Life In Santa County Walkthrough

Life In Santa County Walkthrough

Welcome to Life In Santa county Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

by: hermesWTs

Intro – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

“Will you help us?”

  • “Y-Yes, I will help you.” Karen+1, [tag]

Camelia-1, [tag] sex scene


Quoted dialogue of in-game text Selectable answer by the player

Positive relationship change or effects are green Negative relationship change or effects are red Sex scenes and other hot scenes are purple

Tag is set to false / inactive

Overview – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

This walkthrough attempts to follow a mixed but bad boy approach, which means the main character will do (some) crime including killing off a drug dealer and may later even join the mob undercover. Won’t be a complete asshole, he is ok towards family & friends, working for the mob gathering evidence…

This allows both high charisma (7) and high intimidation (9) to unlock the nice guy content as well as scenes requiring a more dominant approach (i.e. intimidation skill).

֍ = chosen option

Splitti ng later into 2 paths:

֍ for lover/relationship content

֍ for crime/undercover content

Prologue – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

Most choices and freeroam were removed from the prologue during the 0.5 update so the prologue is more of an intro without many choices. Still, you can gather some points:

Lauren: HEY! Didn’t you forget something?

  • “Give her a kiss.” Lauren+1 (1) ֍
  • “Don’t kiss and leave.”

Lauren “MC, I want an explanation now! How can you be late for school even though you left earlier than me?”

  • “Lie”
  • “Tell the truth” Lauren+1 (2) ֍

MC “I am so sorry about that, Mrs. Rose.”

  • “Tell the truth” Rose+1 (1) ֍
  • “Lie”

Daves Trailer

Major choice here – this WT assumes the MC caused the explosion (+3 charisma is too juicy)

MC “(I just want him to die.)”

  • “Turn gas on” ֍ [mc_bad] Charisma+3 (3)
  • “Just leave”

Episode I – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

Milestone! Pick Intimidation+1 (1)

Current stats: Charisma 3, Intimidation 1, Lauren 2, Rose 1

Morning at home

Freeroam home:

  1. Use cellphone:


    • Lauren: “Sorry mom…”
    • Iris (cannot reply)
    • Chloe (cannot reply)
    • Sophie: “”It’s not me…”
  2. Own/Sophia room (start, upper floor door left), get 2 collectibles:


    • Basket with Sophies underwear [sophiewear], minvestigator+1 (1)
    • Money on Drawer (10-20$, random) moneycollect+1 (1), minvestigator+1 (2)
  3. Unfinished/Chloe room (upper floor, last door right), 1 collectible:

Golden Statue below ladder secretac+1 (1), minvestigator+1 (3)

  1. Iris room (upper floor, first door right), 2 collectibles


    • Iris Underwear on the floor [irisweard1], minvestigator+1 (5)
    • Money on Drawer (10-20$, random) moneycollect+1 (2), minvestigator+1 (6)
  2. Laurens room (2 collectibles)


    • Golden statue on shelf left: secretac+1 (x), minvestigator+1 (x)
    • Red Book on shelf back: secretac+1 (x)
  3. Living room:


    • Talk to Sophia, Iris and Cloe (all options)
    • pick up box for [box_mission] (flavor only)
  4. Kitchen (2x left of living room): 2 collectibles


    • Money at Fridge moneycollect+1 (3), minvestigator+1 (7)
    • Golden statue in back corner: secretac+1 (x), minvestigator+1 (x)
  5. Garage (2 collectibles, weightlifting)


    • Golden statue on leftmost cabinet back: secretac+1 (x), minvestigator+1 (x)
    • Red book on table right: secretac+1 (x)
    • Weightlifting minigame: Milestone! Pick Intimidation+1 (1), str+1
  6. Garden: Choose one (WT assumes choice 1, plenty extra scenes)


    • Click Hedgerow (to the left) to find hiding Camelia ֍ camelia_and_mc_school+1


      • “Help her to stand up.” Camelia+1 (1) ֍
      • “Don’t help.”

Camelia “I haven’t seen you since that day. I thought seeing me would remind you of what happened.”

      • “Joke about.” Camelia+1 (2) ֍
      • “Tell that she is right.”
    • (Don’t) click Inspector and Lauren (unlock 2 extra dialogue options with Lauren)
  1. Kitchen (2x left of living room)

Lauren “I’m okay, honey, but I’m in no mood for talking.”

    • “Ask about detective.” Lauren+1 (not available due to previous choice)
    • “I saw that you were nervous.” Lauren+1 (3) ֍ End freeroam

Walking to school with Camelia (miss scene if you listened to Lauren&Inspector before)

Camelia “It would have been better if we didn’t start the day with these bitter subjects.”

  • “Let it drop.”
  • “Sorry..” Camelia+1 (3) ֍


Talking to Elena at School

Elena “Yes, because everyone knows by now. Your name has been a popular thing around here for a while.”

  • “Joke about.” Elena+1 (1) ֍


    • “Ask for her number.” Elena+1 (2) ֍
    • “Don’t push your luck.”
  • “Avoid.”


    • “Ask for her number.” Elena-1
    • “Don’t push your luck.”

Ron “I’m glad you finally met her. How are you doing?”

  • “Answer.” Ron+1 (1) ֍


    • “Warn him harshly.” Ron-1
    • “Warn him normal” Ron+1 (2) ֍
  • “Scold” Ron-1

Ron “Will you meet me later? This is important for me.”

  • “Accept” Ron+1 (3), [ronrmb_active] (unlocks meeting) ֍
  • “Refuse”

Pupil “Because if we are, MC could give us details about the explosion. Since he is here with us, we should learn from him.”

  • “Be aggressive.” Camelia+1 (4), [beagres] (later unlocks extra perk) ֍
  • “Pretend like you didn’t hear”

Rose “It will be! MC! I can’t have anything to do with an ordinary student, especially with you, do you understand? Come on now, get out of here and stay out of my sight”

  • “Hard ass.” ֍
  • “Go easy.”

Milestone! (due to [beagres]): Choose Intimidation+1 (3) Current Stats:

Intimidation 3, Charisma 3

Camelia 4, Ron 3, Lauren 3, Elena 2, Rose 1 moneycollect x, minvestigator x, secretac x

Saving Jasmine

Jasmine: “Craig! You’re hurting me!”

  • “Interfere.” [jasmine_appe] (unlocks more) ֍

Jasmine “Maybe I could get your number so we can talk about it some other time?”

    • “Give your number.” Jasmine+1 (1), [number_jasmine] ֍
    • “Don’t”
  • “Don’t interfere.”

Camelia Date

Camelia “It was hard for me, but the time I lost my mother couldn’t come close. Even though I had a brother, I’ve never been close with Dave.”

  • “Dave was a jerk.”
  • “He was your brother no matter what.” Camelia+1 (5) ֍

Camelia “You’re right.”/ “Then we drink to my brother.”

