Artemis Walkthrough

Artemis Walkthrough

Welcome to Artemis Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

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Chapter 1 – Artemis Walkthrough

Cassie and Therapy

Yes, honey?

• “Emotional” Cassie+5, [ch1_cassielove], (small scene changes, she as some regrets)

• “Joke”

Do I really want to recall every detail…

• “Not really…” skip scene

• “… I guess” [ch1_cassie_fbsex] & full sex scene with Cassie


• “Be calm” [ch1_therapycalm], DrK+2

• “Let it out” [ch1_therapylashed], DrK+4

• “Apologize for tone” ProfDrK- 1, DrK+1

• “Sit back down”

Are you finished?

• “Tease” ProfDrK-2

• “Let her finish”

Welp! I’ve got a full day ahead of me!

• “Ask to hug” ProfDrK-5

• “Don’t push your luck”

Put your cock away and get the hell out! I’ve got actual paying tenants waiting to move in.

• “Fuck this guy” [ch1_defiledoldapt]

◦ DrK short hot scene

◦ Cassie short hot scene

• “Leave peacefully”

Junes Bar

Except for when the 5 o’clock rush hour hits. All those sleazy suits pour in, thinking they’re hot shit. That’s the worst

• “Compliment” June+1

• “Joke” June+3

Sorry, hold on.

• “Look closer”

• “Forget about it”

Note: You can only tip June OR pay Kindras bill in full, not both. Tipping June has better effects via tags. Cash won’t be tight after this anymore…

Hilarious, June… just like your tips for the rest of the evening.

• “Leave a $5 tip” June+2, [ch1_tippedjune], [ch1_leftjunetip], Cash-5,

• “Actually, I should save it”

Meeting Kindra by ‘accident’

I was gonna say, haha!

• “Sneak a peek”

• “I’d better not”

The bill comes to $16 in total. I’ve got $x left.

• “Pay the whole bill” [ch1_pizzawholetab], Kindra+3, Cash- 16

• “Offer to split” Cash-8

(I’ve got $x left right now)

• “Leave a $5 tip” Kindra-2, Cash-5, [ch1_tippedex]

• “Maybe not”

Kindras Loft

How can you maximize profits, thinking that way?!

• “Play along” Kindra+2

• “Uhm…”

Freeroam Kindras Loft

Main Area


Kindras Hat


Turntable (option to listen to her music)

Laptop (with Kindras SDCard 2)


• “She’s bluffing” [ch1_kindra_shower] (rec, multiple pos effects all over)

• “I’d better not”


Vanity with SDCard 1 and Paper with Mask Design


• “Call it a night?” End freeroam

• “Maybe in a bit.”

After Kinras shower


• “Indulge her…” fun

• “…” (rec: nice, longer bounding scene)

Nighttime fantasy

Choose June -> sex scene & if tipped eariler [ch1_june_dd_complete]

Choose Kindra -> sex scene

(Actually… it’s been a while since I worked on my app, and who knows how much work needs to be done on it…)

• “Research company” [ch1_studyiv] (yields points at interview later +5 and+3)

• “Work on LiDAR” (can later present beta project, but only single extra point)

Sparring with mom

And again… what do we do?

• “Get back up?”

• “Call mom?”


1st action

• “Go defense” mom1v1+1

• “Go offense”

• “Anticipate”


• “Go defense” mom1v1+1

• “Go offense”

• “Anticipate”


• “Go defense”

• “Go offense” mom1v1+1

• “Anticipate”


• “Go defense”

• “Go offense” mom1v1- 1

• “Anticipate” mom1v1+1

Gain [perk_technowarrior] if all correct, basically better fighter & reflexes, positive effect on multiple scenes

Evening with Kindra

Do you have any questions?

• “Be cordial” Reina+1

• “Prototype?” Reina+2 (req: [ch1_studyiv] = False)

• “Nope!”

( Kindra hot choc)

You can have a sip of mine.

• “Sure” Kindra+1

• “I’m good”

I understand…

• “Hug her”

• “Reassure her”


• “That sucks…”

• “Dream spot?” Kindra+1

Chothes shopping

Which one should I go with?

• “Safe choice” [ch1_outfit_pro]

• “Flashy choice” [ch1_outfit_pers]

• “Kindra’s choice” [ch1_outfit_both], Kindra+1

And here of all places. You could’ve fooled me that this place was within your budget.

• “Let Kindra handle it” [ch1_kincasfight], Kindra+2

• “Just walk away…” ProfDrK-2, DrK+1

◦ “You scare me sometimes…”

◦ “New Kindra”

INK Hazing

You must be her special fix.

• “Flirt” Katy+3, [ch1_katy_flirt]

◦ “Help out?”

▪ “Thrusting” sex scene, [ch1INK_zhjb], [ch1_zoepg], [ch1_zoepghj]

▪ “Invade her space.” Zoe+3, sex scene,

• “Facial” [ch1INK_zbjb], [ch1_zoepg], [ch1_zoepgbj]

• “Mouth” [ch1_zoepg], [ch1_zoepgbj], [ch1INK_zbjb]

◦ “Thanks”

“Be cordial” (less points now, but can get +2 LPJun extra in ch3 if chosen)

“Decline Katy’s offer” [ch1_declinedfluffing]

“Get fluffed” differend sex scene depending on whether June was tipped [ch1_katypg] “Cum” only if june wasn’t tipped [ch1_katy_pgSumata], [ch1INK_kftg] (ch2) “Cum inside” Katy+1, only if June tipped earlier [katy_pgdoggy], [ch1INK_kdgy] (ch2) “Pull out” only if June was tipped earlier [ch1INK_kdgy], [katy_pgdoggy]

Freeroam at INK

Floor 4



Junes room

Clickables are Mirror (SDCard lower edge) and Desk

Katies room

When entering the first time (and ONLY then), you can grab Katy SDCard 1 on the table to her right during her intro dialogue line “For what, silly?”

(Note: choices only if you got fluffed by Katy, not Zoe)

For what, silly?

• “Wanna go again?”

• “Oh yeah…”

Stop being silly… I know you read them too…

• “Alright…”

• “Can’t read…”

What’s up? (topics not mutually exclusive)

• “Where’s Paige?” [ch1_wmpchat_paige]

• “School” [ch1_wmpkatchat_major]

• “Free time” [ch1_wmpkatchat_freetime]

◦ “I’ll go with you”

◦ “Maybe they’re right…”

• “Bye”


Photos on the wall for [ch1_wmp_katrm_photos] (for extra relationship point in ch4) View outside

Paiges room

locked until you talked to Paige in the basement, after basement:

…stupid itchy suit…

• “Help her” [ch1_wmp_paigechange], Paige+1

• “Maybe not”

only if you helped her change

(She’s gonna have a rough morning tomorrow…)

• “Look closer.” [ch1_wmp_paigelooked]

• “Better not.”


