Ariadne Walkthrough

Ariadne Walkthrough

Welcome to Ariadne Walkthrough, which covers every aspect of the game. All the content can be unlocked, and every quest completed.

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General tips – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

  1. Barrels and pots may contain valuable items. Break them.
  2. Random encounters on the world map are unavoidable. But in other areas, you can see the enemies patrolling. Avoid them if necessary. If they see you, depending on your level, they may charge at you or run away.
  3. You can use a Warp Stone Fragment almost anywhere. It teleports you to safety. The Warp Stone works just like the Warp Stone Fragment, but you can use it indefinitely. Once you have the Warp Stone, you no longer need to pay a dime to stay at inns. Instead, you can teleport to somewhere that offers free lodgings.
  4. An agile enemy called Metal Pikuchin appears at random throughout the game world. As long as your level is under 20, it is not aggressive. It will escape the battle in under three turns. After you reach level 20, it starts attacking and stays for six turns. It has 120 HP but takes 10% damage from all attacks. The reward for killing it is 777 EXP, 777 gold, and a valuable Pikuchin Bangle.
  5. No vendor sells Fire Bomb. You can loot them from:
  • Phantom (Haunted Mansion, 5% chance)
  • Jelloid (Sandrite Mines, 5% chance)
  • Burning Hand (Odelion and Unknown Island, 5% chance)
  1. Bug: The Dark Fencer skill is non-elemental.
  2. Bug: Ayano’s Cane increases maximum HP, not maximum PP

Mechanics – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

Attack types and elements – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

There are two attack types: Weapon-based and magical. Each attack may also have an affinity with the following elements: fire, ice, lightning, Holy, and Darkness. Fran has no way of performing magical attacks. All her attacks are weapon-based. But she can enchant her swords and give them elemental affinity. When this guide describes an attack as “physical”, it means a weapon-based attack with no elemental affinity.

There are five ways of inflicting elemental damages: Elemental swords, elemental skills, elemental bombs, and enchantments.

  • Elemental swords like Efreet Sword and Éclair inflict elemental damages. See the “Weapons” section for details.
  • The following skills inflict elemental damages: Vulcan Fang (fire), Lightning Stab (lightning), Crescent Bane (ice), Sacred Cross (Holy), and Blood Weapon (Darkness). (Dark Fencer does not inflict elemental damage. It’s a bug.) These skills consume a certain item each time you use them: Ignition powder (fire), ice crystal (ice), charged stone (lightning), holy water (Holy), and tainted soil (Darkness).
  • Elemental bombs include fire bombs, ice bombs, and lightning bombs. They are rare in this game. Nobody sells or produces them. You find a handful of them from chests hidden around the game world. You can farm fire bombs from Phantom, Jelloid, and Burning Hand.
  • Enchantment can bestow an elemental affinity to a non-elemental, non-poisonous weapon. Alternatively, it can make the weapon poisonous. To enchant a weapon, you must use certain items or skills that I’ve listed below:
EnchantmentBestowed byEffectDuration
Fire Salamander’s blood

Fire Weapon

Fire affinity

+40% burning chance

Ice Mermaid Tears

Frost Weapon

Ice affinity

+30% freezing chance

Thunder Storm Stone

Thunder Weapon

Lightning affinity

+40% paralyzing chance

Holy Saint’s Ashes


Holy affinity

ATK ×105%

Darkness Dragon Blood

Slave Drain

Darkness affinity

ATK ×105%

Poison* Deadly Poison

Venom Weapon

+40% poisoning chance 7

(*) I’ve listed “poison” here, even though it is not an element. (See below for details.)

As for elemental protection, there are two ways. One is equipping armors and accessories that offer elemental protection. For details, see their corresponding sections below. The second is consuming items that grant temporary elemental protection buffs:

NameBestowed byEffectDuration
Anti-fire Ignition powder Fire damage received ×80%


Anti-ice Ice crystal Ice damage received ×80%


Anti-thunder Charged stone Lightning damage received ×80%


Anti-Holy Holy water Holy damage received ×80% 7
Anti-Darkness Tainted soil Darkness damage received ×80%



Buffs and debuffs – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

This game also features buffs (effects) and debuffs (ailments). It does a very good job of telling you how to inflict them and how to remove them, but not what they do.

NameEffect on the afflictedDuration
Poison Loses 5% health each turn Forever
Burn Loses 5% health each turn 2 or 3
Freeze Is unable to act 2
Paralysis Fails to perform action randomly 3 or 4
Stun Is unable to act, until struck 2
Blind Hit rate: -15% 6
Parasite Fran only: Loses 2% PP each turn Forever
Fever Fran only: Loses 20% stamina each turn Forever
Parry Evasion rate: +100% 1
Full power Critical damage rate: +100%

Hit rate: -35%

Chakra Critical damage rate: +100% 1
ATK Up Damage dealt: ×120% 10
DEF Up Damage received: ×80% 10
AGI Up Agility: ×150% 10
EVA Up Evasion chance: ×150% 10
CRI Up Critical damage chance: +30% 7
ATK Down Damage dealt: ×80% 5
DEF Down Damage received: ×120% 5
AGI Down Agility: ×50% 5
EVA Down Evasion rate: -100% 5
CRI Down Critical damage rate: -100% 5

Rena the Witch may suffer from a unique “Resistance Down” effect when she is gathering power. She becomes fully exposed to “poison”, “stun”, “burning”, “frozen”, and “paralysis” states.

Learning new skills – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

The game explains how to learn new skills but omits a few details. Doing each of the following increases your chance of learning new skills:

  • Fight with HP below 50%
  • Fight a boss
  • Consume a Revelatory Drop (mid-game)
  • Equip the Divine Hair Ornament (late-game)

All of these increase your chance by one tier.

1st area: Misthorn – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

Main quest

  1. Wear the Jade Hunter clothes
  2. Go down the stairs and talk to Fran’s grandpa
  3. Leave the village and go northwest for the forest
  4. Hunt the Pikuchin marked on the map
  5. Cross the suspension bridge
  6. Help the fat boy
  7. Go to the holy flame area and view the scene
  8. Return home
  9. Follow the linear path to the raft’s docking bay

Side quest

  1. [Q1] Cattleman: Deliver the milk to the pub owner
  • Reward: Deadly Poison (3x)

2nd area: Great Markid Plain

Main quest

Your primary goal in this region is to find the Sacred Flame of Wind.

  1. Visit the legislative building. Talk to the clerk and pay attention to what she says.
  2. Go to the town entrance for an event.
  3. Walk to the east of the gate between the wall and the trees until you find a Fire Talisman. Equip it.
  4. Return to the town and enter the underground area near the legislative building. Participate in three self-defense lessons. Then, defeat your instructor in a practice combat. The reward is a Proof of Graduation accessory. You might wish to practice outside town to gain a level or two. This might be a good time to do some side quests, e.g., Q2, Q4, Q6, or Q8. (See below.)
  5. Travel to the Tower of Yggdrasil. Once you leave the town, it is to southwest. However, you have to go northeast and circle around the mountains.
  6. Kill the Yggdrasil Ivy guarding the entrance. You need to equip a non-elemental sword and use Salamander’s Blood in combat to set your sword aflame.
  7. Reach the top of the tower.
  8. Defeat Evil Ivy to obtain the Sacred Flame of Wind! This enemy is vulnerable to fire. So, it is best to complete the Q5 quest before fighting it. Its attacks are venomous, so bring anti-poison measures into combat.

Now that you have the flame, make sure you’ve completed every side quest in this region except Q5. While they’re not mandatory, failing to complete them is certain to bring about a miserable gameplay experience. Once you are ready, leave the Great Markid Plain via the Bone Eating Valley.