  • “Toast.” ֍

Camelia “Why did they arrest you? Were you really there?”

    • “Tell the truth.” Camelia+1
    • “Lie.” Camelia+2 (7) ֍
  • “Don’t toast.”

Camelia (cont.)

  • “I’ll be right here.” ֍
  • “Avoid with joke”

Camelia “We should better get going before it gets late. I got so many things to do.”

  • “Take her home.” (requires Camelia 4+ to actually take her home) ֍ [camelia_home_help]
  • “Drop it.”

Taking Camelia home (only happens if you unlocked it with [camelia_home_help])

Seller “A little curiosity, but mostly opportunity”

  • “Yes, its me…” ֍

Seller “So, What do you say?”

    • “Sorry, I’m not the person you’re looking for.”
    • “Sounds like a good deal.” ֍
  • “That’s not me…”

Meeting with Ron

only happens if you unlocked it with [ronrmb_active])

Ron “Are you gonna be lovers with Elena?”

  • “Why not?”
  • “I doubt whether” Ron+1 (4) ֍

MC “Here we go.”

  • “Scold.”
  • “Go easy.” ֍

Evening at home

Freeroam home evening (Sequence matters, talk to Chloe can lock Laurens room)

  1. Use cellphone:


    • Camelia: “How is it…”, “Of course…”, “Do you want me…”, “Ok, that was…”, “If you need it…”, “I understand…” (hard to see effects)
    • Jasmine: “I’m fine…”, “Good to hear…”, “I’m listening.”


      • “Not a bad idea” [jas_p_accept] (lock in party with Jasmine) ֍
      • “I’m sorry, but i cannot come…” [jas_p_den] (req for Elena party)
      • “Let me think about it for a while” [jas_p_think] (req for Elena party) ֍
  2. Lauren’s room (upstairs center door): 2 clickables


    • Diary (bedside table left) with photo of Lauren and MC
    • Photo (bedside table right) with photo of Lauren and (torn out) Charlotte
  3. Living room: 2 collectibles and talk with Cloe


    • Money (on shelf right) 10-12$ moneycollect+1 (4), minvestigator+1 (8)
    • Golden Statue (in shelf right) secretac+1 (2), minvestigator+1 (9)
    • Red book (in shelf right): secretac+1 (x)
    • Red book (bookshelf in the back): secretac+1 (x)
    • Click on Chloe


      • “Wake her” Chloe+1, nip slip (but miss extended nude scene and points later!)
      • Close TV dreamy nip slip, [cadchloe_dont_kiss] (extended nude scene later) ֍
  4. Floor to kitchen (1x left of living room): 1 collectible


    • Golden Statue (bookshelf) secretac+1 (3), minvestigator+1 (10)
  5. Stairwell downstairs (1x right of living room): 1 clickable


    • Newspaper (flavor)
  6. Bathroom (upstairs->down arrow->door): 1 collectible


    • Cloes Panties (in basket) minvestigator+1 (11), [chloeweard1]
  7. Garage


    • Weightlifting minigame: str+1
    • Car: Masturbation (choices depending on available panties)
  8. Iris room (upper floor, first door right)

Iris “Forget about me. How are you doing?”

    • “Lie down next to her and tell.”


      • “Check ass.” (closeup on ass) ֍
      • “Don’t check.”
    • “Avoid.”

Iris ” Of course, there is much more out there for you. So I can’t imagine.”

    • “Joke about.” Iris+1 (1) ֍


      • “Kiss.” Iris+1 (2) ֍
      • “Leave.”
    • “Say it’s hard.”

Talk to Iris again (all options, especially the following)

    • “What about Charlotte…” ֍


      • “Of course” Iris+1 (3), Charlotte+1 (1) ֍
      • “I’m not sure about that.”
  1. Own/Sophia room (upper floor door left)

Sophie “I was spending time with my fans. Unlike you, there are thousands of people who go mad for me.”

    • “Joke about.” ֍

Sophie “Ahahah… I don’t think so, MC.”

      • “Threaten.” Sophie+1 (1), [sophie_th] (unlocks later hot scene) ֍
      • “(Don’t bother…)”
    • “Don’t care.”
  1. Kitchen (2x left of living room)


    • Click Lauren


      • “Conversation” (all options) ֍
      • “What were you thinking?” ֍

Lauren “You don’t need to involve in this, baby, because I don’t know who these people are and what they can do.”

        • “You can’t leave me out of this.” Lauren+1 (4) ֍
        • “Talk about the detective.” (not available, would also give Lauren+1)
  1. Own/Sophia room (upper floor door left) Go to sleep (click bed)

Catch Sophie fingering herself (requires [sophie_th] earlier conversation)

  • “Get involved.” Sophie+1 (2) ֍
  • “Stay silent.”

Iris nude night swim

Iris “I didn’t realize you saw. Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Do you want to join me?”

  • “No.”
  • “Sure.” nude swimming and petti ng with MC, ֍ [irispool_active] (extra lines)

Milestone (choose Intimidation+1)

Current Stats:

Intimidation 4, Charisma 3

Camelia 7, Ron 3, Lauren 4, Elena 2, Rose 1, Sophie 2, Iris 3, Charlotte 1, Jasmine 1

moneycollect 5, minvestigator 13, secretac 4

Morning at home

Freeroam (next morning)

  1. Karen & Lauren Talk

Karen “Not here. All I want is to talk with you, but after all, it’s your choice.”

    • “Accept.” Karen+1 (1), [karen_meet] ֍
    • “Sorry…” Karen-1
  1. Bathroom (upstairs->down arrow->door) Chloe fully nude in Bathroom


    • “Try to explain.”
    • “Compliment.” Chloe+1 (1) ֍

Chloe “How do they look? I’ve thought they didn’t look like they used to.”

      • “Not my type.” Chloe-1
      • “Legendary.” Chloe+1 (2) ֍

Chloe “You’re right. It was weird, but that’s not the point. What if you touch now intentionally and give me your opinions on them?” (only with [cadchloe_dont_kiss])

        • “That’s wrong.”
        • “Why not?” Chloe+1 (3), [hd_bath_close2] and groping Chloe’s breasts ֍
  1. Lauren’s room (upstairs center door) 1 collectibles


    • Laurens Panties (laundy basket) minvestigator+1 (14)

Milestone! (Achievement Pantysniffer for 4 panties): Charisma+1 (4)

  1. Iris room (upper floor, first door right)

Iris “Come on, don’t upset me, I don’t have my guitar anymore. I need music. Please… Please… Please…”

    • “How can I say no to you?” Iris+1 (4) (Sing in underwear, kiss) ֍ MC “(Holy F..!!! )”


      • “Check.” Iris+1 (5) ֍
      • “Don’t”

Iris “Let’s never turn our backs on each other. Promise me.”