Dresser: Photo, New birth control, old coffee

-> throw away the old coffee to find Paiges SDCard 1 below

Floor 3


meet Zelda and Zoe bathing in the tub. If you have the techwarrior perk, you can catch Zelda when she’s falling. In any case, Zelda’s room is now unlocked

Zeldas Room

Table with Lady Justice Statue

Talk with Zelda

I apologize if I came off as impertinent earlier.

• “All good”

• “Apologize” Zelda+1

(multiple talking points)

• “Where’s Paige?” (greyed out if you already asked someone)

• “Your hair”

◦ “Compliment” Zelda+2

◦ “Joke” Zelda+1, (if skin asked first: zel_strbrytgr, no effect in ch1-ch3)

• “Skin” (ask first to get more info/extra tag on hair question)

Zoes room

closed (she stays in the jacuzzi)

Naomis room

(This is gonna be interesting…)

• “Go defense” Naomi+1

• “Go offense”

(This attack doesn’t feel right…)

• “Go defense”

• “Go offense” Naomi+1

(Here goes nothing…)

• “Surprise attack”

• “Feint Attack/Defense” Naomi+1, [ch1_naomilost]

• “Secret move” (req: Techwarrior perk) [ch1_naomilost], [ch1_spankednaomi] (spanked is referenced later, but no strong effect ch1-ch3)

Talking with Naomi:

Just know the world is full offucked up people…

• “Joke”

• “Reassure” Naomi+2


Boxing Dummy

Paper Target

Thanks. That’s from when my uncle took me shooting for the first time. I was 13.

• “Joke”

• “Applaud”

Table: SDCard next to safe, Badge, Beretta

Floor 2

Destiny’s Room


Dorm Room




(Should I pet him?)

• “Pet” [ch1_wmp_ink_jefepet]

• “Leave him be”

Floor 1


• “Leave” (only leave after meeting paige & girls)

• “Stay a bit longer”



Indoor Pool

(talk with Destiny)



Talk with Paige

I mean, except it’s pussy! I don’t have a dick, I swear! Haha!

• “Go down on her” [ch1_paigeoralyes] (no effect ch1-ch3)

• “You’re drunk…” Paige+2

(jumps automatically to Paiges room on Floor 4, see there for further options)

Return to basement for a flashback to Jenifers BJ earlier

Job Interview


• “Check her out” [ch1_checkedoutlilly]

• “I’d better not…”

Is there anything I can get you, while you wait?

• “Flirt”

◦ “Your smile”

◦ “Your number”

◦ “You?” (best reaction but no perm. effects)

• “Nevermind”

During the interview:

Find Reinas SDCard 1 on the table next to her papers

if you studied the company ([ch1_studyiv]), get Reina+5 and Paige+3

Meeting Dr. Karahadian

Find her SDCard 1 in her handbag

Kindra, next morning

Oh, she’s listening to her music.

• “Scare her” [ch1_scaredkin] (some small but fun dialog changes later)

• “I’d better not”

Don’t play dumb, you know what.

• “Call her bluff”

◦ “Hold out”

▪ “Hold out”

▪ “Give in”

◦ “Give in”

• “Give in”

Pretty cool, huh!

• “Joke”

• “Yeah”

Brunch with Paige

…And deal with whatever torture I put you through…

• “Joke” Paige+1

• “It’s fine…”

…I’m not sure if that’s your thing.

• “Joke” Paige+1

• “Maybe…”

So I got real lucky on that one…

• “DJ KinK”

• “Who did you book?”

Haha… Robert…

• “I like him”

• “He’s a bit much…”

(both questions can be asked)

I know someone exactly like that…

• “Ask about her”

◦ “Yes (lie)” Paige+1

◦ “Yes”

• “Ask about profession”

Aiden, what did she say?

• “Leave”

• “Excuse yourself”

Memory of Koko (10 years ago)

when Kindra talks to Aidens mom and gets the soldering iron, during the line:

Thank you, Ava -> find Kinras SDCard 3 (next to her hand)

Chapter 2 – Artemis Walkthrough

Nicolas and Cassandra

Easy to miss: When their they talk, during the dialogue line Cassandra, please, just let m- you see Vanessa (short-haired secretary). In that scene, on the shelf, you can pic up Cassandras SDCard 1

Reina and Paige talk in the office

while they are talking to Kathy, you can grab Reinas SDCard 2 from the table (on the right edge)

Kindra Workshop

…I just have so many questions. (can ask all)

• “Parents”

• “Artemis”

…That’s when they had their accident.

• “Apologize” Kindra+1

• “Say nothing”

• “Workshop”

Can you hand me the small wrench next to you?

• “This one?”

• “This 3/8?” Kindra+1

• “This 3/4?”

• “This 19?”

• “This 10?” Kindra+2, [ch2_metricsys] (no effect ch1-ch3)

• “Career”

I’ll still find a way to finish her.


• “Hold her” Kindra+1, [ch2_huggedkind] (no effect ch1-ch3)

• “Console her”

Kindra (after Cassie Interlude)

Look! Nothing there!

• “Glance”

• “Don’t look”

So… no, I have no secret agenda.

• “Flirty response” Kindra+1, [ch2_kinmoment] (very important for romance in ch3)

• “Funny response” Kindra+1

(Check her out?)

• “Glance” [ch2_kincheckout] (small extra dialog), Kindras SDCard 4 (lower left of screen)

• “Nah…”

Aidans Interview escape

Does it mean you’re in talks with TWRR?

• “Dodge question” [ch2_dodgedquestion] (adds a reference line in ch3 so far)

• “Retort”

Talk with June


• “Sincere apology” June+2

• “Explain yourself” June+1

I’m sorry for coming on strong like that…

• “It’s okay”

• “Say nothing”

June bug just wants to be your fwend…

• “Lean closer” June+1

• “I shouldn’t…”

Dr. Karahadian House & Park

Please, come in.

