Heart Problems Walkthrough

Heart Problems Walkthrough

Welcome to Heart Problems Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Attributes – Heart Problems Walkthrough

(Each stat will have an abbreviation)

Amelie Love = A (starts at 6)

Amelie Lust = AL

Amelie Angry = AA [Anger is a negative stat]

Kylee Love = K (starts at 3)

Kylee Lust = KL (starts at 7)

Stephanie Love = S (starts at 6)

Stephanie Lust = SL

Davie Relationship = D

Mia Love = M

Mia Lust = ML

Tell Mia = MT

Lauren Lust = LL

Stats will be in Green Text for positive changes and Red Text for negative changes.

Tags and Stat requirements will be in Purple Text.

Chapter 1 – Heart Problems Walkthrough

Home with Kylee

  1. Agree (K+1)
  2. Look at her ass
  3. To look like a couple (K+1)
  4. (Any)

At Party with Kylee

  1. Yes (K+1)
  2. Joke (K+1)
    1. Dance it slow (K+1)
      1. Reach for her pussy (KL+1)

– OR –

Compliment (K+1)

  1. (Any)
  2. Try to separate her from you (longer scene but either is fine)

At Night with Amelie

  1. Show her that you’re not drunk
    1. Squeeze her Ass (AL+1)
  2. Rub it on her ass (AL+1)
  3. Joke (A+1)(AL+1)
  4. Look at her ass

Next Day Lunchtime

  1. Compliment (A+1)
  2. Compliment her (A+1)
  3. Check her out (AL+1)
  4. Tell her (S+1)

Yoga with Amelie

  1. Check her out (AL+1)
  2. (Any) but try is better
  3. Try
    1. Yes (A+1)
      1. Compliment (AL+1)
  4. Make her convince you (AL+1)

Talk with Davie

  1. Agree
    1. Be grateful (D+1)

– OR –

Go fuck yourself (D-1)

Chapter 2 – Heart Problems Walkthrough


  1. Say bye (D+1)

– OR –

Say nothing (D-1)

  1. Tell her about the punishment (A+1)

– OR –

Tell her partly about it (A-1)

Outside Apartment

  1. Mia (M+1)

Lauren and Mia’s Place

  1. Compliment her (LL+1)
  2. (Any)
  3. (Any)
  4. Go to the bathroom
    1. You really need to (this leads to a scene)

– OR –

Stay (M+1)

  1. Yes
    1. Joke (M+1)
  2. Yes (ML+1) (if you choose No then (M-1) and you don’t go to the next choices)
    1. Tell her (M+1) (if you choose not to tell her then (M-1) and you don’t go to the next choices)
      1. Yes
        1. No, I don’t mind
          1. Hold her waist

– OR –

Don’t do anything

Bedroom with Lauren

  1. Everything ok?
    1. I try to look good. (or I see that you don’t)
      1. You do look good (or Looking good is not for everyone)
        1. Not at all, besides, tastes vary (or Yes, that’s right, a sexy cow)
          1. You have wonderful hands

Why not now?

– OR –

If you want I can recommend a diet for you

  1. You don’t need it (or You’re asking too much)

(If you picked any of the red choices you get lauren_bm=False, otherwise lauren_bm=True)

(If lauren_bm=True, you will get the next choice plus a scene at the apartment)

  1. Make her see it
    1. I think I need a little massage there
      1. I want you to masturbate me with those beautiful hands

Apartment with Amelie

  1. Hold her waist
    1. Give her a kiss (A+1)(AL+1)
  2. Have you talked to him about it (ameliesfa=True) {the other choice gives (A-1) and ameliesfa=False}
    1. Get close
      1. Put your hand on her leg (A+1)(If A>=9 or AL>=7 then you caress her leg)

(If ameliesfa=True then you get the next choice)

  1. Hug her or Grope (Groping leads to next choice)
    1. Take a chance (if AL>=8, otherwise Stop)
  2. Hug Her
    1. Compliment her (A+1)
      1. Grope her (if AL>=7 then AL+1, otherwise A-1)
  3. Spy on her
  4. Talk to her again (AL+1)

Stephanie’s Room

  1. Relax (dontlikesteph=False, angrywsteph=False, mcflsrry=False)
    1. Kiss her (S+1)
      1. Touch her butt (SL+1)

– OR –

Get angry (angrywsteph=True)

  1. Teach her a lesson (SL+2, dontlikesteph=False, mcflsrry=True)
    1. Check on her

– OR –

Get her out of the way (dontlikesteph=True, mcflsrry=False) {this might end Stephanie’s path}


  1. My [uncle] is an idiot (A+2, AL+2, amelietvaacll=True, ajimjsp=False)

– OR –

You should think about divorce

    1. I would love to find someone like you (A+2, ajimjsp=True)

– OR –

You deserve someone better (A+1, ajimjsp=False)

(If amelietvaacll=True then you get the next choice)

