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Eon Walkthrough v0.13

Welcome to Eon Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all characters.

Created by slawdos@F95ZONE


Eon Walkthrough – Jade

On start You have:

Memories 1/24, Dolls 0/27, Music 1/10, Diary 0/4, Collection expansion 1/3.

Main Story: Cognitions

Take Music 2/10 => Hallway, take Diary 1/4 => Shower room, check shover

console, solve puzzle:

Use shower, use closet, dress casual => Hallway => Living room.

Take Jade bronze doll 1/30, Music 3/10, talk with Mirella, and wait when she droped Mirella bronze doll 2/30.

Exit to  map  =>  Matthew’s  LQ. Take  Music 4/10  => Sleeping  quarters. Memories 2/28, Jade silver and gold (in cabinet) dolls 4/30.

Dress up casual clothing => Exit to map => Space bar. Take Music 5/10,

Gina, Clarice, D’Lana and Nora bronze doll 8/30 (some dolls hide by girls leg). Take Diary 2/4. Talk with Nora.

Exit to map => Matthew’s LQ. Talk with Matthew. Talk with Johnny . Hidden desire SQ start.

Go back to Nora => Space bar. Take Nora silver doll 9/30. Talk with Booth Security.

Use Scanner on Booth Security. Memories 3/28. Talk with Nora.

Try talk with David(open Formal outfit). Map => Consortium office. Take Crystal bronze doll 10/30. Talk with Crystal.

=> Office. Take Syn bronze doll 11/30 and Music 6/10 (behind statue on right side). Command to ICU “Follow me” .

Map => Matthew’s LQ. Talk with Metthew. Now ICU can “Use  hacking system.

Map => Consortium office. Check computer. Use ICU hacking system.

Take Hack card. Use it on computer. Memories 4/28.

Map => Jade’s LQ => Living room. Talk with Mirella.

Map => Hangar 18. Talk with Donald => Left side to Hangar 18 => Use Space ship => Astera Zalara Home. Enter House => Hallway => Office. Talk with Nathan 3 times (Dreams SQ start and end). Memories 5/28.

=> Hallway => Living room. Take Music 7/10. Talk with Steven (Trust SQ)

=> Pool. Take Melanie bronze doll 12/30. Talk with Melanie twice (A journey to eden SQ).

Talk again. Altered states SQ.

=> Ship => Astera Zalara capitol => Oliver’s apartment. Talk with Oviler.

Map => Mr. Anthony apartments. Take Diary 3/4. Talk with him. SQ progress.

=> Ship => Duna moon => Desert (Collect 2/10 Ancient devices) => Temple entrance => Temple. Check Renewal device. Take Resource collector (Ship upgrades SQ).

Use ICU to get Hack card. Use it on console. => Duna bedroom. Take Ancient device 3/10, Dune bronze doll 13/30, Collection expansion 2/3. Talk with Dune.

Go back Astera Zalara capitol and talk with Oliver.

Go back to EON Station => Control room. Talk with Donald twice (Anomaly SQ start). You can earn some credits by find anomaly, scan it, and bring it to Donald.

Try give him Resource collector (Ship upgrades SQ).

=> Map => EON University. Take Sydney, Asta (between her arm and back), Heather broze doll 16/30, Collection expansion 3/3. => University hallway. Take Cybree and Neona bronze doll 18/30. Talk with Cybree (Cyberlust SQ start and end). Talk with Neona.

=> Ship => New mark on map.

A.N.U.S will come. Enter => District 9. Take Ancient devices 4,5/10. => Chapel. Talk with Johan. Take Ancient device 6/10.

Ship => Krabow => Teleport drone, talk with Yumma.

Enter Teleporter => Krakow library => Section D. Talk to Syn.

=> Ship => Astera Zalara capitol => Syn apartment. Talk with her.

=> City map => Oliver’s apartment. Talk with him twice. Talk with him again (Bond SQ).

Back to A.N.U.S. => Chapel. Talk with Johan.

Go back and talk with M’Zaar.

=> Ship => Astera Zalara capitol => Syn apartment. Talk with her.

Go back to M’Zaar and talk with him.

Main Story end.

Side Quests:

Go to Eon university and talk to Heather.

Talk with her about Steven.

Talk with Sydney. Sydney’s secrets SQ.

=> University hallway => Classroom A. Take Music 8/10, Diary 3/4 and Annalise bronze doll 19/30. Talk with Annalise. Professor L’Coque SQ.

=> University hallway. Make Hack Hard if you don’t have it, and use it to Terminal A. Memories 6/28.

=> University entrance. Memories 7/28.

=> University entrance take Sydney silver doll 20/30.

=> Matthew’s LQ => Sleeping quarters. Use Remote on floor. Sweet slut SQ.

Go anywhere on map, and back to Matthew’s LQ. Memories 8/28.

Talk with Johnny.

=> Jade’s LQ and dress up Party dress. => Space bar.

Talk with Booth security. Talk with one of guys. Memories 9/28.