• “Check her out” ProfDrK-2, [ch2_checkedoutdk] (no effect yet)

• “Nevermind”

Very few people come by this early, so it sometimes feels like my own private garden. *Chuckle*

• “Cordial” DrK+2

• “Flirt” ProfDrK- 1, DrK+1


• “Compliment” DrK+1

• “I really don’t know…”

Haha, alright… alright… (all topics can be discussed)

• “Kindra”

• “June”

• “INK”

Uh, well…

• “The whole nine inches” ProfDrK- 1, [ch2_dkhazing] (no effect yet)

Basically, my job was to try my best and be the last to…

• “Cum” ProfDrK- 1

• “‘Finish'”

• “Leave out some stuff…”

• “Interview”

I do. It’s linked to my number, the one you have.

• “Pay the $10” DrK+5

• “Send $100” DrK+2, [ch2_paiddk100] (no effect yet)

(Leave a note?)

• “Something funny” ProfDrK- 1, DrK+2

• “Something sincere” DrK+3

I’ll try, DK.

• “Be flirty” ProfDrK- 1

• “Be cordial” DrK+2

Buster Sex Shop

(Should I browse around, or just grab a vibrator and jam?)

• “Browse a bit” Veronica+4, [ch2_amusedvlad] (Important for extra points & scene in ch3)

Who would look best wearing this…

▪ “Kindra” [ch2_outfitkindra] (no effect yet)

▪ “June” [ch2_outfitjune] (no effect yet)

▪ “Katy” [ch2_outfitkaty] (no effect yet)

▪ “Zoe” [ch2_outfitzoe] (no effect yet)

▪ “Paige” [ch2_outfitpaige] (no effect yet)

Not bad… check her out?

▪ “Look closer” [ch2_checkedout_v] (no effect yet)

▪ “Nah”

• “Just find a dildo”

Hm… How do you feel about cam girls?

• “Good times” Veronica+2

• “No opinion”

(Just in case?)

• “Pick one more”

Which one?

• “Small” [ch2_kindradildo], [ch2_kindradildo_s]

• “Medium” [ch2_kindradildo], [ch2_kindradildo_m] (choose this for later sex scene)

• “Large” [ch2_kindradildo], [ch2_kindradildo_l]

• “Maybe not”

Desmond & Demitrius at Kindra’s

(What should I do…)

• “Attack” (better result, no lasting repercussions)

• “Defend”

• “…”

INK Sisters Kitchen meet

…the rightmost chair has Zoes SDCard 1

Evening with June


• “Flirt” June+2

• “Compliment” June+1

It’s some sort of unspoken rule, that the guys we bring over for fun… are expected to spend the night.

• “Flirty response” June+1

• “Funny response” June+2

(Should I prank her?)

• “Prank June”

• “You’re sexy” June+1

• “I’m sorry…”

• “Demonstrate”

Ya booty is mine for the pillaging!

• “Dirty joke”

• “Bad memory” June+1

(Following only appears if you were fluffed by Kathy in ch1 hazing, tags [ch1INK_kftg] or [ch1INK_kdgy])

You should be proud of it.

• “Bump fists” June+2

• “…”


• “Rub her arms” June+1

• “Hold from behind” June+3


• “Howl”

• “I’ll sound stupid”

C’mon, like this…

• “Steal a kiss” (ok LPjune > 10, backs out if not but nothing bad otherwise)

• “Watch her”

You always know how to get my good side…

• “Make a move on her.”

Sex requires June 10+, if less its still a good evening but without the scenes below

sex scene with June

Mmmm… You can fire away…

• “Cum in her mouth” [ch2_junecim] (extra point later if you kiss her anyway)

• “Creampie”

I missed it…

• “Joke”

• “Apologize” June+1

I’m glad too!

• “Kiss her”

(extra option only if you got came in her mouth earlier)

I thought that grossed you out?

• “Kiss her anyway” June+1

• “Oh right”

• “Don’t”

“Enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Working on Artemis

(How far did they go with this material?)

• “Touch face”

• “Touch breast”

• “Touch pussy” [ch2_artpussy] (Kindras later teasing & pranks will be merciless but very fun)

• “Leave Artemis alone”

DJ KinK Hotel Room

if you bought the correct sized dildo in the sex shop, get KinK/Kindra masturbation scene (otherwise stops early, or if no extra was bought nothing happens)

-> sex scene, [ch2_djkinkdildo] + wallpaper unlock

Back in Artemis Lab

Only if you touched Artemis’ pussy ([ch2_artpussy]), Kindra will prank you. When the dialogue line: Are you trying to give me a heart attack?! appears, grab Artemis’ SDCard 2 next to the Laptop (left edge of screen)

Aww… is this your way of saying that you miss me?

• “Nah”

• “… Kind of”

Reina Date in Asian Restaurant

It’s okay. I got it.

• “Check her out” [ch2_checkedoutreina] (no effect for now)

• “Nah”

(Damn, she got Cassie’d…)

• “Say something funny” Reina+2

• “Say something flirty” Reina+3, [ch2_reinaflirted] (req in ch3 replacable with other flirt)

No rush, guys.

• “Offer to pay” Reina+1, [ch2_reinapaydinner] (can trick her in next decision)

• “Offer to split” Reina+1

• “Let her pay”

You too. (following options only available if you offered to pay in full)

• “Use restroom” Reina+3, [ch2_trickedreina] (get text message from her later)

• “Head home”

Phonecalls at home

Alright, Andrade. I’m turning in.

• “Goodnight” Naomi+2

• “Cya”

Note: Katy/Zelda dates are mutually exclusive and content rich, recommend hard save here

Hit them up, or just chill on the roof tonight?

• “Call Katy” -> read Kathy Date

• “Call Zelda” -> read Zelda Date

• “Chill at home” skip both Dates

Kathy Date

Do you like painting?

• “Flirty response” Katy+2

• “Normal response”

[ch2_katydate], dates_katy+1

Katy is super sweet. Maybe I should’ve got her something on the way here…

like a flower maybe…

-> Pick a rose from the garden now: Katy+5, [ch2_rose] (far better options later) Note: you pick the rose on the screen itself, not via dialogue option

C’mon, give ya girl Zo’ some love! (only available if [ch2_rose] picked)

• “Hug Zoe” Zoe+2

• “You’re wet”

They’re usually volunteers from the Performing Arts course at the university.

• “Be flirty” Katy+2

• “Be friendly”

Look only at Kathy for best result. Maybe save first to also see the Megans nude posing

Artists, you may begin.

• “Look at Katy” lookatkaty+1

• “Look at Meghan”


• “Look at Katy” lookatkaty+2, Katy+1

• “Look at Meghan”

I like how sweet you are… / I wish I could do awesome stuff like that…

• “Look at Katy” lookatkaty+1

• “Look at Meghan”

Too generous, m’lady. / Hehe, you silly…

• “Glance at Meghan” lookatkaty- 1, [ch2_lookatmeg] (unused)

• “Nah…” lookatkaty+1

Alright everyone, let us resume!

