Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide, which guides you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

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Intro – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

You probably won’t need the help guide after a certain point. This game is not your usual mind- fuck blue-ball nightmare. Read the first few pages for tips, use it eventually as a help guide for the early game, and you should be fine afterwards. Warning: it can get you into spoiler zone.

CTRL+F for keyword search. Pick and choose what you need as you move along with the game. For example, you want to find the location of the 4th doll to give to Claude ?

1) Check the phrasing used by Maelion in the game for the quest your query refers to, in this case “PUPPETS” .

2) Hit CTRL+F, type “puppet”.

3) You’ll get all relevant entries somewhere in the dozens of pages in this help guide.

If you can’t find an answer, you can always help me complete this help guide!

BASIC RULES – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

-Play with your keyboard, NOT the mouse. Sylia will make you develop amazing and unbeknownst one-handed keyboard skills, rest assure!

-Always remember the SHIFT+ENTER option when talking to characters, or you feel you’re stuck calling any kind of object or entrance.

CTRL: dialogue panels on/off

-Be sure to constantly save, increment and test-play. It’s a player-friendly game, some warnings ahead, no bullshit surprise bad endings, etc. But there are many non-repeatable scenes with sex content, and most perverted monsters become unavailable as the game moves on.

The game is quest-based. This help guide as well. Don’t feel stuck if you feel you can’t go further on a particular quest. Moving on other available quests will unlock the event you might be looking for.

-There are three different times of day (day, evening and night). In the villages and the Masa Hot Springs, try evening/night if you can’t find something.

-Every time you walk into a new building/panel, there is almost always at least one goodie to find, even in the heat of a battle, it’s worth it. You’ll even find from time to time some armour (rings, etc.) and other unique items.

-Don’t sell unique items once you get them such as tools for example, they’ll come in handy many

times during the story. You’ll get tons of gold anyway by fighting and completing quests. –Checking your quest log is essential.

-Playing with the help guide might make you want to race through this open world game without exploring and discovering the possibilities it offers. You’ll be missing lots of goodies and other bo- nuses.

Do not play constantly with this help guide. It could easily spoil your game experience and

make it tedious.

FIGHTING AND SEX – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

A little grinding is necessary from time to time for a nice game flow, but overall fighting is easy and entertaining.

Don’t ever use guard, it’s totally useless, and slows down your HP lowering when your intention is to loose the fight.

You can retreat (ESC → flee) anytime with no penalties, except with bosses and perverted mon- sters appearing in pentagram events.

3 types of enemy fighters:

-regular foes: game over if defeated, like most rpgs. Use it just for the combat experience grinding.

-perverted monsters: hearts above heads (sometimes it bugs and the heart won’t show, but it doesn’t change anything). No game-over/penalty if defeated, sex-after-defeat scenes.

-bosses: sex → game over when defeated.

perverted monsters

Defeating perverted monsters (as well as bosses) without getting your HP in the critical zone gives arrogance points (maxed up to a certain level for every type of perverted monster). Defeated by perverted monsters gives a minimum of 2 lust points. Regular/critical perverted attacks by perverted monsters and bosses gives horniness and tame points.

If Sylia’s HP is low enough, with tame/horniness points around and above 15-20:

-she can get an orgasm from powerful horniness attacks (1 lust point, 1-2 turns lost). -She can be tamed into submission → sex-after-defeat.

Sex-after-defeat with tame/horniness points around and above 15-20:

-she’ll be submissive and the sex gets more intense.

Make a separate save to get a sex-after-defeat scene you want to keep, when your HP down to 1 (when you’ve been already defeated). Flee battle and save while your HP is low for chances to get tame/horniness submissions before defeat, and play with low healing potions to keep your HP in the low but not critical zone, if submission → sex-after-defeat is what you’re waiting for.

You sometimes lose your horniness points during the game (sex with some particularly repulsive sex partners, masturbation), but not the tame points. Playing with super high tame/horniness lev- els doesn’t hinder your game.

My advice, don’t ever reduce your horniness or tame levels with items. Raise your combat expe- rience/levels and always fight with the highest possible HP level (healing statues available almost everywhere) if your goal is to win the fight.

SAINT OR DEVIANT – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

note: the prostitution route is available for both saint and deviant paths.

The saint path – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

The saint path will NOT necessarily turn Sylia into a prude. This path is pretty cool if you want her to get regularly spanked and punished for her cheeky arrogance. All the special events with per- verted monsters (see perverted monsters, FIGHTING), as well as the sex-after-defeat remain.

Almost all sex events moreover are available both as a saint and a deviant (Malin the Wizard, the ugly slayer soldier in the Lost dimension with captain Aria, etc.). She can go back and see the per- verted ghost in the mansion and have the same fun in Basin town. The sex however she doesn’t get so far as a saint, is with Grog the Ogre (even before making that fateful choice), the Archangel in the temple of light, the ceremony in Kame village with count Vladimir, and the option to fuck-for- sail on that merchant ship to Kooma island.

The deviant path – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

As said in the game, the deviant path allows Sylia to use sex deliberately as a weapon. She fucks or tricks her way out of battle with enemy bosses, but needs to fight from time to time as well. She’s generally more open about her sluttish nature, and admits enjoying the sex-after defeat after a while. Sylia also has a lewder (tiny) little test with the saint/deviant mentor as a deviant.

All in all, she goes through the same ordeals, either as an arrogant princess, or the perfect slut.

Hint: If you want to delay as much as possible the choice you need to make, even before either fighting Grog the ogre or using the lumberjack to kill him, you can complete the Two birds with one stone, Puppets and Puppets II quests, SIDE QUESTS, before making that initial choice. The Deep Mountain tunnels are accessible after the A bridge too far III quest, STORY, is completed, by stepping on the unstable ground in the lower tunnel of the left side of Mt.Mune

INTRO – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

First go and bathe after your training with daddy (go south, down by the river, near the wooden board). Unlock the chest in the upper left corner.

Go to Masa village (bottom right of Hot Springs).

After the dialogue with Alan, Benny and Loic, thoroughly explore the village, it’ll be very useful for you later to know where to go, and it’s not that big. Get all the goodies in the barn, houses, and barrels outside houses.

Go home (east of village, above the well), talk to daddy, get available goodies on the three floors, comb your hair, and go eat.

THE TRIAL – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

It doesn’t matter how fast you find the flower. If you want to, start grinding on the fighting with the blue frog-like sprites (regular foes). Recover by praying to the statue (northwest). When you can, buy the poison ring, it avoids the poisoning, and it’s useful during the early game for a lot of reg- ular foes (wasps, scorpions, snakes). Open the three chests lying around. Chests are everywhere throughout the game.

Then go and find Alan by Maria/Anna’s tomb (north of the Little Forest of Azul).