=> Jade’s LQ => Mirella’s bedroom. Take Mirella silver and gold dolls 22/30. Talk with her. Back to VIP room and talk with guys again. Memories

=> Deck E => Door on right side. Memories 11/28.

Enter door again. Take Sydney gold doll 23/30. Go out => Johnny’s LQ. Talk with boys. Memories 12/28.

=> Jade’s LQ => Mirella’s bedroom. Talk with her.

=> Ship => Zalara home => Pool => Talk with Melanie.

=> Living room => Talk to Steven. Memories 13/28.

Go back to EON station => Deck e => Johnny’s LQ. Talk with him. Memories 14/28.

=> Jade’s LQ => Mirella’s bedroom => Talk with her.

Go back to Johnny’s LQ. Talk with Metthew. Sweet slut SQ end.

=> Jade’s LQ => Jade’s bedroom. Sleep till night

=> Ship => Zalara home => Hallway => Steven bedroom. Talk with him.

Memories 15/28.

=> Ship => North Xenomia Landing => Underground passage. Take Ancient devices 7,8/10. => Underground shelter => Airlock. Command ICU “Stop follow me” and undress in Suit container. => Under Garden. Take Music 9/10 (near Rita in bush). Talk with Elliot.

Talk with Thomas (now You can respawn resources on Duna moon). Ancient devices SQ.

=> Eden.

=> Eden again. Talk with Naomi. Try to talk with Mr. Bruno.

=> Laguna. Talk with Amber. Girls wanna have fun SQ.

=> Airlock. Take spacesuit. ICQ Follow me. => Ship => Blup moon=> Coral forest. Take Music 10/10, and Ancient device 9/10. Talk with Blup. Blup blup! SQ start.

=> Ship => Vutron capitol => Ship workshop. Take Ancient device 10/10. Take Alita bronze doll 24/30. Talk with Karion. Ship upgrade SQ end. Now you can collect resources.

Go back => Reactor. Talk with Officer.

=> Ship => North Xenomia Landing => Under garden. Give 10 Ancient devices to Thomas. Talk with him.

=> Eden => Laguna => Laguna huts => Thomas hut. Talk with him for all themes. Teddy bear SQ.

=> Ship (No need to take ICU until you have Renewal 5 lvl) => Duna moon => Temple. Use Renewal chip to Renewal device => Back to Thomas. Repeat until install Renewal chip 5 lvl. Back to Thomas last time. Talk with him. Teddy bear SQ end.

=> Ship => Zalara home => Pool => Talk with Melanie.

Go back to Undergarden=> Eden. Talk with Mr. Bruno. A journey to eden SQ end.

Go back to EON Station. Jade’s LQ => Mirella’s bedroom. Talk with her

twice (about Amber & Stiven). Try to kiss her.

Dress up Party dress and kiss her. Memories 16/28.

=> Eon university, talk with Asta twice and Heather => University hallway, talk with Cybree and Neona twice too.

Go back to Steven bedroom at Night and talk with him. Memories 17/28.

=> Eon station and sleep till day. => Zalara home => Living room => Talk with Steven.

=> Pool, talk with Melanie.

You need to craft: 19 alum, 35 rubber, 10 quartz, 2 nickel. Collect them. You can also collect resources for Bond SQ:

For respawn materials use Renewal device on Dune moon. Use F to see how many You have. After collect, create all item(RMC for create, LRC for recepie) => Zalara house => Steven bed room => Bedroom. Take Carol and Annie bronze doll 26/30. Put all crafting item to room. => Eon station and sleep till night. Go back to Zalara home and talk with Steven at he bedroom. Memories 18/28. Trust SQ end.

Now You can enter Jade’s bedroom at Zalara home. => Hallway => Jade bedroom. Switch to Steven. Sleep to day. Use Videophone twice (You can peek sleeping Lori at night). First girlfriend SQ start. Self control SQ start.

=> Map => Annie’s house. Talk with both. Lonely MILF SQ start and end.

Talk with Annie for go to Beach (at day, IDK work it on night or not =))

=> Beach. Talk with Miss Enna twice. Shades of grey SQ start and end.

Back home => Jade bedroom. Talk with her. Memories 19/28. First girlfriend SQ end.

Switch to Jade in Stiven bedroom.

Go Eon Station => Space bar (need Formal outfit. If you don’t have it, try to talk first with David in Casual/Party outfit) talk to David. Relations SQ.

=> Consortium office => Ofiice => Talk with Thormound.

Go back to bar and talk to David. You got High Security Pass.

=> Map => Thormound apartment => David bedroom. Memories 20/28. Relations SQ end.

Sleep till day. => Zalara home => Steven bedroom. Talk with him.

=> Jade’s bedroom, switch to Steven. Use videophone twice. Hidden desire SQ end. Switch back to Jade.

=> Eon station => Space bar => Talk with Booth security. So in love SQ start.

Use Hack card on him. So in love SQ end. Memories 21/28.

=> Deck E => Johnny’s LQ => Kitchen. Take Jade platinum doll 27/30.

=> Deck E => Right door. Talk with him. Memories 22/26. Professor L’Coque SQ end.