• “Look at Katy” lookatkaty+1, if lookatkaty 5+ -> Katy+2

ch2_lookatkaty 4+ required -> [ch2_katysexoffer] (extra line in ch3), wallpaper

I can help you finish in private, maybe?

• “Go somewhere private”

Entering the room, find Kathys SDCard 2 in lower edge of screen

Sex scene with Kathy (anal only available if rose was brought)

Watcha thinkin’ about?

• “Sweet” Katy+2

• “Sexy”

BJ by Kathy

• “Decline offer” Katy+2, [ch2_katysexdeclined] (extra line in ch3)

• “Glance at Meghan”

(following only if date ended without sex)

I did!

• “Kiss her cheek” Katy+1

• “Hug her”

Zelda Date


When you see Zelda on her bed, grab Zeldas SDCard 2 (lower right corner)

dates_zelda+1, [ch2_zeldadate]

What brings you here?

• “Be funny” Paige+2

• “Cordial” Paige+1

Would you mind deleting it, if you didn’t already?

• “I deleted it” Paige+1, [ch2_paigeviddel] (a switch, another chance in ch3)

• “I deleted it (lie)” [ch2_paigeviddellie] (a switch, another chance in ch3)

• “I still have it…” Paige+3, [ch2_paigevidtruth] (a switch, another chance in ch3)

Come in, I’ll get Zelda for you.

• “Check her out” [ch2_checkedoutpaige] (not used yet)

• “Nah”

That’s right. Run off like the bitch you are.

• “Punch him” date ends, [ch2_zeldacrossfire] (can check on her in ch3)

• “Don’t engage” Zelda+3

Techwarrior perk -> extra Zelda+3, [ch2_counteredthug], extra dialog

It’s a lovely spot around this hour, try not to steal it from me too much.

• “Flirt” Zelda+2

• “Joke” Zelda+1

I believe your GPA must’ve been quite high, in high school.

• “Boast” Zelda+2

• “Modest” Zelda+3

You would’ve been a fine sister.

• “Play along”

◦ “Grab her waist” Zelda+2

◦ “Grab her shoulders” Zelda+1

• “Thanks”

I enjoyed your company and wouldn’t mind doing this again.

• “Be flirty” Zelda+2

• “Be cordial” Zelda+1

Despite the altercation… I believe it went well.

• “Hug her”

• “Shake her hand”

Unlock wallpaper

Workshop, Kindras Return

Get some fresh air!

• “Check her out?” [ch2_kincaughtadmiring] (extra line in ch3)

• “Nah”

Chapter 3 – Artemis Walkthrough

Workshop Tour

And I worked hard for that…

• “Believe her”

• “Doubt her”

• “Tease her” Kindra+1

Nope. Not even Lexi knows who’s behind the mask.

• “Sex appeal” Kindra+1

• “You look great”

Race minigame ahead, prepare to react fast!

• “Shift up” [ch3_racekinwin] (Aidan cooks naked later -> +2 Kindra and Kindra SDCard 5)

• “Shift down” [ch3_racewon] ( Kindra cooks naked later -> +1 Kindra and wallpaper)

• “Floor it” (Aidan cooks naked later -> +2 Kindra and Kindra SDCard 5)

• “Let her win” [ch3_letkinwin] (Aidan cooks naked later -> +2 Kindra and Kindra SDCard 5)

(imo both the effects of winning and loosing are worth checking out)

Reina calling V

when you first see V in front of the server racks, make sure to grab the Vs SDCard 2 (1st rack center, next to little blue screen)

Cooking with Kindra

Race lost:

I wanna show everyone that not only do we work hard. But we play hard!

• “Strike pose” Kindra+2

• “Joke” Kindra+1

Haha… (puts phone on kitchen table – on same table find Kinrdas SDCard 5)

Race won:

• “Check her out” Kindra+1

Take a picture, why don’tcha?

• “Snap picture” (adds wallpaper)

• “Nah”

• “Nah”

Stare at her?

• “Ogle Kindra” [ch3_ogledkindra] (not used yet)

• “Don’t”

Shower Fantasy

(Of all those I’ve met recently, I wonder who’d be great to wake up to?)

• “Reina” wakeup fantasy, [ch3_scn6_reina] (not used yet)

• “Paige” sex fantasy, [ch3_scn6_paige] (not used yet)

• “Katy” hot wakeup fantasy, [ch3_scn6_katy] (not used yet)

• “Kindra” sex fantasy, [ch3_scn6_kindra] (not used yet)

• “Zoe” nude sex talk, [ch3_scn6_zoe] (not used yet)

• “Naomi” hot wakeup fantasy, [ch3_scn6_naomi] (not used yet)

• “June” loving wakeup fantasy, [ch3_scn6_june] (not used yet)

• “Claire” (Doc) joking hot wakeup fantasy, [ch3_scn6_claire] (not used yet)

• “Zelda” adorable hot wakeup fantasy, [ch3_scn6_zelda] (not used yet)

• “Nevermind…” [ch3_scn6_none] (not used yet)

Following only available if Zelda got hit during her date

(Call her?)

• “Check on Zelda” Zelda+2, [ch3_checkedonzelda]

• “I’m sure she’s fine”

Loading Bikes into Transport

Alright, scoochie. You’re in my way.

Line: Oh, sorry… – If you now click on Kindras body, you can carry her: Kindra+2, extra dialog

Naomi Gunrange Date

Calling Naomi

-> when she looks at ringing phone, pick up Naomis SDCard 3 (left edge of screen)

I’m Dominique! I was part of the blowjob competition!

• “Hug her”

• “Shake her hand”

• “High-five” [ch3_domhi5] (not used yet)

Following only if Aidan had date with Katy in ch2

(Maybe I should say a quick hello to Katy too?)

• “Say hi to Katy” Katy+2, [ch3_katydjkink]

Next choice only if sex on Katy last date:

We could spend the other 20 having some fun, hehe…

• “Quickie with Katy” Sex scene, Katy+1, [ch3_katysex] (not used yet)

• “Decline offer” Katy+2, [ch3_katysexdeclined] (not used yet)

• “Maybe next time”

Following only if Aidan had date with Zelda

(I wonder if Zelda is home too?)

