Second Happiness

Second Happiness Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Second Happiness Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Shantrel Moira and Julia Walkthrough – Second Happiness Walkthrough & Guide


1 – Give Shantrel much money you can, specially at the beginning of the game. Shantrel Friday and Sunday evening is out for shopping at work station, meet her, give her money (1000$ all times). If you don’t meet her, leave work station and enter again until you meet her. Time does not flow so you can try free.

2 – Education level: you can earn 11-13 point in a week but you lose -6 point at weekend. The education levels are 6: Slacker

(below 0), D-Student (you start here), Student (15), Nerd (25), King Nerd (50), cheater (90+). When you will unlock Brenda (the teacher) private lesson, you can gain more point.

3 – Choose one day a week preferably Sunday day time to earn impudence (click hot spot on armchair in your room). You can also increase your impudence going to Laura’s room at night when she’s drunk.

4 – Open computer and hit “SFX” to see where Shantrel is all week. Click X to exit. Check this more time because it change with your progress in the game. From the pc you can also buy some games to increase smartass.

5 – To open Shantrel and Laura room at night (when possible) and the

bathroom when someone is inside, you need find “door locks Laura and door locks bathroom”, to find these you must go to work at workshop until you find them . When you get them both, you can stop working there. Requisite to find both keys are: 9 smartass and 15 experience point at workshop (you gain 0,5 point each time you work there).

6 – When you have to choose between more options and you are unsure what to do, save game and try all.

7 – In this game there are multiple very important Hotspot. Hotspot means a clickable word visible only if you move on with the mouse. Hotspot are sometime very important to go on with the storyline and sometime less important helpfull only to see the end of some sequence.

8 – Sunday morning go to bathroom and repair it ( If Lala/Laura spawn answer “No” all times). You will gain +1 point in manuality helpful for lock picking.

9 – The first hotspot you will meet is “Tickle” at Shantrel shin under table during breakfast alone with her.

When you click it Shantrel move his legs. The most important “hotspot” I will tell you where and when they spawn.

10 – MC = Main Character, the name you give your Hero.

11 – Sometime, during dialog, you will see a heart with a bra or the word “End” or a “?” inside. “Bra” means start event, “?” means ongoing event but answer can be correct or not, “end” = event end.

12 – You can start work Workshop/Office only on Saturday/Sunday so the first week you can’t work. You can also work Saturday and Sunday if you want.

13 – School level. The school level are 6: Slacker (below 0 point), D-Student as you start, Student (15), Nerd (25), NerdKing(50), Cheater(90). Recently a counter was added from developer to see your status.

14 – Money, you can carry with you until 4995 bucks, if you carry more one thief show up and steal all your money but 50 bucks. First 2-3 week in game you need to be robbed at least 1 time to meet the policewoman.

15) Smartass level grow up automatically with your school level. If you need increase it yourself, can read some books or buy games with your pc.

16) Beware the daytime play, each days is divided in 4 time period 6 hours each starting from Night/Morning/Day/Evening so if I tell you to go Shantrel bedroom Tuesday night, means Monday past Evening.

17) Do Not use cheat to exaggeratedly increase your stat, this game have a cheat detector that stop the game and fuck all your saves files.

18) You can give Shantrel money evening time all days of the week, normally 200$.

Let’s go start play.

First main event triggle when Shantrel refuses to give you a kiss Monday/evening/kitchen and MC says “ I will ignore her for a week” . To trigger this event you need have given Shantrel 10.000 $, touch boobs 15, 5 “UP” dress and 5 Grope boobs.

1^ week Monday/morning: go Shant room, go breakfast. Day time go school. Evening time go kitchen, give money, get your first Heart Start.

exit house, go work station, go Store, look for Hotspot “buy” up the cup, buy more coffee you can (max 5), exit, go home. Hit “Wait”, you are now Tuesday night time, go Shantrel bedroom, hit “Talk nonsense”, hit “Don’t sleep” option, see the scene Mc touching Shantrel boobs. If you don’t take coffee before, you fall asleep!

Tuesday/morning, go hall, skeep Lala, go kitchen for breakfast, hit Tickle hotspot (see hint 9), nothing important happen for now but segue doing this all times. You will see the progress.

This is how this game work, repeating some actions you can have progress or unlock new menu, unlock new quest or end quest.

Go to school, back home, go bathroom, hit Knock, give money to Shantrel, go your room, hit Read, this means read some random books, sometime you can read Playboy or books to pass time or books that increase your smartass. Sleep.

Wednesday/morning, all Wednesday/morning Shantrel come to clean your room, go hall, Kitchen and Breakfast, go school, back home. Hit “Let’s talk”, money, Yeah, your room, sleep.

Thursday/morning, hall, kitchen, breakfast, school, evening go beach, meet Shantrel, give her money…

hit Move, get one Heart Start.

Back home, your room, sleep.

Friday/morning, hall, kitchen, breakfast, school, evening meet Shantrell at workstation, if she’s not there, Leave and reenter until you meet her, time don’t flow, give her 1000$. Leave, go home, your room, Read, Sleep.

Saturday/morning, Hall, Bathroom repair, go workstation, hit Workshop, hit Get the job, answer Maybe it’s not so bad, Leave, go home, your room, sleep. First day at work.

Sunday/morning, that’s my moment to increase impudence but you can choose any day you prefer just 1 time at week. Go work but leave at evening to meet Shantrel and give her 1000$. Do this back to work until night.

Ok first week is done, from now on play yourself, your daily path must be: Breakfast, School, money to Shantrel, work, sleep.

Remember, Tuesday night, go sleep with Shantrel, Thursday evening beach with Shantrel choose “Pretend to be asleep” to touch her boobs. Friday and Sunday evening meet Shantrel and give her 1000$.

Wednesday and Saturday Home/Hall/evening choose “Let’s Talk/Money/Yes” and watch TV with Shantrel. Try all options.

Tuesday/evening/bathroom. Look for hotspot “panties” on the floor, pick them and try both the option you will have.

When you reach impudence 11 you will see on Monday/ evening/kitchen Shantrel dressed with a red dress, bottom dress hotspot “UP”, press Up, you need 5.

At breakfast alone with Shantrel you now have 2 options, hit “Tits”

From now on Friday and Sunday evening you will find Shantrel at the kitchen, hit “UP” hotspot again.

Breakfast alone with Shantrel now, after the 2 option and “tits” you can have random, 3 new option, chose “Grope”, you need 5 .

