Tales from the Unending Void

Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough

Welcome to Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices and story decisions you can make in the game and the consequences they have.

EPISODE 1 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Céline is the first romanceable character and you can do so by saying “I did it for you” during the first conversation with her. There’s a chance to opt out later as well.

During the night you can go to her which will be the start of your relation- ship. You can also turn it into a one-nightstand by answering “Better not” to her question.


Getting a massage from Jade leads to a handjob scene, just say “Yes” if you want her to go further. Afterwards, you can be harsh on her by scolding her, this will influence your relationship with Jade later on if it becomes a pat- tern. Rejecting her doesn’t have a negative effect.


Thim is very hostile to you, but you can change his behavior throughout the course of the story. Not ignoring him in themedbay is the first step to- wards that.


If you don’t tell Vess about your plan, she’ll join the crew as a stowaway. It also makes it harder to pursue her as a love interest.

EPISODE 2 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


To stay on Lilly’s good side,you should comfort her and be understanding. Talking to her later, she’ll like it if you don’t press further and leave when she asks you to.


You can have sex with Thyia right away if you propose to talk some more with her in private and propose sex to her.

Delivering the cargo later and going to the university has a negative influ- ence on your potential relationship with Thyia and also impacts Lilly’s.

Not accepting Thyiainto the crew right away has a negative effect on your relationship with Thyia and Lilly. You can apologize to Thyia about this lat- er, partly negating the effect. Getting angry with her about it further sours your relationship.


Thim will hate you more if you let him enter the Pit of Despair instead of going yourself and he will not want to talk to you later. You only have the choice to let him go instead of yourself if you didn’tlietothe R’o asking about whether there are any females with you.

If Thim didn’t go to the Pit of Despair and if you talked to him in the previ- ous episode,Thim will open up a little if you say you weren’tworried.


You can choose to help the R’o or not, potentially opening up a branch later on in the story. You can have sex with all the women either way and declin- ing doesn’t have a negative effect.


If you want to earn Vess’ trust and allow her to open up to you in the future, you should reassure her.


If you let Thim enter the Pit of Despair, Kit will question your leadership ca- pabilities. Dismissing his concerns might have a negative impact later on.


Telling Céline you love her strengthens your relationship further. Staying silent doesn’t have any consequences, yet.


Dismissing Nadya’s remark about reliving happy memories has a very neg- ative impact on your relationship with her.


You can empathize with Jade by saying sorry. Answers like these will deter- mine what kind of relationship you two will have (romantic or submissive).

EPISODE 3 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide

Flying through the asteroid field can be done with minimal damage, which will lead to a slightly different path for the remainder of the next episode.

Both outcomes have no negative impact on the game.

The sequence for minimal damage is:

– Shoot

– Full thrust

– Evade


Reassure Lilly when she talks with you about Eva and don’tdismiss her wanting to participate in the Sagualith mission.

Don’t admonish Lilly after the Sagualith mission if you want to stay on her good side.


Depending on your interactions with Thim you can have a normal conver- sation with him. Insulting him makes him more negative towards you.


The simulation has several possible outcomes:

– Sex with Berit and Leda (soft)

Talk to the woman and offer to pay her taxes or come to a deal.

– Sex with Berit and Leda (hard)

Force entry, fuck them

– Sex with Berit

Force entry, fuck Berit

– Sex with Leda

Talk to the woman and threaten her, propose to fuck her or force entry and fuck her

All the other choices lead to a premature end of the simulation.


Being curt to Jade might the way changeshe views your relationship.


Don’t deride Lilly in front of Aven, she won’t like it.


Thyia doesn’t respond well to bluntness, so propose a break, but be coy to her.


To develop your relationship with Vess, be understanding and hug her.


Allowing Céline to send a message might have negative consequences for the crew later on.

Refusing to bring the shuttle aboard will negatively impact your relation- ship with Céline.

EPISODE 4 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Hugging Nadya will increase her trust in you.

