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Vixens Tail: Duskvale Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Vixens Tail: Duskvale Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Jagu Island – Vixens Tail: Duskvale Walkthrough & Guide

After a few days in Duskvale when you go into town Myrtle will approach you and say you recieved a letter from ‘Jagura’ of Jagu Island, Myrtle mentions a ship can take you there for the cost of 25 condoms.

Once in the village go to the palace and meet with the nobility, you learn that despite being the ruler of Jagu, Jagura is not officially the queen due to some of her sizes not being as full as they should be.

Now you have a few options for the time being, all of which are exploring the island.

To progress the story you need to do a few things.

a) Find the Witch on the Island (explore the jungle)

b) Speak to the Ambassador at the village fountain, or hear rumors from various people.

c) Find the tomb in the Jungle (Small hole Minx can crawl into).

d) Encounter Lady Merkin (The Silverdew Ball, you don’t actually need to speak with her, just getting through the night is fine enough)

While searching the Jungle you will find a small hole that Minx can almost squeeze into. When she tries she will be stopped by her clothing so strip down and enter, this is the tomb in the jungle.

Inside you will come across a throne, and a statue. Approach the throne and speak to the Priestess there, ask who she is and about the writing, she will let you read them and you make a mental note.

After grabbing the recipe for a potion you will need to speak to the witch about making it

3 Pixie Spunk

3 Horsecum

1 Harpy Egg

You can buy all but the Harpy Eggs in the Island shop, speaking of the Shop owner will not be there at the start of the day/morning so you may need to leave town and explore then return. After you speak to her once she will start showing up elsewhere on the island. To get the Harpy egg you can hear the rumor about them from various people or just find one in the jungle you can also go to the lighthouse and spot one from the gallery, afterwards you can then go to the harpy island for 10 condoms, there is also a cave there, but you need to climb up the island cliff and get the egg, you can trade her an egg for an egg (putting a kid in her). You will need to drink this later for the ruins puzzle.

If you’ve gone to Silverdew and completed the Ball Lady Merkin from the ball will show up at Jagu Island and be a menace there, saying she has been sent to take the island for the empire, you can give her the Marble potion you just made and go support her, or support Jagura.

This begins the full quest, you need to find the rod for either Jagura or Merkin and recieve the blessings of the Goddess on the island. The Ambassador will tell you that there are ruins all over and of the temple.

The blessings of the Goddess (Macromastia and Gonadja) on the island, Macromastia’s blessing can be found in the northern temple and speak to the head priestess, you need to do a decent amount of anything breast related milking yourself, drinking her milk, participate in worship. Gonadja’s blessing can be gotten in the hidden tomb, approach the statue while your cum bar is nearly topped off and crawling inside the statue. Inside you have 2 pathways, one leading to a room filled with sperm, the other empty as well as the main chamber, the puzzle is to fill the empty chamber without emptying the full one. After both are full head to the main chamber and investigate, it will mention the singular muscle in the room, touch it. The statue will cum and shoot you out giving you the blessing of the Ancients.

Searching the jungle you will find some ruins, there’s a set of carving and some building, the ruins are what we are here for, the main building will progress the story as we need it, and right one has a lab and teleporter allowing you to return to Duskvale with 8459 as the code, the pile of rubble on the left will have some cash. Enter the main building.

You have three things in front of you, a rod, a dildo and a scale. While under the effect of the Marble potion you will want to use the dildo on either hole, weigh your sack on the scale, then fuck the rod. Afterwards you’re given the Jagu rod.

You may then choose to either give the rod and blessings to Jagura or Merkin.

Supporting Jagura is the good path, but you lose some faith with the Guild and Merkin screws you by making your taxes maxed out every collection day.

Supporting Merkin allows a sex scene with the Guild and your life doesn’t become suffering.

Silverdew – Vixens Tail: Duskvale Walkthrough & Guide

To start this side area you need a few things, mainly one.

Day 20 or later

You will be contacted by the Messager for taxes as usual but afterwards she will tell you that you’ve been invited to a ball in Silverdew and that you should dress for the occasion.

To get the dress you need you buy it from Marybelle for 25 condoms, it will only show up in the shop if you have already purchases something from her before.

With your new snazzy dress you may now click the top arror of the map and begin the travel to Silverdew. It will take several days but that’s inconsequential to us.

When you get there you will come across a watchtower, you will find the Kight Chaste here. She is a killjoy and speaks lies. If you don’t want to meet her here she will be at the ball regardless.

You’re basically railroaded to the ball, but when you get to the castle you will be greeted by an elf. Be nice and thank her for opening the door, you may choose to help Noumene later.