Ship => Krabow => Teleport. Ask Joi about Blup. Section L. Click on screen, Blup.

Back to Blup moon. Talk with Blup.(You need put closer ICU to Blup. Press Q twice).

Blup blup! SQ end. (v0. 13 have bug with this SQ)

=> Ship => Astera Zalara capitol => Anthoty’ s apartment. Talk with him twice.

=> Ship => Zalara home =>=> Pool. Talk with mom.

Go back to Mr. Anthony and talk with him. Altered states SQ end.

Collect resource for Remote Loker: 10 aluminium, 2 rubber, 2 uranium and 3 quartz. Craft it. Back to Oliver’s apartment. Use Locker on him. Talk with him. Memories 23/28. Bond SQ end.

Dress casual => Ship => Zalara home => Switch to Steven => Pool => Talk with Melanie. Memories 24/28. Unspoken need SQ start.

Switch to Jade => EON station => Sydney apartment. Talk with her.

=> Ship => Zalara home => Pool => Talk with Melanie.

Back to EON station => Sydney apartment. Talk with her twice. Memories 25/28. Sydney’s secrets SQ end.

=> North Xenomia Landing => Laguna, talk with Amber. Memories 26/28. Girls wanna have fun SQ end.

Back to EON station. Finish Anomaly quest some times (try talk with him before give Anomaly scan).

Work for him until get Lua (try switch day night, IDK how it’s work).

Talk with her twice. Baby girl SQ start.

Dress up Formal outfit and back to Hangar 18. => BackRoom.

This Red Button needs for Drake path, for destroy stone . Talk with Donald.

Go back and talk with Lua.

Go back to Donald and talk with him. Memories 27/28.

=> Zalara home => Talk with Steven.

Switch to Steven. Videocall to Lua.Baby girl SQ end.

At night go Hallway and check Parent’s bedroom. Memories 28/28. Unspoken need SQ end.

Sleep till day and go to Miss Enna house. Take Emma bronze doll 28/30. Talk with her.

Go back to map and go to Aunt’s Lori home. Take Lori bronze doll 29/30. Talk with her.

Go Upper hallway => Emilia bedroom. Take Emilia bronze doll 30/30. Talk with her.

Back to Lori and talk.

Go back home and talk with Jade.

Go to Stiven bedroom and sleep night and day.

=> Map => Miss Emma house. Talk with her.

=> Map => Lori home. Talk with Lori.

Go to Emilia and talk with her.

Go back to Lori and talk with her.

Go back to Jade and talk with her.

Go to Stiven bedroom and sleep till night and day.

=> Miss Enna house. Talk with her.

=> Lori home and talk with her.

=> Emilia bedroom and talk with her. Self control SQ end.

=> Stiven bedroom and sleep till night and day. => Miss Enna house and talk with her. Shades of gray SQ end.

Switch to Jade dress up Formal outfit and go to Hangar 18 Back Room. You need to press button on Drake path.



Eon Walkthrough – Drake

On start You have:

Memories 1/24, Dolls 0/43, Music 0/10, Diary 0/2, Collection expansion 0/3.

Main Story: Becoming a man

Take Orha bronze doll 1/43. Take Music 1/10. Take Hook and Branch.


Use Branch to Lock in door. Grab key use Hook. Use Key on Lock. Exit. Take Herb 1/10. => Meadow. Take Music 2/10 and Keira bronze doll 2/43.

Go back and enter House.

Take Lillian bronze doll 3/43. Talk with Lillian about all things. Additional help SQ.

Talk with Gornah. House building SQ.

Exit. => Waterfall. Take Diary 1/2, talk with Keira.

Exit to map => Go to Meadow pass.

Take Herb 2/10. Talk with Gull.

=> Map => Enchanted forest. Take Maya bronze doll 4/43, Herb 3/10. Talk with Unicorn.

=> Forest clearing. Take Music 3/10 and Rowena bronze doll under tree 5/43. Talk with Rowena. Rowena’s pet’s SQ start.

=> Maya’s house. Use Hook to get Maya silver doll 6/43, try enter door. Memories 2/24. Talk with Maya.

Map => Clik on all animals (Bear, Stego, Eagle, Lion, Wyvern). Back to Rowena and talk with her.

Egg drops random, after picked up, bring it to Rowena. Rowena’s pet’s SQ end.

Map => Wetlands. Take Vita and Vida bronze dolls 8/43.

Stay on left side and turn off camera center by press 2. Scroll screen to right to get doll.

=> Maia’s cottade. Take Viva bronze doll 9/43. => Porch. Take Maia bronze doll 10/43 and Music 4/10. Enter door. Memories 3/24. Enter door again. Take Maia silver doll 11/43. Talk with Maia. Memories 4/24. Talk with her again.

Take Maia gold doll 12/43. Talk with her again. Three sisters SQ start.

Go back Drake’s home and talk with Lillian.

=> Carriage.

Take Herb 4/10, Music 5/10 and Elizabeth bronze doll 13/43.

=> Everlust.

=> Slave market. Take Music 6/10 and Marnu bronze doll 14/43. Talk with Marnu.