• “Say hi to Zelda” Zelda+2


• “Trick or Treat” Zelda+2

• “Say nothing”

◦ “Trick or Treat” Zelda+2

◦ “Say nothing”

▪ “Trick or Treat” Zelda+2

▪ “Say nothing” Zelda+1, [ch3_zeltricks] (important for date in ch4)

Next choice only if you said Trick or Treat

Oh, I couldn’t.

• “Plop it in her mouth” Zelda+1

• “Eat it”

If Zelda got hit during the date and you didn’t check before already, get Zelda+3 now

Would you be interested in coming along sometime next week?

• “Join Zelda” Zelda+1, [ch3_zeldamovie] (sets up date with Zelda in ch4)

• “I’m unsure”

• “Maybe next time”

If you had sex with June before, she flashes you before heading off -> new wallpaper

You’re not crazy are you…

• “You’re crazy”

• “Crazy about you…” Naomi+2, [ch3_naomiflirted] (not used yet)

• “Bat-shit crazy”

Another time. I just want to fire this thing off.

• “Look at Naomi” Naomi+2

• “Get started”

Shooting minigame: 12 rounds, center mass=10 points, headshot=15 points

For best results, get 120 points (all center mass hits, or 8+ headshots)

There is a timer, you only have 1 second per shot to line it up

Let’s compare! I got 115!

-> minigames off: Naomi+1

-> 120+: Naomi+3, [ch3_rangewon]

-> 110+: Naomi+2

-> less: no points

The chili has a serious kick. So keep that in mind.

• “No chili”

• “Light chili” Naomi+1, wallpaper, [ch3_lightchili] (for followup dialog)

• “Extra chili” Naomi+3, wallpaper, [ch3_extrachili] (for followup dialog)

Folowing dialog only if you took chili

I’m not gonna judge you if take a swig of water.

• “Take a drink”

• “I’m good.” Naomi+1, [ch3_chilinodrink] (not used yet)

Date with Paige

I’m calling in response to the email I received last night regarding DJ Rhek?

• “Play along”

• “Wrong Aiden” Paige+1

Paige sits on her bed, back towards the screen, grab Paiges SDCard 2 from bedside table

(Grab coffee for Paige?)

• “Yes” Paige+2, [ch3_boughtlatte]

(Paige blurted out an order on the night of the comp…that was a while back though…) Note: Lean vanilla frappucino with triple shot


• “%2 milk”

• “Whole milk”

• “Nonfat milk” (this!)


• “No whip” (this!)

• “Light whip”

• “Extra whip”


• “Mocha”

• “Vanilla” (this!)

• “Caramel”


• “Single shot”

• “Double shot”

• “Triple shot” (this)

100% correct: Paige+3, [ch3_paigelatte]

almost correct: Paige+1, [ch3_paigelattealt]

otherwise no points

• “Nah”

Basketball Minigame

there are random chances to win/loose (high points = low chance)


• “Block”

• “Reach for the ball”

• “Nudge her” $ Paige+1

• “Wait for her move” [ch3_paigescored]


if Paige didnt win game1

• “Cross her left” [ch3_paigescored]

• “Cross her right”

• “Try outmaneuver”

Techwarrior = autosuccess (but no extra LPpaige points)


low chance for win -> Paige+2, [ch3_paigeoutm]

chance for loss [ch3_paigescored]

• “Take shot”

chance for win -> Paige+1

chance for loss [ch3_paigescored]

if Paige won game1

• “Block”

chance for success

chance for loss [ch3_paigescored]

• “Reach for the ball” [ch3_paigescored]

• “Wait for her move” [ch3_paigescored]


if paige didn’t score so far

• “Cross her left” [ch3_paigescored]

• “Cross her right”

• “Try outmaneuver”

chance for win -> Paige+2, [ch3_paigeoutm]

chance for loss [ch3_paigescored]

• “Take shot”

chance for win -> Paige+1

chance for loss [ch3_paigescored]

if Paige scored

• “Block”

chance for success

chance for loss [ch3_paigescored]

• “Reach for the ball” [ch3_paigescored]

• “Wait for her move” [ch3_paigescored]


That is CRAZY!!

• “Hug Paige” Paige+2, [ch3_huggedpaige] (not used yet)

• “You’re a great person”

Now give me your hand.

• “Why…”

I promise. I won’t hurt you.

• “Alright…” (same as below for dirctly accepting)

• “Don’t give her your hand” (same as below for directly denying)

• “Give her your hand”

◦ “Give her your hand” Paige+2, [ch3_paigehandhold] (not used yet)

◦ “Don’t give her your hand.”

Following conversation only if you didn’t have the video delete conversation in ch2 (kathy date)

Oh, right…

• “I deleted it already” Paige+1

• “I deleted it (lie)”

• “I still have it…” Paige+3 + wallpaper

Back at Kindra


• “Spank her” Kindra+1

• “Here’s your smoothie”

Veronica Camdate

What the hell was her username again? (multiple tries until right one is found)

• “enviousD?” (wrong but fun)

• “VenousFlyTrap?” (wrong but fun)

• “InVweThrust?” (correct, automatically choosen after first 2)

Haha, just do me a favor and use your coding powers to better our world.

• “Thanks for the help” Veronica+2

• “I thought you were going to scam me…”

Following only if you had fun in the sex shop in ch2 ([ch2_amusedvlad])

This one is on the house.

• “Sure, why not?” Veronica+2

No pressure if you don’t want to. You can still just watch me.

• “Share cam” Veronica+5 + camsex

• “Watch Veronica” + camsex

• “Thanks, but I’ll pass.”

Reina unexpected date

Oh hey! I remember you!

• “Felicity?”

• “Amanda?”

• “Felicia?” correct one, [ch3_recalledfelicia] (not used yet)

• “Amelia!”

• “We met before?”

What do you say?

• “Intervene” Reina-2, [ch3_intervenedreina] (refereced later in date)

• “Let her handle it” Reina+1

Only to delete this fucking app and go to bed.

• “Is that a two player game?” [ch3_reinadate], continue

• “Good night, Reina.” (skips rest of date)

When you enter Reinas home, you get the dialogue line

I’m going wash my face and get out of this outfit…

Before you continue, click on her body to get extra dialogue, Reina+2 and a wallpaper

Standing before the windows, you get the dialogue line

(Look at that view…)

Find Reinas SDCard 3 on the table, and a wallpaper soon after

I have not worn this since I graduated.

• “Compliment her body”

• “Compliment her looks” Reina+1

• “What about me?”

So, I moved it.