Beyond this point, this (non-exhaustive) help guide is QUEST-BASED, to be used along

with the quest log, as the quests come along. Do not follow what’s in this help guide in a linear way, it’s not the way this game works, you’ll get lost, and read lots of spoilers.

Some side events as well as most pentagram events are not included in this help guide.

ALWAYS look around everywhere, including evening and night in Masa village, Hot Springs,

Basin town, Basin beach and Kame village, it’s almost always worth it.

GUARDIAN MISSIONS – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

Masa fruits

Talk with SHIFT+ENTER to the old woman, in the center of the village map, during the day, to trig- ger the quest. Ingredients are in the Little Forest of Azul.

The lost dog

– Talk with SHIFT+ENTER to the little girl, in the center of the village map, during the day, to trig- ger the quest. The doggy Woofy is clearly visible, right of Maria/Anna’s tomb. If it’s not there, that means you haven’t activated the quest with the little girl (SHIFT+ENTER). After Woofy says “woof”, you can go down and explore the crypt.

The lumberjackass (night)

Talk with SHIFT+ENTER to the tavern owner (tavern “The Fallen Pig”), at night.

Once you are in the lumberjack’s basement, if you make noise 3 times (darker areas), you can wait to get a sex scene and a game over (typically, save and increment if you want to keep it). Or hide in the barrel far left in the bedroom. If you make a noise again, this time you’re in for it, no escape possible. Get all goodies, but beware the teddy bear for example.

The point of this quest is simply to go up the stairs south of the basement and find out it’s locked. Then go all the way to the left of the basement, look at the painting next to the bed, get the notes, and go back to the tavern. Leave the tavern and read Jack’s notes (in items → story) to trigger The slave marketquest, SIDE QUESTS.

Mr. Slime

Complete the A new guardian quest, STORY, by completing the first three quests above. Go see the lazy dude in the bottom right corner of the village. ONLY THEN will the quest activate. Mr. Slime will appear clearly during the day, inside the barn, the moment you enter. Stack up on those fire balls and bombs. You’ll need lots of healing potions as well. Remember he is also perverted, a defeat gives you tame and lust points, and might be worth watching.

Crops ‘n’ snakes

Complete the A new guardian quest, STORY, by completing the first three quests above. Talk to the farmer in Masa village. Check the boulders in the tunnels on Mt. Mune.

The Letter

Open the letter once you get it! When you go and see him, be sure to have enough tame and horniness points for the extra scenes.

Woods for good

Find the wood with hinter flicks in the Deep Forest.

Dancer in the dark

The little girl gives the clue, talk to her to be sure to activate what follows. The thief is north of the Hot Springs, at night.

Let the thief keep the dress. Make sure you have 4,000 gold (easy at this point) and keep at least one golden ore when you find one as you’re mining (I keep them all), for a reward from Tom the tailor in the guild hideout, which will be quite useful later (once you get it, try for example the Hot Springs masturbation at evening and night, see LUST).

There is a pentagram in that same area at the Hot Springs, involving a wish master and a phan- tasm dimension. Later in the game, there is a cave on the western coast of the island with a dusty lamp inside, revealing a pink crystal shard, and a visual novel, The defeat of Fiona.

HENTAI QUEST – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

The way of pleasure

Go have some fun in the village well during the day, and at the Hot Springs at night. –The stranger

It’s the geezer (Simon, the wanderer) in the tavern during the evening, bottom left. Repeat till you get all extra lust points (3 times). Mind that Simon disappears once you complete episode 3. Per- haps he will reappear in a future update? You can save and increment for scene access, then kill him off for 10 fame points. You can make him pay for the rest of all those louts, there will be plenty more to keep your beaver busy anyway.

The giants’ slut

The quest triggers when you step on the pentagram north of the docks, near the ship. My advice is to trigger it once you’ve completed The Hoogs quest, SIDE QUESTS, it’s a great hentai quest for Sylia to relax and have some fun, once she’s done all the hard work.

Booh the wrestling giant (evening time, tavern The Fat Seagull)

Both defeating and being defeated is the point here. Start by teaching him a lesson, it’ll only make payback time more spicy. Make it perfect wins, you get a “not even stripped” bonus. Basically just defend everytime. Then:

If he raises both hands step back and counter. Then crush his balls and give him an uppercut. If he raises one hand you have a 50-50 chance of getting back with a dodge on either side, it’s not very clear to me. It seems that in the same match the correct dodge to make will either always be either the same side of his raised hand, or the opposite side.

After 4 wins, you get Booh’s key, Booh’s part of the quest is completed.

Now for the fun part. Let him have some payback. Make Sylia lose by doing anything else than what is stated above. Make her always get up and fight, not submit, to get all the punishments. On your 5th match to get defeated, make Sylia submit asap. She is now his love doll, and he can dispose of her as he wishes. All wrestling and poses are now available in the menu.

If you want Sylia to gain the upper hand again, you’ll always get some fame and arrogance points for perfect wins, with specific “comeback” dialogues it seems.

Sex doll mode +

Once the sex doll mode is activated, you should have a doll appear on the top right corner of the ring. If not, make sure to start a fight with Booh, do nothing 3 times in a row till he rips off half your clothes, and then submit to him as his sex doll, all this 4 times in a row. A message will tell you at the end of the fight when the doll becomes available. It basically allows you to go directly in sex doll mode.

Go to the puppet, choose one of the two first bikinis (micro and wrestling) . By selecting the pearl or goddess bikinis, nothing will happen, as they will only be available in future updates.
Bud the rape fantasy giant (night time top right corner in Basin town)

Horniness will be reset to 0 the first time with the micro-pink bikini with Bud. You’ll have to refill it at the tavern the following day. However, by meeting your friend Fat Joe on the pentagram facing the inn entrance at night, on your way to Bud, you’ll get 5 of the required 15 horniness points as well.

session 1: you start with the micro-pink bikini. “Rape me” gives you 2 lust points, resisting gives you arrogance points. You get the key right on the first session. Horniness is reset to 0.

session 2: you have a choice to take the second micro-pink bikini sex event (choose between lust and arrogance points), or the rich dress (choose between lust and arrogance points). You can play and repeat both.

Boris the beach giant (daytime, Basin beach)

You get the key from Boris after completing all the sex events with the micro-blue bikini. Let him have his way with that bikini 6 times in total, and he’ll fall asleep. You’ll get it automatically.

Once you’ve put on the hot blue bikini, you can just keep the ESC button down to avoid having to choose “lewd pose” manually several times (it can get kind of annoying), it’ll do it automatically.

the Giant gangbang!

