Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

This Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough will cover every aspect of the game. Including every lady’s scene unlocked.

Introduction – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

This walkthrough will go through the quests individually, but you can do multiple quests at the one time. If you reach a point where you do not have enough money to buy something you need to progress, grind out the cases on the PC in the MC’s room or edit the save/cheat etc. If people would prefer a day-by-day walkthrough, I will do that but it seems people are getting stuck on specific parts of quests rather than having day to day issues. To find where

you are stuck in this walkthrough quickly use CTRL+F and search for it. For example, if you are stuck in Maeve’s lab use CTRL+F and type “Maeve”.

Trait selection – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Name your character whatever you want, as for the trait selection I have always used smooth operator it has benefits with Beatrice + Moe I’m not quite sure what benefits you get with street fighter and intellectual genius but feel free to experiment.

Smooth operator = +3 charm. Street fighter = +3 power.

Intellectual Genius = +3 brains.

Cases – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

The 7-11 Case

Click on the map and head to 7-11.

“Call out to her” / “Stare at her ass” (same outcome, pick either option).

“I admire powerful women like you” is the better option. Investigate Sophia first.

You can check her boobs out if you like.

Interview – exhaust all the options. Investigate Catherine.

Again, check her out if you wish. Interview – exhaust all options again. Security System

Once the scene is done leave 7-11 and you will be back home.

Go to the Detective’s Office again and ask Spade about data retrieval. This brings us to night time just go to bed.

You will have a dream select the following options:

“Who are you?”

“Where am I?” “What’s a deviant?” Check her boobs.

In the morning head to the mall and bits n bytes electronics. Talk to Moe then ask about the hard drive.

Suck up to him.

Since you can’t enter Mia’s room until morning use this time to work on cases at the PC for money.

Enter Mia’s room + plant the cam (take her panties from the cupboard too if you haven’t already).

Work on cases until evening then visit Mia’s room. Pick either option.

Work until the next Afternoon. Visit Steamy Beans Café.

Either option.

Go to your room – use computer – top right spy option. Go to 7-11 and buy a slurpee and then go to Mia’s room “I don’t think you’re useless”.

Show her your dick.

Sleep + work on cases until Evening. Check the spy footage on the PC again. Enjoy the scene + choose any options. Sleep.

Crescent Mall – Visit Moe – Give Mia’s Footage

Pick any option you want, if you choose Smooth Operator, you are given the option to talk your way out of it, go with that if you can.

Detectives office – show video

Back to the map – Maeve’s lab – Pick any option

Click the phone on the bottom left of the screen and call Catherine. Map – Catherine’s Home – Play the scene in any way you want.

Once you get the keys – head to 7-11 – hide on the far left.

Pass time until night again (work on PC or w/e) then go back to 7-11 and hide on the left again.

Let your depravity consume you = +30 Depravity + more options Control yourself = nothing

Work until night then go to Catherine’s house – choose any options you want. Sleep

Head downstairs.

Go to the Detective’s Office.

Work until night then head to the Detective’s Office again.

I recommend tipping $20 each time but it’s up to you.

Hit on her – Funny line (if you’re a smooth operator) / Smart line (if you’re an intellectual genius).

Accept her side quest.

The Spear of Logninus – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

This case is not yet complete, however it is still worth playing through it as it contains the bulk of the games content and it grants access to scenes around the house when you copy the keys to the bathroom at home + Sophia’s room.

Go to the Detective’s Office + check the caseboard. Take the Spear of Longinus quest.

First Investigation of the Church

Talk to the female officer at the bookshelves + exhaust dialogue options Visit the crime scene (option on the right)

“She is naked”

Click on the note on the left of the body.

Click on the blood behind the body – Click on the knife

Click on the eye prompt on the floor – Click the crack in the floor

Back out to the first area – Click the bottom left option – Click on the window on the left Enter the library – click the eye prompt on the wall – Click the hook with blood

Back to first area – talk to the female officer exhaust options again

Click on the door at the bottom of the stairs – afterwards click the prompt to go to the door Talk to the nun on the left – Talk – Exhaust all dialogue options.

The nun on the right – Look at her first – cut on her hand – Talk to her + exhaust all options Accuse her (bottom right) – Accuse the nun on the left afterwards

Click the option on the left to go outside.

Blonde nun – look at her – the ring – exhaust all dialogue options

Click on the man behind the tree on the right how you respond to him is up to you. Click on the cat behind Detective Spade for +1 Power

Go back inside – Option on the far right – Short haired nun Look at her – neck – exhaust all dialogue options.

