Reunion Walkthrough & Guide

Reunion Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Reunion Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

DAY 1 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. Choose one:

A) Just shut the fuck up. [LindaSb+1]

B) Stay quiet.

2. Choose one:

A) Jennifer… [JennLv+1] [JennRp+1]

B) The hell you want from me.[JennRp+1]

3. Choose one:

A) You have to be joking![NicoleSb+1]

B) Stop defending her.[NicoleLv+1] [NicoleRp+1]

4. Choose one:

A) I would love to stay with you, but I’m…[LisaLv+1] [LisaRp+1]

B) I don’t think it’s a good idea.[LisaLv- 1] [LisaRp- 1]

C) Leave me alone.{GAME OVER}

Hotel Lobby

5. Agree.

Hotel Bar

Saving here is recommended.

6. Choose one:

A) I think you’ve had too much to drink…{Go to Day 2 Office}

B) I don’t normally do this but you’re…[KellyRp+1]

7. Sex scene. (Your Choices)

Note: “Cream Pie” = [KellyCreampie+1]

DAY 2 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide

Kelly Morning

1. Make sure she won’t forget you.

2. Sex Scene. (Your Choices)

Note: “Cream Pie” = [KellyCreampie+1]


3. Choose one:

A) Let Sandra reply.[SandraLv+1] [SandraRp+1]

B) Reply yourself.[LindaSb+1]

4. Choose one:

A) Move closer to her.[LindaSb+1]

B) Push her away.[LindaRp+1]


5. Choose one:

A) Cuddle her tenderly.[JennLv+1] [JennRp+1]

B) Tell her everything is ok.[JennRp+1]

C) Fine.

6. I could eat something.[JennLv+1] [JennRp+1] [JDinnerDay2]


7. It was really delicious.[JennLv+1] [JennRp+1]

8. Sure.[Lisalv+1] [LisaRp+1]

Lisa’s Room

9. Choose All.

10. Choose All.

11. Choose one:

A) It’s a great idea.[LisaLv+1] [LisaRp+1]

B) You shouldn’t do it.

DAY 3 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. Choose one:

A) Do you know what time it is? [ClaraSb+1] [ClaraLate]

B) Can I do something for you?

Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [ClaraLate], if NOT [ClaraRp+1] by default.

2. Choose one:

A) You’re useless. [ClaraSb+1] [ClaraUseless]

B) I don’t know. [ClaraRp+1]

3. So, what do you suggest I do? [SandraLv+1] [SandraRp+1]

4. I’m fine with it. [SandraLv+1] [SandraRp+1]

Note: #5 is only for those who obtained [ClaraUseless].

5. Choose one:

A) Are you kidding me? [ClaraSb+1]

B) This is the last warning.


6. Compliment her. [LisaLv+1] [LisaRp+1]


7. Choose All.

8. Choose All.

9. Choose one:

A) Let her hold your hand. [LisaLv+1] [LisaRp+1]

Note: A will only show its [LisaLv] >= 5.

B) Take your hand away.


10. I see something is bothering you. [SandraLv+1] [SandraRp+1]

11. Choose one:

A) Go out to dinner with her tonight. [SandraLv+1] [SandraRp+1] [SDinDay3]

B) Tell her this is not a good idea. [SandraLv- 100] [SandraNoLove]


  1. Yes, I remember you.

We went to the same…[EmilyLv+1] [EmilyRp+1]

➢ You’ve grown into a beautiful woman. [EmilyLv+1]

Sandra Dinner

13. Choose All.

14. Choose one:


Note: A will only show if [SandraLv] >= 3.

B) Hug her.

DAY 4 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. Choose All.

2. Choose All.


Note: #3 is only for those who obtained [ClaraSb] >= 3.

3. Choose one:

A) Slap Clara. [ClaraSb+2] [ClaraSlap]

B) If you fail me one more time, I will… [ClaraSb+1]


4. Sex Scene (Your Choices) (If you choose Masturbate you will obtain [LisaMasturbate]

5. Choose All.

6. Ask Mary how she is doing.

7. Ask Mary about Khloe.

8. Call Khloe now.


Note: #9 is only for those who obtained [EmilyLv] >= 2.

9. Could you hold that for me?

➢ Ask her for a drink. [EmilyLv+1] [EmilyRp+1] [EmilyDrink]


Note: #10 is only for those who obtained [ClaraSb] >= 5, if NOT [ClaraSb+1] by default.

