Lady Investigator Reika

Lady Investigator Reika Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Lady Investigator Reika Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

RJ311149 女捜査官レイカ Lady Investigator Reika Walkthrough & Guide

Case 1 – Lady Investigator Reika Walkthrough & Guide

  1. upper click the red car that near elevator, get number 1582
  2. left talk to man who fall down on floor
  3. SE to power maintenance room, talk to man, upper left enter 1582
  4. elevator to 1F
  5. right room that nearby elevator, click TV can get number 1206
  6. upper left room click clock, enter 1206, then hidden room get evidence
  7. lower left room talk to man
  8. lower right room switch is same as picture, up down up down down, then can go to NE room
  9. to NE room, left device enter 6759, right get 1st choice?
  10. elevator to 2F
  11. (make new save, because near enemy has bug) go to lower left room, has message cant enter
  12. lower room enter 689 can open jail door
  13. lower right jail click corpse can get key
  14. open upper right door, get weapon
  15. has weapon can go to lower left room, get evidence inside
  16. to boss room (若頭の部屋), in H get 1st choice then choice speed as u like, 2nd choice faster but double point

Case 2 – Lady Investigator Reika Walkthrough & Guide

  1. talk to receptionist, get 2nd choice
  2. upper click pillar can down to casino, go to upper left room, in H don’t get choice in continuity
  3. right get clothes and click device, then back to ground floor
  4. back to entrance talk to receptionist
  5. upper right talk to man then male toilet wall has hidden road to 2F
  6. lower right room get evidence
  7. push ladder to vending machine can get key, then go lower left room click slot machine get number 415 casino.jpg
  8. lower room enter 415, inside click bookshelf get book
  9. book to upper right blue bookshelf can find hidden room

Case 3 – Lady Investigator Reika Walkthrough & Guide

  1. north to store, defeat enemy who nearby entrance can get card key
  2. pass door to upper left toilet can get evidence
  3. upper right room click notes
  4. north room click notes can get password 4729
  5. back to store, middle click device enter 4729 can go to vent that nearby
  6. lower right push yellow and red switch down, then click device
  7. open lower right door then move out store, to upper right 事務所 talk to man
  8. right to ship’s 機関室, upper push 2 box to right place then click device
  9. back to deck, go to 甲板室, inside get evidence
  10. defeat enemy then push him to upper left corner
  11. up to captain room, click door then click 2 pig statue, get 2nd choice make them face to lower can enter room

Case 4 – Lady Investigator Reika Walkthrough & Guide

  1. talk to man who nearly, after H can get back clothes and weapon
  2. move out has event, get 2nd choice has short cut, get elevator to next area
  3. upper left one device for trap, one for left room door
  4. left room click notes then middle room click 3 switch to A F K
  5. north elevator to next area
  6. room that nearly elevator’s right, click device for trap
  7. click lower room PC
  8. upper right room click device, then use elevator can go to top floor (最上階)
  9. after sex battle to ending

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