World after War

World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to World after War Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Start game – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Do not skip intro. I suggest you read all the text that comes up during the various ‘click through’ sections below. There is lots of useful rules and game info here.

Day 0 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Click through the text until your name request. Change it if you like. I tend to leave it as the default Jack.

Click through the text until you are dressed and ready to leave the medical clinic.

Click on the word door to the right of the hanger, then click on the big door in the center of the screen.

Click through all the text until the map is display. Now, you have the goal to get into the office. To do this, you need to collect two fuses and a copper cable. The easiest way to do this is to go back to the door for the hanger. Click on the two green circles on the upper left. Each of these is a fuse. The copper cable is on the rectangular box on the lower right. If you didn’t bother reading all the text everywhere, you can use the keyboard letter z to see the areas highlighted. Once you have these items, you can click return (lower right) and return to the level a map. Then you can click on the door to the right of the command center-office. Click on the two red circles to insert the fuses and on the lower right box to install the copper cable. You can now open the door.

You can explore the various sections you can see by the reveal button (z). The one that matters is the lower center one (table). There are 5 sections here, but the one you want is the second from the left. This is actually two areas – top and bottom. You want to click the bottom one. This will give a passage from the bible.

You can now the computer (upper right). The password is the bible verse book (Genesis).

Now, you can click through the text and when you return to the map, you need to recover the fuses and cable from the office door and transfer them to the hanger door.

Click through the text to give the password to Ai. When you finish and return to the map, you need to go to the research center. Same problem with fuses and cable. If you want, you can get them the same way, or you can check the other doors here to scrounge fuses and cables. Then go to floor b and install the fuses and cable on the kitchen door.

Use the reveal in the kitchen and select the right side. Use reveal. Here are three areas revealed. Go to each area, use reveal, and click on each area revealed. These will give you fuses, cables and access cards. There are 5 areas on the right that you can’t open yet. Patience, you will get to them later.

You now have enough cables and fuses for 6 doors. You will get more later. For now, return to level a and install the items in the research center door. Enter the library and use reveal again (always use this when you enter a new area – I will stop mentioning this step). The area you want is the upper one. Click that area and click the table area. Then, all three areas are the same result. You get your notebook and backpack as well as being able to do the needed research. When done, return to the hanger.

Click through all the text until reaching the map. Go to floor b, enter the shower area and take a shower. Now go across the hall into the bedroom. If an area says it is locked, then you need to click on the door area first. You might need to also install fuses and cable.

In the bedroom, Ai will give you a card to access the chambers on floor a. But first, you will want (need) to go peek on her in the shower. After that, return to floor a and go to the Chambers Facility. Go to chamber 04 and inspect Mary – follow the hints in the text. When you have done that, go back to floor b and enter your bedroom. Click on the bed and click through the text until Day 0 is over.

Day 1 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Click continue on the summary page. I won’t repeat this instruction. Note that you get a fairly good idea of much of what is going on in the NRF from this screen.

At this point, due to the game not showing certain data (such as Morale) you should click on escape and save your game and reload it. This takes care of that problem.

Go back to the hanger and click through the text. Now comes a small test. I will be giving all the ways to do this, so if you want to figure it out on your own, skip the rest of the paragraph. Go to the chambers facility and go to chamber 01 (your old chamber). From left to right, click on the highlighted areas. In the wall, you will get two fuses. In the chamber you will get a cable. In the door area, you need to install the items and click on the box labeled zip. This will give you the access card to the bio center.

Go to the bio center. Click through the wall of text messages – this are useful, so make sure to read them. When done, go back to the research center. You will get more text here telling you about the work schedules. When done, go to the kitchen. Another wall of text messages, again giving some useful information about the game mechanics and go to the bedroom. Now you get a small adult scene with Ai as the day comes to an end.

Day 2 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Go to the hanger, read the text messages and be prepared to start the actual game and not all the intro. This is actually one day earlier than skipping the intro will do, so you get a bit of a head start.

Click OK. Click the giant question mark (?) at the top of the screen. Then click each of the green boxes on the left and read the text. This explains the game functions (sorta). Some useful info is here and you can come back to it whenever you are outside the NRF. Click close at the bottom.

Now to set up the basics for the first day or two. Right click the screen to bring up the game functions menu.

Click the scales on the left side. Set food to 8 (4 if you want to be cautious) and the water to 80. New function: click the column heading to apply the settings to everyone in the NRF at one time. Return to the menu by clicking on the door symbol near the top of the screen.