      • “Promise” Iris+1 (6)
      • “Don’t give promise.”

Iris “I mean… Yes. I guess it’s normal for men, but doesn’t it make it a little weird that I’m your..”

      • “You should ask permission Iris.” Iris+1


        • “Don’t be.” Iris+1
        • “You should be.” Iris-1
      • “Compliment.” Iris+2 (8) ֍
      • “This doesn’t feel right to me either.” Iris-1
      • “I’d better go.”
    • “I don’t have time.” Iris-1
  1. Garage:


    • Weight training: str+1
    • Talk with Chloe, Zahra, Hana

Hana “If you’re interested, we may also have some work that needs to be dealt with in our garden.”

      • “Accept offer.” Hana+1 (1), [hannawork] ֍
      • “Refuse offer.”
  1. Garden:

Talk with Ran and Sophia

Ran “Am I wrong, MC?”

  1. “Damn right!” Ran+1 (1), Underwater handjob/footjob ֍
  2. “Refuse”
  3. Leave (Garden->Gate)

Current Stats:

Intimidation 4, Charisma 4

Camelia 7, Ron 3, Lauren 4, Elena 2, Rose 1, Sophie 2, Iris 8, Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen 1, Ran 1,

Hana 1, Jasmine 1

moneycollect 5, minvestigator 14, secretac 4

Way to school with Ron

Ron “Uhmm… Was my mom at your house? She was coming through here when I last saw her.”

  • “Lie.” Ron-1, ronhearthbreak_activation+1
  • “Truth.” Ron+1 (4) ֍

Ron “Did you talk about anything?”

    • “Scold.” ֍
    • “Avoid.”


Major decision ahead: Stay bad boy lover ֍ or go deep undercover as a bad boy criminal ֍

At school freeroam, both paths are still the same – but after that they get more and more exclusive scenes.

Recommendation: Hard save here, and try both

Meeting with Sario

Major Choice – join the mob ֍ or not ֍?

Sario “But now I see you’re sitti ng like shit. You don’t have the balls to do this.”

  • “You underestimate me.” [sario_path] (Criminal -> more crime ֍)
  • “You’re right.” (Lover -> currently more sex) ֍

School: Principal Office Breakin

Freeroam at school (sequence matters: in the basement you have to go right first)

  1. 1st Floor:


    • Talk to Brian (Guitarist sitti ng on the ground)

Brian “What do you say playing with us at the concert?”

      • “Refuse.”
      • “Accept.” Brian+1 (1), [gg_brian_path] (effects unknown) ֍֍ Ask all remaining options
    • (Visit the WC later)
    • Golden statue on lockers left: secretac+1, minvestigator+1
  1. Basement (floor with grey walls):


    • Storage room to the right (sequence matters!)

MC “(She didn’t get out of bed for three days because of what these hypocrites did.)”

      • “Do not miss this opportunity.(RECORD)” [hypoc_rec] ֍֍

Record lesbian sex scene between Faith (pastor daughter) and Cybill

      • “I will not be like them.” [hypoc_dec]
    • Boiler room (room in the back): 1 Inventory item


      • Find Drugs (back of the room, lower left) minvestigator+1, [find_drug_b]
  1. 2nd Floor (with I-shaped paint on the ground) Automatically get scene with drug dealer kids


    • “Warn them harshly.” ֍֍
    • “Tell them that you have no interest.”
  2. 2nd Floor Laboratory room.


    • Automatically listen in to discussion with school inspector and Diana
    • Collectible magazine at lab entrance: minvestigator+1
  3. 2nd Floor WC 1 clickable


    • Drugs in toilet tank
    • Collectible magazine on floor: minvestigator+1
  4. 2nd Floor: Elena (to the left)


    • Conversation (ask all options)
    • “Ask for help” Elena+1 (֍:3) (mutually exclusive with Jasmine or Claire) ֍
  5. 2nd Floor: Jasmine and Friend (at the window)

Jasmine “Oh hey! Great. Glad to see you.”

    • other options (ask all, but next one last)
    • Can we talk about… (use as last choice)

MC “There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

      • “Ask for help.” Jasmine+1 (֍ :2) (mutually exclusive with Elena or Claire) ֍
  1. 2nd Floor Classroom:


    • Red book central shelf back: minvestigator+1
    • Red book left shelf back: minvestigator+1

Milestone! Pick Intimidation+1 (5) (gained from collectibles)

    • Camelia:


      • “Ask for help.” Camelia+1 (mutually exclusive with Elena or Jasmine)
      • Ask all other options
  1. 3rd Floor (blue square paint on ground) – break into Headmaster office Talk to the girl that helps you to begin (sequence matters!)
  2. Bookshelf -> click red books, find safe with kinky pics minvestigator+1 (16), Picture in inventory
  3. small table (flavor cigar sequence)
  4. Principals desk. Read the emails, oldest first (sequence matters! if you read newest the mission is over)


    1. Students who Miss Lauren accuses of drug use
    2. Students who have sex for money. (gain password: Yellow Phoenix)
    3. Disciplinary proceedings against Ms. Lauren (click evidence file)

Note: Only if Jasmine helps you actually see the content, everyone else gets distracted earlier. But no permanent effects from this.

    1. Detective Ludwig calls after leaving the room

Ludwig “Hey MC. I have to talk to you about something important. Is it possible for you to come to the police station?”

      1. “Accept.” ֍֍
      2. “Refuse.”
  1. WC 1st ground floor: Felicia and Karmen

Felicia “You are looking right at them, handsome. Password?”

    • “Pussypult”
    • “Yellow Phonix” (from office email) Felicia+1 (1), Karmen+1 (1), Karmens password ֍֍

Felicia “I hope there is no problem for you.”

      • “Pay 30$” -30$, [girls_action] ֍֍ Sex with Felicia

Milestone! Intimidation+1 (6)

      • “Leave.”
    • “Leave”
  1. 3rd Floor (blue square paint on ground) – blue door

Sylvia “What do you mean no?! Mrs Rose is in there and doesn’t want to be disturbed. She was crystal clear about this matter. Sorry.”

  1. “Try to cheat.” requires Intimidation 4+ for success ֍֍
  2. “Don’t argue.” (you could also do this, then ask a guy on 3rd floor for help)
  3. 3rd Floor (blue square paint on ground) – enter Rose Office (blue door)

Rose “I already told you yesterday what should be told. Now leave and close the door.”

    • “Scold.”

MC “(How can she talk to me like that!! I want to make her eat those words right now!) Really? Ignore that?”

      • “Leave.”
      • “Lock the door and treat her as she deserves.” Rose+2 (3) ֍֍ Extended sex scene with Rose (multiple positions & animations)


        • Exhaust other options
        • Cum

Rose “Ouch!!”

