Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide

Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Prologue – Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide

Intro – castle scene:

1 Talking with Morgana:

Choosing ‘Comfort her’ option gives you +1 Love

Choosing ‘Hold her’ option gives you +1 Lust

2 Talking with Morgana:

Complimenting her powers gives you +1 Love

3 Talking with Liliana:

If you look into the room, you will unlock the next option that will give you points:

Complimenting her will give you +1 Love and + 1 Lust

Making a vow to protect her will give you + 1 Love

Being more intimate with her will give you +1 Lust

Camp scene with Dhara and Karina:

Choosing to search for a clue will make the difference between life and death when you encounter the assassin.

Morgana’s choices – Sanctuary scene:

Choosing for Morgana to end his life will give you only +1 Lust


Choosing Morgana to ‘play’ a bit with her prey will give you +1 Lust and +1 Corruption

MC’s Bedroom – After resurrection:

Choosing to ‘Try to calm her but also remind her about your duties’ will give you +1 Love points OR

Choosing to ‘Try to calm her and assure her that it will never happen again.’ will give you +2 Love points OR

Choosing to ‘Refuse this emotional nonsense and share your vision of what a leader is.’ will give you +2 Leader points

MC’s Bedroom – Nip slip scene:

Choosing to tell her that her breast is visible will give you +1 Love point but will prevent you from triggering bonus content.


Choosing to ‘” I like the view, and I do deserve something beautiful to look at.”’ will give you +1 Seducer points and bonus content will be available to be triggered.

MC’s Bedroom – Nip slip scene, bonus content – Morgana’s approach:

Choosing ‘Enough is enough…’ will end the scene, with Morgana leaving the room.


Choosing ‘It is wrong, but It feels good to push beyond moral order.’ Will give you +2 Lust points and it will mark the beginning of her corruption.

Morgana’s bedroom – Kings visit:

When the king will visit her, if you choose to for her to have sex with him, she will have a fantasy involving her and the MC and it will give you a boost of +5 Lust points.

MC’s bedroom – Morrigan’s visit – part I

Choosing the ‘If you want to play it this way…’ option will give you +1 Love point.

Lake scene – Morrigan and MC setting camp:

While submerged into the lake, if you choose the option ‘Let’s see what you are bragging about.’ option, you will take a look at her ass.

When you find the ring at the bottom the lake, you will have to take it with you in order to prevail in the next encounter.

Lake scene – MC and Anete on the pontoon:

Choosing to slowly move your hand on her thigh, it will trigger the option to have a relationship with her.

Not choosing to do so, it will prevent you from triggering certain scenes/option but up until a point in the game, you will still have time to reconsider your decision.

Lake scene – The witch spell:

Choosing not to follow your anger will enable you to continue the adventure and not committing a tragedy.

Lake scene – The witch encounter:

If you choose to take the ring, it will be used to weaken the witch and therefore you can kill her.

MC Bedroom – Ava visit scene:

At the first set of options, you can choose anything as there isn’t any penalty or gain to it. It’s only meant to shape your connection to her

At the second set of options if you let her play her game, you will unlock a bonus scene.

MC Bedroom – Morrigan’s visit – part II

When she notices that you are looking at her, if you choose to compliment her, you will get +2 Seducer points.

When Morrigan will ask about Ava:

If you give in, you will get +1 Love points.


If you resist, you will get +2 Lust points

MC Bedroom – Morgana tease:

IF Morgana has at least 3 Lust points she will peak through the door at the MC while he is naked, further embracing her lust.

When Morgana confronts you about her worries, you can pick any choice.

IF Morgana has at least 3 Lust points after she notices that you are looking at her panties, she will give you a better view.

IF Morgana has at least 3 Lust points will unlock a more intimate scene with the MC and her, before she leaves.

Note: I can only pray that you have those 3 points.

Morrigan VS Ava – Morrigan’s path:

Here you can choose if Morrigan will spare Ava or not.


All I can say, without giving much spoiler is that the outcome of your decisions, will later reflect on the MC, later in the game.

At the end of the scene, you can choose any option you will like. There is no penalty or gain after this. It is only a statement that you are going to make to her.

Anete and Lilith – After Anete has recovered:

After Anete has been interrogated by Lilith, you can choose if Lilith will finish interacting with her or if she will take advantage by Anete’s condition.

Frozen Lake Trials – Temur and MC:

After you set up camp, you will have a scene where you and Temür will talk. At some point he will ask

you about your grief and it’s up to you if you will open up to him or not.