Back outside – cross is sitting at the feet of the man next to Spade. Back inside to short haired nun – accuse her – head back outside Click the ring in the photograph – accuse blonde nun

Decide who you think did it (pick anything here but maybe make a save here, we don’t know who done it yet)

Second Phase

Head back to the detective’s office in the morning. Save the juice for Spade.

Go talk to Moe at the mall.

Go to the mall at night – look around – talk to Moe Head to the Church in the morning.

Back to the Church next morning. Go to the mall at night.

Back to the Church in the morning.

Head inside – all doors locked + they are busy can’t do anything right now Back to Church in the afternoon – head inside

Talk to Evelyn (blonde nun) – click on the dude on the ladder – kick it Head inside to the kitchen – talk to Miriam – take the keys

back outside to the front of the church – talk to locksmith Larry

Duplicate the church keys (when he’s done doing that make the bathroom + Sophia room keys you will need them for more content)

Back into the church – talk to the dude behind the tree

Far right option – talk to Victoria – back out middle option – visit Delilah’s room

Click the books on the right – click on her bed – visit Eve’s room

Click the portrait on the right – back out – inside the church – middle option – talk to Teresa Leave the church + come back in the evening

Enter the courtyard – talk to Miriam – head inside(left option) then middle option Talk to Delilah – leave the church + come back at night

If you get the scene with Ryan you decide how to react to him.

“Goodnight. I’ll go home now”

Go downstairs in the morning Larry will duplicate Sophia’s room key or the bathroom key Go back to the Church at night.

Click on the dude next to the tree on the right – you can have sloppy seconds if you want Go visit Moe at the mall at night – exhaust all options

Go to the church in the morning – go to the room on the right + snoop around You should be at 10/12 clues so far.

Go into Delilah’s room again – her phone is now on the table – go back to Moe at night That should be everything time for the next section.

Interrogations – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Afternoon – Eve – Bad cop

Click the feet on the left – turn off the camera – lock the door Meeting with Sister Anna outside – Truth

Her erotic books inside Delilah’s room – Pressure

Sex videos with Sister Anna – Accuse of lying – Anna x Eve photo Blackmail her – you can exhaust the rest of the options if you want now Evening – Miriam – Good Cop

Turn camera on – unlock the door – offer her water (bottom right option) She’s fucking Albert – Accuse of lying – Sex tape

Obsessed with wine – Truth

What’s the secret ingredient? – Pressure

Blackmail her – you can exhaust the rest of the options if you want

Afternoon – Teresa – Good Cop

Turn camera on – unlock the door – offer her water Does she have a sex addiction? – Pressure

Black Pearl – Accuse of lying – Black Pearl Photo Recommendation letter – Truth

Blackmail her + feel free to exhaust all options

Evening – Delilah – Bad Cop

Lock door – turn off camera Relationship with Sister Anna – Pressure Who’s Victoria Vanderbilt – Truth

What’s her role in Qanon subreddit – Accuse of lying – Aton Gathering Photo Blackmail her + feel free to exhaust all the options.

Investigating the Crypt

Afternoon – go to the church – talk to Eve – Bring me to the Crypt

Press the switch on the left – press switch 3 on the right – enter the doorway

Go right – click the bucket – go left – click on the fridge – click on the black table Click on the switches next to the door – go back out – click on the backpack (top left) Click on the spoon – click on the backpack to close it – click on the table

Click on the toolbox – go right – backpack – screwdriver- click on the fan on the wall Click left again – click switch 2 – code for the safe is 1302

Move forward x2 – backpack – the third option – click on the electrical hazard thing Backpack – hammer – electrical thing – backpack – key – electrical thing

Backpack – flashlight – go into the dark door

Backpack – hammer – box on the bottom left – go through the door

Hammer – barrel on the right – go left – pick up the kerosine on the floor – go back Go back again – backpack – kerosine – lantern – backpack – matches – lantern

Go through the door again – paper on the right – click on matches – click on paper The answer is Longinus = 72134165

Click forward on the right – click on the door code is the numbers above

(This is as far as this quest goes as of version 0.8.5)

Character Quests – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Mia’s first quest – Meeting Moon & Sage

Go to her room in the evening.

Visit the café in the afternoon and click on Mia – Go home (do this twice).

Visit the café in the morning – Talk to Moon – Visit the café again + accept Sage’s request.