Next, click on the clipboard symbol (or use keyboard number 4) to bring up the work schedule. Set Ai to research for the day by clicking on the red (pink) icon with the magnifying glass. Then click on the icons next to Ai’s name and change them to research. You can drag your mouse across the icons but need to start the drag before or after the last green box.

Return to the menu and select the research option on the bottom right (magnifying glass) or click 3. I use the numbers 1-4 for the common options so will only use those references from now on. Click on the lower right option (house). You need to do three items here. The water pump 2, the greenhouse 1, and the factory 1. Click on the item to research (this will give you the cost in research points, e.g. 500/10 if you click the water pump 2 – Costs 10 of the 500 points you currently have and takes 150 minutes of research time), then click on the word research to the right to add this to your research queue. Repeat for greenhouse 1 and factory 1. You can now right click to exit back to the world map (or click the exit options until reaching that point).

Advanced: If you want to do this, at this time you can set yourself to help research for about an hour (75 min max). Then you need to go gather resources.

Gather resources: Click on the blue star in the upper left. Then click on the warehouse icon immediately to the right of the central icon (the NRF – home). This will put a floating location icon on the target. If you don’t see that, you did something wrong and won’t be going anywhere. Now you can click on advance time. There are 4 buttons to the right of the big question mark. Pause, slow, medium, and fast time advance. Most of the time, you can use fast time advance. Go ahead and click on fast time advance (the rightmost button) and wait until you arrive at the warehouse. Now click search fast on the bottom right. (As far as I can tell, search normal is just a slower version of this. It -may- produce more, but my testing has not shown such). You will find a number of resources from each area on the map. What you get depends on the type of building. Here, you should get scrap iron, iron plate, scrap plastic, scrap copper and copper plate. Click leave to return to the map. Now, scroll down on the map (press and hold the left mouse button and move towards the direction to want to scroll – SLOWLY – you can easily get off the map). We are now going to the hospital down and slightly to the right of the NRF. Click on the hospital and then fast time advance until you get there. You are moving slowly right now as you are on foot. You will make vehicles soon. When you get to the hospital, search the hospital for resources. You will get items like: plastic bars, engine units, electronic circuits and advanced circuits. Click leave. Then click any other icon, or just go ahead and fast time advance. You won’t get back to the NRF before time runs out on the day. Don’t do this very often as there is a high cost in your happiness which affects morale.

I suggest going back outside right now by returning to the map hallway area and clicking on the green world icon towards the upper left. Click OK to get rid of the help message. Now click on the third icon from the left (multiple people). Now click on the rightmost red icon (mine cart). This shows everything you scrounged today. Click on each item name, and then click on the all button to transfer each item to the NRF base supply stores. Congratulations! You have braved the unknown outside and gathered critical supplies for your new home.

Depending on your luck in searching the buildings, you may or may not have enough to proceed easily. At this point you need 4 iron plates and 2 plastic bars. This is needed to build a bicycle – your first vehicle. You won’t use it all that long, but it makes the rest of the job easier. If you don’t have enough iron bars, check your scrap iron. You need 10 scrap iron to make an iron plate (+2 energy). If you have enough, good. Click close at the bottom of the screen. Then type 1 (one). Click on the big gear symbol. If you need to make an iron plate and have the scrap iron, click on the iron plate icon on the left side. This shows how much you have, the energy cost, and the time it takes to make. One iron plate takes 10 scrap iron, 2 energy, and 20 minutes. If you didn’t get enough iron plates from your scrounging and have enough scrap to produce it now, go ahead and do so. Change the number of items by clicking on the < or > buttons on the right. Then click the craft button above to add to the production queue. If you had 4 iron plates from scrounging, go back to the craft menu (1) and click on the car icon. Now click on bike part x1 on the left side and change the quantity to 2 and click craft. If not, you have to wait until the next day to do this step.

Right click and return to the map. Click on the bedroom icon on the lower right and go to the bedroom. The other icon below it returns you to the NRF floor a map. Click on your bed and go to sleep. Done with Day 2.

Day 3 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Right click to bring up the menu. Click on the rules icon (scale) and change food to 4 and water to 40.

If you needed to craft iron plates, we will do that first. Exit to the world map. Click on the slow advance time button and wait the 20/40 minutes to complete the iron plates and click pause. Then type 1 and go to the crafts menu, click on the car icon and make two bicycle parts. This takes 2 hours so you need to advance time. When that is done, we need to start the bicycle itself. Go back to the crafts menu, select the vehicle icon, and click on Bike x1. This takes 2 hours. After the 4-5 hours this takes in total, you will need to equip the bike to your squad. Go back to the world map and select the first icon (capitol), then click the green multi-man icon. You can now click the vehicles icon (tank). Click on the bike and it moves to the right with your name.