Side quests

  1. [Q2] Item shop, girl: The shopkeeper is missing. Find him travelling to the brigands’ fort and talk to him.
  • Reward: Fire bomb (3x)
  1. [Q3] Pub, private detective: The detective wants you to investigate a haunted mansion. Complete Q20 first. Purchase Saint’s Ashes form the item shop. (Two or three is needed.) Travel to the Bone Eating Valley and go west. Visit the Haunted Mansion. Find the blue spirit on the second floor and return it to the statue on the first floor. Defeat the boss. (Equip a non-elemental sword and use Saint’s Ashes to add the Holy element to your sword.) Report back once you are done.
  • Rewards: Crescent Island’s Map (unlocks travelling to Crescent Island via a ship)
  1. [Q4] Guild, soldier: The soldier requires you to kill troublesome boa constrictors. Travel northwest to find Gidra Mountain Trails. Kill all boas in the first area and report back.
  • Reward: 1000G
  1. [Q5] Armor shop, blacksmith: The blacksmith requires you to get the Efreet Sword in the Tower of Yggdrasil. Look for an obscured path behind a tree in third level of the tower. Report back once you found the sword.
  • Reward: Harpy Feather
  1. [Q6] Hospital, infirm elderly: The elderly will be standing outside the city walls soon. Talk to him while wearing torn clothes.
  • Reward: 500G
  1. [Q6] Item shop, enchantress: This fire specialist requires you to defeat the Fire Titan in the Tower of Yggdrasil. There is a bridge with hanging vines on the tower’s fourth level. You need to climb down from vines to find this boss. Beware. It is extremely powerful and blows itself up when at low health. You must come prepared to withstand 250 points of fire damage. (Learning the Counter Gambit skill helps.) You should be able to deal ice damage too. Perhaps it is best to deal with this quest once you have an Ice Sword. Report back for the reward.
  • Reward: Fire Orb (accessory)
  1. [Q8] Inn, woman: Enter the city of Markid in the state of undress. Find the woman’s Ruby Ring in the cell. Sleep. Report back.
  • Reward: Town Girl’s Clothes (allows you to work in the Pub’s second floor)
  1. [Q20] Item shop, girl, after completing Q2: Travel to the bandits’ stronghold, dressed as a wild bandit (700G from the tailor). Alternatively, you can train Fran to the point that you can defeat all bandits in direct combat. Whichever you choose, you must fight a lone bandit in the warehouse. Later, you must defeat a bandit boss and his two flunkies 3-to-1. Bring your Fire Bombs and the Counter Gambit skill into this fight.
  • Rewards: Magic Lantern (melts magical ice barriers), item shop.

Other info

  1. After completing the Q8 quest, you can get employed on the second floor of the pub.
  • Rewards: Bunny outfit, income (repeatable after sleeping)
  1. After completing the Q20 quest, you can breach the ice barriers on the top level of the Tower of Yggdrasil and in an enclosure northeast of the Great Markid Plains (east of the bandit fortress).
  • Reward: Assorted chests and fairy coins
  1. You can buy a lottery ticket for 30 gold coins. The rewards are worth the price you pay for them, but they are random. The top prize is the precious Hermes Sandals, but the chance of getting it is exactly 1/100.
  2. Q6 and Q8 are the only quest in this whole game that force lewdness upon Fran.
  3. You can purchase a Mercenary outfit from the local tailor for 2000G. Enemies cannot tear this outfit. In fact, there is no torn version of it in the game.

3rd area: Crescent Island

The Crescent Island offers free lodgings, shops that sell magical items for Fairy Coins, a portal, and quests. Enemy encounters are the same as Markid.

Side quests

  1. [Q14] Fairy Queen: The queen requires you to find a fairy under a bridge in the Trading City of the Sandra region. Talk to the fairy and report back.
  • Reward 1: Fairy Ring (from the lost fairy)
  • Reward 2: Elven Tear (from the fairy queen): Allows you to walk on the lava of the Sun Temple. (It is worthless on Odelion.)
  • Reward 3: A shop that sells Small Key and Warp Stone among its other items!
  1. [Q21] Fairy: See the side quests of the “5th area: Cordia’s dominion” section.
  2. [Q25] Water Spirit: See the side quests of the “7th area: Endor, the fallen realm” section.

Other info

  • Don’t buy anything in the Elven Refuge unless you direly need it. For example, Warp Stone is a must, but Grimoires are especially useless.
  • Fairy coins are rare and precious. You can mint them in Cordia once you complete the Q12 and Q24 quests.

4th area: Sandra desert

Main quest

Your primary objective is to find the Sacred Flame of Earth.

  1. Head east for the Trading City
  2. Visit Uranus the fortune teller to the northeast of the city. The visit costs 50G. Be sure to take the Sheer Panties from her chest of drawers.
  3. Travel west to where you exited the Bone Eating Valley, then go south. You will see the Sun Temple across the river, but you are not going there right now.
  4. Circle around the river by going east, then south. Stick to the mountains and the shortline to south and keep going west, while avoiding the dunes. Once you reach southernmost point of the continent, you’ll find an area called Desert Coast and two treasure boxes waiting for you.
  5. Head north and reach the Desert Oasis, where you can save the game and activate the portal.
  6. Purchase one overpriced Dried Meat from the shop (300G). Doing so upgrades the shop’s stock the next day.
  7. Travel back east to the Sun Temple. (Walk straight eastbound.)
  8. Bring the template’s gems to the middle, in the following arrangement. (The clue for it is found in the Trading City’s history museum.)
  • North: Red
  • West: Purple
  • East: Blue
  • South: Green
  1. Explorer the west wing and light up all four torches there to freeze up the east wing.
  2. Retrieve the Sun Scepter from the frozen east wing.
  3. Go north and interact with the throne to unlock the Sun Template Altar Room.
  4. Fight the Magic Crystal (boss) to obtain the Sacred Flame of Earth. Initially, this boss receives zero damage from poison and half damage from all other attacks. After five turns, it goes berserk, becoming vulnerable to all elements. After another five turns, it reverts to its calm state again. Its attacks (Heat Ray, Vapor Blast, and Consecutive Beam) are all fire-based. So, it is best to complete the Q6 quest before fighting it.
  5. A fight with Vivian ensues immediately. Winning is not mandatory but if you win, she gives you a Jade Pendant and guides you towards the true ending of the game. Bring anti-lightning and anti-ice consumables for this combat.

You must now make preparations for traveling to Cordia’s dominion. You need:

  • Five small keys: Purchase them from the Crescent Island if you don’t have them already.
  • Combat supplies for an extended fight with pirates: They love to use fire, so equip your Fire Orb. Poison and Darkness (if you on New Game+) works great against them.

Once you are done, embark a ship bound for Cordia’s dominion. Pirates will raid the ship. Each pirate has 2% chance of dropping Sailor’s Underwear. Be sure to rescue as many civilians as possible and talk to them. They may offer freebies. Also, visit the ship’s cargo hold.

Eventually, you have to defeat the Pirate captain and his two lackies. Winning the battle gives you:

  • One of the prerequisites of the true ending (an extra scene).
  • The Informal Knight outfit (allows you to enter the Cordia Castle undeterred)
  • A key to pirates’ hideout

Side quests

  1. [Q9] Hospital, nurse: Obtain five Mandragora Roots from roaming monsters and bring them back. The Mandragora (found in the desert) has 20% chance of dropping them. Mandrake and Hell Thought Tree (found inside mines) have 33% chance.
  • Reward: Bangle of Rage (transmute it to the Force Edge sword in Cordia)
  1. [Q10] Museum, archaeologist: Enter the museum (needs 100G) to see the man and obtain the quest. In the Sun Temple, brave the fiery east wing and examine an inscription in the final chamber. Report your findings to the man. (Needs 100G). If you haven’t done the Q14 quest, the heat in the east chamber drops your HP to 1 but doesn’t kill you. If the chamber is frozen, extinguish one of the flames in the west wing.
  • Reward: Ice Sword
  1. [Q11] City sublevels, suspicious doctor: Hunt down the extremely dangerous worm monster in the dunes, south of the Sun Temple. The worm boasts 4,500 HP. It uses the Sickening Odor attack each 7 turns, which inflicts all ailments in the book. You must respond with Metabolism and a sip of Mineral Water. It has a Darkness-based attack too, so coming with anti-darkness gear is recommended. It is vulnerable to ice. Stunning attacks have 50% chance of succeeding. You’re unlikely to kill it before reaching Endor.
  • Reward 1: Meteorite from the worm
  • Reward 2: Sun Stone from the suspicion doctor
  1. [Q12] Company building, receptionist: Enter the Sandrite Mine (south of the Trading City) and defeat its boss to clear the monsters. The boss’s weakness is ice.
  • Reward 1: Diamond (from John)
  • Reward 2: Emerald (from head miner)
  • Reward 3: The company now sells you valuable stones (Buy one Sandrite Ore immediately.)
  1. [Q13] Back-alley pub: To access the hidden den, go northwest of the Trading City, break one of the barrels, go under the sunshade (stripped red and white), and walk east along the northern wall. The man in the den asks you to bring him a Markid Liquor (1000G).
  • Reward: Frost Orb

Other info

  1. In the final chamber of the fiery east wing of the Sun Template, you can obtain a Power Glove that enables you to push boulders. With it, you can access the locked chests below the Trading City, in the Gidra Mountain Trails, and in Port Markid.
  2. The oasis pixie upgrades her shop by one level when all of the following has happened:
  • Fran has spent a certain amount in the shop. The necessary expenditures for levels 2, 3, and 4 are 300G, 2000G, and 5000G.
  • Fran has slept the night and revisited the shop.
  • For level 4, Fran must have visited Cordia.
  1. The level-2 shop sells Dried Meat, Potion, Power Gem, Warp Stone Fragment, Sewing Kit, Tent, Ignition Powder, Ice Crystals, Charged Stone, Holy Water, and Tainted Soil
  2. The level-3 shop sells Smoked Dried Meat, Potion, Power Crystal, Tent, Giant Pill, Iron Cream, Falcon Drink, Devil Horn, Soft Powder, and Spider Silk.
  3. The level-4 shop sells Ultimate Dried Meat, Potion, Power Crystal, Revelatory Drop, Viper Drink, Bangle of Thunder God.
  4. Uranus the fortuneteller offers services that require valuable gems. Early in the game, however, it is unwise to waste your precious gems in this fashion, especially the Diamond.
  5. Uranus cannot reduce the karma below 50 points.