At nightime, once you got all the keys, go to the pentagram by the ship, Basin docks. Once on the ship, open the coffer. If you make Sylia accept this thrilling new experience, you’ll give your sweet slut a new haircut for the following scene, bigger tomatoes, and a gangbang even she can never forget. You’ll get a few opportunities to choose between showing some resistance for extra arro- gance points, or being a submissive slut for extra lust points, as usual. By choosing “I’ve changed my mind”, you do not stop the scene, but do get 3 arrogance points. Don’t choose to say nothing (“ …”), it won’t give you any of these points.

Cheeky Sylia can go and visit her three giant friends the following nights, with new sex scenes. On her second visit, seeming to never learn her lesson, her now legendary arrogance will give her 5 of those points (whatever the choices you made on her first visit), only to be put back to her place. The next visits give no points and a repeatable variant of the gangbang.

LUST (7 levels) – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

Make this a priority.

Get lust points by getting perverted foes to defeat you, by dancing in the tavern during the eve- nings in Masa village (≥ lust level 2), whoring with sailors in Basin town for example, and basically by choosing lewd options throughout the game.

However, resisting or being an arrogant bitch often gives arrogance points, instead of lust points. It’s worth it when these arrogance points are available, as you’ll be easily stacking up on lust points throughout the game anyway.

Hot Springs bath

Masturbating during the evening will give you horniness and lust points.

There’s a possible sex event at night, reload your save if necessary, it’s random, but it apparent- ly does not require you to masturbate and feel a presence while masturbating at the Hot Springs during that same evening.

Once you get Tom the tailor’s gift, the V-golden bikini (see entry Dancer in the dark, GUARDIAN MISSIONS), you can also bathe, masturbate (evening and night) and have that same sex scene in it (night).

barn threesome event

At some point when you are at ≥ lust level 5, a barn threesome event is available. Go on the pen- tagram by the bed in your bedroom at night. Then that same night go to the healing statue south of Masa village, on the second pentagram.

I’m not sure what bad rumors about Sylia being called a slut really do in the game, nothing serious anyway (Benny can spread these rumors if you don’t play it his way after fucking him the first time in the barn.).

Sylia gets to keep her micro jungle bikini after leaving the Black flag camp (Deep into the jungle, SACRED MISSIONS), but so far she can’t use it either for the Basin town or Masa village rape scenes.

Basin town masturbation pentagram

During nighttime, go all the way down to the docks and find the masturbation pentagram. You can choose to masturbate on either Loic, Jack, Benny or random sailors (special). You need 20 Horni- ness points.

Basin town molestation pentagram

During the evening, find the pentagram right of the warehouse in Basin town. You need to have 20 tame and 20 horniness points to get the full experience. The event is repeatable, once a day, so you can always kick their ass next time, and get 3 fame and 3 arrogance points.

Kame town tame pentagram

Go to the bottom right corner of Kame town and activate the blue pentagram. Some pervert starts masturbating in front of you. You can choose either of the following:


→ +20 tame points

-Yes…now go away! → +20 tame points and +10 horniness points

-Yes…and I was raped

→ +20 tame points, +10 horniness points and +5 lust points

Kame forest masturbation pentagram

Go on the top left corner of the eastern part of kame forest (going through Kame village). Its basi- cally the same event as the masturbation pentagram in Basin town, only the special option fea- tures a Walker.

BDSM with Benny

Go and see Benny during the day, he’ll offer you to go to the next level. Go to Sylia’s bedroom and choose to go for a night patrol. Benny’s house is right next to where he wanders during the day, a pentagram will appear at his front door. No goodies as far as I see in his house, go directly to the basement.

Sylia will get a nice BDSM outfit and a poneytail hairdo. On her first session (ass fingering), choose one of the following:


→ no points

-Yes… → +5 tame points and +2 lust points

-Yes… master → +7 tame points and +3 lust points

On her second session, choose one of the following:

-… → no points

-Please rape me… → +2 lust points



→ +5 arrogance points

-Engulf it in your mouth

→ +3 lust points

On her third session, choose one of the following:

-… → no points

-Bang me hard! → +2 lust points

This triggers the Bondage doll game. You can choose 1 of the following games:

-The lewd horse (variant of session 1, with extra points available)

-The horny cucumber (variant of session 2, with extra points available)

-The defeated princess (variant of session 3, with extra points available)

-Straight sex (this brings you to the last part of the thirs session, you lose your horniness points)

At the end of the 3 first games, if you have her released without having sex, you won’t have your horniness reset to 0. You also get 5 extra tame and horniness points.

SIDE QUESTS – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

A strange visit

At night, go to the bottom left corner of Masa village, near the campfire. The letter reads “stand to the right and light me” backwards. Stand to the right of the fireplace, SHIFT+ENTER if necessary. You can’t go back home to sleep before speaking to Dante.

monsters to kill for trophies

The Abomination: see entry The curse.

Mr. Slime: see entry Mr. Slime, GUARDIAN MISSIONS.

Redfoot, Grog the ogre

You only need two trophies, do not kill Redfoot for this quest. There will later be a tiny extra scene where he gets to play with Jessica the captain. After watching that scene you can go back in the game and kill him, right before entering the temple of light (see entry reactivate the crystal of light, True nature, STORY). If you don’t kill him then, you’ll lose the opportunity for a reward later.

Grog is unbeatable for now, go to his lair for sex (horniness reset to 0). Fight him and get 2 ar- rogance points. Surrender, and get 15 tame and 8 lust points. Fight him a second time and get sex-after-defeat followed by a game over.

All three perverted super monsters have sex-after-defeat scenes, but in the case of Redfoot (sec- ond fight) and The Abomination, it’s game over. Make sure you get a good combat level, they can be tricky in the early game.

The curse [and manor events]

As the quest description suggests, thoroughly inspect all those rooms for goodies, but no worries, there’s no stupid catch or riddle involved. Don’t mind the blank-paged book and the “wind blowing through the chimney” in that room top right of the manor.


Make sure to always have a few mops (three minimum at a time). Use them amongst other things for the puppet in the Masa village well, and all those goodie chests out of reach, including in the manor. You should be able to buy them once you complete episode 1. Check regularly at the shop in Masa, if it’s not available for sell in the items section, it means you need to progress further in the game. You can always go later to take the out-of-reach goodies and the puppet in the well.

Go all the way through Maria/Anna’s crypt, the manor passage, the manor basement, the ground floor, to the first floor of the manor.

The book shelves sequence: You can trigger the mechanisms from behind the shelves, this makes it quicker:

middle left book shelf

top right book shelf

bottom left book shelf

bottom right book shelf

top left book shelf

middle right book shelf

Once in the secret room, trigger the green switch (Maria/Anna) and the red switch (The Abomina- tion). Trigger the blue switch if you want rats around the manor as easy kills for fighting experience (flying kicks). It can get a little annoying avoiding them though.