When you are sure to be done with 5 “UP” dress, start to give Shantrel money in the kitchen. After a while she becomes angry and stop kiss you, continue give her money until….

Now start avoid her, stay in your room, read, go only school at day, no work, no breakfast, don’t give her money, “Ignore them” Wednesday and Saturday, sleep in your room for a week better two because a week in this game is Sunday – Sunday. Afther this on Monday/evening/kitchen go give money to Shantrel and….

Next morning she call you her room.

Now we will prepare for the second event (2 weeks row without go to school), hard because you will lose impudence and education level so study hard and never forget add impudence. This second event don’t have any warning, you have to do this when you notice that can’t do any progress in any place with Shantrel. Take in mind this, with 35 impudence and 30 Smartass you can do all the game until this version 0.6. When you do the second event you will lose about 2 education level and 8-10 impudence.

Ok, back to play now. Do the same routine: breakfast, school, money to Shantrel and go to bed with her as much is possible. Try to advance in all scenes, repeat them until you can’t advance more.

When you wake up in Shantrel bed and she’s not there with you, next 2 times choose “Sleep” option until….

Next Tuesday night go Shantrel room, choose “Sleep” and… .

Next step is to buy Shantrel a new swimsuit on Saturday at the dressing store with 3500 bucks. The dressing store is up the coffee store on the right just hit the BADGIRL lighted sign. Give it to Shantrel Thursday at the beach and develop all the relative scenes.

When you go to Shantrel room Tuesday night you have now 2 options, try both but the most important is “Bad Dream” . Shantrel now on the Monday/evening/kitchen wear the old black/white dress.

Go on until you have 35 impudence, 30+ smartass, school Cheater and be sure all the scenes are blocked (no more progress). Now stay in your room 2 weeks, (start from Monday morning) no school no nothing, first week on Monday evening Shantrel come to your room, beat you and go away, get heart start. Stay home another week, next Monday Shantrel come again and beat you but at the end bring you on the chair and make peace .

You lose about 6 impudence and several school points so back to school and do the normal things.

When you reach about 30-31 impudence now Friday/Sunday/evening/kitchen hitting “UP” hotspot you must have 3 options, try them all.

We are searching now for the most important hotspot in this game so far. Hotspot “Tickle” on

Monday/morning/breakfast. Do all the “Bad Dream” options Tuesday/night/Shantrel bedroom at least 3 time each. Kitchen/evening/Friday and Sunday until Shantrel give you a semi BJ. Develop all the TV scenes Wednesday and

Saturday. Done all this you are blocked again. Stay 1 week without go to school, again Monday evening Shantrell come

to your room and, choose “NO”, make peace again and go back to school.

Now Saturday/evening/TV choose “Don’t” watch porn, Shantrel will sleep with you on the sofa. Choose “Play a joke”, “…” 3 times, do all scenes until Shantrel cover your dick. Sunday/evening/kitchen choose “Jerk off” . If all is done well Monday/morning breakfast with family you must see

Hit this very important hotspot that will unlock all unfinished Shantrel

scene so far.

Monday/evening/kitchen Shantrel ask you help carry something, do this, look for hotspot “UP” in her skirt, continue until heart start.

Tuesday/night/Shantrel bedroom “Bad Dream”, “Sleep”, see the dream until heart end.

Tuesday/evening/bathroom scene follow

Rub her Back, heart start. Repeat but you cant complete this event now.

Wednesday/evening/Shantrel TV, scene follow

Choose “Move closer” Repeat but you can’t complete this event now.

Thursday/evening/beach choose “Swimsuit”

Hit this hotspot, go until heart end.

Friday/evening/kitchen choose “Money” Mom now will make you Hand Job, game ask you where you want come, choose “On her face” hit the hot spot “I want more” up her head, continue until heart end.

Saturday/evening/ Shantrel TV continue until heart end.

Sunday/evening/kitchen Shantrell “UP” continue all 3 option until heart end, beware hotspots.

Continue now all the other unfinished options until earth end, don’t forget at Monday breakfast to hit the “Tickle” hotspot. Repeat them all at least 3 times.

All the Shantrel end version 04.

If you have been to school all week and are at least NerdKing Friday evening look for Shantrel at work station . Try continuously until you meet her. Don’t give her ANY money, she will bring you to school and speak with Moira, your Historical teacher. Good news for you so Shantrel want to kiss you. Next Friday, she want kiss you again but you want more so you decide to skip college for one week .

When you get punished from Shantrel hit the option “NO”, you make peace and get a heart start. Back to college. Next Friday evening meet again Shantrel don’t give money you get another heart start.

Next Friday mom will bring you home and show you a new lingerie. You get another heart start. Go school all days. Next Friday evening at school you have 2 options, choose “I liked it” . Look for hotspot “Closer” you get another heart start.

Wednesday night go to Shantrel bedroom and enjoy the show.

Back to school all days and Friday… ..

heart end.

Saturday/evening/TV, choose “Porn”, “Of” scene continue get a Heart start.

Continue go to school all days.

Tuesday/evening/bathroom “Rub her Back” get a Heart start.

Wednesday night if you want go to Shantrel bedroom but the scene is ever the same.

Wednesday/evening/TV continue multiple weeks massaging Shantrel

Friday/evening/school with Shantrel, a new event start for you Olimpic Historical and Shantrel will be your “private” teacher. Go to school all days and every Friday meet Shantrel, event will go on.

Saturday TV choose “NO” . You will get your first Heart with “?” inside. Continue multiple weeks.

Tuesday/evening/bathroom you get now 3 options try them all, you will get a fantastic Tit Job. Heart end.

This scene is repeatable as many you want.

Friday you get another heart start.

Next Friday you have test with Shantrell, you have 4 answers, choose “Hm, just a moment”

Next Friday beware hotspot “Take off her panties”

You can also go private lesson with Shantrell Sunday evening kitchen.

When mom is without panties give her 1 correct answer (1XXX). Next Friday you will get Heart start. Continue until mom give you hand job. Next Friday beware hotspot “Suck it” on her head. Get another heart start. Next Friday other heart start. Next Friday…

Heart end. This Heart end was taken out from the developper

because the story continue.

Saturday TV anwer “NO” again but Shantrel let you touch her panties, get heart start.

Next Saturday do the same, beware the hotspot “She’s not gonna scold”, get heart start.

Wednesday TV Shantrel let you touch 30 seconds, get heart start.

Saturday TV end.

Wednesday TV Play again with Shantrel, beware Hotspot “Cheat”

Heart end.