Now you are in the ball proper and are given 6 people to talk to. You may only talk to 4.

From left to right they are Noumene, Merkin, the Kight Chaste, Zeta, Argentia, and the Unicorn.


You can talk to her and be cordial.

Lady Merkin

She does not hide her disdain for you. And will invite you to her room after the party. If you’re into water sports enjoy it, I guess.

Knight Chaste

You can be reasonable, but she is a zealot. If you edge on agreeing with her she will just tell you cast your lifestyle away and show the world the ‘truth’, you also get to socialize with her like at the watchtower.

Lady Zeta

She’s shadowy and off, but she is very important to the area and if you wish to speedily go through the quest vistor her after the party to get the quest started.

Lady Argentia

Host of the party, you can talk to her and be a brown noser, but the best response to her first question is to just say you prefer warmer lands.

The Unicorn

Local forest spirit with an obvious problem, she is looking for a virgin. You can imagine how hard that must be in this universe.

If you decide to not spend the night with Lady Zeta you will need to explore the forest as your last action of the day to be attacked and turned into one, you will be kicked out of the tavern and have to live in a cave, you also may not leave Silverdew for the duration of the quest.

First thing you need to do is go find Palinopsia, the Spermaturge of Silverdew. Her house is the big one above the gate to Silverdew, she will tell you that the clergy may have information related to helping, but since you can’t just walk in the front door you will have to find another way in… the sewers.

To find the sewers, you need to hover to the right of the garrison and above the spermaturge’s house, if you can not find it just play minesweeper on the map you’ll get it eventually. Once inside the sewers you begin to explore and you will find Rat. She is Rat. Knock her up and she will reveal locations in the sewers. A secret enterance to the Garrison and the Temple. We are looking for the temple dungeon.

While in the temple you want to head upstairs, and go to the library. Don’t explore the area as if you are discovered you will be arrested. In the library you will find a key, take it and head back down to the dungeons. You will find a heavy door with bands of iron, it’s locked and this key is your ticket in. When you open the door you discover the temple is hiding all religious books here and you find the book you are looking for. Now time time leave back through the sewers and go to the Spermaturge’s house.

Palinopsia will read the book and tell you that silver is the Lunar Goddess’s sperm and that you will need to return it to her thawed. You will need to listen to the town crier to know about the mines, I am sure Argentia herself will tell you about them as well if you ask her. While inside the mines you will drain lewdity rapidly as you are reacting to the silver in the walls.

You want to enter the mines and go left to the flickering light you will meet a Goblin digging for silver in the mines. When you ask her for some silver she will tell you that her machine is broken and can’t mine any till it’s fixed, offering you silver if you find the missing piece. You want to leave the Goblin and go back to the enterance and make a right this time into a dusty musky mushroom cave. You want to inspect the mushrooms and let them spray you then search the room twice. Your first search will yield troll juice and a treasure map. The treasure isn’t relavent to the story, you will have to find it yourself. Your second search with give you the mechanism you’re looking for. Turn back the way you can and go back to the Goblin where she had some silver already but will give it to you as a reward. All in all if you are as quick as possible you will only lose 8 Lewdity.

With your chunk of silver return to Palinopsia with it and she will give you an unmeltable bottle to smelt- excuse me thaw the sperm in and keep it fresh while also telling you of an operation she has planned for you when you return with it. If you’ve listened to the town crier some more you would’ve heard about the haunted vale, the black smoke on the map, head there with your glass and sperm in tow. Search the area and you will find a crater with unbearable heat, this will let you melt the sperm.

Now thawed sperm in hand return to Palinopsia and get the operation done. (You may need to talk to her about what she does again depending on your version, don’t worry I already told Flux about the bug.) Now with the operation done you will need to find the ruins from exploring the forest. When there Zeta shows up and greets you. Confront her about being Lunate and she will show her true form tell her you want to return her sperm. After docking with her you are cured of your Lycanthropy. You may chose to cure it completely or keep the beast inside. You will also gain the lewdity lost and then some from the quest completing.

I personally recommend keeping the beast as it’s both a collectable and usable in another quest and may have more use down the line. RIGHT FLUX?

Duskvale – Vixens Tail: Duskvale Walkthrough & Guide

If you’re reading this Flux either a) hasn’t read it himself or b) doesn’t care and trusted me enough

Off the bat you are Minx, in a town called Flowerbed. The game gives you some tutorial messages to explain some of the finer details of the game and lets you introduce yourself to the town. Depending on your introductions you can get some early lewdity. As the game mentions lewdity will unlock scenes with characters and can also lock Minx into doing some other scenes.

