Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Ravager Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Mechanics – Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

Base Stats

Ravager is a Role Playing Game where some decisions will increase a corresponding ‘Stat’ level. Certain actions will need a high enough Stat level to be successful.

Strength: Will help you physically overpower your foes, and win in a direct battle.

Methods to Gain: Eating food and people, or failing Strength skill checks (and learning from the experience).

Charm: Makes it easier to intimidate, deceive, think around mental attacks, and be diplomatic.

Methods to Gain: Advancing your goals through dialogue or failing Charm skill checks (and learning from the experience).

Potency: Measures your virility, and aids in certain special circumstances.

Methods to Gain: The first time you have sex with most characters, but not upon subsequent encounters.

Cruelty & Mercy: Govern your reputation to others, and how willing they are to join you. They are two separate scores, not two ends of an axis.

Methods to Gain: Treating someone with vindictiveness or kindness, and they are able to tell others about it (or you leave evidence behind that others can find).

Act Specific Resources

These resources are only available within specific Acts of the game. The gameplay of Ravager is broken up into five separate Acts. They mark significant points within the story and gameplay changes between them as the story evolves. For more information on Acts, see the Walkthrough Section.

Treasure [3, 4]: It is used to build upgrades to your lair, or increase the Morale of your Hordes.

Methods to Gain: As a dragon, the primary way to gain Treasure is to steal it from others.

Morale [3, 4]: During Acts 3 and 4, you have military units called Hordes. Each of these has a tracked Morale, which is used to do things with that horde. Morale can be increased by giving them treasure or captives.

Methods to Gain: In Acts 2 and 3, you will have the ability to give Treasure and Captives to your hordes to raise their morale by 1 point. Not every Horde wants every Captive. For more information, see Managing Morale. In act IV, you will have the ability to spare or pillage conquered provinces. If you pillage them, you gain 1 point of morale.

Prosperity [4, 5]: Prosperity’s function is part of the upcoming act V.

Methods to Gain: In act IV, you will have the ability to spare or pillage provinces. If you spare them, or they are already under the control of a faction that you have recruited, you gain Prosperity.


In Dark Fantasy mode, sometimes you will make a poor choice or put yourself in harm’s way. This will usually cause you to take a wound. You heal a wound at the end of each Act. If you accrue three wounds, you will get a game over.


Captives are the damsels in distress that you can bring to your tower. Some can be invited willingly while others will require cajoling. Beyond that, they, as a general rule with some exceptions, have three main states; Happy, Unhappy, and Broken.


Lair Events

Every time you sleep, or return to your lair from elsewhere, you will get a single lair event. These are pulled from a queue of events that are waiting to happen, so sometimes you will need to sleep or explore more before seeing them. They include:

  • Completion of construction projects.
  • Arrival of visitors to your lair.

Dream Events

Similar, but separate, are dream events. These are scenes that happen while you sleep. You get a choice of what you want to dream about. These can contain story relevant information.

Dynamic Events

When visiting a captive or one of the hordes in your lair, you can get a single dynamic event. Like lair events, only one of these can happen at a time, so sometimes revisiting someone will unlock new content. Dynamic events include:

  • Captives visiting one another.
  • The followup to gifting a captive to a horde.


This section gives an overview of content in each act. Each Act is broken down into subsections. At the top of longer sections are Quicklinks boxes that link to them. Each subsection has a link that takes you back to the top of the Act.

A Stat highlighted red in an Important Stats infobox indicates that is the last time it can be gained or the last time it can be used (depending on which box it’s highlighted red).

Act I – The Prologue – Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

Act I is simple and straightforward, acting as a prologue. It introduces you to the world and some of the main characters.

Important Stats
Can gain:Strength, Charm, Potency, Mercy, Cruelty
Can use: Strength, Charm, Cruelty

In the beginning you are born and meet your ‘mother’, Princess Adeline.

  • [Nestle closer to the Princess] (Charm)
  • [Bite the Princess] (Strength) → [Spit fire in her face] (Cruelty)
  • [Mount her]
    • [Pout] (She orders her servant to pleasure you.)
    • [Bite the Princess] (Strength) → [Spit fire in her face] (Cruelty)

She briefly leaves, and you meet her Handmaiden. There are chiefly two variations of how the interaction ends;

  • Eat the meal brought to you: (Strength, Mercy)
  • Fuck the handmaiden: (Cruelty, if you didn’t pout)

Afterwards you confront the current Regent, Balthorne, who betrays the Princess.

  • [Fool the Regent] (Charm 1)
    • [Bite the Regent’s dick off] (Strength 1)
  • [Roar at the Regent] (Cruelty 1)
    • [Bite the Regent’s dick off] (Strength 1)

After leaping out of a window, you must evade the guards as you make a city escape.

  • [Hide]
    • [Scale the Building]
      • [Freeze in place] (Charm)
      • [Pounce] → [Kill] → Escape! (Strength)
      • [Pounce] → [Take her, gently] → [Leave] → Escape! (Potency, Mercy)
      • [Pounce] → [Take her, gently] → [Kill] → Escape! (Potency, Strength)
      • [Pounce] → [Take her, roughly] → Escape! (Potency, Lose Enid)
    • [Dive over the side-gate]
      • [Hide under a cart]
        • [Pick off one of the guards] (Cruelty)
        • [Subdue them and make good on your escape] → Escape! (Mercy)
      • [Climb up and into a window] (See [Scale the Building] above)

Once you’ve escaped, Act I ends, healing a wound, if you sustained any, and giving you a story cutscene. Then begins Act II and some open world exploration.

Act II & III – The Open World

Important Stats
Can gain:Strength, Charm, Potency, Mercy, CrueltyStrength, Charm, Potency, Mercy, Cruelty, Treasure, Morale
Can Use:Strength, CharmStrength, Charm, Potency, Mercy, Cruelty, Treasure, Morale

In Act II the game becomes open-world. You maintain access to the same areas in Act III, while some of the available scenes change. As there is so much overlap, the two Acts have been combined into a single section of the walkthrough. Please pay careful attention to the bracketed Act for act specific scenes.

In this Open World segment of the game, you can explore the realm, interact with people, and search for a lair. There is a persistent countdown between Acts II and III. This is how long until the Regent’s hunters find you. If this countdown reaches 0 in Act II, you game over. Once it reaches 0 in Act III, you proceed to the final event of the Act, which leads into Act IV, if you survive.

To resolve the events of Act II, you must find a lair, so you can start to build up your power base beyond increasing your own abilities. There are three potential lairs, one to each area. Each one has an associated faction that can be allied, at the cost of a sacrifice.

  1. The Sunken Temple – Lowlands
  2. The Abandoned Mines – Highlands
  3. The Ancient Spire – Mountains

After you claim a lair, Act III begins, and 7 days are added to your countdown. You can capture or recruit many of the NPCs you met previously or have your first interaction with them after you get a lair.

The Realm

As scenes can become long, the top level options within each area link to the detailed breakdown of the individual scenes. You can then click the title of the scene to jump back to its parent area. This allows you to quickly find the details of any given scene in an area.