• “Gently push her forward”

• “Don’t…”

Haha, well that warrants two swigs…

• “Try not to over do it.”

• “Let her take a drink” Reina+1, [ch3_reinadrink1]

Heh, I mean hell. Not like my choices are any better, as you so witnessed earlier…

• “Positive outlook (flirty)” Reina+2, [ch3_reinaflirted] (req dickpick choice during date)

• “Positive outlook” Reina+1

• “Tease her”

That DEFINITELY warrants a drink…

• “Take the bottle from her.”

• “Let her have her moment.” [ch3_reinadrink2] (more open to dickpick fun in next choice)

Haha, here. I got an idea.


• “Reply with dick pic.”

will do it if she had 2 drinks before

if you flirted in ch3 or ch2, she peeks: [ch3_reinadickpic] (not used yet)

• “Send them June’s number.” [ch3_junedickpic] (not used yet)

• “Delete the app”

Following only if you flirted (ch2 or ch3) and LPreina 10+

If there’s a next time, maybe we can plan something better than hanging out here.

• “This wasn’t bad at all.” Reina+1

• “For sure!”

Same here, Aiden. Good night. / Good night, Aiden.

• “Hug Reina” Reina+1

• “Leave”

Camping Time

Haha, alright I take it back.

(Camp topics, all will be talked about)

• “Koko”

• “Artemis”

• “June”

• “Halloween Party”

Parties are a big no for me. Just brings me back to prom.

• “Make a scene” Kindra+2

• “Affirm Kindra” Reina+1

◦ “How successful”

◦ “How perfect”

I can’t do this! You take it!!

• “Help from behind” Kindra+1, [ch3_kinbigfish] (not used yet)

• “Takeover”

I feel like I’ll keep using that as an excuse. And keep running and hiding.

• “Congrats!”

• “Whoa…”

• “(Speechless)”


• “You’re not selfish…” Kindra+2

• “Your life is yours to live as you choose.”

• “Your heart has been in the right place.” Kindra+1

Following only appears if you have [ch2_kinmoment] in ch2

(What should I do…)

• “Be Kindra’s kiss buddy” [ch3_kinkissbud] & romantic kissing scene

• “Decline”

(What the hell do I do??)

• “Throw something at it”

• “Yell at it” if not [ch3_bearyell]:

Please, just wait! She’ll-

• “Run to the bear” Kindra+1, [ch3_kinsaveattempt] (opens several options in ch4)

• “Try park rangers” [ch3_callrangers] (not used yet)

• “Talk to Kindra…”

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – Artemis Walkthrough

Bear attack aftermath

(Phone call by unknown number -> Cass)

• “Answer…” [ch4_answeredcass]

• “Turn your phone off…”

Visiting Doctor Karahadian

I have tea brewed. Would you like any?

• “Sure”

• “I’m fine…”

She was never in control to begin with, MC.

• “Oh DK…(flirt)” ProfDrK-2, DrK+2

• “*sigh*…I know…” DrK+1


• “Be comforting…” ProfDrK-2, DrK+1

• “Give her space”

Evening with June & Kindra

Like it or not, he’s still your dad.

• “Shrug”

• “I dunno…”

Back to Nature

Is it wrong for me to say I really don’t wish to camp anytime soon?

• “I get it, but…”

• “Don’t think that way…”

I wanna see your ID.

• “Mock her photo”

• “Compliment”

Kapuletti Industries hasn’t been active in almost ten years. Who will this be under?

• “We’re actually doing a small startup…”

• “Let Kindra handle it.”

Spa with Zoe


• “Hug Zoe” Zoe+3

• “Wave to Zoe”

And this spa has GREAT masseuses.

• “What are the odds for a Happy Ending?” [ch4_askedhappyend]

• “Well, I’m looking forward to it.”

Sauna with Zoe – Artemis Walkthrough

Feels amazing in here…

• “Ogle Zoe” (zoom in)

• “Be casual”

Spend time here with my INK sisters. Seeing how it’s our last year for most of us.

• “I hope you do…” Zoe+2

• “Thanksgiving is just around the corner…”

But it’s all just fun and games.

• “Let it all hang out.” Zoe+2

• “Keep your undies on.”

Following only if you asked for a happy end [ch4_askedhappyend] and had a blowjob/handjob in chapter 1 [ch1INK_zbjb] / [ch1INK_zhjb]

Were you serious about wanting a Happy Ending?

• “Is it allowed?”

If you’re up for it?

◦ “Happy Ending” Zoe blowjob, grinding

if one of the variables [ch1_wmp_paigechange], [ch2_paigevidtruth], [ch2_paigeviddel] is true AND [ch1_paigeoralyes] she also accepts ‘just the tip’ penetration

◦ “Decline”

• “Decline”

(I still have to meet with her and that’s going to be a whole other situation…)

• “Leave a tip?” Zoe+1

• “Leave”

At the lab with Koko

First thing I’m gonna do…

• “Take you to the dog park!” Kindra+2, [ch4_kokopark]

• “Take you to the beach and train!” Kindra+1, [ch4_kokotrain]

(She seemed to had made a big deal about it last we spoke…)

• “Call Paige” [ch4_paigedate] (recommended, long sequence with Paige, see next section)

• “Maybe not…” (quicksave here to watch a funny debug session with Artemis you’d miss otherwise)

Date with Paige – Artemis Walkthrough

requires to have called her previously [ch4_paigedate], otherwise skip

Just another one of my weird ideas again…

• “That’s not a bad idea, actually…”

• “Sure, although… (flirty)” Paige+1

I’m here!

• “Fist bump”

• “Hug” Paige+1

But whatever, we’re here to talk about you!

• “I can tell you’re still bummed…” Paige+1, [ch4_paigehugger]

• “There’s still a few days…”

Beach parties are a blast though. Hopefully we see you at that one too.

• “Not to come off perverted or anything…” Paige+1

• “Hell yeah…”

She handles stress SO much more naturally. It’s a gosh dang super power of hers…

• “Why not give up the role?” (different dialogue)

• “I know I haven’t been around long, but…” (different dialogue)

You’re pretty great company, you know?

• “Enjoy the ambiance (flirty)”

only available if you have Paige 15+, skip otherwise TODO test


◦ “Carry her back to the sorority” Paige+1, [ch4_paigecarry]

◦ “Pinch her nose”

• “Give her the moment”

Good luck.