The Abomination is in the far right cell in the Manor basement, in the top right corner. Maria/Anna’s cell is in the bottom right corner of the Manor basement.

the perverted ghost

It’s the black pentagram at the entrance hall of the manor, ground floor, with ≥ 25 arrogance points required. You need to repeat that scene once or twice to get all the content.

After activating the pentagram, walk back and forth through the corridors (this geezer likes dark, narrow spaces), then after a while to the first floor, till a second pink pentagram appears near the couches at the entrance of the first floor.

Later in the game she can always pay her new friend the ghost another visit, as a saint or deviant. She’ll revert to her old guardian clothes though.

The slave market

SHIFT+ENTER talking with tavern customers. Make sure to read Jack’s notes to trigger the quest (see entry The lumberjackass, GUARDIAN MISSIONS).


Go find Claude, top tunnel on the right side of Mt.Mune.

puppets’ location:

-Masa village well (you need a mop, see mops, The curse)

-first floor of the Deep Forest Manor, on the piano

-camp area in the middle of the Deep Forest

-goblin green tribe camp

Green tribe goblin camp puppet

See entry go to the sacred temple under Mt. Mune, True nature, STORY. You can also access the camp as soon as the A bridge too far III quest, STORY, is completed, by stepping on the unstable ground in the bottom tunnel on the right side of Mt. Mune. Talk to the mother, then go get

your teddy bear in your bedroom. To make it quicker, go down the river, through the flicking point, bottom right of the camp.

Give Claude the puppets, and accept the wine to trigger the Puppets II quests and a full scene with a smoking hot outfit for Sylia (please Maelion, make her use it again later!), and its rewards.

Two birds with one stone

Location: Deep Mountain Tunnels, accessible through the unstable ground, in the top right corner of the bottom tunnel on the right side of Mt.Mune (the ground will break after you complete the quest A bridge too far III, STORY), or through teleporting (see entry explore the hideout” sub quest, True nature, STORY).

Find Kragor the goblin, in the top middle area of the first room. You can now mine for ore, or stum- ble on some spiders (you can’t flee in this case) doing so. Keep a few golden ores.

Puppets II

Pick the shovel in the bottom left corner of the room, you need to “call” it two or three times. Break the mirrors on the top wall, till you get the good one (4th from the right).

Once you meet Claude again, slay him. But remember, there is almost always extra 3D content when you make wrong choices in this game, so…once again, increment, save and test-play to find out if it’s worth keeping the bad ending with her pink outfit as a save.

Move the statue head. Also, find eventual goodies.

Before you leave after completing the quest, get the book from the side table.

Medal of honour

Repair the broken bridge: first go and find it in the bridges’ area of the orcs’ lair (all the way north of the map). There are two broken areas, but the one you’re interested in has a clear hint flicker, and a skeleton on the other side, on the bottom right quarter of the area. Go find it and trigger the tool search.

wood planks: top right corner of the bridges area.

rope: top left corner of the bridges area.

hammer: in the room on the left of the maintenance room area (in the top right corner of the sec- ond room of the Deep Mines).

nails: you need the hammer first. The nails are in that shiny spot on the top wall above the eleva- tor, SHIFT+ENTER several times to make sure you get them.

I already had a rope in my inventory, seems to work as well, but to be on the safe side, get all four of those items in the orcs’ lair.

Once you get all four items, it’s clearly indicated you have them and can now go back to the bro- ken bridge area. Then go back to the goblin by the entrance of the lair, in the goblin camp, to complete the quest.

Leo’s sweet home in Kame forest

Leo’s sweet home is in one of the tree dwellings in the second Kame forest, the one to the right of Kame village, in the top left corner. Get the patron, but that’s all so far in the game.

The tomb

Make sure you get defeated by the perverted monsters there (As both a saint or a deviant, suc- cumb to Todd’s lovely proposal by the fireplace as well). Also, save regularly if you want to save and increment to keep a mini-scene of her crawling and sex-after defeat → game over scenes available.

There’s a little back-and-forth but it’s clear enough I believe. In the first tomb dungeon panel, make sure to move the crate in the top right corner of that little room in the bottom left corner of the pan- el. It triggers a distant mechanism. Check the pillars surrounding the tombs, especially the broken ones, if you feel stuck.

The Hoogs

The beach in Basin town is accessible between the small barn and the shop, in the top right cor- ner. Go there at night.

The entrance to the hoogs’ lair is on the beach itself, go down the stairs and to the right, to that green patch.

The keys for the Indiano Bones’ chest are all in this huge lair, just go explore everywhere, grind- fight and enjoy the defeats with the hoogs, either solo or in pairs.

You can find some goodies in the garbage piles by the entrance of the laboratory.

Don’t forget to save, increment and test-play to see the sex → game over with the hoog king. Also, after defeating him, check the garbage piles before you leave.

MARTIAL ARTS – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

Don’t use simple attacks, perhaps only to eventually finish off high level foes. You get many miss- es, and no fame points.

Using aura → focus → techniques gives you fame points, and makes you understand their differ- ent advantages. Grind and get technique level upgrades.

You train your Art of the mind by using the aura → focus, which also gives you the TPs to use the techniques. Using it reduces your mental points by 1.

The uppercut technique doesn’t level up to level 2, the fighting guide in the game needs to be updated.

Make sure you understand the advantages of repeatedly using the Body drop (one opponent) and the Avalanche (several opponents), that’s how I get my (sometimes) perfect wins if needed (per- fect wins give additional arrogance/fame points when defeating bosses for example).

Flying kicks is the best technique to use for low level foes in numbers, to be blown away in one or two strikes (spiders during mining, rats, etc.). You upgrade at level 2 once you reach 50 TEK points, not 40, for the jab and high kick techniques.


-first mentor: your daddy, go talk to him during evening.

-second mentor: available in the bottom right corner of the bandit camp, once the quest A bridge too far III, STORY is completed, and the bandit camp northeast of Mt. Mune is accessible. -charm mentor: woman sitting by the Masa village tavern entrance, evening.

-saint/deviant mentor: Basin town/southport Basin. At night, go to the round platform to the left of the mayor’s house, stand on the bottom right corner of the platform.

Make sure you regularly optimize your armour, as you get new items (equip → optimize). But check if that’s what you really want, it sometimes reverts to old armours, which I personally prefer not to sell.

DANCER CAREER – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

– Remember, SHIFT+ENTER when talking to Mack near the dancing floor.

-You can’t get pro at this point. It’s a feature for a future update.

-After a certain point, if you get your acrobatic move right, you get to have sex with Albert (money, lust points, no horniness reset). Repeat to get to the final repeatable content (lust level 4 required for the last part).