What you choose may influence the future interactions with him.

Frozen Lake Trials – Surviving:

For passing the trials you will need to choose leave your past behind and change you perception. To do that you will need to choose the following combo:

You will need to pick up the sword. Otherwise you will proceed to your failure.

First trial – Destroy the right mirror.

Second trial – Destroy the left mirror.

Third trial – Destroy the left mirror.

Fourth trial – Question you father motives.

If you chose the right actions, you will reject the wrath and you will save Temür

Note: It would be a good idea to explore the other path, where you fail. There you will see who is behind the mist and also you will learn about a champion that will rise in the aftermath of your decisions. The fastest way is to leave the sword at the beginning of the trials.

Liliana’s Room – The riddle:

You can type any of the following words: ‘A piano’, ‘A Piano’ or ‘a piano’ .

Liliana’s Room – The massage:

Giving a massage to Liliana will grant you +1 Love and +1 Lust points

Gate scene – Alissian troops conflict

When stopped by the Alissian soldiers you have two options:

Choosing “Remain calm and try to solve this problem in a diplomatic way.” will give you + 2 Leadership points

Choosing to “Make an example out of him.” will give you + 4 Warrior points.

Jousting grounds – Liliana offended by Gunther:

Choosing one of the following options will shape how Liliana thinks of you. It doesn’t come with a penalty.

Choosing to “Leave with Liliana” will give you +4 Love points and you will go on a route that she will open up to you and share her views on the relation and will talk about Morrigan.

Choosing to “Confront Gunther” will give you +4 Lust points and it will also lead to a different route. A route where you can wipe Gunther’s smile out of his face.


1) There is a warning I would like to give you. In this update you will have the chance to forge a relationship with Liliana. There will be another chance later on in the game. If not, you will lose her as a romantic option and the consequences are yours to take.

The option to reject the relationship with her is to not meet the requirements (at least 3 Lust points and 1 Love point)

2) In this update, there is also a route that will be unlocked when you meet the points requirements mentioned above.

3) If you don’t think you have enough lust points, I would recommend to choose the <Confront Gunther> option.

Liliana Bedroom scene – Flashbacks + bonus route

As mentioned in the notes from above, if you have +3 Lust points and 1 Love points, she will decide to fight for what she believes in and she will start a ‘dance’ of seduction with you.

Morgana’s vision:

Morgana will have to choose between accepting who she really is and what her desires are, or pledge into a life of denial and discipline.

If you choose for Morgana to give in to her desires, you will be able to continue the romantic route. In chapter one, you will be able to continue romancing her, by different methods.

Choosing for Morgana to resist will forfeit any possible romantic route and she will take the role as your mentor/guardian and any lewd or inappropriate suggestions, will be meet with denial.

What you will choose will be irreversible.

Also, as a side note, for those who worry, you will able to have a harem route with all of them or you can choose only one. There will be no penalty for the harem route if the right combination of points will be used.

Gunther’s faith:

Here you can choose to kill him or to send him into exile. Killing him… well he bites the dust but instead if you decide to spare his life, you are going to meet him later in the story.

Bedroom meeting with Morgana:

If you chose that Morgana should embrace her desires, you will get the option to kiss her, and also, you get +10 Lust points if you do that.

On the other hand, if you chose her not to embrace her true nature, you will not get the opportunity to kiss her.

Father’s fate:

At this point, you will be prompted with the option to kill him or not. Intentionally I haven’t rewarded any option with points, because I don’t want to influence the selection. I don’t want to define what is good or wrong in this case. It will be something that you will have the freedom to do, without knowing the consequences.

The outcome of the duel will be the same but who does the killing differ.

Chapter I – Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide

Father’s funeral:

– At the funeral you can decide on your own if you are going to cherish your father’s memory or you are going to focus on the future, in your speech. There is nothing to gain or to lose. There is only your conscience.

Rose crossroad:

– At this point if you will choose the help her you are going to have an unpleasant surprise at the end of the game. I will specify it at that point what that will be. My suggestion is not to take her along with you.

The Alissian camp:

– At the first menu, if you choose to eavesdrop you will see scenes that are otherwise locked for the other option, and also you will find new information.

– Second menu, where you will have to choose between what scenario you are going to use to deceive the guards with, you will have to choose the ‘army approaching’ version. Otherwise, it will result in your death.

The crossroad for Lilith.