• “Big hug”

• “Good night”

June’s room at the bunker

following choice only appears if you ran towards the bear last chapter [ch3_kinsaveattempt] and have June 13+

…I know we-

• “(Kiss her back)” Sex with June [ch4_junehadsex]

• “It’s fine…”

Zelda at Ink

the scene only happens if you have [ch3_zeldamovie]. No choices, but sets the [ch4_zeldadate] variable for her movie date.

Kindras Bedroom

following dialogue only if you ran towards the bear last chapter [ch3_kinsaveattempt]:

(This is classic Kindra… She’s up to something…)

• “Just get it over with…” Slap, kiss & hug (both options adorable, recommend quicksave)

• “Leave.” piggyback, bite & hug (both options adorable, recommend quicksave)

following only if you became “Kindra’s kissbuddy” [ch3_kinkissbud] in chapter 3 -> kissing and (clothed) petting with Kindra, spooning.

-> Extended if [ch3_scn6_kindra]: Watches MC while he masturbates at sleep & Kindras shoulder devil vs. shoulder angel internal dialogue. And get [ch4_kinwatched].

Phone call and meeting with Cassie

One hour!

• “Fine. One hour.” Cassie+5, [ch4_cassie_ 1hr]

• “We meet now.”

A clean slate between us??

• “(Scorched Earth)” [ch4_scorchedearth]

Please just help me…

◦ “Alright, fine…”

Whatever. There’s an NDA contract overthere. We do this and you help me with the code…

▪ “Fine.” Sex with Cassie (pretty dark & abusive), [ch4_hatefuckedcass]

▪ “I wasn’t serious…”

◦ “Fuck off…”

• “(Leave peacefully)”

Date with Zelda

scene only happens with [ch4_zeldadate] (triggered earlier by [ch3_zeldamovie])

• “(Speechless)” Zelda+1

• “Thought we were seeing a movie?” Zelda+2

• “You look great!” Zelda+1

It is. Dominique did my hair for my Halloween costume.

• “Looks great, I like it!” Zelda+1

• “Awesome.”

Well, I hope you enjoy this outing then.

• “I am…(flirty)” Zelda+1

• “I am…”

Great! Be sure to stop by my booth!

• “(Walk her to the door)” Zelda+1

with Zelda 15+ get adorable goodbye and get [ch4_zeldadoor]

• “(Tease her)”

with Zelda 15+ and [ch3_zeltricks] (let her hang at trick or treat):

I am willing to educate you more on that if you’d just…invite me in…

◦ “(Let her in.)” [ch4_invitedzeldain] and fun teasing

◦ “(Don’t let her in)”

Artemis test run with Kindra – Artemis Walkthrough

See if some brave soul is willing to tame this booty!

• “Spank Kindra” (different dialogue, also extra modification if Kindra 15+)

• “Hmm. Shame…” (different dialogue)

Different dialogue depending on how the Cassie confrontation was resolved (Kindra is quite vindictive & happy about [ch4_hatefuckedcass])

Halloween Party at INK – Artemis Walkthrough


(There’s Katy!)

• “(Pick her up from behind)”

(Wow, she looks like Katy but DEFINITELY isn’t as sweet as her…)

◦ “Hey, I’m sorry…” Scarlett+2

if you saw Kathys photos [ch1_wmp_katrm_photos]: extra Scarlett+1

◦ “(This one sucked up all the bitchy genes…)”

• “(Tap her shoulder)”

if you saw Kathys photos [ch1_wmp_katrm_photos]: Scarlett+1


o nly if you had a date with Zelda in this chapter [ch4_zeldadate]

Hey, Zelda!

• “I gotta say, Zelda… ” (different dialogue)

• “You really like leather, don’t you?” (different dialogue)


Fucking Destiny was supposed to grab me some but it’s already been thirty fucking minutes…

• “Here, take it.” Naomi+2, [ch4_wmp_gavetaco]

• “Please don’t hate me…”


Thanks! I like yours too!

• “A little revealing…(Flirty)” Paige+1

• “I dig it!”


Tonight I’ll just unwind a bit.

• “Well, I’m glad you did!” Reina+1

if you had a date with Reina in chapter 3 [ch3_reinadate], get extra Reina+1

• “That bad?”

Freeroam at the INK Halloween Party

Wallpapers you get from photos are persistent, so you they are only shown as new for the first playthrough

Top Left Bullet: Zelda

(click on her again after initial dialogue)

Welcome to my booth, Kessler

• “Movie” (only selectable if you were on a date [ch4_zeldadate]) [ch4_wmp_moviedate]

Yes, actually! My mother’s assistant will be out so I will be filling in for a couple of weeks!

◦ “I’m gonna miss ya! (Flirty)” Zelda+1

◦ “Lawyer stuff?”

• “Ask for photo” [ch4_wmp_piczel]

nets you a new wallpaper [ch4_wp_ 16]

if you have Zelda 17+, unlocks an extra hot wallpaper [ch4_wp_ 15] (TODO)

• “Guess Zelda’s costume ” [ch4_wmp_guessedzelda] Give me your best guess, MC.

◦ “Yours is from a video game!”

◦ “Yours is from an anime!”

◦ “Yours is from a movie!” [ch4_zelcostume] (right choice)

◦ “Can I get a hint?” (get hint before selection, no downside)

• “See you Zelda” (back to freeroam)

Top Right Bullet: Naomi

Hidden Clickable: Kindras Hat (just below the star after the “Zombies” sign) [ch4_wmp_kinhat]

(click on Naomi again after initial dialogue)


• “Gun range” [ch4_wmp_gunrange]

(different dialogue depending how you did in chapter 3 [ch3_rangewon])

• “Guess costume”

◦ “Admire her costume (Flirt)” Naomi+1 better flirt with Naomi 10+

Hmmm… [ch4_wmp_guessednaomi]

▪ “Yours is from a video game!”

▪ “Yours is from an anime!” [ch4_naocostume] (rigth choice)

▪ “Yours is from a movie!”

▪ “Can I get a hint?” (nope, she is flustered from the flirt)

◦ “(Just guess)”


▪ “Yours is from a video game!”

▪ “Yours is from an anime!” [ch4_naocostume] (right choice)

▪ “Yours is from a movie!”

▪ “Can I get a hint?” (get hint before selection, no downside )

• “Ask for photo.”

The hell for??

◦ “You look good in it.” Naomi+1

◦ “I like your costume.”

nets you get new wallpaper [ch4_wp_ 17]

if you have Naomi 10+, get another wallpaper with a pose [ch4_wp_ 18]

• “See ya, Naomi.” (back to freeroam)

Center Left Bullet: Reina, Zoe and Kathy on the dancefloor

Reina (center back of dancefloor)

(note: flirt options are bugged in the first release version & might not show up)

What are the odds I could get one of them to hire me to facilitate their brand?