At about 12:30, research will be done. You can now go to the research tab (2) and select the vehicle section and select step van.

After the bike is finished and is in the squad, we will be doing more scrounging. Go to the world map, select the blue star to move, then select either of the two warehouse to the right of the NRF. Go to each of them and search, then return to the NRF. At the NRF, you get two icons. The one on the left exits the move mode. The one on the right does the same, and moves everything the squad is carrying to the NRF stores. We didn’t get this option at the end of day 2 because we got home too late.

You should have enough supplies now to start building more facilities in the NRF. I suggest getting water pump 2 and replicator 1 going. If you have enough supplies, you can queue factory 1 as well. To actually start these, go to the build menu (3). Then click on the construction hat in the center. Click on the item you want to build ( e.g., water pump 2), then click on the word build on the right side. This screen shows you the materials you have and need to build each as well as the time to do so. To build some items, you will have to either scrounge for the items, or produce them from the component items. For example, to build factory 1, you will need copper cables. These are produced from copper plates on the craft page (the only way to get them in the game). Copper plates can be scrounged or produced from scrap copper. You will see copper plates on the craft menu to turn scrap copper to copper plates. Also, later, an option to turn ore to the finished product. You also need to assign people to build the facilities. Go back to the work menu (4) and change Ai to build (blue) for all time slots. Do this after the factory has been researched around 12:30 on this day if you had enough inventory to build the bike and the new facilities. It all depends on the luck of the draw during that first scrounging search of the warehouse. Frankly, if I don’t usually get at least 5 iron plates, I tend to start over from the save I did earlier.

At this time (returning from the scrounging), you want to start yourself crafting (your default activity). Start with 2 copper cables. Then as many copper plates as you have scrap for. Same with iron plates. Then finally, convert about half of your remaining copper plates to copper cable. From now on, it is a constant duty/chore/pain to produce what you will need to build what you need. You do this by scrounging or crafting as needed with the occasional rest thrown in.

Finish the day with doing the above tasks until 21:00. Don’t worry about more research right now unless you had terrible luck in scrounging. (if so, I suggest restarting). Mary will be the one who finishes our research for the step van.

At the end of the day, unless you had terrible luck (restart if so) you should have the copper cable to add the factory 1 to the build queue. Do so. Today, I will tell you the normal way to end a day. Enter the NRF using the bottom icon. Then go to floor b. Use the door to then enter the bedroom area.

You now have the option to talk to the other residents (only Ai for now). Do so. Click on the icon talk, then on the person you want to talk to. Later, the order might matter depending on the quest in progress at the time, but generally it doesn’t matter much. Usually, you want to do the actions with someone first, usually from top to bottom until they don’t want to do them. More options become available later as you get more hearts with each person. You will learn which actions end the turn with each person. After the actions, you want to cancel the actions screen (if needed) and return to the main character screen. You can give extra food or gifts here (if you have enough food and other resources) to increase the number of hearts with someone. You can also ‘talk’ (the generic option) or talk about something specific from a quest. For each of these latter options, you have to choose which you want to do. Today, we will use the hug action with Ai, cancel the actions screen, and just ‘talk’ with her. Today you get the TV remote and the option to invite Ai to watch a movie with you. Then exit from the talk screen and continue with other people you still need to talk to. None today. 🙁

Click on the bed, select watch a movie. Then, you will get a screen to choose a person (or people) to watch it with. Right now, click on Ai. Click through text and select a movie type. Each person usually has a movie type they find boring. They will fall asleep on these and you get a couple of naughty options. Taking the naughty option will mean you don’t get the hearts bonus for watching a movie. A trade-off okay as the game progresses, but I don’t recommend it early. If you don’t want to read the help text included with the game, take the top movie choice which is safe with everyone in the game so far.

Day 4 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

At the beginning of the day, you get the first hint of communication with the outside world. This starts the survivors quest.

See the bottom of the document for a section on base maintenance.

Optional: you can now join Ai in the shower and gain 1 heart with her. Go to the job menu (4) and put hour 8 for Ai in rest (yellow). Then you can cross the hall to the shower and peek on her/join her. You will gain +1 heart relationship. Then return hour 8 to build (blue).