Mia’s Breasts Quest – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Head to Maeve’s lab – talk to her about Mia’s problem Go to Mia’s room in the evening – grope away

Next day 7-11 – buy a slurpee – evening – Mia’s room Next day


Look around checking all the search prompts.

The PC tells you the password is the thing she desires most right now. The letter at the PC tells you Maeve was fired on October 10th 2017. Rummage through the trash + fix the photo.

The photo tells you she was fired 2 days before her birthday = October 12th.

The book “Understanding the male species” tells you on the last page she desires big breasts.

So – password = big breasts – authentication = 1210 (12th October) – check the notepad Passcode to the lab is 29126

I would recommend you stop this quest here as it is not finished. But you can continue it if you want.

Sophia’s Introductory Quest

Go to her room in the morning.

Use your phone to message Catherine.

Visit Catherine’s home at night and play through it however you like. In the morning go downstairs you will meet Tim and Tom.

Pick whatever you like when talking to Sophia.

Sophia’s Exams Quest – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Talk to Sophia in the afternoon when she’s on the couch gaming Pick the handcuff option tell her to study

Give her the $50

Next afternoon – same again – give her the $150

Next afternoon – same again – don’t give her the money

Go into her room in the morning (you need to have her keys from the longinus quest) Exhaust all options in her room + wait until afternoon

Go study again – “Nope. That’s not it.”

Make her study every afternoon you find her in the living room you must do each topic once Answers:


Boobies = 36

Following the pattern 6=3 carpark = 87

the sudoku looking thing ? = 6 Fox weight = 20


Monrovia Princess of Qajar Stonehenge

Adolf Hitler was not born in Germany Britain & France


The spleen is the tiny one on the right The flower

The elephant has the biggest ears The ostrich

Bioluminescence is the scientific term

When Sophia sits her test you will get a cutscene after going to bed where Catherine shows up.

To complete Catherine’s scene you need to max her ruin score. To do this max out her sensitivity and make sure you use all options that are available for it then do the same for desperation. When ruin is maxed out fuck her.

Sophia broken controller

At some point Sophia will be chilling on the couch but MC will be concerned that she’s not doing anything. This will happen on 2 occasions when MC says he’ll get the controller fixed. Go to the mall during the day + talk to Moe – Go back at night

I believe this quest is incomplete but you can’t really choose not to do it…

Chanel’s First Side Quest

Work/fill your time until night. Garrison Tower – Garrison Bar.

Click on Chanel + click the wine bottle.

Talk to Eleanor (sitting at the back of the room).

“It performs better from the bottle.” “Exactly, even after 32 months in the barrel.”

“Yes, I just love drinking full bodied California Syrah.” Fill your time until night again then go back to the bar. Click on Eleanor.

Same again.

First Spanking session – you can’t unlock all of the options yet, just exhaust the options that are available until you max out pain and shame.

Go back to the bar at night again. Once again back to the bar at night.

Second Spanking session – Once again can’t unlock all options yet just use what is open + max pain + shame.

Back to the bar at night.

Third Spanking session – Max pain + shame + make sure you exhaust the undress option.

Back to the bar at night.

Fourth Spanking session – Max pain + shame. Pleasure can be filled to around 3/4 or 4/5 of the way before it stops raising and you have to leave it there.

Back to the bar at night and leave after the MC notices she’s not there. Night time = bar time. She’s still not there, leave.

Return the next night and talk to Chanel about Eleanor.

Return to the bar next night time. Play through the scene however you like just make sure to max out pain, pleasure + shame in the spanking scene.

When it’s done you will talk to Chanel, ask her if she would like a taste.

Beatrice Recruitment Quest – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Go to the bar at night and talk to Chanel.

Go downstairs after starting the quest you will find Beatrice on the right with blue hair

Be honest – Talk to Chanel – Go to her place in the morning –Use the computer Porn hut – create an account – exit – Beatrice option appears on the right

Go back to the bar at night – talk to Beatrice – hangout – Scumflix and Chill

Like the spanking minigame – more options will open the more often you do this 1st time: just exhaust options by watching the films repeatedly.

Next day – go to Chanel’s apartment – couch – Beatrice

2nd Scumflix + Chill – couch cuddle – open up – scumflix – cuddle – scumflix – remove clothes – crack a joke – cuddle – scumflix

Next day same again – 3rd scumflix + chill – cuddle – scumflix – remove clothes – cuddle – scumflix – remove clothes – cuddle – fondle.