10. Choose one:

A) Punish her. [ClaraSb+3]

B) Warn her. [ClaraSb+1]

11. Offer her the job. [HolyLv+1] [HolyRp+1] [HolyHired]


12. Stay and watch.

➢ Masturbate.


13. Actually, it’s a good idea.

DAY 5 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. Facial (Your Choice)


2. Choose one:

A) Haha. What a stupid bitch. [NicoleSb+1]

B) Damn… How can you be so naïve? [NicoleLv+1]


3. Choose one:

A) Bribe her. [KeiraSb+1] [KeiraRelat] [KeiraBlkMail]

B) Apologize and leave.


4. Choose one:

A) No problem. [NicoleLv+1]

B) What do you want from me? [NicoleSb+1]


5. Choose one:

A) Please, call me John. [IsabellaLv+1] [IsaCallMeJohn]

B) Say nothing.


Note: #6 is only for those who obtained [ClaraSb] >= 5.

6. Humiliate her more. [ClaraSb+2]


7. Choose one:

A) Help her. [NicoleLv+2] [NicoleHelped]

B) Corrupt her. [NicoleSb+2]


8. Let her sit on you lap. [LisaLv+1]

[LisaLv+1] [AmyHelp]


10. Choose one:

[BeckyLv+2] [BeckyRp+2] [D5BeckSex] [BeckyRp+1]


11. Compliment her.

12. I have something for you.

13. Kiss her back.

14. I don’t want to hurt Sandra.

DAY 6 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. Five more minutes. (Your Choice)

2. Choose one:

A) Yes, I feel that too.[SandEmilyHarem]

B) You love me?[SandraNoLoveEmily]

3. Choose one:

A) Pick up the phone.[LindaRp+2] [LindaSb+2] [LindaHelp]

B) Ignore Linda.

4. Choose All (Including Sub-Choices)


5. Choose one:

A) Ask Mary to access Karen’s phone and…[NicolePics]

B) Don’t ask Mary to access Karen’s phone…


6. Compliment her.[JennLv+1] [JennRp+1]

7. Tell her you liked the meal.[JennLv+1] [JennRp+1]

8. Sure.[JennLv+1] [JenniferKiss]

9. Let her kiss you.[JennLv+1]


10. Compliment her.[LisaLv+1]

11. Choose one:

A) Consider becoming part of our…[LisaLv+1] [LisaRp+1] [LisaProp]

B) I can’t leave Khloe and Mary.[LisaLv-20] [LisaRp-20]

12. Choose one:

A) React.

• Don’t agree.

• Agree.

C) Don’t react.

[AmyRp+1] [RachRp+1]

[AmyLv+2] [RachLv+2] [AmyRp+1] [RachRp+1] [AmyRachDate]

DAY 7 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. I need a drink. [KhloeLv+1] [KhloeDrink]

2. Choose All.


3. Yes, much better. (Your Choice)


4. Choose All.


5. Choose All.

Party Invitation

6. Choose one:

A) Accept the invitation. [LisaInvitation]

B) Decline the invitation.


7. Compliment her. [JennLv+1]

8. Tell them the whole truth. [JennLv+1] [LisaLv+1] [NicoleLv+1] [LindaSb+2] [TruthLinda]

9. Tell them the whole truth. [JennLv+1] [LisaLv+1] [NicoleLv+1] [LindaSb+1] [TruthLetters]

10. Agree. [JennLv+1] [LisaLv+1] [NicoleLv+1] [LindaSb+1] [HelpLinda]


Note: #11-13 are only for those who obtained [NicoleHelped].

11. You’re my little Nicole. [NicoleLv+1]

12. Because I’d do anything for you. [NicoleLv+2]

13. Be my little Nicole again. [NicoleLv+1]


Note: #14 is only for those who obtained [Ksex].

14. That would be great. [KellyLv+2] [KellyVisit]

Khloe Sex

15. Your Choices. (If you choose “Cream Pie her then [KhloeCreampie+1])

DAY 8 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. Choose All.


2. I love you. [KhloeLv+1] [MaryLv+1]

3. Choose All.

Note: You will obtain [JillEnabled] by default.


4. The Company.

5. Promotions.

• Sandra. [SandraLv+1] [SandraPromo]

• Holly. [HollyLv+1] [HollyPromo]

• Isabella. [IsabellaLv+1] [IsabellaPromo]

Amy New Job

6. Offer her a new job. [AmyLv+1]

7. I hired a nurse for your grandmother. [AmyLv+2]

8. Please call me (John) [MC]. [AmyLv+1] [AmyCallJohn(MC)]


Note: #9-11 are only for those who obtained [KieraBlackmail].