5th area: Cordia’s dominion

Main quest

You’ve had a rough journey, but are now on the Cordia’s port. Before proceeding with your primary objective, you need to make this game a little more tolerable.

  1. Head out.
  2. Go southwest, south, and southeast to reach Cordia’s security checkpoint.
  3. Head east to the Cordia’s capital city and activate its portal.
  4. If you haven’t done so already, complete the Q12 side quest at the Sandra trading city. (See above.)
  5. Complete the Q24 side quest. (See below.) You need a Sandrite ore for this quest, but unless you’ve been exceedingly careless, you already have it.
  6. Teleport to the Sandra trading city and purchase Gold Ore for 3000G apiece. Hopefully, you have a Warp Stone by now and teleportation doesn’t cost you anything.
  7. Have the alchemy shop transmute your ore to Gold Ingot. (So, alchemists in this game transmute gold to gold? Funny!) Be sure to save between each five transmutations; Norun is bound to mess up.
  8. Sell your Gold Ingot for 3750G apiece. Perhaps sell the ingots to the Sandra company and buy more gold ores from them at the same time.
  9. Continue buying ores and selling ingots until you have 90,000G.

With your life a lot easier now, you can focus on Fran’s primary objective, which is to find the Sacred Flame of Water.

  1. If you’ve obtained the Informal Knight outfit, put it on. It will cause the people of the Cordia’s Capital to treat you with respect. Keep it intact. Perhaps purchase some Cloth. You’ll lose one piece of Cloth when the enemy conducts a cloth-ripping attack.
  2. Strongly recommended: Complete the Q21 quest and purchase the Éclair sword.
  3. Enter the Cordia’s castle. With the Informal Knight outfit, you enter through the main gate. Otherwise, you have to infiltrate the castle through sewers. (See the Q16 side quest for details.) There are extra rewards for going through the sewers.
  4. Visit the Parliamentary Office and talk to the minister.
  5. With the minister’s permission in hand, visit the Cordia’s checkpoint and travel to the Sanctuary area. If you are at level 28, enemies will not attack you.
  6. In the Altar of the Water Dragon 1F, obtain the Horn of a Mermaid from the Treasury chamber to the top right. This item allows you to remain underwater indefinitely.
  7. Proceed to the Blue Room.
  8. After some underwater adventure, you’ll reach the Ceremonial Room. Save the game and go left, to open a chest and create a rope-ladder shortcut for yourself.
  9. Once you are ready, go forth for the boss fight with the Emerald Serpent. Its weakness is lightning. It uses lightning and ice attacks. When it screeches, use Counter Gambit to protect yourself against incoming damage.

Side quests

[Q15] Castle, barracks, soldier

The soldier is looking for a suitable wife. You can find such a woman in the middle of Markid’s Central City, tending to a small patch of garden. Talk to the woman and report back.

Reward: The Counter Gambit scroll.

[Q16] Benches (south), antique collector

The antique collector has lost his commemorative coin in the sewers.

  1. Talk to the sailor in the pub, who reveals how to enter the sewers.
  2. Break the barrels to the left side of the Cordia Castle entrance and walk under the sunshades until you see the trap door. (You can only interact with it after talking to the sailor.) Once you enter, you cannot leave without a Warp Stone Fragment.
  3. Proceed south (although the actual route twists north once) to the Sluice Control Room.
  4. In the control room, drain the sewers via the red switch.
  5. Set the blue switches into the following arrangement: Up, down, down, up.
  6. Proceed further south and retrieve the key from the equipment warehouse.
  7. Proceed all the way north (although the actual route twists) and go through the gray door.
  8. Save the game and recover.
  9. Defeat the boss, Sludge. It uses poisonous attacks, so you should have anti-poison gears. It is resilient to physical attack but takes extra damage from fire.
  10. Return the commemorative coin to the antique collector.

Reward: Thunder Orb

[Q18] Castle, banquet hall, gourmet noble

The gourmet nobleman, who seems taste-blind to me, requires three items: Queen Truffle [Q17], Adamant Caviar [Q18], and Dragon Tongue [Q19].

To get [Q17] Queen Truffle and [Q19] Dragon’s Tongue, see the side quests sections of “7th area: Endor, the fallen realm” and “8th area: Odelion and Death Mountain.”

As for the [Q18] Adaman Caviar:

  1. Complete Cordia’ main quest. Be sure to obtain the Horn of a Mermaid.
  2. Equip gears that give you at least 63% Ice resistance
  3. Learn Lightning Stab, Revenge Zapper, or something that inflicts heavy damage. If you have to, buy the necessary scrolls and ingredients from the shops too.
  4. Travel to the Water Dragon Alter
  5. Roam underwater and look for a random encounter with Adamankeron. The highest encounter chance is in Mysteries, accessible from the Ceremonial Room, which held the sacred flame.
  6. Report back, with Adaman Caviar in your inventory.


  • Tri-Ankh (from the gourmet noble)
  • Adaman Panties (10% chance loot from Adamankeron)

[Q21] Crescent Island, fairy

Back on the Crescent Island, the fairy told you that her friend has delayed. Find her friend, the Water Spirit, in a forest enclosure south of the Cordia’s capital. Talk to her twice, on Cordia and on the Crescent Island.

  • Reward 1: Fairy Plumage (Garment, not accessory)
  • Reward 2: Water Spirit sells unique items and weapons

[Q24] Alchemy shop, Norun the apprentice

Bring her one Sandrite Ore. You can find it in chests. (I believe there is on such chest in the company building.) Otherwise, you need to complete Q12 to be able to buy it from the mining company for 800G. Alternatively, you can buy it for 20,000G from the black market below the city.

Reward: Transmutation is now available. You can transmute gold ores to gold ingots for 750G profit. But please, save the game before ordering a transmutation! Norun might waste your precious ingot.

[Q29] Supreme court, priest

The priest requires you to apprehend a man whose parole has expired today.

  1. Find the man in the left-hand side room of the inn.
  2. Decide what to do: Letting him escape or resolutely apprehending him are both viable options. Accepting bribe and letting him go has a karmic penalty.
  3. Report to the priest.

Reward: Cordia’s treasury key. Using this key is an act of breaking and entering; it has a karmic penalty. In addition, if you get caught, there are severe penalties not worth facing. You can use the Mirage Powder to avoid that.

Other information

  1. Enemies called Magical Jar may drop Diamonds (1% chance).

6th area: Mercator penal colony

As mentioned above for quest Q29, the consequences of being arrested for larceny in Cordia is severe: Incarceration in Mercator Prison on a remote island to the southeast.

This guide will not cover that area. Just stay away from it.

7th area: Endor, the fallen realm

Ah, another work of fiction that has a place called Endor! This word originally appears in the bible. The Endor in this game was once like the green, lush Endor in Star Wars. Now, it is like the Endor (middle earth) in Lord of the Rings: dry, barren, and withered.

Main quest

Your next objective is the Sacred Flame of Darkness. But to get to that, you must reach the Ceres Monastery and the Lawless City.