It is important to note that the breakdowns do not give you the results of every choice of a scene, but lets you know that kind of stat ups and stat checks can be found within a scene. Explore different paths and see what you like best.

The Lowlands

Gutter’s Cove (Fishing Village)


The Wildlands

Pick off one of the townspeople


  • Has NOT Captured: Cuchilla (The Drunk)

Potential Gains:

  • [Act III] Captive: Cuchilla (The Drunk)

[Confront them] → [Any] → [Follow Her] → [Take Advantage] → [Yes]/[Remain Silent] → [Capture]

  • Strength

[Eat Them]

  • Charm

[Confront them] → [Any] → [Follow Her] → [Take Advantage] → [Yes]

  • Mercy

[Confront them] → [Any] → [Follow Her] → [Take Advantage] → [Leave]

Skill Checks:


[Act II] Infiltrate a Ship


  • Does not know location of Sunken Temple [Lair]

Potential Gains:

  • Unlock Lair Option: Sunken Temple [Lair]

[Attack!] → Check A: Pass → [Stowaway]

  • Strength

[Attack!] → Check A: Fail → Gain 1 Strength

Skill Checks:

  1. [Attack!] – Strength 2

[Act III] Crash the Bar



Potential Gains:

Skill Checks:


[Act III] Papers Check


Potential Gains:

  • Captive: Mina (The Merchant)

[Intervene] → [Any]

Skill Checks:


Track the Smoke.



Potential Gains:


Skill Checks:


[Act II] Follow the lights.


  • Does not know location of Sunken Temple [Lair]

Potential Gains:

  • Unlock Lair Option: Sunken Temple [Lair]

[Any] → [Any] → [Any] → [Surroundings]

  • Charm



Skill Checks:



Begin Quest: Recruit the Wolfmen

The Highlands

Bastion (The Town)




Heist Quest [Setup]



Potential Gains:

Just don’t attack them

  • Charm

Just don’t attack them.

Skill Checks:


[Act III] Bastion Heist

Begin Quest: Bastion Heist

Attack the Oxcart



Potential Gains:

There are two potential followup scenes to resolve the outcome of this scene, depending on your actions. If you let her go, either agreeably or not, with her things, she’ll next be found in Gutter’s Cove in Papers Check. If you strip her and make her run away without her things, see Investigate the Gathering.

  • [Act II] Knowledge: The Abandoned Mines [Lair]

[Continue] → [Unacceptable] OR [Growl] → [Acceptable]

  • [Act III] Captive: Mina

Check A: Pass → [Strip] → [Any] → [You] → [Bargain] → [Capture]

  • Strength

Check A: Fail

  • Strength

Check A: Pass → [Die]

  • Strength

Check A: Pass → [Die] → [Eat the Oxen]

  • Charm

[Continue] → [Unacceptable] OR [Growl] → [Acceptable]

  • Cruelty

Check A: Pass → [Strip] → [Any] → [You] → [Then Run] → [Go!]

  • [Act II] Mercy

[Continue] → [Unacceptable] OR [Growl] → [Acceptable] → [Yes]

  • [Act III] Treasure

[Continue] → [Unacceptable] OR [Growl] → [Acceptable] → [Yes]

Skill Checks:

  1. [Go for the crossbow] – Strength 2
  2. [Show me] – Charm 4

[Act III] Investigate the Gathering


  • Left Mina (The Merchant) naked and told her to Run without her cart in Attack the Oxcart.

Potential Gains:

  • Captive: Mina (The Merchant)

Check A: Pass OR Check B: Pass → [Remove Her Gag] → [Any] → [Perhaps I’ll try that out, too] → [You’ll have to do better than that] → [We have a deal]

  • Strength

Check A: Fail

  • Charm

Check B: Fail

  • Cruelty

Check A: Pass OR Check B: Pass → [Fuck Her] → [Leave Her]

  • Mercy

Check A: Pass OR Check B: Pass → [Remove Her Gag] → [Any] → [Perhaps I’ll try that out, too] → [Release her]

Skill Checks:

  1. [Kill them.] – Strength 4
  2. [Scare them off.] – Charm 4

Approach the Stable


  • NOT: Has Hunted the Cattle (in the same Act)

Note: You can Hunt the Cattle in act II for Strength and then Approach the Stables in Act III for other benefits.

Potential Gains:

This scene can be repeated in Act III to get the captive.

  • [Act II] Knowledge: Abandoned Mine [Lair]

[Any] → [Shelter] → [Any]

  • [Act III] Captive: Marie-Anne (The Farmgirl)

[Any] → Check A: Pass

  • Strength

[Any] → [Death]

  • Charm

[Any] → [Shelter] → [Any]

[Any] → [Pleasure] → [Wait Patiently]

  • Mercy

Note: This scene ends with mercy on most endings where you don’t eat her. Marie-Anne is very forgiving. The below path is simply the fastest.

[Any] → [Nothing]

  • Cruelty

Note: Any ending where you rape her can gain this point. Additionally, it requires the Bestiality flag be on.

[Any] → [Pleasure] → [Force Her] → [Fuck Her Cunt] → [Leave her there.]

Skill Checks:

  1. [Your Service.] – Charm 4

Mercenary Gathering


  • Has Approached Stables, raped Marie-Anne (The Farmgirl), Left her there

Note: This scene can be repeated until the option to capture her is taken.

Potential Gains:

  • [Act III] Captive: Marie-Anne (The Farmgirl)

[Interrupt the Gathering] → [Capture Her]

Skill Checks:


Hunt the Cattle


  • NOT: Has Approached Stables and not killed Marie-Anne

Note: This action can be performed in Act II and repeated in Act III.

Potential Gains:

  • Strength

[Hunt the Cattle]

Skill Checks:


[Act II] Follow the Scream


  • NOT: Has Knowledge: Sunken Temple [Lair]

Potential Gains:

  • Quest: Huntress Showdown: Doubt

[Her] OR [Peace] → Check A:Pass OR Check B:Pass → [Go] → [You’re Free]

  • Quest: Huntress Showdown: Despair

[Her] OR [Peace] → Stay and watch

  • Strength

[Her] OR [Peace] → Check A: Fail

  • Charm

[Her] OR [Peace] → Check B: Fail

Skill Checks:

  1. [Attack the colt.] – Strength 3, 4 (if Check B failed.)
  2. [No, you.] – Charm 2

The Mountains

Fortified Village [Coldreach]

  • Simple Description. (Content not Implemented, in this version)




  • Simple Description. (Content not Implemented, in this version)

The Campfire



Potential Gains:

This scene can be repeated in Act III to get the captive.

  • [Act II] Knowledge: The Ancient Spire [Lair]

[Any] → [Any] → [Any] → [Any] → [Yes?] OR [Perhaps] → [Err.]

  • [Act III] Captive: Darja (The Fangirl)

[Any All] (just don’t tell her “no”)

Skill Checks:


The Convent



Potential Gains:

This scene can be repeated in Act III to get the captive.