Go to the job menu (4). Assign rest (yellow game controller icon) to the last block (20) on each person. Also put Jack box 19 to rest. Set Jack 11 to 18 to build (blue). We are going to finish the build projects (s/b replicator 1 & factory 1), then rest a bit. Any leftover time will go to research. Go to the world map and advance time (quickly) to end of the day at 21:00. Proceed through the normal end of day routine. This time you will be able to ask about the radio to continue the survivors quest. Click through all the text and invite Ai to a movie to end the day.

Day 5 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

On the summary page you will be able to see that you are now producing food and using more power. You are also using carbon for the replicator. In a few days, you will have to go collect carbon.

Go to the job menu and assign Ai to research for hours 8-17 (not really necessary as she will default to research if there is nothing to build). Also change her to rest for hours 18-20. Change Jack to rest for hours 16-20 and craft for hours 8-15. Go to the craft menu (1) and start 1 crowbar, 2 spanners and 3 screwdrivers (if you have the materials for this). Otherwise, wait until Jack returns from his scrounging mission. You can choose to repeat the shower scene with Ai now (see the optional part of day 4). You can do this every day from now on at your choice. You will eventually be able to get a handjob/blowjob from her as well as your relationship improves. I will not mention this activity again.

Go the the world map and travel to each of the warehouses and search them. Return to the NRF. Go to the build menu and click on the construction hat to see if you have enough materials to build the greenhouse 1 yet. If so, queue it up and change Ai’s research for the day back to build. Then go to the crafting menu. Craft as many copper plates as you can, then iron plates, then half of the copper plates to copper cable. This is going to be a recurring theme as long as you have the energy for it. Then return to the world map and proceed to the end of the day.

Now that you have created the work tools to disassemble things, you can go around the base collecting fuses, copper cables, and access cards. Enter the base using the bottom icon. Start on floor a. Go to each door on that floor. Click on the two boxes on the lower left (reveal). This will open each and give you one of the above items. Return to the hallway and repeat until the floor is cleared. Go to the chambers facility and to chamber 01. Go to the wall section and click on every revealed area. Not every area can be opened. Ignore those that need a blowtorch. The blowtorches cost more to produce in resources than the resources they will reveal. On the way out, click on the upper of the two lower left boxes. Do the same for floors b & c. After finishing floor c, return to floor b. Click on the bedroom door and open the top left box (zip). Now go to the kitchen. Go to the back right area of the kitchen and open the remaining 5 revealed areas now that you have the keys for them. Now go to floor a. Go to the hanger, bio center, elevator and factory doors and open the zip boxes. You now have enough fuses and copper cables to enable every door in the complex with a couple of fuses left over. You can do this whenever you want (I do it now) and explore each area if you want. No need to – this is just to see all the areas and artwork created. You can’t really use the elevators yet due to lack of power. If you don’t want to enable every door now, do it as you want to enter the rooms. Many of the rooms are currently unused in the game.

You can now return to the craft menu and start crafting more iron plates from the scrap iron collected in the chamber facility. Then go to the bedroom and talk to Ai. You can ask about the survivors and continue that quest. You will now need to finish building the step van (you are currently only researching it) and get 20 units of gasoline and 20 of food before you can do the next step in the quest. Invite Ai to watch a movie and end the day.

Day 6 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

You can now choose to go to the living room and peek on Ai. Don’t forget to return her to her job. Not much else to do here for a while. I skip this section until much later in the game, so I don’t know if/when the options change.

If you have enough resources to start the greenhouse 1, do so. Otherwise, go outside and start advancing time. At some point, you should have enough resources to start the greenhouse. Once the greenhouse is started, remember to change Ai over to the build job. There is a need to wait for the warehouses to replenish, so you don’t really want to visit them every day. Besides, you should have enough to craft in the meantime. While doing that, you can set Jack hour 16 back to craft. He should have gained enough happiness not to need 5 blocks of rest. Go ahead and finish out the day. This should finish up any crafting and put some time into research (Jack) and building (Ai). Do the normal day end and talk to Ai. You should be able to add the kiss action by now. You can’t ask about the survivors yet, so you can get Ai to give you a blowjob instead. Ask her to a movie and end the day.

Day 7 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Today is the first day of opening the other 4 chambers. Mary will come out of her chamber today and spend the day resting. You won’t be able to do anything with her until tomorrow.