Version 07

Event Lick pussy

We need to focus first to complete Wednesday night Shantrel bedroom event.

Go to school all weeks, absolutely don’t miss any Moira lesson at school.

If happen you miss some Moira lesson, Friday give money to Shantrel, don’t go with her to Moira.

Friday evening meet Shantrel work station, don’t give money, go with her to Moira, go Shantrel bedroom for private lesson, take off panties, hit “Suck” hotspot, at the end you will have..

Heart start.

Play normally until Wednesday night, enter Shant bedroom, choose Finger her, hotspot “Dream”, look dream..

hearth end.

Go to school until Friday, meet Shantrel, don’t give money, go to Moira, Moira want MC study with her Wednesday morning, answer Yes to Shantrel, go bedroom, hit Take off panties hotspot, choose “I’m not gonna ask for so much”, this time DON’T hit “Suck it” hotspot.

Play normally until Wednesday night, Shantrel room, try Lick her but don’t work.

Wednesday morning go to Moira. After go to school until Friday. Meet Shantrel, don’t give money, choose “Yes”, repeat like previous Friday.

Wednesday morning go to Moira. This time Moira ask you if you can come earlier next lesson, choose “YES”, get heart “?” .

Repeat all, this time don’t hit the hotspot “Suck it” you get..

Heart start.

Repeat all, this time the option “Lick her” start to work .

Repeat all until the “Lick her” event …

Finish, Heart end. Repeat this at least 2 times.

During Moira private lesson Wednesday morning, you will meet Julia, his daughter, get one heart start. From now on you must answer “No” when Moira ask you to come earlier next lesson.

Friday lesson with mom, choose now the option “She promised a blowjob” click “Take off” hotspot (bobs), choose Convince option, choose 1XXX answer

Heart end.

During Moira lesson, if you answer “No”, will see Julia with different clothes (clothes are changed in 08) and

click “Say something” hotspot.

Get heart start.

Continue all Wednesday morning until..

End event. You no more need go Moira private lesson for this version.

Event Shantrel shopping

Friday Shant private lesson choose “She promised a blowjob”, “take off” hotspot, this time choose “Force”, mommy is offended but you get one heart start.

If you go Wednesday night Shant bedroom, you can’t no more finish “Lick her” event but you get one heart start. This is the Long Way to finish this event but you have already finish it. For the long way you have to collect some heart start here when Shant is no more offended.

Friday evening meet again Shant work station, don’t give her money but she answer is offended and don’t want to teach you history anymore.

Sunday evening meet Shant, give her 1000$, she forgave you but not completely.

Friday evening meet Shant, give her 1000$, she bring you with her shopping, hit hotspot “Touch” Shant ass, again other hotspot “Touch” and..

get heart start.

If happen Shant change his mind, try again next Friday/Sunday . Continue this until..

That’s all folks about Shantrel content on this 07 version . To be continue.

Shantrel Moira Julia

Shantrel Version 08

Event Buy panties for Shantrel

Tuesday/evening/bathroom, enter, pick up the panties, choose “I won’t”, Mom tell you that someone in the house stolen her some panties and you offer to buy her some new .

Wednesday morning go to Moira, meet Julia, answer Yes when Moira ask you to come earlier next lesson. Saturday go to the Badgirl shop and buy panties for Shantrel.

Wednesday go to Moira again.

Thrusday night go to Shantrel room and give her the new panties, get Heart start.

Tuesday/evening/bathroom enter, pick up panties, choose “I won’t”, mom tell you she find some her panties in Lala room but not all so you offer again to buy her another new panties.

Wednesday morning go to Moira but this time answer her you can’t go earlier next lesson.

Saturday go buy new panties.

Wednesday to Moira hit the hotspot “Say something” , answer No.

Thursday night give Shant the new panties but she don’t want them. Get Heart start.

Tuesday go back to bathroom, same things. Get heart end.

Wednesday to Moira hit hotspot “Say samething” and other hotspot “Touch” get heart start. Answer Yes.

Saturday go buy other panties and bra.

Wednesday to Moira you meet Julia with a very sexy lingerie, hit the 2 hotspot, get heart start, answer Yes.

Thursday night to Shantrel give her panties and bra. You get a boner seeing your mom, she don’t let you sleep with her. Heart start. Wednesday morning to Moira again Julia in sexy lingerie, hit the 2 hotspot and get heart end.

Saturday night go Shantrel bedroom, knock before enter, get heart “?” .

Next Saturday night go Shant room, Knock, stay to bed with her, choose Touch, hit the hotspot “Knock Knock” on her face, choose knock-knock option 3 times, hit hotspot “Touch” on her pussy, enjoy the first animation BJ/FJ, get heart end.

Next Saturday night to Shantrel, knock, this time choose “Leave” option, see the scene, get heart start.

Next Saturday night do the same until heart end. This is the second animation.

Go back now to the last version 07 event “Shantrel Shopping” . Redo the “Force BJ” .

Version 09

Event Fuck mom 09

Be sure you have completed all the event previous versions.

Sunday morning enter Shant room, you must see her with red bra and panties, hit “Yes” option, hit “Target” hotspot, get heart start.

Sunday evening go kitchen, hit “UP” hotspot, when you get 3 options hit “Touch her breasts”, new 2 options show up, hit “Don’t let go”, get heart start.

Now you have nothing to do until next Friday evening, go to school, stay home.

Friday evening go kitchen, hit “UP” hotspot, when you get 3 options hit “Loot at her butt”, new option “Bite” show up, hit that, get

heart start.

Sunday morning enter Shant room, do the same as previous Sunday, scene go a little forward.

Sunday evening go kitchen, hit “UP” hotspot, at the 3 options hit “Touch her breasts”, hit “don’t let go”, get another heart start, and heart end.

Nothing to do until next Sunday morning.

Sunday morning enter Shant room do the same as previous Sunday, get another heart start.

Next Sunday morning do the same as the previous Sunday but this time hit the options “No” , hit next options “Target”, see the show, get…

Next Tuesday evening, enter bathroom, do all the sequence, Rub her back, Save the game because this time you need to fail. Fast way to fail is to hit “Butt” . New scenes start…

Continue, you get 2 options…

Save the game, now if you want to see both the scene, hit “Find a towel”, mom will kiss you. Now if you want keep these scene wait until next Tuesday but this time choose “No”, or reload the game and choose “No” .

When you choose “No”, hit the hotspot “Target…” on Shant ass and FINALLY you fuck Shantrel very hard as in my dreams up to the first version I play this game!!!

