High Rise Climb

High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

v0.20 – High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide

Chat Points

Angela: shopping, travel, music

Ajay: science,sports,work,music

Ida: music, travel, sports

Olivia: shopping, science, music

Ajay: music, work, sports, science

Lara: books, work, photography

Grace: travel, money, photography

Izumi: Work, books, science

Bella: Money, Travel, Shopping

Jack: Money, Work, Sports

Go on date with Angela: choose casual talk first than Everitt Talk to

get the most conversations.

Refuse to go on date: Meet Alice. Psychology I leads to Go to her

apartment. Alice will call you again if you head to bedroom after 9PM

after Tuesday. Refusing the call will lead to bathtub scene with Angela

accepting will lead to going over and talking with Alice.

Promotion can be reached after level 2 work stat. Choose + fear when the

team congratulates you will allow you to grope Izumi X2 + Grace grope X2

(once in morning, once when you are alone with her at sunset)

Engineering triggers Izumi scene in the office which allows gives you

almost enough relationship points to talk about past present and future

with her.

Biology triggers gym event with Ida on the Wed.

Grope Angela Req: 40 relationship points with her

Angela Past/Present/Future Req: 20 relationship points

v0.25 – High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide

Money is tight this update and investment income is a percentage of your

current $$$. So the less money you have the less money you make so spend


Research in this order to maximize efficiency and the number of scenes

you see. (Micro-cams must be done and setup around the house before

finance II or else you get a few less scenes.)

Balance approach:

Engineering I

Computer Enhanced Glasses


Finance II

Psychology II

Biology I

Money Approach:

Finance I

Engineering I


Finance II

Pyschology I

Psychology II

Biology I

Computer Enhanced Glasses


The game starts Saturday morning… At night Ajay will call you and you

will end up at the bar with Izumi and Grace

Use the store in your phone to buy the furniture for the guestroom. (It

will arrive in a couple of days.)

Angela will talk to you about the furniture when it gets there and you

can offer to pay for Bailey’s plan ticket, doing so will improve REL with

Angela and Bailey will arrive sooner.

After Bailey arrives you can talk to her morning, dusk, and night to get

an idea of whats going on and you can sneak into her room at night when

everyone is sleeping to peak at her.

4 days after Bailey arrives, go to guest bedroom at night and you will

hear an argument that Bailey and Angela are having

After the you see the argument. When you go watch TV at night a few days

later. Bailey will watch with you.

By this time you should have Micro-cams. Send the blue prints to

manufacturing in the phone menu and setup micro-cams all around the house

(No one has to be in the room to do this.) You will notice on Saturday

Bailey and Angela going out for a swim. Use that time to set up the cam

in Bailey’s room.

Check on your computer when Angela isn’t in the living room periodically

to see what the cameras have recorded.

After Psychology I, if you went on a date with Angela you will get the

same event with Alice but slightly different dialogue and Alice will not

call you a second time.

After Psychology II, Alice will call you over to her house. She will let

you try your new hypnosis tech on her. SAVE GAME. There are 2 options

for this scene. You can take advantage of the situation or you can not

(both contain lewds).


You can now hangout with Grace and Izumi and gain FEAR or REL whatever

you lack. Izumi can be massaged if you have over 30 REL.

After Engineering I do Izumi’s quest. Then continue with Computer

Enhanced Glasses. It’s recommended that you only make her pair as one

of the last things you do to save money.

Finance II will trigger Lara to come see you for some pro tips. When

she’s over at your house make sure you have Micro-Cam installed before

hand in the bathroom. She will go to bathroom and…

Once you have all the talents. Make sure you have the GRACE/JACK

opportunity. (I made it nearly unmissable this time.) If you don’t, go

to sales at night and click on sales till the blinds in Jack’s Office are

closed. Click on Jack’s Office window and…

Talk with Grace about GRACE/JACK when everyone leaves the office REQ 30

REL. Grace will tell you the story, you will be given option one which

has (Lewds) the other starts a new GRACE/JACK quest (not implimented


Lewd option gives you 3 more options each one with a few different

images. Save Game and try them all.

v0.30 – High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide

Note the Routes are fluid meaning you can change routes up to a certain

point as long as you put in the grind to do so. Doing Rel actions will

decrease Fear and vise versa. Rel must always be higher than Fear or else

it Changes to fear route and vise versa.