• “Hmmm (Flirty)” Reina+1

• “Hmmm”

(after flirt)

• “Costume?” (not part of the guessing game)

• “Ask for photo” Reina+1, [ch4_wmp_picrei] new wallpaper [ch4_wp_ 14]

• “Bye Reina!” (back to dancefloor)

Zoe (left on dancefloor)

So, what’s up MC!

• “Club Z.O.E.” [wmp_ch4_clubzoe]

• “Guess costume”

Alright, best guess?

◦ “Yours is from a video game!”

◦ “Yours is from an anime!”

◦ “Yours is from a movie!” [ch4_zoecostume] (right choice)

◦ “Can I get a hint?” (get hint before selection, no downside)

• “Ask for photo” [ch4_wmp_piczoe] new wallpaper [ch4_wp_21]

• “See ya, Zoe!” (back to dancefloor)

Katy (front right of dancefloor)

(after initial dialogue)

• “Scarlett” [ch4_wmp_scar]

• “Guess Katy’s costume” [ch4_wmp_guessedkaty]

• “Ask for photo” [ch4_wmp_pickat] and a new wallpaper [ch4_wp_ 19]

• “See you Katy!” (back to dancefloor)

From the dancefloor, talk to Katy again if you have found Kindras Hat [ch4_wmp_kinhat] -> Visit DJ Kink for Katy+3, a new wallpaper [ch4_wp_20] and [ch4_katydjkink]

-> talk to her again for thanks and [ch4_kinkhatinit]

Lower left Bullet: June


• “Moon”


◦ “…” Moon+1

(loop this choice 15x for an awesome hidden scene)

◦ “Haha, alright . That’s enough…”

• “June!!”

(after initial dialogue)

• “Kindra’s place” [ch4_wmp_kinplace]

• “Have a drink”

◦ if you need the drink [ch4_wmp_megpinkmoscow] for Meghan: Oh right, which did she want again? [ch4_wmp_pinkmoscow]

▪ “The green potion.”

▪ “The blue potion.”

▪ “The pink potion.” [ch4_megpinkpot] (correct one)

◦ if you need the drink for Paloma:

No. Give her um…

▪ “The green potion.”

▪ “The blue potion.”

▪ “The pink potion.” [ch4_dompinkpot] (correct one)

◦ if you need a drink for Ana, get it directly [ch4_wmp_anasdrink]

◦ or get a non-alcoholic drink or potion for yourself

(the potion has no effect but is saved in a variable, so maybe in later chapter)

• “Guess costume”

This one should be easy for you…

◦ “Yours is from a video game!” [ch4_junecostume] (right choice)

◦ “Yours is from an anime!”

◦ “Yours is from a movie!”

◦ “Can I get a hint?” (get hint before selection, no downside)

• “Ask for photo” [ch4_wmp_picjune] get a new wallpaper [ch4_wp_13]

• “See you June!” (back to freeroam)

Lower Center Bullet: Taco Stand with Scarlett, Paige and Meghan

Scarlett (left)

I’m not like these girls and I’m most certainly NOT like my sister…

• “What’s your deal??” Scarlett+1

• “Everything alright?”

Paige (center)

So, what’s up?

• “What’s next?” [ch4_wmp_whatsnext]

• “Ask for photo” [ch4_wmp_picpai] get a new wallpaper [ch4_wp_12]

if Paige 10+, get an extra wallpaper with a kiss pose [ch4_wp_ 11]

• “Ask about results”

(first you need to guess her custome as well)

Where is my costume from?

◦ “Yours is from a video game!” [ch4_paicostume] (right choice)

◦ “Yours is from an anime!”

◦ “Yours is from a movie!”

◦ “Can I get a hint??” (get hint before selection, no downside)

Get the results, if [ch4_paicostume], [ch4_junecostume], [ch4_katcostume], [ch4_zelcostume], [ch4_naocostume], [ch4_zoecostume]: You won the contest for [ch4_contest_won]

No matter the result, the contest is over for you [ch4_wmp_contres]

• “See ya Paige!”

Meghan (right)

Depending on previous choices ([ch1_tippedex], [ch2_lookatmeg]), the intro is slightly different.

So, The girl you were with. Just friends or…

• “It’s …complicated…”

I’d drink to that, but I just finished this and everyone is still crowding the bar…

◦ “My friend is the bartender…” [ch4_wmp_megpinkmoscow] (can lead to sex scene)

◦ “I don’t drink anyways…”:

• “Not interested in dating right now…”

(After you got Meghan the drink from June)

Let me throw this away real quick.

• “(Check her out)”

• “(Nah)”

if you brought Meghan the correct drink only:

Feel like hanging out somewhere private?

• “Thanks but…(Decline)” [ch4_megdeclined]

• “Lead the way…” [ch4_meghookedup]

Hot sex scene with Meghan

Lower Right Bullet: Dominique and house entrance

Whatever though, it’s not your problem haha.

• “(Offer help)” [ch4_wmp_getdomdrink]

• “(It’s not my business…)”

after you get the drink from June, she asks you to look for Anna [ch4_wmp_look4ana], [ch4_wmpgavedomdrink] and gives you the key to the house

-> use key on the door to the right

Ana (bathroom inside ink house, get there from Dominique)

1. She is anxious and wants a drink [ch4_wmp_helpana]

2. Get it from Paige and give it to her [ch4_wmp_helpedana]

Destiny and Dominique (inside ink house)


• “(Knock)”

But hey, you’re here now! How about you get your ass out of that suit, lay back and let us reward you?

◦ “(Get out of costume)” [ch4_freshmenfun]

Blowjob from Destiny and Dominique

◦ “(Decline)” [ch4_declined_freshmen]

• “(Leave)”

Center Bullet: Kindra

• “Go see her (End Freeroam)” (after you did everything else)

• “(I’ll mingle around a bit more…)”

Ink Party after Freeroam – Artemis Walkthrough

Mic’s right here, buddy! Speak up!

• “(DJ Kink shoutout)” Kindra+1, [ch4_djkinkshoutout]


◦ “(Steal kiss)” needs [ch3_kinkissbud] or [ch3_kissbudprop] Kindra+2, [ch4_djkiss]

◦ “(Don’t)”

• “(INK ladies shoutout)”

June+2, Reina+2, Paige+2, Katy+2, Zelda+2, Naomi+2, Zoe+2, [ch4_hoishoutout]

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