          • “Cum inside her.” (requires Intimidation 2+) [ros_inside_cum] ֍֍
          • “Don’t risk it.”

Milestone! (Achievement: Man-Up) Pick Charisma+1 (5)

    • “Go easy on her.”
  1. Leave school (1st floor, doors in the back) End of school freeroam

Current Stats:

Intimidation 6, Charisma 5

Camelia 7, Ron 3, Lauren 4, Elena (֍:3 / ֍:2), Rose 3, Sophie 2, Iris 8, Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen

1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1

Police station

Police station freeroam

  1. MC “Elena is here too.”

1. “Yell!” Elena+1 (֍:4 / ֍:3) ֍֍

Elena “It was a boring day. I got my daily dosage of scolding from my father, and now I’m leaving.”

    1. “Ask her to wait.” Elena+1 (֍:5 / ֍:4), [elena_dt] ֍֍
    2. “Let her go.”
  1. “Let her go.”
  2. Police officers looking at photos (left side): small scene
  3. Police officers arguing about caller (in the back): small scene
  4. Glass door (the left): small scene identifying guy cheating with Sarah
  5. Wooden door (back corner): Talk to officer
  6. Talk to Dwayne (shackled guy in room center)

Dwayne “To make those faggots who tried to screw me in my own neighborhood my bitch. What could it be? Can I ask you a little favor?”

    1. “Nope.”
    2. “Sure” ֍֍
  1. Brown Desk next to glass door: Pick up key
  2. Talk to Dwayne again (shackled guy in room center)


    1. “I found the key.” [help_gang_member] ֍֍
    2. “I don’t think I can help you.”
    3. “Leave”
  3. Wooden door again (back corner) – now unguarded

Click on door, then click on desk, then on folder (see destroyed evidence list)

  1. Talk to secretary at entrance to end freeroam and talk to Det. Ludwig End freeroam police

Coffee with Elena

Waiter “Welcome, may I take your orders?”

  • “Order for both of you.” Elena+1 (֍:6 / ֍:5), [elenacoffe_active] (extra point later)
  • “Ask her for the order.” Elena+1 After that:
  • “Check her ass.” Elena-1
  • “Don’t” ֍֍

skip following if you didn’t get if [elenacoffe_active]

Elena “Was that a coincidence, or did you already know my favorite drink?”

  • “*LIE*Definitely a coincidence.” Elena+1
  • “*TRUTH*I know it may sound strange.”: Elena+2 (֍:8 / ֍:7) ֍֍

Elena “Uhm.. Yes, you’re right. It sounds a bit strange, but to be honest, I like that you remembered.”

    • “Compliment.” Elena+1 (֍:9 / ֍:8) ֍֍
    • “Don’t”

Reporters Beth and Collin want an Interview

Beth “Heey!! I’m still here!!”

  • “Get rid of crudely.”
  • “Deceive.” Elena+1 (֍:10 / ֍:9) ֍֍

MC “Ow!”

  • “I don’t think so.” ֍֍ MC “*DEEP BREATH*”


    • “Kiss her.” Elena+1 (֍:11 / ֍:10) ֍֍

(note: you would get Elena-1 if you don’t have 6+ already)

    • “Don’t kiss her.”
  • “Sorry.”

MC can invite Elena to the party

  • “Invite to the party.” Elena+1 (֍:12 / ֍:10), [elenaparty_activation] ֍

(note: if you already accepted Jasmines invitation, the option isn’t available. Also she declines if you don’t have 5+ already)

  • “Don’t” ֍

At Sario (different intro scene for ֍ and ֍ paths)

MC “(Wow… look at her. She’s really hot.)”

  • “Look closer.” ֍֍

Alessia “Hey!! Are you looking at my butt?”

    • “Truth.” Alessia+1 (1) ֍֍
    • “Lie.”
  • “Don’t push your luck.”

Criminal path

֍ exclusive

you are now boss for the schools drug dealers

Sario “If you get caught and turn me in, I have to make you disappear. I hope I was clear.”

  • “Try to get a word.” Sario+1 (1) ֍
  • “Don’t make it suspicious.”

Kid2 “Can’t we just take whatever we need and go?”

  • “Let them go.”
  • “Record their voice…” [recordvoice_kid] ֍

MC “And now you laugh at that innocent woman who is tricked and wrongly charged, right, you sons of bitches?!”

    • “Hold yourself.” ֍
    • “Fuck that place up.”

Mark “If you find that wallet and bring it to me, I’ll make you a millionaire. What do you say? Can you do that?”

  • “Sure, I can.” ֍
  • “I cannot do that.”

Return home too late for Lauren points (you find her passed out)

Bring her to bed: Kissing and petti ng, Milestone! Pick Intimidation+1 (7)

Lover path

֍ exclusive

Sario “I’m coming!”

  • “Follow.” (see school drug dealers working for Sario) ֍
  • “Not your business”

Painting the room with Lauren (֍ exclusive)

Lauren “Ah come on. I’m curious.”

  • “Not bad at all”
  • “I don’t need anyone but you.” Lauren+1 (֍:5 / ֍:4) ֍

Sensual foot massage by MC

MC “(No way! God! Her pussy is wet like a river.)”

  • “Offer a shoulder massage.” (requires Lauren 3+ to work) Sensual shoulder massage

Lauren “Ehm… is that part of the massage too?”

    • “Yes! It is.” Lauren+1 (֍:6 / ֍:4) ֍
    • “No! It’s different.” Going further…
    • “Lower her sling.” requires Lauren 5+ to work

Milestone! Pick Intimidation+1 (7) ֍ Breast massage by MC

    • “Don’t.”
  • “Keep doing foot massage.”

Episode II – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

Intimidation 7, Charisma 5

Camelia 7, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:6 / ֍:4), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:10), Rose 3, Sophie 2, Iris 8, Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 /

֍:1), Sario (֍:0 / ֍:1)

Different intro scene for ֍ and ֍ paths

Talking with Iris

֍ only

Iris “Umm…I-I’m embarrassed…”

  • “Compliment.” Iris+1 (֍:9 / ֍:8) ֍
  • “That sort of behavior doesn’t suit you.”

Iris “I suppose this is all pretty normal. I guess I should just learn to share you.”

  • “I’ll be there right beside you.” ֍
  • “You need to learn to share.”

Iris “Umm…but… I found a good movie for us to watch. Don’t you want to stay and watch it with me?”

  • “Sure.” Iris+1, [irismovienight] (֍:10 / ֍:8) ֍
  • “Let’s do this later.” (skip movie with Iris)
  • “I don’t have time.” Iris-1 (skip movie with Iris)

Movie night with Iris

(for ֍ both ֍ and paths)

MC “(If she touches it just once …. Even if she doesn’t understand What harm would it do? Not

that much. Shit! What am I saying?”

