My Brothers Wife

My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

The plot : In this game, you play as a boy who has just graduated from a prestigious high school in Switzerland and is finally returning home. But having lost his parents 3 years earlier, he will have to spend his vacations with Alan, his older brother and legal guardian. However, their relationship is rather distant because during those years of boarding school in another country, the two brothers rarely saw each other. You will also meet Jennifer, Alan’s wife with whom he was married two years earlier. For the same reasons you barely know Jennifer, but should live under the same roof as her. This cohabitation will be the occasion for you to try to renew the links with your brother and to create new ones with his wife. The goal is to become a real family and share the moments that all classic families share. Or not.

Game mechanics – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough

As in many VN games, you will be confronted with choices that will allow you to influence the story. The first use of these points will be to allow you to perform certain actions if you have the necessary number of points. And then the main use of these points will be to determine which of the 4 major paths you will take.

The determination of these paths is done thanks to the points you will earn towards the two main characters: your Brother and his wife. For the other secondary characters the points have a minor impact on the story.

Each main character can earn two types of visible points. These visible points are either earned directly (during certain important choices), or through invisible points earned during each action and which will be compared at the end of the day or at a certain specific time.

For your brother ( Alan ) you can earn :

– Brother point: Which represents your ability to consolidate the bonds of brotherhood that exist between you. To earn this point you must accumulate


– Enemy point : Which represents the relational difficulties that you had

with your brother. To earn this point you must accumulate BHP For your brother’ s wife ( Jennifer) you can earn :

– Love point : Which are a reflection of your kind attitude towards Jennifer and your deep and sincere relationship. WLP.

– Domination point : Which are a reflection of your tendency to belittle and manipulate Jennifer in order to make her more docile and more inclined to carry out your will. To earn this point you must accumulates WHP.

INTRO – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

-At the airport :

Call him at his office : +1 BHP

Be nice : BLP +1

Mock him : BHP +1

Be honest : +1BHP

Show off ; +1 BLP

-When you arrive home :

Wave her : BLP+1

Hug her :

Cop a feel : WHP +1

Grope her ass : Game over

Do nothing : WLP +1

-When you wait on sofa :

Wait patiently : BLP+1 WLP+1

Make yourself confortable : BHP+1 WHP +1

-During visit :

Ask see room : WHP+1

Say no need to see : WLP +1

-During welcome chat :

Be resentful : WHP +1

Be indulgent WLP +1

-During Alan home return :

Show yourself : WHP +1 BLP +1

Stay hidden : WLP +1

-During dinner :

Be thankful : WLP+1

Be ungrateful : WHP

-After dinner

Go help her WLP+1 Go watch tv BLP+1

opportunity too see in her cleveage

-Before sleep :

Make a joke WLP +1

Be sarcastic WHP +1

DAY 1 – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

-Morning breakfast :

Ask her to do it : WHP+1

Do it yourself : WLP+1

Roaming session : Not much to do on this one( Its was more a test for me then a feature for players:)) You can either go to living room and click on Jennifer or go to Alan office and click on door

-If clicked on jennifer : WLP +2

Be honest : WLP +1

Lie : WHP +1

If clicked on brother : BLP +2

Mock him : BHP +1

Be nice : BLP +1

-During dinner :

Side with jennifer : WLP +1

Side with your brother BLP +1

Accept the offer : BLP+1, WHP +1

Decline the offer : WLP +1 ; BHP +1

DAY 2 – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

-Breakfast with brother :

Tell about father : BLP +1

Make a sarcasm : BHP +1

Apologize : …

Evoke last night argument : BHP +1

Avoid topic : BLP +1

-Breakfast with jennifer :

Comfort her WLP +1

Be ironic WHP +1

Be nice : WLP +1

Be rude : WHP+1

-When she come in your room for the laundry :

Let her pick it : WHP +1 lead to a ass giggle animation

Pick it up yourself WLP +1 lead to a peek on asscrack.