Incompatible Content for single playthrough (mostly due to story issues):

Getting Izumi Fear BJ will stop you from progressing to Izumi Rel BJ, but

not the other way around. Getting Final (not the first one) Grace Fear

Sex Scene will Block Grace Rel Sex Scene and vice versa.


With level 3 Work, work like normal and you will get interrupted by Bella

to go see Jack.

Jack will give you a promotion and tell you to promote either Izumi or

Grace for your old job.

Setup micro cams in your office. Call in Izumi and Grace to let them know

what’s going on. The next day go to Analytics room at sunset and you will

see an interaction between Izumi and Grace. Setup micro cams all around

the office at night.

Izumi REL route.

Call in Izumi the next day. Select + Rel options until your REL is higher

than your fear. Then touch her.

You can chose to give her therapy and hypnotize her, but it will only

works if Rel is above fear. There’s a couple options there. So choose

whatever suits you. Some things can’t be done unless you have Psychology

lvl 3

Once REL is above 50 call her in to the office and she will ask you to go

on a date. Go on the date. You get the option to check out the waitress.

If you do Izumi gets jealous. She will ask you a question about who

deserves the job more. If you answer she does, she will sit on your lap

which leads to a scene, but if you end up going this route and not

choosing her for the job she’ll get angry at you and lose all

Relationship points.

After going on the date call her into the office and she will start

sitting your lap during evaluation. Interact how you want there.

After that happens and REL is above 70

Izumi will come to the office and you get a scene there

Izumi Fear route:

Call her in Select + Fear options until your fear is higher than Rel.

Touch her.

Once Fear is above 50 she will start sitting on your lap during

evaluations. There will be fear based interactions for that.

Once you do that. You will see a scene where Izumi is in your office

snooping around at night if you check the micro cams.

Call her in confront her on it which leads to a fear based scene

Grace REL Route:

Its recommended you take the help grace get back at jack quest. If you do

you will get a micro cam scene where Jack and another guy are talking

about insider trading. Go tell Grace about it. Choose to put money into

trading with grace. A few days later, you get your money back and more.

Go talk to grace about it. Then see her at sunset when the office is

empty to get a scene with grace.

You can hypnotize her as long as Rel is higher than fear which it should

be on this route.

Go to Analytics department during the day and you will see interaction

between Bella and Grace.

Don’t grope her during evaluations or else you take a Rel high and Fear

increase. Or do it anyways and just take the hit.

Once Rel is 80+ she will come into your office and tease you. If you promise to give her the job, it will lead to a scene. If you don’t she will leave. You don’t have to end up giving her the job, but if you don’t, she will come by later and confront you on it and you will lose all Rel and she will be angry with you.

Grace Fear Route:

Call her in Select + fear options until fear is higher than Rel.

Grope her during evaluations.

Keep doing that until fear is above 50 and you will get a micro cam scene

where Grace goes to Jack for help. You have to have completed the grace

quest from last patch to trigger it.

Call her in confront her on it leads a scene.

The next time you call her in she apologizes to you and ask you to

promise to give her the job in exchange she will give you a scene.

Lots of options there, pretty much do whatever you want.

Decision Time:

After you got the desired outcome go to Jack tell him you made a choice.

(Don’t do this too early because it locks content or at all if you don’t

care about the story for this patch.)

Promotion 4:

Talk to jack about hiring a secretary. Talk to Bailey in the morning.


Alice’s apartment is unlocked after psychology2 from last patch. Go to

her apartment and hang out with her until Rel is above 70 which will give

you a scene. Go to her bathroom and put a micro-cam there to get a

bathroom scene


Go watch tv. You will see a news story about Emily. Choosing to help her

or imagine someone going through a cavity search or do both. If you

choose to imagine you get a dreamish scene of Grace with police officers.

