Scars of Summer

Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

AKA:Summer Shattering

I made this quick guide cause the game can be a bit confusing, due to the randomness of it. I’ll go through basic functions as well as how to initiate every route and get the ending you want. I recommend MTLing your game since it would help you figure things out better if you don’t read Kanji. (MTL was pretty problematic for me as some lines broke the game, I’m not sure if its a universal problem)

Start – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

– For starters lemme explain the mechanics real quick. You play as Keita a guy who moved out of his childhood village in the past, now back in town, moves in with his childhood friend Ryoka and sister Saki.

The point of the game is getting your stats up via collecting random stuff (mostly bugs), doing jobs or working out, interacting with things while being with Ryoka and overall being an oblivious cowardly cuck.

The MC doesn’t have any H-scenes, other than the “happy” ending (I think, I’m not interested in that route). You have some tools that you can use via button presses:

Q – will bring up your phone in which you can either call Ryoka, who might answer and give you clues on what she’s doing, or look up lewd threads on a forum (mostly about Ryoka), you can only use your phone 3x/day unless you buy chargers.

W – will bring up the calendar, which you’ll use to check the day or upcoming events.

T – will fast forward the time 1 hour/press.

A – will send you back in front of your house.

C – will close Ryoka’s diary which you use to watch h-scenes. (the game doesn’t mention this)

Lastly, you will trigger event, sometimes at random, when going back home, or moving outside. You will also trigger skipable events on certain days when you wake up. Neither of these two types of events have H-scenes.

– Getting the h-scenes: there are two characters that get into these kind of situations, Ryoka and Saki. To get the scenes you will first have to start up a route (or all of them if you wish) by interacting with exclamation marks (!) while Ryoka is with you and generally fulfilling some conditions. The game relies a lot on random chance, so even after you initiated a route, the rate in which Ryoka will interact with the “villains” is mostly random, in fact if you don’t get the one you wanted, try loading and skipping past to the next time of day. If you want to be sure you get the scenes you want, try to ignore all but one route, aka don’t interact with the exclamation marks (not sure if it works, haven’t tried yet). As time goes by Ryoka keeps moving from location to location. You can see her icon on the overworld map, which means she’s in that location and is potentially together with another guy. hunt down these locations, and if you catch her with a pink heart then you’ll get a scene added to the diary and getting all of them will get you their ending. I won’t go along every step of the way with each of them since its pretty obvious and mostly random, the clues are obvious and follow her icon on the map until you get all the necesary scenes. Also if you see anything new in the enviroment, you might want to interect with it, often together with Ryoka.

Saki scenes – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

Saki is the sister character and you will see her scenes as soon as she commits them (pink heart appears). She has 3 routes and all 3 can be completed in the same game, as they don’t need the game to end to complete. To watch them the MC has to be alone, as Ryoka realizes what’s going on and doesn’t let you get see them to get traumatized. Also, these routes are not random, they are done on specific dates, which can be found on a posted note in the kitchen.

The bar – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

(Monday and Saturday)

to start this route you need to visit the bar (house in the second roe that has a blue banner) and interact with Saki (!) on days she’s working twice (1 x 2 days). The next time you enter the bar on a day she’s working she will be in the large empty room surrounded by a bunch of men, just interact with the door and you’ll initiate the scene. Do it a few more days until it gets completed. On the last event the door will be locked so you need to head to the (!) in the bathroom to climb up and peak on her from above. Overall 4 H-scenes.

The store – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

(Tuesday and Thursday)

to start this route you just need to visit the shop (last house on the upper left, not the tent) on a day she’s working, get the old man what he asks (buy them from shops in one of the towns) and wait until 2 o’clock so that the two of them go up stair and the pink heart appears. Overall 3 H-scenes.

The shelter – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

(Wednesday and Sunday)

to start this route you need to go into the city and talk to the homeless guy that’s next to Saki with the (!) on him. Like before you’re gonna have to do this on two days.

After that there will be a scene the next time you visit them outside, after which the heart will keep appearing on the tent to the right. Lastly, you can also find a photo left outside the homeless shelter of the event you see on the 3rd day of the event. Overall 4 H-scenes.

Ryoka Scene – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

Ryoka is the childhood friend of the MC and they’re both obviously in love with each other, but the MC being the cowardly little moron that he is, she gets picked up by 5 of the possible villain characters, eventually getting together with them which will reflect the ending you get. Once you trigger the last event with a villain, you won’t be able to complete the other routes, so its 1 route per game and while any ending will open the recollaction room in the main menu, it will only unlock the scenes for the route you completed, no matter how much you’ve unlocked the others, also the Saki scenes will be available there once viewed.

– First of all to get the “happy” true love ending you need to stop her from interacting with any of the guys, which means stay away from the (!) and spend all your time with her, don’t leave her alone.