  1. Give her a kiss (if A>=13 then you get the next choice)
    1. Put your hands on her waist
      1. Hug her tight
        1. Kiss her again
          1. Keep kissing (if AL>=10 you get the next choice)

Touch her ass

  1. Check her out
    1. You look incredibly sexy in that (AL+1)

– OR –

Compliment her (A+1)

  1. No… (A+1)
  2. Give her a foot massage
  3. Caress her leg (AL+1, cloa1=True)
  4. Caress her ass (If AL>=12 then AL+1, caoa1=True)
  5. Kiss her (If AL>=11 then you get the next choice)
    1. Kiss her again
    2. Give her a real kiss(AL+1, A-1)
      1. Rub against her ass
        1. Give in to your impulses (You will miss a small scene during the night of Amelie and Davie talking)
          1. Stay in front of her (if AL>=13 and A>=13 then you get the next choice)
          2. Keep standing there

– OR –

Just relax and try to sleep (You will see a small scene during the night of Amelie and Davie talking)

– OR –

Do not (You will see a small scene during the night of Amelie and Davie talking)

Chapter 3 – Heart Problems Walkthrough

Kitchen with Amelie

  1. Give her a massage
    1. Do not

– OR –

Grope her (AA+1, A-2)

Exercise with Kylee

  1. Teach her a lesson
    1. Submit

– OR –

Bite her (This will unlock the next choice)

      1. Try to turn around
        1. Am I really so irresistible?
          1. Kiss her (KL+1, K-1)

(If mcflsrry=False, then mcdontlikesteph=True. If mcflsrry=True then mcdontlikesteph=False)

Lounge with Stephanie

  1. Grab her butt


  1. Hug her from behind (A-1, AA+1, ameliehappy=False)

– OR –

Stop looking at her butt (this leads to next choice)

  1. It’s nice to know that a simple pair of earring can fix everything (A-1, AA+1, ameliehappy=False)

– OR –

I think it’s you who makes those earrings look more beautiful (A+1, ameliehappy=True)

Living Room

  1. Sure, whenever you want (miafck=True)
  2. Let her do it (S+1)
    1. Touch her leg (SL+2 and stephanielust1=True)

– OR –

No (S-2 and stephanielust1=False)

Your room with Lauren

  1. Cum inside


Cum outside

Living Room with Amelie

  1. Support her (amelieclothingstore=True and mcsupport=True)

Kylee’s Room

  1. Why? (leads to next choice, but no real change either way)
    1. Kiss her (or don’t no real change here)

Amelie’s Room

(if AA<2 and ameliehappy=True then you see a scene here)

Your room with Stephanie

  1. Huhh…Ok… (srundick=true)

Chapter 4 – Heart Problems Walkthrough

Morning with Amelie

  1. Check her out
  2. Do not (this leads to longer scene, especially if AA<2 and ameliehappy=True)
  3. Yes (ay1=True)


(If srundick=True, then you will get the next choice)

  1. Go with her but later (stephroomch4=True)

Yoga with Amelie

  1. Look at her tits
  2. Get up and hide your erection (this leads to longer scene and next choices)
  3. Stay (this leads to longer scene and next choices)
    1. Rub faster


  1. Give in (if you want a scene with Stephanie) (sgi=True)

Amelie – Living Room

  1. Offer her a shoulder massage

Amelie’s Room

  1. Caress her ass
    1. Grope her (mcdgstng=True)

– OR –

Don’t (no change except for some dialogue and images)

Walking with Amelie

  1. Kiss her again
    1. Touch her ass (mcasqrs=True)


  1. The other day… (MT+1)
    1. We’re trying to keep it physical, no romance (MT+1)
    2. Maybe, I don’t know (MT+1)

(If MT>2, then you get the next choice)

  1. Yes
    1. Play along

Chapter 5 – Heart Problems Walkthrough

Living Room

  1. Go with her (Scene with Stephanie)

– OR –

Do not (Scene with Kylee)


  1. Rub it
  2. Compliment her

– OR –

Spicy Compliment

– OR –

Dirty Compliment (ch5aht=True)

  1. Ask her to help you (longer scene and the following choice if ch5aht=False)
    1. Continue with her abdomen
      1. Continue with her legs
  2. Sit next to her


  1. Caress her legs
  2. Try to convince me and maybe…


  1. Kiss her (stephloving=True) (If you want to pursue her at all)

Nighttime Hallway

  1. Check on Kylie

Chapter 6 – Heart Problems Walkthrough

Mia – Haircut

  1. Touch her leg

Kylee – BJ

  1. Cum in mouth


Cum on tits

Movie with Kylee, Mia and Dereck

  1. Just ignore her (if you want Mia to join in)

Kylee – Sex

  1. Cum on her mouth


Cum on her butt


Cum inside

Chapter 7 – Heart Problems Walkthrough

No choices in this chapter

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