That’s all for this version. To be continued.

Version 1.0

Event Shantrel Morning bed 69 1.0 (3 animations)

Sunday morning enter Shant bedroom, answer “No”, hit “Target”, hit “Don’t put on”, you will see 2 hotspot, “Butt” and “Heels”, hit 3 times “Heels”, chose “You will suck”, get Heart start.

Repeat this until Shantrel do a 69 with you, hit hotspot “Scold”, get Heart end.

This event have 2 final scene, it depend if you give Shant 400+$ during week or less.

Event Shantrel Fuck Night 1.0 (2 animations)

Thursday evening take 2 coffee, go sleep at night Shantrel bedroom, “Don’t sleep”, chose “Move a little” at morning, Shantrel will suck and fuck you sleeping, get heart start.

Repeat, get Heart End.

End version 1.0

Version 1.2

Sex in the kitchen

Monday morning breakfast, hit hotspot “Tickle”

Monday evening go kitchen give Shant money, hit hotspot “Up”, get heart start.

Next Monday do the same routine, Shantrel will undress a bit, get heart start.

Next Monday do the same routine, hit hotspot “Don’t let her go” continue till heart end.

End version 1.2

Lala and Mina walkthrough – Second Happiness Walkthrough & Guide


Lala normally is in her room at weekdays evening doing his homework.

Lala bedroom can’t be open at night.

Mina is the Policewoman.

Meet Shantrel Friday and Sunday/evening/work station and give her 1000$ until she wear red dress.

You can meet Lala when you repair bathroom Saturday morning. I ever answer “NO” his ask.

You will meet Lala every Tuesday morning in the Hall.

Lala Wednesday and Saturday is in the Hall with Mom listening music and dancing.

Lala can also be meet in his bedroom at morning but so far there’s nothing interesting to do.

Repeat all the end scenes at least 3 times.

Start play.

First week, breakfast at home is not important for Lala path, go to school, evening help Lala, sleep.

Every Tuesday/morning/Hall meet Lala, “let’s talk”, “Slap her butt”, “Slap her butt” again, “Leave”

When you becomes Student Level you can help her doing homework.

When you want carry with you more than 5000 $, go out. You will be robbed and meet Mina, buy her coffee, cake and fish. This learn you if you want to be friend with Mina have to buy her cake and coffee and bring them to Mina at Police station at day time. (no need to be robbed again just buy at the shop.)

Saturday morning repair the bathroom. (+1 manuality)

Saturday day go to workshop ( work station) and get a job.

Every Sunday day get +1 impudence hitting “Meditate” hotspot in your room.

Second week, do the same as first but evening go to work.

Saturday and Sunday you can go work 2 times at day if you want. (You can get your 1+impudence Sunday morning)

Continue do the same until you get a workshop the lock pick bathroom and Laura room. (Laura room is helpful to increase impudence when she’s drunk if you need). When you find them both, you can stop work there.

When you have 7 impudence, Tuesday/morning/Hall beware the hotspot “Pull the string” on Lala string bra. Hit spot you get 3 options, try them all no matter.

Help Lala again with his homework but beware don’t exceed Student level at school. Some days bring coffee and cake to Mina, you need 5 to be friend with her.

At 12 impudence helping Lala.. beware the Hotspot “Poke!”

Heart end.

This scene is repeatable until you become Nerd level at school.

Wednesday/evening/Hall choose “Pass by”, go Lala room you have now the option “Under the bed” wait for Lala, see the panties show, choose “Wait”, you will see Lala sleeping, there are 3 hotspot “Breasts”, “Butt”, “Leg…”, save the game. Keep trying these 3 hotspot until Lala turn and show you her ass. Get heart start.

When you become friend with Mina, she invite you go to the Club Friday/Saturday evening.

Go to the Club (work station left arrow) go inside you will meet Krista your classmate. Get drunk and go out. Repeat 3 times. At 15 impudence Tuesday/morning/hall now you can grab Lala’s ass. Nothing more so far to do here.

Continue Wednesday/evening/hall go under Lala bed and hit “Wait” until you see…

hotspot “Back and forth” . Heart start. Continue until..

Heart end.

At 20 impudence Sunday/morning go to bathroom unlock the door meet Lala “Scare” her, “Stay” heart start. Continue all Sunday/morning until…

heart end.

Continue helping Lala with his homework until Wednesday/evening/Hall you get the hotspot “Pull!” hit and see Lala dance.

end so far.

Continue helping Lala with his homework until Thursday MC said … .

This will unlock Lala club event, get heart start. This event has 3 end, BJ in Lala bedroom Friday, Foot Job in Lala bedroom Wednesday, BJ in bathroom Sunday. Continue until you find them all.

Friday evening go to club entrance, speak about Lala’s ticket with Mina but she’s not in the mod. Go back house Lala’s bedroom.

Next week bring some coffee and cake to Mina until she invite you to club again (she get good mod). Continue asking Mina about Lala’s ticket until she let her enter.

Continue do Lala homework Thursday and Friday.

Choose “I’m mean!” to get a BJ in her room until heart end.

“I’m good” to get a Foot Job Wednesday evening in his room. (Choose “Under her bed” and “Investigate”) “I’m good” to get a BJ in bathroom Sunday Morning. (Choose “Look” and “She will suck!”)

Go on yourself now, it’s repetitive but easy.

Lala content version 07.


1) All Friday evening send Lala to club but don’t ask for sex, choose option “I’m good” .

2) Meet Lala every Thursday morning bathroom.

Second Thursday

Note: this event involved Laura! If don’t trigger to you means you have to do all Laura path and return here after.

To get this Heart end you must have bought Laura dress at least 3 times.

From now on, if you don’t want meet Laura on bathroom with Lala, go first on Laura bedroom, hit “Crawl” hotspot and answer “No” at second options (time don’t flow), Laura will be angry with you, close his door and don’t show up in bathromm.

Next Thursday meet Lala alone, hit this hotspot, get heart start.

Continue, next week get other heart start.

Continue next week, get other heart start.

Continue next week, now Lala wear black panties and no bra, answer “Ok”, get other heart start.

Continue until…

Continue until..

Try Play and Lick, get heart start.

That’s all for this version. To be continued.

Version 1.2

Mina event

Friday evening go to club with less than 400$ money with you, enter, you will get the option to spend all your money, do that. You get up at Mina home, get heart start.

Saturday to the same as Friday, get heart start.