If you haven’t dismissed her remark about reliving memories in episode 2, a plan to go to Kepler for a holiday will come up in conversation. Otherwise you’ll have the conversation with either Aven or Kit.


Bargaining with Ziv leads to a slightly altered chain of events.

Being derisive will cut the conversation on the way to Skarak short and counts negatively towards your relationship with Ziv.

Don’t press Ziv about Raene as it will only annoy her.

Be polite when asking about her genitals. If you didn’t have sex with Lu- zane, you can tell Ziv whether her dual sexuality bothers you or not. If you tell her it bothers you, it will close of the romance option for her for the re- mainder of the game. The same goes for the option where you outright ask her if she has a cock.


If you tell the truth to Luzane, you’ll be able to talk to Ziv about her relation- ship with Luzane later on.

You can cut the sex with Luzane (a futanari character) short by pretending to go along with her. The two other options lead to sex with her.


Being polite to the Tubloshi and accepting their wish to examine the body will cause Hannah to ask you to have a drink with her in private and ulti- mately have sex with you.


Telling Aven not to flash her cleavage will have a negative impact on your relationship.


Confronting Raene and Ziv doesn’t have negative consequences, but get- ting angry at them does.


Saying something nice to Raene makes her trust you more. Getting angry at her does the opposite.

If you confronted Raene and Ziv you shouldn’t doubt Raene’s word.


There are two versions of Jade’s sex scene. You can dominate her by putting her in her place, or just laugh with her, after which you’ll have the option to have sex, just lie with her or reject her. Rejection has a negative impact on you relationship with her.

Dominating Jade influences your relationship with her. If you apologize af- ter having sex with her you can possibly still have a loving relationship with her in the future, depending on how you’ve acted towards her so far. Not apologizing further cements her submissiveness towards you.


Having a drink with Thyia and Lilly will give you the opportunity to hear more about Thyia’s childhood and build a relationship with both girls.

EPISODE 5 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Thyia will be positively surprised if you help Vitriv, trying to strike a deal does the opposite.


For the most positive outcome of your conversation with Lilly you should be understanding and apologize.


Being strict with Céline might have negative consequences later on. If you do not have a romantic relationship with Céline yet, now you have the next opportunity to start one. Dependant on events from Episode 3 (allowing her to send a message to her mother or not refusing to haul in the shuttle) or in Episode 2 (comforting Lilly or going into the Pits of Despair yourself) she’ll be open to a dinner date. Players on the romance path will automatically be able to take her out on a dinner date.

During the date you can either keep the relationship a secret or not. If you don’t come out as a couple publicly you might have more trouble later ro- mancing the other love interests.

If you’re not in a relationship, you can either just talk or ask about the re- lationship. Depending on how Céline perceives you, you have the opportu- nity to start a relationship with her. She will only agree if you allowed her to send a message to her mother in Episode 3 or if you’ve comforted Lilly, went to the Pits of Despair yourself (both Episode 2) and didn’trefuse to haul in the shuttle (Episode 3) earlier.

Allowing Céline to continue with her feet opens up possible foot-fetish re- lated scenes in the future.


Kissing Vess will open up the romance path with her, though she might reject you if you haven’t been nice and forthcoming with her in the previ- ous episodes (told her the truth in Episode 1, reassured her in Episode 2 and comforted her in Episode 3).


Going in alone into the workshop will allow you to have sex with the me- chanic inside, if Thyia goes in alone she’ll have a lesbian encounter with the same mechanic, going together doesn’t lead to a sexual outcome.


This scene contains optional watersports content. If you choose to keep looking you might see watersports content in the future as well. Averting your eyes makes sure the watersports doesn’t happen now and in future.


You have the option to recruit Thim as the ship’s doctor in this conversa- tion. Failing to do so will open up a different path for Thim’s story. You can either force him to become a doctor, or ask nicely. Forcing him doesn’thelp your relationship.


If you’ve acted brusquely towards Raene in the past she might not open up to you. Persuading her to open up is the best option, as intimidating will shut her down completely.