-Sex with Benny is no real problem, apart from the horniness reset. Talk to him during the day, with enough tame and horniness points. In the evening, go talk to him again, in the tavern. Let Benny fuck Sylia at least twice in the barn to get full content. After the second time with Benny, she can either have a chance of whoring with Albert for money and no horniness points reset, or have a chance to fuck Benny in the barn, with a horniness points reset. Albert has priority over Benny.

If you refuse once with Benny, he’ll spread bad rumors, of which I have no clue of the consequenc- es, but it won’t end the opportunity to have sex with him as usual in the barn. Better be an obedi- ent girl and just always let him have his way when he wants to.

SACRED MISSIONS – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

The orcs’ lair

Orcs are way tougher than goblins, but as perverted. By the way remember: the tougher a pervert- ed monster, the higher the cap on the arrogance points he gives when defeated. Don’t forget to grind fight for combat experience even though defeats are more entertaining. This is also the point in the game when you’ll really start having to fight with a high HP if your goal is to win. A very high combat level at that point (perhaps 16-20) will help you defeat the orc packs, if you chose to fight them, twice: once in the maintenance room, and the other in the dormitory, in their base.

Explore every corner with the gremlin, he’ll find a secret entrance to a chest you can’t possibly get yourself.

Make sure to make Sylia go mining, you never know what you might stumble on.

maintenance room

Save before doing anything in that maintenance room! Spare the sleeping orc, there’s a clear hint it might be useful for you later. If you defeat the five orcs, you get the Orc leader’s horn. It’s worth fighting them, just slowly get at them by using the avalanche. Same for the five orcs in the dormitory.

-”reach the orc base” and “destroy the armory“ sub-quests

In the orcs’ dormitory, pick up the letter and find the key in those three dish stacks to the right side of the dorm. SHIFT+ENTER several times if necessary.

My advice: save after melting the weapons, you won’t have an opportunity to before having to make certain decisions that might affect the rest of the game. Also, make sure you speak to every- one in the cell, then go to the red girl again, to move on in the story.

So…save, increment and test play, there are some nice scenes to watch, but in your real play, for once, be a prude:

show resistance (test play and choose “obey” for a little scene in a g-string and black high-heels, Sylia’s “game-over” outfit). It’ll give you some respect from the other prisoners. Might be handy in a future update.

talk about the mission/stay evasive: I personally chose to spill the beans, to show her trust, though I don’t know what this choice will lead to. The one thing telling everything won’t do is pre- vent you from completing this quest.

kill the orc immediately: befriend those chicks for a future update. Moreover, even if you get lust points by delaying the kill, they become totally redundant, as the ones you accumulate beyond a certain point will be lost at the next lust level upgrade. But you might want to test-play the scenes where she waits and waits before taking action.

Don’t forget to report to Ragnok the goblin chief to complete the quest.

The lost dog II

This quest is WIP for now.

The ring of love

Enter the warehouse at night, through the left. Make sure you get to the top right section last to get

all the goodies.

Deep into the jungle

Once you’ve defeated the Hoogs, go to the blue crystal shard at the end of the peer of Basin town.

Suiko, sailors, and a frog

You switch from Sylia to Suiko on that ship led by Kimboo and his crew which is headed for the Barakas islands. Explore the ship, and finally spend the evening with Kimboo to find out what Suiko can expect from such a gentleman. The next day, make sure you go back on the deck, and talk twice with Sailor D. Go back inside and whisk that key away from the cook, either by having him stick his tongue down her throat or grab her ass. Then check the wine and glass by the sleep- ing sailor in the dormitory. Pick the plant by the entrance of the dormitory and use it on the sleep- ing sailor to get the glass.

In order to escape the ship, choose the middle barrel. Go to Kimboo, and either stay silent or tell him to shut up, it’s a slight dialogue difference. Then choose “resist and leave”, and you’ll be able to get away. Or choose either one of the sex scenes, solo with Kimboo and his whip, or a nice gang rape with his crew (choose a “wrong” barrel first in order to avoid the escape).

If you escape as Suiko, Sylia will find her fucking with a rather unusual partner on Kooma island. You’ll also get a lesbian scene available. If you prefer the sailors, Sylia will find Suiko directly at the Black Flag camp.

Sylia to the rescue

As you switch back to Sylia, you need to go back up to Basin town, only to be met by a messen- ger. Then go to the Basin town mayor, then out of Basin town to the hint flicker, West of Basin town.

As a deviant only, choosing to pay with your body will of course give you lust points, paying for the trip in cash will give you a glimpse of what Sylia should have chosen as payment method. If you do make Sylia pay by fucking, you get 2 arrogance points by answering with arrogance, and 3 arrogance points by refusing a gangbang with the crew, but at least save and increment before she sails off to keep the gangbang scene available.
As you land on Kooma island, activate the statue to teleport back to the hideout once you’ve com- pleted The Gobloos quest, DEMONOLOGY. Fight some foes for combat experience, try to avoid those hell bees (flee battle) if you don’t have antidotes or a poison ring on you, and meet more of those perverted Walkers (here jungle Walkers). If defeated they also give you river trouts.
the ceremony

Once you’re on the second jungle map, top right corner of the first jungle map, you either meet Suiko by the lake, bottom left corner, if she escaped the ship, or directly at the camp if you made her fail to do so.

By the lake, kill the frog to get 3 arrogance points, or watch for 5 horniness and 2 lust points. Once that’s done, you can either choose to have fun with Suiko or call it a night, in both cases you over- sleep to the next day to find out she’s gone. Only then can you go to the second jungle map cave (far right side of the second jungle map) and get the silex to complete The Gobloos quest, DE- MONOLOGY. First use your shovel to remove one of those many grey rocks (also in Masa village, Hot springs, Basin town, etc.) by that lake for goodies.

Go around the camp through the top right path. Sylia cannot avoid being captured by the Black flag tribe.

Once the ceremony begins, all options, including being a total slut for extra lust points, lead to that perhaps fateful choice Sylia needs to make: either slay Kimboo and remove any future threat the Black Flag tribe may represent by siding with the demons, or get thoroughly raped till dawn with Suiko, with no game over. I can only suggest the second choice: Sylia may look like she failed to Dante, but heck, that just might give her new and exciting opportunities to get gang rap…I mean to get fame points of course, and fight for justice!

STORY – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

The trial

See page 3.

A new guardian

See the first 3 guardian quests, GUARDIAN MISSIONS. Report to the mayor to complete it. –A bridge too far I

This is the only “trap” Maelion devised so far in the game. DO NOT deliver the package (or simply test-play), you’ll get a game over. Follow the “talk to Loic” route (If you haven’t done so yet, irst talk to him about the message in the crypt, and trigger The curse, SIDE QUESTS, to open Ma- ria/Anna’s tomb!). The silver powder is in that first tunnel to the left of Mt. Mune, in the right corner.