  1. From the Cordia’s capital, proceed east, south, and west to enter the Forest of Rot.
  2. Go through the Forest of Rot. There are two exits: West and South. The west exit is long and dangerous. The south exit is much shorter but needs you to have obtained Magic Lantern, Power Gloves, and Horn of a Mermaid. There is a save point right where the route branches. (Both routes have unique treasures, so I eventually came back and explored both after activating the monastery’s portal.)
  3. Once you cleared the forest, go north to reach the Ceres Monastery, where they are expecting you. The monastery has a portal. This is the right time to complete the Q23 side quest.
  4. Talk to the monastery’s head priestess. She offers you the guest room. Rest there before talking to her again. This is mandatory for your progress.
  5. Once you can leave the monastery, it is high time you created the weapon for the next stage of your adventure. There are two Grimoires of Light in the Forest of Rot. Transmute one of them into a Holy Knight’s Rapier.
  6. Equip anti-fire gear and head south for the abandoned mine.
  7. To traverse the mine, you must first access the engine room and bring the power back online. This will enable you to ride the mine carts and exit the other side.
  8. Once out of the mine, head all the way northwest and enter a small enclosure near the coasts, called Caverns. There are treasures waiting for you.
  9. Head east and enter the Lawless City. As the name suggests, it is lawless. Trust no one and expect random encounters.
  10. Go to the street-level pub and talk to the old man.
  11. Go to the undercity and find the Junk shop. It’s on the second sublevel, west.
  12. Buy two bombs. (You can complete Q17 an Q25 quests right now for lucrative prizes.)
  13. Inquire about this “citizen” until you get the answer from an unknown source.
  14. Visit your unknown source in the apartment building, 3rd floor. Talk to him thrice. (You’ll unlock a side quest too.)

This is right time to activate Q17, Q22, Q25, Q26, and Q28 side quests, if you haven’t done so already. (See below.) Once you are done, it’s time to make the final move on the Endor Castle.

  1. Proceed east and continue the spiral path until you reach the Endor Castle. The path and the castle itself are full of undead. Equipping the Holy Knight’s Rapier is highly recommended. By now, you can have the Sun Sword or Astral Sword, but Holy Knight’s Rapier inflicts more damage to the dark creatures of this region. The only better option, which I didn’t use, is the Kingsword Cordia.
  2. Navigate the ruined town until you can enter the castle itself.
  3. Once you are inside the castle, you must break four seals to unlock the path into the dimensional threshold. This means traversing four room and a lot of teleportation pads. I’ll give you a few hints:
  • From the right-hand side door of the lower level, you can reach one of the seals, a switch that unlocks ladders for the upper level, and a fixed encounter with Reaper! (See Q26.)
  • From the left-hand side door of the lower level, you can reach one of the seals and the upper level.
  • The right-hand side door of the upper level takes you to the first Room of Truth. You’ll have to fight the Torture Mask at the central altar and then follow it into a mirror.[1] Each correct mirror takes you to a new Room of Truth, with the same general layout but different debris and a new chest. In the third Room of Truth, you have to fight the Persona of Despair instead. The fourth Room of Truth has a teleportation pad on its altar and no mirrors.
  • The left-hand side door of the upper level takes you to the Subtle Grace room. After navigating a labyrinth of teleportation pads, you reach the seal. This room also contains the Panties of the Abyss. Remember, sometimes, the teleportation pad on which you land doesn’t take you back to the teleportation pad from which you came.
  1. Take the newly opened dimensional portal to the Sacred Flame of Darkness. You have to fight the King of Endor and two Imperial Guards. They are undead, so they are weak to the Holy element. Also, they are swordsmen, so the Parry skill works well on them. Watch out for their counterattacks.

Complete all the side quests that you have started and prepare to move on.

  1. Travel to the abandoned mine.
  2. In the mine, head south until you reach the straight east-west dual rails.
  3. Board mine carts going west. You will eventually reach a dead-end tunnel branch that you can blast open with the bomb.
  4. Exit the mine and head west for the Pirate Cove.
  5. Enter the captain’s room to find Odelion’s map.
  6. Optional: If you’ve obtained the captain’s key, you can now open his vault. You have to jump into the water once.
  7. Teleport to Cordia, travel to its port, and hire a ship to Odelion.

Side quests

[Q17] Cordia, castle, banquet hall, gourmet noble

The nobleman requires a Queen Truffle. To get it:

  1. Reach the Lawless City in Endor.
  2. You must buy a bomb for your main quest. Buy two instead.
  3. Travel to Sandrite Mines in Sandra. (Be prepared to complete Q25 as well.)
  4. On the 3rd floor, find the collapsed tunnel and clear it with your bomb.
  5. Once inside the tunnel, Fran notices a strong smell. Go left to find the source of the odor near the edge of the water. Unlike everything else in this game, this red plant doesn’t shine. Interact with it. Fran lets you know that you have the right item. Report back to the gourmet noble.

Reward: Sigma Drive

[Q22] Graveyard, old lady

She is missing her three sons. During your excursion into the Endor castle, you’ll meet them as undead soldiers. Collect their skulls and bring them back to the old lady.

Reward: Dark Orb

[Q23] Ceres Monastery, somber sister

Bring her a gold ingot. You can buy gold ore from the Sandra Trading City and have Norun in the Cordia’s alchemy shop transmute it to a gold ingot. Otherwise, you have to pay extra and buy one from the Lawless City.

Reward: Religious Regalia

[Q25] Crescent Island, water Spirit

Back on the Crescent Island, the water spirit asked you to bring an Orc. Now that you’ve reached Endor, you can complete this quest. Here, you must procure bombs for your main quest. Procure an extra bomb and travel to Sandrite Mines in Sandra. In the 3rd floor, there is a collapsed tunnel that you can clear out with your bomb. Open it to meet the trapped Orc merchant. Talk to him. (While you are here, complete Q17 too.) Report back to the Water Spirit.

  • Reward 1: Diamond
  • Reward 2: The orc opens a shop selling high-end items, including Dark Orb and Meteorite. Procuring enough Fairy Coins to buy them is only possible with alchemy, after completing the Q24 quest.

[Q26] Lawless City, Apartment 4F, cult leader

During your excursion into the Endor castle, you can fight a Reaper. There is a fixed Reaper encounter in the Labyrinthian Library’s east wing. Reapers also appears as random encounters. The chance of encountering them in a Room of Truth is much higher. Kill a Reaper and bring its Death Mask to the cult leader. It is vulnerable to the Holy element and take an additional 50% damage from it. It has a nasty habit of setting up Reflective Veils that fully reflect your attacks. Fortunately, they last one turn. Make sure you have higher agility, so that you attack first before the Reaper sets up the veil.

Reward: Moonstone

[Q27] Lawless City, Magic shop, alchemist

Whenever a transmutation in Cordia’s alchemy shop fails, you’ll receive Ashes. This alchemist asks you for three heaps of ashes.

Reward: Divine Hair Ornament

The reward makes you think why Fran doesn’t employ him for other, more meaningful transmutations.

[Q28] Lawless City, Apartment 3F, agent

The “citizen” wishes to dismantle the local mafia. In exchange, he promises information about Fran. You can collect three pieces of “intelligence”. They show up on the desk of the “citizen”. They are not necessary, but they give you context for the story. Here is their location:

  1. Visit the local inn to witness a scene of protection racket.
  2. Talk to the skinhead bully southwest of the central square.
  3. Visit the guest room of the Ceres Monastery and talk to one of the old mafia members having fled there.

Now, to dismantle the family:

  1. Purchase the Jet-Black Assassin outfit from the junk vendor.
  2. Win a number of fights in the underground arena until the recruiter appears under the ranking board.
  3. Talk to the recruiter and accept to join the mafia.
  4. Enter the underground pub.
  5. Go down to its sublevels and check the 3rd shelf from the right.
  6. Infiltrate the newly discovered location.
  7. Fight Barbatos but know that he escapes at the fifth turn.
  8. Exfiltrate.
  9. Fight two mobs of henchmen. You’ll fight six enemies in two waves. Use your bombs.
  10. Fight and defeat Barbatos. He is vulnerable to poison and the Darkness element.

Intermediate reward: old key

To take advantage of the reward, travel to the ruined town of Endor and enter the locked house. (The game has amply hinted that it is Fran’s house.) Go upstairs, search the book shelves, and find the hidden diary.

Real reward: the true ending

Other info

Junk shop – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

Other than the much-needed bomb, the only thing else worth buying from the underground vendor is a Jet-Black Assassin outfit. It unlocks the arena.

The Junk Shop’s lucky bags contain one of the following items randomly: Dried Meat, Fairy Coin, Viper Drink, Revelatory Drop, Giant’s Treasure, Muffler of Wind (typo: Ninja Sash), Assassin Ring (typo: Magician’s Hourglass), Tyrant Ring, Scroll of Windmill, Scroll of Lightning Stab, Scroll of Crescent Bane, Scroll of Cure Aura, and Giant’s Bangle.