Go outside and visit the two warehouses (on the right first, then above). Then go to the gas station (gas pump) north of the NRF. You will usually get gasoline, scrap iron, and sometimes, other resources. Return to the NRF. Now, gasoline does not normally get moved to the NRF supplies when everything else is. You will need to click on the management icon (three man icon), then the supplies icon (mine cart). This will show the gasoline on the right side. You need to transfer at least 20 gasoline to the NRF supply. Click on the word gasoline on the right side, then click on the number 5 four times to transfer 20 gasoline. I normally will keep the gasoline in the squad at 75, but only after acquiring enough to do so. The 20 is needed to meet the quest requirements. Not yet, but later when the step van is completed. Time to do the normal routine when returning from a scrounging mission and craft copper plates, iron plates, and half of the possible copper cables. You have enough energy now, but you will have to start checking fairly soon so that you don’t use up all your energy. Return to the world map and advance time to the end of the day. Go to the bedroom, talk to Ai and ask her to a movie. You should be able to do some other actions with her by now as well.

Day 8 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Mary will come greet you in the morning. You can now assign her to jobs. Put her to work on research (all hours). Reduce both your and Ai’s rest to only two blocks and change the other to the same as the rest of the blocks (s/b build for Ai and craft for you). Also, go to the rules menu and change everyone’s food to 2 and water to 20. We want to build up food for our survivor quest.

At this time, you also need to go to the research menu (2) and add more items. Add clean water tank 1, fridge 1, carbon garden 1, greenhouse 2 and replicator 2 to the queue. Then, I will probably add coal generator, water purifier 2 and water pump 3 to the queue. You don’t have to do that now, however. The greenhouse should be done by now or very soon.

We now have the option to visit Mary in the living room and the pool. To do this, put her into rest for hour 8 and visit each room in turn. In the living room, select talk on the options and click through the wall of text to the next option ‘bring a banana split’. After that, massive click fest to get to the next option. Select the bottom option and go through the last few clicks to end the scene. Now you can go to the pool and select the option ‘take a sunbath’ when it appears. Click a few more times, and take the ‘sunscreen’ option. On the next option choice, you can try the top option, but your relationship with her is not yet high enough. You can then end the scene and return her to research. These scenes can be repeated every day (if you have the patience) to gain 3 hearts in your relationship with her.

Now go outside and make the trips to the warehouses and return. By this time, you should be able to start on the step van construction. Craft menu, car icon, step van part x1. You will need to build three of them. They cost 25 energy each, but you should have enough. You should also have the resources. If not, see if you can craft the remaining resources. If not craft what you can and wait until the next day. I normally have the resources at this point in time. When the three parts are finished (2 hours each), you can go back to the craft, car menu and select the step van itself to craft. This takes 50 energy and 20 hours to finish, so it may take a couple of days to finish the step van. Return to the world map and advance time. As each research item is completed, you can pause and go to the build menu and add it to the queue if you have the resources. One you reach 21:00, do the normal end of day routine. You won’t be able to talk to Mary yet, but you can still talk to Ai and invite her to a movie to end the day.

Day 9 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Today, when you try to leave the bedroom, you will overhear Mary and Ai talking. There is a bunch of text here and some male fantasies, but you can pretty much ignore it. I didn’t mention it, but you can meet each of the girls one at a time by changing them to rest, interacting with them in the appropriate areas, and changing them back to their normal jobs. This can be done every day with each girl that has actions available. Now, we will go outside and do a different scounging mission today. As you should have seen looking at the summary page (get used to inspecting it to see possible problem areas), you are running low on carbon. You can call up the summary page with option (5). So today, we will visit the local houses. Visit each of the 5 houses nearest the NRF and search them and then return to the NRF. You will gain all kinds of canned food, water bottles, scrap iron, scrap plastic, notes and files. When you enter the NRF, you will see a screen on the upper right showing what you gained in carbon, dirty water, data (for research), scrap iron and scrap plastic. Do the normal crafting tasks and see if you can add anything to the build queue. Then advance time to 21:00. Today, you can talk to Mary for the first time. Hug her (the only action with her for some time), then talk to her. Then talk to Ai. Hug and kiss her, then ask about the gym card. Invite someone to a movie (I normally invite Mary for a while) and advance the next day.

Day 10 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Today, you will just advance time. You might complete the step van today. You can guarantee to do so if you change both Ai and Mary to craft in the morning until the van is completed. Should be 4-7 hours to do so. Note that there is no finishing message for the van. 🙁 Then return them to their normal jobs. Once the van is completed, go to the headquarters, squad, vehicle area and swap the bike and the van. You want the van on the right and the bike on the left. The bike has served most of its use at this point. Having the bike in the NRF along with food and gasoline allows us to progress with the survivors quest. You should also now have time to visit the two warehouses and the north gas station. You probably have enough energy to do the copper and iron plates, but skip the copper cables now. Advance time to end day. Go talk to Ai (talk about survivors if step van is done, else about the gym). Then talk to Mary. See a movie with someone (Mary) and go to next day.