  • “Don’t wake her and continue.” [irismovienightkinky], Iris sleeps breathing on dick ֍֍
  • “Wake her.”

Garage with Sophie

Decide what to do next

MC “(I have no idea when Sophie and Chloe will get back. The garage seems like my best option.)”

  • “Sleep.”
  • “Hang in the garage.” [firstgaragecont] ֍֍

Choose your fantasy (panties = unlock) (sex image of character)

Sophie “Oh…no no no. I don’t think so.”

    • “Threat.” Sophie+1 (3), [up2garagesophiethreat] ֍֍ (Note: requires 19 rise choices, not a problem)

Sophie “It is what it is…it was bound to happen eventually. At the moment though, I need a drink. Good luck with that…thing.”

      • “Let her go.” Sophie-1, [up2garagesophielethergo]
      • “Sit her next to you.” Sophie+1 (4), [up2garagesophiesithere] ֍֍ requires Intimidation 4+ to progress further, skip next otherwise: [up2garagesophiecumfeet], [sophie_forcescene]

Sophie watches MC masturbating and cumming on her

Milestone! Charisma+1 (6)

    • “Beg her.” Sophie-1, [up2garagesophiebegher] (Note: this will open a path for MC as a sub in chapter 3. Check it out if you are interested)

Intimidation 7, Charisma 6

Camelia 7, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:6 / ֍:4?), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:11), Rose 3, Sophie 4, Iris (֍:10 / ֍:8?), Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 / ֍:1?)

Morning at home

Freeroam home

  1. Chloe’s room (upper floor, 1st door right ) Watch Chloe in front of mirror


    • “Leave her alone.” [checkcochloe], [chloenotseeco]
    • “Get in.” [checkcochloe] ֍֍

requires [hd_bath_close] (default) and [hd_bath_close2] to continue, otherwise skip Topless chloe shows off latex costume and toys, shackled&blindfolded handjob

Chloe “I’m struggling even now, honey. I can’t do that at all while you’re looking at me.”

      • “Go over her.” [chloefirstco] requires Intimidation 4+ for success ֍֍ Blindfold removed, boobjob by Chloe
      • “Do not go.”
  1. Kitchen:

Listen to Sophie and Ran gossiping about last night

  1. Garage:


    • Minigame weightlifting: str+1
  2. Garden: Talk to Lauren [momstrechfirst], [momstrechlove] Sexy stretching scene with Lauren and Iris
  3. Upper Stairwell (upstairs->down arrow): 1 Collectible (thanks@Lucius Logan)


    • Lauren’s wet panties (on the floor), [laurenafteryogawear] minvestigator+1 (requires garden scene)
  4. Bathroom (upstairs->down arrow->door): Short peek at Iris and Lauren (requires garden scene)
  5. Leave via garden door

MC “Karen is waiting for me. Should I go?”

  1. “Go to Karen.” ֍֍
  2. “Go to School.” End freeroam

Current stats:

Intimidation 7, Charisma 6

Camelia 7, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:6 / ֍:4?), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:11), Rose 3, Sophie 4, Iris (֍:10 / ֍:8?), Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 / ֍:1?)

Visiting Karen

Karen “Come in.”

  • “I don’t want this.”
  • “Well, so be it.” ֍֍ Follow Karen inside
  • “Fuck it!” Karen+1 (2) ֍֍

Karen “I couldn’t hear your answer!”

    • “I’m ready, Mommy.” Karen+1 (3), [karenrolplaymommy] ֍֍

Karen “Ah…you make my soul want to leave my body, baby. Could you repeat that?”

      • “I’m ready for you, Mommy.” Karen+1 (4), [karenrolplaymommy2] ֍֍
      • “Stop it. I already said it and you heard it.” Karen-1
    • “I’m ready, Karen.” Karen-1 Extended Sex scene with many options.

Note: Anal requires intimidation 6+ and Karen 3+, and causes finish (everything else first)

  • “No freaking way.” Karen-2

School: Stealing the test

School freeroam

  1. Brian talks about the exams
  2. Greg (1st floor right)

Greg “Okay…good…great…what a relief. I heard that you could maybe provide me with…a certain something?”

    • “Maybe.” [scgreg_first_talk], [gregdaveworkdrug] ֍֍
    • “Who ever you heard this from, they seriously fooled you, bro.”

Greg “Her name is Jacklin. She told me a bunch of other stuff, too. Is it true that you destroyed Dave?”

      • “Cut the shit.” [scgreg_first_talk]
      • “Yes.” [gregknowdaverage], [scgreg_first_talk]
  1. Mati (1st floor, left) – just initial talk
  2. Classroom on 2nd floor:


    • Talk to Yousef/Pink Unicorn [up2youseffirsttalk]
  3. Jasmin on 2nd floor (girl to the left)

talk a bit -> starts looking for girl with photocopies

  1. Medea on 2nd floor (girl to the right)

Medea “After all, Miss Carter can’t ask any questions that she didn’t cover in class. If everyone had listened to her as carefully as I did, they wouldn’t be in this position now.”

    • “You’re right.” [up2medeafirsttalk], [medeayouareright] (flavor switches)
    • “What about the ones you missed?” [up2medeafirsttalk], [medeanotyouareright] (flavor switches) ֍֍
  1. Blaze, Emo girl on 2nd floor (girl at the windows)

MC “(Ron was playing a joke on the poor girl. He’ll never change.)”

    • “Tell the truth.” [up2blazefirsttalk], [blazetruthpath] (flavor for now) ֍֍
    • “Keep lying.” [up2blazefirsttalk], [blazedonttruthpath] (flavor for now)
  1. Robert center right on 3rd floor (blue square on ground)

Robert “I paid for it last week. He promised to bring it today, but the bastard is nowhere to be found.”

    • “Don’t talk behind his back!” [up2armandfirsttalk], [armanddefendron] ֍֍
    • “Don’t care.” [up2armandfirsttalk], [armandnotdefendron], armandnotdefendroncheck+1
  1. Sienna, girl to the right on 3rd floor (blue square on ground)

Sienna “All Miss Carter needs to do is fall in love. But, unfortunately, the positions of the planets mean that they aren’t currently in alignment. It’s…like…a big curse for us, MC, you know?”

    • “Mock.” [firsttalksienna], [humiliationsienna]
    • “Don’t.” [respectsienna] ֍֍

Sienna “Um…actually…I need someone by my side who can help me. Would you be able to help?”

      • “Sure.” [firsttalksienna], [up2helpsienna] ֍֍
      • “No.” [firsttalksienna], [siennadonthelp]
  1. Elena, girl to the left on 3rd floor (blue square on ground)
  2. Sylvia, girl to the right on 3rd floor (blue square on ground) [up2slyviafirsttalk], [up2slyviaaccesscraig], [up2slyviafastt] Note: only appears after talking to Elena and Jasmin first

Sylvia “If you’re going to do this, you’ll have to be super careful.”