Next Friday and Saturday do the same, get a new options to sleep more or get up, answer what you want, only change the image you will see. Get 2 heart start.

Nothing to do till next Friday.

Friday and Saturday do the same. Get 2 heart start.

Continue, this time on Friday you get 1 heart start and Saturday 1 heart “?” .

Next Friday before enter the club, Mina will ask you 50$ for taxi, you get up at home, get heart “?” .

Mina is offended.

Do the same on Saturday, get heart “?” .

Next Friday do the same, get up your home, get heart “?” but the dialog change: seem Mina is offended because you promise something to her but didn’t do that.

Saturday morning go store, talk with Lisa about cake. You will need find Yanga at the park.

Monday morning go at park, talk to Yanga about cake. Give her 1500$.

Next morning go to Store, ask Lisa about the cake but isn’t ready.

Next morning go Store again, get the cake, go to police station, give to Mina.

Friday evening go to club, Mina take the money for taxi, you spend all the rest inside club but you get up in Mina house.

Here you have to gain another heart start but the opportunity it’s random so save the game before go to club and if you don’t get the heart, reload and repeat.

Continue Friday and Saturday go to club, save before and try to get all the times one heart start.

Continue till you get a Blow Job.

After a BJ go Tuesday, day time and don’t buy cake/coffee, to Police station. Get Hearth end.

End version 1.2

Maya, Ella, Jenny Walkthrough – Second Happiness Walkthrough & Guide


Ella event need at least 15 impudence and have entered at least 2 time into the club to drink cocktail. (done with Lala path) Volley game can be done Saturday and Sunday day time and Tuesday – Friday evening at the Beach.

DO NOT TRY WIN THE VOLLEY GAME AT BEGINNING!!! It’s almost impossible, Maya play very bad and the game it’s too slow. Just familiarize with the game and lose.

To win the game wait until you can scold Maya with the option “Take a swipe at her”, she will play better and fast. Keep yourself about at the bottom of your line and move only 1-2 centimeter up and down without go Maya back, 50% of the times you win.

Let’s play

Ella fuck event.

Go to the beach 2 days and lose the volley game all 2 days.

Go another day and Ella ask you to play for drink. When you can scold Maya try to win. If you can’t don’t worry try next time.

Now you have to win 3 times the volley game ( not important consecutively) until Ella take of his bra and jump off the cliff. Total in the game SO FAR you need win volley 5 times.

From now on you DO NOT NEED WIN ANY MORE VOLLEY GAME. YOU NEED LOSE ALL! Pay for drinks. First time you lose beware the hotspot “Place for hands” on Ella’s ass. (Need at least 15 impudence points).

To trigger the “Cocktail Event” you must have entered the club 2 times. (If you have done the Lala path, this is already done)

Continue play and lose until Ella agree to drink a cocktail, follow her un bathroom beware hotspot “occupied!”, hotspot “Click”, hotspot “Place for hands”, get a good fuck with her.

Repeat until Ella drink the cocktail again, do the same as before, get a kiss and

Heart end.

Maya ass fuck event.

Maya event can be done 2 ways, Slacker level (easy) and KingNerd+ level (little more long), the scene are about the same. I will show you the long way King Nerd+ (only because I don’t want regress school level).

Go school, hit the option talk to Maya. Get +1 Heart start.

The Maya long way need 14 Heart start before the dialog change.

Go play volley some times, scold Maya, ask her to show he’s boobs if we lose. Try do not hit her ass with the ball during the games, you have to lose so stay far from her, it’s easy.

Continue talking with Maya at school until the dialog change..

Pull up skirt but don’t grope her.

Get heart start.

Repeat this scene until you get 5 heart start, now Maya while is copying Kate’s homework turn head at you, get heart start. Repeat this other 5 times until Maya, looking at you raise her ass…

get heart start.

Talking to Maya now “Grope” her 5 times and get others 5 heart start, she will invite you play volley on the beach but NOT hit her ass with the ball while playing.

Go play volley, save the game, now is imperative do not hit her ass, “swipe her”, lose the game. Choose the option “Okay” . She will invite you in a hidden place to show you her ass. Beware the hotspot “It’s time to be here” . Get heart start.

Go drink, do not touch Ella’s ass.

Repeat until you fuck Maya’s ass and…

Heart end.

Jenny content version 07.

Go school, speak with Jenny, you have 3 questions:

1 – Homework

2 – Volley

3 – Lesbian.

Start with the 1st question, DO NOT TRY THE OTHERS or you will get several Heart “?” not necessary!

The 3 question must be done sequentially, If you didn’t get the first question heart end, you will never get the second question heart end and so on.

First question (Homework)

Speak with her, get the first

After the first heart start, the probability to speak with her alone are 1/5 so save the game at home, go school, speak, if his friends show up and don’t let you speak with her, reload and try again.

You must get 3 Heart total, 2 start and 1 end.

2nd question “Volley”

Same as before, get the first heart start and save the game before ask again.

Beware here, to get the heart end you must have won the volley game 5 times in total.

Total Heart to collect for 2nd question are 3, 2 start 1 end.

3rd question “Lesbian”

First time I speak with Jenny about this question I get the Heart End.

When you get all the 3 question heart end, you will meet Jenny out school at day time, if you don’t see her click around the wall. Talk to her, get heart start.

Do not need no more speak with Jenny inside school.

Continue speak with Jenny out school, get several heart start, beware for hotspots..

When you stop getting heart start (about 8-9) go Friday evening play volley, don’t try any sex move with Maia Elly, lose game, go directly to bar, don’t touch Elly’s ass. You will get automatically…

Choose “Wander along the beac” . From now own every Friday do the same, progress with the Jenny scenes.

During weekdays speak with Jenny again out school, get 1 Heart start.

Dialog will change, you ask now if he will come to the beach playing.

Friday get another Heart start with Jenny at the beach.

Next Friday idem, this time Jenny’s mom will call, the moon gone and you will see 4 scenes black but the dialog go on. Next Friday idem, get another heart start.

Next Friday idem, get heart start and this time you can fuck her and get another Heart start.

Repeat next Friday for better animate scene.

During weekdays out school…

Version 08

Event Threesome Ella/Jenny/MC

All the story is developed Saturday and Sunday day time on the beach.

There are 2 sequences that need to be performed exactly, one on the bar and one on the beach. Save before.

The volley game is involved but you need to loose all the time so it’s easy.

The volley match score minimum required is 2 match loose and 2 match give up but I think you have enough in your basket so maybe at first try the event trigger.