A bridge too far II

There are two ways to get what the old woman asks you for: either get the red edelweiss on Mt. Mune or buy it from the merchant. You choose between fighting or whoring/paying for it, though it won’t impact in any way your future choice to be either a saint or a deviant, it’s up to you. You can’t do both.

ighting for it

Go to Mt. Mune, cross the first bridge to the right side of the map. A dialogue panel pops up, telling you about the red edelweiss on that patch of grass right of the bridge. Go between the two rocks above the patch to have the second dialogue panel open, which mentions that rope you have, and climb down.

You absolutely need the shock ring, available at the shop in Masa village. The phoenix-type giant bird you are about to fight is in my opinion unbeatable if you don’t. Equip Sylia with the shock ring and get the edelweiss. My advice is to fight the bird with the Body drop technique to bring his ATK and DEF to -2 and just grind fight to bring him down, the way I always do with big bosses. The bird has about 1,500 HP and will give you 300 EXP points.

Give the edelweiss to the old woman then go and see Loic. Meet him again the next day and go to the bandits’s camp. Do not forget to take the package (the red coffer in Loic’s kitchen).

whoring for it or paying for it

If you play Sylia as a lazy girl, it’s easier however to get it at the merchant’s and get a choice of sex scenes, or pay for the flower. Either way that edelweiss will prove to be useless to cure Loic.

Once you give the potion prepared by the old lady to Loic, go back home and sleep. If you have that dinner with daddy that same evening (forced event), and nothing happens the next morning, sleep for another night. The old woman will then inform you of Loic’s death (see below).

Loic and choosing to let him die or not (SPOILER, READ AT RISK!)

It would be a major spoiler to tell you here what you might expect if you let Loic die. Let’s just say that you might really want to test play further into the game after his death, even if you don’t want him to die…

If you fight for the edelweiss (Loic is cured) and then choose the deviant way to get to the ogre (by using the Lumberjackass), Loic comes in and tries to take you away from the Lumberjackass in the tavern, but gets easily knocked out. There are slight dialogue changes with another character shortly later in the game, whether Loic dies, fails to save you from taking the deviant path with the Lumberjackass, or if you decide instead to be a prude and fight the ogre.

A bridge too far III

If your previous choice leads to Loic’s death, get his letter on his table, then the package on the round table by the fireplace. Some people report they can’t get pass the bridge, it may be that they forget to take the package. After talking with the bandit chief, explore, talk, and do the pen- tagrams. Train with the second mentor (see MARTIAL ARTS). You have to sleep there to move on with the story. This triggers the True nature quest, and some quests in Masa village and the bandit camp. But don’t forget to complete The slave market quest, SIDE QUESTS first!

True nature

-” kill Grog the Ogre” sub quest

Two ways to kill Grog:

a) path of purity

(You might as well choose b) if you’re going down the deviancy path later. There already are some very minor scene differences with Virgil the hideout librarian before making your final choice.)

Follow Jane the bounty hunter as you approach Grog’s lair in the Deep Forest. You fight the giant: beat him with the Body drop technique. It takes some time, however, and he can still lower your HP with his special technique (and sometimes even with simple attacks), even with 2 ATK down (bosses usually do). You get 350 combat experience and arrogance points if you defeat him with a perfect win. Sex scene → game over if defeated.

Once Jane leaves, feel free to take time and find out all the goodies before leaving the ogre’s lair, there is no time limit, and you can’t get back in afterwards to double check. For example there’s a nice pile of gold next to Grog’s body.

b) path of deviancy

DO NOT follow Jane. Go back to Masa village. On your way you can give the letter to the fisher- man (see entry The Letter, GUARDIAN MISSIONS).

Meet the lumberjack in the Fallen Pig tavern during the day, and get a lovely romantic date with him, go home and switch to evening mode. In the evening take your sexy dress from the cupboard in your bedroom. Warning: once you do, it’s a long scene all the way to Grog’s lair. Make sure you have good levels of tame and horniness before taking the sexy dress to make the sex even better, and save. Making her say “You will bang me hard” gives extra points. Once in Grog’s lair in your cell, hide the flask under the pillow to trigger the following events.

Choice routes with Grog (check whether you prefer arrogance or tame points, * = sex, game over, ° = sex, move on):

Once Jane leaves, feel free to take time and find out all the goodies before leaving as well, there is no time limit, and you can’t get back in afterwards to double check. For example there’s a nice pile of gold next to Grog’s body.

-”follow Jane” sub quest

The slayers’ hideout. There’s a long explanatory scene, and a pleasant surprise awaiting. -”explore the hideout” sub quest

There are some tiny variants during the conversation with Virgil (Dante’s librarian, not his guide),

whether you choose to fight Grog the ogre or simply fucked your way in and out of his lair.

slayer hunting

Talk to Jessica, above Dante, and check the board. Since you’ve completed the Strange visit quest, SIDE QUESTS, there’s only the securing task, Redfoot (see entry A strange visit, SIDE QUESTS), and Bigsplash left. Bigsplash is in the river in the Deep Mountain tunnels, which you’ll find north of the second panel, accessible from the top left corner of the irst Deep Mountain Tun- nels panel. You can find him there where the hint flicker is, right by the water.


You can now teleport through healing statues, for now, only to Masa village and its vicinity. Once you finish this quest, you’ll be able to teleport beyond, but only from and to the guild hideout. Not all healing statues teleport though. Teleport statues have an aura around their heads, there’s one only per teleport destination.

You will have to go physically to Kame village and Basin town to first activate those teleport stat- ues. The island map is accessible from the south exit of Masa village, only available after completing this quest.

-”go to the sacred temple under Mt. Mune” sub quest

Teleport from the guild hideout to the Deep Mountain Tunnels to move on to this very decisive part of the game, where you choose your saint or deviant path. It is strongly advised to have a good combat level (level 12 seems good enough, 15 is better).

Go to the green tribe goblin’s camp: enter the Deep Mountain Tunnels, go to the top right corner and enter the passage to the second panel. Go through this second panel to the top right corner. My advice: complete first the Two birds with one stone quest, SIDE QUESTS.

Visit the camp, every tent, every barrel, every pentagram, etc. You’ll find the temple of light there as well. Complete the Puppets, Puppets II quests (SIDE QUESTS) and any other impending GUARDIAN MISSIONS quests to get them all out of the way. Then, when you’re ready and set (save!), talk to Dante.

-”reactivate the crystal of light” sub quest

the temple of light

blaze 1: top left corner room, three knights. First open the little red chest, there’s nothing in it, but take it. Fight the two knights, then push the button.

blaze 4: middle top left room, follow the sun-shaped slabs. Once you find and push the button, step on the other slabs to go directly back to the entrance, apparently there’s no penalty.

blaze 2: middle top right room, go to the blue whirlwind, look at the picture, push the button.

blaze 3: bottom right corner, put the little red chest on the button.

blaze 5: top right corner, stand on the sun-shaped slab. Then go to the bottom left corner, enter the secret passage. Bring back the blaze to its place.