    • “Thanks and leave.”
    • “Thanks and kiss.” Sylvia+1 (1), [up2slyviakiss] ֍֍
  1. Craig & Matt on Gym floor (2nd floor -> follow Gym arrow)
  2. Elena & Jasmine on basketball court (from gym floor)

if you invited elena [elenaparty_activation] but not jasmine [jas_p_accept]:

    • “Yes.” [elanaup2partyyes] (effect not implemented, placeholder choice) ֍
    • “I may not be available that day.”
    • “Let’s talk later.”

if you invited jasmine [jas_p_accept] but not elena [elenaparty_activation]:

    • “Yes.” [jasmineup2partyyes] ֍
    • “I may not be available that day.” [jasmineup2partyden]
    • “Let’s talk later.” [jasmineup2partylatertalk] Hillarious Craig & blindfolded Carter sex scene
  1. Sell the quiz to everyone:
  2. Mati (1st floor) – give it for free or rather a later favor [matifreequizsell]
  3. Greg (1st floor) – sell cheap +20$
  4. Medea (2nd floor) – try to consume +50$
  5. Blaze (2nd floor) – sell cheap +20$
  6. Pink Unicorn/Yousef (2nd floor classroom) – sell cheap +20$
  7. Robert (3rd floor) – sell cheap +20$
  8. Sienna (3rd floor) – sell affordable +20$
  9. Leave School (via entrance 1st floor) End freeroam

Det. Ludwig meeting

Ludwig “Look, I can guess why you started with that bastard, but you can’t do this alone. Have you thought any more about what we talked about? I need an answer from you ASAP.”

  • “I accept. But…” [up2acceptdetective] ֍֍
  • “I do not accept.” [up2refusedetective]

Milestone! Pick Intimidation+1 (8) Intimidation 8, Charisma 6

Camelia 7, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:6 / ֍:4), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:10), Rose 3, Sophie 4, Iris (֍:10 / ֍:8), Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 / ֍:1), Sylvia 1, Sergio 1

Help Alyssia – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

Sergio freeroam

  1. Find Golden Statue (shelf in center) secretac+1, minvestigator+1
  2. Find Collectible (next to table lamp), minvestigator+1 (thanks@-L-L-MJ-)
  3. Open Safe:


    1. Money (200$) moneycollect+1, [up2sariocasemoney]
    2. Letter
    3. Scarf
    4. Someone arrives
  • “Take it phone.” [up2sariocasephone] ֍֍
  • “Run.” [sarioroommcrun]

Camelia Date – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

Freeroam Camelia

  1. Golden statue (floor left of armchair): minvestigator+1, secretac+1
  2. Camelias panties on the heater (right): minvestigator+1
  3. Laptop [camelia_looklaptop] (search history on fingerprint removal!)
  4. Textbooks on floor [camelia_bookread]


    • End freeroam ֍֍
    • Not now End freeroam

Camelia “I agree…” (ask all questions, apartment last)

  • “What’s on your computer” requires [camelia_looklaptop]
  • “Chemistry books…”
  • “About apartment.”

Camelia “Protect? Do you care about me that much?”

    • “You’re a little too important to me.” Camelia+1 (8) ֍֍

Camelia “Now you’re going to try and right the wrongs I’ve done, MC? Will you be the one who decides right and wrong? I don’t want that.”

      • “No, I’ll just make sure you can stay with me.” Camelia+1 (9) ֍֍ [cameliabreakchain], Heavy petti ng and bj with Camelia

if you have Intdimidation 4+ and Camelia 7+ Anal with Camelia

Camelia “Okay, but are you going to leave without giving me a kiss?”

        • “Kiss” Camelia+1 (10) ֍֍
        • “Don’t” Camelia-1

Milestone! Pick charisma+1 (7)

      • “Yes, I will do that if necessary.” Camelia-1, [camelianotbreakchain]
    • “As every friend of mine.” Camelia-1

Current Stats:

Intimidation 8, Charisma 7

Camelia 10, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:6 / ֍:4), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:10), Rose 3, Sophie 4, Iris (֍:10 / ֍:8), Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 / ֍:1), Sylvia 1, Sario (֍:0 / ֍:1)

Buying a guitar

requires Iris 6+

MC “You’ll like this.”

  • “Buy a guitar.” [irisbuyguitar] ֍֍
  • “Don’t.”

Talk with Lauren

Lauren “Are you kidding me? You think I don’t know that guy is mixed up in this dirty business, too? Answer me! Do you have anything to do with those bastards’ dirty work?”

  • “Rise.” requires [sario_path]: Lauren-1, [up2laurenrise],
  • “Lie.” requires [sario_path]: Lauren+1 (֍:7 / ֍:5?), [up2laurensuccesslie] ֍
  • “Fall.” Lauren+1 (֍:7 / ֍:5?), [up2laurenfall] ֍

Iris room

note: this scene requires [irisbuyguitar] (you bought the guitar after date with Camelia)

Catch Iris masturbating Give her the guitar present MC “See you, Iris.”

  • “Check Her.” ֍֍
  • “Don’t.”

Home at night

Freeroam home

  1. Chloe&Sophie room (sleep sex options)
  2. Garage: Car allows repeat of masturbation (without further surprises)
  3. Garage: Lifting minigame: str+1
  4. Own room: sleep (visited by nude Iris if you bought her a guitar) Current Stats:

Intimidation 8, Charisma 7

Camelia 10, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:7 / ֍:5), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:10), Rose 3, Sophie 4, Iris (֍:10 / ֍:8), Charlotte 1, Chloe 3, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 / ֍:1), Sylvia 1, Sario (֍:0 / ֍:1)

Episode III – Life In Santa County Walkthrough


Heavy petti ng & handjob and grinding with Iris (if you were visited by her at night) ֍


  1. Kitchen

Breakfast with Chloe

    • Go next to her and change the subject Chloe+1 ֍֍


      • Kiss Chloe+1 ֍֍
      • Don’t Chloe-1
    • Change the subject


      • Kiss Chloe+1
      • Don’t Chloe-1

Talk to Cloe again Laurens date preferences ֍֍

  1. Iris Room
  • talk and find out about wine preference for Lauren date ֍֍
  1. Bathroom (Sophie)

Depending on which path you took with Sophie before:

if [up2garagesophiebegher] (MC is a sub towards Sophie – not part of this walkthrough)

  • “No, My Queen.” Sophie-1 [sophiesbsnoqueen]
  • “Yes, my queen.” Sophie+1 [sophiesbsyesqueen] Sub scene (not tested)

if [up2garagesophiethreat] (MC stood his ground in garage) ֍֍

  • Leave her alone [sophiesbsthreatlethergo]
  • Go over her (requires [up2garagesophiecumfeet], MC came on her feet in garage) ֍֍ [sophiesbsthreatac], [sophiesbsthreataccumfeet]

“(Am I…really going to do this? After this, there’s no limit, [player_name]. Am I that kind of person?)”