Event trigger when Ella speak about her fat belly at bar table.

Go start. Play and loose volley, go to bar, don’t touch Ella ass hotspot, go table, choose “Touch” option. All this need be done the same all the time so I will explain only once.

Under table you will see a series of Hotpots and one option “Don’t touch” .

For better clarification I will assing a Capital letter to every actions:

A = Jenny Foot

B = Jenny Shin

C = Jenny Thigh

E = Ella Foot

Click mean Left mouse button on DIALOG BAR

Never click twice, click only once when I write Click.

Some hotspots allow one animate sequence that MUST be completed from your pc not from you, if you click the sequence stop and you must restart from your save.

The right sequence is:

A – B – C – C – Click – B – Click – Click – Click – E – Click – Don’t touch.

If everything goes well Maya get up and go home, Jenny and Ella want go to the beach, you answer Yes. If something go wrong, all go home.

On the beach: now you have 4 options see pict.

Fastest way I found is:

Repeat 5 times Sleep + Touch Ella. You need 5 different days (Saturday and Sunday only). You get 2 Heart start, 3 heart ?, 1 Touch Jenny +1 H ?

1 Touch Jenny +1 HS

1 Touch Jenny = go for threesome.

1 Sleep + Move = Heart end.

9 Days total.

That’s all for this version. To be continued.

Laura, Janna, Stella, Lisa and Krista Walkthrough – Second Happiness Walkthrough & Guide


Never go Laura’s room Wednesday morning, she’s angry and you only get her room closed for 1 day. Also other days, if you make her angry her room will be closed for 1 day.

At the beginning her room is open only Friday night so you can enter also if you don’t have the keys.

When Laura ask you to learn some anatomy educations, read some playboy journal in your room (it’s random so save before read).

Normally don’t carry more than 4995 $ otherwise you will be robbed .

You need to be robbed 1 time on the game just to meet Mina the policewoman.

You need to be friend with Mina so bring her 1 coffee and 1 cake at morning/day time, she need 5 to be friend and invite you to club. Needed for Krista path.

You can meet Krista Tuesday and Thursday day time at Park station.

Laura and her friends are on Park station (bench) evening time Monday, Thursday and Friday. You need to go there and speak with them several times until the dialog change.

You will need Lock pick Laura bedroom to open it at night so from the second week, until you find these lock pick, you need work at workshop on Work station. You can start work there Saturday.*

If you can’t enter her room at night but got Laura room lockpick means you are low in lockpick point. (Repair more bathroom Saturday morning)

*=Maybe you already have all lockpick if done Sahntrel path.

Meet Shantrel Friday and Sunday evening at Work station, give her 1000$ until she wear a Red dress. If you don’t meet her exit and try again until you find her, time don’t flow.

You will need for Krista path to be KingNerd+ level to do her homework.

Sunday day increase your impudence, in your room click “hotspot Meditate” on your armchair.

Let’s play.

Go to school all the weekdays, choose “Study” .

Monday evening go to parkland, meet Laura and his girlfriends Janna and Stella. Dialog will change going on. Continue doing this until Stella show you his ass and you get the message “Nothing new left here in this version!”

Tuesday day go to park, meet Krista, choose option “Wait” and 3 times “How are you”, 3 times “Show your tits”, go to school. Continue doing this until you and Krista go to school together in bike.

Friday night enter Laura bedroom, she’s drunk, touch her, get +1 impudence.

Saturday morning go to Laura room, pay 20$ to see her tits, go to bathroom, repair it. Get +1 Lock pick ability. Saturday day go Work station, enter workshop, get the job, work.*

From now on, at evening go to work until you found Laura’s lock pick bedroom.*

Saturday and Sunday you can work 2 times at day if you want.*

*= You don’t need do this if you already have Laura room lockpick.

In Laura’s room day time some days you can “Steal money” but will be caught about all time, she will be angry and close her room for 1 day. Do this 5 times.

Tuesday and Saturday night you will found Laura drunk on her bed. Continue doing all the 4 options show up until you can

fuck her.

Thursday morning go to Laura room, she’s doing her gym exercise, hit hotspot “Crawl”, be catch by her, get 3 options, try all of them at least 3 times each. Choosing the second option “Never expected… ..” Laura will ask you to study some anatomy, to do this, when in your room, read some Playboy. Going on with this second option, you will get 2 new options, choose “Yes , golden rain”, she will piss on you. Beware, when you enter Laura room and do the stuff I write before, she will be angry with you locking her room, so you can’t enter Friday night. Do all the options 3 times, stop enter at morning, start enter at night.

Lisa event:

When you are at work station go to store, meet Lisa, you need to be friend with her so buy all the coffee you can take until she make special coffee for you. Time don’t flow.

Repeat this until Lisa will ask you if you want one coffee hotter and spicier, say YES, buy a cake, buy another coffee, Lisa will take out her panties, hit the hotspot “very close” on her pussy, finger her.

From now on you can meet Lisa smoking at morning Work station.

Now you are friend with Lisa.

Laura reconciliation event:

Go to Laura room when she’s drunk at night, choose “in her mouth” 3 times and “on her pretty face” . Repeat 2 times. Morning time try go out house but Laura will caught you.

Now she’s really angry with you, need make peace.

Go to the park, speak to Laura, she will ask you to buy beer, go to Lisa at the store and buy 3 beer. Back to the park, give Laura the beer, she will ask you flowers.

Next Monday morning go to Park/Thickets place, you meet Yanga, Lisa daughter pissing, she ask you if you are a maniac, answer “No”, leave. Same evening go back to park/thickets, take flowers, give to Laura.

Do this event at least 2 times.

Krista event:

Next Friday go to the club, meet Krista, get drunk, go out. Repeat this at least 2 times*

*=If you have already done this for Lala path, no need more.

You reconciled with Laura.

Next Tuesday day go to the park, meet Krista, choose “Wait”, 2 options, “How are you” and “Show your tits”, try both 3 time each. Continue with “How are you” until you go together at school with her bike.

Repeat go school with bike 10 times.

You need now go into the Club. To be sure Mina let you enter you must be in friend mod to her so bring her cake and coffee until she invite you to Club.

Now Friday and Saturday go to the club, if everythings you do before goes well you get…

First heart start.

Continue go to club. Get a kiss from her.

Next club visit…

Heart end.

When I finish this scene I was: 40 impudence, 34 smartass, NerdKing 67.