-Drying clothes event :

Help her anyway : WLP +1

Smell it : WLP+1

Ask her to repeat : WHP +1, BLP +1

Elude the question : …

Let her do it : WHP+1 :

Agree with jennifer : WLP +1

Agree with brother : WHP+1

During your lunch Jennifer will ask you what activity you plan to do after you eat. Other than the points it just changes which activity will take place first. So for the solution refer to the corresponding activity.

Clean the pool : +1Brother point

During the pool cleaning :

Take off your shirt : WLP+1, Dianapoint +1

Demand something to drink : WHP+1

Chill a bit : +1Enemy point

Reassure her : WLP+1

Denigrate her : WHP +1

The end of the day has three small alternative endings:

If Love point = 1 or more and WLP = 5 or more: she finds you lovely

If Love point = 1 or more and WLP < 5: she finds you sweet

In the other cases : she finds you helpful

DAY 3 – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

-During the breakfast :

Compliment her : WLP +1

Unkind remark : WHP +1 She will ask you how to dress for running. This choice mainly influences how she will dress for the day but also has a slight impact on what will happen during the day.

Something light : She will wear a short

Something confortable : She will wear a sport suit.

-In the forrest after she fall :

Make fun of her : WHP +1

Be caring ; WLP +1

-On the way back when you carry her :

Get her down : Brother point+1

Adjust her position :…

She will react differently depending on whether you have more Love point or more Domination point

Once at home before massage :

reassure her : WLP +1

Make a joke : WHP+1

-During massage :

Warn her : WLP+1

Just do it : WHP +1

The rest of the massage differs a bit depending on Jennifer’s outfit.

-If she wear short :

If you have lovepoint or dompoint above 2 point you can have a quick look on her pussy or else you will have an early ending

-If she wear sport suit :

If you have lovepoint or dompoint above 2 point :

try something : – 1 Love point

Dont do it : …

else you have a early end.

-In the evening :

Prepare dinner : WLP +1 Will also lead to sexy scene later after dinner.

Let her do it : WHP +1

-During tv show :

Be modest : WHP +1

Brag a bit : WLP +1

DAY 4 – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

-In the morning in front of bathroom :

Open the door :…

Check if it is empty :.. ( This choice could have consequence in the future)

-When you send a mail :

Tell him everything is fine : BLP+1

Complain about him : BHP +1

Tell him something nice : WLP+1

Tell him something naughty : WHP +1

-During dinner :

Agree with her : BHP +1

Contradict her : BLP +1

Let her dream WLP +1

Bring her back to reality : WHP+1

-During TV night event :

Accept : WLP +1

Make her beg : WHP +1

Let it go and accept : … . Make her beg properly Will only work if dompoint are > to Lovepoint. At the end of the night, you will have a pretty pleasant dream which will happen in different ways depending on whether you have more Lovepoint or Domination point.

DAY 5 – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

-After breakfast :

Do it now : WLP+1

Do it later : WHP +1

-After car delivery :

Say everything is fine : WLP+1

Blame her : WHP +1

-Bathroom event :

Cover yourself : WLP+1

Stay like that : WHP +1

Pick up towels : WLP +1

Go get dressed : WHP +1

-After you leave house to alan office

Keep going : Brother point +1 Will bring you directly to alan office.

Stop to help : BHP +1 opportunity to have fun with a girl later that day (Samantha)

-If you stay to help

Lend your phone : sampoint +1

offer to change wheel : sampoint +2

Say goodbye :…

Offer to drive the boy : Reset sampoint to 0

Suggest to take the old man with you : sampoint +1, BHP +1

When you wait for your brother in his office, if you have already met his secretary ( during intro) you have the opportunity to gain one point. If she come to talk to you just pick the right name. « Hey melody » : +1 Melpoint

-During the talk with brother in stripclub

Say you understand : BLP +1

blame him : BHP +1

The outcome of the end of the evening will depend on the points you have earned :

If Enemy point > Brother point : The party end early because Alan send you home. It does not matter,

the show that awaits you at home is worth it,

In other case : The party continues and you can enjoy a striptease offered by your brother. You can have 3 different striptease :

-If you haven’t met Samantha or have 0 point with her, you ‘ll get a striptease with roxy ( blowjob).