9. Yes please.

10. Fuck her.

11. Your Choices. (If you choose “Cream Pie her then [KieraCreampie+1]) [KieraSex]

Note: If you obtained [KieraBlackmail], then you will obtain [MeganEnabled].

12. Wait. [ChktheBuilding]


Note: #13-14 are only for those who did NOT obtain [NicoleHelped].

13. Retort.

14. Humiliate her more.

Note: You will obtain [JessicEnabled] by default.



DAY 9 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. Your Choice of Cumshot.

Note: Creampie = [KhloeCreampie+1]


Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [NicoleHelped].

2. Choose one:

A) Jennifer the truth. [JenniferNicoleSisters]

B) Ignore Jennifer.


3. Compliment her. [MaryLv+1]

4. Tell her what happened last night. [MaryLv+1]

5. Follow Mary. (Your Choice)


Note: #6 is only for those who obtained [NicoleHelped].

6. Get annoyed. (Your Choice)


7. Embrace the other girl. [MaryLv+3]


8. You look beautiful. [SandraLv+1]

9. Embrace her. [SandraLv+1]

Day 9 Epilogue Part 1

10. Your Choices. (No meaning full variables)

Day 9 Epilogue Part 2

11. Karen and Jessica.

• Get your revenge on Karen.

• End Karen’s case once and for all.

• Get your revenge on Karen and …

12. Clara.

• Play her game.

• Fire her.

13. Kiera.


14. Where are we going?

15. Your choices.

Note: Creampie = [MadisonCreampie+1]

DAY 10 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide


1. I would love for you to stay… [LisaLv+1]


2. If you really want to. [JenniferLv+1]

3. You will meet someone who will take… [JenniferLv+1]

4. I would say it was beautiful. [JenniferLv+1]


5. Choose all.


6. Mary will like you. [LisaLv+1]


7. Offer to help her. [JenniferLv+1]

8. Are you okay? [JenniferLv+1] [LisaLv+1]

9. Choose both.


10. Choose one:

A) Promise her you’ll try to help her. [BeckyLv+1] [BeckyCreampie+1] [BeckyHired+1]

B) Tell her you don’t do things like…


Note: #11-12 are only for those who obtained [KieraSex].

11. I’m sorry. [JenniferLv+1] [MaryLv+3] [LisaLv+1]

12. Choose both.

Day 10 Epilogue

13. Let her continue. (Your choice)

DAY 11 – Reunion Walkthrough & Guide

1. Your choices based on previous decsions. (Choose Whatever)


Note: If you obtained [ClaraFireHer], then [ClaraFire].

Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [ClaraPlayHerGame].

2. Choose one:

A) Call the police. [ClaraFire]

B) Spank her.

• Let her go. [ClaraSb+1]

• Humiliate her more.

o Your choice. [ClaraSb+3]


Note: #3 is only for those who obtained [LisaMasturbate].

3. Yes. (Your Choices)


4. Choose one:

A) Sure, why not. [VeronicaLv+1] [VeronicaHarem]

B) Maybe some other time.


Note: #4-5 are only for those who obtained [KarenMeganRevenge].

5. Choose one:

A) Give them to me.[JessicaSb+1]

B) Throw them away.

6. Choose one:

A) Not yet.[JessicaSb+2]

B) Yes.

Note: #7 is only for those who obtained [KarenRevenge].

7. Choose One:

A) Show her that you care about her. [EmilyLv+2] [EmilyCreampie+1] [EmilyHarem]

B) Tel her to calm down.


8. Choose one:

A) Of course.

• I will do what I can to protect you.[SandraLv+1]

o Rent a hotel room.[SandraLv+1] [SandraRentHotelroom]

B) I’m very busy right now.


9. Choose one:

A) I’m speechless.[VeronicaLv+1]

B) What would you like …

10. Choose one:

A) Tell her the truth.[VeronicaLv+1]

• Tell her about open …[VeronicaLv+2]

B) Tell her you don’t want to talk …

Note: #11 is only for those who did NOT obtain [NicoleHelped].

11. Choose one:

A) Ignore what she said.

B) Give her a lesson.[NicoleSb+1]

12. You Choices.

13. Choose one:

A) I’m tired and I need some sleep.[JenniferLv-2]

B) I always have time for you.

• She is beautiful …[JenniferLv+1]

o Give me her number.[JenniferLv+1] [JillLv+1] [JillDating]

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