=> Everlust => Alley. Take Allison bronze doll 15/43.

Talk with her.

=> Everlust => Blacksmith. Take Leah bronze doll 16/43. Talk with her.

Back to Slave market and talk with Evie. Memories 5/24.

Talk with Evie. Perfect maid SQ start.

Exit house => Waterfall. Talk with Keira. Memories 6/24. Take Keira silver doll 17/43. Additional help now Keira secrets SQ.

Let’s get 10 stone, 15 wood, 5 hides and 20 metal. When you explore map you can find some places:

Take Music 7/10 and Herb 5/10. Go to statue and check it.

Back to map. => Pirate bay.

Take Herb 6,7/10, Pearl and Nerida bronze doll 19/43, Collection expansion 1/3. Talk with Pearl twice. Pirate booty SQ start. Now you can earn some Gold coins by find treasure and back it to Pearl.

Back to map => Dark woods.

Take Collection expansion 2/3 and Zellah bronze doll 20/43.

Back to map => Fire cave.

Enter and try pass bridge.

Back to map. Not enough Iron. => Drake’s home and talk with Lillian twice.

Memories 7/24. Renewal SQ start and end.

Map => Temple of syn and Pray to statue. Resource respawn. Earn Iron.

Bring resources to Blacksmith.

=> Everlust => Herbal shop. Take Diary 2/2 and Catherine bronze doll 21/43. Talk with Catherine for all themes. She give you Water skin & Mortar and pestle recipes.

Back to map => Royal place => Castle gates, talk with guard => Royal courtyard. Take Collection expansion 3/3, take Ice rose and talk to Magda.

Map => Temple of syn => Statue => Temple halls => Temple dungeon hall => Treasure room. Take silicon.

Everlust => Blacksmith. Give silicon to Leah. You got Dildo.

Bring it to Magda.

Go to Castle hall => Throne room (Left side, no mark). Take Morgana bronze doll 22/43. Talk with Queen Margot.

Back => Upper floor. Take Emily bronze doll 23/43.

Try enter Royal bedroom.

=> Royal courtyard => Magda’s bedroom. Memories 8/24.

Main Story end.

Side Quests:

Back to map => Fire cave. Take Red mushroom, Fire rose and Namaah bronze doll 24/43. Talk with Nammah.

In Item craft Water skin and Mortar and pestle. Use Red mushroom on Mortar and pestle. => Pirate bay. Talk with Pearl about Water element.

Back Drake’s home => Enter house => Bedroom. Take Lillian silver doll 25/43. Take Sleeping powder. Talk with Lillian. Memories 9/24.

Back to house and talk with Evie. Talk with her again. Memories 10/24.

Click on bed and sleep till night. Talk with Evie.

Use Sleeping powder on Evie. Memories 11/24. Perfect maid SQ end. Click on bed and sleep till day.

Exit to map and go to Cave

Too dark to see anything. => Enchanted forest => Maya house. Take Music 8/10 and Maya gold doll 26/43. Talk with her. Memories 12/24.

=> Cecily farm

Take Music 9/10, Herb 8/10, Cecily bronze doll 27/43. Talk with Cecily.

Take Empty bucket and use it on Well. => Barn, take Cecily silver doll 28/43. Take animal food and bring it to animal. Repeat 3 times for food all 4 animals. Talk with Cecily. Memories 13/24.

Talk with her again.

=> Everlust => Herbal shop, ask Earth element. => Everlust => Leonarda’s work shop. Talk with Leonarda.

You need 18 wood and 4 iron to craft Water and Feeding troughs.

Back to Cecily farm and give throughs to her. Use Bucket with water on Water through, => Barn, take animal food and use it on Feeding through.

Talk to Cecily. Use Water skin on Cow.

Back to map => Lust woods.

Use elements on Monolith.

Use Portal. => Andrea the gigant. Take Herb 9/10. Talk with her.

Back => Angel. Take Herb 10/10, Music 10/10 and Angel bronze doll 29/43. Talk with Angel.

Back => Julie house. Take Julie bronze doll 30/43.

Back to Everlust => Herbal shop. Give Catherine all 10 Herbs. Ask her “Do you have to making potions” and Touch her ass. Memories 14/24.

=> Dark woods and take Angel feather. => Fire cave. Give Angel feather to Malitita.

IF YOU STILL NOT HAVE TORCH, BACK TO THIS STEP LATER (I miss where I get torch, I have it on 41 page, to take mushroom I use bug))

=> Cave, take Blue mushroom. Use it on Mortar and pestle. Combine both powder to Purple and mix with milk. => Enchanted forest, give Purple milk to Unicorn. Go back and take Unicorn Poop. => Meadow pass. Use Poop on Gull.

=> Drake’s home => Enter house, talk with Gornah.

=> Meadow Pass. Build House base cost: 100 stones and 50 woods. Build Addition cost: 40 stones and 20 woods. Build Awning cost: 5 stones and 5 woods. Enter house. Fairyland SQ start.

Enter Bedroom.

=> Everlust => Leonarda’s workshop. Talk with Leonarda. Need 50 gold coins. Talk with Leonarda about Andrea the gigant.