  • [Act III] Captive: Chanwe (The Abbess)

Just don’t attack them.

  • Charm

[Try to sneak in.] → [Greetings] → [What] → [Look Quizzically at her]

Skill Checks:


Quests – Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

Quests are notable interactions that can sometimes span multiple scenes and locations.

Marie-Anne’s Belongings

  1. Marie-Anne (The Farmgirl) is unhappy
  2. Kobold Horde Morale 2+
  • Happy Marie-Anne (The Farmgirl)
  • -1 Kobold Horde Morale

Upon bringing Marie-Anne back to your Lair after a less than charitable time in Mercenary Gathering, she will be in an Unhappy state. If you wish to change this so that she is in a happy state, you can go to her and ask how she is. This will prompt a Morale check from the Kobold Horde. If they have 2 or more Morale, your Kobold Horde Leader will offer to go and retrieve some of Marie-Anne’s belongings to make her happy. She will realize that you aren’t quite so bad afterall and apologize for her rudeness.

The Dress

  1. Less than 8 days on the Act III counter
  • [Optional] Make Mina (The Merchant) Happy
  • [Optional] The Dress
  • [Optional] 1 Treasure

During Act III, when you awake, an event can happen where your Kobold Horde leader brings you a dress found within the lair. If you do not have Mina already, you will have no option but to place it in the treasury, valued as one point of treasure. Once Mina has been recruited, you can go to the hoard by summoning your attendant, and then give it to her. This Dress is the only way to move Mina from her Unhappy state to her Happy one. If your hoard hits 0 treasure, the dress has already been spent and cannot be given to Mina.

Recruiting the Wolfmen

  1. Strength 4
  • Captive: Naho
  • Horde: Wolfmen

The initial scene is not repeatable. The Reprimand followup scene is, however. Do note that the two scenes have different sex scenes, if you aim to fill out the gallery.

Initial Meeting

When you visit the Wildlands, continue in spite of the howling. Choose any of the next options, and get ready to fight. The first time you fail this fight, she will take mercy on you and you gain 1 strength. A subsequent loss results in game over.

  • [Attack!] (Requires STRENGTH 4)

Afterwards, decide what to do with Naho:

  • [Kill her] (Strength), Lose Naho
  • [Make her submit to you anyway] (Potency, Capture Naho), Dragon/Naho
    • [Offer her to the Pack] Same as taking [Turn her over to the pack]
    • [Act III] [Take control of the pack]
  • [Turn her over to the pack] ([Act III] Cruelty), Wolfmen/Naho
    • [Act III] [Take control of the pack]
  • [Leave her] (Mercy)

If you do not take over the pack or kill Naho, and return to the Wildlands, you will get the Reprimand variant of the scene.


Upon returning to the Wildlands, Naho will challenge you again. You can state that you are here for her or [Act III] her pack. Either results in her attacking you. At the end, you have the option to physically overwhelm her or fuck her into submission. Either progresses you to the same choice.

  • [Turn her over to her pack] ([Act III] Cruelty), Wolfmen/Naho.
    • [Act III] Presents option [Take control of pack] again.
  • [Act III] [Take control of the pack]
  • Withdraw

You do not gain mercy for letting her go a second time. If you turn her over to the pack, you will be able to return and [Take Control of the Pack] later.

Take Control of the Pack

If you have a lair you will now meet Eburon, the pack’s new representative, and have a chance to recruit them & capture Naho.

  • [Protection] Doesn’t win them over, return to other choices
  • [Naho] (Requires CHARM 4, Lose Naho), Wolf/Naho
  • (Required Captives > 0) [More Bitches] (Capture Naho)
  • (Required Captives = 0) [All you want when I am king!] (Capture Naho)
  • [The Lowlands as your roam] (Capture Naho)

After recruiting the Wolfmen they will follow you to your lair and have a small conflict with the Kobolds. Both options for calming them down result in the same outcome.

Bastion Heist

Return to Bastion Heist

  1. Met Sab and Inej in Heist Quest [Setup]
  2. Charm 4 OR Potency 6
  • [Optional] Captive: Heloise
  • [Optional] Captive: Sab and Inej
  • [Optional] 2 Treasure

Sab and Inej are ready to infiltrate Bastion and the Inquisitrix’ room specifically. Follow them through the sewers and into the city. You’ll emerge into the streets and be set upon by guards. You’ll have the option to attack them, follow the Rogues up the building, or escape over the city wall. Attacking them is successful, but does not give strength. It then presents the other two options.

They will infiltrate the Inquisitrix’ chambers while you cause a distraction in the foyer. You’ll be set upon by guards again, but the Inquisitrix will send them away and introduce herself as Heloise.

Regardless of your choices, you’ll find yourself speaking only the direct truth to what she has asked. For several responses, she’ll gloat of her victory. At the last moment, you’ll be able to resist. If you have 4 Charm, you can twist the truth that you’re there for sex. If you have 6 Potency, you can resist the magic directly and speak your mind.

Provided you resisted, the Rogues will sneak up behind Heloise and knock her over the head. Sabetha will suggest taking Heloise home with you. If you choose to do so, you won’t be able to carry home your 2 Treasure. Thankfully, they’ll be so kind as to grab it for you! If you tell them where you live, they’ll drop it off.

If you did not purchase the Traps upgrade for your Lair beforehand, they’ll steal all of your Treasure when they arrive. If you did, you’ll capture them instead. You still lose out on the treasure, however.

The Other Heist

  1. Captured Mina (The Merchant)
  2. You know Mina’s (The Merchant) name.
  3. Mina (the Merchant) is happy
  4. [Optional] Captured Cuchilla (The Drunk)
  • 0-3 Treasure
  • [Optional] Piss off Mina (The Merchant)
  • [Optional] Lose Mina (The Merchant)
  • [Optional] Mercenaries cease to be recruitable

Upon bringing Mina (The Merchant) to your lair, learning her name, and having visited her at least once, you can start this quest by visiting her again. She will have been working on a plan to rob the mercenaries of some loot they recently acquired. If you have also captured Cuchilla (The Drunk), she will join the heist. The quest has variation with a few key choices.

The Fight

Upon approaching, you’ll find some of the mercenaries dueling. You’ll be invited to join as spectacle. You can choose to fight the proposed five men, or take on ten for greater reward, as the larger battle gives Mina (The Merchant) time to steal more.

  • 5 Men – Any Strength
  • 10 Men – 6 strength

Failing the strength check still results in the additional treasure, but also gives a wound. Regardless of how many you’re fighting, you’ll have the option of either killing or humiliating a pair of Rhyll’s men. This gives you a Cruelty or Mercy point respectively.

The Fuck

If you have Cuchilla (The Drunk), you can propose to Rhyll that, beyond fighting, dragons also fuck. Cuchilla (The Drunk) will present herself as planned. Regardless of how you take her, this will result in Mina (The Merchant) having more time, and thus more treasure.