In the arena, you can fight thugs to increase you ranking. These fights are unrewarding. You have the option of taunting the enemy before the fight. (“Performance”) Taunting has no effects on the combat itself or on your victory.

The top rank holder of the arena is the master swordsman Gotts. Defeating him rewards you the Master Crown. Fighting him with force is useless because he boasts a large HP pool, takes only 50% damage from all sources, can steal life with his Blood Weapon skill, can counterattack, and has such agility that ensure his powerful counterattacks kill Fran. However, all his attacks are sword-based, so the Parry skill can nullify them. It’s difficult to poison him, but it is possible.

Gear up for stamina and perhaps agility. You can pick the Eclipse sword, but be sure to bring Deadly Poison. Start the battle by casting Might Aura to counter his Power Up skill. Then, after enchanting your weapon with poison, attack with two Windmill skills. This will likely poison him. Once poisoned, all you have to do is staying alive by casting Parry + Stand By each turn. He cannot cure the poison and dies eventually. Parrying consumes both Stamina and energy.


  • The graveyard of the Lawless City is only accessible from sublevels.
  • Do not borrow money from the local loan shark. The consequences are dire, even if you borrow 1G and be able to pay it back the next day. He cheats and Fran can do nothing about it.

8th area: Odelion and Death Mountain

Main quest

Your objective in this region is to obtain the Sacred Flame of Life.

  1. Head east, go through the acid ponds, and find your way to the Nameless Temple. (The acid inflicts damage but won’t kill Fran.) Enter and activate the portal.
  2. Talk to the apostle waiting for your arrival. He’ll give you the Apostle Sword. It’s a powerful Holy-elemental sword, but by now, you can craft the more power Dragon Pain sword. None are required for the mandatory part of this quest.
  3. Craft the Sylvana sword and equip it. Most enemies from here on out are vulnerable to ice.
  4. After sleeping and restocking, exit the temple’s northern gate and head for the Death Mountain.
  5. Instead of entering the Death Mountain’s gate, head further west, north across the acid ponds, east, and south to find a secret enclosure called Animal Trail under the clouds. There are treasure chests waiting for you. Return once you are done.
  6. Travel through the Vulcanic Road (a long way) until you reach the Lava Tube.
  7. The Lava Tube has no less than four exits: Three Vulcanic pools (one of which leads to the Dragon’s Nest; see Q19) and Hades Grotto, your main destination.
  8. From Hades Grotto, travel the Dragon’s Ridge and the Heavenly Altar, where you can save your game and rest. There are two chests in Hades Grotto, both in the middle of burning lava. Also, at Hades Grotto or the Dragon’s Ridge, you have the highest chance (10%) of encountering the Premier Chest enemy. They have valuable loots: Orichalcum, Meteorite, and Diamond.
  9. At the Heavenly Altar, you’ll have to fight Death Mountain’s final boss, Daedalus. This boss is vulnerable to poison. I managed to end the fight quickly: On the second turn I used Raging Bloom and it used a multi-hit skill. Several Raging Bloom counters came into effect and ended the battle.

With the battle over, you have the Sacred Flame of Life. It is time to make preparations for Misthorn and the game’s finale.

Side quest

[Q19] Cordia, castle, banquet hall, gourmet noble

The nobleman requires a Dragon’s Tongue. To get it:

  1. Travel to the Death Mount and reach its Lava Tube.
  2. Enter the southwestern Lava Pool.
  3. Equip a weapon that can inflict Holy damage. I recommend Dragon Pain. (Look at the table below to see how to transmute it.)
  4. Save the game.
  5. Jump into the Dragon’s Nest. Be sure to investigate the skeleton to get a Spirit Talisman.
  6. Look for a random encounter with Red Dragon and kill it. If the encounter didn’t occur, or didn’t end satisfactorily, you can reload the game.

The Dragon’s Nest is psychological game: The lava burns you and you only have 20% chance of encountering the dragon. The other enemies are weak enough that they die from a single Vanishing Edge skill. The dragon is immune to anything other than the Holy element. It won’t react for two turns, so take your time and heal if you need. A riskier approach is to let your health drop to 1 in the lava; once you encounter the dragon, hit it with four Revenge Zapper. You need to optimize your gears for this to work.


  • Sigma Drive (from the gourmet noble)
  • Dragon Horn (10% chance loot from the dragon): Use it in transmutation to obtain Dragon Panties and the Dragon Rim sword.
  • Orichalcum (1% chance loot from the dragon): Use in transmutation. There are better places to farm this item though.

9th area: Monad

The Q30 quest, “A Certain Witch” is the game’s ultimate side quest. It is the most difficult of all.

Once you’ve upgraded the fairy’s item shop to level 4 (which won’t happen until you visit Cordia), she gives you a broken compass and asks to search for the shopkeeper. To do so:

  1. Complete Q24.
  2. Ask Norun in the Alchemy shop to transmute your Broken Compass into Magic Compass.
  3. Travel to the harbor and hire a ship for the new destination, the Unknown Island. This area has the same enemies as Odelion.
  4. Touch the glyph on the wall to enter Monad Level 1.

As you enter, you notice two small room to the left and right sides of the entry point. They are elevators. Monad has 12 levels. There are checkpoints at levels 5 and 11. These elevators take you to those checkpoints. However, they are initially not powered. There are power plants in levels 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. You need to activate them all.

Beware, enemies in Monad area are extremely dangerous. Do you remember the last boss, Daedalus? His angrier brother Baphomet is a random encounter in Monad!

Devil’s Fruit Fire, ice, lightning; could self-destruct if below 95% HP. Holy ×150%

Darkness ×50%

Poison ×50%

Lambda Drive (1%)
Pandora Physical, darkness, fire, fever Darkness ×50%

Holy ×50%

Poison ×50%

Orichalcum (1%)

Meteorite (1.3%)

Diamond (2%)

Iron Maiden Holy, healing, buffs

Can reflect attacks when has AGI Up

Darkness ×150%

Ice ×50%

Holy ×50%

Death Mask (1%)

Mirror of Another World (10%)

Goblin Lord Physical, blind Poison ×300% Trapezohedron (1%)
User of the Abyss Fire, ice, lightning, drain stamina Holy ×150%

Ice ×50%

Darkness ×50%


Poison ×300%

Instant death ×50%

Necronomicon (1%)

Power Gem (5%)

Orc Lord Physical, fire, debuff

Can charge up

Instant death ×40% 10-Sided Dice (2%)

Elven Underwear (2%)

Dark Knight Darkness

Debuff + poison + paralysis

Can counter

Holy ×100%

Other elements ×50%

Stun 75%

Instant death ×40%

Paralysis ×30%

Poison ×0%

Scroll of Dark Fencer (1%)

Mirror of Another World (5%)

Crimson Goat Physical, darkness

Doesn’t act for three turns

Holy ×105%

Darkness ×0%

Instant death ×0%

Paralysis ×0%

Poison ×0%

Stun ×0%

Scroll of Fatal Edge (1%)

Devil Horn (5%)

Baphomet Physical, fire Poison ×300%

Instant death ×40%

Meteorite (1%)

Giant Pill (5%)

Medusa Physical: Multi-hit, high ATK, paralysis chance, susceptible to Parry Fire ×150%

Instant death ×0%

Paralysis ×0%

Poison ×0%

Scroll of Adrenaline Rush (100%)
Magic Core Physical, magical, fire, healing

Can debuff evasion and agility

Starts by inflicting stun + fever + blind + poison; repeats every 10 turns

Lightning ×125%

Poison ×0%

Instant death ×0%

Paralysis ×0%

Stun ×0%

Orichalcum (100%)

Dragon Horn (10%)

And finally, you meet the deadliest boss in the game, Rena, the witch. She was the protagonist the last Eclipseworks game. She has a fixed and deadly attack pattern:

  1. Powerful shield; disappears after a couple of turns
  2. Powerful fire attack
  3. Powerful ice attack
  4. Powerful lightning attack
  5. Powerful Darkness attack
  6. Powerful Holy attack: 3 hits
  7. Magical meteor shower: 4×100 damage
  8. Repeats steps 2 to 6
  9. Gathers energy for next step, becoming susceptible to stun, paralysis, poison, and freezing
  10. World-ending attack that ends the fight and probably the world around her

You must equip the following:

  • Eclipse sword (40% critical chance)
  • Adaman Panties (Ice immunity)
  • Dragon Horn (Fire immunity, +50 stamina) / Orichalcum (Fire immunity)
  • Bangle of Thunder God (Lightning immunity)
  • Bangle of Dark God (Darkness immunity)

Fighting strategy:

  1. Start with casting the Power Up and the Soul Crush skills.
  2. Each turn, use Wind Mill plus Stand By. (If you have Orichalcum instead of Dragon Horn, use Stand By instead. You need 100 Stamina for the next step.)
  3. When she is about cast her holy attack, use Raging Bloom plus Stand By. This results in three salvos of powerful counterattacks that will likely end the fight. (If you can’t, use Counter Gambit and the Holy Water item.)
  4. Cast Counter Gambit plus Stand By to stop the meteor shower from killing Fran.
  5. The meteor shower inflicts 200 points of damage nonetheless. So, from now on, use Revenge Zapper plus Stand By each turn. Hopefully, you’ll defeat her.
  6. If you couldn’t defeat her before she started gathering power, use a freezing or stunning attack, like Crescent Bane, Starbreaker, or Sonic Thrust.


