before the eldritch monstrosity.

If Claire places an emerald into the slot on the tablet, she will have made the {Tablet of Banishment}, which will drive the monster back into whatever hell it came from instead of resulting in the second, less willing scene. All the Gypsy girls will be rescued and the Elder will happily lend Claire a tent, in which she may rest and recover all of her hunger and EP for free whenever she so desires from now on.

If, on the other hand, she places a ruby into the slot on the tablet, then she will have made the {Tablet of Ravishment}. Presenting this to the monster will mean that the pact is struck! What this means is that Claire will gain [+10 Depravity], will have her Hunger as well as Energy reserves permanently raised by 100 points and in exchange every last Gypsy in the area will be sacrificed, their blood offering granting immense power to Claire!

Charlotte & Leon’s Questline

This one is only available if you’ve met and progressed Charlotte’s job previously to the point of the dinner and is triggered when walking into The Cup and Trotter’s serving area. Immediately Claire has a choice to make as to how to react to Charlotte’s assailant:

a) [Defiance ≥ 6] Intervene!

Claire smashes a bottle against the assailant’s arm and gets him to back off. [+1 Defiance] and [- 1 Depravity] awarded.

b) [Defiance < 6], [Intrigue ≥ 6] Intervene.

Claire makes a discreet spill and defuses the situation. [+1 Intrigue] and [- 1 Depravity] awarded.

c) (Stay silent…)

Claire watches on as Charlotte is molested through her skirt into a vaginal orgasm, before being tipped for her ‘service. [+1 Depravity] and [- 1 Defiance] awarded.

Hiring Conditions

After this, Claire will approach Charlotte, who after a happy reunion will then take her to The Wayside Inn to reunite with her son Leon as well. She then explains her troublesome position as being much the same as Claire’s was in Hookton and that waitressing is the only half-decent job she could get to make ends meet. There was one other employer, however, who didn’t yet reject her application and that is the owner of the Hotel Bellevue. Claire is thus tasked with speaking to him, in order to try and get Charlotte a better job.

Talking to the man at the front desk reveals that, unfortunately, her application hasn’t been rejected only because the owner finds it amusing, but he will direct Claire to confront him about it directly by going up to his suite to talk about it. Mr. Bellevue himself proves himself to be every bit the plutocrat stereotype, but after some convincing he is willing to give Charlotte a chance with an exam. Claire can at this point return to The Wayside Inn and give her the good news, but she now has another important choice to make:

a) (Accompany Charlotte)

Claire comes along and makes sure that nothing untoward will happen during the exam, and then proceeds to negotiate a better deal for Charlotte’s employment than otherwise. [+1 Intrigue] is awarded, as well as all HP restored as Claire sits down to eat what was left behind by Mr. Bellevue during the exam. She also winds up having Charlotte clean up all of the breadcrumbs on her carpet.

b) (Tell Charlotte to go alone)

Claire convinces her to go to her exam on her own, leading to a very indecent scene of her having to perform a blowjob on Mr. Bellevue as well as eat his cum. [- 1 Defiance]

Either way, Charlotte and Leon can from this point on be found in the Hotel Kitchens of the Bellevue, which however are in need of some renovation work.

Showgirls Questline

The Tenants

This questline only shows up in the Gold and Complete editions of the game. It starts with Claire purchasing the Mansion Doree from the Landlord in the Valos City Slums for 2,000 silvers. After this, she may enter the mansion and proceed to the office at the end of the hall on the second floor.

There she finds a stunning redhead named Chloe perform a striptease, not knowing that the old landlord has become a landlady. The moment the confusion is dispelled, she apologizes and tells Claire all about the place as well as the tenants that live here, though we can meet Majorlaine and Bailey right away in one of the rooms. Also, the office has now become a place for us to stash our items as well as to rest in our own bed, free of charge.

Talking to Farrow downstairs, however, reveals just how dire the situation is. He offers to keep fixing the place up in exchange for the rent being waived for himself and Majorlaine, which Claire gladly accepts. Now it becomes necessary to check the paperwork for the place in the office back upstairs, where we meet Chloe’s boyfriend Travers along the way. The paperwork reveals that while we used to operate at a loss, with Farrow’s offer we are now just about breaking even, though getting the place back to being profitable and worth living in will require a lot more work.

Five Families Questline

Sibling Affection (The Fairfelt Family)

Upon arrival to an unfamiliar Private Cell, Claire only has a bed and a plate of food to interact with, along with the single-word commands to eat and sleep. This is the only way to advance time while here, so doing this and resting on the bed is all she can do. But immediately the first time after she does so she will be visited by Lawrence, where interacting with the gate begins the talk with him. There are two ways to respond to him:

a) Yes… I’ll be obedient (followed by) Why am I in a cell… big brother?

Lawrence is very pleased with Claire and her relationship with him improves (+1) – As such she is that much closer to being let out of the dungeon, even though her will to resist is also quickly disappearing.

b) Hell no. Go fuck yourself!

Lawrence tuts Claire and says she still has much to learn – Gain [+1 Defiance].

In either case, though, he will affix a {Locked Collar} onto Claire’s neck very roughly and punish her for misbehaving by choking her with it before leaving.