Being accepting also counts positively towards your approach to Raene.


Agreeing to sabotage the factory will make Thyia and Jade like you more, otherwise they’ll go behind your back and disrupt the factory’s operations anyway.

Shooting Garomph outright will make Jade fear you (more),indulging or threatening him will not have any effect on Thyia or Jade. Helping the women will be regarded as a positive action by both Thyia and Jade. It also opens up a sex scene with a couple of the women later on.


Jade will comment on you or Thyia shooting Garomph later on. Brushing it off will have negative consequences for your relationship with Jade, putting her in her place will make her submissive, while reasoning with her ensures a relationship on equal footing.


If you go alone to the cargo bay, you’ll have the option to have sex with three of the women. Sending away the pregnant girl will possibly close off any further pregnancy content.

Whether you accept the women’s payment or expect nothing, you have the opportunity to have sex with them in both cases.

EPISODE 6 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


The simulation scenes won’t play out if you choose to ignore it. If you ig- nore it twice, the last simulation will not play out.


Peeking at Lilly doesn’t have a negative effect, though she might mention it later. Offering her the bed counts as a positive choice.

If you want a future romantic relationship with Lilly there are a couple of choices to make in this episode. Pushing Lilly away will make it harder to have a romantic moment later on. Proposing that you’re in love heightens the chances of romance later on. Comforting her will allow you to kiss Lilly, which will put you firmly on the romantic path with her, despite what hap- pens later in the episode. You can also choose to keep holding her, but in that case you’ll have a harder time getting into a relationship with Lilly in a future episode, the same goes for letting her sleep.


Telling Aven you’re in love with Lilly has no negative consequences, but might come into play in later episodes. The best thing is to tell her the truth about your feelings for Lilly.

This episode lays some of the groundwork for a relationship with Aven. You should tell her the truth and ask about her feelings. You can thenacknowl- edge you feel the same way, opening up the romance in future episodes.

Lying, not talking about it or ignoring her feelings will make it harder to pursue a relationship with Aven later on in upcoming installments of the game.

Back on the Iron Bastard, don’t pressure Aven into talking about what hap- pend on the research station. So say you understand and wait for her to

come to you in a future episode.


You can have sex with the doctor if you answer her questions to her sat-

isfaction. Every option gives out a certain number of points and you need more than 4 to succeed, as well as telling the doctor you’re attracted to her. It’s best to lie to her at certain points when the option is offered, because being truthful will give the company she’s representing too much useful data.

Do you enjoy sex?

– Evade +1

– Truth +1 – Lie

Have you ever had sexual urges that defied the social norms of your society?

– Yes +1

– No

Do you masturbate often?

– Yes +1

– No

Are you sexually attracted to the redheaded girl you share a cell with?

– Yes +1 – No

– No (Lie)

Are you sexually attracted to the brunette girl known as Aven?

– Yes +1 – No

– No (Lie)

Are you sexually attracted to the older woman Nadya?

– Yes +1

– No

– No (Lie)

Are you sexually attracted to me?

– Yes +1 (Choose this option if you want to have sex with Dr. Moora) – No

Have the past few days heightened or lowered you sexual desires?

– Heightened +1

– Lowered

– No change

If your score is high enough and expressed your attractionshe’ll ask you how you’d fuck her, if you indulge her the scenes should play out from there.


To further cement your friendship with Raene and open up a possible ro- mantic path, you should comfort her and be understanding. Ignoring or berating her will have negative consequences for your friendship.

Back on the ship, you should placate with Raene and if you’ve been nice enough to her, she’ll reveal her secret. If you’re accepting, you can talk about her past and dig into her relationship with Ziv some more. Com- forting her about the events on the research station is the best option. De- manding things of her, or being dismissive has a negative effect on your relationship.


You’ll deal with two situation involving guards. The first one you can intim- idate or bluff at your leasure.

The second situation you should open the door and confront the guards. The other option will lead to shooting them, which has negative conse- quences for your relationship with Jade.

