Long Story Short Walkthrough

Long Story Short Walkthrough

Welcome to Long Story Short Walkthrough, which guides you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

So, what do you say? (Vanessa tries to convince you to go to the bar with her instead of Ann)

Go to the bar with Vanessa [Ann Status = Natural]

Go to the bar with Ann [Ann Status = GF or Hate]

Joe’s birthday is coming up and I don’t know what should I get for him. Do you have any ideas for me? (If went to bar with Vanessa)

A video game

Make a sex tape (Leads to MC filming the sex tape and potentially fooling around with Vanessa)

I don’t know…

I have a small picture that will sum it all up. I can just show you. (Confronting Chris about him and Vanessa)

Yes (Required to successfully blackmail Vanessa)


Do you like it overall? (Vanessa trying on outfits for Joey’s birthday, white outfit)

Yes [+2 Vanessa Relationship]


What do you think? Is it better? (Vanessa trying on outfits for Joey’s birthday, black outfit)



Flirtatious Yes [+2 Vanessa Relationship]

What do you think? (Vanessa trying on outfits for Joey’s birthday, red/black dress)

I like it [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

Way too much

Remove the panties [+2 Vanessa Relationship]

I just hope it will turn him on! (Vanessa trying on outfits for Joey’s birthday, last dress)

Ask her to turn around [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

Say nothing

I really like you. I have no idea if you feel the same. (After bar date with Ann)

Tell her you like her [+2 Ann Relationship, Ann GF Path]

Tell her you don’t like her [Ann Hate Path, Ann Corrupted]

It makes me so happy to hear that. (You told Ann you like her)

Kiss her [+2 Ann Relationship]

Say Goodbye

Vanessa dared me to enter the bed naked.

Get in naked [+1 Ann Corruption]

Get in dressed

Not yet, because I have no idea what you are trying to gain. (Coffee shop with Vanessa)

Don’t hurt Joey

Blackmail her [Vanessa Blackmail] (To be successful, must look at pic of Vanessa blowing Chris when he offers)


Why didn’t you? (Vanessa blackmail coffee shop)

Because it wasn’t me [+10 Vanessa Relationship]

You could have done better

I did blackmail Vanessa… (With Joey in gym)

Tell him [Joe Enemy]

Don’t tell him

I’m going to take off my jeans.

Take everything off [+1 Ann Corruption]

Take your time

Handjob is nice but maybe I can convince her to give me a blowjob.

Try to convince her [+1 Ann Corruption]

Let her continue

A kiss is nice but…

Shove her head onto your dick [+ 2 MC Alpha, +3 Ann Corruption]

Do nothing

I just asked you to give me time.

Apologize [-1 MC Alpha, -1 Ann Corruption]

Don’t apologize [+1 MC Alpha, +2 Ann Corruption]

But she is doing what I’ve taught her and I’m about to cum.

Warn her

Don’t warn her [+1 Ann Corruption]


Give her

Tell her to swallow [+1 Ann Corruption]

Do you like it?

You look like a slut [+1 Ann Corruption]

I do

There she is.

Spank her ass [+1 Ann Corruption]

Cover her eyes [+2 Ann Relationship]

Let’s see what else I can find about that… (Question Repeats)

Touch her [+1 Ann Corruption]

Touch her again [+1 Ann Corruption] (after question repeats)

Make her touch you [+1 Ann Corruption] (after question repeats again)

I wonder if it made Ann horny as well…

Touch her [+1 Ann Corruption]

Don’t touch her

She stayed quiet but I knew she was about to scream.

Continue [+1 Ann Corruption]


The way I act (Bar with Joey)

Let her talk

Flirt [+1 Ann Relationship]

… (Bar with Joey)

Kiss her back [Ann Late GF, +2 Relationship]

Don’t kiss her

I’m so glad you got here quickly (Bar without Joey)

Compliment her on the dress [+1 Ann Relationship]

Don’t compliment her [-1 Ann Relationship]

… (Ann sex in the evening)

Compliment her (her breasts) [+1 Ann Relationship]

Don’t compliment

It might be silly… But… What do you think? (With Ann after club)

I agree, you should change [+5 Ann Corruption]

Stay the way you are [-3 Ann Corruption]

Come on slut. Give me a good show! (With Ann after club, hobo in alley)

Tell Ann to tease him [+2 Ann Corruption]

Tell him to fuck off

There is a way for me to show her what I really want.