After this Claire must eat and rest again, which leads to Lawrence’s second visit. There will be three options at that point:

a) Let him do what he wants…

Relationship with Lawrence improves (+1) and he uses the collar to force Claire into giving him a blowjob (two variants depend on Claire’s submission before).

b) Immediately kneel in front of him and look submissive.

Relationship with Lawrence greatly improves (+2) and he uses the collar to draw Claire into giving him a willing blowjob (two variants depend on Claire’s submission before) – Gain [+1 Seduction] and lose [- 1 Defiance] if Claire didn’t submit before in any way or gain [+1 Depravity] and lose [- 1 Defiance] if she did.

c) Attack him when he opens the gate.

Lawrence evades Claire’s attack and gut punches her, then once again uses the collar to choke her.

This continues until Claire stops attacking and gives Lawrence at least one blowjob, willing or not. After this the option to attack him is removed while the other two options have slightly different text as well as scenes. Eventually, when relationship with Lawrence is ≥ 4, he will be pleased with Claire and let her out of the dungeon, explaining the purpose of breaking her in this way, to which she can respond in only one of two ways:

a) Yes master, I’m an obedient pet!~ – Gain [+1 Seduction], lose [-1 Defiance]

b) I’m your humble cum receptacle, master! – Gain [+1 Depravity], lose [-1 Defiance]

After this Claire is brought up to attend dinner in the main hall of the Fairfelt Manor and meet Esther, Lawrence’s sister, after which she bids her to her chambers in the northwest part of the mansion. Upon her leaving, though, Lawrence reminds Claire to get close to and try to become her, which will likely bode ill for Esther somewhere down the line.

After talking to Esther for the first time, she asks Claire to go outside the manor and buy some {Wildflowers} for her, leading to Claire having to go back to Lawrence to obtain permission to go past the guards, as well as receive 50 silvers for her purchase. She is then free to explore Valos Outer City, though if she tries to leave the area in any direction the guards stop her from doing so. Her task leads her eastwards across the bridge to buy {Wildflowers} from the Flower Girl vendor there. Upon returning with them to Esther, she will insist on Claire being more familiar, something to which she can reply in three ways:

a) As you wish, Lady Esther.

Neutral answer, Claire doesn’t stay entirely formal nor get close to Esther.

b) Alright then, Esther.

Claire gets very familiar and close to Esther, as Lawrence wanted.

c) I insist, mistress.

Claire maintains formalities and distance to Esther, despite Lawrence ’s wishes.

Afterwards Claire will be dismissed and needs to go back to Lawrence, who asks her what she has observed of Esther so far. He will then tell her to go fetch one of Esther’s dresses

and wear it later in the evening in his study. When Claire returns to Esther and mentions needing her clothes, she merely assumes it is their due time to go to the laundry.

What their actual use will be, when Claire then proceeds to the study in the southwest corner of the mansion, is having Lawrence pretend Claire is his little sister, whom she roleplays while he fingers her from behind.

Spending the night after that in the servants’ quarters, Claire gets up the next day to find a maid blocking the exit and telling her to come to Esther’s room right away. There she finds Lawrence telling his little sister to stay in bed and mind her health, as she’s apparently become a bit sick, before leaving her and Claire alone. Esther will ask Claire then, if Lawrence isn’t being a bit too overbearing, to which Claire can reply in one of three ways:

a) I wouldn’t dare!

Claire maintains formalities and distance to Esther, despite Lawrence’s wishes.

b) Maybe he has his reasons?

Neutral answer, Claire doesn’t stay entirely formal nor get close to Esther.

c) You’re being too spoilt…

Claire reinforces Esther’s perceived weakness, much as Lawrence would.

Whatever her answer, after this Esther will ask Claire to return her book to the Library in the northwestern part of Valos Outer City and return with a new one. When Claire talks to the librarian at the counter near the entrance, she may pick out one of three books:

a) Saga of the Warrior-Queen

Esther reads something she normally wouldn’t, despite Lawrence’s wishes.

b) Lady of Ambition

Esther reads something she normally might’ve, netural choice.

The Obedient Maiden


Esther reads something Lawrence would probably really like her to.

After which Claire is to return to Esther with her book and is dismissed by her afterwards. Lawrence awaits her upon exiting the room, asking her yet again what she’d learned about his little sister and wanting to practice that in his bedroom next. This leads to

Lawrence calling out for his little sister as he penetrates Claire on his bed that night, the noise of which has Esther catch them in the act and then sneak away.

The next day Claire will, again, awaken in the servants’ quarters, and again a maid will summon her to Esther’s room, where she will admit to Claire that she saw them both last night. Now one of two things can happen. If at least two of Claire’s choices with Esther up until this point were things Lawrence wouldn’t like, along with either the third choice being such too or being a neutral one, then Esther finds enough strength to confront reality and ask Claire what she should do, where Claire can conclude this quest in one of two ways:

a) You must confront him.

Esther and Claire confront Lawrence upon his return, resulting in Lawrence’s willing submission to Esther in his dungeon and Claire’s freedom – Also, Claire has gained a powerful ally among the Valosian nobility, which could come in handy in the future. Removes the {Locked Collar} and Claire may visit the Fairfelt mansion any time she wants to and ‘play’ with the Fairfelts too, if she has at least [Depravity ≥ 9], leading to an additional consensual dungeon scene with Claire.

b) You must run away from home.