The More Fucking

At the end of these options, Mina (The Merchant) is captured and her plot revealed. You can choose to fuck her to try and maintain your cover, and thus get more time for your kobolds. Do note that doing this will piss her off and prevent you from negotiating to fuck her vaginally back at your lair.

The Flight

The last important choice is whether you try to negotiate with Rhyll, or run away. Negotiating with Rhyll requires 4 Charm. If you are successful, you will infuriate Mina (The Merchant), but can recruit Rhyll and his mercenaries later. For more information on how to handle Mina (The Merchant) being upset, see the quest “The Dress”.

Negotiating fixes your reward from the quest at 1 treasure. If you instead choose to flee, you gain gold based on the table below.

Fight 10 Men+1
Fuck Cuchilla (the Drunk)+1
Fuck Mina (the Merchant)+1

Deal with the Mercenaries

  1. [Optional] 1 Treasure
  2. [Optional] Cruelty 4 OR Mercy 4
  3. [Optional] Strength 6
  • [Optional] 7 Days added to Act III timer
  • [Optional] Horde: Mercenaries

Crashing the Bar brings you to the front door, where two mercenaries stand guard. You’re presented with two choices to handle them.

  • [Scare them off] (Mercy)
  • [Attack them] (Cruelty)

Upon entering the bar, you’ll meet the leader of the Hundred Banners, Captain Rhyll. Here is where you make the fundamental decision of how you wish to deal with the mercenaries

Attack Rhyll

Attacking Rhyll is a difficult task that will test the dragon’s strength, at the highest difficulty of 6, and will always inflict a Wound, even when successful. If you fail, it is game over, as Rhyll takes the dragon’s life. However, if you do manage to kill him, you will have successfully thrown the mercenaries into chaos. This has an effect in Act IV, and prevents you from accessing Gutter’s Cove for the rest of the game. Do be aware that you will be locked out of capturing Cuchilla (The Drunk), if you have not captured her by this point. This can also lock out recruiting Mina (the Merchant), if you have so far not intervened with her issues in Papers Check.

Recruiting the Hundred Banners

If you avoid attacking him, Rhyll will offer you a choice of meals. The only one of note is the choice of desiring the most dangerous game; man. Rhyll will oblige, and you’ll gain Cruelty upon consumption of the poor sod.

Upon asking your questions, you’ll have three options to recruit the Hundred Banners to your side. All three options give you an additional 7 days, as Rhyll’s men disrupt Maelys’ (The Huntress) attempts to hunt you. It is only through the promise of something greater that he will join you, however.

  • [Riches] -1 Treasure
  • (Mercy 4) [Glory] Gain Horde: Mercenaries, Promise of Exclusive Contract
  • (Cruelty 4) [Power] Gain Horde: Mercenaries, Promise of Free Hands

As Act V is not currently implemented, there is no consequence for promising Exclusive Contract or Free Hands, at this time.

Rhyll’s Arrival

Considering their history together, it’s understandable that Mina (The Merchant) would object to the hiring of the Hundred Banners. When they arrive at the lair, Rhyll announces them. Mina, quite flustered, approaches and demands to know why they’re there. Upon being informed by Rhyll that they now share an employer, she will make it an issue that either they leave or she does. You are then presented with the following options;

  • [Leave, Rhyll] Keep Mina, lose Mercenaries
  • [Leave, Mina] Lose Mina, keep Mercenaries
  • [Capture her] Keep Mina, Mina becomes Unhappy, keep Mercenaries
  • [She’s yours] Lose Mina, keep Mercenaries, gain Mercenary Morale

It is recommended to look into the quest The Dress, if you wish to keep Mina.

Witch Raid

Wolfmen Route
  1. Met Valzira in Track the Smoke
  2. Wolfmen Horde
  • Captive: Valzira
  • Wolfmen Morale -1

To start this quest, visit your Wolfmen Horde. Tell them you have a job for them and the assault will begin. Eburon will rally his people and the scene will transition to the Shack. You’ll allow them to attack and secure the Witch. If their Morale is low, however, the Horde will be defeated entirely, so be mindful!

Malagar Route
  1. Met Valzira in Track the Smoke
  2. Ancient Spire Lair
  3. [Optional] Wolfmen Horde
  4. [Optional] Met Garren (The Wisp) in Follow the Lights
  5. [Optional] Captive: Cuchilla
  • Captive: Valzira
  • Consequence based on path taken

To unlock the Raid, talk to Malagar about her in your lair. He will eventually give you three options to complete the quest:

[Me] – The Dragon imbibes a special reagent to attack Valzira
  1. None
  • Valzira Captured
  • Lose 3 Days on Act III Timer
Malagar will feed the Dragon a powerful magical substance that will incense them into a rampage that allows them to overwhelm Valzira. However, the physical exhaustion leaves them passed out for three days.
[The Wolf Tribe] – The Wolf Tribe assaults Valzira’s home
  1. Horde: Wolfmen
  • Valzira Captured
  • Wolfmen Morale -1
Eburon will rally his people and the scene will transition to the Shack. You’ll allow them to attack and secure the Witch. If their Morale is low, however, the Horde will be defeated entirely, so be mindful!
[The Drunk] – Garren, the Wisp possesses Cuchilla and tricks Valzira
  1. Met Garren (The Wisp)
  2. Captive: Cuchilla
Malagar summons Cuchilla up to the laboratory in order to drug her with a bottle of fine wine. After she’s drank most of it, impressing Malagar in regards to her constitution, you take her to the swamp so that Garren (The Wisp) can possess her. He will take her body and pose as Cuchilla, asking Valzira for birth control herbs. Valzira will let him in and he will use Cuchilla’s body to physically overwhelm the witch. He will deliver Valzira to you, but take Cuchilla’s body as payment. This unlocks a quest to rescue your dear friend in Act IV.

Fathering The Apocalypse

  1. Pregnancy Flag
  2. Captive: Heloise


  1. Captive: Valzira
  • Captive: Malice
  • Possible End of the World
  • Unlock Quest: Raising the Apocalypse
Heloise Route

Visit Heloise as your captive. You will have a variety of options; remove her blindfold if your Potency is high, or her gag if your Charm is high, but not both. After seeing the scene, you can then safely remove the other. This will ‘break’ Heloise, allowing you to sleep with her without them.

If you sleep after the second time with the Incest and Femdom flags enabled, you will see a new dream option – focusing on the texture of your scales.

When you revisit Heloise, she will have a talk with you about what has happened, and its implications. You will have the option to terminate this questline if you really want to. Otherwise, move Heloise to nicer conditions and it will continue.

Your next visit to Heloise will see new surroundings, and a new look for her. Choose whatever you like in the ensuing conversation, and enjoy the following scene.

Upon the first night of Act IV, the child will be born.

Valzira Route

After completing the Witch Raid quest, you will have captured the witch of the swamp; Valzira. You can attempt to converse with her, but she has little reason to reveal her motives to her enemy. Still, as an elf, she’ll do fine as Malice’s mother.