To help her go to lawyers office and talk to the lawyer. Pay her the fee.

A few days later Lawyer will call you to go back to the office. Go

sometime later and she will introduce you to Emily. Emily will thank you

and ask for you to go on a date. At the date she will ask you go back to

her hotel room. Go do that which leads to a scene.


Slightly different night spying scene.


Added 3 BJ scenes 1 for each room. (Req 60 Rel)


Micro Cam Scene with Jack

v0.40 – High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide

Please try at least 2 different routes or else you may think it’s short

of content.

There’s a new spot on the map that’s the garage. Going there will be an

empty lot. Go to shop from the phone menu buy a Lambo. It’s recommended

you buy it early or else you miss a few conversation renders.


IZUMI (Rel) Rel higher than fear:

1. Promote Izumi by talking to Jack.

2. Go and talk to Izumi

3. After work Grace and Izumi will be waiting for you in the office.

4. Go to restaurant with them.

5. Go on date with Izumi, through Izumi conversation menu in Analytics


6. Go home with her.

7. Do whatever, leads to animated scene.

8. One of the scheduled conferences finger her while Grace watches.

Izumi(Fear) Fear higher than Rel:

1. Promote Izumi by talking to Jack.

2. Go and talk to Izumi (different from Rel conversation)

3. Go to restaurant with Izumi/Grace.

4. Look at quest for Izumi follow it.

5. Go to your office tell Izumi to give you a blow job.

6. Go to Analytics go and grope Izumi

7. Call Izumi into office ask her to not wear underwear.

8. Go to weekly conference

9. Sobotage Izumi

10. Go to office ask Izumi not to wear underwear again.

11. Go to analytics and grope her for a different scene.

12. During schedule conferences grope finger her as Grace watches on

(Slightly different from rel one.)

Grace (Rel/Fear becomes merged):

1. Go to Analytics talk to grace.

2. Go to restaurant after work (different from Izumi’s).

3. Follow grace into bathroom.

4. Find Grace leads to animated scene

5. Weekly Conference to Grace and Izumi argument.

6. Grace comes into MC’s office

7. If you saw Izumi going through your computer (skip to 10)

8. Go hack Izumi’s computer at night with engineering 2 talent.

10. Invite both Grace and Izumi into Byron’s office.

11. Animated scene.

12. Finger Grace in conferences while Izumi watches


1. Hire Bailey at work lvl 4 by talking to Jack

2. Bailey appears in analytics.

3. Talk to Bailey.


1. Jack will introduce you to the new conference room at work lvl 3.

2. After hacking Jack’s computer for the 3rd time you find something


3. Go talk to the lawyer at the lawyers office.

General Office Scenes:

1. Hack Izumi’s computer

2. Hack Grace’s computer

3. Hack Jack’s x2 (1 needs certain events to trigger)

4. Buying Lambo leads to Bella scene in the parking lot.


Angela: (Can do in whatever order.)

1. Buy Lambo

2. Go to garage to look at it.

3. On weekend go shopping with Angela and Olivia.

4. Choose to spy on Angela or Olivia

5. Go shopping again with Angela on the weekend. (Starts Angela/Olivia


6. Hang out with Angela if you have a previous Angela quest by going to

conversations menu.

7. Having sex with Angela in the bedroom with physical menu.


1. After giving Bailey the job, go to the bathroom at night.

2. Side with either Bailey or Angela

3. Bailey will start appearing in the kitchen to help Angela cook Monday

Weds Fri.

4. 2 interactions in the kitchen when she is there. Get appropriate

rel/fear/lust lvls.

5. Don’t go shopping with Angela one weekend and Bailey will be on the


6. 3 options there. Don’t invite her shopping until you have 20 lust

where she lets your touch her boobs on the couch.

7. With 20 lust invite her shopping will get most amount of images.

8. Spy on her in fitting room.

v0.5 – High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide


Chat with her

Ask about past present and future

80 Rel invite her over to your house.

House event needs 3 tries to unlock everything just keep inviting her



Izumi’s Apartment is unlocked if you went there from last patch

Chatting on sofa and bed unlocks sex interaction.