EPISODE 7 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Professing your love will put you on a romantic path with Aven. If you’ve pushed Aven into talking in Episode 6 or were dismissive about Lilly in Epi- sode 3 and Aven in Episode 4 you’ll need to apologize.

Later, on the Iron Bastard, Aven will come to your quarters. Answer her question about having second thoughts with “No”, otherwise she’ll storm out and you won’t be able rekindle the relationship.


If you want to remain on friendly terms with Lilly and want her to talk about the kiss you might have shared, you should reassure her. Be under- standing and give her space to allow for the conversation and a potential romantic relationship to continue in a future episode. All the other choices will have a negative impact.


If you’ve kissed either Aven or Lilly, don’tlieto Nadya if you want any chance of having a romantic relationship with her later on. If you haven’t made any moves on Lilly or Aven, and want a romantic relationship with Nadya be sure to embrace her.


There is an opportunity to spend the night with Vess and furthering a po- tential relationship with her. Press the issue and offer her a drink, after you talk, welcome her and accept to spend the night. During the night you’ll get the choice to touch her breasts, triggering a sex scene. Pushing her away will make it less easy to get into a romantic relationship with Vess later on.


Complimenting Jade on her excercises counts posititive towards an equal relationship. Being rude reinforces her submissiveness.


If you want to pursue a relationship with Thyia, you should kiss her again.

Meeting Thyia again in a corridor of the Iron Bastard you can follow her to the engine room. To have sex with her and a chance at having a romantic relationship, you should persuade her to talk and tell her about your feel- ings.


You should not take too long searching for cluesin Cetruvar’s apartment. Taking too long will result in Jade getting wounded during your escape. Looking near the desk will take you straight to what you’re looking for.

EPISODE 8 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Not tampering with Lilly’s profile will lock you out of the simulation.

Not apologizing to Eva and denying your love for Lilly might have negative consequences for how the simulation develops further. Kissing Lilly back might also change the dynamic between Eva and Lilly in the simulation.

Pursuing Eva, entering her room and telling her you love her ensures you’ll be able to continue the simulation, despite the way the scene ends.

Clearing the simulation ends all simulation scenes with Eva and Lilly in the game. Abbandoning the simulation might have negative consequences later on in the game.


The events on Erigone involve two factions (warrior and priest caste). Rahia is the main representative of the warrior cast and can become an ally. Yell- ingather during her introduction in the cells makes that achieving alliance harder.

You can choose to go with Rahia to her chambers or decline. Declining rudely will lower your chancesat an alliance with the warrior caste in fu- ture episodes. Politely declining doesn’t have any negative consequences, though you miss out on important information about Citadel politics and the opportunity to have sex with Rahia.

Declining to have sex with Rahia doesn’t have any negative consequences, but you miss out on missing Athryn, the warrior who wounded Kit on La- nan P-10. If you do have sex with Rahia you have the option to punish Ath- ryn, this will earn you the respect of Rahia and by extent the warrior caste.


Rebuking Nadya has a negative effect on your relationship with her.


If Jade was injured during the shootout on Almagest you can express your concern to strengthen your friendship with her.

When you visit the baths with Jade, or encounter her after having been there with Raene,you can opt to stay there and have sex with Jade.


If you visited Rahia and had sex with her and two other girls before meet- ing Kit you can tell him about the girl who stabbed him on Lanan P-10. Tell- ing him will strengthen your bond, not informing him might have negative consequences later on.


The conversation with Ziv unfolds in different ways depending on how you’ve treated Raene so far. If you’ve treated her badly you have the option to express your dislike of both Ziv and Raene which closes off any romantic relationship with either of them. Denying you have a problem with them gives you the opportunity to a more nuanced conversation. “Remain neu- tral” and “Don’tlike it” have the same outcome, those choices close off any romantic opportunities. “Don’t mind” gives you the option to romance ei- ther Ziv or Raene later on. Telling Zivyou don’t like Raene will close off the romantic path for Raene, but you might be able to romance Ziv later on.