The code is the 4th one, 2nd page (32415). If it’s your first try, you get 3 arrogance points.

the crystal room

As a saint you get to fight the archangel. You can always fight the little ghost sprites to grind and get the combat level you want. If you’re defeated, simple game-over, no sex-after-defeat scene.
As a deviant this is your first “grab it with your pussy” test. It might be worth watching the game over route. (best choice in bold, * = sex, game over, ° = move on):

The initial options “try to escape” and “endure it” are not worth it, they bring you back to the same following choices. Take “act lewd” , you’re a deviant now, right? After eventually having tested and watched the bad ending, take “act lewd”, then “no!” for the extra points.

-”go back to the hideout” sub quest

Since you are now in the goblin camp, I suggest you complete the two orcs’ lair-related quests first (The orcs’ lair, SACRED MISSIONS and Medal of honour, SIDE QUESTS). The orcs’ lair is east of the camp, on the other side of the river which you can now access. It’s a cool but pretty long episode in the game, one that deserves you focus on it before heading to all the new adventures awaiting Sylia.

Once these quests completed, go to the hideout by teleporting with the statue at the entrance of the goblin camp. That statue won’t be available afterwards for teleportation. In the hideout, there’s a second, long explanatory scene, with lots of info to digest. It can seem a little overwhelming, but you’ll be fine. Choose “I will close the rift!” for 2 arrogance and 15 fame points.

The rise

This quest is substantially different whether you’re playing as saint or deviant.

Once Kame village, make sure you walk around and explore everywhere it’s possible during the day and the night, including behind the guy at the counter of the inn for example.

-”meet count Vladimir” sub-quest

as a saint

Rent a room for a second night, and once you go by your rented bed, wait till night. Go to the church and graveyard and stand on the pentagram, to follow the events. The next morning, as you leave the inn, you bump into Igor. You are then told to find two passwords and a cloak. Go find them in the following order:

-first password: in the house on the right, on that elevated part of the village, you will find a hint flicker on the table. Read it.

-second password: go to the shop on the top left corner of the village, look at the painting. -cloak: go to the house on the bottom right corner of the village and grab the cloak which now has a hint flicker. You are automatically forwarded to night time.

The first password is phoenix, the second password is that last choice, Yggdrazil.

as a deviant

You have to check Vladimir’s mansion, north of Kame village. Check also the church in Kame vil- lage at night, in order to get invited to Vladimir’s mansion.

In the bedroom, you just have to wait for a thunder strike then for Katya, who for now has been reduced to a sex slave.

choice routes at dinner with Vladimir (best choice in bold):

choice routes at the ceremony (best choice in bold,* = sex, game over, ° = move on):

During the conversation at the inn with Igor, Dante and Katya, choose “Hmpf…too easy” for 1 arro- gance point, you don’t get any reward by being gracious to Dante.

-”Find Malin the wizard” sub-quest

The wizard is in the bottom right corner of the second Kame forest, go on the pentagram.

(Maelion, could you make the old wizard scene repeatable? The poor bugger deserves a break, all alone in that godforsaken forest.)

-”Contact the spirits of the forest” sub-quest

After getting the stone of Kamelia, go to the will-o’-the-wisp spirits’ tree, in the upper left quarter of the FIRST forest, the one to the left of Kame village.

This time you’ll have to fight Barbariccia, whether a saint or a deviant, but check the sex-after-de- feat with those lost souls, and the game over sex scene with Barbariccia of course.

If you play from previous saves before the 0.35 update, the quest won’t complete because of some bug, let’s only hope Maelion can find an easy way for him (and for us) to make sure it does.

SAINT/DEVIANT PATHS – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

saint powers

rain of justice

Good as a super collective strike, giving you amongst other things a couple of turns to keep on attacking a group of low/medium level foes. To be used really with regular foes, and an excellent way to get quick experience points with lost souls in pairs (220 exp points). You need to have a sufficiently high combat level to manage two RoJ strikes (about 70 MP in total). Strike them twice, focus on aura while they’re temporarily knocked out, and finish them off.

heaven light mirrors

See the mentors section, MARTIAL ARTS.

deviant powers

kiss of death

Good for quick kills with tough perverted monsters, but not all of them (walkers or big heads for example). Don’t abuse it, keep on using your combat techniques, they’ll give you a good amount of fame in the long run.

angel curse

See the mentors section, MARTIAL ARTS.

DEMONOLOGY – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

Virgil the hideout librarian gives you 2 demonology quests.

Know your enemy

Go to the second floor of the mayor’s house, and explore the room.

The Gobloos

Once you get the blowpipe from Virgil, go to Kooma island (Deep into the jungle quest, SACRED MISSIONS). First go to the underground map, by climbing down the lianas, on the hill on the bot- tom right corner of the first jungle map. Sylia will come up with a plan requiring three tools, clearly indicated with hint flickers:

-the tinder is next to the teleport/healing statue on the island, where you first landed. -the pyrite is in the cave in the upper left corner of the first jungle map.

-the silex is in the cave in the far right side of the second jungle map, bottom right corner.

Once you get all three tools, go back to the underground map, capture the Gobloo without a fight and bring it back to Virgil.

ALCHEMY – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

Madeleine the old woman in the hideout gives you 2 alchemy quests.

Spores everywhere

The plant foes are near the river and where the Red tribe goblins used to be in the right side of the Deep forest.

Though they’re expensive, Mad’s potions will prove to be very useful, and by now you should have pots of money, so buy the woman about 10-20 potions.

-Ghostbuster/The lewd ghost

Once in Kame village, go to the inn first and talk to Katya and Igor. Then go and find the poor old geezer praying in the graveyard facing the church. Turns out he’s just another pervert, and will help you only if Katya lets him spank her. Go back to the inn, explain the delicate situation you’re in to Katya, and have her enjoy a good, thorough spanking.

Dive in the well in the bottom right corner of the village. Do not resist and step back, Sylia will take it like the true professional slut she is. And of course, let the cheeky little peepers you both are take a peek at Katya and the old geezer back at the inn, before reporting back to Mad.

The pentagram in the well is still active after you capture the ghost’s energy. It’s a masturbation event with the usual tame/horniness points requirement, available in a future update.

Get a few light balls from Mad, they’ll definitely come in handy.

THE NEW MASA – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

The blacksmith [and Basin town tips]

1) Go to basin town, southeast of the island map. Explore all buildings, goodies, quests and tips for oncoming adventures everywhere.