I personally recommend letting the villagers keep their tax, it increases how much they like you and will help later down the line for unlocking scenes with them.

After your introduction to the town you go to your manor you rest for the night, once you wake up in the morning you can take various actions, but you want to get out of the manor and begin exploring the forest, you will be looking for a few areas in particular, and a few encounters.


1)A stone circle

2)The ruins

3)The Marshlands

Optional)Hazel’s Hut – Hazel lives here and while she isn’t required for the main story she can let you travel to the side area faster.


1)Professor Eyva – In the forest – If you find the stone circle before meeting her you can point her there.

2)Lady Camellia – In the Ruins after you get ‘attacked’ in the night.

3)Lily – In the Marshlands

3)Primrose – You can find her in Flowerbed as a chance event after interacting with one of the townsfolks.

When you find Primrose she will be in the kitchen of the Manor, talking to her she will give you a key to the tower, this will begin the real progress. For your last action of a day you want to go to the tower, where you will encounter a ghost, stand your ground and run through the dialog. You recieve hints to who she may be and she points to the west after mentioning to find her head.

At around this same time you should be trying to get information out of Myrtle, the Scribe in flowerbed and she will tell you about the previous Baroness of Duskvale and you find out the ghost you meet is the previous Baroness, using this information and presuming you’ve been attacked by Camellia you can ask her about the Baroness and she’ll tell you that she last saw her with her servent entering the swamp, with the Baroness leaving in the servents cloths.

Now going to the Marshlands to talk to Lily, you can tell her you’re looking for a specific skull and she will tell you she knows of the skull and will offer it to you for 50 condoms in return. If you manage to pay her she will get the skull for you, otherwise you will have to tame a bog siren to retrieve it.

If you are unable to pay her and want to get the skull yourself you should talk to the witch about it. She will tell you that you need to be dirty and even more lewd than the siren, which is 20+ lewdity.

Money can be gathered quickly by exploring the forest finding and selling Macromastia potions for 12 a potion.

After gathering the skull in either fashion return to the tower as your final action for the day and encounter the ghost again, after returning her skull you’ll gather a key and go to bed. Once you wake up you can enter the cellar of the house to find Azalea. (Not useful in this version of the game but can be used for progress later on) She will grant you a boon if you free her.

‘I want to be rich’

Masturbation gives +1 condom.

‘I wish to be more popular’

All Duskvale NPCs will like you more.

‘I want to be sexier’

Gain 10 lewdity, lewdity can not surpass 100.

My personal pick for early game would be ‘I want to be rich’ as higher lewdity will cause you not get the bonus as much since you milk yourself for more as your stat gets higher. But if your lewdity is already high at this point ~50+ than the second option ‘I wish to be more popular’ will unlock more of the game for you in Duskvale. Long and thick of it though is the choice is up to you and will not significantly affect gameplay in the long run.

Talking to Azalea she tells you about the previous Baroness and how she wanted to become a goddess using Azalea to gain said power, Azalea mentions how the Baroness’s servant would often ask about a thin veil and the circle. This obviously is pointing to the stone circle I presume you already found and sent Eyva to already, if you’ve visited her at the circle already and visit her after speaking Azalea, Eyva will say you need to find a temple to get a rod she needs. Now go speak to Camellia she will tell you the location of the temple in the mountains to the north west.

As you enter the temple you will be greeted but a room with a large door, stone bowl and several murals. The murals are purely for lore, what you’re interested in is the bowl, you need to masturbate into the bowl to open the door and continue into the next room.

The next room has three statues and more murals. Again these murals are purely for lore, what you need to do is look at each statue and notice their hands. The fingers pointed down are how many condoms you need to give to it, while the hand on the chest is how much milk you need to give it. You can solve the puzzle yourself or look below for the quickie. You will need a minimum of 6 condoms and 6 milk to progress.

The first statue

2 Condoms and 3 Jugs

The second statue

1 Condom and 2 Jugs

The third statue

3 Condoms and 1 Jug

After finishing the above puzzle you will head into the next room and encounter a mad woman, the antagonist to the first game. If you help her she becomes and imp and charges off, if you don’t she vanishes. Currently doesn’t matter which you do. You step up to the altar and are able to grab the rod Eyva needs. You may not leave the temple and return to the stone circle.

Eyva is actually a cultist to Mater, and betrays you. Stealing the rod and your sliver of divinity. After the scene you return home and sleep. Your new task is to head to the underworld, there are two ways to do so, either speaking to the witch and creating a potion, or with Azalea’s help.

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