Depending on your choices, you have the option to tell Ziv you like her. This will put you on the beginning of a romantic path with her.


To pursue a romantic relationship with Raene, invite her to the baths in the Citadel, this is only possible if you’ve been nice to her.

EPISODE 9 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


If you want to have a romantic relationship with Vess later on, you should kiss her. Ending things will close any path to a relationship with her.


Declining to wash Nadya will make it harder to get into a relationship with her later on.


Caese will remember you getting angry at her, which might shut you out of any future sexual encounters with her.

You should answer Caese if you want to have sex with her. This doesn’t have any negative consequences for your potential relationship with Nadya.


If you want to pursue a relationship with Ziv, you should investigate the token left in your quarters, go to the grove and undress. If you choose to accept being her mate you’ll officially be in a relationship with her.


Ridiculing Thim will have a negative effect on your friendship.


Declining sex with Jade will make it easier for you to patch things up with Céline in the next episode. However, if you didn’t have sex with Jade in Epi- sode 2 and 4 you won’t be able to romance Jade.


Allying withErylin (instead of Rahia, or remaining neutral) is only possible when you either consider her offer or accept it right away.

EPISODE 10 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


You should challenge Nadya and convince her to pursue a relationship with her. Any other choice will rule out a relationship.


The choices Rahia offers you are straightforward, you can either accept, decline or think about the alliance. Thinking about it will give you the op- portunity to make a choice later.

If you agree to ally yourself with Rahia, consider Erylin’s offer and ultimate- ly choose to ally yourself to the priest caste or go solo, your choice could have a negative impact on your standing with Rahia and the warrior caste.


Tearing up the invitation will immediately close off the possibility of an alli- ance with the priest caste.

If you want to have sex withErylin and her acolyte, but don’t want to enter in an alliance with her, you need to make the following choices: “Looking at options”, “Maybe”. Any other choices will lead you to accept (you’ll still have the threesome) or decline (no threesome) the alliance she offers you.


If you want to pursue multiple relationships or Céline to join the eventu- al harem, you shouldn’t lie to her. Saying you love her will further cement your relationship. If you promise monogamy, you’ll be able to end all other current relationships, or continue them (with negative consequences later on).

If you want to have anal sex with Céline later on, you should try to pene- trate her at this point.


To enter into a relationship with Raene, you should kiss her when you have the opportunity.


If you haven’t already made your choice, you now get to choose between remaining neutral or throwing in your lot with the warrior or priest caste. The choice might have an impact later on in the story, but not negative in- fluence on the Hunt.


Investigating the scream will lead to a scene where one of the Acarhyn war- riors is entangled. If you rescue her or walk away, you won’t be able to see the sex scene. Rescueingher will make Rahia look favorable upon you, even after the sex scene.

EPISODE 11 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Getting angry, forcing a confession out of Vess and rejecting her will have an impact on your relationship with her. If you’re negative towards her in all of your responses it will eventually end the relationship/romance you have with her.


Taking the performance-enhancing drugs the Acarhyn offer you has no negative effect.


In order to have a real conversation with Thyia, you should press the issue and deal with it. If you don’t you will not be able to romance her.

EPISODE 12 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


By giving Vess a chance and leaving an opening for her being able to prove herself you’ll be able to continue a romantic relationship with her.


If you cast doubt on the future of your romance with Aven it might have negative consequences later on.


Teasing Eva will count towards a possible romance with her.


If you’re in a relationship with one or more of the other girls, you should tell Thyia about it. She doesn’t handle breaches of trust very well.


Going solo intoYve’s chambers or not doesn’t have any negative effect. All three subsequent options will allow you to advance the story, but revealing yourself toYve is by far the worst one.

If you decline Yve’s visit to the bathroom, you’ll unlock a watersports scene with her and possible future watersports content.


Embracing Nadya has a positive impact on the chances of a relationship with her.