Esther and Claire make plans to escape, but Lawrence catches Esther upon his early return and forces her submission to him in his dungeon and frees Claire – While Claire can threaten to expose Lawrence, he very much so doubts anyone would listen to her, as she is a mere refugee here in Valos. Removes the {Locked Collar} and Fairfelt mansion is off-limits to Claire from now on.

If Claire’s choices with Esther up until this point were, at any time, something Lawrence would like or were at least two neutral answers, then this choice does not even come up as Esther does not feel strong enough to confront her brother and feels as if she must run away. She will give Claire {Lawrence’s Key}, which she is to use on his locked chest in his nearby study, from which Claire may recover the {Indenture of Servitude}.

However, upon Claire’s return to Esther’s room the exact same thing will happen as with choice b), as a servant will note Lawrence’s return and Claire must go to his dungeon to conclude the quest on a bad note, even if he is just as willing to sign her release papers as Esther would’ve been, now that he has her subdued and has no more need of Claire.

Temple Questline

The Sisters

To begin the questline of the ravishing Sisters of Fertility, Claire must first talk to High Sister Lily, talk to High Sister Peony or talk to High Sister Rose in their respective areas. At the end of either fully-described encounter, they will invite Claire to come to Cornucopia Island and be formally inducted into the Sisters of Fertility.

After arriving on the island by way of the Ferryman, Claire needs to go past the sisters in front of the temple, who will now permit her access. Once inside, she needs to ascend the stairs to the High Sisters’ council chamber, where, after a somewhat short appraisal of her, the only thing left to do is for Claire to proceed into the ceremonial chamber even further north, where Claire must drink from a crystal chalice labelled ‘AQVA PHANTASMA’

Doing so will give Claire a vision, where she finds herself in a beautiful setting completely naked. If she explores this place to the south, there will be a warning that it is best to save now, before you talk to the Strange Little Girl there. Talking to her has her make the choice of which path Claire would be best suited to take, as part of the Sisters:

a) Choose the path of submission

Claire will tread the path and do the quests of a submissive servant.

b) Choose the path of domination

Claire will tread the path and do the quests of a dominant emissary.

After this the vision fades and Claire awakens in the temple’s sleeping quarters, where she is presented with her nun’s habit and is formally inducted into the sisterhood, with an added perk that all boat rides to and from the island as well as entry into the bath house no longer cost 10 silvers. Doing as she is told and talking to High Sister Lily in the northeast chambers of the main floor, who elaborates a bit on what Claire had just seen as well as the history of the Sisters of Fertility, will conclude this part of the questline.

From here on out each path’s separate quests will be marked with the suffix ‘a’ for servants and ‘b’ for emissaries at their respective end.

Servant of Phantasm

Claire must now report to High Sister Rose at the bath house, to receive the proper training, which will allow her to serve Phantasm’s will best.

Upon arrival and a quick introduction, if they had not met yet, she follows Rose down a hidden trap door located within her chambers into a secluded one right underneath, where her training will proceed in-between resting. If Claire hasn’t met Rose before this point, then the willing variants of the scenes, that could’ve happened if we visited the bath house before now, will now take place as part of this training. On the other hand, if we sought out the Sisters thanks to Rose, then these first two scenes will be skipped, as Rose deems Claire to have already learned those lessons, but has yet to have Rose jam her oversized futa cock into Claire’s asshole in a most forceful manner.

Once that is done, High Sister Rose mentions one last test that is required, before Claire’s training is finally complete, and bids her to return back to the temple. Upon arriving there, another sister will instruct Claire to take a left at the entrance and go down the first flight of stairs to the north, a part of the temple that can now be explored.

If Claire goes down those stairs and approaches High Sister Rose, that awaits her in the chamber in the center, the final test takes place, which involves Claire being restrained, slapped and whipped on the butt until she cums from submissive pleasure. After which, High Sister Rose throatfucks her to complete her rite of initiation. This will complete this quest, deduct [-9 Defiance] from Claire while awarding her [+9 Depravity], and raise both her maximum hunger and energy permanently by 50.

Tribute to Fertility

After her initiation Claire goes to The Bath House to meet Rose in the eastern pool rooms. There she is bid to rest up and is given 100 silvers, to cover any of her expenses for the expensive lodging and food in the city. Once she has returned with at least 150 EP, Claire is finally ready to offer her body up as a tribute to the fertility of Valos, namely by first being anally mounted onto Rose’s cock, which locks her in place for all the men of Valos to run a train on her for hours on end.

When it is finally all said and done, and the men have memories that will keep them going with the wives that they feel far less passion for than they just did for Claire, she is asked by Rose to meet her outside the winery in Wine Country for her next assignment.

The Grapes Of Wrath

Proceeding to the Winery in the above listed Wine Country, Claire finds High Sister Rose next to the Winemaker in its northeastern corner. After a quick briefing of grapes mysteriously starting to shrink a week ago, Rose then promises to resolve the situation and bids Claire to join her outside next to the, now newly opened, path that takes them west into the Verdant Vineyard. To do this, however, Claire must have at least 100 EP and once she walks in front of Sister Rose, she will not let her leave the area until she has successfully resolved the issue!