Tuesday and Thursday day time go to park, meet Krista, “wait”, “How are you”, go bike together now you get 2 options, choose “To the left”, get heart start.

This is a very long path, beware some hotspot you can find. Get several heart start.

When you start do his homework you skip school so be sure go to school others days.

Continue this path until you get this…

Now to get the forced sex scene it’s a little more complicated, you need:

– Be mad with Laura, so go in her room when she’s drunk, cum on her face 2 times.

– Exit house morning time, be caught by her.

– Go to park, speak to her, buy beer, she ask for flowers.

– Go Monday morning to park, meet Yanga pissing but this time you have to tell her you are a maniac.

– Go back to park with Krista, continue until her said: Yanga told me you are a maniac, get this

End of Krista path so far.

To reconciled with Laura now you have first convince Yanga you are not a maniac. Go Thursday morning in park, meet Yanga with his mom Lisa doing a walk, Lisa will tell Yanga you are not a maniac. You can now again go park Monday morning, see Yanga pissing on flowers, go back at evening, take flowers and give to Laura to reconciled again.

Version 07

Laura dress event:

Now you have 3 problems:

1 – Your variable “work_switch” must be true, if not change work Office/Workshop.

2 – Find Laura at Badgirl shop it’s random and every time you didn’t find her, your variable work_switch change to false so you must save your game before try.

3 – The dress cost more than 5.000$ and you can’t carry more with you or will be robbed.

After found Laura at Bad girl shop, go out, Laura stop you and ask you to buy that dress for her.

She takes you home, you ask for a blow job to buy her a dress, she get mad. Get heart start.

You have now to speak with his girlfriends Stella and Janna but they must be alone.

Friday and Saturday morning go to park, look for Stella, walk with her, if the scene don’t progress means you have to speak more times with all them at the park bench in the evening, continue until she refuse doing you a blow job.

Next time you meet her the dialog change and you can speak with her about Laura dress.

To speak with Janna alone you must find her Wednesday evening at the beach. The problem is the character that spawn

there are random so save the game and try until you can speak with Janna. Speak with her and get a heart start.

After you speak with both Laura’s girlfriend about her dress, Laura call you into her room. Get a heart start.

Now work at office one whole week Saturday day carry with you more cash you can (less than 5000) go get payd at work, exit and enter the Badgirl shop, buy the dress for Laura.

Go home. Laura’s bedroom. Butt hotspot on Laura’s ass, titfuck her, get heart start.

You want more, so need to buy her another dress but first have to ruin the one she have.

Same as before, go work Office a week, at night enter workshop, look for acid, meet Yanga, give 300$. Get acid.

After 3 -4 days at evening go Laura’s bedroom, option “Dress”, ruin her dress.

Go to her room at morning when you can, get heart start. Beware hotspot “Tits!” on her tits, grope her.

Saturday do the same as before, buy her new dress, go her room, get a BJ and another heart start.

You know what to do to buy her another dress.

When you enter her room this time beware hotspot “Butt” .


Heart end.

End 07

Event Janna Park BJ

All Janna content in this version is on Thursday day time at the park, you have to skip school so go school other days.

Thursday day time, go park, you must find Janna on the Benches, there’s 50% chance to find her so continue hit benches option until you find her.

Hit Hello! Finish the dialog. Now go to the store, buy beer, get heart start. Back to Janna again give beer, get heart start.

Next Thursday day do the same, go buy beer, get another heart start, this time automatically you buy 2 beers. Back to Janna, this time Stella show up and you get another heart start.

Next Thursday day do the same, go buy beer, get another heart start, this time automatically you buy 3 beers. Back to Janna, get another heart start, Stella show up.

Next Thursday day, do the same, go buy beer, automatically you buy 3 beers. Back to Janna, get another heart start. When Stella show up and sit you can see an hotspot “Butt!” on Stella thighs, hit it but nothing happen.

Next Thursday day, do the same, go buy beer, this time 4 options show up, choose 1 (the first), go back to park, GO THICKET and take the flower, now go find Janna at Benches, give her automatically the flower, when she get up look for hotspot “Butt!”, hit it, 2 new options show up, choose “Yes”, now 4 new options show up all 4 “There” . Save the game if you want see all the scenes. The 4 scenes are casually so if you want to see them all you have to try many times. If unfortunately you get the cat/dog scene you’re fucked up, no matter if you have saved before. You have to retry next Thursday! At least this happened to me.

Next Thursday day, do exactly the same as previous Thursday, when you get the 4 options “There” you have to choose 2 of them without find the cat/dog scene. If it goes well look for hotspot “Take off” on MC pants, now you can see the beautiful scene and animation Janna hand/blow job.

That’s all folks for this version. To be continued.

Brenda and Stephanie walkthrough – Second Happiness Walkthrough & Guide


To see all the scenes in the molester boy phone, you must have at least 15 impudence and off course being robbed to meet Mina the policewoman.

To be able to ask difficult question to Brenda you need to be NerdKing level at school.

Let’s start play.

Stephanie fuck event:

Go to school all weekdays, evening start work at the Office. Meet Stephanie, accept his rules.

Buy Stephanie coffee all the time you can, don’t slap her ass.

Blackmail her on Saturday when she give your salary.

Continue blackmail her until you get 2 options, choose “Stay”, lick her pussy.

When you get other 2 options, choose “Continue”, you get other 2 options “Slap her ass” and “Let her think she’s the boss”, do both of them. Beware hotspot.

Brenda private lesson event:

After 3 – 4 weeks, going to school you see Brenda been molested by a strange boy wearing like you. Continue and when available “Help” her.

Brenda call you and ask you to catch the boys.

Wait until Brenda promise to give you private lesson to catch him.

Go to school Morning time, you can see 4 hidden spot on the left wall, choose one, wait for him, choose “Police” option. Repeat until both teleported to the police.

Caught the boy Brenda start give you a private lesson after school. Choose “Study, you nerd” option After a while, during private lesson you get 2 options, choose “Look at her pants”

After a while you ask Brenda if can go for private lesson his house. She accepts but only Monday and Tuesday. Monday evening go to Brenda house, knock, get heart start.

Tuesday evening, Brenda house, get other heart start.

Friday evening go to Brenda house, knock, look for hotspot “Weave hands!”

Saturday evening go to Brenda house, knock, see the scene.

Sunday evening go to Brenda house, same as Friday.

After a while in Brenda house you will get 2 options: “Easy and Hard questions”, choose both alternately.

Easy question lead you to unzip his skirt.

Hard question lead you to show her your penis.