Search treasure and bring it to Pearl until you have 50 coins.

Buy blueprints. For craft all blueprints you need 35 woods, 3 iron and 5 hide. Craft it and place it in house and bedroom. Memories 15/24.

Sleep till night. => Dark woods. Talk with Zellah. Dark underwood SQ start and end.

=> Sky isle => Talk to Julie.

=> Cecily farm => Barn => Cecely bedroom. Memories 16/24.

=> Wetlands => Maia’s cottage => Take fish and use it on crocodile. Talk with Viva.

=> Swamp. Talk to Vita and Vida.

=> Everlust => Alley, take Allison silver doll 31/43, enter door. Memories 17/24. => Leonarda’s workshop. Take Lucia and Leonarda bronze dolls 33/43, => Studio. Talk with Leonarda. Memories 18/24.

Dress, undress and give Lucia blowjob (if her not on knees press Q twice, it random) . The paint has change. Talk with Leonarda “Complain about Lucia”. Go out and enter again. Now catch when he stay. Take Lucia silver doll 34/43. Fuck her. Repeat blowjob and “Complain…” until show dialogue “Could you suck my cock?”. State of art SQ end.

Back home and sleep till day. If you luck and have rain, go to Pirate bay and talk with Nerida. Sea treasure SQ start and end.

=> Cave, install torch => Magic cave. Take Orange mushroom.

Use Orange mushroom on Mortar and pestle to get orange powder. Mix it with Blue elixir.

Activate elements: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

Andrea the gigant SQ end.

=> Cecily farm => Barn => Cecily bedroom. Take Cecily gold doll 35/43.

=> Everlust => Herbal shop. Talk with Catherine and give her Unfinished lubricante.

Also give her Ice & Fire rose. Healer SQ start and end.

=> Wetlands. Memories 19/24.

Take Vida silver and gold dolls 37/43. Go back and talk with Vita.

=> Lust woods => Lust woods. Walk until find Flower of lust.


Use Flower of lust on Mortar and pestle for Yellow powder. For exit use Orha. => Wetlands, take powder to Vita. Memories 20/24. Three sisters SQ end. Take Vita silver doll 38/43. Back to Swamp and take Vita gold doll 39/43. => Everlust => Herbal shop. Talk to Catherine.

=> Leonarda’s workshop => Studio and take Lucia gold doll 40/43.

=> Lust woods => Portal => Julie house. Give her Flowers.

Back to Lust woods. Explore it until find Vivianne. Talk with her.

Black magic SQ end.

Back to home and sleep till night. => Sky isle => Julie house, enter.

Take Julie silver and gold doll 42/43. Talk with her. Memories 21/24. Talk with her again. Sweetie SQ start and end.

=> Fire cave, give Virgin blood to Malitita.

=> Carriage and give blood to Elizabeth. Memories 22/24. Ethernal beauty SQ end.

=> Everlust => Lorelle’s tailoring. Talk with her. Take Lorelle bronze doll 43/43.

=> Guest bedroom.

Make your choice. Talk with her. Memories 23/24. Keira secrets SQ end.

Back Drake’s home and talk with Lilian.

=> Sky isle => Talk with Andrea.

Use Jar of beans on Sea.

Back to Lilian and use Jar on her. Memories 24/24.

Talk with her again. Sweetie SQ start.

=> Fire cave, give Virgin blood to Malitita.

=> Carriage and give blood to Elizabeth. Memories 25/28. Ethernal beauty SQ end. (This step we fix bug with opened early memories).

=> Everlust => Lorelle’s tailoring. Talk with her. Take Lorelle bronze doll 48/50. Save this place:

=> Guest bedroom.

Make your choice. I am chose Make him go away. Talk with her. Memories 26/28. Keira secrets SQ end.

Back Drake’s home => Bedroom and talk with Lilian.

=> Sky isle => Talk with Andrea twice.

 Pirate bay => Use Jar of beans on Sea.

Back to Lilian and use Jar on her. Memories 27/28.

 Map => Check all animals (Bear, Eagle, Stego, Wyvern, Lion and


Go to Rowena and talk with her.

Go home sleep day/night/day and check Wivern path for Egg.

(Droped random, press and hold space for look much better). Back to Rowena and give her Egg. Rowena’s pet’s SQ end.

 Pirates bay => Talk with Pearl => Treasure 2lvl. Get it on map. Go

back. Give her cheat. Talk about Trerasure lvl3.

Finde it on map and back to Pearl.

 Sky isle => Andrea the Gian => Sky isle hall. Talk with Damien.

 Sky isle chapel.  Take Aura bronze doll 49/50.  Talk with Aura. Talk

with Gina. Do not press anykey when she got U cum. He drop essence.

Pick up it and bring it on statue in Temple of sin. Back to Aura and talk with her.

Talk to Bella.

Take Yellow essence. => Sin statue => Use Yellow essence => Back to Aura and talk with her.

Talk with Ana and take Blue essence.

Use it on Sin statue.

Go back and talk with Aura.