Interacting with all the sparkling areas, it doesn’t take Claire long to figure out that the fae that did this hates fire, repairs a lamp and proceeds to draw her out by pretending to want to burn down the vineyard in a very obvious fashion. Sure enough an angry forest nymph appears, where she demands to let the grapes have their ‘beauty sleep’ and rest from being overworked by humans. Claire thinks of running away and getting Rose’s help, but before she can she is stopped by the nymph, who then proceeds to violate Claire using her hair vines, so as to instill some sympathy in her for the grapes!

At the end of the ordeal, Claire will lose -100 EP and gain [+1 Seduction] and [+1 Depravity], with the forest nymph disappearing and the strange liquids of her pleasure seeming to make the grapes grow back to their original size, allowing Claire to report back to High Sister Rose of her success.

Milk Gone Sour

In Chemont Town we need to meet Rose in the southeastern corner at the dairy farm. There the farmer will brief us on his milking shed becoming haunted and it’s our job to make it no longer such. After he leaves, Rose tells us that this is likely the work of the Fae or fairies and that Claire will be handling this one on her own while she departs to prepare the fertility festivals, which are due soon. As she departs she warns Claire to keep her wits about her as she deals with the Fae.

Upon entering the milkshed, Claire has several sparkles to investigate first before focusing on the stool in the center. There she notices that the fire in the lamp is still burning, unlike all the others where the Fae put it out and deduces it must be because of the {Cold Iron} from the oxen shoes, which she picks up. If she then investigates the sparkling window in the northwest corner, she realizes this is where the Fae made their entry and can now lay a trap for them using the {Cold Iron} at that window for when they next try to do so.

Waiting until night, sees two of them make their entrance only to realize too late that the {Cold Iron} near the window negated their shrinking magic and that they are now stuck here with Claire. But as they are quick to inform here, it’s more as if she’s stuck here with them as the two of them proceed to sprinkle Claire with fairy dust that makes her teats ripe and have one of them proceed to milk her like the moo-cow she’s become while the other fairy-fists her pussy from behind all night long. By the time dawn rises, Claire will lose -100 EP and gain [+1 Seduction] and [+1 Depravity] before remembering to check outside the shed for a fellow sister to take her to the fertility rite and end the quest.

Blessing the Harvest

To start this quest we need at least 75 EP and must proceed to the shrine of Phantasm in Farmer’s Country, where the Sisters and townsfolk have already finished the celebrations. However, what Claire is here for is the ritual that follows, in which willing girls to the Sisters are inducted as converts. It is at this point that High Sister Rose believes that Claire’s mentorship has come to an end and that she is now more than capable of taking on an apprentice herself. Peony will then suggest that Claire speak to Mia, who is nearby, whom she is to introduce to the ways of the Sisters using a {Phantasmal Essence}.

The nervous and bashful girl introduces herself as Claire inquires about her background and calms her down a bit. They chat until that evening, when High Sister Peony starts to sing. That is the cue for all the sisters to introduce their newfound apprentices with the {Phantasmal Essence}, which Claire also does with Mia. What follows is a trance-like orgy of all the sisters and their apprentices revelling in their lusts, which Claire and Mia also join in with the new apprentice having her girldick sucked off.

By next morning, all of the apprentices and sisters slowly depart for Cornucopia Island but Peony stops to note how quickly Claire had taken to becoming a full-fledged Sister of Fertility, noting that not even Lily was this quick on the uptake. She will invite Claire to the gardens of Cornucopia, for an honor usually bestowed only upon the most senior sisters. Also Claire will lose -75 EP and gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Depravity].

Avatar of Phantasm

Claire will report to High Sister Lily, who sets before her a task that is meant to help her

learn how to worship Phantasm through ‘simple’ work. She is to report to a fellow sister within the kitchens in the eastern part of the main floor, who gives her a task to collect some mushrooms from the Temple Gardens, accessed via the nearby entrance. She notes that it might be a bit hard to catch them, though, leaving Claire somewhat baffled.

Sure enough, she comes across walking and quite mobile mushrooms there. Catching up to one and grabbing it, however, results in the thing defending itself through an odd gas, which it releases into the air. This results in Claire growing a rapidly expanding futa cock, that she feels compelled to jerk off, thereby releasing the Gloom Shroom. Undeterred, however, after calming down Claire must decide to catch up to another one of them and can, this time, automatically prevent it from releasing the gas by sealing its ‘mouth’ with her hand. Sure enough, the mushroom deflates and falls limp in her hands.

Once Claire has collected three of these {Gloom Shrooms} she is to report back to the sister in the kitchens, who also takes note of Claire’s predicament between her legs. She does say, though, that it should be no problem to deal with and begins to give Claire a light blowjob that resolves it, if she has [Defiance < 8], or with [Defiance ≥ 8] Claire will lose control momentarily and have the sister deliver an amazing blowjob, that has her cum down her throat. It should be noted that this difference between scenes is a good indicator of what would be the ideal stat for Claire to have in the next part.

Returning to High Sister Lily with her questions, she does get answers, but none of which fully explain everything. For that no explanation suffices, and Lily decides to complete Claire’s training with a demonstration instead, sitting her into a chair in the room after having her drink an odd liquid from a cup. To her amazement, Claire can’t get up, unless she has at least [Defiance ≥ 10]. If she does not, then she will keep gaining [+2 Defiance] and her physical faculties at the expense of losing [-1 Intrigue] and [-1 Seduction] of her mental faculties repeatedly, until she reaches that minimum requirement.