Day 11 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

I will assume the step van is done because you had Ai and Mary help finish it on Day 10. Today we will visit Dallas. Go outside, go to the NRF stores and transfer the gasoline to the squad if necessary. As long as you have at least 35 gas, you can follow along with what I will do today. I will have 75 in the squad and the remainder in the NRF. Scroll the map to the right so you can see the 9 icons around Dallas. We will visit them in the following order. Gas station, hospital, steelworks, warehouse, library and question mark. In the survivor quest building, click on the big green icon with the question mark. Now you will get a lot of little messages (around 100). Click through them, reading for the flavor. Then, it is important when you are done with the quest building that you click on the blue star in the upper left again to be able to move on the map. Return to the NRF. You can probably do the copper & iron plate crafting. You also want to change the jobs for everyone to have the 18-20 hour sections for rest for future days. Talk to Ai and talk about the survivors. Then talk to Mary and watch a movie.

Day 12 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

You have the option to go to the new icon in Dallas (right of where the question mark was). However, you are probably either out of carbon or soon to be. You need to collect carbon again. The carbon is to the left of the NRF. I will make a round robin trip to the gas station north of the NRF, then left to the mine, south to the supermarket (cart), southwest to the farm, east to the farm, south to the other mine, and back to the NRF. Don’t forget after each mission that you need to adjust your gas supply. Transfer gas one way or the other to get 75 in the squad side (right). For me, this puts around 100 in the NRF with 75 in the squad at this point. You are already past 21:00, so go inside and talk to the girls. With Ai, ask about the gym card. Watch a movie and start next day.

Day 13 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Today, if you are still following the morning meetings with Mary as well as the evening movies, you should be able to take the top option when taking a sunbath with Mary. Then, if so, you should be able to switch to the swim option starting tomorrow. This will increase the heart relationship points to 2 for the pool area. You can also visit Mary in the gym to set up training for the next few days.

Today, we will visit Dallas with the following facilities in order. The main city (new icon), the library, the hospital, the gas station, the warehouse, and home. Don’t forget to click on the blue star to move after leaving the meeting with Suzy and crew. Do the normal crafting and talk to the girls. When you enter the NRF, you will get a scene of you in the shower giving you the quest to spend energy and investigate Dallas and Sanara. When you go down to floor b, you will get a scene where Tony appears and threatens the Dallas survivors. These are examples of why we normally do the enter on floor a and go to floor b instead of going straight to the bedroom. Lots of scenes are only triggered when you enter floor a or floor b. IMPORTANT: notice that even though the quest said to take Ai to Dallas, we left her in the NRF building as normal. The only scenes I have actually found that require taking a companion with you are all in Houston. And then it is only Mary who is needed regardless of who is requested. Talk to Ai about inviting Suzy to the shelter.

Day 14 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Jennifer comes out of her chamber today. Make sure to visit Mary again in the gym.

Today we will be staying at the NRF and catching up on the crafting that has been queued up. I currently have several hours of work to do. When that is done, you should be able to add more to the build queue. At some point, you will need to make more copper cables. Only build as many as necessary until after the coal plant is online and producing energy. You should have time after finishing the crafting to visit the close warehouses again. Advance time to 21:00.

You should be reaching the end of your research queue. It’s time to add the next few items to research. I suggest wind turbine 2, solar panel 2, clean water tank 2, carbon garden 2, greenhouse 3, fridge 2. You will also need to change your water usage after this to 0. This will be a common occurence as water is always in short supply – at least until you have Houston fully repaired and updated. We will set water to 0 and wait until our clean water store is nearing capacity before returning to 20 per person.

Assuming the have the requirements, it’s time to invite Suzy to the shelter when you talk to Ai. Lots and lots and lots of flavor text messages here. Counting the scenes in the pool/shower and the movie with one of the girls, it is over 300 clicks to get through. It makes no difference whether you do the pool or shower scene. Your preference. Once that wall of text is done, go back to your room, talk to anyone you haven’t yet and watch a movie to advance the day.