    • “Yes, I am.” Sophie+1, [sophiesbsthreataccumfeetyesiam] ֍֍ Spanking, dominant blowjob
    • “I can’t keep doing this.” Sophie-1 [sophiesbsthreataccumfeetno]
  1. Livingroom (Sophie)

Talk to Sophie about her problem [firsttalksophieup3sab]

  • “I said give it to me!” [sophielearnlanite] ֍֍

Sophie “I will get back every single follower I lost, no matter what. I haven’t figured out how, exactly, but I’m sure I will. Can you help me?”

    • “Maybe” Sophie+1, [sophiehelpmaybe] ֍֍
    • “Reject” Sophie-1, [sophiehelpreject]
  • “What do you want?” [sophiewhatdoyouwant]
  1. Livingroom (Sophie)
  2. Garden

Talk to Lauren

  1. Leave the area to continue & end freeroam

Intimidation 8, Charisma 7

Camelia 10, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:7 / ֍:5), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:10), Rose 3, Sophie 6, Iris (֍:10 / ֍:8), Charlotte 1, Chloe 5, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 / ֍:1), Sylvia 1, Sario (֍:0 / ֍:1)

Warehouse & Detective

(story progress, no decisisions)

Laurens Date at LUX

Preparation: Buy the Lainité necklake for best results

MC “Of course you are right”

  • “Help sit in her chair.” Lauren+1, gentlemanach+1 ֍֍
  • “Sit in your chair.” Lauren footjob in restaurant

MC “Ahm…I think I already got the best starter. Let’s continue with the main course.”

  • “Coq au Vin” Lauren+1, gentlemanach+1, [lyemaincourse]

Lauren “Well now. This one is a little more difficult. What about wine?”

    • “Château Margaux” Lauren+1, gentlemanach+1 ֍֍
    • other opitons Lauren-1
  • other options Lauren-1

(Soufflé as dessert is an optional positive choice if you made an error, but for perfect score correct you need the main course & wine)

Correct Lainité necklace: Lauren+1

If you have max gentleman points, get Milestone! Intimidation+1 (9)

LUX Bathroom with Elisabeth

MC “(Fucking hell! He’s coming!)”

  • “Go near her.” [gonearhermayorwife] ֍֍
  • “Fuck it.” [fuckitmayorwife]

Leaving the LUX

Jason “Or, of course, you can leave your mother as a hostage if you want. It’ll save you at least two months. God, she’d milk me to the bone. What do you say?”

  • “Go wild!” [lyespartan] ֍֍
  • “Try to calm down.” [lyelaurenblueball]

Lauren “Is it normal that exactly what I said I was afraid would happen, has happened the very next day, MC?!”

  • “Yes, I am one of them now. I won’t stop until I get what I want.” requires [sario_path] [freelauren] ֍

hot car scene (cut short by a police officer)

  • “I’m not in their business!” requires [sario_path]֍

Intimidation 9, Charisma 7

Camelia 10, Ron 3, Lauren (֍:10 / ֍:8), Elena (֍:12 / ֍:10), Rose 3, Sophie 6, Iris (֍:10 / ֍:8), Charlotte 1, Chloe 5, Karen 1, Ran 1, Hana 1, Jasmine (֍:1 / ֍:2), Brian 1, Felicia 1, Karmen 1, Alessia (֍:1 / ֍:1), Sylvia 1, Sario (֍:0 / ֍:1)

Back home after LUX

Meet Charlotte (automatic)

Bathroom with Lauren

Petti ng & fingering Lauren in bathtub

Bedroom with Lauren

if you had a perfect date [achgentlemean], are on [sario_path] & and kicked ass [lyespartan] Heavy petti ng, blowjob and grinding with Lauren (cut short by someone at the door)

Next morning at home

MC “(Is Charlotte still sleeping?)”

  • “Take a look.” [seecharlotteroom1] ֍֍

MC “(I can’t think about her that way. No!)”

    • “Look once more.” [seecharlotteroom2] sleeping topless Charlotte ֍֍
    • “Don’t look.” [ep2stcrdontlook2]
  • “Don’t look.” [ep2stcrdontlook1]

requires [cochloeacces]:

Chloe “Well…there are some things I need to tell you. I wonder…do you have some time to spare today?”

  • “Of course, I always have time for you.” Chloe+1, [chloeeventep2_1] ֍֍
  • “Sorry, I have work to do.” Chloe-1, [chloeeventep2_1_den]

(Note: different dialogue options if you are in no relationship or a sub relationship with her)

Sophie “Please don’t ask questions. If you don’t want to help, fine, but then I won’t tell you.”

  • “Don’t bother me and tell.” (requires [sophiesbsthreataccumfeetyesiam]) ֍֍ Sophie+1, [ep2mastersophieyes]

Sophie “Will you do this, Master? Will you help this poor servant of yours?”

    • “Damn! Okay.” Sophie+1, [ep2mastersophieyes] ֍֍
    • “No, I won’t be a tool for such nonsense.” Sophie-1, [ep2mastersophieden]
  • “I don’t care.” Sophie-1, [ep2sophiehelpden]
  • “Okay, I’ll help you.” Sophie+1 [ep2sophiehelpac]

Karen “Please tell me you didn’t do that.”

  • “Confess.” Karen-1, [ep2krconfess]
  • “Lie and get a reprieve.” Karen+1, [ep2krlierep] ֍֍

“Didn’t you miss Mommy?”

    • “This is not the place.” Karen-1, [ep2krnotplace]
    • “Is it possible not to miss it?” Karen+1, [ep2krnottomiss] ֍֍

Karen “Mommy is a little nervous and needs to relax.”

      • “Stop her!” Karen-1, [ep2krstopher]
      • “How lucky you are i am talented at that.” Karen+1, [ep2krlucky] ֍ ֍ Sex with Karen on the car

Lauren in the Kitchen

requires you to not help Chloe, i.e. you didn’t get [chloeeventep2_1], its mutually exclusive with the “Café and Adult Store with Chloe” scene. Gods and i hate to miss that great event with a relationship that was built since the first episode just to get a random side character scene! I’m reworking the 2 paths to unlock Laurens last scene (if thats even possible) and will probably later bend one path to lead here instead to Chloes scene…

Lauren “I don’t know, baby. You better put some distance between you and her.”

  • “I’ll do it if you want.” Lauren+1, [ep2lrckldyouwant]
  • “That would be so pointless.” Lauren-1, [ep2lrckldpointless]

Meet Zara

requires you to not help Chloe, i.e. you didn’t get [chloeeventep2_1], its mutually exclusive with the “Café and Adult Store with Chloe” scene.

