Daily Lives of My Countryside

Daily Lives of My Countryside Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Daily Lives of My Countryside Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Raising Affection – Daily Lives of My Countryside Walkthrough & Guide

Some scenes increase affection. Check the “Scenes” section for info.

Daisy – Daily Lives of My Countryside Walkthrough & Guide

Eat lunch (+1) Eat lunch at 12h.

Helping in the field (+1)

Go to the field between 15h and 16h and help Daisy.

Choose steak (+1)

At 17h, talk with Daisy in the kitchen and choose steak.

Dinner (+1)

Eat dinner at 18h.

Doing the dishes (+1)

At 19h, help Daisy in the kitchen.

Ana – Daily Lives of My Countryside Walkthrough & Guide

Eat lunch (+1)

Eat lunch at 12h on weekdays.

Go to school with her (+2)

Talk with her in the bathroom at 6h.

Help her with the cows (+2)

See the event where Ana teaches you how to milk at least once when she’s in front of the barn and interact with the cows. Talk with her after you milk them (16h – 17h). To prevent problems, talk with her and start the quest with “Help” and then start milking the cows.

Watch her in changing room (+2)

At 15h on weekdays, keep watching her in the changing room.

Dinner (+1)

Eat dinner at 18h. There’s a chance where if you “Drop the spoon” she’ll be wearing no panties.

Mrs. Emmi – Daily Lives of My Countryside Walkthrough & Guide

Class (+2)

Go to class at 7h (adds up to other affection increases in class).

Focus (+2)

Choose “Focus” twice.

Chat with Theo (-1)

Note that raising affection with her is useless so far.

Scenes – Daily Lives of My Countryside Walkthrough & Guide

Some scenes will be indicated with a balloon when available.



Approach her while she is in the barn. If Ana is there, you will be able to see the scene only once.


On Friday (6h – 10h), talk with Daisy in the Barn to get the laundry quest, pick up the clothes on Daisy’s bed and all the dirty clothes and put it in the laundry. Talk with her after it to increase affection (optional). Find her in the kitchen at 11h. Drop the spoon during lunch with her in the apron for a nice view.


You must have 20+ affection with Daisy and have talked with her at least once in her bedroom. Visit her at 21h, select “Massage” and it will play an interactable scene. This increases affection with her by 2.


Visit Daisy while she is sleeping (22h) and interact with her in bed. If you have 20+ you can interact with the scene.

Sleep with her (and play)

After you give her a massage for the first time, you can select the “Sleep” option in the next interaction with her at 21h. To use the “Play” option you must have 30+ affection and sleep at least once with her to see the event at dinner where the protagonist talks about his height. “Playing” with her increases affection by 3 (no increase on the first time).

1st shower scene

Peep her while she’s taking a shower. To enter, you must have seen the scene where you play with her in bed.

2nd and 3rd shower scenes

See the first shower scene. At 13h, talk with Theo near the vending machine to get a drink and join her in the shower.

4th shower scene

Take a shower with her after the 2nd and 3rd shower scenes.

Sleeping light sex

Make sure you’re in stage 4 of Daisy’s progression (check her events on cellphone) and go to her bedroom at 22h. She’ll be sleeping. Interact with her ass to “adjust” it and interact with her “cat” (hold). When the white bar fills up, press “Cum” . You’ll be able to summon your sword and do some (light) action. Hover on the question mark on top right for help.



Interact with Ana while she is in front of the barn with the cows.

Shower peeping

At 19h, peep her while she’s taking a shower.


Visit Ana while she is sleeping (22h). If you have 20+ affection you can interact with the scene and If you have seen the event where Ana milks cows and has 30+ affection with her, an event will play when interacting with her while she sleeps. You can now interact with her hand.

Changing room

At 15h on weekdays, go to the changing room. If you choose “Keep watching” twice, you will get caught by her and affection will increase by 3.

Hide and seek

○ Be on Stage 2 of Ana’s prograssion (check her events on the cellphone).

○ At 16h – 17h on weekends, go to the front of the barn, talk with Ana to begin the milking quest and complete it (see “Raising affection”).

○ Now talk with her again and choose “Let’s play” then “Hide and seek” .

○ In order to watch the scene, you need to win the rock, paper, scissors, which I believe it’s random, so save beforehand.

○ If you win, you can find her stuck on the left of the barn.

○ interact with her then go inside and talk with her. Go outside, interact with her again and choose “Or…” .

○ Interact with the scene. Hover on the question mark on top right for help.

Mrs. Emmi


Focus when in class. Choose “Nah” . You can now interact with the scene. Hover the mouse on the question mark on top right for help. The interaction is based on hovering the mouse on specific locations of the screen, just pay attention.

“Look out to the window”

Choose the “Poke” option to… well…

Helping hand

Go to class on friday after NOT doing your homework. After class, get out of the classroom and interact with Mrs. Emmi. (Must have seen Mrs. Betty scene first)


Peeping tom (Mrs. Betty)

At 13h, go to the pool and interact with the bush on the left. This scene will play only once, after that you can interact with the bush at 13h on weekdays with no interruptions (once per day).

Caught peeping again (Kate)

At 17h, talk with Nina at the pool to “join” the swimming club (Choose “I love swimming” option). peep Nina at 13h – 14h (bush on the right) and keep watching. When you hear footsteps, choose “Hide behind tree” and get caught by Kate. You’ll get away. Peep again and hide behind the tree again. Scene will play.

Pink haired girl

On the first day of school, you’ll watch an event where you see a pink haired girl without panties. After this scene, before class, talk with her in the front yard of the school on the bench a couple of times (once per day) until she teases you.

Punishing a cheater (Mabel)

○ Fail the test twice on Friday (by not doing homework).

○ After the second time failing the test, talk with Teo (should have an exclamation mark on top of his head) and get his quest to steal the test answers.

○ Go to school on Thursday at 20h and use the ladder on the left. You’ll find Mabel stuck. You help her and fail for now, going back home.

○ Do the same next Thursday and climb the ladder. Enter the school and go to the second floor.

○ Go down as much as you can and go to the right (see image below).

○ You’ll find Mrs. Emmi ‘s office. Entering the office you can see Mabel stealing the test answers.

○ Hide on the right and wait for Mabel to go away, then steal the answers.

○ Go to class on Friday and talk with Teo. You’ll need to steal the answers again on next Thursday.

○ Go to school at night on Thursday and (finally) find Mabel stuck again. You can teach her a lesson.

Christmas (Santie)

○ On the 24th day, go down stairs and talk with Daisy (optional).

○ Go to the barn and take the axe.

○ Now go below your farming area (south of Daisy’s farm) and cut the pine tree and put it in your bedroom.

○ You can talk with Daisy and Ana throughout the day to get some unique dialogues and eat dinner with them to get a cool scene.

○ Go to sleep and enjoy the scene. To get some affection, tell her she is Santa.

○ Do these steps again on next Christmas to have more time to enjoy the scenes.

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