Talk again. Memories 28/28. Renewal SQ end. Go to house.

drake 1

Talk with Lulu. Sea treasure SQ end.

Go back to Lust wood. Find herb.

drake 2

  Home => Sleep till night => Dark woods. Talk with Zellah.

Switch to Jade and press Green button (for this step You need close Jade path first). Switch back to Drake => Dark woods => Catacombs.

Memories 27?/28. Take Zellah silver doll 50/50? Dark underworld SQ end. Go to Aura room (at night) and Aura silver and gold doll 47/50 (in my collection).

 Lorelle’s tailoring => Tailoring room at left. Talk with. Take Beatrice

bronze doll 48/50. Talk with her. Dark underworld SQ end.

Take Rope in the box.

  Herbal shop. Go home and sleep till day.

 Amezon Jungle.

drake 3

Take Coconut & Amezon herb (hold space for highlights).

=> Jungle => Jungle. Take herb. Open chest (if You want). => Jungle. Navgate to

drake 4

And LMC it (may be need 2-3 times).

drake 5

 Lost city.

drake 6

 Lost city hall. Take herb near Laura. Talk with Rossana. Valkyries SQ


Talk with Judith.

Talk with Rossana again. Valkyries SQ end. Go back Everlust => Herbal shop. Give coconut to Catherine.

Go home and sleep till night.

 Everlust => Herbal shop => Catherine home. Catherine silver doll

49/50. Talk with her.

Take her all your herb at day. Go to Catherine home and take Catherine gold doll 50/50.

 Everlust => Leonarda’s workshop. Talk with Leonarda. Buy Bridge

recipe, craft it. Back to Amezon jungle => Secret cliff.Use Bridge on Secret cliff. Follow to bridge. Take herb and can open chest. Talk   with Harpy. Help for Harpy. Are you pregnant? Mate with her.

Back to Everlust => Herbal shop. Give herb to Catherine. We need last herb near Drake’s home to continue.

The END.


Eon Walkthrough – Freya/Cain

On start You have:

Memories 1/24, Dolls 0/42, Music 0/10, Diary 0/2, Collection expansion 0/?.

Main Story: Lost memory

Take Music 1/10, Freya bronze doll 1/42. => Ruined Path, take Lidia bronze doll 2/42. Talk with her.

=> Art studio, take Collection expansion 1/3 => Art studio yard. Take Music 2/10. => Art studio => Art studio. Talk with Nenad. Go back => Nenad’s Apartment. Talk with Elena, take Music 3/10, Elena bronze doll 3/42.

Check photo on wall. Remember code (3825).

=> Art studio 1st place, you see Ingrid. Wait near until she drop Ingrid bronze doll 4/42. Exit on map throw Ruined Path => Sanitarium.

Take Music 4/10. => Reception, take Key and Stephanie bronze doll 5/42. => Sanitarium beds => Sanitarium passage, take Paige bronze doll 6/42. => Toilets hall=> Public toilet, take Paige silver doll 7/42. Go back and use Key to Locket box. Enter code from photo (3825 Mouse Wheel Down change 2 points decrease, Mouse Wheel Up increase to 1) and press Unlock button. => Toilet. Memories 2/24.

Now you switch to Cain. Take Music 5/10 and Paige gold doll 8/42. Exit to hall => Reception, talk with Dr. Floyd.

=> Map => Forsaken city. Talk with Lydia.

=> Ruin shelter, sleep till night on sofa, get back and use Lydia. Memories 3/24. Redhead beach SQ end. Back to Ruin shelter and sleep till day. => Nenad apartment. Memories 4/24. Talk with Elena.

Map => Endwaste city entrance. Take Diary 1/2. Try enter City elevator. Take Mina bronze doll 9/42. => Bar. Take Diary 2/2 and Tanya, Cassandra and Jasmine bronze dolls 12/42. Talk with Jasmine.

Talk with Cassandra.

Talk with Madame Foxy. => Toilet, take Music 6/10, check couple have sex for switch to Freya. Go back bar and talk with Madame Foxy.

((=> Sanitarium => Toilet. Check Bot.) This step not give You quest, m.b. You can pass it)

Use CO-1 Pass to Mina. Enter City Elevator. Memories 5/24.

Take Jade silver and Courtney bronze doll 14/42. => City map => Upper streets => Scrapshop. Talk with Cobalt.

Go back. Take Miyu bronze doll 15/42. => Upper plaza. Take Music 7/10, Avery and Alexia bronze dolls 17/42. Talk with Von Gruber.

Lost and found SQ start. Talk with Avery. Sex & Drugs SQ start and end. Talk with Alexia.

=> Dressing room. Check 2 notes on closet.

Open Safe.

Take Whiskey and Tiffany bronze doll 18/42. Use Closet to change on Bordello outfit. Go back => Private VIP room. Talk with Mayor. Memories 6/24. Take Freya gold doll 19/42.

Back Dressing room, change to naked and use bed to switch on Cain. Back to Hallway and talk with Alexia.