2) Once you’ve looked everywhere, kick off by whoring with the rich geezer Klein, at the inn. Re- peat 4 or 5 times to get the full content (when you can choose what to do) and make sure to get enough horniness for the extra scenes (cocktail of desire at the tavern to get properly fired up). You’ll be rewarded with a useful gift for Sylia’s next adventures in town.

blacksmith well red fever events

Blacksmith: upper right quarter of map, by the tent, he’ll give you the scissors to cut the liana at the entrance of the cave in the well. The well is in the upper left corner of the Basin town map. Go through the secret passage, which is at the top left corner of the well panel, to access the closed space with the tools.

Scorpions in Basin town give the red fever, don’t bother buying the cocktail at the tavern. Use your trips to the Basin town well to get the Blacksmith tools, fight for experience (generously given here) and get the red fever from scorpions. Then go to the house with the teapot symbol, to the north of the inn, Elliott the alchemist’s place (get cured three times for full content) and then back at the inn. You’ll always get cured without using antidote items. Do not waste money on the red fever antidote ring (25,000 gold).

For the third sex event with the red fever (gangbang in the dormitory), go rent a bed in the dorm. That first night you rent a room, your red fever, if you have it, will disappear. You need to rent a second night, catch the red fever, and go to sleep, for a non repeatable event.

Roam around Basin town during evening and night, some pentagrams are available. Remember you can also mine gray stones, don’t sell your shovel and other mining tools.

rape fantasy with Fat Joe

You need to talk to Fat Joe at The fat seagull tavern a second time to trigger the pentagram for the second rape fantasy, on the same spot, in front of the inn entrance.

LOST DIMENSION CAMPAIGN – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

The LOST DIMENSION CAMPAIGN quests are pretty straight forward, but I’ll give mostly a few hints. Keep these quests for after The rise quest, STORY, you’re better off with a high combat level acquired with combat experience from quest completions and fights in Kame forest.

Protect and secure

Once you are fighting off the lost souls’ attack, bear in mind that after the third fight, you will go straight on to the tougher lost soul (on which you can’t use the Deathkiss as a deviant), that the slayer captain Aria hands over to you, and you will not be able to re-heal by the healing statues. Save between the second and the third fight.

This time the sex-after-defeat has a few separate 3D renders with Aria, no foursome unfortunately.

After the battle, make sure you check the pentagram on the right side of the tower, Aria gets some well-earned relief after a busy day. And since Sylia has been such a good girl herself, go see the fat ugly soldier in the tower’s second room for her to get a nice treat as well (2 episodes, the sec- ond is repeatable).

The conquest

Short and simple, just go talk to Lyse the captain, in the top right corner.

Glory or defeat

Go and have a peek at what Lyse is doing with her bodyguard after talking to her the first time.

The golden powder is in the cave south of the general Lost Dimension map, between the first tow- er you fought at, and the camp. It’s in the top left quarter of the mine. Even if it says “silver powder” next to the hint flicker, get it at the hint flicker, it’s golden powder all right.

Make sure you get 80 arrogance before going on with the event, after giving the golden powder, and the game explicitly warns you of decisive choices to make. If you lack arrogance points, you can always grind fight at the cave where you got the golden powder.

I’m not sure about this, but boosting the morale will have an impact on the fighting spirit of your warriors in dire times, and gives an extra reward at the end of the final battle. Do it in any case, you should have the required 80 arrogance points, especially if you’ve saved these LOST DIMEN- SION CAMPAIGN quests for after The rise quest (STORY).

You get to fight 4 lost souls sprites (1 sprite has two lost souls, hence a total of 5). Save before fighting your fourth sprite, in case you need to go back, as you will have a choice to make, in one of the following alternative quests.

Payback/United army alternative quests

The game itself gives a spoiler option, so there’s no need for me to repeat it here. There are no real differences as far as I know, except those mentioned in the game spoiler. My advice: choose the Payback quest, by letting Lyse fight Malek alone.

big heads

Big heads are perverted monsters with special psychic attacks, which, if your HP gets low enough at some point, can allow you to give up and have sex (choice given), even once you’ve managed to heal with a healing potion. If you do choose sex, there’s no game over, but your horniness is reset to 0 afterwards.

They still inflict a -4 damage to your HP (with no TP bonus) even with 2 ATK down, so make sure you alternate Body drop and avalanche to keep that ATK down to 2 in time. Big heads moreover are not affected by the first deviant power, the deathkiss.

How to fo fool Malek in both the saint and deviant paths:

as a saint

Choice route to defeat Malek (* = sex, game over, ° = move on):

as a deviant

Choice route to defeat Malek (* = sex, game over, ° = move on):

PROSTITUTION – Chronicles of Leridia Walkthrough & Guide

The prostitution route triggers once you visit the Pink bear brothel in Basin town, at night.

-The pink bear I

Once you’ve made a deal with Hugo the brothel manager, go to the pink pentagram outside the brothel and “say hello” to the sailors. This route is still brand new and Sylia is being a bit of a prude here. If her horniness is below 15 she will not succumb to her lust, but even when she does she won’t go very far.

Once you’ve gotten a few sailors to rub against you, Hugo will introduce you to a special guest. Once you’re done with him, you can keep having more sailors rub against you, in free mode, or move on with the prostitution quests (see below).

Oh, and Sylia may be prancing off with that arrogant attitude of hers as the special guest com- plains about her to Hugo, but an old acquaintance, for now lurking in the shadows, will surely put an end to her cheeky insolence…”Hmhaahahahaaa” …

-The pink bear II

Go one the pentagram outside the brothel once more and choose “STORY PROGRESS” . You move on to meet the brothel boss, who offers you to move on to some more serious whoring. You get to keep your whore outfit I and go down sweet memory lane if you accept. After a sex scene with the boss, you need to get three customers to move on to the next Prostitution quest. Don’t forget to take the Pink bear potion at Hugo’s desk. It’ll cost you 500 gold for 15 horniness points, for a 33% chance to get an extra pouch of 1,500 gold.

After whoring with your three customers, go see Jack behind Hugo’s counter, for a promotion, a sex scene, and your whore outfit II.

-The pink bear III

Have sex with 5 customers, each time with the Pink bear potion, and go to Jack again to get an- other promotion, sex scene, and the whore outfit III. From now on you can whore in any outfit you like, by going on a new pentagram outside the brothel, this time on the right.

If you choose the special option, you get randomly four different scenarios.

the old man’s little bird

Go a little further to the right from the whore pentagram at the right of the brothel, and activate a new pentagram. An old man asks you for a sexy pose for 400 gold. You can either do what he says, or do a “fucking sexy pose”, which gives him a heart attack. You can then choose to loot him as he lays dead, or simply hide him behind a barrel. Don’t know what to expect from this. Might as well not give him a heart attack, and wait to see if he reappears in a future update?

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