Day 15 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

You meet Jennifer in the morning. Assign her to cleaning duty (finally gonna clean up this pigsty). We have actually fallen to 0 cleanliness. It will slowly go up over the next several days. Also go into the rules menu and assign her to 2 food and 0 water. You can meet up with Jennifer in the living room. Talk to her, play any game (pool), use the bring food option (doesn’t actually use food), and then back to work. She can also be found in the shower, the pool and the gym, but you can’t do anything yet. Today, we will once again scrounge the northern side of Dallas visiting 5 facilities and returning to the NRF. Advance time to 21:00. You probably don’t have the energy to craft anything new today, but make sure to keep up on adding items to the build queue as they are done researching. Talk to the girls and invite Suzy to the shelter again. (I actually goofed on this run and forgot to actually make the water usage change last night as I put in the walk through above). When you get to Suzy’s place, make sure to invite Kassandra. When you get to the NRF, take the time to talk to Kassandra to find out more about Houston. Proceed through all the text and encounters and invite someone to a movie.

Day 16 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

Change Jennifer to rest on hours 19-20. Increase Jack’s rest to 8 blocks as well. He has been having a lot of late returns and not getting his rest. When you leave the room, you will once again overhear the girls talking. This time, Ai comes to you and tells you that they are doing so. Today, we will do a westward loop. Mine, farm, farm, mine, home. Still not enough rest for Jack. Advance the day and visit the girls. Today, you can talk to Jennifer for the first time. Jennifer is a bit bugged as the talk option never goes away, but also never changes. You can now talk to Ai and ‘ask about the survivors’. Invite Jennifer to a movie.

Day 17 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

When you leave the bedroom, you start a new quest on the mystery of the cookie eater. If you visit Jennifer, you get an add-on option after the food gift to date her. Go ahead. This lets you build up more relationship points faster. We will take a quick lap to the two warehouse and back to the NRF. During the hour 12, visit the kitchen and talk about the two quests that have popped up, cookies first. Go as late as you can in that hour (I usually go at 12:55) as ending lunch ends the hour. Now go back outside and advance to 21:00. This should get Jack back to a fully rested state – or fairly close. Change his jobs back to only 3 rest blocks. Talk to the girls. You should be able to have Jennifer at the first 3 actions. Mary is stubborn and still only doing hugs. As long as you have something to talk to with Ai, she only gets hugs and kisses. You can now talk to Ai and ‘ask about the survivors’. This will invite the Dallas crew to join you in the NRF. When you get the mission complete message, go to the jobs page and assign each of the new girls as follows: hours 12-13 to clean, hours 19-20 to rest, all other hours to build. Go to the rules screen and put everyone on 2 food and 0 water. After doing this, continue the scenes which will shortly end the day.

Day 18 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

When you leave the bedroom, you will overhear Kassandra and Suzy talking. This starts the City of Altus quest. With Jennifer on rest, visit the kitchen. Surprise her, then report her, then get spanked!?! You should also have completed the gym mission with Mary either yesterday or today if you have been visiting her every day. We will take a quick lap to the two warehouse and back to the NRF. During the hour 12, visit the kitchen and talk about the your memories. This will advance the dead world quest. Advance the day. Go to the supply page and move all the steel to the squad. There is a bug that will eat it up. Visit the girls. Jennifer has a new talk option: ‘a worried girl’. Talk to each of the new girls and hug them. Use the talk option with each. Talk to Ai about Houston.

Day 19 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

It is time to add more to the research queue. Choose carbon tank 1, forge 1, carbon garden 3, water pump 4, wind turbine 3, solar panel 3, water purifier 3. Once again visit Jennifer in the kitchen. Call the girls, spank Jennifer. Then visit her in the gym. Talk to her and workout with her. Things are being built faster now. You should be able to visit Carol in the living room. She will invite you back the next day. You should be able to change the food to 4 per person now. You should either be even on food production or slightly ahead depending on which facilities have been finished. Time to visit Houston. For this, you need to include Mary in the squad. Go to squad management and click on Mary to move her into the squad. We will make a few stops on the way to Houston. Visit the gas station and the library jusr south of the NRF. Then move to the southwest to get to the Houston area. Stop at each of the factories first. Enter Houston and talk to Major Tom. It won’t be 21:00 yet, so leave the city, advance the day to 21:00 and reenter Houston by clicking the blue star to move and select Houston. Click on the warehouse and talk to Liam. The day will advance and you can talk to Major Tom and Liam (in the warehouse) again.

Day 20 – World after War Walkthrough & Guide

You actually should have enough food, so you can make your first food gift to Liam. Then exit the city, visit the factories, go north to the Dallas area and visit the library, steelworks and home. Don’t forget to return Mary to the NRF now. Do the normal return to base and night time routine. Talk to all the girls. Change the girls to 3 blocks of rest. Change you and Mary to 5 blocks of rest for a few days probably. Tomorrow or the next day you will need to change the water usage to 20 for everyone. It will be a small battle between morale and water usage until you have more pumps built. It will always be too little until Houston can supply you water.