Visit her in her cell and rape her. Go to visit her again and she will reveal the pregnancy with great hatred for you and your kind. Have fun making use of her again, if you please.

If you sleep at this point, and have the Incest and Femdom flags, you will have the option of viewing a new dream. Make sure to focus on your scales.

You will receive another scene where Valzira attempts to poison herself and abort the child. However, due to world altering power of the naga, she will be unsuccessful.

Upon the first night of the Act IV, the child will be born.

Huntress Showdown

  1. Act III Timer Elapsed
  • Act IV
  • [Optional] Captive: Maelys

After the ‘day countdown’ has reached 0 in Act III, Maelys the Hunter will track down your lair and confront you. If you have not met one of the following conditions, she will kill you;

  1. Recruited an additional horde
  2. Met Maelys in Follow the Scream
  3. Kobold Horde Morale of 2 or more

If you do not die, you have three options to resolve the scene; kill Maelys, convince her to join you, or break her will to fight. Convincing her to join requires 2 Doubt points. Breaking her will requires 2 Despair points. Either option results in her capture, but they do result in different storylines in act IV. Listed below are the actions you can take to increase her Doubt or Despair:


  1. Save Maelys from attack in act II
  2. [I’m Sorry] Skill Check: Charm 6
  3. [It can Change] Skill Check: Mercy 4

  1. Watch Maelys get attacked in act II
  2. [I’ll do Worse] Skill Check: Cruelty 4
  3. [Pounce!] Skill Check: Strength 6

Act IV – Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

Important Stats
Can gain:Mercy, Cruelty, Morale, Prosperity
Can use: Strength, Charm, Cruelty, Mercy, Treasure, Morale

War Council and Consort

After your showdown with Maelys, you reawaken in your lair. One of your horde’s leaders (chosen randomly) will give you a damage report. You will be introduced to a ‘war council’ consisting of the leaders of your hordes and your lair faction (if you have completed their quest).

Your war council will consist of:

  • Kobolds – Always
  • Wolfmen – If you have recruited them.
    • If you promised them [Bitches] but have not gifted them any captives, they will start with a Morale penalty.
  • Mercenaries – If you have recruited them with POWER or GLORY.
    • If you have not given them any Treasure, they will start with a Morale penalty.
  • Proteans – If you are in the Sunken Temple and have gifted them the Abbess.
  • Infernals – If you are in the Abandoned Mine and have gifted them the Inquisitrix.
  • Malagar – If you are in the Ancient Spire and have gifted him the Witch.

You will be able to choose who to lead your kobolds in battle. This does not change who their representative is when you visit them in your lair.

  • Petruk/Grokkan (if alive) – He will let you choose between sparing and pillaging.
  • Issa (if recruited) – He will always spare territories.
    • Special: Selecting this character gives the kobolds a bonus 1 morale, as you cannot control their actions.
  • Breaker (if the torture chamber built) – He will always pillage territories.
    • Special: Selecting this character gives the kobolds a bonus 1 morale, as you cannot control their actions.
  • Kralak (random kobold, if Petruk/Grokkan is killed at the end of Act III) – He will let you choose between sparing and pillaging. However, as he is not popular, Kobold Horde Morale is reduced by 1.

After that, the council will disband and you will be prompted to rest. When you rest, you have the option to choose a favourite captive to act as your consort. Consorts do not provide mechanical benefits, but you’ll unlock variant scenes and some really cute interactions with them.

Potential Consorts

Chanwe (The Abbess)Not Implemented
Cuchilla (The Drunk)Always Accepts
Darja (The Fangirl)Always Accepts
Eburon (The Wolfboy)Always Accepts
Enid (The Commoner)Always Refuses
Heloise (The Inquisitrix)If pregnant with your child
Issa (The Kobold)Not Implemented
Maelys (The Huntress)Not Implemented
Marie-Anne (The Farmgirl)Always Accepts
Mina (The Merchant)Will Accept if Happy
Naho (The Wolfgirl)Always accepts, but only ‘sticks’ if you have Breaker
Sabetha and Inej (The Rogues)If you’ve completed Kitten gets the Cream
Valzira (The Witch)Not Implemented

Always Accepts – Accepts with Condition – Always Refuses – Not Implemented

Conquest – Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

Once you have slept, you can summon your council and begin conquest. The realm is divided into territories, and each of those territories has a Challenge Rating (CR). After selecting a territory, you will be able to choose which of your hordes you want to attack it with. A horde requires morale greater than or equal to the CR of the territory to succeed. Whether you succeed or fail, your Horde’s Morale will be reduced by 1 for losses and spent resources. If a horde has Morale 0, they will not be selectable as an option.

If you were successful, you’ll be given the choice what to do with the territory:

  • You may let your horde pillage it, restoring their Morale (+Cruelty).
  • You may spare it, increasing the Prosperity of your kingdom (+Mercy).

Prosperity is a new stat that has no immediate use, but will be important in Act V. Once the battle is over, you will return to your lair. After a good night’s rest (and some possible time with your consort), you’ll be able to launch another attack on a different territory. The conquest sequence ends when you choose to attack the capital, Pale Rock. See Return to Pale Rock for more information.

If you need to review Horde Morale, see the Hordes Section.

TerritoryCRUnique features
Bastion2Provides double Prosperity if spared
Coldreach3Very difficult
Convent1Provides double Morale if pillaged
ForestNot in game yet
Gutter’s Cove2Already conquered if you’ve recruited the mercenaries
Provides Cooch as a captive
PeaksNot in game yet
Swamp2Already conquered if you’ve captured Valzira (The Witch)

Cannot be successfully attacked with kobolds

Can be attacked with unempowered Malagar

Provides no Prosperity or Morale

Provides Valzira as a captive

Wildlands2Already conquered if you’ve recruited the wolfmen

Provides Naho as a captive

If you killed Naho, CR is 0. Still costs 1 morale.

Pale Rock?Ends the conquest sequence

1 Morale – 2 Morale – 3 Morale – Boss – Not Implemented


Raising the Apocalypse

  1. Completed: Fathering the Apocalypse
  • Malice’s Temperament

The story of your Naga child will continue on the first night of Act IV, and will play out slightly differently depending on who her mother is and if you’ve chosen her mother as your consort. Congratulations, you’re a father!

Now you have the responsibility of raising her. You’ll have several scenes to interact with her and determine how she’s raised before the finale of Act IV.

Primary Scenes

These scenes affect Malice and her personality. It is ideal to see both scenes before the Act IV finale.

Kobold Horde

You can find her by visiting the kobolds (or one will come to notify you, if you don’t visit them first). She has slain one of the Kobold’s pigs and is attempting to eat it. You will have the option to tell her that stealing from others is wrong, or to specify that stealing from you specifically is wrong.

In the Halls

After you visit an unhappy Captive, Malice will ask you about the women you keep captive, and how their position relates to the earlier given lesson. She has several questions here, and you’ll want to answer carefully. If you do not have an unhappy captive, this scene will not trigger and alternate logic based on the first scene will be used.

Optional Scenes

These scenes have no effect on Malice herself, but can provide interesting insight.