Upon reaching it, Claire will finally break from the invisible bonds of the chair and proceed to try and breed High Sister Lily into submission for several hours using her emerging futa cock, until she passes out and falls asleep on her bed. Waking up in the morning with her hunger and EP fully restored, Lily pronounces her emissary training as complete and asks Claire to report to The Wayside Inn in Farmer’s Country, when she feels ready. Claire also has her hunger and energy permanently increased by 50 points.

The Gift of Fertility

Arriving at The Wayside Inn, Claire is immediately hailed by the Innkeeper, who relays High Sister Lily’s instructions to change into her nun’s habit and go to the northwest room.

Once there, we find out that a woman called Emily has been having problems getting pregnant by her husband, due to his lower fertility. The way that Claire can help with that, as a newly fledged emissary, is that she has the unique ability to imbue a man’s seed, that is properly combined beforehand with a phantasmal solution, provided by High Sister Lily. Said seed will then be able to be sprayed out of her futacock into the womb of Emily. Thus the child will in fact, technically, still be that of both husband and wife.

After Lily leaves with the husband, to draw out his seed and combining it with the phantasmal solution, she then returns after Emily and Claire have had a short chat in the meantime and presents the cup filled with his seed to her, leaving them both alone. After that, Claire drinks it and immediately has her futa cock pop out, while she flies into a lustful craze that leads her to breed an all too willing Emily.

Thus this short quest concludes with Claire being given a free night of rest at the inn,

lowering her hunger by -100 and restoring all her EP, after being asked by Lily to meet her outside the winery in Wine Country for her next assignment.

The Grapes Of Wrath

This proceeds almost exactly the same as in the submissive servant questline, except that this time Claire’s handler will be High Sister Lily, who will give her some {Phantasmal Essence}. This proves to be decisive, for in the moment when Claire thinks of using it, and the Forest Nymph attacks, she decides to drink it instead. And while she is initially bound by the fae, the essence then kicks in, giving Claire the power to break free of her vines and use her newly-manifested futa cock to ‘convince’ the forest nymph to not deny the ‘grapies’ their violation. This time Claire will lose -100 EP and gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Depravity], before reporting her success back to High Sister Lily.

Milk Gone Sour

Essentially the same as the submissive servant questline in Chemont Town, except that it will be issued by High Sister Lily and Claire will once again use the {Phantasmal Essence} towards a different result. Namely that of it causing the fairy magic to backfire and leading to Claire using both of them as cocksleeves, thereby giving the perverted Fae the ‘milk’ they came for. Claire will lose -100 EP as well, but unlike in the other variant she will gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Depravity].

Blessing the Harvest

Also proceeds similarly to the submissive variant of Farmer’s Country, except that this time it’s Claire’s girldick that gets serviced while she dominates her new apprentice with dirty talk. She will again lose -75 EP, but this time gain [+1 Seduction] and [+1 Depravity].

Rangers Questline

Boar & Bramble

To begin the questline of the vigilant Rangers, Claire must visit the Ranger’s Lodge in Farmer’s Country. Inside she can find Talin by heading a bit north and talk to her for a description of the Rangers. After this Claire has the option to join. The first task that Talin will assign Claire, as an initiation quest to prove her worth to the Rangers, is to pick a {Bramble Rose} from the nearby Brugginwood. Talin will also give Claire a {Herb Pouch} for, if she doesn’t have one yet, or note the one that she already has, if she does.

Venturing south to The Brugginwood and picking a {Bramble Rose} isn’t the problem. Dealing with the boars, that will inevitably charge Claire upon doing so, is. However, they may be evaded easily enough just by dashing away, if Claire is at the edge of the pond, or they can be dealt with in one of the ways described within the area link above so that they don’t eat the {Bramble Rose}.

Upon her return to Talin, Claire will be formally inducted amongst the rangers, will receive three {Ranger Bombs} and will also rest at the lodge, restoring all her EP and HP. Talking to Elsie, the Mudstained Ranger outside the lodge, after that will also have her offer Claire the Flower Picking job, where she can go and get more {Bramble Roses} one at a time, each netting her 50 silvers.

For Pride’s Sake

The second quest begins with talking to Talin once again, who will describe a troubling development that has recently occured in the Neck of the Woods. Then she will advise

Claire to speak with Dorian and Roxanne before heading out. Talking to both of them has them introduce themselves and their unique specialization, as they will aid Claire in all her future Ranger quests, including this one.

Upon arriving at the Neck of the Woods afterwards, you will find the Lumberjacks’ Cottage directly to the southwest. Inside of it you need to speak to the Head Lumberjack in the northeast corner, who describes everything that’s happened up until now. The next thing to do is to check on the Wounded Lumberjack in the northwest corner of the lodge, which tells Claire that without a {Ranger Bomb} or something similar, this is not a lion to be messed with. Finally, she needs to head out east to the Site of Battle between the lion and the wolves, which went poorly for the latter. They did manage to get a few shots in, though, which resulted in a {Lion’s Motley} having fallen on the ground that Claire recovers and has to present to Dorian back at the Ranger’s Lodge, so he can analyze it.