Next day – Chanel’s apartment – couch – Beatrice – film video – communicate with her – your choice 7-11 – buy asprin – will prompt text messages with Beatrice

Next day – Chanel’s apartment – couch – Beatrice – your choice. Next day – same again – couch – Beatrice

For this mini-game you need to max out pleasure, shame and worship by exhausting the options. If you find progress stops click on beg (bottom right) or the option on the bottom left, you will get there eventually but it does take some time.

Vixie & Tracy Quest

Go to the bar + talk to Chanel.

Talk to her again and click on the new recruitment option. Go downstairs + click on the option for the two girls.

Leave + click on the tower from the map again – bar streets

Go right – look around – rummage in the trash – exhaust all options then leave Next day – 7/11 – buy cigarettes

At night go back to the streets – go right – give Vixie the cigarettes Click on her again and smash

You know the drill with these games by this point. All you can do right now is smash. At least max out pleasure though… Farthest you can get it with fucking is 3/4 of the way then you have to suck to fill it out.

Next night – go to the bar – downstairs – click on the girls Cocacola – Dr.Pepper – Diet Coke – Fanta – Sprite – Dasani Next night go back to the bar


Go down – take the lights on the left – go back – go right – put the lights on the right Put them on with the purple/pinkish colour

Back out – back again – take the other lights – back to the photo area – put them on the left switch them on

Back – left – take the tripod – put it on tripod – put it on the camera prompt in the camera room – back – back – left – go to the table – take the camera – put it on the tripod and come back – take the lens on the front left (middle size) – go put it on the camera

Now you can explore and interact with the girls.

Flirting with Catherine

Don’t let her sensitivity max out while trying to max out gspot and pleasure.

The photoshoot

Do something – tell her a funny story – take photo – do something – fondle Catherine – take picture – do something – adjust Tracy’s boobs – take picture – do something – tell horror story – take picture

Chanel: Total Defense

This quest is not yet completed and I do not recommend starting it.

Sage’s Request – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

Visit the café in the morning + talk to Sage.

Go to the Garrison Bar at night + talk to Chanel (there will be an option with Sage’s picture) Go to 7-11 in the morning and buy the sunglasses + facemask.

At night go downstairs at home and Chanel will call you. Go to the bar – fight (involves quick time events) or skip.

You will be on the streets with arrows in different directions. You explore a bit on your own or for the quickest progression pick the arrow on the right and then the middle arrow (this will let you meet girls that will be important to Chanel’s later quest).

Left arrow – middle arrow – middle arrow again – left arrow – left arrow – left arrow (the one pointing up the stairs).

The Warehouse

Go up the stairs – click on the knife at the edge of the box on the left.

Search the BBQ – Rummage – Turn around + Search the van – take the batteries. Back upstairs – turn around – climb to the ledge above.

Go upstairs – search on the left – take the flashlight – go back and walk along the path Search the dark area on the left – click the middle option for the light + take the tool

Go upstairs – you have to time the next movements with the characters on screen. Move when their backs are turned.

Go across the bridge – sneak when their backs are turned – go down the ladder. Climb the ladder next to the mc – click the option on the right to kill the lights. Tell the truth about Ryan (-10 depravity) or lie (+30 depravity) it’s your decision. Good listener:

“Piano, History and Math Classes.”

“That black dragon tattoo with four claws and a skull on your chest.” “9 rooms and 5 bathrooms with a butler named Jerry?!”

2 Truths 1 Lie:

Options are yours.

Yeah down that fucking bottle! (You will have the option to take advantage of her). Sharing is caring. Give me half. (Consensual sex.)

Moon Date – Deviant Anomalies Walkthrough

At some point (I can’t remember when) you do find out Moon likes plays. At the PC in your room there is an option with Moon’s face, click it. Read the reviews + buy the tickets.

Visit the café to let Moon know about your date.

Text her on your phone – the event will now happen the next Saturday

For the date you have to pick what restaurant it is it’s the one at the top on the right. 2nd row down 2nd from the right.

Go right, go right, click on Moon – lunch and dinner – your choice Moon flashback:

Go right click on the area near the fallen stool – head inside Your choice – your choice again

Look around for flowers – interact with everything but don’t climb to the roof yet When you find Mr Ganzo give it back to the little girl

Once you get the apple sit on the swing

Now climb up top and talk with the boys, say whatever you like to them. Once you collect the flowers the quest ends I’m pretty sure it is incomplete.

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