=> Public room. Take Katiya silver doll 20/42. Back change to naked and enter 2nd floor. Take Zoe and Desire bronze dolls 22/42. Talk with Zoe first and Desire. => Bedroom. Take Mina silver doll 23/42. Talk with Mina.

1st floor => Dressing room. Change to casual. City map => Underground market. Take Music 8/10 and Ava bronze doll 24/42. => Underground market hallway. Take Gianna bronze doll 25/42. => Upper streets and talk with Miyu.

Dirty dancer SQ start. => First aid station. Talk with Courtney. Sluty nurse SQ start. Exit to map.

=> Bar. Take Foxy bronze doll 26/42. Exit on map => Underpass. Take Music 9/10 and talk with Den. Double trouble SQ start.

Give him Whiskey. Memories 7/24.

Take Sabina and Debbie bronze dolls 28/42. Map => Ruined temple.

Take Resource extractor and check Ancient device. Now you can collect resources. Back => Shanty town.

Take Music 10/10. Note Pocket watch (it’s for Freya SQ). Map => Wreckage site.

Check Rustruck. Rustruck SQ start.

Take Valve covers. Use it on Rustruck. => Shelter. Take Lilly bronze doll 29/42. Talk with Lilly.

Now you have 3 blueprints for Rustruck. You need 10 metals and 6 tiers to craft them all. => Bordello, change to naked => 2nd floor => Bedroom. It’s closed. Talk with Zoe. Memories 8/24.

Enter Bedroom and talk with Mina. Mad lust SQ start and end. Go back and talk with Fernanda. Gypsy lore SQ start. Now you can respawn materials. Talk with Fernanda about respawn lvl2.

=> 1st floor, talk with Alexia.

Dress to casual. Map => Ruined temple. Use Temple device fuse on Ancient device. Use device. Gypsy lore SQ end. Go back Bordello and switch to Freya. Dress casual. Talk with Alexia.

=> Underground market and talk with Ava.

=> Upper streets => Scrapshop. Talk with Cobalt. Calibrate battery. LMB start, RMB stop charging.

Memories 9/24.

Map => Sanitarium => Toilets hall. Use VHS tape on TV. Memories 10/24.

=> Toilet and use Battery on Bot. Command “Follow me”. Tiny bot SQ end. Map => Shanty town. Take Pocket watch.

Map => Endwaste city => Upper streets => Scrapshop. Talk with Cobalt. Memories 11/24. Friends SQ start and end. Open Bot menu and charge it 5/5.

Now you can open some closed doors use Bot. Go back and try open “69” door. Save before it, for try again if you fail.

=> Upper plaza. Use Pocket watch to Von Gruber. Lost and found SQ end. Talk with him about Loot 1lvl. => Underground market hallway and open door (use save/load method). Enter and talk with Priest. => Club entrance => Club => Toilet. Take Courtney silver doll 30/42. Back to bordello and change to Cain (better live bot here by click on him. Do not forget pickup him when switch to Freya). Sleep till night, dress up => Upper streets => Rebecca hideout(69 room open Freya). Talk with Rebecca and take Rebecca bronze doll 32/42 (near her heel). Rottenfallers SQ start and end. Go back => Under plaza. Talk with Tiffany.

=> Underground streets and talk with Alua. Free sluts SQ start and end. => Club entrance. Talk with Angry man and beat him. Enter Cassandra room.

Talk with her. MILF SQ start.

Go back and enter Club. Talk with Courtney. Memories 12/24.

Talk with Miyu. Dirty dancer SQ end. City map => Dream apartments => Tessa’s apartment. Take Tessa bronze doll 32/42. Talk with her until he drop you out door.

Virginity SQ start.

=>Map=> Forsaken city => Ruined shelter=> Sleep till day =>Art studio. Talk with Nenad.

Map => Underpass and talk with Den.

Back to Bordello 2nd floor and talk with Fernanda.

Collect resources for create parts for Rustruck and some coal.

=> Wreckage site. Use parts on Rustruck. => Shetler 25. Talk with Sybil. Sybil SQ start and end. Take Sybil and Valentina bronze dolls 34/42. Talk with Valentina. Fake romance SQ start and end. => LQ => LQ 23. Memories 13/24. Affection SQ start and end. Dress up and take Aria bronze, silver and gold dolls 37/42. => Art studio and talk with Nenad. => Nenad’s apartment => Bedroom. Memories 14/24.

Take Glove. Dress up. Go back an open Furnace. Use glove to take Elena silver doll 38/42. Go back talk with Nenad.

=> Endwaste city entrance and talk with Tanya. Artist’s wife SQ end. Enter Bar. Talk with Foxy.

=> Underpass and talk with Den.

=> Underpass and talk with Sabina. Memories 15/24.

Back to Bar and use Sabina photo on Foxy.

Map => Secret passage.

Back to Underpass and give envelope to Den.

Back to Secret passage. Memories 16/19. Dress up by closet and exit right side. Check Doll shadow and take beside door Foxy gold doll 39/42. Double trouble SQ end. Back to Bar and talk with Jasmine.

Back to Foxy bedroom (Bordello or Secret passage). Try take Bar key.

Fxxk Foxy.