  • Witch Outfit (from Rena)
  • Naughty Book (from Rena)
  • Wizard’s Memo (from the now-empty shop)

You can transmute Wizard’s Memo to Mastema, the most powerful sword.

Last area: Misthorn in crisis

Travelling to Misthorn is going past the point of no return. If you need to fulfil the prerequisites for the true ending, this is your last chance. Fran needs to have a karma score below 50 and have remembered the fall of Endor. The last condition requires you to have defeated Vivian once before and completed the Q28 quest.

Once you have prepared:

  1. Embark on a ship bound for Misthorn.
  2. Travel to the Remote Misthorn Village and meet the grandpa. If you’ve obtained the true ending, there is a long cutscene about the fall of Endor.
  3. Meet Marco on your way out.
  4. Travel to the Forest of Horn again and reach the Labyrinth of Abyss.
  5. Save the game for the last time.
  6. Enter the temple.
  7. Fight Vivian.

Vivian is weak against the Darkness element. She can use all five elements in her attacks. She starts by inflicting a powerful debuff, so counter with Power Up or Mineral Water. When her health drops to 45%, she erects a Dark Veil that reflects all Fran’s attacks from that point onward. Use attacks to which Fran is immune. For instance, equip a Bangle of Dark God before the battle and use Dragon Blood to enchant your sword with Darkness.

  1. Fight Erebus, if you have obtained the prerequisites for the true ending.

Erebus is complicated. She is immune to physical attacks, poison, stun, paralysis, and instant death. She is initially not immune to any element, but each seven turns, she casts Arcane Change to block four elements plus physical attacks. You can clearly see which ones, so enchant your sword for the fifth element.

In her attacks, she only uses four elements: Fire, ice, lightning, and darkness. She has two non-elemental attacks; they inflict 120 flat damages. Like Vivian, she can inflict debuffs. Her most devastating attack is Abyss Gate, which sets Fran’s health to one point! It is unstoppable. She uses this attack at turn 4 and every 10 turns after. She makes a showy display of preparing for this attack one turn in advance. This attack is a blessing in disguise: With Fran’s health as low as possible, her Revenge Zapper skill inflicts the highest damage. Hence, make sure you have enough stamina for Revenge Zapper and healing yourself in one turn. In my case, Revenge Zapper killed her.

Weapons – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

IDWeaponsDamagePerksHow to obtain
34 Legendary Sword 1 Junk Shop
1 Hunting Knife 4 Markid Armor Shop
2 Short Sword 8 Markid Armor Shop
3 Efreet Sword 10 Fire damage out Tower of Yggdrasil


5 Long Sword 10 Markid Armor Shop
4 Wildling’s Shotel 12 Poisoning chance: +30%

Hit chance: -15%

Markid lottery
6 Cutlass 18 Critical hit chance: +5% Sandra Armory
7 Gladius 22 Sandra Armory
8 Misericord 22 Critical hit chance: +5% Sandra Armory
12 Assassin Saber 24 Poisoning chance: +25% 2nd Class Cargo Hold
9 Flamberge 26 Critical hit chance: +5% Cordia Armory
11 Bastard Sword 30 Cordia Armory
32 Diamond Sword 30 Critical hit chance: +20% Transmutation
15 Claymore 32 Critical hit chance: +5% Cordia Armory

Endor Weapons Shop

10 Ice Sword 34 Ice damage out Transmutation

Quest (Q10) reward

14 Holy Knight’s Rapier 36 Holy damage out Transmutation
16 Lightning Sword 36 Lightning damage out Transmutation
18 Great Sword 38 Endor Weapons Shop

Marco, after returning to Mishorn

26 Eclair 38 Lightning damage out

Critical hit chance +10%


Elf Garden shop

13 Giant’s Knife 44 Altar of the Water Dragon Underwater
17 Saber of Gluttony 44 Darkness damage out

Holy damage in: ×150%

20 Last Claymore 44 Critical hit chance: +5% Endor Weapons Shop
19 Force Edge 48 Critical hit chance: +10% Transmutation
23 Kingsword Cordia 50 Holy damage out Cordia’s Treasury
21 Apostle’s Sword 52 Holy damage out Nameless Temple
33 Dragon Pain 57 Holy damage out

Critical hit chance: +15%

29 Astral Sword 58 Critical hit chance: +20% Transmutation
31 Siren 62 Poisoning chance: +25% Dantes’ Hidden “Warehouse”
24 Sun Sword 64 Fire damage out Transmutation
25 Sylvana 64 Ice damage out Transmutation
27 Darkbringer 70 Darkness damage out Transmutation
28 Mastema 70 Critical hit chance: +50% Transmutation
30 Eclipse Sword 70 Critical hit chance: +40% Transmutation
22 Dragon Rim 77 Critical hit chance: +30% Transmutation

Armor – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

These numbers come directly from the game itself. Unless I am mistaken, Leather Skin offers better protection against poison than Mithril Tunic, Sailor’s Underwear, or Seeker’s Panties.

IDNameDEFPerksObtain from
21 T-String 1 Stamina: +10 Ceres Monastery’s dormitory under the bed
22 Sheer Panties 1 Divination Room drawers

Junk Shop

1 Cotton Panties 2 New game

Markid Armor Shop

2 Leather Skin 5 Poisoned chance: ×25% Markid Armor Shop
3 Leather Tank Top 8 Evasion: +3% Markid Armor Shop
4 Chain Mail 11 Stunned chance: ×25% Sandra Armory
5 Metal Plate 15 Stunned chance: ×50% Sandra Armory
6 Mithril Tunic 17 Poisoned chance: ×50% Sun Temple Requiem
7 Strange Skin 20 Fever chance: ×25%

Stunned chance: ×25%

Cordia Armory
8 Sailor’s Underwear 22 Poisoned chance: ×50%

Fever chance: ×50%

Pirate (2% chance)
9 Mirage Panties 25 Evasion: +5% Cordia Armory
10 Silk Panties 25 Stamina: +10 1st Class Room 103
11 Ribbon Panties 27 Evasion: +5% Cordia Armory

Endor Weapons Shop

23 Kongo Tank Top 28 Stamina: +20 Transmutation
12 Loincloth of the Amazons 32 Stunned chance: ×50% Endor Weapons Shop
15 Elven Underwear 32 Evasion: +5% Elf Garden, Water Spirit

Orc Lord (Monad, 2% chance)

Orc Battler (1% chance)

Orc Commander (2% chance)

Orc Elite (1% chance)

13 Seeker Panties 34 Poisoned chance: ×50%

Blinded chance: ×50%

Endor Weapons Shop
25 Aristocratic Underwear 36 Holy damage in: ×50% Cordia Jewelry Store
14 Panties of the Abyss 38 Darkness damage in: ×50% Subtle Grace Room
17 Adaman Panties 38 Ice-proof


Adamankeron (10% chance)
16 Loincloth of War Maiden 42 Holy-proof Dragon Nest
24 Astral Panties 42 Lightning-proof


18 Ninja Underwear 44 Evasion: +15% Monad L5
20 Dragon Panties 46 Fire-proof


19 Underwear of the Aegis 52 Darkness-proof



Accessories – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

Quest objects – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

Amber Pendant Nothing Main
Prisoner Shackles Disables gear change

Disables skills and items use

Physical damage in: ×200%

Magical damage in: ×200%

ATK, DEF, AGI: ×75%

Ruby Ring Nothing Q8
Broken Compass Nothing Q30

Assault group 1

Travelers Charm Blinded chance: ×75%

ATK: +1

Shell Charm Stunned chance: ×75%

DEF: +1

Wooden Snake Carvings DEF: +1
Pig Rabbit Hair Evasion chance: +1%

AGI: +1

Beautiful Seashell Critical hit chance: +1%
Vitality Charcoal Max HP: ×102%

Poisoned chance: ×75%

Glass Bead Max PP: ×102%

Fever chance: ×75%

Assault group 2

Power Water Blinded chance: ×75%

ATK: +2

Spirit Cord Stunned chance: ×75%

DEF: +2

Rabbit Band Evasion chance: +2%

AGI: +2

Flower Hair Ornament Evasion chance: +2%
Silver Earrings Critical hit chance: +2%
Monk Ring Max HP: ×103%