This will lead to him confessing to her on the last day event and they get together.

– To get the normal ending, you just need to play the game without completing any of the routes with the other characters. Basically she can fuck all of them up to the very end, if you don’t trigger the last event, it should be fine. In this one same thing happens, but the MC stays a cowardly little shit and doesn’t confess to her so they each head their separate way. No H-scene in this one.

Oyama – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

A dirty old man who lives in the village in a house just bellow yours. To start his route you need to first talk to him with Ryoka. He should have a (!) on him. Next you need to talk to the village chief in bad that Saki works at, which is to the left of Oyama’s hut. He should also have a (!) on him. After that you should occasionally see Ryoka and Oyama together next to his hut, or a (!) on the ground close to the hut which will trigger a scene of Ryoka going into the old man’s hut.

Masaru – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

A freckled little whimp who works at the onsen. To start his route you need to talk to him with Ryoka in the onsen with a (!) on him, which is bellow Oyama’s hut, next to a house under construction. Next, go to school and overhear some girls talking about bullying (not sure if you need Ryoka present). Then just go home and it will unlock a memory scene. After that you will trigger one scene with them in the onsen, after which their scenes will mostly happen to the bottom right exit where there will be a fenced off courtyard with a shack.

Nobuo – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

A spoiled rich kid with a bad attitude who lives in the mansion to the upper right exit, but usally hangs out in a tent just before the left exit, by the river. To start his route you’ll need to go to the liquor store (house left of the bar) with Ryoka and talk to the two men arguing (this might need to be on a specific day, just keep visiting it until you see the (!) on the men). Next you need to visit Nobuo at his mansion. Lastly, talk to Nobuo who should be next to the stairs with a pink heart on him, on Wednesdays and Fridays. He will want you to make a bet, take him up on the offer and you’ll play cards. If you lose, he’ll take Ryoka into his tent and you’re left outside, a kid blocking your way to them.

Daisuke – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

A loud, dumb meat head pervert. He works at the video rental shop in the town, second building in the upper rowe, you can’t miss it. To initiate his route you need to work part time in said shop, on Tuesday or Thursday, twice. After that you’ll start seeing the heart symbol when him and Royka hang out on the other side of the river back in the village and later on you’ll see the heart on the floor in the town, where you’ll run into Ryoka, in a hurry to meet Daisuke at his house.

The vagrant – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

A dirty homless pervert. He has a name as I recall, but I can’t remember it and the game generally refers to him as the vagrant anyway. You can find him in the city (have to take the train) right under the prep school building, sitting on a bench. He lives just bellow in the homeless shelter inside the left tent. To initiate his route you need to talk to him and then enter the prep school to get a brochure. After which you should go home and Ryoka will find out about the prep school. Next you just need to go to school and study by yourself (there’s a sparkling chair in the bottom left room). Since she can’t rely on your useless ass, Ryoka will head over to the prep school and the homeless guy will take notice. After that the route is triggered and when you see Ryoka’s icon in the city go there and you’ll see the vagrant having a heart on him even though Ryoka is inside the prep school. After a while you will see her follow the man inside his tent. Later on there will be story weathers and the train won’t work so you need to go to the city on foot.

Then just go inside the darkness towards their tent and if you call her you’ll see her phone light up the tent, or straight up see their siluetes fucking. Towards the end the homeless man moves into the village into the empty house in the bottom left, where you’ll see the heart appear.

Yasui – Scars of Summer Walkthrough & Guide

A dark skinned playboy classmate. You can generally find him at school in the classroom. To initate his route you need to talk to him with Ryoka when he has a (!) on him. The school is closed on Sunday and at night.

Next you need to go into town and talk to a whimpy boy next to the closes store, under the video rental store (you might need Ryoka with you for this one as well). Then head into the city and to the right if you go through the narrow alley to the left you’ll see teh two black guys have moved away and you can enter the club. In the club you’ll see a (!) on a girl, talk to her and an event will happen where you’re drugged and made encriminating evidence of, which Yasui will use to blackmail Ryoka with. After that you will see Ryoka’s icon appear in the city so go there and right as you end you’ll see the karaoke bar on the upper left. Interacting with the door inside will hint at a “couple” being inside. After this the heart will appear on the karaoke bar a few more times, and later on they’ll have a scene in the classroom as well.

Most of the routes have special events that are unskipalbe (but the H-scene can be) and if you catch Ryoka and one of the guys, you’ll actually see the scene this time. For example a Festival held on August 25. Also, the game will inform you when there are paths of no return including the very last day before the ending, which contains no special events, but the next day you’ll be going on a field trip which will result in one of the many ending.

Also, as a precaution be sure to earn money and get your points up via workout, jobs or picking things up, I’m not sure if they’re required for the events to happen, but better safe than sorry.

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