Rough And Tumble

If you visit your Mercenary Horde, you’ll find Malice practicing her swordsmanship with some of Rhyll’s men. If you end the scene breaking one man’s arm, you’ll gain 1 Cruelty. Any other ending results in 1 Mercy.

Visiting Her Godparent

If your lair is in the Sunken Temple and you have empowered Mother, you can visit and you’ll find Malice talking to her.

Malagar the Science Guy

If your lair is in the Ancient Spire and you have empowered Malagar, you can visit him to find him performing an experiment – which Malice is eager to help with.


Your choices in these interactions will affect her future interactions with you and others, hopefully for the better. Malice has one of three temperaments at the end of Act IV, as determined below. If you did not trigger the second primary scene by visiting an unhappy or broken captive, you instead need to consult the second table. Your daughter is likely to revisit you the last night of Act IV. This scene will play out differently depending on your choice of consort, and your previous interactions with her.

Malice Perspective Table

Both Scenes

2nd Scene Choices
CorrectIt’s Complicated
Belongs to DaddyDragons Have Special Rules


Rules Depend on the Situation

Trade Offs
1st Scene Choice

Don’t Steal From:

YesNoStrong Make the RulesThink Carefully and Judge Wisely


Learn as you go


Obedient – Thoughtful – Disobedient

Malice Perspective Table – No Scene 2 OR No Scene 1 & 2

No Scene 2
Don’t Steal From:Darja, Maelys,Marie-Anne, Sabetha & Inej1, Mina, Valzira2, or Naho2 are an unhappy captiveNo unhappy captives
No Scene 1

Obedient – Thoughtful – Disobedient

1 In the current version of the game (4.3.5), these characters always count as unhappy, unless they are chosen as your consort or gifted to one of your hordes.

2 In the current version of the game (4.3.5), these characters always count as unhappy if captured and not gifted to one of your Hordes.

Operation: Sexy Rescue

  1. Went with the Cuchilla (The Drunk) plan in Witch Raid
  2. Gifted Valzira (The Witch) to Malagar
  3. Malagar’s Morale >= 1
  • Captive: Cuchilla (The Drunk)

In Act IV, you gain the opportunity to make up for the terrible mistake of letting Garren take Cuchilla. To set this into motion, you merely need to speak to Malagar and inform him that you wish to. He will give you a magical treatment to enable you to evict the wisp from his host. The scene will automatically take you to the swamp and you’ll get your beloved captive back at the end.

Return to Pale Rock

Pale Rock: Preparation

Your generals will put forward proposals for how they can help prepare you for the assault. The faction that you choose will gain Morale, as well as special options in the battle to come. If you choose a horde to help you prepare for the assault, you will get a special sequence if you use them in battle, and they will always pass their Morale check. The proteans/infernals/warlock can only be used if you let them help you prepare.

You will have a few private moments to say a farewell of sorts to your consort. If you do not have one, you’ll have a little time for personal reflection, instead.

That done, your chosen general will appear, and prepare you for battle.

Pale Rock: Assault

Pale Rock is split into a series of stages. In each stage, you are presented with a tactical dilemma. You will be able to choose between:

  1. Doing it yourself, with an appropriate stat check. If this check fails, you will be given the choice to approach the task in another way.
  2. Get a horde to deal with it. If they do not have any Morale left, they will still succeed, but they will suffer significant losses in the process.
  3. Brute-force the problem with the application of large amounts of fire. This will reduce the Prosperity of your future kingdom.

The stats and hordes used are based on the dilemmas you face:

BridgeCruelty 6Not available yet
GatesStrength 6Kobolds
InteriorCharm 6Mercenaries
StreetsMercy 6Wolfmen
KeepPotency 6Proteans/Infernals/Warlock

Pale Rock: Showdown

After gaining access to the keep, you will have a showdown with Regent Balthorne. Do as you please in this segment.

The public version of the game ends after your showdown with Regent Balthorne.

Act V

Act V is not in the free versions of the game. To access Act V, purchase Ravager on Steam (for PC/Mac/Linux) or Itch (for Android), or support the game on SubscribeStar.

Important Stats
Can gain:Mercy, Cruelty, Morale, Prosperity
Can use: Morale, Prosperity

Your experience of Act V is highly dependent on the choices you’ve made in the game so far. Because of this, not all of it can be experienced in any single playthrough. The new Varies According To column will show factors that make a difference – big or small – to each element.



RequiresVaries According To
  • Adeline is alive.
  • Whether Adeline was conscious at the end of the Showdown.
  • Whether you have slept with any other character.
  • Whether you had a consort.
  • Whether you have a daughter.
  • Whether you know about the Pale Convocation.

If Adeline is conscious at the end of the showdown, your conversation with her will start at her chambers. Otherwise, it will begin in the dungeons. If Adeline is dead, it will not happen at all.

You will have a large set of branching dialogue options; these will depend on your actions and what you have heard in your current playthrough. At the end of it, you will have the option to accept Adeline (and ‘promote’ her, if applicable), or deny her (and ‘demote’ her). If she ends up in her chambers after your decision, you may sleep with her lovingly. If not, you may sleep with her anyway.

After that, you can go to sleep. Probably the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

The Naga Returns

RequiresVaries According To
  • Your daughter has been born.
  • Whether Adeline shares your bed.
  • Whether Malice stole your consort.
  • Whether Malice returned your consort.
  • Malice’s temperament.
  • Whether Sabetha & Inej were stolen.

If you have a daughter, she will visit during the night. You will have the chance to catch up with her on a variety of topics. If you have Incest enabled, you’ll also have the chance to make your dreams come true in a variety of different ways.

Malice’s visit ends with you falling back into slumber, ready to be awakened by one of two different people…

Morning With Adeline

RequiresVaries According To
  • Adeline is alive.
  • Adeline shares your bed.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether you fucked your daughter when she visited.

If Adeline shares the bed, she will wake with you. If there is any remaining… evidence of your encounter with your daughter, there’ll be the chance to discuss that together. After that, you will have access to Adeline’s main harem menu.

This offers all the options she had in the Reunion (in case you missed or skipped them), plus a couple of new additions: the option to ask her questions about ‘THE PRESENT’, and the chance to have her sing for you. When you leave her, Act V begins in earnest.

Morning With Chia

RequiresVaries According To
  • Adeline is dead, or imprisoned.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether you fucked your daughter when she visited.

If Adeline is not present, you’ll be woken up by a different friendly face. Chia, the maid from Act I, is back to do some laundry. There is the chance to find out quite a lot about her, as well as exercise some royal prerogative. Once you are satisfied, Act V begins in earnest.

The Hub Menu

As of the first release of Act V (v500), the Act V hub menu offers two options:

  1. Attend court.
  2. Visit a member of your harem.

The team has confirmed that more options will be added soon – including visiting your hordes and lair factions, minor characters, and other options.


The Herald’s Penance

RequiresVaries According To
  • Always happens.
  • Whether Adeline shares your bed.
  • Which factions you have recruited.
  • Your Cruelty and Mercy stats.