He’ll determine that the lion it belonged to happens to be a fairly young one, who likely got pushed out of the heights due to losing to another male for breeding rights. He will recommend that the best way to get rid of him is to scare him off with a ruse, that another lion male has showed up in the area. He tells you to go to Roxanne then, so she can concoct something for this purpose.

Going to her usual post, Claire only finds a sparkling note that says she can be found in her basement laboratory, which was off limits up until now. This being somewhat urgent, Claire can now go down into the basement, where she stumbles upon Roxanne in a rather compromising position with a boar, as she hastily pushes him off after he cums inside her. She then explains what she is attempting to do, and gifts her {Pig-Girl Outfit} to Claire, just in case she gets in trouble she can’t escape from with boars in the future.

The two of them will then proceed back upstairs, where Roxanne will come up with the idea to instead try and fashion the {Lion’s Motley} into something similar for Claire, since in this way the Mountain Lion can actually return back to the heights proudly after believing himself to have found a mate and not go off in some hiding place to wither away and die. This gives Claire a {Cat-Girl Outfit}, with which she need but approach the Mountain Lion back in the Neck of the Woods. Picking either choice presented at this point, though, excludes the other, so decide now.

Also worth noting is that after our decision, we’ll be able to talk to Roxanne again to shop for either {Ranger Bombs} or slightly cheaper {Camping Kits}. Alternatively, she can even raise Claire’s depravity for a consecutively higher price and act as a trainer for it, but only up to the limit of [Depravity < 20].

Now it is time to go back to the Neck of the Woods, where with the {Trick Scent} in her inventory Claire will automatically apply it after heading south past a certain large wooden pillar. With the {Cat-Girl Outfit}, however, Claire must get caught by the Mountain Lion and when that happens she will automatically submit to the lion, who mates with her in a most primal and savage fashion. The latter will, of course, cause Claire to lose all her EP, but if her [Depravity ≥ 15] then she will actually enjoy it.

Doing either should see the wolves return. All that now remains is to first report to the Lumberjacks’ Cottage, to receive the Chief Lumberjack’s thanks as well as 100 silvers from him personally, and then back to the Ranger’s Lodge to report to Talin and recover all of Claire’s HP and EP. Also worth noting is that during and after this quest, the {Pig-Girl Outfit} as well as the {Cat-Girl Outfit} can be deposited or retrieved from chests in the southeast part of Roxanne’s underground laboratory.

Wolves At The Door

Talking to Talin yet again has her give us our next assignment, which will take place in Chemont Town, where we meet up with Dorian at the local Ranger Outpost.

Upon arrival, we immediately note Dorian examining the corpse of the massacred guard dog, that we could previously scratch behind the ears. This shall not stand! After an explanation of the cleverness of wolves, he gives us a {Wolf’s Motley}, that he had recovered, and bids us to return to the Ranger’s Lodge and present it to Roxanne, so she can come up with a solution. And while she will, of course, construct a {Wolf Trap} she will also fashion a {Wolf-Girl Outfit} for Claire to wear, should she opt to seduce the pack’s Alpha and his crew instead, something that Claire vehemently opposes with [Depravity < 20] or actually considers with [Depravity ≥ 20].

Whatever her initial reaction was, the {Wolf-Girl Outfit} can now be found in another chest separate from the previous two outfits down in Roxanne’s laboratory, but can only be equipped by Claire if she has at least [Depravity ≥ 20]. If she does not do so before returning back to the Ranger Outpost, then Dorian and her set the trap, where Claire draws out the wolves during the dead of night and they are trapped and killed completely, thus having her gain [+1 Defiance] at the cost of -75 EP.

Should Claire have the {Wolf-Girl Outfit} in her inventory after talking to Dorian, however, then she actually has the option of using it or the trap. If she does use it, then that leads to

the entire wolfpack gangbanging Claire together and departing the area afterwards,

costing Claire – 100 EP. Whatever her methods, Claire can return to Talin at the Lodge after that to complete the quest and restore all her HP and EP, also having her hunger and energy permanently raised by 50 points as a result of her treks through the woods.

Hunt Or Be Hunted

This time we see Dorian having assumed command, and Talin’s place, in her absence. Speaking to him, he tells us that she went into the Bruginwood, specifically the Thick of the Woods, and that we need to meet up with her there.

Upon finding her, she bids us to enter the nearby Bear Cave, where we find one such bear that was killed recently by poachers. But the reason, as to why she had not yet been skinned by them, was that Bubba, a large male bear, had heard of her dying cries, came along and chased them away before they could do so. She concludes with a decision to go hunt down and find the poachers, while Claire examines the bear carcass, retrieving a {Bear’s Motley} from it in the process, and bringing it back to the Ranger’s Lodge.

Finding Talin waiting for us at its entrance already, we learn that she had found the poachers’ corpses, having been already killed by Bubba who, however, is still agitated. We need to bring the {Bear’s Motley} to Dorian inside the lodge next, who deduces that the bear in question was protecting her cubs, who remain unaccounted for, and that Bubba, unlike most male bears, is still angry about them being taken. Talking to Roxanne next, we learn she’s intimately familiar with Bubba and receive {Roxanne’s Charm} from her either way, to avoid Bubba mistaking Claire for one of the poachers and mauling her to death. Or, with [Depravity ≥ 25], Claire is receptive enough to the idea that she can now find the {Bear-Girl Outfit} in Roxanne’s laboratory basement, next to the other three.