Lots more chatting options to explore


With 50 Lust or 70 fear Bailey appears in bathroom at night

Level 5 Work:

Follow the quest chain in Jack’s Opportunity after he goes into your

office and talks about the promotion

Go on Jack Boating Trip on SATURDAY

Talk to Bella

Talk to Grace or Izumi

Talk to Bailey

Wait 2 days

Bailey gives you documents (MC office Trigger)

Do the research on Office Computer

Wait 2 days

SmartBox Meeting (MC office Trigger)

Wait 2 days

Eshe asks for favor (MC office Trigger) If Grace was promoted from 2

patches ago, leads to 3-some

If camera issue hasn’t been solved yet, there will be punishment from

jack in future patch, just a warning.

Solving Camera in Office

Continues from after hacking Jack’s computer

Go home computer (Think on computer)

Go hack Jack’s computer again

Go to home computer

Develop video software

v0.6 – High-Rise Climb Walkthrough & Guide

Pool Events:

Unlock the pool by going with Angela and Bailey to the pool.

Swim in pool to gain body stat points

Talk to Bailey at the pool on weekend days

Swim with Bailey

To win the race you need body lvl 4

This unlocks an HScene with Bailey if you’ve had sex with her before.

To unlock Anal at the pool with Bailey you must be on Bailey Fear route

else she doesn’t like it.

Talk to

Alice and Aubrey at the pool on weekends

Unlock Xray Cams to find out a secret about them


Research Xray Cams

Buy the Prototype from the store

Go on computer at home to code the Xray glasses

This unlocks many new conversations at Izumi’s apartment and many of the

girls at the office.

Also unlocks different versions of Boat Event with Olivia and Drinking

Event with Olivia

Angela Drinking:

Wake her up a few times leads to an additional conversation where you can

confront her

Bailey Bedroom Sex:

Go to Bailey’s room at night and massage her this leads to a different

conversation if you’ve had sex with her before. Anal once again is only

for fear route.

Bailey Weekend Sofa BJ:

Go to Livingroom on weekend once Angela leaves she’s at the sofa

Click option play with Bailey (Unlocked only if you’ve already had sex

with her.)

Shopping Center:

Shopping Center is split into 7 Areas

Area Main – Layla at Sunset and Mia at Night (Layla at Sunset unlocks a

additional Event if you talk to her and try to leave the shopping center

and have bought the Lambo.)

Area 1 – Airi Morning (Weekend)

Area 2 – Hazel Morning (Weekend)

Area 3 – Zoey Morning (Weekend) and Luna Night

Area 4 – Olivia Morning (Weekend)

Restaurant – Madison

Clothing Store – Sara

New Investment:

Bella will come in and tell you about Grant

Do research on his company

Tell Bella after you finish

Go to Meeting the next day

Go to dinner with Grant

Grace BJ and Sex:

Talk to Grace when everyone is off work

Go to Physical UI

Izumi Bath:

After Buying her the dress

And completing the Christmas tree Event

Go to Bathroom at 11:00 at night

Izumi Shower:

Sleep over at Izumi

She sometimes takes a shower in the morning, go to bathroom.

Izumi Office Sex (Rel):

Go to Izumi and Grope her or Ask for a Quicky in physical menu.

Izumi Office Sex (Fear):

You must have fear higher than rel when you promoted her and have done

the quest up until you ask for her underwear.

Dig up the video of her stealing from you from your computer in the


Go to the lawyer and speak to her

Go to computer at work and send the documents to Izumi

Wait for her to come to your office

Play the HScene

This unlocks the previous BJ scene with new dialogue

Olivia Angela Drink (Xray):

Invite over Olivia when you have Xray

Olivia Angela Boat:

Buy boat from the store

Talk to Olivia through date menu

Tell her about boat trip

If you have Xray glass it’s a different version

Go on Saturday

Do this 3 times to Unlock everything

New Meeting:

On Monday go to office

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