– If you have 3 Sampoint you’ll get a striptease with Samantha (Pussy rubbing)

– If you have 1 or 2 sampoint you’ll get a striptease with samantha (Boobjob)

Day 6 – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

How the day starts depends on how you finished the day before.

If you end the night in the strip club :

You will have a little sequence where you have a hangover and you stay in bed until the afternoon

If you end the night at home early :

You will wake up early and have your breakfast

The two options « Ignore it » and « go check it » will trigger two different scene

When jennifer mop :

Ask jennifer : WLP +1

Go ahead, who cares : WHP+1

Go get the drinks :WLP +1

Go sit on sofa : WHP+1

During the massage :

remove them : WHP +2

Tell her : WLP +1

At this time you must have 5 or moreDomination point to see the full massage.

If you have full massage :

Compliment her skin : WLP+1

Smell and compliment her : WHP+1

After Alan go take shower :

Go watch TV : WHP +1

Go see if she need help : WLP+1 :

Warn her : WLP +1

Wipes it : WHP +1

The two options will run differently depending on whether you have more Love point or Domination point

During dinner :

Answer frankly to jennifer : BHP +1

Stay evasive : BLP +1

After dinner :

Go settle in front of tv : WHP +1

Clean the table : WLP +1

To see the full event you need to have more Domination point Then Love point

During the basketball game :

Answers something dirty : BLP +1

Answers something nice : BHP +1

Day 7 – My brother’s Wife Walkthrough & Guide

For day 7 the most important thing that can influence the outcome of the day is how you behave towards Bella.

when the girls meet you downstairs after getting ready :

Compliment Jennifer : WLP +1

Compliment Bella : Bella + 1

Give him a hint : BLP +1

Don’t do anything ! BHP +1

When you are park near the club :

Let Alan do it : BHP +1

Do it : BLP +1

This choice will allow you to see 2 jennifer’s sexy animation.

When you follow girl to the club entrance :

Bella’s ass : Bella +1

Jennifer’s ass : WLP +1

In Club, when you decide who shall not drink :

sacrifice yourself : BLP +1

Stay silent : BHP +1

Which cocktail to choose :

Blue tonic : Brother point + 1

Blue lagoon : Bella +1

Blue Hawai : Love point +1

Blue margarita : None

Will lead to a dance session with only the girls and you.

Choose Jennifer : WLP +1

Choose Bella : WHP+1 Bella +1

Don’t choose : no impact and girl give you another chance to choose Choose bella : None

Choose Jennifer : None

Still don’t choose : Bella – 1 Love point – 1

Encourage him BLP +1

Dance with Bella : Bella +1 BLP +1

Try your luck : no impact

Try Again : Bella – 1

Keep dancing : None

Better not : None

Dance with Jennifer : BHP +1

Don’t do

anything :

Brother point

Try something : No impact on point but will have different outcome depending on if you have more Lovepoint or Dompoint

When the girl fall on floor :

Check Bella : Bella +1

Check Jennifer : WHP +1

When you escort Jennifer to her room :

Stop it : Brother point ( And you really deserve this point if you make that choice ^^)

Continue : WHP +1 BHP +1. How the scene will end depend if you have more or more ( But both scene worth it)

After you parked he car : You can trigger a sex scen between Jen et Alan if you have more then The choice will give the possibility to see the scene or to skip it if you don’t want to see.

Take a look : Alan and jennifer sex scene

Go back : skip sex scene.

Pool scene : This scene can evolve in 3 different ways depending on the number of points you have towards Bella.

If you have 4 or 5 Bella point : You will have a sexy ending with Bella with animation. If you dont have enough point the scene will be a dialogue scene where Bella’s outfit bella outfit will change depending on your point.

If you have 0 or 1 Bellapoint : She will have her string

If you have 2 or 3 she will be full naked.

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