Going outside, Talin awaits Claire and is briefed on the situation, immediately running off together with Claire to the Deep of the Woods, right in front of the Poacher Hideout entrance. There, Claire may enter that area, only to almost be spotted by a Wary Poacher before hiding in the bushes with Talin nearby. She decides to distract him and his companion, while Claire gets to sneak into the hideout and free the cubs.

Once inside she only needs to free them from the sparkling crates to the north, after which they will run away and Bubba’s roar will be heard coming from the outside. It is at this point that Claire changes to her {Bear-Girl Outfit}, if she happens to have it in her inventory, or simply walks outside to find a poacher aiming at her with a crossbow, who will react to her weird attire in that instance. He will also have one of the unconscious cubs slung over his shoulder, but that proves to be a fatal mistake as Bubba arrives and rips his head off for that affront. After which, he will either note {Roxanne’s Charm} and spare Claire or, if she’s wearing the outfit, will be tempted by Claire to celebrate the rescue of the cubs with a wild mating session using his savage and constant thrusts.

After all this Talin will return, having taken care of the other poachers in the area herself, and will escort Claire back to the Ranger’s Lodge, where she recovers all her HP and EP. If Claire ventures back into the Thick of the Woods after this point, she may encounter Bubba yet again, who unlike the other animals is not hostile and may be either petted, or mated with again at a cost of -100 EP and a reward of 5x {Raw Fish}.

Death in the Water

On this quest we need to speak to Talin once again, whom we find in the north room of the Ranger HQ. Talking to her will lay out our task and immediately take us to the Lake in the Woods area in the center of Valos. Upon arriving there and heading further south, we come across Talin waiting for us there and telling us that it’s strange the local deer are unafraid of the water, since usually there are alligators in the water. But heading even further south down the path reveals the reason as most of them were poached, leading Talin to be quite angry. She hands over {Alligator’s Motley} to Claire, instructing them to run back to HQ and deliver it to Dorian for his advice.

As we make the trek back and talk to him, he reveals that disturbingly all of the victims were male alligators, which is very hard to discern as it is, and that if they did capture female ones they’d purposefully have to release them. All of this leads him to believe the poachers have someone of significant skill in ranger tracking and capturing on their side, before telling Claire to also consult Roxanne. She will be found in the presence of Talin, who has by now also returned, and will recall the legend of La Guivre, a white, large ‘dragon’ gator that was supposed to protect only the female alligators in the old days, but not males, and that that’s the only reason she could think of why the poachers are leaving them alone. Absent any better theory, Talin is forced to accept it and heads back out with a cadre of her best rangers to ambush the poachers, leaving Claire with Roxanne.

Upon speaking to her again, the decision is put forth for us to either use a special {Coldblood Chum} that would have La Guivre ignore Claire, so long as she’s not in the water, or with [Depravity ≥ 25] she can also pick up the {Lizard-Girl Outfit} in the basement that Roxanne has fashioned as a much more certain way to keep Claire safe, though given that she knows how this usually goes Claire is doubtful if it really will be this safe, due to La Guivre’s supposed size. Finally, she needs but report to Talin in front of the HQ, who is waiting there with a squad of Rangers before they all depart.

As they return to the lake, Claire goes to the center of the waters to act as bait, waiting there for hours in fact while the Rangers set themselves up in ambush to await the poachers. Finally they reveal themselves and as they do, the Rangers open fire, though the poachers are many. Two of them look as if they might focus on Claire instead before she throws the {Coldblood Chum} and puts on the {Lizard-Girl Outfit}, if she has it. Either way, it is enough to summon La Guivre who completely slaughters all of the poachers in the water one by one. After he is done with them, Claire is already safely out of the water and will gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue], however, if she had donned the outfit La

Guivre will instead approach Claire and claim his just reward by savagely mating with her after he had disposed of all the interlopers as Claire gains [+2 Depravity].

Either way, the rangers will then come from deeper in the woods and inform Claire that Talin went further in pursuit while they are clear to return to the HQ, where Claire can rest up and restore all her HP and EP while concluding the quest.

Urchin Questline

This questline only shows up in the Black and Complete editions of the game. It starts by talking to the two mischievous urchins in the Valos City Slums. After hearing out their sad tale, of having lost their ball in a hole, Claire can:

a) (Offer to help)

Claire gets stuck in a wall, just as the Urchins had planned, and they proceed to playfully rape both of her back holes, where with [Depravity 8] she will secretly enjoy it – Lose all EP and [- 1 Intrigue].

b) [Intrigue ≥ 5] (Voice suspicions…)

Claire deduces that the Urchins are lying and they run off.

c) (Leave)

The Urchins guilt-trip Claire into feeling bad. But she can talk to them still.

In all events but c), they will leave behind some {Urchin’s Scribbles}, which starts their first quest and leads to an urchin and a pauper showing up before their hideout.

Brats, Mischief & Cruel Things

Heading up to their hideout has us come across an urchin shaking down a Desperate Pauper, which lets Claire climb up the rope to investigate their hideout to see what’s up. Before nothing happened up there, but if Claire approaches and knocks on the heavy door now she can guess the password as ‘dog’ or mutt’ with the {Urchin’s Scribbles}.