Remaining neutral or getting angry at Nadya because of her revelations will negatively impact your chances on a romance with her.


It’s not necessary to offer Jade to the Tyuarene. If you don’t, she’ll reward you with a blowjob during the trip to the Theater of Senses.


It’s up to you how you behave around Kvi, but having sex with her might open up future possibilities with her.

EPISODE 13 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


There’s the option to have sex with Céline, but depending on how you han- dle the conversation with Lilly, this option could be closed off after talking to Lilly.


If you’re in a relationship with both Lilly and Céline, Lilly will confront you about this. Telling her the truth is the only way to not be forced to break up with Céline. After telling Lilly about Céline she will give you the option to breakup with Céline, continue the relationship with the both of them or telling her that you have relationships with even more women (if applica- ble). Being honest with her will have a positive impact on your relationship with Lilly in the future (open up the harem path), despite her initial reac- tion. So if you have other women on the side, you should tell her everything at this point.


If you’ve been hostile towards Vess, you have the option to make her your servant. This will eventually free her from captivity and make her serve you. This will also lead to a sex scene.

Alternatively you can tell Vess you love her and promise to free her from the brig, which will boost your romantic relationship with Vess.


Entering the simulation with Eva will help you progress the relationship with her. Watching the orcs and hunter have sex doesn’thave any (positive) influence, but kissing Eva at the end of the simulation does.

EPISODE 14 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Aven will bring up the topic of pregnancy. Choosing “Go for it” and giving her a creampie in a future episode will open up her pregnancy path. The

“Maybe” option allows possibly mentioning a pregnancy in the future, but there will be no sexual content related to pregnancy with Aven in the game. “No pregnancy” will shutdown any pregnancy content with Aven.


If you’re in a relationship with Jade and have made Vess your servant, she will end things. Threatening her doesn’t have an impact on her choice, but it might make her more hostile in the future.


Making Lilly apologize might make it harder for her to accept the situation in a later episode, depending on other choices you’ve made in the past re- gardingher.

If both Céline and Lilly stay in the room, you can either propose a harem or dismiss the thought. If you dismiss the thought, you’ll continue to have separate relationships with both the girls. The harem option will allow you to eventually start a harem with Céline, Lilly and ultimately the rest of the girls you’ve romanced.

Trying to share the blame for your actions will make it impossible to sug- gest a harem if either Lilly or Céline has broken up with you during the confrontation between the two girls.

If Céline or Lilly has walked out of the conversation, you have three options with the remaining girl:

“Break up with everyone else” (this will end any current relationships and prevent future relationships), “Make it work” (pursue individual relation- ships with everyone), “Propose a harem” (if you took responsibility).


In order to have sex with Nadya, you shouldn’t continue and take advantage of her drunkeness. Nadya will return later and you’ll be able to have sex with her.


The post-coital conversation with Ziv has two outcomes. You can either choose to receive anal from Ziv in the future (“Agree to anal sex”), where you switch between topping and bottoming Ziv. “Don’t agree” and “Anal with Ziv” unlocks anal scenes with Ziv where you are topping her.


There are two ways to get to Nkoy Rhedia, the aggressive route will allow you to make shortcuts, but it has a negative effect on your relationship with Ziv and possibly other members of your crew.



You can either ignore Rhedia or listen to her explanation. If you listen to her story, you have the option to help her, or still side with Arlya and complete the mission. Siding with Arlya might have consequences later on and nega- tively impact your relationship with Ziv and possibly others of the crew.


Depending on whether you’ve altered Lilly’s profile in episode 8 the simula- tion plays out differently. In both cases you will be able to either fix the sim- ulation, or leave things as is. The latter option will automatically destroy

the simulation, the other will leave the simulation running indefinetly and trigger one of four endings:

– Good ending: If you didn’talter Lilly’s profile or if you didn’tprofess your love for Eva, you get a bittersweet ending with Lilly and Eva just living hap- pily together on Tuolovi.