Your first visit to court will see a variety of attendees – new faces, and old figures. If Adeline shares your bedchamber, she will support you in your efforts.

The first person to address you in the new court will be… the former regent’s herald. He will seek clemency, in exchange for service. This is an excellent opportunity to grill him about some of the events prior to your birth.

At present, you have to accept the herald’s service (to keep the court functional and comprehensible), although the team has hinted that kobold functionaries might be available as an alternative in future.


RequiresVaries According To
  • Always happens.
  • Which factions you have recruited.
  • Whether their leaders are alive.
  • Whether your lair faction has been empowered.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether Adeline shares your bed.

All of your mortal hordes (kobolds, wolfmen, mercenaries) and lair factions (Proteans, Infernals, Malagar) will provide an update on what they’ve been doing since the conquest of the capital.

If a mortal horde had their leader killed during the assault on Pale Rock, one of their members will report on their behalf. The loss of their leader will make them useless for your purposes, but it will not turn them hostile.

Your lair factions, if empowered, will also make an appearance. Their demeanour and objectives will depend heavily on whether or not a Cataclysm is currently happening.


Once you have heard the briefings, the court will recess. It will be accessible again when court decisions are added, in the next series of monthly updates.


Act V uses a new system for accessing your former captives – now your official harem. You have access to one or more full plotlines with them (as Act IV’s consort mechanic), but you don’t have to choose between them. All of them are freely accessible. Woohoo!

Adeline (Palace)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Adeline is alive.
  • Adeline shares your bed.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether you have seen the court briefings from your commanders.
  • Which factions you have recruited.

Visiting Adeline in the palace offers all the options she had in the Reunion (in case you missed or skipped them), plus a couple of new additions: the option to ask her questions about ‘THE PRESENT’, and the chance to have her sing for you.

Adeline (Dungeon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Adeline is alive.
  • Adeline is not allowed to share your bed.
  • No variations as yet.

Visiting Adeline in the dungeon offers all the options she had in the Reunion (in case you missed or skipped them).

Chanwe (Moon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Chanwe is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Chanwe is not converted to the Sun.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether you have finished the Theology sequence of scenes.

If Chanwe retains her Moon faith as of the end of Act IV, you will have the chance to visit her in the palace’s temple. You can talk with her on a variety of topics. If you haven’t completed your ‘theological tuition’ yet, you can do so. If you have, you can seduce her anyway.

Chanwe (Sun)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Chanwe is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Chanwe is converted to the Sun.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether Chanwe is pregnant.
  • Whether Chanwe is anal-only.

If Chanwe has been converted to the Sun, her interactions will be very different. She’ll have an alternative angle on the history of faith in the Realm, and its significance for the future. She will also be visibly pregnant, if you slept with her in Acts III-IV, which will affect a variety of interactions.

Cuchilla (Tavern)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Cooch is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Whether Cooch is pregnant.
  • Whether you have had anal sex with Cooch before.

Cooch can be found further out from the palace, and is in a withered but talkative mood. She will be pregnant if you have had vaginal sex with her before, and that means a bunch of new conversational topics… and sexual options.

Darja (Palace)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Darja is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Whether Darja is pregnant.
  • Whether Darja has been tricked.
  • Whether Darja is supposed to be in the dungeon.

Darja, in her typical fashion, will be as eager to be found as she is indecisive about where she’ll end up. She will have many opinions about her dreams becoming true! Or almost true. If she doesn’t have a big belly yet, she’ll have some questions for you too.

Heloise (Palace)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Heloise is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Heloise is your daughter’s mother.
  • Adeline’s status.
  • Whether you know about the Pale Convocation.

Heloise is found in suitable luxury, and a good state of physical repair. You have an opportunity to quiz her on some more sensitive topics, although you may or may not like the answers she gives. You can also have vaginal sex with her again, if you don’t mind the price attached.

Heloise (Dungeon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Heloise is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Heloise is not your daughter’s mother.
  • Whether you have a daughter by Valzira.
  • Whether you keep her gag on or not.
  • Whether you know about the Pale Convocation.

If Heloise is not the mother of your daughter, she can be found in the dungeons instead. If you choose to ungag her, she is an interesting source of information she might not otherwise share. And either way, you can fuck the shit out of her.

Issa (Palace)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Issa is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether Issa served as the kobolds’ commander.
  • Adeline’s status.

Issa is found in a (far) quieter corner of the palace, having found a new role for himself. He can be quizzed on multiple topics, and may have some questions of his own.

Maelys (Dungeon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Maelys is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Whether Maelys is severed.
  • Whether Maelys surrendered due to doubt or despair.

Maelys can be accessed much as she could in Act IV. This is largely the same, but you can also initiate one of her two Act V quests (see Quests, further below).

Marie-Anne (Palace)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Marie-Anne is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Marie-Anne is staying with you willingly.
  • Whether Marie-Anne is pregnant.
  • Whether Marie-Anne is broken.
  • Whether Marie-Anne was your consort.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.
  • Whether Marie-Anne’s animals were brought to your lair.
  • Whether Boof was adopted.

Marie-Anne can be found in the corner of the palace she finds most familiar. Her interactions are highly dependent on the nature of her loyalty to you, her physical state, and your history with her. In any case, you’ll have a lot of different conversational and physical options with her.

Marie-Anne (Dungeon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Marie-Anne is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Marie-Anne is not staying with you willingly.
  • Whether Marie-Anne is pregnant.
  • Your behaviour during conquest.

If Marie-Anne is being kept against her will, she will be found in the dungeons instead. You can quiz her about her condition, offer to improve her circumstances, and take advantage of her vulnerability.

Mina (Palace)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Mina is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Mina is staying with you willingly.
  • Whether Mina is pregnant.
  • Whether Mina was your consort.
  • Whether Mina was promised Bastion.
  • Your Realm’s Prosperity.
  • Whether Mina was gifted a dress.
  • Whether you have had anal sex with Mina before.
  • Whether the Cataclysm is happening.

Mina has found a suitable new place for herself in the palace. A lot will depend on the condition of Mina, your Realm, and your history together – so play around if you want to see all the possibilities. And there are certainly some new possibilities, for both of you.

Mina (Dungeon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Mina is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Mina is not staying with you willingly.
  • Whether Mina is pregnant.
  • Whether Mina was gifted a dress.

In the eventuality that Mina is not a willing guest, she will still remain at your leisure – and several new opportunities present themselves. Enjoy yourself.

Naho (Dungeon)

Naho is not currently accessible in Act V, but the devs have confirmed that she is arriving soon.

Sabetha & Inej (Palace)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Sabetha & Inej are alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Sabetha & Inej were your consorts, OR you have impregnated Inej.
  • Whether Sabetha & Inej were your consorts.
  • Whether Inej is pregnant.

If our catgirl duo were your consorts, you will find them as expected in the palace. If they’re not, but Inej is pregnant, you’ll find them there anyway. You can ask them about a variety of topics, or send Sabetha away to have a more private conversation with Inej. Sabetha will be very keen to attend to any physical demands you might have.