This tells the urchin on the other side to let her in, before realizing she’s not one of them and running away while yelling for his mates to ready ‘The Gauntlet. ’ Sure enough, Claire’s only recourse becomes to follow down into the dungeon and brave it, where in a winding passageway with [Intrigue < 6] she will fall to an {Aphrodisiac} bomb trap that will see her feel the urge to masturbate herself into exhaustion before being carted away, restrained and ruthlessly gangbanged by all of the urchins with the end result of [-3 Defiance], [+2 Depravity] and all of her EP lost.

Alternatively, with [Intrigue ≥ 6], she manages to avoid that trap and continue on, hopefully avoiding the four pitfalls that send her tumbling back to the start. However, if she should proceed into the next open chamber with [Defiance < 6] then the urchins will manage to catch her with a lot of glue around her feet, from which she does not have the strength to escape, leading to the exact same results as listed above. Only with [Defiance ≥ 6] can she avoid that trap as well and proceed to the end, where the urchins’ leaders Henri- Adelin and Olivier are introduced on equal footing as opposed to one where Claire is their playtoy. Gain [+1 Defiance] and [+1 Intrigue].

Either way, Claire is forced to swallow a certain pill whose antidote can only be provided by the urchins, thereby binding her to complete their tasks at their behest…for now.

Child of Valos

Should Claire ever enter Valos Inner City while actively having the ‘pregnant’ status without using an {Abortificient} upon said status right after becoming such, then she will very likely suffer contractions. These lead to her being interred in the local hospital, where she is told that she has entered her second trimester and that she will have to be confined here until she delivers a baby girl. However, before that event happens Claire must decide what to do with said baby upon having delivered it into this world, where there are four irreversible actions she can undertake after the birth sequence:

a) (Take the child home)

If Claire has a permanent home on the island, she will see her raised there.

b) (Have the child fostered)

If Claire has at least 500 silvers, she can spend it to have the child fostered by the Abbey. If she later gains a home on the island, the child can then be moved there.

c) (Give away the child to the Rangers)

At no expense the child is taken in by the Rangers, but sadly isn’t likely to think of Claire as her mother. There is a chance for them to meet in the future though.

d) (Sell the child to the Brabannois Club)

Claire is given 250 silvers by a Plutocrat in exchange for disowning her child and essentially selling her to the Club, leading to a truly heart-wrenching scene.

A Claire’s Breeding Ranch

This major business can only be started after completing all bull breeding jobs. Having completed that, Claire can read the notice board in front of the old Ranch in the southern part of Chemont Town, after which she can talk to the old Saddler next to the Inn and present her {Breeding Certificate III} to him as well as 10,000 silvers to buy the necessary equipment and the whole Ranch as well. After that’s done, Claire may enter the Ranch and look around, receiving very detailed instructions at the start as to how to go about this business best, which will be placed in her inventory as {Rancher Instructions} for future examination. She can also go upstairs and rest to replenish her EP at no monetary cost in her very own bed, though it does of course still cost her -100 HP and stash and retrieve all her items from the green and gold chest.

A. 1 Purchase a stallion

The obvious person to talk to about this is, of course, Isobelle! Some equipment will have to be purchased on top of what was previously offered, which will cost Claire an additional 2,000 silvers. If she can provide that much, then Isobelle and her magnificent stallion Thunder are hired and move to the Ranch.

After this comes a series of increasingly depraved sessions between Claire, Isobelle and Thunder, first involving blowjobs and producing {low-grade beastcum} to sell to the Saddler, then vaginal attempts that move up to {medium and high-grade beastcum} and finally even anal ones that produce the vaunted {top-grade beastcum}! As Isobelle is slowly corrupted into depravity, and towards the ultimate depraved level of a Horsecock Whore, she will require a total of 2x {Aphrodisiacs} and then 3x {Lubricants} to get there (which she can get from the Saddler or during her adventures), culminating in finally being awarded a special {Equine Beastwife Outfit} that can only be purchased from the chest next to the Saddler for 1,000 silvers.

Upon being presented with this final award, Isobelle and Thunder will be married in a ceremony, with Claire serving as their depraved minister. Not even Isobelle’s father and suitor interrupting the ceremony towards its end will be able to stop it, as Isobelle and Thunder are forever magically bonded by the branding iron until death do them part, with Isobelle becoming a full Beastwife. From that point onwards, she will no longer require any {Aphrodisiacs} or {Lubricants} to provide her wifely duties and lots of different kinds of beastcum and will, on top of that, also tire out a whole lot less after each session!

In exchange, when next talking to Isobelle, she will gift Claire a {Horsecock dildo}, which she will now use during future breeding sessions with Isobelle. In return, Claire can buy her some {Nipple piercings} from the Saddler, to alter her appearance if she so desires.

A.2 Purchase a dog

If we’ve previously rescued Beth in one of two ways, then she and her childhood companion Gale become the next obvious people whom we can recruit to Claire’s Ranch. Finding and talking to her at her home in Chemont Townhas her move to the back room and if we go around the back entrance after we’ve purchased the ranch, we will witness a most naughty Beth giving her canine companion quite the workout as Claire masturbates while eavesdropping before she walks in to offer them a job.

Soon after we will find both of them relocate to the ranch, where their perverted efforts may be put towards more profitable ends.

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