– Good ending: If you kissed Eva, told Lilly the truth about you coming to the simulation and didn’t except her sexual advances, they will both mourn your loss,but be in a romantic relationship together.

– Bad ending: If you lied to Lilly and accepted her sexual advances in the simulation, Eva will have died and Lilly is still crazy.

– Bad ending: If you professed your love for her, but didn’t kiss Eva, Lilly will mourn both her and you together.


If you didn’t wipe the simulation in Episode 8, you’ll meet Eva in themed- bay. To have a chance at a relationship with her, you should be truthful and declare your love for her. This will allow you to romance her in the next episode.

If you went into the simulation on Douvis in Episode 13 and kissed Eva, you’ll have the opportunity to start a relationship with her now, but only if you’re not involved with anyone else currently, or if you stay silent on the matter. Staying silent isn’t the best option, because it will make things harder to keep your relationship with her, or force you to break up with all the other women. Confessing about any other relationships will not imme- diately let you romance Eva, as this will happen in the next episode.


Jade will not like it if you approached Tand aggressively, defending yourself or making a promise to do better will keep you on the romance path. Put- ting in her place effectively ends the relationship.


If you broke up with Lilly you can pick a fight with her, further souring your relationship.


Letting Thyiatake the blame for letting Eva enter the simulation might have a negative influence if you’re in a romantic relationship with her.



You can either have sex with the Scolguin Prisoner (Xatrape) yourself or let Kit do it. Either way, you’ll receive the same information.


Letting Nadya seal the deal with the queen and become the next Scolguin sacrifice doesn’t have negative consequences. You will be able to find a way out of the deal later on in a later episode.


During the restaurant visit with Thyia, she’ll bring up the topic of children. If you want to follow the pregnancy path with Thyia you should tell her you want kids. Telling her you don’t want any doesn’t have a negative impact on your relationship.

EPISODE 17 – Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & Guide


Fighting or demanding an apology of the insulting man will impress Lilly and Vess (or just Lilly) and is the preferred choice.


Being direct with the dignitary won’t get you the answers, but you’ll be able to obtain them from the guard, for a fee directly after the conversation.


Shooting or a non-lethal approach doesn’t have any direct consequences, but these choices will matter later on in the story.


Eva will bring up a possible pregnancy. Being negative about it will not ruin your chances of a relationship with her, but you won’t be able together pregnant later on.


Telling Lilly you don’t want kids will not have a negative effect on your rela- tionship, but closes of the pregancy path with her.


If you’ve let Céline train her ass with a toy in Episode 10, you’ll be able to have anal sex with her from now on.


The pre-sex conversation with Raene will allow you to indicate whether Raene will be able to give you anal in future sex scenes, or if she’ll be the only one on the receiving end.

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    It’s better to let Thyia kill Glixken. She could bring it up in argument and this choice will be evaluated when determining if she wants to break up with you.


    If you have a relationship with more women, you can bring up the possibil-ity of a harem with Eva. If you want to continue seeing her individually, you should choose “Separate relationships”.

    Giving Eva a creampie during sex will heighten the chances of a pregnancy.


    You can choose to fuck only one girl and then cum. This will not be appreci-ated by the girl who wasn’t fucked and might lead to weakening your posi-tion if you ever have an argument with her.The choice to creampie either Lilly or Céline will not be viewed negatively by them, but it strenghtens the chance of one of them getting pregnant.


    Lying to Ziv will have a negative effect on your relationship and might end it at a later stage, so choose “Admit”. If you want the chance to start a ha-rem including Ziv, choose “Truth”. Otherwise you can only continue an indi-vidual relationship with Ziv, or lose her entirely.


    You can watch Thyia masturbate by choosing “Keep watching”. If you push your luck by selecting “Keep looking” she will catch you and get very angry. “Interrupt her” will also anger her. If you’re not romancing her and made her angry, Thyia will refuse to talk to you in the second conversation. Oth-erwise she’ll only be annoyed, but let your behavior slide.

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