Aggressively push her head deeper [+2 MC Alpha, +3 Ann Corruption]

Let her continue

I hope you know what you are doing, I want to look good on cam. (After club sex tap with Joey and Vanessa)

You are

Don’t worry

You always look good [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

She doesn’t know that Emily is in the other room…

Touch her [+1 Ann Relationship]

Say you are not alone [-1 Ann Relationship]

Joey left. (At beach with Joey, meet Jenny)

Hey [+1 Jenny Relationship]

You have nice boobs [-1 Jenny Relationship]

That’s what happens when you ask a girl a complicated question. Haha. (Talking with Jenny at beach)

Flirt with her [+2 Jenny Relationship]

Don’t flirt

No, I’m done. (Vanessa joins sex lesson)

Vanessa is right [+2 Ann Corruption]

I agree, that’s enough [-1 Ann Corruption]

Things changed (Emily returns home)

Compliment her [+1 Emily relationship]

Don’t compliment

I must say she is looking better than ever. (With Joe, after Emily returns home)

Agree [+1 Emily Relationship]

Disagree [-1 Emily Relationship]

*Click click click click* (Shopping with Emily, rude saleswoman)

Get angry at the saleswoman [+1 Emily Relationship, +1 MC Alpha]

Let Emily talk to her

I agree, even though my boobs are almost out. (Emily trying on black dress)

It looks great [+1 Emily Relationship]

It’s too much

It’s cute alright… But does it look good on me? (Emily trying on purple dress)

It looks amazing on you [+1 Emily Relationship]

I think you can do better

Hey! Guess who! (Jenny messaging at night)

Mmm… Jenny? [+1 Jenny Relationship]


She is flirting with me. (Jenny messaging at night)

Flirt back [+1 Jenny Relationship]

Don’t flirt

(Ann not corrupted, in Vanessa’s living room)

Tell her you want her [+5 Vanessa Relationship]

Act stupid

(Vanessa living room)

I prefer to be with you [+5 Vanessa Relationship]

I was just curious of what will happen

Ok, so we are all set! (Vanessa shopping)

Tell her to try it on [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

Just leave

Does it turn you on? (Vanessa fucking Mario)

Yes [+1 Relationship]


I can make it a bit more interesting… (Vanessa in morning)

Meet her naked [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

Stay in your clothes

Come on, I need to think. (After meeting Vanessa naked)

Eat her pussy [+5 Vanessa Relationship]


Anyway, take a look at it from behind. (Vanessa in morning)

Bend over [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

Yeah, I agree

Here is the full package. (Vanessa in morning)

You look beautiful [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

You look like an escort girl

Oh… Now I understand. (Vanessa outside house)

Compliment her [+1 Vanessa Relationship]

Don’t compliment

Ahh! (Ann room in the evening)

Make her clean your cock [+2 MC Alpha, +2 Ann Corruption]

Do nothing

WOW! (At Ann’s house with Vanessa trying on outfit)

Compliment her [+1 Ann Relationship]

Don’t compliment

Thank you.

Kiss her [+2 Ann Relationship]

Don’t kiss her

Come on Ben, tell her!

Encourage her to wear it [+1 Ann Corruption]

Don’t encourage

It’s a deal!

Start touching her [+1 Ann Relationship]

Continue talking


Fuck her [+1 Ann Corruption]

Let go

I wonder…

Stick a finger in her ass [+1 Ann Corruption]

Just keep fucking her

Maybe I can convince her to take a photo only with the outfit I got for her…

Convince her [+1 Ann Corruption]

Don’t convince

Done. (Ann photoshoot with basketball players)

Take another photo [+1 Ann Corruption]

We’re done

Look who woke up… I can let him enjoy the view or just leave. (Ann photoshoot in alley with hobo)

I changed my mind

Let her pose [+1 Ann Corruption]

Hehe. (Ann photoshoot in alley with hobo)

Tell her you wanna fuck her [+1 Ann Corruption]

Go home

Haha, weren’t you listening? I’ve already told you I grew up in a house filled with men, so yeah… (On date with Jenny)

I like it [+1 Jenny Relationship]

I prefer girls that drink wine [-1 Jenny Relationship]

Me too. (End of Jenny date)

Kiss her [+1 Jenny Relationship]

Don’t kiss her [-1 Jenny Relationship]


Try to go further [-1 Jenny Relationship]

Stop [+1 Jenny Relationship]

(Questions when on date with Jenny)

Talk about Emily [+1 Emily Relationship]

Talk about computer [-1 Emily Relationship]

Talk about your future [+1 Emily Relationship]

She doesn’t know who I am… (or) Ben??? (Alex moving in)

Flirt [+1 Alex Relationship]

Don’t flirt

Wait! You can’t leave without a selfie! (After helping Alex move in)

Agree [+1 Alex Relationship]

Refuse [-1 Alex Relationship]

Of course! I’m always glad to help. (Helping Alex with laptop)

Check Alex out [+1 Alex Relationship]

Don’t check her out

You’re welcome! (Helping Alex with laptop)

Kiss Ann goodbye [+1 Ann Relationship]

Hug Alex goodbye [+1 Alex Relationship]

(Morning with Emily in the kitchen)

Look closer (+1 Emily Relationship)

Don’t look

Hehe, I saw you through the window. (Ann date before theme park)

Compliment her [+1 Ann Relationship]

Don’t compliment her

Since she is down there already… And I’m a bit horny… Maybe we can have some fun. (On Ferris wheel)

Pull your dick out [+1 Ann Corruption]

Don’t do it

It’s great. (Ann on webcam)

Compliment her [+1 Ann Relationship]

Don’t compliment her

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