This ends the walk though for now. I have gotten 8 people in the shelter. Two more to come out of the chambers. Soon, you should have enough energy to continue the natural selection quest and explore Dallas. It’s now a matter of keeping everything running. Around this time or coming soon, the water situation should quickly improve. You will have enough water on hand to fill the water supply and return to 20 water per day. Once the forge is built, you can craft copper and iron plates from ore. It is more expensive at 5 energy per unit, but you get a lot more of it. Lots of quests are around and will be added soon as you follow the clues. Have fun.

A report on base maintenance.

There are 7 possible jobs that you can assign people to do around the base. Two of them are currently not implemented (repair, heal).

Three of them are critical to building the NRF.

First is research. You MUST research something before you can build it. There may also be prerequisites that must be researched first. For example, all buildings that have multiple levels, e.g. water pump, must have the previous level researched first.

Next is the build option itself. To have the facility in your NRF, you must build it. Some facilities are more important than others at certain times. Food, water and power are critical resources that have to be planned and built as needed.

A food resource provides 8 food per day – assuming it has the needed resources. For example: the replicators require 16 carbon per day. Carbon comes from either building a carbon garden – that produces 16 carbon a day – or from scrounging it in one of 3 types of building (house, farm, grocery store). Later in the game, you can get food from Houston, but will also have to pay taxes to Tony. Food facilities also require clean water and energy. Greenhouse needs 8 water/2 energy per level. Replicator needs 8 clean water/8 energy per level.

Next is water. There are two types of water in the game – clean water and dirty water. Dirty water is generated in the NRF from normal water consumption – at 1/2 the rate of water consumption. So if you consume 100 water per day, you will get 50 dirty water the next day. You also get dirty water from the same buildings as you find food. You also get clean water from Houston and have to pay it in taxes. You turn dirty water into usable water by using a water purifier. Each level of water purifier cleans 25 dirty water per day. There is an aquifer beneath the NRF that you can pump water from. A water pump does this at 25 per level. Both dirty water and clean water have storage tanks. You can build more storage capacity to save up extra water. Producing water requires energy. Clean water pump needs 2 energy per level. Purifying water requires 6 energy per level.

The final critical resource is power. Power is used to produce food, pump/purify water, bathe, craft items in the craft shop, and power is also needed for various quests. There are currently 3 power sources in the game. Wind turbines (10 power per level), solar panels (25 power per level), and the coal generator (50 power). The coal generator requires 5 coal per day to operate. Coal is found in the steelworks building (welding mask) or in the mines (coal cart). You have batteries that can store the power, but only to a certain point. You must build a battery center to store more energy.

Each facility you want to build requires various resources to build, and time to build it. For example, the greenhouse 1 requires 10 iron plates, 2 copper cables, and 1 electronic circuit. It takes 1200 minutes to build (20 man hours).

This brings us to the crafting job. In addition to what you can scrounge from the outside environment, you can craft items. This includes building materials, such as iron, copper, steel and platinum plate, plastic bars, electronic circuits, advanced circuits, copper cable, engines, electric engines, processing units and other things. You also can craft vehicles, such as the bike, step van, and various helicopter types. You can craft weapons, but currently cannot use them. You will spend a lot of time crafting the big three construction items (iron plate, copper plate, and copper cable). You only need to build a vehicle once, but beware: if you don’t have enough gasoline when outside travelling, you will have to abandon your vehicle and build another. Hint: except for the trip to Nevada, I have found a supply of 75 gasoline in the squad is good for all trips in the game.

The final two jobs in the NRF are cleaning and rest.

I don’t do cleaning until Jennifer joins the facility. She is the primary cleaner. When the Dallas crew joins, I add a few more hours to the cleaning cycle. The NRF gets dirty at the rate of 10 + 2x(number of people) per day. Cleaning is done at the rate of 1 point per 25 minutes. The max cleanliness is 200.

Rest is needed to raise the happiness of the person. Happiness can be seen on the relationship screen. Happiness is affected by the amount of food and water available to a person (this changes overnight). The more food & water, the less happiness is lost each day. Resting raises the happiness by 6% per hour.

There is a default order to the jobs: craft, research, build, clean, rest. Thus, you must assign someone to research if there are items to be crafted. You must assign someone to build if there is crafting or research to be done. You must usually assign someone to clean. And you must assign people to rest to get them to rest. As a general rule, there should always be something in one or more of the craft, research and build queues. Only later in the game, when most things are already accomplished, will there be idle people.

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