Repeat it 3 times by switch day/night until you can take Bar key (I use switch over 15 times may be more). Use Closet to dress casual and exit in Secret passage (Right side). Check doll shadow.

Take Foxy gold doll 40/42 close shadow on the door. Near this:

=> Endwaste city => Dream apartments => Tessa’s apartment. Fuck her. Virginity SQ end.

Back to Bordello and switch to Freya (do not forget take bot). => Map => Shelter 25. Use bot to unlock door. Enter.

Memories 17/24. Marriage SQ start and end. => LQ. Talk with Dylan. Memories 18/24.

=> Freya’s LQ. Check all things (press space to highlight). Go back talk with Dylan 3rd times (he crafting 1lvl). Home sweet home SQ start.

Collect resources and use blueprints to Dylan. After do all things go to LQ 23 and set up it.

After you setup apartment Memories 19/24. Enter bedroom and setup it.


Back to Dylan and talk with him 2 times. Memory of love SQ start.

=>Shanty town. Talk with Dave twice.

Back to Bordello and talk with Alexia.

Change to Bordello outfit => 2nd floor and talk with Desire. Memories 20/24. Main story end.

Side Quests:

Change to casual. Map=>Wreckage site=>Shelter. Talk with Lilly.

Go back Bordello 2nd floor bedroom and talk with Mina.

Map=> Shelter 25 => LQ. Meet Nick (husband). Memories 21/24.

Pick up loot on map. => Shanty town. Talk with cyborg.

=>Map=> Forsaken city=>Talk with cyborg.

=>Endwaste city=>Underground market, talk with Ava. He want 100 scraps. Back to Upper plaza and use Loot box on Van Gruber. Talk with him again. Found loot and bring it to him. Repeat until have 100 scraps.

Or switch to Cain , and talk to Ava , radio only need 50 scraps.

Use Aguer on cross. After go Underground market and talk with Ava.

=>Upper streets=>Scrapshop. Use radio on Cobalt.

Back to cyborg in Forsaken city and give him radio. Talk with cyborg. Depths SQ start.

Map=>Shanty town. Talk with Dave. Depths SQ end. Map=>Shelter 25. Talk with Dylan. Memories 22/24. Home sweet home SQ end.

Back to Bordello and switch to Cain. Go Cassandra room near entry club. Talk wit her. Memories 23/24. MILF SQ end.

Go Bar and give Bar key Jazmine. Memories 24/24. Take Jazmine silver and gold doll 42/42.

Forsaken city => Art studio. Talk with Nenad.

Now You have Envelope for Tanya. Bring it to her.

  Nenad’s apartments => Bedroom. Talk with Elena. Memories 24/28.

Back to Art studio and talk with Tanya. Artist’s wife SQ now Pure art SQ.

  Map => Westgate canyon.

Take Egg plant. => Map => North badland.

So much radiation. Bring Egg to Fernanda (Bordello 2nd floor bedroom). Talk with her.

Back to Underground market => Hallway. Talk with Gianna. Back to Fernanda and

use milk on her. Gypsy lore SQ end. You have 100% radiation resist. Map => Extin City.

Talk with Crap merchant.

Back to Art studio and use Radiated pebbles on Nenad. Talk with Tanya. Pure art SQ end.

  Bordello => Switch to Freya. Take bot. => Extin city. => Workshop. Talk with old man Russel. Extincity SQ start.

  Shanty town. Talk with CU-79-GT.

  Forsaken city => Art studio yard. Talk with CU-123-SX.

  Endwaste city => Underground market. Talk with Ava. Collect 100 scrapts

deliver Van Gruber lootboxes. Buy Radio.

  Upper streets => Scrapshop. Use Old radio on Cobalt.

Back to Art studio yard and use Radio on robot.

Back to Shetler 25 and talk with Dylan. Memories 25/28. Home sweet home SQ end.

Back to Bordello and switch to Cain. => Upper street => Rebeca’s hideout. Talk with her.

  Bordello => 2nd floor => Bedroom. Talk with Mina.

  Map => Firat aid station. Talk with Doctor Sal.

Switch to Freya and talk with doctor.

Back to  Bordello, change to  Bordello outfit, enter VIP  room. Talk with doctor. Memories 26/28.

  Bordello 2nd floor => Desire bedroom. Take Desire silver doll 43/45.

Click on photo. Click on safe (bot has open it for You). Take documents. Switch to Cain and go to Rebeca’s hideout. Use documents on Rebeca.

Rottenfallers SQ end.

Switch to Freya. => Wreckage site => Shelter. Talk with Lily.

Back to Bordello 2nd floor and talk with Mina.

Map => Shelter 25 => LQ => autotalk with Dylan. Memories 27/28.

Map => Underpass. Talk with Den.

Map => Extin city => Workshop. Talk with old man.

Talk with Brandon. Memories 28/28.

Talk with him again. Exincity SQ end.

Map => Forsaken city => Art studio yard. Talk with robot.

Eon Maps

Eon Walkthrough Drake

Eon Walkthrough Freya

Eon Walkthrough Jade

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