Sabetha & Inej (Dungeon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Sabetha & Inej are alive, captured, ungifted.
  • They were not your consorts, and you have not impregnated Inej.
  • Whether you have completed their captive arc or not.

If you have not yet completed Sabetha & Inej’s captive arc, you will get an opportunity to do so in Act V. If you have, you will see a new scene where Inej makes a novel proposition. Accepting this will transition Sabetha & Inej to the palace. Declining it locks off the pair… for now.

Valzira (Dungeon)

RequiresVaries According To
  • Valzira is alive, captured, ungifted.
  • Whether you have a daughter by Valzira.
  • Whether you have a daughter by Heloise.
  • Whether Valzira has used the Words Of Power on you.
  • Whether you know about the Pale Convocation.
  • Your questions in previous encounters.

Valzira can be found in the palace dungeons. You will find her a lot more bored, and consequently talkative, than the previous times you’ve interacted with her.


The Huntress’s Redemption

RequiresVaries According To
  • You have not severed Maelys.
  • You have seen This Fixes Everything.
  • No variations yet.

Maelys has had a long time to think after the events of This Fixes Everything. When you visit her again, she will be in more of a contemplative mood – and will have a new proposition for you. Accepting it will enable her Redemption quest, while declining it will put her on a very different path.

Maelys’s Redemption quest will be continued in a future version.

The Huntress’s Damnation

RequiresVaries According To
  • You have severed Maelys.
  • Adeline is alive and unimprisoned.
  • Whether you severed Maelys accidentally or deliberately.

If Maelys was severed, then she might seem to be at a (brain-)dead end. But if you visit her in the dungeons and the princess is free to roam, Adeline is willing to provide some fresh ideas! You may need to visit Maelys twice to trigger this, if you are using an old save. If you accept Adeline’s proposal, you will start Maelys’s damnation quest. If you decline it, she will be left as she is.

Maelys’s Damnation quest will be continued in a future version.

Lairs – Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

The lair is home to you, your Hordes, and your Captives while you prepare to conquer the Realm. When you claim and lair and explore it, you will discover a unique Faction the Dragon can choose to make an alliance with. Once you unlock a Faction’s representative by fulfilling their unlock condition, they will count as a Horde under your command. You can give them Captives to improve their Morale. Only one lair can be chosen per playthrough.

In your Lair you can summon your attendant, the Kobold Horde Leader. This will give you the option to give him a new name, change the title they refer to you by, or make something at the cost of 1 Treasure:

  • [Traps]: Protect your Hoard from thieves. See Bastion Heist for more information.
  • [A Sacrifice]: 3 STRENGTH
  • [An Idol]: 3 CHARM
  • [Torture Chamber]: Torture scenes
  • [A Bath]: Unlock the ability to heal

Only one of each can be purchased. To gain the benefit, you must rest for the night or return to your lair from elsewhere.

Sunken Temple (Proteans)

Eldritch entities from beyond the world, represented by ‘Mother’.

Lair UnlockLair Faction Unlock

To unlock Mother:

[Investigate the deep chambers] of the temple and [Focus on the statue], then visit Chanwe (The Abbess) in your lair, and say [There is a god Here]. This will lead to a scene where she is converted into Mother (Tentacles/Chanwe Orgy). Just don’t flee at any point- though due to the Temple’s strange geography you won’t always be able to, e̘̯̹ṿ̮en ͖i̷͖̱̬f ̠̹̺y̘͘o̥̮̪u͜ ̘̥̦tr̻̖̟y

Abandoned Mine (Infernals)

Demons and hellhounds from the Inferno, represented by ‘Žižeryx’.

Lair UnlockLair Faction Unlock

To unlock Žižeryx:

[Explore the depths], then [Step unto the altar]. After that, you can create an alliance in return for [Power], [Pleasure], or [Knowledge]. In the current version each choice gives the same successful result, except for [Nothing from you] which makes Infernal content unavailable for the rest of the game.

Then, complete the Bastion Heist quest and return with Heloise in hand. Return to Žižeryx.

Ancient Spire (Malagar)

An amoral scientist with strange ambitions, represented by himself.

Lair UnlockLair Faction Unlock

To unlock Malagar:

Claim the Ancient Spire as your lair. His arrival will be added to the Night Event Queue. After that, ask about what he can do for you. This will unlock the Witch Raid quest. Return from the quest with Valzira, and let him know you have her.

Hordes – Ravager Walkthrough & Guide

In Act III you can recruit Hordes. The only stat they have is Morale; an approximation of their numbers, equipment, and eagerness to fight on your behalf.

The Kobolds

Method to Acquire: Acquire a Lair in Act II. They seek you out at the beginning of Act III. All of the choices in the initial meeting lead to the same conclusion, except if you decide to [Squish him]. His second-in-command Grokkan will take over. At 2 or greater Morale, you can spend 1 Morale to send the Kobolds out to steal Treasure.

The Wolfmen

Method to Acquire: Succeed in Challenging Naho in Wildlands.

The Mercenaries

Method to Acquire: Succeed in Convincing Rhyll in Deal with the Mercenaries.

If you hire them and have Mina as a captive they will make you choose:

  • [Leave, Rhyll] Lose mercs, keep Mina
  • [Leave, Mina] Lose Mina, keep mercs
  • [Capture her] Keep mercs, Mina becomes Unhappy
  • [She’s yours] Lose Mina, keep mercs, gain merc Morale

If you capture Mina, but wish to keep her happy, you’ll need to complete the quest: The Dress.

Managing Morale

There are three ways to increase a Horde’s morale or a Lair Faction’s Power.

  • Give them treasure (Unavailable for Lair Factions)
  • Gift them Captives
  • [Act IV] Let them Pillage Territories

To give a Captive or Treasure to a Horde, [Survey your Horde] in your lair and choose the one you want to interact with. You will no longer be able to interact with Captives you give to a Horde, but may get additional sex scenes of the horde interacting with them in addition to the morale gained. If you do decide to give them a captive, be aware that you can not take them back. Some captives give extra scenes as horde gifts. In the current version, not all captives can be given to all hordes.

Table: Horde Captive Gifts


(The Abbess)

OrgyDouble AnalPublic UseSacrifice

(The Drunk)

OrgyWolf Anal

(The Fangirl)

OralPublic UseDragongirl

(The Inquisitrix)

Wolf VaginalSacrificeMind Control

(The Kobold)


(The Huntress)


(The Farmgirl)

Pig VaginalBirthingReunionMirroring

(The Merchant)

Public UseWolf SpitroastWormholes

(The Wolfgirl)

Public UseOrgyTriple PenetrationHellhound DPTransformation
Sab & Inej

(The Rogues)

Wolf & WolfmanTentacle Yuri

(The Witch)

ImpalementDouble OralPublic UseSacrifice

Not Implemented – Available Option – Available Option + Scene – Available Option + Illustrated Scene

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