MC “I think there’s someone inside.”

  • “Take a look inside.” [ep2zaratakealookinside]

MC “(If she sees me, it would be a complete disaster.)”

    • “Keep looking.” [ep2zarakeeplook]
    • “It’s enough.” [ep2zaraenough]
  • “Don’t risk it.” [ep2zaradontrisk]

Café and Adult Store with Chloe

Chloe “Is there any way I can make you forgive me?”

  • “STOP HER!” Chloe-1

Chloe “Of course ‘both’, my love! I can’t even think of doing this with anyone but you. What do you think of the idea?”

    • “It might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.” Chloe+1, [ep2chcccamazingthing]
    • “I-I don’t know… I guess I can’t do that.” Chloe-2, [ep2chccciguess]
  • “There’s nothing you can’t make me do with those hands of yours.” Chloe+2, [ep2chloeactive], [ep2chloecccthosehand], public handjob by Chloe ֍ ֍

MC “Damn! Sounds really fun.”

  • “Buy.” [ep2cmsxbuydild] ֍ ֍
  • “Don’t” [ep2cmsxdontbuydild] Tighjob with Chloe in changing room

Garage Meeting

only on [sariopath] ֍

Story progression regarding a future mafia meeting (but no choices)

Family Dinner

Chloe “Well…I mean…”

  • “I think she is.” [ep2dinithink] ֍֍
  • “Do not say anything” [ep2dindontsayany]

MC “Yeah. I promised Iris.”

  • “I can take you with me one day.” Charlotte+1, [ep2dinicantake] ֍֍
  • “Do not say anything” [ep2dinnotsay]

Sophie’s Camshow – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

MC “(Shit! This she-devil knows how to play.)”

  • “No, you need to bend a little more.” [ep2smlcnoyouneed] ֍֍
  • “Yeah, that’s fine.” [ep2smlcthatsfine] Choclate banana ‘blowjob’ by Sophie

MC “(Omfg! $200?! Shall I show these fuckers Mr. Micro?)”

  • “Let’s show them who Mr.Micro is.” Sophie+1, [smlcsophiebjstream] ֍֍ Live blowjob by Sophie

Sophie “Alright Mr. Micro… Send the little one over.”

    • “Fuck Sophie live.” Sophie+2, [smlcsophiefuckstrem] ֍֍ Live sex with Sophie
    • “That’s to much!” Sophie-2, [smlcsophiefuckstremdeny]
  • “I can’t let these fuckers make me do whatever they want.” Sophie-1, [smlcsophiebjstreamdeny]

Pool with Lauren – Life In Santa County Walkthrough

“Exactly. Even now, I know what you need.”

  • “Go down on her.” [ep2godownonher]

requires [startlaurenep2] and Lauren 11+, otherwise skip:

Lauren+1, Cunnilingus on Lauren

Note: This should be the preferred choice, however only the green path ֍ currently gets 11+ points but lacking [startlaurenep2], while the red path ֍ gets [startlaurenep2] but max 9 points (start update 0.6 with 8, could skip Karen for extra +1 in a scene). I’ll have to recheck this…

  • “Do not push your luck.” Lauren+1, [lpdpyl] ֍֍

Freeroam during Plumbers visit

  1. Laurens room (starting point): get the cordless power driver
  2. MCs room (1st left) 1 magazine collectible
  • drill hole
  • take collectible below desk minvestigator+1
  • use drilled hole to peek on Iris
  1. Sophies room (back right)

Talk to her, then talk to her again (all topics), esp:

  • ◦”What are you doing?” [info_hugeboss]
  1. Bathroom (top floor, go back)

Fully nude Iris asks you to get a towel downstairs

  1. Living room
  • get the towel, back to Iris (upstairs)
  • afterwards, talk to Lauren & Chloe
  • talk to them again (all topics):
    • “Nightclub” [ep2up2chloe_info_nightclub]
    • “Politicians” [ep2up2chloe_info_politicians]
    • “Mobsters!?” [ep2up2chloe_info_mobster]
  1. Garden: Money, collectible
  • 10-20$ (between chairs below window)
  • Collectible (pool edge next to loungers) minvestigator+1
  1. Garage: Weight training strength+1
  2. Attic (check top floor ceiling):

Charlotte “How can people walk and sit comfortably with something hanging between their


  • “Quite disturbing.” ֍֍
  • “I feel normal”

End freeroam (by leaving)

Camelia & Ron

Camelia “Now you know everything. What are you going to do with it?”

  • “Protect Camelia.” ֍֍


MC “Ahm… O-Oka-”

◦ “Stop her and leave.”


◦ “Go ahead.” ֍֍


Hot sex scene with Camelia

  • “Tell her she has to confess.”


Karen & Ron

Ron “What?!!”

  • “Make fun of him.” ֍֍
  • “Nevermind.”

Pool with Sophie and Ran

depending on your relationship with Sophie, the dialogue is quite different (playthrough assumes

dominant stance)

Scene with Chloe

Chloe: “Who do you desire?”

  • “Lauren” [laurendesire_ep2p2] (dialogue change in sex scene)
  • “Iris” [irisdesire_ep2p2] (dialogue change in sex scene)
  • “You” [chloedesire_ep2p2] (dialogue change in sex scene) ֍֍

Sex scene with Chloe with high risk of getting found out

Chloe “Tell me MC, what outfit you dream of fucking your aunt in.”

  • “School uniform.” [schooldress_ep2p2]
  • “Body stocking.” [garter_ep2p2] ֍֍
  • “Nightie.” [nightdrs_ep2p2]

Chloe “*Whisper* But remember, if you slow down, my voice may get louder.”

  • “Try Anal.” ֍֍


  • “Vaginal.”

Chloe “*Whisper* Cum for me, baby!”

  • “Cum inside.” ֍֍


  • “Cum out.”


Freeroam at home

  1. Attic (ceiling hatch): Lauren & Charlotte

Nude couple posing for Charlotte, hidden grinding

  1. Living room (Ran dream on the couch)

Ran “So, what do you say?”

  •  “I’m in.” [ep2up2_ran_imin] ֍֍
  •  “I’m out.” [ep2up2_ran_imout]
  1. Sophie & Chloes room (top floor back right)

Sophie “It’s a bit late for this whole master-slave thing, don’t you think?”

  • “I think it’s the right time.” [ep2up2sop_m_mayright] ֍֍

MC “Let’s have some fun then.”

    • “Fuck her pussy.” [ep2up2sop_m_fckpussy] ֍

Sex next to sleeping Chloe

    • “Fuck her mouth.” [ep2up2sop_m_fckmouth] ֍

Blowjob next to sleeping Chloe

  •  “You may be right.” [ep2up2sop_m_mayright]
  1. End the day by sleeping in your room

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