06 end.

Sunday evening, Brenda house, you meet Jack.

Second time you meet Jack you know he work with Stephanie.

When you go work now you have the option “About Jack” DON’T USE IT for now.

Saturday go work to be paid, lick Stephanie, but don’t fuck her, (Leave). Do the same next Saturday.

Stay Monday and Tuesday without go work, Wednesday ask about Jack, she must say:

Stefa will make Jack work Sunday. From now on you will no more meet Jack Brenda’s home.

Now if you want, can stop working at the Office.

Sunday evening go Brenda house, knock, DON’T HIT hotspot “Wave hands!” hit the new hotspot “The hand need to be here” on Brenda ass, get inside. In the lower right hand sofa you can see a wine bottle.

Now all the action are in Brenda house evening.

Monday – easy question, hit hotspot “Unzip”, (no news).

Tuesday – Hard question, get heart start.

Sunday – Get heart start.

Monday – easy question (no news)

Tuesday – hard question (no news).

Sunday – no news.

Monday – easy question (no news)

Tuesday – hard question (no news)

Sunday – hotspot “Wine!” work, give her wine 3 times, get heart “?” .

Monday – easy question, no news.

Tuesday – hard question, no news.

Sunday – give her 2 wine, get heart “?”

Monday – easy question, no news.

Tuesday – hard question, she touch your dick, get heart start and heart end. (End of Hard question).

Sunday – give her 2 wine, she lower her dress and move one leg, look for hotspot “Leg!”, get heart start, give her wine, look the scene, get heart “?” .

Monday – easy question, hotspot “unzip”, hotspot “Sit down here!”, Heart start.

Tuesday – easy question, no news.

Sunday – give 2 wine, hotspot “leg”, heart start.

Monday – easy question, hotspots “unzip”, “sit here”, “Poke!”

Heart end.

Tuesday – hard question,

Heart end.

Sunday – 2 wine, “Leg!”, new hotspot “Open”…

Heart end.

End version 07.

Brenda Version 0.8

Go to class, Study, Study after class with Brenda, Look at her Pants until you see the black one. 50% chance.

Event Brenda secret place

Brenda content in this version it’s all in Friday at school so any time I write “-“ means Friday at school.

– Look for hotspot “Hm” on Brenda teaching post, hit it. Mc must say “Hm, I wonder if I can fit there?” .

– From now on you must go to school morning time and Hide.

– 2 new options show up, “Take a look” and “No”, hit Look .

– Hide.

– Hide.

– Hide, this time 3 new optios show up…

Hit Take off…

End version 0.9

Event Brenda gambler 1.0

Go school when Brenda is teaching, hit “Study, you nerd”, hit “Study” option, hit “Spy”, get heart start.

Next time do the same, click the Library door, enter, get heart start.

Next time do the same, get another heart start.

Next time do the same, 2 new options show up, chose “Go to the library”, get heart “?”, click the door, enter. Continue, get another heart “?”, this time Brenda ask you 10$, give to her, get heart “?” .

Continue, do exactly the same.

Continue, I gave to her total 50$

Continue but this time answer “No” when she ask for money.

Continue, answer “No” again, 2 new options show up, give her 10$, get heart start.

Next time answer “yes”, get Heart start.

Next time answer “Yes”, hit hotspot “Touch”, get heart start.

Next time do the same, hit hotspot “Touch” 2 times and hotspot “Attack from behind”, get heart start.

Next time do the same, new hotspot “Attack from front”, get heart start.

Next time new hotspot “Ass” show up, look the animation, get heart start .

Next time 2nd animation show up and..

Heart end.

End 1.0

Go to your room at night, click “I want Christmas”, if you’re already there and the options don’t show, go away and come back. Read the dialog between Shantrel and Lola.

Go Laura room, speak, hit hotspot “Butt!” .

Talk Lola.

Back speak Laura, hit hotspot Butt!

Continue speaking with Laura until a second hotspot on her ass show up “Poke!”

This time Laura get up showing you where the sofa must be assembled.

Talk to Lala, Tell her about the sofa.

Go to city, workshop, ask the Master for tools, Yanga from back he’s father MUST ask for tools to (if not means you don’t have enough exp with workshop, you need at least 20, so restart the game and work at workshop until you reach 20 exp), take tools, back home.

Go Laura room, start assemble the sofa with your sisters.

Day time, talk to Shantrel, exit go to shop, buy 2 champagne, 2 wine and something to eat for 500$.

Back home, now if you talk with mom again and chose yes to see tv with her, you get the 1st bad ending so answer “No” . It’s evening time, go back to shop, buy beer and sweets.

Back home, It’s night time, go your room and sleep.

At morning Lala will wake up you, she want decorate the tree.

Decorate the tree, read all the dialog, it’s day time.

You can save the game here if wanna see a funny bad ending:

Skip the line written below, hitting wait, go to the line evening time. Don’t give punch to Lala.

Go to kitchen, ask girl where Shantrel is, repeat until you find her, speak with her, hit hotspot “Pillow” .

It’s Evening time.

Go shop, talk to Lisa, hotspot “Hm” on her ass, get Merry Christmas from Lisa.

Exit, go to club.

Meet Krista in a beautiful snow outfit Ask her the recipe to make cocktail .

Go to park, Thicket, see Yanga and hotspot “Vodka” near he’s feet. Click, ask her to sell you wodka, she ask for 10.000$.

2 options show up, hit “Nope”, when she turn click “Vodka” again, slap her ass. She start ask you less money, 2 new option show up, chose “Chaper? Yes” until 999$, buy it.

Back home. Go kitchen, start Christmas.

If you do everything well, you must get the opportunity to mix drinks, answer “Yes”

Save the game here, you have 2 options, offer punch to Lala or not.

Aswer “Don’t”:

At Laura options answer “Offer beer” . When you come back from bathroom Lala start dance and mom to. Continue, go bed with mommy fuck her. Good ending.

Answer “Offer punch” to Lala:

Offer beer to Laura.

When you come back from bathroom you get 2 options, bring the sleeping girl inside or not.

Save the game here.

Answer no:

Hit undress hotspot on Lala, fuck her ass. Lala woke up and blackmail you. Other ending (bad)


You will see the 3 girl on living room with one hotspot on each ass “Undress”

Shan and Lala hotspot take off panties

Now again you have 3 hotspot “Best ass”

Unfortunately you can have only one ass till you don’t retry the whole event.

Choose wich butt you like to fuck.

End Christmas event.

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