Poisoned chance: ×75%

Masterwork’s Mittens Max PP: ×103%

Fever chance: ×75%

Assault group 3

Crystal of Power Blinded chance: ×75%

ATK: +3

Seeds of Patience Stunned chance: ×75%

DEF: +3

Sprinting Shoes Evasion chance: +3%

AGI: +3

Red Bow Critical hit chance: +3%
High Priest Ring[2] Max HP: ×104%

Poisoned chance: ×75%

Master Gloves Max PP: ×104%

Fever chance: ×75%

Assault group 4

Hero’s Bangle Blinded chance: ×50%

ATK: +4

Star Charm Stunned chance: ×50%

DEF: +4

Fairy Plumage[3] Evasion chance: +4%

AGI: +4

Swordman’s Charm Critical hit chance: +4%
Priest’s Ring[4] Max HP: ×105%

Poisoned chance: ×50%

Ayano’s CaneMax HP: ×105% (not Max PP)

Fever chance: ×50%

Assault group 5

Tyrant Ring Blinded chance: ×50%

ATK: +5

Giant’s Treasure Stunned chance: ×50%

DEF: +5

Muffler of Wind Evasion chance: +5%

AGI: +5

Assassin Ring Critical hit chance: +5%
Masamune Critical hit chance: +5%
Phoenix Feather Max HP: ×106%

Poisoned chance: ×50%

Golden Necklace Max PP: ×106%

Fever chance: ×50%

Specialized tactics group

Foreign God’s Hair Ornament ATK: +7

DEF: -7

Ancient Tortoise Shell ATK: -7

DEF: +7

10-Sided Dice Evasion chance: +15%
Master Swordsman’s Earing Critical hit chance: +7%
Giant’s Incense Max HP: ×110%
Jade Pendant Max PP: ×110%
Sorcerer Ring PP regeneration

Grimoires – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

Grimoire of Fire Add skill: Fire weapon

Fire damage in: ×75%

Grimoire of Ice Add skill: Frost weapon

Ice damage in: ×75%

Grimoire of Lightning Add skill: Thunder weapon

Lightning damage in: ×75%

Grimoire of Poison Add skill: Venom weapon


Grimoire of Light Add skill: Excalibur

Holy damage in: ×75%

Grimoire of Darkness Add skill: Slave Drain

Darkness damage in: ×75%

Grimoire of Heaven & Earth Add skill: Excalibur

Add skill: Slave Drain

Holy damage in: ×75%

Darkness damage in: ×75%

Necronomicon Add skill: Fire weapon

Add skill: Frost weapon

Add skill: Thunder weapon

Add skill: Venom weapon

Fire damage in: ×50%

Ice damage in: ×50%

Lightning damage in: ×50%

Poisoned chance: ×50%

Wizard’s Memo Add skill: Fire weapon

Add skill: Frost weapon

Add skill: Thunder weapon

Add skill: Venom weapon

Add skill: Excalibur (Holy weapon)

Add skill: Slave Drain (Darkness weapon)

Elemental group 1

Fire Talisman Fire damage in: ×75%


Ice Talisman Ice damage in: ×75%


Lightning Talisman Lightning damage in: ×75%


Darkness Talisman Darkness damage in: ×75%


Spirit Talisman Fire damage in: ×75%

Ice damage in: ×75%

Lightning damage in: ×75%

HP regeneration

Fairy Ring Holy damage in: ×75%
Angel Ring Holy damage in: ×75%
Silver Ring Fire damage in: ×75%

Ice damage in: ×75%

Burned chance: ×50%

Frozen chance: ×50%

Elemental group 2

Flame Orb Fire damage in: ×50%


Frost Orb Ice damage in: ×50%


Thunder Orb Lightning damage in: ×50%


Dark Orb Darkness damage in: ×50%


Meteorite Fire damage in: ×50%


Sun Stone Fire damage in: ×50%


Moonlight Stone Ice damage in: ×50%


Tri-Ankh Holy damage in: ×50%

Darkness damage in: ×50%

Lord of the Undead Ring Holy damage in: ×50%

Elemental group 3

Orichalcum Fire-proof


Dragon Horn

Stamina: +50

Bangle of Fire God Fire-proof


Bangle of Ice God Ice-proof


Bangle of Thunder God Lightning-proof


Bangle of Dark God Darkness-proof


Giant’s Bangle Holy-proof

Endurance group

Bangle of Toughness Stunned chance: ×75%

Stamina +10

Spartan Bangle Stunned chance: ×50%

Stamina +30

Pikuchin Bangle Stun-proof

Stamina +50

Dragon Horn Fire-proof

Stamina: +50

Auto-buff group

Marathoner’s Hair Ornament Stamina: +10


Hermes Sandals Stamina: +20



Trapezohedron ATK Up



Evasion UP

Debuff-proofing group

Night Bell Blindness-proof
Sanitizing Powder Fever-proof
Sandrite Ore Paralysis-proof
Horn’s Pressed Flower Poison-proof
Eu de Toilette Stun-proof
Diamond Stun-proof
Emerald Burned chance: ×50%

Frozen chance: ×50%

Paralyzed chance: ×50%

Harpy Feather Burned chance: ×50%

Frozen chance: ×50%

Paralyzed chance: ×50%

Amber Blinded chance: ×75%
Gold Ore Fever chance: ×75%
Peridot Poisoned chance: ×75%
Ring of Immobility Blinded chance: ×75%

Fever chance: ×75%

Poisoned chance: ×75%

Stunned chance: ×75%

Combined arms group

NameProtection perkCritical hit
Death Mask Darkness damage in: ×50% +50%
Omegadrive Fire damage in: ×75%


Sigmadrive Ice damage in: ×75%


Master Crown Lightning damage in: ×50% +20% +20%
Lambdadrive Lightning damage in: ×75%


Twindrive Lightning damage in: ×50%


Overdrive Lightning damage in: ×50%


Thunderclap Earing Lightning damage in: ×75% +7%
Queen’s Crown Ice damage in: ×75%

Lightning damage in: ×75%

Proof of Graduation +3% +3%
Stardust Earing Holy damage in: ×75%

Darkness damage in: ×75%


Peerless group

Divine Hair Ornament Inspiration tier: +1
Bangle of Rage Low counterattack chance
Nemesis Ring High counterattack chance

Scroll group

Scroll of Lightning Stab Add skill: Lightning Stab
Scroll of Crescent Bane Add skill: Crescent Bane
Scroll of Reversal Edge Add skill: Reversal Edge
Scroll of Power Smash Add skill: Power Smash
Scroll of Defensive Gambit Add skill: Counter Gambit
Scroll of Vulcan Fang Add skill: Vulcan Fang
Scroll of Sonic Thrust Add skill: Sonic Thrust
Scroll of Windmill Add skill: Windmill
Scroll of Revenge Stab Add skill: Revenge Zapper
Scroll of Vanishing Edge Add skill: Vanishing Edge
Scroll of Parry Add skill: Parry
Scroll of Counter Sword Add skill: Counter Sword
Scroll of Sacred Cross Add skill: Sacred Cross
Scroll of Blood Weapon Add skill: Blood Weapon
Scroll of Heat Drive Add skill: Heat Drive
Scroll of Fatal Edge Add skill: Fatal Edge
Scroll of Tempest Sword Add skill: Tempest Sword
Scroll of Dark Fencer Add skill: Dark Fencer
Scroll of Heal Add skill: Heal
Scroll of High Heal Add skill: High Heal
Scroll of Master Heal Add skill: Master Heal
Scroll of Cure Aura Add skill: Cure Aura
Scroll of Metabolism Add skill: Metabolism
Scroll of Might Aura Add skill: Might Aura
Scroll of Charge Add skill: Charge
Scroll of Chakra Add skill: Chakra
Scroll of Assault Stance Add skill: Assault Stance
Scroll of Defense Shift Add skill: Defense Shift
Scroll of Mirage Step Add skill: Mirage Step
Scroll of Power Up Add skill: Power Up
Scroll of Intimidation Add skill: Intimidation
Scroll of Soul Clash Add skill: Soul Clash
Scroll of Eagle Eye Add skill: Eagle Eye
Scroll of Fighting Surge Add skill: Fighting Surge
Scroll of Adrenaline Rush Add skill: Adrenaline Rush
Scroll of Overload Add skill: Overload



Transmutation – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

In the Cordia’s royal alchemy shop, Norun can transmute the items that you find in the Armor tab of your inventory, i.e., the items that you can equip in your “armor” and “accessory” slots.