As I mentioned in the case of the little girl, there are consequences for your actions. So, letting the girl in the castle will reveal that she is a daemon which it’s the main purpose is to hunt down and kill Lilith.

By getting to Lilith it will severely wound her, which will lead to the death of her host, the maid.

As a small spoiler, Lilith won’t die, due to the demon-girl own pride of not finishing the job and instead of letting her bleed to death. But her current host, the help/maid will be an important character for players to romance, a character that will be available only if Lilith is not wounded.

Checking if Liliana is safe:

If the MC has spent the night with Liliana in the handjob scene, she will let him in.

Lilith resurrection:

At this point, the most important thing to remember is that if the MC lets the demon inside the castle, the body that Lilith possessed, will be damage to the point of no return. This action will not reflect on the Lilith outcome but after Lilith’s resurrection, Cossette will die which will make her unavailable in the future.

Mother scene:

If Morgana gave in to Lilith at the theater/ballet scene, and if you have at least 10 Lust points, you will be able to unlock foreplay, footjob, and handjob scenes. Also following this route will give +4 Lust points

1.5 update – Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide

After Morrigan briefs about the outcome of her journey, you will have two choices.

1) Punish her for all her wrongful doings. This route will unlock options laters.

2) Understand her motives. You will continue the relationship with her, as it was before.

In the dungeon – If you chose to punish her

Two options are available:

1) Make her your whore, which means she will do any of your bidding. In the future this will not involve sharing (NTR) but a route where you dominate her into submission.

2) Make her your plaything. This route will open the sharing routes (NTR) in the future.

Meeting with Darya in the barn

If you chose to have a threesome with her and Morgana in the tent, before the battle, the option to have sex with her, will be displayed. In the future, this will open the route, for Morgana to use Darya as her plaything as well (lesbian route) and she will also continue to be part in the threesomes.

If you choose not to have sex with Darya, nothing will change. She will be part of the threesomes in the futures.

If you haven’t had a romantic relation with her, these options will be skipped.

Joining Lilith in the pond:

If you join her, you will have the option, at some point, to accept Lilith’s gift.

Accepting Lilith’s gift:

This is the only opportunity you will get to unlock the companion that Lilith is offering you. So, no turning back.

If you don’t want to go to her in the pond, you will lose the opportunity to get the companion and the route will continues as if nothing has happened.

1.6 update – Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide

Lilith or Cristina’s path choice:

This is a milestone as the choices you are making will impact the rest of the game. There will be no undone and the feature you choose will stick to you until the end.

Choosing Lilith’s path will let an entity possess you which will be present until the end. It will be your companion that will influence some paths, later in-game and will lean towards a more brutal/warlord type of gameplay.

On the other hand, choosing Cristina’s path will also influence some decision later in-game but will offer the option for a more chivalry type of gameplay, when the times requires it.

The choice itself should not be considered a one between god or evil. Instead it should be considered as a choice on how you want the main character to be built and leave his legacy on the realm.

Morrigan sex scene:

The first part of the interaction with her will be influenced by the choices you made regarding Lilith and Cristina. There will be no penalty or gain for either of the choices you’ve made.

The sex animation will automatically be triggered if you have at least 6 Love points.

Karina encounter:

In this milestone, a part of the plot is revealed, and the encounter will have be handled differently, according to what path you chose, previously.

Chapter II – Vis Game Walkthrough & Guide

Morgana duality

According to the choices you made before regarding Morgana’s faith, you will be redirected either to the dungeon (for the whore path) or to another secluded location where you two can spend some quality time together.

The pirate meeting.

At this point, you are going to meet the pirate, and you are greeted by Ezmeralda. You will start hatching a new plan for getting both sides rich. There is a scene where you can take a sneak peek at her ass, but it will be more like a teasing between you two and it will not mark the beginning of anything. Yet, a future romantic route is possible with her so have a taste of it

Liliana meeting.

You are going to meet with Liliana in a market alley. From here if you have Love points higher or equal to 10 you are going to trigger a sex scene with her .

Morrigan meeting you in the same alley.

Following your meet-up, if you have lust points higher than 10 or equal to that, she will give you a small ‘preview’ of her ass.

The Penelope scene:

While passing through the hallway, on your way to the meeting, you will pass Penelope’s room door. Here you can choose to peak or not .

If you speak, you can choose to let the bodyguard stay or send her away. If the bodyguard stays, she will offer you a hand job while you look at Penelope masturbates… in a unique way. If the bodyguard doesn’t stay, you will only get the Penelope scene.

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