Fixed transmutations


Gold Ore (3,000 G) Gold Ingot (3,750 G) 1~1
Broken Compass Magic Compass 1~2
Grimoire of Fire Efreet Sword 2~10~F
Fire Talisman Efreet Sword 2~10~F
Flame Orb Efreet Sword 2~10~F
Scroll of Vulcan Fang Efreet Sword 2~10~F
Grimoire of Ice Ice Sword 2~34~I
Ice Talisman Ice Sword 2~34~I
Frost Orb Ice Sword 2~34~I
Scroll of Crescent Bane Ice Sword 2~34~I
Grimoire of Lightning Lightning Sword 2~36~L
Lightning Talisman Lightning Sword 2~36~L
Thunder Orb Lightning Sword 2~36~L
Scroll of Lightning Stab Lightning Sword 2~36~L
Grimoire of Light Holy Knight Rapier 2~36~X
Sorcerer Ring Holy Knight Rapier 2~36~X
Bangle of Thunder God Éclair 2~38~L
Dark Orb Saber of Gluttony 2~44~Y
Grimoire of Darkness Saber of Gluttony 2~44~Y
Bangle of Rage Force Edge 2~48
Hermes Sandals Force Edge 2~48
Nemesis Ring Force Edge 2~48
Masamune Dragon Pain 2~57~X
Giant’s Bangle Astral Sword 2~58
Bangle of Fire God Sun Sword 2~64~F
Bangle of Ice God Sylvana 2~64~I
Wizard’s Memo Mastema 2~70
Bangle of Dark God Darkbringer 2~70~Y
Dragon Panties Dragon Rim 2~77
Dragon Horn Dragon Panties 3

Sun Stone
Bangle of Fire God 4~F
Moonlight Stone Bangle of Ice God 4~I
Omegadrive Scroll of Adrenaline Rush 4~S
Sigmadrive Scroll of Adrenaline Rush 4~S
Trapezohedron Scroll of Fatal Edge 4~S
Divine Hair Ornament Scroll of Fighting Surge 4~S
Spirit Talisman Scroll of Power Up 4~S
Adaman Panties Adaman Caviar 5
Peridot Mirage Powder 5
T-String Naughty Book 5
Sheer Panties Naughty Book 5
Amber Pendant Amber Pendant N/A


Initial itemIntermediate itemFinal product
Sun Stone Bangle of Fire God Sun Sword
Moonlight Stone Bangle of Ice God Sylvana
Dragon Horn Dragon Panties Dragon Rim

Unique random sets

The following items have random permutations from a unique, fixed pool:

ItemPermutation 1Permutation 2Permutation 3Permutation 4
Diamond Diamond Sword Kongo Tank Top Lambdadrive Spirit Talisman
Meteorite Astral Sword Astral Panties Twindrive Necronomicon
Orichalcum Eclipse Sword Underwear of Aegis Overdrive Nemesis Ring

Fairy Coins – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

The following items turn into five Fairy Coins:

  • Angel Ring
  • Bangle of Toughness
  • Death Mask
  • Emerald
  • Lord of the Undead Ring
  • Queen’s Crown
  • Silk Panties
  • Spartan Bangle

The following item turns into one Fairy Coin:

  • Amber

Random pool – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

InputOutput (random)
10-Sided Dice

Aristocratic Underwear

Astral Panties

Elven Underwear

Kongo Tank Top


Loincloth of War Maiden

Master Crown

Ninja Underwear


Panties of the Abyss

Pikuchin Bangle

Ring of Immobility

Stardust Earing



Underwear of the Aegis

Royal Potion +1

Hydra Extract +1

Fairy Coin +5

Twilight Elixir +1

Assassin Ring

Darkness Talisman

Fairy Ring

Giant’s Treasure

Golden Necklace

Grimoire of Heaven & Earth

Grimoire of Poison

Harpy Feather

Loincloth of the Amazons

Marathoner’s Hair Ornament

Muffler of Wind


Phoenix Feather

Ribbon Panties

Ruby Ring

Seeker Panties

Tyrant Ring

Ultimate Dried Meat +5

Witch Elixir +1

Viper Drink +1

Miracle Water +1

Fairy Coin +3 (2x chance)

Ancient Tortoise Shell

Ayano’s Cane

Chain Mail

Fairy Plumage

Foreign God’s Hair Ornament

Giant’s Incense

Hero’s Bangle

Master Swordsman’s Earing

Metal Plate

Mirage Panties

Mithril Tunic

Priest’s Ring

Sailor’s Underwear

Scroll of Blood Weapon

Scroll of Countersword

Scroll of Dark Fencer

Scroll of Fatal Edge

Scroll of Heat Drive

Scroll of Parry

Scroll of Revenge Stab

Scroll of Sacred Cross

Scroll of Tempest Sword

Scroll of Vanishing Edge

Scroll of Windmill

Silver Ring

Star Charm

Strange Skin

Swordman’s Charm

Thunderclap Earing

Smoked Dried Meat +3

Rare Potion +1

Power Crystal +1

Revelatory Drop +1 (2x chance)

Giant Pill +1

Fairy Coin +1

Iron Cream +1

Falcon Drink +1

Small Key +2

Beautiful Seashell

Cotton Panties

Crystal of Power

Eu de Toilette

Flower Hair Ornament

Glass Bead

High Priest Ring

Horn’s Pressed Flower

Jade Pendant

Leather Skin

Leather Tank Top

Master Gloves

Masterwork’s Mittens

Monk Ring

Night Bell

Pig Rabbit Hair

Power Water

Prisoner Shackles

Proof of Graduation

Rabbit Band

Red Bow

Sandrite Ore

Sanitizing Powder

Scroll of Adrenaline Rush

Scroll of Assault Stance

Scroll of Chakra

Scroll of Charge

Scroll of Counter Gambit

Scroll of Cure Aura

Scroll of Defense Shift

Scroll of Eagle Eye

Scroll of Fighting Surge

Scroll of Heal

Scroll of High Heal

Scroll of Intimidation

Scroll of Master Heal

Scroll of Metabolism

Scroll of Might Aura

Scroll of Mirage Step

Scroll of Overload

Scroll of Power Smash

Scroll of Power Up

Scroll of Reversal Edge

Scroll of Sonic Thrust

Scroll of Soul Clash

Seeds of Patience

Shell Charm

Silver Earrings

Spirit Cord

Sprinting Shoes

Travelers Charm

Vitality Charcoal

Wooden Snake Carvings

Dried Meat +3

Power Gem +3

Potion +1

Regen Herb +2

Small Key +1

Tent +2

Warp Stone Fragment +3

Swing Kit +3

Story (spoiler warning) – Ariadne Walkthrough & Guide

In this game the hero and the villain are the same person: Fran!

Fran is the only survivor of the fall of Endor. She witnessed the collapse event that blighted the lush land and turned it into an undead-ridden wasteland. The effect of this incident was profound. She remained in a vegetative state for a long time. One day, after receiving an amber pendant, she regained her sanity. Instead, she suffered from dissociative amnesia. Her memories of Endor were intact, but her psychological defense mechanism prevented their retrieval.

Over time, Fran developed a dissociative personality disorder. Most of the times, she was Fran, the hunter from Misthorn. But a distinct personality, called Vivian, began to develop. The game hints that there might have been a real Vivian who didn’t survive the fall of Endor. The new Vivian, however, was the manifestation of Fran’s repressed memories.

17 years after the fall of Endor, Fran visited the forbidden Labyrinth of Abyss. Seeing the sacred flames, she momentarily regained her memories. Fran deliberately extinguished the flames, knowing full well that doing so condemns Misthorn.

In the true ending, Fran comes to terms with her painful past. This enables her to realize that Vivian is not real. With Fran’s memories no longer repressed, Vivian disappears.

  1. Once you successfully reached the seal, it is possible to re-navigate each Room of Truth without fighting the enemy on the central altar, but only if you never step into a wrong mirror.
  2. The High Priest Ring is, for some reason, inferior to the Priest Ring.
  3. Not to be confused with a garment of the same name
  4. The Priest Ring is, for some reason, better than the High Priest Ring.
  5. For sorting purpose only

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